Sindhooram (1997) Movie Script

[Bhagwad Gita]
Whatever actions great persons perform,
common people follow them.
Whatever standards they set,
all the world pursues.
[Bomb blast]
"Shall we claim the ignorance of
the half a century as independence,"
"Shall we do golden jubilee
celebrations for the same?"
"Shall we claim this arnarchy of human
destruction as self-governance,"
"And salute it?"
"This is the gift which was brought
by cutting the birth of a peace bird "
"This blood filled scarlet"
"See the public who decorated you,
hey sacred mother India"
"Hey sacred mother India"
"Shall we claim the ignorance of
the half a century as independence,"
"Shall we do golden jubilee
celebrations for the same?"
"Shall we see the freedom of the
people who fight constantly?"
"Shall we call it self-governance?"
"By dividing in the name of caste"
"By creating rifts in the name of religion"
"They would undermine the people
by showing ridiculous differences"
"And make them lose their lives"
"By getting carried away in selfish pursuit of
narrow-mindedness ignoring the unity and safety"
"Why don't they realize the
truth that the nation is burning?"
"And why don't they come together
despite knowing the truth?"
"Why should someone fight
for that kind of people?"
"What do they need to achieve?"
"For whom and with whom
is this war and bloodshed?"
"It is the sad tale of the people who
forgot their responsibility of answering."
"And it is definitely a stray sad tale"
"Shall we claim the ignorance of
the half a century as independence,"
"Shall we do golden jubilee
celebrations for the same?"
"Shall we claim this arnarchy of human
destruction as self-governance,"
"And salute it?"
Shut up.
You idiot!
[Vehicle vrooming]
Bro, move that trunk.
I need to rest my feet.
Hey, tell him to speed up.
Or, you take up the wheel.
Bloody elections!
They are giving us nightmares.
They would bring no good
except giving us back ache.
Hey chief, if that's how you
feel being on a high rank,
Then, what about us?
You shouldn't be worried
because you are young.
Do you know how we were at your age?
Those days were different
when compared with present days.
What about you?
I think these are the first
elections under your service.
How is the experience?
There isn't much difference sir.
I used to give proxy votes
before joining the job.
And now, I am making others do that.
Speed up dude.
-Who issued driving licence to you?
-Hey, Subba Rao.
-I have been seeing you for a while, what's the hurry?
Whom are you going to present that toy?
Your wife?
Shut up dude.
Hell with your gags.
I am blessed with a baby girl. I couldn't
meet her because of this stupid election.
We have a tradition of naming
the baby on the 21st day; right?
So, I bought this toy for that occasion.
-You are blessed with a baby girl?
-You need to throw a party bro.
What would you name her?
-Nancharamma? What kind of a name is that?
-It is a latest one.
Didn't you find any better name?
Nancharamma is the name of my mother.
What would be a better
name other than my mother's?
I already knew that my mother would
be born again as my daughter, sir.
And she was born to just like I thought.
Morever, my wife used to tell
me that we would have a boy.
But I told her,
"That wouldn't be the case."
"My mother would be
reborn as our daughter."
And she was born just like I said.
As I didn't get much education,
I would make my Nancharamma as a doctor.
No matter how much it costs, I would
enrol her in a best degree in medicine.
You feel the name, Nancharamma amusing; right?
I don't bother if you laugh.
I didn't decide about this name today.
I considered it before I got married that
I should name my daughter as Nancharamma.
And it became true.
The name of my mother is Nancharamma.
[Truck door creaking]
[People crying]
[Camera clicking]
Move aside.
Come on, move it quickly.
[People crying]
[Camera clicking]
Move aside.
[People crying]
-You made us orphans. Oh God!
-Move aside.
He named his daughter as
Nancharamma with a lot of regard and love.
He left us without even seeing her.
Hey, what's this early morning nuisance?
-How many were dead?
-10 persons sir.
Do they need to do a big
fuss for such a small thing?
-What is your say on this?
-What action are you going to take?
This is injustice.
Killing these many police
brethren brutually is vey injustice.
As an administration minister of
this district, I condemn this act
I am questioning those terrorists
who blabber about principles,
What would they call this acta as?
This is a cowardly act.
I am feeling very anguished
by your agonized situation.
What can I do to bring these
dead brothers back to life?
-Oh God!
-Please, calm down.
As our government is
depriving the terrorists,
They have indulged in this fradulent
act due to their inabilty to counter us.
My dear police brothers,
there is no question of tolerance from now.
Let us bury those terrorists of our
state with stringent counter measures.
Shoot those terrorists on
sight and I am with you.
Is it to politicize our dead
bodies by arriving in AC cars,
after we get killed in
the forests like dogs?
Or is it that you want to ask
the families of these dead cops,
to live their entire life like dogs after
you throw a compensation of one lakh rupees?
Or is it to get your pictures on the newspapers
with those captivated terrorrists,
after we catch them by
almost getting killed?
Why do you want to cover us?
-Hey, Bulli Raju
-Sorry sir.
We are actually not getting killed for
saving people from the terrorists,
But for guarding a white
clothed-cheating bs like you.
Everything is a fradulent drama.
We are dying because of
your bloody politics.
We are dying one by one.
Even the people are getting a great topic
to chait-chat in order pass an entire day.
Bulli Raju, stop it.
Stop it.
-What is this?
-Stop. Let him speak.
Look dear, even I am deeply
anguished about what had happened.
If necessary, I will even talk to
my dad who is at central level,
and make them to file a
committee to investigate on this.
What committees would you file?
-Bloody committees!
-Shut up Bulli Raju!
Don't talk. Come on, move...
91, 92, 93, 94,
95, 96, 97...
Come on, run.
Run faster, I say
Oh no!
See, Bulli Raju,
you need to control your anger.
We need to have self control.
Our anger would kill the human inside us.
In our department, where the despicable
officers helped a criminal like Charles Shobraj,
Aren't sincere police officers like Vyas and
Kiran Bedi hail from the very department?
How can you forget that?
Everyone is not bad.
How can you accuse the entire system for
there are rogues like Chalapathi Rao in politics?
That is not fair,
Suppose if you think
what you said is right,
How could democracy sustain in
our country from the past 50 years,
When the systems have been changing
frequently in the neighbouring countries?
Tell me.
Bulliraju, our country needs
sincere police officers like you.
We need honest men like you.
But how can you do this when you get
angry? Public would get frightened; right?
Why will they come to you
and share their problems?
The public should lot at police
and feel that they have a support.
You must give them that confidence.
One final advice!
Anger itself is the enemy.
Do not forget.
When we believe that killing
the criminals and offenders,
Would bring welfare to
thousands of people,
We have been doing the same even
now after we make a discussion on it,
And also giving some warnings.
But presently,
in order to announce our strength,
and to deprive the police strength,
It is not a right thing to brutally kill
the innocent cops who wouldn't bug us.
I did not like our act.
They are also humans like us.
Chandra, why didn't you bother to
tell me when you were doing this?
Mr Gopal Reddy, why do you talk
like this? Are the police innocent?
They have been unfairly killing
many of our people in a brutal way.
They are killing innocent people for us.
Gone are those days when we used to bring
change by conducting rallies and meetings.
The answer for that is tit for a tat.
It is alright if some of us
even die in this war unknowingly.
Listening to you all these days, we used
to think of achieving it all in five years.
It is fifteen years now and
what have we achieved?
It is wrong Chandra.
A change does not come so fast.
This is a war from 1000 years.
It is not our policy,
to take revenge on police for losing
many of our people as said by you.
We are people thinking to
do something for the public.
In such a case,
public should fear seeing us.
Our war is for all the public to live
fearless, with equality and independent.
But, with such practices it is
a loss for us and nothing else.
Reddy Sir, you have grown old.
You are fearing for everything.
It is better for us all to
once sit and talk about you.
That means you do not need me.
Am I grown old?
Gopal Reddy sir, come.
[Gun shot]
Reddy sir! Hey!
[Gun shot]
I will come on the Sunday, baby!
I will bring dress and gifts for you, baby!
I will come on the Sunday, baby!
I will bring dress and gifts for you, baby!
-On Monday
-I will come baby
I will come on Monday, baby!
I will bring soap and powder for you, baby!
What Chanti, looks like you
got a new dress stitched?
Today is birthday of Chanti, dude.
-Good colour dude.
-Yes, right?
I got it stitched in Rajahmundry
and it costed a lot dude.
-How much for this?
-Why for you, bloody?
