Silent Duel (2023) Movie Script

It wasn't me! It wasn't me!
It wasn't me!
Jie, this way.
When did we find it?
A forester found it
at 7 a.m. this morning.
The victim, Xu Jun,
was fatally struck in the
head with a blunt object
and had a strangulation mark on his neck.
No history of drug use.
He went to Myanmar three months ago
and returned to Jiangcheng.
The victim contacted
me before he was killed
and asked to meet me.
He said he had something
important to tell me,
but he didn't show up the next day.
We lost contact after that.
His family background.
Xu Jun was divorced,
with an 11-year-old son
and his mother.
Can you keep your promise?
Don't worry. I will.
Also, the abandoned factory
I told you about.
Have you made up your mind?
It's yours.
Okay, thank you.
What's wrong? Are you okay?
Did something happen?
It's painful just to look at you.
Why make it hard for yourself?
Think about it.
You can have it without
spending a penny in the future.
Is there anything happier than that?
I know the cabin.
Got it.
Bro, I'm doing this for you.
Let me show you a way.
What do you mean?
At 4 p.m. on Friday,
I need you to do something for me.
Jie. Jie.
He might have spotted us.
Jie, I'll block him from the front.
It's so exciting.
You can't catch me!
Let's run separately!
This is not mine.
Take him away.
This wound
must be treated properly.
Otherwise, you'll get infected easily,
especially during this season.
This wound...
Did you really get bitten by a person?
Why did he do that?
They hate my guts.
Don't move.
Well, Dr. Wang,
can you speed up? I have work to do.
Speed up?
I have to properly treat your wound.
What if you get infected?
Captain Liu, why are you here?
I'm here to check up on you.
How are you? Is it bad?
I'm fine.
Another memorial.
It just hurts a little.
You should be careful in the future.
Where are you going?
To question Xiao Jun.
They're all old dogs. You need strategies.
Got it?
I'll complete the mission.
I've given you enough time.
I'll ask you one last time.
Who is your accomplice?
Xiao Jun.
We can arrest you today,
which means we must have solid evidence.
We now suspect you of drug trafficking.
We're now taking you into custody
in accordance with the law!
I'm also a victim of drugs.
I did it just for fun.
I had no choice.
You had no choice?
What's the name of the
guy who ran with you?
I don't know him.
The drugs were given by someone else.
Why are you together if
you don't know each other?
[Interrogation Room 04]
You just used drugs, right?
It's good for you to be honest.
Go back and rest.
Where did you go?
What did you do last night?
Tell me before you leave.
None of your business.
What can you see?
They're a couple.
That bald man
may appear grumpy,
but deep down, he's extremely insecure.
I can tell from the way
he has his arms around his chest.
And that woman
is in a state of hysteria,
but she is always thinking of him
as if she is afraid of hurting him.
I think their love
is nearly over.
What should we do
if I want them to still be together?
The man is weak on the inside
but acts tough,
while the woman only cares
about venting her emotions.
I think
that even if they are still together,
they will continue to hurt each other.
It's meaningless.
You can reflect on your own mental state
by analyzing others.
It seems that I don't
need to worry about you.
those two friends of yours
are becoming professional actors.
We don't have the money to pay them.
Besides, I'm mentally healthy.
Tell them to come back soon.
What's wrong?
Nothing, just a minor injury.
We caught a suspect yesterday.
An old dog. He wouldn't say anything.
What should I do?
You can try
to let him say it himself.
How is that possible?
Normally, if someone is willing
to open their heart to you,
it's because they know what they will gain
or what they won't lose.
But if he's sure
that he will lose something
he doesn't want to lose,
he will go to another extreme.
He will destroy everything
since he has nothing to lose.
You have a point.
Let me see your wound.
Does it hurt?
You can still feel it.
Yu, I still have a mission.
Have dinner with my mom tonight.
It's really you, Bin!
Don't you recognize me?
I'm Yong.
We had dinner together a few days ago.
I remembered.
You're happy now.
Come on.
How about this? Drink some with me.
No, no, no.
It's been days. Let's have a drink.
How about this?
I'm going to the toilet.
No, Bin.
Don't go.
Let's get drunk tonight.
I need to go to the toilet.
Let's get drunk.
What are you doing?
Hu Dabin.
Where did you get the goods?
Are you a drug dealer?
No, no, no.
