Simon Daniel (2022) Movie Script

Five, four, three, two, one.
Mommy, I'm coming.
Daddy, where is mom?
Mommy, I found you.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
I'm coming, Cathy.
Where has she gone?
Gregory, did you see Cathy?
Have you seen Cathy?
Cathy! Cathy!
Cathy, where are you?
What happened?
I found her doll.
Don't know where she is. Cathy!
-Cathy! Where are you?!
You need not check.
It's original.
Hey! Will you keep quiet?
Let him check.
Five carat VVS 1.
Colour, RBC Stone.
Its market value is more
than Rs. 10 million.
What? Rs. 10 million?
Sometimes, it can go
more than that.
I realized my luck upon seeing it.
But, I was hesitant
because he is new.
Your confirmation has
removed my doubts.
Can I buy it?
Okay, done.
Look here. According to him,
it's worth less.
I can give you 1.5 or 2 million.
-No, sir.
Ready cash.
-No, sir.
Why are you refusing?
-It's okay.
Just sell it to me.
...I can't sell it lower
than Rs. 5 million.
What's your last price?
-Give me Rs. 5 million.
That's the value.
Go and bring it. Give it.
Take it.
Do I need to count?
-No, it's the correct amount.
If you find more like this,
sell to me. Okay?
Sure. Shall I make a move?
Bye, sir. Thanks a lot.
-Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
A diamond worth Rs. 10 million.
The one he displayed to us
is the original stone...
...while the one he provided
is a duplicate one.
I'll give you a punch!
Simon, how did you find out?
I didn't spot any difference
between the two stones.
Avaracha, diamonds resemble
the lions in the forest.
We need to determine its
authenticity at a single glance.
You came from Russia to evaluate
the diamond I bought.
I'm happy for that.
I didn't come here to valuate
for your small business.
A Burmese Ruby in a
gooseberry's size awaits me.
That's why I'm here.
-Look here, Simon.
Give it to me.
-You can't afford it.
Let's wait and see.
No, Avaracha.
-Don't say that.
Brother, pull over to the left.
Whose house is this?
-You get going.
Simon, don't forget
about the ruby.
-Start the car.
The best individual in discovering
historical artifacts,...
...the great archaeologist,
Mr. Dhivakaran.
Are you burying something...
...or are you retrieving
something you had buried?
Welcome, Simon.
Let's go in.
I got quality seeds from the
agricultural department.
So, I was planting them.
Please have a seat.
Both of you were not
just my disciples.
You two were akin to my children.
By the way, which country
are you coming from?
From Siberia.
Siberia - the diamond hub.
Archaeology and gemology.
Your ideology keep changing.
Had you been here,
I would have sent you.
But he insisted to go.
That's why I sent him.
When did you last meet Santhosh?
Talasari Palace exploration.
Yesterday, I received a call
from the police station.
They mentioned there is
no evidence of him being alive.
However, I don't believe that.
I want to know where he went.
Master, can you give me the
details of the back story?
This is the case which
I received a few months ago.
Karadimala Estate in Anaimalai.
There is an old guesthouse
at that location.
Actually, it is a haunted bungalow.
A British family once
occupied that bungalow.
It happened 80 years ago.
In the 1940's.
Their names are Gregory and his
wife's name is Margaret.
He was an engineer.
He had an adopted
daughter, Catherine.
The crucial part comes next.
One day, the girl
suddenly disappeared.
For many years, Margaret anxiously
awaited her daughter's return.
Upon realizing that his daughter
would not return,...
...Gregory took his wife
back to England.
But before they left,...
...with the hope that their
daughter would return someday,...
...Margaret concealed
a treasure for her.
This is enough.
A treasure hidden by a mother for
her daughter. Really exciting.
Even though I'm skeptical
about the tale,...
...the treasure does indeed exist.
It's not just an ordinary treasure.
As I mentioned before,
a pigeon blood red Burmese Ruby.
The bungalow in Karadimala Estate
now belongs to Mathews.
He hails from that country.
He has now decided to
sell the bungalow.
Santhosh contacted me a few days
after arriving there.
Master? Finally, I got it.
That was Santhosh's last call.
The police have filed
a missing persons case.
However, they haven't made any
efforts to search for him so far.
So, Anaimalai holds both
mystery and treasure.
Simon, think twice before digging.
Rumours have it that the
spirit of the child...
