Simhadri (2003) Movie Script

For Telugu viewers benifit,
characters in Kerala speak in Telugu.
Low depression in Bay of Bengal
has turned into cyclone.
With heavy rains lashing
for the last 48 hours,
entire coastal region is
submerged in water,
moving out people from
low lying areas,
though district
administration has started,
Few low lying areas are
cut off from the main land.
District Collector has informed.
Sir, it seems Rambhupal is
bringing all the poor people here.
l know...l am prepared
for it, priest.
Hey get down...
all of you get down.
Ranga, bring children and
old safely.- Okay....quick.
Why're you rushing
into the temple?
My grandfather didn't
build this temple,
to get desecrated by
untouchables like you.
God doesn't live in temples,
but in the hearts of people.
by calling these people
as untouchables.
Don't make god bow his
head in shame,
No use in discussion, go back.
We didn't come here to back off.
lf you don't go,
your heads will roll down.
Ask any plant, hill or
new born of this region,
it'll tell tales about me.
For public welfare.
l am ready to die
or kill anyone.
lf you want to live,
give us way.
We are not sari wearing women,
Boys, kill them.
lf you don't give us way,
l may be forced to
walk over your heads.
Hey...give them way.
Oh mother!
Who are his parents?
l am an orphan, sir.
Don't worry...come...
Sir, why're you poisoning
god's offerings?
Though cyclone has stopped,
it is still active
in my heart, priest.
Then, the poison will control it.
l lost my honour
because of Rambhupal Varma.
He will lose his life
with this poison.
Hey, go and catch him.
Hey, open the door.- Come.
The offering is poisoned.
Don't eat.
- Sir, the hut is on fire.
Hut is burning.
Get water.
What's this sir?
Our plan failed miserably.
Keep quiet man.
Bring him...
bring him quickly.
Bring that chair.
Come...come son.
Sit here.
Drink water.
Who locked you inside?
Sir, priest and Neelakantam
poisoned the god's offerings.
Fearing l'll reveal it to you,
they locked me up.
Catch them.
Will you poison offerings?
How dare you think
of killing our sir?
l'll come to the station
and lodge a complaint.
Okay sir.
We will go...- Okay.
They must be severely punished.
They tried to kill godly boss
and a little boy.
They didn't burn down the hut.
l did it myself.
l didn't know how to stop you
from eating the poisoned food.
You could've died.
You told earlier,
it's okay to die
for public welfare.
You saved our entire village.
lt's nothing to die for an orphan
like me for a man like you.
Don't say like that.
You aren't an orphan.
We are there for you.
Let's take him with us.
What is your name?
12 years later.
My dream of presenting a
crown to Lord Simhadri Appanna.
How is it?- Very nice.
lt was created by Simhadri,
god must like it.
Very nice, father.
- Where is son-in-law?
l am ready father-in-law.
l got late in wearing
this dhothi.
ln-house son-in-law!
''Empty vessels make more noise''.
They may over hear.
Sir.- Where's Simhadri?
He said he'll join us
with flowers in bazaar.
lf brother-in-law is ready
tell him to join us.- Okay.
They're coming.
Why're they going away
without inviting me?
Can't l avoid coming with you?
When he's doing a good thing
shouldn't l....
No one cares me.
lnviting...inviting heartily....
Sir....aren't you coming?
Keep an eye on kitchen.
That bloody cat will
drink the milk.
Take care of the house.
l don't need an invitation.
l will go on my own.
Father-in-law, taking this priceless
diamond crown without security...
When Simhadri is with us,
no need of any other security.
You are insulting us.
When l am here, a heir
to a courageous clan.
What can Simhadri
or his ilk do?
Actually to show your power.
You need a history.
No need to talk about clan
and history for this.
Please bring the crown yourself.
Come like that.
Wait a minute.- Why?
That car is for sir's family only.
You get into the next car.
Should l travel with maids
and servants? Who told that?
Then, okay.
Where is Simhadri?
Did you see?
Though it is a monkey,
it is saluting a man.
You don't have the
respect which it has.
l suspect something fishy
in a monkey's salute.
Better be careful.
Long live.
Hey Monkey! Give the crown.
You are a fool.
Sir, a monkey is taking
away the crown.
That's it.
lt has given it to them.
- Go...go and catch them.
How can l run suddenly?
Let me first adjust.
Come on boys.
Let's enjoy.
Thieves are taking the crown.
Hey! Don't come l've a knife.
l've a knife. l will kill you.
Please go away.
Now boss.
For cigarette.
That's the matter.
l think l needn't tell
you about my hot blood.
Look boy.
lt'll be respectable if you
return the crown honourably.
Wait, am l not talking
to them? Wait.
Didn't l tell you to wait?
Steady, that's it.
Why is your hand rushing?
Will you beat us?
Not to beat you,
but to twist my whiskers.
Will you twist?
What will happen?
lf my hand twists my whisker,
a tsunami will strike
Visakha shore.
You'll get washed away.
Are you so great?
Don't ask me that,
ask the state of Andhra Pradesh.
8 crore people will
answer with whistles.
How powerful l am.
Okay, do it.
Okay. Why should l disappoint you?
You're taking it as comedy for
talking with you, didn't you?
l can run too.
No need to wait.
Do you know Kung-fu?
Do you know wrestling?
Do you know sword fight?
Do you know stick fight?
Do you know Karate?
Do you know to swim?
Keeping it safely as if it
is your father's property.
lt's Lord Simhadri Appanna's crown.
That's like a good boy.
Your species has a
respect in this world.
Don't join crooks and
bring disrespect to your clan.
You'll lose your tail.
Sir, please present
the crown to the lord.
You'd brought back a lost crown.
Present it yourself.
Me?- Come on.
l'll take you to task.
Who is that?
This tough man will not
get up so easily.
l'll take you to task.
Oh my god, l am dead.
Talupulu bloody! Where are you?
Why're you giving me tickles?
All of you come quickly.
l've caught a thief.
Where will you go away, bloody thief?
l've caught a thief.
Where're you man?
Hey Nookalu, switch on the lights.
l've caught the thief.
Why're you staring at me?
Bring a rope fast.
Bring a rope? You've already
tied her in your arms.
No need of my rope!
Go ahead and do it yourself.
lt seems there a thief...thief...
At least you go quickly
and bring a rope.
Loose? l am holding tight.
Not loose, it's leave.
lt's not loose either,
in the front or back.
lt's bloody tight here.
How can you escape
from my iron hug?
Dear Kasthuri.
Oh my god!
Why're you taking our clan's
women into your arms?
lf she sneaks into house like
a thief at midnight.
l caught her thinking a thief.
Not only spoiling my good sleep,
are you scolding me?
l'll not accept anything against me.
lf you've any grouse,
talk to the girl.
Bloody trouble.
What's this?
What's this mischief of coming
from Delhi unannounced?
Yearning grandpa.
l was yearning to see you
grandma and my parents.
