Sindhubaadh (2019) Movie Script

(Raining Sound)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(People screaming)
- Yeah.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
- Hey.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
- Hey.
- Hey.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
- Sir.
Sir, save me please.
Sir, give me money.
I need to save my daughter.
Don't look for another guy.
Give money to me only, Sir.
Sir, Sir.
(Malay Language)
- (Malay Language)
Oh God.
- Don't sleep as soon as you go.
(Rubber Estate, Penang - Malaysia)
- Do whatever Sir said, carefully.
(Malay Language)
Snake, snake.
You naughty girl! Just mind the business.
Why do you scold her, sister?
Since she is here, we are having fun.
Tell her like that.
- You don't talk. When is your flight?
At 10.
You will be relieved from these
snakes and snails for few days.
What relief? My head.
The snakes and snails here are far
better than the crocodiles there.
There is no much difference between the
humans and snakes, in drinking our blood.
Don't say. Instead of living here,
we can live anywhere else in the world.
Is it? Stay with my uncle
and you will know.
I thought to get Sunnunda and
Halwa from village. I will not, now.
Stop, stop.
Why are you standing here, dear?
- Brother, I came to see Raja sister.
Why are you going there? You are
getting late. You start now.
No, brother. She asked me to meet here.
Okay. You just go inside
and come out fast.
Did you understand? Say it peacefully.
- Okay, brother.
Okay, brother.
That's fine. Hey, let her go inside.
I am about to meet you. Here.
Give these to my children.
- What, sister?
I thought you will also
come with me to village.
My husband took the money...
...and it's three years contract.
Time will just go away.
You are saying Thailand?
Did you check what work and other details?
What did they tell us,
while bringing us here?
They said we need to work for eight hours.
But aren't we working for
24 hours like donkeys?
That's it. It will also go like that.
If anything else happens,
I've a knife and I'll cut.
Sister, do you want me to say
something at your house?
Tell my husband, if I see him,
I feel like spitting on him.
Come on, lady.
(Temple bell sound))
Hey, take away the vehicle.
Take it away.
What are you doing?
- Why did you stop on the way?
Hey, take it away, first.
- Hey, move.
Hey. Go away.
We are telling you.
Don't you understand?
Hey take it away.
- You kept it on the way, man.
Do you have any sense or not?
What is it, man? How many
times should I tell you?
I am telling you now.
(Background Music)
My auto is stuck here.
(Background Music)
Hey, hey. Remove it, brother.
(Background Music)
Hey, can't you hear the horn?
(Background Music)
Take it, man. Take it away.
Take it away, man.
Oh, God. Someone tell him.
Hey, move it, man.
Hey, my purse.
My purse. What happened to it?
- Where is it?
My purse is gone.
- What happened to my purse, man?
My purse, my mobile.
(Background Music)
Oh, no. My purse.
(Background Music)
Oh no. I lost my purse.
(Background Music)
What is this, man? Take it away.
(Background Music)
Hey, move away.
Hey man. Someone in the crowd
is stealing the pockets.
Take care of your belongings.
What? Did you understand what I am saying?
My brother can hear only
very important matters.
I told you what I had
to tell you. Later, your wish.
Go, man.
(Background Music)
(Background Music)
(Background Music)
(Background Music)
My chain, watch.
Oh no. My chain, watch.
You are the King.
Play the drums.
Pray for the gambling game.
Start it, king.
Who can be competitor to you?
You are the best.
Learn, what are you.
You lay the path for yourself.
Just grab the chance.
Step forward, once you get the chance.
If you rob what you get...
...the victim will never get a doubt.
If you see a costly thing... should disappear
that moment itself.
Oh my, my bag.
- Nobody can compete with us.
Nobody is as good as us.
We work hiding from the law.
Rockstar Robbery.
This is Rockstar Robbery.
This is Rockstar Robbery.
This is Rockstar Robbery.
We take whatever we can keep.
Grab the loof from
the pockets and sleeves...
We can't stop until we get rich
Rockstar Robbers, we never gonna quit.
I am telling the truth, Sir.
I don't know anything.
You come and tell to SI Sir.
- Sir, please.
I didn't do it, Sir.
I don't have anything to do. Please listen
- Move. Come.
Sir, I didn't keep money in the bag, Sir.
But I don't know how 2,000 rupees
came into my bag, Sir.
I told you, I don't have
anything to do with it, Sir.
God must have done it, Sir.
Stop the vehicle to a side.
We never go to the poor.
We never.
We finish our works with purse...
We do it.
If someone robs, we rob them.
We do it.
We just go with our work, silently.
We change our attire.
We find a way to cheat.
We wear colourful dresses.
We cheat the customer.
Even a stone can become a gem.
It shows a way for tomorrow.
We just go ahead smugly.
We change the way, if we are caught.
We think which way...
...and jump that way.
Chance might not be
on our side, always.
Rockstar Robbery.
This is Rockstar Robbery.
This is Rockstar Robbery.
This is Rockstar Robbery.
This is Rockstar Robbery.
Take it so, brother.
Rockstar Robbery.
Take it so, brother.
Rockstar Robbery.
Take it so, brother.
Rockstar Robbery.
Take it so, brother.
Rockstar Robbery.
Thiru, I am feeling sleepy.
I will go.
- Go and sleep.
Hey Thiru.
The Bank guy...
- What?
The bank guy...
- Yeah.
...said, he will take your
house for a good rate.
If you give it... can pay a little to Super
and send him to school.
You can start your own business.
If you both get settled,
even I will be settled.
What do you say?
Actually, uncle...
...there is a problem in that.
What is that problem?
This Super, here...
What is the story of Super?
I will tell you.
(Sucks ice cream)
Super's father's own
village is Rajahmundry.
What? Rajasthan?
Yeah, Rajasthan.
- What actually is...
...the whole family goes
and do wall paintings,...
...sell toys on the road...
...such Rajasthan's Chettigar family.
- Super was a small kid, then.
They used to roam around
villages and do business.
In their happy life...
...a guy named Odi came...
...and hit them with a lorry.
His parents were dead on spot.
Super escaped the accident.
I came there, selling balloons.
Were you doing balloons business, then?
Yeah, that's our family business.
My father, grand father used
to blow balloons with mouth.
Is it?
-I went a step ahead to sell gas balloons.
Good improvement.
When I saw Super in such
situation, my heart melted.
I took him into my hands. His mother
told me with her last breathe,...
..see, these are this house documents.
Write this house on his name.
Make him learn to make pots.
Then she took her last breathe.
When he remembers his parents..
..he hugs me and cries. I
feel very sad, at that time.
Don't go that far, man.
Let's do something now.
We kept this with us...
...for a very long time.
I will ask the bank guy to come tomorrow.
You are elder and you are saying it.
So, let's do our trial.
Okay, I will ask them to come tomorrow.
- Okay.
Wipe your eyes. Don't cry.
(Dog panting)
The groom seems like an old fellow but...
Oh, no. That's fine.
We are discussing a good thing here.
Also, we are in temple. Please start, Sir.
As we already discussed, your house..
- What?
Sir, speak a little louder.
I already told you that he is deaf.
I understood it.
Mom, how many coffees
do you want me to bring?
- What can we do for it?
How many times do I have to tell you?
Won't you change in this life?
You are preparing the tea, right?
Don't you know?
What do I do, if she shouts?
Prepare tea for six, and bring it fast.
I will complete the formalities...
..then come home and take your signature.
We have been following
you since many days, Sir.
I have been shouting since a long time.
Why don't you say something?
- Hey, Kavi.
What are doing there, when
I have marriage looks, here?
Coming, coming.
- Come fast.
Why are you shouting?
When did I shout?
- Okay, don't shout. Go there now.
Give it to the groom.
Give it there, dear.
Take it.
Bride is so good, but I think
she speaks a little louder.
Nothing like that, madam.
- Let me explain.
- You say some amount.