...or Margaret's spirit
is haunting that bungalow.
The true mystery of the
world is visible,...
...not the invisible.
You consistently express this.
Simon, you have two tasks.
Firstly, you must find out
what happened to Santhosh.
Secondly, you must
hunt the treasure.
Brother, directions to
Anaimalai Guesthouse?
To stay?
Direction to Anaimalai Guesthouse.
-Why, sir?
I'm planning to stay there.
-At the guesthouse?
Sir, nobody stays there these days.
A room is available next to it.
Want to see?
No, I prefer to stay
at the guesthouse.
Okay, let's go.
You need the owner's permission
to stay at the guesthouse.
Mathews is the owner, right?
I've already spoken to him.
Please take a seat.
I'll call and ask him.
He forgot to inform me.
Go and clean it with Reshma.
They'll do the cleaning.
By the way, what would
you like to have?
Italian lasagna with
double layer cheese.
Just serve what's available.
You've chosen to stay
at the guesthouse, huh?
What's your problem with that?
Please keep this to yourself.
The house is problematic.
Previous guests fled in
fear within 10 days.
A tourist visited here 6 months ago
and he is now missing.
There are rumours that
Catherine killed him.
A young girl raised
by the sir there.
Her spirit is haunting the house.
I should meet her, then.
Where were you?
You couldn't be located anywhere.
This is my daughter.
-I'm Varsha.
She's studying nursing in Kottayam.
My name is Nandhu.
Vinod's nephew.
If you go straight and turn left,
you'll reach the guesthouse.
Okay, see you later.
This house has been unoccupied
for the past 5 to 6 months.
All the wiring is in disrepair.
We should turn it on to check.
That's the father of the owner
who lived in this bungalow.
This bungalow was built by him.
This is an old guesthouse.
Hence, the amenities
aren't fully equipped.
We have acquired the essentials.
Okay, I'll manage.
It's solar. But, electrical
line is also available.
An elephant died once.
So, it wasn't approved.
She cleans this house
twice a week.
She's my sister.
Her name is Reshma.
I met a girl with camera
on the way. Who is she?
Her? Madam Stella. She's staying
at madam Seetha's house.
Is Stella alone?
-Yes, sir.
This place is very beautiful.
I like it.
How long will you be here?
For a few days.
There's no signal within the house.
You have to step outside
or go downstairs to make calls.
Reshma! Can I have
hot water for bath?
You'll need to do it on your own.
This is your room.
Can I leave? Call me if
you need anything.
Hi! I'm Simon.
I'm staying at the guesthouse.
Oh, I see.
Stella, what do you do?
Filming a documentary?
Wondering how I know your name?
Madam Seetha told me.
How long have you been here?
About two months.
Can you stop for a while?
What is the purpose
of your visit here?
I'm doing a project about tribes.
A documentary for BBC.
Oh! Stella!
You're staying here alone, right?
Madam Seetha told me.
Do you also go jogging
in the morning?
Have the two of you already met?
We just....
-I forgot to tell you.
Her name is Stella.
Sir, your breakfast....
Please send my breakfast
to the guesthouse.
Actually, Vinod told me.
Not Madam Seetha.
I'm the one who inquired
about you from him.
Okay, see you then.
Stella! How long will you be here?
About two weeks.
-I'm alone at the guesthouse.
Visit me when you're free.
Good morning.
-Good morning.
Are you the new guest?
Did you choose to stay here after
learning about what happened?
I chose to stay here
to learn about what happened.
The previous guest is missing.
You know that?
-This place is not safe.
Sir, where's your family now?
Where are you from?
Many missing cases have been
registered in Ernakulam.
Yet your family is residing
there. Is that safe?
Take a photo of his ID.
-Yes, sir.
See this, sir.
Simon Daniel.
Nice name.
Ranjit Babu.
Start the jeep.
It would be good for you
to heed my advice.
Hello! Good morning.
-Good morning.
Mr. Simon, why did the
police come here?
You mentioned a tourist went
missing 6 months ago, right?
They came searching,
assuming it was me.
Simply. By the way,
have you met the tourist?
No. I was in Kottayam.
No, I was attending class.
So, you have not met him.
Have you not met him too?
So, both of you have
not met the tourist?
What's the matter?
Do you know him?
He came here yesterday,
but we couldn't talk.
He wasn't in the mood.
-Don't be kidding.
