Silence and Cry (1968) Movie Script

- Your outfit?
- I was in the Third Army Workers' Regiment.
- What rank?
- Sergeant.
Go and get me a branch!
No, from over there.
Get a move on!
Just keep going!
Well, why don't you shoot?
- When did you see them last?
-I never go there.
- Because you're being watched?
- Why?
They told me to speak to you.
You've just left the army.
That's true. I killed people, too.
I hope they don't want me
to finish him off.
I don't think so.
I refuse to lift
a finger against anyone.
Come here!
Tell me, girl,
where's your uncle Feri?
In his army uniform.
I mean where does he live?
Sometimes in the cellar,
sometimes in the loft.
- Who feeds him?
- Sometimes father, sometimes mother.
You see?
I won't lift a finger.
They don't want you to finish him off.
Try to speak to them.
Why are you here?
I received a message
saying I should come.
Because of him?
Isn't it a bit too late?
Stand aside!
Go and say goodbye to him!
- Where is he going?
- To town.
Which way are you taking him to town?
- Across the sand hill.
- Across the sand hill?
Listen, I'd kill my own father
if I was ordered to.
Come here!
Now slap her face!
- I won't.
- Then I will.
See to the horses! Go on!
Get along!
Stand here!
- Undo your buttons!
- The commandant...
Never mind! Unbutton!
Open up.
Get going!
He molested me.
He fondled my breast.
Knysi! Come here!
Equipment off!
Rabbit jumps!
- Still here?
- We've something to tell you.
Come to our house.
Standing in the yard?
Get indoors!
- Got any wine?
- The usual.
Sunshine does you good, mother?
Come here!
Won't you drink with me?
Then hold out your hand!
You, there!
Tell your wife to come here!
Did he have a gun?
Where's his uniform?
We buried it.
Over there.
Look after him!
"Give us this day our daily bread."
- Don't you pray?
- No, I don't.
Help yourselves.
She's getting worse.
Drink it up!
- Few returned home.
- None returned.
There aren't many of us Lenin Battalion
survivors left.
It's a patrol.
Clear the table!
- I'll go upstairs.
- No, Anna can deal with it.
- Pretend he's your lover.
- They may still come in.
- You should be standing in the yard.
- It's not time yet.
Don't go in.
She has her lover with her.
She must come out, anyway.
Come out.
Come with me!
The other one.
- Where's your husband?
- In the shed.
Who's he?
Her lover.
Terz... Dear...
You must listen to me...
Come, daughter.
Kroly, please tell Terz to help me!
You know we're in great trouble!
Terz could help!
Leave me alone, Veron!
I've brought the girl. She's pretty!
She'll be very good!
If Terz could take her in...
Get away from here! Go on!
Terz, please try!
Put in a word for her!
I've got no say in the matter!
See how healthy she is!
Look! Touch her!
Follow her!
All right, Veron... I'll try...
Go on! And have a bath, too!
Jnos, please help us!
Ask them to come out!
Sergeant, take this girl
with you, too! Please!
It's none of my business! Get away!
They're not ready yet!
Get them out, anyway!
Go over there!
I don't know you. What's your name?
I mean your father's name.
Jnos Csendes Kovcs.
Csendes Kovcs' daughter?
Stay here!
Hadn't you better be going?
Why leave this beautiful girl behind?
Take her, too! I'm sure
the gentleman will like her!
All right!
On my own responsibility!
You allow them to be treated like that?
Get back!
We're in enough trouble as it is!
- Beast!
- What do you know of our life here?
What's so precious about your life?
I'll go after them!
Get indoors!
Someone's coming!
What are you shouting about?
-I didn't shout, sir.
- Yes, you did! I heard you!
Come with me.
Pick up a log!
Now hold it up... Over your head!
Rabbit jumps!
Or would you rather sing?
I'd rather sing, if I may.
Raise your arms!
Sing "The Tender Violet Lay Crushed"
"The tender violet lay crushed.
Forgiveness is the fragrance that the
violet sheds on the heel
that crushes it...
Tell your wife I've taken these clothes.
I'll pay you later.
Take him home!
I don't need this.
I've kept out of trouble
and I intend to stay out of it!
Listen to me, young man!
Think before you go around spitting!
You wander about as the fancy takes you.
