Silver Haze (2023) Movie Script

FLYNN: I love you.
I love you.
All right.
Anyway, I'll see you later.
You all right, Franky?
I'm all right.
This is for you, Mike.
I can't believe they still
haven't cleaned this shit up.
That pub was a shithole.
15 years.
I know.
They're going to pay.
Your dad and her.
birthday to you.
birthday to you.
There's no candles.
- birthday dear Leah.
Just pretend to blow.
We haven't got any.
birthday to you.
It's from Jackie.
LEAH: Anyway, you've
got to clean up in here.
MOM: I will clean up, all right.
WOMAN: Have we
not got any forks?
Where is he?
Mom, use your fingers.
Go down the kitchen
and get a fork.
WOMAN: Who are we kidding
that we're posh here?
No, thank you.
What do you mean posh?
You have a fork.
Frank, how--
Enjoy with your fingers.
Oh, we're doing fingers, yeah?
Mom got you a present.
LEAH: Mom got me a present?
hell, she got a present.
Anyway, let's open it.
Let's go.
(CHUCKLES) All right.
I can't open it.
FRANKY: Come on, Leah.
What is it?
FRANKY: Is that
what I think it is?
(LAUGHS) Is that
what I think it is?
MOM: It's what you
wanted, innit, new phone?
WOMAN: Yeah.
FRANKY: She wanted
the iPhone 12.
That's the iPhone 5.
MOM: Yeah.
New-- but it's new.
WOMAN: No, no, no,
mom, it's the same.
It's the same--
It's the same make.
You bought her the-- exactly--
She wanted iPhone, new iPhone.
Yeah, but you bought her
exactly the same phone.
That seems both
iPhone 5's, Mom.
Like, you've literally just
bought her a brand new phone.
LEAH: Yeah, right.
It's the same color as well.
FRANKY: Seriously.
WOMAN: Frank, don't laugh.
Taking the piss, huh?
WOMAN: Come on.
Come on, Leah.
Get in the picture, Leah.
Get in.
If only you had
such good eye, Mom.
in, birthday girl.
WOMAN: Franky.
MOM: Oh, I've been
fucking burned!
So fucking what?
Mm, oh, Mom.
Oh, Mom.
Get up.
Oh, get off.
Get up!
Oh, for fuck's sake.
What's the matter?
Your fucking fault.
Oh, I got burnt.
Oh, I got burnt!
You all right?
Go back to bed.
You and your--
You fucking pissed yourself.
Oh, Mom, please.
I don't know.
FRANKY: Hello, Belinda.
- Oh.
Hello, nurse.
I'm Franky.
I'm one of the nurses.
Thank you.
Yes, I'm-- you probably know.
I'm Belinda.
- Yeah.
How are you?
I love your hair.
Oh, good, thank you.
Did you do it yourself?
No, no, no.
I-- I go to a shop.
I'd look piebald if I did it.
I wouldn't be able to do it, no.
- But--
It's very nice.
Well, I like it.
Well, I feel I'm a
red-haired person.
You know?
Sorry to wake you up.
I'll do your blood pressure.
What happened to you?
I was in a fire
when I was a kid.
What happened to you?
I've got a broken heart.
Why, who broke it?
Well, I think you're
doing really well.
Can I get you anything?
A cup of tea?
Some biscuits, or anything?
I broke my vibrator
the other day.
So I went and got it fixed.
Fucking disgusting.
Well, I got a new
one, and his number.
Kept that number.
I'm going to use it for later.
And I mean, who wouldn't
want to fuck me?
By the way, it's
still in warranty.
FRANKY: You see that girl?
She tried killing
herself earlier.
She looks proper sad.
See, this is a big bit, yeah?
This is the white bit.
That should not be in it.
It's lettuce.
Yeah, but it
shouldn't be there.
How's your burger?
So rushed, man.
It's fucking burned.
I can tell.
Oh, my god.
I swallowed the balls.
You're not serious.
FRANKY: It's not funny.
It is.
You have to take them out, bruv.
I can't.
It won't go back in.
Seriously, take them out.
Oh, shit.
Sorry, I swallowed the balls.
You what?
I need to talk to you.
Go ahead then.
FRANKY: Get out!
Frank, will you
lend me five pound?
Get out!
LEAH: Five-- lend
me five pounds.
For fuck's sake.
Fuck off!
LEAH: Thanks!
It feels really weird.
What are you doing?
K, for fuck's sake!
I'm not into girls.
I just want to meet a normal
guy that wears normal clothes,
shops in a normal shop.
What do you mean "huh?"
Just makes sense.
TERRY: You know, I'd
rather prefer some ecstasy.
Well, you ask me that every
day, and I can't get you it,
I've told you.
If I had some MDMA, I know
I would get up off this bed,
and I would hump
you all afternoon.
Terry, that is
so inappropriate.
TERRY: Yeah, it's a
lovely thought, innit?
A beautiful girl like you.
You're back.
Yo, yeah.
Tea lady, hey.
I got a suicide prevention.
Have you?
How's your arm?
- Feels amazing.
- Yeah?
Is it healed?
Yeah, all healed up.
It's all OK?
WOMAN: Florence Murphy?
See ya.
See you later.
put him on the phone.
I'm not going to
do that as well.
He's married.
Well, I don't know where she is.
So I can't put it on
the fucking thing.
WOMAN: Thanks a lot, please.
Please try and stick.
You all right?
Do you want to come
for a drink with me?
Take your mind off things.
You've got a lighter?
Want some of this?
What meds did they start you on?
Uh, citalopram, zopiclone,
lamotrigine, dexamphetamine.
Yeah, I'm on a fair few as well.
