Silent Scream (1980) Movie Script

What is your major?
- Have you had your physical examination yet?
- Who is next?
Parking permits... Mr. Zimmerman
I didn't get my library card,
can you tell me where I can go get it?
Do you have your registration receipts?
- Where is the housing desk?
- Third desk down.
- Name?
- Scotty Parker.
- Your Major?
- I'm a journalism major.
I don't think you're going to find me on that...
I transferred at the very last minute...
- and I didn't have time... - Ms. Parker,
have you any idea the housing problem in Santa Rey?
On campus housing was filled 2 months ago!
You can try these... But they haven't
been approved by the housing committee.
So we can't vouch for their quality!
- Ok! Thank you...
- Everybody's late...
Is anybody home?!
- Hey!...Where are you?
- I'm down here!
Oh...Hi! live here?
- Yeah, you looking for a room?
No I'm not looking for a room,
I'm desperate for a room!
Now if you turn me away, I'm going to
have to sleep on the beach tonight!
- Please! Please!
- I'm not the one you should talk to.
- I think they can take care of you up there.
- Oh god, I hope so.
- I'm Scotty.
- I'm Doris.
- I knocked on the door, but nobody's there.
- Mrs. Engels is probably in there...
but she wouldn't come down to answer the door.
However I think Mason should
be home pretty soon.
Is that Mason?
Are you kidding?
Mason's a little high school kid.
Does he wear glasses and ride a bike?
-Yeah how did you know?
Because I passed him on the way up here,
Come on!
The guy in the porsche is looking for a room too!
He's going to get it first!
- Wait a minute, Wait a minute!
- She was here first!
I don't want to put you on the spot,
But I had a really bad day and I really need a room!
- So do I!
- I'm not a violent person by nature...
But if there's a room here,
I'm ready to fight for it.
Why fight we can always share it...
I don't really think there's a problem...
There are two rooms for rent...'s Scotty, I'm Doris.
- Ah, I'm Peter Ransom
and it's a pleasure to meet you both.
The kitchen is back through here...
You guys can figure out what shelves you'll be
using in the refrigerator when Jack gets home.
-Who's Jack?
- He's your other housemate...
- I can show you your rooms now if you want.
- Oh please. - Please.
- This is the good one.
- It's yours if you want it.
-How much is it?
- Um $75 dollars a month.
Well there's another one that's a little smaller...
But it's real nice, and it's only $50.
- I better take that one.
- If she doesn't want it, I do.
We could've had a bidding war for that room,
not that I care since my father pays for everything.
But to show you his appreciation.
Why don't I take you to dinner...?
I have a better idea, Jack will be home soon...
So why dont you take all four
of us out to dinner.
I know this great little place just down the beach.
...of course if you can't afford it...
I can handle it thanks.
I can always sell my car...
The other room is right here.
- Can you show me the rest of the house?
- I'll take it!
There's a laundry room in the basement, and you'll
have to clean up after yourself if you use the kitchen.
Sounds good to me.
Also there's only one bathtub, so
you'll have to keep that clean too.
Ok, I'll still take it.
Oh, this is just right!
I'm glad you like it...
It was my sister's room.
Are there advantages
to being rich?...
I was wondering if you had any place
to store these suitcases...
-There really isn't any space in my room.
- There's lots of room in the basement.
Basement's are kind of damp...
Do you have an Attic?
- Is it ok if I put them up there?
-If there's something wrong with the attic...
- No, it's fine, you can put them in the attic.
Just try to be quiet when you go by my mother's room.
...It's the door on the right.
the attic's on the left.
Mason told be it would be alright
if I put my suitcases here.
I'm sorry...that I bothered you.
Hey Peter!
- Hi, what's up?
-Nothing, you need some help unloading your stuff?
Yeah sure, why not?
Hurry up the bus is leaving.
So are you ready to celebrate our last
night of freedom before the new term?
- Well... I think that's a pretty good excuse for a party.
- Anything's a good excuse for a party.
