Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker (1992) Movie Script

What in God's name are you
doing up at this hour?!
And what is that?
It was on the porch
Didn't you hear the bell?
God damn it Derek
How many times do I have to tell you
not to open the front door by yourself
especially at night
Now go to bed
What the...?
Here you go Sweetie
I made everything just the way you like it
And look, nothing's touching
'cause I know you hate that.
Come on Derek,
Say something, talk to me!
What are you doing?!
I'm sorry.
I've got to go to the office later,
would you like to come with me?
How you doing?
- How you doing?
- Ah, I'm alright, how are you?
Aw, I'm good
How's he?
Oh he's still the same,
he hasn't said a word since the accident.
What did the doctor say?
The doctor told me not to worry
He told me that is was perfectly natural
for a child to stop speaking after
a traumatic experience and he said
that it's probably temporary.
On top of everything else
he wont go into his room now
Maybe if I take him out and get him
a little something or a toy
it will make him feel better
I guess I'll take him over to Petto's later
Nah don't go there he ain't got shit
in that store
Watch you mouth.
What did I say?
You know I can't remember the last
time I even bought anything at Petto's
I know it's so sad, nobody
goes in there anymore
I like the place though,
Joe's always real nice to Derek
What's the matter?
Derek, I know you're angry,
and I know you're scared.
And you have every right to be
But you also have to remember
that you're not alone
Mommy's here with you,
and I'm going to protect you
and I'm going to take care of you
and everything's going to be alright
What's the matter Derek? What is it?
Come on you love to come in this place
Mister Petto?
Take that mask off
What you wanna do?
Scare this little man half to death?
I'm sorry I didn't mean to
scare you, I wouldn't...
You'll have to excuse Peno he's a...
a teenager.
Exactly.. Exactly!
Go back into the office,
find something to do
I'll take care of our friends
Go on Peno, go..
I don't know what I'm gonna
do with that boy
Spends most of his time making
those god awful masks
How are you Sarah?
I'm OK Joe.
I know.
I heard about your husband
Fate plays some cruel tricks on,
on us all
How's the, how's the little boy?
He's not so good.
Not so good?
What's the matter? Huh?
What's in your nose there?
Is that where you keep your money?
What can I do for you Sarah?
I would like to buy a
present for Derek
A present for Derek?
Come back over here I think
we can find something
- Alright, what's this?
- Let's see what we have here
Now watch, watch his tongue
You push his tail
Maybe this was a mistake
Wait a minute Sarah,
you're giving up too fast
Here I want you to have this
What are you doing with that?
It's for the boy, father
I want you to have this
my father made it
That's a very nice gesture Peno
but maybe some other time.
I think we should go, Joe
Now Sarah, you just hollar if
you need any of my help
Thanks Joe that's really sweet.
I ought to break you in half
What kind of a son are you?
A real son would help his father
but not you,
you keep undermining me
I'd rather have a son like that!
Stay away from me
You know why people don't want to
come in the store no more? Do you?
Because of you!
Yes, because of you.
Whoa whoa whoa..
Hello there
I didn't see you come in.
Is there anything I can do for you sir?
I'd like to pay for this
Yes of course, just,
come with me.
You've been buying a lot of toys from us
lately, are you playing Santa Clause?
Something like that.
Were you in the service?
Look, I'm kind of in a hurry do you
think you can speed things up here?
Sorry, I was in 2nd World War
Cash or charge?
That's alright
'91.. that's good..
Come on speed it up a bit
OK, that's $23.95
If you'd just sign right there..
This' a nice item
Thanks for coming in, Merry Christmas!!
You're out of here brother
What are you talking about?
Payment's no good
I run a respectable place
Don't have time for this kind of nonsense
You wanna calm down for a second
Look I just got out of the service
there's plenty of money left
in this account
Not according to that
Well there's been a mistake and
I'll take care of it in the morning
Uh uh..
You're packing up and leaving
right now
Alright look,
how about I give you some cash
Cash is good. I like cash.
I get paid tomorrow.
Uh uh.
Then you out of here, tonight.
Look, what is it with you man?
You think I'm gonna skip out on you?
I paid you for the last 2 weeks,
didn't I?
That was then,
this is now.
You got a kid?
Yeah what the hell does that
have to do with it?
