Silong (2015) Movie Script

Hon, look, this is for the baby.
I'll open this box first.
Mobile, hon.
So cute.
Hon, help me with this
after you eat, okay?
So, what's up?
So can you be a doctor again?
To a real patient.
With money and not an animal.
-I don't think so. Not yet.
-What about teaching in med school?
I've already thought of that.
There's no med school near here.
-I need to come back to...
-Come back to Manila.
Yeah, I got it.
You already know that
and yet you're asking.
-I got an offer for this house again.
Don't you wanna even know
how much they're offering?
This house is not for sale, Gib.
You're short.
You're short of 200,000.
Or 420 maybe.
Even if your furniture
have good appraisals...
...I don't even think
it's going to be enough.
...come back to the city.
-Leave this fucking house please.
-You know it's not possible.
Look around you.
You can't even fix the light.
Look at this place.
The floor creaks.
Everything is wrong with this place.
You know what, Miguel,
with the things you're selling...
I loved her too.
She was my best friend
since the day I was born.
I just never got to say goodbye.
Well, you couldn't be here
because your dad needed you in San Diego.
-I'm sure she understands.
-Yeah, but she would understand...
...more if you let this place go.
Miguel, I know I'm in no position
to tell you...
...that you have to let go
of this house...
...because it's Carol who has the right.
But I need to push you...
...because she's not here anymore
to tell you.
...she was my sister.
And I know what she want... for you not to suffer.
It's 6:24 PM but don't worry.
From sunset to sunrise,
we'll be there with you.
Dodong called earlier...
...because he forgot to get
the winning numbers for the lottery.
-Dodong again?
-Dodong. Dodong.
Yes, Dodong. Dodong.
So for Dodong and others
who are desperate...
The winning combinations are...
...six, 15, 24, 33, 36...
-No, no, don't!
-What happened?
Please have mercy.
-Who are you?
-I won't hurt you. I'm a doctor.
Please help me. My husband will kill me!
-Can you walk?
-Please help me!
He will kill us both
if you won't help me. Please.
-Come on.
-Please. Please.
Thank you.
Quick. He will kill us.
He's coming! Quick!
Quick! Faster! Faster!
Miss, what is your name?
I'm Valerie.
Okay, Valerie,
we need to treat your wounds.
No. Not in the hospital please.
-He will find me and kill me.
-Okay. Okay.
The hospital is too far.
I'll just bring you to my clinic, okay?
Oh, okay.
Don't worry, you're safe.
See if you can find anything that fits.
There's a jacket also
in case you get cold.
Just take a rest.
If you need anything...
...just call me. I'll just be outside.
...thank you.
Just call me Miguel.
Thank you, Miguel.
Take a rest first.
Let's talk tomorrow.
Where do you think you're going?
You're going to leave me?
You have a fever.
But it's getting better.
But you still need to take a rest.
How are you feeling?
You've been lying here for two days.
Drink this.
Don't you feel hot?
Do you need help?
No, thanks.
Just sit there.
It will be cooked in a minute.
I need to go to Manila later.
If you're already okay,
I can drive you home.
Do you have...
...any relatives that you can stay with
We just moved.
From where?
I don't have family here.
What about friends?
My husband forbid me to make friends.
He just wanted me to stay in the house.
That's why I'm not allowed to go out.
So where can I bring you?
Can I...
...stay here?
Valerie, if you don't want me
to bring you to the hospital...
...we still need to go
to the police station... report the...
-No, Miguel. No!
We need to go to the police station
to put your husband in prison.
I know some police that can help us.
Miguel... you know Joe Tansuico?
Oh, the new chief of police?
We don't need his help.
He is my husband.
That's why I can't go
to the police station.
I can't go to the hospital...
...because that's where
he'll first look for me.
Valerie, if the hospital knows
that you're husband is beating you...
-...I don't think they...
-Do you think he'll admit it?
The only thing he needs to do... to bring his men there.