Who dares? It's from a friend.
What's your friend's name?
Xiao Jun. Xiao Jun.
Xiao Jun gave it to me.
It seems that Xiao Jun has started selling
drugs in order to have more money to buy them.
Junfeng, here.
Interesting. Pack it up.
Jie, what's wrong?
This is interesting.
Pack it up.
When did you start selling drugs?
I didn't.
I just had some when I couldn't help it.
What about Hu Dabin?
Don't think you can play dumb,
and we'll let you off the hook.
I just shared some with him.
Nothing else.
What a warm word!
Xiao Jun.
There is only a thin line
between using and trafficking.
Have you ever thought
that your family and friends
may be addicted to drugs
because of your so-called sharing?
Do you know there is a boy
who is less than 12
but becomes an orphan...
because his father trafficked drugs?
Whose is this?
I know the cabin.
At 4 p.m. on Friday,
I need you to do something for me.
Do you know what the drawing signifies?
I don't know.
I just remembered
he was on the phone
and mentioned
a small cabin.
That's all I can remember.
Think deeper.
Any details?
on Friday,
he asked me to do something for him.
He asked you to bring and sell drugs?
I don't know.
I didn't say yes.
That's all?
That's all.
Xiao Jun said
that Mao
[Jiangcheng Public Security
Narcotics Control Brigade]
mentioned a cabin
on the phone
and asked Xiao Jun
to do something for him
at 4 p.m. on Friday.
But Xiao Jun doesn't know
what Mao asked him to do either.
So, we don't know what the relationship is
between the triangle pattern
and the cabin.
Go through all the places in Jiangcheng
that have cabins.
The test result of the betel nut
found in Xiao Jun's home is out.
The residual salivary DNA matches
what was found on the betel nut
at Xu Jun's crime scene.
We're sure it's from the same guy.
The one who escaped
is most likely the
murderer who killed Xu Jun.
Captain Liu, Xiao Jun
wants to see Cheng Jie.
Cheng Jie.
Xiao Jun wants to see you.
I know one thing.
But I don't know if telling you
would earn me leniency.
That depends on what it is.
I saw...
Your wound was bitten by Mao, right?
He has AIDS.
I understand you want to earn leniency,
but you can't talk nonsense.
I'm serious!
We all know that.
So we stay far away from him.
I've told you everything I need to say.
Believe it or not, it's up to you.
How is it, doctor?
When did that happen?
Yesterday morning.
Then why are you here now?
You missed the best time to block it.
Well, is there any way to
determine if he's infected?
We can't determine if
he has AIDS or not now.
He has to take the blocking drug on time
and come back for a
check-up three months later.
After six months,
we can only confirm
whether he has AIDS or not through tests.
The blocking drug has side effects.
Its symptoms vary for different people.
If anything happens,
come to me anytime.
What should I say?
Why are you so careless?
You can protect others.
But why can't you protect yourself?
Captain Liu.
I'm fine.
It doesn't hurt anymore.
What Xiao Jun said may not be true.
You don't really believe him, do you?
Be serious.
This is not a joke.
How about this?
Before we find out the truth,
you should go home and rest.
I'll talk to you after I
consult with our superiors.
It doesn't hurt anymore.
You don't need to ask our superiors.
It's not a big deal.
It is!
[Fortune and Auspiciousness]
Bringing me to such a fancy place.
Just say it if you need anything.
Why are you so hesitant?
Actually, I want to
introduce a patient to you.
Why do you make it so mysterious?
It's mainly because this
person is a bit special.
She's a girl.
She has depression.
I want you to help her
organize her feelings
and solve her psychological
problems in your free time.
You will help me, right?
What's your relationship with her?
Our relationship is not important.
How can I help her
if I know nothing?
It's mainly because she has a background.
I can't tell you right now.
Actually, these things
may be related to her mental state.
Is this her own idea
or her family's?
Why don't you meet her first?
The drug trade in Jiangcheng
has been quite active recently.
You need to act quickly
to trace the source
and find a breach
in order to
prevent it from escalating.
Otherwise, I'm afraid
there will be a larger drug deal.
By then, the consequences
will be unimaginable.
I think the most important thing now
is to catch Mao as soon as possible
and find out
whether he really has AIDS.
Second, let Cheng Jie
listen to the doctor and
participate in blocking therapy.
