Signed, Sealed, Delivered: To the Altar (2018) Movie Script

The following
presentation is rated PG.
This presentation deals
with mature subject matter.
Viewer discretion is advised.
g precious.
The priceless gift you've been
waiting all your life
to give to the one you love.
You wait for the right time,
you wrap it carefully,
you pack it in a box,
and you place a few stamps
on the outside
and hand this wonderful thing
over to a complete stranger,
absolutely confident
that your irreplaceable gift
will find its way
to the one you love.
That is the miracle
of a postage stamp.
The stamp is the smallest
contract in the world.
A promise that if
you believe in it
we will deliver it,
somehow, some way,
because we know that if
that contract is broken
hearts can be broken, too.
It's all good, and getting
even better
Blue skies only
sunny weather.
It's a perfect day,
ain't nothing wrong
Cause everything is alright
It's all good and
when we get together
Why not make it
last forever
When you got
what matters
It's all good and getting
even better.
Tu, tu, tu du.
Tu, tu, tu, du
Happy Monday,
Miss Haywith.
Oh, what is that?
Open it.
Oh, no. I should wait
for Norman.
Oh, it's not a wedding gift.
It's a "last week of
being single" present.
Oh. Alright.
"Shane and Rita's
Girl's Night Out".
Thursday after work we start
with a little shopping
for a little something...
You know, something
to wear post-wedding.
Something hot.
Then it's margaritas
at Chez Ramon's,
and then it's on to the salon
for mani's and pedi's,
and we'll follow that up
with a completely
self-indulgent dinner
and show at Montaldo's.
Oh, that's nice.
Can Norman and Oliver come too?
Can Norman and I come where?
Uh, on our girl's night out,
but no,
you can't, because it's,
well, for girls.
Not to mention
it's Thursday and...
Thursday is...
[phone rings]
Dead Letter Office,
Oliver O'Toole.
Yes, she is.
Rita Haywith.
So you were saying
it's Thursday and...
Oliver, don't tell me
that you forgot about
Norman's surprise
bachelor party.
Oliver and I were
just talking about,
uh, the employee
parking caucus at 10:30.
We're not going back
to head-in only, are we?
Not if I can help it.
I'm a diagonal girl myself.
I did not know that.
Wait, what is today?
Uh, it's the 30th.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Norman, we just lost
our florist.
She fell in love with the groom
from last week's wedding
and then they eloped.
Ah, love is in the air, hmm?
What're we gonna do?
Norman, surely
you have a cousin?
Think, think, think, Norman.
Six foster families,
one forever home, 37 cousins-
Uh, yes!
Uh, uh, cousin Arthur.
Arthur, the convicted
cow tipper?
That was overturned.
The conviction,
not the cow.
Anyways, uh, Arthur
has a sister-in-law
who is a wizard with zinnias.
Or is it amaryllis?
Whatever, let's just go!
Everything on that shelf,
where is it?
Well, it's the last day
of the month.
I just took it all down for
the unclaimed items auction.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Norman, let's go!
Penelope's Petals and Poppies.
Come on.
Oh, come on.
Come on.
Oh, well in case
you're wondering
I have Thursday under control.
You forgot.
Well, let's just say, uh,
Norman's surprise bachelor party
will be a bit of a surprise
to everyone.
This is very unlike you,
I know.
I- I just think the wedding
has us all a bit...
Well, why don't you contemplate
asking someone to help you?
I am certainly capable
of handling this.
Uh, what do we have here?
Um... just um... an
undeliverable scheduled
for auction today.
Uh, why is it heading
in the opposite direction
of the auction?
I was hoping that I could
just buy it outright.
Uh, that's highly-
It's just an old piece
of clothing. It's used.
Miss McInerney.
I cannot bend the rules simply
because you and I are, uh...
Especially because you and I
are um...
I love it when you get all
Miss McInerney on me.
I'm late for the parking
Have fun.
Oh, and remember, diagonal.
Oh, Hazel.
How's Rita holding up?
Oh, she's doing better.
How could she be doing better?
She just told me
her florist quit.
Oh, right.
Well, at least it's keeping her
mind off of um,
you know, her mother.
[sharply inhales]
I was um... just um...
I just thought that the material
was so nice.
I could alter it and make it
a cocktail gown
or use the train to make a -
I don't know - make a...
A table cloth?
I just hate to see something
so beautiful
end up on an auction block.
I wasn't seriously expecting
to need...
There's a pocket.
And a letter.
"My darling girl, the last time
we were together
"I wasn't sure when we would see
each other again,
"but I never thought
it would take so long.
"I am still out here fighting
the good fight
"but what keeps me going is
knowing that I kept you safe.
"It's still too dangerous
"to attempt contact
with you directly
"but my sources tell me
you've gotten engaged
"and I've never forgotten my
promise to pass this on to you
"when you were ready.
"It was your grandmother's,
"it was mine, and
now it is yours.
"When I wore it I had
it taken out a little.
"You're tall and slim like your
grandmother so you may need
"to have it taken back in.
"Life is like that, too,
"Sometimes you just need
to alter it a little
"to make it fit better.
"Maybe someday you'll have
your own daughter
"to pass this dress on to,
"along with all the adventures
we shared,
"all those Sunday afternoon teas
when you were growing up.
"I'm so proud of you
and your own bold,
"brave life, sweet girl.
"I can never be the mother
I wanted to be
"but I'm trying to be the hero
I hope you still believe I am.
"I know you will always
be mine.
"Have a cup of 1892 Darjeeling
for me
"and think of me
on your wedding day.
"I'll be there with you.
"Love forever, Mommy."
Who puts a pocket
in a wedding dress?
I mean, and how did we miss it?
I mean, I'm sure
we followed protocol,
we did everything that we always
do with these kind of things.
Everything but uh, try it on.
I haven't bought it yet.
I wrote the cheque but uh,
I didn't give it to you.
So, who needs another
You sure have a lot of poppies.
They were my mother's
favourite perennial.
I'm so sorry, I didn't realize-
Oh, it's ok.