-Oh, have you seen it to Baby then?
-Oh no, Baby!
Hey Baby!
[Temple bell ringing]
[Temple bell sound]
-Move on dude
[Instrumental music]
"Hai dudes, she is like a guava"
"Hai dudes, she is like a guava"
"Which is sweetly
moving in front of our eyes"
"What a beauty with
beautiful shape and skin"
"What a beauty with
beautiful shape and skin"
"It would be great
if it becomes mine. Oh Gosh!"
"Hai dudes, she is like a guava"
"Hai dudes, she is like a guava"
"My mouth started to crave sweetly"
"What a beauty with
beautiful shape and skin"
"What a beauty with
beautiful shape and skin"
"It would be great
if it becomes mine. Oh Gosh!"
[Instrumental music]
"Like a beautiful tender
coconut leaf of Kona Seema"
"and a sacred Tulasi
plant in the sunrise"
"Like a marigold flower
grown in the backyard"
"and a mango pickle that
is tasted with curd rice"
"Like a cute doll
and Indian roller"
"Which is crossing the
shore of Godavari river"
"This girl seems like a
honey drop, rain drop"
"And the nose ring of the old lady"
"Hai dudes, she is like a guava"
"Hai dudes, she is like a guava"
[Instrumental music]
"Like Savitri from old Telugu movie"
"Like the light glowing in temple"
"Like the droplet on lotus leaf"
"And like a colourful rangoli
on the entrance of a home "
"Like a baby fish, moon"
"and a cute Jasmine bud"
-Hey stop dude!
-Oh my God!
"She is like a sugarcane crop,
a festival bonfire"
"and a doorstep
painted with turmeric powder"
"Hai dudes, she is like a guava"
"Hai dudes, she is like a guava"
"Which is sweetly
moving in front of our eyes"
"What a beauty with
beautiful shape and skin"
"What a beauty with
beautiful shape and skin"
"It would be great
if it becomes mine. Oh Gosh!"
"Hai dudes, she is like a guava"
"Hai dudes, she is like a guava"
Hey Police, throw a joker dude.
-What dudes playing cards?
-See dad, he is teasing me.
-Who, this Chanti?
-What is he saying son-in-law?
Nothing father in law.
As some idiot may tease her while going
to college, I am safeguarding daily.
She is misunderstanding that.
Throw this dude.
-Oh no, joker!
-Thank God, I got life.
-Oh no, joker!
- Thank God, I got life.
Thank God, Chanti is a good fellow baby.
You are misunderstanding.
-You bloody fellow.
-Baby, bring two coffee.
-Slipper would break.
-You bloody fellow.
-What is that? Send two coffee baby.
-Give it here bloody.
-It is mine.
-Every tom and Dick comes to play cards.
-It is mine.
Move aside, you bloody.
Every idiot gets ready.
Yes, we threw the joker down.
Hey, it seems Police
have killed Gopal Reddy.
They are saying it is an encounter.
-Who is Gopal Reddy?
Doing MA and donating
wealthy property to poor,
He risked his life and had done great deeds.
He is not of idiot batch like us to live
on the property of in laws.
-Yes! Burning trains pouring petrol,
-Avoid it
killing police by blasting,
collapsing the bridges,
stealing the guns
are all great good deeds.
You bloody fellow!
Playing cards with Khaki dress,
not going to station for other
than salary, taking bribes,
doing murders and rapes in Police Station,
running behind the cars of Ministers
-Not showing even show is over
-Shut your mouth.
-Show dude!
Come on take out the money.
Here are your cards.
-Not mine.
-Take, bloody.
Not your money, but that taken
from public, right? Come on give.
Hey foreign,
how much is yours?
-It is full meals dude.
-I see.
-Hey foreign, your mother in law.
-Oh no!
Take out the cards. What Bairagi,
why has the paper come so late today?
What, is this all the fear?
Do not give bloody show off.
Shut up dude.
How many ever dramas you play,
She will not give you the
property of your wife.
I too will see how she does not give it.
Till she gives relations between that
and this houses are cut.
-I got that wall built just for that.
-Leave the wall.
You built at your height so that
I cannot see my daughter.
Due to my bad fate, I gave my daughter
to you in marriage with wealthy properties.
But you gambled it all going for prestige,
and finally left her with
just her chain in neck.
Maybe you have been watching out for
the property my daughter would get if I die.
I will not die so soon. Stop that
over action and try to earn money.
What are you bloody?
You are grown up so big and
cannot earn even a single rupee.
Oh God!
Oh no, this bloody old lady
does not sit calm at all.
-Oh no, think leg is broken.
-Why all these at this age for you?
-You do not appoint a maid when said.
-Tumbler is gone.
Wait, I will bring it.
Move on.
She is grown old. Poor old lady.
-Bloody house, nothing is found in its place.
-No idea, where is it?
-What are you searching baby?
Your mom fell down and
I am going to apply balm.
- Grandma!
-Leg is just twisted.
-Wait Bairagi.
-Where are you hurt?
Being old, why do you not
just sit instead of all these?
-See now. Say where are you hurt.
-Oh no!
Instead of keeping a fight with my father
and getting troubled so,
Why do you not throw
that bloody land to him?
-Will you take it along when you die or what?
-Oh no!
Bloody! See Bairagi, how is she
talking without considering even the age.
Reporting to that fellow?
-What would you do bloody?
-Oh man!
What bloody? What is his age and your age?
It is our wish, we are friends
from childhood. What's for you?
Yes, it is happened so because
of interfering so in between.
You would say whatever as
my son is not in the village.
Yes, that dumb fellow is correct for you.
He is on roads leaving his mother behind.
He is not on roads,
but is in Police training.
Oh no, that one thing
is lesser for that face.
When is he coming from
Police training grandma?
[Water burbling]
[Launch whirring]
[People murmering]
Hey Bulliraju is here.
Start music idiots
-What Bairagi?
-Welcome to Bulliraju sir.
Hey, what is all this?
Why do you say that?
After so many years you alone have returned
becoming a Police from our waste batch.
-That is why we are garlanding you.
-No way.
Will you be calm and get this done?
Do not play crazy.
-I will kill if you garland me. No.
-Come on, take this.
-Catch him and do not leave him.
Don't lose him. Hold him
[People cheering]
What is this seven on
each side like small kids?
All fourteen on one side and I alone
on a side. Challenge!
Anybody with guts,
10 rupees is my bet.
What is 10 like a dame?
100 rupees bet.
Ok! Yours is a 100 and mine is 10.
It is a bet, ready.
[People cheering]
Pull him back,
come on pull.
[People cheering]
Come on Chanti,
Bloody get up!
[Fighting sounds]
Will you play false games?
I will kill you.
Hey Bulliraju, what is this?
Leave him.
Bairagi, do not stop me.
I will not leave this fellow.
You should play a game like a game.
Stop bloody.
-Leave him.
- I will not leave him, but kill him.
Hey bring both idly and Wada.
Just in inches, I lost a hundred rupees.
He ruined it like Mahatma Gandhi.
-Do we not know? It was a bet.
-Who is it?
-That Bulliraju fellow.
-Even that is for me.
You eat that first and
two varieties for you again.
It is ok, how did they give
Police job to that Bulliraju?
Why, should they not give?
They gave you and
why not for him?
-You are talking too much Chanti.
-So what?
What bloody? You eat here daily
and have you ever paid him?
-He will not take from me.
-My foot, you do not have the habit to pay.
Say a truth bloody.
Do you go daily to Police station?
Have you ever done the duty?
Do you know how is that, bloody?
-You bloody fellow, dress again for you.
- Oh no!
Hey, collect money from this fellow
today including my total old balance.
-Even that of next week too.
-Sorry Bairagi.
-No problem dude.
I was in anger and did so.
I do feel why all these for me.
But, cannot stay calm seeing
all that. I get angry.
-Why did you get wet so dear?
-Just before in Godavari.
Leave that.
Have a bath and come.
I will serve you food.
-You too stay back guys.
-Hey Sathi, why do eat the raw bloody!
-Good one.
Will that Chanti fellow not change?
Does he not have an idea to settle in life?
Hey, at least you people change.
Do not waste time roaming idle.
Even a second if wasted,
does not come back.
Bloody, I will beat you up.
-Do not play with me.
Whom is he scolding dudes?
Hey, instead of standing so why
do you not dry up these pieces?
We are already in confusion not knowing as
to whom he is scolding and added is you.
What are you doing?
Why are you peeping that side?
