Silentium (2004) Movie Script

We are taking you to house of the boss now
Stay calm, he just wants to talk to you. Okay?
Just a moment. We have to ring the bell.
In a moment, things will look much brighter again.
Again, something has happened
Of all people, it had to be the son-in-law of the
president of the Salzburger Festspiele
but that didn't make the old rumours dissapear
First they say nothing will happen
and then you're soaking wet
But it stopped raining
I can still feel it
Usually a priest only transforms bread into flesh
and wine into blood
But during the hygenic lessons
in the boarding school's showers
the priest's underpants transformed into a
sailing boat
There are always different opinions
when it comes to suicides
Some say this, others that
It was the childhood, it's in the genes
and on and on and on
I say, you cannot see into someone else
Someone else might also not always have it easy,
yet he can see the good things in life.
Hello. Please open your purse.
be reasonable, open the purse
Don't touch me!
What is going on?
Please help me.
This man has grabbed my breasts.
I didn't do anything
Sure, he did grab her
Could the lady please open her purse?
Well, hello my dearest
Is there a problem?
Yes, she forgot to pay
It is a great honour for our house
I'll come another time, when less is going on
Oh, that is a pity
Regards to your father.
She has underware in her purse
he sexually assaulted her
You're fired
And what about the 3 days I
Piss off!
Something against headache, please
Here you are
Do you have a family size package?
Do you have a family?
You can't just take it like that
This is very aggressive!
You have to drink something with it.
Would you drink something with me?
Good night
Drug Squad!
What did you buy?
Give me your parents' phone number
Take it out! C'mon
starting drugs
I'll never do it again
Not bad, the black afghan
I made you a key for the apartment
It's not necessary anymore
Gottlieb Dornhelm made it into
the news a year ago
He accused Arch Bishop Michael Schorrn
to have molested him 25 years ago
At that point Schorrn was still Spiritual
at the Marianum
Gottlieb Dornhelm was an
intrinsicly miserable person
whom we pity from the depth
of our hearts
Last year he became the victim of a media campaign
that used him to wage a crusade against
the holy catholic church
Now, the weather
Open up!
What are you waiting for?
Do you know why I'm here?
No Idea.
Is it my birthday?
There was some vandalism
on the jewish cemetery
So I thought that maybe you
could tell me something about it
How often do I have to tell you
that I'm not with them anymore?
I'm a leftist now
Could you explain that to me?
I'm for the same basic salary
for everyone
How about you?
What did you do the whole time on the toilet?
That's private, isn't it?
Nothing's private for me, okay?
It's embarassing
Shoot it out!
I masturbated
Show me your ID
Look at that.
A private investigator.
We don't need any private eyes in
I'm only here to see the sights
Just take care that I won't catch you
anywhere away from the sights.
Won't happen.
I have a tourist guide.
Wait a minute
Brenner, Brenner
I know that name
Haven't you been with us before?
So you're the Brenner?
Your former boss is a good friend of mine
He always said that your were a lazy ass
until he kicked you out.
Okay. Anything else?
Onto a mountain
Well, on what mountain?
Just on any mountain
Are you suicidal?
No, I just want to get out of
this fucking valley here.
Many suicides start like that
Just yesterday someone jumped from the
Should I drive you there?
Isn't necessary
but it's a nice view
The Mnchsberg has always been
a favourite place for suicides
Exactly like the Eiffel tower
where the French often travel hundreds
of kilometers just to jump down.
Belgians, Dutch, Germans.
Also Eiffel tower.
But the Germans are already divided
many say: "Mnchsberg offers better quality
and I also speak the language."
Excuse me
You don't want to...
Ah, damnit
No, I'm just looking around
So, did you at least get the
right size yesterday?
You didn't really want to...
I'm not that deranged that I would
jump down there
That people always have to choose the
nicest spots for their suicides
My husband went down there yesterday
I didn't know that
Say something stupid so I don't have to cry
Didn't I just do that?
Say something else
Do you know what meatloaf is made from?
From the leftovers of sausages
And what are sausages made from?
