Simple Creature (2016) Movie Script

Essentially, genetic engineering
is selecting the
best of what we can be.
Not tampering at all.
But that's what we're talking
about. If we were able to recode
DNA, DNA that once altered,
would pass its defenses
permanently to its offspring,
think of the health
costs we could save
if we had a read-out
that showed when, I don't know,
our blood sugar
levels were too high
or sodium levels, or whatever.
Businesses would save
billions a year
because employees
wouldn't need sick leave.
Actually... Maybe
progress is bad.
This is unorthodox.
Friend of a friend's rumspringa.
I thought you said
he was a quaker.
Yeah, that's what I said.
Rumspringa's amish.
We're all doing kickstands...
One of my best friends...
chatter continues]
Hey, can I get a beer?
Uh, yeah sure.
did you want it in your hands?
Umm, is there
the option for a cup, or?
I mean, we had cups...
Um... Well where's your cup?
I'm just in charge of
distribution for tonight.
The responsible one. Respect.
it's my lot in life.
Ah, but irregardless means
and there's no such
thing as the former.
Ahahahah, holy shit.
Uh, impressive. Hi.
Em... Is that short for
Normal length for em, actually.
This is, um,
interesting music for
a rite of passage party.
What would make
you think that was the case?
My friend, rach, over there.
Making out with
six guys over there.
Oh yeah, she's very, uh...
She's a... social...
Yeah, social... Nice person.
So is it rach, or...
Rachel, actually.
Nice to check
in with that though.
So what kind of music did you
think we'd be playing,
like cat Stevens?
Yes, I love cat Stevens.
Why isn't there
cat Stevens? Now I'm, now
I'm a little disappointed that
there's not cat Stevens.
No, he's great.
I'm more into
like classical music.
Pachelbel's canon,
stuff like that.
The... That's the
wedding song, right, the...?
Yeah, yes, exactly.
Very nice. I used to be able
to play that on the piano
when I was like, eight.
And super grammar nerd, awesome.
Nah, this is sort of just like a
regular party with, like,
good old farm boys.
Farm boys.
Jacob over there, he's
actually like a real quaker.
He's even got like
the lamb chops to prove it.
Oh yeah?
And his name is Jacob.
That's freakin' perfect.
So I gotta head
back to my truck to...
Get another keg.
It was nice meeting you.
Um... There
might be more cups in the cab
if you're still interested.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Picture me rollin'.
Okay. Truck's on.
What next?
Okay, now by your left foot,
there's the parking brake.
It's kinda sticky.
Okay, hold on.
Ahaha, okay, wow.
- That?
- Huh, uh, yes.
Okay. Is your
foot on the brake?
Mm hmm,
we're not rolling, are we?
No. Okay.
All good.
All right, now
take your left foot and press
down on the clutch.
And put it into gear.
All right.
And now just release the
clutch slowly and...
Lightly tap on the gas.
shit. I'm sorry.
Oh, no sweat.
I should probably
get back with the keg anyways.
But uh, yeah, thanks.
I said sorry.
No, I mean
thanks for hangin' out with
a fellow teetotaler tonight.
It was fun, even
if it was just for a short time.
Well maybe we
can extend it to another day.
Yeah, I have, uh, class a lot,
but the weekend would work.
What's, uh, what's your cell?
I don't have one.
I have a land line, with
protruding buttons and stuff.
Here. You can write it down
with this antiquated gadget.
I call a pen.
Oh, you don't
have a quill or anything?
Uh, no. It's way too messy.
Thank you.
Yeah. I'll bring
a cat Stevens tape
for your fancy tape deck.
Hi, this is em.
Em, it's me. Or, uh,
Seth from the other night.
Hi, I didn't know
if I'd hear from you or not.
I have to cancel our
plans this Saturday.
My dad, he, he had a stroke.
Oh my god. Are you all...
Is there anything
I can do? Are you all right?
I don't think so. My
mom's having a tough time, so...
I'm so sorry.
Jesus, um... Look, I
lost my mom when I was little,
so if there's anything
you want to talk about.
Okay, um, we're
praying for a good recovery.
Listen, I gotta go.
The doctor's out now.