You give me till tomorrow
and I'm gonna give you a nice little
toy for your kid for Christmas
You don't look like a deadbeat
I guess so.
What you doing in there?
There you go.
This better be good.
Oh yeah, it's to die for.
Hey remember,
Don't open it until Christmas
Let's go, let's go, let's go...
What the..?
What the hell is this?
Well I'll be a son of a bitch
Look at that thing..
How do you shut this thing off?
Damn thing's not working
Damn thing's broken
Let go!
Derek where are you?
Derek, where are you?
Didn't you hear me calling you?
No, it's 'cause you play
that thing too loud
Come on now, you don't wanna
keep Sam waiting do you?
Did you make a list for Santa?
No, it doesn't matter
What's this?
It says it's to you but
doesn't say who it's from
I bet it's from Kim
It's just like her to do
something like that
Now don't get any ideas,
we don't open it until Christmas
Come on Derek
Come on, he'll be back soon
Hey, how are the little germ
carriers today, huh?
Oh not bad..
Only got pissed on twice.
Man is it hot out there
Nothing like a Californian Christmas huh?
Nothing like that Californian cutie we
have for an elf? Ho ho ho!
Hey Ricky you seen the boss?
I gotta ask him about my cheque.
Um... yeah yeah,
I think he's out front somewhere.
Oh great
Let me go on for you
What are you a masochist or something?
Listen god damn it
just let me take your shift!
OK, settle down, sure, no problem
Santa this is Brandy
Hello Brandy
I don't really believe in Santa, but
just in case,
I want clothes, clothes and
more clothes
but if you don't have that many clothes
I want a ten speed bike,
Meeka the fairy,
a watch,
a pair of sun glasses
a V.C.R.
a yellow photo album,
and a tape of Brian Bannae
Bye Santa
Merry Christmas
What's your boy's name?
Santa this is Derek
Derek do you want to tell Santa
what you want for Christmas?
Well if you dont tell him he wont
know what to bring you.
Maybe you'd rather whisper in my ear?
OK baby I'll take you home, come on.
Let go
Don't go
What are you doing let go of him?!
- No!
No don't go
Are you still upset about Santa?
Well I guess even Santa has a bad day
We wont do anymore shopping
we'll go right home, OK
Come on Derek
I'll be in in a minute.
- Hi
- Hi
Did you just get home?
Yeah a few minutes ago.
Derek's with you right?
Yes why is there something wrong?
Well I'm not sure but, um...
I was walking by a few minutes ago
and I thought I saw someone
moving around inside.
I could be wrong though
Oh my god, Derek!
Oh Derek..
What in God's name was Peno
doing in my house?!
He was in my bedroom
he scared me and Derek half to death
There must be some mistake
Peno was with me all day
Don't lie to me Joe I saw him
Peno wouldn't do anything like that
I don't want to hear it
I want an explanation and
I want it now
or I'm going to call the police.
Don't call the police
Listen to me,
you don't have to do that.
Maybe I can clear this whole thing up?
You see I,
I used to own your home
I used to live in your house.
Peno and I,
we lived there for many years.
Well what happened?
Why did you move?
It wasn't by our choice.
Well my business began
to go downhill
and the bank foreclosed on me
well we had to move here
and things haven't been the same
since we moved here
Peno's been crying about wanting to
go back to the house
"I want to go back to the house"
he kept saying
Maybe thats..
That had something to do with
what happened today?
Look Joe,
I'm sorry about your bad luck
I really am
But just because you used to
live in the house
it doesn't give Peno licence to
break in whenever he feels like it
I have a little boy at home.
I can't have him doing that.
Of course
I understand Sarah
Understand this,
If it happens again I will call
the police.
Sarah, it's not gonna happen again.
You hear me?
It's not gonna happen again.
Go away!
Leave me alone!
You have to come up some time Peno.
And when you do,
I'll be waiting for you.
I know I said we weren't going to
open presents until Christmas
I don't think one would hurt.
Go ahead, open it.
Don't you want to?
You don't have to if
you don't want to.
That must be Kim
- Hi
- Hi
Thanks for coming over
and thanks for that Christmas present
that was so sweet of you.
What Christmas present?
What are you talking about?
Oh, didn't you leave a Christmas
present for Derek on the front steps?
Oh? I was sure it was you.