If you lie, the ghost will
manifest in front of you.
There's a new guest
at the guesthouse.
Did you go there?
He's staying alone.
Be careful.
No one can be trusted nowadays.
You know, right?
Sir has come, I'll call you back.
-Greetings, sir.
Last night, the elephant emerged
and wrecked Ponnusamy's house.
He's concerned about his safety.
-Stop repeating the same thing.
Make arrangements for him.
He's Udumban's father, right?
Why didn't you come
to estate for 2 days?
His wife is unwell.
He'll come to the estate in 2 days.
George, start the jeep.
-Okay, brother.
Hello? Master?
-Where are you?
The signal here is weak.
The weather is cold, isn't it?
Yes, it's very cold.
You startled me.
-What do you think of this place?
-No problem, right?
What problem?
-There are wild animals around.
That's what I meant.
-Wild animals?
Elephant, bear,
wild buffalo and many more.
Can you take me for
a stroll in this area?
Just tell me when.
I'll take you around.
The police were here yesterday.
You don't worry.
It's just a formality.
Do you like the place?
-I like it.
You'll like it.
That's the allure of this place.
What's the combined acreage?
-Around 600 to 650 acres.
I intend to sell this bungalow
along with its surrounding 4 acres.
On the remaining land, we've
cultivated coffee and cardamom.
That's my source of livelihood.
Do you have basic documents
for this property?
Indeed, this belonged to
the British people.
My grandfather bought it from them.
Why are you selling it then?
Maintaining this extensive
place is challenging.
I heard that the spirit of
a girl haunts this place.
It's a rumour. I've been
hearing it since I was young.
Don't believe it.
I'm thinking of staying
here for a while.
Feel free to stay here
as long as you want.
You're considering buying
this property, right?
I have some work at the estate.
If you need anything,
please don't hesitate to ask me.
-George, start the jeep.
Alright, brother.
Are you here to buy
the guesthouse?
What is Mathews like?
These are his ancestral properties.
He's wealthy and has
political influence.
I heard he is competing in
the coming election.
Someone confronted Mathews,
but he's missing now.
According to rumours,
Mathews might have killed him.
What are you doing here?
-Why not?
Would you avoid me if I am around?
Nothing like that.
I felt bored at the guesthouse.
Come in, Simon.
Shall we go out?
I'm ready. Varsha, shall we go?
Your attire and acting
are impressive.
But, the timing?
You messed up the timing.
Am I right, Vinod?
Tell me! What's the
intention behind this act?
I'm not sure if you'd trust
what I'm saying.
My grandparents served
as helpers here...
...when Mr. Gregory lived
in this bungalow.
During that time, their adopted
daughter disappeared.
Madam Margaret hesitated to go
to London without her daughter.
She believed Catherine, her
daughter, would return someday.
However, Mr. Gregory compelled
her to return to London.
Before departing, madam secured
a promise from my grandmother...
...that if Catherine returns,
this bungalow belongs to her...
...and no one else could
lay claim to it.
Yet once they left,...
...Mathews's grandfather
seized the guesthouse.
He attempted to sell the bungalow.
We're orchestrating this to
deter potential buyers.
...your story sounds
like a movie plot.
Don't you think it's too much
to honour a promise?
This pledge was relevant in
your grandmother's time.
But in today's age?
Be honest. Is this act to
buy the guesthouse...
...from Mathews at a lower price?
No, sir. Sometimes,
I did that for Nandhu.
Turning away potential house buyers
has become our job now.
So, were you here the night
Santhosh visited too?
No. Santhosh didn't come here
to buy this house.
Santhosh merely wanted to
know about Catherine.
I shared everything
I know with him.
Madam had given my grandmother
a letter and a gift... be given to Catherine
upon her return.
I showed them to Santhosh.
What do you think
happened to Santhosh?
I don't know about that, sir.
Where are the letter and gift now?
This is the gift I mentioned.
Mr. Simon, why are you
staring at this bull toy?
Do you know Ferd?
I know him and his
brother Milanese. Why?
Ferd is a bull.
Don't you know that?
I know about Ferd.
Catherine knows about Ferd.
-No, Nandhu.
Come on, tell me.
I know the story of Ferdinand.
-Tell me the story.
He is a poor bull.
He wouldn't fight with
other bulls like the rest.
He often sit at his favourite
cork tree smelling the flower.
After he matured, someone who
saw him sent him for fights.
