Sila Nodigalil (2023) Movie Script

A verde salad.
Maya, some wine?
Two glasses of Merlot.
I badly need a break.
Let's make the best out of it.
Hey, what happened?
All good things take time.
But not this long, Raj.
Maya, my family is old-fashioned.
I need to talk and make them understand.
Hello, doctor.
- Hello...
- Sit down.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Your best piece of artwork.
Oh, she is one of my best works.
You have a lovely lady with you.
Oh, I forgot to introduce.
This is Maya.
- Maya Pillai.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
- This is Phillipe Giovanni.
Phillipe Giovanni?
Like the 'Lingerie King' Phillipe Giovanni?
You bet.
Oh, god.
Just can't believe it.
Maya is going to be a supermodel.
And like most women,
she loves your lingerie.
- Oh, yeah?
- Darling, our reservation...
Ah, sorry.
Sorry to take up
any more of your time.
Text me next month.
And we could do with a
beautiful woman on a Paris runway.
Keep that card.
That's your first contract.
Thank you so much.
Good to see you, doctor.
You have a brilliant evening. Bye.
That's his third wife.
I worked on her entire body, you know.
Maya, I just introduced you to the CEO
of the world's top lingerie brand...
and got you your first contract.
Is this all the reaction I get?
Maya, we are going to be
living together. Okay?
Mere words won't suffice, Raj.
I promise, Maya.
Believe me.
This is for you.
You give me these beautiful gifts
from time to time and shut me up.
Hey, no!
I never impress people with gifts.
I only impress them with my love.
- Hi!
- Oh, yeah.
To wonderful years ahead.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
It was so much fun, no?
What were you doing 10 years ago, Raj?
When I was as young
as that couple?
Well, you know...
Were you a cricket umpire?
It's a long story.
I was surrounded by pretty girls.
Yeah, sure!
It's a story anyway.
Go on!
Fine, tell me!
Raj was the favourite
amongst college girls.
Hey, I was the best student.
Best dancer.
- And the best--
- Best liar?
I'm sorry, Student Number One
is annoyed?
Here you go.
- Our cab is here. Let's go?
- Let's go.
I have an idea.
How about we turn into 'college Raj'
and 'college Maya' just for the night?
- What do you mean?
- Come, I'll show you.
Oh! I have forgotten the face of my love
Whom do I share this pain with, my friend?
Oh! I have forgotten the face of my love
Whom do I share this pain with, my friend?
But the heart doesnt seem to have forgotten the love
Then how could I forget that face from my memory?
But the heart doesnt seem to have forgotten the love
Then how could I forget that face from my memory?
Oh! I have forgotten the face of my love
Oh! I have forgotten the face of my love
Oh! I have forgotten the face of my love
Whom do I share this pain with, my friend?
What is this?
Would you take tablets
only if they came with a prescription?
That's not what I meant.
Shut up, and take it.
One second.
Oh, god.
You are such a doctor!
It's been years since we have
done something like this, right?
Like what? Make out in
the ladies' room?
Ya, let's say
that's what I meant.
But I'm sure this is the first time
you are doing it with a pretty girl.
Hey, do you think I haven't seen it all?
But this is my first time
with the world's prettiest girl.
Sure, I believe you!
Oh! I have forgotten the face of my love
Whom do I share this pain with, my friend?
- Get a room.
- Sorry!
Everything will change soon, right?
Is everything going to change?
Very soon.
You hide her photos from me.
And you hide me from her.
When are you going to tell her?
I will.
Very soon.
Trust me.
For real?
I don't know how to lie.
Save these lies for her.
Another round?
- I meant wine.
- Are you crazy?
Just one more.
Come on.
Just one, okay?
Just one.
Have you forgotten your wife's
'no food in bedroom' rule?
I am anyway going to forget
my wife very soon!
Those rules don't apply to us.
- Never.
- Never!
All of these look like special rings.
Those belong to Medha.
She's very particular about it.
Don't touch them.
Are you mad?
I am still feeling the effects
of the first pill.
But I need another one.
Are you sure?
What are you doing?
Just assume tonight is our 'first night'.
Yeah? Is that so?
Okay, Mrs Maya Varadhan.
What are you going to do?
I was just wondering why
she hasn't barged into my life yet.
- Hello?
- Raj...
The TV isn't working
at Ridhima's house.
So we are coming home
to watch the film.
In about 20 minutes.
See you.
Are all of you coming?
One second...
Yeah! Why do you ask?
Aren't you at home?
Yes, I just got home.
Okay, superb.
Can you please take the wine out?
Okay, bye.
You have to go.
Come on.
Don't use the main door.
Leave through the kitchen. Please.
Please try to understand.
Maya, what are you still doing here?
It's time to go.
Get up.
