Silverton Siege (2022) Movie Script

Next, please.
Good day, sir.
Good day.
Next, please.
Everybody get down!
Don't be a hero.
Stay down! Hey!
Don't shoot.
- I said down.
- Don't shoot.
Move, move. Down.
Where are you going? Down!
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is not a bank robbery.
So you stay calm
and you go home.
My name is Calvin Khumalo.
I was born in Mabopane,
where running water is a luxury.
My comrades and I
grew up in apartheid South Africa,
the most unequal society
in the world.
We joined the liberation movement
following the June 16 uprisings,
which left many of our peers dead.
With the majority of our leaders
either imprisoned or in exile,
the youth have made it
their responsibility
to put an end to this unethical system.
The main objective?
Make the country ungovernable.
The white minority regime
has left us with only one option.
Our orders from
high command were simple.
Sabotage strategic
key points in the capital,
with no civilian casualties.
That was the plan.
Comrades, Seahorse supplies oil
to the South African Defense Force.
We take the oil.
You take the supply and power.
We plant the explosives
and hit as many fuel tanks as possible.
There's no need for me
to tell you that if we get caught,
there will be no prison time.
Only the rope.
The truck driver
should be here any minute.
We get the signal from him
and we move. Fast.
Gents, two minutes.
Terra! Hurry, man!
We don't have much time.
I can't hold it, man!
- Terra...
- Mbali!
Get back in the car.
Emergency, gentlemen. Jeez.
- He's late.
- He shouldn't be.
Can't we go on foot?
We need the truck driver
for gate access.
Are you sure it's the right location?
I mean, mistakes happen, huh?
Khumalo doesn't make mistakes.
These guys have been
off the radar for so long,
but instead of fleeing,
they come back to the capital,
one of the most protected cities
in the whole damn country.
Uh, it makes no sense, man.
Makes perfect sense.
This is the arena.
It's the heart of their fight.
Now, time for the news.
An explosion at the Rooiwal Power Plant
near Pretoria early yesterday morning
has left thousands of homes
without electricity
and caused millions of
rands worth of damage.
This is the latest in a series
of sabotage acts by the terrorists
that have rocked large cities
across South Africa...
Today it stops.
...causing speculation that
a state of emergency might...
Go! Go MK!
Anyone with information,
contact Captain Langerman...
Team MK. Go MK! Pretoria on 012-555-2670.
Where are you going now?
One's coming out.
Get ready! Get ready!
Move back!
He is coming towards you. Move back!
Black woman, smoking in public...
No way...
What now!
- Get back inside. Let's go!
- That's our guy!
Let's move.
Are we doing this or what?
- That's not him. That's not our driver.
- What?
- Who is he?
- I don't know. Something's wrong.
- Something's not right.
- I feel it.
I can feel it.
Get back inside.
I think he's gonna bolt.
Abort mission! Abort mission!
- Move!
- All units move in.
Hey! Come on!
I want them alive!
Do not shoot!
Move, go!
- Masego!
- Get the guns!
Move! Move! Move!
- Masego! Masego, move!
- Go!
- Move! Come on, go!
- Masego!
Everybody go! Go! Go!
- Move.
- Faster, man.
This street!
It's a gang, man.
Masego, can't this thing go faster?
Move, man!
Piss off! I'll kill you!
What now?
Keep moving.
Move. Go!
Get this thing out of here!
Come on! Get it out!
I think we lost them.
- Let's go!
- Trying to kill us. Move!
Who's this driver?
Taxi rank!
You're driving right past it!
Come on!
Go in, brother!
We got set up, man!
- Go, Masego! Let's move.
- Masego, no way man!
- Drive, Masego!
- Go!
We lost Comrade Masego.
We have to go.
Comrades, get moving.
We need to find a way out.
Masego! Wake up!
What do you think you're doing?
Masego, don't do this to me!
Masego, I'm begging you.
Terra, Terra, we need to go.
No. Go, go, go. I'll stay with him.
- Terra, we have to leave.
- Go. Quickly, go.
Terra... Mbali.
We need to go.Mbali!
Fuck you!
Terra! We need to move!
Let's go. Go!
I think it's Pieter!
Pieter, are you okay?
- It's clear.
- He's still breathing.
Hold on, buddy, hold on.
Pretoria Post.
It's the same van
they used for the Rooiwal job.
Hold on,
they are on their way.
They left one behind.
Men, search the building.
I want this whole building
turned upside down!
They must be here somewhere, Malan!
Go up there!
Every car as well.
This way!
Dead end!
- Here, here!
- Let's get out of here!
- Come on!
- Move!
Go, go, go!
