Silence: Can You Hear It (2021) Movie Script

Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
You motherf... Freaking idiot!
We all know how low you can stoop.
Don't pull me down to
your level. - Serves you right!
At least you would be dissuaded from
Climbing huh?
Climbing huh?
I mean climbing mountains
you perverted idiot!
Come on, let's go, let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Look, Steve has already
reached the top.
Hey, slow-pokes.
Get up here, fast.
The view is stunning.
Come on.
Hurry up, Gopu.
Come on.
I wish Priya was here.
Come on!
- Priya!
My baby!
I miss you!
Speak of the devil
and the devil calls.
What's that called?
True... 'LOU'!
I didn't bring my
phone with me. Love!
Is it yours, Vivek?
Nope, not mine.
- No?
Mine isn't ringing either.
No, not mine either.
- Such an irony.
Check this shit. We face
call drops in Lokhandwala...
And here we have a full network.
Someone's phone is ringing.
- That's for sure.
The sound is coming
from behind those bushes.
- Hello!
I call dibs if it's a smart phone
and will sell it online.
Oh, fk!
It stopped ringing.
Now we will never find the phone.
Are you getting a weird smell?
- Right?
Yeah man, it's stinking.
I am leaving,
I'll vomit over you otherwise.
Let's go, Steve.
It's from that direction.
Finders are keepers.
- Oh, come on, man.
WTF! He tripped!
He's such a fking...
What's wrong, Gopu?
Get up, Gopu.
What's wrong, Gopu?
Oh, shit.
What the hell!
Let's go, Gopu.
Who was the first
to see the dead body?
He did, sir.
- Sir.
Who picked up her phone?
I did, sir.
Why did you pick it up?
Sir, it kept on ringing so...
I'm very sorry for your loss.
I'm so sorry, sir.
Thank you.
Nirmala auntie, I'm so sorry.
Please... Have a seat.
I still can't believe...
Pooja will never walk
in through that door again.
I just can't...
Kavita must be so upset.
Oh, I am sorry I totally forgot.
How is she doing?
Any improvement?
Is she still in coma?
Sit here please.
- Thank you.
Ravi, this perhaps
is not the right time,
for either of us.
I'm just trying to,
you know,
piece things in my mind.
That night when Pooja
came to your place...
What happened exactly?
Today is Sunday, right?
So, this happened on Friday.
At around 10:00 pm...
A garden for oldies?
- Really?
Why would the oldies want
to jog in the garden?
It is prime property, Vinod.
I want to build a mall there.
The oldies can jog in the mall.
Don't annoy me.
Topic is over.
Hello, Mr MLA!
Vinod, I'll call you back.
Okay, okay.
- Hi.
What a surprise.
Have a seat. Join me for dinner.
I have already informed Dadu.
Oh, very good.
- Hmm.
Thank you, Dadu.
Good to see you.
You too. But where is Kavita?
Kavita is in Pune.
For her pottery exhibition.
Oh, no.
What's wrong?
When did she leave?
This morning.
She will be back on Sunday.
What happened?
Is there a problem?
No, I just wanted to talk to her.
Take some advice.
But how is it that you
don't know where Kavita is?
Aren't you two always
stuck on the phone like glue?
Rehearsals have been on at school
for the annual day show.
So, forget meeting,
we haven't even had a proper
conversation on the phone.
So, she is mad at me.
So, I thought I'll come
and surprise her.
But madam is in Pune!
Hey, hang on a second.
She's in Pune, right?
- Same exhibition hall?
So, I'll go to Pune tomorrow
morning and surprise her.
What say?
We had dinner.
Then I saw her the next morning.
Good morning.
- Hmm.
Good morning.
All ready to leave, huh?
No, I slept in these.
My bag's zip got stuck.
I struggled with it for an hour.
Then I just slept in the
same clothes. - How silly.
You should have worn
Kavita's clothes.
I know, I know.
Just lazy.
I'll borrow some now.
I'll make a move.
- Hmm.
And you are leaving for?
- Pune.
How do you plan to go there?
Should I send the car back
once I reach the office?
No, I'll take a cab and go.
- Okay.
Kavita must have taken the car,
So, I'll come back with her.
Don't worry, Mr MLA.
Okay, bye.
- Bye.
This latch seems a bit loose.
Call for a carpenter.
This latch isn't working properly.
It's dangerous.
Don't worry.
He's gone deaf.
- I'll tell him.
See you.
- Bye.
Dadu... Breakfast?
Well, I left after that.
Later, when I was on my way,
I realized that I had forgotten an
important pen drive at home.
It contained some data which
was important for the days meeting.
So, I went back to get it.
I went up to my room.
And just as I was picking
up the pen drive from the table...
I heard a scream.
I rushed out.
So, imagine my surprise; when I
saw Kavita tumbling down the stairs.
She fell down and
lost consciousness.
Just then, Dadu entered...
We called for an ambulance.
And rushed her to the hospital.
That's it.
- And Pooja?
Had she already left from your home?
Actually, auntie,
I was so upset that...
I forgot that
Pooja was still at home.
I'm... I'm sorry.
- I understand.
But why did Kavita return early?
Wasn't she supposed?
to come back on Sunday?
She called Sheetal,
her secretary,
on her way back.
And said that the exhibition
arrangements weren't good.
That the Organizer's
had lied to her.
So, she cancelled the
exhibition and came back.
Which is typical of her.
You know how she is.
She cannot tolerate lies.
Have the police made any progress?
Today is just the first day.
They haven't found anything yet.
But I have spoken
to the commissioner.
I have requested for this one man
to handle my daughter's case.
- His name is Verma.
ACP Avinash Verma.
Sam has sent me here.
One minute.
Sam has sent him.
What do you want?
- Pure Molly.
How much?
- How many pills do you want, boss?
Two Hundred - Sam sent you
here, right? Then 1600.
Fourteen hundred. Last.
Or I'll go elsewhere.
Hey, hero.
Have you brought cash?
Two hundred and eighty. Count it.
Love... Love... Love.
Do you want Rophynol?
Its a wonder drug my friend.
One pill in and
the girl is out for six hours.
You can do whatever the fk
you want with her then.
I don't need a pill to fk around.
If I want to fk someone I
do so with the person's knowledge...
And with full consciousness.
See you.
Give me cover fire.
Fking asshole.
Come to daddy.
Want to sell rape drugs, huh?
Want to sell Rophynol?
Want to sell rape drugs, huh
you fking bastard!
Encouraging people to take advantage
of unconscious girls, ahole?
How melodious!
Get him to participate in
a singing reality show.
He will most certainly win an award.
Take him away.
And this guy?
What about him?
This guy? Who?
I can't see anyone here.
Who are you talking about?
I just have a wall in front of me.
- Okay, sir.
Oh, it's you?
- Brother.
Do me a favour, will you?
Click a picture of me.
Something to remember you by.
Click a picture.
A photo. Come on.
Brother, a little left
- Hmm.
That's a great click.
You have made me so happy,
that I'm granting you freedom.
Salvation awaits you.
No! No! No!
I want to go to jail, brother.
There is no place in
the jail, ahole.
No! I want to go to jail, please.
Fine. You don't trust me?
Here, I am shutting my eyes.
Run away.
Run away. Trust me.
Believe me.
- Brother?
I swear. Go.
Go, go, go.
Sir, phone.
Not now, man.
It's the commissioner.
Jai Hind [Hail Motherland], sir.
Is he on his way?
Who? ACP Verma?
He will be here soon.
I would really like to know,
why did you ask for him instead of
younger and more dynamic officers?
Why would you want to hand over your
daughter's case to an officer,
who has never followed rules
in his entire career?
So, why him? Why?
Because Verma's
version of justice is not jaded.
Because he still believes in truth.
Avinash Verma is an impatient man.
And I have no time.
I want an officer...
Who is way more impatient
than I am to deliver justice.
I want to find my daughter's killer.
And I want to find him, now.
When did you meet him?
I was a judge on
two or three of his cases.
Experience tells me,
he is not the right man.
All my life, I have relied on
my brain and my experience...
This time I will listen to
what my heart says.
And my heart tells me
he is the right man.
May I come in, sir?
Come in.
Do you know Justice Chowdhury?
Oh, yes. Of course, sir.
Oh, I'm... I'm sorry, sir.
Actually, I was on the field.
I was told this is urgent.
Heard about Pooja Chowdhury?
- Yes.
I am very sorry for your loss, sir.
Thank you for coming, ACP Verma.
Please sit.
Thank you, sir.
We want you to handle this case.
Is it related to narcotics, sir?
It is a criminal matter so far.
And regarding your current duties,
you will be temporarily relieved
of those responsibilities.
That will not be possible, sir.
I just got an important
lead on my case.
And the lead will run cold if
I don't follow it through.
That is not an option.
May I?
ACP Verma,
I have always been an honest judge.
I have never accepted bribes.
And have never bribed anyone either.
I have never given in to any kind of
pressure and changed my ruling.
I have never tolerated
false testimonies either.
I have paid my
dues to society.
And now it is payback time.
And therefore, I wanted
the best man in this case.
So, I thought about you.
Thank you, sir.
You are of course free to
But I'll be happy if you say yes.
I'm honoured, sir.
But sir,
I work for another department.
My presence here is bound to
offend a lot of people.
How will I solve the case,
if I spend my time
battling departmental politics, sir?
I assure you that will not happen.
How, sir?
You will be given a separate
And they will be working
only on this case.
And you will have total control.
We need results.
