Simmba (2018) Movie Script

'Miramar Police station.'
'There's just been an encounter here.'
'This encounter is off records.'
'But this is the first honest deed'
'by the officer-in-charge
of this station.'
'The story begins from
the same place I once did.'
'While I was striving
to be an honest cop, '
'there was a kid who
wanted to be just like me.'
'But, his intentions
were completely different.'
Picking pockets at your age.
Don't you feel ashamed?
Hey, anywhere is fine,
but not on my head.
What? Who are you?
- Simmba?
What kind of a name is that?
Simmba is a shortform.
My full name is Sangram Bhalerao.
You guys have no clue who I work for.
- Lokhande.
When he gets here,
you will all be shaking in your boots.
Deshpande sir, hello.
- How are you, Lokhande?
Hello, Gaikwad sir.
How are you, Lokhande?
- All well, sir.
Sir, he's one of my boys.
Let him go.
Is he Lokhande?
How dare you make orphans pickpocket.
- Sir, sir...
You bloody...
Sir, sir, sir, let it go now.
Stop humiliating me in front of the kid.
Sir... Take this.
Get lost!
- Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Come on.
What are you staring at me for?
You always said you're a powerful guy.
But he snatched your money.
Because he's more powerful than I am.
And do you know why?
Because he's got a uniform.
And anyone who dons this
uniform controls everything.
What are you looking at?
Just that
picking pockets for a loser like you
won't do any wonders for my career.
Now even I want to be powerful.
And there's only one thing I want.
- What?
Uniform! Police Uniform!
'Since that day,
Simmba made up his mind'
'that he'll become a Police Officer
when he grows up.'
'Simmba was an orphan.'
'But studying, and getting a degree
was very crucial.'
'And a night school teacher
Gayatri helped Simmba with it.'
'Simmba considered Gayatri
as his elder sister.'
'Simmba focused on his studies
at night.'
'During the day, he worked hard and
earned money with dishonesty.'
Andaz Apna Apna Showing now.
Only for 40 rupees.
Buy one, it's a fantastic movie.
Only 40 rupees.
Hey Shortie,
go sell your tickets somewhere else.
This is Durva Ranade's area.
You know what, tell your Durva Ranade
to meet me after 5.
I'll see what I can do.
He speaks a bit too much.
You bloody...
There's five of you, and I am all alone.
But whoever strikes first
I will definitely break his bone.
Size medium, and guts extra-large.
Go on. From today, this
theatre is your area.
Boss, you're giving the
entire area to this little kid.
Then why didn't you step up?
You thought he will kill you.
You thought right.
He would've killed you.
He's like a little cracker
waiting to explode one day.
Will you work for me?
I've already decided my future.
I see. What will you
do when you grow up?
"Here comes Police."
"Here... Here comes Simmba."
"Here comes Simmba."
"Catch the thief."
"Here comes Simmba."
- Take them down."
"He's going to...
- Beat you down."
"It's true...
- Every word."
"But if you lie...
- You're dead."
"Hey Simmba..."
"Simmba... Simmba... Simmba..."
"Take him down."
"Take him down."
"Take him down."
"Here comes Simmba."
"Take him down."
"Take him down."
"Take him down."
"Take him down."
"Here comes Simmba."
You fool.
First of all, you commit a
crime in Inspector Bhalerao's area.
Plus you stole Five million.
Bloody thief!
No, sir. We haven't done anything.
Dagdu. Don't pamper me.
Otherwise, my temper will hamper you.
- Yes, sir.
These days everyone's running
after gold.
Even Aamir Khan wanted Gold in 'Dangal',
but he wanted to win it,
and not steal it.
You made a big mistake.
You won't be seeing
daylight anytime soon.
According to my calculation, you'll
be serving time for at least 10 years.
I was saying, let's arrive on some
kind of mutual understanding on this.
And, we're prepared to pay some money.
- Hey!
I am only hungry for love, not money.
And I love only money.
I mean, it's against my principles,
but imagine that I agree.
If I have to take some money from you,
then how much cash do you guys have?
1,00,000, sir!
And, if you're willing to give
something, then how much can you give?
Sir, 25,000.
How much?
- Sir, 25,000.
How much?
- Sir, 25,000.
So 25+25+25.
That means, I get 75,000.
Mind blowing. Done.
- Hey!
Open your mouth again,
and I'll lock you all up.
- Yes, sir.
Listen, we'll also have to take
from the man whose store they robbed.
You mean 'give'.
- Not give, 'take'.
What's his name?
- Hasmukh Parekh.
Oh, Hasmukh!
Superb. Superb. Superb.
Brother, you've completely
changed that saying.
One knockout is better than 100 punches.
Honestly speaking,
I had stopped expecting.
Don't lie, Hasmukh.
You look like you're expecting.
- Yes, sir.
Collect the receipt of all
the things and hand them over.
What? - All this belongs to you,
doesn't it, Hasmukh.
So we need receipts for Police records.
It is a formula.
- Sir, formality.
Yes, a formality.
You see, brother, I have a receipt
for 50% of the stuff, but the rest...
That means, the rest of it is illegal.
- No.
Are you betraying your own country?
- No.
No! No!
One who troubles me
doesn't escape my wrath.
Mhatre, arrest him.
Arrest him.
- No. No.
No, please let him go.
What' the point in screaming
aloud now, sister-in-law Laxmi?
He's committed such a big
crime, now he's in big trouble.
Once you get arrested my sister-in-law
will go crazy strolling
in these halls all alone.
Mhatre, he didn't even think
what will happen to the kid
and sister-in-law when he's in jail.
You're there.
I mean, you're there to
save us from this trouble.
Take my advice, sir.
You should settle this matter
right here with some money.
Brother, just a minute.
I was saying, let's settle this.
- Brother,
think about my son Kalpesh.
Or, just listen to
your sister-in-law Laxmi.
I can never say no to Laxmi.
Don't mind sir, but can I say something?
We're thugs, thieves, and cons.
But I've never come across
a notorious thug like you.
Dagdu, tell me something I don't know.
This is the 21st century.
People have only one interest.
Their own.
"Here comes Simmba."
"Listen to the drums beat."
"Watch me groove to the beat.
"Groove to the beat."
"Listen to the drums beat."
"Watch me groove to the beat.
"Here comes your sweetheart."
"Come dance with me."
"Forgetting about the rest."
"Here comes... Here comes Simmba
to take you on a ride."
"Here comes... Here comes Simmba
to drive you up the tree."
"One is to two. Two is to four."
"Everyone's going to shake
a leg with my sweetheart."
"Three is to nine.
Nine is to twelve."
"He's the apple of everyone's eye."
"Here comes your sweetheart."
"Come dance with me."
"Forgetting about the rest."
"Here comes... Here comes Simmba
to drive you up the tree."
"Here comes Simmba."
- How are you?
I am fine.
How about you?
Where's your father?
- Father will be here shortly.
Take a seat until then.
What do you keep studying all day?
My exams are around the corner.
I'll have to study.
Why didn't you say that before?
I'll oust your exam papers.
Brother, oust my papers?
Simmba, what are you saying?
- Brother. It was just a joke.
You say, why did you call me
so urgently? What's the matter?
Neha, tell your mother to serve food.
- Yes.
I wanted to speak with you urgently.
I am transferring you from
Shivgadh to Miramar Police Station.
Mind blowing, brother.
Miramar is a gold mine.
Yes, yes, do as you please,
but you must listen to me carefully.
You must stay wary of the man who got
the previous inspector transferred.
You must be careful.
He's an important man.
Durva Ranade.
You can say that Goa's pretty much
known for him, and not the other way.
He runs an illegal business
but never crosses anyone's path.
But if someone crosses his path,
he doesn't live to tell.
So never cross Durva Ranade's path.
Durva Ranade is my God.
I exist because he does.
'Simmba had headed for Miramar.'
'But least did he know'
'that this journey
would change his life.'
Sir has arrived. Here he is.
- Yes.
Sir, Inspector Santosh Tawde.
- Tawde.
Sir, Alok Borkar.
- Borkar.
Very good, very good.
I have a question.
Who is she?
That's Iyer Aunty.
65 complete, 66 running.
Not on your left,
who is that on the right?
You mean her. That's Shagun.
She runs the Good Food Catering Service.
Buddy, Miramar is already mind-blowing.
Thank you, sir.
Well, now that I am here,
We might as well do some work.
Sir, this way.
Sir. That's the control room.
Your cabin's right in front.
From Dona Paula to Panjim,
five beat-stations come under
our Police Station.
How many cameras?
- Just one?
And in my cabin?
- None.
- Thank you, sir.
Head Constable Nityanand Mohile.
Won't you salute your senior?
My hands hurting.
I know where it's really hurting you.
I've heard a lot about you, Mohile.
Even I have heard a lot about you, sir.
Oh! Taunt.
"The day shall come"
"when you'll raise your hand."
"You will salute me."
"And salute me every
time I come and go."
Mohile, since you're
giving me such a dry look,
you will be my driver from now on.
You will drive my car.