Get up, Maya.
I warned you... 5 glasses of wine,
and 2 pills on top of it!
Look here.
Medha and her annoying friends
will be here any moment.
How much longer, Medha?
We are almost there.
Just 5 more minutes.
Maya, this isn't the time to joke around.
Maya, please listen to me.
Maya, what happened?
If you are pranking,
this is not the time.
How could such a thing happen
when the movie was at a cliff hanger?
Yeah, can't wait to continue watching.
- Is Raj home?
- That's what he said.
We've come all this way
to watch a movie!
Come, let's go straight to the living room
and continue the movie.
Just can't wait to
finish the film.
Raj! We are home!
Hi, how are you?
Nice to see you!
- Hello!
- Hi, long time...
Hello, Mr Husband!
Tom Ford Oud Noir!
I just got done with gym,
so had a bath to freshen up.
Darling, can you bring me some wine?
Yeah, I'll go bring it.
Hello, hello!
Long time no see.
Busy at work.
That's why.
I know.
By the way, congratulations on
Mrs Khan's nose.
You've made something beautiful
out of her bulbous nose.
Is there a surgery you can do
to reduce her arrogance?
Hey, come on.
Stop it.
Raj, where is the wine?
Just give me two minutes.
I'll get it.
Okay, ladies.
Shall we continue?
- Yeah!
- Sure!
There, there.
Ah, here it is.
Raj, not red.
They are all white wine angels, remember?
Oh, I forgot until you just mentioned it.
Medha, we are waiting!
Just getting the wine.
Raj, are you okay?
Yeah, just pushed myself
at the gym...
and had some beer with friends.
Oh... workout plus cheat day, huh?
Hey, nothing like that!
- You'll join us, no?
- Oh, yeah. I'll come.
- Is this song in the movie?
- That's separate.
Yeah, okay.
Let's see.
Pee break, sorry.
So many breaks!
What is it, Medha?
What is that?
That's nothing.
Go on, let me take care of it.
Are you okay, brother?
You look tensed.
Yeah, no...
Just work... and busy with that.
Oh, okay.
Watching a classic is so good.
All of us are so tired, Raj.
Yeah, sorry.
What were you saying?
All of us are so tired today.
Your wife made us do
a lot of work.
We were busy all day with the
underprivileged women shelter fundraiser.
Oh, women's welfare. Yeah.
Medha is so passionate about
helping people.
Such a darling she is.
Yeah, she is.
Medha loves artistic things, doesn't she?
Hey, did you buy that from India?
Hey, by the way...
what happened at your house?
Oh god, my cat Gloria...
she loves TV cables!
And Kumar isn't in town either. So...
He isn't in town?
I mean this is the third weekend
this month.
Is it a business trip or...?
Oh come on, Shreya.
He can hardly handle me,
let alone an affair.
What affair?
They are talking about something.
We were talking about how Ridhima's husband
is on a business trip
Ladies, shall we continue?
Raj, are you okay?
The wine is over.
I'll just go and get it.
Should I pause?
No, I've seen it.
You just continue.
I'll be back.
Raj, what happened?
I'll handle it.
Where were you gone?
I was upstairs getting the
guestroom and bedroom ready.
You can go and sleep there.
I'll manage on the couch.
Why? All of them are leaving shortly.
Oh! So you aren't having
a sleepover tonight?
There is so much work
to do tomorrow.
Okay, guys.
The cab is here.
Let's go.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- You've taken your phone?
- Yeah.
- Bye, brother.
- Bye.
What happened?
She cancelled the ride, Medha.
Raj, can you drop her home?
Hey, there is no need.
I'll find another cab.
Okay, give me two minutes.
I'll change and be back.
Thank you!
No worries.
Why are you behaving like this?
Anyway, there are no emotions
attached to it.
Ridhima, we have been through this!
Please stop.
What happened?
Shit, I can't find my keys.
Did you find it?
Are you in a hurry?
Look, what happened that night
was a mistake.
We were drunk.
And it was an accident.
Come on!
Who said an accident can happen
only once?
Ridhima, we've reached your house.
Okay, fine!
Everything will change soon, right?
Is everything going to change?
Madam, I'll go and clean the bathroom.
- Good morning, Doctor.
- Good morning.
Why do you look so dull?
Don't even ask.
It was a bad dream!
I am still hungover too.
Aren't you eating breakfast?
No, I'll order something
from the office.
One second.
Do you want something
for your hangover?
- Do you have something?
- Give that.
I've got some herbal tea.
Drink that and you should be okay.
Do you have a lot of appointments today?
Several appointments!
I've got a lot of work.
Okay, you take care.
Drink this when you find time.
Message me after you reach office.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Your swelling has gone down,
and you are really healing well.
Any issues?