Uh, it was all very sudden,
and at least she went doing
what she loved best.
Oh, she loved caves.
She was also a weaver
and a farmer.
Oh, and a part-time hippy.
And a UFO activist.
Organic bartender.
But exploring underground
was her greatest passion.
Nobody spelunked
like Sunny spelunked.
She always dreamed of
one day stumbling
on to some undiscovered,
endless, bottomless abyss.
And then she did.
But it was the last thing on her
bucket list so it all...
Worked out.
You're handling it awfully well.
Thank you.
Well, I think we can definitely
help you out on Saturday.
Let me just check something
real quick.
Oh, great.
I'm proud of you.
It's not easy planning a wedding
without your mom.
Well, she'll be there in spirit.
And dad'll be there,
and Oliver and Shane.
And grandma.
Yeah, she's always so hard
to keep up with.
She wouldn't miss
this for the world.
Let's get some details down.
Time and location.
Ah, well, it starts at 4:00.
4:00 ok.
Washington Square...
Yeah, I think I recognize
this box.
It got caught in a conveyor belt
accident at terminal annex
eight months ago.
You remember this box?
Oh, sure.
Just look at those
Bessie Coleman, Sacagawea,
Amelia Earhart.
Yeah, why would somebody go
to all that trouble
to only use stamps
with famous women on them?
Yeah, not just famous,
Norman, I was thinking perhaps
you and I might have um,
a quiet pre-wedding dinner
at my place on,
say, uh... Thursday?
Uh, well, um, Rita's dad wants
us to drop by the farm tonight
and then we have to pick up
our tuxes tomorrow.
Uh, Wednesday we meet
the minister,
so uh... yeah.
And three Nellie Blys.
What's that all about?
What keeps me going is knowing
that I kept you safe.
What do you think she means?
She talks about danger
and adventure.
Fighting the good fight.
Maybe she's a soldier.
Or a spy.
My sources tell me
you've gotten engaged.
An international
woman of mystery.
Sounds like Norman's
She's coming, right?
I don't know.
I can't find her, and I don't
know how to tell Norman.
We've sent invitations
to every crazy,
weird place she's ever been
but they all get returned.
I must have missed one.
Wasn't she in Machu Picchu?
She was, then she went down
the Amazon,
across the Sahara Desert,
up Kilimanjaro,
and then I lost track.
Isn't she the honorary queen
of something?
The Rainbow Tribe
of the Sacred Biyami?
Yeah, where's that?
Oh, an archipelago 800 miles
south of New Guinea.
She really gets around,
doesn't she?
She would have loved my mom.
Don't give up yet.
Maybe the Biyami can help.
Does the Rainbow Tribe
have internet?
Oh, I don't think so.
I think that's why they're
so happy.
The button's just --
Hey, what is this?
Uh huh.
Thank you.
Otis in operations says the
equipment that broke down
and damaged this was
sorting incoming parcels,
not outgoing.
So that means the daughter must
still live nearby and the mom...
She could be anywhere.
Oliver, there are initials sewn
into the dress.
Look, "E.R."
Evelyn Rose.
Denver's most elegant
wedding designer.
She sews her initials
into every dress she makes.
It's like an artist signing
her masterpiece.
"Society seamstress Evelyn Rose
estimates she created more than
"2,000 wedding dresses for
at least four generations
"of Denver brides."
"No two dresses were the same,
recalls the bright-eyed..."
"The bright-eyed 96-year-old,
"because every bride is unique
and every gown has a secret."
96, wow.
Well, I've got an appointment
with her after lunch.
You might wanna think
about moving that up.
As for us, the letter says
something about all those Sunday
afternoon teas.
Rita, teahouses in Denver,
There are 18 Denver restaurants
that have
Sunday afternoon tea,
seven of them have been open
for almost 30 years,
but only one serves its own
1892 Darjeeling private blend
and it's the Brown Palace Hotel.
Well, I hope you like scones.
What if the person who's
supposed to wear this dress
is already married by now?
What if she isn't?
Then there still might be time
to find her before the wedding.
But it's not about the dress,
someone out there is missing
a mom.
She may never see her again.
This might be the only thing
that she has left of her.
Madam, one lump or two?
Uh, Mr. uh, Fry is it?
At your service, sir.
I imagine you've worked here
for quite a number of years?
37, sir.
I have served kings,
queens, presidents,
authors, explorers,
captains of industry,
and the occasional
ex-patriot prince.
The Brown Palace is the
crossroads of the world,
their home away from home.
The flags in the lobby honour
all the countries in the world
from which our guests hail.
Oh my goodness.
Well, we are from the United
States Postal Service.
We are trying to deliver a very
special family heirloom
that was, uh, lost in transit.
Lost by the post office.
A very rare occurrence, but we
believe it was mailed by a lady
who regularly brought
her little girl to tea here
every Sunday afternoon.
Sir, you have described
half the population
of the metropolitan area
as you can see.
Perhaps if you had a name?
Uh, sadly we do not.
Oh, but they liked to drink
the 1892 Darjeeling.
Ah, well that might narrow
it down.
1892 is an acquired taste.
Oh, but this is marvellous.
A rare white infusion, actually.
Do I detect a hint of musk
with a floral top note?
You do, indeed, sir.
Oh yes, this is one of mine.
I knew it.
I recognize the lace.
It's from a bolt I bought
in Belgium in the 1960's..
That would be about right.
I made quite a few dresses
out of that
but I have no idea
who I made this one for.
You see, the thing is is that
you made this dress
for a lady who passed it down
to her daughter
and then that lady tried to pass
it on to her daughter
but it got lost in the mail.
And the lady that mailed it,
well, she hasn't seen her
daughter in a long, long time.
I can't promise
this will help but um,
do you know my motto?
Every bride is unique
and every gown has a secret.
Well, the secret is that
it's not just a motto.
It's the truth.
"For Jane: Bless the bride
who wears this dress.
"E.R. 1964"
I sewed a secret prayer in the
dress for every bride I made.
I sewed a prayer for every bride
that came through that door.