Cheng Jie is still young.
Psychological counseling is very important.
You have to make sure of it.
Got it.
We checked every square,
park, and community
in the city.
[Narcotics Control Brigade]
We have found over 30 cabins
and checked each one.
Nothing suspicious was found.
There is one special cabin.
It's in the square of
Dahua Investment Company.
Its legal person is Yu Changpu,
a renowned entrepreneur in the city.
Captain, here are the specific details.
Yu Changpu.
No matter who it is, we
must investigate them.
check the cabins in the suburbs.
It's all my fault.
It's all my fault.
It's all my fault.
It's all my fault.
Uncle Cheng, why are you
sitting so far away from me?
Does your hand still hurt?
Be careful.
Don't forget,
you promised me
that you would catch the bad guys.
Ran, I'm a police officer.
I'll keep my word.
Study hard.
Uncle Cheng, what is this word?
This word is "slanting."
I go by slanting stony
path to the cold hill.
Read this poem to me.
Going up the Hill, Tang Dynasty, Du Mu,
I go by slanting stony
path to the cold hill;
Where rise white cloudy, there
appears cottages and bowers.
I stop my cab at maple
woods to gaze my fill;
Frost-bitten leaves look redder
than the early spring flowers.
This poem
not only praises the view
but also expresses
the poet's longing
and hope.
Do you understand?
If I hadn't been too busy lately,
I would have gone with you to see Ran.
Here's the soup.
Here, eat up.
Have some water.
I love your pickles.
Have some more.
Cheng Jie, what are you doing?
I still have paperwork to do.
I'm going back to my room to eat.
Can't you just do it
after dinner?
Is that urgent?
Have more vegetables.
What's wrong with Cheng Jie these days?
Did you two have a quarrel?
Maybe he's under a lot
of pressure in this case.
I'm always worried.
He's injured
and he doesn't rest properly.
He's working all day.
He should also take care
of his health, right?
Yes, what you're saying
is absolutely right.
I'll talk to him about it.
Just let him be busy for now.
You go ahead and have your meal.
Right now, we can't determine
if you're infected with HIV.
HIV prevention medication needs to
be taken on time for about half a year,
and confirmation
can only be made after testing.
Cheng Jie.
What text are you working on?
Give me that bowl, I'll wash it for you.
I want to eat a little more.
Isn't your bowl empty already?
Do you have something on your mind?
Tell me about it.
Come on, talk to me.
I'm just thinking about something.
Go out and watch some TV
shows with my mom for a while.
Captain Liu.
I can endure this disease.
Captain Liu.
You want to see me?
I need your help.
So serious.
What is it?
Do you know that Cheng Jie got injured?
I want you to provide him
with psychological counseling.
Captain Liu.
What exactly happened?
Just tell me.
Then I'll know what to do.
Here's the thing.
Cheng Jie was accidentally bitten
by a drug dealer during an arrest.
According to his colleagues' statements,
the person is an AIDS patient.
However, it cannot be confirmed at this
time whether Cheng Jie has been infected.
We are currently making every effort
to capture the fugitive drug dealer.
The top priority,
in addition to administering
antiretroviral drugs,
is providing him with
psychological counseling.
I believe
you understand the importance of this.
Mr. Yu didn't come to work?
Mr. Yu went abroad two months ago.
Yes, he accompanied his
daughter for overseas studies.
He may be staying there for some time.
Do you have any business with him?
I just have a few questions I
wanted to consult with Mr. Yu.
If he's not around,
then maybe next time.
I'm leaving.
Captain Liu.
I've checked. Nothing unusual.
Okay, let's go.
[Pan Xiaoyu]
Captain Liu, Xiao Jun has already been
transferred to our drug rehabilitation center.
Today, when I was providing him
with psychological counseling,
he mentioned that he had
several transactions with Mao
at the Jinjiang Resort.
I'm wondering
if the Jinjiang Resort could
be their base of operations.
Alright, I see.
Keep me updated with any developments
and communicate promptly.
Let go of my dad!
The ones who beat your father,
Cheng Jianguo, to death
were three socially idle
individuals who had just used drugs.
Moderate exercise is beneficial
for the body and mind.
It can help in producing a lot of dopamine.
trying to immerse
yourself in an environment
that's somewhat removed from daily life
can also help reduce stress.
How about going to a movie with me?
You've known everything?