Don't talk loud. I'll get ear ache. Slow.
- Hey, you.
Oh, my.
- Do you think sarcastic about them?
We are speaking to a bank officer.
Why are you being sarcastic?
- Stop, stop.
With little peace.
- What peace, Sir?
- He is annoying me.
Or tell us your opinion.
Look, I'll do as I wish.
I will talk like this only.
Yeah, I am feeding you comfortably.
That's why you shout and talk. You send
back the one who don't ask for dowry.
Only the one I bring you,
will be your groom.
It's better if the complete family
keeps quite and listen to me.
Or else, you take care of yourselves.
What's your problem when
they are ready to give dowry?
- They are creating nuisance.
What is this nuisance? Stop.
Don't you know how to play properly?
Why are you shouting unnecessarily?
Play slowly.
- Yes.
Why do you ask them to come
when you are not interested?
When I asked you yesterday,
you should have rejected.
I know everything. Why
do you shout at my ear?
By the way, when I speak low,
you ask to speak louder.
When I speak louder, you
ask why am I shouting.
Instead of selling your house,
it is better if I grow some pigs.
Go and do it.
What, he wants to raise pigs.
Thiru, why are you joking?
Your uncle can't raise pigs at this age.
Then raise elephants.
Elephants? You...
...even requesting, I am doing
by shouting. Try to understand.
I am telling you for your own good.
Very nice.
Which village's law is it? What is it?
One rent for one hour and
another rent for 8 hours?
The groom who came to see me ran
away for buying ornaments in your shop.
Give me my money.
- Why are you shouting like that?
It's not possible to give back money.
Go and come in the evening.
Who is shouting? I am talking normally.
Your shop itself is not good.
- Madam.
Don't spoil when business is going on.
Here, take your money.
Go away from here.
- I talk like this only.
Very good, lady.
I speak only like this.
You have to speak like
this only. That is rule.
Look at the face. Move away.
(Background music)
What do you want, Sir?
Hello, you. Not just
looking, tell me, Sir.
Can you tell that girl's address?
- Go away.
Thiru, that bank guy is waiting for you.
- God knows, whom I saw in the morning.
What are you doing here?
I need to sell the house for you, right?
It's all for your good.
-Yes, for me.I've to sell my house, right?
There. That girl,
going there, in blue saree...
...get my marriage with that girl.
Then we can sell the house.
The girl seems good.
But how to ask her for this guy?
- The girl is good.
What should I ask that girl for?
- What did you say?
What should I ask that girl for?
If we go and ask for the girl now...
...they will fall on our legs
and give her to us.
It is for the one who is in good job.
He is saying that you
are free with no work.
You said the same, right?
- You can look after her. You can.
I know it.
Are you not looking after him?
Look, first, she should like me.
Then, I will change as her wish.
The girl, like?
- You didn't understand, right?
I didn't.
- You are old. You will not understand.
You know that I understood. Right?
You keep the spectacles.
This time...
...we have to get him
married to that girl.
For the word given to your mother...
...he is troubled to take care of you.
- My mother?
Yes, your mother.
Mother? What are you saying, uncle?
I know everything.
Your story of coming from
Rajasthan, paintings on pots...
...Thiru selling balloons...
...your parents dead in accident,
I know everything.
He told me everything.
So, Thiru told you?
- Yes.
Then, it's all true, uncle.
But, seeing my face, you believed
that i belong to Rajasthan...
... there, I could understand your talent.
You are great, uncle. Bye.
Hey, you.
If you are eating food
for your stomach... should have left
when I asked you to leave.
Go away first. You are
smiling without shame.
See his face. He came to ask for bride.
- Keep your legs down.
Remove your spectacles.
- Why coffee for their faces?
Get inside.
Hey, did we raise her
to give her to a thief?
Shut up and go away.
He is planning to do a business.
What is the business that he can do?
Do you think I don't know
what he does in the village?
Go away.
- Sit down.
How many times do I have to tell you?
- Sit down.
- Don't you understand?
Why are you standing here?
I came to see the girl.
- Which girl?
There's only one girl in the house. Right?
- Hey.
What is this?
Romantic look.
You are the one whom police took
away in railway station, right?
They took me by mistake and said sorry.
I know that you are a thief.
- You knew it? I changed.
You change or not change.
But don't come and stand here.
See the face, like a monkey.
Hey, the girl didn't like. Come, let's go.
Stop seeing me like this.
Hey, wait for a while.
- What is it?
Oh, no. This house will
not set for us, uncle.
Listen to me.
- Wait. Listen to me.
Why did these idiots come home?
I don't know.
That means, did they come without
your knowledge?
I told you, I don't know about it.
Look here. The one, whom only
I decide, will be your husband.
I didn't like him, at all.
- Oh.
So, you didn't like him?
Then, I will marry him only and
will have children with him.
Is it okay?
- Bhramara, I love you.
Will get married and will have children.
- What is she talking?
(Background music)
I hid you safely in the
bottom of my heart...
You will be there.. me, forever.
If you are beside me,
that's enough for this life.
I will forget myself that moment.
Many new beauties...
...will be seen in front of the eyes.
Some strange thoughts...
...will come.
Because I am following you...
...and staying in front of you...
...if you get angry then...
...please don't scold me.
Hey, who are you?
Why don't I feel stable,
when I see you?
Even if it is sunny,
I don't feel hot. Why?
I am writing your marks, on
whichever wall I come across.
Wherever I am working,
I am just thinking about you.
if you are beside me, then
that's enough for this life.
I forget myself that very moment.
Many new beauties..
...will be seen in front of the eyes.
Some strange thoughts...
...will come.
Because I am following you...
...and staying in front of you...
...if you get angry then...
...please don't scold me.
(Passing urine on a poster)
Super, finish it fast.
Ice is melting. You
will ask for another again.
Wait, uncle.
(Car stops)
Hey, Super. Turn back and see.
(Laughs) I am doing my work.
- Turn back once and see.
Don't keep your face like that.
He will find out. He is here.
(Tamil Language)
(Tamil Language)
Where is my ice cream, uncle?
Oh Uncle.
- It fell down.
What? Why are you
talking like mad person?
Hey, why are you like this?
What is it?
- The President beat him.
He poured urine on
his poster. So he beat him.
What were you doing?
- He beat before I could stop him.
Do you have sense?
- Hey, stop.
Just listen to me once.
He beat slowly.
Hey, why don't you tell him?
Can't you understand by seeing his face?
- Nothing like that. Leave it.
I am sad because ice cream fell down.
I would have beat him. But I left him
because his wife was beside him.
Yes, he left him. Stop, wait.
- I'll also go and leave him feeling pity.
Listen to me once.
- You stop, uncle.
Uncle, I am feeling hungry.
- I am coming.
Uncle, get the food.
- Why don't you listen to me?
Go away.
Go. See the face.
Wait, lady. Wait.
Please bear it.
Oh, no. Blood is leaking from the neck.
- What happened?
They grabbed her chain.
Her blood was bleeding.
Everyone took her to hospital.
Where did they go?
- They went this side.
Sit down.
Thiru, stop.
There they are.
Are they?
- Yes, they are.
Get down. You stay here.
- He is coming.
People with other name of justice...
- Greetings, brother.
Greetings, brother.
- Greetings, brother.
What are you doing in this street?
- Nothing, brother. Just like that.
Just like that? What, just like that?
What just like that?
How did a free person get this chain?
- Chain.
That too, from an old lady.
Don't you think about it?
There is no use blaming you.
System itself is not proper.
- System?
Yes, don't you know about system?
Hey, take it.
- Oh.
Beat him.
- Oh.
- Oh, my.
Hey, Super.
- Thiru, I will give it to her.
Okay, go and give it.
Be careful. Watch out.
Hey, stop.
Hey, stop.
(Background Music)
(Background Music)
- Hey, give it back. Give me.
- Thiru.
Thiru, look back.