So I must have made this dress
for a lady called Jane.
Does that help?
She didn't happen to tell you
what she was gonna name
her first child, did she?
No idea.
Well, thank you anyways.
And no matter what happens,
I'm just so glad I met you.
You know, when I was growing up
I always dreamed of
one day wearing
an Evelyn original.
Well, you still can.
I'm not officially retiring
until the end of the year.
Oh, I don't think
there's enough time.
I get married on Saturday.
Well, I could never afford
a gown like this
on a postal service salary.
Well, tell me about your dress.
My dress?
Mmm. Uh, oh, it's long,
really long,
and it's got a lot of bows,
uh, and some ruffles,
and it's a western theme.
I borrowed it from a friend
in international shipping.
She married a sheep rancher.
But you know what?
It fits great and uh...
I'm only gonna wear it once,
These are the best cucumber
sandwiches I've ever had.
The egg salad is unparalleled.
My goodness, do you think
it's too late to ask them
to cater Thursday night?
What are you talking
about, Oliver?
It's a bachelor party.
It's a bunch of guys
drinking beer
and eating Cheetos
out of the bag.
They don't want
finger sandwiches,
they want hot wings and
ribs and red plastic cups.
Hot wings?
Does that involve sauces?
Because I just had the carpets
Oh, for heaven's sakes.
Uh, what're you doing?
I am texting your father
to tell him that his son
is hopelessly lost somewhere
in the 20th century
and could he meet us at your
house for an intervention.
Pardon me.
Regarding your search
for the lady,
it occurs to me that
our reservation books
have been archived since 1901.
Would that be helpful?
It might.
I've taken the liberty of
writing down the direct line
to the kitchen if I can be
helpful with introductions
to our archivist.
Oh, why thank you.
That is very kind of you.
Happy to be of assistance
to a fellow connoisseur
of the leaf, sir.
Cloud Consciousness Retreat?
Butterfly Barefoot Bay?
Undelivered? Undelivered?
Norman? I met Evelyn Rose
and she did make the dress.
She made it for a lady
named Jane in the '60s
which doesn't help us much,
I know.
But you're not gonna
believe this.
She is making me a dress
and practically for free.
I can't believe it.
I mean, can you imagine me
in an Evelyn original?
Oh, no.
I tried to tell you earlier
but I was just hoping
that one of those
would catch up with her.
It's ok.
Grandma's always been
a free spirit.
But you know she loves you,
And she would be here
if she could.
I know.
I don't want you to worry
about this anymore.
The only thing that matters is
I finally get to marry you
on Saturday
and that makes this
the happiest week of my life.
And nothing- nothing-
can change that.
[phone rings]
DLO, Norman.
Thank you.
The minister has the measles.
His face.
I'm not saying that it has to be
a big, crazy blow-out,
but Norman needs a chance
to let off some steam,
kick up his heels a little
and, you know,
celebrate the fact that he's
found the love of his life.
He has, hasn't he?
Not everyone can say that.
I meant, uh, I admire
his perseverance.
I didn't mean to suggest
that you-
I mean, that-
Oliver, look.
Weddings have a way
of making people
who aren't getting married
suddenly feel awkward.
It probably didn't help when you
saw me trying on a wedding gown.
You were never supposed
to see that.
Can you just forget
that happened?
May I help you?
I'm conducting an investigation
for the United States
Postal Service.
I'm hoping that you might have
a forwarding address on file
for a rather distinguished guest
who often stays here
when she's in town.
Mrs. Ardis Parker
Pennington Payne,
queen of the Rainbow tribe of
the sacred Biyami.
It shouldn't be too hard to find
someone to marry us.
What about your cousin, Serge?
Vow of silence.
What about your cousin, Larry?
Well, he converted
to something-ism.
Has to do with spaghetti.
Oh, wait. What about Ramon?
Who could possibly qualify
an ex-matador TV weatherman
ballroom dance teacher to
perform our wedding ceremony?
It's bad enough
he's catering it.
Doesn't he have one of
those online minister licenses?
I think I saw one on his wall.
Yeah, probably right next
to his medical degree
from South Central Delaware
Community College.
At least call him.
We're running out of time
and we still need to figure out
who sent this.
Yeah, about that.
I've been thinking about it.
Something Oliver said.
Look at this.
Amelia Earhart, Sacagawea,
Bessie Coleman and Nellie Bly.
She broke the world record for
travelling around the world.
And Clara Moss.
She sacrificed her life trying
to find a cure for yellow fever.
All American women who helped
change the world.
I think whoever mailed
these stamps
identifies with
these women somehow.
And look at this.
This isn't just a piece
of paper.
This is formal stationary.
It's good quality but the top
has been cut off.
Like maybe there was
a name on top.
Or an address.
Mmm. And here.
"It's still too dangerous
to attempt contact with you."
Maybe we're looking for somebody
who doesn't want to be found.
I was thinking about a chocolate
fondu fountain right there.
And if, uh, beer is
absolutely necessary,
perhaps a craft beer station
right over there in the corner.
And, since Norman's
cousin Vernon
is making the wedding cake,
I thought he might throw in some
specialty pastries, as well.
And Vernon plays the spoons
so maybe we could have
a little after dinner musical,
(Both): No!
No, Oliver!
Would you please just let
your father handle this?
I'm happy to do it, son.
Listen, do you mind if I move a
little of the furniture around?
Only if it's absolutely,
uh, necessary.
I don't-
It is.
I have yeses from all
of Norman's cousins,
friends from the terminal annex,
Ramon -
who offered to DJ -
and of course you and Joe
and Rita's dad
is bringing the cigars.
Bill said it's a family
Apparently every father-in-law
smokes a Cohiba
with the groom
before the wedding.
Dad? Really?
It beats the ugly green tie.
I'm sorry, the what?
Back in the 1800's our
grandfather Randall Bartlett
O'Toole was in love
with a lady of means
named Leticia.
Leticia Hepplewhite.
She was the beautiful daughter
of a prosperous banker
in Boston.