Do you remember the operation
in the south of the city?
You got shot.
But you held onto the drug
dealer with all your might.
If it weren't for your
colleagues arriving in time,
you would have died there.
I remember back then you told me that
you were thinking
that if you could survive that operation,
nothing would be a problem in the future.
Those were your words, right?
So this time,
you won't be easily defeated, will you?
Please don't tell my mom.
Besides having nightmares,
do you experience a sense
of choking while sleeping?
Have you received medication as treatment?
Are you into physical activities?
Not really.
You know,
if we can meet face to face,
it may make our communication easier.
No need.
I think
we can chat a bit more.
Let's talk next time.
I really love eating red bean candies.
Today, I specially prepared one for you.
It's delicious. Give it a try.
Cheng Jie.
You've exercised for so long.
Have some water.
Hurry up.
What's wrong?
You vomited?
Drink some water, you'll
feel much more comfortable.
Hurry up.
Maybe I ate something bad.
It's okay, mom.
I'm fine.
What did you eat outside?
Have some water.
You'll feel much more comfortable.
Why are you avoiding me?
Let me see.
Why do you look so pale?
I might need to go out.
I have something to do.
What is it? You don't feel well.
Aren't you going to take a rest?
Cheng Jie.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
Uncle Cheng, you're here.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
I might not be able to come recently.
These are what you asked of me.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
How are you feeling recently?
The doctor said
you must take your medicine on time.
I'm sure you haven't taken it again.
Please take your medicine.
If you need anything, just call me.
I'll be leaving now.
Uncle Cheng.
When I grow up, I also want
to become a police officer.
Tell Grandma to take her medicine quickly.
Besides chest tightness and fatigue,
do you have any other feelings?
I can't distinguish
whether it's a side
effect of the medication
or early symptoms of the AIDS virus.
Keep taking the medicine.
Rest well.
Don't feel pressured.
I believe
there's no problem.
What's wrong?
You can't stay at home anymore?
I've been unable to stay
at home for a while.
I know the team is short-handed now.
I want to complete my solo task.
Your current task is to rest.
Your turn is still ahead.
Why are you so eager to return to the team?
Let me come back.
I can't approve it.
Why not?
Just because of my current condition?
What condition?
You are currently hindered
in the execution of a mission.
You should rest at home properly.
We believe the outcome will surely be good.
But this is about discipline.
You believe it?
I also what to believe it.
You should believe it.
Do you know that now,
all the brothers in the team
are determined to catch Mao?
It's to get this matter
cleared up as soon as possible.
Go home and rest well.
There will be results soon.
Trust me.
According to the investigation,
the legal representative of
the resort is named Zhao Yan,
a 35-year-old woman.
However, she doesn't
visit the resort often.
For such a large resort,
it doesn't even have any service staff.
Moreover, we found
a row of small cabins in the resort.
In the cafeteria,
we also discovered an underground passage.
This is it.
According to Xiao Jun's confession,
it can be confirmed that
all the transactions at the
resort involved acquaintances
or insiders.
And this resort
has no security measures in place.
It doesn't seem to be operating normally.
Cry up wine and sell vinegar.
What's the situation with
this underground passage?
The front half of this underground passage
is a small children's playground.
At the end of the passage,
there's a path along the river.
Let's do this.
Keep an eye on Zhao Yan,
especially find out
who she has been in contact with recently.
Keep a close watch on the resort.
Also, I checked,
and Yu Changpu has no recent
record of traveling abroad.
The supervisor lied.
Yeah, for such a big company,
it's impossible to just let go easily.
Keep a close eye on Yu Changpu's company.
Let's not see each other recently.
What do you mean?
Are you breaking up with me?
Just because of an undiagnosed illness?
Don't bring that up.
I know
your father's passing
hit you hard.
But I think,
after all these years of hard work,
you should have moved on.
In my view,
you are a
psychologically healthy person.
Are you giving up?
Do you think you're cool now?
Do you feel that
by taking everything upon yourself,
you are exceptionally noble
and manly?
But have you ever thought about us,
about the people around you?
We love you.
We care about you.
We worry for you.
Thank you.
Uncle Cheng.
I can't find my grandma.
What's wrong?
Mom, I have a task I have to complete.
Chief, how's it going?
We've already arranged for
the villagers to search.
But they haven't found her.