Hey. Give me the chain.
- Wait.
If I give? If I don't give?
- I will not stab you. I will stab you.
If I give?
- I will not stab you.
If I will not? Then do it.
- I will stab if you give or not.
- Oh.
Oh no, brother.
- Oh, no.
What happened?
- You...
I will leave if you give the chain.
You are asking as if it is your earning.
I will leave if you give the chain.
- What should I leave?
Hey, leave the chain.
- Move away, brother.
- Hey.
Children should not get
involved in quarrels. Go away.
Give me by the time I count the numbers.
One, two, three.
You are holding a kid. Don't you
even count one, two, three?
I already counted it, brother.
- I didn't hear it.
I have been telling you the same thing.
How will you hear,
if you close my mouth?
Sorry, dear.
Is this the time to say sorry?
Why are you beating, even after
taking away the chain, brother?
Say louder.
Why are you beating, even after
taking away the chain, brother?
Your first mistake is robbing the chain.
Second mistake is pushing him.
If I think of anything once...
leave me for a second.
If I commit once...
Leave me for a minute.
Listen to me for a second.
- Every second of my life, leave me.
If I say once...
- Come here.
They didn't push me. I fell down.
Is it? Why didn't you tell me earlier?
- Yes.
Did you allow me to say it?
You started beating them.
Okay, leave it.
Your only mistake is robbing the chain.
Hey, you stop it.
You come behind me wherever
I go. I get irritated.
When I told someone, you heard it.
Why do I have to say it to you?
If you notice my eyes, you would have
known it. If you come behind me... will you know?
Why these now?
- Keep it. No problem.
What is this?
I asked for them before you came.
He gave me now. You go on. Scold.
That is, the house is
in the center, right?
That's why the bank guy is asking for it.
We have to sell when there is demand.
That is different. You will not
understand, even if I tell you.
What is it?
I told you that is different.
Why do you ask me again?
I will understand, only if
you tell me, right?
Brother used to have a younger sister.
Younger sister?
I know you won't believe. That's
why I said I will not tell you.
Okay, okay. Tell me. I will not ask.
- Don't ask Thiru again.
She is studying in another village.
No, no. Since she is studying
in another village... wants her marriage to be done
grandly and let her live in the house.
That's why he is not selling the house.
Or else he would have sold it long back.
- Poor brother.
If my uncle doesn't like, I'll say, I'll
marry even a beggar. Did you understand?
Don't come at the back of
me. Did you hear?
Did you hear what I said?
Come on.
You come again to my house.
I will release the dog.
With an intention of combining
all the rivers of the country...
...we are fasting for one
day for that purpose.
- Give me water.
The only leader who lives with the
people, like people's leader.
I want to tell you all one thing.
Only if we combine all the rivers,
we get our democracy. Dear people...
Who has this money, without our knowledge?
- I am telling you this in advance...
Our vote...
...should be utilised properly.
We have the responsibility
to elect a right leader.
Because, we...
- Check who it is, after the counting.
Please stay on line for a minute.
- If we have to live in peace and happy...
...we need a correct leader.
- Brother, call from Hyderabad.
Tell me, Sir.
- We need him.
No, Sir. It is for only one day.
(Tamil Language)
Oh, no. No, Sir.
Why remove my seat, Sir?
I will take care of it, Sir.
Who wrote in the posters
that will fast till death?
We pasted the posters that
it is one day fasting.
I can't understand how it changed.
Hey, what are you saying?
No, brother. If we stop the
fast in the middle...
...we will lose our name.
People's leader...
- Long live.
People's leader...
- Long live.
People's leader...
- See what you have done.
People's leader. Long live.
- What to do now?
Long live.
Brother, don't leave in the middle.
We will lose our dignity.
You say heart attack and sleep.
I will take care.
I will hit you with slippers. Rascal.
It's not even five minutes that I'm here.
Heart attack in this time means?
What will everyone think?
For the sake of people,...
...our leader... fasting till death.
It's a matter that all of
us should be proud of.
Brother, sister-in-law called.
I will talk to her later.
She is asking to talk.
I said I will talk later.
- Brother..., money at home
are lost, it seems.
What are you saying?
- We need a leader who works for people.
Brother. Yeah, sister-in-law... always, brother...
...started acting.
You cook the fish curry.
We will go to the hospital...
...and come home immediately.
- Hey, truly...
...I am getting heart attack.
- Brother.
What happened, brother?
- Take him to hospital. Fast.
Move away. Move.
- What happened?
Move. Move. We are telling you.
Move, move. Give us way.
Move, move.
- You think people are fools?
We will see you.
- Brother, what happened?
You come to beg for votes, right?
Nothing will happen to you.
- Who did this, man?
(Tamil Language)
This was taken from a fraud's house.
It should go for a good cause. Take it.
Sure, Sir.
- I robbed it with difficulty.
Shall I take one?
- Sure, Sir.
- Be happy.
(Background Music)
What is it, uncle? You're missing timing.
- Sorry, Sir.
Go, uncle.
- Isn't there limit for your naughtiness?
Do you make a bank officer,
roam like this?
No problem for me, brother.
Customer care, right?
- Okay.
Sign here.
I will make your sister's
wedding very grandly.
Sister? Whose sister?
Your sister, man.
I don't know who it is.
What is this? Super told me
about it in the temple.
He is a kid. Will you
believe whatever he says?
You want to know the truth. Right?
Then tell me.
That time has come. Sit down, uncle.
God knows what story he will tell now.
One day, Super's parents, along
with the house documents...
...went to Ayyappa Swamy temple in the
forest, to prepare Aravana prasad.
Then an elephant came
and killed both of them.
A tiger saved Super,...
...from the elephant...
...and fed him with it's milk.
Super in one hand...
...and house documents
in the other hand...
...I came back home.
Sir, you don't have heart at all.
This is the first time you are listening
to the story, right? It'll be like that.
Who gave you job in a bank?
The house is on his name.
Don't doubt me like that, Sir.
How many times will you carry the
house documents here and there?
Thiru, come here once.
- What is it?
Come here once.
- What is it?
Come here once, man.
I think he remembered his parents.
I wll console him and come.
Come, come fast.
- Where else? There is a wall.
Okay, I'll leave then.
- Okay, come. Tell me.
I saw sister-in-law in the recharge shop.
- What?
I saw sister-in-law in the recharge shop.
She knew about theft at President's house.
She called me and...
...'did your brother did all this,
because that President beat you?'
'Leave that. Whenever you steal
something, you keep it for yourself.'
'Why are you donating in NTR style?'
'Couldn't police even find out about it?'
She asked me this and I was shocked.
She didn't stop with that.
'I have been observing.'
'Without realising that I was there
when he was taken to ambulance...'
'...I saw the happiness in your faces.'
'Then I liked you, guys.'
She said like this, brother.
If it comes out, we'll be finished.
She is sad that we didn't notice her.
- Oh.
She wants us to notice her.
- Oh.
Our work is to fulfill her wish.
- Of course.
Let's fulfill it.
- Okay.
Costume change.
(Background Music)
I will take care of it. You go ahead.
Hey, they came here also.
I know it. You keep quiet.
I will take care of it.
Did you see it?
(Background Music)
Thief, thief. My chain.
- What is it?
Leave him. I said leave him.
- What are you doing with the lady?
Catch him.
- I know him.
Don't leave him.
- Sit down everybody.
I told you, right?
(Background Music)
(Movie dialogues in theater)
You didn't do anything wrong. Right?
Don't bend your head.
Thiru, look. Sister-in-law
is standing there.
I think she will beat me.
- Confirm.
Okay. You go now. I will take care of it.
Be careful, brother.
- Okay.
Excuse me. Madam.
What is it?
No, actually, in theater,...
In theater?
Okay, leave it.
I will not disturb you now.
I looked in your eyes.
I came here to tell you this.
What did you see?
I looked in your eyes. I will not disturb
you anymore. I will leave now.
