Silk Scream (2017) Movie Script

This is Art.
You Art, it's Tee.
Oh hey man, how's it going?
You know can't complain.
Listen my boss asked me if
I knew anybody with some
experience that could come
help out in the shop today.
The silkscreen shop?
Yeah yeah yeah look
man, this bitch Juliette
didn't come in today and
we could really use a hand.
I know you're an artist and you got
a little bit of shop experience.
Cool I'm down.
We talking like right now?
No time like the
present Bro Chacho.
Cool I'll be there in 30
brother, and hey thanks man.
Art dude, glad you could make it.
I'm gonna stomp
the shit out of him.
Hey man.
Great to see you, it's
been a minute. Cool shop.
Yeah, it's just a little crazy
around here in case
you haven't noticed.
It's all good.
So what are you gonna have me doing?
Pulling shirts, catching shirts,
printing shirts, you know shirts.
I think I can handle that.
Well let me introduce
you to everybody, come on.
This here is poncho, he
is the best in the biz.
Hey Ponch, this is Art, he's
going to be helping us today.
He's been screen
printing for a while.
Nice to meet you.
You don't know.
Don't worry about him,
he says that all the time.
This is Henly, he just started
but he's an aspiring printer.
How are you?
I'm good man.
I'd like to get your
opinion on something.
What do you think?
That's really something.
Yeah I'm working on
my own T-shirt line.
This is gonna change everything,
bears are really in right now.
Especially bears this
big old dolphin dicks.
Keep up the good work.
I think you're really
onto something there.
I know.
Alright this is Mark and
Reggie, they own the shop.
Reggie's cool but Marks a
little bit of tally whacker.
Got it.
Yo Mark, Reg this is the
dude I was telling you about.
What's happening guys?
Thanks for letting me help out.
Well it's good to
have you aboard Art.
So Tee tells me you're an
artist and a photographer?
Yeah, that's right.
You look you'd be good
at cleaning screens.
Why don't you have Tee
here show you around,
we'll get the details later.
Shit's crazy right now,
all of my major printers
came in at once and I'm literally
about to choke somebody.
Oh I gotcha man,
well look forward to...
Mark, what about today?
Lace I told you we
can't do it today.
Juliette didn't show up.
Keep on of these on you,
it's a USB drive,
also a laser pointer.
ART: Y'all print these too?
No just a promo item, come on.
Let me give you the
10 cent tour man.
This is the press I always use.
Poncho is always on that one.
Back there we've got the
darkroom and the washout area.
The shiters back in that corner,
and the dog's name is Silkie.
So what's the deal
with all these people?
They all run local
T-shirt companies?
Yeah they're all scrambling
right now because this new
line of shirts called
Elegant Decay just hit.
It's affecting everybody's business.
You won't believe how
competitive these people are.
Yeah that guy's totally
giving that lady the stink eye.
That's Hanes, he runs
Crescent City Clothings.
He sells the most stuff in
here and he's still worried
that everybody else
is such a threat.
Funny thing is the lady
he's stink balling now
really looks up to him.
The lady in the Below
Sea Level shirt?
Yeah that's Lace.
And what's funnier
than that is see her.
ART: Melting Plot?
That's Bella,
Lace's longtime rival.
Let's just say they've
had a colorful past.
They used to mess around?
I could see that.
Wait till you see
Bella's daughter Cammi,
she will get your
dick pregnant dude.
Who's getting pregnant?
You are, if I've got
anything do with it.
Hi I'm Heather.
This knucklehead's your friend?
Think you would have
more sense than that.
Keep joking beautiful.
Heather's new here
but she'll do fine
as long as she does what I say.
See what I have to deal with?
I'm just joking doll face.
She drives me insane dude.
Hi Polly,
how's my little Olive Loaf?
Oh hey T, I hate it
when you call me that.
Olive Loaf?
Polly's nice, dumb but nice.
I mean she's not cutthroat like
all these other cretins in here.
What's her company called?
All Dat Jazz, dumb.
All these people are exploiting
our fine city with their
gaudy bullshit, one day
there's gonna be a reckoning.
Put my fucking hands on
him, I'm gonna hurt him.
What's his story?
Oh that's Tank he does all
the Ninth Ward Soldier stuff.
Just stay on his good side,
that's all I'm saying.
I had no idea this
business was so ruthless.
Hey Marcus you think
I got time to hang out
with these low rent ripoff artists?
Starting to draw flies here.
What we looking at today Sax?
Dead girl, she had this
axe buried in her chest
and throat slit for good measure.
Who's the girl?
No idea, no ID.
She had money on her
when we found her,
but no wallet and no identification.
How long she been laying
down here like this?
I had to guess I'd
say this happened
around three, maybe 4:00 a.m.
Whoever hit her with the
axe is highly skilled,
did so from maybe 15 feet away.
She was a pretty girl.
Does look like the
neck wound was tampered
with after the initial slice though.
No tracks so far that we found.
Somebody was real careful.
This is not a normal killing Sax.
Drive bys, gang retaliations,
this is not that.
This, this was personal.
I just made more coffee.
You still drinking coffee?
I'm just getting my fix
Heather, beats crack right?
Are you staring at my ass?
He gorgeous.
Thinking about asking Art out for
some beers later, you want to join?
You know welcome him to the family?
I don't know, text me later
maybe I'll come meet you.
Tee are you seriously
checking out my boobs?
Are you fucking kidding me?
TEE: Hey Sean can
I get a couple IPAs?
You're cool Tee, but
I need to see his ID.
Juliette Shields, 26.
Originally from
Lafayette, Louisiana.
She got picked up twice for
shoplifting organic produce.
Sounds like a hardened criminal.
Current address?
SAX: Nope, just the
one on file in Lafayette.