You see, even my hand's hurting.
Sir, this way.
- Yes, sir.
Anything to eat?
- Well, sir, that's up to you.
I was talking about food.
Sir, I'll treat you to some great food,
and you won't stop licking your fingers.
Come on, lunch break.
Tawde brother. Wash your hands.
- Of course. Of course.
Enough, Mohile uncle.
Work later, it's a lunch break.
How are you, Shagun?
- All well.
Your lunch box.
By the way, there's good news for you.
- What?
No sweets for you anymore.
Why? because Nandini called me.
She was saying that the doctor has
increased your dosage for diabetes.
And you didn't tell me.
And so, no more sweets for you.
That Nandini is more like
my mother than my daughter.
Are you complaining?
- No...
Eat your lunch.
- Yes.
Iyer aunty, you forgot to
put fish in the fish curry again.
I forgot.
Look carefully, it must be in there.
Aunty, this is my lunch box and not the
ocean where I'll have to find the fish.
Borkar uncle, why are you laughing?
Aunty had called me.
And she said that you're
on a strict diet from today.
So only salad for you.
This is not fair. Only salad.
- Yes.
Your bloody aunty...
- Uncle.
Please don't do this.
I'll get you an iPhone.
Borkar uncle, are you bribing me?
What did you just say?
Never talk about bribe's in this
Police Station again, understand?
- Hi.
I am Sangram Bhalerao,
the new station in-charge.
- But you can call me Simmba.
- Correct.
Well, I run
the Good Food Catering Service.
I know... I was looking at you.
- I mean, I saw you. I did.
So then, let us worry
about your food as well.
That's good.
Because our sir has a good appetite.
That's a good thing.
Don't you want to eat?
- Oh. Yes.
Your name?
- Shagun.
Tell me when.
- What?
I mean, you don't need permission.
If you have any problem,
come directly to me.
And anyway... I'll be
indebted to you from today.
Okay. See you.
- Okay.
Uncle. No sweets.
- Yes.
What is this going on?
'Dabbang' meets 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun'.
Sir, it's a 25-year-old story.
Shagun's father, Vishwash Sathe,
was a dashing encounter specialist.
He was posted in our police station.
Shagun's mother started a new
catering business right next to us.
She used to get lunch for sir every day.
They fell in love, then got married,
and Shagun happened.
But sister-in-law passed away
when Shagun was only 4-years-old.
Really? And Vishwas Sathe,
did he get transferred?
No, sir.
Sir died in a shootout three years ago.
Oh! That means Shagun
and I are same.
We are both orphans.
- That's great, sir.
Tawde, this is mind-blowing.
- Yes sir.
I think history is going
to repeat itself. - How, sir?
Shagun will someday
lose her heart to me.
Shagun, food and love.
Definitely, sir.
And, I am made-to-order for Shagun.
I am dashing like her father. Daring.
And a Police Officer.
Correct, sir.
And her father even laid
down his life in the line of duty.
Why did you spoil my mood, Mohile?
- Calm down.
- Sir.
Food's been arranged.
- Sir.
Even found a life-partner.
- Sir.
And a Police Station too.
- Sir.
This is nothing short of a gold mine.
And now all the gold will be mine.
Definitely, sir.
Do one thing. Bring me
all the files of Durva Ranade.
Why Durva Ranade, sir?
Because in the next 24 hours we're
going to shut down all his pubs,
illegal construction sites,
and unofficial business.
Durva Ranade should know
that Sangram Bhalerao has arrived
in Miramar Police Station.
Boss. The kids.
Go directly to where I told you to go.
Don't stop if anyone tries to stop you.
And no need to worry, it's okay.
What the...
Vicky, get the kids out of here.
Sada, let's go.
Come on.
My dear brothers and their sisters.
You see, the clock's struck 12.
And before Simmba loses his temper,
make yourself scarce.
Sir. What a dialogue!
Talent, man.
Excuse me, sir.
Why did you turn off the music?
What seems to be the problem?
Yeah, what did you say?
Why did you turn off the music?
Because... I didn't like your face.
Hey... Have you lost your mind,
You don't who we are.
This pub belongs to Durva Ranade
and we are his brothers.
Should I look excited?
Don't you know its illegal
to keep the pubs open after 12?
Are you new around here?
We made a deal with
the local area in charge.
You will regret this, inspector.
Don't lock horns with us.
Tell me something I don't know.
Tell me something I don't know.
And yes, don't forget
to tell your brother Durva...
- That...
"Here comes... Here comes Simmba."
Gandhiji saved this country
using truth and honesty.
Gandhiji's full name as
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
What are you doing Nitin?
Gandhiji spells with 'hi'.
That's correct.
No one dared to shut down our business.
And that bloody cop...
God knows who he thinks he is.
You should've been there brother.
We should break that bloody cops legs!
Next time I see him around,
I will bash him.
The bloody...
- Hey!
Don't talk like that
in front of the child.
I've said it a thousand times before.
Nitin, come here son.
Come to me, son.
Brother, he has closed
down all our other business.
Dutta sir said he's
sending someone useful, but...
Call Dutta.
No need to call.
Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba, reporting.
Look what I brought for you, Bhau.
Can I call you Bhau?
There are more than 5000
evergreen songs on this.
Hold it, Bhau.
Hello, brother from another mother.
Why so serious?
Don't stress.
Have a chewing gum instead.
You too.
I am all out of it.
Nitin! Look what Simmba
uncle got for you.
And imported smartwatch for a smart boy.
Isn't it? It's mind-blowing.
brand new Paitani sari for you.
A cup of tea, less milk, more cream.
Aunty, greetings.
I heard that you're
suffering from knee pain.
It goes like...
"There's a pain in the knee..."
"There's a pain in the knee..."
"and I have a problem getting up."
Aunty, this is what I got for you.
Latest Ayurvedic oil.
Massage two times a day for 11 minutes.
You'll walk as fast as I talk.
Take it.
What a lovely family, God bless them.
- Are you done with your drama?
This is not a charade.
This is a family after all,
and I am an orphan.
So I showed some brotherly love.
And closed down your brother's business.
No. I'll tell you why.
Sister-in-law, what was the
price of onions three months ago?
70 rupees.
- And what is it now?
100 rupees.
- See.
Inflation is touching the sky.
If you look at it percentage wise,
the price of onions has gone up 30%.
So even we deserve an
upliftment in our rate card.
Day-to-day expenses
are getting hard to handle.
I only did it to grab your attention.
I'll open it. I'll open everything
back again.
I'm your younger brother.
From today, you have three brothers,
and not two.
Sister-in-law, how many
brothers-in-law do you have now?
- Three. See, Bhau.
You're a big rascal.
Bhau, tell me something I don't know.
Tell me something I don't know.
You're like a fire-cracker.
Someday you'll cause a big explosion.
Someone said this to me long ago.
I'll tell you some other day.
- Yes?
Even you remind me of someone.
Really? Who?
Your sister-in-law's brother.
- Really? Same to same.
Exactly same to same.
He was a good kid.
But... He died.
- I killed him.
You see, he tried to
double-cross me in business.
You won't do it, will you?
No Bhau, why will I do such a thing?
Look Bhalerao, I have a rule.
I never cross anyone's path.
But if someone crosses mine,
they don't live to tell.
You have a service revolver, don't you?
If someday you think
about double crossing me,
you can shoot yourself.
Don't bother me.
You're a mischievous kid.
Do one thing, drink the tea
that your sister-in-law's has prepared.
Go on.
Did he see you two
in the pub with drugs?
No, brother.
Do we tell him?
- Not yet.
He's a bloody rascal.
We can't trust him yet.
Find anything?
Look, Arjun, don't lie to me.
Chotu saw you guys carrying
drugs in your school bags.
Are they paying you for doing this?
It's not what you think, sister.
Chotu is lying.
Are you two doing drugs?
- No, sister.
Look, don't be scared.
Tell me who is making you do this.
I don't know anything, sister.
Aakruti, Chotu could
be mistaken as well.
What's wrong, Aakruti?
Nothing, father.
- Nothing.
Where's my dinner?
Dinner is ready at home.
You two go home and eat.
But father...
- You two have completely forgotten
about your own studies
while tutoring these kids.
Go home and eat your dinner,
and focus on your own studies.
I'll tutor the kids.
Come on, children.
Come to me.
Aakruti, I think you're overreacting.
Don't stress yourself.
Kavya, I know these kids are lying.
And, I think I know
who is behind all this.
The people behind all
this can be very dangerous.
I really don't think
you should get into this mess.
No. I won't let them ruin their lives.
In fact, I'll go down to the police
station tomorrow and file a complaint.
I am off to the check-post.
Excuse me, I wanted to file a complaint.
- Yes.
Please assist her.
Come. Sit.
Borkar, I am hungry.
Go check what my Shagun
made for breakfast.
Yes, sir.
Tell me.
- Sir, I wanted to file a complaint.
Sir, my name is Aakruti Dave.
I wanted to file a complaint.
- Aren't you a teacher?
No, sir, I am a medical student.
- Sit.