Press, Aldo, press!
Make one line!
Go, go.
Get out of the way!
- Let's go, guys!
- Go!
My pump!
Calvin, can you go on?
Let's go!
Shots fired!
Let's go!
Go past! Go past!
- Keep going!
- Move! Let's go!
Ah, shit! I'm out!
- This way.
- Everybody move!
- Everybody!
- Let's go!
Calvin! Calvin!
Come on, Aldo.
That's it.
Rabbi, get down! Down!
Move, clear!
Go, go!
- Move.
- Move! Move!
Everybody down!
Move! Let's go!
Go past!
Everybody down!
Everybody down!
Go back! Go back!
What kind of shit is this?
We're trapped!
Oh my God!
Hurry, Ma. Go!
Hold your fire.
I repeat, hold your fire!
Next, please.
It's a bank.
Gents, what are we going to do?
- This is bad.
- Calm down.
Terra, your side. Move.
Aldo, your side.
Could you stop that?
It's rather disgusting.
Well, hello to you too, beautiful.
By the way,
you are definitely in the wrong line.
No, actually...
I'm in the right line.
Name's Washington, Cornelius Washington.
Now that's cold.
What you think
you're doing, boy?
Excuse me?
Um, who you calling a boy?
Don't play dumb with me.
You're in the wrong line.
Whites only. Blacks that side.
Get your hands off me.
I'm an American.
Is it?
Well, you're in Africa now, boy!
He's the American citizen
that phoned in yesterday.
Damn Skippy. What?
A man can't breathe?
You didn't say he's Black.
Did I have to?
Johan, let him go. Johan.
Apologies, Mr. Washington.
Don't even worry about it.
I'm from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Hmm.
I deal with dumbass rednecks
all the time.
Thanks for understanding.
All right, everybody, listen up.
This is now a hostage situation.
Nobody goes in this bank,
nobody goes out.
We need a command post over there.
Schoeman, set up phone lines.
Good day, sir.
Good day.
Next, please.
Captain, they're already
shooting at the hostages.
No, not yet. It's too soon.
Get me a bullhorn.
Everybody down!
Don't play a hero.
Stay down!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Come here.
- Down!
- Don't shoot.
Move. Hey.
Down, down, down!
Where are you going?
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is not a bank robbery.
So you stay calm and you go home.
Stay calm, go home.
Hold fast!
Hold fast!
- Move!
- Okay, okay.
Hey, give.
Okay. Please don't shoot me.
I have a two-year-old daughter.
And if you want to see her again,
don't try any tricks.
- Okay. Sorry.
- Move.
Get up!
Um... Please don't hurt me.
Money's in the vault.
Just don't hurt anyone.
Take the money.
Just don't hurt anyone.
- Okay.
- Now.
I could show you
where the vault is.
This isn't a bank robbery.
Then what is it?
What's your name?
Christine. I'm the supervisor.
Christine the supervisor.
Is there a back way out?
No, only the front.
- Move!
- Okay. Okay, okay.
Get up!
On the floor.
Not there, in there! Move.
What's this? Hello.
Looks like this one has issues.
That means you too.
It's filthy.
Sit down!
Don't get on my nerves.
Move! Move, let's go.
- Ladies too.
- Let's go!
I think we might have something.
I'm not moving.
I'm not going anywhere. Whatever...
- Who's she?
- Name's Jane.
She claims to be related
to the bank supervisor.
A woman, white, by the name of Christine.
She says she can help.
- What do you think?
- I'm not moving...
Let's keep her close.
We might need her later.
I can't go out like this.
Khensani's pregnant.
I know.
Just get your mind off it.
we've been betrayed.
Khumalo has a lot of explaining to do.
I don't know. Not Calvin.
Then who?
Someone in high command
sold us out.
I want answers.
And I want them now.
If anyone comes near those windows,
shoot them all!
Calvin Khumalo,
Aldo Erasmus, Mbali Terra Mabunda.
We have the entire building surrounded.
How's he know our names?
Never mind our names.
How did he know about the mission?
Surrender your weapons and come out
with your hands above your head.
- Maybe the truck driver?
- No. All the truck driver knew
was to meet us there
and drive us in. That's it.
This guy knew everything.
Someone had to have told him.
I repeat, Calvin,
we have the building surrounded.
Don't look at me.
I lost Masego today.
Don't piss me off.
There were other units
on the Seahorse mission.
Come out
with your hands above your head.
What are we gonna do?
Get out.
Calvin Khumalo?
I'm Captain Langerman.
South African Police.
We met outside the bank.
How do you know our names?
We've been tracking you for months.