Mirtazapine, quetiapine,
heard of them?
Mm, yeah.
Yeah, I've been on them--
I haven't been on
them that long.
About six months.
I'm trying to come
off of them, but I'm
a bit scared, to be honest.
Why do you keep
looking at me funny?
You're beautiful.
I'm not.
I got a couple of
sleeping tablets.
MOM: Do you?
They're not the
ones you usually get,
but they'll do for now.
Just take one of them
and get some sleep.
I haven't sleep for days.
FRANKY: I know.
Look at that dildo.
You should get it.
I'm not getting it.
Imagine smoking out of that.
It's funny.
Oh my god.
The fuck.
The actual fuck.
Where's she going?
KID: Mommy!
There's my champ!
Oi, that's our brother.
That ain't our brother.
It's nobody.
Let's say hi to
that prick who don't
want to know his daughters.
This is very nice street.
I didn't know they lived here.
(GRUNT) Fuck's sake!
Did you see that
fucking house as
well that they were living in?
I can't believe our
old man is living
with that fucking
cunt, with their son,
living their fucking best life!
LEAH: Frank.
Even your old man
don't give a fuck.
He don't give a fuck
about me, and they
don't give a fuck about you.
I swear, Le, I'm going to go
and fucking bury that cunt.
I swear to fucking god.
Frank, you'll get
justice, but what answers?
What's more important,
justice or answers?
Your answers!
I vision us, like, going on
some mad honeymoon at Barbados
or something like that.
(SCOFFS) Now all I can vision
is me sat in a scagged alley,
drinking fucking rum.
I thought you were the one.
I'm not in love
with you, Flynn.
But I can't accept that.
I can't.
I don't know how I'm going to
get on this normal life, day
to day, without you.
Reality is you make me who I am.
You make me stronger every day.
Every day, I come home,
and I ain't got a job or I
ain't-- nothing's gone to plan.
I'm with you, and I
feel like, fuck it,
I don't need none of it.
I don't care if I ain't got
a pound now in my pocket
as long as I got you.
Frank, just let me just prove
to you in the next week or two
that I am--
I'm worth staying with.
I am who you think I am.
I promise you.
It just needs to--
this needs to stop.
We can't keep meeting up.
MAN: Where are you going?
LEAH: Uh, nowhere.
What do you want?
Oh, no.
Don't do that.
You all right?
LEAH: Yeah, you?
FRANKY: I thought you
broke up with him.
Come on.
He's a prickly.
Who's that?
Oh, let's have a look.
Give me my fucking
phone back, Le.
Don't take the fucking piss!
Give me my fuck--
- This is my phone.
- Give me my fucking phone!
- I am a bully.
I swear, I'm going
to break down yours.
Give me my fucking--
- I haven't got it.
Give me my phone, Jason.
- Pocket.
- I swear--
Give it back!
Put it back.
Put it back.
Jason, give me my fucking--
JASON: Phone's with you.
KID: No!
He's a prick.
KID: No!
I'm going to tell Mom.
LEAH: OK, now,
what's your problem?
Fucking pricks.
JASON: Someone's got the arse.
It's just a phone.
What are you doing?
Shut the fuck up.
I'm trying to--
Leah, get up.
What color?
Brown, I think.
Do it properly.
You never wear makeup.
Well, I am now.
I'm a changed woman.
You're a changed woman?
What does she do again?
Stop asking me questions!
If you're going to carry on
like this, Le, you ain't coming.
Why are you so defensive?
You're fucking annoying me.
Shut up about it.
She's just a fucking mate.
I don't go on at you about
your fucking friends.
Oh, you do.
You do.
Or your relationship
shit or your business,
and all that bullocks.
- Yes, you do.
- I fucking don't,
Yeah, you do.
You're the first one to give--
Oh, you arse.
Shut up.
(SINGING) Tell me
when you're feeling sexy
I can barely stand
to look at you
You still come back
What's your fucking secret?
Run your fingers
Through your hair,
through my hair
Get your words
Out my head, out of my head
I'd like to think
you feel like you're
in the presence of an angel
When you lay eyes on me
Remember the days when I
went outside to see you?
Two hours to get there
and 336 to leave you
Do you like me talking
to you like this?
Because I knew you love
it when I come around
Run your fingers through my hair
so glad you're here.
That's my sister and my friend.
Blue is so nice.
Really suits you, yeah.
Really suits you.
Yeah, I pray five times a day.
Five times a day?
Yeah, you just realize
that your life just gets
a lot better after praying.
So when you're sad and
you're feeling empty,
you just turn to God.
That's a lot to me.
I never knew that.
I want to stay at your house.
I think that was
a good-- good idea.
MAN (ON TV): Look,
I'm sorry that they're
trying to take my arm off.
And please, 10 minutes.
Can you just tell Mr. Fenton,
Jimmy McCabe is here all right
I need to speak to him.
He knows who I am.
All right?
Get him.
Please don't mess
me about, all right?
He's dealing with my case.
Just tell him I'm here, please.
You're doing that at the office.
This is my fucking home!
This is my home!
MOM: So Florence,
where are you from?
West London,
originally, and then now
I live in Southend with my Nan.
MAN (ON TV): I will
call the police so we
do not tolerate aggression.
Are you not hungry?
No, no, um--
yeah, no, I just, uh--
MOM: What, are you a
vegetarian or something?
Thanks for the food.
MOM: No, you're welcome.
Didn't you like it?
Never mind.
TOM: If she won't fucking
eat, then don't eat it.
MOM: I fucking buy sausages.
I buy fucking free
beer for them.
She won't even eat them.
Where did she meet her?
TOM: Yeah.
Can you pass me a filter?
Yes, boss.