And, I practice at
the government hospital.
But whenever I get some spare time,
I tutor orphans too.
Yes, I saw you the other
day tutoring the kids.
Do you have a complaint?
Tell me about it. - Yes, sir.
Actually, some of the children that I
tutor have turned into drug carriers.
They smuggle drugs by putting
them into children's school bag.
Drugs in my area?
Who is doing it?
- I've no idea, sir.
Sir, I think Durva Ranade's brothers
Sadashiv and Gaurav Ranade are in it.
There are often late
night parties in their pub.
And I have a doubt that they
carry out their drug business there.
When I ask my students, they
don't tell me anything out of fear.
And yes, at the hospital
where I practice,
we often treat young
people addicted to drugs.
These drugs are easily
available everywhere.
Sir, please help me out.
Okay, I'll start an inquiry,
I'll look into it.
Okay, sir. Thank you.
What is your name?
- Aakruti Dave.
You remind me of my own teacher.
Gayatri Devi.
She used to tutor me on the footpath,
just like you do.
She was like an older sister to me.
Well, I can't be your older sister sir,
but think of me as your younger sister.
I'll look into your matter.
Don't worry. Go.
Thank you, sir.
Listen, Aakruti. If you ever have
any problem in life, then call me.
If I ever have any problem in life,
I will call you first.
Give her my number.
Yes, sir.
- Sir.
What is the lesson in all this?
- What, sir.
Durva Ranade is playing
hide-n-seek with us.
Yes, sir.
He didn't tell us
about his main business.
- Yes.
There's a problem at Good Food.
Hit him. Hit him.
- Don't be scared.
Wait. Wait.
I said wait!
Stop beating him to a pulp, man.
Shagun. Shagun. Wait.
What are you doing?
I am there.
Tell me what is a problem.
This guy here stares at Purnima,
stalks her and troubles here.
You bloody...
I truly love Purnima.
What is he saying?
My love for her is so true
that I can even give my life for her.
You relax, I'll deal with him.
Uncle, your cutlery.
You go, I'll deal with him.
- Move...
Bye, Shagun. I'll deal with him.
So, what is your name?
- Purab, sir.
Why do you trouble girls?
You bloody...
Sir, I had no ill
intentions towards her, sir.
An intention is just another intention,
there's nothing good or bad about it.
Intentions don't carry a plaque
saying today I am good or bad.
They don't.
We'll have to make a case against you.
- Sir...
You'll be doing time
in jail for pretty long.
Sir, isn't there a way to get out
of this? - Look at that.
You're the driver and
you're asking me for the way.
You bloody...
Even if I listen to you,
and don't file a case against you,
then will you help me?
- Of course, I will, sir.
Look Purab.
Not the east, look at me.
I also love her.
Don't you dare set eyes on my Purnima...
Not Purnima, I mean my Shagun.
You bloody...
Her friend Shagun.
And only you can bring us together.
How is that?
Looking at your actions,
I can sniff the rascal inside you.
Come, I'll tell you what to do.
- Purab speaking.
You must be wondering how I
got from in the cell to on the cell.
I broke out.
Do you know why?
Because whoever comes between
Purnima and me deserves to die.
And if you don't believe me,
then look outside your window.
Right now!
What happened, Shagun?
Aunty, that Purab's standing
outside the house and threatening me.
I'll deal with him.
Wait. Wait.
Don't go outside.
You know what, call Simmba.
It's ringing. It's ringing.
- Hi Simmba, Shagun here.
Hi Shagun, how you are?
Simmba, that Purab's broken out of jail
and is outside my house threatening me.
Purab who?
That rickshaw driver?
Yes, that rickshaw driver.
Don't worry, Shagun.
Simmba is on the way.
I am there.
Come on.
- Shagun, here I am.
You came over so quickly.
What! This is unbelievable.
If the Police come's before time,
people still complain.
If the Police arrives late,
people complain.
I don't know what to do?
By the way, there is no one outside.
He must have seen you and hidden.
Nice house. Very decent.
Purab can't be trusted.
Hence, I will have to stay here tonight.
I will sleep on the staircase.
- Tell me.
You can stay inside.
- Okay.
Have you eaten?
- No.
I'll cook something.
- Shagun. Shagun.
That's all you do all day.
I'll cook dinner tonight.
Wow. You make perfect round rotis.
- Obviously.
I have a masters degree in making rotis.
There was a Gurdwara
(Shrine) back in Shivgadh.
And they used to distribute
free food every Sunday.
And cooking rotis was my duty.
100 rotis in one hour.
All the aunties were impressed.
I see. What about the girls?
Weren't they impressed?
I used to feel...
- What?
I feel shy to talk to girls.
I see. But you're quite brazen with me.
You are completely different.
Sir, how is it going?
All well.
Sir, I feel you won't come out before
getting married and having some kids.
Should I look for school admissions?
He got scared and ran away.
Even if I have to stay awake all night,
Shagun is absolutely
safe as long as I am here.
Oh... How cute!
Tawde, hang up.
So cute...
Hi, Shagun.
- Hi...
Dhiraj, your new haircut
is looking really cute.
You like it.
- Love it.
I just got it yesterday.
Simmba, this is Dhiraj.
He's my best friend.
And Dhiraj, this is inspector Bhalerao.
- Hello.
Some stalker rickshaw driver
called Purab was bothering me.
That's why Simmba came to help.
That's really sweet.
- Okay, okay.
Remember our picture
on the roller coaster. - Yeah.
Do you know how many 'Likes' it got?
- 250 Likes and you're happy.
She is such a coward.
As soon as she got on the roller
coaster, she grabbed my arm like this,
and closed her eyes.
I can't tell you.
And after we came out, she
was so scared that she wasn't eating.
I had to feed her with my hands.
And finally, she agreed.
My mom's always been saying that
only we can look after each other.
And we should get married.
It's getting late, I should go.
- You're leaving.
- Okay.
Well, see you.
- Bye.
Nice time.
Come on. Come on, it's getting late.
Bye, Shagun.
- Bye, Dhiraj.
Will you be able to go on your own?
Or will you be scared?
Should I send a police team with you?
No, I am good. but you're a funny guy.
Funny chap.
- I'm serious.
Don't stick your hand
out of the window, son.
Dhiraj is so cute, isn't he?
- Yes.
Cute like little puppies.
Tell me something, Shagun.
- What?
Is there anything
between you and Dhiraj?
I am thinking about it.
Even I am thinking about you.
I am thinking a lot of things.
"Oh, God... One more remix."
"Makes my heart skip a beat..."
"Whistles all the while..."
"Makes my heart skip a beat..."
"Whistles all the while..."
"Shows attitude in
the middle of the street."
"He makes gestures..."
"That gal...
"That gal...
"That gal winks at me."
"Winks at me..."
"That gal winks at me."
"Winks at me..."
"That gal winks at me."
"Follows me wherever I go."
"Everyone wants to be my lover."
"Follows you wherever you go."
"I am crazy,
I want to be yours forever."
"Whistles all the while..."
"Shows attitude."
"Whistles all the while,"
"shows attitude, calls my name
out in the open."
"He makes gestures..."
"That guy...
"That guy...
"That guy winks at me."
"Winks at me..."
"That gal winks at me."
"Winks at me..."
"That gal winks at me."
"In the voice of Tusshar Kapoor..."
"In the voice of Kumar Sanu..."
"That gal winks at me."
"Winks at me..."
"That gal winks at me."
"Winks at me..."
"That gal winks at me."
"That guy...
"That gal...
"That guy...
Bhalerao, meet Mr. Choksi.
He's a close friend.
We want an old man to vacate his land.
In Calangute.
Even I can get rid of him.
But, Mr. Joshi here, the lawyer,
and Cameron sir, the Corporator
said Bhalerao will handle the situation.
No, how can I handle
the situation like this?
I just got in Miramar recently.
If the word gets out,
I'll be in trouble.
It's a risky job, can't be done.
You'll get 5 million, Bhalerao.
Consider it done.
I didn't mean anything I said.
Bhau, this is my first time
with Mr. Choksi and Mr. Cameron.
We just got to know each other.
Anything is possible these days.
Secret recordings,
sting operations, etcetera.
That's why.
Otherwise, you know...
You know Bhalerao, you're a big rascal.
Bhau, tell me something I don't know.
Tell me something I don't know.
Mr. Waman Rao,
there's a serious problem.
We've received a complaint against you.
Durva Ranade says that he has
the original documents of this land.
And claims he owns this land and he's
going to sell it to Choksi.
He's falsely accusing me.
He threatened me earlier
to sell the land.
But I didn't agree.
And he's falsely accusing
me with fake documents.
I don't care what he did
but what about arrest warrant
that is in your name?
Why have such an emotional
attachment to the land?
But I've safe-kept that
land for my granddaughter.
Waman Rao, try to understand.
Once the court proceedings begin,
then you'll be long gone,
and your granddaughter
will be as old as you are.
A court case means gone case.
Do you want to go to jail at this age?
Or keep going to hearing dates.
You don't, do you?