So unless she's
commuting to the city
every morning we
don't have an address.
That's a hell of
a commute peddling
that cruiser she was
riding last night.
Any prints on that axe handle?
either he tried to wipe it off
afterwards or he's
got scarred hands.
Or he wore rubber gloves.
If he wore rubber gloves there
wouldn't have been a print.
Disposables can
leave an impression.
So we have no address,
we have no name.
But we do have a
place of employment.
This is my friend,
is what we call a lead.
Well Polly as it is we stayed
late to finish this order.
I mean I'd love to have all
of them done for you but
it's been 12 hours today
we're really exhausted.
You can pick him up
tonight if you like Lace.
Mark and I were about to start
closing up, but we'll be here
for a bit and we have some
of your order right now.
Alright well I'll tell you
what Polly just we'll stay
late for you, yeah come pick
them up tonight absolutely.
Yeah anything for you.
Alrighty then, no problem bye.
Okay great, eight o'clock it is.
Thank you Lace, bye.
God these women are so pushy.
Do this, do that, I need
them tonight, blah blah blah.
So fucking stupid.
I know man.
Lace really gets my
fucking blood boiling
when she talks to me
like I'm a little kid.
Reg one day we're
gonna have to show
them that we're running the show.
Show them that we don't
take shit from nobody.
It's just like these fucking
menopause twats treat us
like kindergartners, we run
this fucking business man.
Right, and meanwhile we
have dicks and they don't.
You see what I mean?
And they're so stupid too.
I'm gonna print a towel
that says gumbo on it.
Fucking stupid.
I have something to show you.
Check this out man.
Wow, where'd you get that?
Tank hooked it up,
it's brand fucking new.
Dude let me check it out.
Dude you look tough with that gun.
I feel tough.
What's that Polly?
You need the gumbo towels today?
Fuck no.
Dude, Polly's on her way over here.
You want to do something?
Man it's great to be
back in a real shop.
Well it's kind of like slow death.
But it keeps the buds
in the bowl I guess.
I'm just doing it to my
gyno graffiti takes off.
Or maybe I was meant to work
with cancer causing chemicals
and slave away in a sweatshop
for the rest of my life.
So tell me about Mark and Reggie.
Are they pretty cool to work for?
That's hard to say.
Sometimes I don't think they're
playing with a full deck.
Well I'm pretty sure Mark's
having an affair with Silkie.
The dog?
And he has problems
with his libido.
And as for Reggie, he's got
this thing for older women
but he's scared of experience.
How do you know so much
about their personal lives?
I have my ways, trust me.
Reggie likes cougars but is
afraid of experience, weird.
Yeah you won't catch me groping no
wrinkled beef curtain
that's for sure.
I'm saving my nectar for Heather.
You really dig her?
I'm anxious to see Bella's daughter.
Dude you will not be disappointed.
She does all the modeling
for Melting Plot.
And man spank bank material.
Yeah I'd really like to...
Fuck her.
Yeah dude, fuck them all.
That's what I'm talking about man.
Get pumped.
Alright remember what we discussed.
When I give the cue
you pull the gun.
Polly, come on in.
Hey guys.
Thanks for staying late
to get these done for me.
So you think you're gonna have
the rest of them done by tomorrow?
No Polly, I don't
think that's gonna work.
Oh really,
I know you guys are so busy.
So maybe by this weekend?
Really don't think we can do that.
Well okay,
so when can I expect them by?
Well maybe we'll print them.
Or maybe we'll shove up
your goddamn asshole.
Oh, no no no no no.
Here take a seat.
What are you doing Marcus?
Why are y'all doing this?
Because we have had it
up to here with you cunts.
You want your towels
printed tomorrow?
Too bad fuck face.
What did I do?
So stupid,
oh I'm gonna print towels
that say gumbo on
them, fucking stupid.
Marcus I sell thousands of
those a week, they're a hit.
Everybody is so fucking stupid.
Oh she's tied pretty tight.
This fuck face isn't going anywhere.
You you feel better Polly?
Let me go please,
I didn't do anything.
We're gonna make you pay
for such ignorance Polly.
Stop is Marcus, you're hurting me.
MARK: Oh you want to know pain?
It tastes like doggie. (SPITTING)
Polly I think we made a
mistake here, I am so sorry.
Reggie and I wanted to
play a little joke on you
and I think we might have
taken it a little too far.
Yeah this has all been a
misunderstanding and I apologize.
Appreciate it if you could
keep that between you and me.
And we'll have the rest of your
order done for tomorrow certainly.
You're free to go.
Dude what the fuck was that?
I thought we were gonna.
Oh you're jealous
'cause I get a kiss.
Shit man what now?
Well here give me this.
Checking it out it's your turn.
Isn't Lace coming over
for eight o'clock?
You got to try it
man, it's invigorating.
Dude Polly's halfway to
the fucking cops by now.
No way, she wants it.
It's just rude.
Like I talk to Juliette
every single day.
So for her not to text me back
is really out of character for her.
Like if I pissed her
off that's one thing.
But I didn't, and she hasn't
posted anything all day.
She wouldn't just up and leave town.
You think she got arrested?
She smoked a lot of pot but
they don't arrest you for that.
Otherwise she doesn't
drive so she couldn't
have got pulled over for anything.
Maybe she found a
dude to party with.
You know Juliette was working
on her own line of shirts.
Maybe you know she went
with that full time
and decided she didn't
need the shop anymore.
Well it's rude
not to say anything.
So did she get fired?
Am I just a fill in for her?
No even if she didn't get fired
we still need you in the shop.
Yeah Art you're family now,
and Crescent City Clothing
moves enough product to
keep us busy for decades.
Well I should be going.
I'll walk you out.
Yeah I got to go too
bro, I got to hit the hay.
then you can both see me out.