We know you were behind
the Rooiwal job.
You don't speak Afrikaans,
yet you call yourself a South African?
Do you speak Zulu?
Your people have been here 400 years
and you haven't bothered
to learn an indigenous language,
yet you call yourself a South African?
Let's not get off on
the wrong foot. Okay?
Too late for that, Captain.
You've got to understand,
this is Pretoria.
By taking over this square
and this bank,
you're spitting in the face
of the Afrikaner nation.
I don't give a damn
about the Afrikaner nation.
They've taken apart my family,
and they've taken apart many more.
My point is that it is going
to be up to you and me to resolve this.
Peacefully and quickly.
Otherwise, it's going to end badly.
For everyone.
Listen here...
This is what's going to happen.
Me and my comrades
are going to walk out of here safely.
Unless you want us to start
throwing bodies out the door.
Nobody needs to get hurt, Calvin.
I'll get you what you want.
I want a helicopter.
I want an unarmed pilot.
And I want safe passage
to a location of our choosing,
which I will tell the pilot
once we're airborne, no tricks.
Do you understand me?
we have an American citizen in here.
He'll be traveling with us.
You have 20 minutes.
Get ready to move out.
No. Not now. Not now.
You think this will work?
This is perfect.
With all due respect, Captain...
this could get messy very quickly.
But better it gets messy
out here than in the bank.
Get me the helicopter.
Let's get them outside.
Captain, let's do this...
They're coming in!
Hey, brother.
You okay?
We're getting out of here.
You are going back to Khensani.
Do you really believe that?
After this, you'll be holding
your newborn baby in your arms.
Come on, Aldo.
I know today has been a rough day.
I know we lost Masego. But...
we've been through far worse situations.
And Terra hasn't killed anyone yet. So...
we're going to be okay.
Let's go home, okay?
Let's go home. Let's go.
Ladies and gentlemen.
We would like to thank you
for your kind cooperation.
And give our sincere apologies
for any inconvenience caused.
We did not intend to be here.
But here we are.
Unfortunately, for me
and my comrades to depart,
we are going to need
a volunteer.
Man, I'm Black, just like you.
I ain't got nothing to do with this.
So now you're Black.
You do make a valid point.
You are Black.
Just like me.
You. You'll be our American.
Targets are exiting the bank.
Nice and easy.
They're heading towards the helicopter.
- How long you been in the police force?
- I'm not.
This is a '64 Alouette, French-made,
used in the Matola Raid.
You know your stuff.
Matola Raid.
So don't try any tricks. Move.
Let's go.
Targets are now entering the helicopter.
Copied, Captain. We're clear.
We are clear.
Let's move it.
Okay, let's go.
Something's wrong.
Aldo, move in!
Calvin I... I don't...
What are you doing?
Schoeman, what do you hear?
Aldo, let's go!
Aldo, man. You have to trust me.
Come, let's move!
- This is too easy.
- Move.
Hostage breaking away.
Do not fire. I repeat, do not fire.
Get up!
- Do not fire.
- Get up!
Come out of there,
you dog. Come out!
Come on, dog. Move.
Back to the bank!
Everybody move!
The hostage in the white shirt
is not American. He's a Boer.
- Shoot!
- Do not fire.
You messed up, Captain!
I see you, you messed up!
- What happened?
- You know!
Damn it!
Move. Move, dog.
- Move.
- Get back!
Sit down!
You are alone now.
Do you hear me?
- You are alone now.
- No.
- No!
- Schoeman?
We've lost the signal.
We've lost the signal.
Huh? Triple seven.
A Black white supremacist.
It's not what you think.
You're a piece of crap.
Move! On the floor.
On the floor!
I knew
they weren't gonna let us fly away.
Calvin. I'm... I'm sorry.
I should have listened.
You're sorry? You're sorry?
I'll show you sorry, son of a bitch.
I should have just killed you myself.
What about Masego?
- You selfish piece of shit!
- Go to hell, Terra!
You'll go to hell!
I'll show you hell.
Terra, please.
I understand, okay?
He nearly had us killed.
We'd be dead
if it wasn't for him, okay?
I'm bleeding here.
Come here.
Get up!
And now?
Get in...
Let's go. Move!
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Get in. Get in!
Big men with guns, huh?
But you're nothing
but a bunch of terrorists.
Get up.
Busy working
for the white man? Get up, boy!
Who's the bloody informer?
On your bloody knees.
On your bloody knees. Shit!
- Who is the bloody informer?
- I don't...
- I don't know.
- Lies!
I don't know.
I'm just a pilot.
Because of people like him,
Masego is dead.
Go cool off.