Doctor, I am here to know
about my healing process...
and how the treatment is going.
What happened, doctor?
You okay?
Sorry... what were you saying?
I was just talking about my treatment
and my healing process.
Yeah, great. Okay.
Roughly how many people
will fit in the function room?
Okay, we are expecting about
100 pax.
And... yeah, I'll meet you tomorrow
and discuss further.
Thank you.
Sharon, make some tea
and bring it to the bedroom.
- To the bedroom madam?
- Yes.
Raj is sick, so I'm okay
making an exception this time.
Not many patients today, huh?
Very few.
Such boring cases too!
Why do you look pale?
Ma'am, can I leave it here?
Why did you bring it
into the bedroom?
Sometimes, exceptions are okay, Raj.
Do you need anything else?
I'll be at the garden, okay?
We have finalised the invitation design.
- Catering, decoration...
- All sorted.
We need to double check
the invitation list.
I know we have invited 100 people...
but looking at this list
makes my head spin!
Will so many people turn up?
I mean, who won't show up
when they get invited by Medha and Raj!
The most charming power couple
in town.
Good point.
I need to finalise the list with Raj today.
You will speak to Raj then.
I need to get hold of Raj today.
He's been busy with work lately.
Madam, would you like
to have some tea?
Also, put this into the wooden box.
Madam, I can't find the box anywhere.
Maybe Sir got rid of it?
Anyway you take a look in the garage.
Okay, madam.
Speak of my darling...
- Hi, love.
- Hi, guys.
How are you?
I've been super tired lately.
Sharon, can you make me
a cup of tea? - Okay, sir.
Yes, last minute checks
for the charity gala.
You need to check the list too, Doctor.
Hey, it's going to be amazing anyway.
I am sure.
Is he okay?
I told you.
He's been so busy with work lately,
and doesn't pay attention
to half the things we say.
He is the clinic head now, right?
Maybe that's why he is busy.
Here you are.
- How are you feeling now?
- Not so great.
Don't worry.
You will be okay.
Have a bath and come to eat.
The list for the charity gala night
has been finalised.
Your clinic is our main partner.
It will be helpful
if you go through the list.
I wanted to ask you...
where is the big wooden box?
You said it was taking up
too much space...
so I threw it away.
I said that?
I don't remember saying that.
You must have forgotten because
you've been busy with the charity event.
I think I gave it
to the garbage collector.
Come on, Raj.
It was full of recyclables.
I wanted to use it
for my workshop.
Medha, come on!
It's just a box.
It only had old clothes and newspapers.
You'll have more next month!
Why are you getting angry?
I told you.
Work stress.
Clinic management, patients...
everything is upon me.
Don't shout.
Come quickly.
Good morning, doctor.
Your iPad.
Should I send the patient in?
After 15 minutes.
Maya, we are going to be
living together. Okay?
Mere words won't suffice, Raj.
I promise, Maya.
Believe me.
Doctor Raj, Mr Kumar is here
to see you.
- Hello.
- Hi, Kumar.
Come, sit down.
- How are you doing?
- How are you doing, doctor?
Hey, why aren't you up yet?
Are you okay?
Feeling tired.
Come and eat first.
I'll come.
You go ahead.
Are you mad?
I was busy at the shoot.
I'm sorry that I am late.
Can we not waste time
and have a quick consultation now?
I know Tamil.
Oh! So you are the 4'o clock
no-show patient?
Oh, you are a Tamilian?
If I am not wrong,
I think you work here.
Can I please meet the doctor,
for like 5-10 minutes?
Well, I am the doctor.
Doctor Raj Varadhan.
Oops, I am sorry.
My bad.
- That's okay.
- So you are still here then?
Please, can I just take
5-10 minutes of your time?
I just need your opinion.
I like your determination.
Oh, well... there are so many things
you like about me then.
Then how about a quickie?
I mean, a quick consultation.
Yeah. Hailey, I'll take care.
You can follow me. Come.
Well, what?
When can we get started
on the treatments in this list?
You are making it sound
like a grocery shopping list!
What did you say your profession was?
- I am a model.
- Okay.
But I don't think you need
any of these.
You look fine.
I didn't enter this industry
to make do with 'fine', Dr Varadhan.
I want to be the best.
Then you've come
to the right person.
I know.
I never settle for mediocrity
for anything in life.
Okay. So, what do you think?
Are we going to start everything
on the list?
See, apart from lip augmentation
and fat freezing...
I'm guessing,
you don't need those.
How do you know?
That's the reason I am one of the best
cosmetic surgeons in London.
So, when can I get
my appointment?
Can we...
talk about this
over a coffee?
Sure, I don't mind.
Hi, doctor.
Good morning.
Good morning.
She is the journalist who called last week.
