Sight, The (2000) Movie Script

Michael, you're above
I'm Jake
We need to get the plane
We still have three hours
What is it?
Do you see New York for the first time?
Mrs Fong is fed
I think I still ring the bell.
I was sleeping. -What
I had another nightmare.
Are those for me?
Where is Coleen?
Forever left.
What if you & apos; s would be in a better neighborhood
live, women remained perhaps.
I think it's fine here.
-What Less love for old buildings...
and more love for people,
and you would have sex more often.
Excuse me, ladies.
No, twenty dollars.
Again dropped off a tourist?
-They Ask for it.
Do you want to m & apos; s watch house?
-Should You been to London?
-You're Just returned.
I have to work.
You should go to Paris.
That is romantic.
I will remember.
I see you little good
is waiting in London.
Where do you see that?
In a crystal ball?
No, on the Internet.
I have it printed for you.
They call him the new Ripper, Jack.
Jack the Ripper has returned to London
Nice woman.
Let's ride.
The tunnel was hell.
I take the Williamsburg Bridge.
They are working on the L8.
What time is the flight?
-We're On time.
Welcome to London Heathrow
Passengers on flight VS 005,
from JFK in New York...
to retrieve their luggage
at band number five
Nice hotel. Do you rented a car?
-This Is for you.
Do we sometimes bankrupt?
-If You do something, you should do well.
The Arcadia Hotel.
So they do not build them today.
Does it appeal to you?
I have to because of my exes this deal
really close.
Congratulations, Mr. Lewis.
We knew you were the right man.
Better than an architect, he does not find you.
He ??makes the plans, I realize them.
That was a great presentation.
-I Would also like to restore the building.
It's a dream job. I would have to actually pay
So he can do again.
You have made something special
Old Mutual Building in Baltimore.
I want to stay true to the spirit.
-Z & Apos; s mind?
Each building has that,
and I want to keep.
It is an interesting collaboration.
-I Hope.
There is one thing. An instruction of the
owner of the Arcadia Hotel.
When we meet him?
-I Will not go.
Really? What he has to request?
Here along.
The door at the end
may not be opened.
How far?
-Never. You have to build around it.
You're kidding.
-I'm Afraid so.
The client insists.
Your business will only contract
if the door remains closed.
That will not be a problem fixed.
Hey, come back.
Listen, you can not come here.
It's dangerous here.
Can you help me?
Enter information about building
Let's meet, Albert.
Birth Registry 10/06/1914 Albert Brown deceased
How can that be?
Jake, I'm still at work
at the Arcadia.
I have done research into our mysterious client.
It appears that the Arcadia Hotel
sold to certain Albert Brown.
Decade ago.
The problem is that Albert
deceased was 90 years ago.
When he was three months old.
Someone wants Clearly z & apos; s identity
So the question is who is
than that and why.
If I catch you,
i'll graze.
What are you doing here?
Who are you?
-The Monitoring.
You are sure Mr. Lewis.
This came for you.
Take care of yourself.
It's all good, Margaret.
I'm going to get help.
Can you help us?
Would you call an ambulance?
Call an ambulance.
What do you have?
I'm going to get help, Margaret.
I'll be back.
Can you send an ambulance
to the corner of Church and Old Street?
It's okay. They are coming.
It's good. There is help on the way.
It's good.
Do not worry, Michael.
How do you know my name?
Forgive me for what I've done.
I do not have so much time.
They are coming.
You do not understand.
I can not bear the burden.
Not anymore.
I know that you can be strong.
Be strong.
How often do I tell you this yet?
I have already told you twice.
That's the procedure.
I'm sorry, but I'm tired.
They just got the car.
I do not hinder could.
You have to believe me.
-We Do.
Detective Price,
continue to sit.
Margaret Smith was a patient
at Saint Theresa.
They had not even missed her.
She's apparently just walked away.
Why was she in the hospital?
-They Had cancer and was terminal.
She should have been dead.
She looked right at me.
She must have been confused because of the medications
We keep your car is rounded to the study.
-That's Just standard.
You get a replacement vehicle.
You may proceed, Mr. Lewis.
Just like that?
You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Listen, she knew my name.
She knew my name.
-The Ripper has struck again.
Price, Mills, come here.
And soon a bit.
My card.
It was not your fault.
1000 hours a suspicious guard
that was not in the vicinity of the murder.
There is a pattern.
No, the killings are random.
I do not believe.
To believe you do in the church.
I do not care what you believe.
You are no longer involved in this case.
Command from above.
They want if they do not see results, see
You and Mills are taken off the case.