Is that what you
want to be called?
- Boss?
- Yeah.
Only by my subjugates.
I said, only by my subjugates.
What does that mean?
You use such long words.
Would you want one?
Are these yours?
Oh, they're not mine.
Whose knickers are these?
Whose are they?
Whose are they?
They're not mine.
TOM: She looked pretty.
I wanted to cover the hole.
All right, that's it, you.
FRANKY: You all right?
Oh, where have you been?
FRANKY: What's your problem?
It was the way you said
"nothing," doesn't it?
What have you been doing?
Oh, I'm going out.
See you later.
Go out?
FLORENCE: Thanks so
much for having me.
- Come on.
- No.
- Why not?
- What?
- Are you scared?
- I'm scared?
You're nervous.
MAN: Oh, OK, I see the hole now.
Hey, clear off, will you?
TOM: What the fuck's
going on here?
The fuck are yous doing?
FRANKY: Go away.
- What the fuck is this?
You little slags!
Go in, Tom.
The fuck do you think
you were doing out here?
Tom, go in!
No, that's fucking disgusting.
You bunch of woman.
MOM: Are you talking to me?
- That's not the fucking ass.
- Go in.
Who the fuck do you
think you're talking to?
Fucking shame on
this fucking family.
So embarrassing.
MOM: What are you doing outside?
- Go in.
- No fucking-- don't touch Mom!
I fucking told you about it.
Don't fucking touch her.
MOM: I fucking knew it,
you two are fucking slags.
You're so embarrassing.
What is wrong with you?
Go away.
TOM: Fuck are you looking!
Don't pry!
I fucking knew you, slag.
FRANKY: Leave her alone!
I'm so sorry.
That ain't your fault. It's no
one's fault. My mom always gets
like this this time of year.
Stop smiling.
Stop it.
Dude, this is a
serious situation.
Can you stop-- can you
stop laughing about it?
This is really serious.
Can you stop smiling, please?
Can you stop it?
Yo, yo, yo.
This is Franky.
She's going to stay for
a few days, all right?
ALICE: Yeah, sure.
I'm Alice.
FRANKY: Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Are you hungry?
Uh, I am actually, yeah.
Yes, please.
There you go.
FRANKY: Oh, thank you.
You try some.
Been to Southend before?
Um, yeah, when I was a kid,
I used to come all the time,
but I haven't been
here in years.
It changed a lot, hasn't it?
FRANKY: It has, yeah.
Oi, Jack.
Come sit with us.
Fucking rude.
ALICE: Don't talk
to him like that.
He likes it.
ALICE: He does not.
Alice has cancer.
FRANKY: What kind of cancer?
Three years ago, they gave
her, um, three weeks to live.
Me and Jack came here
when my mother left him.
And she's taken care
of us ever since.
She's a really good woman.
She drives me insane.
Do you think I'm a bad person?
Why would I think
you're a bad person?
Because I am.
You're not.
Some people are good people.
Some people are bad people.
I'm-- I'm a bad person.
No, I just think you
should know that.
(SINGING) Talk to me
If no one believe
And I am sad to see
You're far away
I'll take it back
If you don't care who we hurt
I don't care what it's worth
I mean it as you see
You got me cut open wounds
And I feel
I feel blue
I feel so blue
Come in the sea.
I can't.
FLORENCE: Come in, it's lovely.
I can't swim.
What do you mean
you can't swim?
- It's fucking freezing.
- I know.
I know.
I used to love going
swimming when I was a kid.
Then when the fire happened--
my mom got scared that I
was going to get infections.
(SINGING) Fuck your mom
So I don't end
up going for ages.
Think of it like--
OK, let me explain.
Think of it like
a bowl, and you'll
scoop the edge of the bowl and
bring it back to your mouth.
I hope.
I've got you.
(SINGING) I like sherbet
Just let the sea hold you.
It's your boat.
You're a human.
More circular.
Am I not doing that?
I not doing that?
No, no.
You're going like this.
I never thought I'd be
with someone like you.
Mom told me that my dad, after
the fire, used to say to her,
who's going to want
to be with her?
Look at the state of her.
(SINGING) If you
don't care who--
And I believed
him up until now.
(SINGING) I don't
care what it's worth
I mean it bad you see
You got me cut open wound
I never want to see him again.
(SINGING) Now I feel
I feel blue
I feel so blue
I didn't know you
could play guitar.
Well, I'm not very well, but--
It was really beautiful.
OK, are you ready?
(CHUCKLES) I don't
think I should do it.
Because I don't
want to look butch.
I don't want--
Well, you are butch.
No, I'm not.
I don't want people
thinking I look like a boy.
Long hair is the patriarchy.
(SCOFFS) Yeah.
Plus, how could they
think you're a boy
when you've got such big tits?
I have not.
(CHUCKLES) Trust me.
I haven't.
What are you working on?
I'm clearing up a mess.
WOMAN: You all right?
All right.
(SIGHS) I might not be
able to have any kids.
FRANKY: What do you mean
you can't have kids?
Jason's given me gonorrhea.
Are you having
a fucking laugh?
I know he's cheated, but
I didn't realize, you know,
how much or how many times.
I didn't know.
I didn't have a clue.
He goes on that he's got
a sex addiction, you know,
and he can't help himself.
I'm going to fucking find
him, and I'm going to kill him.
No, don't.
Leave it.
I need to call him anyway.
I'll sort it.
It's fine.
Yes, lots of sprinkles.
Make sure it doesn't
drop in your trousers.
Here you go.
Do you want to hook a duck?
Hook a duck?
Do you want to hook a duck?
Let's go hook a duck.
I'm going to win you a prize.
It's a monster.