He just wants to
chat with me and mom.
Disen-fucking-Gage dude!
Just a second!
You bitch!
You're missing actual life.
You ready to go home now?
I'm so ready.
([Followed by somber strings)
Mixed with somber music
Hey, I'm sorry. It's just
it's been a long, long day.
My mom had me do
a bunch of stuff for her.
Coulda' texted.
Forgot to turn
the damn thing on again.
Have you even used
it once since I got it for you?
Has she thought
any more about selling the farm?
I don't know
where she's at with that, em.
Like I don't think she's in the
right place for that right now.
I, I mean she probably just
thinks it's disloyal to my dad.
Well, but it's not.
It wouldn't be giving up.
You're gonna kill us.
Thought about,
you know, doin' anything else?
Bills first. Then figure out
how to conquer the world.
Unless you're insinuating
I go to school with you.
Get me one
of them higher educations.
I'm gonna have all of my
pieces end up here eventually.
Nice. You shake it harder,
you get bigger numbers.
Oh, I'll have to try that.
I was thinking
of going to seminary.
It's kinda something my,
parents always wanted for me.
I mean that was the plan...
Ouch. Mid-move even.
Can't believe you're telling
me this in a seedy hotel room.
A seedy hotel.
This is like our go-to.
In the middle of
some podunk town.
This is right in between us.
Like what, you want to go
back to your, your place
and do this with your
roommate like two feet away?
She might want next game.
Your turn.
You just gonna shut
off every time this comes up?
Come on.
Hey, mister!
You know if my mom saw those...
What's, what's with you tonight?
What's with you?
You're picking on me.
I am? No, I'm
crazy about you.
And your star tattoos.
Now you're making fun of me?
I'm not making
fun of you. I'm crazy about you.
So you still going back to,
going back home for...
For holiday break?
I feel like I should.
At least be a sport.
You could come with me,
unless you have to...
Yeah, I probably shouldn't.
I don't know, I just
want everything to run
smooth through Christmas.
It's only like two weeks, right?
I just feel like my dad
barely knows I'm there.
You know, like ever
since my mom died he's all
about work and
we just barely talk.
He sends checks to school.
I go home for holidays.
We check those boxes.
Probably keeps him
going though. Enjoys his time.
It's good of you
to see him. It sucks losing
a parent. I think god provides.
Well, aren't you cute?
I don't know what I'm doing.
You a college student?
You guys on your winter break?
Yeah, headed
home for the holidays.
You know when I
was in school, we didn't...
I said when I
was in school, we didn't have
all the breaks
that you guys have.
No, we had,
we had, Christmas break.
I guess now it's
called holiday break, huh?
Mmhm. Well, even
with all the breaks,
I'll still be doing
plenty of studying.
Not too much.
You have some fun too, you hear?
My hands are too antiquated
for those new machines. Oh look
at, arthritic and fat fingers,
like a bear paw.
Just blame it on
the auto correct.
On the what?
The auto correct.
You know, when it tries to...
I, I don't know what that
means, but hell, I'll take it.
You are a cutie.
I'll go over to the hospital
administrator for her
release to us then.
I told the boy.
Her boyfriend.
She had a boyfriend?
Has, Roy. She has.
What'd you tell him?
It was me. I told
Sofia to tell him to
say his goodbyes.
- As far as he knows.
- You know man, for closure.
Well, couldn't
you just have told
him visiting hours are over?
You see, this is why
you have me do these things.
It's probably
appropriate that Sofia did it.
She's a lot more diplomatic
than you are, Hank.
I know I can
be a rough around the edges.
Excuse me... Hello?
Hold on a second. Hey
guys, she's my daughter, okay?
Good to go.
I just really hope what we're
doing is the right thing, Hank.
Hope isn't a plan, Roy.
And what we're
doing is putting her in
the best position to survive.
Janie was the glue.
After she died, I didn't
know how to raise em.
I was a shitty father.
I love em. You know I do.
I've know her since what,
since she was three years old.
And I remember
how it was with Janie.
And I'm gonna do
everything in my power
to help you bring
em back and give her a
long and healthy life.
goddammit, let there be light.
I thought we made the
decision by bringing her here.