The police knew about
the Seahorse Oil mission
because somebody told them.
See, the way I see it,
you have two options.
Tell me nothing and die in this bank, or...
you tell me who the informant is
and you'll live.
I don't know.
I wasn't part of the operation.
Then why were you armed?
They put the gun in the helicopter
so I could take you out
once you told us your location.
They would be waiting for you there...
in an ambush.
Brigadier's orders.
You have to realize one thing.
There's only one of two ways
you're leaving this bank.
or death.
They found the wiretap.
Just when you think
your day couldn't get any worse.
The Little Crocodile is here.
The Little Crocodile is here.
Units are taking over
operational command.
Captain Langerman.
The Big Crocodile is dying to see you.
And he's on the warpath.
- Brigadier, we've been on this case...
- I'm not talking to you.
What's that?
It's a helicopter, Brigadier.
I know what it is, Schoeman.
But why is it standing there?
In front of Uncle Paul?
Fix it.
Oh, and...
Have you seen the bank manifest?
The Justice Minister's daughter,
Christine, is one of the hostages.
Really, sir?
Yes, Schoeman. Really.
That's why I'm here.
With all the horses, the dogs,
the guns, the soldiers, and everything.
This crap stops now.
Do you understand me, Captain?
What's in that case?
What do you think?
Wait, hang on, man.
Why don't you say we make a deal, huh?
You want money?
All right.
Here you go.
Look, I don't want your money, okay?
Come on, man.
Who doesn't want money, huh?
I'm a boxing promoter.
You know that big fight with
John Tate and Gerrie Coetzee, huh?
Well, how about Nelson Mandela?
You know Mandela, right?
He's a boxer.
Just let me go.
That's it.
It is?
- Hey!
- Whoa, easy.
What is it?
I have a plan.
Hey, so we have a deal or what?
Just sit down!
Excuse me.
When do we get to leave?
These people need food and water
and they need
to relieve themselves, please.
What's the plan?
- They're won't let us out.
- I'm not surrendering.
That's not what I'm saying.
Think about it.
They've been trying
to kill us since the depot.
I know I've never let
you guys down before, but...
but today, I have.
This could be our last mission.
if our lives are worth nothing,
then maybe...
Maybe we negotiate for
a life that is worth everything.
This is the prime minister.
He doesn't negotiate.
And we've tried this already.
You're starting again.
Yes, we did.
For us. Okay?
But what if we turn this
into a movement?
A movement?
We need permission from high command.
In here we are high command.
No surrender.
No retreat.
I told you if you didn't comply
with my demands,
there would be consequences.
What are you talking about?
I complied, I delivered your helicopter.
Helicopter? Helicopter?
Hey, that wasn't a helicopter,
that was a setup.
I don't want your helicopter, Captain.
How do you expect to get out of here?
You know what?
I don't.
Then what do you want?
Meet me at the door.
You've got to talk to me.
Tell me what it is you want.
We want the immediate release
of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.
All charges dropped.
We want a presidential pardon
from the prime minister,
and we want it in writing, Captain.
You have one hour to get me
a signed copy of that presidential pardon.
Then an hour after that,
we want him released in full public view.
Then me and my comrades will surrender.
Calvin, that's a tall order.
A tall order?
Maybe you don't understand it.
Captain, what's the price of freedom?
I don't know.
One hour, Captain.
You think he'll do it?
Let's not give them
any other way.
This is gonna need
some serious motivation.
Then let's give it to them.
Dear Lord
We pray to you... keep all of us,
no matter what side, safe
and grant us safe passage out the bank.
So that Ernie can celebrate
his daughter Karmen's second birthday.
We also pray for Amanda
and her unborn child, Simon.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power, and the glory. Amen.
Thank you.
They want the release of Nelson Mandela.
In exchange,
they'll release the hostages
and surrender.
Hey, what's wrong?
Can't breathe.
Okay. Come on, Calvin. Here we go.
There we go.
It's gonna be okay?
I'm fine.
It's fine, let's move.
My love.
Your name is Terra, right?
What do you want?
Please, we have a pregnant woman here.
This is inhumane.
You can't just keep us here all day.
What is wrong with you?
Do something about it.
Sit down.
Or else what?
Didn't get that.
Were you saying something?
You darkies are all the same.
Nothing but criminals.
Get up.
Get up.
Let me hear you say
"darkie" one more time.
Say "darkie" one more time.
He didn't mean it.
Next time...
shut your mouth, okay?
Okay, look.
We are thirsty and we are starving.
And I have a flight to catch.
Calm down, please.
We are working on it. Okay?