From the leftovers of meat loaf.
and that again from the leftovers of sausages
and that's how it goes on.
So what are you doing now?
Driving to Vienna.
And what are you going
to do in Vienna?
Seeing what's up.
And then?
I don't know.
Maybe I come back to Salzburg
And then?
I'll have a look what's up there.
I understand. It's the same
as with the meat loaf
My husband didn't jump down
there by himself
Did he have good enemies?
Good is an understatement.
Almost holy for all that good.
25 years ago, Gottlieb was molested
by the current arch bishop.
Gottlieb was 10
and the arch bishop was a teacher there.
He showed him in the shower how
to properly wash himself.
And for that reason someone should
have killed him?
He was literally stalking
the arch bishop
Stalked? How, stalked?
Once he went to a confirmation and con-
fronted him in the middle of the ceremony.
He's been beaten up twice.
By whom?
By the most faithful.
They are capable of everything.
You have to tell that to the police.
I have rather told it to you.
Do you know him?
Come into the house.
The boys are also already coming.
I have to admit that I am surprised that
Brenner accepted the widow's offer.
"have a look around in the school,
if you can still find anything."
because how do you want to
prove 30 years later
that back then the archbishop did
something to little Gottlieb?
Everyone's really into hot
showers or what?
Even hotter?
But Misses, for you we have
a separate shower. Come.
Thank you so much.
But please don't lock me in.
Nono, in this house we only
lock up kids.
Ah, right.
Ah, how is our leg?
Hey, you?
What are you doing there?
I'm looking for the drivers.
I bring the food.
We're up here.
Bring it up!
No, thanks.
But don't forget the toes.
Err, sorry?
What does that mean?
Shut up!
in Latin.
Are you here for the first time?
Do you want to come to me later?
Sports-prefect Fitz.
For how long are we
living on the street?
3 days.
That happens quickly nowadays.
2-3 times not having paid the rent, a divorce..
Well, in any case, the biggest problems
are smaller when you can talk about them.
Is it true or am I right?
Do you want to talk about it?
If you are not yet ready,
I can accept that.
I could use some money.
Who doesn't?
Unfortunately we are dependent
on donations ourselves.
Maybe I could do some chores
in the house?
Yes, there are a few things that could be done.
But we cannot pay much.
5 Euros per hour.
I don't need much.
Hey, are you a little crazy?
You have sort of a strange hobby,
don't you?
Well, as long as you
find it all funny.
Are you done with the
football field?
Then come with me.
It is some German company.
They built exactly this table in the 60s.
So tell me. You can talk
but you don't want to, right?
And what's with that funny guy.
On the sporting ground?
The German company's name is Herzog.
And is in Hamburg.
Watch out!
Watch your head!
What a coincidence.
We had exactly the same one
in Puntigam.
At the "Bahnhofswirt" exactly the
same table was set up.
Did you refurbish it?
Let's have a match?
But for every goal I shoot I can
ask you a question.
Try and score one!
Watch out with your cigarette
Oh, sorry.
Tongue cancer
The old regent has tongue cancer.
Tongue gone, preaching gone...
Old regent?
Yes, he used to be the boss here.
For this answer you still
owe me a goal.
Already done.
So he was the boss here when it
happened with Gottlieb Dornhelm?
There's still work to do.
Let's go!
Aw, c'mon. Let's play on.
Are you coming?
What's over there?
Maria's Grotto.
But it's only for the very religious.
Here, it needs to be
taken to the carpentry.
It is totally worm-eaten.
And who's helping me?
You'll be fine.
I go to town and buy some cloth.
Hi Brenner.
You're not with the "Rettung" anymore?
Please lie down. You could have
a cerebral haemorrhage.
Are you stupid?
I would have to be unconscious.
You were unconscious right now.
Here, look, does it bleed to the inside or outside?
What does the expert say?
You certainly have a concussion.
No. I have a headache.
No wonder. I always get headaches
when I'm sitting in the rear.
Hey! I want to sit in front.
Drive on.
What do you mean: "Drive on"?