However, he didn't fight.
He was smelling a
flower on a woman...
...who had come to watch the match.
He didn't fight.
So, the people around
chased him away.
Ferd returned to the same tree and
began smelling the flowers.
That was his practice.
Where are you taking us?
-I'll tell you.
Please wait.
I'm not coming to the store room.
Don't be scared. We are here. Come.
He's not scared at all.
This playroom was built by
Mr. Gregory for Catherine.
Catherine's spirit is said
to haunt this room.
Why did you come here?
I've an important work here.
What important work?
The story of Ferdinand.
Varsha! There's a tale
in this book.
This book was published in 1936.
Because it encouraged the
heroes to retreat,...
...Hitler burned this book.
This book was banned in Germany.
But, this used to be a favourite
tale among children in the past.
Why are you telling me this?
This could have been
Catherine's bedtime story.
Close your eyes and she'll whisper
this story into your ears.
Will you close your eyes?
Just close your eyes.
Keep it there. Follow me.
"And he just sat down
quietly and smelled.
He wouldn't fight and be fierce
no matter what they did.
He just sat and smelled.
And the Banderilleros were mad
and the Picadores were madder...
...and the Matador was
so mad he cried...
...because he couldn't show off
with his cape and sword.
So they had to take Ferdinand home.
And for all I know,
he's sitting there still... his favourite cork tree
smelling the flowers just quietly."
"Dear Cathy, I believe you're
out there somewhere...
...watching and listening
to me right now.
I miss you so much and love you so
much more than you can imagine.
I believe you're alive
and I know that...
...hope speaks louder than fear.
It is my hope that
you can reach out to me.
I feel your absence everyday.
Cathy, dad is compelling
me to go to England."
Under his favourite cork tree...
...and for all I know,
you are sitting there still.
Under his favourite cork tree...
...and for all I know,
you are sitting there still.
"Under his favourite cork tree,...
...smelling the flowers
just quietly. He is very happy."
Santhosh had taken it.
But, why did he put it back?
The area where the stick is?
I'm the one who placed the stick
there. You can dig in that area.
He won't return.
Hello? Hello? What happened?
-I'll call you back.
Simon, you're right.
The measurements matched.
It might be Santhosh's remains.
The forensic team has collected
samples for an autopsy.
You might have to visit
the station tomorrow.
Hello, Simon?
-Yes, master?
Simon, what happened to him?
-We found his body.
How did it happen?
I don't know.
Enough. Please come back.
We don't need it.
No, master.
I want to know who did this.
He will definitely come
to take the treasure.
May I come in, sir?
-Simon? Come in.
Please have a seat.
Can I know who those boys are?
-They are local boys.
Cultivating cardamom to be sold
at high range is problematic.
What else? Marijuana plant.
Correct information can only be
obtained from these boys.
By the way, I've discussed about
this with Mr. Divagar.
Simon and Santhosh
are close friends, right?
More than a friend.
-The case was filed two days...
...after Santhosh's disappearance.
It was challenging to trace him.
Even the dog squad
couldn't find any evidence.
The incident took place
in December.
The weather was cold.
So, dogs' sense of smell
would be reduced.
How did you locate the burial site?
Archaeologists like us
use particular methods.
Since I got here, I began surveying
this place inch by in inch.
Santhosh went missing
at the guesthouse.
If it's a murder,
two possibilities.
He was either discarded in
a deep spot or buried.
There are no deep spots in this
area that can't be traced.
So, it's burial.
If a body is buried,...
...we can identify it by specific
signs in that area.
The first sign is the
appearance of new plants... there will be a proliferation
of plant growth around the area.
Second sign is the emergence
of new organisms.
Tiny organisms such as ants
will begin to populate the area.
As the body begins to decompose,...
...the soil will gradually
sink downward.
In order to conceal the settling
of the soil after burial...
...the soil is
formed into a mound.
In Santhosh's case,...
...the perpetrator
or perpetrators...
...must have felt afraid.
Or, they lack knowledge.
Do you suspect anyone?
Not for now.
Post-mortem report?
There were no signs of injury
or foul play on his body.
Foreign parties?
A strand of female hair was found
on Santhosh's shirt button.
I'll update you once the forensic
lab report is available.
Not only me.
Including Santhosh.
He was the last person
to join our team.
We both participated in
the Talasari Palace excavation.
He is very jovial.