- Hey, Phillip, what's goin' on?
- I got my mom in the truck.
We just got
back from seeing my dad.
- Geez, Louise, that's just...
- It's been a tough year for you.
Yeah, it's been a rough one.
Look, I wanna thank you
for your help.
I know my mom...
She appreciates it too.
Well, you think about
what I said, okay?
I just sort of feel
responsible to make an
offer, you know, given as how
your dad was so good to me
when I was
getting started farming.
I tell ya, I wouldn't have been
nearly as successful
without his guidance.
I, I don't see how you
gonna be able to run this place
all by yourself.
Aagh, I don't know, I... It's
just I think my mom will want to
hold on to the farm, if we can.
Not that we don't
appreciate your help.
No, hey, hey, no,
don't feel bad about it.
You guys could stay here.
I could use the expansion
to be honest with you.
I really could.
We'd have to clean things
up around here though.
I mean, this place,
it's seen better
days, that's for sure.
I mean seriously, we need
a yard sale or somethin'.
"Cause I got, you know,"
I got a vision for this here.
This could
make an awesome, uh...
Well you just think about it.
Yeah, I don't...
Take your
time. Don't, don't go lookin'
for rats in the attic.
Alright, take care
of your mom, all right?
I know you will.
I know you will.
- We're gonna be all right.
- We'll be fine.
Even if we weren't,
it's not like that would
be my fault, since dad
sort of left us
in financial shambles.
Never go to
bed on your anger, right?
That's what you've always said.
I'm sorry.
Have a good night,
all right, mom? Love ya.
[Music simplifies as
it drifts away...]
I feel like we're stuck at
the beginning with her, Roy.
What happened the other
night? Did you ever go home?
- Oh, it's a nightmare.
- Perfectly common, right?
You know... same thing
happened with the soldiers.
I feel like I'm in grade school.
Let's be honest.
She's not progressing
the way we want her to.
What is it
exactly that we do want, Hank?
Better sandwiches.
Come on.
All right.
I'm just sayin', the board would
like to see some improvement.
Yeah, I'm just
trying to improve my daughter.
I guess I should be trying to
improve p/e ratios.
I meant improving
the way they were thinking.
Oh, the way they were thinking?
Oh, relax. I want
what's best for em too.
Uh huh.
Keep in mind
we're under significant pressure
prove our worth. To prove
that all these years of research
and development
have not been in vain.
We have profits to meet or
we'll lose our subsidies.
Now em is in
a prime spot for us...
Prime spot. Life at
all costs. Is that it Hank?
Last time I checked,
I made this happen.
I'm overseeing this.
She's not a lab rat.
No one's thinking that. Relax.
She's... She's my daughter.
Yes, and I'm
appealing to you as your friend,
on behalf of her.
She's suffering and I
think it's halting her progress.
Okay. So?
Hear me out.
She has classic signs of PTSD.
I know. We've
given her medication for that.
But they're not working, so I
think her condition,
her suffering, is keeping her
from moving beyond the accident.
From further developing.
Now we saw it before.
If we can block those
memories... we saw in prior
cases, they would jump
light years ahead.
How can you call those
experiments successful?
That was year's ago.
We, we can dial it in.
We can pinpoint this.
All right, so yes,
I am for life at all costs.
I don't mean to be cold here,
but all this being emotional
it's hurting her.
Maybe you need to
relinquish control to me.
Let me oversee it.
I can easily
vacillate between what's
good for em, and
what's good for singularity.
And I'll handle
it with kid gloves.
Now we say to our
colleagues all the time,
we have to remain
objective to yield the best
results. Now we're 99
percent of the way there.
All we need is one little nudge.
This is your opportunity
to do what you couldn't do for
your wife.
Over the course of the last two
years, we've had to make some
alterations so that you would
survive what would have been
by normal standards,
a fatal crash... Adaptations.
A neuro chip implanted in
your brain to replace the
non-recoverable damage.
Most of your
functioning and memory are, for
what we know, still intact.
Your left eye was blinded,
so we replaced it with
an artificial optic that
connects to your brain implant.
It will not only restore your
vision, but should enhance it.
Additional adaptations including
synthetic organ replacement to
your right lung, part of your
stomach and both kidneys.
