Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage (2014) Movie Script

Having sailed the trick
of this journey and back,
I once again enjoyed the quiet life.
But soon I became tired then weary,
and longed for
the oceans and adventures.
My story begins with...
my Fifth Voyage.
A very familiar scent of darkness and evil filled the air.
Why don't you think hear I can't?
the black magic, Captain Sinbad.
If we land, we'll all die.
Captain, let's sail away from this place.
We should really leave.
We don't know that yet.
I visit the palace.
- Zohreh!
- Captain Sinbad!
- What happened here?
Come with me. Bring your men.
I will tell you inside.
The Sultan was like a father to me,
and the princess was my life.
For the pleasure of his Maleks majesty the Sultan, and his court,
may I present...
a Sultan's feature.
Your beloved guests...
and magnificent of Majesty,
I am honored
to be stood to the Court of Maleks.
Tonight, I will deliver
such a performance...
that will bring true joy
and delight to our Princess.
This small crate contains nothing
more than some sand from my home.
But be more
and reality shall shape time.
That was truly astounded!
Tell me, Hassan. How did you
perform such wizardry?
And, that crate. What is it?
Your Majesty, on my promise...
that crate contains nothing
more than some sand from my home,
I confess.
But you must allow this humble
magician to keep this one in secret.
You set yourself short!
My advisers had told me that you were a man of fantastical power.
And they did not exaggerate.
My friend, I promise
you will be amply rewarded
by the end of this glorious evening.
On that I have absolutely no doubt,
Your Majesty.
And now with your indulgence,
I will perform ashman magic,
to the princess,
in honor of her upcoming wedding
with Captain Sinbad.
I can't help what to wonder...
how come he can miss
the beautiful festive moment?
We traveled for many days and nights...
until we finally came to
a great, uninhabited island...
or so we thought.
I can't leave
without the amulet, Goddess.
It's a little too personal!
Sinbad, we have plenty of gold and jewels.
What is so special about the amulet?
It's going to be my wedding gift
to the princess.
She has won her dream about it.
And now you're making
her dream come true.
Of course!
Men give flowers.
I give magic amulets.
I wish that you wouldn't waste
the power of invisibility on a wedding gift.
I could make much better than you.
You spoke like a true thief, Firoozeh.
We're taking this home.
And now with your indulgent,
I will have my performance
ashman magic to the Princess,
in the honor of her upcoming wedding
with Captain Sinbad.
I can't help what I wonder...
how come he can miss
the beautiful festive moment?
- By all means.
- Princess.
I can only bring one thing
that's worthy, the beautiful princess.
Like heaven.
For you, butterfly.
Oh, how I wish I could free
this wonderful moment forever!
Your Majesty,
the thought just be!
Come I'll do it in here.
I let you.
Come with me, bring your men.
I will tell you inside.
Zohreh, what happened here?
The amulet to find, do you have it?
Give us the amulet.
But Parisa said
it give the power of invisibility.
Her dream is not easily decipherable
straight forward.
There is a reason it's called the amulet of life,
and not the amulet of invisibility.
Your Highness. Zohreh told us everything.
I should have been here.
I fear he's taken her for the Death.
He is not interested in Parisas body.
It is her soul he tracks.
He is called the White Deeve.
He is a dark wizard,
who drinks souls of the innocent and
thrive on their energy.
If he steals the princess's soul,
it would be better
if she had never been born.
Where does this White Deev dwell?
He dwells at the center of a great
island called Macedonia.
It is a dark place.
The old witch explained that
I was the only chance the Sultan has...
and that I must travel to
the great black desert in not less than
40 days and 40 nights.
As we sailed into the unknown,
thoughts of the princess was all
I have to keep in me.
- Sinbad, the ship is almost ready.
- Is it?
You can never be together.
The sooner you accept it,
the better off she'll be.
No princess of Malek can ever love
a common man. It is the law.
There he is again!
Every day in the same spot,
staring like a hungry jack!