She'd like to interview you.
- Hi!
- Hello...
I'll leave you to it.
Let me know if you need
anything else.
Okay, Hailey.
How are you doing, Doctor Varadhan?
Not bad.
I am Revathy.
I am an independent journalist.
Before we get started...
is it okay for me to record?
I am doing a story about
non-invasive cosmetic procedures.
I thought I'd start with the
best doctor in the city.
Thank you.
So women are obviously
your main clients, right?
Mostly actors, models,
and public figures?
But do ordinary women
also come to you?
Mostly not.
But there are few who meet
with accidents and come for procedures.
So, how has your journey been?
Me coming from a very
lower middle class family...
it was quite challenging.
I really struggled during
the initial stages.
What's next for you, Dr Varadhan?
We have major plans to help
acid attack victims in India.
And my wife Medha has been
my biggest source of support.
She does a lot of work and
a huge pillar for these NGO initiatives.
And is there anything you can tell me
that you haven't said to any other journalist?
There is no such thing.
I am basically an open book.
So I have nothing to hide or conceal.
- Nothing at all?
- Seriously, believe me.
You are a very honest man.
I heard you are very friendly
with your clients.
As a person,
I am very friendly, you know.
Of course, I know.
Thank you so much for your time.
You are welcome.
I might be back to click a few pictures
of you if it's okay.
Sure, anytime.
It was wonderful
to meet you, doctor.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Is Mrs Spencer coming in today?
Didn't she come last week
for a tummy tuck?
Today, it's under eye fillers.
Looks like she is getting ready
for some big event.
Yesterday, we raised funds
for the orphanage, right?
We collected 20,000 pounds.
Nice, no?
- Let's go out for lunch today?
- No.
I've got work. Sorry.
I read through the surrogacy papers.
The doctor said we can proceed
with it at the earliest.
The fertility doctor said if you
adopt a more active lifestyle...
there are good chances of you
getting pregnant naturally.
Go to the gym.
Start walking.
Don't try to offload your work
onto others.
Raj, have you forgotten
what happened last year?
The pain, the trauma,
the miscarriage?
Are you saying that's my fault?
How much longer are you
going to be in the past, Medha?
We need to move on.
Is this the 8th fundraiser this year?
Or the 9th?
Fourth, and that too for your clinic.
I know my priorities,
but you don't.
When I cried every night
and couldn't fall asleep...
how often were you by my side, Raj?
Should I give you
a count of those?
You were the one who was
so excited about having a baby.
Miscarriage is not the end of the world.
Charity, events, fundraisers,
and tea parties with friends
in the evenings!
You've completely changed, Medha.
Even if you don't go to the gym,
atleast follow a proper diet.
Put in some effort, Medha.
Raj, I was thinking...
Are you my distant sky?
Am I an untouched cloud?
Even when you are at an arms length
We drifted apart
So many dreams
Erased in front of my eyes
We became history
Without any solutions
Our love is now
Like fire falling all over a flower
The distances that were non existent yesterday
How are they here now?
Why is our love suffering in fire?
My heart aches and asks
So many dreams
Erased in front of our eyes
Won't our hearts be heavy?
Won't our hearts wither away?
Are you my distant sky?
Am I an untouched cloud?
Even when you are at an arms length
We drifted apart
So many dreams
Erased in front of our eyes
We became history
Without any solutions
Hello, doctor.
How are you?
I told you I'd be coming back
to click photos for the article...
How long will it take?
I'll make it quick.
Like, two minutes?
Where do you want to?
Sofa is good.
You seem a bit tight.
You pose really well when you are
clicking photos with women!
I don't get it.
My cousin is a model.
Her name is Maya.
Maya Pillai.
She showed me a photo
the other day.
You had a big smile in the photo
and looked very relaxed.
Maya who?
I told you,
she is a model.
Maya Pillai.
You don't remember her?
I don't.
You don't?
Even if you claim
you don't know her...
I know that you know her.
What are you talking about?
I must have had
several patients named Maya.
I can't remember each one of them.
Look, I am busy now.
You may leave.
I know you are a very influential person.
I will leave now.
But I will find out the truth.
What happened, Raj?
You don't look so okay.
Raj... open your mouth
and say something.
I've got nothing to say, Medha.
Stop being so difficult, Raj.
Do you have a problem at work?
Do you want to see a counsellor?
What's the problem?
What's the matter?
I'm your wife for goddamn's sake.
Just tell me!
Work tension...
So many responsibilities.
I need to handle both
the business and medical side.
So, this is the problem.
But the real problem is...
you irritating me everytime by asking,
"What is wrong?"
This is what I meant.
You aren't the same person.
You are getting angry
and shouting at me for no reason.
You don't eat or sleep properly.
You aren't my Raj.