Gonna make it right tonight
Gonna party down tonight
Man we are so fierce bro.
Man I feel like Sly and the
Family Stallone or something.
Yeah me too, check this one out
At least we know it's loaded now.
Yeah we got this.
I'm just an outlaw baby
Six shooting gun crazy baby
Come in Lace.
I got to get these
and get out of here.
I can't believe you made me so late
and you didn't even
put him into dozens.
Reggie I told you about this.
Did you guys hear that loud bang?
Shit it is so late.
You know sometimes I think
that I need to stand here
and monitor everything you are doing
or else you won't get anything done.
You know Reggie you could really use
some further training in
how to run a business.
Oh yeah but you could
really use a stupid asshole.
I bet.
What did you say to me?
Mr. Jerrod, is everything okay?
Oh my God.
We're through taking
shit from you Twatzilla.
You want to bust my balls?
Well you ought to be licking them.
You're making a
big mistake Reggie.
You know something like
this could ruin your life.
Don't you wanna have
a family someday?
You are obviously under some
sort of extreme stress and...
Shut up douche face.
I'm in charge now,
no more manipulative
psychobabble old lady
bullshit from you, enough.
The next thing out of your
mouth better be your tongue.
Oh come on, really, really?
Lace I am so sorry.
Please let us just
make this up to you.
Sorry doesn't cut it chump.
Now drop the gun.
Lace, I am so sorry.
You're lucky I don't
cut you a little Vienna
sausages off, you
pathetic excuses for men.
Looks like your libido
lied behind the barrel.
Because now you got shit.
You're absolutely right
Lace, were weak.
Please let us make it up to you.
Oh you're gonna make it
up to me, I'll be in touch.
Oh you're gonna make it up
to me alright. (LAUGHING)
That didn't go so well.
Dude you have no backbone,
what the hell was that?
Didn't you see the way I
handled things with Polly?
You got to take charge man.
Well yeah but...
Yeah but she probably
creamed your jeans.
You dropped the gun.
Oh don't blame this on me you
dropped the fucking gun too.
God damn it.
What the hell?
Is this how you normally
greet people around here?
Sir I am so sorry, I
didn't know you were there.
Are you okay?
Boy you lucky I don't
ring your scrawny neck.
Can we help you sir?
I'm Detective Theodore
Watson, I'm investigating
a young lady by the name
of Juliette Shields.
I've come to understand
that she's employed
at this establishment,
is that correct?
Yeah we know Juliette, she
helps out here at the shop
and does artwork for some
of our larger clients.
Have either of you seen
her in the past 24 hours?
I mean no, she didn't show
up for work today in fact.
Does she have any
enemies that you know of?
Any problems she's been
dealing with lately?
No, not that I'm aware of.
May I please have her address?
Do any of you know where she lives?
I don't know if we
can just hand that over.
Are you pleading the
fifth or some shit?
I'm pretty sure it's the 15th.
Yep, payroll was today.
We do have her check
though if you find her.
Yeah definitely the 15th.
The fifth amendment?
Are you choosing to remain
silent in my questioning?
Can you please give me the
address of Miss Shields?
Thank you.
So is she a suspect of some kind?
I'm a homicide detective.
Do I have to spell out
to you what that means?
So what you're saying
is, she's dead.
Did the killer leave
a note or anything?
A note?
Yeah you know to take credit.
No son, the killer
didn't leave us a note.
I'll be watching you.
Dude I told you Polly
would go to the cops.
Oh bullshit this
guy's just investigating
like a missing persons report
or some shit like that.
Yeah now he thinks we're involved.
What like we're gay, you wish.
Yeah, oh that was perfect.
Well, I'm gonna go
whip us up some lattes.
Don't you move.
And don't do all that cocaine,
some seriously pure stuff.
The maid forgot my
fucking chia seeds!
Is someone there?
Hey speak up or you're dead.
I got enough firepower in this place
to blow up the fucking Superdome.
Don't you know I'm
a T-shirt mega god?
Hey guys.
Yo Tee man, those brews
had me farting like
a hurricane last night,
I think I blew a gasket.
What are you listening to?
Oh hey bro, these two have
been acting weird as fuck
all morning, so I'm listening
in on their conversation.
With these, I can
hear them clear as day.
Look I bugged them.
I spy on everybody okay just
seriously I'll explain later.
They've been talking
about kidnapping,
and police, and all kind
of shit this morning.
They're probably
talking about some movie.
No man, they mentioned
Juliette and Detective Watson.
This shit is local ese.
We should probably look busy,
so they're not on to us.
You really think
they had something
to do with Juliet's disappearance?
I mean why would
they kidnap Juliette?
Well if you remember I was
telling you about their problems.
And when the gun
went off a second time.
And we really are a
couple of horn dogs.
Yeah we got to chill with
that detective poking around.
These guys are psychos for sure.
Serious dude,
it's getting too crazy.
Tango and Cash.
What's up fellas?
Just chilling.
How's it going Tank?
Dreamy baby, diamonds and rust.
Hey tank, we got to try to thing
we got from you last night.
Oh yeah?
Brother it is clean.
Y'all better keep
it around y'all too.
Why's that?
Because she'd
getting real out here.
You know Hanes from Crescent City?
He was choked out last night
at his bungaloo on a bayou.
Came down the
grapevine this morning.
Watson want to keep it a secret,
but ain't no secrets
around here Reggie.
Yeah Watson he was here last
night asking about Juliette.
Man I'm telling you that
pretty little white meat
got sliced ear to ear like
Jack the Ripper on some shit.
Dude are you hearing this?
Yeah, this is crazy.
Well what are we gonna
do aren't you scared?
Fuck no scared, I'm celebrating.
Don't you know with
that motherfucker
gone out of the way I
could take over this bitch.