So tell me about this restaurant that your
taking me to tonight, Is it far?
No not really, we can walk to it on the beach if you feel like it.
Sounds like fun.
That I take it is the other roomate.
You got it.
- Hi I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
- No not at all, come meet your new neighbor.
- Jack this is Peter.
- Hey how you doing? - How are you.
- This your machine?
- Yup.
Sure is a beauty.
You know the salt air is going to kill the finish around here.
- There's nothing I can do about that.
-Sure all you gotta do is buy one of those canvas covers.
- Oh man, life's too short to hassle that kinda thing every day!
- Guess what?
Peter's taking all of us out to dinner tonight.
- Alright Peter.
- Who's all of us?
- You will see...
Oh I will see huh? Is there a surprise in store?
There's a little surprise that I can't talk to you about.
Do I have to close my eyes and hold out my hand?
You can close your eyes but your washing your hand.
- Where are you guys?
-Come on!
Hey were up here, can't you see us?
We'll be coming along.
- Come on!
- Hey your dealing with hunger here!
- Hey, you get a feeling Doris set us up?
- Yes.
- Do you mind?
- No, do you mind? - No.
Hey, come on.
...Stay with me forever my sweet love...
...We will never, never be apart...
...I love you baby...
...Oh baby I have...
I love you baby...
Oh baby I have...
Oh baby I have....
Excuse me, that's a double.
Look Ralph said...
That's terrific!
That's fabulous!
All my girlfriends had their nose fixed,
they all went to the same doctor
So they all came out with the same nose.
I mean there was 6 girls in our high school...
with exactly...Dr. Knitzwitz...
Why don't we join...
Of course my flower!
-Oh just in time.
- I found you just in...
-Will you move back!
- Just don't push anything!
You'll have to pay for it.
- Do you please just move back and leave me alone!
-Doris stop that!
- I'll leave you are my hands on the table....
- Keep them there and why don't you move over!
- I'll move over if you turn and face me...
- Will you not touch me!
Do you know that we are sitting with Peter Ransom the Third?
-The third? -Ughh.
Dont worry Doris...don't be alarmed
I'm not going to name our first son Peter Absolute Fourth....
- Do not concern yourself.
- Oh I'm sure the little bastard will really appreciate that.
He'll appreciate everything I buy him.
Well I'm Jack Towne the first and the last thing
I want to think is kids, so here's to... - Yay, no kids!
-You worried about Doris?
- Doris...
-Doris is a big girl, she can take care of herself.
- I'm sorry.
Oh shit, my dress is getting wet, you know
what we might as well be skinny dipping.
- I don't know, do we know each other that well?
- No.
You know, you're really a jerk!
What's the matter?
- I'm not going to hurt you, what's the matter with you?
- Nothing!
- Come on...Do you want to wrestle?
- No!
Come on Doris!
-He held the reception around his swimming pool
and he threw his wife in the pool.
-Are you kidding me?
- No I'm not kidding you.
I beg your pardon my princess.
Doris, just wait a minute...
I want to have a brief discussion with you...
Now just...
relax that...
- You're...
- Stop it!
You don't need to get know?
...very kind of a sexual feeling, and all of a sudden,
he backed away with this horrified expression on his face.
-Because of my falsies had come off too.
How about a small orgy?
How about a little sleep.
-Can I have my pick?
- No!
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- So what's the matter?
- I knew I should have gone with Scotty and Jack
I told you the tide was going to come in.
This is another fine mess I've
gotten myself into...
- What are we going to do now?
- What do you think? Were going to get out feet wet.
- Well I better take my shoes off.
- Oh, that's a good idea Peter...
- Are you coming Peter?
- In a second...alright?
Person needs a moment, to compose
themselves before they're going swimming.
Are you coming Peter?!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- You asshole!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I really am sorry.
Doris sweetie...listen...look...
Did anyone ever tell you
you've got great tits...Oww! Doris!
Doris wait a minute!
Doris wait!
What did I say?!
Could've dropped!