You have changed.
Oh? So I am the only one
who has changed?
What about you?
Some thousand tea parties...
friends, brunches, events.
The more money I make...
you are finding new ways
to spend all of it.
You said you wanted
a baby and a family...
and now you are proposing
a surrogacy?
I know what happened last year.
But did you ever try to
put that behind and move on?
You are still using that
as an excuse.
Oh, yeah?
If you want a baby with me,
you need to do something about it.
It's not possible to have a baby
through the internet, Raj Varadhan!
Are you even interested
in me anymore?
Or is there someone else
in your life? Huh?
You know what?
I'm done with you.
I'm sorry, Medha.
I said hurtful things to you
this morning out of anger.
Forgive me, Medha.
In an attempt to focus on my career...
I stopped caring about my life.
It was unintentional.
Be it good or bad, we promised
to share everything with each other.
I broke that promise.
First and last time.
I am not blaming you...
but I feel like you could have also
handled some situations differently.
aren't you my darling?
I was also indifferent
about a few things.
We failed to look at the larger picture
because of these resentments.
We will work on our marriage, Raj.
I'll help you.
You help me.
We are a team.
I'll take 10 days break from work.
Just to work on us.
Let's go on dates like before.
Let's watch movies.
We can even go on a holiday.
Remember you said
you liked Greece?
Greece is beautiful
this time of the year.
Come on, Medha. Please.
We shall go.
Let's start with a dinner tonight.
I'll make the reservation.
Medha, I won't disappoint you.
For sure.
So beautiful and grand, no?
Some day, I'll make money
and buy a house like this.
I'll be by your side
and help you achieve that.
I'll give you everything you wished for
and so much more.
First, a bigger, better ring.
No, I love this ring.
And I love you.
Oh, so sweet!
O you bundle of joy
Why have we become so distant?
O you apple of my eye
You are a fire
that stokes my dreams.
O you delicate woman,
you make my heart flutter
Why did you drift away from me?
What would I do without you?
You are the light of the sun
You are the halo of the moon
You are the vital energy of my life
A blue cloud from yesterday...
turned into a drizzle
inside my heart
The days we spent together...
flashed before my eyes
over and over again
Hold onto your beauty and arrogance
Why are you playing tricks
on my memory?
What would I do without you?
You are the light of the sun
You are the halo of the moon
You are the vital energy of my life
Finally, Raj.
It's a beautiful house.
Looks amazing, doesn't it?
Our new life is going to be amazing too.
So what next?
What next?
A baby, of course.
We can't have a baby by just
staring at each other, Mrs Medha Varadhan!
You have a new leader
joining our family.
Please raise your glasses
to Doctor Raj Varadhan.
O you delicate woman,
you make my heart flutter
Why did you drift away from me?
What would I do without you?
You are the light of the sun
You are the halo of the moon
You are the vital energy of my life
- Good evening.
- Hello.
- Welcome to Atlantis.
- Thank you.
The food here is apparently really good.
I've been wanting to come here
for a long time.
Good evening, ma'am.
Hi, good evening.
- Do you have a reservation?
- Yes.
It should be under Medha Varadhan.
Yes, I got that on the list.
Please come on in.
Two of you, yeah?
Come on in.
There you go, ma'am.
Table for two.
- Enjoy your evening.
- Alright, thank you.
Thank you.
Can we sit here?
It's nicer.
This place is nice, isn't it?
Nice place.
Good vibes, right?
We should do one of our events here, Raj.
I don't know if they'd rent it out.
We can try talking to them.
What would you like to eat?
How about some wine?
I'm fine with anything you pick.
Okay, wine.
Good evening, ma'am.
Good evening, sir.
What would you like to have?
Hi, good evening.
We would like to have wine.
What would you recommend?
Would you like to try some Ros?
Sure, I'm fine.
Alright, we will have
two glasses of Ros.
And one Baba Ganoush, please.
Excellent choice, ma'am.
Thank you.
Right, thank you.
Talking about Greece,
Santorini should be a good option.
Oh, is it?
We can go whenever you can
take days off from work.
Santorini has red beaches,
black sand beaches...
it will be an amazing place to visit!
- Thank you.
- Here you go.
Your wine.
- Enjoy your dinner.
- Thank you!
- Cheers!
- Cheers.
Raj, what happened?
Medha, please...
let's go home.
Calm down, Raj.
What's the problem?
I feel dizzy.
Medha, please understand.
I am not comfortable.
Everything okay, ma'am?
Yeah, we have to rush.
- Sorry.
- Thank you.
Raj, what's happening?
What is your problem?
Tell me.
Drink some tea first.
I don't know where to begin...
or what to say.
Look, no matter what the problem is...
we will solve it together, okay?
I've told you a lot of lies, Medha.