Money, money
I need some money
Money, money
I need some money
I hope you're calling me
to tell me you have my letter.
Calvin, you know
we're considering everything,
but these things take time.
The release of a man like Mandela
isn't done at the snap of a finger.
Not good enough.
What the hell are you doing?
Khumalo, what are you doing?
Khumalo! Talk to me.
Get up.
For what?
Get up.
Get up.
Man, I ain't come here for this.
This is bull, that's what it is.
Let's move.
- Man...
- Take this trolley.
- Move.
- Go.
Aldo, machine gun.
Keep an eye on them.
Brigadier, they're coming out.
The door's opening.
Get ready.
Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
They're coming outside.
This is progress.
Who's he?
- Take them now.
- No, wait, Brigadier,
something's not right.
There they are, standing outside.
Shoot them.
No, one of those three
isn't one of our suspects.
I didn't say he's one of our suspects.
I gave you an order.
Shoot the bastards now.
Calvin is cunning as a jackal.
Take it!
He wouldn't just expose himself like that.
I think that man might be a hostage.
Now pour it.
Now you listen to me,
I gave you an order.
Brigadier, permission to engage?
We have a clear shot.
Nobody fires unless I say so.
- Langerman...
- Let me talk to him.
Pour it!
What is this?
You're out of time, Captain.
Hurry. Now light it!
Light it!
Why are you doing this?
- What does it prove?
- Light it.
Wait. Mr. Officer, hold on now.
I think there's a big misunderstanding.
- Hold on. Look...
- Light it!
I don't want no trouble.
This has nothing to do with me.
- I ain't even from here.
- You're home now, brother.
Don't shoot. It's the American.
That's right. I'm an American.
I'm a boxing promoter.
I shouldn't even be here.
Please, take me with you.
Shut up!
Listen to me.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Now light it!
Please. Light it.
Permission to shoot?
Free Nelson Mandela!
- Brigadier, I got the shot.
- No!
Free Nelson Mandela!
Take him!
Nobody is shooting anything.
We're still negotiating.
Free Nelson Mandela!
They must free him.
- Free Nelson Mandela, free him!
- Free Nelson Mandela!
Free Nelson Mandela!
Free him!
Free Mandela!
Back in! Move!
Calvin, release some of the hostages.
Will be a sign of good faith.
Maybe you don't understand
what I'm talking about.
The next thing I wanna hear from you
is that you received that pardon.
If you don't, I'm burning
more money and more money.
And when the money's out...
Well, then... you know what happens.
Free Nelson Mandela. Free him!
Power to the people!
Power to the people!
You nearly caused
an international incident.
That was an American hostage.
But he's Black!
I couldn't care less that he's American.
Shut them up!
Get rid of this damn disturbance.
I do not want to hear them!
Power to the people!
That was not cool, man.
I know y'all want freedom,
but freedom ain't free.
And I ain't gonna be
the one to pay for it.
Then who must?
Who must?
Maybe you don't understand.
As long as one of us is in chains,
none of us are free.
Save it, man.
No, Khumalo.
That bloody captain
is a piece of shit.
I swear...
I don't care what Khumalo says,
if I get a chance to avenge Masego,
I'm going to do it.
Captain Langerman
will get what he deserves.
I guarantee it.
Excuse me.
I'm bleeding.
I need the bathroom, please.
Erasmus, please
deal with this dog before I kill him.
- Get up.
- What happened?
I almost got shot.
That's what happened.
They were talking
about freeing Mandela.
- And they made me burn the money.
- What?
I'm gonna go talk to him.
Christine, you mad?
What do you think you're doing?
You're not in this alone,
Miss Fancy Pants. Coming with you.
- We need to talk to you.
- About what?
We've asked for food and water.
We haven't received any.
It's on the way.
You know, from the moment
you walked into this bank,
you messed up everyone's life,
including your own.
I messed up everyone's life? Me?
I'm not the reasonyou're standing
in a line you shouldn't be.
- Doesn't matter what line I stand in.
- It shouldn't.
But we live in a country
where it does for people like us.
That's where you're wrong.
Me, you...
we're not the same.
I think we're more alike
than you'd like to admit.
I know your type.
You think you're special,
different from the rest.
But truly, you're not.
Does that remind you of anyone?
Maybe you're right.
But that still doesn't change the fact
that what you're trying
to do here is impossible.
You know, a man once said,
"It always seems impossible
until it's done."
That's a wise man
and those are beautiful words.
But what's your plan?
This is the plan!
To burn money?
How are you gonna get out of here?
The police consider Mandela
to be the highest form of terrorist.
Burn all the money you want,
they won't release him.
I don't have to explain myself
to any of you.
