Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) Movie Script

... to St. Claus tonight
there will be a full moon,
and a starry sky for
help you find your way.
The temperature in this
time is - 21, brrrr.
Well let's hear "The Christmas Fever".
Mommy, what time is it?
It's almost 4:30, baby.
First we see the grandfather.
- Mom?
- Yes, Billy.
What time santa claus come?
Not before we are all in bed asleep.
I can not stay awake to see it?
I would not do if I were you.
It is bad to stay awake after bedtime.
The Santa Claus does not bring gifts for the bad boys.
And if you get home
before my bedtime?
We, dear.
Do not worry.
Santa Claus will bring you a big surprise tonight.
Wait and see.
This has always been
one of my favorites.
Call us if you want to ask some topic
special that we have not played for you.
I already took your father
to the recreation room.
Can you hear me?
It's me, Dad,
Daddy, I am. Ellie.
We brought Billy and the little Ricky too.
Because the grandmother did not say anything?
He does not hear us, dear.
Nobody knows
we are here.
So what we came here?
Billy ...
He is much worse.
I have the data from your father, Mr. Chapman.
We review them in my office.
Awaits us here, okay, honey?
The father and I went back quickly.
Do not worry.
The grandfather is not going to hurt you.
For the want?
She can help you.
Nobody can.
You asustado, are not you?
And you should be.
Christmas Eve is the night
most terrifying of the year.
I would also be
if you scared.
You know what happens
on Christmas Eve?
Know who is Santa Claus?
He brings presents to all
boys and girls good.
Your father told you that, right?
Well, let me tell you something ...
The only Santa Claus brings gifts ..
who has been good throughout the year.
Those who have done nothing wrong.
To all others ...
The all bad ...
he punishes them.
And you my little?
You've been good all year?
If you see Santa Claus tonight
be better that you run, boy.
It is best that you run for your life!
It's time to go home, Billy.
Papa ...
We have to go. Nodes ..
Come back soon to see it.
Come on, son.
From now on I am more careful. Promise.
Mom, did you ever misbehave when you were little?
Once or twice.
And ever the father chastised you care?
- ?De Where did you get that idea?
- Do grandfather.
The grandfather said that Santa Claus will punish me.
Do you think the father spoke to him?
I do not see why Billy mentir?a.
Perhaps we should call Dr. Conway.
Not want him to come!
I'm afraid!
- Who, dear?
- Santa Claus!
Honey, you have nothing to fear.
The grandfather said that Santa Claus would punish me.
Billy, calm down.
The grandfather is just an old fool.
Mom, you should not have said it.
It is bad to say bad things about older people.
Santa Claus will punish thyself.
Ho, ho, ho. It is not enough that crap on the radio ...
now I have even come to my store.
What is the problem? Not like Santa Claus?
It's good for business
and bad for my stomach.
I'm not very sentimental, you know?
What parish are you?
Because rays do it?
I'm robbing you, asshole!
Put the money in the bag.
So it's all just sentimentality, right?
There are also genuine greed. Not?
$ 31.
Merry fucking Christmas!
Steve Carlson Klox here on FM,
when the temperature in the eve of
Christmas keeps on 21 from the 7:00.
hope that Santa is
well wrapped up tonight.
How about, dear?
Only a little.
What is that?
I think I saw something there,
the edge of the road.
It's there again. See?
There is someone there, that's right.
What would someone standing
here in the middle of ...?
- Are in disguise.
- You should go the way of a party.
Do you think we should
Up Billy?
It seems you got to see it
tonight, after all, Billy.
No, Daddy, I do not see it!
Go ahead, do not stop!
- Need a ride, Santa Claus?
- Well, not exactly.
What is the problem?
Oh, no problem, just ...
I have not had much luck.
Jim, come on!
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Never hit me!
Stupid ...
Where you been,
little bastard?
Home for orphan boys
Well, gora,
Who's next?
Oh, yes.
We have not seen the
your drawing, Billy.
