Sinfidelity (2020) Movie Script

(ominous atmosphere music)
(heavy breathing)
she doesn't wanna
see you, tyler.
[tyler] just let
me talk to her.
She's not here.
She doesn't wanna talk
to you, it's over.
We'll call the cops
if you show up again.
(edm music)
every woman and man
thinks of better
days when colors fade
they bleed the same
to unite and become
as one person
find your color, baby
and draw a tune
you can sing a note in
green, red, or blue
(tense atmosphere music)
Please, just leave me alone.
I just need one last photo.
To remember you by.
Why are you doing this?
I'm sorry, I broke up with you.
Can't you just get over it?
You should be sorry.
- You cheated on me.
- I didn't.
Yes you did.
- You cheated and you lied.
- No.
Say it!
I cheated.
And you lied.
And I lied.
And you're sorry.
Tyler, please.
You get so crazy
when you're drunk.
It's like you're not even you.
Please, tyler.
find your color, baby
find your color, baby
fall in love with me
I fell for you so easily
and if you care
you'll show me how you do
it's a california blend.
Pinot and cabernet.
And it's organic.
- It is one of my favorites.
- Wow.
How do you know
so much about wine?
Oh, greg didn't tell you?
I have an online wine business.
Hence the wine.
that's impressive.
- Aw, that's so sweet.
- Thank you.
- Excuse me, please?
- Yes, absolutely.
Thank you.
Thank you so much
for doing this.
I mean it.
Everybody's having
such a great time.
And after this,
you will never have
to host another
company party again.
You promise?
You have my word.
(easy listening jazz music)
what can I get you?
Oh, nah, I was just
checking out the inventory.
Chile, France, california.
They're all places I
still need to visit.
Oh yeah, I know what you mean.
One day I will visit Italy,
but until then,
enjoy it in a glass.
Care to join me?
I have this really
nice blend, or...
I'm not much of a drinker.
Plus it's a work thing, so.
Yeah, of course.
- Sorry, I'm franco.
- Angela.
- Oh, you're greg's wife.
- I am, yeah.
[franco] Beautiful home. Great party.
Thanks for having me.
Thank you.
Can I get you something?
I have club soda, I
think I have water?
Honestly don't bother.
I'm just here to
take a few photos.
I'll be out soon.
I didn't even know
they had a photographer.
Oh no, this is just a
hobby I picked up recently.
In real life I'm the
accountant, but I guess
this is what I get
for talking about
my hobbies too much at work.
Do you mind if I...
You don't have to
if you don't want to.
- [angela] No, no, no,
that's fine, yeah. - Okay.
Maybe I can use
it for my business.
What's your business?
- Well my business
is wine actually. - Oh.
[angela] yeah.
Here, stay right there.
I'm gonna get the wine
in the background. Like this?
Yeah, bring it a
little closer to you.
[angela] that is
quite the camera.
Yeah, it's an old film camera
my dad gave to me
when I was a kid.
- Wow.
- Old fashioned.
Yeah it is.
Where do you even get
that developed these days?
I set up a dark
room in my house.
That is quite the hobby.
I'm terrible at
it, but I'm learning.
I'm getting better.
Well maybe after this merger
you can turn that
into a full time job.
Strange as it
sounds, I love my job.
That is strange.
I'm a forensic accountant.
Which means I look
through the books,
look for mistakes
and hidden costs.
That's why greg hired me.
Every merger needs a geek, so.
Go on, I'm sure
you're not a geek.
I promise you I am.
You know, my business actually
has been growing lately.
Oh that's great.
I love selling wine,
but keeping up with
the invoices and the
taxes, but I was just
wondering maybe you might
know of a bookkeeper?
Yeah, sure.
Let me see if she's available
first and I'll let you know.
I would really
appreciate that, yeah.
It's easy.
Us geeks, we all
know each other.
[greg] my fearless warriors!
(glass clinking)
excuse me.
This is our last
gathering to celebrate
everything that we have
accomplished together.