Nanobot injections were
given to replace much of
your red blood cells and
to coincide with what remains.
As a result...
We should not only restore
your body's faculties to full
capacity, but also enhance
and potentially prolong your
Like a computer, this new
technology will enable
you to instinctively
know the shortest possible
routes between locations.
Much like a bee's
amazing navigational skills,
there will be no wrong turns.
No second guessing.
Your very own internal GPS.
Those are pre-augment scars.
They'll likely never go away,
but they'll fade with time.
You wanna get out of here,
I know that. You need to.
You just have to, uh,
give me some time and
then we'll re-evaluate. If it
were up to me, you'd be
outta here tomorrow,
but that's not my decision.
Did... Give it time, em.
Whoa, whoa! You Seth?
Yeah, well she's not.
I'm with the bank,
regarding your mortgage.
I just need you to sign this.
Can you put the
gun down, please?
It's a rifle. For vermin.
You know, you guys
can't bury my dad any deeper.
It's a final
notice on your farm.
Sorry about this, but you're
delinquent over a year now.
I just need you to sign this.
That you received this.
We've been calling.
You guys don't have
a machine or anything?
Who do I talk to
about an extension? Jordy?
Sorry about that.
Here you go. Here.
Why didn't jordy come tell me?
You talking
about Jordan Chamberlain?
Yes, the same guy who
gave us the extension last time.
You, you'd have to
speak with him about that.
I'm with special credits.
I'm only sent out when
it's time to, you know, act.
Thank you.
Yeah, speak with Jordan if you
have any issues and, uh,
go ahead and
keep that pen, okay?
Who was that joker that was at
my house this morning?
Like I thought the extension
was still good...
That was before he passed.
We still extended you last time.
Let me ask,
what's going on with the farm
subsidies that you applied for?
Yeah, that
would have been nice, huh?
We had no problems getting
subsidies when I was growing up,
before he passed, but now
suddenly I'm getting the run
around. Hell, I had a friend
that lost his farm because
they wanted to build
cell towers or something.
So, that's not a viable option,
I take it, getting a subsidy.
Look, I just,
I... I need more time.
Maybe an extension.
I've given up
everything I have to sit there
and try to make this work.
Why? What's
gonna change?
You, you tell me.
I'm just the pilot here,
Seth. I didn't build the plane,
and I don't control the weather.
I just...
With or without your dad,
your film is still hurting.
He was sitting across
from me, just like you are.
Yeah, except he
was sitting across
from someone older than you,
before you were here.
Someone that knew how to
make a deal based upon a promise
and a handshake.
What's this?
Calm down, Seth.
He's just checking in.
We've already made the decision.
If you can't come up
with the back payments,
we're gonna have to
take the next step.
You just killed my
mom, then. Thank you.
- Hey, Seth. How you doin'?
- I know you're upset.
Hey, don't beat
yourself up, you know?
There's really not a whole
lot else you coulda' done.
I tell ya, these family farms
are getting, they're just
getting replaced by
the big factory farms.
There's just no way
we can keep up with
that kind of production.
It's no wonder we
can't pay our bills, right?
You seem to be doing fine.
Well yeah, today, maybe,
but what about tomorrow?
You just remember,
I got your back, all right?
And you're gonna be way
better off having me own that
farm than uncle Sam.
And I'm just holdin'
on to it for you
til you get on
your feet again, right?
Usual hot water in a
mug, 140 degrees with honey?
You got it, Amber.
Oh, oh Amber?
Uh, what are you
having, Seth? I'm buying.
Oh, no, I'm not hungry.
Come on, you sure?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Amber, you
got any of that good chili?
Three alarm?
Yeah get him a bowl.
If he don't eat it, I will.
God, I love this place.
It's just the way
things should be.
Is there something
else bothering you?
When I was looking
for the deed tonight,
I kinda came across my
old girlfriend's obituary.
Oh man, I'm sorry.
How's her family gettin' on?
None really to speak
of, except for, I mean,
except for her dad.
Have you talked to him?
Uh... We
never really knew each other.
Plus, I don't really think
I'm his cup of tea, you know?
Well why is that?