Durva Ranade is offering you 5 million.
5 million is not a small amount.
I've brought an MOU with me, sign it.
That's the best.
How can... I...
Don't lock horns with Durva Ranade,
Waman Rao.
He's a dangerous man.
You're doing this for
your granddaughter, aren't you?
- What if he abducts your granddaughter,
or does something unearthly.
Then what?
What's the point of this land,
and this property.
But you're the police...
- Even the police can't help you then.
- Hello.
What happened?
She's been kidnapped, isn't she?
I told you.
If the heir of the property is no more,
then what's the point of this property.
Seal the deal, and sign the papers.
I've brought the MOU. Sign the papers.
Don't you want to
save your granddaughter?
I've brought the papers.
Seal the deal,
take your 5 million and be happy.
2... 3... 4... 5...
What? What are you staring at, Mohile?
You can keep 10%.
You're doing the wrong thing.
Very wrong.
You took everything from that old man.
He couldn't control his tears,
and you are busy counting money.
You have no feelings.
Mohile, I became a
cop to make a fast buck
and not to help others
like some Robin Hood.
That old man got 5 million.
Do you know how much 5 million is?
So mind your own business,
and let me do mine.
Go ahead, sir. Yell louder.
When a person is wrong he often
yells aloud to prove himself right.
Mind your language, Mohile,
don't forget that I am your senior.
And you don't forget that
you're Inspector Sangram Bhalerao
who's betraying his duty
for a criminal like Durva Ranade.
What did you achieve with
your honesty in the last 25 years?
You guys just show off.
And if you feel really bad,
then go and shoot Durva
and do some good to your country.
Otherwise, come over to my side,
make some money
and do some good for your family.
Turn your attention from the
hooliganism around and focus on money.
You'll benefit more.
I spit on your illegal money.
I never wanted anything
bad for anyone yet.
But today I pray to God
to bring about a storm, a Tsunami
that sweeps you away,
and you drown in it.
Go ahead, pray right now.
You want a Tsunami,
then make it come now.
Start praying. I am right here.
Where will it come from?
From the left or the right?
Listen carefully, Mohile.
Tsunami won't come for me alone.
It will come for you, Durva, that old
man and his granddaughter everyone!
You're accusing me like I raped someone.
He's spoiled my mood.
I am leaving the car and money behind.
I'll take it tomorrow.
And in case you need any money,
then you can take it from the bag.
Father, tomorrow is
the last date for admission.
If I don't pay the fee in full,
they will cancel my admission.
How much is it?
We've only paid 25,000 till now.
We'll need 125,000 more.
I don't have that kind of money, dear.
You know what, you should drop
out before they cancel your admission.
That's all one can expect from you.
Have you seen the other
Police officers in your own area?
Look at their lifestyle, their status.
Shinde, your junior.
His sister just finished
her computer studies.
And sub-inspector Rajesh bought
two pieces of land in Sawantwadi.
And look at you.
No good to yourself, or your family.
- Come on.
I'll call your uncle,
he'll arrange the money.
Come on.
I came to pick you up.
And, also to say sorry.
I went a little overboard last night.
But your wife's absolutely right.
Don't mind,
but you can still change your mind.
If you need money...
- Stay out of my family...
Cool, cool, Mohile.
Salute me, today.
Come on, make it a nice, crisp one.
Come on, just one.
And no excuses that
your hand's paining and all.
Sir, the salute is not for the man,
but the uniform he dons.
What do you mean?
- You won't understand, sir.
Let's go.
Everyone wants to be Singham these days.
Happy Birthday!
Simmba, there you are.
Why are you so shy?
It's Shagun's birthday,
so why are you so dressed up.
What's the matter.
Let it be, aunty.
Stop it. Stop troubling him.
Happy birthday, Shagun.
- Thank you.
Isn't it nice?
- Yes.
It's straight from the graveyard.
- What?
Joke. They are absolutely fresh.
Excuse me.
- You are mad.
Shagun, come with me for a minute.
See you.
Hello, I am Suchitra.
Yes. Mrs. Mohile.
- Yes.
And daughter Nandini.
I know.
I saw your mother giving
an earful to that grump...
- Yes, coming.
The party's really
truly mind-blowing, Shagun.
The cake, gift, balloons.
Everything's fantastic.
Isn't it?
I am an orphan.
And so I don't know when is my birthday.
On Nagesh's birthday, our Patil Uncle
would give us two 'bhakarwadis'
free with tea.
Nagesh and me would eat it.
And that's how I celebrate my birthday.
Was Nagesh your school friend?
No. Nagesh was Uncle Patil's dog.
- Yes.
He was my best friend.
We have had a lot of parties.
But this party is the best.
The decoration and all... It's lovely.
Isn't it good?
- Yes.
You know, as long as my father was alive
my birthday parties
used to be much grander.
But, after he passed away,
these guys took over.
Now they are my family.
You miss your father, don't you.
Although we were father and daughter,
But he was my best friend.
I was only four-years-old
when mom passed away.
Even after her death, papa took care
of me, Good Food, and everything else.
Other parents sing
a lullaby to their kids.
But my father used to tell
me about his encounters and shootouts.
He must have told me
over 50 encounter tales.
Oh, God.
By the way, Bhalerao.
If you ever want to execute an
encounter, you can take tips from me.
You're dangerous.
By the way,
even my father died in a shootout.
But, even today this Police
Station is famous because of him.
I am so proud of my papa.
Hi, Shagun.
- Dhiraj.
Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
Come on. Come inside.
Simmba, how are you?
Tip-top. First class.
By the way, the cake has been cut,
so go help yourself.
You already cut the cake.
- Yes. Now go on.
Did you have a piece
of the cake, Simmba?
I did, you worry about yourself.
I'll go get a piece too.
What is your problem?
- What?
I've noticed that you
don't like Dhiraj particularly.
Isn't it?
It's not what you think.
He's a good boy but has some bad habits.
He gets a little touchy,
gets too close for comfort.
But the rest is fine.
Simmba, Dhiraj is my friend,
and there's nothing between us.
Very good.
By the way, what kind of a guy
are you looking for to get married?
Just a general question.
I want someone smart and dashing.
- Yes.
And he should be at least... This tall.
Like me.
And he should have...
a long Maratha moustache.
Like me.
And if he's a Police officer, then
that would be a icing on the cake.
Like me.
Do you have any friend
who is a cop and looks like that?
No, I don't have any friend,
who looks like that.
But let's find one. Me and... Tawde!
Come on.
You can say all sorts of crap,
but not the one thing that matters.
Instead of twisting your words,
if you had just said 'I Love You',
then we wouldn't
have wasted so much time.
What do you mean?
- I mean, Bhalerao...
That you and me...
Mind-blowing couple!
I feel shy.
"O sweetheart."
"I can stay away
all night for you."
"My heart follows you...
wherever you go."
"Tell me what to do."
"If you ever get sad,
I'll be heartbroken."
"My paths will be
easier with you in tow."
"I'm going to be always with you..."
"All my heart says"
"never go away from my sights."
"Without you..."
"Without you..."
"Without you... I've no reason to live,
"Without you... I've no reason to live,
"Don't leave me ever, sweetheart."
"Without you... I've no reason to live,
"I've no reason...
"I've no reason...
"When you're around,
I feel overwhelmed."
"Make my dreams yours too."
"When you're not with me,
I can't take another step."
"I'll make my paths merge with yours."
"Even if the world forgets me,
but you don't."
"You're my life,
and you're my salvation."
"True love is invaluable."
"Without you..."
"Without you..."
"Without you... I've no reason to live,
"Without you... I've no reason to live,
"Don't leave me ever, sweetheart."
"Without you... I've no reason to live,
"O, beloved..."
"O companion..."
"Learn to share your joy and sorrow."
"Without you... I've no reason to live,
"Without you... I've no reason to live,
"Don't leave me ever, sweetheart."
"Without you... I've no reason to live,
"I've no reason...
"I've no reason...
"I've no reason...
- Hello.
- Where are you, sir?
I want to meet you right now.
Are you getting fits?
I am coming.
Mohile, I am here.
Why were you screaming...
How dare you do such a thing?
Who gave you a right to
interfere in our family matter?
What have I done?
You used your dirty money
to pay my daughter's fee.
What did you think?
- Why are you yelling.
- Don't interrupt.
I will.
- He is my son.
- Right.
- He's my brother.
- Exactly.
You've turned my wife
and my daughter on your side.
You two have lost your mind.
Nandini, you will cancel
your admission tomorrow.
- Otherwise...
- Hey...
Don't you dare scream
at my mother and my sister?
Come on, Mohile, cool down.
Come here.
I paid Nandini's fee with my salary.
I was saving it.
You two go.
Don't listen to this old man.
Who listens to him anyway.
He is so annoying.
Listen... I am in a good mood today.
Let's drink.
I have a bottle, in the car.
I don't eat to drink anything
bought with dirty money.
It's an imported brand.
- You still don't want to drink?
- I do...
But I'll pay for my drink.
You know Mohile, scientists have
found water and ice on the moon.