Answer me!
- There.
- Come on, Billy.
Come here and put your design
in the table with others.
Put it in position and
I put scotch tape.
Sister, look!
Billy, now that low!
Young, goes to Mother Superior
and shows you what you did.
Explain this to me, do you want?
- Sorry, Mother Superior.
- Really?
Not believe it, but you will feel.
You'll learn what it means to feel something.
- Now go to the room and stay there.
- Yes, Mother Superior.
Until I tell you that you can leave.
Well ..
Finally got it desired
- Of what, sister. Margaret?
- From what I have been saying.
What does it
remains inside.
All that violence
terrible that he saw.
- The drawing shows clearly that.
- I do not care what you think.
I thought I had finally
understood it.
Just because something bad
happened to their parents,
that he knows nothing,
is no reason to allow it
do what you want.
He must be taught!
But the memory is still there,
Abbess. Waiting to leave.
And if it does, it has received
training appropriate
he knows how to handle it.
But if it continues,
may be too late.
It seems to be worse for him
each Christmas that passes.
Well ..
Is it not more so.
I will take care of
boy personally.
- He needs help, Mother Superior.
- And will have it!
That has a good day, sister.
Good morning, Mother Superior.
I think you have closed
here too long.
Why not salts and helps us
build a snowman?
No, I can not.
Look, Billy.
Mother Superior only
the best for you.
And I think the best for you is out
and play with other kids, yes?
- Yes, sister.
- Okay.
You, your dirty devil!
They will pay for it.
Do not go away.
Demon, you will receive your punishment.
- Devil! Toma!
- Toma! Toma!
- Please do not
Toma! Notes
Do not blame Mother Superior.
I told him that he could ...
Do not mess, sister Margaret.
William, come here.
Billy! What happened?
- Your brother is crazy, is it.
- There is nothing! Remove what you said!
What you saw up there, William?
Nothing, Mother Superior.
- You know what they were doing?
- No, Mother Superior.
What were doing is something
very, very bad.
They thought they could do it
without being discovered.
But when we do something bad,
are always discovered.
And then we are punished.
The punishment is absolute.
The punishment is necessary.
- The punishment is good.
- Yes, Mother Superior.
- Given away your room, William.
- Yes, Mother Superior.
Very, very bad.
Now go to bed
and stays there.
Please let me out.
Sister Margaret.
- Let me out!
- Leave him alone.
Please let me out.
Let me out!
Sister Margaret.
Let me out of here!
Let me out of here.
Let me out of here!
Let me out of here!
Please let me out of here!
Sister Margaret.
Let me out of here!
Sister Margaret ...
I only see where greed
should be gratitude.
Are you ready to behave
appropriately, William?
Yes, Mother Superior.
Go get your gift.
No more
problems with it.
You will see that although
Work my methods.
And it will improve when the Christmas spending?
Always happens.
But is not over, sister.
There is still a home visit
Santa Claus.
William will sit
lap of Santa Claus
and will behave.
You'll see.
No! No!
Please do not
No! No!
- Bibi, get out of there.
- No! No!
- No!
- You'll learn to thank!
- Thanks to Santa Claus.
- No! No!
What the hell is going on
with that kid?
Did not want ...
I do not want to misbehave.
Do not punish me, please.
Please, Mr. Sims.
There must be some work
that can give this guy.
He just ...
Sorry, sister, but only
I have a job available
and is for a man,
not for a boy.
It is in the warehouse, loading boxes.
It is a work
for a boy.
I guess not.
I regret not having been able to help.
Well, do not expect a boy
carry heavy boxes all day.
Glad you understood.
Oh, here's Billy.
You may want to meet you.
- It is not necessary.
- Billy!
Billy, I introduce you to Mr. Sims.
Well, I ...
I always glad to help
the church, sister.
Begin Monday morning.
At 9:00 on the dot ..
Oh, thank you, Mr. Sims!
What the hell do you think
What are you doing?