Now go sit down, now!
And that wise man,
that wise man who said that,
that's Nelson Mandela.
That's the man we're trying to free.
Go sit down.
You know, it's only a matter
of time before the police come in here.
When they do, they'll kill
you and everyone else in here.
I don't wanna be caught in the crossfire.
Hey, tell someone
who gives a shit, okay?
You ought to give a shit.
I ought to kill you myself
if we don't start moving.
Let's go.
The minute you
start releasing hostages...
I want to be the first on that list.
And why would I do that?
Because if you don't, Aldo,
I'll tell your friends
who the real informant is.
Don't forget about our agreement.
Remember, we know where your wife is.
You know what?
You're right.
Keep your friends...
No one threatens my family.
Aldo, what happened?
He tried to kill me.
Okay, Aldo.
Up, Aldo. Aldo, up.
Listen to me.
No one can find out about this.
If they do, they'll storm this bank.
Let's grab him.
Get his legs.
You've got blood on your hands, Comrade.
Clean it off.
Hey, we want food and water.
I can do that for you,
but I need a favor in return.
Two hostages.
But I need one of them to be Christine.
What's so special about her?
Nothing special.
The bank just wants their female
supervisor out of there safely.
Standard procedure.
Standard procedure.
Just bring that food and water.
Food and water has arrived.
We're letting you go first.
Get up.
You're doing a good thing, son.
So, the police asked me
to release you specifically, Christine.
Do you know why?
I have no idea.
Okay, well, you are free to go.
I'm not walking out those doors.
What are you doing?
If she doesn't want to go,
I'll take her place. Pass me my bag.
Sit down!
Christine, I suggest you go
before I change my mind.
I'm not going
to leave these people here.
They're my responsibility.
I can't just abandon them.
You can take Susan in my place.
Come help me get the food.
Come out.
See you later.
Where's Christine?
- Doesn't wanna come out.
- Why not?
How am I supposed to know?
Maybe she likes the ambiance in there.
I gave you two hostages, okay.
We need that letter, Captain.
Move it. Hey!
Charlie one, we have the hostages.
Moving back.
Where's Christine?
She won't come
out of the bank.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Captain. What if we use
that old lady over there?
How do you mean "No," Brigadier?
Because I say no.
We could use herto persuade
Christine to come out of the bank.
Let me explain something to you both.
You want us to turn a maid
into a heroine on national television?
How desperate do you want us
to look?Hmm?
If your plan doesn't work, mine will.
Bathroom break is over.
Uh, my... my shoelaces.
Hurry up. Don't have all day.
- Drop it!
- Hey!
- Drop it!
- Drop your guns!
- Drop your guns!
- Put it down.
I said drop the guns!
- Or else I'll kill him. I'll kill him.
- Calm down.
I will! Drop it!
Put it down.
Drop your guns!
I will kill him!
Hey, wait!
Look! Look at me! I'm moving back.
I'm moving back. I'm putting it down.
- I will kill him!
- Okay! Okay! Okay!
Okay! Okay!
All right, I'm dropping it.
Shots. Go!
Terra, wait.
It's a five shooter. You're out.
Khumalo, shoot him, man!
The enemy's outside,
not in here. No civilian casualties.
But if any of you guys try that again,
there will be consequences.
Do you understand me?
I told you, you stay calm, you go home.
This is not calm.
Terra, check on Aldo.
- Ernie.
- Yeah.
Come here.
Ernie, you just got a promotion.
Go lock up your boss.
- Okay.
- Chain him there.
Get up, dog.
Stay calm!
On the floor.
Terra, let me have a look...
I'm all right.
Excuse me.
Is there any way we can help?
I don't know. Do what you can.
Calvin, we heard gunshots.
What is happening in there?
Nobody is hurt yet, Captain.
But that could all change.
You've run out of time.
Thirty minutes,
I just need 30 more minutes.
You don't have 30 minutes.
You have 15 minutes.
Not now, man.
Why didn't you leave?
You had every opportunity to go,
but you didn't take it.
I'm just trying to help.
Sure, you are.
I'm sure.
Where is she?
Step away from the door.
There's no way out.
This has nothing to do with me.
So I demand to leave right now.
You don't get to make demands.
What's stopping me
from killing you right now?
Like you did the pilot in the vault?
Go ahead. Shoot me.
Probably had white parents.
White friends,
spoke English your whole life.
How do you even begin...
It doesn't matter.
My point is,
you can hide behind your history.
Maybe get away with it
because of how you look.
Use your privilege...
and your money to keep up
the faade.
But you can't run
away from who you really are.
You don't know me!