Look, Sarah,
It's human nature to want nice neat
answers to everything
but unfortunately life doens't
work that way
and a lot of things can't be explained.
I mean you would not believe the
things that I've been through
I hardly believe them myself
Well all I know is that I can't
go on this way anymore
I have to get our lives
back in order
Back into a normal routine
I really think that's best for Derek
and for me.
You know what I always say
just trust your instincts
That's exactly what I'm going to do.
Are you alright?
What was that all about?
She was gonna call the police
Do you know what happen if
she had've done that?
You stupid....
stupid fool!
Shut up I've heard enough
You're drunk!
You're always drunk
Don't you turn your back on me
when I'm talking to you.
Where do you think you're going?
I don't have to listen to you anymore!
You bastard!
Son of a bitch!
I'm sorry father
I'm so sorry
You son of a bitch
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
Oh god, what have I done?
Hey ya Lani
Hey what you doing squirt?
Are you blind?
Or just dumber that you look?
Don't be a wise ass I eat
kids like you for breakfast
That's why my shit smells so bad
What an asshole
Hey what did you call me?
You little shit!
Eat it butt head!
Cheer up
Tomorrow's Christmas Eve
and things are only going to get better
Derek honey I've been doing a
lot of thinking
and I want you sleep in your own
room tonight
now there's nothing to be afraid of
just try it for one night and I promise
if it doesn't work out
you can come back in here
and sleep with me
Will you do it for me?
I want you to go right to sleep
Come on
I'll be right here if you need me honey
Look out!
Son of a bitch you're dead!
I couldn't stop
His pulse is strong
Dont worry he's going to be fine.
- I love you honey
Hi how are you
Thanks for coming
Sorry I can't stay very long
I've got to get back to the office
How is he?
The doctor said he'll be fine
but look at him
What a terrible accident
Sarah you think this is an accident?
What's this?
You tell me.
Hi Derek, hi..
You don't know me, but I'm...
Let's just say I want to
be your friend, OK?
Hey look what I brought for you
You'll find a very special toy in there
Very special toy for a very special boy
Come on Derek, it's OK
I want you to have it, take it.
- What do you want?
- Who are you?
I'm the baby sitter, who are you?
I'm a friend of the family, I'm looking
for Mrs. Quinn is she home?
She's working late, you'll have to
contact her at the office
Hey... Wait!
Open the door
Hey what are you doing, open the door
Go away!
Look I'm not going to hurt you,
I told you I'm a friend.
Come on let me in, I just want
to use the phone
I'm not supposed to let anyone in
Come on just tell me where Mrs. Quinn
works I'll go see her there, OK?
1200 Market Street, 5th floor
Thank you
As he yawned and stretched
and scratched his head
he felt two furry ears
growing from his head
How amazing
Straight away he searched the room
for a mirror, without success
So he filled a basin with water
and peered down at his reflection
Yes there they were,
a pair of donkey's ears
Carlos felt shame, and grief,
and anger in turn
And cried in rage and beat his head
against the wall
Yet the more he roared, the
longer his ears grew....
What took you so long?
He wouldn't go to sleep
Mrs. Quinn going to home soon
What are we waiting for?
What's your story? Come on..
Buck come on...
Jeez, what are you doing?
I don't have the right tool to
get into your car, so..
I guess you have two choices..
You could um, break your window, or
you could let me give you a ride home
I'll take the ride
Why did you run from me?
I don't know
I guess I panicked
I couldn't believe it was you
You scared the hell out of me
I'm sorry
Things have been pretty crazy
around here lately
But I'm glad you're here
I really am.
But it's been 6 years since you left
and I guess I never thought
I'd see you again
Is that true?
or did you see me every time
you looked at Derek?
He's my son, isn't he?
Damn it Sarah, why didn't you
tell me you were pregnant?
Would it have made any difference?
It was my child I had a right to know
I wanted to tell you Noah
I really did, I...
I wanted to tell you
I did.
I loved you so much
But you weren't ready to settle down
Noah, you know that
All I know is that you could have
trusted me to do the right thing
I did what I had to do
I wanted to finish College
I wanted a career
and I needed security for that and
you couldn't give it to me
and Tom could.
Listen to me,
I did a lot of growing up when
I was in the army
I know it's important now
I want to be a good father to my son
I want to spend the rest of my life
with you
It's in front
Don't rip it
Come on let me get it off
Oh baby
Where did all these toys come from?