You should not ...
You should not talk like that.
Excuse me, "Ann Landers".
What is wrong with you
lately, Billy?
I have a problem with you.
When you arrived, a couple
months, were a good guy.
But suddenly, this came up
damn attitude problem.
Are you challenging me
all the time!
You get to look at the empty
like a fool!
Leave me alone, okay?
I leave you in peace, stupid
when you finish your work!
I do not care
my stupid work.
Oh, you are arming yourself in smart?
Just leave me alone.
Merry Christmas to all!
Merry Christmas!
Where you been,
little bastard?
- Pamela!
- You okay, Billy?
- Yes, I ...
- I do not look good.
No, I'm fine, seriously, I ...
Do not worry about this.
I clean everything, okay?
Are you sure you're all right, Billy?
Yes, I ...
Never felt better
in my life.
Billy, sure you're okay?
never felt better
in my life.
No, stop!
I want to be good.
not want me to misbehave.
Do not punish me.
not punish me,
Christmas Eve!
One more day and this bullshit
Nativity is the story.
I hate to ruin your spirit
Christmas, Mr. Sims,
but we have a
problem with the staff.
Well do something about it.
Look for solutions.
Not so simple, Mr. Sims.
One of the employees end up
call me.
It seems like yesterday skating
the night and broke his leg.
Is the license
rest of the season.
Good for him.
Call the agency temporary
and get a replacement.
Do I have to think
everything around here?
Well, then, consider this:
the agency has only women.
This job requires a person
with the male persuasion.
A cheerful and chubby big.
Oh, no!
If something happen again
like that yesterday, Billy,
I will talk directly with the Sims.
Do not know if you realize, but
I'm giving you a chance.
This is much more
than you do.
The Sims is not friends with anyone.
Remember that.
- Ah, Mr. Sims!
- Billy, my boy!
How are you?
I wanted to come by and
see how you are going.
And? Is everything okay?
Oh, yes. Yes, well.
It's all right, Mr. Sims.
Good, good.
Well, boy.
Listen, Billy ...
The reason why I came
talk to you is that ...
I have a little problems and
maybe you could you help me.
This, if you want.
But of course, Mr. Sims.
Whatever you want.
Tell me what it is and
I'll be happy to help.
Good boy. Thank you.
Very good.
Very real.
Not so, Ms. Randall?
Is definitely
chubby and cheerful.
Get closer to see you more
better in the mirror, Billy.
Remember to be happy.
gives a "Ho, Ho, Ho".
And try not to scare
little bastards.
Sometimes begin to cry.
I suppose the old
may seem overwhelming.
What fools, do not you?
Yes .. fools.
Please stop.
What is wrong with you?
Please, enough.
Please allow yourself that.
What is wrong with you?
Simply, no kicking.
Do you have any idea
What are you doing?
Are you behaving badly.
Why do not you stay quiet?
I do not give gifts
the bad boys.
I punish them ... severely.
That's it. Enough
or I have to punish you.
He knows how to handle very
well with the boys.
It's great, is not it?
I'm coming, I'm coming!
Do not lose your head!
Warehouse, Ricky speaks!
No, Billy is no longer working here behind.
Bright! I can tell you
what's your new job.
are doing Santa Claus
for a lot of kids noses.
S?o 19:00 sharp.
It's time to get drunk on!
Merry Christmas.
How about a bubble bath?
Join the party!
Santa, come here!
Here you go.
Drink with me, boy.
When you finish this feast
think you are Santa Claus.
We wish them a happy Christmas
We wish them a Merry Christmas
We wish them a happy Christmas
and a Happy New Year
Good news for you.
Wherever they are
We wish them a happy Christmas
and a Happy New Year
Hey, Santa Claus!
Hey, what are you doing?
... Was
- Thinking about my parents.
- Oh, well, well!
Well, that's fine,
okay, well ...
A kid should recall the
parents from time to time.
- They are dead.