Above all l yearned to
see Pingalam grandpa.
Don't act innocence
you aren't a little girl anymore.
We sent you to hostel for studies.
No need for a girl to stay
in hostel for studies.
She'll continue her
studies here, arrange it.
Thanks grandpa.
Did you see?
My grand daughter came
leaving her studies to see me?
Mad girl.
Yearning to see you? My foot.
She has fallen for Simhadri.
This man is unaware of it.
Nookalu, l came here
to see Simhadri.
To see Simhadri? - Yes.
Are you in love with him?
Yes, l've fallen in love.
lt's little embarrassing.
Nookalu, l want Simhadri.
How can l make him fall to me?
lf you want to trap a man.
lf possible try to scare the man,
or get scared.
No man has been born
to scare Simhadri.
You get scared.
Okay, l'll get scared.
- What do you fear most?
Ant. l fear ant.
That's enough madam.
Oh my god. Ant...ant...
Ant.- What happened?'s crawling all over me.
l am scared of ants.
Here!- Here?
You don't get anxious
and make me anxious.
Got it!
lt is like Bin Laden's guru in hiding.
l'm not an American but
an Andhra man.
l'll make it come out on it's own.
Where did you go away?
That's the matter.
You sleep here!
Oh! Has the ant bit you?
Don't shake!
You are killing me.
What's this?
l told you to catch the ant.
Why are you smearing
jaggery around my navel?
Like trapping a rat into
the trap with food.
The ant will come out for jaggery.
Look it's here!
Didn't l tell you?
You're finished.
You are finished.
Hail Lord Simhadri Appanna.
Kasthuri is finished.
Drink Kaveri.
Play ping pong with the maiden.
Dance and sing a song with her.
Oh l've caught this thief.
When l kiss she turns pink.
Your youth is on fire.
Ant's mischief is
address of love.
Better know it, my dear.
Oh Handsome hero.
l'll make you gush.
l will satiate your love thirst,
with my hot youth.
Ant's mischief is will of love.
Run over me, my love.
lf you give yourself to me.
l'll come into your arms,
if your passionate
desires invite me.
You're a beauty queen.
With proud of being beauty.
lsn't that the only thing needed?
ln the hot embrace of carnal desires,
sweating out the passions...
it's a trouble you
can't tell! My dear...
Young man winked and
my young heart got carried away.
l held up my hands as
shyness overtook me.
Let our story have happy ending.
Let's go to the canopy.
The blanket is not enough
to hold the chillness.
Youth can't hold the urges of age.
lt's all unavoidable in youth, my dear.
l am not trumpeting
about myself brother-in-law.
lndia has one Gandhi, one Nehru,
one Bose and one Pingalam.
Oh my god!
Will you stop trumpeting
about yourself?
Boss! Daily collection.
l've taken Rs.10000 from it.
l told you many times
not to tell me.
You must know the expenses
also, mustn't you?
l am going.
lf a servant take Rs.10000,
how much should l ask?
Give me Rs. One lakh
for pocket expenses.
Great Pingalam asking and you
getting the opportunity to give him.
lt happens very rarely.
Why Rs. One Lakh?
lt's our clan's tradition to give
alms to people who come to see us.
Simhadri has ordered
no one should greet you.
Then, give me Rs.10,000.- Why?
To apply gold flower extracted
fragrant oil to my moustache.
He has already stocked your bedroom.
You can apply any place you like.
- Then give me Rs.1000.- Why?
To buy special brand cigars.
He has already stocked
your room with 4 packs.
Give me Rs.100 at least.- Why?
How come your prestige has come
down to 100 from a lakh?
lf l take Rs.100,
it's like taking one lakh.
What're you counting baby?
Bloody, if l knew so many were here.
l wouldn't have fallen foolishly.
Bloody faces.
We fell early morning.
Why're you making hullabaloo
falling just now?
Move aside.
What baby? Aren't you able
to count properly?
Need any help?
- 8..8...8...
Priest with tuft.
You too! Bloody.
At least l've a tuft, you're bald.
Do you need this?
First swim or else
you will get drowned.
1 7....1 7....1 7....
Looks like lndra is going
to jump into the well.
lndra...wait...l am coming.
Were you planning to jump into
well after counting 25?
l came at right time to
save your life or else...
Priest! What a bad time for you.
Are you also here?
Hail Lord Shiva.
Put some sense into him.
Hey! Are you so romantic here?
Let your bloody ear
get blasted off.
Hey, come here.
You've grown tell like
a palm tree.
Simhadri, pull me out.
All citizens are here only.
First, l'll go up.
- Will you go first?
No, Simhadri.
Don't pull them out.
lf l throw 2 more people,
water will come up.
How can water come up?
You had only told me the story.
When water was down inside the pot,
a crow put stones into it
to bring water up.
So, to bring the well water up,
l pushed all of them.
Simhadri, what's your idea?
She's troubling us and
you are watching fun.
Bloody, if you like her,
pamper her yourself.
Why do you allow a mad
to roam freely outside?
No need to talk to him.
lf we complain to police
they'll take her to the asylum.
That's it, where's the phone?
Please don't sir.
The mistake is mine sir.
l'll see that it
never happens again.
But still if you're angry,
punish me.
lf you feel any pity,
show it on her.
Bloody sentiments.
- lf it happens again.
What a calamity!
Did you get insulted for me?
Where did go leaving her alone
after taking hefty salary?
l want to the doctor
for lndra's medicines.
My daughter went to the market,
l didn't expect this to happen.
Okay, never leave her alone again.
Take this money.
Pay house rent and doctor bills.
But one thing,
you haven't been given the
responsibility of one girl's life.
My life too.
Super shot boss.
What a great shot!
lt fell straight into the hole.
Leg or hand?
- What do you mean?
l mean did you push it
with hand or leg?
What's your idea?
Am l lying?
l came here to watch your play
and you're calling me a liar. yourself.
Mock anger?
- Something like that only.
How did he know?
Hey move man.
What's this?
Do you need golf?
Red shirt and a matching cap.
Bloody dress and
sweater...get lost.
What's this disrespectfully?
Get lost.
- Do you know who l am?
What will you do?
Will you pluck me?
Go man.
Simhadri, come let's go,
time is up.
Hey, prawn moustache,
who is this tiny prawn?
Oh Body guard!
Greetings sir.
l am scared sir...
please sir...
Get lost man.
Your's is a great body & he's
your guard. Get lost bloody.
Why're you going away man?
Come, let's play.
No use man.
- How about this?
More pressure...
little more.
No use...
Little more pressure.
His massage is not
working on me.
l am giving you the chance,
use it boy.
This is original sound.
Go & get ready hot water
for boss's bath.- All right.
Pingalam is freezed.
Madam, get ready boss's dinner.
l will finish this and go.
ls this more important
than that? You go.
No.- Go madam.
Nookalu, get ready
boss's clothes.- Okay.
Boys, do it fast.