Hi! How you doing?
-Morning Manny.
-Hi Paul.
They're almost done in there.
Any Surprises?
Well, he's not going to recover,
if that's what you mean.
They covered at least 9 entry wounds,
Whoever did it, wasn't fooling around.
Any idea what kind of knife?
Real big and real sharp.
I talked to Stevens a few minutes ago,
the boys still haven't found anything
down at the beach.
You got any good news?
I got a line on those kids
he was with last night.
You left Mr. Ransom alone on the beach,
What do you mean by that?
Well, he was walking you home,
Wasn't he?
- Yeah...but...
- Listen he was drunk for christ's sake, he was giving her a hard time.
Look, I know this isn't easy...
But I'm really trying not to be a bad guy
It's very important that we
find out everything we can.
I'll be ok...
Is there anything else you can
think of that will help us?
Ok, I'll be right back.
I saw them leave, but I've must've been watching tv,
or something because I didn't hear them come back.
- I don't know what time they...
- Excuse me, please.
- Yeah?
- I finished with those kids, alright.
- Any luck?
- Zip.
Why don't we wrap it up here and we split?
Good idea.
Uh, incidentally you only recently
started renting rooms to students?
Um, yes, just this fall.
My mother hasn't been feeling to well and she thought
it was a good idea to put the spare bedrooms to use.
- You won't be needing to talk with her, will you?
She's not feeling very well, she...
I don't think there's any reason to
bother her at all.
Thank you.
By the way,
before you took in borders.
You were here just the two of you?
My sister Victoria,
She used to live with us, but she's gone now.
- Still in town?
- No
She's back east.
Your father,
what about your father?
Well, he died before I was born,
I never really knew him.
Well I guess that's about all for now.
Thank you very much, If we have any further questions
We'll be in touch with you. - Fine.
- Hey Benny, why don't you put that thing in my house?
- Yeah sure, Va-Va-Boom!
Have they gone?
Yes, for now.
- What did they want?
- What do you think?
What about me father?
What does she think this is doing to me?
Hey Scotty!
Hold up!
Hiya, what you doing?
Oh taking a walk on a nice afternoon,
How you doing?
Not bad.
Not good?
No, everything's fine.
You talk to your professors about
missing class this morning?
Oh yeah, that's all straightened out.
- What are you doing now, you going home?
- Yeah, I guess so.
Well I thought maybe we could go do something,
maybe we could go take a swim.
At the pool?
Well I figured why go to the pool,
we have a nice beach right on our backyard.
Hmm? How about it?
Didn't what happend last night kind of
ruin your enthusiasm for beaches a little bit?
Hey Scotty don't get me wrong, I think what
happend last night was the worst thing I've ever seen
...heard of, but I'm not going
to change the way I live
The whole reason I took that place, is
because it's got a nice beach down below.
Um, yeah...
If you want to go swimming in that beach...
It happens to be a terriffic beach.
What do you say?
Come on, let's do something.
- Oh you look so sexy!
- Oh yeah...
I drowned...
Oh god.
-There's a towel for you.
- Thank you.
- I can do it, I really can.
- Well, I'll help you.
It's my pleasure for sure
to dry you off.
- Put it around you.
- Aren't you cold?
Not as much now.
You think you want to go?
I think you want to go.
I do!
Ok, let's go.
We don't have a murder weapon.
We don't have any witnesses,
We don't have a motive.
The only thing we got is a body.
All you've got is a body.
I understand the pressure this department
has been under over this case.
-But it's going to take some time.
- Hell, I know that.
I'm not asking you to solve the damn thing tonight,
just give me something to tell his parents.
There is something that we're following up.
Believe me lieutenant, I'll settle for
a gut feeling, a hunch, anything.
Well, it's that Engles family
that runs the boarding house.
You think one of them did it?
Well let's just day that were umm...
checking them out.
Tell him to wait outside.
Your partner wants to see you,
says it's important.
So what is it?
Track the sister down?
Buddy and Rick are working on that,
Now there's no news yet.