Do you want a monster?
Yeah, no.
MOM (ON PHONE): I fell
over, and I can't move.
What do you mean
you're fallen over?
hurt myself, Franky.
I really hurt myself.
I need you.
Oh, Mom.
MOM (ON PHONE): Franky,
can you come home, please?
It's really hard for me.
I can't do nothing.
I'm not at home.
can't even get up.
I can't get me up.
And I've been to the doctor, and
they won't do nothing for me.
Mom, I'm not at home.
You're going to have to
ring Leah and ask her.
Do you not like
talking about it?
What, about the fire?
It was a pretty long story.
no, I'll tell you.
I mean, it was, um--
yeah, it was the night
of Leah's birthday.
And, um, she was
supposed to go and stay
with my mom's best friend,
who was Jane, at the time.
She was really sick.
I said I'd go instead.
I remember going to
bed at about 8 o'clock.
And there was a bit
of a party in the pub.
So I went to bed.
And I remember having
this really, really,
really strange dream,
like, when people
say they can see the light.
And I just remember it.
I'm trying to open my eyes,
and all I could see was white.
And then I heard a massive bang.
And Mike was standing there.
I thought he was
sweating, but he wasn't.
He was melting, like a candle.
And he tried
opening the windows,
but the pub, it was such
an old pub that the windows
wouldn't smash.
My feet were burning, so I
was standing on tip toes.
I couldn't shut my mouth
because it was so hot.
Then he grabbed a chair,
smashed the window,
and put his head out, and
took a massive gasp of air.
He shouted down,
"Someone catch her!
Someone catch her."
And he picked me up,
and he said to me,
everything's going
to be all right.
And he dropped me.
And the next thing, it
was a gas explosion.
Mike was screaming it was too
hot and he needed to get out.
And then he collapsed
on the benches below.
But I didn't see that.
And I'm glad I didn't see that.
found that the private door
was bolted from the inside.
The pub door was also
bolted from the outside.
So no one could get in or out.
Jane was arrested
six weeks after.
But Dad, he doesn't believe
that it was her, of course.
My mom thought my dad was
having an affair with her.
It turned out to be right.
Oh my god, my
Celine sunglasses.
(CHUCKLES) These are Celine.
Do you know how much this cost?
300 pounds.
Well, I'll buy you Celines.
325, yeah, you're
fucking right.
They look like
they're from Primark.
You're disgusting.
These are fucking
expensive sunglasses.
The only evidence
they found was white spirit,
lighter fluid, and a dry cloth.
She walked away with
her head held high,
with my dad in her arms.
I haven't seen him for 15 years.
Yeah, he's playing happy
families with his son,
like I don't exist, like Leah
don't exist, like none of us
Don't you dare.
No, no, no, no!
All right, OK,
I'll go starboard.
You go port.
And then we'll hoist up the
Judy rank, and we'll set sail.
MAN: We fucking meet again.
Trust me, I believe him.
I'll tell him.
You are Franky, right?
FRANKY: Fuck off.
You know-- you
know fucking Leo.
Yeah, yeah.
Her sister, the
one I was fucking.
Hi, Franky.
JASON: How you been?
Fuck off.
JASON: Fuck off?
It's not very nice.
I'm talking to you.
Fuck off!
JASON: Don't fucking touch her.
She fucking done to you?
Chill out.
Fucking hell.
This is why my
sister left you.
JASON: It's why
your sister left me?
All right.
Then what-- who's this?
Where's Flynn?
Does he know about this?
He made me gay.
BELINDA: He made you gay?
JASON: Oh, fucking hell.
It must have been
some hard work.
Yeah, it was.
JASON: So you're a
rockman tonight, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Well, show us you tits.
Um, you do it together, yeah?
Come on.
What's it, scissoring?
Go fuck up, because I
get more action than you.
JASON: A momentous
thing, was it?
All right, you fucking tramp.
Listen, what's your name?
So fucking weird, these guys.
Do you talk?
This one doesn't talk.
JASON: Hello?
Do you speak English?
Franky, what's her name?
Leave her alone.
Oh, she's going to cry.
She's going to cry.
JASON: You don't say nothing?
Look at you.
JASON: I'm fucking
speaking to you.
It's rude.
- Grow up.
JASON: Oh, you're
getting angry, are you?
Fuck off, all yous.
She's getting upset.
What's wrong, darling?
You all right?
Don't touch her!
JASON: Or fucking what?
Why don't you give
her a little kiss?
Come on.
Give her a fucking kiss.
Go on.
What are you going
to fucking do?
Fuck off!
JASON: What's your
name, darling?
Leave her alone.
JASON: Don't fucking speak?
Leave her alone?
Or what?
What are you going to
fucking do about it?
Yeah, that's right.
Laugh it off, you fucking slag.
You cunt!
JASON: Don't
fucking touching me!
Who do you think you're--
now you're getting
what you deserve.
You fucking slag!
We're going to fucking tell you!
Flo, let me just have
a look at your face.
- Leave it.
- Hey.
Leave it!
Franky, leave it, seriously.
I don't want to talk about it.
I want to go out.
I want to have fun.
And I want to leave it.
Does it hurt?
Just keep still.
You're hurting--
you're hurting me.
Can you be gentle, please?
(SINGING) Hey, you
You're losing, you're losing
Your vitamin C
Hey, you
You're losing, you're losing
Your vitamin C
Get off me, you!
What are you doing?
Mate, leave her out, will ya?
What are you doing?
You're embarrassing yourself.
FLORENCE: Fran, chill out.
He's like 60!
What the fuck?
What is your problem?
FRANKY: Come on,
we're going home.
Get off me.