# Has ant bitten you? #
# Has it created sensation in you? #
Will you step aside?
l have to go inside.
You can go but...
Shall l put ant inside my dress?
Come on do it.
This time l'll not use
jaggery but gamaxine.
Move aside...
l have lot of work.
Boss, take oil bath,
your hair is dusty.
Do you know where the man stays
you'd insulted now?
You touched the place
of my heart beat.
lf the pace of heart beat slackens,
the lightning and thunder
will come into my hands.
Wipe your wet hair or
else you'll catch cold.
Leg or hand?
- What do you mean?
l mean did you break
his hand or leg?
l never moved from here.
- Tell me the truth.
Look, you're becoming grumpy
as you grow old.
Man must believe another man.
Why don't you believe me?
Will you say anything you like?
l swear on me. Enough?
Now you tell.
Why're you check mating me?
Will l spare anyone
who dares to touch you?
His hand will never work again.
Legs....? l doubt. food ready?
All reports are showing he's normal.
But patient is not responding
to any medicine.
l don't know how a man beats
another man like this.
l came to know you were
here from Kerala.
l wanted you to take
a look at him.
Give me his reports.
lt's him...
l am damn sure, it's him.
He was definitely beaten
by the same man.
Who is it doctor?
Did you come across
similar cases earlier also?
Many...25 are dead.
Still one is fighting
death in Kerala.
Who are they?
They are Bhai Sahib's men.
We couldn't save him.
l told you earlier
there're no hopes.
Vincent is very strong man,
so he survived all these days.
Singamalai is ruthless in beating.
No one can survive.
Take the body.
Vincent is also dead, boss.
You must come out atleast now.
l've made all the arrangements.
lf you say yes,
l'll free you out from here.
You aren't able to understand.
People who used to wet pants
on hearing Bhai Sahib's name.
Now, they don't give
a damn about us.
They're looking at us
like street dogs.
Boss, you must come out.
That's all.
Come out.
Why? Why not?
Aren't you a man anymore?
Has prison food made
you a coward?
This is what people will say.
They'll laugh at me, saying Bhai Sahib
has run away like a eunuch.
When l step out...
Singamalai's head must roll down.
Okay boss.
Find him.
l'll come out then.
Those chains, and prison
walls are nothing,
it's nothing but the
loin thread to me. Go.
My dear girl! lndra.
Please come down dear.
Aren't you my sweet darling?
Please come down.
Aren't you my sweet darling?
l will not come
Come down, dear. Looks like
it's going to rain.
Looks like it's going to rain.
l will not come down.
My fate.
My fate.
How long to sit on a tree?
l am bored...l'm getting down.
ls she getting down.
- Yes, she is...
Now, let's go into the
room and lock it.
She'll also do the same.
We'll lock it from outside.
We are going into our room.
All of you come.
Let's play together.
You are grown up like a bull.
Why are you playing in rain?
What will happen if l play?
- You will get sick.
What will you lose?
You are mad and orphan.
Though you fall inside and die,
there's no one to shed a tear for you.
Come, if you join her again,
l will break your leg.
Why're you sitting in rain?
lndu has no mother or father.
No, if we had parents, would they
allow us to play in rain?
We don't have, that's why
we're playing happily in rain.
Don't narrate tales.
l want mother and father....
lf we had mother,
father or anyone else,
Will the sky shower rain
like this on us?
lf anyone takes it casually,
can we be able to enjoy
the fun, my dear?
lf we had mother and father.
lt's very difficult...
...we'll never get a
chance to be mischievous.
lf sun had father,
and put him in a school...
would we have light
atleast in day time?
lf moon had mother,
if she sang a lullaby
putting moon to sleep in lap,
would moonbeam flood
the world at night?
Will my affection ever
reach you, my little girl?
You've your say by hook or crook.
There's no mother or
father to stop you.
Would air have fun breeze
all around if it had mother?
Would the gushing river run
wild if it had father?
ls the parrot angry on me?
ls it sitting silent?
Who will talk to me then?
ls it refusing to come to me?
ls it hiding from me?
Where am l to go now?
Look...let it spill..
Let me collect all...
...the pearls.
Your laugh is enough.
Earth will get thrilled.
And turn it into a
garden of flowers.
Cross the boundaries.
Touch the stars.
And touch the height of bliss.
Why're you wearing all
jewels and silk sari?
l found them in my grandma's bureau.
So, l am wearing it.
How do l look?
Super! Ravishing!
Talupulu...go right
One minute please.
Scent will not be
visible in photo.
This will be right.
Nookalu, if she's ready upstairs.
Tell her to come down.
We are waiting here.
How do l look grandpa?
Who told you to wear these jewels?
l ordered these ill fated jewels
and saris mustn't be here.
Throw it away.
Or else burn it.
What did l do?
Why grandpa is angry on me?
These clothes and jewels
are your maternal aunt's.
Do you've another daughter
also other than my mother?
Where is she?
Far away from our eyes and
very near to tears.
Your grandpa doted her very much.
He was always happy
with her around.
He got a good proposal and
arranged her marriage.
Refusing the marriage when she was
eloping with a Keralite she loved,
We both went to stop them.
What is it?
Father, please forgive me.
Let bygones be bygones.
Come, let's go home.- Whose house?
To this uncultured
foolish man's house?
Without knowing the truth,
will he dare to beat me?
No...not like...
Decide now if you want to be
my wife or his daughter?
Your aunt left us.
Your grandpa turned his love
for his daughter,
into hatred for his son-in-law.
Though l yearn to see her,
and the sorrow is killing me,
l am spending time seeing my
daughter in the tears l shed.
Where are they now?
They went to Kerala from here.
Simhadri went last year
promising to bring them back.
He told on phone
they are coming.
But they cancelled coming
here at the last moment.
What's this madam?
Are they useless like
me without any work?
They are famous doctors.
They went to America
on an emergency.
Watch! Someday they'll
drop in suddenly.
Will they come?
Tell me Simhadri, will they?
Swear on me.
Simhadri's words never go wrong.
They will definitely come.
Come, let's go.
You know they'll never come.
How long will you lie to them?
Two things are most
difficult in this world.
One is to tell truth and
second is to bear that truth.
Though l may tell the truth,
they aren't in a position
to bear the truth.
How long will this continue?
l don't know.
# Has ant bit you? #
What happened to you?
Hey, that's for boss.
For his juice.
l know l am also taking
it for him only.
For juice only.
Not only in the heart she has
changed her gait also.
# Has ant bit you? #
What's this? You're dashing
against me often.
What's your idea?
You too know the idea.
lf you put your hand
on my golden stomach,
won't l bite you?
So said an ant.
l didn't get you.
But one thing,
taking too many chances with me.
l will take you to task.
My ground is shattered.
# Ant...ant...ant.... #
l was keeping quiet
feeling pity on you.
She's taking too many
chances with me.
Nobody can do anything to me
hitting from behind.
Whatever, it is always
face to face.