You know exactly that patients
are not allowed in front.
Then I don't come along to the hospital.
No "please, Brenner".
Either I can sit in front or I exit.
Please, Brenner.
Gauze bandages are all the way down.
Don't need them.
A band-aid is enough.
So old and still so vain?
Excuse me, but this is not a
headshot, is it?
What's this supposed to be?
You'll see.
Thanks, cya.
Thanks, bye.
So, does this have anything to
do with an ambulance?
A little side-business.
organ trade?
No, totally harmless.
Errands for the "Salzburger Festspiele".
A new invention by the "Festspiel"-president.
In Autumn?
Easter-Festspiele, Summer-Festspiele and
he's also involved along in the advent singing.
And what's in it for you?
per month
100 Euros
Nono, for each delivery.
What? You take plastic bags for a ride
for 100 Euros?
Great, isn't it?
What's in there?
Brenner that's a secret, please.
Please stop.
Where do you take it to?
To the theater
You drive garbage to the theater
for 100 Euros?
And that doesn't appear a little strange to you?
It's absolutely respectable.
I bring the package, deliver it
and get paid straight away.
At 6pm
I'll come along
No, I have to come alone.
Can you stop right there?
I live here.
What now?
You're not coming along
to the hospital?
No, and there's also no Santa Claus and
no Easter bunny.
Already on the first day of training
we were warned of patients like you.
Can I borrow this?
It's not mine
See you at 6.
Stay away from the theater. Please.
I don't want to... I..
I don't want to lose that job.
Then go shopping at a gas station.
I can't give you the car today.
Please don't yell.
Nonsense.. Nowadays you can buy
everything at a gas station.
To Mrs. Dornhelm.
You wait.
2 bags.
I think I'm catching a bit of a cold.
What, why?
Is there a reason why I always do what
you say and you never do what I say?
Choose yourself.
Is there any reason for that?
Age, beauty
Fuck you
Hey, Bertie, cmon.
Piss off!
Where are you going now?
What are you doing there?
Hey, you over there.
Well, hello.
Where are you coming from?
Where do you want to go?
Who do you think you are?
Well, security.
Mr. Krawagner. You are going to
have a little problem.
With whom?
Mrs. Dornhelm waits for me.
Well, follow me along.
And you'll wait here.
We are in Baghdad, and here
the rules are different.
Me, your master.
You, my slave.
I, your slave?
Hopefully you didn't forget that
Bassah gave you to me as a slave.
Who cares about Bassah?
Girls are not a ware to trade as a gift.
I immidiately order you to love me.
What a bullshit
Excuse me.
But I may say something,
may I not?
But you are the mother of god.
You are a virgin,
You are, you are the heaven,
you are the stars.
You are totally clear. Just like the mother
of god during puberty.
Please write that down.
Okay, Anita?
Okay, please.
And action!
Isn't there any music?
How did you come in here?
I told them I have to see you.
Are you the boss here?
I'm the boss's daughter.
And you work a bit along
in the family business,
like it is customary on farms.
Is it illegal?
No, no.
Me, your master.
You, my slave.
Your slave?
Brush! Brush!
What are you exactly?
The garbage lady?
Follow me to the office.
What is it with the garbage?
Mr. Brenner. I pledge by everything that
matters to me. It is absolutely harmless.
Aha, so what matters to you?
It is an internal affair
of the Festspiele.
Mr. Brenner. Please.
Okay. I just wanted to know
what matters to you.
Justice for my husband,
for example.
You loved him dearly?
Kita, you can't leave me
alone right now.
Schmidtke wants to throw in the
towel because of the bad weather.
He doesn't sing when the
temperature drops that low.
Who is this?
That is Mr. Brenner.
I have told you of him, dad.
Well, whatever.
Kita, I really have other
things to worry about right now.
Please go to Schmidtke.
Calm him down a little.
You're so good at that.
Watch out!
Precision mechanics.
That's the same one Hitler had
at the Wolfsschanze.
Because Hitler was mad.. sensitive with his ears.
He didn't hate anything more
than noise.
But he loved Wagner.