I saw something else now.
What did you see now?
No, I saw something else now.
That's it, what did you see?
I can't say it. Shall I show it directly?
So you see for the first
time and say it, right?
No. What do I do when I can't say it?
You will understand only if I show it.
Go back please.
It will be comfortable.
Close your eyes.
What is it?
- Some vehicle is coming.
(Rain sound)
Did you hear this?
I felt disturbed a little.
Yeah, ready.
- That's fine.
Nothing. With the excitement
that the vehicle left...
...I didn't notice...
- That's fine.
That's fine.
- I didn't notice.
- Stop it now.
Stop it.
I didn't do anything.
Truly I didn't do anything.
I have been waiting for
you all these days.
With you in my life,
I forgot everything.
There is a new and beautiful world.
It asked me to bring you.
When I shared there, with you... would be great.
Shall we go there?
With you, beside me...'s enough if you
give me some space.
I will become your own.
- Hey, go away.
Go away. Fast. Go.
Shall I tell you something...
...If you are beside me...
The desire in me...
- Shall we take a selfie?
...I can't stop it anymore.
In my heart... nestled.
- Can you hear me? Yes.
I will hide it...
- Sing a song.
I can't sing.
- a baby.
You can't go away...
...leaving me.
Without me... can't live.
I believe that you are my life.
With you, beside me... is enough, if you
give me little space.
I will become...
...your own.
There is a new and beautiful world.
It asked me to bring you.
When I shared there, with you... would be great.
Shall we go there?
I am going somewhere tomorrow.
To Malaysia.
If you give me little space near you...
I have work there, right?
..that is enough.
- Uh-oh.
Oh, no.
- Hey.
Close it. Close the door.
- You...
Why did you do like this?
- Mom. Mom.
- Did you come here to spoil our dignity?
See what I do to you.
- Mom, leave him.
What did you do to my daughter?
- Mom, I am telling you.
You don't know anything.
What is it? Why is she doing this?
- Go away from here. Wait.
Mom, I am telling you.
- You did all this.
Oh, God. See how dare is she?
Oh, no.
Hey, shameless girl.
Didn't I tell you, not to come to her?
See, how he is beating.
(Slams door)
In front of whom?
That's not enough. Beat him more.
- She is enraging him.
Oh, God.
I am telling you. Leave him.
Leave him. Don't beat him.
Oh, no.
- Oh no. Tell him.
Hey, go aside and quarrel, man.
- Tell him not to beat.
Oh, God.
- Tell him not to beat.
Oh, God.
- Tell him not to beat.
Hey, stop it.
- He is killing him.
Ask him to stop it.
- Stop beating him.
Don't beat. Don't beat him.
I will think that I
have just one daughter.
You are like dead to me.
You are going there, right?
Stay there. Don't come back.
Don't show me your face.
How much did I request you?
I told you not to beat him.
I requested you. Did you listen to me?
What are you saying, mother?
- Did you listen to me?
Didn't you notice?
He stopped beating long back.
She was gesturing him, to beat more.
If you get into unrelated matters...
...the same thing will happen.
- What? You are talking as you wish.
Beat me.
You beat me. He should see it.
He will beat you and I should see it.
See what will I do.
Popcorn. 2 for 10 rupees.
Where is he?
Come fast.
Did you go to buy this?
Give me also some, dear.
Don't talk like a fool.
You turn that side.
Where is all the money that
I earned all these days?
If I don't go now, all the efforts I
kept all these days will go waste.
Do you think I am interested?
If we bath in river and drink starch,
that is more than enough.
But there, even rice is like flour.
How much ever I eat,
I am not satisfied.
We even don't know, if the snail
sucks blood, or the snake will bite.
Snails sucks our blood,
and the humans too.
Why am I going there, crossing all these?
Money. I need to earn money and
throw it on my uncle's face.
That's why I am telling you.
I will take care of it.
- How?
By struggling hard.
- That's what I am asking, how?
I am searching for work.
Will get one, soon.
What do you say?
- Yes.
Did you see it? Also, bank
guy is asking for our house.
We will sell it.
Where will we stay
after selling our house?
Is the house more than you?
This is my debt. I will take care of it.
When I come to you, only I should come.
Not to bring my debts
and put them on your head.
Did you understand?
Say something. Time is nearing.
She is asking you. Say something.
Keep this with you.
They will not allow me to take this.
Keep it in the bag.
They will take it away.
Put it inside.
That's fine. Keep it.
Look there. He is tying the knot.
What is this?
I will not steal from now on.
Sir, congratulations.
Thank you.
Sir, congratulations.
You can tell this even
without tying this, right?
Why like this?
You will believe me now,
you will not suspect it, right?
Bless me.
Stay happy. Get up.
Shall we take a pic of our marriage?
Yes, we will.
Come, dear.
Go carefully and come back soon.
Dear wife...
- Dear husband...
...I will leave now.
- Bye.
Thank you, Sir. Thank you so much.
Hey, you tied me the knot.
I got you now.
- Madam.
I will keep all my debts on your head.
- Please, we are getting late, madam.
I will not stay there for long.
I will come back in two days. Is it okay?
Meanwhile, search for a work.
Whatsapp me the photos. I will check it.
- Bye. I will leave now.
I have a feeling as if
I achieved something.
Hey, Super, what do you
think of my marriage?
I am not still out of that shock.
Don't ask me anything please.
Missing. Why did you ask me to cut this?
That one? If we find, that is missing...
- What?
If we find out, that is missing,
we will get good name, right?
With that good name,
we can join a good job.
That's why, cut it.
I will drink some water.
First cut it.
Hey, newly married groom... was your first night?
I thought to quarrel, asking why
didn't you call me for marriage.
But the bride herself is not seen here.
When will that girl come?
Day after tomorrow.
- What are you doing?
We are searching for work.
What happened to the holy
work that you were doing?
What is it?
Eligibility is BSc. Who did BSc here?
What is the link between study
and work? Did you study?
Do you know whose company is this?
Last year, in Gudiwada, you
stole a company, right?
That company was restarted.
You are looking for security
work in that company?
Thief knows how to be careful.
- Oh.
Then you can go for police work, right?
We didn't like that work.
So, you rejected the police work.
Yes, rejected.
Then, you decided to work.
Yes. What's your problem in this?
I don't have any problem. The company
that gives you work, will be in problem.
I will take care of him and
his wife and children.
You keep quiet. Don't enrage him.
Did you finish the work you came for?
- Yes.
Did you ask everything, you need to ask?
- I did.
Then, leave now. Don't stay
here for long. Go.
Come to my office and meet me.
Oh. In the office?
- Yes, my office.
Bhramara, did you start?
When are you coming?
I am coming. You wait. Wait.
Wait. Don't talk. Wait.
Wait. Bhramara, I came here.
Yes, wait.
Bhramara, how are you?
Sister, is nobody home?
No, they didn't come home since two days.
- What?
The house is locked since two days.
All that is not needed.
That is not needed.
One hour? Okay.
Brother, there are some formalities.
Nothing can be done fast.
Need to go to Delhi...
...and get approval.
Please arrange five lakhs, somehow.
You have seen all the documents, Sir.
- Thiru.
Why are you saying such less cost?
One minute uncle.
- You don't lessen your amount.
Sir, take as much as you want for the
house. But give me five lakhs now.
Sir, one minute.
- Is five lakhs enough?
One minute, Sir.
Why are you selling it
for such less amount?
You don't know the issue. I'll tell later.
- Listen to me.
What happened to you? Listen to me.
- Brother.
If you have anything, go out and talk.
- No, nothing. Just one minute.
You wait, uncle.
- Listen to me please.
Sir, take any amount for the house.
But give me five lakhs cash first.
I will explain you in detailed.
First get my passport ready.
I need to go to Thailand.
Hey, tell me the matter first.
- I will tell you...
I will arrange it later.
Tell me what's the matter.