What's all this?
Look boss, she's pushing from
behind and crossing my path.
That's why, l gave her a push.
ls it wrong to do
your work grandpa?
ls he so great?
l'll get irritated, l don't like
anyone doing boss's work.
That's Simhadri's domain.
That's Simhadri's right.
That's Simhadri's job.
Leave it Simhadri.
Let her do it for a day.
So, have you also started
supporting her?
Anyway she's your grand daughter.
You'll support her only.
Get your work done by her
why should l be here unnecessarily.
What is it?
Are you really angry?
Something like that only.
Madam, joining hands grandpa and
grand daughter have made me jobless.
l'll not stay here anymore.
- Stop Simhadri.
l will not stay.
Look boss. Don't forget to take
medicines after food.
After half hour take
B.P. tablet also.
Who am l to tell you?
You've a grand daughter. Take care,
you take care of him yourself.
My days of staying here
are over. l'll not come.
Even if god comes and calls me,
l'll not enter this house
again in my life.
l swear l'll not...till evening.
Get her do everything.
He can't stay beyond
that without seeing me.
lt's impossible for you.
What did really happen?
l will do all grandpa's work.
We'll remove Simhadri from job.
Remove him from job?
No, grandma.
When you are here will it be
good if grandpa works?
Will it be good if my father
works when mother is here?
Will it be good if Simhadri
works when l am here?
l'll not accept this marriage.
What does Simhadri have?
Does he have a share
in your property?
Does he have your surname?
Does he have a share in your will?
Why don't you say something?
- Don't talk.
l will talk to him myself.
ls he a great warrior to make
great men seek his blessings?
What's his family back ground or
is he your foster son?
My royal instincts ask
you these questions.
What a great idea you gave!
You got an idea which l didn't
get till now.
l'll legally adopt Simhadri.
What's this boss?
ls this adoption necessarily now?
Why now which you never
gave a thought.
Once in 12 years festival
of Godavari is nearing.
l want to go there
with my son.
ls this adoption
necessarily for it?
lt is just to give people
an issue to gossip.
l am going ahead to put
an end to this gossip.
Whatever argument you may put,
l don't like what you're doing.
Okay, leave it if you don't like.
No use in forcing
what you don't have in your heart.
After my death,
l wanted to adopt you so that you
can light the pyre for my body.
No need to talk so dejectedly.
Do as you wish.
But one thing,
my work and my proximity to you,
don't give it anyone else.
Madam, boss should've talked
about your marriage also.
Why should he talk to him?
He's now my suitor.
Take it as irritation or inattention,
or anything else.
When l see you.
l am going mad.
Take it as challenge or my
peeve, or anything else.
When l see your courage,
l want to be daredevil.
Rose petal or fast bike or
my eye or electric shock,
or sweet, this maiden
is yours, take it anyway.
Fine tuning of rhythm
or link of nerves,
deluge of boons or fruit drink,
happy place or sweet place
you are to me.
My youthful beauty
is all yours today.
Urge of youth enjoy it with me.
Let's get our act
together all the time.
Come to my house and
let's bath together.
Tie the knot push me down.
Hold me tight in your arms have me.
Make me yours enjoy me
take me, my man.
Hold on to me entangle me,
undrape the sari folds,
get into my arms.
Give me yourself and take me.
After that it's bliss.
Open your door.
Close my mouth.
Look, l am here.
Great hero.
Challenge the girl.
Enjoy the bliss.
You look like a prince.
l want to present you a gift.
Greetings.- Greetings...
please sit down.
Why're you suddenly adopting him?
l've already delayed it very much.
l didn't get idea till
my brother-in-law suggested it.
But adopting a servant.
No...he's not a servant life.
Though he's not my son,
he takes care of us like one.
My word is Bible to him.
Like Rama is to Hanuman.
No, like Rama is to Dasaratha.
He's not such a great character.
Why're you shouting at me?
Look at this evidence
of his wayward life.
What's all this?
What happened lndra?
l refused to come,
he beat me and pulled
me to this place.
Will anyone bring a prostitute
in a procession?
lt's very good.
A servant kicking
your son-in-law,
and you watching it silently.
lt's a great sight.
How can he feel the pain?
He didn't get kicked, did he?
You've come here as intern
son-in-law, it's your mistake.
lt's a waste to stay here after
this incident. Come, let's go.
Why don't you say
something, father?
Do you want us to go
or send him out? Speak up.
Though Simhadri commits
mistake or insults us,
he'll stay here only.
Anyone who doesn't want
to stay here can leave.
You're going every week
without informing me,
is it to her house?- Yes.
You're taking money in thousands,
is it for her?
Ask her how much money she wants?
Give and send her away.
Though she may leave me,
l can't leave her.
No need to be a thorn in
flesh here. Come, let's go.
lt's my order. Leave her.
- l can't.
ls she more important than me?
Don't say like that boss.
You are my god.
Then, send her away.
But, she's my life, boss.
l gave up my relatives
also for you.
What's this Simhadri?
Refusing his order?
Please listen to me.
Those who don't respect
me and my words...
needn't stay here.- Dear.
Me? - Dear.
Who is your boss?
l'll...- Please listen to me.
Leave the place with lndu
Why're you still here?
Come out.
Get up...get out.
He tried to adopt this orphan,
and this man took all
money and spent on a girl.
Who is at home?
- Who are you?
Who is at home?
Nobody sir, they have gone to
attend Pushkaram festival.
Did you weigh your luggage?
You should answer us.
Did you see this man?
ls he here?- No.
Where has he gone?
- He has gone to Kovvur.
Somebody told him a holy dip
in river will cure lndra.
Who are you sir?
''Gopadala Port, Kovvur,
W.Godavari Dist.,''.
Godavari Pushkaram festival.
A request to the pilgrims.
Don't go beyond the barricades.
Don't eat anything
offered by strangers.
Parents of a green
frock wearing girl,
are requested to contact
enquiry and take the child.
Come quickly.
When will the special
prayers be offered?
Wait there, you'll get
a call.- Okay.
move quickly...move....
Please listen to me.
Sir...sir...Simhadri cried
when you sent him out.
l never saw tears in his eyes.
You sent him out of the
house for me, didn't you?
Then, l'll go away.
Let Simhadri be with you.
Don't refuse.
Please tell him.
l fall at your feet.
Did you find him?
- No sir.
Go and search him there.
Oh! lt's very cold.
- No problem...come...
Take her away with you.
He'll follow us.
Brother Singamalai.
Leave me.
# ls the parrot angry after the story
reached it's logical end? #
# Who will talk to me? #
lt's not a sin to shred you to pieces.
Kerala was freed from the
clutches of rowdyism a year ago.
He became a god to Keralites.
Singamalai, who left the
city leaving no trace,
was attacked today.
He has been admitted to a
private hospital in Vizag.
Doctors say that his
condition is very critical.
Brother Singamalai...
Brother Singamalai...