Welcome to the mailbox 745
You have 21 new messages
You have it taken away from us
You can not run away.
Who is going to help us now
You'll pay for what you've done
Fine that you have come.
-Could I but not your m & apos; n data card.
Did you touch anything?
-The Phone, sorry.
This can not be.
-Maybe It was another room.
-Was & Apos; t not have the room for someone else?
I know what my room.
Welcome to mailbox 745
You have no messages
Wasting our time is a crime.
-It Was that woman.
Whatever your problem may be,
it is unaffected by Margaret Smith.
If I were you, talk to a psychiatrist.
Well, I'm two days in London.
I have someone slain, an expensive car total loss
and drove 21 people...
I have never met,
hate me.
So everything is excellent.
You'll pay for what you've done.
Who are you?
Who is that guy?
-No Idea.
You should go to the police.
-Die Thinks I'm crazy.
Mr Lewis
My name is Charles Dodgson
/ k'm lawyer
and the rule of inheritance Margaret Smith
I have information for you
Would you come to my office
on Little Court No. 6
Someone has a sense of humor.
What do you think?
Few hopeful,
with a distinct smell of danger.
If we poke around in creepy buildings,
we can be better prepared.
Why do I get the basement?
Please, sit down.
What an office you have.
Yes, we recently had a fire.
That do not mean you.
I do not have much time so if you do not
mind, I'll come straight to the point.
From my client Margaret Smith
I was instructed to give you this.
When she gave you that job?
-Two Days before her death.
After she summoned you.
Summoned done unto me?
That's right.
It is not. I came to London to work.
To Arcadia Hotel
restore the property of Margaret Smith.
It seems that you are her successor
Her heir said so.
I do not even know her.
-They Knew you.
Well, what I inherit it?
-That You all so clear.
You may now open the box.
And the envelope once you have used the
contents of the box.
One more thing.
Only you may use the content.
Are you sure I do not come?
Yes, everything is in order. Thank you.
Police find body of Clabe Miller
no evidence
You now know the truth.
You have the vision, Michael. Like me.
You can see the shadows in the darkness
that prevails in this world...
and in light of the following.
You can see that the dead are among us.
I have always done everything to
help them, but now I'm tired and weak.
Too weak to continue and therefore
I find someone to continue my work.
Someone who has the vision,
someone like you.
That's better.
This gave me the tie fastened.
But that's the beauty of the afterlife:
No reprisals.
They taste just different.
Maybe you want to go outside?
You look like you can use some fresh air.
For sixty years I knew the rule.
You come back in the clothes you wore
when you died. I had to die here.
-This Can not be true.
No, well I walk all the time
almost in my bare ass.
What is going on?
-You Have sight.
I can see that clearly.
Like the dead, and because they come
to you. You have to help them.
You have a gift that no one else possesses. Who cherish.
Please do not talk to me.
You're dead. I've seen you die.
I'm sitting alone on a bench.
You are not alone. I'm here.
We'll see.
Come & apos; s.
We'll see.
I should not talk to strangers.
-Find Your alien to me?
-Find Your hair too strange?
She has crazy clothes.
Can you see her?
-Everyone Can see her.
She's dead. Just like us.
I wanted to warn you.
Do you Alice?
She stands there. She says that you are a friend
her and comes to help us.
Is that so?
-Go But play somewhere else.
Bring your friends along.
Who are they?
-In This town loves a killer home.
He hunts children.
Those were his victims.
When does this murder murdered child
I have pictures & apos; s of the places
of the murders, and articles.
As long as no one is convicted,
keep them wandering.
They do not belong here anymore,
but can not go to the afterlife.
Catch the killer.
Do it before he strikes again.
Why do you think I can do this?
-We Can not just selected.
This world is different than you think.
What is that?
My way out.
What do you mean?
You've agreed to help.
I'm done here.
but that's how it goes.
& Apos; Rabbit in the hole & apos ;.
You know why Coleen leave?
She said I could not communicate.
There's something going on.
I can not explain, but...
If you know anything, or you
always seems already knew...
but you knew it was only when you knew.
Do you understand?
I need some time.
You have the honors.
It can be strange.
I know what you are.
I can help you.
I do not think so.
-It Is good.
I understand.
Come on, we're late.
What are you doing here?
Nothing. That guy trying to seduce me.
Rough day?
You could say.
Stay in your hotel?
No, I'm here visiting.
Good point.
I'm Isabel. You can do it with a
of us to do and they chose me.
How many are you then? -Total 21.
But you already knew that
Where are the others exactly?
-Die Are never far away.
I am now three days in London.
I have someone who rose from the dead. Slain
And I have 21 ghosts inherited. Wondering what
tomorrow awaits me.