And then the last thing such a man hears
is the bang of a pistol in a bunker.
Somehow tragic.
Gottlieb Dornhelm had a little
nicer view before his death.
Let me tell you something.
Mr. Brenner?
As I was told that my
son-in-law had died,
the first thing I did was to
open a bottle of champagne.
Can you imagine that?
well, there's nothing you can imagine.
My son-in-law was not a real man,
do you understand?
Do you think that there was some
truth in his allegations?
It doesn't help anyone to
dig out such old things.
Doesn't matter whether right or wrong.
After so many years.
You have to be able to forgive,
don't you think?
Some people simply are
See, I am not one of these.
I'm generous.
Good for you!
And you, Mr. Brenner?
Are you generous?
I don't think so.
Bad for you!
The stress, Brenner.
Small-minded people are always stressed out.
He is willing to sing on stage.
If you close the roof.
But that's not possible because
of the staging.
We are looking for a certain Mr. Brenner.
He's living here, isn't he?
He moved away.
That's a pity.
We have something for him.
Interesting. What is it?
A plane ticket.
Our boss would like to give
it to him as a gift.
You can leave it here. When he
comes I'll give it to him.
Unfortunately, we have to give
it to him in person.
Aha, why?
We have to talk to him a little.
To make sure that he really flies,
with our ticket.
Because if he doesn't fly,
it would be bad.
Thanks for the conversation,
piss off and leave Brenner alone!
What does it actually cost?
Well, it is divided into
fees and allowance.
Allowance usually is more.
I would like to know what makes you tick.
Money doesn't make you tick,
neither does standing.
What actually does make you tick?
I think the solution is
that I simply don't tick.
How lucky that you are
such an old scumbag.
Good night.
...this goddamn asshole...
I'm just asking myself, why?
Put it on!
Konstanze Dornhelm.
Did you get home well?
I'm calling because I'm sitting at
Gottlieb's desk and found a note.
Mr. Brenner, are you alright?
Nono, everything's fine.
What is it with the note?
It says:
Petting 69.
Yes. Spelt exactly like what we
did in our adolescence.
And then it says 69.
I'll call you back.
Are you sure that everything is fine?
Yes, yes.
Hi, it's me. Can I sleep at your place?
First you treat me like a kid,
and now you want to stay at my place.
Do you have pills against headaches?
Do you know how unhealthy these are?
They can literally burn
holes into your stomach.
And if you take too many of them
your blood becomes so thin that
it transpires through your skin.
Why are you so pale?
No smoking.
I'll tell you a story.
That was a great idea.
There. That's them.
pay first.
You've been at the bus yesterday.
I only brought food.
But the driver saw you.
Did you take something out?
well, just wait.
You'll think a little more about it.
Praise Jesus Christ.
Where do you go?
I need something against headaches.
There's no pharmacy at the train station.
For me there is.
Why do these gentlemen have to leave?
It is forbidden to linger at the
train station's premises.
The transport authority.
Says who?
And you are the transport authority's
private security service, right?
We don't want to waste taxes, do we?
Hi. A newspaper, please.
I'm not sure if you can help me.
I can help people the best who
have faith in something.
Doesn't look too good for me.
Don't you have faith in anything anymore?
I have faith in going to bed tonight,
and that I will get up tomorrow.
And that I'll have a coffee.
We don't know that.
But I have faith in it.
Well, that is a start, alright.
I also have faith in the fact that
Gottlieb Dornhelm has been murdered.
Oh my god.
I don't think god had too
much to do with it.
You're not homeless, Brenner.
Good for you.
Do you know anything about it?
I know who did it.
I can't tell you anything, Brenner. I am
bound by confessional secrecy.
The murderer confe...
Brenner. Whoever or whatever you are.
I cannot tell you anything.
Unless what?
Did you listen to our little song, Brenner?
"Lord, the paths that you lead me to"
"I often cannot understand."
Also detours can lead us
to the Lord, Brenner.
What do you know?
Brenner. You have to leave.
Why do I have to leave?
The police is looking for you.