You think it's easy being me,
looking the way that I do?
People constantly sniggering
and debating who I am.
You don't know me.
And you know nothing
about the choices I've had to make.
You're right.
I don't know you.
The pilot was self-defense.
But if the police find out...
they'll storm the bank.
Go join the others.
You know, all day I've been thinking
who the informant could be.
And I just thought maybe Masego.
This makes me think... maybe Terra.
Not Terra.
She's got a heart of gold.
Let's move.
I'll do it.
Uh, Pastor Whatchamacallit...
No offense, but this ain't for you.
I beg to differ.
I want to help too, if you'd allow.
You can put the gun
to my head if that'll help.
That doesn't seem necessary.
Do as I say and you'll be safe.
Why are you doing this again, Calvin?
Why? Why?!
What you've asked for
is not easy to deliver.
- And you know it.
- Maybe you don't understand!
You have run out of time, Captain.
What's it gonna take? Huh?
You know what?
I think I'm done burning money.
Maybe I should burn this building,
this square,
or maybe Uncle Paul over there!
I will burn
this whole country down if it takes it.
You will release him!
Why don't yougive them what they want?
Let sanity prevail!
- Pastor.
- I'm doing my best.
Try harder!
In order for this to work,
I need Calvin to help me.
You are not a partner.
You're not helping me.
You're gonna get someone killed.
Try harder and deliver on your promises.
- Ha!
- Captain!
- Letter from the prime minister.
- Calvin, wait!
- Wait!
- Captain!
Assuring the release of Mandela.
Calvin, wait. It's your letter.
It's a pardon
and a statement of release.
Signed by the prime minister.
I'm gonna bring it to you.
They're going to do it, Calvin.
They're going to release Mandela.
This... This is just a letter.
Okay, well...
when are you actually releasing him?
Few hours, I'm sure.
Calvin, wait. Wait. Listen to me.
In order for this to work,
I need to come inside and
make sure that all hostages are okay.
Then they'll release him.
Please. That's how this works.
Okay, you decide.
Stay back, hey!
Just so you know, Captain. This?
This is just a letter.
You deliver.
You deliver!
Dog. Ha!
Khumalo, what does he want in here?
We're gonna release Mandela,
Terra. It's okay.
You get my name out of your mouth.
Hear me?
Don't stress, Terra.
I'm with the police force.
I've been asked
to make sure everybody's okay.
We're working
to get you out of here, okay?
People outside
are worried about you.
Come with me, please.
Calvin, please.
I need to take the girl.
It seems she feels safer
in here than out there, Captain.
And I think you've seen
everything you need to see.
Where is he?
Where's who?
The pilot, Sechaba Maselemola,
where is he?
Know what, Captain?
I think you've overstayed your welcome.
Leave now.
Put your leg on the table.
Terra, what are you doing?
The other one.
It's not what it looks like.
Khumalo, you see.
He can't be trusted.
Get down.
Get down on your knees.
So many lies.
Is anything you say true?
Does this check out?
- Yes.
- Does it?
Calvin, I am not lying to you.
- For your sake! It better.
- Please. Please.
Lower your weapons.
Calvin, no one needs to get hurt, please.
Okay, he's right. Okay, okay.
Let's all calm down. Okay?
Calm down. I'll put my gun down.
Aldo, you... you put your gun down.
Then, Terra?
You put your gun down. Okay?
Terra, I need you to put your gun down.
I think you should leave now.
Right now, go.
Captain Langerman.
That's your name, right?
Your name is Langerman? Yes or no?
Yes, so?
Terra, how do you know his name?
I never told any of you his name,
so how do you know it?
I don't.
But Aldo does.
He mentioned Langerman's name
when none of us knew it.
Right, Aldo?
Captain Langerman
will get what he deserves.
I guarantee it.
Right, Aldo?
Aldo, is this true?
Is it true, Aldo? Did you...
They got to Khensani.
Terra, I'm sorry.
No, Aldo...
Terra, what did you do?
They lied to you.
I should shoot you in the head.
You lied to him.
And freeing Mandela?
It's a lie too.
Just leave, okay, leave.
Leave now!
Get up.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, Aldo.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you tell us?
Why didn't you tell us?
I agree, Honorable Minister.
I will make absolutely sure of it.
Thank you, Honorable Minister.
Langerman, Schoeman.
Get ready to breach.
What? What about the hostages?
- No longer important.
- Brigadier...
One of them just died.
They're vulnerable.
They could surrender, Brigadier.
We can find
a peaceful solution.
You think that after
what happened in there
that you can convince him?
When I was in the bank
I saw a man who wasn't prepared
to pull the trigger.