My uncle came to know
that we are married now.
He joined me here for work and
took money from the mediator.
They combined me in the group going
from Malaysia to Thailand.
Oh. Leave me.
(Malay Language)
This place is like a jail.
All the girls brought from different
places are kept as prisoners, here.
They took blood tests, suddenly.
I didn't understand anything.
No. Please. No.
After that, they took some girls.
We don't know where all those girls went
and what happened to them.
Then, I saw, Malaysia
supervisor, Robert brother.
Brother, what is this place?
Why did you bring me here?
Please ask them to leave me.
- You don't understand. Listen to me.
What can I do for the
money my uncle took?
What can I do?
Brother, please send me out.
- Listen to me.
You don't understand.
Nothing is in my hands.
There are many above me.
- Brother.
We were not together even
for one day after marriage.
I told him that I will
come back in two days.
My husband must be
waiting for me, brother.
Brother, please think me as your own...
...and send me away, please.
I beg you. He is doing something there.
Okay. I can do only one
help with my own risk.
They are taking all the girls from
here to some other place.
Girls from other places
are being brought here.
If you can give five lakhs in these three
days, tell me. Then I can change...
...the girl. I can't do anything else.
- Sure.
I will arrange it, brother.
Can I make a call to my
husband? Please, brother.
I can't live here even for a second.
I will come. You don't cry.
I will do something and get
money. You don't cry.
She is completely frightened.
I need to go.
That's fine. I will arrange it. How, man?
How will you manage in an
unknown place, all alone?
I will take care of it, uncle.
It is enough if I see her.
Please arrange passport immediately.
Arrange two.
That's fine. Wear slippers and come.
Don't think of it. Go.
- Careful. You might get hurt.
Hey, we need to deliver them by evening.
How is it, if you print it now?
Get them ready, fast.
- Brother.
What is it? Take away your hand.
- I am not getting this layout properly.
Take away your hand.
Why don't you change it?
Is it all good? Finish your work. Fast.
- Yes, brother.
Okay, brother.
Where did your work come to?
Why is it sticking, like this?
Change it and check.
- Okay, brother.
Hey, brother. Get me the bath.
- Yes, brother.
Okay, brother.
Here it is, brother.
There's 2.5lakhs bath in this. Is it okay?
- Okay.
Don't keep it at one place.
Keep it separate.
From now on, the boy's
name is Milind Bharathi.
Your name is Hakeem Sindbad.
Once you are in airport,
go directly to counter 15.
Anyone asks you,
you need to tell them tourist.
What will you say?
- Tourist.
Once you come out of the airport,
there will be a taxi named Tuktuk.
Get on that and come
to Bangkok railway station.
From there, ask for the train that
goes to Kanchanapuri and get on it.
That place is just beside the museum.
Once you get down here,
one guy will bring you inside.
I am calling you from his phone.
Take care of Super.
You also come here carefully.
Dear husband,... heard it, right?
I know that you heard me.
I can't talk to you for long.
- Give me.
Give it.
One law for you and
one law for all others?
Not just you getting trapped,
don't trap us by speaking on phone.
God knows how she is getting the phone.
Are you Telugu?
- (Yawns)
Yes. How do you know?
I can tell you by seeing the
face. Where are you going?
Kancha, Kancha, what is the
name of that place, brother?
- Kanchanapuri?
Yes. That is.
-I'm also going there. Can we go together?
What is your name?
My name is Super, brother's name is Thiru.
- On what work are you going there?
To see my sister-in-law.
I am going there to see my daughter.
Train will be here in some time.
- Okay.
What, Sir? What happened?
What are you searching for?
I lost my money, Sir.
What, Sir?
I kept money in my bag.
I can't see them now.
What, Sir. You should have
kept them carefully.
You be seated, Sir.
I earned them working hard, Sir.
I will get them, Sir.
I will search.
That's fine, Sir. I will get them.
Hey, Super. Get up.
I know that you are not sleeping. Get up.
Why is he searching that he lost money?
Why will he not search?
- Why? Did you take them?
Did you take them?
- You came getting married.
Who will bear the expenses here?
That's why I took them.
- Hey.
Give me first. I said I will not steal.
Brother, you didn't steal it now.
I did it for you. Did you get it?
(Phone rings)
Hello, daddy.
- Hello, Bujjamma.
You are coming, right?
I already started, dear. I'm on the train.
- Okay, daddy.
Listen to me. Give it back.
- Listen to me.
Give me the money.
- You are bringing the money, right?
I am coming, dear.
- You are bringing, right?
Daddy, come soon.
I am bringing the money.
- Is it true?
Please, daddy. Come fast.
- Okay. Disconnect the call now.
Be careful.
Don't put me in trouble.
- If you give, you will be in trouble.
If I give, they think that
I am a kid and innocent.
Okay, come.
Come, come.
- I will not give, if you beat me.
Oh, come Sir. Slowly.
Go, Sir. Go.
He is coming. He will eat your head. See.
Sir. I am very happy, Sir.
You gave me back the money.
I can't forget your help.
Please don't shout. I can hear you.
He said, you can't hear properly.
No, I can hear that which is necessary.
Give me.
- I am unable to say anything, Sir.
That's fine. Please keep them carefully.
Keep them carefully.
- Many thanks, Sir.
You have been carrying
the bag for long, Sir.
I thought your legs must be hurting. So.
Sir, eat this.
No, thanks. It's okay.
Give me here.
- This is our food, Sir.
No, Sir.
- Coffee is getting cold, Sir.
Sir, look somewhere else. If you stare
at me, I am feeling uncomfortable.
It's so sunny. That's why.
Hey. Leave me.
- Sir, Sir.
He didn't notice, Sir.
He hit you unknowingly.
Sir, sorry.
Sir. Please stop.
Sir, stop.
He didn't notice. That's why he hit you.
Sir, stop, please.
I took it unknowingly. Sorry, Sir.
He hit me. That's why I took it, Sir.
Sorry, Sir.
- Sir, that's my money, Sir.
Sir, that's my money.
Sir, they are mine.
- Sir, sir.
Listen to what I am saying, Sir.
Not that, Sir.
- Sir, please.
Thiru, Thiru.
- This is mt money, Sir.
They are taking me away, Thiru.
- Hey.
Please listen to me, Sir.
I'll take you out.
Our money, Sir.
We have documents, Sir.
Sorry, Sir. Pardon me, Sir. Please, Sir.
They are searching with burning eyes.
Will you go? Can you go?
I am asking you, will you go?
Already one person died.
Don't you understand what I'm saying?
Brother, come here once.
His anger will not decrease, until death.
-Can you tell me what they are discussing.
Are you ready to give?
Someone has to go to a house and...
Whatever we tried for till now,
everything has gone wasted.
I didn't expect this would happen.
- Sir, Sir.
I will do it, Sir.
- Oh, no.
Sir, I am a big thief at my place.
Sir, I am a big thief.
Sir, I am a big thief at my place.
I will do that work, Sir.
- Hey.
I will do it Sir.
Why are you shouting, man?
- Sir I can't hear you.
Please come nearer and speak to me.
- Hey.
I will kill you.
- Sir.
I can't hear you. Please come nearer.
I am truly telling you.
Please come nearer.
Hey. What work do you have here?
- Sir, Sir.
I am a big thief in my village. Give me a
chance, Sir. I will do it and show you.
If you shut up, you will be
released in couple of days.
Or, you'll even forget your place. Go sit.
- Sir, listen to me, please.
Sir, Sir. I'll do it.
- Leave me. Leave.
Sir, please ask them to leave me.
- Go sit.
Please Sir. Sir.
- He is eating my head.
Sir, your purse.
- Hey.
- You come to station, steal police purse?
Sir, Sir.
- You will become ash... this station itself. Go and sit.
- Sir, Sir.
Sir, just one minute. Your phone, Sir.
- I said go and sit.
Phone. I stole it just now.