"Ritual murder in the extreme Right"
Can I call you?
I will call you.
Give him your phone number.
Against headaches.
Did you already take the whole package?
No, I lost it.
With lots of water.
Otherwise one gets holes in his stomach
and the blood becomes so thin
that it transpires through the skin.
You have a good memory.
Or do you always remember every
customer who came by once.
I don't forget the weird ones.
The church really has to have money.
Tomorrow Salzburg's arch bishop Michael Schorn
will place the cornerstone to an annex
to the Marianum.
It will contain a Sauna, a meditation
room and a swimming pool.
The 2,5 million Euros won't cost
the tax-payer one cent.
It is solely funded through donations.
That is strange.
They collect a few cents at the train station.
they have a sports park like a football club
and then they build a swimming pool
for a few million.
And for who?
For 33 pupils.
That's strange, isn't it?
And what are you searching here now?
If I had always known what I look for
when I search for something,
I hadn't found anything so far.
that is again some general rumbl..
Wait for me!
Why should I wait?
You're the cavalry. If I'm in trouble
you'll get me out.
I don't have a trumpet with me.
We are already on our way.
I'm scared.
I'll look after you.
They were in my room.
In your room? Why?
They search for the passport of the
girl they took along.
Do you have it?
She was at most 18.
And really pretty.
I don't want to imagine what they're
doing to her now.
Yes. We can just hope that they
don't think the same way you do.
Come to the police with me. Please.
No. I won't let them frame me again.
I won't go there a second time.
I told you over and over again:
You have to leave here.
Let's run away together.
I'll have to prepare breakfast for the
boys tomorrow.
C'mon. Don't be stupid.
We'll have to call the Police.
The police? The police is searching for me.
Do you want to be responsible for
another murder?
The cook worries me.
Yes. At least we know where she is. Let's go.
The cook?
It's for you. Fitz.
Brenner, it troubles me. We have to continue to talk.
And what's with the confessional secret?
Maybe we can see it like this:
Let me confess to you today, Brenner.
Okay, we're coming.
Don't make it harder for me
than it already is.
Please come alone.
Where do we meet?
Thank you.
Splendid, Mr. Fitz.
That's enough!
Stop that!
It's not funny.
Sit down.
What did you do to him?
He fell down.
Well, he behaved like a raging bull.
Watch your ashes, Brenner.
Damn, I have a headache.
You could have a concussion.
Why didn't you tell us immediately, Brenner?
That you were on a night stroll with our dear
Mrs. Dornhelm at the time of the murder.
Okay Gentlemen. For everyone
half a pizza.
Pizza Diavolo for you.
Shouldn't we file a missing
person report?
Let's wait a bit.
She's not a little kid anymore.
I'm sure there is an absolutely
harmless explanation.
I do hope so.
We cannot buy pizza every day.
Enjoy your meal!
Better again?
Yes, sure.
Here's my husband's note.
Petting 69
Let's ask Mr. Fitz.
We'll go to the Marianum.
You won't find him there anymore.
He's already on his way to the
big benefit reception.
In the arch bishop's palais.
Well, let's go there then.
We should then make a visit to
our props room first.
Is there also a shower?
Reality is a huge pool of shit
that obstructs our progress.
But we are also not
singing right now.
Yes. But why not? Why isn't anybody
singing. We can all sing together.
Singing digests, singing cleanses.
And I ask myself: Who's behind this?
Who's behind that we are not singing?
Well, from that perspective you're right.
He's scandalous. Not a real director.
Bella. Mia Prima.
May I present you this gift?
I'm speechless. My favourite cream.
It is only available in Paris.
How come you know?
I also have my little secrets.
Your father pokes around in the
garbage of the singers.
Excuse me?
Only to be able to make the right presents.
Isn't that a bit much of an effort?
Hello Mrs. Dornhelm.
Mr. Brenner. I think it is not
the right time for this topic.
You cannot always pick the right time.
It becomes harder and harder
to get the big stars.
Hello Mrs. Dornhelm.
It is well perceived amongst them.