I'm having-- I'm
having a good time.
FRANKY: You're embarrassing
yourself, Florence.
Let's go.
What have you taken?
Actually, go away, because I'm
actually having a good time.
And I'm enjoying myself, and
you're-- and you're actually
being a cunt.
You're being a cunt.
How am I being a cunt?
Because you're coming-- you're
telling me what I need to do
and what I don't need to do.
And it's actually fucking rude.
Like, you're embarra-- you're
embarrassing me because I
was having a good time.
- You've got no clothes on!
You've-- at least
better than this
fucking ugly piece of shit.
Why is that fucking
zipped, crossed?
Like, what is that?
Like, zi-- T-shirt with a zip.
- Seriously.
Get your stuff, and get home.
What is your problem?
Why are you like this?
You got us into
this fucking fight
because you can't keep your
hands to your fucking self,
can you?
Fucking hit me again,
I swear to you!
"I swear to you!"
Fucking touch me again, cunt,
yeah, I'll fucking bury you!
Get off me, Franky.
Get off me.
You should be
ashamed of yourself.
Calm yourself down.
I'm sorry.
I love you, OK?
I love you.
I don't mean to hurt you.
Let's just go home.
I'm going to kill them
boys from the bus, OK?
It's going to be all right.
I'm sorry.
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone.
I mean it.
FRANKY: What's the matter?
How many of these
have you taken?
Not enough.
And I threw it all up
anyway, so it doesn't matter.
Why are you hurting yourself?
Because-- just
please, it's my thing.
And I just want to
be on my own, please.
- Come here.
- No.
Babe, please.
Please stop doing this.
Please, I'm begging you.
Come here.
Let me help you,
for fuck's sake.
I really just want to be on
my own right now, actually.
I want to be on my own.
KAYLEY: Why haven't
you introduced me?
Been busy, K.
Frank, you don't look good.
I'm just saying.
FRANKY: Oh my god, Florence.
FRANKY: I've just got an email.
Well, a message from
someone, saying that Jane's
confessed to starting the fire.
I'm coming.
Come and read this message.
15 years, finally.
Fucking finally.
You all right, Mom?
MOM: Oh.
So you finally
decided to turn up.
Look at the state of you.
Nice to see you too.
MOM: What, you've been
living on the street?
Hear me out.
Read this.
I got sent it last night.
Well, that's evidence.
Fucking hell.
Franky, go and get
your sister now.
What the fuck have
you done to my room?
FRANKY: Le, what the fuck?
What happened to you?
Your boyfriend done it.
Jason did this?
POLICE: I know you've
been struggling with this
for a long time, Franky.
And as I say, I really
want to help you.
Unfortunately, this isn't
enough for evidence.
You haven't even read it.
I know.
But this is an anonymous
message on Facebook,
and I have to do things
according to the law.
And I have to satisfy the Crown
Prosecution Service that we've
got enough information.
A Facebook message
isn't enough information
for the Crown Prosecution
Service to take this to court.
It's going to
be all right, OK?
They're going to pay.
Your old man and that
bitch, they're going to pay.
If it's the last thing I'll do,
they're going to pay for this.
I promise you, all right?
I promise you.
They won't fucking
get away with this.
You're not coming back?
Are you not happy
with your own room?
Not really.
Kathy's pregnant again,
so she'll be in here.
So why don't
you move out then?
I'll pray for you.
lend me some money?
You must have lots of money.
You're not paying rent,
and you're working.
Last year, I spent
7,000 pounds on my butt.
Cellulite reduction treatment.
Anyway, I'm saving
up for my nose.
I just need 25,000.
Assuming the Facebook message
didn't get you anywhere.
I told you so.
You should deal
with it yourself.
I'll help you.
Do you see anything?
Not yet.
Franky, I've been
having really bad dreams
about the guys on the bus.
I hate them.
I really hate them.
And I want to watch them suffer.
I want to watch them bleed.
I want to tie them up.
And I want to watch them beg.
I would say, no,
sorry, can't hear you.
What do you want?
Water, food?
No, a phone?
I just want to
watch them fucking--
just disintegrate right
in front of my eyes and--
and for a long pain.
I want to watch them in pain.
I want to--
It's my dad.
looking right at you.
He doesn't even
recognize you, my god.
I think we should do it
now while they're here.
All right.
I'm down.
Let's go.
Let's do it.
Activate mission three.
Foxbase, alpha.
Just act normal.
Let me do the talking.
Babe, it's not a petrol car.
I've done this thing
a thousand times.
Oh, of course, you have.
Hello, Madame.
WOMAN: Hello.
Good afternoon.
Uh, me and my associate
need to make a petrol bomb.
No, we don't.
No, shut up.
Um, our car has broken down.
Why are you saying petrol bomb?
WOMAN: No, I'm sorry.
You don't have it?
How about lighter fluid?
The stuff you
put in a lighter.
WOMAN: Not here.
In the garage, petrol.
All right then, can I get
two of those little Absolut
vodkas please?
Two for five.
Where's my phone?
I'm in shock.
I'm in awe.
I'm a genius.
I'm a legend.
I'm a myth.
I had to suck three dicks.
I'm joking.
Just one.
Are you ready?
Let's go.
Why is it not exploding?
Oh, shit.
JANE: My god!
Give it to me!
Get away!
FLORENCE: I thought that
was absolutely fantastic.
(LAUGHS) I want to do it again.
Maybe we're going
to go to prison
and meet lots of other lesbians
and have lots of prison sex.
What's the matter with you?
Why don't you just
take a chill pill?
Just put it in your--
Shut up!
Please, just shut the fuck up.
Shut up.