I've hid something from you
for a while now.
What is it, Raj?
I had an affair.
For how long?
What's her name?
For over a year.
She is a model.
Her name is Maya Pillai.
Why are you telling me this now?
I don't know who to talk to,
or what to do.
She is...
I think I am responsible for her death.
I don't know what to do, Medha.
This guilt is consuming me.
I watched her die.
I disposed her body.
I can't handle this, Medha.
Please, help me.
Don't leave me. Please.
That's enough, Raj.
This is all the drama
I can handle in one day, okay?
I need some time to digest this.
Medha, please.
So... the school fundraiser went well, huh?
Who doesn't like children!
Next charity show idea, please?
We need to do something big for
domestic abuse and violence victims.
Maybe we should do something big like...
charity gala dinner
or something like that.
That's Radha, isn't it?
Oh, looks like she has started
stepping out of her house now!
Who is she?
She is Radha Reddy.
Industrialist Rohan Reddy's wife.
Oh... I've seen her a couple of times.
She is always smoking.
She's from a middle class family as well?
Super rich husband,
and such a good life!
Just when she thought
she had a happy life...
she found out her husband
was having multiple affairs.
But what was surprising was...
she was completely okay with it.
- What?
- Yeah!
I think she is still married.
Where will she go
if she gets a divorce?
Rather than going home
and getting shamed...
I mean, don't you think it is better
for her to stay back.
No? What do you think?
Of course.
Medha... pick up the phone.
Hi, Raj.
How are you?
What do you want?
Dr Raj Varadhan,
why do you look so panicked?
Who? Me?
Not really.
Well, after you hear
what I have to say...
you will panic.
Have I got everything right?
Look here...
You've got it all wrong.
You are the one who has
got it all wrong, Raj.
"Dr Raj and his missing muse..."
Doesn't it make for a good headline?
Why have you gone silent, Doctor?
Do you need any further proof?
Or are the photos
and background info enough?
I don't know anything.
I haven't seen her in ages.
You had an affair
and I know it.
And she's gone missing.
You did something to her.
All I want is money.
Give it!
Or I will expose you.
Look, this is my work place.
Give me some time.
I will contact you.
Now just please leave.
Raj, it's just dehydration.
But you do need to
take care of yourself.
Yeah, Dr Stevens.
He doesn't sleep on time.
Skips meals.
The only medication I could prescribe
is to get some good rest.
Get off the grid for a few days.
Thank you, doctor.
Medha, listen.
Today, someone called Revathy
came to my clinic looking for me.
She said she is Maya's cousin.
She said Maya's been missing for a few weeks
and she hadn't heard from her...
so she came to me
looking for her.
When did this happen?
Today morning, before the surgery.
I got stressed out and collapsed.
It felt like my head was about to explode.
What else did she say?
She asked me if I was
close friends with Maya.
What did you say?
I denied it and said
she was just my patient.
And that I had met her
only 3-4 months ago.
What did you say her name was?
Revathy Pillai.
Let's go home.
Medha, what do we do now?
Don't you remember what Dr Stevens said?
Minimum two weeks rest.
I didn't mean that.
What do we do about Revathy?
I don't know.
Let's see.
Forgive me, Medha.
I didn't expect the Maya issue
would complicate like this.
If you'd used your head instead of
thinking from down there...
we wouldn't have had
these complications, Raj.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Medha.
Look here...
I didn't marry you for your money
or your status.
You gave me hope
and promised me a beautiful life.
But we've just drifted apart
over the last year, Raj.
I know.
I realise it now.
Look, I will change...
and I promise, okay?
I am really tired.
Can I go sleep?
Yeah, I know but you don't
talk about it, okay?
Good morning, Medha.
What a surprise.
I came here to collect Raj's mails.
There are 10 letters.
Thank you.
Hang on...
a lady named Revathy
came over and handed this.
- Bye!
- Bye.
What is it, Medha?
All okay?
What the hell is this?
maybe I should just go
to the police and confess?
I can't do this, Medha.
I don't know what else to do.
Have you gone crazy?
Medha, I'll make sure
you don't get into any trouble.
calm down and think this through.
We need to escape from this situation
not get caught.
Medha, if the police interrogate you...
be clear and tell them
you don't know anything.
Raj, calm down.
I am so scared.
Don't do something stupid...
and invite more trouble.
We'll find a way, Raj.
We must do something about Revathy.
Oh, okay.
I'll talk to you later.
Medha, I've just sent you
the final floor plan.
- Excuse me, madam.
- Yeah?
There is someone who wants to meet you.
She said her name is Revathy Pillai.
Should I send her in here?
No, I'll come over.
Alright, ma'am.
Hi, how may I help you?
And women's rights figure.
Medha Varadhan.