- Oh, God!
Sorry, I ...
I forgot.
Hey, Santa Claus!
Santa Claus is better than
you remain sober.
You have a long night
ahead, right?
You do not know what Santa Claus
do on Christmas Eve?
Yes, I know what he does.
It would be better
Start your work.
Yes, it's best to start ...
In any event,
damn party is over.
Go get them, Santa Claus!
Go get them ...
If you have a gift for me, Andy,
do not understand why you give no mo
in there where everyone can see it.
Pamy, this ...
This gift, in particular,
not for all to see.
It's something that you ever wanted to
a long time.
Come on, is back there.
Hey ...
Trust me.
You'll love it.
Santa Claus notes
The Santa Claus slips.
now they sleep.
You did good
with Mom and Dad?
Santa Claus knows if
you misbehave.
There could be a
tree for you
the bag of toys
Santa Claus, but ...
The home will not only
fun and games
For girls and
Bad Boys
Santa Claus notes
Santa Claus waiting.
Christmas Eve
takes place slowly.
You can hear it,
Close the door
and turns on the light
Stop .
Let .
Do not do that.
Do not do that.
Let's go back now.
Andy, stop!
Please, Andy! No!
Come back!
No! No!
You're a fucking bitch!
Where you been,
little bastard?
No, please!
Do not do
Stupid ...
You're cheeky, are not you?
God, you're crazy!
- I had to stop him, Pamela.
- Bastard. You are crazy.
Get away from me!
Did you hear something?
Did not hear anything, Mr. Sims.
Must be your imagination.
The punishment is necessary, Pamela.
I heard something back there.
I'm so drunk
I hear things.
Mr. Sims!
Oh, Mr. Sims!
Mr. Sims?
Mr. Sims, come see this.
It's gorgeous.
Mr. Sims?
Mr. Sims?
It is hidden in there?
Oh, God!
Thank God!
It was the night
before Christmas ...
and throughout the house ...
no creature is stirring ...
not even a mouse.
Billy, are you here?
I can not concentrate
that noise.
I want to be lifted
to see Santa Claus!
Cindy, back to bed
this very moment!
But I can not sleep!
She is down
Cindy, do not come here!
We ...
to do a task.
Cindy, if you ...
If not you go back to bed
Santa does not come.
It will not be the only one.
- Do not come?
- No!
Are you behaving badly
if not you go back to bed.
Well, OK.
Let us return to our studies.
2 The ball in the hole in the corner.
- Oh, shit!
- What?
Sorry, Tommy.
I have to go up there a minute.
The cat wants to go.
How do you know?
I heard the tinkle of their
Paste the door.
I kill it.
Woody, are you there?
Woody, come here kitty!
Where've you been?
you are on your own
until morning.
Merry Christmas
- Are you here, evil kitty!
- Punishment!
Not want to die!
- Gotcha!
- No!
- Punishment! Punishment!
- No!
Hey, Denise!
What are you doing?
Where are you?
Denise, are you okay?
If you are playing, kill you.
Operator, I need the police.
You came to bring me a gift?
You have ...?
You been good?
- Or have you been bad?
- Good!
Not done anything bad?
No, Santa Claus.
Are you sure?
Denise? / i
Can you believe this?
It's Christmas Eve and we
orders to arrest Santa Claus.
Hey, Miller. What do you think will make
captain real catch him?
Is never satisfied!
Again to send us ago
the Easter Bunny,
or perhaps, behind Peter Pan
Hey, look.
What to do?
What do you think they are doing?
- Freeze!
- Stop!
All this quiet virgin!
The only type of
calm that you will.
I go down first.
Are you scared?
Shut up a moment.
Are you having some
religious experience?
Or bundle your pants?
Someone else is here.
Who will be here at this hour
on Christmas Eve? Come!
Be still
for a moment!
I feel that someone in
is watching.
Who? The little elves
Santa Claus?
Well, perhaps
just my imagination.