Well, I don't know much about high culture,
but isn't this a little wild west?
Mr. Brenner. All of high culture is wild west.
Good evening Mr. Private Detective.
Are you enjoying yourself?
Oh, splendid.
We are running a little poll.
What does "Petting 69" mean to you?
I hope it's nothing indecent.
Your Eminence.
Have you already been to the buffet?
Japanese food is not my cup of tea.
I wait humbly for the
goulash soup at midnight.
I hope it's a bit burnt.
Burnt. See, this is exactly what
I always tell my cook.
A well done goulash soup ..
Dear Mrs. Before you go I would like
to express my deepest condolences.
Better don't. Otherwise I would have to tell you
where you can shove your deepest condolences.
Well, I guess we'll have a look for
this goulash soup, don't we?
May I invite you to the
cathedral this sunday?
Maybe you'll find consolation in the sermon.
Frankincense always makes me a little nauseatic.
Eminence, please. We really have to
taste the goulash soup now.
Please follow me. I have to
introduce you to someone.
Do you think this was the right time
to discuss this topic?
You cannot always pick the right time.
I can't find Fitz around here.
My father said that he
left for Rome.
He left.
What are you going to do now?
Have a drink.
It's not that dangerous. My daughter
doesn't know what Petting 69 means.
But we'll have to come up with
something for Brenner.
And what will you come up with
for Mr. Brenner?
I always wanted to spare you this.
You wanted to spare yourself something.
Unfortunately you're a bit
too impulsive.
You've got this from your blessed mother.
Let me go!
Kita, we don't have anyone else but us.
Don't disappoint me.
Tell me. Were these Japanese or Chinese?
You can just readily say that?
Yes, sure.
How can you distinguish them?
Not bad.
What are you going to do
when you're all the way up?
Is there another possibility?
I'll drive down again.
What would you do if you were behind us?
If I was behind us?
Could we please discuss this tomorrow?
It could be too late tomorrow.
Okay, then let's exercise.
If I was behind us, I would turn
at the second highest level
Would go to the exit
Go to the exit!
There I would wait for us,
and shoot us.
Shhhh, be quiet.
They really didn't follow us.
See, just as I said. They still
follow international regulations.
Like in football.
They build a new parking deck back there.
Here they come.
We can go down now.
Wait! How do you know
if both are in the car?
No trespassing!
We're just passing.
Downhill I'm faster.
Quite a lot. I can't see them anymore.
They probably keep the safety distance.
That's not good for my head.
Where did they go to?
Go on!
Great evasive manoeuvre.
Now, you are crying.
Although you should be happy.
One shouldn't cry when one is chosen.
Yes, you heard right. Amongst many
girls, you have been chosen.
You don't have to be scared.
The man will be very nice to you.
And you won't be alone with him.
Here, look at this.
Our beloved mother of god
will always be with you!
And afterwards a beautiful
present is waiting for you.
But the greatest gift is that you do
precisely what Jesus says in the bible:
"Whoever loves me must take up his cross and follow me"
Now, watch out!
Now I'll shoot your balls off.
And... goal!
Brothers and Sisters in faith.
Dear relatives. Dear students.
After a 5 year long stretch, finally another of
our students was called to priesthood.
How come there's only
one ball in the machine?
I bet it was the 1st graders again.
It's also totally greasy.
Hey, unfair!
What's up with this table, anyways?
2/3 of our priests are nowadays older than 60 years.
And we all know, what this will
mean in a few years.
orphaned rectorates, empty churches,
Believers, who not even on sunday,
will be able to celebrate the Mass.
Where are all the balls?
I bet the damn 1st graders
stuffed something in again.
Can you tilt it a little?
I can feel something.
Something soft.
Did these pigs stuff a plastic bag in there?
Let peace be with you, at all times.
And with your spirit.
Shake each others hands as a sign
of peace and reconciliation.
Ah, Mr. Brenner. We see us again so quickly.
But that's how it is with you PIs. Always
around if something's happening.
Ah, Brenner, something stupid happened.
My mother would also like to come to the
premiere. Could you talk to Mrs. Dornhelm?