I rather like the way
he looks at me.
Guards, lower me!
Don't worry, Zohreh.
The guards will protect me in city sight.
The guards are men.
None of them will care to protect
your virtue like I do, princess.
First thing now, remember,
you are a princess.
Well, I suppose if you are determined to see
your head separated from your neck.
Who is calling me?
My eyes are two that see the sea,
but one is off one eye has he.
Only with heart that one is free.
"My eyes are two that see the sea."
My ship sank to the depth of the sea.
Is there anything on this island
that is gigantic?
You fools, you don't know
what you are doing.
Hey, Captain. We are starving, please.
Hungry men don't ask.
Take it, now!
Stand out now.
That's an order.
Abdul, listen to me. We are told
she's only protecting her eggs.
Stand still.
You'll be okay.
Don't slam it.
Don't! Stand back!
Stand back!
Lets go back to camp.
Zohreh said
this land is prehistoric.
She was right.
We must be
very very weary from now on.
Why didn't you let us
kill the bird?
It wasn't necessary, Mujeed.
Not necessary?
It almost killed Abdul.
Abdul's alive.
That kind of thinking makes us
the true monsters, not them.
Yes, Captain.
Parisa, where are you now?
Have a dream of
your beloved Sinbad?
Sinbad will be coming for me.
I've foreseen it.
His ship is now
at the bottom of the sea.
And he's swimming...
to the shore of my island.
- What do you want?
- It's not what I want...
but what will be.
I will show you...
what that means.
You're on it?
- God be praised, something to drink!
- It looks to be like honey!
I thought you're in fume,
but I'm all out of water.
This is an island.
Sure we'll find water soon.
What island has a desert?
That's a straight of league upon league.
- Where are the other shore?
- Yes, Captain, where is the other shores?
- Where is it?
- Where is it?
Would you like your tongues
to drive those to come?
This is an island.
We will find water. Save it for the desert.
Then I shall slake my thirst
with this honey.
Jamal, you don't know
if it's poison or not.
Begging you pardon, Captain,
but I--
No one moves!
Not one move!
- Aah!
- Virnee, no!
- Move out!
- Ah! No, no, no!
Here! Here!
Aah! Ah!
I wonder if how many weavers
worked on this?
It took years to make, and now
look at it - completely ruined.
Why don't we stop to this, belle?
Parisa, I'm not used to navigating
the sea of a woman's heart,
always tasking the ocean.
Women aren't that hard to understand, you know.
We want simple things.
Even a princess's style is
precious more than jewels.
Just a smile, a poem,
a thing that praises her now and then.
The bright moon reflects
your radiant face.
Your snow-capped cheekbones
supply water and grace.
My heavy heart desires
an audience with your face.
I come forward,
I must return.
Your command,
I will embrace.
I am Sinbad.
I know who you are.
I also know why you're here.
Come inside.
Sinbad, my brother's going, right?
Captain, what took you so long?
I thought the creatures are getting you all,
but I see that the villagers here
have treated you well.
Yes, and they are feeding us
very well, too.
- Captain, let's drink... to life.
- To life.
Your Majesty.
My spies have told me that you had
a meeting with my daughter in secret.
Your Majesty, I happily confess...
that I love Princess Parisa
and I will do anything to marry her.
You have her to name it,
and it shall be done.
Say what it takes, because I'm...
You have her to name it
- But my name is--
- Sinbad! Your name proceeds you!
My daughter has told me that
you have always treated her as a gentlement,
and that her love is also equal to yours.
It can not be!
For though you are a famous man,
you are also a common one.
Father, I don't care.
Imagine, how much your people
would love you...
if you gave your only daughter
to one of them.
What an absolutely threatful idea!
You say that you love this man
today going so,
but how do you think you will feel...
after you have stay a lifetime
in proverty?
Because I will contribute
- I would love him till, Father!