Allow me to see him once.
Brother Singamalai.
Why so many people are coming
to see our Simhadri?
Why is everyone calling
him as Singamalai?
Patient is in high shock.
Oxygen saturation is very low.
Did you see the crowd out there?
The entire Kerala might come here.
lf necessary bring specialists
from abroad for his treatment.
He must live.
Please don't stand here,
come madam.
Grandpa, how is Simhadri?
- Control yourself.
When your servant Simhadri's
life is in stake,
did you see how many people
are crying for him?
You chased out
Simhadri from your house.
But did you see how many people have
given shelter to Simhadri in their hearts?
To get the support of so many people,
what does he have with him?
He has no money,
no property and no power.
Do you know what his weapon is?
For people's welfare,
it's right to kill or be killed.
These words said by you
are his weapons.
Your words turned into a boon
for the people of Kerala,
and changed Simhadri
to Singamalai.
lf l don't tell you the truth,
l would be called a sinner.
Unable to see you and madam
worrying about your elder daughter,
Simhadri wanted to unite you
with your daughter.
We thought we could convince your
son-in-law somehow & bring him here.
So, l & Simhadri lied to you
that we are going to Sabarimalai.
We went to Trivandrum.
When they stepped into our state,
the state was in shambles.
A state ruled by demons,
it was in the clutches of
Mafia Don Bhai Sahib,
the government was struggling.
People had no courage
to question him.
The Assembly had no guts
to voice against him.
lt was Bhai Sahib's rule.
His brother Balan Nair
was enjoying this luxury.
Brother, here is your lunch,
eat that in the afternoon.
- Okay sister.
Rs. 2 sir.
Bhai Sahib called from Dubai.
He said it will take another
2 months for him to come back.
Madhavan Kutty hasn't
paid the money.
Shall l kill him?
Wait till the evening?
Rs. 2 sir.
Please leave him, he's blind.
How dare you?
Do you know who he is?
Balan Nair.
Whether you see him or not,
You must be able recognize
him by his foot steps.
Sorry, brother. Hey, fall
at his feet. Say sorry.
- Sister...
Get lost.
No brother.
Good morning Namboodri.
Why're you so angry?
- We're living like eunuchs.
What happened?
10 yrs back, Bhai Sahib was
a small time rowdy.
The politicians joined
hands with him,
and made him a leader to
get their jobs done.
Now, party gives tickets to
those he mentions,
Cabinet post to those
he recommends.
The one he supports is the C.M.
He's being applauded if he
rapes any girl on the road.
He's being garlanded
if he commits a murder.
He's taken on a procession
if he smuggles goods.
Who will stop him?
While politicians treat his spit as
holy water & drink, we can do nothing.
Looks like your blood
pressure is very high.
Get admitted in our Ashram for a week
and undergo the treatment.
Stop your stupid comments.
We may not be able to stop him.
But someone will definitely
come to end his atrocities.
Till then, no use of
this uniform & baton.
You're given his baton to
maintain law and order.
And not to lie on the ground
like a dead body. Take it.
Which place are you from?
- Visakhapatnam.
He means Andra Pradesh next
to Simhachalam.- Joking?
l will break your joints.
- Keep quiet.
Greetings sir.- Greetings.
You look like doctor's husband.
l've come for treatment.
Please recommend us.
Looks like, he will throw us out.
No need of any recommendation.
Meet my daughter in the reception.
Wow! He is very soft natured.
But he's very rude.
You come.
Bye sir.
Bye sir.
Where is the receptionist?
- l am coming.
Your name?
- Simhadri.
Your age...?
Oh No! Why did you
ask for my age?
He feels very shy.
He's very young...but very famous.
- What's your disease?
lf any girl thinks bad about me,
l will feel giddy.
l haven't heard about such disease.
- Yes, you're right.
The disease name is
''Thadika thadina'',
and it recently came to earth
and he's the first victim.
lf you look at him with such
intentions, he'll feel giddy.
First, get out.
You're thinking something
bad about him.
He's feeling giddy.
Hey you...get up.
Come...- Get up.
How will he get up when he
has fallen there?
Simhadri, what am l answer to your boss?
Move...give some space.
Move aside. Let me see what is it.
Stupid, shit.
Simhadri, she's going away.
Does he really have that disease?
No, you lame.
Why do you poke your nose?
Get lost.
What happened?
What happened to me?
- What can l tell you?
l told you to get out, okay?
- Why're you chasing us out?
l'll break your legs
if you stay here.
lndu, what is happening here?
Madam, l came here to cure my disease.
But she is chasing us out.
We've come from a very far,
we're from Vizag.
lndu, admit them.
You aren't aware of his disease.
Diseases are of different kinds
first, allot them a room.
Wait in the waiting hall.
l will come.
lt must have been
a tiresome journey.
Go and take rest.- Okay.
She is very beautiful, ah?- Yes.
She resembles our boss.
- Let's go.
Will they make us drink this
or will they massage with these?
Who knows?
Hey, take your hands off.
Why is she shocked when you
place your hand there?
Wireless touch.
What were you doing here?
- Nothing.
What're you going to tie
to the cart? Horse or bull?
A donkey.
So, this is donkey's oil.
Do you have any sense?
lt's costly oil, don't touch it.
Can't you understand?
Don't touch it.
Then, why would l touch it?
Why did you slip?
Be careful.
Leave me....- You may fall down.
Don't touch here and there.
Don't do anything
near the lake?
Don't drag me into
the world of love?
Don't ignite passion in me?
l am still very young.
Don't give me lame excuses?
Don't hide your beauty?
Discard your shyness.
Don't stop me by building
a wall between.
Get used to romance.
When l was out on shopping,
a honey bee bit me.
When you're out on shopping,
and if a honey bee bit you,
the fire of love has
ignited in me.
l will give you the medicine.
When your lip caresses me,
my pain gently subsides,
and when l slowly close my eyes.
Don't touch me here and there.
Don't do anything which will
ignite any passion, oh handsome.
lt's very soothing, don't let it go.
When l come to you,
don't hide yourself.
Get used to all these, my damsel.
When we went to 'Chintapalli' bazaar.
When we bought a yellow sari.
When we went to 'Chintapalli bazaar'.
and when we bought a yellow sari.
When you weren't able to
wear the sari properly,
and when you were trying to help me,
When l tried to insert
the sari folds,
and when you quivered...
lt ignited the fire of passion in me.
don't give me lame excuses,
don't hide your beauty inside the sari.
Don't go wild before we get married.
Don't play the big game before that.
Get used to it, oh handsome.
Where are you put up in Vizag?
ln the Pedabala street.
Do you know one
Mr.Rambhupal Varma there?
Who doesn't know him?
He's a great man with a noble heart.
Oh no! You've served me enough.
Like our Janaki madam,
you're also very generous.
Do you also know her?
He who knows Ram will
definitely know Seetha too.
How are they?
They expect everyone to be happy.
