Signature Move (2017) Movie Script

(upbeat music)
Hina, can you get them
started on the visa process?
Of course.
Line one. It's Dr. Hassan.
Dr. Hassan, don't tell
me you've been arrested
for possession again.
I understand that,
but just because you didn't
intend to turn it into opium
doesn't mean that importing
poppy from Pakistan looks good.
(TV sounds)
(Pakistani drama dialogue)
(headphones blasting rap music)
I think I can help you.
Okay, awesome.
But there is one thing.
I'm not in a position
to pay you in dollars.
Go on.
Do you take other forms
of payment?
(Pakistani drama dialogue)
Uh, no, but they, uh, they
had some other mangoes, Mom.
They looked real good.
I don't know, a Desi
husband-wife couple, newlyweds.
You know, typical...
Visa issues.
Well, you could go back, Mom.
Or at least, I don't
know, leave the house?
It was good.
Yeah, I did.
I did that, I ran a few miles.
I, uh, worked out
with the weights.
I did a lot of crunches.
I'd prefer to be out.
Maybe that should be
enough for today, Mom.
Why don't we do something
else? Let's go for a walk.
Mom, your knees are
just going to get worse
if you don't use them.
That's how it works.
This is so dumb.
You know this is dumb, right?
This, this doesn't happen
in real life.
People don't randomly
get saved by strangers.
And they definitely don't
fall in love at first sight.
He's dead.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
(motor running)
What is all of this?
Mm, new arrivals.
50 Ways to Eat a Beaver.
That is literally
about beavers.
What's all this?
New arrivals.
Hey, so what can I get you?
Oh, can I get a whiskey soda,
but in two separate glasses.
And a wedge of lime.
We don't have a wedge of lime.
Okay, no lime, but a straw.
Nice stack.
Uh, you too.
Uh, salud.
You're supposed to take a sip.
Salud, hey, uh, look
a person in the eye.
Are you a writer?
Oh, gosh no, I'm a lawyer.
Are you a writer?
Uh, no. I own a bookstore.
Hmm, and you like
to eat beavers.
I do.
I'd like to buy
the counselor here
a shot of my favorite tequila.
You sure got a lot
of favorites.
Reel it in, Milo.
[Milo] (laughs) Okay.
This is for you, dear.
This is for me.
To new arrivals.
To new arrivals.
That's, um, that's hot.
It's very hot.
Okay, eyes, eyes, eyes,
eyes, eyes.
- Woo.
- Woo.
This could've been something
This could've been
something baby
This could've been something
How you gonna stay
Where you gonna be somebody
Once you go away
I won't be needing anybody
My nights are turning
(Pakistani TV playing)
They don't know your worth
Tell 'em you're my girl
And anything you want
is yours
Passion, burning
Causing a rapture
of laughter
Pressure building
Falling faster and faster
If I told you that you rock
my world
(man on TV sings in Urdu)
(water running)
There's a bathroom
down the hall
if you need some privacy.
You just can't use
my toothbrush.
I'm just gonna go home now.
It was nice meeting you.
Thank you.
Don't get up, I'll just
let myself out.
[Woman] Mm-hmm.
Nuh-uh, that way.
(door creaking)
(floor creaks)
(helmet thuds)
Where were you last night?
Yeah for real,
I didn't even hear from you.
Out with a couple of friends.
With who?
[All Men] Ooh.
Who is that?
That's, um,
we'll talk about it later.
Mm-hmm, she's cute.
You better watch out.
Save your strength.
Watch your feet.
Step in the direction
you're going.
Drop, and pop.
And pop.
Here we go.
Where are you today?
Don't get me wrong,
I like this whole lion
spirit animal thing.
But you seem distracted.
I had a long night.
Who is she?
I don't know why
you date women.
I don't know why you date men.
With men,
I have no expectations.
I just assume they'll
be emotionally stunted.
Women are so emotionally
It's a lot of work.
I have a hearty work ethic.
Be straight with me.
How many women have you
been with?
Define been with.
Sexed, dated, loved.
Sexed, four?
Dated, two...
Get over it.
[Zaynab] Thanks again.
Oh, and you, um, you have
my ID, so give me a call?
Oh, this is Zaynab.
She's cute.
In a Dr. Zhivago kind of way.
You gonna call her back?
Wow, so does that mean you're
going to see her again?
I don't know.
How'd you find me?
Uh, the bartender.
I asked how I could find
that girl from last night.
Pronouns are so weird.
What's my name?
Hmm, what?
You don't remember my name,
do you?
Give me five to choose from.
Jennifer, Marielle,
Carolina, Jackie, Cruz.