Do not mess so with me. Go and mess
at your Police station, bloody.
-What are seeing so, bloody?
-You bloody!
Stop baby!
You bloody rowdy!
-Hey Bulliraju!
Mom, please catch her.
Do not leave.
-Hey stop!
-Catch him tight.
Do not leave. Hey grandma, Ask your son
to roam in dress. He is so bad looking.
-I am unable to see him so.
-Oh no!
Ok, this gun is ok for us.
Oh my God!
Super gun!
[Imitating a soldier firing rounds]
-Do not laugh.
-Hey bloody.
I think you still do not know the
matter. I and your dad spoke it all.
Our marriage is on March 10.
Have you understood?
-Your teeth would fall out.
-No problem.
Maybe, you are thinking to
marry that Bulliraju. No way.
I and you should marry only me.
Never laugh again.
That is all and so much build up
for this? You move aside bloody.
Why do you not marry that Chanti
as thought by your father?
I will kill you bloody, if you give
dirty advises to marry Chanti.
No, not that dear.
I mean what is your feeling?
Shall I say it again? I will marry
only my maternal uncle.
Go on.
How can I? I need to know
what he is thinking, right?
-You need our help for that.
That is it, right?
We are too experts in this matter.
I had around 42 love affairs in those days.
-Why have you not married till now then?
-Shut up.
That was because I could
not say no to anyone.
But, is not so in your case.
I will easily get your marriage done.
We need to finalise matter
of Bulliraju first, move on.
-Bloody, catch the bowl properly.
-Faster, eyes are burning.
You do not listen when
I say to bath with shampoo.
You bathed all these
days with shampoo, right?
-It is good bathing with soap nuts.
-Are you having a head bath?
-No bloody, I am having food.
-Keep the head straight, bloody.
-You hold on mom.
Instead being troubled so,
why do you not appoint someone?
Who else would bath my son
if not me?
Why, will wife not do
if you get him married?
You are right.
Find a good match.
Why do you say good match again
with Baby beside the wall?
Yes, you marry Baby dear.
- No, it will not set with them for us.
Her dad may be an idiot, but she
is good. She does all works great.
She had made the pickle
day before and
What, had Baby prepared that pickle?
- Yes.
-What, has Baby made that soft
and tasty pickle? -Yes.
Hey Bairagi!
You are talking too much.
That was made by mom
and I know that.
Leave whoever did that,
but let us marry Baby.
-What, will you too marry?
-Mad fellow!
If you want, you marry. Do not play
dramas keeping her behind me.
Oh no, who is behind you?
There is none other the flower twig.
Tin full of powder she applied
is saying that she is behind me.
Have you identified so?
Do not mess with the Police,
you will be booked bloody.
Babe is great like the
tender coconut piece dude.
Yes dude! What baby,
how much are these tomatoes?
How much are these?
Leave that and say what is your rate?
What dudes?
Police fellow is worried there for men to
play cards and what are you doing here?
-We came to see the garden.
We came to see the garden.
-Have you seen?
-Leave now, then.
-We are leaving.
Will we stay back instead of leaving
or what? This bloody fellow in between.
Leave it, it costs 50 paisa again.
You leaving those making fun of you
and hitting me for eating two tomatoes,
You are great!
What Satyanarayana, how is
the health? Are you fine?
What is the news in the paper?
It seems Baby has given some dress to
stitch and she asked me to enquire.
Oh tomorrow?
Is your health keeping fine?
-Take butter milk Bairagi.
-Are you fine?
We are just living so.
Thank God, work I came for is done.
Need to search for lunch now.
What Laxmi,
you are not to be seen from four days?
I thought of coming myself,
but my maternal uncle has come.
I am too busy. I am trying a lot
to make that dumb face smile.
It is almost impossible for me.
His face would be good
even if he does not smile.
-Sorry madam.
-Ok, will you have a coffee?
No idea why but, I am forgetting
myself just by taking his name, Laxmi.
Ok, have you not found
any prince still? Hey, say the truth.
You naughty!
Wow, have you stitched so
fast? Wow, it is so good.
If I wear this and try my uncle
on my birthday, he would get flat.
Here is the money Baby.
-Is your father fine dear?
-Why, what happened to him?
-You shut your mouth.
I will take leave.
Naughty girl!
That is a donating hand
but not the accepting one.
They lived great once.
Her father Satyanarayana owned
around two to three hundred acres once.
He donated with one hand and
played cock fights with the other.
He finally left half an acre.
In that she is cultivating vegetables and
tailoring to run the house decently.
If someone asks me who is the best
girl in this surrounding area,
I would say name of Laxmi.
-Does that mean Baby is not a good girl?
-You shut your mouth.
That means,
am I not a good girl?
That is you are a naughty girl.
-Naughty girl means not a good girl, right?
-Don't trap me
Get up bloody!
[Rooster crows]
Ramudu, if he listens would say
to run even in the afternoon.
What again, bloody?
Hey, I am an elder man.
I pray you, leave me.
What to leave?
What about you, bloody?
You are a Police and you need exercise.
Why for us, you are killing
us early in the morning?
Not just Police,
but everybody needs to exercise.
We can achieve anything only
when the body is fit enough.
-No, we will not do.
-Move, move on.
-What about you?
-What? Will you hit even me?
-Move bloody.
-Oh no, he is really hit me.
Hey, they are killing Malli
by beating up. Move.
Why are you hitting him?
What has he done?
What has he done, debt!
He mortgaged this land to him
and did marriage of his sister.
No idea about his accounts, but he
equalised the debt with this land.
He is beating him to sign for
this fertile land, right sir?
Bloody, will we be silent
if he is beating?
Come on, we shall go and give a complaint
in the Police station and settle his matter.
What Bulliraju,
what is this Police Station newly?
-Nothing would happen there.
I will show you what a Police Station is.
Come, bloody fellow.
What bloody?
You maintain a gang following?
What is the report you give
on Narayana, bloody?
You revolt over Narayana, bloody?
Why are you not signing
when he is saying, bloody?
Who is in support here for you?
Sign, bloody.
Hey Bulliraju,
what is your relation with this Malli?
Is he any relative to you?
Look, you are still in the training period.
If you involve into unnecessary issues, you
would lose even the job to come. Take care.
-Get out bloody.
-Move on Bulliraju, why for us. Move.
See you sir. Put on the buttons.
Move on guys.
Why all this for us, move.
Why does he say how am I related?
Should only the people of the guy
getting hit ask? Should others not ask?
To say a mistake as wrong,
we need not be his relative.
Will we become a radical by questioning?
He is like a goon in dress,
but not like a Police.
That is why public lost respect
on the Police.
Hey, you would leave soon
to join in the job.
Why all these issues of village for you?
Do not speak nonsense. Police station
means the Government in reach of public.
We are paying taxes and
giving them salaries for us.
It is that they save us.
Public is shivering to get
into the Police station.
They are fearing to the Police.
We shall catch neck and question the Police
not working, but should not be frightened.
We heard many as such.
Once you get the dress on you,
would become double to him.
-Bairagi, do not speak nonsense.
-Uncle, sweet!
Get away bloody.
Oh no, today is her birthday.
She came with so much affection.
Oh no! Why do you show
the anger over Police on Baby?
Poor girl, you made her
cry on her birthday.
Go and say sorry.
Ok, his short temper is his beauty.
[Water burbling]
[Clearing throat]
I am sorry Baby.
I am really sorry.
You know Baby that I am short tempered.
Added you suddenly came when
we all were seriously talking,
And I could not control anger.
I am really sorry.
I brought this saree for your birthday.
I have been thinking to give from
the day before. But could not. Take.
[Instrumental music]
"This swinging heart does not stay calm"
"No idea what happened to me"
"This swinging heart does not stay calm"
"No idea what happened to me"
"I have been thinking this
would happen some day"
"I am into a trance as
it is happening today"
"He said something,
is it yes or a no?"
"My age says whether
to stop or to move on"
"Though it is a daily habit,
I feel shy today to look at him"
"His looks have some magic, did I get
to know this shyness all these days"
"If you say why fear by
listening to his foot steps"
"What to say, he made shivers
throughput the body"
"This swinging heart does not stay calm"
"No idea what happened to me"
[Instrumental music]
"Come on dear saree,
what happened to you today"
"What happened to this weight
all these days?"
"Who would say whether this is pleasure
or not as I am into a confusion?"