My grandma said that
if we can't find her,
we shouldn't continue the search.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Wait for us at home.
I'll help you find your grandma.
Cheng Jie!
Ran's grandma!
Ran's grandma!
Ran's grandma!
Ran's grandma!
Grandma, say something!
Grandma, where are you?
Ran's grandma!
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
It was all my fault.
Cheng Jie!
Cheng Jie!
Cheng Jie!
Cheng Jie! come out! Cheng Jie!
I don't want to do these things
that make me constantly worried anymore.
Can you just let me go?
I won't tell anyone.
Do you think I can trust you?
[Let's meet at the entrance of
Wenbi mountain at 8 AM tomorrow.]
Who did you send this to?
Boss, considering I've
been working for you,
please spare me, spare me.
Say it!
Who did you send this to?
I didn't send it.
I didn't send it.
I didn't send it.
Catch him!
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
My grandma asked me not to tell.
She said it wouldn't be good for Dad.
Uncle Cheng.
My dad is not a bad guy.
My dad said
only the police can save him.
I will help you find the person
who killed your dad.
Cheng Jie.
Cheng Jie!
When I was helping Xiao Jun
with drug rehabilitation,
he told me that
he got addicted at Jinjiang Resort,
and that's where he met Mao.
I've already reported this to Captain Liu,
but I was worried about
your emotional state,
so I didn't tell you.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
[No fireworks]
[No fireworks]
What are you doing?
Well, can you stop looking at me like that?
I really don't mean anything else.
I just think the environment of this
little wooden cabin is wonderful,
so I want to come and experience it.
Are there any more available cabins?
We don't have any available rooms today.
How about tomorrow?
Tomorrow won't work either.
All the rooms are fully booked.
The day after tomorrow?
It still won't work.
These wooden houses are
booked all year round.
They are booked all year round.
Your business is really good.
What a pity.
I'll go and see some other places then.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realise when
I wet my clothes.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I know.
I know.
But I can't control myself.
It's not easy to raise me up.
You helped me.
This is not what I want.
Help me one more time.
Help me one more time.
Get down!
I beg you.
One last time.
Just one last time.
I beg you.
This is the last time.
I think
you haven't had a good rest lately.
Have you heard the poem of Gu Cheng?
The dark night gave me black eyes,
while I use it to search for the light.
In fact, any mental state
can be self-regulated.
Can you tell me
about your interests and hobbies?
No, I don't have any.
I like music,
especially Bach' s.
I think
it can bring people a sense of tranquility.
I'm not feeling well today.
Let's, let's make an
appointment another day.
[No fireworks]
Why are you here?
We've been here watching all along.
Jie, leave it to us.
You should go rest.
Sorry to disturb your investigation.
I didn't mean that.
Something's up.
The underground passage.
Follow the white car.
Keep distance.
Jie, are you okay?
Im fine.
Mao. Mao.
Are there any sand particles on your feet?
No, none at all.
we are brothers now.
You will get priority in the future.
Thank you, Mao.
Lets go.
You betrayed me!
Stand there. Don't run.
Pull him down.
Stop pretending. Handcuff him.
Stop running!
Stop running!
Promptly test Mao's blood.
Inform me immediately
once you have the results.
Do you have anything to say?
Do you need me to sort it out for you?
Who is the superior?
Yu Changpu.
I am coming.
Have you finished interrogating Mao?
Don't you want to know the result?
I'm a police officer.
I can accept any result.
Actually, these days,
I've always been extremely anxious.
If you are really infected,
I really don't know how to face you.
I'm not afraid of death.
I just think that if I get infected,
I will just feel a sense of unwillingness.
Stop being sentimental.
Let's get to the point.
Comrade Cheng Jie, I am now ordering you
to return to the team immediately.
Give me half an hour.
I have another task.
Cheng Jie can return to the team now.
Go home and tell the mom.
Have a seat.
Cheng Jie.
The sharpness of a knife
can hurt people easily.
So while handling the case,
we must always be mindful
of protecting ourselves.
Got it.
Also, I need to tell you
that this time is the last stage
to crackdown on organized crime,
We must seize the fruit of victory.
No matter who he is,
no matter which identity he has,
as long as he involves
gangdom, evil force or drugs,
we must thoroughly investigate him.
We must investigate and
prosecute such cases.
During the investigation,
if you encounter any difficulties,
let me know in time.
