Silent Youth (2012) Movie Script

The average European consumes 28 pigs in his life
160,000 liters of petroleum, 700,000 kWh hours of energy
and 1,5 million liters of water.
He produces 900 tons of CO2 and is partially responsible
for cutting down 1,800 hectares of rainforest.
And for one child dying of starvation.
Most people know that, but forget about it
because they have to go to work or pick up their kid from daycare.
And some think about it for too long.
And then they have the choice to either kill themselves
or go completely mental.
Do you know those numbers by heart?
I calculated them at some point.
Well, this is Jule's room, she moved out a week ago
and, well, the mattress is mine.
Great. -Do you need anything else?
I think I'll take a walk.
Pick up some hot Berlin chicks, huh?
No, just getting some fresh air.
It's really great to see you.
Have you ...Have you heard from Sarah at all lately?
I'll go to sleep. -Night.
Do we know each other?
No, don't think so.
Then why are you staring at me?
I thought I knew you from somewhere. - I see.
Did you just get back from vacation?
You look like someone who just got back from vacation.
I livee by the sea, maybe that's why.
I see.
What happened to your eye?
Beat up.
Guys in Moscow.
And what do you do in Moscow?
My grandma lives there.
I visited her.
I met those guys in a park.
We started chatting. They were quite nice actually.
They wanted to play cards with me and drink vodka.
We drank quite a lot.
Then one of them invited me over to his place,
in one of those residential highrises.
We kept on drinking there.
I think they wanted to get me drunk.
Well, and then I woke up in the elevator.
Blood on my face and no pants on.
No wallet, keys, cell.
Do you know your way around here?
Why? You look like someone who'd know.
No, I'm just visiting.
Who are you v1siting? -A friend.
And where's your girlfriend now?
She's not my girlfriend.
Just a friend.
Why did you follow me earlier?
I thought you were one of those guys who stalk people.
Ever done it with a guy?
No. You?
I had a girlfriend once but...
that didn't work out somehow.
I have a son. -Really?
How old is he?
Four months.
Do you think he'll be like me?
I mean, it's possible, right? That he'll turn out the same?
Yes, maybe.
where is he now?
With Anne.
They don't live here.
Guess it's better that way.
Sometimes I l1sit them,
but she doesn't want me there somehow.
Why not?
Her idea of a man is different.
Hallesches Tor, transfer to U6 and bus lines,
exit to the right.
Well, I have to get off at the next stop.
I have a couple more to go.
Well, if you want, we can meet up tomorrow or something.
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, sure.
I don't know, in the evening?
We can talk on the phone. -Yes.
Give me your number.
76 89...
Marlo ...
Well then, see you tomorrow. -See you.
And then he sits there, eyes open wide and asks me why?
And I say: the light hits the water with an angle and then it refracts.
Yes, but why... -Well that's .. .
Wait, and then I find this physics book and that's exactly what it says.
The light refracts and the refraction index and that's it.
I don't remember having learned it any different.
So what did you tell him? -I said I'd look it up at home.
Now I've got this smart mechanical engineer here with me
and I'm sure he'll explain it to me, right?
The light is a wave. Look, like this.
And if the wave hits another medium,
then the part that hits it first
moves either faster or slower.
Depending on the concentration of the medium.
Because light always chooses the fastest way. So ...
Yes, but why? -What "why"?
Well, why does it always choose the fastest way?
No idea.
Can you pass the zucchini?
Just tell him the thing about the waves and
make it sound more complicated, then he won't ask anymore.
But I can't lie to him. -That's no lie.
I mean...
Scientifically speaking it is correct. -Scientifically ...
So what did you end up doing yesterday?
Well, I went for a walk.
And then I saw the sunrise at Warschauer Bridge.
So you were out for quite some time.
You don't have to tell me anything...
Yes, well, I met someone.
In the street or what?
Yes, on the bridge. -At sunrise?
Yes. -And what's her name?
Oh, hi!
Hi -Hi!
That's my dad. This is Marlo.
Hello. -Hello.
He could give us a ride.
Didn't we want to walk?
Yes, but if there's a ride.
Okay, fine. Let's go.
You want the main entrance?
Yes, right? -Yes.
Maybe we just have to walk around it.
It looks pretty creepy.
The Nazi's built it.
German megalomania in stone.
I'm sure you could build huge airships in there.
And then fly over Berlin.
Yes, maybe.
By the way, your glasses look like shit.
They are my dad's. -I see.
Because of the black eye.
Your dad and you, you don't talk much, right?
No, never have.
Why did he come here?
See if I'm still alive.
Did you notice the way he looked at you?
He wanted to look inside your head.
Why would he want to do that?
So he can read your thoughts and control you.
You're nuts!
If one person jumped off the TV tower every 30 seconds,
it would take 3 years ...
for all Berliners.
Why would they jump off?
Don't know. Just because.
where do you study?
College, in Lbeck.
Is that by the sea?
Well, you can ride the bike there.
I could -. I'll be with you.
Then we can hang out by the sea together.
Do you want kids some day?
No idea.
Anne says he looks just like me.
Just smaller.
Little David,
big Kirill.
When did you last see him?
Before I went to Russia.
But I think he didn't want to see me somehow.
I dreamt a group of lesbians stalked me.
They whipped me.
First they chained me, then they whipped me.
One after the other.
Why lesbians?
I don't know.
They were wearing those strange leather suits.
And felt very important.
Have you ever dreamt something like that before?
What are you doing here? -I work here.
I see.
So that's your Russian guy? -Seems like it.
Well, I didn't want to disturb you. -No problem.
I guess I'll get going then ...
Okay, then...
See you around.
Have fun, you two. Bye.
Was that your girlfriend?
Friend. Yes.
Looks nice.
Yes, she does.
I can even still play some chords.
You lured me here with spaghetti.
Guess I ate it already.
I have Nutella and toast.
Does everyone have their own shelf?
Your roommates... don't happen to have spaghetti?
Don't know.
But it wouldn't be okay for me to eat it anyways.
I could live off Nutella and toast actually.
I guess I feel like taking a shower now.
You could stand on the roof.
Really? Now?
Sure, why not?
Can you pass the shampoo? -Yes.
I'll do your hair.
I think it's too short.
Maybe it'll work better with yours.
where are you now?
Do you want me to go?
I'm at the bakery.
Eating something.
There's only Nutella at your place ...
I can bring something for you.
Okay, see you.
What are you doing?
I'm looking for something.
Here, this is what I meant.
Ford Mondeo wagon, 97, red.
That was our family car.
Her father gave it to us when she was pregnant.
I flipped the thing over.
On a dirt road.
What do you mean, "flipped it over"?
I climbed out of the window.
Didn't have a scratch on me.
And then?
I hitchhiked to Berlin.
And the car?
Is that for me?
Want some?
No, I already had some.
My father said the police towed the thing.
And her dad wants my dad to pay now.
But it was a gift, right?
There's this guy recently who sings on my voicemail.
Wanna hear it?
That's you...
Isn't it?
Why do you sing on your own voicemail?
Can you talk to me and look at me?
Do you want to lick my ass?
What? -lick my ass.