They will tell that I'm a drug dealer
or a thief.
They will transfer me to the hospital
in the camp.
I don't think so.
...I know he's going to do that.
Because he did that to me several times.
I have tried to escape for so many times.
The only thing that a woman hope for... a man... to love her... take care of her.
And I'm entitled to that, right?
...just for a few days...
...the moment I feel better...
...I'll find a way to go home.
I don't have anywhere to go to.
You need to take a rest.
You can sleep again.
If you get hungry,
there's food in the fridge.
Do you remember where you are?
-In your house.
-Do you remember how you got here?
Do you remember where you are?
Do you remember how you got here?
You're leaving me?
I remember it all.
Valerie, stop crying.
Drink this.
Valerie, you need an X-ray.
-I'm not sure...
-Miguel, I can't.
But it seems like you have a concussion.
And you might die from that.
If you're going to bring me
to the hospital...
...I will surely die.
All right.
I will observe you for one more day.
But if I'm not sure that I can't treat you
we'll go directly to the hospital.
-We'll go directly to the hospital.
I'll watch over you.
I'll guard the door of your room
if it's necessary.
I promise...
...I'll defend you.
Okay. Good.
Sorry for going through your things.
It's okay.
Did you like it?
It's beautiful.
Even if it's old?
Who is Aida De Gracia?
My mother.
Was she famous?
A little.
When she was about
to join the show business...
...she learned
that she was pregnant with me.
Did she came back...
...after she gave birth to you?
My father doesn't want to.
He wanted my mother
to focus on taking care of me.
Did she teach you to play music?
I don't even remember
if she taught me anything.
I won't remember what she looks like...
...if it's not for her pictures here.
I think I was only 6 years old
when she left.
Then one day, she suddenly disappeared.
She didn't come back.
Poor you.
You were too young then.
I can't remember anymore.
My mother left to pursue her dreams
The love of a man is not enough
for her...
...and her one child.
She needs the love of the whole world.
My father died because my mom left.
It took him eight years
before he gave up.
That's why he had time
to be an alcoholic.
He had time to spent all the money.
And to be in debt.
He mortgaged the house.
And I'm still paying for it.
It must be difficult to live alone.
I'm not alone.
Not always.
Your memories are here.
It seems like...'re also with your loved ones.
Not only the memories.
It's more than that.
It's hard to explain but...
...I know they're still here.
I feel them.
What did you do?
I just thought
that if I will stay longer here...
...might as well help a little, right?
You don't need to do that.
I told you to rest.
I'm feeling better.
And look.
At least your living room
looks good again.
It just needs a woman's touch.
-Miguel, I'm so sorry.
-It's okay.
I'll just bring this to the kitchen.
Sorry I didn't see you there.
Why are you still awake?
It's already 2 AM.
I just can't sleep.
I got thirsty, I think.
Bad dream again?
What was your dream?
None. I think...
...maybe because I've been married
for two years, that's why...
...I'm not used to sleeping alone anymore.
What about you?
Why are you still awake?
Midnight snack.
Are you going to sleep?
I'm just reading something.
I'll just put it here.
All right, good night.
Do you need help?
Good night.
Good night.
Good morning.
Good morning.
You shouldn't have cooked for me.
I'm going somewhere.
Cooked for you?
This is all for me.
Where did you get that?
In the clinic.
-Is it okay?
-Of course.
...there are graphics there
that might be unbearable to see...
...while you're eating.
It's seems fine to me.
What time are you coming home?
I'm not yet sure.
Dinner time maybe.
Do you want me to buy something?
None. Let's just eat dinner.
-I'll cook.
-That's good.
I'll go now.
You arrived just in time.
Let's eat?
Are you all right?
You're quiet.
I just want to tell you something.
I need to thank you...
...because even once... never ask me
about what happened to my family.
I want you to trust me.
I want you to know what happened.
The owner of the bus company is a mayor.
And then the driver...
...according to the people
in the terminal...
...suddenly disappeared.