How you get them
is entirely up to you.
Of course, try to work within
the boundaries of the law.
I beg your pardon, sir.
But who decides those boundaries?
Unfortunately... You.
Okay, sir.
Then I accept this case.
Thank you very much,
ACP Avinash Verma.
Just find my daughter's killer.
He is here!
ACP Avinash is here.
Sir, we have heard that you are
handling the Pooja Chowdhury case?
There you are!
Sir, you have been especially
called in to solve this case.
Who is the killer?
I don't know.
- Please tell us, sir.
Where can we find Room 201?
That one, sir.
That one?
- Yes.
That one?
Press room?
Let's go inside.
Oh, wonderful.
Is this it?
- It is.
What had they labelled it?
Press room?
- But they had crossed them out.
Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning, sir. - Morning.
Good morning, sir.
- Morning, Javed Sheikh.
Thank you... er Javed Sahib?
- Yes.
Good morning.
Morning, sir.
- Morning, sir.
Javed Sheikh?
Yes, sir.
- Good.
Raj Gupta.
Amit Chauhan, sir.
- Amit.
Sanjana Bhatia.
Nice meeting you guys.
How does the coffee
here taste like?
It tastes just like tea, sir.
The machine just says its coffee.
Then get whatever you wish.
When the machine doesn't
differentiate, why should we?
Right, sir. - Javed Sahib,
can you get one for me?
Sure, sir.
- Please, thank you.
Okay, guys.
Got it, sir.
- Sir, coffee.
Thank you.
So, let's begin.
Do we have the post mortem results?
Yes, sir.
Victim: Pooja Chowdhury.
Age: 29 years.
- COD.
Cause of Death was due to a
heavy blow at the parietal bone.
Blunt force trauma
resulting in instant death.
Was there any weapon found
on the crime scene?
No, sir.
But they did find some copper
particles embedded in the wound.
- Yes.
That means hard and metallic.
Lamp, pipe, gardening tools...
Time of death?
Sir, as per the medical examiner,
she died on 17th Morning, Saturday
between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm.
When and where was
the dead body discovered?
Sunday morning, 8:00 am, Kharghar.
At a trekking site.
Did you check the alibis
of the trekkers? All good?
Yes, sir.
They are classmates.
Their professor has
confirmed their presence.
Is the crime scene secure?
No, sir.
It's a trekking site, so
trekkers frequent it.
before the police arrived,
the kids had trampled all
over the crime scene. So, no.
Crime stills?
So, the body was discovered
in this position?
Yes, sir.
Flat on the ground?
- Sir.
This is the mortal wound, sir.
Zoom in.
ME report?
Just one single strike.
That means the killer was strong.
And the strike was downwards,
which means the killer was
either taller than the victim,
or he was standing higher
than her.
Hmm. Stop.
There is some post
mortem lividity here.
Which means she was in,
an upside down
position for hours after she died.
Go back.
Go back.
But here she was found
flat on the ground.
Was there any blood
splatter at the crime scene?
No, sir.
If the head was smashed
using such force,
there has to be blood splatter.
Some blood must have
splattered on the killer as well.
This means Pooja was
killed somewhere else,
and then her body was brought here.
After the rigor mortis had set in.
Anything else to substantiate it?
Sir, the way the knee tissues
and ligaments were torn,
that is possible only
if Rigor mortis was broken.
And there was no bleeding
on the crime scene, so...
Post death within two hours,
rigor mortis sets in.
And it lasts for eight to ten hours.
That means after
the rigor mortis set in...
The killer tried
to shift the body.
And to lift her
he must have bent both her legs...
And the knees muscles snapped.
No sign of forced entry.
No semen.
Any signs of struggle?
Broken nails, torn skin?
Any evidence of rape?
Ejaculation in the mouth?
- No, sir.
No evidence of sexual activity
at least for the last 48 hours.
So, rape wasn't the intention.
Then this was bloody personal.
Is there another way up the hill?
How did the killer
get her body up here?
Sir, there is a proper
route via the village.
Cars can easily drive up the hill
so, maybe from there?
Any witness? Did the villagers
notice anything unusual?
Or were they all blind and deaf,
as usual?
This is a picnic spot.
Villagers are used
to trekkers, sir.
So, they don't pay
too much attention to them.
So, why didn't the killer shift the
victim's body immediately?
Why did he wait for
rigor mortis to set in?
Sir, maybe he was waiting
for it to get dark.
Or maybe he couldn't immediately
leave the crime scene.
Javed, please turn this off.
Pooja died on a Saturday.
And Ravi Khanna and his servant...
They were the last
ones to see her alive.
Specifically, his servant.
What's his name?
- Dadddu. - D...
- Dadu.
Fk... What kind of a
name is that? - Daadu.
Anyway, so here's what we do.
Raj, you will accompany me to
Justice Chowdhury's house.
But I would like to visit
the crime scene before that.
Have you asked for
Pooja's cell phone records?
We will get them by tomorrow, sir.
Was she active on any dating sites?
Sir, I'll check that
with cybercrime.
I want a list of all the
calls made and received,
from Justice Chowdhry
and Ravi Khanna's landlines,
For Friday and Saturday.
- Yes, sir.
Visit every flat in
Ravi Khanna's building.
Show Pooja's picture to everyone.
Find out if anyone
has seen or heard anything.
Do they have security
cameras in the building?
They do, sir. But it's a newly
constructed building...
So, they aren't operational as yet.
What about the area around?
Can we get the CCTV footage from
any of the neighbouring buildings?
Sir, this building is situated
in Worli Village area.
It is surrounded by
small buildings and shops.
Taxi unions, private taxis...
Circulate Pooja's picture.
Give them a time frame
and the address.
Someone might have picked her
up or dropped her somewhere.
Check with GPS satellite.
And pinpoint her location
after she left Kavita's house?
Got it, sir.
- Good.
Okay, Let's go.
The prey awaits the hunter.
Soft drink.
Alas, death too is
a source of entertainment.
There will probably be a video
on the internet with the line...
She too was once alive.
So, ACP Verma, how can I help you?
Sir, the previous 72 hours...
Before this
incident took place are crucial.
Can you tell us what happened
on last Friday and Saturday?
It was approximately seven pm
on Friday evening
Mom! Dad!
I'm going to Kavita's place, okay?
- But Pooja, the driver...
I'll be back soon.
It was late.
There was no car available.
I told her to go the next day...
But she wouldn't listen.
She was adamant.
Then she left.
Please sit.
Who would have known?
Here I was making a
guest list for a function,
and there my
daughter was being...
Which day are you talking about?
- Yes.
I was feeling very uneasy that day.
I made a call to Pooja.
Then I tried calling Kavita.
Her phone too was not reachable.
I thought they must both be at
a place where there was no network.
Then on Sunday morning, I
once again called on Pooja's phone.
Her phone kept on ringing.
Kavita's phone was switched off.
Then I called Kavita's
house on their landline.
That's when Dadu told me
that Kavita was in the ICU.
I naturally assumed Pooja was
in the ICU with Kavita.
Then I casually asked...
Pooja is with Kavita, right?
And that's when Dadu told me that...
Pooja was missing
since Saturday morning.
We immediately filed
a missing person's report.
I kept dialling Pooja's phone
And then those kids
answered my call...
They said, 'The girl whom this cell
phone belongs to is dead.'
She's lying alone... On a hill top.
It's okay. Calm down. Calm down.
I'm... I'm so sorry, ma'am.
I can feel your pain.
And I'll try...
My level best to find the killer.
But for that... I'll need your help.
May I ask a few questions?
Go ahead.
Pooja wasn't married?
She didn't find the right guy.
Any boyfriend?
Best friend?
She had many friends.
But Kavita was her bestie.
How did she leave from here?
I insisted that she
take a private taxi.
What was she wearing when
she left home, ma'am?
White shirt and light blue shorts.
And jewellery?
The usual that she wore every day.
Diamond earrings,
and a solitaire ring.
But ma'am, we didn't find
any jewellery on the body.
Ma'am, an inspector shall come here
tomorrow and check Pooja's room.
If that's okay with you?
Sure. But why?
It's important that we understand
her life.
Because the killer is hiding
somewhere in her life story.
Sir, who else stays here,
other than the house staff?
My friend's son, Rishabh.
He has come from Canada.
He's been staying here
since the past five months.
With his fiance Kia.
We would like to
talk to them as well.
How well did you know Pooja?
Very well.
She's a darling.
Was... A darling.
Did she have an
argument with anyone?
At home?
No. No.
And friends?
Sir, friends' group,
I have no idea because...
We used to go out
for coffee together.
We used to watch movies at home
But we had a completely
different friend circle.
We didn't hang out
together at all, in fact.
Where were you on Saturday morning?
I was at my friend Nikhil's
place since Friday night.
At Peddar Road.
We were bringing in his birthday.
What about Kia?
Kia was here only.
She was sleeping.
She had a very strong jetlag.
Oh, she just arrived?
- Yes.
- Rishi-fishy, come on.
We are headed to
the mall and then...
Sir, this is Kia.
Kia, this is ACP.
- Hi.
For Pooja's case.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
I'm so sorry.
I'll just... I'll leave.
No, no. I was about to leave.
So, anything you
remember about Pooja...
Yes, sir.
Absolutely. I'll let you know.
I can't hear you.
The network here is quite bad.
Call on the landline.
Hello? Hello?
He disconnected.
- It got disconnected.
The call's over.
It got disconnected.
Sit down.
- Sorry, sir.
So, Ravi left home for office.