Junfeng just mentioned
what he knew.
Though Mao confessed that
Yu Changpu is his superior,
when it comes to Zhao Yan, I feel like
we still can't relax.
Continue keeping a close eye.
First, keep an eye on Jinjiang Resort.
Second, check the people around Yu ChangPu
and see if there's any clue.
Is the fish I asked for ready?
I prepared it for you a long time ago.
Thank you, brother.
Something must have happened to Mao.
We have to leave now.
You coming here so abruptly
may bring significant troubles.
Leave now.
I know.
But I'm scared.
What should we do?
Wait for two more days.
Once this batch of goods is ready,
we'll leave together.
Leave together?
Have you thought about
how to ship the goods out?
Don't we still have one
person who can help us?
Contact his daughter
and get previous things done.
Got it.
Zhao Yan went out in a hurry today
to meet an old man who fed the fish.
I think possibly that Mao being caught
has alarmed them.
They're planning a big move next.
Have you investigated the
old man who fed the fish?
It seems that Zhao Yan
is indeed suspicious.
[I know where Yu Changpu is.]
Yu Changpu has been found.
I'm Yu ChangPu.
According to the drug traffickers,
you're their superior.
To stop them from causing
trouble for my daughter
and to cut off her contact with them,
I gave them some money.
Apart from giving them money,
was there anything else?
I gave them an abandoned factory.
Yu ChangPu is your superior.
Tell me.
What can you do with a false statement?
Are you trying to gain more time
to escape the crime?
Why did you kill Xu Jun?
Murder, drug trafficking.
You truly have no scruples
with anything evil.
I, I didn't kill anyone.
I didn't kill anyone.
Then who killed him?
I didn't kill him.
I didn't...
I volunteered to buy the goods.
It has nothing to do with you.
I won't tell anyone.
I won't tell anyone.
tomorrow is your birthday.
I wish you a happy birthday.
I wish you a happy birthday.
Happy birthday to you
His name is Yang Jiang.
Male, 58 years old.
His nickname is White Hair.
He lived in Southeast Asia for a while.
He had drug trafficking experience.
He fled to Jiangcheng a few years ago.
It was him.
He got Mao and the others to join him.
Later, through Mao's introduction
he got to know Zhao Yan at the resort.
And started a series of
drug production and trafficking.
Arrest Yang Jiang.
Is everything settled?
Check again.
Don't leave any trace.
Don't move.
Squat down!
Stop the car!
No way!
Hello, this is Cheng Jie.
Save me, save me.
They deceived me into going to Myanmar,
promising me a chance
to make a lot of money.
Then they asked me to carry drugs for them.
I only did it once.
And they want me to continue.
I'm not their accomplice!
They also said they would report me
and even threatened to kill my child.
Can I redeem myself by meritorious service?
I can explain.
I beg you, please help me.
[One day in a police uniform,
he will be a hero for life.]
[Each wound bears a story, and
every scar is a badge of honor.]
[Someone always carries the burdens and moving
forward for the lights of thousands of families.]
[Stay away from drugs and cherish life.]
[According to the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, Yang Jiang has received a death sentence
for smuggling and trafficking drugs, as well as being the primary leader of a criminal organization.]
[Mao was sentenced to life imprisonment for multiple charges, including drug trafficking
and extortion. Zhao Yan was also sentenced to life imprisonment for drug trafficking.]
[Yu Changpu was involved in drug manufacturing, but due to significant acts of meritorious service
and being considered an accessory, he will be exempted from punishment according to the law.]
How does it feel to be a
hero behind the scenes?
How couldn't you know?
I learned it from you.
Why are you looking at me?
Am I wrong?
But I have to thank you.
Because of this incident,
my business skills have improved.
I realize that I can't be too objective.
I have to see the world from
a patient's perspective.
It varies from person to person
in order to provide appropriate treatment.
Are you talking about me?
I'm not joking.
I know sometimes
I can't feel your real feelings.
But I promise you,
from now on,
I'll try my best to keep up with you.
So please
don't leave me behind.
I bought you another one.
This time,
don't give it away again.
Through this incident,
I found a psychological
issue within myself.
What is it?
I'm addicted.
Is the addiction to capturing drug dealers
considered a psychological problem?
Can it be cured?
It can be eased.
Smile at me every day.
[Salute to the police on the front line]