- So?
- So what? We just have to take liquor.
Mohile, can I share something with you?
I... love Shagun.
But do you know what's even better?
She loves me too.
And when she confessed
this... I... I mean...
It touched me.
Its called... feelings, emotions.
And a man like you
can never understand that.
Why? Whenever I say something nice
to you, you always spoil my mood.
What is your problem with me, Mohile?
Sir, Shagun is like a daughter to me.
If you cheat on her,
then I will shoot you.
Sorry. But I won't
give you that happiness.
Because I really love Shagun.
True love.
"Mohile. Mohile.
There's no way I
can drink without you."
Come on, Mohile, salute me just once.
Sir, you're drunk and so am I?
Sometimes you have a pain in your hand,
other times you want the uniform
and now we're drunk.
You know, the problem is not with me.
The problem is with you.
Come on. Come on.
I won't let you drive today.
You're drunk.
This old man won't forget his
character even after he's drunk.
Hey wise guy, where's your helmet.
You'll have to pay fine.
Come on, take me home.
I am a cop. Come on.
Take me home. Take me home.
Bye, bro.
Look, Akriti.
Stop. Stop. I said stop.
Don't go anywhere.
I am a cop. Save fuel.
- Akriti.
- Sir.
Remember I told you that even I used
to study like this, in night school.
How long have you
been teaching these kids?
Its been two years now.
What sir?
I have a headache hearing "Sir" all day.
You're my younger sister, aren't you?
And I am your brother.
- So call me brother.
- Okay, brother.
Brother, can I ask you a question?
Are you drunk?
See... already you have
a long list of complaints.
Are all sisters like this?
If the brother makes a mistake,
then the sister has got to interfere.
Yes, sister has to say.
Okay, go. Go and tutor the kids.
I am going.
And remember what I said.
If you ever have a problem in life,
think of your brother.
See you. Goodbye.
Kids, study properly.
Don't trouble the teacher.
And whoever does, I will lock him up.
- I am the ice-cream man.
- Policeman.
- I am a Policeman.
You know everything, don't you?
Let's go.
Bye, kids.
Bye, Akriti.
Chotu, where were you?
What happened?
Deepak and Nitin?
What about them?
In the bag.
Did you see them somewhere? Where?
In the pub?
Come on, let's go.
"Why is it so silent out here?"
"Why is it so silent out here?"
'Check if it's lying there.'
'The number you are dialling is
switched off.'
Hey, how did you get in here?
Who are you?
Come on. Come on.
Sada sir.
I don't know how these two got in.
What is this girl doing here?
She's the same girl
who tutors those kids.
And filed a complaint
against us to Bhalerao.
What is your problem?
My problem.
You two should be ashamed.
You sell drugs.
Toying with the lives of children.
I'll tell the Police everything.
Chotu, run.
Give the phone to Kavya.
Catch him!
You two stay here.
We'll search him over there.
You think you can do anything
because I gave you a free hand.
Did you lose your mind?
Any news about the kid.
Our boys are looking for him.
If you can't find the kid,
find that Kavya.
Her home, college, every detail.
Find out everything.
And send our boys to her.
- Hello, uncle.
- Kavya, is Akriti with you?
No, why?
She didn't come home last night,
so I thought she might be with you.
Maybe she left for the
library before you got up.
Don't worry, uncle.
Okay, dear.
That's the same kid.
Akriti's phone.
Where is Akriti?
Come on, show me. Come.
Boss, that kid's taking
the girl somewhere.
Then follow them.
And run over them.
And bring that phone to me, understand.
Boss, that girl went
inside Miramar Police Station.
And Bhalerao is the in-charge.
Sir, some goons are following us.
- Umakant, take a look.
- Yes, sir.
- What happened?
Sir, my friend Akriti
is missing since last night.
We set out to look
for her and these goons...
- Akriti Dave?
- Yes.
We are college friends.
Sir, Chotu gave me her
Phone, which is broken.
Sir, there is no one outside.
- Do you know where Akriti is?
- Sir, he cannot speak.
Can you take me there?
Borkar, get the phone repaired.
Come, Gauri madam.
Bhalerao, our fates are intertwined.
The one I've been looking
for land in your station.
That child and girl are with you,
aren't they?
Now do as I say,
take the phone from that child
and bring those two to me.
I am waiting for you.
One more thing, don't let anyone
else get their hands on the phone.
It's very important.
Who was here? Akriti?
Something's fishy,
something is definitely wrong.
Something definitely happened
between Akriti and Sada-Giri.
Why don't you ask Durva yourself?
So you're going to do as you wish.
I told you to get the phone.
Why did you go to the pub?
One thing is pretty clear, Bhau,
you're hiding something from me.
That girl Akriti went
missing from your pub,
there's definitely a connection here.
And she came to me last week with
a complaint against your brother.
I know what goes on in the pub.
And yet I ignored it, just for you.
But you hid it from me.
There's nothing to hide.
We got into this business because
my brothers saw some potential in it.
You're not the only one
who wants to move up in life.
And she made a video of
our business, what's her name...
Akriti. Where is she?
Maybe she got scared and ran away.
Do you see her here?
Let me make one thing clear if Sada
and Giri did anything wrong with her
then I will drag
those two out of here...
Shut up!
Not a word against my brothers.
If you say another
word against my brothers,
means crossing Durva Ranade's path.
I've three dogs,
I feed them Pedigree (dog food).
And you're the fourth one.
I feed you money.
If you shoot your mouth again,
I will bury you alive.
Look, Bhalerao. Who is that girl?
Sada and Giri are your brothers.
We need you right now.
I'll give you anything you want.
Just bring that phone for me.
And, I really don't
know where that girl is.
Swear on you.
You think I will lie to you.
Go get the phone.
Go on.
Where are you going, sir?
Akriti is missing, sir.
It's quite clear that Durva
is trying to protect Sada and Giri.
And you let him go.
Come, sir.
Let's arrest these rascals.
Wait, let me think.
Think? Think about what, sir.
- Your money.
- It's not about money.
I am like a brother to Durva.
He won't lie to me.
Even Akriti considers
you as her brother.
But instead of looking for her,
you're worried about your money.
I've never seen such a sleazy...
Alerting all Units.
Alerting all Units.
A girl has been found
in Serious condition.
There's no identification.
- Tawde.
- Sir, Akriti has been found.
She is very serious.
She is in the hospital.
Please come quickly.
Sir, the victim was brutally
raped again and again.
She's lost excessive blood.
And even her intestines are damaged.
And the damage is to such an extent that
even DNA reports cannot prove anything.
I am afraid she won't survive.
Your brother's here.
Who did this?
Tell me.
Come on.
What have they done with my child?
She wanted to be a doctor.
She always said...
Once I become a doctor...
I will tutor orphan children,
and treat them for free.
Money was never her main agenda.
She always cared for others.
And they did such
a horrific thing to her.
So horrific.
They killed my daughter.
I want to kill those bas
Find out who they are.
You're a cop, aren't you?
And even she called you brother.
Don't you want to kill those
bas who did this to your sister?
Why are you quiet?
Don't you want to punish them?
Don't you want to punish them?
They killed my daughter.
Killed her.
Sir, I just received a
call from the Police Station.
Akriti's phone has been repaired.
She made the last call to you, sir.
Sir, Borkar was saying that there's
a video of Akriti on the phone.
Bhau. Bhalerao isn't
answering his phone.
Shiva, go to the Police Station
and get the phone from Bhalerao.
There's your proof, sir.
But you still won't arrest them,
will you?
Forget it!
I don't want to work with you!
I've had enough
of this boot-licking.
Have some shame all of you!
And Tawde sir,
don't you have a sister as well.
Would you have kept quiet if she
had gone through the same ordeal?
I can't vouch for others, sir.
But I will do whatever I can alone.
I cannot stoop as low as you for money.
'I am not as old as your sister,
'but I can be your younger sister.'
'If brother makes a mistake,
then sister's going to stop her.'
Isn't that the phone?
"Here comes...
Here comes Simmba!"
"Here comes Police."
"Here comes Police."
"Here comes...
Here comes Simmba!"
"Here comes...
Here comes Simmba!"
"Here comes Simmba!"
"Take them down."
"Take them down."
"Take them down."
"Police! Take them down."
"Police! Take them down."
"Police! Take them down."
"Here comes Simmba!"
"Here comes Simmba!"
"Singham is the Lord of the Earth."
"Singham is noble, gentle and pure."
"Singham beheads all evil people."
"Singham is the righteous warrior."
"Singham is the Lord of the Earth,
hes the one who takes away your fear."
"Singham is the strongest
being in the whole world."
"Singham is the Lord of the Earth, hes
the one who takes away your fear."
"Singham is the strongest
being in the whole world."
"Singham vanquishes all evil."
"Singham is noble, gentle and pure."
"Singham helps one and all.
Long live Singham."
"He is pure at heart.
Long live Singham!"
Inspector Bhalerao,
welcome to Miramar Police Station, sir.
Mohile, get the Jeep and
let's go to Durva Ranade's home.