Such people will live happily forever.
But there is one thing
which worries him.
Though he looks happy
to the outside world,
but the hidden tears
behind his eyes,
will be visible to those
who know him very well.
You won't know the reason.
His elder daughter married
someone against his wish.
How strange! On hearing his story
even you've started crying.
That's his greatness.
Actually Rambhupal Varma...
lt's been 25 yrs. since that man died.
No point in walking
down his memory lane.
lf you mention his name again...
Get me some water.
Though eating without
doing any work is very nice,
acting like a lame is little hard.
But when l get everything sitting
in one place it's okay.
Dishes prepared by her
was mouth watering.
But brother-in-law's yell tore
my ear drum.- lt is all right.
Your acting in the disease drama
was excellent.
Be careful with that girl.
lt's like striking
your head against a stone.
Whatever it is, it is just a drama.
- This must remain a secret.
lf it gets leaked....
lt has got leaked.
lt has got leaked here.
Are you shocked?
Trying to fool them in
the name of disease.
Don't you've any sense?
lf you liars get caught,
think about the genuine
patients like me.
l am lame and blind.
Think about my position?
Are you humans?
Lame and blind....
Sounds different...!
l sometimes blabber
when l am angry.
Do you have any problem?- No.
Tell me.- No brother.
You idiot.- Yes sir.
You've no disease but munching
all the time. Keep it there.
Do l have to tell you separately?
lf l get up, l would be deadly.
- We'll do anything you say.
Tell us, we'll do it right away.
Cashews and almonds you get everyday,
must be given to me.- Okay.
You must press my legs everyday.
You must massage my
body in the evening.
lf you don't do as l say,
l'll press the bell &
the matter will leak out.- No.
l'll do as you say, brother.
You do one thing.- Yes.
Take me for a walk
in this cool breeze.- Me...?
Why are you raising your voice?
He's increasing the volume.
As you say, sir.
Hey put one leg over the other.
Put one leg over the other.
You carry on.
Hey bloody sir.
Are you blind?
A fly is sitting on me.
You stop.
Hey, lift my dhothi.
- Sir?
Lift my dhothi a little.
Little up.
Little up man.
- l've lifted it up sir.
Come exactly 2 inches
down from there.
2 inches? Yes sir.
lt's itching there. Scratch.
Why're you staring at me?
Shall l press the button? sir.
Scratch me.
Can't l avoid this sir?
Come little left. Little right now.
Greetings sir.
Hey priest.
Bhai Sahib's cut in festival
collection must come to him.
Okay sir.
Sir, this is a holy camphor.
lf my boss asks,
not only holy camphor,
you must be ready to offer fire
by burning yourself. Got it?
Okay sir.
Why're you staring at me?
Bow your head.
Bow your head man.
Boss...Boss...he's my friend's guest.
He's new to this place.
Bow your head.
He doesn't know about you.
Spare him.
Bow your head please.
Please spare him.
Brother, phone.
Yes, Bhai.
Do you want to die?
lf you cross swords with them,
you won't be in hospital,
you'll be in the mortuary.
What is it Simhadri?
Look there.
So, his legs are fine.
To eat free food, milk and fruits,
he is acting like a patient?
l will not spare him.
- Where are you going?
Where? To kill him.
He had abused me.
He made me do all his work?
l'll kill him.
lf you reveal this secret,
our secret will also be out.
You've cooled down
my temper in a moment.
He's coming.
Why're you staring like an owl?
Don't you know you've to
lift and put me on bed?
Come quickly.- Coming.
Don't lose your control.
Why did you go out
at midnight sir?
What man? lnquiring me?
l'll crush your neck under my feet.
Oh! l don't have legs, do l?
Do one thing. Crush your neck
under your leg.
Crush my neck under my leg.
Sir, it is practically not possible
to crush his neck with his leg.
Okay, you move aside.
l get crazy ideas
on seeing you, man.
You wear a good sari like an aunty.
Adorning jasmine on your hair.
Gently massage my legs.
Excuse me...lndu.
Here, it's me.
Why're you looking at me like that?
l called you not to look at me.
Okay, you'd seen me,
but don't think about me.
lf l fall from here, l am dead.
Are you playing the fool with me?
Hey! l am feeling giddy.
l beg you madam.
Don't look at him.
He's shaking the tree.
Don't look at him.
He'll fall...he'll fall....
lsn't it to get rid of me?
Despite my warnings,
you saw me.
No problem...
l am not afraid of death.
l don't want to live &
make your life difficult.
lt's better to die.
ls he really a patient?
Why should he fall only
if l think bad about him?
I don't know what...
Don't you have any bad ideas on him?
That is true.
But still he's falling down.
That is also true.
By any chance,
if you think good about him.
May be he'll not fall.
Like medicine.
A doctor, a patient
and a treatment.
A man's life is in your hands.
Just say that you love him.
Don't look at me.
l am still standing
without feeling giddy.
Do you really love me?- Yes.
Then, when shall we marry?
Marry? My parents will not accept.
Shall we elope then?- What?
Shall we elope?
You slapped me for just
asking her to elope?
You eloped with a girl
who was about to get married.
Was it wrong for
Rambhupal to slap you?
What you did as a lover then,
now as a father
do you feel it as wrong?
lt was a father
who slapped you in anger.
Your punishment for him,
20 years yearning to see their
doted daughter with tears in eyes.
Unable to see their sorrows,
l came here &
got admitted as a patient.
You married a girl from our
family and gave her many things in life.
Please give her parents also.
Saraswathi, we are going
to Vizag tomorrow.
l thought you'll never change in
this life, but you've changed.
l abused you unable to
understand your intentions.
No problem sir.
Madam, tickets are ready.
How many years have
passed meeting my father.
Simhadri, will father accept us?
My word is order to boss.
l know where to knock him down.
Though l may not be his son,
but l'm everything to his house.
Then my father didn't
break his promise.
Break promise?
When my mother was
pregnant after me,
my father asked if l want
a sister or brother.
l asked for a brother.
But l got a sister.
When l got disappointed,
father promised me a brother.
And he has kept his
promise in your form, brother.
Why tears have smelled
in your eyes?
Hey....boy Simhadri.
People called me like that.
Nobody ever called
me with a relationship.
When you said brother,
it's something new to my ears.
lt's new.
You've repaid the debt
by calling him as brother.
What am l to call him?
He didn't come here
expecting anything from us.
May be.
But, it's my responsibility to give.
l'll give him.
- What will you give him?
lf he agrees,
l'll get lndu married to him.
All your massage and oil is waste.
My legs will never become normal.
May be better food can give results.
l mean few Laddus,
one litre of almond milk,
and 5 kilograms of cashews,
if you get it sanctioned for me.
l'll somehow manage to eat.
No need!
lf you get treated by our Simhadri,
you'll run like a sprinter.
Why're you raising your voice on me?
ls Simhadri a doctor?
Why're you overacting?
Shall l? Shall l switch on the button?