The killer Alice Here seized.
Michael needs your help.
He ??must see the bad guy.
Grab her hand.
But be careful.
You will also experience her fear.
And you will feel her pain.
I know where he was going.
Why did he bring her here?
Why he did not kill her by the river?
He wanted to exhibit her body.
-Why He did not there?
Why all this trouble to
lay her down here? There is something about this building.
With this remarkable place
What is it?
Tell Michael.
The poor man said something else to me.
I whisper it,
because it is a term of abuse.
I want to see you dead under the ground,
little bitch.
What is it?
-When Alice is killed?
Seven days ago.
-We Go to her funeral.
Alice Collins is far removed prematurely
She is like a rosebud from God's garden
picked, without ever having blossomed.
But we are not here to
condemn the evil that has destroyed this family.
We are here to celebrate the time
Alice was with us, her family...
with her friends and loved ones.
Do not cry. I'm here.
Can we go now? I do not like
to see Mommy cry.
We're about.
-Look Well.
Do you see a stranger?
Are you sure?
That's mom, dad, grandpa, uncle
Paul and Mary.
Aunt Joan,
although she's not really my aunt.
She lives next door.
This is Toby, Tracey and Alec.
These are my nephews and niece.
And that man there?
-That's Uncle David.
He stinks.
He said: I will put you in the ground.
He should be here.
Good. I talked to all children.
He kills not any children.
He ??does a lot of effort to abduct them...
to murder them somewhere else.
He ??is being caught as danger.
So the scene of the crime
is important.
But what is so important about
those buildings, offices, garages...
paragons of WAN architecture.
-I Told you.
It is not suitable.
How can that amateur help us?
Maybe you should go to sleep.
You look bad.
Even Clabe looks better
and who is dead.
There's a pattern. I just have to be
not so stupid and that figure.
You're one of them.
You're one of them.
Where do you look?
-How It used to look.
It's where I belong.
Not here.
Do you want to show me?
Invasion is imminent
Telephone for you, a.
London, now.
Do you get what's going on?
-I Came here & apos; s to remodel hotel.
The arrows point to the places
of the murders.
The child murderer.
Buildings where the murders took place.
What are the similarities?
-In Addition to that. Look at the buildings.
They date from the years & apos; 50.
And the buildings next to it?
-Die Are much older.
New buildings in old neighborhoods.
All built in the & apos; 50.
The old buildings were demolished?
Now look at this.
London, fifty years ago,
just after WW II. Does you anything?
The locations of the murders
in those dark areas.
What are they?
-Platgebombardeerde Spots.
Large parts of London are
flattened and became uninhabitable.
The buildings where the children were found
, are built there.
After the war, many children came
in those places.
They played there and & apos;
night was dark and secluded.
A wasteland in the center of town.
A perfect hunting ground for a murderer.
A perfect hunting ground for a murderer.
I told you
It could be a coincidence.
Our killer does a lot of trouble...
to the bodies that make bulldozed
spots behind.
Which means...
-That he copies old murders.
Who the fuck are you?
Not bad for an amateur.
Never thought it was a copycat?
These records are on paper
and not in the computer.
Brigadier Mills?
Do you have the files?
Everything from 1945 to 1960,
and that is not wrong.
Let's start.
-Since When we are detectives?
We get help? Or have no team
for this kind of business?
I am no longer considered credible
in this case.
I need to have more evidence.
Are you to peek?
What is it?
You said something.
No, though.
I got him.
I got that bastard.
Eric Mace has eight people killed
Between November & apos; 57 and January & apos; 58.
Seven children and adults
who caught him by accident.
A failed priest. Strictly religious
raised. It was a kind of crusade.
What does it say about the places?
-This Match now.
The dates and the background of the children.
You may be American,
but you're a genius.
Eight murders. If our man is a copycat
, there are two victims.
When is the next?
-About Two hours.
I can not give consent.
You're removed from the case.
I know I was wrong.
You do not know what I had to endure.
Now you want me to do that again.
Based on a wild theory
a tourist.
He is not a tourist.
-I Do not care.
I m & apos; s neck all stretched out for you,
I do a second time.
And what if he's right
and we can prevent a murder?
Well, take note
Mills and patrolling the lot.
But I do not cover you.
There is one more thing.
You have to provide firearms.
No way.
Do not have a weapon?
-That We are not in England.
And if you must now arrest a violent felon
Then I use enchanting smile.
Five minutes.
You know what I do not understand?
Why copying Eric Mace? He is not
famous, no one remembers him.
That you Manson or Bundy mimics, okay,
but Eric Mace?