He could have kept me
hostage but he didn't. Why?
I think this whole situation,
the violence, the murder
it's consuming him.
You want me to believe
that damn terrorist in there
is a good man?
What I'm saying
is that Calvin Khumalo
is fighting for justice.
And he doesn't want to lose
more people.
And that's
your problem.
You think that trash in there
are people.
I have an idea...
What do you want?
I don't have anything for you.
I have police outside.
I've got hostages in there.
So what do you want?
I just want a moment alone.
When I was eight my mother died.
And a month or so after her death,
Jane came into my life.
Who's Jane? Who the hell's Jane?
I don't... Can you leave?
Please just leave!
She was my nanny,
but so much more than that.
Listen to me.
Okay, she taught me
about love for all and equality.
She said that ubuntu is our duty.
What do your people know about ubuntu?
What do you know about humanity?
We are only human
through other human beings.
We are only human
through other human beings.
They're just words,
But they're not.
The Minister of Justice.
He... He's my...
He's your father.
That's why they wanted you out.
I once witnessed
my father take another man's life.
Killed him like it was nothing.
And for what?
Because he was Black?
So what?
So what, Christine? Huh?
He got killed because he wasBlack.
We get killed because we are Black.
We're kept poor because
we are Black.
Because I'm Black I'm here.
So what?
There's no pain in your privilege.
My father and the people who work for him,
they represent everything
that I don't want to become.
And that's why I'm going to help you.
What's going on, Calvin?
What is this all about?
She has something to say. So listen.
Captain, these men are not criminals.
They didn't come here for the money.
They came to send a message.
That all they want is freedom.
What's wrong with that?
Think of your family.
Of your father. Please.
Please, Father, I implore you.
I know you can see me.
Do what they ask. Please.
Do the right thing.
No! What are you doing?
Don't touch me, you fool.
Free him!
- Free him!
- Free Mandela! Free him!
Free Nelson Mandela!
Cease fire.
come and fetch this woman.
Cease fire!
Where did that shot come from?
Go! Find him.
Stand down.
Stand down.
Get me some towels.
Please, hurry.
It's okay. Hey!
You were brave, okay?
Come on, Christine. Christine.
She's gonna be okay.
Come on, Christine. Come on.
It's okay.
It's okay, Ernie.
It's okay, Ernie.
Captain. The sniper.
Who told you to fire?
I thought I saw a threat.
A threat? A white woman, a threat?
You shot the Minister of Justice's
daughter in public.
This is going to cost you your career.
It's a matter
of national security.
Come with me.
I'm tired.
I know.
I know, I know.
Don't let them worry you.
You did the right thing.
We'll look after you, soldier.
Thank you.
That's the only picture
that I've ever kept.
Our home was a safe house
in Mabopane.
I grew up seeing strangers
walking in and out of my house
disguised in makeup. Police raids...
And when I was a little boy,
I watched the police
gun down my parents.
I watched my parents on their knees
begging for their lives.
I made a promise to myself.
That I wouldn't stop
until I avenged them.
And that choice...
That choice brought me to the MK.
To the liberation movement.
It brought me here.
So, I actually lived in Mamelodi
with my mother.
She was doing pretty well
for herself until she had me.
Then everything changed.
Kids never wanted to play with me.
Their parents demonized me.
They never accepted me.
she gave me up for adoption
to her employers.
The Page family.
They loved me.
They cared for me.
But they never understood me.
They never understood my Blackness.
Nobody ever has.
Khumalo, you have a phone call.
Calvin, are you there?
The brigadier is sending in
the SWAT team. It's out of my control.
Hostages could die, Calvin.
Calvin? Hello?
That's the prime minister's office.
They're releasing Nelson Mandela.
You're all free to go.
Thank you.
Your freedom...
costs too much.
More than you'll ever know.
Langerman, go home.
Spend some time with your wife.
That's an order.
Because you are now done.
What's the price of freedom?
I don't know.
- Move in.
- Move in!
We kill dogs!
Fuck you!
Come on, Terra!
This will be easy!
Terra, come this side!
We showed them.
We showed those dogs.
- We made them dance.
- Yeah.
You know those dogs got me.
This is just a graze.
Calvin Khumalo, come out.
With your hands on your head, now.
This is your last chance.
For us.
This is your last chance!
One more time.
Hold fast.
Hold fast.
Damn it.
Get ready to breach again.
All the sea is cold
And the sky is gray
Look across an island into the bay
We are all islands
Till comes the day
We cross the burning water
A seagull wings across the sea
Broken silence is what I dream
Who has the words
To close the distance
Between me and you?