Then what was all this about?
Are you kidding? You were in there for 10 minutes,
I figured you needed some bailing out.
- Thanks old buddy, you're a pal.
What's the boss freaking out about?
Were working on this case as fast as we can.
Well, it ain't fast enough for him, it seems
the victims father is an imporant man.
He's flying in from business meetings in europe
to get some answers.
- When does he get here?
- Tomorrow morning.
and I got word that were supposed to get
some concrete leads by then.
- Tomorrow morning?
- That is what the man said.
Sounds like were going to have
one terrific night tonight.
I'm sorry.
I just really don't really like it there.
Oh, it's alright.
I really like you...
Now listen, come on now, Hey,
I don't care home many years ago it was,
Manny, Come in here please.
Now I want you to go through the files
and find everything we've got.
Everything! Court records too.
Ok, it seems there was an incident
involving Victoria Engels in the early 1960's
- Yeah?
- She was in High School,
She got dumped by some kid.
So she attacked him and the
new girlfriend at a party.
- With a Knife?
- With a Knife.
Where is she now?
We gotta find out.
It's only me.
- Can you believe this place?
- I know.
How you doing?
I don't know...
Ever since Peter I...
Feel sort of weird.
Your telling me...
I think I'm going to school tomorrow
and see if anything opened up.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I gotta get out of here.
- Let me know what you find out, ok?
- Yeah...
- You think your going to be long?
- No...
- Call me when your done.
Can't you stay and talk for a little while...?
I got two chapters to get through tonight,
I'll see you later...
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't want Mason to see me.
What do I do with the beer?
Is there someone there?
Jack are you awake?
Wake up,
because it's time for you to go.
You mean another for the night?
I have alot of studying to do.
Ok you go ahead, you kick me out,
I'm going to find somebody else.
Try Nigel.
What are we going to do now?!
I don't know!
Ok you guys,
I can take a joke.
Are you down there?
I don't know why you had
to bring people into this house!
I told you it was going to be too dangerous,
and now look what she's done!
Why did you have to rent those rooms?!
- You know we needed the money!
- We could have sold the house!
-We could have started over.
- What about Victoria?
- Victoria! What about me?!
The only thing you ever thought
about is Victoria!
Can you see how you let
her ruin my life?!
You don't know what your talking about...
Your the one...
Your the one who's ruined her life!
how can you say that to me?
Don't you understand?
Haven't you ever guessed
the truth about Victoria?
...and about yourself?
It's been 3 years and the only way
we could keep Victoria from destroying herself,
...was to treat her surgically.
I can't leave her here in this horrrible
place for the rest of her life!
Mrs. Engels you have the child...
Victoria needs me.
What happens when you're too old
to look after her?
...will help me.
He'll help me look after his mother.
The father.
My husband...
...wasn't your father.
He was your grandfather...
and he died 2 years before you were born.
You always told me...
- Told me...
- Yes...Yes...
I thought that you needed something...
Even if it was a lie!
It's not a lie!
Mason is that you?
Hey Mason,
Have you seen Scotty?
Hey what's going on?
Wait till you hear what I got on
Victoria Engels!
Let's have it.
Ok, after she tried to kill
her boyfriend,
She tried to commit suicide,
but she blew that too,
- Court ordered her institutionalized
- Oh yeah?
That's right,
they had her locked up for 3 years!
Finally she got so violent,
they had to lobotomize her!
Wait a minute!, what do you mean
they had her locked up?
That's what I'm trying to tell you!
About 15 years ago, her mother
took her out of the place,
Took her home and as far as anybody
knows, that's where she is now!
Let's get over there.
You shouldn't have talked to him like that.
You shouldn't have told him that I wasn't his father.
But I'm here to help now.
What would you like me to do with this one?
I could kill her couldn't I?
That's what you'd like me to do, isn't it?
But how else could we protect
poor Victoria?
That's the important thing,
isn't it?
There must be another way...
There's only one way,
that all of us can be free...