For five long years we've built
this company from the ground up.
I just wanna toast everybody
for their incredible hard work.
Oh, and also a very
special thank you
of course to my
beautiful wife angela
for sticking by me
after the countless
trips out of town and
late nights at the office.
So thank you, babe.
And this time next week,
if everything goes well...
Oh, where's franco?
Franco, there you are.
Franco, our newest
employee, has gone over
the books with a
fine-toothed comb
and just today gave
us the green light.
So we are one step
closer to the merger
and a brighter future.
So everyone, here is to us.
I won't miss you.
but I will miss you.
[partygoers] cheers!
I'm so proud of you.
(dramatic piano music)
hold on one sec, okay?
Franco, I know you
don't really drink,
but everyone's supposed
to take one home
as a little thank you
from greg and myself.
Thank you, that's...
Very kind.
Oh please, I have a ton
of boxes in my office.
And it's really good wine.
You can regift it if you want.
I promise I won't be offended.
it's nice meeting you, angela.
You too.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
oh my god!
Janie, what are you doing?
What are you doing
coming through the back?
I always come
through the back.
Not at night you don't.
Since when do you have a gun?
Jack got it for me when
he traveled for work.
Now that he's gone,
I keep it handy.
You never know.
Sorry I scared you, mama.
Does vivian know
that you have that?
Of course not, and it's never
anywhere where she can find it.
Come on.
We're hanging out back.
She's over there.
Hey honey.
- You having fun?
- Yup.
How's the party?
It's boring without you.
I missed you, so I came over.
Is gracie being good?
No, she ate my sandwich.
She ate your sandwich?
Gracie always stealing food
when she comes to
auntie janie's huh?
She doesn't do that at home?
Eh, she does
when greg's there.
When's the party over?
It's gonna be late, baby.
But we're gonna come get
you when we're done okay?
[janie] she can
spend the night again.
I don't mind at all.
Yeah, we'll see.
Thank you.
Okay honey.
I love you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
There you are!
I was looking around
like an idiot.
I don't know greg's
work friends.
Hi, you look pretty.
You look great.
I'll introduce
you to everyone.
They are a ton of
fun, let me tell you.
You're lying.
Yes I am.
just introduce me
to the cute single ones please...
...'cause is that the only reason
why I'm here.
Of course.
Well besides you.
Oh thanks, yeah, thanks a lot.
Well the cute single
one just left, so.
Of course he did.
You have bad timing.
I'm gonna get you
some wine though.
[claire] every time.
Can't be a cute single one left.
Story of my life.
- That is my top isn't it?
- It is.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
okay, wine is over there,
there is food over there.
And my husband over there.
- Smile pretty.
- Always do.
You try to have fun.
Angela, you haven't
met my new assistant.
[angela] hi.
Nice to meet you, angela.
I've heard so much about you.
Strangely I haven't
heard anything about you.
No no no, remember rose had
the thing with her family.
Lisa's her replacement.
Oh, right.
It's so nice to meet you.
Gosh, those are
beautiful earrings.
- Wow.
- Thanks.
Don't we have some
numbers to go over?
Oh. Yeah.
In my office, babe.
We will be right back.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
she's cute.
She is.
Who you texting?
Just a work e-mail.
Is that your new secretary?
Lisa, yeah.
She's really great.
She's very organized,
so it's been a big help.
She seemed nice.
She is nice.
And beautiful.
She's okay.
Come on, she's a bombshell.
Are you jealous?
A little.
Honey, I love you.
You have nothing to worry about.
I'm sorry.
No, it's fine.
I think it's kinda
sexy actually.
- What? No.
- Yes. - No!
And, and, I saw you flirting
with franco tonight at the party.
Okay, not.
You were, and it's okay
because I know you love me.
of course.
And I love you.
Babe, babe, I have a
really long day tomorrow.
Yeah, no, I get it.
I'm just exhausted.
No, I know.
After the merger.
- Come on.
- No.
I love you.
