Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas (2014) Movie Script

-Okay. Watch Mommy.
Watch Mommy. Mommy.
It's so good. It's so good.
Mama loves pureed spinach and
Ooh, yeah.
Oh, it is, mmm, yummy, yum,
yum, yum.
[ Telephone ringing ]
Now you try it.
Come on.
You got to eat, boo-boo.
-Thank you for calling
Events by Liz and Marci.
-"Marci and Liz."
"Events by Marci and Liz."
-No, this is not
Dentures in One Hour or Less.
However, can I interest you
in our special?
If you book a Christmas party
with us, then you get a
New Year's Eve brunch for half
Now, that's something you can
really sink your teeth into.
Mnh. Hello?
-Here you go.
-...I'm gonna have to land a
deal here soon.
-Relax, Elizabeth.
It's not a competition.
-I can't.
I mean, I haven't landed
one single client
since we opened the doors.
The anniversary parties --
The bar mitzvahs -- yours.
Even the charity fundraisers --
those are all yours.
-And let's not forget
about the New Year's Eve
engagement party, which will be
our biggest payday yet.
-I know.
The international rap icon
and your dentist.
Who knew goin' in for a root
canal could change your life?
-Well, it better
change my life,
especially after we had
to put down the money
on this building and then pay
for the marketing campaign
and get that van that you wanted
with all the bells and whistles.
-Well, Elizabeth, you have
to spend money to make money.
Speaking of which, I can finally
pull the trigger on Chandler's
first birthday gala.
I'm thinking a circus.
We'll have a petting zoo.
It'll be so great.
-Mmm. What is Blair thinking?
-You let me worry about Blair.
[ Sighs ]
My baby girl's going to have
the best birthday party ever.
Now, if I could just get her
to eat.
Come on, mama.
Come on, little mama.
-Hey, beautiful.
-How you doing?
-Good. Hey, lover.
-Yeah, she won't eat.
I don't think she's hungry.
-All right. Let me try.
-I mean...
-Let me try.
-It's no use.
If I couldn't get her to eat,
I'm sure you can't.
-Here we go, baby.
Oh, yeah.
That's a good girl.
-Oh, she just probably...
-Yummy for the tummy.
-...wanted to taste the --
I mean, she won't eat at all.
I'm telling you.
-That's Daddy's baby.
-Really? Really?
-Yummy for the tummy.
-Hon, are you sure this is
the color you want for Dana's
room -- blushing blue instead of
peachy pink?
-Yes, honey.
Blushing blue it is.
[ Chuckles ] And I'm gonna get
new draperies to match.
This is so exciting.
Dana, Frankie, Bria and little
Frankie are finally coming home
for Christmas.
Oh, my God, seems like it's been
forever since they left for
-Mm, I know.
I can't wait to meet
my new grandson
and take Bria fishing.
-It's December, honey.
It's kind of cold for fishin'.
-Oh, well, then I can take her
ice skatin' or shoppin'.
We can go to that toy store
we went to last Christmas.
I'll buy out
the whole blasted place.
[ Both laugh ]
-Well, you know,
Denny is dyin' to meet Bria.
They're gonna be
best of friends.
-I didn't realize
how much I miss my babies.
-Oh, me, too, sweetheart.
[ Chuckles ] Look, come on.
Let's get painting.
-All right. You lead the way.
-No. After you, my dear.
-All righty.
-'Cause I'm lookin'.
-I know you are.
-Mm-hmm. [ Chuckles ]
-Come on, boy.
[ Birds chirping ]
-[ Laughing ]
Oh, Larry, I really think I
finally found my niche.
I mean, what could be better
than me using my God-given
talents to put smiles on
people's faces?
I mean, really. What?
Oh, no, of course!
I think splinting a broken leg
is far more important
than anything -- Oh, all right.
All right. Sure. Okay.
Bye now. Mwah!
[ To the tune of
"Deck the Halls" ]
Doo-doo-doo, do-do-do-do-do
Do-do-do-do, do-do-do-doo
Dah-dah-dah, dah-dah-dah...
Oh, come let us adore him
Check, check, ch--.
You know what?
I don't need this.
Would you mind holding that.
Thank you.
All right, now, the trick to
singing, people, is the solar
plexus, the diaphragm.
You have to put your body and
sou-ou-ou-oul into it, okay?
Or your cane is fine.
All right?
Now, Singing with Stephanie,
I am not only gonna help you
get over your stage fright.
I'm gonna help you hit the --
High note
And the low notes
Oh, yes, I am
I am going to teach you
how to riff
And rhyme
And rap and flashback and
progress me if you will
Shush, pop the bubbly
Be cliffhanger still
You know what I'm sayin'?
I'm gonna make you jazzy.
I'm gonna make you bluesy.
For instance --
God rest ye merry gentlemen
Eh, eh, eh
Who wants to join? Huh?
Who's gonna join?
[ Laughs ]
-You are the nuttiest person
I have ever met
in my entire life.
-And I have lived a loooong
I -- What?
Where's everybody going?
Oh, please! Ple--
How about, first lesson is free?
Free on me!
Oh, you, too?
All right, sis. All right.
You don't know what's good.
I'm sorry. Sorry.
Lesson's over.
[ Humming "God Rest Ye Merry
Gentlemen" ]
-Hey, hey.
-Hey, baby.
-[ Chuckles ]
So, Chandler's hanging out with
Aunt Lizzie.
Don't worry.
She gave up on tryin' to teach
her how to Whip and Nae Nae.
-Thank you for that.
-[ Chuckles ]
Oh, looks like you're gettin'
settled in.
-[ Sighs ] Sort of.
-You know, I'm really glad you
moved your office here, babe.
-Me too. Saves money.
-Cannot afford frivolous
-You know, speaking of
frivolous, have you spoken to
Is he still salty about you not
wantin' to renew your contract?
-Yeah, but I don't care.
If I'm gonna be a role model for
our daughter, I have to be the
kind of man I want her to end up
with, right?
-Honest, forthright,
a man of principles
that doesn't make decisions
based purely on money.
-Speaking of frivolous
and money...
-...I was able to get us
a discount
on Chandler's birthday party.
I was thinking a circus theme
with a petting zoo.
-Marci, that's gonna
cost a fortune.
-Yes, but that is where the
principles part comes in, you
see, because it is our duty as
good parents to make sure that
our daughter's first birthday
and first Christmas are a
memorable one.
Now, I can probably
nix the petting zoo.
But what about the circus?
There's a vacant parking lot
right down the street --
-Marci, I don't know
why you're so obsessed
with havin' this big old party
for Chandler.
She's just a baby.
-Yes, but she's my baby.
Our baby, okay?
And we love here.
At least, I do.
-I love her, too, but can't we
love her for $200 or less?
-Blair, no.
-Marci, we do not need
to spend $10,000 on Chandler's
Christmas/birthday party.
Did I ever tell you what
my mother did for my birthday?
-She got me a party hat,
a cupcake, and she sang
"Happy Birthday" and called
it a night.
And you want to know what the
icing on that cupcake was?
-Tell me. What?
-A big old fat --
She wrote you a big fat check
for your birthday?
She got you a pinball machine?
-[ Chuckles ]
-A puppy? A pony?
-Tell me!
-A hug, Marci, a big, fat hug.
My mom's hugs were the best.
And if we can make Chandler feel
what I felt
when my mother hugged me,
we would never have to
throw another party or buy her
a gift the rest of her life.
-That's sweet, baby.
-Really sweet.
Silly talk, but sweet.
-Silly talk?
[ Sighs ]
-Chandler, okay, now watch
your auntie.
I'm gonna show you how to dap.
You ready?
[ Laughs ]
That's how you dap, boo.
[ Laughs ]
You ready?
I'm gonna show you what I got.
Mm! Ah!
-Hey, Elizabeth!
A, B, C, D, E, F, G
H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P
-No, don't be teachin' my
baby your sophistiratchet.