Who is it?
Ms. Ding
The cook of the Marianum.
The janitor..
The janitor?
Yes. The man spent 10 years in prison.
Had killed his wife back then.
We found the cook's golden necklace in his room.
He dismembered her?
23 pieces. Yes.
The suspect is still at large, but we're
currently searching the whole house.
Did you interrogate anyone in there, yet?
What? The priests?
No, they are all praying in the chapel right now.
Don't worry, none of them will run away.
We can talk to them tomorrow.
Sorry, a short interruption.
Leave this house of God!
I have to briefly ask a few questions.
I'm not so sure whether he lives here.
I'll get the police.
Does anyone know where Mr. Fitz is?
As you can see, he's not here!
Could anyone please help us?
Yesterday he was still in the house, right?
Didn't any of you see him today?
Do you know anything?
Are you scared because the educators are here?
We'll be outside on the football field.
In case anything comes to mind, okay?
Mr.Brenner I have to ask you to leave the church.
Otherwise I have to arrest you for trespassing.
Okay, come.
Does anyone know what petting is?
Petting 69?
We'll be outside. If anyone has an idea.
"Again, something has happened"
We'll close the house for a week.
Until then we have hopefully calmed
down the boys' parents.
Where do you go now?
The Benedictines of St. Peter agreed to host us.
Do you think someone will still come?
Soon I won't care about anything anymore..
Very soon, I think.
So what? I also need some relaxation.
Did you ever try autogenic training?
With what?
Don't you know that?
Once you've tried that, you'll throw away all your drugs.
Lie down and close your eyes.
I'll watch you.
C'mon. Play along.
Just one time.
Okay, what do I have to do?
Lie down, close your eyes,
and breathe deeply.
That's because you're not used to all the oxygen.
Breathe deeply.
And now:
direct your breath directly into your hands.
I can't do that.
and breathe. Deeply inhale and exhale.
The hands become heavier and heavier.
and very sleepy.
Now we'll breathe into the head.
The head becomes heavier and heavier.
Very sleepy.
We imagine the sky and the clouds.
And the clouds pass by slowly.
Look at that!
Oh my god, are we stupid.
Excuse me. Petting 69, where is that?
Damn it!
We won't be able to climb over this one.
Thanks. I wouldn't have noticed.
Look! Over there.
Where would you hide the key?
I would take it home.
Hello honeys.
Tell her that many women would walk
from Salzburg to Munich barefoot,
just to spend a night with me.
Are you also doing something?
You're cheating!
I cheat? I don't cheat at all!
Okay, stop to pedal.
See! Precisely like before.
Really? Precisely like before?
Great! Then I won't need to pedal anymore.
But then I'm allowed to steer.
Okay, brake!
We need the momentum.
Tell her
I want to lick off her tears.
Didn't she get anything to drink before?
She did. She's just a little shy.
That won't help either.
She shouldn't concentrate so hard!
She should relax and loosen up.
Tell her that a virgin's champagne is
like holy water for my vocal cords.
I know what's going to help.
Is that you?
Why don't you come here?
Don't you want to strengthen yourself a little,
since you have such a heavy burden to carry.
I don't drink during the day.
What a pity.
Suppose I would walk out that door..
Sure, go ahead. Don't let me keep you.
So many guns for such a little brain.
Would you tell me why?
You create a huge mess to make money,
You kill the people who find out
And then you spend it all for football fields,
tennis fields and a pool, for 33 pupils?
The church needs priests!
Otherwise she dies.
Do you really think that anyone becomes
a priest because of a football field?
Well, sports isn't that unimportant for a priest.
And the girls?
But they have fun doing it
after the 2nd or 3rd time.
Hello Mr. President.
Generous as always?
Satisfied, my friend?
Do they have to see me here?
He, who does right, doesn't have
to fear, Mr. President.
That is easy for you to say.
Child-proof lock.
Have they been on the toilet?
It's going to be a long ride.
Sure. Regards to Lola of the "Ritze"
Sure. What's with her over there?