I love you too.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
[greg] come on vivian,
you're making me late!
[vivian] dad, come on,
you're making me late!
All right, I'll see you later.
No, the invoices are
late because I'm having
a hard time keeping up
with the wine orders.
I'm just a little
behind on accounting.
Okay, please just give me a week
and I will have
everything in order, okay?
(doorbell ringing)
and I promise you I am
hiring a bookkeeper soon.
Thank you.
Oh, hi.
I apologize for
showing up like this,
but I didn't have your e-mail.
Oh, that's okay.
Did you wanna come in?
No, I have to head
back to the office.
I just wanted to let you know
that I contacted my
bookkeeper friend.
Oh that's wonderful.
Thank you.
Unfortunately she's on
maternity leave and not available.
She's not taking
any new clients.
But as an apology,
if you'd like,
I'm happy to take a look
at the books for you.
Try to help until we
find someone else.
That's really
sweet of you, but...
don't worry about my time.
I have plenty of it now that
the merger's almost complete.
I won't charge you.
I feel badly that I wasn't
able to find someone for you.
You really don't
have to do that.
As you wish, but my
offer still stands.
Let me know.
Are you free maybe tomorrow?
I am.
[angela] do you know the
cafe by the library over there?
The one with the big windows?
Yeah yeah yeah.
That's the one.
Do you wanna maybe
meet tomorrow?
When are you free?
Why don't you give me
your info just in case
we have to reschedule,
but late afternoon?
- 4?
- Perfect.
I'll see you then.
- Here you go.
- Okay.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I printed this last night.
I wanna try again to
make it a bit more clear.
You see how the blacks
are a bit gray here?
No, it's, this
is really great.
I really love it.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
I'll see you tomorrow then.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
hey honey, can you go
get vivian for breakfast?
Anything for you, my love.
(phone buzzing)
(ominous atmosphere music)
are you sure?
I don't know
what else to think.
[claire] bastard.
I don't know what to do.
You gotta divorce him.
What about vivian?
And what if it isn't
what it looks like?
What else can it be?
You knew there was something
weird with her at the party.
I saw it too.
You comment on her
earrings, little tart
drops one just to
make sure you know.
But why would she
want me to know?
'cause that's what
homewreckers do, honey.
They let the wife know.
And now you know.
You know, my ex used
to say deep down
inside people wanna get caught.
And he was a private
detective, so.
He promised he
wouldn't do this again.
I'm sorry?
It was when I was
pregnant with vivian.
I wanted to forgive
him, and I did, and then
with the secretary I
got this bad feeling
and then the text messages...
yeah, it's pretty
obvious what's going on.
I'm so sorry, ang.
Our 10 year anniversary is
next week and he does this.
They say that 10 years
is the breaking point.
They do?
All right, maybe it's the
seven year itch or something.
You two might just
be a little slow.
Or fast.
We got the itch years ago.
It almost destroyed me.
I mean that's
why I left my ex.
Once I found out
he cheated, I said
capital d-vorce and that was it.
I didn't wanna
get divorced then
and I don't wanna
get divorced now.
You don't wanna leave him?
You get even.
You have your own affair.
That's what I would do.
I am not having an affair.
And that is not what
you did, by the way.
But I would have.
I wish I did, shoot.
I mean just to level
the playing field.
Show him how much it hurts.
Look, I have all these files
and tax forms I need
to take care of.
I'm gonna deal with this now.
I'll deal with greg tonight.
All right.
I'm here for you.
You can stay with me,
whatever you need.
[angela] thank you.
You got this.
(phone ringing)
Hey babe.
I'm really sorry, I'm
gonna be late tonight.
It's gonna be like this the next
two weeks until the merger.
I thought you said you
were gonna pick up vivian.
I know I said I would
do it, but there's
just no way I'm
getting out of here.
I just got ready for it.
I wanna meet with the vc guys.
They're coming in
today and I'd rather
meet with them sooner
rather than later.
I found it.
[greg] thank you
lisa, you're the best.