Yes, that's weird.
Well take the letters to the press.
-Inderdaad That are not there.
Is that unusual?
In 99 percent of cases,
they send letters to the press or the police.
They want to impress and show
how smart they are. This is not.
No letter, no phone call. If it does not interest him
what we think.
Maybe he does not want to impress us.
-Who Will?
Eric Mace. Maybe he wants him
see he & apos; t be better.
Eric Mace in & apos; 59 hanged.
So that theory falls into the water.
Cold, huh?
A cigarette?
No, thank you.
I mean if you have one.
-I Stopped.
He should have been here already.
Maybe the records are incorrect.
You're right. We're doing something wrong.
No, it should be here.
42 years ago, the murder took place here.
He ??must bring her here.
Why is he not? Then
-What Is that?
I'm not sure, but...
This is an entrance to the sewer.
-He Is among us.
Look for a map.
Say something, Jake.
You're right.
The sewer runs underneath the building.
Wait there.
Do not let anyone leave.
Here the tunnel splits.
Do you hear me, Michael?
Jake, what you said?
I do not. Understand
We have lost reception.
-Take You that side.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me, Mr. Lewis?
Where am I?
In the hospital. Stay still.
Just keep still.
I can not move my arm.
You should not resist.
Quiet down, damn it.
Press him on the bed.
What is happening?
Give him the injection.
-Wait. You have the wrong.
I want to hear anything.
All the information about the killer.
And show how brilliant he was.
Maybe there's another explanation.
A much simpler.
Do you think he's involved?
His fingerprints on the weapon, blood
z & apos; s clothes.
Moreover, neither you nor anyone else Mills
have seen.
I was arguing with him.
He took her earlier.
She was reported missing yesterday.
While he was with you, she lay there probably
And he waited.
To do it under our noses and put us
crazy. He succeeded.
Michael Lewis's our prime suspect
until the contrary is proved.
He remains in custody.
Are you my lawyer?
I'm versatile.
What comes after more curious?
We will so find out.
It does not look good, huh?
-You Fits the profile of the perpetrator.
Your prints are on the weapon,
blood on your clothes.
On your office floors
articles about the murders and photo & apos; s of the places.
And above all this, you testified
much insight into the killer.
Everything thus indicates your direction.
If you put it.
The most problematic...
However, your extensive knowledge
of the victims.
The explanation how you came to this information...
will be difficult to explain, is not it?
-A Little.
An important rule in life
that you must always remember.
People do not like people who can see dead.
Do you know them?
I know a lot.
Visit to you.
I'm Andrew Norrington
and am acting as your attorney.
He would do?
I do not understand you.
Yes, I'm afraid so.
My partner got me shot
and when the office on fire.
Please, we do not have much time and
frankly it does not look good.
That's putting it mildly.
He ??was a classmate.
He wears great suits,
which he keeps clients fooled.
But under z & apos; s Armani...
he is the worst you can get.
Be happy that we people do not hang
The police have a strong case.
-M & Apos; s print, blood on my clothes...
articles about the murders, and I'm
very much about the killer.
You are well informed.
Bad news travels like wildfire.
And to make matters worse...
You've been at the funeral
of one of the victims.
That does not look good.
How do you get this?
That does the standard police.
The killers are also often look.
So there is always a surveillance team
Unfortunately for us.
Mr. Douglas?
We have some questions. Do you have a minute?
-I Is still stuck here, so.
Do you know someone named Eric Mace?
I may perhaps a lung and a kidney
miss, but m & apos; s memory is still good.
That guy was not all there.
He ??stammered.
You have arrested him, huh?
-Are You the police?
This is a police matter.
-I Asked if you were from the police.
It is the police.
-That Was clear to me, yes.
You are very perceptive.
-Because I'm old, I'm not stupid.
Well, what do you know?
Everything you have not put in your report. Everything can be significant.
I do not think I can help you.
Look there anyway just to.
Do not you come far with that.
-The Sorry. No one had told.
Why should they?
I remember the case very well.
But all I had to say,
is it.
I'm sorry that we have bothered you.
Wait, something's not right here.
-What Then?
Missing a page.
Look, the last page is gone.
Do you remember what it said?
-Details About & apos; t ninth victim.
But Mace killed eight people.
That's true, but he had z & apos; n
ninth victim already kidnapped.
We found it in the basement of his home.
The poor boy sat there for two days.
With z & apos; s outcry had Mace
hunted him like a glove fits.
What was that guy?
David Connor.
A sad thing.
He's never been the same.
He went from one founded
to another.
Logical given z & apos; s traumatic experience.