- Sinbad,
I will offer you five times the coins
I would have given for your capture,
and a fine ship too,
if you will swear to me...
that you will sail away today and
never see my daughter again.
With all due respect, I think
you know what my answer would be.
Hear me out, Sinbad,
because I am a fair man.
I also offer you the chance
to have your wish come true.
You can marry my daughter today,
But one minute after you have been
pronounced man and wife,
- you will be beheaded.
- Father!
You've never been this barbaric!
You're lowest from the low.
How could you be so to your
own daughter and the man she loves?!
Because I am Sultan!
This man desires not only you, Parisa.
He is also seeking the fate
of my entire kingdom.
For you are no ordinary girl.
Your future would be entwined forever.
And if I lose you,
I lose any chance for a heir of royal blood.
So, choose now, Sinbad!
- Is something wrong with the food?
- No, it's a beautiful sky.
Is there something wrong with me?
It is written that a man from the sea
distinguish all evil in this unhappy land.
Most men think
altogether is irresistible.
But you have,
you have another posses?
Sinbad. Sinbad.
- Sinbad.
- Firooz, you're alive!
I think I am.
We figure something else.
Lets go! You're coming with me.
Oh, no.
Sinbad, I got an idea. Look.
- All I ask is that you wait with me.
- No! You're coming with me. Get up!
No, Sinbad.
This is the only way.
How poor Firooz!
So it would seems...
to entertain you...
with another magic trick.
As you know, I'm quite
capable of manipulating time.
Here's your child,
yours and Sinbad.
- Why do I know this thing real?
- Because...
the power of the human emotions
generates time,
in the time and space.
I am not powerful enough
to change them.
But... catch these pikes and use
them to travel there in time.
I am not powerful enough
but soon there to change.
But my Sinbad still live.
I would need to achieve that way
if they want to,
after we looked at your own fate.
It's too bad.
I see you have none.
- Sinbad?
- Firooz, you're alive?
- An escaped soul?
- I know who you are.
They know I know what to fight to.
Get in line!
You're till alive?
Never mind.
Get up! Get aside!
Wait. These are good men, brave and true.
Why are they not in paradise?
They haven't yet to be judged.
What have they done to death?
They certainly don't deserve this.
There is a curse to all
these creatures. Yours are creatures.
We are destined to walk the sand dunes
in the desert, for all eternity.
Move this guy!
- Are you a bettor?
- Man, I've never had a need.
Soon enough you'll belong to me.
You all eventually do.
But you have things to do,
places to go.
If you stuck to a thing,
watch out all these souls off.
So true, Sinbad.
Killing is a natural part
of the grand sand...
of life...
and time.
Curse is also part of this world.
But to take a life in an
unnatural manner and curse as well...
called a mighty flip.
Then suppose
I wait tell you this.
If I find that White Deev
and kill him,
you set these souls free, and
none of them must be done one thing.
And if you loose?
If I loose, I would take your place
and watch these men throughout eternity.
You most definitely loose.
Have the lee away, I win.
But be warned, Sinbad,
to be me is
to suffer most of all.
I have carried the weight of all the loss and
we are mastered walk-ins.
And you will do so
without end,
if you loose.
Are you still now put a wage in?
Go now!
Who are you?
While you think
this picture paints a thousand words,
- you won't need that either.
- You look like the Sultan.
You see what you wish to see.
Only what your might want to see.
Spirit becomes a part of you,
once you need it.
- A real genie?
- Yeah, ask you a servant.
Is it true genie grant
three wishes upon the release?
That what they say, but...
five hundred years ago,
a treacherous and evil man
sicced me to go inside that lamp...
after the beget, then...
as that wasn't bad enough,
he used his final wish...
to turn my power into a trap...
for the next unfortunate soul
that releases me.
He said that you next to release me could also could also have the three wishes,
but then he added a terrible condition:
That man must die before the first sunrise
on the day of my release.
So what do have to say now, Sinbad?
Then I shall not ask
the grant wishes, Great Genie.