Farm boy, Phillip.
He's like some big
wig bio tech guy.
Thank you, Amber.
So hot water and honey, huh?
No coffee or tea?
I don't need
no artificial stimulants.
Not me.
I don't think
caffeine's artificial.
Don't be a smart ass.
You know what I'm talkin' about.
So, bio tech, huh?
Where'd you say he worked?
Are you kiddin' me?
You know what they do there?
Those are them guys
that are doing all
that, that crazy...
Look... Listen, em and I,
you know, we didn't see eye to
eye on that. I told her I
thought that they pushed
the envelope too much.
Yeah. Pushed it right
into the devil's mailbox,
if you ask me.
Did I ever tell you
about these meetings I attend?
What, like, like aa meetings?
No... No. It's, it's a
different kind of group.
Um, in fact I was
gonna ask you if we could
hold our meeting at
your barn, you know?
Sure, yeah.
You know, irregardless
of whether or not
you sign the
deed over to me or not.
Yeah, you see,
we just want to keep a
low profile. I'll tell you all
about it later. I just,
you know, didn't
want to overwhelm ya.
Uh, but speaking of
the deed, though,
can I take a look?
It's gonna be fine, Seth.
And you and your mom,
you can be caretakers.
Stay there as
long as you need to.
How is she doin'?
Plant's looking healthy.
Can you write something for me?
Come with me.
I think I can't really see you.
In a computer,
I can open it up, see
every resistor,
every wire, every part in it.
But I couldn't
tell you about its behavior.
You see, the hardware is simply
where the software resides.
To understand the behavior,
you have to
understand the software.
And the software has no mass.
Jimmy, I can't stay here.
Who's Seth?
Let's get you something to eat.
All right?
How you doin'?
Did you love mom?
Of course I did.
Why would you say that?
What's up?
Seems like you spent
more time with her after
she got sick than before.
That's not true.
I was there, dad.
We were trying to figure things
out. Just like you are, em.
Can't underestimate
this set back.
Our minds have limits.
They're fixed.
We're fucked. Hers?
She's advancing even
beyond our wildest dreams.
Do you know how
many lives we can
save with that notion?
This has
exceeded every expectation.
I was just under the impression
that this was all
gonna end at some point.
I have to be honest
with you, as your friend.
The board feels
like you've forgotten
your duties here.
Your research.
Singularity's objective
g, n, r. Genetics,
nanotechnology, robotics.
Humans have rationalized,
even made excuses for death.
Somehow it's noble.
But it is our job to term death
as a tragedy.
A tragedy of lost
intelligence, of lost
Therefore, it is our
job to extend life. Period.
Oh just spare me the diatribe.
It's yours, man. And
I think you need a reminder.
We are on the precipice of
changing human evolution.
We won't have to
worry about death.
We can swap out these suboptimal
bodies and engineer
ourselves to be gods.
But don't you ever
have a hint of doubt?
Now clearly
she's not the same em.
But she is not
my little girl, em.
We make better humans.
And she's the first step.
And look at that.
You're just stronger.
Times are tough.
What's the matter, Russ?
We either move to the
mountainsor off the grid or we
take that alternative stance.
And when our stuff gets taken
away... Right, Renee?
When our stuff gets
taken away, that's when
we're tested.
I don't know, folks.
I don't know. But this
decision is not mine.
I am not the driving force
here, okay? It's all
of us. We all are in this
together, right?
I thought it
best that we come here.
Look... Em,
look, am I, um...
Are we, are we in any trouble?
I have your
obituary at my house.
At least I thought...
I thought, I thought I did.
I was taken to my dad's...
You know about it?
There was some nurse or lady...
There was someone...
She was at the hospital
when I went to go say my
goodbyes. She said that
she worked for your dad.
She wasn't very
informative, except...
Yeah, this was it.
It almost was.
My dad thought his lab
was my only chance.
And I, um...
Two years feels
like two weeks to me.
There's been a lot
of physical therapy
and I'm starting
to get my memory back.
You just remember us now?
I don't understand,
like, why the...
Why the funeral? Why...?
What did they do to you?
Seth. Seth.
Come on.
Yeah, he was
pretty proud of that.