You are.
[angela] greg.
Can we please ask
claire to pick up vivian?
Angie, are you there?
Hey janie!
Hey mama.
Hey, it's just
for tonight okay?
And maybe tomorrow.
Greg's working late hours
and I just have so much
to take care of with
the wine business.
It's no problem at all.
You know I love
having vivian over.
Oh, and you're authorized at the school,
so you can pick her up.
Happy to.
You know we love that ice
cream shop down the street.
Oh, janie, just
one other thing, I...
already took care of it.
Let me show you.
I know I made you uncomfortable
and I would never want that.
Well let me just...
2-4-3-4, that's your address.
Is it too obvious?
If someone tried
to break in I think
that's the first
thing they'd try.
Maybe our address
would be better.
[janie] that's a good idea.
I'll change it.
[angela] thank you, janie.
(tense atmosphere music)
(easy listening music)
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Don't even apologize.
I have this rule
to always be early
and today just was not my day.
You know when the last I just
got to read a book
in a cafe was?
It was like I was on vacation.
Well that sounds lovely.
- [Franco] Let me help you with that.
- Oh, thank you.
Can I get you anything?
I should be asking you that.
I just had a delicious
chai tea latte.
You want one?
Maybe something calming?
Chamomile tea, they have that.
Yeah, that'd be great.
All right, yeah.
No no, don't worry about it.
- Don't worry about it.
It's okay. - Thank you.
Hey reese.
Can I get a
chamomile tea please?
Yeah, no problem.
(phone buzzing)
keep the change.
Here you go.
Thank you so much.
Of course.
- So your clients are...
- Angry.
I'm just so behind
on my tax paperwork.
- Oh that's easy.
- Is it?
'cause my books are a mess.
All right, let me take a look.
Ah, your books are a mess.
Yeah, I know.
God, it's embarrassing.
I've seen much worse.
Like your husband's company,
that was a challenge.
Yeah, but it's
all in order now.
My job's mostly done.
The rest is up to greg and lisa.
Yeah, greg's assistant?
One of the ones burning the
midnight oil now, not me.
But luckily they
work well together.
They're a great team.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
[angela] greg and lisa.
I think that...
I know, 'cause he
cheated years ago and...
I don't wanna talk
out of turn, but people
in the office were wondering
if something was going on.
No proof of course, but
if it's true I'm so sorry.
If I told you I know how
you felt would that help?
What would help is if I
knew how to stop hurting.
That's the toughest part.
But I promise you you
will find love again.
No matter how badly
someone's hurt you
there is love out in the
world for you, angela.
How do you know?
Because I was hurt.
She cheated and I lost my mind,
but now I know that
love is possible again.
I can see it.
Okay, your numbers are actually
a lot more reasonable
than you think.
So I'm just gonna transfer this
over to a tax program and, oh.
You probably don't have
a tax program right?
No no no, I do actually, yeah.
It's right here.
Let me just transfer this over.
[angela] what?
You need updated software,
but I can help you with that.
(loud accordion music)
you know, we can find
another place to work.
Follow me.
Hey, I know you're angry.
I came home early
so we could talk.
I have something I
need to tell you.
(ominous atmosphere music)
(country rock music)
(ominous atmosphere music)
(country ballad music)
if you're gonna leave
do it gently
with a stone face
angela, I don't know
where you guys are
and it's almost
vivian's bedtime.
Look, I know you've been upset
that I've been working late.
Clearly you found the earrings.
So we need to talk.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
(phone ringing)
did you get my e-mail?
Yeah, I will answer it later.
Did you by any chance lose
one of those earrings?
I did.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because they were so
expensive, I'm sorry.
But I already ordered a
replacement so please don't be mad.
It'll be here tomorrow.
We have to be more careful.
I hate all this lying.
Yeah, me too.
We'll write a couple songs
write a couple more
(dramatic atmosphere music)
(phone buzzing)
how long have you lived here?
Just a few months.
I like your taste.
It's a rental.