-I'm teachin' her how to
say her ABC's...
-...and started going "L, M,
N, O, P."
-You know that's kind of hood.
-Baby, don't listen to Auntie.
-And then I got my
accountant's degree at
Kennesaw State University.
-[ Chuckles ]
-I went back for my master's,
but I ended up with the MRS
degree [laughs] had a baby girl,
stayed home, and became a
domestic engineer.
Well, you know, I would be
interested in havin' you come
back for a second interview.
-Oh, really?
-Oh, my gosh!
Now I really love the company.
-Oh, you do?
-I mean, look at all these
-Hi, honey.
I love how you support
the youth,
all these college interns.
Way to go.
-No, these aren't interns,
Ms. Jewel.
These are our senior
-Are you serious?
If we see fit to hire you, well,
one of them would be your boss.
-My boss?
Ah. Huh.
Mm. Okay. I'll see.
I'll, um -- Yeah, I'm gonna go
that way, and we'll -- we'll --
we'll just see where I'm goin'
here, if I can get outta here.
-[ Chuckles ]
-I think that those new
draperies are gonna look great
with the blushing blue.
-What's wrong?
-You know, I don't know
if the blushing blue
is the best choice.
-I think that peachy pink
was really pretty.
-Oh, woman!
[ Both laugh ]
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Oh, it's Dana.
-Oh, hey Dana.
-Hey, little girl.
-Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.
-Hi, honey.
We just finished painting
your room.
And we're gonna
install new carpeting
and replace the windows.
-Replace the windows?
It's December?
Ain't nobody replacin'
no windows in December.
-Anyway, I want everything
to be perfect when you get here.
Now, when are you coming?
Hopefully before Christmas Eve.
-Mom --
-You know, I'm gonna cook
the best, best meals for you,
all your favorite.
-How about that meatloaf and
-Mom --
-...uh, chicken pot pie and
that yummy lemon pound cake?
-We're not coming.
We're not gonna be able
to make it for Christmas.
And as it turns out,
our five-year stint in Haiti
might be extended indefinitely.
Frankie's a pastor, now.
-Frankie's a pastor?
-That's something else
that I was gonna tell you.
Frankie's a pastor.
And it is a beautiful thing.
They need him here.
I mean, they need all of us.
You know that saying
"it takes a village"?
Well, we just can't leave now.
They need us.
-I need you too, baby.
I miss you.
You're my only child.
And it's -- it's Christmas.
-What your mother's tryin'
to say, sweetheart,
is that we do miss you guys.
But what you all are doing,
it's a -- it's a good thing.
We're proud of you. And Frankie.
-Thanks, Daddy.
I think we really have
the opportunity here
to change some lives.
And it's so exciting.
And it's such a blessing.
-We're very proud of you.
Tell Frankie congratulations.
And tell everyone that...
-Okay, I have to go lead
this group of women in prayer.
But I'll try you guys
again soon.
Okay. Love you. Bye.
[ Cellphone dings ]
-Love you, too.
[ Cellphone dings ]
[ Sighs ]
-[ Inhales sharply ]
-Oh, come here. Come here.
-[ Sniffling ]
-[ Sighs ]
-Yeah. I'm still tryin to
figure a few things out.
I just wanted to confirm that
there will be two area lists
And I know what you're
thinking -- "She's only one.
She probably won't remember."
But I remember every--
What are you doing?
-Did you hear
about what happened?
The international rap icon --
he called off the engagement
to the local dentist.
-The engagement is off.
So, no engagement...
-No party.
-No way.
-I think we should
do grab bags this Christmas.
I mean, I just can't afford
to get everyone a gift.
-I don't know when I'm gonna
see my Dana again.
I mean,
what they're doing is great.
But why did she have to go
and marry
such a decent, God-fearing man?
-All that painting,
blushing blue, peachy pink,
vineyard purple, new draperies.
For what? For nothing.
No daughter,
no grandkids, no fishing trip.
-You know, I thought about
callin' Preston back, and then I
thought, "Nah.
Stand strong, brother.
Stand strong."
-They all walked out on me.
Actually, they shuffled out
as if I wasn't a good
singing instructor.
And then there was
the accountant's interview.
As if I'm gonna let
a 10-year-old
who just learned her
multiplication tables train me.
I don't think so.
-If I use the parking lot
next to the office
instead of renting
the big one down the street,
that'll save me some money.
Right, babe?
You people need to perk up.
It's Christmas.
Oh, you leave me no choice.
Time to break out
my secret weapon.
Look who I found!
[ Laughter ]
Yeah. Wait. Wait a minute, now.
-Oh, she sure does love her
-Yes, but she loves her mama,
Dana was just like that.
-Yeah. She sure was.
She would follow you
everywhere, honey.
Daddy's little girl!
-Yeah, but she's also a mama's
girl like I was, right?
Right, mom?
-That's right, sweetheart.
-Come with Daddy. Yes.
-And you are still my
little -- Ohh.
-She must have been exhausted.
[ Chuckles ]
Suckin' that thumb just like me.
[ Chuckles ]
My mom used to tease me all
the time about suckin' my thumb.
I think I might have sucked
my thumb till I was about 8.
-Yeah, well, did you notice
how she twirls her hair
when she's tired just like I do?
[ Chuckling ] It's so cute.
-Um, I haven't seen that yet.
-Yeah, well, it happens all
the time.
I see it all the time.
I'll take your word for it.
-I even think she's startin'
to look a lot like me.
-Look at her eyes.
Like, right?
-[ Chuckles ] Are you serious?
-Now, baby,
I don't mean to brag.
But this girl looks
so much like me,
if I didn't know any better,
I'd swear you wasn't even
in the delivery room.
-Well, I was
in the delivery room.
-You know what I'm sayin'?
-No, I don't.
I did all the work,
as a matter of fact.
Come on, Blair.
I really want to throw this
party for Chandler.
I mean, I know she's just a
baby, but when she looks back
on her life and all her
pictures, she's gonna be really
proud of how I -- of how we made
such a big deal over her.
You know, you only get one first
baby, and she only gets one
first birthday...
and one first Christmas.
-I hear you. Come here.
Come sit down. Come on.
[ Chuckles ]
Did I ever tell you
what my mother
used to do for me for Christmas?
-She used to buy me two gifts,
one I would keep and one
I would give away.
It taught me a lot
about selflessness
and gave me an appreciation
for everything that much more.
-That's really sweet.
-You think we should buy her
all the American Girl dolls?
Or should we get her
one every year?
I think we should get her
one every year because that
-Right this way.
[ Telephone rings ]
All right, your official job
title is executive in charge
of community relations.
-Ooh, I like that.
And given my extensive
background in people, it fits.
-Well, here it is.
Ooh, that computer looks really
But you know what? Don't worry.
I'm a quick study.
I'll be routing
those calls in no time.
-Oh, no.
You don't have
to worry about that.
Our entire system
is completely automated.
-Oh, so then I'll be
directing people
to their destinations.
That's where I come in, right?
-Nope. Not quite.
Uh, see that
information board there?
When visitors come, they'll type
in the name of the person
they're here to see.
And it'll tell them where to go
and how to get there.
-Okay, so, what if the
visitors have a question?
That's where I come in.
-Not quite.
That same information
board has a FAQ section.
-Yeah. What's FAQ?
-Frequently asked questions.
Well, I don't know exactly what
I'm supposed to be doing here.
Here. I'll show you.
[ Clears throat ]
[ Footsteps approaching ]
-That's it?
-That's it.
Easy peasy, right?
-It's great that
you've got a good smile.
-[ Chuckles ]
-All right.
I'll check on you after lunch.
Great smile. Easy peasy.
[ Scoffs ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Footsteps approaching ]
[ Chuckles ]
-Liz, remember when we were
little girls and we used to sit
on this very porch and cuddle up
and drink hot cocoa?
-Oh, it's so good to be back
in the old neighborhood.