Wham bam, thank you ma'am.
What's this?
That's 20 G's, now we're
going platinum, make it happen.
We will.
Fucking right you will.
Always a pleasure my
milk toast brothers.
Alright Tank.
TANK: Make it happen.
I'm taking over this
bitch don't forget.
Dude I never did like
Hanes, fuck that dude.
At first I thought you were
nuts, but this is real shit.
It's like Tank said,
shit is getting real.
But how'd you know though?
I mean you totally called it.
This has been brewing for a while.
I can almost smell it, like a shark
smelling blood in
the ocean miles away.
Mark, these are all no good.
You're gonna have to
print all new ones.
I can't sell these.
Well Bella what's wrong with them?
Every single one of these are off
a quarter of an inch to the left.
This is unacceptable.
With Elegant Decay
out upping their game,
I can't afford any misprints.
Geez Bella these are tri-blends.
This ain't gonna be cheap,
how many we talking?
There's this box, and my
daughter's bring in another.
Dude prepare for an erection.
Mark, you're going to have
to replace all of these.
Wow Bella, that's over 600 bucks.
You should have thought of
that before you let Poncho
print everything off
quarter of an inch.
You don't know.
You should see the website.
Every summer I wax my beef
to the beach wear page.
Come on save it.
Sorry, sorry.
You know you guys
aren't being very
discreet with your
perverted staring.
You don't have to
be jealous Heather.
You know you're my number one.
She's an overdose.
But it's pretty clear this
guy back here was murdered.
She could have killed
him and then just came
back here for too many
celebratory snorts.
What about the
cryptic note though?
Fuck you know what, the
killer left a fucking note.
Andre, can I get that note back?
Thank you.
This was just on top of the body.
It's not like it fell out of
his underwear or something.
She didn't leave that
note, but this is a clue.
I want all information on
everybody at that print shop.
All of the receipts,
everything you can get me.
There's something
fishy going on here.
We're gonna sniff this shit out.
So you like spy on everybody?
it's kind of my thing.
You know don't tell nobody but
I find other people's
lives really interesting.
So I watch them.
And listen to them.
Pretty clever huh?
Who new bugging people
could be so much fun?
Yeah and I pick it all up on
this little scoot right here.
I can hear them 1000
feet away, clear as day.
So you like listen to Mark
in the bathroom and shit?
No man no, none of that,
did you ever want to hear
what people say when
you're not around?
Well I know.
Whatever man, you think too much.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
Either way my spying
here is gonna help us
get to the bottom of
this T-shirt warfare.
You know I often thought that
eliminating the competition
is a way to make a
business assure success.
If you're right, this is
T-shirt warfare, I admire
the attackers strategy, I
think there's more to come.
And that motherfucker right
there is our first suspect.
So Art, you do photography right?
Oh yeah,
quite a bit actually, why?
Well Bella's talking
about needing somebody ASAP
to help her get a new line
of shirts live tonight.
Would you be interested
in something like that?
Sure, I can do that.
She'll pay you.
Sounds great Mark, thanks.
Great, I'll let her know.
Dude do you realize
what just happened?
He just asked you if
you want to photograph
Cammi half naked, and get
paid for it, and you said yes.
Oh choice, that's right you said
she models all her mom's
clothes, holy shit.
I'm there
I'm New Orleans
I work and live on all new there
But I don't know what it means
I'm there
I'm New Orleans
The crusties and the hipsters
And the not so fucking queens
Get a brain you alcoholic morons
So there you are.
His first photo shoot for me
and he winds up running late.
I thought I was going to have
to take the damn photos myself.
Actually I'm right on time.
It doesn't matter.
Mark actually said you
know what you're doing.
Yeah, I've been taking
photographs for quite a while now.
Good 'cause if you do well,
you could become a regular.
The last photographer left here with
a restraining order to
accompany his pink slip.
That's funny.
Cammi is behind the curtain.
She'll let you know
what you need to do.
I have to attend a meeting,
then go to the market.
You should be done by
the time I get back.
Just upload all the files
to my email on the website.
Yes ma'am, no problem.
Oh and keep your
hands to yourself.
Yeah hey,
it's Art from the print shop.
Oh great, I'll be right out.
Hey, I saw you at the shop today.
Yeah, I saw you too.
We didn't get to officially
meet, I'm Art.
I'm Cammi, nice to meet you.
Thanks so much for doing
this on short notice.
We're really in a rush
to get this line going.
Yeah, no problem,
it's my pleasure really.
When I saw you today I was
hoping I'd get to meet you.
Yeah, why is that?
I don't know I just
thought we had a connection.
Me too actually.
Alright well,
you ready to get started?
Yeah, let's do it.
Love was such an easy game
Till you walked through the door
You came and swept
me off my feet
And left me wanting more
And in my dreams I must admit
You're always acting like
But something hard in
the back of my mind
Cuts me like a knife
Do you still love
Do you want to love
me in the night
Do you still love
Tell my you're
gonna treat me right
So did you get to fish
in her canal or what?
No, but we made a
strong connection.
She wants me to call
her this weekend
to make out, to hang out.
Wow, man that is
really awesome for you.
She usually isn't very flirty.
So what's all this stuff?
Here we have all the local
independent clothing companies
along with the employees
of our pals print shop.
That's what I'm talking
about, excellent let's hear it.
Dude while you were
playing herb rits
with Cammi I have been busy.
I made a sheet for every
suspect in our circle.
Geez, you have been busy.
First is Henly.
This guy seems
like a prime suspect,
relocated here from Rhode
Island six months ago.
He was Juliet's coworker.
Three months ago he got picked up
for soliciting,
looks like a real asshole.
The guy comes into town
all of a sudden and then
wants to make this T-shirt
line with bear dicks.