Sir, please believe me.
I need to go to my wife.
Sir, Sir. I will do that work for you.
Sir, Sir. I need to see my wife.
Please leave me. I need
to go, Sir. I will do it, Sir.
I will not go anywhere else, Sir.
They are not normal people, as you think.
Listening to Chain's name, nobody
in Thailand opens their mouth.
The one who supports him from behind... Ling.
He is from our place. Malaysian Telugu.
He went to that house as
a worker at the age of six.
Today, he is known as his brother.
His contacts are very big ones.
If the goods are
delivered in the morning... evening, party, club,
college, school students...
...will be reached and goods'll
be gone, like expired in the air.
You must not have seen a
psycho, like Ling, in your life.
He doesn't have any bad
habits like smoking or alcohol.
The only thing that brings
him happiness is, killing.
He kills very easily, like a bug.
One says he attacked in a lift... says he scammed
by hitting with a car...
...the list of persons
who died in his hands... above 72, as far as we know.
But, not even one
file is legally registered.
But we got just one unknown complaint.
Even we don't know who filed it.
But sitting at a single place, in one
hour, he searched the whole city...
...and found him.
He caught him and
made him breathless...
...and killed him horribly.
You are going into
such a person's house.
If you come in his sight, you will also.. killed horribly, like a bug.
That's why I am telling you.
- Sir.
Why are you telling me about him, Sir?
Didn't you hear what I am trying to say?
I can hear only that is necessary, Sir.
You just tell me, how to go to the
house, when to go and what to rob.
You have to get me all the medals
and shields in that house.
I need all the shields.
Don't ask me what and why.
Today, from 3 to 4...
...nobody will be there in the house.
You need to bring the things, meanwhile.
One more thing. You need
to be extra careful.
If you are stuck, you can't
come out so easily.
Your life will end.
I will send a police with you.
- Uh.
Come. You stand here.
Hey, they are here. Hide, hide.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
Sir, my child.
My medicine, my child, Sir.
- Sir.
Sir, Sir.
He saw us, man.
I don't know anything, Sir.
- Telugu, Sir.
Telugu Sir.
Why did you come here?
He is asking, why we are here.
We came here to steal these.
(Malay Language)
Why did you come here?
Sir, truly. We came to steal these.
Why did you come here?
Sir, we don't know anything.
Sir, ask him if you want.
Yes, Sir. We don't know anything, Sir.
I don't know anything, Sir.
Uh-oh. Sir.
Nothing happened.
- Sir, Sir.
You please don't get scared.
Now tell me, why did you come?
- What?
Why did you come here?
Sir, Sir.
You have mistaken us, Sir.
He is very good man, Sir.
We don't know anything, Sir.
We told the police and came here.
They sent us here.
- Wait. Just one minute.
No, Sir.
- Wait. Just one minute.
Wait a minute.
- It was police, Sir.
I am the thief. I came into your house.
Do anything to me. Leave him.
Not that, Sir.
- What is it when I am asking you?
Tell me.
Oh no.
- Tell me.
You go away.
(Malay Language)
Wherever you go,
I will not let you live.
Hey, I will kill you.
You will be dead in my hands.
(Water sound)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
Bhramara, hey, Bhramara.
I came here to talk to you.
- Brother.
Your husband is coming at 10.30, right?
How will you recognise him, brother?
You don't even have a photo.
They are all in the phone.
We will know by seeing our people.
Don't need a photograph.
Your husband is coming alone, right?
- No, brother.
There is a small boy with him.
Oh, is it?
- You will bring him correctly, right?
See the face. It's glowing.
Is it the happiness that you
are meeting your husband?
That's fine. Is the money ready?
Yes. He is bringing it. I spoke to him.
That's okay. Let me take a photograph
of yours, just for safety.
It will be there to show there.
Hey, come and take her photo.
(Dog Panting)
(Dog Barks)
Hello, hello.
Indian, boy.
Indian boy.
(Malay Language)
Hey, Super.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Hey. Come here.
Indian boy, small.
(Malay Language)
Black, Indian.
Boy, small.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
Come, come.
Come on, come on.
(Malay Language)
- Huh.
(Stone sound)
I didn't think that I will see
you again. Do you know that?
You don't have anyone else, other
than me. Do you know that?
Then, go.
- Hey, stop.
It is better that I get caught to
them, rather than you.
Come. Let's go.
(Door opens)
- Oh, no.
You came? Brother.
Where is he, brother?
- How many times I told you, I am at risk.
I shouted in the station,
but nobody came.
You showed your wit.
- Don't do fun.
Who are you to make fun with? My
uncle's daughter or my aunty's daughter?
No, brother. I spoke to him.
He said he got on the train. Surely...
Are you making me fool, saying,
money is coming, he is on train?
- Not two days, we are starting tomorrow.
I can't come, brother.
- I'm not asking for your permission... are starting, that's it. Start.
Brother, please.
- Hey.
Brother, please.
- Now you have to keep your mouth shut.
Or else, you will lose your life.
- Hey.
If one more word, out of your mouth...
...I will slit your throat.
(Malay Language)
(Plates sound)
(Malay Language)
You didn't feel like eating,
unless the stomach cried? Eat it.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
Hey, where are you going? I am asking you.
-Going to bathroom. Do I have to tell you?
(Footsteps sound)
(Lock sound)
(Iron rod sound)
(Breaking Lock)
(Breaking Lock)
- Hey, what are you doing?
Throw it down.
Hey, shut your mouth and leave.
The sound is audible
outside. Throw it down.
Shut up, leave. Or, I'll break your head.
- Throw it down.
Go away.
- He will come here. Throw it down.
He is coming. Come, she's escaping. Come.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Bottle breaking sound)
What are you looking at? Break the key.
Break it and go away.
Break it. Go.
Hey, you also come.
- You go. Go.
If you go out, your husband will be
waiting for you. Who waits for me?
It's same for me, either here or there.
You go. Go.
(Heavy breath sound)
Stop, stop.
Please, stop.
(Heavy breath sound)
Stop. Please, stop.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Car Sound)
No one come. Don't worry.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Background Music)
(Malay Language)
(Kids playing)
We are done, Thiru. Now,
they will surely kill us.
Come, come. We will die together. Come.
Come, dear.
Come, come.
Go, go.
- Oh.
(Malay Language)
- What?
Hey, you.
Why are you here?
(Malay Language)
Help. Help, please.
Brother, please leave me.
- Come.
No, please. Leave me.
- See what I will do to you.
Brother, leave me.
- Where will you run?
You are just married, right? Now I will...
...see that you have first night everyday.
- Come.
(Resound of cry)
(Background Music)
Come on, dear.
Where else will we go?
- Let's go first.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Footsteps sound)
(Background Music)
(Background Music)
Come, come.
Sit, sit.
One of them is coming here.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
- You go.
Go away.
(Malay Language)
Throw. Throw i t down.
- Throw it, brother. Throw it.
Their necks should break. Throw it.
- Throw it.
Let them all die. Let them die.
(Malay Language)
Stay here. I will be back.
See the roof there.
Run straight and jump on to
that roof. Don't look down.
Brother, I am really frightened.
- Listen to me. Listen.
Believe me. There is no other way. Okay?
- Ha.
- Okay, brother.
Thiru, I am frightened. Please, Thiru.
Nothing. Okay. Nothing. Listen to me.
- Please, Thiru.
You run. I will come and push you.
- Okay.
Is it fine? You believe me, right?
Look here. You believe me, right?
- Yes, I believe.
Are you ready?
Ready, one, two, three.
- Hey.
- I think they are coming, Thiru.
Look here. You believe me, right?
(Malay Language)
Get inside. Fast.
Get in. Fast.
Where are you running, man?
- What?
(Malay Language)
- Hey.
Where are you running?
This whole city is mine.
I will not run now. I will make
you run. Come, dear.
(Malay Language)
- Hey.