-Yes, but I don't understand
why you sold your beautiful
house and moved back here --
and next door to Myra.
-Elizabeth, if you saw
what I saw in Ghana,
you'd be downsizing, too.
When I came back from Ghana with
Larry, I was inspired to
simplify my life,
get reconnected, get grounded.
It was about finding
meaning and purpose.
-How's that workin' for you?
-It's not.
People don't appreciate me.
They don't.
-You know what else people
don't do?
People don't keep their word.
Now, if you say
you're gonna marry your dentist,
I need you to marry
your dentist.
-I heard you lost
that account, sis.
I'm sorry.
You know, I'm startin' to think
this event-planning business
wasn't such a good idea.
I think I'm gonna
call Wilhelmina
and ask her if I can have my job
back at Solstice.
-You will do no such thing.
-Well, I have to do something.
I mean, Elizabeth needs
to make a coin.
-I know, but you -- Girl, you
need to --
-Have you all seen my nails
I mean, no money, no mani,
no pedi, no --
-At least you have
something to do.
-Are we changing the subject?
-You know, all I do is sit
around watching
those doggone soap operas.
And trust -- the stories aren't
nearly as good as they used to
-Well, find yourself
something to do, Stephanie.
-Are you not paying attention,
I mean, there was the senior
center, the accountancy job, the
digital thingy.
I mean, it all fell flat.
And it's not just
about keeping busy.
It's about being appreciated,
being, you know, needed.
-I need you, Steph.
-Me too.
You know what I'd appreciate?
-A girls' day.
-And I just think it should
be me and you
because I need some advice.
-Yeah, really.
And then we could do lunch.
And after lunch,
we could go have massages
and manis and pedis,
and it could be your treat.
Doesn't that sound great?
-Yeah. Okay.
So I'll see you
for lunch tomorrow.
Myra, I need dessert to go.
-Good night, Steph.
Wait a minute.
Elizabeth Sofranya,
did you just bamboozle me?
Get back our here right now!
[ Dog barking ]
-[ Squeals ]
[ Line ringing ]
-Solstice answering service.
-Hi --
[ Line beeping ]
-Hey. What you doin'?
-I'm not doin' anything.
Why would I be -- Why would I be
doin' something?
What are you doing?
Just having some ice cream
before I turn in.
-You know, Elizabeth,
all I want is to have a nice
first Christmas for my daughter
and a nice first birthday.
Does that make me
such a horrible person?
I mean, what's wrong
with wanting nice things?
I mean, I want nice things, too,
I want a manicure and a
pedicure, a Swedish massage.
I mean, it's just what we
And so does Chandler.
-You're right.
I mean, she's a Chandler woman.
You know what we're gonna do,
I know what we're gonna do.
We're gonna call Wilhelmina.
We're gonna call Fiona.
And we're gonna beg
for our jobs back
so we can get back to shopping
and pampering ourselves
like we used to do.
-[ Chuckles ]
-We are going to beat every
bush and turn over every rock
until we finds someone who knows
how awesome we are.
We're gonna make so much money,
Chandler is going to be the envy
of every single
1-year-old in Atlanta -- no --
the world.
-Now you're talking.
-Let's do this, Elizabeth.
-Let's do it.
-Okay. So, tomorrow?
-No. Not tomorrow.
Now, I just talked your mom
into gettin' me a mani-pedi.
And she's gonna treat.
Honey, I can't seal deals
with my nails lookin' like this.
I barely want to seal envelopes.
-[ Chuckles ]
-I miss you so much, Ma.
Chandler looks so much like you.
She has your smile, Ma.
I wish you were here to see her,
to remind me to teach her
all the things
that you taught me.
I don't want her to have
to search for role models.
I'm gonna be her role model.
She's gonna be smart,
selfless, and humble,
just like you,
just like you, Ma.
-So, I just got off the phone
with Elizabeth.
-And Chandler's birthday
bash is in the bag.
It's on.
In the bag. Are you okay?
-I'm fine. How are you?
I see you're happy
about the party.
-I'm good, baby.
Trust me. I'm good.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah. I'm good. I'm good.
-Love you.
-I love you, too.
-You and this party.
[ Chuckles ]
-[ Breathes deeply ]
Stinks, doesn't it?
-Sure does.
Why do kids have to grow up
and leave home?
-Well, you know,
it could be worse.
Dana could be stayin' away
'cause she hates us or because
she's such a horrible person
we don't want her
to come home anyway.
[ Both laugh ]
But that's not the case.
Dana is the wonderful, caring,
giving young woman
we raised her to be.
And she was fortunate enough
to marry a man
who's just as amazing as she is.
We did good, honey.
We should be proud.
-You're right. We did good.
And we -- we should have
had more children.
-You know, it's not too late.
-Oh, now you're talkin'.
[ Both laugh ]
-It's definitely too late
for that, honey.
But it's not too late
to be great parents to someone
who doesn't have
parents of their own.
-Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
-Uh, no, I have no idea
what you're thinking.
-Well, you remember
last Christmas
when I bonded with Denny
at Carrie Steele-Pitts.
I mean, the minute
I laid eyes on her...
-I remember.
So, well, every time I visit
her and I have to leave,
I -- I just feel horrible.
-Um, I haven't said
anything about this.
But imagine what it would be
like if I didn't have to leave,
if she could come with me,
with -- with us to stay,
to live forever.
I want us to adopt her.
-Wait. Wait. You --
-I don't want you to -- You
don't have to say anything.
I want you to think about it.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Thanks, babe.
Good night.
-Hey, sweetie.
-Morning, honey.
I got your breakfast all ready.
I thought we'd get an early
I have so much to do.
I have tons of shopping.
And then I have to go
and ship off Dana's, uh, gifts.
And then we got to go look
for the Christmas tree
for Stephanie's house.
Oh, my God.
I don't know when we're gonna
get a chance to do that.
[ Sighs ]
-Well, I can't exactly say
I slept on anything last night.
I did think about it, though...
all night, as a matter of fact.
[ Both chuckle ]
Honey, I don't -- I don't think
adoptin' Denny is a good idea.
We just retired last year.
Our daughter's grown.
We're not gettin' any younger.
-But, honey, I-I feel that --
-We are finally at a point in
our lives where we don't have
to be responsible for anybody
but ourselves, no kids, no jobs.
Remember all the stuff we said
we were gonna --
-Yes, I-I --
-We were gonna do when we
-Yes, I remember, honey,
but --
-And starting over, raisin' a
at our ages, sweetie?
Come on, honey.
I'm sorry, but I --
You know, it's okay. It's okay.
I -- What was I thinking?
I don't know.
I guess I just got all caught up
in the moment.
Well, you know, besides,
why would Denny want to live
with two old folks
like us anyway, huh?
[ Sighs ]
Anyway, I've got lots to do,
so I got to go.
-Well, you know,
hold up a minute.
I'll -- I'll come with you.
-No. No. I'm fine.
-Uh, yeah.
Well, I can't actually plan
the event on Christmas Eve.
See, we are celebrating
my daughter's
very first birthday
and very first Christmas.
And -- Oh, well, thank you.
So we're planning a very big
soiree for her, uh, so it's --
[ Sighs ]
Thank you for calling
Events by Liz and Marci.
This is Liz.
We'll be more than happy to help
you plan your Christmas Eve
-Oh, really?
-What did you have in mind?
Night before Christmas zombie
masquerade ball.
You know, let me double-check
our calendar, and we'll get back
to you, okay?
All right.
-Would you like to check
this calendar?
[ Chuckles ]
-How was I supposed to know?
-I knew.
-It doesn't matter.
You cannot be
turnin' down business
tryin' to plan Chandler's
imaginary birthday party
because it's gonna remain
imaginary if we don't replace
that engagement
event that we lost.
-You know what, ladies?
I want you all to come
over tonight because I have some
very exciting news to share.
-Oh, perfect. You know what?