- No please...
No need buddy, look over there.
How come disease and doctor
have united?
Mohini...go and look
after that work.
lt seems Simhadri has
a treatment for your disease.
Let him do it.
Oh's useless.
My legs will not become normal,
Allipuram Apparao back in
home had the same problem.
With my stick and bash treatment.
he started running like a sprinter.
That's it.
That's it.
You'll get better dear.
You'll get better.
Lift your leg please.
That's it.
Can you feel the touch?
You should be feeling
at least an itch.
No! - What! No itching!
Then, l've to recite the hymn.
- Recite...
..hit it tight.
Did you feel it now?
His legs aren't
feeling any sensation.
lt means his knees are problem.
That's 2 inches below.
Feel anything at least now?
Why're you shedding tears then?
When l see your interest
in curing my incurable disease,
happiness is gushing out wildly,
and dropping down as
tears from my eyes.
Tears of happiness.
Bliss of happiness.
You've come very near.
Same with Allipuram
Apparao also.
First tears of happiness
and then he got back his legs.
Take it.
Still not feeling
any sensation?
How can he?
Looks like free food
isn't allowing him to sense it.
lt's enough for today.
Let's continue it tomorrow.
Why don't we try again?
- Let's do it.
With this?
Oh! l got back my legs.
Simhadri is Simhadri.
Simhadri is Simhadri.
He'll bring any two
enemies together.
He'll go against anyone.
My friend Simhadri is Simhadri.
He's intoxicated, throw him out.
Hey stop.
Will you dare to throw me out?
Open challenge to anyone here.
Do you want the fries
sold by the maiden?
Or do you want the maiden
who's selling the fries?
Hey girl from Gummalur...
this is my fiefdom.
Why're you running away?
l'll drain energy out of you.
l want the fries sold by maiden.
l want the maisen who's
selling the fries too.
Do you want betel leaves
or areca nuts?
Do you want my beauty or sweet?
Do you want everything
betel leaf, nut, beauty and sweet?
Do you want milk sweet?
Do you want all or milk sweet?
Do you want the sensuous bliss?
Or the bliss of sensuous
touch of beauty?
Oh my moment of bliss.
l'll give you the pinch of sweet.
And take you a walk on the moon.
l want the sensuous bliss.
l want the bliss of sensuous
touch of beauty too.
Do you want shocks or shakes?
Do you want my manliness or breaks?
Do you want all the shocks,
shakes and piercing eyes?
Do you want the sensuous touch?
Do you want a kiss?
Do you want more?
Do you want the sensuous hit?
Oh my dear, do you
want the sensuous rub?
Oh handsome man, take chances.
Take liberty and rush in.
l want the sensuous hit.
My dear, l want the
sensuous rub too.
Take everything & keep it in the car.
l'll buy clothes for Kasthuri &
settle the bills.
Show me that sari, please.
Antony, you wanted to buy
something didn't you?
Why're you feeling shy? Come out.
That's...bra which women
wear inside the blouse.
Bra size?
l don't know.
Don't know?
Whose size here will match?
What is your bra size?
l am asking you.
l am asking you,
what is your bra size?
Can't you hear me?
Size please.
Bra size?
Do you want me to see it myself?
Madam, it's me.
l've made sister agree.
How can they refuse when l'm here.
We're leaving from here tomorrow.
She's as pure as gold.
How nicely and lovingly
l am looking after you?
With love...
For the past 3 months.
Did l rape anyone?
Did l murder anyone?
Abuse anyone?
What did l ask?
What did l ask you?
Just her bra size.
What did she do?
What did she do?
She slapped me in public.
l've become very cheap to her.
l mustn't spare her.
Come on boys.
Do you want to talk to my sister?
Someone is coming here.
Who is he?
That man stays in the health centre.
Why is he coming here?
She didn't tell her bra size
when we asked.
May be he's coming to tell us.
Then, go and ask him.
Did you see her bra size?
How many times?
Behead! Behead the bastard.
Don't spare him.
Behead him...don't spare him brother.
Brother...behead him.
Brother, behead him.
Don't spare him.
Please bring milk.
We must consecrate.
God will not come out
of temple to stop the wrong doers.
He'll come from people.
What happened?
Simhadri killed Bhai Sahib's brother
Balan Nair and his men.
Simhadri, come let's go.
- But where?
To a very far away place from here.
Before Bhai Sahib kills us all,
we must go away somewhere.
Don't talk like a fool.
When Simhadri killed Balan Nair,
Do you know how
people applauded him?
He killed Balan Nair today,
People expect he'll kill Bhai Sahib also.
- Don't say a word more.
Since they killed my wife,
Simhadri killed them all.
He didn't come here to
free people from their sorrows,
or to protect the state
or to end rowdyism.
Please leave us alone.
Come Simhadri.
Do you want to belie people's
hopes and aspirations?
Simhadri, come with us, please.
People consecrated him
and worshipped him in the temple.
When he was chasing
our men like dogs,
people were very joyful.
Though his identity isn't known.
People say that their saviour
has come save to them.
We'll be going to Vizag in 2 days.
What do you say Simhadri?
- As you say.
Hey Simhadri...
Where are you?
l want to see you.
Not just for me,
Atleast come for
these people who hailed you.
Sister, l am feeling very thirsty.
l'll give you water.
But call your saviour a coward.
l will give you water.
He won't hide.
He'll come like a lion.
He won't spare you.
Then ask him to come here.
Simhadri, listen to me,
- Take your hands off.
No Simhadri.- Take your hands off.
He isn't an ordinary guy. He'll kill you.
- Then l will die.
For people's welfare,
l am ready to kill or be killed.
Looks like he won't come.
- He will come.
ls it you?
You killed my brother?
When l heard you chased
and killed my men,
l thought you would be a big hulk.
Even your moustache
is only half grown.
What gave you so much guts?
You aren't from this state.
You were not born here.
and this isn't your mother tongue.
From where did you get the guts?
l've called everyone who had
faith in you to see you dying.
lf you're a real man,
show me your power now.
Look at me.
Has your thirst been quenched?- Yes.
Kill him boys!
You were feeling proud that this's
your state & it's your mother tongue.
Why're you breathing fast now?
Why are you afraid of death?
Has the rowdyism's heart
broken into pieces?
Has your rowdyism's bosom shattered?
The courage of the hired
henchmen before a dare devil,
will go to dust.
l'll destroy your empire
in front of you,
and will make you run
on the streets like a dog.
Till then, l'll be here only.
l'll get into your heart
like a hot iron rod.
l challenge and stay in
Trivandrum city.
You aren't Andhra's Simhadri.
You're Kerala's Singamalai.
lf you challenge this Simhadri,
The volcano from below
will come up and erupt.
You'll get burnt...
You'll get burnt to ashes.