His brothers Sadashiv and Gaurav Ranade
raped and murdered Akriti Dave.
Police have evidence against them.
Now even I've lost it.
Search the entire premises.
Search every nook and
corner and find Sada and Giri.
Don't let them escape.
They must be hiding somewhere in here.
Find them.
- Have you lost your mind?
- Durva Yashwant Ranade.
If you dare lay a finger
on an on duty police officer
then I will arrest
you before your brothers.
Stay in your limits, Simmba.
Inspector Sangram Bhalerao.
I am a senior police
officer and not your butler.
Show some respect.
You think you can get out of here alive
because you're wearing that uniform.
- Tawde.
- Yes, sir.
If anyone tries to interfere,
then shoot to kill.
Straight in the middle.
Those are my orders, understand.
Okay, sir.
Don't try an intimidate me,
with your goons.
When I was a kid, I shook
everyone by breaking a bottle.
Remember anything.
Shivgadh. Sangam Talkies.
Yes... I am the same
kid who you told, that...
Someday he'll cause a big explosion.
I don't have a bottle today,
but I can cause a big explosion.
Back then I let you
go because you were a kid.
That was my mistake.
But, I won't repeat
my mistake again. - Dad.
Don't come between a mother and son.
Aunty, do you know what Sada and Giri...
Just a minute, aunty.
When you became a mother, it must
have been a happy moment for you.
Three sons. You gave birth to men.
You must have also thought thank
God I didn't have any daughters.
What's the point
in having daughters? Sons.
They will make you
proud when they grow up.
See, aunty,
your sons have maligned your name.
Aunty, they raped a girl.
And then they murdered her.
She was innocent, only 19 years old.
But don't worry, I am like your son too.
I will make you proud.
I swear I will bring them to justice.
- Tawde.
- Sir.
- Put those two in the van.
- Sir.
Let's go.
You should be made to run all the way
to the Police Station, you bloody.
Let's go and take care of this.
Durva was Bhalerao telling the truth.
No, mother. He's just being greedy.
He's falsely accusing Sada and Giri.
You don't worry.
I am here.
Lock them up.
Wait, Simmba. Just wait.
We need to talk.
Let go.
That girl was making a video at our pub.
We caught her.
We had nothing to do with her.
But later she started talking nonsense.
She slapped me and
smashed a bottle on him.
A petite girl like
her raised her hand on us.
She hurt our ego.
She hurt your ego.
So, you rape the girl and murder her.
I'll take care of your ego.
She was my sister.
She was my sister.
She was my sister.
She was my sister.
She was my sister.
She was my sister.
- You...
- Sir, sir, sir.
No, sir.
No, sir. Sir... No.
Leave me. Leave me.
Tawde, I said leave me.
Leave me.
If any girl raises a hand on you,
you got to rape her.
I'll take care of your ego.
Jaya! Varsha! Deepti! Gauri Madam.
Take care of their ego.
If I don't get rid of your ego for good,
then I am not a Police officer.
Shove your ego up your.
Show me. You want to prove
your masculinity, don't you?
Show me.
Let him have it. Yes.
What happened to your manhood now?
Come on.
You're a man, aren't you?
Show me, come on.
Show me.
"Hey man..."
"Hey man..."
"Walk down the path, man."
"Wait, O traveller,
this night isn't too long."
"Try to understand,
only a few more hours to go."
"Have faith,
the clouds will clear away."
"Your eyes shall
glitter like the moon."
- Hello, Waman Rao.
- Hello.
I've heard you have a plot
in the Calungute area,
and I am interested in buying.
So, can we meet?
There's no point.
Goons have taken possession over it.
What do you mean by taken possession?
Who did it?
Goons are not the point.
Hooliganism is their job.
What I really regret that
a ba Police officer helped them.
What did you feel, Mr. Waman Rao?
Didn't you feel angry?
Didn't you feel like doing
something to that Police officer?
I did... I really did.
I wanted to give him a tight slap.
But I was helpless.
I am old, there's nothing I could do.
If that Police officer's father had
set him straight when he was a kid
then, he would've never stooped so low.
I am an orphan, sir.
I don't have a father.
I've been alone since childhood.
I didn't have a mother who fed me.
So... whenever I was hungry, I did what
I thought was right to douse my hunger.
Actually... I never knew
what was right or wrong.
I had no one to teach me right or wrong.
But that doesn't mean
what I did to you was right.
That was wrong. Completely wrong.
And I admit it.
You said that you wanted to hit me.
So hit me. Hit me hard.
Vent out your anger.
You said that my father
would've set me straight.
I never had a father.
So you hit me.
And then you watch...
I will right all the wrongs.
"I know the journey is difficult,
o traveller."
Honestly, I will change.
I never had a father.
So you hit me, I will change.
Hit me. Hit me.
"March ahead... make the skies bow."
"Have faith, and make a resolution"
"you have to change your fate."
"Don't be scared, o man."
"Don't stop, O man."
"Walk down the path, man."
Sir, it's Mohile.
Sir, Chotu is nowhere to be found.
What do you mean not found?
I've been calling
his father since morning.
But his phone is switched off.
And there's no one at home either.
What do we do now?
- Joshi. how are you?
- Fine.
You're on the front page these days.
It's just...
The prosecution has
submitted to the court
medical reports of the
victim Akriti Dave, now deceased.
And Aniket More, aka Chotu.
Age 11-years, as the witness.
Please call him.
Madam, he's been missing since morning.
We're looking for him.
Looking? Meaning?
Has the witness turned hostile?
What is this, Bhalerao?
What are you guys doing?
The witness in the...
Sneha, wake up.
The witness in the case Aniket More, aka
(Chotu), age 11-years, turned hostile
before the first hearing of the case.
The Police report states that there's a
video recording of the assault on Akriti.
Show it.
This CD can't be trusted.
- Do you have a pen-drive?
- Yes, madam.
Play it.
- Give it to me.
Is this a joke?
Didn't you check the CD
and pen-drive before submitting?
There was data on it, madam.
What do you mean?
Did it get erased on its own?
Someone's tampered
with the evidence, madam.
I see... Nice.
And who do you think will do it?
The evidence is kept
in the Police record room.
So who is going to tamper with it?
Inspector Bhalerao, this is
a heinous crime of rape and murder.
Please be serious, yeah...
According to the
post-mortem reports,
the rape was committed
on the night of 22nd September.
But Sadashiv and Gaurav Ranade were
not in the pub on that night, madam.
Both the brother was with Corporator
David Cameron at their farmhouse.
As a witness, can I call
the Corporator to the witness box?
Thank you.
On the night of 22nd September, these
two were with me at my farmhouse.
We met after a long time.
We talked till wee hours in the night.
In fact, I dropped them home.
Thank you.
That's a lie, madam.
On the night of 22nd,
they were in their club Divine
where they host rave parties.
And during the day they
indulge in drug smuggling
by stowing them away
in children's school bags.
That night, when Akriti arrived at the
club with Chotu, she saw everything.
And when they saw Akriti recording
everything on her phone
then they got into a quarrel.
When Akriti threatened them
to go to the Police
then these two lost their temper
and in a fit of rage, they raped her.
They raped her in a fit of rage, madam.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
The Police found no traces of drugs
and there is no evidence
supporting the fact
that the rape was conducted
on Divine's premises.
Here's the Police Report.
On what grounds are you arguing with me?
Madam, my client is being
falsely accused as an easy target.
That's all.
Madam, they admitted to
the Police of raping Akriti Dave.
Hello Inspector Sangram Bhalerao.
For your kind information.
Any statement given to the Police
is not admissible in the court.
Madam, I know he's not
too serious towards his job.
I know. But you should at least know
that the court needs evidence.
Madam, I would like to request
the court to give us another date.
We'll get new evidence, madam.
On what basis are you asking
for another hearing date?
You have no CCTV footage, nor witness.
Nor any proof.
Then on what basis is Sangram
Bhalerao accusing my client.
I will tell you why?
It's nothing.
He's just venting his
personal frustration, madam.
Nothing more.
On the first day of his
duty in Miramar Police station
he went straight to Sadashiv
and Gaurav Ranade's pub.
Even though that pub isn't
under his jurisdiction, madam.
Extortion, madam. Extortion.
When Sadashiv and Gaurav Ranade refused
to pay protection money
to Sangram Bhalerao
then this man here couldn't digest it.
And when Akriti Dave was raped,
then Inspector Sangram Bhalerao
falsely accused my client
of rape and murder, madam.
Why? Just for revenge.
Madam, I would request the
court to suspend such officers.
I wish, madam, that instead
of falsely accusing my clients,
Sangram Bhalerao had used his
efforts in finding the real rapists
then he wouldn't be
wasting the court's time.
That's all.
Wait a minute, madam.
I have something to say.
I am sure you remember
Delhi's Nirbhaya case.
You all do.
That rape was committed
on 16th December 2012.
The entire country had united.
Everyone raised their voice for justice.
But what happened after that?
The very next year, in 2013,
there was 33,707 rapes in our country.