We've been so busy, poor Blair
hasn't had a decent meal
since the last time
we were at your place,
so count us in.
-Yeah. Count me in, too.
Thank you so much
for my mani-pedi, sis.
-Oh, you're so welcome, sis.
-Now, time to make the
-I've been meaning to talk to
you about
this whole mani-pedi business.
-Thank you for calling
Events by Liz and Marci.
-"Marci and Liz."
"Events by Marci and Liz."
-[ Laughs ]
Wow! You know what?
This grandbaby
is just such a bundle of joy.
-She's a handful.
-This place is really comin'
together here.
-Oh, thank you.
-Thank you.
So, what's the news
you got to share with us?
Are you leaving Laurence
for his salsa-dancing nephew?
-No, I am not.
Everything is fine with life.
-You were having a good time.
-I know, but we are just fine.
Yes, those are grandma's
I'll tell you
all about it tonight.
What's back there?
-Oh, that's Blair's office.
-Enter at your own risk.
-All right. Yeah. Yeah.
-Come to mama. Come to mama.
Get -- Give it to me.
Give it to me.
-Yeah, grandma.
-Yes, my firm specializes
in personal injury.
Oh, we specialize in libel.
No, sir, we're not offering
any discounts for Christmas.
Then I look forward to speaking
with you after the New Year.
Thank you.
And you have a merry Christmas,
as well.
-Blair, look at this place!
[ Laughs ]
-I know, Ms. Stephanie.
It's a mess.
I've just been so busy.
I haven't had any time
to organize anything.
-Well, darling, how can you
do business like this?
-That's just it -- I can't.
And with Chandler's
first birthday comin' up --
don't even mention Christmas --
Marci and I postponed
our anniversary --
-Yeah. I-I'm swamped.
-Yeah. Okay.
Well, where do these things go?
-Okay, put them behind there.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Oh, I'll take care of it.
I got it. I got it. I got it.
-You're a jewel,
Ms. Stephanie.
-Yes, sir, Mr. Wallace.
Yes, I'm available
for a meeting.
Those documents you sent me?
Of course.
I have them right in front of
[ Chuckles ]
So, I'll see you first thing in
the morning and we can move
No, thank you.
-[ Giggles ]
Bah, bah.
[ Trills tongue ]
-Okay, Ms. Ste--
-[ Laughs ]
-Man, I feel energized now.
Oh, man, I got to make some more
- Doo-doo-doo-doo
Jingle bells
-Do you mind, Ms. Stephanie?
-No, you go right ahead.
-All righty.
Oh, yeah, how you doin',
Mr. Boyd?
This is Blair Kirkland.
Yes, I'm just calling to follow
up on a few things that we
talked about the other day.
Yes, sir. Ready to roll.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
-[ Chuckles ]
Mmm. Mmm.
So good.
-When I was your age,
I used to eat ice cream
all the time in the winter.
[ Both laugh ]
-Ice cream's good at any time
of the year.
-In the winter, my grandma
and I would sit in front
of our little space heater
and eat ice cream every night.
You and your grandma shared
some very special memories,
didn't you?
-We sure did. [ Chuckles ]
Grandma Myra, did you know
that instead of doing
the Christmas pageant this year,
some of the kids
are spending Christmas Eve
with volunteer families?
What a wonderful idea.
So, what about you?
Have you chosen the family
that you want to spend
Christmas Eve with?
-Well, I know this one family.
I really like them.
And I think it would be fun
to spend Christmas Eve with
them, but I...
-Would you?
-Would you?
-I'd love for you to spend
Christmas Eve with us --
only if you want.
-Will there be
ice cream there?
-You better believe
there'll be ice cream there,
lots of it.
[ Both laugh ]
-Yeah, I was thinkin'
of something for New Year's.
No, just the two of us,
no kids, no relatives,
just me and my bride.
Yeah. Miami?
Yeah, well, Miami sounds nice.
But how about something a little
more Disney World?
[ Laughs ]
They don't call me Donald Duck
for nothin'.
[ Laughs ] You know me.
Or how about Des Moines?
Oh, yeah. Des Moines is jumpin'.
[ Laughs ]
-Marci, when is your mother
gonna put her Christmas tree up
in this new little house?
She has been tryin' to get us to
go to that farm for weeks now.
-Honey, are you sure you don't
mind if, uh, Denny spends
Christmas Eve with us, just one
-Sure. Fine.
Say, how would you feel about
a little trip after Christmas?
-What kind of getaway?
-[ Chuckles ]
-All right, all right.
Everybody, sit. Sit.
Gather around.
I have a big announcement to
Now, I know you all have
been busy as of late.
But I just want to share
a little somethin' with you all.
Mother, is this gonna take long?
Because it's way
past Chandler's bedtime.
Come on, girl, just hurry it up,
all this drama and fanfare.
-Well, all right.
I'm gonna take a mission trip
with Laurence.
-Didn't you do that already?
-Yeah, I mean, you just went
to Ghana last year.
-Okay, I'm going again, okay?
Maybe for longer.
-Well, how much longer?
-A year.
-A year? What?
-[ Laughs ]
-First Dana and now you.
are you sure about this?
-I'm sure I need to be
of service, Myra.
I need to be needed.
-Okay. Well, we need you.
And your granddaughter
needs you.
-Oh, no, she doesn't.
-And her daddy needs you, too.
-No, she doesn't.
-The way you organized
my office,
Ms. Stephanie, was amazing.
-Well, she has two great
parents who are doing a
wonderful job with my Chandler.
-Yeah, well,
I was able to schedule meetings,
get back to clients.
-I really need somebody like
you 24/7, Ms. Stephanie, so
think about it, okay?
-Really? Aw.
-Hey, I'm startin' the car.
See you guys.
Good night, everybody.
-[ Giggles ]
Yeah, but, you know, I got to do
more than organize files.
I need to be able to make
a difference.
So, no, my mind is made up.
I'm gonna do this.
-You know, I can't believe you
are trying
to go away for a whole year,
out of the country, no less.
Could you at least wait
until after Chandler's birthday?
-Well, yeah.
I'm not goin' now, duh.
You know, I will go the day
after New Year's Day.
-Give us time to change your
-No, Donald, my mind is made
up, like I said.
Now, listen, we can talk
about this another time.
What I want to know is, when
is everyone available to go
to the Christmas tree farm?
-Oh, no, no, no, no.
I am treeless here!
-Make a date, we'll be there.
Right, Myra?
-Yeah, yeah, okay.
-I hate Christmas.
[ "O Tannenbaum" plays ]
-I have a potential client.
Let me tell you,
this could be a big one.
-So, Brent Heckman,
you remember Brent?
-Uh, from Solstice.
-The one who schmoozed me,
got all my client's secrets,
then used them against me
to make way more money
than I ever made at Solstice.
You know, I digress.
Anyway, he gave me a tip.
-Oh, threw you a bone, did he?
[ Chuckles ]
Go ahead. What?
-He told me that there
are several beauty supply chains
that are opening up here.
And you know what that means?
That means
several grand openings.
That means products and parties
for the products to launch them.
Who knows what else?
-Yeah. That's amazing.
Okay. Who do we call?
-[ Stammers ]
Now, that's the problem.
He says he doesn't know.
But I think he's just tryin'
to hold out for more secrets.
-Well, give him what he wants.
-Why not?
-Because I have connections.
I mean, I can make
my own phone calls
and find out some things.
But, anyway, what I think
we should do
is we should write up
a generic proposal.
And then we'll add the details
as we get more, right?
-Good idea.
-Oh, Marci, I think
this could be 10 times bigger
than that engagement party.
-That's what I'm talkin'
about, Chandler -- big thinking.
-Yes. Big. Big thinkers.
Don't just sit there.
We need to get out.
We need to go beat some bushes
so we can find out who we need
to talk to about this account.
-Okay, but can't we just
beat the bushes over the phone?
-No, no, no, honey.
Big thinkers, face-to-face,
eye to eye, always better.