Could you repeat the choices?
It's Alma.
Alma, yes!
Did I do that?
Uh, no, it's my coach.
It was an accident.
Thought you were a lawyer.
I am a lawyer.
One of my clients is
this former pro wrestler,
she's my coach.
No, like, like,
we have an arrangement.
Jolt, yeah, that's her
former pro wrestler name.
Got the belt and everything.
Uh, Luna Peligrosa.
Luchadora Mexicana.
Is that your wrestling coach?
'Cause you've got some
pretty good moves.
I came out of her.
I don't know that move.
No. That's my mom.
They're gay?
They're real gay.
Not a potential.
Remember, if you freak
out, I'll get hurt.
And I don't want to get hurt.
What's my signature move?
How do I get one?
Mm, you don't need
a signature move.
Besides, the right one
can take years to develop.
It's got to come
from your soul.
You're so good.
Why'd you retire?
Well, wrestlers never
really retire.
In fact, I'm supposed to
compete again in a few weeks,
but my knee's killing me.
And I don't have
the right outfit.
Oh. (claps weakly)
Okay, Mom, it's either
an instant message,
or an email, it's not both.
So, what did it, uh,
What'd it say?
Okay, so what should we do?
Mm, gracias.
Thank you, gracias.
So that one's chicken,
and this one's steak.
There's no pork, right?
I don't eat pork.
Me neither.
You don't?
Nope, I'm half Jewish.
Which half?
That's for me to know,
and for you to find out.
So, how did your
whole family get here?
Well, my mom traveled a
lot with the luchadoras.
She stopped wrestling
when I was born.
She wanted to go back to school,
but my dad didn't want her to,
so she left him after
my brother was born,
and then we came here.
How about you?
How'd you end up here?
They came for the same
reasons as your family.
Money, jobs, opportunity.
What's funny is, my
mom, back in Pakistan,
used to be way more moderate.
And then she moved here, and
she became more conservative.
Like, more Muslim, even?
I would've loved
to have met her then.
You don't talk
to her about it?
Mothers and daughters
aren't friends in our culture.
Well, not in my family.
We love each other, we
care for each other,
but even wanting to be friends,
my mom would say, Zaynab,
that's a very American concept.
Does that mean anything?
Precious flower, or one
who glorifies her father.
[Alma] Wow, how's that going?
My father died a
little over a year ago.
Oh god, I'm sorry.
Yeah, he, um, died
of a heart attack.
And then my mom moved in
with me.
Now I'm her caretaker.
Are you and your mother friends?
Oh yeah, God,
I tell her everything.
Luna Peligrosa.
You remember her name?
(laughing) I do.
What does it mean?
[Alma] Dangerous moon.
[Zaynab] How did she get that?
You know, I don't know,
So what about you?
Alma, what does that mean?
In Spanish, it means, soul.
[Zaynab] Soul.
[Alma] Yeah.
[Zaynab] So, tell me
something else I don't know
about you.
Hmm, I was in a telenovela.
Come on.
Yeah, really, back in Mexico.
I was a kid, literally, a child.
And actually terrible.
They didn't use my cut
for broadcast.
I would be so much better, now.
(Zaynab laughing)
Sh, sh.
I know you're supposed
to be good for us,
because you eat
all the bad bugs.
Mom, I can't, I'm,
uh, meeting my friend.
Okay, well, I want to
meet your friends, so...
My mother wants to meet you.
Oh no, I don't want
to meet your mother.
You don't?
Okay, cool.
Wait a minute.
Why don't you want
to meet my mother?
I want to meet your mother.
The reason you want
to meet my mother
is very different from why I
don't want to meet your mother.
Mother meeting means
a relationship.
I'm not in this
for a relationship.
Me neither.
(percussive music)
Yeah, focus on technique!
Shoot out.
Double leg takedown, let's go.
Headlock, headlock,
get in there.
Use your hips, use your hips!
Use your, whoa.
Okay, this...
Hey, this is not a move.
What, it's that girl?
The only way to get the girl
is not be afraid of losing her.
Because it is not about winning.
It is about everything else.
What you're feeling right now,
you need to learn to
harness it, channel it,
and use it to your advantage.
[Jayde] Again.
I'm asking myself a lot
of questions
And searching
for all the wrong answers
I'm staring in the mirror
I see a broken girl
who looks a lot like me
Half lost can you accept it
No one's perfect
That's expected
That's expected
Wish I could rewind the time
When I wasn't stressed
out my mind
I can't be your superhero
And fly across the seas
I can't be your
perfect angel
With a halo on my head
all day
I'm trying to tell you
that I'm only human
That I'm only human
Bye, Mom.