Um, but he was just a local
so Randall was insecure and he
wasted a little too much time
deciding if he was gonna propose
to the lady
so one day he's getting
his horse shoed
and he sees a gentleman rival
heading towards Leticia's house.
And Randall knows if he doesn't
get there first
he's gonna lose her.
So Randall borrowed a tie
from the blacksmith,
runs up the hill, pounds
on the door and blurts out
"don't look at my tie,
look at my eyes."
"And listen only to my heart
and if you marry me
"then I will love you forever
"and I'll never wear
this tie again."
And that's why an O'Toole never
wears an ugly green tie.
Unless, of course,
he's planning to propose.
I love that story.
So, Joe, did you wear an ugly
green tie when you proposed?
I did.
And what about you?
Oh, uh, no.
Holly proposed to me
and three hours later we were
married at City Hall.
Oh. So you never...
No, I didn't have a wedding.
And you've obviously never been
to a bachelor party
so let's get this baby crankin'.
What do you say?
There you go.
Relax, Oliver.
A prayer for every bride.
That's so sweet.
For Jane, 1964.
It's pretty amazing.
Not helpful, no.
Norman thinks maybe
Jane's daughter mailed that box
with all those stamps to send
some sort of message like
I can't tell you where I am,
but I'm flying around the world
doing dangerous and exciting
things to keep the world safe.
So what do you think?
Ramon or no Ramon?
Uh, yes, Ramon
or yes, no Ramon?
Uh, I'm sorry?
Are you ok, Oliver?
Oh, it's just um...
contemplating the preponderance
of archaic and mystifying
wedding superstitions.
Why something old?
Or, why something new?
Or borrowed, or blue?
Then there's the tossing
of the bouquet,
nothing more than,
really, a barbaric exercise
in female wrestling.
Is this a part of the best man's
pep talk?
I have a lot on my mind.
Me too.
What with me getting married
this Saturday.
To Rita.
Without a minister.
You made it!
Hey Mr. Haywith.
You're gonna have
to call me dad soon.
Daddy has a surprise for us.
Yes, I do. I do.
Follow me.
Oh my.
This is a canoe.
It's your wedding gift.
I made it myself.
Oh, isn't it just beautiful?
Look at that craftsmanship,
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I made the loom over there for
your mother for our wedding.
This is a canoe.
Well, Rita doesn't weave.
So I thought you could,
you know,
hitch it on top of your R.V.
and take it to Grand Lakes
for your honeymoon.
Thank you, daddy.
This is just so... oh.
It's just so...
We brought sushi.
Yes, dinner.
I'm starving.
Me too.
Canoes, they go on water and I
never... learned how to... swim.
Well, that is certainly
something that can be remedied.
You'll have plenty of time
on your honeymoon to,
uh, get your feet wet.
I already have a lot to learn
on my honeymoon.
Daddy, do you remember
what mama wore
when you guys got married?
Oh yeah.
Uh, we were selling
blackberry preserves
at the Renaissance Fair
in, um, Modesto, and she decided
that she would trade in
the whole lot for this long,
fancy get-up they were selling
in this Elizabethan booth
that was right next to ours but,
see, the problem was,
it was too big.
Now, your mother, she decided
to do the alterations herself.
And she kept taking
it in and up and in
until it ended up no bigger
than a postage stamp.
I think the veil ended up longer
than the dress.
But she sure was beautiful.
Rita, what did the letter say
about alterations?
Uh, "when I wore it I had
to have it taken out."
Oliver, Norman.
We have to go.
Leave the canoe,
take the sushi.
Norman, I need some
little, itty-bitty scissors.
Uh, little-bitty or itty-bitty?
See, the prayers aren't
for the dress,
they're for the one
who wears it.
So if Evelyn sold one for Jane
when she made it...
Then perhaps she sewed one
for Jane's daughter
when she altered it.
Excellent thinking,
Miss McInerney.
Little, bitty, itty-bitty.
Is there another one in there?
"Bless this dress
for Annaliese."
Yes, I do believe I know
the lady of whom
you may be speaking.
For many years I had
the pleasure of serving
a charming mother and daughter
who always sat
at that table in the corner.
She would regale her daughter
with the most enthralling tales
of bravery and danger
and expedition.
(Annaliese): I had to face
the monster right there in
the middle of the sea
with the storm and the winds
tossing the boat right to left!
(Elwood): The little girl always
carried a notebook with her
and wrote down every story
her mother told.
At first they were drawings
but as she grew older
she wrote them down.
(Annaliese): Sometimes the
monster sneaks up behind you
and you don't see it coming
until it's too late.
That's why I always carry
my sword and my shield,
ready to face my enemy.
(Elwood): The stories were
always different,
but always heroic,
and always told as though
the mother herself
was the heroine.
And the heroine's name
was Annaliese.
As the little girl grew,
the stories grew up, too,
and the character of
Annaliese evolved into...
uh, let me see.
An aviator? An army nurse?
A war correspondent?
Annaliese became something of
a mysterious woman of fortune
who always seemed
to risk her life
to do the right thing and to-
Keep her family safe.
Was the little girl's name
My goodness, yes,
that was it.
Rita, how on earth-
I think I know where
to find her.
I walked by this yesterday.
"Meet the best-selling
author of
"The Secret Adventures
of Annaliese:
"The Flight to
the End of the World",
"book five in the best-selling
young adult novels
"by Jessica Gordon."
I've never heard
of Jessica Gordon.
Probably because
you're not a teenaged girl.
It makes sense.
An aviator, a pirate, a soldier.
She took her mother's stories
and she created a successful
book franchise.
It's gotta be her.
I suppose we'll
find out tomorrow.
Oh, I am late for my appointment
with Evelyn.
Bye. Bye guys.
[phone ringing]
We have a tuxedo fitting
in 20 minutes.
And I have a phone call.
I'll see you guys later.
Hello, Shane McInerney.
Oh my goodness.
No, everything is fine.
But where are you?
It's not that I'm nervous.
Oh, no.
You know, I'm perfectly healthy.
Of course you are.