His conversations make time fly by.
Santhosh left the cafe
after having dinner.
He mentioned that he would leave
from this place in a few days.
He was not seen for a few days.
I figured he was busy with work.
He wouldn't come here daily.
As he hadn't come here for a while,
I went to see him in person.
I assumed he had ventured into
the forest with his camera.
Visitors come here with
their individual interests.
When I informed Mr. Mathews
the next day,...
...he told me to wait and see.
Nevertheless, I didn't expect this.
Please be safe after this.
I'll get going, Madam Seetha.
It's too early for breakfast.
No breakfast today.
Can't I simply come to visit you?
What's this?
"Follow me".
-Keep it there.
Where did you get this from?
I'll tell if
you don't tell anyone.
I won't tell.
Where did you get this from?
Catherine gave it to me.
Don't be kidding.
I'm not kidding. We've become
thick friends now.
Do you want to see her?
-Why should I see her?
She will come if we call her.
She's here only.
Isn't Catherine the one
who killed Santhosh?
-Then, who else?
That's the puzzle we are solving.
Me and Catherine.
Don't worry too much about her.
She's a ghost. Be cautious.
Do you still believe in ghosts?
If God exists, ghosts do too.
God and ghosts reside
on the same boundary.
If we affirm, they exist.
If not, they don't.
Alright, go and get me breakfast.
What are you doing here?
Where's the jeep?
Where are you coming from?
To send breakfast?
-No, simply.
I'm here to monitor you.
Go ahead and do that.
I don't like your actions.
-What's your problem now?
Don't go to the guesthouse anymore!
I'm aware of my actions.
I don't need your advice. Move!
Sir, it's getting serious.
The forensic report is out.
A strand of hair was found
on Santhosh's shirt.
The SI is on the
phone with someone.
Please be cautious.
-Why should I be cautious?
They might come with
arrest warrant.
Why don't you go abroad?
Hey, Sameer!
Even if your entire
police department comes,...
...they can't do anything to me.
You don't worry.
I know what to do.
Can you keep this inside?
Vinod, you may leave.
-Okay. Bye, sir!
What's your plan?
-From the main door,....
Left side, first room.
This one.
So Mr. Simon Daniel,
we are going to be housemates.
Welcome to Simon's manner.
Tea or coffee?
Can I have something more hot?
All the way from Russia
for the lady who deserves.
Nice song.
Why the sudden shift?
I was feeling bored there.
I think it's time for bed.
I'm sorry.
I slept here last night
because I had to.
I felt really
frightened last night.
Oh, it was terrible.
How can you sleep peacefully?
If I live here alone, that's it.
These are mere illusions, Stella.
Just mind projections.
Is it? What about what
I heard and saw last night?
Is it not real?
If you can see something
in the dark,... can also see it
during the day.
We shouldn't rely on
tales or rumours.
Only trust the truth and reality.
Let evidence live.
How did you get that?
Perhaps it went missing while
you were running last night.
Simon, I know what's
running in your mind.
Catherine is my Rose mommy.
My father's mother.
My mommy didn't
disappear from here.
Her mother took here away.
She gave away my mommy to
the British couple...
...due to financial problems.
She knew that Margaret wouldn't
give the child if she asked.
That's why she did that.
In 1950's, my family
shifted to Bombay.
Rose mommy was initially very sad.
But, she got over it.
My mommy was carefully
preserving this chain and locket...
...along with her memories here.
After hearing the stories, I felt
compelled to visit this place.
I wanted to witness it.
When I arrived here,...
...I felt mommy's presence.
I can't bring myself to return.
Stella, your mommy is indeed here.
I can feel her.
But, why did you hide
this matter from others?
Well, upon arriving here,...
...I learned that Mathews
owns these properties.
If he knows who I am,... could lead to an issue.
Come. I'll show you a few things.
Are these my mom's?
The gift mentioned
in this letter....
Where is it?
-I don't know.
To be honest, Santhosh and I
came here to see the gift.
Really? Is this very precious?
How do you know about this?
Information from London
through my mentor.
What if the information is fake?
No, it's reliable.
These are the leading lines
when hunting for the treasure.
This letter, this box, everything.
Leading lines? These?
But how do you solve this?
-I don't know.
Catherine or her mother...
...might have known
how to solve this.
These might be their
memories or actions.
All these looks complicated to us
because it happened 80 years ago.