What happened after that?
Then Pooja went
upstairs to have a bath.
I was in the hall
when she called out to me.
Is there a place nearby
where can I get my bag repaired?
Yes, there is.
Look, the zip of this bag is stuck.
I cannot open the bag.
You want it repaired right away?
- Yes, Dadu.
It contains something which I need
to give Kavita once, I reach Pune.
I'll go and get it
repaired right away.
Thank you. So, sweet.
Thank you.
Where's the shop?
What's its name?
Tip Top.
- Tip Top?
It's five-ten minutes away, sir.
At that time, there was no one
at home other than Pooja, correct?
- Then?
Then I came back after
getting the bag repaired.
I was just about to enter the house
when I heard a scream.
I rushed inside, and I saw Kavita
ma'am's terrified face as...
she tumbled down the stairs.
She must have barely
reached halfway,
when suddenly Ravi sir
rushed outside his room.
Ravi, sir, too was shocked
to see Kavita, ma'am.
Didn't you wonder that since Pooja
was at home, how come she...
How could Pooja be at home?
She wasn't deaf.
There was so much
commotion in the house.
The Ambulance arrived.
There were so many people here.
Had she had been at home,
wouldn't she have heard
all this and rushed out?
Though frankly, I completely
forgot about Pooja...
Because of all the commotion.
I realized only at night when we
came back home from the hospital,
that's when I remembered...
Sir? Where is Pooja?
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit,
we completely forgot about her.
She... She must have gone to Pune.
Dadu, quickly call her.
- But her bag's here with me!
Pooja and Kavita were best friends.
- They were more like sisters, sir.
Dadu, what happened was terrible.
You have been of great help.
Thank you.
Ah, the aroma of coffee.
My coffee looks and
tastes like coffee.
The sandwiches taste
delicious as well, sir.
Thank you.
It's all thanks to the one above.
You are religious, sir?
I would have never guessed.
I meant the family
that lives on the first floor.
265 days of the year
they seem to be partying.
So, lucky, sir.
Okay guys...
Tip Top bag shop!
Did anyone talk to the owner?
Yes, sir.
Lucky, he maintains a bill book.
This was the first bill, so the
time must have been around 10:15.
Pooja's call records
for Friday and Saturday?
She called her residence on
Friday night at around 10 pm...
And she spoke to Nirmala Devi.
There are no outgoing
calls on Saturday morning.
There was one received call.
At around 9:40 am,
and that lasted for seven minutes.
Who made that call?
Neha Ramdurai,
trainee teacher with Pooja.
She called to talk
about her engagement.
Had she booked a private cab?
To go to Pune.
- No, sir.
So, whatever happened
on Saturday morning,
happened before
she could even book a ride.
Sir, maybe she changed her plan?
Hmm...Now Ravi Khanna's
landline key call records.
Yes, sir.
Sir, there were three
outgoing calls on Friday night.
And there were seven incoming calls.
But all of them were
from the party members.
Nothing unusual there.
Now Saturday morning, there
were two incoming calls.
One at around 8:30 am, from
a grocery store, for Dadu.
And one at 10:00 am
from a phone booth.
That call lasted only
for thirty seconds, sir.
After that there was
an outgoing call at 10:50 am,
to call for an ambulance.
Phone booth's location?
P... Sir, I didn't find that out.
I thought it was
a wrong number, so...
You thought? Why did you think?
Why did you think?
- It lasted only for thirty seconds.
This is a bloody
murder investigation.
And you thought...
Know. Know.
Let's go there.
Write this down.
- Yes, sir.
Ravi left for his
office around 9:50.
Dadu must have left with
Pooja's bag at around 10 o'clock.
Pooja must have left the
house at around 10:00-10:15?
Then Ravi came back
home by... 10:25.
Then Kavita came back
home... Around 10:35.
Then she fell down the stairs.
Then Dadu came back home.
He called for an
ambulance... At 10:50.
- This is Ganesh.
Ganesh who?
Ganesh from the
Ganesh tiffin service.
You have three of
my tiffin boxes with you.
If you don't leave
them outside tomorrow,
I'll stop supplying tiffin to you.
What the fk!
Now even the tiffin guy scolds
you if you don't have the tiffin.
Where were we?
Dadu called for
an ambulance at 10:50.
But sir, none of the calls from
the call list seems urgent enough,
for Pooja to
suddenly leave the house.
It doesn't have to be a phone call.
Maybe someone came
to meet her after Dadu left.
And Pooja left the
house with that person.
Check the watchman's
register book. - Okay, sir.
One more thing,
Pooja was found wearing the
same clothes she had left home in.
That means Pooja left
the house without taking a bath.
What could be so urgent
that she left the house...
Without even showering.
It's midnight.
Let's call it a day
and meet in the morning.
What room is Kavita Khanna in?
Dr. Rao.
ACP Verma.
All good?
- All good, sir.
We are here to meet Mr Ravi Khanna.
His wife is in Room 19.
- Come.
Just one at a time, sorry.
I'll wait here, sir.
- Okay.
Come, come.
Poor lady is in a coma.
You know her?
If you want to meet Mr Ravi
Khanna, you will have to wait here.
He sometimes uses the
back entrance to come and go,
so, you might miss him.
But keep one thing in mind.
Do not do or say anything
that might disturb her.
You have confused me, Doctor.
You just said she's in a coma.
So, how can I disturb her?
People assume that coma patients
cannot hear,
or understand what being said.
But they do!
Anyway, you have a good day,
ACP Verma.
Thank you, Doctor.
- Hello.
You are?
Mr Ravi Khanna?
- Yes.
I am ACP Avinash Verma.
I'm here regarding
Pooja Chowdhry's case.
ACP Verma.
- That's right.
Justice Chowdhry
had told me about you.
I'm sorry but
what are you doing here?
I came to meet you.
I wanted to ask you a few questions.
Couldn't you think of
a better place to do this?
Why are you bothering her?
Why are you disturbing my wife?
I was just waiting for you.
Does this look like
a waiting room to you?
Mr Ravi Khanna,
I am very polite here.
And this is not because
I am polite by nature.
I am polite because
you are Justice Chowdhury's friend,
and I respect him a lot.
Being rude is my ancestral trait.
Are you threatening me?
Mr Khanna,
you watch a lot of movies.
Don't you?
Police officers never issue threats.
Consider this as a warning.
Kavita, my mom, always says
a good poem can never be incomplete.
I shall pray for
your speedy recovery.
ACP Verma.
If you wait outside,
I can be with you in five minutes.
I'll wait in the waiting room.
What's wrong?
Oh, nothing much. Their mother died.
I had heard your identity
ceases to exist after death.
Today, I got to see it happen.
Hey, man.
Why did you tear her name tag?
The kids are here.
Their mother is still inside there.
Why did you tear her name tag?
Why? It's none of your business.
Sir, sir, sir!
Let him go. Relax.
Let him go.
- Sir.
Ravi, sir is waiting for you.
Let's go, sir.
Please come in.
Dr Rao was kind enough
to let us use his room.
Mr Khanna, what time did you leave
for your office on Saturday morning?
9:45 - 10:00 am.
Then you went back home.
To take a pen drive.
Did you let yourself in?
Yes. I went to my room.
I collected the pen
drive from the table.
Just then, I heard Kavita scream.
When I went outside,
I saw her falling down the stairs.
Considering that Pooja was at home,
Wouldn't you have assumed she was
the one who fell down the stairs?
How did you assume
that it was Kavita?
Are you married, Inspector?
You won't understand if you are not.
Just say it. He will understand.
Please continue.
I'm sorry.
She was my wife, Inspector. Okay?
Forget her scream,
I can recognize her
very footsteps.
Even from the back
I knew it was her.
From her clothes,
her hair, everything.
Mr Khanna, how many servants
do you have working in the house?
One. Just one servant.
- Hmm.
He has been working
for me for years now.
Anyway, isn't this conversation
a little irrelevant?
I mean, how Kavita
fell from the stairs?
How many servants I have?
How are these things
relevant to Pooja's case?
So, listen, is there anything else?
I am in a bit of a hurry.
Mr Khanna,
Saturday morning when
you met Pooja, how was she?
Normal. Normal, happy.
Actually, you know now
that you mention it,
she was a little
upset on Friday night.
I don't know; it was like
she had something on her mind.
So, you didn't ask
what's bothering her?
It wasn't anything definite.
It was just a feeling.
She anyway used to share
everything with Kavita,
so, I assumed it would be
some such matter.
Are we done?
For the moment.
Thank you.
Didn't you find Ravi's
behaviour a little defensive?
Did you get a list of
Ravi Khanna's cell phone records?
No, sir.
- Then get it.
Both incoming and outgoing calls.
Okay, sir.
- Okay?
Okay, sir.
Sir, actually,
Amit and I need to tie up some
loose ends of our previous case.
So, is it alright if I leave now?
Okay, go. Finish your work.
- Okay, sir.
So, we won't be meeting
in the evening, okay?
Okay, sir.
- I'll inform the others.
Ma'am. Someone is
out there to meet sir.
Let's go.
- Hi.
I am here to meet ACP Avinash Verma?
How can we help you?
We are a part of his team.
So, Justice Chowdhury has
sent a list of Pooja's friends.
Oh, got this.
- Thank you.
Sorry, just a sec.
You are?
Rishabh. I live there.
This also contains some jewellery
details and some pictures of Pooja.
Right, right.
That's good.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Why don't you do one thing?
Just put in your details, please?
Name, number?