You really think he
killed Juliette and Hanes?
I wouldn't put it past him.
Next up we have Mark and Reggie.
These two bozos are right
in the middle of everything.
Plus there's a possibility we're
dealing with more than one killer.
The shit these guys we're talking
about today was
basically a confession.
They're like two unabombers
waiting to explode.
Next up is Tank.
Seems like a killer to me.
Why 'cause he's black?
No I just...
Samuel Bartholomew
Dangerfield, aka Tank.
This guy's got a rap
sheet a mile long,
over a dozen murder
charges all dismissed.
Couldn't tell you how many times
I've taken this hoodlum in.
The moment something
links him to this case
I'm throwing the
fucking book at his ass.
Distributing, assault
and battery, arson.
Next up we have Poncho.
Are you kidding, Poncho?
The guy never says
shit, it's eerie.
He hardly speaks English,
Poncho is harmless.
We'll see about that.
SAX: He was found naked inside
of a crypt covered in his own urine.
Next we got Lace and Bella.
They used to work together
years ago and then
their relationship
went sour and they
ended up having an ugly separation.
This clipping's from The
Times, 1988.
For years they were sharing
a residency and a printing
business until their court
settlement in the early 90's.
Both have charges for assault.
Ugly separation?
Yeah the two can't stand to
be in the same room together.
Really, look who just sat down.
Something is off here dude.
Wait a minute, I'm a suspect?
Well technically, yeah.
Well what about you?
I would know if I was the killer.
SAX: This guy also
works at the shop.
Tee, that's my boy, he alright.
You know this dude?
Yep, the CI from five years ago.
Slacker, but a stand up guy.
Our main focus should be on
the print shop and
those suspicious owners.
Think I'm gonna pay them a visit
tonight, see what stirring.
Lace, I know you said
you'd never forgive me but
I was hoping that we could put
old problems aside for now.
What do you want?
I can't even believe I'm
sitting here with you right now.
I think that
someone's out to get us.
What because of Hanes?
Please, that guy was a scumbag.
He probably had half the
city gunning for him.
He was a nagan supporter you know.
This is serious, first
Juliette now Hanes.
I think someone's out
to get one of us next.
What are you doing?
I've got a bug on Bella.
Let's see what these old
coots are talking about.
Alright let's just
say for a minute
that someone is out to get us, why?
Because our business is cutthroat,
and now someone's taking
that term literally.
Poor Juliette was the sweetest
girl that I've ever known.
She was killed because
of her position.
I remember our old positions.
Scissor Lips.
Dude Lace totally just
changed the subject.
You can say that again.
Would you come stay with
me at my home tonight?
Protect me.
I don't want to want to
open that old wound again.
Geez, keep it shut lady.
No I think she means.
Shit, you see how nervous I am?
Ah shit, there goes the bug.
Look I think we should
follow Lace tonight.
I think something
juicy is gonna happen.
If it'll make you feel better.
Man, Lace is gonna run us into
the ground for this, I can tell.
Well maybe you should
have let me handle her.
Instead you're too busy playing
bedtime baby nurses for nanny.
Funny you say
that, I did feel like
a little baby when I was
suckling on her booby.
God damn it this
fucking stupid thing.
Why won't it fit?
Man, look at all this cash dude.
We could just skip town, pick
up whores, and go to Vegas.
Tank would find us for sure.
My associate and I
would like a bottle
of your finest bubbly sir,
and four hair pies please.
Detective Watson I am so...
Sorry, you gonna be sorry alright.
What the hell are you
cracker jacks doing in here?
You better come clean
with me too, spill it.
This is actually
for a large order sir.
We were just playing around.
Well I'm not.
You just lost an employee,
and your best customer,
and you guys are in
here playing around?
You better pray no one else
linked to this please dies
or I won't hesitate lock
your pansy asses up.
Absolutely sir, this is
a dark time for us here.
I'd like to have a
look at all invoices
dealing with Crescent City Clothing.
Not a problem sir.
We're very cooperative by nature.
Just get the information together,
drop it off at second
district station.
And this won't be the end of
our acquaintance gentlemen.
What a dick.
Serious, what does he want
us to solve the crime for him?
Alright come on,
bedroom's back here.
Let's get out of
here, she's no killer.
Wait I want to see what she does.
Dreams of Scissor Lips I'm sure.
No way man,
old ladies don't masturbate.
Yeah, they do.
You got to be kidding me.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Fuck this.
Why don't you just kill me already?
Well now the first
note makes sense.
You got to be kidding me?
What the fuck going on man?
You blue suit wearing bologna
pussy eating mother fuckers.
You think I wasted this bitch?
I ain't kill that which bitch.
She ain't no threat.
You ain't neither mother
fucker, you ain't shit.
Sit your ass down.
Man let me go.
Sit down.
Oh great.
Calm down brother,
this white bitch was
found dead on your property,
so we got to take you in.
What do you mean she
was found, say bro...
Anyway, she ain't white no more,
she was skinned from head to toe.
What that got to do with me?
I don't think you did it.
I think someone
trying to set you up.
You know I ain't do it.
So just calm down and tell
us what we want to know.
I ain't saying shit till
I get some representation.
Have it your way.
What are you king of
burgers or some shit?
What can you tell me
about the screen print shop?
Especially the pecker
woods that run it.
No it's no problem,
don't worry about.
It happens, thanks.
Here you go man.
Fucking piece of shit.
My order gets fucked
up everywhere I go.
You know what fuck it.
I'm not gonna let
anything ruin this day.
Hi mate, can you spare a fag?
What'd you call me?
I think she means a cigarette.
Oh right, sorry here you go.
Sweet mate.
REGGIE: Nice shirt.
Goddamn bums man.