It's just I always, uh,
thought uh...
I- I just always thought that,
you know,
some things are meant
to be saved
until you can do them
with somebody special.
Like when you, uh,
both go to see a movie together
for the first time.
You know?
It's more fun than if one of you
has already seen it
and knows how it ends.
Does that make sense?
So far. Mmmhmm.
I've never really uh,
been to the movies
so when Rita and I
started going out
and getting to know
each other,
you know, we were
talking about everything,
and, well, one day finally we
just admitted to each other
that we were, um...
we were just waiting
for the right person to...
See the movie with.
What if... what if, um...
Norman, you're not going
to the movies.
You and Rita are the movie.
You're the stars of
your own love story,
and when the time comes
you will know your lines.
And it will be... beautiful.
I feel a little awkward
delivering this.
All I got 'em was
a rice cooker.
You ok?
We were very blessed,
you know that?
We're gonna miss her
on Saturday.
She was weaving this
before she left us.
If that's the only thing
she left undone,
my friend, then you're right.
We were blessed.
[door opens]
Bill? Is anyone here?
Hey Shane!
Oh, perfect.
What's up?
How do you feel about building
one more wedding gift?
Here you go.
Hello, Miss Gordon.
My name is Oliver O'Toole.
We're from the United States
Postal Service
and we may have a delivery
for you.
Mr. Fry, the tea master
at the Brown Palace
remembered you and your mother.
Oh my goodness, Mr. Fry.
It was Rita, actually, who put
two and two together
when he said that
your mother
was quite an
inventive storyteller.
She didn't actually invent them.
They really happened to her.
Or at least that's what
she wanted me to believe.
My father left when I was a
baby and it seemed like my mom
was always working
six different jobs
just to keep things together.
But somehow she always made
sure we had tea at the Brown.
She'd tell these
fantastic stories
and I'd try and write them
all down.
And then one day she told me
they weren't just stories.
She said other kids' parents
belonged to the PTA
but that she belonged
to a government agency
that worked undercover to
protect the world from danger.
Is that uh...
It was true for a little girl
who thought her mom was a hero.
Sometimes she'd leave me
with my grandmother for a week
or even a month
while she'd disappear
on these secret missions.
But she'd always come back
with her mission accomplished
and another story to tell.
And then when I was 12
she told me she had to go
on the greatest, most dangerous
mission of her life.
(Annaliese): They need me
on Neverlost Island.
Now, I wouldn't leave unless
I knew it was absolutely
the most important thing I
ever did to keep you safe.
And I promise I'll be back.
And I never saw her again.
But I kept believing in her
for years because...
well, I guess I needed to.
But who knows
what's true anymore?
What about your grandmother?
My grandmother promised me
she'd tell me the whole story
when I was ready to hear it,
but she passed away
when I was in college.
So as far as you know
your mother is...
A secret agent?
The day I turned 21 I looked
at myself in the mirror and said
just face it,
she dumped you.
You don't really believe that,
do you?
I mean, look at these stamps.
They're all of amazing women
who- who did change the world.
I think she wants you to think
of her like that.
Like Amelia Earhart
and Nellie Bly.
She really seems
to like Nellie Bly.
Yeah, she does.
She always puts at least two
Nellies on every envelope.
I'm sorry, there
are other letters?
From Alaska, Kenya,
all over the world.
They started coming in when
I published my first book.
They say she's still out there
on some mysterious assignment
trying to come home.
I'd been angry at her for so
long but writing her stories
was a good way to work
through that.
But then when those letters
started coming in
it was like finding a reason
to believe again
that she really did wanna
be with me.
But for whatever reason
she just can't.
I guess I finally found a way
to live with that.
How many letters were written?
Oh, maybe six or seven.
The one before came
about a year ago.
They're all written
on the same paper.
Are the tops of
each page cut off?
Uh, I'm sorry, but it was
necessary to read the letters
but we were quite inspired
by your mother's stories.
Every story I've ever written
was inspired by her.
But nobody knows that except you
and my husband.
So we're too late
for your wedding?
I was married five months ago.
We're so sorry.
No, no, don't be.
I... I didn't miss the dress.
I missed her.
But now I know she
was there in spirit.
Miss Gordon, I wish there was
some way that...
that we could make it up to you.
You found the dress.
You found me.
What more could
you possibly do?
What if we were to find
your mother?
I still can't believe
you said that.
Maybe we could find
your mother?
I'm just saying, I think we have
an obligation
to make something good
out of this.
Isn't that- isn't that
what what Postables do?
And to what corner of the earth
might we have to go to find her?
I have a theory.
Oh, happy day.
The letter said:
"You're tall and thin,
like your grandmother."
How could she know that
if she hasn't seen Jessica
since she was 12?
And what do people always say
if they can't be somewhere
they wish they could?
It's always "I'll be there
in spirit."
But what did Annaliese write
about Jessica's wedding?
"Think of me on
your wedding day."
"I'll be there with you."
Oliver, I think that Annaliese
really was there
at Jessica's wedding.
I think that she's finally
come home.
Uh, why hasn't she told Jessica?
Flowers, candles,
reception menu.
Check, check, check.
Oh, I have a fitting at 3:00
and then I'm meeting Shane.
Oh, and I have my dinner
with Oliver.
Ooh, we should get going.
We've got Ramon at noon.
Couple's counselling.
Don't ask.
Hi, Oliver.
Bye, Oliver.
Couple's counselling.
Don't ask.
Good morning.
Yes, it is.
Oh, listen to this.
"Nellie Bly was not only
a world renowned traveller,
"she was an investigative
reporter most famous
"for posing as a mental patient
in 1867
"to expose disturbing conditions
"in New York's infamous
Blackwell's Island Asylum,
"resulting in major reforms in
the treatment of mental health."
So I was thinking
that maybe Annaliese
is an undercover human
rights activist.
I don't know how
you plan to, uh,
find this woman.
We don't have the dress anymore
or the letter.
You can't find a single
Annaliese Gordon
in any of those computer
internet search things you do.
Are you ok?