In 2014, 36,735 rapes.
In '15, 34,651 rapes.
In 2016, 38, 937 rapes.
And the records of 2017
and 2018 is yet to come.
More than 180,000 rapes in
our country in the last 5 years.
I am not making it up, madam.
National Crime Bureau.
The entire information is available,
you can all take a look.
You too, Mr. Joshi.
Madam, there are many other cases
which don't get registered
out of fear, or embarrassment.
Last year... an 8-month-old
child was raped.
When Nirbhaya incident happened,
the country was awoken.
But these bloody rapists are monsters.
Their conscience will never awaken.
They have no fear, madam.
They think what's the
most that will happen.
We'll go to court.
Then, from session
court to higher court.
From higher court to supreme court.
And, even if they get sentenced
they will be out on parole.
But every time they get free, it
will only encourage them further.
Then there's no saying
some 16-year-old girl studying in
National College can be raped too
whose name maybe Sandhya.
Isn't your daughter's name Sandhya?
Bhalerao! How dare you?
How dare you bring up my daughter?
I am sorry, madam. I am sorry.
That's not what I meant.
You're a judge, with power.
And yet you lost your temper
hearing your daughter's name.
Imagine that helpless father's plight.
How does he feel?
He's got the same
rage inside him, madam.
But unfortunately, he's not powerful.
But he believes that you
have the power to give him justice.
Just one more hearing, madam.
It's the least a daughter
of this country can do for another.
Madam. He's confusing
the court with his lectures.
His demand for an extension
is completely baseless.
Today is Friday when
the court opens on Monday...
Madam, you cannot...
Joshi. Please don't
teach me my job.
The court will announce
its judgement on Monday morning.
The Police has two days.
Until then Sadashiv Ranade and Gaurav
Ranade will stay in Police custody.
Who is the in-charge here?
Are you the in-charge here?
Yes, sir.
How did the evidence in
Akriti Dave case get erased?
I don't know, sir.
- You're lying.
- Not at all.
- How much did Durva Ranade pay you?
- Not at all, sir.
Shame on you.
Does he remind you of anyone, Mohile?
There was a time when I was like this.
Now I understand why
you were so angry with me?
What's the point in hitting him?
You should be hitting me instead.
A few men arrived in a car, sir.
They gave Chotu's father some money.
And he left in an hour.
He was a bloody drunkard.
No trace of the other children
who used to go to the club.
Sir. We checked at the pub.
There was no CCTV camera there.
I told you...
It's been three months.
No, sir. We are working on it.
Inspector, just a minute.
Take your shoes off first.
If the floor gets dirty,
my wife will get angry.
You testified in the court
that Sadashiv and Gaurav Ranade
were at your farmhouse
on the night of 22nd September.
We want to check the CCTV
footage of your farmhouse.
who installs CCTV in the farmhouse.
The farmhouse is to relax, you know.
But your servant said that just two days
ago you took down all the CCTV cameras.
Don't listen to him.
He's stupid.
I am sure he doesn't even
know what CCTV stands for.
To be very honest with you,
I don't know either.
Is he stupid or are
you being extra-smart, sir?
I'll come straight to the point.
I've known them since their childhood.
They are not bad kids.
It's just their hormones.
It's very natural.
Durva is completely prepared.
You know. You work for him as well.
Durva is prepared to give 4-5
million rupees to the girl's father.
Even the girl couldn't have earned
that kind of money if she was alive.
It's a good thing for the father.
He's getting what he deserves.
Stay back.
Hit him.
Maria. Maria.
Coming, darling, coming.
- Darling...
- Why are you hitting him?
Make a video. Make a video.
- Okay, okay.
- Make a video.
Shoot it. Shoot it.
Come on, Maria.
Shoot it. Maria Shoot it.
Hit him.
In today's top 10 news.
Inspector Sangram Bhalerao
forcefully barged in Corporator
David Cameron's house
who is the prime witness in
Akriti Dave Case, and thrashed him.
The video's gone viral.
The Ministry has expressed their anger
over the misconduct
by Inspector Sangram Bhalerao.
Only the time will tell
whether any action will
be taken against him or not.
The Police department has
no answers to our questions.
Can this is carelessness
on the Police's behalf.
Or their hooliganism?
You're suspending me, sir.
You know that Corporator is lying.
Is not about the truth or lies.
You clobbered him with a
shoe and sent him to the hospital.
He's an important part of our party.
The party's pressurizing me.
I will have to suspend you.
Even I have to answer to my superiors.
How much money did Durva give you, sir?
Slow down.
You've already made many enemies.
You don't need one more.
Look. I understand...
You should too.
Things have really heated up.
As soon as everything cools down,
I will appoint you on a better post.
And Sadashiv and Gaurav.
They will be released tomorrow.
It's no longer about post or money.
It's about Akriti.
Suspend you.
How can they just suspend you?
Brother, you will leave tomorrow.
And even they will be released tomorrow.
My father is the head-constable.
And my brother, Sangram Bhalerao,
is a three-star officer.
But... I am still scared.
Whenever I hear such things.
I am scared to go
anywhere alone at night.
Akruti was a topper of her class.
She wanted to be a doctor.
And these people shattered
her dreams in a single day.
Brother, the daughters of
this country are getting educated.
But who will save
them from these monsters?
Can I get a cup of tea, dear?
I just returned from Nasik,
after performing Akruti's final rites.
It's said that when you disperse
the ashes, the soul rests in peace.
I know...
she is sad.
Her soul is not in peace.
And she won't rest in peace
until she doesn't get justice.
You couldn't do anything right.
They will be released tomorrow,
won't they?
Do one thing.
Give me this gun.
I will kill them.
What are you doing, uncle?
- No, uncle.
Just say that the old man went
crazy mourning for his daughter.
Let go,
- Please give it.
I beg you, please shoot me instead.
Take pity on me. Please.
Uncle. Uncle...
We understand your pain.
But we cannot shoot
someone in a fit of rage.
We're still inquiring.
Come with me.
Dear, send the tea over.
Come with me.
Come on. Easy.
What a day, isn't it?
I am sure he never harmed
a single soul in his life.
But he's willing to commit murder
for the sake of his daughter.
Sir, there must be many
other fathers in our country
who will only shed tears
for the rest of their lives.
Sometimes these things
really make me angry.
Honestly speaking,
sir, until the cops don't
start eliminating these rapists
nothing around here will change, sir.
I have a question, Shagun.
What would your father
have done in situation like this?
After what they did to Akruti
father would've shot them.
Direct encounter.
And you ladies...
When you hear about rapes,
what comes to your mind?
Purnima. - That those rapists
deserve to die.
You mean once and for all.
What do you think, Supriya?
- They don't deserve to live.
Just kill them.
And you?
Hack them publicly.
What do you think, Nandini?
Don't be scared.
Your brother is right here.
Forget about the court
and Durva and everything else.
Just tell me what you think?
They should be killed, brother.
Bhalerao, what are you going to do?
Your father made
this Police Station famous
with more than 50 encounters.
Now before I leave, I'll make
this a historic Police Station.
You've heard many encounter
stories, haven't you?
Now you get to see one.
Tawde, nothing will change until
we don't eliminate them, isn't it?
Come on, let's show them.
Come on, gang, prepare the tiffins.
Its time for Sada
and Giri's last supper.
You're a policeman's daughter.
Don't be scared.
Protect the good, and eliminate the bad.
Protect the good, and eliminate the bad.
Come on, then let's make
a superhit film on the CCTV.
Come, aunty. Come in, everyone.
Brought my dinner. Very good.
- Yes, sir.
Come, sit, let's eat.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
I don't think they committed
the rape. - Why, sir?
Look at them.
They look like they are impotent.
Look at Giri.
He's highly addicted to drugs.
Bloody junkie.
I don't think his thing works.
And that Sada.
Arrested on murder charges.
Fresh out of the shell
and already in jail.
Sir, I've got some delicious
egg-curry, Do you want some?
Of course. Of course.
You need guts to kill someone.
These bloody leaches
are taking free credit.
- Calm down.
Gauri madam.
- Yes, sir.
I think Durva's lawyer is stupid.
- Why, sir?
If he had sent these boys for a test,
then we wouldn't have gone to court.
They would've been let off
with a certificate of impotence.
You're absolutely right, sir.
They look like they are impotent.
Who are you calling impotent?
Bhalerao, do you want
to know how I raped that girl?
First, we had our fun with her.
Then we made her suffer to death.
I don't know how she was still alive.
If you don't believe me,
then we can give you
a demonstration on that girl.
She's like a sister to you, isn't she?
Send her inside.
And we'll show you if we're men or not.
Send her in.
What kind of a father are you?
He's talking nonsense about your
daughter and how can you listen.
Anyone else in your place would've
gone straight inside the lock-up.
Give me the keys, Borkar.
Give me the keys, Borkar.
Give me the keys, Borkar!
How dare you say such
things about my daughter?
Hold on.
How dare you say such
things about my daughter?
Come on.
You want to fight with me.
Come on.
How dare you say such
things about my daughter?