(SINGING) She gets my
ticker, tick tocking
I'll just pop in and
get a bit of shopping
All right, no problem
Then when she clocks off
You all right?
(SINGING) She might come around
- Where have you been?
- The beach.
(SINGING) Put on stockings
In the morning I've forgotten
And wake up looking
like Johnny Rotten
We need to talk about earlier.
(SINGING) Drinking
too much, ahh?
- Florence.
- Mm?
(SINGING) Let me
tell you something
This is what I
always say, right?
FRANKY: Florence?
Want to go out?
Do you want to go out?
FRANKY: No, not really.
I'll fuck you then.
(SINGING) That's right, mate
That's right
Florence, can you turn that
music down a bit, please?
(SINGING) If you're
into to dancing
then dance to the song
ALICE: Florence, either
turn it down or turn it off!
right, thank you man
Now, take it easy, all right?
What is wrong-- come
and clean this up.
(SINGING) Mile end
please, guv'nor
Oh, shit.
(HISSES) Fuck!
You're all right.
It's fine.
It's all right, Nana.
(SOBS) I'm so tired, Franky.
It's OK.
I'm so tired.
It's OK.
I'm so sorry to
burden you with it.
I really shouldn't be.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
It's going to be OK.
(LAUGHS) I was told
it sounded like a duck.
Your laugh makes me laugh.
Is that true?
No, stop, stop, stop.
Stop, stop, this is
not getting any better.
This is-- (LAUGHS)
I have not laughed.
Well, I have.
You all right?
You guys having fun?
You want to join us?
Well, Alice.
I just went to such
an amazing party.
(CHUCKLES) It was amazing.
It was so amazing.
I'm sorry I'm so crazy.
ALICE: Come on.
Come on.
It's OK.
Come on.
Alice, I need you
to do me a favor.
I want you to get rid of her.
ALICE: What?
Why are you fucking starting?
take it anymore.
I thought I loved
her, but I don't.
I can't breathe anymore.
She's so possessive.
She's taking all of
the air in this house,
and she's pushing us apart.
FRANKY: Florence, talk to me!
What have I done wrong?
I don't like you anymore!
Is that good enough for you?
I'm not a lesbian.
Oh, you weren't fucking
saying that earlier,
or last night, or the
night before, was you?
You got enough there to
kill yourself this time.
I hope so.
FRANKY: You fucking psychopath.
You're fucking not
right in the head, mate.
I warned you.
This is your fault.
This is your fault--
My fault?
FLORENCE:--for coming in
here and being my girlfriend
and showing me lots
of love and all
that, and all that grossness.
Wake up!
Wake the fuck up!
No one cares you was
in the fucking fire!
People have fires all
the fucking time, OK?
People die.
People are starving.
Get over yourself!
Just a walking pity parade, huh?
Well, I will go and, uh,
call an Uber, I think.
FRANKY: Seriously.
There's another spliff here
if you want it, you drug addict.
FRANKY: I got one here, thanks.
- You got one there?
- Enjoy it.
FRANKY: Yeah, will do.
I hope you overdose and die!
FRANKY: So do I. Do a
better job next time.
ALICE: What are you doing?
Oh, did she say anything to you?
She can't manage.
FRANKY: I just feel out of place
being in her-- in her house.
Franky, this is not her house.
It's my house.
(SNIFFLES) How would you
score your pain out of 10?
everything looks good.
DOCTOR: Since the last
scan was three months ago,
and they've grown 50%.
And there's no
trials or anything?
DOCTOR: There isn't for
this type of cancer.
I'm so sorry.
So what happens now then?
DOCTOR: What would be best is
if we try to stop any symptoms
of the cancer that are
affecting your life,
to give you painkillers.
So, what, we're talking
palliative care then?
DOCTOR: We are talking
palliative care.
Of course, we don't
want to give treatment
for the sake of treatment
if it's not working.
Supportive care, care to make
you feel as well as you can.
Come on, there's
got to be a winner.
Ugh, despair.
Nan, I found a doctor
for you in the USA,
and all it will cost is 96,000.
We can find a way.
No, we won't.
Kathy's had her baby.
Little boy.
She's called him Ozzy.
He's so cute.
Does she cry a lot?
LEAH: Don't shut up.
what's mom saying
about all this headscarf stuff?
She doesn't know.
What do you mean
she doesn't know?
You're walking around
the street with it, Le.
I will tell her, just not yet.
FRANKY: And this is all
out of free will, is it?
Yes, Franky.
I just don't get it.
I covered my body for 15 years.
I'm not doing this
out of choice.
LEAH: What's that got
to do with anything?
FRANKY: Everything.
I stabbed Jason.
FRANKY: You did what?
LEAH: I don't know.
It just happened.
I don't know.
FRANKY: What do you mean?
Oh, Le.
If you want to stay tonight,
that'll be fine, OK?
Thank you.
Can I pray for you?
Oh, no, you're all right.
I'm OK.
I think that's
a great idea, Le.
What happened with Jason?
I don't know.
FRANKY: What do you
mean you don't know?
you I don't know.
I just left him there.
So you could have killed him?
LEAH: Maybe.
FRANKY: Le, for fuck's
sake, stop this.
Every great religion, right?
At the very beginning,
the essence of it
was love, in here.
And I think, over the
centuries, they just say,
what, this is what it means.
This is what it means.
They've just divided.
It's chaos.
But I do believe that essence.
I mean, yeah, I know the--
I know the body falls
apart, the packaging.
ALICE: No, it does.
True, right?
I'm listening.
ALICE: And the packaging
is letting me down.
But, um, yeah, I do
believe there's something.
Does that answer your question?
- Yeah.
Yeah, no, that's fair enough.