-All right. Fine.
But let me just get somebody to,
uh, watch Chandler.
Hey, Blair?
-Hmm? What's up, babe?
-Babe, can you do me a favor
and watch the baby?
I have to, um -- I have to run
I got meet Mr. Wallace in two
hours, and then I got the
-Yeah. I know.
I just got to go beat some
I'll be back in about 20 --
well, hour tops.
-[ Sighs ]
-It's just me and you.
[ Groans ]
Say, "Bye, Mommy."
-Okay, I understand, babe, but
what -- how -- how far are you,
You want it?
Here, hold on to it, baby.
I know.
I already missed the meeting
with my client, and the hearing
starts in 30 minutes.
-Terrible accident on I-85
South, so we're just sittin'
-Oh, baby.
I got to get out of here.
-Call my mom.
-No, I-I tried already.
She's not pickin' up.
-Listen, good news.
We're one step closer to
finding out who we need to meet
with to land that big account.
-Look, baby, that's good.
But I got to go.
-Wait. What about Chandler?
-Well, I don't know.
I'll work somethin' out.
Your Honor, I would like to --
-Uh, uh, Mr. Kirkland,
is there a reason
that you have a baby
with you in the courtroom?
-Yes, sir.
It's my daughter, Chandler.
Say hi, baby.
-Hi, Chandler.
I gathered that this was your
daughter, but why is she here
with you right now?
-Oh, uh, my wife -- she went
to go beat some bushes and got
caught up in traffic and was not
able to come pick her up in
time, so...
[ Toy squeaking ]
[ Chuckles ] May I proceed?
-Uh...why not?
-Thank you, Your Honor.
As I was sayin', our motion
for a summary judgment
is based on the fact
that there clearly are no facts
that can reasonably be disputed
in this case.
Mr. Wallace and myself
firmly believe that.
And in light of these new facts,
I appeal to the court
to accept this motion.
-My judgment is based
on Chandler's appearance.
Motion granted.
-Thank you, Your Honor.
[ Chandler cooing ]
-It's okay.
I got the judgment.
-You did? That's great.
I think I'm gonna take Chandler
to court every time.
I think Judge Welch likes her.
-Yeah. How could he not?
-She's a little ball of energy
tonight, though.
-Yes, she is.
-How'd your meetin' go?
-You know, it went good.
It went good.
I think we're really close
to finding someone.
-I'm gonna get that account,
I promise.
Chandler's mommy's a winner.
Yes, I am.
-Well, I don't think you got
to prove that to Chandler or me,
-Yes, I am.
-Remember that.
I love you.
-I love you, too.
-And I love you.
I love you.
-Hey, Ms. Stephanie.
What you doin' here?
-[ Chuckles ]
I just took my grandbaby
for a stroll.
And she's resting now.
And I thought
I'd check up on you, too.
I see everything
is still organized, sort of.
-I got a little bit of time
if you want me to finish.
-You don't have to do that,
Ms. Stephanie.
-All right.
-But if you really want to
and don't have anything else
to do --
-I'd love to.
[ Giggles ]
Boom! Boom!
-[ Laughs ]
All right, I'm gonna start over
here with these papers...
-So, every year,
Ma made a homemade fruitcake.
-Now, you know nobody
likes fruitcake.
-Oh, I do.
-I do, too. [ Chuckles ]
But Mom would get teased
every year about this fruitcake.
-But she made it anyway
because she knew I liked it.
You know, I remember your
I wish I had known her better.
She was so gentle, so humble.
You're a lot like her.
-I try.
She and my dad were two
of the best people I knew.
I'm sure she'd be very proud
of you, Blair.
-I hope so.
-You're a good man.
-Thank you, Ms. Stephanie.
-Excellent father, husband...
a son any mother
would be proud of.
-Thank you.
Thank you, Ms. Stephanie.
I just miss my family.
-You know?
Even more so during
the holidays...
and especially now
that I have Chandler.
-I just wish
that I could talk to my mom,
you know?
Get that advice or that hug
when everything is goin' wrong.
Man, there's nothin'
like a mother's hug.
-Nothin' like a mother's hug.
You know, Blair, um...
I know I'm -- I'm just the
mother-in-law, yeah?
But if there's anything that
you want to talk to me about --
and I mean anything --
even if it's about Marci,
I'm here for you, okay?
I can't take the place of your
No one can.
But, um, I love you, Blair.
Come here.
I love you like my own.
I want you to know that.
Pick up. Pick up.
Pick up, Larry.
Larry, it's -- it's Stephanie.
Listen -- call me when you get
this message.
Um [sniffles] I don't know how
to say this, really, but I've
changed my mind about coming to
I'm so sorry.
But I can't leave right now.
I realized my mission
is here with my family.
Call me back.
-Marci comes home the
other day with all this stuff
sayin' the house
didn't look Christmasy enough
for Chandler's first Christmas.
[ Sighs ]
-[ Chuckles ]
-I never thought Marci would
stoop to the level of buying an
inflatable Santa.
-Motherhood does some strange
things to a woman.
Two years ago,
we renovated this house.
And now she's got me
tearin' it all up
and wants it all finished
before Chandler's birthday.
-That's our little Marci.
And you know how the Chandlers
are about...well, everything.
-I mean, my mom
never went overboard
with this Christmas stuff.
She told me that Christmas
was about the birth of Jesus.
She ain't buy
into all this Santa stuff.
-Eh, smart woman.
So, uh, how's Daddy feelin'
about the big first birthday
and Christmas celebration
comin' up?
-Thinkin' about Chandler's
reminds me of one thing --
she's gettin' older.
-Mm, clearly.
-And the older she gets,
the more pressure I feel.
See, soon she's gonna
start payin' attention
to the people around her,
including me.
Marci wants to show her
what a strong,
confident woman looks like.
I just want show her what a good
man looks like.
My mom used to say,
"Baby, if you want
a stand-up son-in-law,
you're gonna have to be
a stand-up dad."
[ Chuckles ]
She said my grandfather
set the bar high
for what to look for in a man.
And now I got to do the same
I have to be the one
to show my daughter
how she should be treated.
Every father should do that
for their daughter.
That's life-changin'
right there.
Come on, man.
Let's blow up Santa.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
-I think we should have
brought Chandler, though.
This would have been her
first Chandler family
Christmas-tree hunt.
-Unh-unh, way too cold for
Next year.
-It is cold. Whew.
[ Whistle blows ]
-Okay, everybody. All right.
So, we're gonna
split up into three teams.
-And whatever team finds
the best Christmas tree
will choose the family activity
for Christmas Eve.
-I'd rather have cash.
-Come on, girl.
Okay, Elizabeth and Marci,
you're Team A.
-No, wait a minute.
I want to be with my husband.
-You're always with him.
Just get over there.
And, Blair, you and Stephanie.
-Come on, son!
-You got to split up
Oh, my God.
And Donald and I will be Team C.
Let's get goin'.
We don't have all day.
Took you long enough.
-[ Gasps ] Oh, my God!
[ Laughter ]
-This is gonna be so fun!
-Okay, great. Come on.
Let's go.
-[ Smooches ]
I'm happy to see you.
-[ Chuckles ]
Uh, can I talk to you for a
-How about we go get a
Christmas tree, honey?
-Um...I owe you an apology.
When you asked me
about adopting Denny,
I responded in a selfish
and fearful way
without givin' any thought
to what that little girl needs.
She needs a family,
a mother and a father.
She needs us, Myra.
And I'm willing to be there for
her for the rest of her life
if you are.
-Are you serious?
-100% serious.
We can be her village.
-[ Cries ]
Thank you. Thank you, honey.
Oh, thank you.
Okay, come on.
Let's go tell Denny.
-Tell me what?
-Tell you that --
-Tell you that we want you
on our team.
We got to beat Stephanie
and Blair.
-Yeah. Yeah.
Go on. Go and get 'em.
-What? What?
You can't just blurt something
like this out.