-And When he was older?
No idea. Maybe you could consult his doctor
If that is still alive.
Could this boy be involved?
-This Page is not for nothing away.
But he was the victim?
Sometimes victims identify with their captors
. Stockholm syndrome.
Do not forget that he was a child,
scared, vulnerable, alone.
Something has much impact on z & apos; s mind.
He ??has visited many asylums.
So when the boy reached the age of Mace
, he wanted to finish his work.
There are psychological reasons why
copycats copy certain murders.
And he knew the original killer.
Maybe Michael was right.
And want to make the killer impression
Eric Mace.
The last murder was on 12 hours & apos; s night.
Try to find something about David Connor.
And what will you do?
-More Oriented action.
Do better your best.
Think. They are counting on you.
-What Should I do?
You've agreed to help.
-I Is stuck and can not do anything.
Do more your best.
You're not Michael the architect.
You have accepted the burden.
-The Burden?
I do not even have laces.
Is Alice a boyfriend yet to get
That's not fair.
-Help Them.
I want to see you dead in the ground.
I want to see you dead under the ground,
little bitch.
Get up, Lewis.
You will be transferred.
Brigadier Mills, the surveillance team.
Check the surveillance team.
Where the hell are you doing?
-You Wrong.
Here you can go to jail.
-The Killer will strike again.
I want to avoid.
-This I can not allow.
This is madness. I can not look
how you career helps soap.
Help me.
This is a very unorthodox method.
Where are my glasses?
-This Is an official police business.
David Connor.
I have many years had him as a patient
He believed that the spirit of his kidnapper...
lived on in him.
-The Stockholm syndrome.
In an extreme form.
David Connor believed...
that Mace owns ies had taken him
during his imprisonment.
He was still young. A young mind.
So susceptible to influences.
He even collapsed.
And sometimes stuttered,
as Mace did.
How long did you treat him?
-Ten Years.
Until z & apos; n sixteenth. But at the end
he was cured.
He did change the name, but that was with his background
Do you know that name?
-What's Happened to him?
I'm not sure.
I know what he wanted to be.
No wonder they had
z & apos; saved my life.
David dreamed of becoming a police officer
The assassin working for the police.
He ??observed the funeral.
, He could see how they went into the ground.
The next murder is at midnight.
I need out of here.
The hotel room and the acid on the car.
How did you do that?
The rest thought you would not help.
-And That means?
If we are very angry,
things move in the real world.
Get the others here.
In this case I would advise... as a lawyer
convert to a run.
Thank you.
Good news?
The last murders were committed Mace According to the files on the same place.
The last midnight.
The police assumed that Mace
had left proofs...
which would refer to him.
So then... he TOGETHER-FINISH searching.
He surprised the mother of the child.
She lit a candle
for her lost daughter.
I read the file.
With the murder of her week
Mace from his pattern.
36 years, average build, blue eyes.
Beautiful blue eyes.
Almost like yours,
Detective Price.
This way.
We're almost there.
You seem to know well
where we must go.
You've never been here before anyway.
What do you mean?
-Come Any closer.
More I could not find.
-Thank You, Mills.
You're just in time.
Yes, I have only a few minutes.
Forward, Price. Do not waste time.
-You're Smart. But you're too late.
Where are we going?
-M & Apos; s job to finish.
You're gonna save me.
Mr. Lewis, which is extremely resourceful.
I am impressed.
On the side.
I can not.
Aside, otherwise I cut her open here.
I do not think so.
That would not be the same victim
and the same place and time.
What would Eric think?
-You Course.
But you I can murder anywhere.
Can not get better than that?
Did you really think you could stop us alone?
I'm not alone.
David Connor had Stockholm syndrome.
Wait there. Do not let anyone through.
I knew you could help us.
Not bad.
For an amateur.
In anticipation of the resurrection, eternal life...
through our Lord Jesus Christ we trust
z & apos; s body to the fire.
Remember man that thou art dust and unto dust shalt thou
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
. Amen.
That's the last thing we see
Eric Mace.
Hopefully though.
You guys stay long in London?
-We Have fulfilled our contract.
We need a hotel remodel.
Well then...
Thank you.
Michael, I've seen quite
strange things last week.
But you're too caught up in which
you are not alone.
Say that again.
That's Tuesday.
I need people next week.
We need to start.
Well then, I speak to you later.
Could he be the one?
How can you be so sure?
He ??knows nothing of the days.
He barely knows the truth about himself.
How does he know anything else?
You have the vision, Michael
I see very clearly
We have not just chosen
This world is not at all
what you think
He knows nothing of the days
He barely knows. truth about themselves