I like to rent furnished places.
Tend to go where
the work takes me.
You okay?
All good.
(tense atmosphere music)
I was just admiring your photos.
Did you take these?
Someone else did.
She kinda looks like me.
A little I guess.
In my younger years.
Who is she?
She was...
You know what, I think I
actually will join you.
You know what, I think
I should go actually.
No no no, please
don't, I'm sorry.
Just have a glass
of wine with me.
In memory of my niece.
May she rest in peace.
I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have asked.
She was murdered 15 years ago.
It still haunts me.
I feel like I could've
stopped it, but I didn't.
It just breaks my heart.
I can't imagine what you
and your family went through.
You have a good heart, angela.
I haven't met anyone like
you in a really long time.
Thank you.
It's okay.
(phone ringing)
[claire] hello?
Hey claire, it's greg.
Yeah, I know, greg.
Is angela with you?
[claire] she's not home?
She's not.
Well if she was here
I wouldn't tell you.
Okay greg?
And if she's not home,
you probably deserve it.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
you okay?
I wanna ask you something.
But I don't want it to influence
what's going on in your life.
Let's not ask each
other anything okay?
I just wanna enjoy this moment.
Fair enough.
I'm sorry, I just have to know.
Are you going back
to your husband?
I'll never go back to him.
That's smart, angela.
Once a cheater always a cheater.
Do you think I'm a cheater?
Of course not.
What happened tonight
doesn't count.
You have my heart.
If you want it.
Gonna need to take
things slow okay?
You have me right now.
Not forever?
You're pushing it.
and then after school
I have soccer practice,
so if you're gonna pick
me up be there at 4.
And then ice cream.
come on, mama.
[vivian] hi dad.
Did you spend the night here?
Is mom with you?
[janie] she's not here, greg.
- She asked me to take vivian
to school today. - I'll take her.
[janie] but...
I will take her.
Come on.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
(phone ringing)
hi angela.
Hey janie, did you have
a chance to pick up vivian?
[janie] yeah, she's at school.
Oh good.
It's none of my business,
but is everything okay
with you and greg?
No it's not.
I'll explain
everything later okay?
But thank you for taking
care of vivian for me.
[Janie] okay hun.
You take care.
You too.
[janie] bye bye.
(ominous atmosphere music)
franco, why do you have those?
It's a long story,
I'd rather not.
I'm sorry, I'm not trying
to get in your business,
but I feel like I can't
ignore what I just saw.
You're right.
You deserve to know.
The man who murdered my
niece, he was a photographer.
I keep the photos
to remind me of her.
They're all I have left.
You can't get over
the past by keeping
those horrible
photos in your life.
I guess they give me closure.
I don't feel I should
have to explain myself.
I think you should
take me back to my car.
No, please don't...
[angela] I need to go.
Of course.
I understand.
- Will you call me?
- Yeah.
I just...
I don't know when.
I'm dealing with
a lot right now.
If you need anything
angela, I'm here for you.
Thank you.
I really do have to go though.
Can I just get one last kiss?
I'll get rid of the
photos of my niece
if it'll make you feel better.
I don't want
you to do anything
that you wouldn't
do for yourself.
No, but I'm happy to.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
(door opening and closing)
do you know how
worried I've been?
Well I didn't think you cared.
Get your hands off me, greg.
What is going on, angela?
I haven't seen you
like this since...
- What? Since I was pregnant?
- Yeah.
Actually, yes.
Yeah, well it
should look familiar
'cause it turns out you
haven't changed a bit.
What are you talking about?
The text messages with lisa?
"your wife is gonna find out?"
well guess what, I found out.
Then why are you so upset?
A trip to Italy,
diamond earrings.
You know, most women
would be thrilled...
what are you talking about?
For our anniversary.
I didn't have time
to pick them up,
so I asked lisa to do
it before the party
and then I guess, I don't know,
she thought it would
be funny to wear them.
But then you noticed them.
All I was trying to
do was surprise you.