He escaped.
We're just the same, Valerie.
That's why I don't trust the authorities.
You know when I was a kid...
...I wanted to be a doctor.
That's why you're so in love
with my textbooks.
Well, maybe because you don't have a TV.
But seriously...
...I wore my grandfather's old barong...
...and pretending that it was a lab gown.
Why didn't you take up medicine?
My grandmother doesn't want to.
She said it's expensive.
...she said I'm a woman...
...I should just marry a doctor.
Do you want me to teach you?
To be a doctor?
You'll give me an exam...
...from textbook...
No, I mean... enroll.
I don't know.
Well, I just thought...
...of wanting to teach in Manila.
I don't know.
I was just thinking about it.
Oh, why?
Something hurts.
-Where does it hurt?
-It's painful!
-Here. It's really painful.
-Does it still hurts?
You are corny.
-But you gushed.
-Of course.
Nothing? Nothing hurts?
It's painful!
Here also.
Poor you.
And it hurts here as well.
-It seems painful.
-Ouch! Ouch!
Wow, you can move to FarmVille.
I don't need Farmville.
My friends are complete here.
What if you need to leave
for several days?
Who will feed them?
That's why I can't leave that long.
So you heard it.
You're all burden.
You shameless,
why are you distressing Miguel?
That's not true.
I'm accepting my responsibility...
...that I need to stay here.
Because there are lives depending on me.
-Wait. I'll just answer that.
-Okay. I'll take care of this.
Hey, what's up?
Let's meet tomorrow.
You need to sign something.
-It's nothing.
It's just a deed of sale.
You fool, of course I'm serious.
Let's meet after your free clinic.
In the barbecue station.
What's that name again?
-Mrs Luding's.
-Mrs Luding's. Yes. Okay.
-Go there and treat me a beer.
-Okay, game.
And then spa with extra service after.
Val, do you want coffee?
Miguel? Miguel? Miguel.
They're already here. They'll get me.
What am I going to do?
Help me. I don't want to die.
-Please. Please hide me.
-Valerie! Valerie!
-Don't give me to them please.
Don't be afraid.
No one knows you're here.
Not there. Shit!
Hey, Doc Migs, good afternoon.
Are you busy, doc?
-We won't take long.
Sure. Come in.
Here's a gift from my wife.
Thank you.
Don't let doc carry that.
Put it there.
-Put it there. How are you, Chief?
-I'm okay.
What about your wife?
How's chief junior?
They're okay because you're their doctor.
We just want to ask something, doc.
It's important.
What is it?
Are you brewing my favorite coffee?
Can I have some?
I'll just get some.
You can sit over there.
What do you call that coffee again, doc?
-I know I always ask you about that.
-Hazelnut, Chief.
-Write that, Montez.
-Yes, sir.
Anyway, Chief,
I just want to ask something.
-Is this is your official visit?
-Yes, doc.
We were ask to find someone.
A woman.
You know Joe Tansuico, right?
-Your new boss?
-Former boss.
Tansuico is dead.
Killed by her wife.
When did that happen, Montez? Thursday?
-Wednesday, sir.
Haven't you heard about it?
No, Chief.
We were asked by the senior management
to do a door-to-door inspection...
...hoping that she's hiding
in one of the houses in the city.
And to tell you to be careful...
...because there's a killer on the loose.
Thank you, Chief.
Where's the picture, Montez?
What about you, doc?
Maybe you've seen her.
I didn't.
But if she knocks on my door,
I will keep her.
Look at her carefully.
Maybe you treated her.
You just can't remember.
I really don't.
But don't worry...
...if ever I saw her...
...I'll report it to Chief immediately.
That's what I only need, doc.
We're just making sure you're safe here...
...since your house is far.
Thank you, Chief.
Aren't we going to search
Dr Cascarro's house?
-The order is clear.
-Do you know the history of coffee?
I'll tell you.
There's an Arab man.
He's rich.
He was the king of Arabs.