We got to practice.
All right, honey, you're right.
We'll tell her later.
-Okay. All right.
-Okay. All right.
[ Both laugh ]
-We have to have a big tree
for my granddaughter.
-Now, Ms. Stephanie,
it can't be too big,
You got a smaller house now.
-Oh, that's right.
I need to downsize.
-So, you know, um, I was,
uh -- I was thinkin', and, um,
I don't think I'm leaving.
-[ Chuckles ] Yes.
-That's great.
Marci and I
didn't want to crush your
dreams, but we were really
stressin' when you were talkin'
about goin' away.
Imagine Chandler
without a grandma around.
-[ Sighs ]
You know, I don't know
what I was thinkin' about.
I did not think it through.
-She's not the only one
that'd miss you, too, you know?
-And I didn't think
that through, either.
I was wondering if you needed an
assistant, you know, with the
office, just a little...
-Yeah. Yeah.
I mean, if you need the help,
of course.
-Right. Of course.
I would love that,
Ms. Stephanie.
-[ Giggles ] Come here.
Oh, this is great.
Are you all right, son?
-I'm okay now.
How about we get that Christmas
-How about we go win this
-How about it?
-Let's go.
-That's the spirit.
Okay, Elizabeth, what did you
find out?
-Okay, listen, the owner of
the company -- apparently, he's
very hands-on, so he -- he wants
to personally meet and make
decisions, you know, with
whoever he does business with.
-So, Brent Heckman finally
gave me some information.
And what I did was I tweaked
our proposal.
And I sent it over to him.
-Nice. Nice.
-Yeah, so, I'm hoping that
we'll hear somethin' in, like,
a day or two.
-Very good.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
-Oh, goodness. Wait. Wait.
I had all the office calls
forwarded to my phone.
One second.
Little scrawny tree.
-Who is it?
-Yes, thank you for calling
Events by Liz and Marci.
Yes, this is Elizabeth.
Hi. Yes.
Okay. Tomorrow?
No, that's not too soon.
Okay. Perfect.
See you tomorrow, 10:00 a.m.
-Who is it?
-Thank you. Have a nice day.
Oh, my God.
-Who was it?
-That was him. That was --
From Cortez Beauty Supply.
-Okay. What did he say?
-He wants to meet with us
in our office at 10:00 a.m.
-Are you serious?
-And he loved our proposal.
And listen.
He wants to make a decision
about who he's gonna use
for his events ASAP.
-Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.
Yes, my baby's birthday
bash is on!
-Your baby's birthday bash!
-Yes, this is great.
-Let's go find a tree.
-Yes, partner.
Let's go find the winning tree.
-The winning tree.
-All right. Come on. Wait.
-I saw some good ones over
-Well, you go that way.
I'll go this way.
[ Giggles ]
Good work, Elizabeth.
-What about that one?
-It's kind of too tall.
-Too tall?
No, that's a nice one.
-These ones are nice.
-[ Chuckles ]
Over there lookin' at those
little trees.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Sighs ]
I changed my mind.
-Man, you better
stop playin' with my emotions.
-You need to stop.
I thought
you wanted to adopt her!
Not about adopting her --
about waiting to tell her.
-You want to tell her now?
-Let's tell her now.
-[ Chuckles ]
-Come on. Come on.
-What about this one?
It's pretty.
-That's beautiful.
Denny, can we talk to you for a
-[ Sighs ]
You know we really like spending
time with you.
-I love spending time
with you guys, too.
-Most of the time
when I leave,
I -- it just breaks my heart
to say goodbye to you.
-Mine too.
-Sometimes, I wish we didn't
even have to say goodbye.
Uh, Denny, I-I know how much
you -- you loved your grandma,
um, and I -- No one will ever be
able to -- to take her place.
But I-I...
-Denny, how would you like it
if Grandma Myra and
Grandpa Donald became, uh,
Mama Myra and Daddy Donald?
We'd like to adopt you, Denny.
We -- We want you to be our
-For how long?
-Forever, honey.
-Until you, you know, grow up
and get married and --
Go -- Go get the others.
I'll find her. Denny!
[ Breathing heavily ]
We didn't mean to upset you.
I know this is
a pretty big deal.
But whether you live with us
or not,
we'll always be here for you.
So if this isn't
something you want to do...
-No. I want to.
It's just that I never thought
I'd have a family again.
I prayed and prayed
that I would, but...
I thought God didn't hear me.
And then I met you guys.
And I imagined what it would be
like [voice breaking] to be
your kid...
to have a mom...
and a dad.
Now you guys want me, too?
-Honey, we want you
more than anything.
I have an announcement to make.
Myra and me
are gonna be parents.
-Are you serious?
[ Laughter ]
-Are you serious?
-Oh, that is wonderful.
-Oh, my gosh!
-Welcome to the family, kiddo.
-[ Giggles ]
- On the fifth day of
Christmas, my true love gave
to me
Five golden rings
Four calling birds
Three French hens
Two turtle doves
And a partridge in a pear
[ Laughter ]
-That was really good!
-So, Blair, since you
and Stephanie found
the winning tree this year,
what cruel Christmas, uh, prank
do you guys have planned for us?
And can it involved eggnog?
-I'll let Ms. Stephanie handle
-Well, thank you, Blair.
As a matter of fact,
I have something very special
in mind, something that you
all can sink your teeth into.
But it won't be my delicious
chocolate chip cookies.
-Oh, what a disappointment.
-All right.
It's that time, guys,
for Chandler
to hang her very first
Christmas tree ornament.
I know. It's exciting.
All right. Come on.
Hurry up, y'all.
You know she's fast. Come on.
One, two, three.
-High five!
You did not tear down the
Christmas tree, Chandler.
-Oh, hush your mouth.
- On the sixth day of
Christmas, my true love gave
to me
Six geese a-laying
Five golden rings
Four calling birds
Three French hens
Two turtle doves
And a partridge in a pear
-Ooh, love that smile.
[ Both chuckle ]
-And I love you.
I'm curious.
What made you change your mind?
-Well, it wasn't a what.
It was a who.
It took a young man
to remind this older man
what it means to be selfless,
to be a blessing in the lives
of others.
Little girls need fathers, Myra.
And Denny's gonna have one.
She's gonna have me.
-[ Chuckles ]
You know how badly I wanted
this, but I didn't want it
without you.
We're a team, honey,
and you know that.
-Oh, that we are, Mrs. Brooks.
-[ Chuckles ]
-That we are.
-[ Sighs ]
We better call Dana and let her
know that she's gonna be a big
-[ Laughs ]
I'd love to see the look on her
face when she hears that.
-Me too.
[ Both laugh ]
-Merry Christmas, baby.
-[ Chuckles ]
Merry Christmas.
[ "O Holy Night" playing ]
-[ Chuckles ]
[ Sighs ]
-And so that's why we are
confident that
Events by Marci and Liz is the
perfect choice for all your
event-planning needs.
-Very impressive, ladies,
very impressive.
-Thank you.
-Very impressive, indeed.
Now, I'm not a man
who likes to waste time.
So, in anticipation of being
blown away,
which I am blown away,
I took the liberty of having
the contracts drawn up,
which I think you'll find
the terms
of agreements to your liking.
-Oh, wonderful.
Let me have a look at this.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good.
-Sign it.
-Wait a minute, now.
Let's just look at this.
"Compensate --"
-It's good.
-Oh. You see that?
Wow. Okay.
Oh, my.
Thank you.
Mr. Cortez --
-Please call me Thomas.
-Oh, Thomas, Thomas,
thank you so much.
You will not regret this.
I'll have my reps from ARC
contact you guys right away.
-ARC -- our ad agency.
You'll be workin' hand to hand
with them from this point
-Oh, okay.
-This is the last you'll see
of me.
-Oh, well...
-Perfect. Send them right in.
My man from ARC is here.
You're gonna love this guy.
-He's one of the most
remarkable marketers
I've ever had the pleasure
of working with.