"I feel like saying him with a promise that
I cannot live if he is not seen"
"This swinging heart does not stay calm"
"No idea what happened to me"
"This swinging heart does not stay calm"
"No idea what happened to me"
I felt like killing him right there Sir.
That fellow is in uniform,
but is not behaving like a cop.
There is no dirty deed
that he has not done.
He files false cases on those who question
and beat up pushing into the lock up.
I am feeling ashamed to say that
I too am a cop seeing him, sir.
One way it is good for people like
SI Swamy to come in your way.
We teach you in the training as to
how a Police should be.
You should learn how you should not be,
seeing people like SI Swamy.
Does that mean you are
supporting that fellow?
-I am not supporting man.
-Sorry sir, I have not noticed.
That is alright. I am saying
about the situations.
Never again forget to put
the buttons on, ok? Come on.
[Movie playing]
What is this nuisance instead
of playing romantic movies?
You shut up. I came to see as it came
for free and why do you ask me.
What do I know?
[Movie playing]
Have you put on all the locks
properly to the house?
I have locked hubby.
Hey, move side.
Hey, play again from start.
-It is not possible sir.
-What Not possible, bloody?
-Not possible to play again sir.
What are you still talking to him dude?
Wait, I am talking to him.
[Movie playing]
[Movie screen burning]
[People panicking]
-What are you doing?
-What is this?
Please leave me.
I beg you please.
I bow to you.
I pray to you.
Hey Sattipandu, there is a meaning in
me and you fearing. What about him?
You have no family
and I have.
-That is why I did not join in Police job.
-You shut your mouth.
I beg you please.
Please leave me, no.
Where are the land papers?
Do not harm my husband.
I will bring them.
[Papers burning]
[People celebrating]
From now, all these lands are yours.
Start the work exactly in 15 days.
You have got no fear.
[People cheering]
[Woman weeping]
Oh no, Narayana! What happened?
What are these wounds?
Who hit you?
Come, we shall go to the Doctor.
Let us go and complain in
the Police station. Come.
Why do you say nothing, when
you are bleeding so much? Come.
Oh no!
Who are these to come into the village
with guns, give judgements and shoot?
What is this goondaism?
We have put a system like Police station
and court to settle when an issue happens.
Who are these to say no to a system
accepted by crores from 50 years?
500 Kgs of silver, 40 Kgs of gold and 700
pairs of sandals in the house of Ex-CM
Which did not happen from 10 years
roaming around police station and courts
is settled on road in
just 10 minutes.
Why do you say who are those?
Public are saying at least this much
of justice is coming as they exist.
Why do you too support them?
I do not understand,
why do public watch it like a movie?
Why does anyone not ask
what is this?
Getting up in the morning, eating,
roaming, sleeping and giving birth to kids.
Bloody, there is no other work
for the public.
He is started it again dude.
Not that Bairagi, I feel what
you did is wrong and kill you.
Will I become correct?
Tomorrow someone feel me wrong
and kill me. Will he become correct?
Is there no system at all?
If this killing continues,
no human but only corpses would
be left to do justice or injustice.
Why do you catch the
goons and say them great?
Ok, they are not great people.
According to you, we go and complain in
the Police station when such things happen.
That is our system. That means like we
reported in the morning to SI Swamy.
Gun was great dudes.
It was glittering.
I felt it like hairs of Baby
when I touched it dudes.
How had Narayana
tortured public all these days?
He shut his mouth all of a
sudden, when was shown a gun.
That is what is it power.
Whatever, but people like us
should at least have a gun.
I will play with everybody.
Yes dude, they sell foreign goods
in that lane of Rajahmundry right?
Will a good gun be available there?
We shall buy even if it costs a thousand.
-What to buy?
-How then?
Look for a Police,
beat him and pull away his gun.
I will push both of you in the lock up
if you do nuisance. Shut up and sleep.
We have just seen in there.
I feel it is better we
directly go to them and try.
Correct dude,
you be on that job.
[Imitating gun sound]
[People singing and bathing]
What dudes, is it already a
week that you are taking bath?
What, with a soap?
What dude? Shoes, stick and
this Gun on the shoulder?
Are you going to duty
by mistake or what dude?
SI is crying if I am not going
on duty for at least once a week.
Hey, do not ring the bell.
Do not take out the air.
Hey, do not take out the stick.
Oh no, my gun!
Hey, my gun dude!
Chanti, you look great dude.
Give my gun back,
I pray to you dude, give back
my gun. SI would scold me dude.
It would fire dude.
[Gun shot]
Bloody idiots, you broke my
good pot. To hell with you.
Curse your life.
Malarial infection as
he is new to the forest.
He needs to get habituated.
I injected him and no problem.
You need not worry.
Doctor Sir, many thanks for
the help you are doing to us.
What have I done for you?
I gave treatment as I am a Doctor.
Wait, I will bring the tablets.
Oh no!
You made them escape. How long
are you working in this group?
-I do not know anything.
-You do not know anything.
-Shall we go out in the fresh air?
-For what?
Let us just be back in 10 minutes.
We will go till the river shore and come back.
-Give a colour soda dude.
-Why is this fellow taking the Doctor?
What is he taking him for?
I have some doubt.
[Camera shutter sound]
Doctor Sir,
Please say the truth. How long
are you working in this group?
I do not know anything about
all these groups, Inspector sir.
-Oh no, mother promise!
-I really do not know anything.
I am living by running a small
hospital. Do not harm me.
I have kids, please leave me.
Please do not harm me.
Ok, you do not know
anything. I need to leave you.
Ok, I left you. Go!
You need to go by running.
Go away Doctor Sir.
Go before my mood changes.
Faster, your wife and kids
would be waiting at home.
Run! Go,
come on run.
[Gun shot]
Famous terrorist Doctor Sekhar
killed in encounter.
Doctor Sekhar of
Gajulapalem village died,
in the encounter taken
place yesterday evening.
Local SI Swamy informed that he had
links with terrorists from a long time.
He said to have been
with an information,
that terrorists are meeting
up in Doludandi forest,
and they started to fire once
they reached there.
He informed that a terrorist died in
the firing for self-protection and
the rest have escaped into the darkness.
They identified the dead
terrorist as Doctor Sekhar.
SI Swamy informed that he is a main
member of the terrorist group and
to have taken heavy load of guns and
ammunition at the place of encounter.
I will not believe.
It is on the whole, a lie,
made up story and a cooked up one.
All this is the drama being
played by bloody SI Swamy.
He took Doctor from the hospital,
killed him and is saying story.
What is he a terrorist? He thinks thrice
even when asked for an injection.
I will not believe.
Hey Bairagi,
who is Doctor Sekhar?
The day when you were about to die
after drinking adultered arrack,
and total village thought you would be dead,
The man who gave you medicine and
saved you is this, you bloody fellow.
What are you still here? You heard
it all, right? Come on start now.
Go and look into your works.
Story is over.
-Great Doctor!
-A Godly man!
Though he had a chance to go abroad
and earn a lot of money,
He came to this village
to uplift the people.
So he had set up a hospital in
this village and treated freely.
He also used to give money to the labourers.
Swamy idiot has cruelly shot and killed that
great Doctor helpful to the public.
Bloody rascal!
Oh no!
Why are you not coming
even after repeatedly asking?
We bought a luxurious house in Rajahmundry.
You can stay along with your parents.
Will you come?
What dude?
I, he and that fellow keep coming
on alternate days for fun. Ok?
Decide and say something by evening.
[Fighting sounds]
Hey, Chanti is hitting.
Come on dudes.
[Fighting sounds]
Chanti is killing us. He is beating us.
Come on dudes.
Drown him.
Come on, drown him.
[Fighting sounds]
I will kill,
if you look at that girl again.
Hai re hai, she is like a guava fruit!
Is Baby in?
Oh no, is Baby in?
Is Baby there?
No, you do not know English right?
Turmeric has gone high,
bring it down and you look great.
[People singing]
What Laxmi, why are you standing alone?
What happened to Venkata Laxmi?
-May be she gave her heart.
-You shut your mouth.
Always talking nonsense.
[Temple bell rings]
[Rooster crows]
[Door opens]
You do Rangoli great.
Why do you not keep another coconut?
What happened?
Hey dear, bring some feed for that hen.
They are starving.
Hey son in law, I had yesterday
been to Rajahmundry Doctor.
He said handicapped kids would be born
by getting marriages done in the family.
I was frightened.
We think many during childhood.
Is there any rule that
all those need to happen?
Nothing so.
I understood recently that my daughter
would be happy with a better match.