But still, we can solve this right?
Yes, we can...
...and we will.
Where is Varsha?
-She's packing.
-She needs to go college tomorrow.
Has her class started?
-The break isn't over yet.
However, they require her
to come tomorrow.
She's upset about the missing
Christmas gift from Stella.
She gets angry for smallest things.
-Can I have some water?
I forget. I'll get it now.
How was your first night?
-First night?
Sorry, it's been several nights.
Be careful. Catherine might have
dug a hole for both of you.
Come join us.
No, thanks. I'm leaving tomorrow.
We won't be seeing each other
anymore. Okay, then.
By the way, you
asked me that day...
...if I had met the
missing tourist before?
I've met Mr. Santhosh before.
Simon, look.
This doesn't look like
an ordinary snake and ladder game.
It looks like a game that teaches
morality to children.
Good habits and bad habits.
Good habits lead to good outcomes.
You get the ladder.
Seven virtues.
The biggest ladder is in 21.
Wrong actions lead to
descending on the snake.
Punishment? Interesting.
If anyone wishes to
come after me,...
...he must deny himself
and take up his cross...
...daily and follow me.
Look, the evangelist. 923.
Simon, look.
He's pointing there.
Two clues for a diary?
No, it's not possible.
What is the second clue?
That will be something.
We have to find it out.
Leave it, Simon.
There won't be any treasure.
This information might be false.
But, I'm happy.
This place,...
...mommy's memories...
...and you.
What's wrong, Simon?
You know, Stella?
Every time I get a clue,...
...I feel her presence.
In order to get the treasure,...
...we have to think
through her mind.
Who is he?
Why must he follow us?
I don't know.
Unless I uncover the treasure,...
...they won't kill me.
They made a mistake with
Santhosh's situation.
They won't repeat the same mistake.
Shall we inform the police?
They need evidence.
Enough! You both should
leave this house.
If you're not buying the
property, you can go.
This isn't the place
for your romance.
You have until this evening.
It's best if you're
not here tomorrow.
What will you do otherwise?
Are you planning to kill me
like you did to Santhosh?
Hey, you!
I know that you and the SI are
trying to frame me for this case.
Your plan will not succeed.
Sir! No matter your
efforts to hide,...
...I'll expose the truth.
-Do as you see fit.
Let's see who prevails. You two
shouldn't be here tomorrow.
You can't do anything against
Mathews in Karadimala.
Madam Seetha?
Did you ask Varsha to come?
What's wrong?
Why did you argue with Mr. Mathews?
He's quite troublesome.
There won't be any problem.
Don't worry. We will leave
this place soon.
How's your wound?
Have you eaten, Nandhu?
"O God.
Bless our food and our drink.
Since you redeemed us... dearly and delivered us...
...from evil,... you gave us a share... this food,... may you give us a share... eternal life."
Now, he's pointing right.
It looks like a building plan.
See, my mommy's name is here.
Catherine's Castle.
I have seen this before.
It's Mathew's home.
See, this is the chapel
at his home.
Catherine's Castle.
There's an under passage
somewhere here.
Can you move this?
Why should Catherine's
heir do this?
If you had asked,
I would have given it.
Your game is over, Stella.
Brother Simon!
Seems like you came
to Mathews' town...
...and stayed in
Mathews' bungalow... steal Mathews' treasure, huh?
George! Break his limbs!
Mathews, listen to me patiently.
You don't need to say anything.
You and the SI...
...attempted to frame me for
a murder I didn't commit.
Let me commit another murder.
Simon, no!
You've misunderstood.
Stella is the one
who killed Santhosh.
There's no case against you.
Contact the SI to confirm.
You can approach me after that.
You asked me that day...
...if I have met the
missing tourist before.
I've met Mr. Santhosh.
I loved your grandmother's tale.
At what point during
our time together...
...did you feel like killing me?
During my quest to find
the treasure,...
...I experienced numerous
thrilling moments.
Very happy to meet you here,
in this mystery body.
Stella, we're both in pursuit
of the same treasure.
A treasure concealed by a mother
for her daughter.
However, the key to
uncovering it...
...remains a mystery to you and
the one who dispatched you.
You won't get to know it either.
The greatest treasure are those
invisible to eyes,...
...but felt by the heart.
This story doesn't end here.
There are many more
secrets within it.
I believe nothing is
more mysterious...
...than a hidden truth.