Do you think Elegant Decay
is who's behind these murders?
Maybe, nobody seems to
know who's behind company.
Yeah, and they're the
newest kid on the block.
And the oldest just got knocked off.
And as a potential where next
because we're the supplier
for all the competitors.
Doubt it.
So the breakfast of champions,
a roast beef and coffee?
I saw Andre out front, said
Tanks alibi checks out.
He said that today, but I'll think
of something to hold him anyway.
Good to know he's off
the street though.
How do you eat so
heavily so early?
Yeah I'm headed to that
shop, you wanna tag along?
We just got off a graveyard.
Why don't you just go home
and get some sleep boss?
Why you so hung up on these
dicks at the print shop?
So you saying they ain't
got nothing to do with this?
I'm not saying they have
nothing to do it, I'm just saying
isn't there a possibility
they're just assholes?
I mean why don't we just take
a step back and look at this?
This little piggy had roast beef.
Sure do.
It's the notes boss.
Bella's coming back
from the market right?
And Hanes was killed in his
home, just like the notes.
So if this killers
following this stupid rhyme
then we have like three
more murders to go boss.
Then tonight's
gonna be a bloodbath.
We got to find this son of a bitch.
There's something we're not
catching here with the notes.
Yeah, they're being
printed at the shop.
They could have worked there Sax.
The notes have been
silkscreened into the fabric.
All we have to do
is find the printer.
So you want to full
DNA test the notes?
Yep, and in the meantime
I'm gonna go old school.
There at the shop and I'm on my way.
This little piggy had none.
Holy shit dude, shit
is going down in there.
What's happening man?
That Detective is here
talking to Mark and Reggie.
He thinks they have something
to do with the murders.
And it sounds like
somebody else got diced?
What, who?
I don't know, I just overheard
them talking about a third victim.
Hey it's Cammi, hold on a second.
Hey Cammi, what's going on?
I'm just about to head in to work.
CAMMI: I didn't know
who else to call.
Oh no hey, I'm here
for you, what's going on?
CAMMI: My mom.
No it's okay you can tell me.
CAMMI: She's been murdered.
The police woke me up
first thing this morning.
I don't know what's going on.
I need to get out of here.
Okay, I'll come pick you up.
Just calm down,
tell me where you are.
CAMMI: I'm at the
station on Broad.
Thank you so much Art.
I know we just but you
really are sweet and...
No it's no big deal,
I'll be there soon.
Bella's dead.
Dude you got to jump on Cammi man.
Chicks are always horny
when they're upset.
Seriously dude?
Well they are I think.
Alright can you cover
for me here, I got to split.
Yeah no problem.
I mean they have their
hands full in there.
They probably won't even
notice that you're gone.
And Tee,
I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
I'm with you 100% from now on.
Fucking right brohemian,
it's coming down to it.
And I know you're cool
because I bugged you too.
Yeah remember those
little USB pens?
Well I kind of remodeled them
to host Bluetooth transmitters
I just needed to know that
you were on the level bro.
Geez you're good.
Now go take care of Cammi.
I'll find out what
information Watson knows.
Sounds good, keep in touch.
I'll tell you the big deal.
I got bodies popping
up left and right.
And somehow it all
point back to your shop.
You're right you're
totally right, I'm sorry.
Now enough of this
why you ask me bullshit.
Absolutely bro, I mean sir,
you have my full cooperation.
I asked you nicely last
night, and I would have been
very pleased if I had got
a certain stack of invoices
pertaining to Crescent City Clothing
delivered to my office this morning.
But that just didn't happen.
We are terribly
sorry about that sir,
and we can get those for you.
Don't you need like a
warrant or something man?
Oh goddamn.
Tee I don't know how you
work for this asshole.
Make like a twirling
lawnmower bro.
Man, that was pretty
tough what you just did.
Man these cops don't know me.
What if he gets a warrant though?
Geez man did you fart?
It's like a fucking
septic tank exploded.
I don't know.
Don't give me that shit, I know
what your farts smell like.
Oh, what is that smell?
Smells like somebody
opened a morgue sandwich.
Clear the deck.
Yo Ponch, you catch that whiff?
Smells like a maggot Po boy in here.
You don't know.
Why do you always say that man?
You think I don't know stuff?
I know lots of things.
I know lots of things.
Who can it be,
it's driving me crazy.
My mom was going on about
this new competitor in town.
She was scared to be alone.
She thought someone
was out to get her.
This Elegant Decay
person or whatever?
I have no idea what's going on.
I just don't think I
should be alone right now.
We could go to my place.
Thanks Art.
I don't think I could go home.
My mom and I really
were two peas in a pod.
I don't know what I'm gonna do now.
Don't worry about the mess.
Just come join me, hold me.
Yeah sure.
I just thought you might
want to get some rest.
Come here.
I can't thank you enough
for being here for me.
You make me feel really safe.
Anything you need Cammi,
I really care about you.
Yeah, that means a
lot I really like you.
I guess Tee really did know
what he was talking about.
Yes Mrs. Wang, so I'll send over
the football wifebeaters ASAP.
Right, I'll talk to you later.
Polly hey, I was
hoping to see you today.
I'm sorry for popping
in on you like this Marcus
but I just really wanted to see you.
Oh it's okay Polly,
what's on your mind?
Well I can't stop thinking about
your behavior the other day.
Oh I'm really sorry about that.
No no, no I liked.
I didn't know you were so tough.
You know how it is.
Perhaps we could get
together later tonight?
Yeah sure, okay.
I want you to tie me
up again and breathe
your doggie breath all
over me, like an animal.
These mothers are sick.
What that?
Nothing, I was just
listening to a really sic song.
So Heather we've known each
other a few weeks now right?
And you know how
much I like you right?
I guess so,
sometimes it's hard to tell
what's real and what's goofing off.