So, after this no moon day who else would
I find better than you for my daughter?
You are correct.
I will give her to you in marriage and
you can come to my house itself.
-We both can then enjoy together.
-Yes, we shall.
What have you left behind to enjoy?
When two waste fellows get
together is again a waste.
You came to my house and emptied it and
he would come now and clean it.
As I ruined my daughter getting married
to you now you are doing with him.
Get down, you bloody idiot.
Looking like an owl bloody.
Are you planning to ruin life of her?
Listen, do not play crazy.
I will get your daughter
married only to my son.
If there is a difference coming in this,
I will see your end.
Bloody fellow,
who else can be waste than you.
Son in law, you do not be tensed.
[Sound of peeling coconut]
-Catch properly Bulliraju.
-Why are you looking so?
How much is the rate of coconut?
Danger is coming there and are you
happily counting coconuts here?
What, has your father seen
a match again for marriage?
Get married, one tension will be gone.
Hey, what happened? I just said for fun
and that is it. And you so
Baby, your dad fixed the
match for you and me.
I do not like you speak so with all
Tom, Dick and Harry. Move.
I will break your teeth, speaking crazy.
What to break, move on to the house.
[Fighting sounds]
[Fighting sounds]
Hey Chanti, stop!
Hey Bulliraju, stop.
Stop dude.
Bloody, I will kill you
If you mess with Baby again.
Baby is my would be wife.
I will peel your skin if you see her again.
[Thunder rumbling]
Calling from Gajulapalem station.
Yes, Gajulapalem station reporting.
Total district knows about Biryani
of Ajanta. What do you know bloody?
Hey, who are you bloody?
I came from the neighbouring village sir.
I came to buy cattle
in the market tomorrow.
It is night now
and I have money with me.
I do not know anyone here sir.
For the night..
-You want to sleep?
Go and sleep there in the Veranda.
[Nightfall sound]
Hey, what is this?
Why have you come so?
Do you have any work?
Why is she not talking?
Hey, go home.
If you do not like going
that way, go this side.
No idea, where is this bloody Bairagi.
Has sister slept?
Oh no, what happened to her?
What is this, printed upside down?
Oh no!
Will you drink water?
They taste good.
Will you leave or not?
Hey Baby, please leave.
Please leave. I beg you.
I am tensed dear.
Bulliraju, hey Bulliraju!
[Door opens]
Hey, SI has asked to bring you.
Bloody, what is your problem?
Fighting with everyone and hitting each
other on roads, do you think as heroes?
Still, what is this fighting for a girl
instead of happily enjoying?
Shut up
and talk properly.
-What to talk straight bloody?
-You rascal.
Why are you hitting? You have
no right to hit even the criminal.
I have been seeing from
the day I came here.
I will have to report on you and
your deeds here to the higher officials.
[Officers chuckling]
Oh no, it seems he would
report to higher officials.
What is the report you would
give, bloody? What is that?
-On whom would you report?
-Hey bloody!
Leave bloody.
Hey, stop dudes.
Stop you bloody without any sense.
What is all this?
Who do you think he is?
Sir, be seated.
-Sir, no anger please.
-You bloody!
I beg you, please be seated sir.
Keep even that left leg sir.
Sir, be seated.
Hey, you too be seated.
Here, have it sir.
Bloody, I will kill if you attack him.
Who do you think he is?
He is a kind man.
Have it sir.
I am a fatherly person sir. Please.
I know about your kind heart,
but those idiots do not know sir.
They are fools sir.
I will tell them sir,
you do not show anger on them.
Please do not harm them sir.
This village has bettered a lot
after you came here sir.
We always speak about you sir.
Please have this sir.
Please leave them sir.
Sir, did they pour drink?
Please have it. I have mixed soda.
Hey come on move.
See you sir.
Move on dudes,
see you sir.
Move on bloody.
What are you bloody wearing his dress.
Careful sir. See you sir.
Move on bloody.
See you sir.
The Police selection
method itself has a mistake.
They are just seeing for height,
chest, eye sight and physical fitness.
But nobody is seeing the character.
A Police need the character in real.
The zeal to help the public and
a respect over the humans.
Where are these? Not just the
Police, but every department is so.
Has at least one has the feel
to do his duty perfectly?
They have been eating up the country in
wrong ways, but none has the responsibility.
Oh my God,
what are these meetings in the midnight?
Tomorrow is the Bhogi festival and
think where to light the fires.
[Phone ringing]
[People groaning]
-Bloody, he escaped.
-He still is left with life in fate.
Bloody fellow, we shall see
how he escapes the next time.
We will see the right time and
kill him. Hey, catch this.
See you, today is the festival and
I need to take head bath.
Hey Raghava, they are total 16.
See inside, there may be
still bombs inactive.
I was saved very luckily sir.
I had been to Devipatnam in
the night to attend a theft case.
To his house and it happened so, by then.
I have an information that few in this
village have links with the Terrorists.
This is their deed.
If you give me permission,
[People singing a folk song]
[Instrumental music]
"What a difficulty has come to
this sensitive baby, my God?"
"We need to take care of Baby,
what evil sight fell on her?"
"She is into sweating with this work"
"Those cheeks have become like fire drops"
"She is into sweating with this work"
"Those cheeks have become like fire drops"
[Instrumental music]
"Here is the old cot, I brought it
and this will burn great"
"Cards said to play and enjoy dear"
"This bloody cock is getting ready to fight"
"Hey my Dove, how cute
are you even in anger?"
"I will not be flat saying such sweet words"
"My uncle would see your end
if you do not stop that"
"Oh my God, see her mischief"
"She is been teasing me,
though is mine"
"For this beautiful song"
"Smile and join the chorus"
[Instrumental music]
"Whatever we object, these soap nut
shower is still giving us jitters"
"What is that bloody
sleep like a dumb fellow?"
"Drive away this chilling
cold and let sweat come"
"This looks great,
come on celebrate this"
"Sweets being cooked in all houses is good"
"But we would not get
any non-vegetarian anywhere"
"Sankranthi festival has come
and brought celebrations"
"Sacred ox has come home and pray to it"
"Look big festival is come to
the houses of Telugu people"
"Look it is brought a new day
into the houses of happiness"
"Sankranthi festival has come
and brought celebrations"
"Sacred ox has come home and pray to it"
"Sankranthi festival has come
and brought celebrations"
"Sacred ox has come home and pray to it"
[Police charging]
Hey, come on bloody.
Hey leave me.
Why are you taking that fellow?
What to say you bloody?
Push even this fellow.
Stop bloody, leave.
-My son!
-Do not be tensed.
-You go inside. Go in.
Be careful, I will be to the police
station and enquire the matter.
Why have you brought here,
instead of taking to the Police station?
Keep him there so and
we shall him later.
Hey, do not harm Sattipandu.
He does not know anything.
how many are you?
What how many?
I do not know anything.
-How many are you?
-Said you, right sir?
Bloody, who has kept the bomb?
Say bloody.
-Say bloody.
Tell bloody.
What do you think bloody, you put bombs?
Hey bloody fellow!
Who is your leader?
Tell bloody.
[Screaming in pain]
You bloody rascal.
Bloody, you put bomb in
Police station itself?
Yes bloody.
We put the bombs and killed the Police.
do not say lies.
We actually put the bombs to kill you.
But you escaped bloody.
If not today,
we will kill you later for sure.
-Why, will you kill?
-He is a mad guy. Leave him.
If needed, book a case.
Inspector, no. Do not shoot.
Please. I beg you, please no.
Hey Sattipandu!
Inspector, no!
[Gun shot]
Hey bloody!
Leave me.
Bloody Swamy!
[Fighting sounds]
Come on, pull him.
[Gun shot]
What are you looking at?
Come and pull him.
[Gun shot]
[Gun shot]
[Gun shot]
Run away. Go!
[Gun fire]
Oh no!
[Gun fire]
Come fast.
[Gun fire]
[Moped moving]
Stop Chandra, I am Bairagi.
He is our guy.
He killed Inspector Swamy.
I brought him.
Bairagi! You are...
Yes, I am also a...
Te... Terrorist...
No! Oh God!
Bulliraju, have tea.
MBBS Doctor, he did Government
service for 2 years and came here,
unable bear the corruption there.
Chandra is a Gold Medallist from Warangal
Engineering College. All these people...
where are you going?
I understood it all. I have
no belief in you and am leaving.
I will join in Police job once
I get the posting.
-What, I have not killed SI Swamy.
It just happened accidentally.