Yes, if you had imagination.
Now handles your stupid sled.
My sled is not stupid.
I'll show you. Notes.
Look, are not Bob and Mac?
Kids, do not walk away because
our way?
I kind of wanted to, little man.
But ...
Let slip the sleigh.
- Oh, that's the plan.
- Yes
You took us our sleds.
You are brilliant. Know?
When you want to be great
like you.
Ugly and very stupid.
- Retract up, like shit.
- Cai dead!
I told you withdraw!
Okay, sorry!
Now, get away from here!
- Come on, go away!
- Get out of here!
- Okay.
- Okay, now, come on.
You first.
Hey, and crashed into a tree?
I'm already here!
This is fabulous!
Now watch this!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
He's dead!
Captain Richards!
Sorry, I must have fallen asleep.
- Any news?
- All bad sister.
Three more murders.
Has eluded my men
all night.
It may be crazy,
but not stupid.
No, not stupid.
In fact, all he did
has a certain logic
once you understand
for what he has gone.
If that is so ...
There may be a way
predict his next move.
Oh, my Lord!
Home for orphan boys
I want these papers
folded and stacked,
not thrown around.
And I want you all to write a
note of thanks to Santa Claus
your visit later.
Do you copy?
I say goodbye, Mother Superior
want to write letters to Santa Claus.
- It is the only line, sister?
- I'm afraid so.
Still occupied.
I can not imagine who would be
much time on the phone.
I can not wait.
Follow me
and you and I are going together
the orphanage, Sister.
I want every available patrol
go immediately to the orphanage.
Santa Claus killer may
be on the way there.
agents, I want to shoot
to kill, if necessary.
If someone begins to move or
feeling cold, back into it.
Do not you see who comes there?
Hence, official Barnes.
I arrived at the orphanage.
Everything looks fine and there is a
lot of boys playing in the yard.
Oh, shit!
Get out!
Stay back!
Oh, my God!
Boys, come on, hurry!
Get away from there!
inform that Santa Claus was shot
and killed at home Sta.
The ambulance is on its way.
Sorry, sister.
But at least
is over all.
Captain, we have a problem.
A description of the man
dead not quite right.
What do you mean "not right"?
say that the subject was about
50 years and was less than 1.80 mt.
Oh, my God!
The Father O'Brien!
It would be our Santa Claus this year.
The boy who has tried 18 years!
Barnes ordered the subject to
be quiet, but he did not answer.
Of course not!
The deaf can not hear you.
Barnes says that the
remain in the orphanage.
The killer may still
be on the way there.
We must help them.
We have to do it!
I do not understand how I could think
that Father O'Brien was the killer.
He was dressed as Santa Claus.
Captain Richards explain
everything when you arrive, you.
I regret what happened, but there
a killer on the way here.
Poor boys.
The boys should not receive
no harm, right?
- That's what I'm here, sister.
- I am the Mother Superior!
And so far, all he did was damage!
I will inspect the surroundings.
However, make sure that
all remain inside.
Do not let anyone unless
you know exactly who it is.
Will not get one
does not belong here!
The poor are
frightened of death.
Oh, yes!
They need something to
distract your mind.
Yes, Mother Superior?
Please bring my harmonica.
It's a good guy,
is not like his brother William.
Boys, listen.
I know you are very frightened
and I understand.
But I do not want
are discouraged.
Thank you.
Ready, sister?
"Furnish the rooms."
In one, the two
and three ...
adorn the halls with garlands
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Well! Now we prove
with "Jingle bells".
Where do you go?
Come on back closer to us.
Do not do it!
- It's Santa Claus!
- Yes!
Kristi, stay away!
Stay with me.
But, Mother Superior.
It's Santa Claus!
Kristi, get away from him.
Hello, Santa Claus.
Kristi, come here.
Andrew, come here.
There is no Santa Claus.
There is no Santa Claus.
There is no Santa Claus.
Now they are saved.
Santa Claus was gone.