I'm, uh, going
to go meet a friend.
does he have potential?
What about me, Mom,
do I have potential?
Are you sure?
I don't know.
I promise you.
[Bouncer] Hey, pretty.
Where's your girl?
(club music)
(bell rings)
She is known as the queen
of chaos, Lucy Vicious.
(audience cheers)
And her opponent, she is known
as the Appalachian Assassin.
It's Darcy Dixon.
(bell rings)
Whoo, yeah, augh, woo.
Get on there, woo.
Here, break it up.
[Announcer] Oh, ref is down.
[Announcer] Keep it
pumped up, chica!
Yeah, get her down!
Lucy, we love you!
[Announcer] Lucy Mendez
coming back!
Woo, okay, I'm going
to be right back.
[Announcer] Keep it going
for your champion, Lucy Mendez.
Woo, here, put this on.
Lucy, you're a goddess!
You should do this.
I could never do this.
I wrestle
for existential reasons.
Immigration and codependency.
(street noises)
Okay, my mom's going to
go through that in a day.
Maybe we should skip
the papaya.
There are also some,
uh, mangoes back there,
if you wanted to get some.
Nah, the Mexican ones
just aren't as sweet.
That's not what you said
last night.
(Parveen humming)
Alli, ma.
[Rosa] Gracias, mijo.
De nada.
(festive music)
You like Carlos?
Mama, ay.
Ay, Carlos reminds me
of another man I knew.
So what happened?
Ay, no.
Luna Peligrosa.
(Pakistani pop music)
I feel like
you're keeping me secret.
It's not about you.
I mean, it is about you,
because it's
about my personal life.
But, it's not about you,
you know?
Well, I don't keep secrets.
Hold still, Mom. Come on.
Sorry, sorry, sh.
Just one more, one more,
come on, come on, come on.
Uh, she should be here soon.
A couple years.
Not that I know of.
One more, one more, one, one.
[Zaynab] Okay.
Can I go now?
[Parveen] You eat meat?
Yep, you know,
I tried veganism once,
but it kind of felt like it
was going against my roots.
I also tried once.
You did?
Oh, oh, that's too much
Remove it, remove it.
And fold it properly.
Here, let me show to you.
This reminds me of making
tamales at home with my family.
He is fan favorite
in Pakistan.
You know like, that, um,
that star, what is his name.
Um, sound like a baby animal,
Ryan Gosling.
Hmm, Goose-ling.
So handsome, Zaynab's
father was not so handsome.
But, but very intelligent.
Hmm, he used to read
every single book.
Aw, did Zaynab tell you
that I owned a bookstore?
No, Zaynab has not told
me anything about you.
Well, I was thinking
it would be nicer, but...
Mm, mm, drama.
This is totally
like a telenovela.
Like what?
Oh, um, tele-no-vela.
Mm-hmm, Spanish-speaking
soap operas.
May I?
[Parveen] Uh.
(dramatic Spanish dialogue)
That's just like my dramas.
Yeah, minus the
kissing and the cleavage.
Hmm, what did you say?
Just, Mom, you don't even, like,
know what they're saying?
How can you even,
like, enjoy it?
You don't need to
understand the language.
You just feel it.
These two love each other.
Are you married?
Oh, no.
We should find you a husband.
But before that, we must
find Zaynab a husband.
Do you know any potentials?
I don't know anyone who would
want to marry your daughter.
Hey, hey, I am so sorry
about my mother, okay?
That was so awkward,
you were right.
Meeting mothers, terrible idea.
Maybe this is a terrible idea.
If you're actually looking
for a husband, then, I mean...
Uh, I'm not looking
for a husband.
You don't understand.
No, I understand.
I understand perfectly
what's going on here,
and I don't want anything
to do with it.
I don't want to do this anymore.
Do what?
This, any of this, you, me.
There's always a thing,
with every girl.
With you, it's secrets
and lying.
I have never lied to you.
You are lying to your mother.
And a lot of other people
in your life,
about what you like to do
in private.
Look, I'm just trying
to figure it all out.
It's hard.
You don't know the way
I was raised.
No, we're not that different.
I get the whole mother, and
respect, and family thing.
And you're not in high school.
And clearly, your mother
knows nothing about you.
Honestly, I don't even know
what we're arguing about.
I mean, you do realize that
we don't know each other
well enough to be doing this,
I mean, I don't know you
well enough to be this upset.
This is so lesbian, this
is, this is so lesbian.
I mean, seriously, this
is the gayest thing
we could be doing right now.
You buzz around like
you know everything
there is to know about women,
because you're so experienced
and you're so much
better at this than I am.