Lisa even booked our
tickets to Italy.
Babe, I was gonna tell you
tomorrow night for
our anniversary.
You remembered.
Of course I remembered.
Why wouldn't I remember?
We leave right after the merger.
I even had to get your
passport without you
knowing so that lisa
could book the tickets.
I haven't had a lot
of time, but I really
wanted to do something
special for us.
I know how hard this has
been for you, for us.
But I promise you
nothing is going on
that you don't know about.
Besides the diamond earrings
and a trip to Italy.
Two weeks in tuscany.
After the merger, we're
gonna have the time
and the money to really
enjoy ourselves together.
And that is just the beginning.
- You okay?
- Yeah, no, I'm just...
I'm just surprised, that's all.
Hey, I have to go to work.
Of course.
Of course, sweetie.
I'll see you tonight.
[greg] I love you.
I love you too.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
(phone buzzing)
(phone buzzing)
what are you doing here?
I'm sorry, I just came
by to give you this.
It's the updated software
so you can finish
the tax paperwork.
[angela] you can't come
over unannounced like this.
So if I announce
it first it's okay.
I'm just joking.
I know that I said my
marriage was over, but...
He cheated.
No no, it turns
out I was wrong.
So you were wrong both times?
Everyone in the office,
they were wrong too?
I have to pick up my
daughter from school.
I can't talk about
this right now.
I have to know.
Are you staying with him?
I am.
And I thank you
for your kindness
and for last night, but please.
Don't text me or
call me anymore okay?
(tense atmosphere music)
hi honey.
[vivian] hi mom.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Where were you?
I needed to to help
claire with something, okay?
That's weird.
How was school?
Same as yesterday.
I didn't see you yesterday.
[vivian] same as
the day before it.
You know.
(phone buzzing)
(phone buzzing)
(dramatic atmosphere music)
franco, I
specifically told you
that you can't come here.
Oh my god, I'm so sorry.
(dramatic gust)
Don't. No.
I'm doing it.
To my beautiful wife who
stood by me at my worst
and made me the man I am today.
I mean it, angela.
You taught me how to love,
how to be a good
husband and father.
I was a mess when we
first fell in love.
You showed me what
being a good partner is.
I know we had a rough start,
but that is long behind us.
You okay?
Yeah, no, I'm just tired.
I have to ask.
Were you at claire's
the other night?
I know.
Of course you were.
Where else would you be?
I don't wanna talk
about the past anymore.
I wanna just focus
on the future.
To many, many more
years of love.
I will drink to that.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
(ominous atmosphere music)
you know what?
Do you mind if we move tables?
The air is just
blowing right on me.
Oh, okay.
Let me get the waiter.
Let me ask.
Let me, I can take care of it.
- Hey, it's Franco.
- Hey.
Franco, how are you?
What a surprise.
You remember my wife angela.
Yes, the wine expert right?
It's nice to see you again.
Who are you here with?
Oh I'm just meeting a friend.
Definitely get the lobster.
It's my favorite.
[franco] thanks for the tip.
Well we're celebrating
our anniversary,
so it's nice to see you.
Happy anniversary.
- How many years?
- [Greg] 10.
The one is love and
the zero's eternal.
[greg] very poetic, thank you.
What do you expect
from an accountant right?
I'll see you at the office.
All right.
Nice seeing you.
[greg] he's a great guy.
We're really lucky to have him.
Did you wanna change tables?
No no, no, I'm fine.
So we've got hotels here.
And here.
And here.
And here.
Babe, you were kinda
distracted tonight.
I didn't like that you brought
that accountant over
to our table like that.
I mean how well do you
really know the guy?
[angela] I just
want you to make sure
you know who you're
working with.
First you think
I'm sleeping with
my secretary and now
you're telling me
I don't know how
to run my business?
[angela] I just want
you to be careful.
[greg] about what?
- Franco?
- [Angela] Yes.
I like franco.
I think he's a pretty good guy.
If we weren't up to our
necks with this merger,
I might even be
friends with him.