I can not let you go without your
three wishes, Sinbad. You know that.
One of those wishes can not be
for me to spare your life.
I'm not looking forward to this.
To meet this day begin,
you're in my pledge.
Just to be absolutely clear,
not one wish can be used
to spare me from this deadly despair?
A wish can not be used to save you.
I'm truly sorry.
But there is a caller a genie must to pay.
So, wish now, Sinbad.
My first wish... shall be for you
to spare me from this deadly despair.
I thought I fully explained
this detail, Sinbad.
One of your wishes
can not be used to save you.
I previously stated!
What a waste!
Now only two wishes remained.
My second wish shall be
to be near Parisa.
See all!
You wish that. The power.
See all!
You have reached the power.
- And Parisa?
- Yes, beyond these doors.
I can only take you
as far as this entrance to the Deev there.
But what is the difference?
It's almost time for you
to say goodbye, anyway.
Yes, of course.
My third and final wish is...
that you spare me
from deadly despair.
Sinbad, you will now go to
the consequences of your... uh--
Excuse me for a moment.
It's a bit confusing.
Just one second, please, Sinbad.
Thank you.
Three wishes for the five hundred years.
Minus one, minus one...
Maybe, maybe not the whole twist.
Maybe, maybe--
Just one second more, please, Sinbad.
Thank you.
You need me to confused,
Great Genie.
You said one of my wishes can not be used
to spare me from deadly despair.
Go on!
You've never said that multiple wishes can not be used to save me from certain doom.
May Titan clashes
if you're not right!
Your wish is my command.
Thank you, Sinbad, for you have released
me from another prison.
My time is almost up here,
but before I give you farewell,
did you not wish for this?
But there is no book
that said giving a gift is bad.
Worthes for life.
The White Deev,
a powerful force.
Armies has not returned
from its clutches.
I'll kill you all over again.
Well, well, well,
It that be as you have
more wild than a cat.
Where is Parisa?
Before your sight, Sinbad.
To look there's aside.
I can make this beast change the be
with a single wave of my hand.
- Sinbad, is it really you?
- Everything is going to be all right.
Release her!
You're nonsense...
to demand.
What do you want?
It's not what I want,
but what to be.
Long ago, I asked a genie to grant
me my wish of unlimited power.
The genie tricked me.
And more, my power is limited to this island.
But there is a power to change.
In your day will dawn,
bring in with it a storm,
the spans of long.
A powerful soul as your will fire
the claymore to generates the other beloved,
but has the catalyst of my magic,
making it a thousand times more powerful!
You see, Sinbad?
You are the magic ingredient...
to this potion.
So Parisa was the bait
you use to get me here?
You threatened the life of
the woman I love.
My entire crew is gone.
Firooz who is like a sister to me, death.
Well, I know you think of
me as a bogeyman of evil.
Or maybe... I am a part of
the balance of nature, intended.
- It's not too late to stop this madness.
- Silence!
You have off chance now,
and one off chance only.
Surrender your soul to me;
otherwise, I will release the beast,
and your foe
and your life are here.
- I accept.
- No!
What will happen to him?
He even joins me...
or become my humble...
It's his choice.
I have two conditions.
One, Parisa go free, now.
Two, the city of Malek
must be left alone.
And only then,
would I pay my soul to you,
and maybe even join you.
You have my word.
Let's get it over with.
Take this...
and wear it around your neck.
And lay down your sword.
Why are you hesitating?
Choose now.
Richness, a fine ship, and your life.
A prey magic die wish.
- The choice is easy, your Majesty.
- The power!
I rather be trully dead
than live a long, long empty life without her.
The power is mine!
Oh! No!
There was another woman in your life
that you loved:
Your mother!
That's great!
That balloon, lets go!
Once again, the peril of evil
was unable to point out...
what is and always will be
the true ultimate power.
The power of the motivated heart.
Aah! Ah!
No-o-o-! Aah!
VictorR - 12/27/2014.