That will make it easier
to connect to you.
My name, my number.
- Thank you.
Hi, sir.
What's wrong?
Did something happen?
Was something supposed to happen?
Didn't anyone inform you?
Today's meeting was cancelled.
Sir, I think they forgot.
Not a problem.
I'll just go back.
You have come all this way,
have coffee and leave.
Thank you.
Come in.
Yes, sir.
Is this your first visit here?
- Second... No, sir.
Thank you.
I will make coffee.
Yes, sir.
Should I help you?
I am making coffee, not a bomb.
Although these days it takes lesser
time to make a bomb.
Ten minutes?
Yes, sir.
- Okay?
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Most welcome.
Did you find anything
in Pooja's room?
Nothing of importance, sir.
It was a neat, clean room.
Not one thing was out of place.
Any lover?
Secret affair?
Extra phone?
No, sir.
We found a lot of books in the room.
Children's movies, clothes.
Even that was very organized.
Sir, I found a diary.
It had a lot of random
things about the school.
It was just a normal girl's room.
Don't you find it abnormal that a...
29-year-old girl
is not in a relationship?
Was she gay?
They too have dating sites.
No sir, she wasn't gay.
She was registered
on quite a few dating apps.
And... I have screenshots.
Her last date... That
was seven months ago.
And then she stopped.
Yes, sir.
Did she meet anyone
through those dating sites?
I'll check that last date.
Did anyone pick her up?
A cab or a private taxi?
No, sir.
Phone location?
Sir, mobile tracking
was not possible,
because her phone
was out of network.
But according to GPS,
she was in Worli till 3:30 pm.
That means she walked
to wherever she went.
Check all the nearby
coffee shops and malls.
Sure, sir.
I'll make a note of that.
I'll take your leave, sir.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Oh, I am so sorry about this, sir.
No, it's alright.
Your wife and daughter, sir?
So, ma'am...
Ma'am packed her bags,
and left eight years ago.
And now is remarried.
Oh, I am so sorry, sir.
- Oh, don't be.
Wounds have healed,
but the memories are still fresh.
Your daughter's really pretty, sir.
Thank you.
- She's here?
No, with her mother.
But she's currently in London.
She wants to be an architect.
Not a cop, sir?
She possesses her mother's genes.
Looks for perfection,
order and beauty in everything.
And here I am a police officer.
Our line of work is filled with
imperfection, disorder and ugliness.
You know that.
In my family,
opposites did not attract.
Er...By the way, why did you
become a police officer?
To look for order and perfection
in all the disorder.
Just like you, sir.
So, sorry about this.
- Oh, it's alright.
I'll take your leave.
How will you go?
Let me drop you home.
Sir, I am a cop.
And a good one.
Thank you.
- Go home.
Go safe.
- Thank you, sir.
Yes, Mom?
Did you have dinner?
What amazing timing.
I was just about to eat.
Okra, lentils and flatbread?
You have sixth sense.
You are a genius.
What will you achieve by not eating,
How many times have I told you
not to call me Chintu?
And there are way bigger sorrows
in this world than not eating.
So, tell me, why did you call?
I have some good news to give.
Bharatiya Dance Kala
Academy is giving me...
A lifetime achievement award.
That's great news.
That's so wonderful.
When will this function take place?
This Sunday.
Will you be able to attend it?
It will make me happy.
Oh, shit!
I have started
working on a new case.
I'll surely come if
I have solved it by then.
Hmm. That means you won't come.
No, I'm really sorry.
Seriously. I mean it.
The importance you
give to the dead...
Had you had given half
of that to Meera...
She wouldn't have left me.
I have heard this
fifty times already.
She is gone.
I have even forgotten
how she looks like.
She even carried
away the photo frames,
when she left eight years ago.
But you won't stop talking about it.
Move on, Mom. Move on
Come here.
Stay with me.
Otherwise, let me come there.
I'll feed you hot food every day,
it's quite late now.
You should go to sleep now.
no one deserves this
award more than you.
Thank you.
eat something before
you go to sleep.
Good night.
Good night.
"Once again the pain of love rises."
"The hurt was so deep that it causes
pain even now."
Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
Having a picnic instead
of working, huh?
No, sir.
The air conditioner
is being repaired,
so, we decided to wait here.
Excuse me. Thank you.
God is an atheist?
So, God is an atheist?
It is possible.
For how long do you expect Him
to have blind faith in us humans?
Sir, your t-shirts...
I mean they are very happening.
Actually, sir.
- Thank you.
You see,
my daughter sends them to me.
From London.
We have a pact.
If I wear the T-shirts
she sends me at work,
She will come down
to Mumbai to meet me.
But I have to send
a selfie as a proof.
- Cool.
Join me.
Thank you, sir.
AC has been repaired.
Did you get Justice Chowdhury's
landline call details?
Yes, sir. I have checked the
names and numbers.
All of them were
from friends and family.
But Nirmala ma'am will go through
them again just to be sure.
- And let us know.
Javed Sahib.
Sir, this is a photocopy of the
watchman's register...
The page for Saturday.
According to this,
there were no guests for
Ravi Khanna on Saturday morning.
Then why did Pooja leave?
Maybe she thought of something
important to do.
It could be something
unimportant as well.
Like matching nail
polish or hair clips?
It could be anything.
Yes, because if Pooja was at home
when Kavita fell down the stairs,
she would have...
stepped out of her
room on hearing the commotion.
Useless like Dadu
said she was deaf.
What did you just say?
Unless she was deaf.
Or... Unless she was dead!
God damn it!
No one saw Pooja leave the building
as Pooja never left.
Because when Kavita
fell down the stairs
Pooja had already
been... Murdered.
She was already dead!
But sir, Dadu was the only
one at home at that time.
- No, no, no, no.
No, not Dadu. Not Dadu.
Has to be that Ravi bastd.
Because there was no one
else in the house at that time.
Ravi must have come back home...
And Pooja must have been
ready to go for a bath.
Ravi must have misbehaved.
Pooja must have screamed loudly.
And in the heat of the moment...
Or he deliberately killed her.
But what about Pooja's dead body?
Show me Ravi's call records.
Yes, sir.
Right here.
Have a look, sir.
He had five incoming calls
on Saturday before 9:30 am.
All of them were
from his party members.
And outgoing calls...
He called Vinod,
his secretary at 10:25 am.
At 10:35 am he made a call
to Silk Route Lounge Bar, sir.
This early in the morning?
There are more calls after that,
but they are all to
Kavita's family members.
But there was this one number that
Ravi Khanna called six times.
It belongs to a Saneshwar Singh.
He made the first
call at 12 o'clock.
Then again at 01:30 pm,
03:00 pm, 04:00 pm, 05:00 pm.
And the last call
was made at 08:30 pm.
He could be a relative or a doctor.
- Check it out.
Fk. But this Lounge Bar
sounds a little strange.
Raj, Amit.
- Sir.
Get me the details
of this Lounge Bar.
Right, sir.
- And that guy... What is his name?
Saneshwar Singh.
- Yes, Saneshwar Singh.
Find out who he is.
If he has any connection
with this Silk Route Bar,
I want a tap on his phone
Okay, sir.
- Sanjana, come with me.
Yes, sir.
- We will talk to Dadu.
Come on, move guys.
- Yes, sir.
So, this is where
Pooja slept that night?
Whose room is this?
Ravi sir and Kavita's ma'am.
Open it.
What are you looking for, sir?
Maybe I can help you?
Please come with me.
No, that I already sent you.
I'll call you back.
Dadu, was Ravi in the
hospital all day that day,
or did he leave for some time?
He was in the hospital all day.
Has something heavy, like a trunk,
a lamp or a cupboard
gone missing from the house?
But I wouldn't know
if anything had gone missing.
I mostly handle the kitchen stuff.
Bharati would know about it.
- Bharati?
Who is Bharati?
She works here.
She cleans the place.
She comes at 10:00 am
and leaves at 08:00 pm.
So, she was here at
10:00 am on that day?
No. She wasn't.
- Why?
Because that was a Saturday.
She comes at 02:00 pm on Saturdays,
because she visits the
Hanuman temple in the morning.
Is she here today?
No, no, no.
The day after Kavita ma'am
went to the hospital.
The next day,
sir gave her a few days off.
He said,
'ma'am is in the hospital.'
'You can resume work
after she comes back home.'
Where does she live?
Do you have her address?
- Get it
Yeah, tell me.
Sir, Mrs Kavita is showing
flexing and localizing of her limbs.
What? - And obeying commands
without opening her eyes.
Hang in there.
I'm coming.
Kavita, I am Dr Rao.
It's great to know
that you are responding.
Can you move any finger
of yours if you can hear me?
I saw that.
That's great.
Keep fighting with
the same will power.
God bless you.
Get me her medical file.
- Let's meet in my office.
And get me Ravi Khanna on the phone.
Sure, sir.
Mr Khanna, as I had said,
you have to be patient.
She's getting better?
Looks like it.
What's wrong?
You don't look happy.
What? No! No! No!
I am... Happy.
Just scared of being too hopeful.
All will be well.
Why don't we talk in my office?
Okay. Bingo.
Do you know where Saneshwar
Avtaar Singh works?
Silk Route Lounge Bar?
Looks like you are getting
smarter in my company.
What do you mean 'is getting'?
You know what I mean.
Hello? Hi.
This is inspector Raj Gupta here.
Badge No. 14724,
I want to tap a number; it's urgent.
His name is Saneshwar Avtaar Singh.