Oh no.
What is this about?
[angela] I shouldn't
have brought it up.
[greg] whatever is going on,
you can talk to
me about it, okay?
I love you.
(ominous atmosphere music)
let's make love.
(phone buzzing)
I was about to call
search and rescue.
For all intents and purposes,
I stayed at your
place two nights ago.
Oh do tell.
Claire, I messed up.
You know how you said
to get back at greg
for having an affair I
should have one myself?
I still stand by that.
Yeah, well I did, but
it turns out greg didn't.
Are you kidding me?
What about the texts
and the earring?
It was all for me for a
surprise for our anniversary.
Oh no.
Yeah, but it gets worse.
The guy I was with,
he works with greg.
Angela, that's
playing with fire.
It's worse, it's an inferno.
I think the guy is crazy.
[claire] well of course he is.
You're a catch.
Can you blame him?
No, I mean unstable.
He's been stalking
me and texting me.
[claire] okay, block him.
I did, but wherever
I go he's there.
Our anniversary
dinner last night.
I'm afraid to leave the house.
I think, no, I know
he's following me.
Well either he's
a psycho or...
[angela] or?
Maybe he's just a
nice guy that you hurt.
What if you apologize?
Maybe he'll stop.
I mean it's not
his fault that you
were wrong about
your husband is it?
Let's not forget that
he cheated first.
Yeah, 10 years ago.
Well then call it even.
Oh my god.
I can't believe I
cheated on my husband.
Look, angela, you're
allowed to make one mistake.
I feel like this
mistake is gonna
haunt me the rest of my life.
(phone ringing)
hey babe, what's up?
[angela] hey, I'm
not feeling well.
Do you mind picking up
vivian from school today?
Honey, you know I
can't get away right now.
[angela] please greg?
Can we ask janie to do it?
She's authorized.
[angela] I already
did, she's busy.
[greg] what about claire?
She's not authorized and
she's showing a house today.
Greg, please.
You can go back to work after.
I will take care
of it, all right?
[angela] thanks.
Anything I can help with?
Come here, girl!
Come on. Good girl.
Come on.
(water running)
it's a pizza bag.
It's very pretty.
My dad bought it for me.
Wow, I love it.
It's really pretty.
Oh look.
Vivian, it's your mom.
- Say hi.
- Hi.
Get out of my house.
Vivian, go to your room.
Close the door, baby.
(door closing)
get out of my house.
Wow angela, where
are your manners?
You haven't even offered
me a glass of wine yet.
If you ever come
near my child again...
if your husband asks me again
I'm afraid we're
gonna have a problem.
He's authorized me
at vivian's school.
And given me an extra
set of house keys.
He's my boss, I can't say no.
Give me those key, or I swear.
You'll call the cops?
I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
See, the funny
thing about numbers
is if they don't
add up correctly,
they could seriously
hurt the merger.
What did you just say?
You heard me.
I'm so sorry, my daughter
was playing with the phone.
You're threatening my
husband's business.
That was a very smart move.
Do you know how hard he's
worked all of these years?
I can't tell what I
love more about you.
Your beauty or
your intelligence.
Oh come on, franco,
be reasonable.
All I'm saying is I could
easily ruin your life.
We had one night.
Like you ruined mine.
It was a mistake.
It was not!
A mistake.
What do you want?
What, an apology?
Admit what you've done.
- Fine, and then you'll leave me
alone? - [Franco] yes.
And my family.
[franco] I would
never hurt vivian.
What do you want me to say?
That you're a cheater.
I'm a cheater.
And that you fell
in love with me.
No, I did not fall
in love with you.
No, I love my husband.
Well you didn't that night!
Very well.
You know greg, you work so hard.
So hard all the time.
I'd hate for it to
all be for nothing.
What's your move, angela?
[vivian] mom!
Stay in your room honey,
I'll be right there!
And you fell in love with me.
Fell in love with you.
(tense atmosphere music)
(dog barking)
Cut it out!