Goes back to Italy.
Could you shut up?
So, we're going to the boss.
But we've just been there.
There's another boss above him.
So, we're going to have a short stroll now.
Get my gun from the car.
Yes! Move it!
Don't lie down. Go on!
Final destination.
Okay, friends.
Now it's up to you.
I'm scared.
Me too.
What does this mean?
What has happened?
They're still alive.
They cannot be killed.
Please, where did he stop?
Play the final chorus!
Final chorus on stage! Final chorus!
Final Chorus! Final chorus!
We can still fix it.
Come to the Marianum!
and bring the girl.
No, we'd rather not.
We'll take our sick leave.
What do you mean?
Come on, we've got to get the girl.
Climb up!
Lift her a bit higher. C'mon, please.
Can you hear me?
A final confession and you rescue
yourself into the purgatory.
Thanks, but no call for that.
But in Purgatory it is much more
convenient than in Hell.
You only get fried a little there.
Hell, Brenner, is much much worse.
Don't you know that?
The Devil preferes the souls boiled.
What does he mean, boiled?
Fitz! Give up!
The house is surrounded!
Please stop!
This is ridiculous!
Take the jacket!
Hand me your belt.
Quick, let's make a roof!
The water gets colder!
Piss off!
Yes, hello. Stranecke,
Criminal Investigation Unit Salzburg
Listen. Isn't there a "Petting am See"
in your district?
Yes, exactly.
Number 69.
Can you check that?
Fine. You call me back, okay?
When will you arrest the
president of the Festspiele?
Brenner. You're a pain in the ass.
Genius and madness. That's very
close in your case.
Wait a minute. Don't you want to charge him?
For what?
What on earth did you witness?
That the president picked up his
friend from a brothel?
And this scumbag of a singer,
I think he has also somehow
Yes, what?
Well, Susy is still underage.
She doesn't even speak German.
Did you ever see a john be
sentenced in Austria?
Where do you want to go?
You've got amazing hands.
Did you use to work hard with these hands?
Bitterfeld, your Eminence.
No, not in Bitterfeld. This is a mongoloid line.
One can sense the discretion.
Good evening.
That's how we see us again.
Do we know each other?
I think so.
I don't remember anyone with blisters.
I would like to conclude my assignment.
The matter has been settled.
My husband committed suicide.
Excuse me?
My father found a suicide note yesterday.
You became obsessed with this case, Mr. Brenner.
What did I?
become obsessed.
That happens.
Please send me your bill.
Come Brenner, let's go.
Forget about it, Brenner.
We're in Salzburg.
The Bible says:
Not 7 times you shall forgive,
but 7x70 times.
So to speak 490 times.
And to be honest,
we would have had 4 dead less in Salzburg,
if Gottlieb Dornhelm would have abode by the
bible and had forgiven the arch bishop.
Instead of bringing the old story up again.
But interesting it is anyhow,
70, a holy number.
And 69, always a bit rock'n'roll.
This is exactly what I'm talking about, you know.
Both of us want to get away from here,
but who's the idiot who thumbs a lift?
Well, you're the vanguard.
Either cavalry or vanguard.
Both is not possible.
Why isn't it possible?
You are just as much an asshole as John Wayne is.
Just as who?
John Wayne!
John Wayne isn't an asshole!
John Wayne is a huge asshole.
So, why?
John Wayne is precisely that kind
of guy, who shoots 200 indians and
then enters a hut and takes his hat
off, because a woman is present.
What's wrong with that?
Do you get it?
Do you need something for
your headache?
Where do you drive to, madame?
Linz is great. From there we can go to Graz or to Vienna.
To Linz.
But I only have space for one.
You look better at night.
Do I?
That's your tablets. They transpire
through my skin now.
What you need is a burn ointment.
What are you going to do in Linz?
Having a look what's happening there.
I'll get back to Salzburg and have
a look what's up there.
And then?
Then back to Linz,
Till the end of time?
Till the end of time.
That's the same as with meatloaf.
Do you know what meatloaf is made from?
From the leftovers of sausages.
You know that?