I mean, I believe, you know,
it brings you peace, comfort.
ALICE: Yeah.
- Yeah.
ALICE: Yeah.
That sort of--
ALICE: Yeah, I know what
you're talking about.
FRANKY: Are you
supposed to be drinking?
(GULPS) Why?
FRANKY: I don't think
you're supposed to.
Why not?
FRANKY: Against your
religion, innit?
I don't know.
It's OK.
Leave it.
Leave it.
Leave it, Franky.
Come on.
No, you're doing well.
It's all right.
She's, you know--
Got a lot of learning to do.
Yeah, well, I
am still learning.
- Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, don't.
Let me take this
profile picture for you.
Come on.
Smile for me.
If you swipe right,
it means you like him.
If you swipe left,
you don't like him.
OK, if I slide left.
(SNORTS) If I swipe right--
Oh, wow.
Something's happened.
What's happened?
You got matched.
What does that mean?
LEAH: You got a message.
FRANKY: Go on.
Give him a message.
I don't know what to say.
I'm not doing it.
(CHUCKLES) Do you feel like
you're ready to, like, go?
Do you know what I mean?
(CHUCKLES) It's not
a funny question.
No, you know, like
when people say--
ALICE: Yeah, I've taken
the pan off the oven.
So I can actually do it, yeah.
FRANKY: She's praying now.
Le, not at the table.
You're a good swimmer, Jack.
Look, Jack.
It's a fish.
Is there animals
in these shells?
In here?
Come on, Jack.
You guys have some fun.
JACK: You look great, Nan.
FRANKY: That's him.
He's here.
Where the fuck is he going?
You call yourself a fucking man?
MAN: What are you talking about?
You ain't a fucking man!
What the-- what are
you talking about?
- You ain't a fucking man!
- Hi, I'm just--
a fucking man!
Are you with her?
ALICE: Let him go!
- Will you get a hold of her?
- Don't be stupid.
- For god's sake!
- Frank.
MAN: This is ridiculous.
- Stop it.
Get off!
Stop it!
Did it help?
- Yeah, it did, actually.
- It didn't help me.
Yeah, it did.
It didn't help me.
I didn't even hurt him anyway.
It didn't help me.
It frightened me,
seeing you that angry.
Yeah, well, he shouldn't
have done what he did then.
No, it frightened me.
FRANKY: It's just, men like
that make me feel sick.
ALICE: And why do
you think that is?
That poor man, you charged
at him like a raging bull.
FRANKY: Can I come
on your next date?
(LAUGHS) Of course, you can,
as long as you don't smash
him up the next time.
Of course, you can.
(LAUGHS) You're a mad one.
What do you like, hmm?
You all right?
I'm all right.
Do you know I
have a boyfriend?
Do you?
Yeah, his name is Eli.
We're praying for a baby.
You know it doesn't
work like that.
Is he like you?
What do you mean?
Is this what all this is then?
Is he going to stone me
when he finds out I'm gay?
(GIGGLES) Oh, jeez.
Her extensions don't even
match the color of her hair.
The fuck is that?
MOM: Kathy is a
nightmare with him.
She can't let go of him.
I'm not surprised she
ain't here saying, "Franky,
don't hold him like that."
I nearly died
when you was away.
It's really difficult.
Have you seen
what's happened to your sister?
She seems happy.
Me and Tommy bumped
into Jane the other day.
She showed me a
picture of this guy.
And according to her, he was
the one that started the fire.
I said, well, why didn't
you call the police?
She said, mind
your own business.
So we had a little turnout.
And Tommy filmed it all.
I'll show you.
Show me the video.
MOM: I'll show you.
You all right?
WOMAN: Hello, are
you Leah Windsor?
LEAH: Yeah, why?
What's going on?
Allegations being made--
My colleague's
arresting her for assault.
She's going to go to
the police station.
She's going to be taken
to the police station.
For Jason?
All right, calm down.
You don't need to shout.
She'll be back home as soon as--
You don't have to say
anything that may harm you.
You're arresting my
sister for assault?
Someone's burnt
me, and you ain't
going to do nothing about it.
All right, calm yourself
down for me, please.
Get back inside!
All right, you're
under arrest!
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I need you to
sign these forms.
Here and here.
They come in,
and they take Leah.
And they take us both of
even without questioning us.
You know, they put us in-- in
a cell for 12 fucking hours.
But when I go to the police,
no one wants to listen to me,
do they?
Wikipedia says they found
drugs in the pub that night.
What are you talking about?
And your brother spent
two years in prison
for possession of illegal arms.
It got nothing to do
with the fire, Jack.
JACK: Why did your brother
Tom need a gun then?
People have reasons.
ALICE: Don't do it.
JACK: Your mother might
have had a motive.
Shut the fuck up, Jack.
JACK: It could have
been a fuse box.
Jack, it's got
nothing to do with it.
Now, stop it.
Be quiet.
Franky, I'm sorry.
FRANKY: You all right?
No, I'm not.
Leave me alone.
Can I get you anything?
ALICE: Go away, please.
How are you feeling?
Um, not bad.
I've had too many of these.
JIM: Yeah, exactly.
Franky, no.
How are you?
Uh, what are you doing here?
I've been looking for you.
Um, Jim, this is Franky.
It's my ex.
Were you a boy or a girl?
You're hilarious.
JIM: (CHUCKLES) I'm just
fucking around with her.
Did you sleep OK?
It's nice, isn't
it, this room?
Do you live here now?
I rented it with some friends.
Well, I like it.
I've been working with
this director called Kristof,
and he's just
absolutely amazing.
I mean, really, he's
changed my life.
He's really taught me
about truth, you know.
It's so important in
life to be truthful.