I have not killed him.
"Gajulapalem SI shot dead, cruelty
of terrorist in the face of Police"
[Police drill]
-Why are you given these jobs?
-He has started. Come later.
Is it to just wear uniforms and
take salaries on the 1st?
Do you know what is happening?
Have they not blasted landmine
day before and killed Police?
Yesterday, have they not blasted
the Police station?
Have they not
killed the SI today?
I feel ashamed for all these to be happening
in the district, I am an in-charge.
I am frightened to even go to that village.
You know that all our
properties are in that village.
Though my father is at centre and I am
in state, they put flags in my land too.
We have sat silently unable
to do anything.
-What happened about appointing a special officer?
-May I come in?
-Are you the special officer?
-Sincere officer!
-You stay calm.
How are you Prasad?
In his district and mainly in the
forest area, law and order is gone vanished.
Terrorists are almost running
a parallel Government.
There is no safety to the lives of
Police going to that district.
They are killing everyone
coming into their reach.
Killing an SI in front of 100 Police
and escaped means, it is a shame.
This is an open challenge
for our department.
Thus I am giving you this responsibility.
I do not know what you would do,
But terrorism should not be
there in this district. Ok?
-You can go.
It seems that Bulliraju killing SI
is our Police trainee, right?
A Police?
[Police vehicles moving]
[Police drill]
They are killing our fellow Police
cruelly and without any mercy.
They are blasting all the
vans fixing landmines.
They are cutting hands and legs
saying innocent people as informers.
They are not even considering women and
kids to burn trains and blast the bridges.
They have almost taken
1000 lives in just one year.
A thousand people.
They have been blinded by ignorance
where they don't know their purpose,
And getting away killing
people like animals.
These cruel acts should not take
place in the future from now.
We are not sitting here
without any courage.
Let us shut the mouths saying
Police job is just for living.
Let us show the power of this dress to them.
Anyone doubtfully seen,
push them in immediately.
Whatever happens later,
I will take care of that. Ok?
One thing. Public is not for us,
but we are here for the public.
We shall give them the confidence
that they have the Police security.
No matter whoever the terrorist is,
We should make them get no shelter or
not even a food grain in these villages.
I shall pamper your cheek, oh my cute dear
My dear moon from the stars,
-Pamper my cheeks
-Police attack, run
Raju and everyone, come here.
You go that side, Venkat go this side
and we cover from the back.
Come on,
let us move.
No, Police may have come for me.
I do not like you killing
each other in between.
you are not understanding the real problem.
They brutally killed Sattipandu.
We will not leave them at any situation.
The SI killing Sattipandu is dead, right?
Killing the Police in no way
related to that now is not justified.
Is it not so, killing our men
on the name of encounter?
Police have taken your mother.
Killing a Police officer is
not any small crime.
We have orders even to shoot at sight.
Ask Bulliraju to
surrender immediately.
At least he would be left alive.
I do not know where he is.
He did not come to me.
Do not say so.
I will not believe.
Your stubbornness may become
the reason for his death.
Only I in this world can help him.
Think about this.
For hiding a criminal,
Do not push me into a situation
where I would take action you.
Please tell.
Where is Bulliraju?
Looks like they are all behind.
Hey, silence.
Greetings sir.
You should not go
anywhere leaving this village.
I know Bulliraju very well.
But have not thought that
he would cheat even me.
I liked him a lot thinking is good,
sincere guy
and would do something for public.
I thought he would someday
become a good Police officer.
But, it has not happened so.
Joining hands with Terrorists,
he joined in Police training
to act and know our secrets.
He cheated us, no he cheated me.
He killed a Police officer.
I will not spare him.
I will not leave that guy.
Whatever information you get about him,
you should immediately come and inform me.
[Door opens]
[Shutting doors]
Bulliraju, open up! Open, I say.
I know that you are in.
Open up, I say.
[Gun fire]
Stop, do not shoot.
Don't shoot, I say.
[Gun fire continues]
-Stop! Don't shoot.
[Gun fire]
[Gun fire]
Take positions.
[People fleeing]
[Gun fire]
[Gun fire]
[Little girl crying]
Oh no, kid!
Kid! Don't shoot.
Stop, stop firing.
[Gun fire]
Kid is there, don't shoot.
Warning! Hands up, Bulliraju!
I am warning you.
-Shut up.
Come on,
What happened to them, no sound?
Oh no, I do not know anything.
Leave me.
Shut up.
I know this fellow.
[Camera shutter sound]
Oh God, what has happened?
How do I live now without you?
Oh God!
What happened to you that
you killed my husband?
Do you not have wife and kids?
May your wife become a widow!
You did injustice to me and my kid.
Do you not have sisters?
Is this what you do? You both
fighting have taken life of my husband.
I curse you should be ruined.
-Hey stop!
-Press sir.
Sir, how many from Police
and terrorists have died?
Bloody, ask how many
humans have died.
Not how many Police and terrorists,
but ask how many humans have died.
Do you not have any humanity in you?
Please do not run business
on the corpses.
No problem even if your press and media
does not better society, but do not ruin it.
Please do not put fire in public
with your crazy writings. Please!
[Forest sounds]
Chanti is too crazy about guns.
He feels roaming like vagabond,
betting and holding guns is heroism.
Do not let him be here, Chandra.
No Bulliraju,
there is a fire in him.
I have seen him courageously opposing
SI Swamy that day in the station.
Yes! Today, he saved that kid risking
his life. What more is needed?
[Gun shot]
If he can be prepared,
can be very helpful for the public.
Chandra, my life is anyways ruined.
Do not pull him into this.
He does not know anything.
He is an innocent guy.
Not just him Bulliraju,
all the public are innocent.
Our country is said to have got
independence and it is 50 years now.
what has happened good?
We have a fertile land which
no other nation has in the world.
But, how many are having
stomach full food?
Almost 50 out of 100 have
no food at all, hunger!
Crores of unemployed are circling
around the employment offices.
Almost 60 crore people in our country
have no education. Do you know?
No proper medical facilities,
no house to live for many.
The rich and strong have
been looting the poor.
The one who ploughs has
no right on the land.
The one growing crop has
no right on it.
The one working has no right on the factory.
Anywhere seen is this looting.
None to question what is this.
Even if someone asks, it is again
Police stations and an encounter.
You have seen yourself as to what
happened to Doctor and Sattipandu.
They shot them down just like that.
It is all rotten boss,
bloody crap!
How long should this go?
A stop should be put for this somewhere.
Someone should strongly
question about all this.
It is not required whether it is you,
I or Chanti?
One must fight.
-Bairagi, what happened?
-What happened?
What happened? I used to say would
say name of Laxmi when someone asks
for a good girl in the
surrounding villages here,
I do not know whether you kicked and
saved her for putting hands on her
or just showed your heroism.
you forgot to break their hands and limbs.
With the anger over you,
the day before night!
[People screaming]
Oh no!
Save us.
[Woman screaming]
-Where can those idiots be found now?
-I know.
Move, move aside.
-Baby, have you bought the doll?
-Why do you push?
It is good, do you want bangles?
No problem, take. I will pay the money.
Hey, move aside.
[Fighting sounds]
Chanti, stop.
Are they the guys?
If you have the revenge
and guts, go and show it.
Laxmi, they burnt your house in front of
your eyes and burnt your parents in that.
They tortured you very cruelly.
Laxmi, do not leave them.
Nobody should face such a situation.
They should never again at any lady.
Come on Laxmi, go.
Kill them.
Hit them Laxmi. Go.
[Fighting sounds]
Nobody else should a situation like you.
Laxmi, kill them.
Kill them.
Such people should not live.
Do not leave them Laxmi.
Come on, kill them.
Hit them Laxmi.
No, please leave us.
Laxmi, stay calm.
Oh no!
[Gun fire]
Bulliraju, I like you very
much from childhood dude.
I used to try a lot to be like you.
But as I could not work hard
and had none to advise me,
I became a waste and
you moved forward.
I used to get great anger.
With that frustration I used to
fight with you always.
Matter of Baby too is the same. I know
how much Baby likes you from childhood.
I even know that you both
would get married.
I used to be behind Baby just to tease you.
But, I have nothing else on Baby dude.
I am crazy about guns, but I have
not come here for them, but for you.
I could not be in the village after
knowing about what happened to you.
I felt to be with you.
It does not make much difference
either I stay here or in the village.
I will be here and with you only.