And his number is 98...
I'll send a mail.
- What do you mean 'I am getting'?
Let's go ask, sir.
- No.
Let's go ask, sir.
- No, no need.
It's okay.
Does Bharati live here?
I am Bharati.
Who are you?
What the hell!
A thousand bucks per person?
We will have something
for that amount.
We should have flashed
our badges and come in for free.
Come on!
What will you have?
Juice? Soft drink?
Two whiskeys please.
Excuse me.
- Yes, sir?
Two orange juice.
- Oh, very good.
You guys are terrific guys.
- Good boys. Good boys.
Enjoy your orange juice.
- Yeah.
Look at our bad luck.
We spent 2000 and yet all we get
to drink is orange juice.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Ripping us off.
Excuse me?
Where can we find
Saneshwar Avtaar Singh?
I don't think he knows Hindi.
He's an idiot.
Who the fuck did
you call an idiot, huh?
Hey, he's not a foreigner!
- Boss, relax.
Listen, we paid 2000 cover
charge just to get in here.
Going by the rates, we can get
a bottle of rum.
You can keep this
bottle for yourself.
But in return you need to tell us...
Where we can find
Saneshwar Avtaar Singh.
Did you see?
He is not an idiot.
Everyone calls him Sunny.
You can find him outside.
Does he work in the bar or outside?
He is a bouncer.
- Ah?
But he hasn't shown up
for work for a few days.
Do you have his address?
His address?
- Yes.
How would I know?
- Smart ass.
Let it go.
Yes, sir.
No, sir.
We are at the Silk Route Lounge Bar.
Right away.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Hurry up.
- Let me finish.
They found Bharati.
Let's go.
- What have you done?
Two cops came looking for you.
Two cops?
Looking for me?
Did they tell you why
were they looking for me?
No. They didn't say anything.
They left.
- Fk!
Anyway, thanks.
- Okay.
What the fk, Pravin?
I had told you, 'Those
items were hot. Do not sell them.'
But you already started
selling the jewellery!
Are you nuts?
I didn't sell them.
Don't lie to me.
- Why would I lie?
Why, is there a problem?
It's not because of the jewellery.
Then what could it be?
Cops were here, Shrikant.
They were looking for me.
Did you do something stupid?
You sure they were cops
and not Irfan's lackeys?
Ahole Gopal had borrowed
some money from Irfan.
Has he still not returned it?
It has to be that.
Why else would they
come looking for you?
I gave my word to
Irfan because of Gopal.
He will chop my balls off
if he doesn't get his money back.
Better act quickly.
I want you to contact,
Kuldeep and book me a
flight for Bangkok anyhow.
Don't worry, Sunny.
I'll call you once I have made
all the arrangements.
We will meet before
your flight leaves.
Listen, I have your dollars with me.
Get all of them.
- Okay.
Hello, Bharati.
Can you tell me what happened
on Saturday, the 17th?
When you went
to Ravi Khanna's house?
I reached his place
at around 03:00 pm.
As soon as the lift
reached his floor,
I saw a man leaving the house.
He was carrying a big sack.
He went down the stairs
as soon as I came out of the lift.
What happened after that?
Then I went inside.
Dadu too was not at home.
I made a call to the watchman.
The watchman didn't answer my call.
Then I called Mr Ravi Khanna
and told him what happened.
So, what did he say?
He asked me not to worry as,
he is the one who had
sent that man there.
Did you get a chance
to look at that man's face?
But only for a second.
Will you be able to recognize
him if we show you his picture?
I think this might work.
Okay, now we have to ensure...
That the person she
is talking about is Sunny.
Come on.
Bharati Ji, please come with me.
Please, go with her.
Thank you.
This way.
From Saneshwar's phone tap
we have learnt that,
he is going to meet some...
Shrikant guy at Ballard Pier
tomorrow morning, 06:00 am.
After that he's taking
a Thai Airways flight,
to Bangkok at 02:00 pm.
Trace his address and get him.
That will be difficult, sir.
We aren't able to trace his
number after this call was made.
I think he has destroyed
his phone and the SIM card.
How do they always manage
to stay a step ahead of the police?
- Sir.
We need to set up an ambush
at Ballard Pier by 04:00 am.
It will be done, sir.
This Shrikant should be in our
custody before he meets Sunny.
Done, sir.
- Okay?
Get going. Come on.
'The number you have
dialled is out of network...'
Who do you think we are,
fucking idiots?
Call him on his other number!
Right now!
Hello, Sunny?
Let's meet at four
instead of six, yeah?
At four!
But why?
Is there a problem?
No, my phone's battery...
Do as I say, Shrikant.
Act smart and
you will lose your life.
All the traffic coming from this
side till the end of the road...
I want the road completely
blocked. - Okay.
No one comes or leave
from here, got it?
Put another barricade here.
Over here.
Yeah, Raj?
Sir, I went to Shrikant's place.
He is not at home.
And his cell phone is not reachable.
We got information from
Shrikant's last phone call that,
he is going to meet
Sunny at 04:00 am.
Luckily, we are already here.
Where are you?
- Horniman Circle, sir.
I am just a couple of
minutes away from Ballard Pier.
- Yes, sir.
Track Sunny's other number.
We need to find out where he is.
On it, sir.
Sir, we have checked all
the cars parked in the lane.
They are all empty, sir.
- Okay.
Yeah, Sanjana?
Sir, Bharati has given
us a signed document.
Ask everyone to put
on bulletproof jackets.
Sunny could be armed.
Sir, there are just
2-3 jackets in the van.
We are six of us.
This was just a simple
grab operation, right?
Here. Take this.
- Sir, what about you?
This is not to the time to argue,
Wear it. Go.
- Yes, sir.
If we knew how this Shrikant looked
like Our job would have been easier.
Sunny won't show himself
until Shrikant comes here.
It's almost four.
Don't move from your positions.
Stay alert.
Action could begin anytime now.
I think that's Shrikant.
Who's on that cycle?
Find out.
Buzz off.
Looks like just an
ordinary tea seller, sir.
Team? Stay alert.
Sunny must have sent him to recce.
This is UC2, sir.
Someone's coming this way.
His height matches the description.
I cannot confirm identity as
his face is covered with a muffler.
Everyone heard that?
This might be Sunny.
He is hiding his face.
He could be armed.
Be careful.
Grab him!
Grab him!
Grab that ahole!
Sunny! Run!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Go, go, go!
Stop the car! Stop the car!
My brother is alive.
Stop the car!
-Be quiet!
Sunny's trying to escape!
- Let's go!
He is my brother!
You bastd!
What the...
Ma'am! Ma'am! Ma'am!
- Please give us an update!
Move back. Move back.
Give way, please.
This is utter madness.
What are you doing here?
How is sir?
- Ask him yourself.
Sir, is here?
But he had surgery in the morning.
They already discharged him?
They didn't discharge him.
He discharged himself out.
Move back. Move back.
The bullet... It hit
the shoulder and an artery.
You can imagine the amount
of blood, he must have lost.
His stitches are still raw.
There is a high risk for infection.
But who will explain that to sir?
He is just too much.
- Let's go.
Stay back.
What a mess...
- Yeah.
Sir, we are here.
Why did you leave the hospital, sir?
Someone call Javed and
find out where he has reached?
I had summoned Ravi
Khanna to the police station.
Sir, I paid Shrikant
a visit to the hospital.
He doesn't
know anything about Pooja.
But we could have a lead, sir.
- Javed, where are you?
We got a jeweller's number
from Sunny received calls.
Let's follow that lead
and see what we find out.
That's good.
Why don't you do this?
Ask Pravin to come
to the police station.
If Pravin has Pooja's
then we have a direct
link to Ravi Khanna.
Praven purchased the
jewellery from Sunny.
And Bharati has already
identified Sunny.
Excuse me.
Hmm? Yes, Mom?
Are you fine, Chintu?
What happened?
I am fine.
I had called you in the morning.
You didn't answer my call.
I took a shot and
went to sleep, Mom.
I'll talk to you later.
I'm a little busy.
Mr Ravi Khanna.
Yes, ACP Verma?
What was so urgent?
What happened?
I was just doing my
duty, and it backfired.
Please have a seat.
This way please.
Please sit.
Mr Khanna, I just wanted
to clarify one thing with you.
Just for your knowledge, we will
be recording this conversation.
- Why?
Do I need to have my lawyer here?
No. No...
This is an unofficial conversation.
If you want, we can switch it off.
Okay. Whatever.
I have nothing to hide.
Go ahead and ask me what you want.
Mr Khanna, you have a maid called
Bharati working at your residence?
You didn't tell us about her.
It must have skipped my mind.
Did you call me here to ask this?
Saturday afternoon,
the day Pooja Chowdhry was murdered,
a man, Saneshwar Singh aka Sunny...
Left your residence with a sack.
Bharati has confirmed that.
She also confirmed that he
went to your house at your behest,
and had left the
house with that sack.
Am I right up till now?
What exactly is your question?
Come to the point.
The point is... Mr Khanna,
We want to know
what was in that sack?
If you have spoken
to Bharati and Sunny,
then you should know
what was in that sack.
We want to hear from you.
It contained books.
So, you called Sunny
six times from the ICU,
for the books?
What did you do with those books?
I sent them to a home for the aged.
I am sorry.
Your wife was in a critical
condition, in the ICU,
and at that time, you were in an,
urgent need to send books to
a home for the aged?
Kavita had nagged me for a week,
to drop those books there.
But I couldn't find
the time to do it.