Oh, I'm fine.
I just... have a lot of things
on my mind.
I'll tell you what.
I'll do some more thinking
about Annaliese
and you get ready
for the bachelor party.
I am sorry I seem to be
somewhere else these days.
Well, wherever that is,
don't stay there too long.
[phone ringing]
Oh, I should get that.
It could be about
the girl's night out.
Please tell me that we're a go.
How did couple's counselling
with Ramon go?
I had no idea how spiritual
he was.
We met him at the Mailbox Grille
and we ate enchiladas
and he prayed for our marriage.
It's not every day your caterer
and your minister
are the same person.
He's taking this very seriously.
We went over the service
and the music.
Oh, and the guest list.
The guest list?
He said "when you invite God
to the wedding
"he stays for the marriage"
"and a chord of three strands
can never be broken.
You and Norman are strands?
That's a metaphor.
You see what I mean,
very spiritual.
Rita, I couldn't tell you
before I knew it was for sure
but I have a surprise
for you and Norman.
But it means skipping
our girl's night out.
[together] Surprise!
What? How?
It's your surprise
bachelor party.
Hit it, Ramon.
[chanting] Norman! Norman!
Norman! Norman! Norman!
Norman! Norman!!
What the Sam Hill?
It's me!
I mean, it is I.
It's your grandmother!
I can't believe you came.
Well, of course, darling.
You're my little sliver
of light.
Hey, so where are you, actually?
Patagonia, darling.
I'm detoxifying.
Now, you must introduce me
to everybody.
Oh, uh, ok.
There we go.
It was the flags in the lobby of
all the places that the artists
had travelled to and it got me
thinking maybe she had left
a forwarding address
the last time she had been
here and bingo!
She had left the number for her
travel agent who had the number
for the private pilot that had
just flown her to Pat-
Shrimp sauce.
It is everywhere.
And over there, that's
my foster cousin Wade,
cousin Vernon... he's
gonna make our cake.
Oh, it's gonna have owls on it.
I just love owls.
I can see that, dear.
Thank you.
Say hi to my grandma.
Oh. Grandma.
Oh, yes.
This is my dad.
Ah, pleasure to meet you.
Uh, you can call me Bill.
It's short for Bilbo,
like in the-
The Hobbit. Of course it is.
[small laugh]
Oh, hi!
Oh, Jill, excuse me.
Oh. Oh.
Now, for the first dance, you
take the bride's hand like so
and you promenade on the floor.
You wait for the next
one, two, three,
one, two, three,
one, two, three, yes,
one, two, three...
Great party.
Ah, thanks to you.
I really dropped the ball,
I'm afraid.
I know you've been uh,
preoccupied recently.
And am I crazy or have
you managed
to avoid looking Shane
in the eye all night?
Dad, have you ever thought about
somebody one way
for a long time and then
one day they say something
or do something and you just...
can't get it out of your head?
Where are you going
with this, son?
You would have really gotten
along with my wife.
She learned to meditate
in Tibet,
she climbed the Himalayas,
and um... oh, she learned how
to weave in New Guinea.
I weave.
I'm a weaver.
I spend three months every year
on a small island
just south of there during
the sacramental sewing season.
Are we talking about the Rainbow
tribe of the Sacred Biyami?
I'm their queen.
Oh, no!
What was your wife's name?
Oh, no. For heaven's sake.
What? You knew her?
Knew her?
We learned to weave together
25 years ago.
We were loom buddies.
What that woman couldn't do
with the hair
from the underbelly
of a muskox.
Ardis, this is a miracle.
Are you busy, like, say
12 hours from now?
It's Patagonia, dear.
There is no busy.
Can we Skype tomorrow?
I'd like to show you something
at my dairy farm.
A dairy farm?
Oh, I do love cows.
Well, you see, darling, back in
the 13th century I was a cow.
And I must tell you once again
what an honour it will be to
officiate your sacred union
on Saturday.
How many times
have you officiated?
You are my first.
And dip!
Well, if you're asking me,
maybe it's time to uh,
face the music and admit
that you are
two very different people and
you don't see that changing.
No, I don't.
So then the question is...
There you guys are.
Ardis has something
she wants to tell us.
Everybody here?
Ah, we're all here, Grandma.
Well, now normally I wouldn't
make such a production
out of a wedding gift
but I think Oliver and Shane
should hear this, too.
Now, Norman, Rita, even though
I'm hardly ever there
I'll always be here for you,
even when I'm not here, there.
Especially if you ever find
yourselves in need of anything-
anything at all.
So I'm giving you the email
address of my accountant, Harry.
Oh, that's so beautiful.
Somebody write this down.
Anybody got a pen and paper?
Got it.
In the meantime, Harry is
sending a cheque
to the O'Toole foundation
to establish
the Haywith Dorman scholarship
for students of postal history.
Oh my goodness.
Grandma, I- we- well,
this is just so amazing.
It is so amazing,
thank you so much,
Mrs. Parker Pennington Payne.
Well, I know how much being
postal means to both of you.
Here's the paper, you can
just write on the back of that.
Oliver, do you wanna give
Norman your pen?
Oliver, look.
The uh, the- the paper.
It- the stationary is
from the Brown Palace?
I know.
That's the number that
Mr. Fry wrote down.
Norman, the letter
from Annaliese,
isn't this the same paper?
Nobody smells like my Norman.
Thank you, Grandma.
Are you sure you don't want us
to come back
and help you clean up?
Ok, bye.
Oh, good. It's you.
Hey, you're the post office
lady, right?
That's right.
I have another name for you.
Last name?
Oh, we don't have a last name
but we have a unique first name
and we think she might be
a regular here.
Um, Annaliese?
She's right over there.
No, her.
Does she know that I'm here?
No, but she was hoping
that we would find you.
I think she's just hoping
that maybe you're still
out there being, well...
The amazing woman
I told her I was.
Well, I am still out here,
protecting her in a way.
Not from tigers or monsters.
From me.
The hallucinations began when
she was about eight years old.
What do you mean?
Nobody knows why.
