Simhall (2014) Movie Script

Bath House
One of these... That's what you need.
- It doesn't suit me.
- It would really suit you.
- No.
- It is ugly.
- This is nice, too.
- No.
The question is how to open it,
if it's locked.
If we can get in somehow.
What's inside the safe then?
What's usually inside a safe?
I think I've got an idea.
Two, please.
- Come on then.
- You go on ahead.
You have to take your shoes off.
- I do all the cleaning here.
- OK.
Oh hell.
- You haven't paid the entrance fee.
- Oh?
- I thought it was free on Tuesdays.
- No, it's not free.
- Not here.
- OK.
But how about we pay
after we've changed?
That works, doesn't it?
Come on, get in.
You have to try the swimsuit
to see if it works.
It's really warm.
You still haven't paid.
You're not allowed to be in here
for free!
Well, you will have to pay afterwords.
- You have to calm down.
- What?
Can't you see
that something's loose down there?
Watch out!
Hey, she's drowning.
You have to save her!
Is this all there is?
I'm sure they're worth something.
Why else would they be in a safe?
I'm sure we can sell them.
But... what are you doing?
PH VALUE CHLORINE CONTEN Hey, you've just ruined everything!
Everyone has to get out
of the water!
It's not like we want to jump in,
if that's what you think.
- What should we do?
- Wait.
Go back again. Let's hide them in there.
If you drop those...
Now, you have to do exactly as I say.
- Put down the bottles...
- Why?
Put them down carefully.
And then get out of here.
Get out!
So, will we be compensated for this?
We paid to get in, you know.
I have to...
- Yes.
- I said no!
I've... I've alerted the fire service,
they're on their way.
They'll drive through here.
Where are they?
They should have been here ages ago.
OK, before I give you this I have
a question. Can I have a refund?
I wasn't even allowed to take a shower.
What if everything flows out?