That day when I saw Kavita
in the ICU, I thought,
this was the last
thing she asked me to do.
And I felt if I didn't do this and
if something happened to her,
then I would never
have been able to forgive my self.
So, it suddenly became
very important to me,
to deliver these books there.
That's why I had asked
Sunny to go to my place.
Anything else?
The contact details
of that home for the aged.
Gaikwad is the manager there.
Next time,
if it is something as petty as this,
then please do not waste my time.
Fucking idiots!
- Hey!
Who are you calling an idiot, huh?
Who are you calling an idiot?
Who did you call an idiot?
You don't move unless I ask you to.
Speaking in English doesn't make
you superior to a police man.
Our baton doesn't care whether
a father or a son is an MLA!
- Don't!
If I find a single loophole
in your statement,
I'll riddle your body with holes,
you bastd.
Get up.
Get up, you...
Get out from here.
How dare you?
Look! Look here!
Sir, please.
- Look at me!
- Sir!
No, no, no.
- Sir!
Don't... Don't touch.
Call him up immediately.
- Okay, sir.
Lowly trash ACP...
I will show him what true power is.
He gave us the wrong number.
It says it does not exist.
Are you surprised?
He definitely must have put a plan
in motion to get out of this mess.
Let's just arrest him.
Two whacks while he's lying on an
ice slab will get him talking.
What proof do we have?
What do we actually have?
Just a hunch that the sack contained
Pooja's dead body and not books.
Do we have any proof?
Do we have any evidence?
We had Sunny,
but that ahole too...
- Sir.
I think we should go home.
Sir! Sir! Sir!
- You have to answer our questions!
Sir. Your medicines.
Okay. Thank you.
Excuse me, sir.
Raj is calling.
Hey Raj, tell me.
Where are you guys?
At sir's place.
Listen, there is going to be a
departmental hearing in some time.
I need you here.
As a backup.
Sorry, sir.
I will have to leave.
There are conducting an
enquiry and Raj might need me, so...
I'll see you, sir.
- Good luck.
Thank you.
- I'm okay.
I'll do it.
It's alright.
Thank you. Thank you.
See you tomorrow.
- Okay.
Please, this way.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
Breakfast is here.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
So, tell me,
what happened at the enquiry?
Press claimed that
Sunny was killed in an encounter.
That this wasn't just an accident.
Same old, same old, sir.
Justice Chowdhury was there.
He would like to
meet you personally.
Once we get hold of Pooja's killer,
then everything will be forgiven
and forgotten.
But something good
did come out of it.
We got good leads from Irfan's guy.
He was so scared.
When I saw his terrified face,
I thought he would have an
attack any moment.
What happened, sir?
'I saw ma'am's terrified face.'
Isn't that what he had said?
'Even from the back
I could say that it was my...'
- Wife.
- Yeah.
Damn it, how could I miss this?
What, sir?
I think we have one more witness.
- Who?
Who is it, sir?
- Kavita Khanna.
Ravi Khanna's wife.
Remember what Dadu had said?
Try to recall his words.
'I saw ma'am's terrified face.'
As he rushed inside the house.
Which means, Kavita...
Ma'am was facing the main door.
'Even from the back I
could say that it was my wife.'
That's what Ravi Khanna had said.
- Right.
So, when Ravi came out of his room,
he was looking at Kavita's back.
This means Kavita didn't
fall as she was going up the stairs.
She fell as she was running down.
Kavita goes to her room.
She sees Pooja's dead body.
She gets scared.
And she is shocked.
She screams and tries to
run down when she trips and falls.
- Right.
But sir, aren't we missing
one vital thing here?
- Kavita Khanna is in a coma.
How can she be a witness?
Where are we going to use that, sir?
I'll explain it to you later.
- You can come in now, sir.
Okay? Bye.
Who do you think you are, huh?
You just entered the battlefield...
Without thinking
about the consequences!
You were called in because
this was an important case!
Of course, against my wishes.
What the hell happened?
Sir, some outside factors intervened
that we couldn't have controlled.
It was supposed to be a
very simple grab operation, sir.
We were just supposed to grab Sunny.
Irfan and his gang being
there was unexpected, sir.
We didn't have the
necessary weapons,
or enough bulletproof jackets
to fight against gangsters, sir.
Keeping Sunny alive was
my only aim and my mission, sir.
If he hadn't jumped from the car,
you won't have been
reprimanding me today.
Don't make excuses for your
own inefficiency, ACP Verma!
No, sir.
I had told JC that you would do
as you please and damn the rules.
- There is too much media heat...
And until it settles
you're off this case.
This is so unfair to me, sir.
I feel there is a breakthrough, sir.
Press is having a field day outside.
Only two days, sir.
Give me just two more days.
No ACP Verma, I've made up my mind.
I'm transferring this
case to the crime branch.
Sir, please.
- That is all. You are dismissed.
Okay, sir.
Assume that I talk
to the commissioner,
and get you the two
days you have asked for.
What do you plan to
achieve in those two days?
Hopefully to resolve the case.
Sir, I want to know does the
law have a section or a provision,
wherein a coma patient
can be used as a witness?
Not as far as I know.
Our law is quite clear
when it comes to this.
A testimony is that which can
be said verbally in court.
Why do you ask that?
I would like to record
Kavita Khanna's statement.
Kavita is in a coma.
Are you sure you are in your senses?
How can a coma patient testify?
Sir, silence is
not always voiceless.
I really don't understand.
What do you exactly want to do?
Sir, I think Kavita
has witnessed something.
But I will talk to Ravi first.
You won't take any
action until then.
Is that understood?
Yes, sir.
- What happened, sir?
The entire day has gone waste.
We didn't do anything productive.
The longer we take to solve
this case, the colder it gets.
Sir, there is something
else that's bothering you.
Time doesn't match up.
Ravi comes home.
Kavita comes home right after.
In between time Ravi tries
to rape Pooja.
Then kills her.
Then he calls his secretary.
All this happens in a small
window of just ten minutes.
I don't know, sir.
I feel that Ravi
is the one who did it.
Anyway, it's late.
Amit, drop Sanjana home.
Yes, sir.
- Sir. I'm a cop.
Okay Sanjana, you can drop Amit.
From what height, sir?
Fifty feet should do the job.
Copy that.
Good night, sir.
- Okay, good night.
Good morning, sir.
I have enquired.
A coma patient cannot
be a witness in court.
Sir, we don't want her as a witness,
this is about her testimony.
How much time do I have?
24 hours, ACP Verma.
Don't waste them.
- Come to the hospital.
We need to clarify a
few things with Kavita Khanna.
Meet me there.
What's wrong, Rashid?
Let me check, sir.
Oh, no.
I had a meeting with
the commissioner at 09:30 am.
Yeah, can I speak to
Commissioner Sharma, please?
This is Justice Chowdhury.
'Let's discuss Pooja Chowdhry case
with a psychologist..'
Commissioner Sharma.
I am on my way.
I want to talk to you
somthing important.
'..about how unmarried women
get trapped by sexuality.'
Shut the radio!
Turn it off!
'Pooja Chowdhry was
perhaps feeling lonely.'
Feeling lonely, my foot!
The media has turned
the case into a B Grade serial.
Yeah, I am sorry.
Not... It's not...
No, no, no.
Yeah, I needed to discuss
something significant.
ACP Avinash Verma was saying that
there might be another witness.
But that witness
is currently in a coma.
Let me come there
and discuss this with you.
Our DNA show got good ratings.
- Let's see.
We have breaking news.
We have exclusive information.
There has been
a big breakthrough in...
The high profile
Pooja Chowdhry case.
You heard it right.
There has been a big breakthrough.
According to our sources, ACP
Avinash Verma has a key witness,
but he is concerned as this
person is currently in a hospital.
The key witness is in a
coma because of some accident.
This is an exclusive broadcast,
exclusive information...
Sir, Dr Rao
has given us just ten minutes.
Kavita, I am ACP Avinash Verma.
According to this machine...
You are asleep, but your
heart is beating fine.
if you can hear me give me a sign.
Pooja was your best friend.
She was just like a sister to you.
That friend was murdered.
Would you like to
know how she was killed?
Let me tell you how.
On Friday night, Pooja comes
to your house to meet you.
But you were not at home.
She was at her friend's house.
She thought she is safe
hence, she spends the night there.
Your husband, Ravi Khanna, took
advantage of the situation...
And tried to rape her.
When she started to scream,
he brutally killed her.
How dare you?
How dare you?
What are you doing?
- Hey!
Get out of here.
- Stop it.
Get out!
- Stop it. Stop it.
What are you doing here?
You are under arrest for
assaulting a police officer.
Let me go.
- What is this going on?
Stop it! Please!
Release him.
Ravi, they have evidence
that you killed Pooja.
That is a lie, sir.
I am being framed.
If that is the case, then let
ACP Verma finish his investigation.
Harassing a coma patient...
You call this an investigation!
Then why do I see fear in your eyes?
If a guilty man fears a conscious
person it's understandable.
But you are scared of your
a wife who is in a coma?
Why? He believes that Kavita
has witnessed something.
If you are speaking the
truth then let it be proved.
Why! Why should I allow this?
I don't have to prove anything!
I didn't kill anyone!
Yelling won't change the facts.
Sir, let me talk
to her for ten minutes.
- What the...
This is fking bullshit.
Kavita, I would like
to ask you a few questions.
I hope you will answer my questions.
Lift a finger if you agree.
Thank you.