- What?
I don't know they were here
when we got here
I don't.. I don't remember seeing them
We weren't really paying much
attention now were we?
Ooh yeah
That feels good
Ooh you never touched me there before
No no no.. Put it back up
Put.. Put it back on
- What?
Oh never mind
- Stop what?
Use some lotion honey
Sarah what do you know about the
old guy from the toy store?
You mean Joe Petto?
- Yeah
Nothing really just that he's
a nice man, why?
Well what if I told you he was arrested
for maiming some kids
several years ago
He owned a toy store in Grove City
when I was a kid
They arrested him on Christmas
for booby trapping toys
He'd rig them with lethal devices then
he sent them to kids all around town
Couple of kids got hurt pretty bad
I think one of them even died
I don't believe it
Sarah believe it I was there
What reason could he have to hurt
innocent children?
From what I remember he went off the
deep end when his wife was killed
in a car accident.
She was pregnant at the time
Oh my god
I guess he felt if he couldnt have a
happy family nobody else would
The moment I saw that toy store
it all came back to me
I got worried about you and Derek
So I did some snooping around
bought a bunch of toys from Petto
took them apart, checked them out,
see what I could find.. -and?
Oh god Noah I want to go home
Sarah wait,
what do I tell Derek?
You can tell him the truth
He's a smart little boy, he understands
a lot more than you think
Just don't expect any miracles from
him that's all he's been through a lot
Help me... Please... Help me...
Somebody help me...
Take it easy, what happened?
The toys! Buck's dead...
Buck's dead!
Where's Derek?
He took him.
- Who took him? Where? Who?
The man from the toy store.
- Joe Petto?
Oh god!
What the hell is that?
Alright look, we're gonna get inside,
we'll call the police
Come on, come on.. It's OK, it's OK..
Where are you going?
I'm going to get my baby
Sarah no, let the police handle this
Sarah come on!
God damn it...
Oh my god what happened?
I don't have time to explain just
call 911, stay with her
and send the police
Send them where?
Petto where are you you bastard
I want my boy
You hurt any inch of him
I'll kill you, you hear me?
Sarah where are you?
Ah shit
Oh my god
I knew you'd come
Pretty... Mommy..
Let go of me!
Who are you?
How? How... God's name?
Oh this is very simple
really, it's very simple
all you need is a little of that
and a little of that
and, a little of that
My father taught me how
My father taught me a lot of things
Not smart
You killed him didn't you?
You killed Joe.
I had to, he broke me
He always broke me
and even though he always fixed me
I had to be sure this time
that he didn't hurt me any more.
Oh my god
I tried to be a good boy father, all I
wanted to be was a good son to you.
But I could never be a real son to him,
I could never be that.
That's all he ever wanted was a real son,
a real son, like Derek
Where's my boy?
His real son died before he was even born
that's why he made me
My father could make anything
almost anything.
But, I wasn't good enough
He never thought I could love him
like a real son can
When he found out I rigged those toys
and sent them to your house
he was so angry with me
but don't you see?
I had to
Derek has to die
then, you can be my mommy
Damn you bastard
You don't need Derek!
I can be your son now
I can!
Don't you see?
That's why I took him
I knew you'd come
I knew you'd come!
Get away from me
I can love you like a real son, I can
I can!
I love you mommy
I love you
I want you
I love you
Damn you where's my boy?
I want my boy!
I wasn't
I want my boy what have you done
with him?
I'm your son now
not him
Not.. Him..
Don't hurt my baby
Not him
Don't kill him
You can be my son
You can come home with me
Don't kill him
We're in here help us
No Peno
Hang on, I'm coming
No, Peno don't
You can be my boy,
you can be my son.
Anything you want we'll go home
Anything you want, Peno.
Don't hurt Derek
Derek has to die
It's the only way
No don't
Mommy help..
Help me mommy!
Derek let go
Mommy help me
Grab him!
Father.. Father..
Help me..
Oh baby
All he wanted was a son
Don't leave me
It's OK
You're safe now Derek
I'm going to take care of you
Mom, who is he?
I'll tell you when we get home honey
Die you son of a bitch
Don't be afraid
it's only a toy mommy
That's right it's only a toy
Let's get the hell out of here
Just a toy?