I am coming. I will finish the
work in five minutes. You go.
Hey, close the door.
Hello. Can you hear me?
- Hello. Stop the vehicle.
Do you remember me?
Did you recognise my tone?
- Hello.
Hello, hello.
- I am calling from your home.
What are you doing at my house?
- Why are you shouting?
If I come there, I will kill you.
- Did you finish shouting?
I will see your end. You...
If you stop talking, you will
understand what I am trying to say.
I will cut you to pieces.
- Did you forget your brother, at home?
I believe that you became silent.
Your brother's parcel will be ready
in a while. Come and take it.
Hey, you.
- I will tell you something.
The only thing closest to us
in this world is, our death.
Death glow has come to your
brother and is close to you.
Hey, no. I said no.
- Take care of it.
Hey, listen to me carefully.
If you keep hand on brother...
I will kill you both very horribly.
I think you are shouting loud
out of anger and tension.
Hey, you.
- I understood that.
That is all waste.
Because I can't hear it.
I have an important work.
I am leaving now.
Hey, hey.
- We'll meet again. Be careful till then.
I will come searching for
you and will kill you.
Move it. Go, go.
Without you, I can never live.
For ever.
My heart can't stay without you.
For even a second.
I keep looking for you...
...every second.
With a hope that, wherever you
are, you will come for me.
Since I couldn't see you anywhere... heart has become very heavy.
As I couldn't reach you
and unable to reach you...
...the heart has become very difficult.
Without you, I can never live.
For ever.
My heart can't stay without you.
What is this Thiru? It looks like a jail.
Sister-in-law lives here?
Hey, you go and hide there.
- Okay.
- Be careful. I will be back soon. Fine?
- Yes.
Go. Take care.
- Okay.
(Peeps inside)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
Your wife. Your wife.
No here.
Cambodia border.
Your wife, no here.
- Hey.
Say it aloud.
- Your wife. No here.
Say it aloud. I can't hear you.
- No here.
Cambodia border.
- Hey.
Super. Listen to what he is saying.
No here. No here.
Wait. Hey.
- No here. Cambodia.
Cambo? How to go from here?
- Cambodia border.
Hey, talk.
- How to go from here?
How to go? How to go?
- Cambodia border.
Time is separating us...
Though distance is a big trouble...
I will cross hills and valleys...
...and will come to you, my love.
You can't live without me.
My love is bringing me to you.
Even if flood comes to stop the love... journey will not stop
without reaching you.
I will come for you...
Only for you, I am
searching every second.
You will come for me,
wherever you are.
Since I couldn't see you anywhere... heart has become very heavy.
As I couldn't reach you
and unable to reach you...
...the heart has become
very difficult to stay.
Without you, I can never live.
For ever.
- Massage.
See how he is seeing, as if he has never
seen us. I am asking him to come.
Sir, Sir, massage.
Sister, are you Telugu?
- Massage.
Sister, are you Telugu?
- Go, go.
- Sister, please help me.
- I said leave. Can't you hear?
Go. Sir.
- Sister, please help me.
I will make you do the
body massage, sister.
Sister, I came searching for my
wife. Please help me, sister.
I will make you do the
body massage, sister.
Nothing. Go there.
- Massage. I will.
You go. I will come.
- Okay.
Who are you? You came here and saying wife?
- Sister, please.
What is it?
-I don't know you, sister. Please help me.
- You're not eligible to save wife you married.
Sister. Please.
- You are searching for her here. Go away.
(Malay Language) Okay.
- Customer. Be silent.
Sister, after we go
arried in the airport...
...she said she will come back in two
days. She came to work in rubber factory.
I didn't know this'll happen. If I knew
it, I would never send her. Please help.
Sister, please. She is my wife.
She came here to work at
the rubber factory, sister.
- Go and meet Dan, at this address.
See, I can't say confirmly
that your wife will be there.
But in Cambodia, he is
the one who supplies.
If you go and ask there,
you can get details of your wife.
After going there, don't say wife.
Tell him that you have money...
...and you need a girl to sleep with.
Do you know how to
ask for a girl in English?
What? Ask, I want
an Indian girl. Okay?
Did you get it?
- Thanks, sister.
Take her with you, whatever
situation she might be in.
Take her, however she is.
You start from here, first. Go.
I will leave, sister.
Dan. Dan.
No, no.
- Oh.
I am coming, Bhramara. I am coming.
(Malay Language)
- Dan.
Dan. You know, Dan?
- I don't know.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
Sir, girl.
I want girl.
- Indian girl.
(Malay Language)
- No, no. Indian.
Indian girl.
(Malay Language)
Indian girl.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
See. I want, I want...
...Indian girl.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
Hey, my wife, man.
- (Malay Language)
I got money. I have money.
- (Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
- Thiru, Thiru.
Hey, she is my wife.
- Thiru, it's me, Ganesh.
Thiru, can you hear me?
- Thiru.
- Thiru, it's me, Ganesh. Can you hear me?
Ganesh Sir, is it you?
- Go away, Thiru.
Listen to me. Go away from here, Thiru.
- Sir, is it a problem if I beat them?
Go away, Thiru.
-Sir.Will there be problem if I beat them?
Sir, is it a problem if I beat them?
(Malay Language)
Sir, is it a problem if I beat them?
Beat them. But I am telling you, leave.
Thiru, did you go to Ling house?
-I sent you to a house to steal something.
Did you go to that house?
No Sir. I burnt his brother along with the
house, to ashes. Nobody else is there Sir.
No, Thiru. He is still searching for you.
He is shaking to have revenge on you.
If you get in his hands, you will not
even know what will happen.
Sir, leave about him.
Tell me, where is my wife, Sir.
Sir, my wife was very sad in the call.
I don't understand, what happened to her.
I will take her away from here.
Your wife is with him
Your good luck is that...
...he doesn't know that she is your wife.
They are not just drug carriers.
They even have the habit of selling girls.
In our investigation, while
checking the spy camera...
...we got to know it.
The meeting that we were waiting
for many days, happened that day.
But as a copper shield was
kept in front of the transmitter...
...that blocked the signal
interface and transmission.
That day, we didn't get any information.
They even killed the informer. Then... came in as a volunteer.
I thought we can get the
shield out with your help.
But you were also caught.
We thought everything is over.
Then, one day, we recieved the whole
information stored in the camera.
After that, we could get the
information that they were doing.
As you thought, that is not massage.
That is more than that.
Did you hear about skin trade?
Sir, what is it? What did you say?
Skin trade, Thiru.
They say, skin trafficking.
Just like the eyes, liver,
kidney of humans...
...are transplanted illegally...
...even our skin can be transplanted.
This is a new method in organ drafting.
They started doing this business.
The plastic surgery that goes
on in the foreign countries...
...breast enlargement,
penis enlargement,...
...and all such things need skin.
To say clearly, in cosmetic industry,...
...they have a lot of demand.
The upper skin that they remove,
in the skin trade market...
...costs, like, one lakh per square inch.
It is more costly, if it is white tone.
After processing in the lab,
it will go to Middle East.
From there, it is transferred
to all over the world.
In flesh trade, cosmetic industry
is getting a turnover of 20 billion.
Their main target is poor people...
...and prostitutes only.
Because, there will be no one
to ask if they are touched.
They bring the girls who come from
foreign countries for labour work...
...they have thier all tests done,
in the name of free blood test.
In this process, they particularly
target the girls they need...
...their epidemic layer...
...that means, upper skin
layer is removed.
Until they get the new skin...
...they are kept in the hospital, as if
they're being treated for something else.
The girl's skins, who has more demand
will be taken repeatedly.
Due to this, many get
skin diseases, and... cancer, as well.
Some of them even died.
To stop the news coming out...
...they gave money and stopped
them. They shut their mouths.
If they don't agree, they
kill them, as always.
Now, the rich people,... maintain their skin glow,...
...our girl's has to peel
heir skin off and give them.