He's cutting-edge.
He's bold. He's aggressive.
-Well, we like that.
-We do.
-He must be...
-Both: Adam Reid.
-Marci Chandler Jewel --
It's good to see you.
-You guys know each other.
Even better.
Now I feel even more comfortable
handing over the reins.
Got to go. You good?
-We're good.
-Okay. Make me proud, guys.
-Hi, Adam.
-Elizabeth, have you -- Oh.
[ Chuckles ] You're strong.
This is custom.
-What are you doing here?
What is going on?
I'm just closing
a major deal here.
-With my client.
-No, he said ARC.
ARC, Incorporated, actually.
Adam Reid Consulting,
And I'm Adam Reid.
And you just closed
a major deal with me.
You know, Thomas told me
that he'd signed a deal with
a, uh, hotshot
events-planning company.
I had no idea
it was you, though.
This is a really cute office
you have here.
Blair work here, too?
-Give me that.
-[ Laughs ]
You got married to him
and had a baby.
You know, the Marci Jewel I
knew -- she would have never --
-You didn't know me.
And you still don't.
But now that I know
you are involved in all this,
I don't want any parts of it.
Well [chuckles] I hate to break
it to you, but you have a
contract signed, sealed, and
-Well, I hate
to break it to you, but
I'll just have to break it.
-Not without facing
legal consequences, you won't.
See, Thomas Cortez,
he don't play that.
I don't see what the problem is.
You are a businesswoman.
You just signed a big contract.
In fact, I'm part of the reason
why you signed the big deal
in the first place.
I convinced Thomas to sign
such a lucrative deal
with the events-planning firm.
Don't ask me why I did it.
Must have been in the Christmas
spirit, I guess.
Ho, ho, ho.
So, Thomas wants us to go
over the details
for his first grand opening,
as well as, um, have the reports
ready for him in the morning.
Uh, Marci and I can go
over the details over...
-I am busy.
-Um, I'm available, Adam.
-Uh, no, Elizabeth.
I'm gonna need you to pop in on
the stores
and check with the managers.
I want you to get
in their heads.
-I can do that.
Your expertise in cosmetics
is really gonna
come in handy right now.
Can you do that for me?
-Of course.
-Great. Great.
Marci and I will huddle tonight.
Your number's still the same,
right, Marci?
Great. I'll text you.
-Thanks, Adam.
-Marci, will you just calm
-Calm down, Elizabeth? Really?
Have you met Adam Reid?
-Oh, now, see, there's really
nothing we can do about it.
I mean, we signed the contract.
-Yeah, thanks to you,
we signed the contract.
I don't know why I listen
to you.
I'm not real sure why I went
into business with you.
-Wait a minute.
Hold up. Hold up.
What happened to "We're a team,
-That was before that snake
Adam Reid came in here.
-Well, that snake holds the
key to your daughter's petting
So what I suggest is you put
on your big girl
stilettos and huddle up.
Blair's just gonna have
to understand.
You know, uh,
I can't even think straight.
I'm outta here. I'm goin' home.
-Myra. Guess what.
We just signed the deal.
[ Squeals ]
-See, babe?
I kept telling you not to worry.
I knew you was gonna replace
that rapper guy.
-Thank you.
And, you know, the company
that's doin' the marketing --
they're the ones who suggested
that the event planners get
twice what we were expecting.
Now, that is a shot in the arm.
-I tell you, we could use
the money right now, too.
You know, sometimes you got to
do what you got to do.
-For instance, when you were
workin' with Preston, you had to
represent some clients that you
didn't necessarily want to
-Yeah, and I felt horrible
about it.
-Yes, but still and all, you
did it because you had to do it.
-Yep. That's why I quit.
My mom used to always say,
"The measure of a man
is his ability to do
what's right even
when he has a lot to lose."
-Well, Blair, what if I told
you that the agency that I'm
dealing with is run by a man who
has absolutely no scruples, who
will do anything for a dollar...
-[ Chuckles ]
-...someone who, had I known
he was behind this deal, I
would have taken three
Fiona Friendlies over him.
-Three Fiona -- [ Chuckles ]
This guy can't be that bad.
[ Chuckles ]
Unless he's Adam Reid.
Is he Adam Reid?
I don't know who's Adam Reid --
He's Adam Reid.
That little snake
just won't go away.
Okay. Just drop the account.
We'll get by.
-I cannot drop the account.
I signed a contract.
-Well, I'll go talk to him.
-Hey, what are you doing?
No. Blair, no.
Look, I know you left Preston
because you wanted to set
a good example
for Chandler, right?
Well, I want to do the same
thing, but I need her to
understand that everything in
life is not gonna go her way.
She needs to know that Mommy
and Daddy are gonna be strong
no matter what
or who they have to deal with.
And in life, we don't always get
to choose our circumstances.
[ Sighs ]
-You right, baby.
And I trust you to do
what you have to do.
-Thank you.
-All right?
And if anybody can handle
Adam Reid, it's you.
-It's me.
And if you can't, I will.
-Excuse me.
I got this. Okay?
-Oh, you got this?
-I got this.
-[ Chuckling ]
Oh, I love this.
-Oops, oops, oops.
[ Laughter ]
Thanks so much for coming and
helping us put the finishing
touches on this tree.
-It was so much fun.
-Yes, lots of fun.
But now it's time
to get you back to the home.
-But I don't want to go.
-I know, sweetie.
But hopefully in a few months,
you won't have to.
-Well, that's pretty exciting,
isn't it?
I'm just gonna miss
all my friends there.
I hope they all find homes
someday soon.
-You know what I'm thinking?
Maybe we'll plan
some get-togethers with you
and your friends
at the home -- and Caroline.
And you know what?
They can come over here
and hang out
anytime they want to.
-Yeah, yeah, it can be their
little getaway.
-That would be amazing.
-Thank you guys.
[ Laughter ]
Well, I guess
we better get going.
-Denny, before you, uh --
before you go...
-[ Giggles ] Oh, my gosh.
-Shall we?
-We shall. [ Chuckles ]
-Right there.
We'll turn that up.
[ Laughter ]
-Thank you guys.
-Merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas.
[ Laughs ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
-It's gonna be just like
old times.
You got to admit, Marci,
we were pretty great together.
-You know, Adam, I remember
how things ended between us.
I'm sure you have some
crazy plot to get back at me.
-I don't know
how Blair does it.
How does he put up with a woman
that thinks everything
is about her?
-Well, when it comes to you,
Adam, everything is about me.
But you know what?
I don't have a problem working
with you --
or anyone else for that matter.
I can hold my own.
But I'm sure you were
just chomping at the bit
to give me a hard time.
So I say, bring it on because
not only am I stuck with you.
You're stuck with me.
Just like old times.
Ho, ho, ho.
-All right, guys.
So, I got the paperwork to get
the adoption process started.
Look it over.
-How long will it take
before we can bring Denny home?
-It's hard to say.
But it's good that you
already know the child
that you want to adopt.
Plus, Denny's a ward of the
state and considered legally
free to be adopted, so...
-That's good, right?
Well, look,
we get all this paperwork done.
And I'm sure your cousin Gavin
will do everything
he can to help.
The state have to come in,
do home studies
and all that stuff.
But I'll be with you guys
every step of the way.
-That's great.
Thank you so much, Blair.
We appreciate you.
[ Laughter ]
-Denny's a very lucky little
-I think we're the lucky ones.
-[ Inhales sharply ] Wow.
[ Laughs ]
-Just a few more.
-Where's Mommy?
-Yes, honey. Yes.
-You think you went overboard
with these gifts?
-Oh, no, no, no.
Now that we got that contract,
we are good.
Think I'll still have time
to rent that parking lot?
-Well, I --
-Or we could just do it
at mom's backyard.
It's big enough.
You think she'd mind
the petting zoo, though?
-Well, I don't know
if it's...
-Mama's baby's gonna have
the best birthday ever!