Well I'm not goofing now.
What if I told you I want to be
with you tonight for
your own protection?
It's a good line but...
What if I told you
your life was in danger?
Me, who would want to hurt me?
Look you can't rationalize
the actions of an insane person
I think whoever's
been killing people
with ties to our shop is insane.
You're being serious aren't you?
Dead serious.
Big easy prints.
Hello there meat.
Oh Lace, hey how's it going?
It's gonna be going a
lot better very shortly.
Yeah why's that?
'Cause I finally figured
out how you're gonna
pay me back for your little
stunt the other night.
Yeah meat, you're gonna
be my slave tonight.
I'm gonna show you just
how tender you can be,
like a flank steak, so juicy.
You still there meat?
Yeah sure Lace,
that sounds like a plan.
Be at my place tonight
or I'll butterfly you.
Okay Lace we can work with that.
Thank you very much, bye bye.
So Reg man I got to make like
Rosie O'Donnell's inseam and split.
Polly needs a little after hours
assistance if you know what I mean.
Can you lock up man?
Actually I have an
appointment with Lace tonight.
Oh nice man. (WHISTLING)
Take it easy man.
Tee can you lock up,
got to make that move.
Well I kinda have a lot...
Make sure nobody
fucks with Tanks money.
Poncha you guys stay late
and finish the orders, later.
Damn, everybody's
getting lucky except me.
So Heather, have you thought about
what I was telling you earlier?
Tee, I think you're sweet
and I really appreciate
the concern but I
get the feeling that
you're just trying
to get into my pants,
and I just don't think
of you that way okay.
Really, we'll see how you feel
when the killer gets you next.
You're gonna wish I was
there to protect you.
TEE: Whatever I'm outta here.
Don't act like this.
Hey Poncho, can you lock up?
You don't know.
I've got a killer to catch.
I'm still mad about you
You're lying here in my bed
Hey Ponch are you leaving?
We don't have keys to lockup.
I'm still mad about you
Dude alright where are you man?
We got a lot of work to do tonight.
Calm down Tee, I'm just
gonna to get Cammi some grub.
Where are you?
Dude tonight Mark
is going to Polly's
and Reggie is going to Lace's.
Shit is fucked.
What do we do, they're
gonna be prime targets.
Look you go to Lace's
you know where it's at.
And I'll go to Polly's.
Alright cool I'm
heading straight over.
I just hope it's not too late.
Animal enough for you Polly?
Yeah Marcus, you're a beast.
You're the best of the beasts.
Oh Marcus be with me.
God I feel so alive.
No please,
I didn't do anything wrong!
Look, look I'll do anything,
just let me prove it to you.
Yeah there you go look,
I can do things for you.
I'm really good, I can
make you feel so good.
I know you didn't
mean to be like that.
We all lose our heads sometimes.
Spill it.
Well a neighbor
called reporting that
they had a dead flesh
smell coming from
this apartment at O 800 hours today.
And this one on the floor is
the neighbor from next door.
Let me guess, T-shirt killer.
Well this fat fuck
on the couch right here
was a owner of a T-shirt
wholesale company.
And this lump of shit on the
floor was a graphic designer
that do T-shirts for the New
Orleans African connection.
Those fucking pecker woods.
the clowns from the print shop?
I got enough on these two
to stick the book so far up
they us they be reading
their rights from a flagpole.
Oh fuck this shit, these
motherfuckers are putrified
and it smells like
burnt bug wood in here.
Hamburgers, I wonder if
Art found out anything.
Tell me you found something.
I'm over at Polly's
right now and the place
is quieter than a
fucking corpse man.
ART: Dude I'm
heading to the shop,
can't make it to Lace's.
Wait a minute, what why?
ART: Cammi called
me and she said she's
heading over there, she
panicked, some shit.
I mean she was acting
really fucking weird.
Yeah go there.
They're still working man
the shop should be open.
I'll swing by Lace's.
Let me see how hard to shove you
Let's go on
Doesn't he?
Yes, yes.
Yes what?
Yes mistress.
That's better, if you
keep that up I might let you
marinate me with with
your stinking disease,
soak me with your
seasonings and I'll
melt in your mouth little boy.
Well go check it out hero.
Go check it out.
Come on you little cock sucker.
Come on what you got?
Got it.
Detective Watson we got to move.
Oh fuck, we got to move man.
Warrant guaranteed
on those two assholes?
No I just got two Crime Stoppers
tips about separate incidents.
There was screaming
heard own at 213 Sanan.
Who lives at that address?
That'd be Polyester Coates sir.
Poly Coates.
This place is a shit hole.
What about the other one?
Screams heard on the 2200
block of Acacia Avenue.
The neighbors say they hear
funny noises coming out
of her house all the time
but this was different.
That's Lace Garter.
Below Sea Level.
He's closing in and we're standing
around here with our
dicks in our hands?
How's that warrant looking?
It's in the works boss.
We got the green light
on linking these murders.
Lab came back and said the
blood from the first note
was actually the first victim's
blood, Juliette Shields.
The second, they linked to Hanes.
Won't be long now.
I'm on my way there myself.
Meet me at the Garter residence.
You know I really do hope
that you and Tee make up.
You seem like a good couple.
Yeah maybe.
Girls like you
aren't easy to come by.
I really like you Heather.
Lock up for me will you?
Have a good night.
Thank you.
ART: Tee talk to me.
Looks like got defaced bro.
Her house looks like a Tasty
Donut on free king cake day.
ART: What about Mark
and Reggie, anything?
No sign bro cocky,
look just head back
to the shop and look
out for the girls okay.
ART: Tee, I just
thought of something.
Do you think it's possible
a girl could be the killer?
Like someone that we
hadn't thought of yet?