"The awakening song has called you dear"
"The refreshing dance has
asked to come dancing"
"Hey Bairagi, do not stop this
josh today and start the beat"
"Let this beat resound in all
the villages to make sound"
?Forget about troubles and
tears, they keep coming"
?We can do anything if a smile is with us?
?Will some loot everything like vultures?
?and say Jai Hind??
?Will the public like kids bear this?
?and think as their fate??
?If they torture to make life unbearable?
?If cruelty closes the path and hunts us?
?Getting frustrated will even
the kid turn into a tiger??
?Hey, small raindrop itself
would become a cyclone?
This fire ball of today would
become a raging fire
?As it becomes dark,?
?Should the world go and
ask the Sun to come??
?As the sin is grown big?
?Should society ask for
our help to save them??
?If there is a revolting fire in the eyes?
?If a raging fire is born in the heart?
?Will everyone with boiling
blood not become the Sun??
?Why should I care if
someones house is on fire??
?It is your duty to move the sleeping one"
"Death would come tomorrow if
not today and we cannot escape it"
"Life is in our hands and will
listen to us by leaving out fear"
[Gun fire]
[Gun fire]
[Gun fire]
By forming into a group of cowards,
Will the public like kids bear
this and think as their fate?
They should not think so.
-No! Do not cry.
We shall do anything for the public.
We shall uplift people.
We shall uplift youngsters. Do something
Jai Hind!
[People sobbing]
[Forest sounds]
I am not the leader.
All are equal here.
Let us all together
think and take decisions.
Each of us should feel those as
our own responsibilities.
It is corruption, injustice, crime and
political cheating everywhere.
Our war from now would be on those.
But there will not be
burning trains and busses,
blasting bridges and
killing Police from now.
We need to take the life of opposite
only when it is unavoidable.
All the public should live in peace,
happiness and freedom.
We need to safeguard the rights of public.
That is our policy.
[Gun shot]
[Forest sounds]
[Destructing storage of illegal arrack]
For playing with families by
drowning the innocent into seduction,
This is the punishment like you
people preparing infiltrated arrack.
I will not collect false interests sir.
[Gun shot]
[Police charging]
[Children cheering]
You should be happy,
you gave back our kids.
I will never touch girls,
please leave me.
Girls are very valuable.
They came behind you leaving their
parents who grew them for 20 years.
Take good care of them. If something
happens to them, I will punish you.
Hail Bulliraju!
Sir, I beg you. Please leave me.
Due to the arrogance of
your brother being local MLA
For stealing the forest property
snatching it away from the tribal people,
This is the punishment for you.
[Gun shot]
Brother would be back, mom.
Please have this.
You are starving from two days,
take at least this mom.
-A, B, C, D, E,
-Keep the finger here and hand up there.
Bloody, what is that?
-You bloody fellow.
Do not beat me,
I will not take bribes.
Laxmi, have food.
I will watch for some time.
Tribal girls hostel, Chintalapalli
Someone has come.
Do not harm me, do not kill me.
I was wrong sir. I will never again
do such things.
Please leave me sir.
You are doing business with orphan girls.
This is our punishment to
hostel wardens like you.
[Gun shot]
[Burning sound]
"The courage not to bear injustice?
"The courage to burn the cruelty"
"Shall it be hiding in
forest like a wild animal?"
"Should it move avoiding the light?"
"Army that fights the enemy"
"Duty to safeguard the peace"
"Shall it march in the process of
saving the warriors of its breed?"
"Should they die in the
hands of the naxals?"
"Giving their courage to forest and
their loyalty to law"
"When the society is standing like
a statue looking at the injustice"
"This flower wet with
blood of walking corpses"
"this evening sindhoor"
"Which way would it lead,
towards morning or the darkness?"
"Hey confused India!"
"Shall we claim the ignorance of
half a century as independence"
"Shall we do golden jubilee
celebrations for the same?"
"Shall we claim this arnarchy of human
destruction as self-governance,"
Lay down!
Exactly at 3:30,
you and Abdullah and you from behind.
Food is here.
Thank God, it is been two days
since we ate.
Come Laxmi, we shall eat.
Hey Doctor, come. Food is here.
Oh no, it would be so in the start and
tastes good once habituated.
It is a good food, have it dude.
I do not want it dude.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven
[Gun fire]
Laxmi good shot. Fire!
Hey fatty, do not eat bullet
saying to be hungry.
Enough dude,
from the morning!
We are getting bored and
will not practice anymore now.
-Down, down
Peace now.
-What bloody?
-Can we go for swimming?
Yes, he has smiled.
[People cheering]
I remember my mom dudes.
I do not even have father.
I too am feeling like to see my sister.
I thought of getting her married
this year itself.
But, to go there I fear about the Police.
It seems, they have already
come onto my house twice.
Come on dudes, get up.
Get up, we will play Kabaddi.
Hey Ramarao, you draw the arena.
Hey Raghava, yours is a team
and mine is the other. Ok?
Come on dudes, we are
not able to hold him.
Catch him tight, do not leave him.
Catch him, fast.
[Gun shot]
[Gun fire]
-Oh no, it is paining.
-Hey Raju!
-Raju, what happened?
Raju, what happened?
Venkat, what exactly happened?
Why did he die?
Looks like some poisonous insect bit him.
Police are combing the total forest
for us.
We lost Imran and Raghava
being irresponsible.
We need to be very careful from now.
We shall never do such mistakes again...
[Gun fire]
Chanti, bring that. Take good care of him.
Hold him carefully.
Mom has none and even father is
not there. Do something for mom.
Do not tell my mom about my death.
[Wind sound]
Abdulla, do not drink the water.
No Abdulla.
Abdulla, what happened?
Police have mixed poison in the water.
[Temple bells ringing]
Bulliraju has completely mixed with them.
There is no chance that
he would come back.
Even if he comes back,
Police will not be calm.
We cannot do anything else
than to pray for his safety.
I used to be so just to tease Bulliraju,
But I never had intention
to get Baby married outside.
It is happened so now.
What can we do?
How many days can we hold
the girl in the age of marriage?
Thus for good or bad, I finalised
marriage of Baby with Bose of Rayudu.
Getting married to him,
our girl will be in front of our eyes.
Added, he would take good care
of her.
Imran the day before, then Ramarao,
Rajkumar, Abdulla and Raghava
One is dying every day like this.
I am frightened brother.
Not that dude, we came
being prepared for everything.
How if you get frightened so, now?
-What Baby?
-Father has finalised my marriage.
He is saying a lot about you and
I am not understanding anything.
I like you very much from childhood.
Marriage with another is not possible.
Laxmi is here, right?
I too will stay here with you.
Baby, nobody knows what
would happen here anytime.
There is no guarantee on life.
You know, I do not know
when would I die.
Still if you say to be here,
you are a burden to all of us.
You will become a blockage.
In such conditions,
if something happens to you...
Still, I never said to marry you.
Do not lie. I will not believe.
Shut up and get married to
the one your father says.
That is good for you.
"Hey dear"
"My beloved!"
[Instrumental music]
"Hey dear"
"My beloved"
"Dreams in my eyes are yours"
"Beats of me heart are yours"
"In your breath"
"My precious life is swinging"
"My dear"
"Hey dear, my beloved"
"Dreams in my eyes are yours"
"Beats of me heart are yours"
"In your breath"
"My precious life is swinging"
"My dear"
[Instrumental music]
"I never had loneliness"
"When I had your thoughts with me"
"The blowing breeze became your thought"
"And touching me"
"Will the separation feel bad"
"Saying cannot hide you"
"My dear"
"Are you a thought or a truth?"
"Do you at least know, dear love?"
"Whatever I love you"
"Whatever you do and even
if you cut my heart"
"Is it justified to love you,"
"Or a crime?"
"Hey dear"
"My beloved"
"Dreams in my eyes are yours"
"Beats of me heart are yours"
"In your breath"
"My precious life is swinging"
"My dear"
[Wedding music]
"If he is not seen"
"Life says cannot stand"
"I feel to promise"
"I feel like telling him"
What happened?
I like Baby very much Bairagi.
Thus as she cannot bear and feeling what
would happen if she stays here I said no.
Mad girl, she died for me.
I thought to become a sincere Police.
I thought of marrying Baby and
take good care of mom and sister.
But what happened now?
I am becoming a demon day by day.
I am killing humans. Violence!
What I used to fight was not correct,
I came and fell into that.
I am doing the same.
By seeing each and every death I
feel what I am doing is not correct.
But, I do not see any other way.
Ok, when are the guns coming?
