Simple Gifts (1977) Movie Script

This is the Public Broadcasting Service
in Cleveland you are watching your
community television station this is WBZ.
great Frost was historians tell us most
of the other does ever visited these
islands birds frozen me there and she
likes turns to the ground at Norwich a
young country woman started to cross the
road in her usual robust health
I was seen by the onlookers to terms
visibility powder blown in a puff of
dust over the roofs as the icy blast
trust her at the street corner mortality
among sheep and cattle was enormous
corpses pros who could not be drawn from
the sheets
feels full of shepherds club and teams
of horses and little bird scaring boys
all trucks start and the acts of the
moment one with his hand to his nose
another was a bottle to his lips
a third the stone raised the throat the.
Raven who'd said as if stuffed upon the
head within a yard of him the severity
of the frost was so extraordinary but
the kind of petrifaction sometimes
ensued and it was commonly supposed thus
a great increase of rocks in some parts
of Derbyshire was due no eruption for
there was none but it's a solidification
unfortunate Wayfarers
who had been literally turned to stone
where this toy but while the country
people suffered the extremity of one and
the trade of the country was such a
London enjoy the carnival of the utmost
the new king sees the opportunity that
his coronation had given him dick
Sarajevo was the citizens by directing
the Thames River which was frozen to a
depth 20 feet or more six or seven miles
on either side be swept decorated and
given all the semblance for power call
pleasure ground with arbors mazes alleys
drinking booze etc earth is expense
reeled off from the public only by a
silken rope the pleasure ground became
at once the center of the most brilliant
nothing could exceed the brilliance and
gaiety of the scene by day and it was at
night at the carnival are such canarians
moon and stars blaze the hard fixity of
diamonds into the fine music of the
flute in the trumpet
Orlando it is true was none of those who
tread light share the Koran tone the LA.
Volta he was clumsy and a little
absent-minded he had indeed just bought
his feet together about 6:00 in the
evening of the 7th of January at the
finish of some such good drill or minuet
when he beheld coming from the muscovite
embassy a figure
rich with a boys or woman's for the
loose tunic and trousers of the Russian
fashion served the disguise for sex fill
him with the highest curiosity the
person whatever the name or set the
bottom it'll hide fear if slenderly
fashion and rest entirely an oyster
colored velvet trimmed with some
unfamiliar greenish colored fur these
details are obscured by the
extraordinary seductiveness which issued
from the whole person images metaphors
are the most extreme and extravagant
grind and twisted in his mind
a fella a pineapple an olive tree an
emerald and a fox in the snow or in the
space of three seconds he does not know
whether he had heard her tasted her seen
her or all three together finally the
unknown skated came to a standstill she
was not a hands breadth away she was
okay we'll Avante to move past a
distilled she are a victim pokemon plays
in without he replied speaking French
for the perfect accent
strangest name he found was princess
barouche Castella slavka Dyckman etosha.
Ileana romanovitch and she'd come in the
train of the muscovite
ambassador who was her uncle perhaps Oh.
Babs her father to attend the coronation
nothing however she seems um voluptuous
something she did the green flame seeing
the Sun imprisoned in a hill was only
outwards within was a wandering flame it
came it went
the play was ancient all had grown dark
but it was such a night as this that
they had waited for it was on such a
night as this that they had planned to
fly at midnight they would meet at an
inn near Blackfriars horses waited there
everything was in readiness for their
flights Sunday he was struck in the face
by a blood soft yet hinted on the side
of his feet so strong with expectation
was he discussing put his hand to
stalled the blower's repeated a dozen
times on forehead and cheeks
the dry Frost has lasted so long it took
him a military Eliza these were
raindrops falling the blow for the blows
of the rain but first they fell snow
deliberately one by one but two hundred
six drops became sixty then 600 then ran
themselves together musta ditched out of
It was as if the hardened consolidated
sky for itself forty-one profuse pumping
in the space of five minutes Orlando
acceptable skin
some blind is too
she was passed easily with some driven
him to take the river bank in the
direction of the sea when the dawn broke
which is did unusual suddenness sky
turning a pale yellow the rain almost
teasing found himself on the banks of
the Thames off walking our sights most
extraordinary nature met his eyes is and
astounded all and who do nothing
sometime was your pudding miss forces as
it held itself past him
last seeming to recollect himself he
kept Spurs to his horse and galloped
hard along the riverbank in the
direction of the sea rounding a bend of
the river came opposite that breach
where not two days ago the ships of the
ambassador's have seen a movable frozen
easterly he made count of them all the
French the Spanish the Austrian the Turk
all still floated but the Russian ship
is nowhere to be seen