I'd like to take you back to
what happened on Saturday morning,
when you came back home from Pune.
You climbed up the stairs and
went to your bedroom.
Did you see
your husband Ravi Khanna,
killing your friend
Pooja Chowdhry?
Lift a finger if you did.
Kavita, did you see
your husband Ravi Khanna,
killing your friend
Pooja Chowdhry?
Lift a finger and give us a sign.
Okay. Kavita...
Did your husband
Ravi not kill Pooja?
Lift a finger if he didn't.
Saw that!
I told you, I didn't kill anyone!
Bloody idiots!
- That is enough.
Will you please stop?
Sir, just one last question.
Was Pooja already dead by the time
your husband Ravi Khanna came home?
Come on, stop it!
Stop it!
- That is enough!
She has answered your question.
Ravi, I warn you.
- She has answered your question.
I warn you.
- Tell him to stop it!
Ravi, stop it.
Please. Stop it.
- No, you stop it!
I said quiet.
Quiet, please.
Get out.
Get out!
Everybody out!
My patient is at risk.
Come on.
I tried to have faith in you.
But yours' is all theory.
Because of which we are all upset.
I thought you are a capable,
intelligent officer.
And that's why I asked for you.
But I was wrong.
Now, get out.
I just became a father.
I should have asked
that last question first.
Don't you think?
Kavita could be lying, sir.
No... No... No
Kavita wasn't lying.
And I cannot be wrong.
Ravi certainly has
something to do with this.
But is he the one who killed her?
I am not too sure.
We are missing something.
But what?
We didn't find anything
useful in Pooja's bag, right?
Sir, we just found a few
clothes and three pen drives in it.
Nothing apart from that.
Because according to Dadu,
Pooja really wanted to take
that bag to Pune.
There was something in that bag
which she wanted to show Kavita.
What did she want to show her?
What was in those pen drives?
Sir, two of those pen
drives contained songs.
The third pen drive
was labelled fairy-tales.
It had rhymes or stories
for the kids in her school, I think.
You think?
Yes, the pen drive...
- You think?
Why did you think!
- Sir, I'm sorry.
Why did you think?
I'm... I'll... I'll just check it.
Check it right now.
- Sorry.
I'm so sorry, sir.
I have always told you not to
leave anything to chance.
Sorry, sir. Sorry.
Do you know the location of,
the phone booth where that
call had come from?
Sir, you know the location
of the phone booth?
Are you asking me or telling me?
Telling you, sir.
Then tell me. - It's right
outside Ravi Khanna's house.
You are telling me that now?
Sir, I had to leave as
my wife was about to deliver.
I forgot to tell you, sir.
Got sweets?
Go get the sweets.
Go. Hurry up.
If that call was made from
right outside the building,
then that call did mean something.
Get the guest register
book of the building.
Okay, sir. It's right here.
Where are Saturday's entries?
Right here.
Nothing here.
What was it?
Where's that page?
- Which page, sir?
The page we saw before this.
It's right here.
Its photocopy is right here, sir.
Where is that photocopy!
Where the fk is that page?
Sir, there...
- Stop.
Where is the copy
of the register book?
The one that I just saw?
- It's right here, sir.
All of you are useless.
One second guys, I got it.
One second. Right there.
Sir, here.
Kabir, let's role with it.
So. what's the new theory you have
come up with this time, ACP Verma?
Haven't you wasted
enough of everybody's time?
I have a few questions
I need to ask all of you.
But before that, I'd request...
All of you to put your phone
on the silent mode,
and leave it in this basket.
Coming baba.
Open the door quickly.
- What is it?
What is it?
Who are you?
Is this Mr Ravi Khanna's residence?
Yes, it is.
I am Inspector Kabir Ahmed.
Here's my badge.
We have a search warrant.
So, please co-operate.
I want two guys upstairs.
- Hey.
Two guys go there.
- Hey.
Report as soon as you find anything.
Talk to sir first. Call, sir.
You cannot go upstairs.
- Fast, fast, fast.
I should call him.
Don't you start with me again.
No... No, please.
This is not the time.
Please bear with me.
This whole case is hinged on timing.
You called for an
ambulance around 10:50?
This means you came back
home, went to your room,
collected the pen drive,
heard Kavita scream,
rushed towards the hall,
and immediately called
for an ambulance.
- Yes. So?
It must have taken you 25-30
minutes to do all these things?
That means you probably
came back home around 10:20?
More or less.
Where were you on Saturday morning?
I was at my friend Nikhil's
place since Friday night.
I came back here on Saturday.
What time did you come back here?
Why are you asking these questions?
Like sir said,
to establish everyone's alibis.
What time did you return?
Twelve? One, maybe.
Where does Nikhil stay?
Peddar Road.
Do you remember his number?
But why?
What is this nonsense?
Is there any chance you
stopped by at Ravi Khanna's place,
on your way back from Peddar Road?
No. No!
Of course, not!
You are sure about that?
- Yes!
I mean, no, I didn't go there.
Sir, Mohan.
Hello, sir.
- Hello.
I am sure you recognize him.
He is the watchman of your building.
Hello, sir.
Mohan, tell me,
who here other than Ravi came to
your building on Saturday morning?
This man, sir.
I never went there.
Are you left-handed?
Do you wear a Bangle
Yes. Yeah, so?
No, no. Calm down. Calm down.
You don't need to get aggressive.
Mohan had said...
That the guy who came to the
building on Saturday morning,
was left-handed
and wore a bangle.
So, we were just confirming it.
I was just wondering,
why would you hide the fact
that you went there at 10 o'clock?
But sir, I never went there.
But you have signed
the guest register.
Bullshit. Where is it?
So? Where's my name?
Are you mad?
It says Sukhbir out here.
My name is not Sukhbir.
If it is not,
then why did you sign in as Sukhbir?
Because the signature of Sukhbir
who signed in on Friday night is,
completely different
from the Sukhbir...
Who signed in on Saturday morning.
You copied the name from above,
but you were not able to
copy the handwriting.
The name written is Sukhbir's,
but this handwriting is yours.
How do you know what
my handwriting looks like?
This is your handwriting, right?
You signed this
right in front of me.
- Yeah, so?
So, that handwriting is
the same as this handwriting.
Handwriting expert has confirmed it.
There's no use denying it.
Do you have anything
to say about this?
You went there, Rishabh?
Yeah, yeah, fine.
I had gone there.
But big deal.
That's not a crime.
Sure, that's not a crime.
But then why did you
enter the wrong name?
Huh? What was it?
Loss of memory,
dementia, what was it?
I was scared.
I did not want to get into this...
- Mess?
But didn't you learn about Pooja
death on the next day?
Then why did you get scared on that
day and wrote the wrong name?
I don't know.
I wasn't feeling well.
And besides,
the time mentioned here is wrong.
See, you said that Ravi
came back home at 10:20.
Right? And in here, the time
of my entry is 10:25.
I went there,
but I left without meeting her.
Let's clear the timing with Mohan.
Mohan, please come here.
- Okay, sir.
Tell us what had
happened on that day.
Excuse me.
- Sir, we got it.
Sir, it's on the lamp, on the
side table and also on the floor.
One second, sir.
Sir, it's on the mattress as well.
So, tell me.
- Okay, sir.
Were you on duty,
the day Kavita fell from the stairs?
Yes sir, I was.
Only one watchman
stays on duty all day?
No, sir.
There are usually two watchmen.
- Hmm.
What happened was,
the other watchman, Hussain,
suddenly fell ill after
reporting for duty at 07:00 am.
So, he went back home.
That's why I was the only
watchman there on that day.
- Yes.
So, did you see this guy
enter the building on that day?
I didn't see him enter the building,
but I did see him leave.
What do you mean?
Like I told you, I was the only
watchman on duty that day.
Sir, building's entrance
is on this side,
whereas the exit gate is
at the other end. - Hmm.
So, I was losing my mind, guarding
both gates.
Moreover, there was some
work going on in a couple of flats.
Masons, carpenters, and so on kept
coming and going as they pleased.
I to open the gate,
make an entry and
then close the gate.
When I suddenly noticed this man
leaving the building.
I stopped him.
I asked him to make an entry.
I remember his face
because he argued with me.
As soon as he left,
I glanced at his entry,
and saw that he went to Flat No 701.
How about that?
Sir, had you enquired,
I would have told you that they had
left for Delhi just that morning.
Tell me about it, huh!
Please have a seat.
- Okay.
So that, explains the time.
10:25... Was not the time
when you entered the building,
that was the time when
you exited the building.
Now, let's get to the point.
The main issue.
Why did you go to meet Pooja?
Just. Just like that.
People often forget their
name when they are in love.
You forgot both your name and the
flat number.
And you had gone to meet
Pooja because you...
You were having
an affair with her.
-No, no, no.
That's not true.
That's not true.
I have read all the emails
exchanged between you and Pooja.
But sir,
sir, sir, that does not mean...
Just shut up! Quiet.
Not another word!
Pooja had made a separate email-id
to communicate with Rishabh.
It was neither available
on her phone nor her laptop.
But the IP address
was the same.
pictures don't lie, Rishabh.
We found a few photographs in the
pen drive we got from Pooja's bag.
And it was titled
'Fairy-tale pictures.'
Alright, alright.
Fine. Fine.
I admit I was having
an affair with Pooja.
But that's not a crime.
Crime is that at Ravi Khanna's
residence on Saturday morning,
You murdered Pooja,
No, no, no, sir!
I didn't kill Pooja!
By the time I reached
there she was already dead.