I have already said you day before, right?
Why do you not speak up?
[Forest sounds]
[Vehicle arriving]
Greetings bro!
How are you? How is the business?
How is your second wife?
I will give you money dude.
Come on smile. Have you forgotten it in
Rajasthan or what?
Come on smile. Smil...
[Gun fire]
Hey Bulliraju, they arrested Bairagi.
They are hitting him in the station.
He is totally bleeding and
I fear he may die.
[Unlocks door]
[Door creaking]
[Foot steps]
[Wooden stool creaking]
Bairagi! Hey Bairagi!
I feel pity seeing you.
Why all this?
Say where is Bulliraju?
He is a God for 30 villages.
Where would you search for?
Whom would you catch?
After he caught the gun, there are
no powers of landlords,
no bribes and no injustice
from the officers.
No insults for ladies, no false pro-notes,
no wrong interests and no Police cruelty.
He made lands given to the ones
ploughing and hiked the labour charges.
-He is doing all your Government should have done.
-Shut up.
Just shut up.
Who are you bloody, to do all those?
There is a Government elected
by public for that.
Government elected by the public!
Elections in our country always
happen for three things.
Religion, caste
and money!
He, whose caste is dominant in
an area will be given the ticket.
He, whose religion people are more
will be made the candidate.
He, who can throw money and
win is made the contestant.
If some seat is vacated,
either his wife,
daughter or son is given the chance.
That is for the
sympathy votes.
This is the election process in
our country, my dear Police.
How many really qualified are being elected?
When the public to ask all these are voting
standing in queues, what for you in between?
How many are casting their votes?
How many are the false, rigged,
influenced by arrack and
bought by money from the polled votes?
How many are the votes of the winner
after shared by all the rest?
They are 10 out of 100 and winning so
are forming the Governments.
When such fellows are forming rules,
you are protecting those.
Tell the name of one leader who can
come into public without a gun.
But you too are hiding in the forest
with same guns, right?
Why do you not come into the public?
[Children cheering]
Hail Chalapathi Rao!
Come on, bring it.
[Camera shutter sound]
Hey, get away bloody.
Has the video come?
-Yes sir.
-Go and look into that.
-Come on move.
-You go on.
Hail Minister Sir!
Hail to the saviour of womankind!
[People canvassing]
[Camera shutter sound]
[Vehicles arriving]
[Gun shot]
-What is that sound?
[People panicking]
[Camera shutter sound]
[Vehicles leaving]
What is your entire Police department
doing? Are you sitting idle?
When they kidnapped a Minister in daytime,
we understand how waste are you?
We are spending crores of
public money on you.
When there is no safety for VIPs like us,
what about the common public?
I do not understand, is it the special
Police gone to catch them or waste fellows?
-You bloody!
-Prasad! Please.
Leave all this, as per their demands
who is that fellow?
-Yes, release that Bairagi fellow.
Say if not, we will do
our arrangements.
We will get our leader out in
an hour. Why do you not say?
Shut up, not a word!
What are you blabbering bloody?
You want to become leader overnight
taking such situation as a chance?
You are raising too much
in front of the press.
What do you know
the value of life bloody?
Daily 10 Police men are dying there.
Why does no leader care about that?
But you are raising for just one
politician today like that Chalapati Rao.
Total nation knows about
him and his history.
Shall we leave that Bairagi whom we caught
risking our lives for that bloody fellow?
Impossible and I will not leave him.
Do whatever you can.
If required, go and complain
with his father. I don't care.
-Sir, the thing is...
-Look sir.
-Shut up.
We know better what and how to
do. You do not need to teach us.
We will solve this problem in
24 hours. Stay quiet till then.
I will peel your skin if you say
another word. Just shut up.
-Prasad, come on.
-Yes sir.
Why should we stay quiet sir?
Bloody idiots!
Goons and bloody pick
pocketers are turning into leaders sir.
We are having to stand before
them folding our hands.
When guys without a qualification even
to stand with us are saying nonsense.
My blood is boiling sir.
It is just intolerable.
Sir, just give me one chance.
I will push all these waste fellows in.
Total problem would be solved.
Total problem would be solved.
Sir, seeing all this I feel
what Bulliraju did is correct.
I feel it is better to take off this dress
and join them instead of being so sir.
Yes sir!
-Prasad, control yourself.
-Sir, I...
Cool! This system is rotten.
I agree.
But even the remaining few sincere officers
like you also go, it would totally die.
It should not happen so.
I know about that bloody Chalapati Rao.
But if we do not save him now, public
loses the smallest confidence having on us.
Strength of terrorism would go up.
Problem then would become
bigger. No, do not spare them.
Kill that Bulliraju and his
entire group. Shoot them.
-There is no other way Prasad.
No problem even if Chalapati Rao
dies in that effort, I do not care.
Kill them.
Akashvani, local news by
Mahankali Vijayakumar.
Home Minister informed that
Government is taking all actions
to free Minister Chalapati Rao
kidnapped by the terrorists.
Their demand to release
the terrorist named Bairagi
and the abduction of minister Chalapati
Rao is known to all the listeners.
-Their demand to release Bairagi,
-Please don't kill me.
Time limit of 48 hours given
by terrorists is getting out.
Home Minister clarified that they cannot
release the dreaded terrorist Bairagi
as this would become a habit for terrorists.
He said to be knowing how
to get Minister released
and would supress the terrorism strongly.
Chief Minister in foreign tour condemning
this act seriously has advised terrorists
to leave their cruelty and get into public life.
CM has warned that terrorists may have to
face severe actions by not following this.
-Here ends the local news.
-I beg you, do not kill me.
Sir, I have wife and kids.
Do not kill me please.
I will hand you over the 25 crores
earned with the support of my father.
Please do not kill me.
I will not continue at all in politics.
Please do not kill me.
I will not be in this country and
leave abroad.
Do not kill me.
[Gun cocks]
Oh no, I am Chanti.
Thank God.
One after another is dying.
What Balu said was correct.
I feel frightened.
Not that I will die.
I am not understanding who is
killing whom and for what here.
I came here for Bulliraju.
I will do anything for Bulliraju.
But now, even Bulliraju is not correct.
This will not match for us.
I am thinking to leave from here.
I know that you like me.
Bairagi has said me.
I am thinking to marry you.
That too if you like it.
You do not need to say immediately.
If you like me and have confidence on me,
it is enough if you put
this necklace in your neck.
It is like you agreed.
I will immediately talk to Bulliraju.
Think well.
[Gun shot]
Chanti! Police!
[Gun fire]
[Gun fire]
-Chanti, no. Come back.
Come on, run.
[Gun fire]
[Gun fire]
Stay behind.
[Gun fire]
Bulliraju, come on hide.
[Bomb blast]
[Gun fire]
Run away, come on.
[Bomb blast]
Come on!
Tie him.
[Gun cocking]
[Gun shot]
[Gun fire]
-That fellow has killed Laxmi.
Listen to me Chanti.
[Gun fire]
Bulliraju, there are
many Police on the road.
No, I am saying.
Bulliraju, we do not have
many rounds of bullets.
Are the bullets over?
[Gun fire]
-Come on.
-Police! Save me.
[Gun fire]
Stop or
I will shoot. Stop!
[Gun shot]
Oh no!
[Vehicle moving]
What happened, Bulli Raju?
Come on, advance.
Chanti, no!
[Gun fire]
No! Stop! Jump!
Oh! My leg!
[Gun fire]
No! Chanti come back.
Chanti, listen to me.
Chanti, come.
Stop there.
Stop there, do not move.
No, do not move.
do not move.
[Guns cocking]
Do not you dare to move!
do not move.
Bulliraju, surrender.
That is enough.
Enough of what happened.
Enough of the violence.
I am saying stop it.
[Gun fire]
Hold your fire.
Oh no!
-Hold your fire.
[Groaning and gasping]
The End!
When is the end for this killing spree?
And where?
"Leaving out the chance
to write his own fate"
"Electing fear within and the
injustice as representatives"
"Forgetting to question the breed
feeling theirs as democracy"
"Anger is it seems driving this
blinded breed having eyes"
"It seems the power orders
saying to have that right"
"This cruelty happening in the
Kurukshtra war without Lord Krishna"
"Is the decoration of the fire on corpses!"
"Will you still sleep seeing this,
my wide spread nation?"
"Hey my widely spread nation!"
"Shall we claim the ignorance of
the half a century as independence,"
"Shall we do golden jubilee
celebrations for the same?"