You roam around shouting,
but we live here!
We've always been here.
That's why you should think
before you go around spitting!
Lie down in the cart.
Stop there! Get off!
Stand with the others!
You too, stand with the others.
Stand over there.
Come over here!
Don't drive away!
Turn around!
Get off!
Knysi, ask who's been put under
police supervision.
Those of you under supervision
put your hands up!
Tell them to form a group.
Is this your cart?
Stay there!
These men?
Shall I go with them?
Get back to your cart.
So you came back?
What have you done with him?
Had a fight?
What's the matter?
Go and take him home.
Hide under the hay.
All right... Jump on, then...
Get off!
Take the coat!
Stop it!
Leave the coat.
I want you to take her indoors.
Anyone there?
No one?
Is there anyone here?
I suppose you've got a lover here!
You can't do without them!
Shall we guess which one it is?
Pista Szab, Feri Hork...
You can go.
Call him out!
Kiss me!
Go in!
Tell him to go back in!
Lay the table!
It's ready.
Shouldn't you be standing out in the yard?
- I'm supposed to get changed first.
- Get changed then!
Call him out!
Another chair!
Another plate!
Weren't you told to stay
indoors during the day?
You do it deliberately?
You'll regret it.
What you're doing...
You think I'm on the wrong
side politically, don't you?
Are you seven or eight years
younger than me?
You were very enthusiastic, I remember.
You volunteered for the front! I didn't!
And now you're acting like this.
I think you'll end up being
killed for your obstinacy!
That's supposed to be my job, anyway.
Well, I belong somewhere, too.
And you belong to no one! Nobody!
And the women belong to me!
Pick it up!
You refuse, of course! Idealist!
It seems you leave me no choice.
All right... I don't mind at all...
Tell him to go upstairs.
Go upstairs!
Down there!
See how deep it is!
- It's icy.
- Never mind. Try it.
Go on! See how deep it is!
Go down there and look at them!
Touch them... Feel their faces!
Come up!
- How did they die?
- Bullet wounds.
I'll dictate:
Two corpses, aged about 30,
beside the wide ditch.
Visible signs of manual strangulation.
Delete that. Substitute this:
External marks: manual strangulation.
Come here!
You, there, and you, there!
Face each other.
Touch them!
Not like that!
Open your fingers wide and touch them!
Touch everything!
The glasses, too! The wallet!
Go there!
Now touch them!
Their faces!
Once more!
You must stand in front of the camera!
Pay attention!
Hands out in front of you!
Fingers wide apart.
Left turn!
Now stand at ease!
Now pay attention.
This house is being demolished
as a punishment!
Tell everyone it could happen to them!
Tell her not to cry so loudly.
Believe me, you're very lucky.
Others have suffered much worse!
Stay with relatives
and forget about this.
Go and get your things.
What's the matter with you?
- What's this?
-I must stand in the yard.
What are the regulations?
Neat and tidy!
A clean shirt! Polished boots!
Isn't that right?
Now get ready.
- I'm tired, Sir.
- Get dressed!
No, I'm tired.
So you won't?
- You know the punishment?
- Yes.
Are you thirsty?
Bring some water!
More water?
Come down!
What do you want?
Go and report to the police station!
They'll make you stand in the yard,
but you'll last out better.
You think I will?
What did you give him?
What is it?
They want it! Mother knows
she picked a bad son-in-law.
And Kroly knows he's a weakling.
They're both sickly.
There will be no suspicion.
Do you think I'll go through with it?
Do you know what you're drinking?
All right! Come with me!
- Well?
- I'll make a statement.
Go there!
A man to see you.
I must make a statement.
Go home!
They're poisoning Kroly.
Poisoning him?
Well, let's begin by making
a note of your particulars.
Take this down:
Istvn Cserzi, born 9th March, 1894
Mother: Rozalia Szab.
Place of birth: Elszlls.
Your unit?
Third Army Workers' Battalion.
Call Kovcs!
You shouldn't have come.
You're on the wanted list.
I had to make a statement.
I'll send you to town.
I'll let them to settle
the problem with you.
Take this man to town.
Over the sand hill.
Embrace me.
Halt there!
Kovcs, come to me!
Tell him to come here!
I've thought it over.
You'd better end it yourself.
There's one round in it.
Turn round!