I am Revathy Pillai.
I happened to be in the neighbourhood.
So I thought I'll come over and see how you
strive to raising charity.
Is this really what you wanted to say?
I heard about your gala event.
Tomorrow at the gala event,
in front of everyone...
how would you feel if I reveal the truth
about you and your great husband?
What truth?
Your husband Dr Raj Varadhan
and Maya Pillai had an affair for a year.
You know about it too.
Despite that, you chose to ignore it.
That's the truth I meant, woman!
Stop acting crazy
and letting your imagination run wild.
Excuse me, madam...
I suppose you haven't seen
my letter yet.
The polaroid photos in it
are just starters.
I've got a lot more
for the main course.
Don't get stressed, okay?
Just agree to pay me the money I demand.
I'll just hand over
all the photos to you...
and leave this city.
It was nice to meet you, Medha.
But don't worry...
I'll be back soon.
What happened, Medha?
Why do you look so stressed?
Revathy came to meet me.
What does she want?
She said she's got many more photos...
and threatened to publicise them
at our gala event.
I'm so stressed, Raj.
Should we just cancel the event?
Hey... are you mad?
Don't do any such thing.
Then what?
Should we lose
our reputation in public?
What are you even saying?
I'll handle her.
I put in a lot of effort, you know?
All for you and your clinic.
It's gone.
All gone.
Medha, leave it to me.
I'll somehow sort it out.
Medha, trust me.
I will take care.
- Hi.
- Hi!
- I am Medha.
- I know. Mrs Varadhan.
Please come in.
Sorry about the mess.
It's so strange, no?
We are neighbours
but never got the chance to meet.
So where are you shifting to?
My husband's company
is shifting base to the US.
Well, I just wanted to meet you.
That's so nice of you.
I don't have any friends here.
If you don't mind,
can I ask you a personal question?
That despite knowing about my
husband's affairs...
why I've not left him?
Both of us have similar stories, Medha.
Lower middle class family,
no father.
I thought I'd live a peaceful life
by marrying him but...
I was not the only one.
Why didn't you leave him?
What's the point of granting divorce
to such men?
Shouldn't we teach them a lesson?
Yes, Dr Raj Varadhan?
Hand over the photos...
take the money and leave.
The truth is...
Maya and I were in love.
Why didn't you say this
the other day?
Was it because of Medha?
Please, don't drag her into this.
Why? She's at fault too.
She could have stopped this.
Medha has nothing to do with
me falling in love with Maya.
I cheated on Medha.
She is innocent.
Do you know how much
she has supported me?
But the truth is...
I know exactly what your plan is.
There is a reason why I am doing this.
Raj... - How dare you threaten
me and Medha with a photo?
Medha is--
I was truly in love with Maya.
And her death shattered me.
I told her not to do it.
She said, "Just one more, darling"
and kept taking those pills.
It was not my fault and why should I be
guilty about it?
Revathy, where are you?
Did you meet Raj?
Did he give you the money?
Please call me back.
Maya, Raj here.
- You bch--
- Raj, please let me explain.
Listen, I know you are alive.
- Please hear me out.
- Don't say another word.
Raj, please listen.
I just want to meet you.
May everyone be surrounded by happiness!
Greetings and welcome to Aadhya.
My goal is to stop and condemn
the violence against women...
and at the same time provide the affected
with medical, mental, and financial help.
and all of you have come together
to make my goal come true.
Thank you so much.
Thanks to my husband Raj, other doctors,
and everyone else who is a part of this.
I thought you were dead,
and I was responsible for it.
And the guilt drove me
to the point of insanity.
Please hear me out, Raj.
I was feeling guilty for something
I never did?
- Shit!
- I really loved you, Raj.
But I couldn't handle
all the complications.
And I couldn't tell if you
truly loved me.
But wait. It was me...
I buried you with my own hands.
Then how did you...?
It was her plan all along.
I am Medha Varadhan.
Raj Varadhan's wife.
I know both of you are
having an affair.
This isn't an affair.
Raj truly loves me.
How much money would you need
to end this affair right here?
Excuse me?
This is a relationship
between me and Raj.
No, this is an illicit affair between
my husband and some random woman.
Raj realised he doesn't love you
and your marriage isn't working out--
Then why hasn't he divorced me yet?
Fine, why are you with him?
Why not?
He is a good man. Successful.
Raj supports my career.
But you haven't said even once
that you love him.
No, we love each other.
This is a relationship of convenience.
Do you know we are planning
to have a baby?
You think he reached this stature
all by himself?
I taught him how to socialise...
and made him meet top business magnates...
and got him investments through events.
He was just a mere stone.
I was the sculptor who chiseled
a statue out of him.
Do you think you are the only person
he is having an affair with?
You are lying.