Leave me.
How dare you say such
things about my daughter?
Umakant, Tawde, listen to me carefully.
Unclip your holsters and move ahead.
Take your guns out
and give it in their hand.
Borkar, cover us.
- Let's go.
Leave him.
- Leave him.
How dare he hit you, Mohile sir.
How dare you?
Leave me.
Leave me.
There you go, uncle.
Justice has been served.
- Sir.
Get the CCTV footage and call IG sir.
Tell him Sadashiv and Gaurav Ranade
were killed in an encounter
at Miramar Police Station.
So you had to kill them
in self-defence. - Yes, sir.
Sangram, I've been
in service for 30 years.
Do you take me for a fool?
We've proof, sir.
CCTV footage.
Increase security at the hospital.
- Yes, sir.
Durva Ranade won't stay quiet.
What... will we tell mother?
Durva, Inspector Bhalerao
had to shoot them in self-defence.
We've proof and witnesses.
Do you think I am crazy, IG?
He killed my brothers.
Murdered them.
Where is that Bhalerao?
Stop him.
Catch him.
You killed my brothers.
How dare you!
You are a mere police officer.
Hold him.
You're a dog.
You will die too.
I will kill you.
You're a dog.
You lived off our money.
And now you did this.
You're an orphan, aren't you?
You don't know what a family is.
You don't know what a father means.
You don't know what a mother means.
A brother or a sister.
You're a bloody insect.
Wrong again, Durva.
I have a family.
A complete family.
I have a father.
A mother.
I have a sister as well.
Yes! I don't have a brother.
But, now nor do you.
"Here comes Simmba."
"Here comes Simmba."
"Take him down."
"Police! Take him down."
- Calm down!
- I will kill him.
I will kill him.
What are you doing?
The Police, public,
and media are all out there.
I'll see him in court...
- No.
No more courts. No more case.
I want to kill that rascal...
- Calm down.
Calm down, Bhau Sit down.
Please calm down.
Right now just take care of your mother.
Even you know what brother
Simmba did was right.
But now you must do what I say.
Please stop brother Simmba's suspension.
What if it was me instead of Akruti?
This CCTV footage is staged.
It's just drama.
I am completely sure that
my clients Sadashiv and Gaurav Ranade
weren't killed in self defence.
They were cunningly drawn
out of their cell and murdered.
For the further investigation
of this case,
I would request the panel
for an SIT Committee.
These allegations are baseless,
madam. You saw it yourself...
There were nine witnesses present there.
And they have given their statements.
So why this inquiry now?
Sadashiv and Gaurav Ranade
were accused rapists,
Mr. Sawalkar, but not proven.
They were to be released
from jail the next day.
And ma'am,
while they were in Police demand
why would they misbehave with any girl?
Why will they snatch the
guns from the Police officers
and attack Inspector Sangram Bhalerao.
And most importantly...
The footage we saw, only had video
there was no audio.
Think about it.
- But, madam.
Your witnesses are telling
the truth correct?
Yes, madam.
- Then what is the problem?
We'll appoint an SI Committee for further inquiry.
This murder was committed inside
the Police Station very cunningly.
The inquiry can be doctored.
This inquiry has to
be fair and impartial.
Madam, I will solve
Mr. Joshi's problem.
The state will appoint a neutral
officer for this special inquiry.
Bhau, we still have
a card left up our sleeve,
The SIT Committee. Don't stress.
Once the SIT Committee
officer has done his investigation,
and Simmba loses his job,
later you can...
I am done with the court and Law.
No more SIT.
He killed my brothers, Joshi.
Now Durva Ranade will
do what needs to be done.
You must be wondering
what's happening to you.
You guys are the cops.
You make reports.
Tomorrow morning there
will be a report on you.
That will say that Bhalerao
was travelling in his car
which was rammed
off the road by a truck.
The car plunged into the water.
And Bhalerao drowned to death.
You shot my brothers in an Encounter.
You killed them.
You killed them.
No! I didn't kill them.
I didn't kill them.
I exterminated them!
I exterminated your brothers!
"The heart trembles,
And the body quivers"
"when you know he's coming!"
"Singham! Singham!"
"Take him down."
"Here comes Police."
"Here comes Police."
"Singham is Lord of the Earth.
Hes the one who takes away Your fear."
"Singham is noble, gentle and pure."
"Singham removes peoples
troubles, Hail Singham!"
"O the one who is pure! Hail Singham!"
"Here comes Police."
"Here comes... Simmba!"
"Take him down."
"Here comes... Simmba!"
"Here comes... Simmba!"
I'm here to investigate your case.
And I will soon find out the truth.
I know all about you.
You know what, sir.
Whenever anyone watches the news
or reads a story on rape
whether young or old, male-female.
Every Indian has only one opinion.
These rapists should be shot dead.
It's such a horrific crime, sir.
Takes only a few minutes to commit.
But it takes a life time to get
justice against this crime.
Do you think that your method was right?
That wasn't my method, sir.
It was Bajirao Singham's method.
This is my team's
complete and final report.
Office Sangram Bhalerao did not murder
Sadashiv Ranade and Gaurav Ranade.
He only shot them in self-defence.
And that's not all.
We can also prove that Sadashiv and
Gaurav Ranade raped Akriti Dave.
I want to call Durva
Ranade's wife and mother.
That Akriti was raped by my husband's
brothers Sadashiv and Gaurav.
And yes, they also ran
a drug business in that club.
Do you know what you're saying!
What's wrong is wrong.
A girl's been raped, Durva.
Madam whether Bhalerao killed them
or was compelled to kill them
that's up to you to decide.
But my sons committed the rape.
Mr. Joshi,
would you like to question them?
- Yes, madam.
- No, Joshi.
You won't question mum!
Mum is telling the truth, madam.
Wow, Durva.
You really respect your mother a lot.
But you didn't teach your brothers
to respect other women.
Mrs. Bharti Ranade,
you deserve an applaud.
But I regret.
If only you had taken this step earlier,
then a girl would've never
gone through such an ordeal.
I have a question, Mrs. Bharti.
What if you had three daughters,
instead of three sons?
Would you have still given them the
same liberty to do as they please?
Mrs. Bharti, you gave them the
liberty because they were your sons.
Pardon me,
you're as guilty as your sons are.
As well as all those parents who don't
teach their sons to respect women.
Mr. Joshi, you can appeal
in the higher court if you wish.
But this court is of the judgement that
Sadashiv Ranade and Gaurav Ranade
raped and murdered Akriti Dave.
And Bajirao Singham's report
from the SIT Committed proves
the Sangram Bhalerao
fired in self-defence.
And under section 186 IPC,
assaulting an on-duty Police
officer, section 307 IPC,
attempt of murder
section 22 of NDPS Act,
the court sentences Durva Ranade
to 7 years of rigorous imprisonment.
And the written judgement
would be followed.
Bloody Bhalerao, you are very talented.
You make any family your own.
You made my mother and my wife,
testify against me in court.
You really have an art.
What to do, Durva?
I was an orphan when I was a kid.
And now he's showering me with family.
I will be back... Soon!
You'll find me standing right here.
WhatsApp me when you get out.
Thank you, sir, for handling everything.
If it wasn't for you, then...
These monsters need
to feel the fear, Bhalerao.
Right now this fear exists
only in the hearts of the parents
whose daughters come home late at night.
Even if she's returning
from a party with her friends,
or from her job, or moved to
a different city to make a career.
I only helped you because
I wanted to instil this fear
in those monsters
who don't hesitate to
commit horrible crimes like rape.
Whenever they will have
ill-intentions for a woman
they must have this fear in their mind.
That a few insane cops
will come and shoot them dead.
No arrest. No long court cases.
Justice on the Spot.
"Take them down."
"Here comes Police."
"The heart trembles,
And the body quivers"
"when you know he's coming.!
"Here comes...
Here comes Simmba."
So you managed to save Bhalerao
after all, Bajirao.
He was leading a life of lies.
But truth finally caught up with him.
Truth is like the sun.
It might stay hidden for a while
but will come forth eventually.
Congrats on becoming the new ATS chief.
See you soon.
Thank you.
See you soon.
"Lets go!"
"When I danced to my tunes,"
"it became a trend on Twitter."
"When I dance to the beats
of the Nashik drums,"
"it creates a havoc."
"When I danced to my tunes,"
"it became a trend on Twitter."
"When I dance to the beats
of the Nashik drums,"
"it creates a havoc."
"It's the only famous
thing in the world"
"whether its Mumbai or Prague."
"Let me show you my dancing style."
"This is my dancing style."
"So, let's dance."
"This is my dancing style.
So, let's dance."
"I am possessive about you."
"I am possessive about you."
"I am after you. You won my heart."
"You won my heart."
"I am possessive"
"about you."
"I am possessive about you."
"I am after you."
"You won my heart."
"You won my heart."
"I rejected many people"
"and gave you a chance."
"Show me your dancing style."
"Let me see how it looks."
"Let's dance."
'This is my dancing style.
Let's dance."
"This is my dancing style."