What do you call that?
Sultan. That's it.
One day... old hermit visited him.
Just like in the cartoons. Jabbar.
I don't watch cartoons, sir.
Anyway, Jabbar visited him
to give him a gift.
A gift from heaven.
He gave him a coffee.
But this is not an ordinary coffee.
This is the sweetest drink
that the lips of man ever tasted.
This Sultan... addicted.
He keeps on drinking coffee
for the whole day.
He ordered the kingdom to plant coffee.
"Don't plant vegetables or fruits.
Just coffee! Coffee! Coffee!"
He neglected the whole kingdom.
The people got hungry
because there's nothing to eat anymore.
And then Jabbar came back.
He's very mad.
"You son of a bitch," he said to Sultan.
"You've gotten lazy
because of the gift I gave to you."
"This is for you."
And then pointed at Sultan.
Sultan's stomach got sour...
...until his stomach exploded.
The kingdom is flooded
with blood and water...
...and reached the coffee farm.
That's why the coffee tastes bitter, doc.
The sweetness is gone.
Since then...
...if you drink too much coffee...
...your stomach will turn sour.
So the people will remember
what happened to Sultan.
The moral lesson there, Montez...
...the Lord is angry with people
who don't know how to associate.
To people who forgot their duty.
Look at doc.
He's our friend.
An important part of the society.
I'm sure doc is not hiding anything
from us.
If we want to know something...
...he will tell it.
Is that right, doc?
Of course, Chief.
I'll count on that, doc.
Hey, you thank doc
because he accommodate us in his house.
-Thank you, Chief.
-Call me, doc.
I will, Chief.
I knew that they will lie.
They've done this so many times.
You believe in me, right, Miguel?
If you don't trust me any more,
I'll just leave.
Their allegation against you is serious.
Did you kill him?
I don't know.
I should be the one saying sorry.
I know that I look like I'm numb...
...but I have to be sometimes.
Someone gets hurt when...
...when I'm not thinking.
I understand.
Stay here.
If you want.
Is that what you want?
Me either.
Well, you did raise it.
But like I feared.
You're still short.
Maybe I can sell other things, Gib.
I still have Caro's jewelry.
Really? How much is the jewelry?
I don't know. Probably worth...
...two-hundred, 250,000.
We could sell it. We could sell it.
But that's more than enough.
Wow, that's good. Good. Good.
Don't you think Caro won't get mad at me?
When did Caro get mad at you, huh?
I don't know.
I feel like I'm stealing from her.
I've hurt her a lot
and I don't want to hurt her more.
She'll understand.
Believe me.
This one.
Can we sell this?
This is a second-hand but...
...all parts are original.
And it's branded, Gib.
Are you sure?
I mean...
You wanna say goodbye?
Do you want to do
your last performance here?
-No, it's okay.
-Hey, guys. Guys.
It's okay.
-I'm okay.
All right.
With that and the jewelry...
...I think you can save the house.
But Migs... need to choose, okay?
You can't keep the house and the jewelry.
So you have to think about it.
Thanks, Gib.
Okay. We can do this. We can do this.
Where have you been?
Somewhere near.
What are you doing?
What are you thinking?
I just need to decide on something.
What is it?
On what will happen to us.
To our life.
Our life?
You said... have no home to return to?
You have nowhere to go to?
This house is too big to be alone.
Stay with me.
Miguel, don't toy with me.
You want to start a new life, right?
I think I need it as well.
Let's do it together.
I can pay the house.
Miguel, that's your payment for the house.
What are you...?
Does it hurt?
Not really.
Can you release your hands?
I knew it.
Am I not giving you enough?
Where are you going?
You're leaving me? Come here.
Do you remember where you are?
Do you remember how you got here?
Miguel... need to answer my questions.
How am I supposed to know
if you have concussions?
What have you done?
Sir? Do you need help, sir?
Sir, please open the door, sir.
Are you okay there?
Do you need help, sir?
Please open the door.
Why what?