I am.
Look, I am my mother's person.
I am her person.
She doesn't go out.
She doesn't do anything.
She doesn't see anybody.
I am her everything.
I'm her friend, her,
her companion,
her mother, her chef, her,
I'm her fucked up daughter.
Well, I don't go backwards
for anyone.
I'm not gonna do it
for you either.
She left.
Mom, can you stop?
Moving these,
they don't go like this.
It's not your flow.
It's my flow.
I can flow however I want.
[Zaynab] Whoa! (groaning)
I need you.
You were right.
Women are the worst.
Stick with the emotionally
Ugh, no.
I need you to compete
in the Lucha match.
I can't do it, my knee's blown.
I'll train you.
Do you think I have a shot
at winning?
Oh, no, absolutely not.
You're gonna get creamed.
No, no, I'm a lawyer.
I'm not a wrestler.
Objection, you're not a
wrestler, yet.
Objection overruled!
Why does she keep hitting me?
Yeah, tell me about it.
No, I mean, yes.
I mean, well, kind of.
She's secretive.
Yeah, but that was
a different time.
It was a different place.
Things are different now.
You never wrestled
after I was born?
Was I worth it?
God, why does everybody
It's a wrestling mask.
I wrestle.
No, I wrestle with women.
It's just this thing
that I do.
You know, like you pray
and watch Pakistani dramas.
I'm just trying to live
my life.
Maybe you should go live yours.
I am living my life!
Live my life.
I saw you with your friend.
I have a right to know.
All right, now this one?
This is Hopewell's
cold brew coffee beer.
Now it's just like having
a full cup of coffee,
except it's better,
'cause it's beer.
All right, I'm gonna
start with this one.
I don't trust him.
You are awesome,
and I like you a lot.
Your path is your path,
and it's a beautiful
and inspiring path.
But, your path isn't
better than my path.
It's just different.
And, my mother and I,
we do have a weird
and dysfunctional relationship
Okay, definitely.
But that doesn't make it wrong.
I have to live my life, my way.
And that does not mean
that I'm moving backwards.
(slow clapping)
- Ooh.
- Ooh.
I'm fine.
Is that your signature move?
Whose side are you on?
Well, Erik Astrada
does have a good point.
Yo, this girl has gotten
to you.
She likes you, and you
like her, I know this.
But, she's right.
She's got her own path.
I'm not gonna compromise
for someone else.
I am who I am.
Please, I am who I am.
You've been felt up.
You're just feeling
your feelings.
It's not compromise.
Hey, what, what,
what are you doing?
Hey, you've got
to cleanse your palate.
Exactly, you've gotta
cleanse your palate.
So you can really taste
this one.
She's pretty sweet.
I'm just speculating.
(Jayde grunting)
Train me.
No, no, no, you were right.
You're a lawyer.
I need this.
Are you, are you gonna cry?
All right, I'll do it.
(upbeat Pakistani music)
I always wanted
to be your girl
I always wanted
to be your girl
I always wanted
to be your girl
I always wanted
to be your girl
Okay, now don't get
distracted by the crowd.
They're supposed to pick sides.
And if they're booing,
you're doing your job.
[Bouncer] Name?
Uh, Parveen.
Ma'am, you're not
on the list, you VIP?
Very important Pakistani.
Okay, seriously,
you're not on the list.
You're holding up
the line, ma'am.
But my daughter is inside.
She's with me.
[Alma] Mrs. Qadir,
what are you doing here?
[Parveen] I don't know.
Where is Zaynab?
[Alma] I don't know.
Mrs. Qadir, this is my
mother, Rosa.
[Rosa] Your
daughter is Zaynab?
[Rosa] (shouting in Spanish)
(bell rings)
Yeah, woo.
Welcome to this month's
all lady lucha libre!
Introducing, we got
a first-timer, y'all.
A lucha virgin.
Coming to you from Rogers
Park, it's Jasmine Z.
All right, all right,
representing the...
(environmental noise)
it's Ragina Cruz!
Yeah, ha ha.
Get ready, ring the bell.
(bell rings)
[Regina] How do you like
me now?
It's not real, you know,
it's like our dramas.
It's not real.
No, it's real.
She's doing very good.
Yes, Zaynab!
Get her.
Oh, oh, ooh.
No, no, just stay here.
She's doing great.
Oh, oh.
One, two, three.
Ring the bell,
that's match over.
I have a crazy daughter.
You do, she's the worst.
(bell rings)
Thanks for coming, Mom.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What was that?
That's my signature move.
I just want to dance
among the stars
These after hours got me
(Pakistani pop music)