If they don't give,
they will peel the skin.
They protect that skin, as if
protecting a silk saree.
They take care of them very carefully.
There are many brokers
to work below them.
They are not interconnected to each other.
They finish their work... transferring the girls
from one place to another.
If he knows the reason
behind you, coming here...
...he will realise that,
your wife is in the group...
...that is going to Cambodia.
If you go there now...
...nobody knows about your wife till now.
But, it will be like, you,
telling them about it.
If your wife is coming to
Cambodia, that means...
...she is in the skin demand.
You leave it. I will take care of it.
No, Sir. Nothing will happen to her.
Thiru, don't get excited. Listen to me.
- Sir.
This is a very big risk.
Sir, tell about my wife first.
I will take care of the remaining.
Your wife has not crossed the border yet.
They say butterfly effect, right?
Similarly, you, killing
the brother of Ling...
...has stopped the order and your wife and
other girls from crossing the border.
Now, Cambodia border will be closed.
I will make arrangement for you
to go to Thailand illegally.
But to avoid any kind of problem... have to take your wife and go
back, before Ling comes to Cambodia.
But be careful.
(Illegal Pathway Thailand-Cambodia border)
Who are you?
He is asking who we are.
I am Thiru, Bhramara's husband.
Are you deaf?
- I can hear only which is necessary.
- Was it you, who called me?
You said you will come
yesterday morning, right?
You are coming slowly to save your wife,
and I am roaming in the city like a dog.
Why are you hurt? Did you fight anyone?
- What?
I am asking you, how did you get hurt?
No, I fell down.
Did you go to the police?
No, I don't know anyone in this place.
Did you get money?
Yes, five lakhs.
Give me.
(Background Music)
How much did you bring?
- This is someone else's money.
That's fine. Give me.
No, it's someone else's money.
I said, give me. I will decide the rate.
Give me. Do you want your wife or not?
- Give him.
Put it here.
(Background Music)
(Malay Language)
You can't see her immediately.
You need to wait.
Sit. Will the works be done,
as soon as you give money?
Sit down.
- No, that's fine.
Should I leave eating my food for you?
No, please go ahead and eat.
Brother. Look here.
- Brother you stay inside. I'll be back.
Thiru, there.
- Brother, look here.
Brother, are you Telugu people?
Brother, please take me away from here.
- Do you hear me or not?
My father said, he'll
bring money and take me.
He also said that he is coming in train.
But I don't understand what happened.
Somehow, I will give you money.
- You idiot. Shut up your mouth.
If I come there, I will kill you.
Always keeps shouting. She is mad.
I said go and sit inside.
- Actually a girl here, called me brother.
You said, you can't hear properly, right?
I can hear only what I want.
- So what?
I will take away all the girls with me.
After that?
Brother, we are all here.
Ask everyone to come silently.
- Okay.
Okay? Tell everyone.
Okay, brother.
Hey, everyone come silently.
Hey, ask everyone to hide. Go.
Go, go. Hide.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
Hey, come fast.
- Hold him.
- Hold him.
Pull him inside.
Thiru. Over there.
Thiru, Thiru.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
- Your husband is in here.
You come outside.
Or else I will kill you.
I am telling you.
Why don't you speak?
Go. Go. He is inside.
- (Malay Language)
Go and catch him. Catch.
- (Malay Language)
Where? Where is that girl?
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
- Go and search.
Where? Where are the girls?
Those girls are not
even here. They escaped.
They are not seen anywhere. She escaped.
He is somewhere here. Go and catch him.
(Malay Language)
Search for him and catch
him. Don't leave him.
Go, man.
Go and catch. He should
not escape at any cost.
He is inside, man. He is inside.
Search for him.
- Hey.
Come, come.
(Background music)
Go there, fast. Get inside.
Fast, go there.
(Malay Language)
(Background Music)
(Malay Language)
(Background Music)
Hey, bend, bend down.
(Malay Language)
- Bhramara.
They are not here. Search carefully.
(Footsteps sound)
I have not seen sister-in-law
anywhere. I searched everywhere.
- Hey.
Come on.
Brother, he is done.
(Water sound)
(Door opens)
(Background Music)
(Door closes)
Hey, give me that.
Fast. Fast.
(Rod sound)
Subhadra. Hey, Subhadra, where are you?
Yes, brother.
-You all stay. I'll go and check Bhramara.
Hey, take care.
- Okay, brother.
Keep quiet.
Brother, they are here.
- Huh.
They are here.
(Footsteps sound)
- Huh.
(Door knock)
(Gun sound)
Sit down everyone. Sit.
(Gun shot)
- Oh.
Stay down.
(Gun shot)(Screams)
(Gun shot)
Eveyone go to the wall. Fast.
Go. Go to the wall.
- Move, move away.
- Okay.
Stay silent.
- Sir.
Now, can you hear, Sir?
I will search and find your wife...
...then will kill her by
cutting her into pieces.
Then she will die happily.
Have fun.
(Door sound)
Oh, no. He is closing the
door and locking it.
How will we go out now?
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
- Brother.
Oh, no.
- Huh.
Huh, come.
Huh. Go. Careful.
Brother, come. There is
a way from there to go out.
Everyone come. Come, brother.
Brother, climb on us and go, brother.
Don't think of it.
Place your feet on the shoulder
and climb, brother.
Climb, brother. Nothing
will happen, brother.
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Malay Language)
(Footsteps sound)
(Background Music)
- (Screems)
Oh, no. Brother, what do we do now?
Oh, no.
Oh, no, brother.
Brother, what do we do now?
Oh, no.
Oh, God.
Hey, wait for a while.
- What do we do, brother?
Don't shout. Just...
- It's all burning.
...just a little silence, please.
- Brother, save us.
Little, little.
(Background Music)
Go silently. Silent.
Go, go silently.
Thiru, are you here?
Thiru, Thiru.
Hey, Bhramara. Hey.
- Why did you allow me to leave?
I saw my wife, man.
You can't do anything. I will live.
- You have to die.
Hey. Leave them.
Hey. Stop it.
Stop playing now. If you come even a step
forward, I will kill her and run away.
Hey, I will slit her throat.
I will not leave her.
Hey. Go away. Go.
- Thiru.
Hey, if you move, her head
and body will fall separate.
I will kill her. I will not leave.
(Background Music)
Brother, vehicle is ready.
They are asking for the due.
It's 3 billion due.
Take it from the party fund and give.
- How are they getting this money, sister?
But for us to get food for one
part of day, we are losing lives.
Since they are like that,
we are like this.
So, after that? What is madam saying?
Waiting for the doctor.
How is the school?
School is good, but unable
to understand the lesson.
Hey. Shut up.
- It is as I told you earlier.
We've to do surgery if the mark has to go.
- What?
We've to do surgery if the mark has to go.
There is no other way.
- How will you do it?
We remove the skin from some other part
of the body and vanish the mark.
Or else it will not go.
- Then we get another mark, right?
It will stay forever, right?
- No problem. Let it be there.
You are beautiful, good
charactered, super to look at.
Do you trust brother? Do you need surgery?
- Not needed.
Shall we go?
- Sure.
Hey, bring her.
- Come.
I should have heard to Dad. If I stayed at
home, being respectful, like a girl... would have been better.
- What?
Who said girls should stay at home?
Go to work.
World will not change as your wish.
No, brother. I am frightened.
To save the girls with you, you slit
your throat, and you are afraid?
Do you want to stay with her at home?
She will not stay at home.
She will go for work.
Hello, when did I say
that I will stay at home?
No, I am saying you
will go to work. Go to work.
Whether you say it or not,
I will go for work.
Even I said the same, you'll go for work.
- I am also saying the same.
You say ut or not, I won't sit at home.
- Shall we go?
Yeah, let's go.
- Come.
Sister, you said brother can
only hear partially?
Then how?
Brother can hear...
- Only important things. Right, brother?
That's it, dear.