Are you a fool?
Why would I lie to you, woman?
What do you want?
Money, and a career in Paris.
I can give that to you.
Let's cut a deal.
Or I'll put an end to you
and your career.
What do you say?
I thought about it.
I am doing this only because
you agreed to help me.
Such a big sacrifice!
Thank you so much for giving up
my husband for me.
Now for the first step...
Dinner at Atlantis.
Because Phillipe Giovanni
frequents that place.
He will offer you a job in Paris.
But why will the CEO of such a big
lingerie brand offer to make me a model?
He will do it if I tell him to.
Second step...
after dinner, Raj and I
will take the white pill.
After that, I will take
the pink pill.
Before you take the pink pill...
you have to wear my engagement ring.
Your second payment.
It's worth 25,000 pounds.
I'll send you the photo on WhatsApp.
After you take the pink pill,
your pulse will slowly drop.
It will feel like you have no pulse.
Then I'll call Raj and tell him
I'll be home in 30 minutes.
He will ask you to leave
through the kitchen.
By then, you'd have fainted
in the kitchen or near the steps.
You'll be okay for about 2 hours.
In that time of the night, it's hard to
find a cab back to Ridhima's house.
I'll convince Raj to drop her.
Keep this tracker with you.
Only then will I be able to find
where Raj has hidden you.
But what if you don't,
and I die?
Look, my intention is not to kill you.
If not you,
he'll find some other woman.
I will give him hallucination medicine...
so that his mind gets messed up.
I just want to teach him a lesson.
Cheers to sharing...
to holding on...
and to all the fighters
who don't give up.
And you know what?
Quitting is the easiest option out.
Thank you.
It's me.
Relax, okay?
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Drink this.
You alright?
See... the car is waiting outside.
Don't say a word to anyone.
Just leave for Paris.
You've got to be dead and gone.
What if Raj opens the box?
Let me take care of that.
You should leave now.
My problem is not you.
It's Raj.
Good luck to you
and your future.
You think Medha is innocent?
She is behind all of this.
No, don't say anything.
You don't deserve to
say anything!
Your wife threatened to kill me
if I didn't accept her offer and leave.
So what are you trying
to say now?
I don't want to listen to you
or your wife or your sad stories.
My cousin Revathy is missing.
I have my suspicions on Medha.
Medha gave the money she promised.
But Revathy and I
got a little greedy.
Revathy blackmailed Medha and said
we could get more money out of her.
I could have stopped her.
But I wanted Medha
to confess to you.
But it didn't happen.
My biggest mistake was
underestimating Medha.
You glow so bright,
My eyes can't handle it
You smiling angel
My heart is begging you...
You're so sweet,
You're pulling me closer
My eyes know all your colors
Come with me
Come with me
I'm sure she did something to Revathy.
I'm going to go to the police...
and face the consequences.
You made a plan to blackmail me
and extort money...
and now you are acting
like such a goody two-shoes?
Yeah, sure.
Revathy and I got greedy
about the money...
but we had no other bad intentions.
If something has happened to Revathy...
I won't spare both of you.
Tell me, what did you do?
What did you do to her?
I'll tell you.
I'll tell you the whole truth.
Revathy is dead.
But it wasn't Medha.
I killed her.
Revathy is dead?
You bloody murderer.
I won't spare you!
you are the reason for everything, Maya.
I was really in love with you.
But I never imagined you'd betray me, Maya.
All of you played a game with me...
and now you are shifting the blame on me?
Look, the reality is...
danger than fiction, right?
Don't kill me...
Don't kill me, you beautiful woman
Don't kill me...
Don't kill me, you beautiful woman
Raj, no--
O my explosive flower,
O my fragile flower...
You made a man out of me
O my dangerous flower...
You made me feel guilty
for a crime I didn't commit...
and made me commit
two murders, damn it!
O my explosive flower,
O my untouched flower...
O my fragile flower,
O my dangerous flower...
O my explosive flower...
Drug usage has been rampantly
on the rise in our city.
Several NGOs are working on it,
trying to bring this problem under control.
On one side, technology has
led to amazind developments...
but the lives of several youth are being destroyed
due to addiciton problems.
However, if you or any of your
friends have an addiciton problem...
please do call our hotline.
And, an unfortunate piece
of news to share.
Recently, we found the body
of a young lady.
We got to know her name
was Revathy Pillai.
It's been ages since I've seen
you dance so beautifully like this.
You need to see me for that, Raj.
So, what about Revathy?
Revathy is taken care of.
You don't have to
worry about it anymore.
It's done.
Trust me.
Trust you?
Medha, I made a mistake...
realised it...
and now we are starting over again.
Cheers to the future.
Our future.
Raj, Maya here.
I am not dead yet.
I am coming for you guys.