The best, the best, yes!
-Marci, Marci, Marci,
Marci, Marci.
-It's gonna be so fun.
Yeah. Yeah.
-Come on, baby. Sit down.
Sit down for a minute.
-I'm -- Blair, don't try to
change my mind.
I really want to do this.
I want to do it for Chandler.
Yes, I do.
-You want to do it
for Chandler.
What about what I want to do
for our daughter?
I already told you I don't
want Chandler growin' up spoiled
and consumed with stuff.
And you seem to be obsessed
about this big old party
and all these gifts.
-Okay, well, "obsessed"
is a little strong.
I'm not obsessed.
All right. Here.
-Okay. Okay. Let's --
Let's just agree that we'll keep
the gifts to a minimum, okay, so
our daughter doesn't grow up
spoiled and materialistic.
-That's fine.
I don't have
a problem with that.
Why would I have a problem
with that?
-Okay. Well, good.
Ready to go night-night?
-You know what?
Take her in there.
And then, I'll meet you guys.
-Okay. You sure?
-I'll be back, okay? Yeah.
-Okay. I love u.
-[ Chuckles ]
-[ Humming ]
-So, one over there, one over
[ Door closes ]
Okay, just...
-[ Laughs ]
-Are you listening to me?
-Yes, honey. I'm sorry.
-Okay, so, where was I? Um...
Oh, right.
So, he was trying to tell -- It
was all like he was in charge.
I got on up outta there.
I strutted out.
Ooh, I wish
I could have seen his face.
-[ Gasps ]
-That's my baby.
-So you're stuck working
with Adam Reid again?
-Yeah. But you know what?
It's fine, mom. It really --
Oh, and get this.
He's moving to Atlanta so he can
keep his eye on his account.
-Yeah, well, I'm sure
that's not the only thing
he wants to keep his eye on.
-I'm just sayin'.
-Look, guys.
Adam Reid has tried every trick
in the book to get Marci.
And where is he now?
In some hotel room on
Christmas Eve by himself?
Where am I?
With my beautiful wife,
my adorable daughter,
and the most fantastic family
a man could ever ask for.
-That's true.
-Speaking of, I want you guys
to know that this Christmas,
I have really been
missing my parents a lot,
especially Mom.
-Aw, baby.
-And you guys have
helped me deal with that,
especially you, Ms. Stephanie.
-Whether you know it or not,
you've been a mom to me.
And I appreciate that.
-Oh, Blair.
-And I really appreciate
you guys takin' me in.
-Me too.
It's not easy losing someone
that you love.
And it's not easy opening
your heart up to someone new
and loving them like your own.
Because of you guys, I'm gonna
have a real family again.
-Ooh, we have a Chandler woman
in the making.
Now, I said that, um,
I was gonna select the
Christmas Eve activity.
So, look,
Christmas is about family.
And it's about love and
celebrating the birth of Jesus.
But it's also about remembering
those who are special,
who've made a difference
in our lives.
And so I thought tonight,
we each could light a candle
for someone special,
say a little something to,
for, about them,
no matter where they are.
-Hmm. I'll go first.
-This Christmas Eve, I --
I want to light a candle
for all of the little girls
growing up without a father,
whether he's physically
or emotionally absent
from their lives.
My prayer is that the men
in their lives
will step up and step in
and be positive role models
in their little girls' lives.
[ Lighter flicks ]
-This Christmas Eve, I light
a candle for my daughter, Dana.
And I thank God for giving us
the tools to raise her
to be the phenomenal woman
that she is.
[ Lighter flicks ]
-I light a candle
for my ever-growing family
and for Lawrence's protection...
[ Lighter flicks ]
...and his servant's heart.
-For my father,
the first man I loved.
-And for our parents,
especially my mother...
[ Lighter flicks ]
...because I was always her
-For my mother,
for teaching me...
[ Lighter flicks ]
...your wisdom, your
selflessness, and teaching me
how to be a man.
-For my grandmother,
for teaching me how to be strong
and how to dream.
-For always bein' there,
back then and now.
-For showering me
with so much love
that I always had enough
to give away,
for always being there for me
and still to this day.
-All right, young man.
-Well, your daughter
is truly your daughter.
She's still knocked out.
-[ Chuckles ]
-You ladies mind if I join
-Not at all.
[ Light laughter ]
I was just telling Denny about,
um, Dana and Bria
making homemade
Christmas stockings
for the kids at the church.
Each kids gets one small
stocking and one present
and one candy cane.
But you'd think that they had
just been on a shopping spree
at FAO Schwarz.
-Hey, Denny, what's on your
Christmas list?
I already have everything
I wanted for Christmas.
I have a family.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
-You know, Mom, this was
really nice.
-Mm-hmm. Yeah.
-It's really nice.
-You all right?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-[ Sighs ]
You know, Adam Reid said
something to me yesterday.
He said I make
everything about me.
And I-I don't.
Do I?
But you know why that is?
Because I made everything
about you when you're little.
And now you're making
everything about Chandler...
and you.
-What -- What makes you say
I don't...
-This whole first
Christmas bash --
baby, it's over the top.
Who needs all that stuff?
Chandler doesn't know
what's going on.
She doesn't even care.
Sweetheart, we know that you're
an amazing mother
and a amazing businesswoman
and a strong woman.
You don't have to prove that to
We know that, and so will
Candler, okay?
Honestly, I think you're the
only one trying to convince
-I know. I just --
I want to get it all right, you
know, the business, the
motherhood, the marriage,
just everything.
-Yeah, well, let's start
with Christmas, all right?
-And Chandler's
first birthday.
-How did you get so smart?
-[ Laughs ]
I take after my mother.
-Well, then I do, too.
-So, what are you gonna do
about all those presents?
-I have an idea.
-Good, because if Chandler's
anything like her mother,
she is going to skip
the presents
and spend all her time playing
with Christmas ribbon.
-You know, she's nothing
like her mother.
She's strictly a daddy's girl.
And I'm okay with that.
I'm okay with it, so...
-All right, well, I'm gonna
get out there and tell the rest
of the family about part two of
the Christmas activities.
-Part what?
-Ma --
- Doo-doo-do-do
-I -- No.
Part what?
- God rest ye merry
Let nothing you dismay
- Remember Christ our Savior
was born on Christmas Day
To save us all from...
- Fall on your knees
Oh, hear the angels' voices
Oh, night divine
Oh, night when Christ
was born
Oh, ni-i-ight divi-i-i-ne
Oh, night
- Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Ha, ha, ha, ha
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride and
sing a sleighing song tonight
Oh, jingle bells, jingle
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sle-e-eigh
[ Laughter ]
- What child is this who
laid to rest
On Mary's lap is sleeping
Whom angels greet with anthems
While shepherds watch our
- This, this is Christ the
Whom shepherds guard and
angels sing
Haste, haste to bring him
The babe, the son of Mary
[ Laughter ]
[ Applause ]
-Wasn't that good?
-Ah, who got me this?
[ Light laughter ]
-So, I'm taking a page
from the original
Mrs. Kirkland's book
and only getting Chandler two
gifts for Christmas this year.
One she keeps for herself, and
the other one is for someone in
-Whoa, now, wait a minute.
What about that big pile of
gifts in the corner?
-That was for Chandler, but I
decided to donate it to some
kids at the, uh,
Carrie Steele-Pitts Home.
-Thank you so much!
-You are so welcome,
little cuz.
And I cancelled the circus,
yes, and the petting zoo.
[ Laughter ]
-All right, baby, you ready to
open your first
Christmas/birthday present, huh?
-Do you see what I see?
Ooh, like mother, like daughter.
-Well, she is a mama's girl.
[ Laughter ]
- We wish you a merry
We wish you a merry
We wish you a merry
- And a happy New Year
[ Laughter ]
-Merry Christmas, everybody!
Oh, my goodness.
-Merry Christmas.
[ Indistinct conversations ]