I feel like I have
this sense of purpose
that I didn't used
to have, you know.
He's a genius.
Um, babe, Alice
really isn't well.
I think you should come home.
Franky, I've been waiting
around, uh, for years.
And I tried.
And I love her so much, but
it's fucking painful waiting
for someone to die.
And I-- and I really
can't do that anymore.
But I'm not sorry because
I love my neighbor Darren.
And he makes my dad
a very happy man.
And I love the way
that he always takes
my packages when I'm not home.
He takes them, my packages,
and he accepts them.
And then he'll leave a
little note on my door.
And the note says, "Esme, I
have your Amazon delivery."
And I go, and I get my
delivery from Darren
and his wife Susanna.
Does that make
you uncomfortable?
Hello, stranger.
You want?
A cigarette.
What's the matter?
Where were you?
I went and got a drink.
I thought it was
amazing in there,
the lights, the performance.
It finished,
and you just left.
- I didn't leave.
- Yeah, you did.
- I didn't leave.
- I was waiting for you.
I was there.
I said to everyone, my
girlfriend is going to be here.
And you weren't even
fucking there to say
congratulations, well done.
I was clapping, and
I gave you a thumbs up.
I just didn't understand it.
I mean, you was--
You don't understand it.
You was hoovering
the stage, babe.
And it's so funny.
You really are so funny.
I'm so glad that you came.
I really--
Why did you walk away from me?
Why'd you always do this?
I've been going past that
funeral director recently.
(SNIFFS) When I go shopping,
and I've been thinking,
oh, that's the one.
That guy is so smug.
I know he's good--
actually, he's a good man.
It really is not a
good time to die.
I'll look after him.
Just don't worry about
Jack or anything.
I've got to make arrangements.
And I really would love it
if you just took him out.
Just take him somewhere.
everyone makes mistakes.
Let go of that ball of anger
that's holding you back
from truly living your life.
You never know, you
might be able to forgive.
Jack, take the
stalk out first.
I'm going to lie down.
And then peel it like this.
I'll bring it
in when it's done.
Mm, this is nice, Franky.
Good, yeah.
I've been following this,
um, chef on YouTube.
She's gone, mate.
Let go.
PASTOR: We shall
have the opportunity
to remember before God in a
moment in our prayers something
of what we, as individuals,
received from Alice, all
that she was and
worked for, and to pray
for the repose of her
soul and the comfort
of all who mourn her.
And we undertake
this recollection
in hope, looking
forward, as well as
in celebration, looking back.
Because God's purposes
are such, that nothing
can separate us from him.
WOMAN: I'm so sorry.
My condolences.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming, sweetheart.
Thank you.
(SIGHS) Franky.
You all right?
How's things been?
Same as.
Franky, I should have--
I should have been there.
She meant so much to me.
She loved you.
I miss you.
Jason is such a prick.
Yeah, but you could
have killed him.
LEAH: It's just a scratch.
No, you haven't.
Yeah, I do.
WOMAN: Oh, he's
gorgeous, isn't he?
WOMAN: Did you see how
he was with the fish?
TOM: And I love him.
We loved him, didn't we, yeah?
Dory-- and he love Dory.
WOMAN: He's bloody loved Dory.
MOM: Look at these lovebirds.
Look at these.
Look, all in love,
they, aren't they?
I don't know.
Can you get a room?
MOM: Oh, he's lovely.
WOMAN: Makes you sick.
MOM: Leah, he's a good
one you got there, love.
Then you be good.
You be good to our Leah.
We've had enough
drama in this house.
Yeah, we want some
niceness, don't we?
WOMAN: That is true.
Do you ever think
back to that night?
That it could have
been me and not you,
you know, as I was supposed
to have stayed there?
Yeah, but Leah, you--
you might not have
survived, and I could
never live without you, ever.
You're my best mate
as well as my sister.
Look what mom got me.
did you get this?
She won the lottery.
Sick, innit?
Lucky bastard.
You all right, Jack?
How are you?
I've missed you.
I've missed you too.
- You all right?
- Hi.
I'm good, Leah.
How are you?
Yeah, I'm good.
OK, so my kitchen is
here, and my shower is here.
And then that's my bed.
Sorry, my washing's
all still out.
I'm so proud of you, Jack.
Thank you.
Hey, I've been
shopping the other day.
Look what I bought.
(CHUCKLES) You look good.
Three-- just go.
Three, two, one, go!
(LAUGHS) There you go.
(SINGING) Oh, girl
Would you love me
Will you try
(SINGING) I want to love you
I want to try
But I'm too damn shy
Are you real lonely?
Because I'm so very
Are you real lonely?
Do you only want to dance?
So you just want it
Or clutch my belly
Are you just lonely?
Why do I have to ask?
This little girl is in you
You're beautiful
Silly little girl
It's been a long
time coming, innit?
Do you know who I am?
You're my sister, the one
that got burnt in the fire.
Can I come in?
KID: Yes.
(SINGING) Are you real lonely?
'Cause I'm so very
Are you real lonely?
Do you only want to dance?
So you just want it
Or clutch my belly
Are you just lonely?
Why do I have to ask?
In the end, every person
is just another cunt
And I keep hurting myself
By wanting these
things that I want
Wrapping up your
doormat girlfriend
And then you come back
And you hurt me all over again
I go to this fucking party
And all I want to
do is talk to you
And you just sits in
the fucking middle
Sits in the fucking middle
And I, I want you
I like you
And now, fuck, I'm sweating
Fuck, I'm burning up
Oh, na na na
Na na na na
Oh, na na na na
Na na na na
Silly little girl is in you
You're beautiful
You are a silly little girl
Silly little girl