I just started to lose pieces
of myself.
I'd lose track of time,
forget things, get confused.
Some days it felt like
nothing was possible.
Or everything was.
I've been called back
into duty again, sweetheart.
It shouldn't be too long
this time.
They need me again
on Neverlost Island.
All those wild stories I made up
to entertain Jessie
began to feel real,
like memories.
As if I really was a hero and
I had done all those things.
I was in and out of hospitals
and clinics for years
but I just kept getting worse.
And I was so afraid that
it wasn't safe for Jessie
to be around me so I looked
for help.
And I found a live-in mental
health program for women
so I left for six weeks
on my new secret mission.
And I left Jessie
with my mother again.
Six weeks turned into six months
and then years.
And somewhere in all that time
my mother died and Jessie
went to college.
And so, when the clinic lost
its funding,
I ended up on the street.
But I started to believe
that I wasn't really homeless,
I was actually an
undercover reporter, like-
Like Nellie Bly.
And then one day
I saw a little girl reading
a book.
It was one of my good days
when I could think clearly
enough to realize
that I had found out
what happened to my Jessie,
and that she
hadn't forgotten me.
That was the day when I walked
back into a hospital
and they put me into a free
clinical trial
and found a drug that worked.
And so I started over.
I live in a therapeutic
community in Washington Park
and I've worked here now
for five years.
That's when I started writing
the letters.
I thought that maybe Jessie
could believe in me again.
How did you mail
all those letters
from all those different places?
I made friends with some of
the regulars who stay here
and they'd mail those letters
for me
from wherever
they're off to next.
To Asia, Europe, Africa.
When I read that Jessie
was getting married
I had someone send the dress
for me from Hawaii.
She got married just up there
in the grand ballroom.
You really were there.
I watched from the kitchen.
I was hoping I might see her
in the dress, but...
Oh, we are...
we are so very sorry.
It's actually a relief because
this way I can tell myself
that she might have worn it.
Up until now I just thought
that she hadn't wanted to.
She missed you.
She said so.
She should tell you
that herself.
I would be such
a disappointment.
I want Jessie to remember
her mother
as someone who was strong
and brave
and did things that mattered,
like the women on those stamps.
But you are strong and so brave.
You faced a terrible darkness
and you had the courage
to ask for help.
If you think that you haven't
made a difference in the world
think about the thousands
of children who were inspired
to choose the more honourable,
the kinder, the higher ground,
because they read
Jessica's books.
And those books began with you
and the stories
that you told her.
You've been on Neverlost Island
for an awfully long time.
Maybe it's time to come home.
Hey, you sure you want
this gone?
It's a great conversation piece.
Oh, uh, Dad, would you do me
a favour,
I left my tux jacket at
the shop for alterations.
It won't be ready until 4:00
but something came up.
Do you mind?
No, problem.
I'll pick it up and bring it
to the church tomorrow.
What did you decide about Shane?
It only hurts for a minute son.
Just rip the bandage off and say
what you got to say.
This is Zelda.
Our prize Holstein.
Oh, hello dear.
Have we met?
Well, you have a twin out there
in the world
and I swear you could be
her sister.
But this, this is what
I wanted you to see.
Oh, look at that loom.
It's a work of art.
It was my wedding gift to Sunny.
That woman sure knew
how to handle a heddle.
What- what has she got
on there?
What is that?
Uh, I don't- uh, she was weaving
this for Norman and Rita.
Oh, for heaven's sake,
it's a Biyami wedding blanket.
It's a traditional gift
from mother to daughter
on the day of her wedding.
Rita would have loved that.
Oh, let's see.
She's done the first rainbow,
the symbol of unity,
the sacred seven
fertility patterns,
the Biyami prayer
for flexibility,
and she's just missing... oh...
ah, if only I were there.
She was almost finished.
You know, we could do this
together, Bilbo.
I don't know how to weave.
Oh, trust me, dear.
I'll have those little hands
flying and warping
before you know it.
Now, you're going to need
a muskox.
No muskox.
Oh, well... an alpaca will do
in a pinch.
Oh, I got that.
Oh, wait. Wait.
I need the hour and place
when Rita was born.
At 10:24 am in Sedona
under the Pepsi Challenge tent.
That explains everything.
Now get a move on,
this could take all night.
A ceremonial cup of yak milk,
What kept you?
Thank you.
Well, I was thinking,
we'd take it a step further.
You know, something we haven't
heard before.
Uh, Annaliese goes
to the Great Wall of China.
You know, I have so many
of these stories.
Uh, can I call you back?
I know it's a shock
to hear words like
"homeless" and "mental
illness" and-
No, the only thing shocking
is that I didn't figure it
out before.
But I must have been
so desperate
to believe anything but that.
I mean, of course
that's what it is.
The- the stories, the crazy
stories and- and the trips.
She knows you must have
a lot of questions.
Like why she didn't want to find
me when she knew she could?
All she did was mail me a dress.
Isn't that the question
I should be asking?
She wants to answer
all of them.
Well, maybe it's too late.
Because I know what
too late feels like.
I'm getting married tomorrow
but my mom won't be there
because I lost her this year.
I'm sorry.
She didn't have to overcome
the same challenges as your mom
but she was passionate like her,
and she dreamed of making
the world a better place
the same way that your mother
wanted to.
Sometimes she did crazy things
and she took chances
that I just...
I just didn't understand.
But I always assumed that
I would be able
to talk to her about it
when I was ready.
Except now... now it's too late.
It's too late for answers.
It's too late to ask her
for help with my wedding.
It's too late to thank her for
all those wonderful things
that she taught me.
It's too late for me to just
sit down and laugh
with her over a cup of tea.
If I could do just- just one
of those things today
I wouldn't waste
a second thinking about
the time that we lost.
She's your mother.
She loves you more than
anything else in the world
and she did her best.
What other answers
do you need?
Warp and heddle,
warp and heddle,
warp and heddle,
warp and heddle.
Warp and heddle.
Keep going. Keep going.
You're almost there.
I finished!