Why are you doing this?
You are disgusting.
What did I do to you?
Not only you.
...all of you men.
Valerie, not all men
are like your husband.
Who, Joe?
Oh, that man.
You men are all the same.
You just keep on following.
Just a little flirting with you
and you end up a gullible.
What happened to you?
Why do you think like that?
What do you want to hear?
...I was molested when I was a kid?
I don't think so.
That I wasn't loved?
...unlike you...
...everyone loved me.
I can get everything I want.
Someone always gives...
-...and that can get really boring.
-I defended you.
-I'll risk my life for you.
-Miguel, I don't care what you can give.
I will defend you.
You can't even defend your own family.
You men... always promise something...
...but... don't have balls to do it.
We're just the same, Valerie.
There's also women
who can't make their promises.
All the women I trusted, gave up!
You went blind on your mommy issues.
Are you still referring to me?
Us women?
Well, what about...
...this woman, what's her name?
Ms Perfect.
-No! No!
Are you fucking shitting me?
Oh, my God, Miguel,
I thought you're just stupid...
...I didn't know you're crazy as well.
Okay, I get it.
She wasn't ran over by a bus, right?
She's still alive, right?
She left you just like
what your mother did...
...because you're a loser
like your father.
Is that right?
You son of a bitch, Valerie!
Oh, come on, Miguel.
Didn't you know that it's rude to shout?
Didn't your mother teach you?
So is that it? Are you okay? Are you done?
It's okay now?
Well, anyway, Miguel...
...thank you... much for the hospitality.
I really, really appreciate it.
...before I go... you still have
hidden treasures here?
You're overreacting, Miguel.
It's just a sedative. Relax.
I mean, well, I don't know.
Because that's what indicated
in the bottle, but...
...what I've learned from here
is from your textbooks that I'm reading.
Are you also going to kill me?
...I'm so insulted right now.
I'm not a psycho, okay?
I'm just being practical.
Actually, when you're not here...
...I'm studying.
I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do.
Step one.
I'll break your hands...
...because I don't want you
to draw my face.
However, you can't be a doctor anymore
after this.
-But I think it's okay.
-Valerie, don't.
You're used to being a failure, right?
So it won't be a problem.
You son of a bitch!
I didn't know that the sedatives
is not yet working, okay? I'm sorry!
All right.
I'll do the other later. Done.
Okay, well, anyways.
Just take your mind off it.
Let's talk more.
Step two.
There's an interesting chapter here
about amputations, so...
...I will try to remove your tongue.
I'm excited.
The sedative is working.
Okay, sleep first.
When you wake up, this will all be over.
I'm not so bad.
So don't ever call me crazy.
He thinks I'm crazy
He thinks I'm crazy
But you're in no position
To insult me, baby
'Cause I'm a motherfucking impostor
Who has no place to run
And you're lucky
I don't cut your dick off for fun
What a shame it would be
if you were demasted
It was fun for the three men
it's that you lastin'
Not contrastin'
But in a span of time, it took you
to get all tied up and blastin'
I took your love, your life
The jewelry of your wife
And soon I have your tongue
By your own fucking knife
You pathetic little bitch
You deserve every bit
I didn't even have to marry you
For any of this shit
Miguel, I think your drugs is fake.
Okay, open.
Here it comes.
Open up!
Shut up.
Migs, come on.
Hey, Migs!
That's because you're stubborn.
I'm leaving, Miguel.
And you can't stop me.
Just like you couldn't stop your mom.
And you couldn't stop your wife.
Told you.
Sorry, sweetie.
Finders keepers.
That's why I don't leave that long...
...because there are lives
depending on me.
I'm not alone.
Not always.
It's hard to explain but...
...I know that they're still here.
Help me.
I think it's time for you
to think about moving to Manila.
You're from there, right?
After all...
...I didn't have to tell you this but...
...the reward will be given to you.
You can go on vacation
or look for another place to stay.
I can't leave here.
My family is here.