You hungry?
I'm sorry I made,
I made scrambled by default
'cause they're less hard
to screw up.
Was the bed comfy?
It was fine, thank you.
I'm just gonna run these
out to my mom real quick.
I'll be right back.
Alright mom, it's time to eat.
I'll be back to
check on you, all right?
Are you gonna eat?
Why are you here?
I had nowhere else to go.
You're confusing to me, em.
I don't...
I'm not... I'm not saying
that I don't want you here.
It's just I feel
like half the time, ya ain't.
If that makes sense.
So is someone
looking for you then?
Listen, I...
The whole thing about it,
it's just got me paranoid.
I don't know what to say, like
I'm part of this, this group.
It's called the 144.
It represents the forty-four
families in this community
that lost their
livelihood to factory farming.
And the one is just,
you know, under one god,
it's just a funky
name that we gave it.
Look, basically, these people
are a group of luddites.
I'm part of
them. It's around the country.
It's big. But we were talking
about... Remember when we
talked about what
your dad did for a living,
like before your accident.
It's like even you said that
he was into some
pretty advanced stuff.
Like how do we
...How do we know that you're
not some experiment to see how
far they can push technology?
Em! Wait!
What? What am I
to you, the sum of my parts?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
You think I wanted this?
Okay, listen,
I'm sorry! All right? I just,
I can't lose you again!
Listen, you
show up back in my life
and everything
just got so fucked.
And I'm sorry
I'm still trying to process
this, but...
I... I need you to stay.
No, I want you to stay.
Please don't leave.
I'm sorry for everything
that's happened to you.
No, I'm sorry.
...So sorry.
Em! What the
hell are you doing?
- Come here.
- Ohh.
Just keep your hand under there.
Can I see your hand?
Let us pray.
Lord, be with us here tonight.
Allow your words to guide us
and give us the courage we need
to stand firm in our beliefs.
Give us the strength, lord,
to face these troubling times
head on. These things we
ask in Jesus' name.
Well where are we, folks?
Where are we?
It's time to wake up.
And figure out
what's most important to us.
And how
this so-called progress
is affectin' our lives.
Not only our lives, but
the lives of our patriots.
It's time we get off our ass.
I apologize. Let's
just put this another way.
- Jeremiah 1:17.
- Get yourself ready.
Stand up and say to them
whatever I command you.
Do not be terrified by them,
or I will terrify you
before them.
That's not me
talkin' folks. That's god.
Oh, wow.
I didn't even know places
like this existed anymore.
It's paradise.
My mom's doing so much
better... thanks to you.
I don't know about
that, but I'm glad.
Thank you.
Well, it's great being
with you, so... It's easy.
Oh. I gotta
get the picnic stuff.
You're shaking.
Are you scared of me?
Now we need to act now,
or we don't act at all.
It's just a report.
It doesn't mean that it's
the mark of the beast.
So, how's this thing go?
Is it this way or that way?
Pvt. Huey durmont
my name is huey durmont.
e-2, no you have to,
you have to say what that is.
Private first class. Um, part of
the 47th chromosome project.
I see.
It's definitely one
step closer to that,
that jumpin' Jesus we've
all be talkin' about.
You could say
that about every single moment
of every single day.
Look, I'm not
defending technology,
but you're wrong if
you think that I'm somehow
undecided about this,
because I'm not.
But what are we,
some terrorist group?
I uh, had a neuro chip implant.
I lost control of myself.
My best friend during
a combat training regimen.
Tattoos. For every man,
woman, and child. Required.
Required! Forced through some
kind of mandatory enrollment.
Now that is the very
definition of a mandate.
Now, I don't know about
you, but that doesn't sound too
innocent to me.
I'm not claiming, I'm not
claiming that it's innocent.
All right? What
I'm saying is that
maybe it'd be better to walk
away than engage in a war.
What about the
mountains, like you said?
Go on.
Uh, I now believe
I was not controlling my
thoughts, arms, or hands.
I was a husband and a father.
I don't have them anymore. I
was moved to a privately funded
institution and...
I can't do this.
I can't do what you asked me.
Uh, now how, how 'bout what,
what do you got there?
What is that?