Bill, you're a natural.
Here's to Ardis,
queen of the sacred Biyami
and hero of the Dorman
Haywith wedding.
Well, I'm just glad I was there.
And as we say in Biyami,
you never know
from where you sit which way
the bird is go-
Thank you.
I'm embarrassed to say that in
five years I never noticed her.
Then again, night shift is
something of another world.
Ah, is that...?
It is.
Madam, what a pleasure
to see you again.
Hello, Mr. Fry.
Let me just confirm
that your table is ready.
I just wanna thank you all
so much for doing this.
I never knew that strangers
could be so kind.
We're not strangers anymore.
We're the Postables.
Right this way, madam.
I am so sorry.
It's ok, mommy.
I thought I'd lost you forever.
Me too.
I have a lot of questions.
But I don't need the answers
right away.
How about we just have a nice
cup of the 1892 Darjeeling?
[phone ringing]
Shane McInerney.
Yes, uh, he's here with me.
Hold on.
Hmm? Oh.
Well, I guess the timing
worked out after all, huh?
Yes, it did.
We make a good team.
I love us.
And I love-
[clears throat]
And I love you.
Oh, you do, huh?
And I'm still contemplating
what to do about that.
I see.
Well, does it help if I mention
that I love you so-
Angry skunks in the church.
They found skunks
under the choir loft
and now the whole church stinks.
We can't get married
there tomorrow.
What are we going to do?
[acoustic guitar music]
The guy with the guitar?
He wrote a love letter to
the only lady he ever loved
and then it got lost in the mail
and she got lost in a hurricane,
so he needed the Postables
to help find her
and of course they did and now
they need him and here he is.
Just think.
All the people in here who's
lives would be different
without the U.S. mail.
It's so romantic.
You ok, my friend?
Oh, I've been thinking
about this day for so long.
I just never imagined
farm animals.
Well, at least you get
a nice cross breeze here
you wouldn't get at the church.
Got it.
Oh, thanks dad.
You might want to check
the pockets just in case.
Sweetheart, you're breathtaking.
Thank you, daddy.
You look just like your mother.
I mean, the dress looks--
No bigger than a postage stamp?
Now, when you walk out there
you may notice that
the loom is empty.
Well, that's- that's just
because your mother's
last gift to you is waiting
for you on the altar.
This is it.
This is it.
I love you.
I love you.
[acoustic guitar music]
Every morning,
Every evening,
Every day I,
I think of you,
The way you love me,
Through and through,
When I'm with you,
It feels like heaven,
You're an angel,
Holding me,
Sweet, sweet loving,
It sets me free,
And in my wildest
I could never imagine you,
Loving me as much
as I do you,
In my wildest imagination,
I could never, never, never,
imagine you,
Loving me as much as
I do you,
And it may be winter,
It may be fall,
Might have much,
Or nothing at all,
But I'm always
gonna be there,
Whenever you call,
Whenever you call,
Whenever you call
Friends, family...
Other guests.
[crowd laughs]
We gather here today to
celebrate the great truth.
That no matter where
we find ourselves,
when two or more are
gathered together
in the name of all that is
sacred and holy, there is love.
And love is a profound mystery,
that two souls can reach across
the great river that separates
one solitary heart from another,
and set out on a dangerous
and thrilling journey
where, in an instant, in
a miracle, two become one.
Love is a ship we build
with compassion,
forgiveness, and faith.
To travel the river together.
It is the dance of life.
It is the greatest of contracts.
It is the sweetest of promises
to keep each other afloat
amid the storms.
To keep each other laughing
amid the sorrow.
and faithful amid the darkness.
To rejoice together
in the morning
and to honour each other
in the evening.
It is a gift from God,
the source of this love
and of the river itself.
The one who will carry and
guide us from this shore
to the next.
And now, by the power
vested in me...
Of course.
I pronounce you husband
and wife.
May God bless your marriage.
An owl.
Oh, that's an owl!
[applause continues]
Are you wearing what I think
you're wearing?
Don't look at my tie.
Look at my eyes.
And listen to my heart.
Oh, Oliver.
Marry me and I will love
you forever,
and I promise I'll never wear
this tie again.
It's pretty awful.
Uh, my father picked it out.
I probably would have gone
with something a little more-
Yes, Oliver.
Yes, I- I will marry you
and love you forever.
This was my grandmother's.
She was the finest woman
I ever knew.
Until you.
I hope it's not um...
I love it.
This is what all that
contemplating was about.
Um, what is it that
you're contemplating?
I can't believe you guys stayed
up all night making that.
Well, it was an education
and fun.
Your grandmother wanted you both
to know how much she loves you.
And she wanted you to remember
that this whole thing started
with your mother, right?
I know.
Oh, and another thing,
never forget,
wash on a cold cycle,
no bleach.
Thanks, daddy.
Thanks, dad.
Well, finally.
You have any idea how long
I've been keeping this thing
in my glove compartment?
I hope it was ugly enough?
Oh, yes.
I love you guys.
Thank you.
Let me see it again.
So, we're married.
Really married.
To each other.
Just like we planned.
Well, not exactly
how we planned.
It was a wonderful wedding,
It was, wasn't it?
It just went by so fast.
But, you know, now look at us.
Married Postables.
Engaged Postables.
And just enough champagne
left for a toast.
The last toast of the night.
And the first toast of
the rest of our lives.
Oliver, would you do
the honours?
Well, when we began together
as colleagues
charged with delivering
so many lost things,
I believed that to everything
there is a season
and to every lost letter
there is a divine purpose.
Only today, seeing you,
and you, Rita, so happy,
and you, my Shane, my love,
promising to love me forever,
only now do I realize...
just how very lost I was, too,
and that your friendship
and your faith have
uh, delivered me as well.
So through the rain and snow
and dark of night,
here we are, together,
and I love us.
To the Postables.
[together] To the Postables.
Make someone happy,
Make just one
someone happy,
Make just one heart
to heart,
You will sing to,
One smile that cheers you,
One face that lights
when it nears you,
One girl you're
everything to,