I'll meet you at the shop.
The killer entered
through this back door.
So keep your eyes on the ground.
So it's like they
just lined them up
to be pork chops the whole time.
Almost makes it
feel sorry for them.
I wanted to string them up myself.
But no one deserves
what happened here.
The boys down at the Coates
residence said your buddy
Mark took an axe to the
skull, and Miss Coates.
Yeah I know, decapitated
like a tee ball.
The note this time read
this little piggy has none.
That's a lot of bloodshed boss.
Bad luck is what it is.
Well look like we're
back to square one.
Looks like our look just changed.
Oh wait.
Geez you trying to
give me a heart attack?
I ran all the way from Lace's.
Almost made your head a
wiffle ball, or a tee ball.
Look I think Polly's dead too.
I heard something over Watson's bug
right before my phone died.
What's going on here,
is Heather okay?
I just pulled up, I'm not sure.
But I didn't want to
go in empty handed.
Well give me something
too, what do you got right?
Tee man, I just want to
say before we go in there
last few days have been a
real roller coaster ride.
But I appreciate you reaching
out to me, it means a lot.
Really, I kind of got you
wrapped up in all this though.
Yeah but I'm here to
help you finish this.
Heather needs you.
Shit yeah man.
Dude what are you doing
get me out of this?
Finishing the game Tee.
You played the perfect
pawn but pawns don't last.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
No, no it can't be
you, I had you bugged.
I should be thanking you for all
the information you
provided me with.
Who knew that your spying
could prove to be more useful
than just your selfish curiosities?
You used me?
There's no way you planned this.
My plan is of a grander scheme.
So when you called
me about working here
everything just sort
of came into place.
You see I knew if I
knocked off Juliette I'd be
her perfect replacement at the shop.
But how would you know
that I would call you?
I knew eventually my
name would come up,
been laying the foundation for
quite some time little piggy.
So with Tank caught up in jail and
the rest being morgue
meat all that's left now
is the key witness and
his would be dream girl.
Man fuck you.
And what did you do with Cammi?
Did you kill her too,
you two faced cheat.
It was beautiful, so much blood.
The smell of perfume and tears.
Cammis death was the
most elegant moment.
And she's still waiting
for me back home.
Man you have been huffing too much
screen opener you know that?
Wait elegant, you are Elegant Decay?
You guessed it, and
soon everyone will know.
I'll do anything to succeed.
Where'd you get that?
Turns out Hanes was into survival,
as am I, survival of the fittest.
Cutthroat business calls
for cutthroat plans.
My plan is flawless,
the cops have no idea.
There are voices inside, you
want me to call for backup?
No these chumps are ours.
Shoot when you see the
whites of their skin.
And you think you
won't get caught.
You are insane.
Not that insane.
I covered my tracks at Lace's
but I didn't cover yours.
This whole thing
revolves around you.
Didn't you think of
your little bugs?
They all have your fingerprints.
Drop the gun!
Oh fuck.
Watch out for that crazy cracker.
I'm glad you pigs showed up.
It'll really help me tie
up some loose ends here.
Speaking of piggies.
Heather, Heather.
Are you okay?
Look who decided
to join the party.
He killed them all, he's insane.
Get me out of here.
Insane would be if I didn't take
this time to torture
you two lovebirds.
After all, you're the last two.
Art man, she has nothing
to do with this man.
She doesn't ever wear T-shirts.
Are you afraid to see the
love of your life deformed?
No, no man no,
let me take this one.
Let me take this one.
How romantic.
No no!
You dirty fuck.
Well shit man, I been
running all over town.
I appreciate the gesture.
Too bad, you two would
have made a great couple,
if you weren't about to die.
Not to worry dear.
I'm so sorry.
It'll be over soon.
This little piggy went to
market, and this little piggy...
Fuck you Bro Chacho.
You're gonna pay for that
fuck, gallant.
This little piggy's about
to buy the farm, right,
He cut of my fucking toe.
You got to find my fucking
toe, he cut it off.
Sit tight guys,
everything's gonna be okay.
I'll never walk
on the beach again.
Thanks Henly.
How did you know?
Don't thank me, thank Poncho,
he figured the whole thing out.
So you just used me as bait?
Sorry about that.
So Ponch knew the whole time?
Man I bet you figured this all out
just listening to everybody
in the shop every day.
In between my good
detective work and Mark
and Reggie's
interactions with Watson
and Tank you figured out it was Art.
You knew that him
showing up here at the
same time of the murders
was no coincidence.
You're a smart dude.
Well maybe you do know something.
Well it's over now Heather.
You really stood
up for me back there.
I don't know how I'm
ever gonna repay you.
They're sending an ambulance
and the cops are coming.
Thanks Henly man, you know
you're not so bad after all.
Your friend Art really did
eliminate the competition.
It should be a breeze
for me to take over
the market now,
it's my time to shine.
The market is clearly yours bro.
I think I'm gonna relocate
start fresh, I hear
gyno graffiti is really big
this time of year out West.
You want to join me?
Sounds good.
This is
some bullshit.
So excited.
Justice has been served,
get to start a new
life wherever we want,
finally get to make love
to the girl of my dreams.
You are so amazing.
Who's your hero baby?
Who would have thought it was Art?
What's wrong?
Why are you crying?
You ruined everything!
What are you talking about?
He is supposed to be here not you.
We had everything
falling into place.
We had Elegant Decay doing so well,
and everybody else
was out of the way.
That's bullshit.
He was gonna deform you
if I hadn't stepped in.
We were just playing the parts
until you were dead you fuck.
Everything would have been perfect.
It was perfect,
I played the perfect part.
I played the victim
until the very end.
We can start over, together.
Oh Tee.
You would rely consider being
with me after all of this?
Nice shirt.