Viruses can be manufactured and used
with the public none the wiser.
And the worst part
is here... Here.
Now hold it closer so
we can see it.
There ya go, yeah.
Yeah, this is a capsule that
was detected by a spectrograph.
It's uh, it's
broken so not to worry. Uh, it
could kill a lot of people
within a hundred-yard radius.
Look, man,
I love you. You know I do.
Your dad was good to me.
Can you tell us the
name of the private facility?
But I'm afraid your
time with this girl is clouding
your judgement.
That has absolutely
nothing to do with this.
Yeah, well I know who she is.
And I know you've
been hiding her from us.
Trying to keep us from
knowing the truth about her.
Can I have a room? Please?
It's an rfid chip.
They were able to track this.
So I just wanna make sure.
If they were tracking me, why
didn't they pick
me up before now?
I was able to convince
them to hold off.
See how you did out there.
Out there?
The real world.
Your mother
wanted me to focus on you.
And I didn't.
I'm sorry.
The truth is that
you're so much like her.
I was, anyway.
No, you, you are like her.
You are very much like her.
You still are.
I blame myself for not
being able to save her.
The... Technology
wasn't there for me
to do anything about it,
but I still blame myself.
My business is
doing the impossible.
Such bullshit.
She never wanted what I wanted.
I know.
She got so sick
all she really wanted was peace.
And the only
thing she felt really terrible
about, was leaving you behind.
How do you feel about Seth?
I'm afraid he
could be in danger.
I'm afraid anyone that
comes in contact with you,
they may see as a threat.
I've got your
passport in the back.
Change of clothes.
We're going to Canada.
And Seth?
Thank you.
Okay, you're close.
Go get him.
I gotta...
Few things to take care of
and then I'll catch
up with you, okay?
You be safe.
I love you.
You get goin', okay?
I love you too.
May I help you?
I'm looking for em.
She ain't here.
I'll come back then.
Oh, god!
Oh, baby.
Oh, shit!
Of course you don't
have your phone... Right?
It's okay, I'm gonna
go get us help, okay?
Let's go.
What do you want, Hank?
You know, I wanted
to give you an opportunity
to put all this in motion.
I need good people out there
campaigning for the cause.
You know, sort of integration.
So I'll give you a chance to
repent for your sins, Roy.
And you'd be a great
contribution on your part
if you volunteered that.
Are you too lost at this point?
What's white is
black and vice versa.
Huh, Hank?
What're you, gestapo now?
You really think we don't
know what's going on?
And you were right. Of course.
Sending her out
here by herself was the best
thing we could
have done for her.
You're a genius even
when you're not trying.
It's a damn shame.
What the hell are
you talking about?
We see everything, Roy.
So, you can tell us.
Don't tell us.
It doesn't matter.
It's just a
chance for redemption.
You better not hurt her, Hank.
Why would I hurt em? We
just want her back, that's all.
We're partners!
When did you
ever treat me like a partner?
Anyway, the
board deems you unfit.
I'm just sad you lost your way.
You know I gotta thank you.
It's a great testament to your
good work. She has exceeded all
known biological capabilities.
It's a miracle, right?
I used to agree with you.
A week ago, I might have
agreed with you.
But I've been wrong.
We just can't change features
or a feature and not think that
there's not going
to be consequences.
And we can't just
arrogantly think that we can
transcend thousands
of years of an experience.
Yeah, I don't
know if there's a god.
I don't. I'm a confused
and bitter man, Hank.
But, I have to
admit that I've been longing
for something like nanotech or
artificial intelligence to take
us to that next level, you know?
To... To something beyond
that even I could articulate.
I know you're
just trying to buy time.
We don't need you to find her.
I just needed a way
to get you to buy in.
You understand?
Thank you.
You did a great job.
Everybody at
singularity thanks you.
Listen, I'm not
gonna make it to the hospital.
You gotta pull over, baby.
Just pull over.
Stay with me.
Let me take you to the hospital.
I know where I need to go, okay?
No. Stay.
I can't.
Come on.
We have to go, okay?
I'm here, wherever
you want. Wherever you want.
Sweetie, we're here.
We're here.
Hey, we're here.
It's paradise.