# He raises violently to
burn and wipe out evil, #
# He's a darling of the masses... #
# He's a darling of the masses... #
# He walks on the heads of arrogants,
to destroy the cheats and their deceit. #
# like a burning bonfire. #
# with his blood red eyes, #
# with a mountain like heart, #
# He is like lord Hanuman. #
# He roars like lord Narasimha. #
# He's the fire to destroy
the wrong doers. #
# Andhra's Simhadri is
now Kerala's Singamalai. #
# He's like the Sapthagiri's Sabarimalai. #
# Thunders & lightning
light up the dark sky, #
# as Singamalai walks in.... #
# the hearts of the enemies
hear the death bells ringing. #
# The enemies scatter and run. #
# He's ruthless in crushing enemies. #
# He's swift as wind
in devastating enemies. #
# He's the thunder. #
# He's the fearless. #
# He's the Bhima for Kauravas. #
# He's the successor of Alluri. #
# He's the saviour of
our green Kerala. #
C.M said that he'll make
arrangements to arrest Bhai Sahib.
lf that happens, it's means your
objective is accomplished.
Why're you standing here?
Go away from here Simhadri.
Here, we give life.
There is no place here
for those who take lives.
l would like to talk to lndu...
Have l taken a wrong decision?
- No dad.
l loved Simhadri.
You asked Singamalai to leave.
l'm not hurt.
After my mother's death,
l don't feel like staying here.
Let's go...
away to some far away place.
Tell me...
Where is he?
Bhai Sahib's men have come....
Be careful.
Daddy.- l will come. You go...
Catch her.
She's not here.
lt's true, Bhai Sahib.
l have no relationship with him.
After he locked horns with you,
l never allowed him
to step into my house.
Please leave me.
Boss, the proceedings have
taken a new turn.
Since Singamalai has become
more powerful, CM has switched sides.
He has issued
warrant to arrest you.
l didn't agree to it.
But he threatened to remove
me from the post of Home minister.
Not only that,
if you resist arrest,
he has ordered to kill
you in an encounter.
Where is the C.M?
He's going to Delhi along
with his Ministers.
He'll be boarding the train
in 20 mins.
Bhai Sahib, l must also board the
train along with my daughter.
Please don't make my
daughter an orphan.
Hey...- Yes boss.
Set him free.
We could've killed him here itself.
ls planting a bomb in the
suitcase a necessary one?
Arvind is boarding the train
which C.M has boarded.
Everyone will be killed
in one blast.
Brother, Bhai Sahib has planted
a bomb in a Arvind's suitcase.
Arvind & lndu have boarded
the train which C.M has also boarded.
Save them at any cost.
Now, Singamalai knows our plan.
Singamalai will split his men into
two groups to stop Arvind.
We must also split into
two groups & stop them.
What happened?
Bhai sahib has planted bomb
in Mr.Arvind suitcase.
He knows that we know their plan.
He'll definitely try to stop us,
Each one of you go in
different directions.
He who reaches the station
first must stop Arvind.
Mr.Arvind, there is
a bomb in that suitcase.
Mr.Arvind, there is a bomb
in that suitcase.
Mr.Arvind, listen to me.
For people's welfare,
l'm ready to kill or be killed.
for people's welfare,
killing a man is not wrong.
l've become that man.
l'm not worried about that.
l'm proud of that.
You came & brought
happiness & cheer to many lives.
my daughter is now an orphan.
From now on,
you're everything for her.
l'm hungry.
lndra only knows that Simhadri
killed her father.
lf the bomb in the suitcase
had blasted in the train,
Arvind, lndra & everyone in the
train would've died.
She did this without knowing the truth.
lndra doesn't know how much
he had sacrificed for her.
He came here without informing us.
And now he's beyond your reach...
lf he was selfish,
he would've earned billions
by staying there itself.
He could've become
the leader of that state.
But he never wished for such things.
Only you & your words are
in his heart.
And nothing else, sir.
- Yes sir.
lf he had told you that lndra
is your grand daughter,
he should also tell you that your
daughter & son-in-law had been killed.
Unable to tell you the truth,
he was tolerating the insults
& the sorrows.
lf l know about my daughter's death,
l won't be able to bear that.
You were ready to sacrifice your life.
Now l know my daughter is no more.
But nothing has happened to me.
My dear son...
l won't be able to bear
my son's death.
l can't...Simhadri.
Lord Vishnu lying on the snake.
His lifeline very strong.
He'll live for 100 yrs.
And his name will last 1000 yrs.
His name means Lord Vishnu.
He'll marry a girl named Lakshmi.
So, it's me.
My name is Kasthuri Lakshmi.
lndra must find another guy.
lndra also means Lakshmi.
Lord Vishnu is caught
between 2 Lakshmis.
He has to drink lot of soda.
lf you blew a whistle, it's like
Andhra soda bottle flying in the sky.
My clothes starts to slip away as
l hear your whistle.
Your lips are a sweet shop.
lf you give me 1/2 kgs of yours on loan,
l'll keep on paying
compound interest.
lt's a jar of cashews &
not just a body.
Seeing you,
my youth train got derailed.
l wonder how many millions
will the beedi your smoke cost.
l wonder when your father
will go bankrupt.
l'll put shackles on your wrists.
l'll wage a love war on your
beautiful cuts & curves.
Come on rowdy.
Show me your ploys tonight.
For your horse to graze,
l've stocked up the dry grass.
Don't lock your hot desires in a bank.
Cheques might have problems.
lssue a demand draft of
your hot desires.
Flowers won't wither
if your keep touching them.
l'll become yours if you
caress them.
Like cock & hen,
Agriculture & land,
We both are lovers.
Shall we go both go to
Chintalpudi & Chilakalpudi?
Your's is not a hand.
lt's an ingot of Vizag Steel.
Okay sir.
Sir.- Grand father.
Don't cry.
l brought him up from childhood.
Even l didn't understand him properly.
There is nothing wrong in
you mistaking him.
Boss, Singamalai is in Vizag.
We tried to catch him, but...
Brother Singamalai...
Hey Singamalai....
ln my state...
lnfront of my people.
You ruined my status.
ln your state,
in your birth place,
l'll kill you
& will bring back my lost honour.
Show me your Andhra pride.
Twist your whiskers.
lf you don't fight back,
your Telugu Desam will get harassed.
Your Telugu people
will die in shame.
That's it!
ls it all over?
ls this the power of
your birth place? Shit!
Hit me.
Hit me.
Hit me.
Want to see the power of
Andhra land?
For your kind consideration,
help the ant to win.
Cast your valuable vote on the ant,
and you request will
help the ant win.
To hell with your ant.
Cast your vote on lndra.
Stop it...Stop it.
He has to decide.
- No, he'll marry our ant.
Praying god will not
solve your problems.
Decide whom you're going to marry.
Please listen to me.
- No way. Go.
Come Simhadri...
- Come to me...
Stop it...Stop it.
Look, people have come across
such triangle love.
They all went to the same
God for a solution.
Similarly, lets also go to
Lord Simhadri. Come, let's go.