She was already dead.
You bloody liar!
You killed my daughter!
- Believe me!
You killed Pooja!
You killed my daughter!
No, no.
There is no use lying now!
- Sir!
You killed my daughter, god damn it!
Chowdhury sir, please.
Sir, please.
Stay back.
Relax, sir.
Stay here. Stay here.
I did not!
I did not kill her.
I agree... I had an affair with her.
Kia... I am sorry.
Pooja and I just happened.
It was casual for me.
Kia suddenly came here from Toronto.
Pooja and I had an
argument on Friday evening.
She... She suddenly started
talking about getting married.
I was shocked.
She wanted to tell you,
aunty and Kia about us.
She got upset and
went to Kavita's house.
Then I learnt that
Kavita is in Pune...
And Pooja was going to stay at
her place till Saturday morning.
I thought I'll take that
chance and go and talk to her.
Did you call her from the
phone booth before you went there?
She wouldn't have answered the door
if I had called her in advance, sir.
Then I went there.
The door was open.
Anybody home?
Pooja, are you there?
I saw the door upstairs open,
I went up there.
Then I saw Pooja,
she was lying there.
I didn't know what to do.
I was scared.
So, I just...
I ran out.
I knew that if anyone
learnt about our affair,
I'd be the obvious suspect.
That's why I came
back home, and I waited.
I waited till late in the evening.
No one even mentioned Pooja.
So, I was a little surprised.
Because Ravi knew about her, right?
Ravi must have seen
Pooja's dead body.
You did it?
You asked Sunny to get rid of Pooja.
But why?
I... I don't know why.
It was stupid.
I... I panicked.
I got scared.
Whoa! Pooja?
Are you awake or sleeping?
Yes, sir?
- Vinod!
Listen, there is an emergency.
You know Pooja?
Pooja? Who is she?
My wife's friend...
She has been murdered!
Who has murdered her?
How would I know!
Just get this fking
body out of here!
She was murdered in your house, sir?
Elections are just
around the corner, sir.
Opposition will rip us apart.
You can say goodbye
to the party ticket.
Party will throw you out.
Whatever happens we
need to cover this up.
Fking idiot, obviously
I don't want to inform the police!
What do we do?
Just call somebody.
Just... Just get this sorted,
damn it!
Don't panic, sir.
I know someone.
I'll have a word with him.
I'll explain everything
to him and send you his number.
You should call him immediately.
Why don't you call him, you idiot!
Sir, they take instructions
only from the main party.
Fk! Fk!
Fk! Fk!
Hello, Sunny?
This is Ravi Khanna.
Did Vinod talk to you?
Someone has been murdered here.
No, no, I didn't kill anyone.
I just entered the room and
saw that she's already dead.
I am home along
with my old servant.
How can I not panic?
She is lying in my bedroom, damn it!
Get rid of this dead body!
Get her out of here!
Oh, shit, I'll call you back.
Kavita, listen!
I had never faced such
a situation in my life.
I didn't even know Sunny.
So, I had no idea
what he was going to do.
I told Vinod to call the police.
We need to call the police.
Once we left for the hospital,
I realized now we cannot
even call the police.
I got more scared.
Vinod and Sunny kept saying that
they would handle everything,
but they didn't give
me clear details of,
how they are going to handle it.
It's only when Bharati called
me from home,
Then I realized how they
were going to handle it.
After that,
one lie led to another and...
That's it.
No, no, no!
Under IPC Section 302, I'm arresting
you for Pooja Chowdhry's murder.
You can make your call after
you reach the police station.
But I am innocent.
I did not do anything.
Under IPC Section 201,
you are under arrest,
for destroying evidence vital in
a murder investigation,
and Section 107,
for aiding and abetting a crime.
Get them out of my house.
Call my lawyer.
I did not do anything!
Call my lawyer!
No, I did not do anything!
I did not do anything!
Come on, I did not do anything!
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Morning, sir.
We deserve a party, sir.
Yes, sir.
- Case closed, sir.
Case solved and case closed
are two different things.
What... What do you mean, sir?
There is something that still
doesn't fit sit right with me.
Who called from the phone booth?
It must have been a
wrong number, sir.
A mere coincidence?
Coincidently I don't
believe in coincidence.
Rishabh didn't make that call.
And I believe him.
Then who made that call?
- But sir, Rishabh had a motive.
Kia's dad wanted to make
him his business partner.
Hiding his affair with Pooja worked
in his favour, sir.
Justice isn't only
about punishing the guilty.
It's also about
protecting the innocent.
Better than ten guilty men escape,
than that one innocent suffer.
- Oh, William Blackstone.
Guys, do me a favour.
I want all of you to
go to that phone booth.
Show Rishabh's picture, even to
the neighbouring shopkeepers.
See if anyone remembers anything.
I'll just take his picture.
Hmm. Go.
And order coffee
for me on your way out.
Okay, sir.
- Okay?
Come on, guys.
Do you remember his face?
How can I remember that, sir?
So many people come
here to use this phone.
Wait, you said the 17th, right?
- On Saturday?
Yes, on Saturday.
Sir, I was totally
confused on that day.
Municipality had
blocked the entire road.
Probably to dig the road
for something or the other.
They had installed a camera here.
It kept clicking picture
after every few seconds.
- Yes, right here.
God bless you!
- Look at this picture.
Do you recognize this person?
You should have
shown it to me sooner.
That's the person.
Sir, can I come in?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Come, come. Come.
What brings you here?
Going somewhere?
Back home, actually.
To Toronto.
What's the use of
staying here anymore?
I know.
- But sir, before I leave, I just...
I was hoping if I could
meet Rishi just once?
Sir, coffee.
Please, sir.
Would you like a cup of coffee?
No, thank you.
Actually, I have a flight to catch.
- Yes, sir?
Let her meet Rishabh.
But only for five minutes.
Only for five minutes.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
I understand.
Okay. Have a safe flight.
Thank you.
Okay. Bye.
Just for two minutes.
Actually, my flight...
You will not miss your flight.
Just give me five minutes.
Sit here.
Sit, sit, sit.
You know, Kia, we had a professor
who taught us criminology?
He used to keep talking about
Locard's Exchange Principle.
And that is, every criminal leaves
some evidence at the crime scene.
You know fingerprints, footprints,
strand of hair, nail,
urine on the pot.
- Yeah.
Hmm, so?
So, Saturday morning
when Pooja was murdered,
where were you?
I was at Nirmala auntie's place.
When did you arrive in India?
On the 15th.
Just two days before the incident?
- That's so sad.
Kia, when did you learn
about Rishabh and Pooja's affair?
Yeah, I mean, I am just,
wondering what must have happened?
On 15th night you flew
down to India unannounced.
You went straight to the place
where Rishabh is staying,
and there you gauged that Rishabh
and Pooja are having an affair.
And this is something
you couldn't tolerate.
- I know.
You know I'm... I'm feeling
really bad for you.
You come all the way
to India from Toronto,
only to learn that
your fianc is in,
love with Pooja, and not you.
That's bullshit!
She was trying to trap him!
She was a bitch!
Okay! I saw Rishabh's emails.
She was chasing him.
- Emails?
When did you read his emails?
- Sir.
You know who made that
call from the phone booth?
Kia had made that call.
I... I have a flight to catch.
So, I have to go.
Excuse me.
I don't think so, ma'am.
No, I... I have to go, okay?
Excuse me.
Please let me go.
I don't know what the hell is
happening here, but I have to go.
Allow her to make one phone call.
Then you can put
her behind bars.
No, no, no.
You cannot arrest me.
No, excuse me you
can't do this, okay?
You cannot do this to me.
You cannot do this to me!
No! No!
No, you can't do this to me.
Amit, pin her.
- Please, let me go.
No! No!
No! Please.
It was an accident.
Please don't do this.
I swear!
Please call my dad.
- Raj. Take her away.
Call my daddy!
I didn't mean to do it.
- Come on, madam.
It was an accident.
- Calm down.
Please, you can't do this.
Call my dad!
I need to talk to my dad! Please!
Call my lawyer!
You can't do this!
Please... Please!
Sir, what happened here?
How did you know it was her?
Her bracelet.
Sir, bracelet?
I had seen a piece
of her bracelet on,
the side table of Ravi and
Kavita Khanna's bedroom.
Her bracelet must have broken
when Kia went to Kavita's room.
On Friday night, she must have
read Rishabh's email.
Saturday morning, she learnt
that Pooja was at Kavita's place.
Then she went there.
To confront her.
Can I talk to Pooja?
Yeah. Speaking.
You are keeping bricks here again!
I had told you to take these away.
What are you doing here?
- I need to talk to you.
About Rishabh.
So, you know.
Rishabh is my fiance.
- Okay, so keep away from him.
Whatever you want to talk about
you should talk to Rishabh. Okay?
Excuse me!
How... How dare you shut the door?
Pooja, come on. Open the door!
How did you get in?
- You listen to me, bitch.
Look, no, you listen to me.
Look, I don't want to talk to you.
Please go and talk to Rishabh.
Rishabh is my fianc!
But he loves me.
Please understand.
- Bullshit.
That's bullshit!
this is someone else's house.
Please, leave.
Otherwise, I'll leave.
Don't you dare walk
away from this conversation!
Are you fking crazy?
Pooja? Pooja?
Fk! Fk! Fk!
No! No! No!
What have you kept here?
Bricks or tiles?
You cannot keep the tiles here.
He just left.
The building secretary scolded me...
Anybody home?
Pooja, are you there?