What is it?
Why would you let
franco pick up vivian?
And give him a key to our home?
You left me no choice.
I couldn't really ask
lisa to do it, could I?
You were supposed to do it.
I said I would
handle it and I did.
(dog barking)
damn it!
[angela] I told
you I don't like him.
I thought that was
the champagne talking.
It was me talking
and you not listening.
This is the most
stressful time in my career
and I really need my
wife to hold it together.
I need to be heard.
We are falling apart.
We can't keep doing this.
Just tell me what to
do to make you happy
and I will do it, but please
stop trying to make me
feel like everything
I'm doing is wrong.
That's not my intention.
I just need this
merger to be over
so we can get back to our lives.
I want the same thing.
But we have to
work together okay?
(glass shattering)
stay here.
(ominous atmosphere music)
(dog whining)
Angela, call for help!
You're okay, girl.
You're okay, I'm here.
Get my keys!
Call the vet!
(dramatic atmosphere music)
How's she doing?
It's not good.
The vet said that she
might not make it.
Did vivian hear anything?
Yeah, she did.
I finally got her back to sleep.
What did you tell her?
Just that gracie got
sick and went to the vet.
And the window?
It cracked, I didn't
know what to say.
Okay, okay.
Sometimes it's
better to lie right?
This was a pretty
aggressive act.
We're trying to pull
some security footage
right now, but there was
a problem with the system.
I'm having one of my tech
guys take a look at it.
Either of you
have any enemies?
[greg] maybe I underpaid
an employee once, but I can't
think of anybody who
would go to this extreme.
[detective] ma'am?
Well this wasn't random.
It's a message for
one or both of you.
I suggest you figure out
who and get back to me.
(text dinging)
(tense atmosphere music)
vivian's gonna be up soon.
I guess I'll drive
vivian to school.
If you're gonna have a
drink I better drive her.
I just got an e-mail.
Vantigem is pulling
out of the merger.
They wanna take another
look at the numbers.
There's nothing new to look at.
Franco turned it upside
down and inside out.
The numbers are solid.
It's just gonna take
a little more time okay?
I mean if you trust
franco's work.
I've been lying
to you, angela.
I am so so sorry.
What do you mean?
We're broke.
We're gonna lose our home.
If the merger doesn't go
through we love everything.
But I thought with your
salary and my wine sales...
I stopped taking a
salary four months ago.
We've been living on our
savings and your wine sales.
Why would you do that?
Because a stock
deal was offered
and I took that
instead of my salary.
If the deal goes through,
the stock triples.
We can pay off our mortgage
and have money, lots of it.
But if the deal
doesn't go through,
then we won't make it
through the end of the month.
I should have hired
somebody to double check
franco's numbers and I
should have told you.
Hey, look at me.
As long as we have each other
and vivian that's
all that matters.
We've gone through
so much already.
We can get through this.
I know it.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
Is detective davis in?
I know who tried
to kill our dog.
[davis] let me guess.
Your husband doesn't.
We were having problems
and I thought our marriage
was over and it just
happened one time.
[davis] no judgment.
So the person you were
with probably did this.
When I told him that I wasn't
leaving my husband
he got obsessive.
[davis] how so?
Coming to my house and
following me, threatening me.
[davis] and you
didn't report this?
I thought you
said no judgment.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
I mean he threw my
dog through a window.
Okay, hold up.
You're telling me franco
tried to kill your dog?
He's insane.
Listen, I know
you're incredible,
but I didn't know you
were that incredible.
Don't joke.
This is serious.
I've just never heard of a man
taking rejection that hard.
I know, but there's clearly
something wrong with him.
I think I need to tell greg.
I mean you're ruined either way.
- I know.
- Okay.
You tell greg.
He's devastated, your
marriage is probably over.
Or you don't tell greg
and he can't protect you.
Curtain a is the only option.
I probably deserve
what's coming to me.
Look angela, you made a mistake.
It's called being human.
At least you didn't
stay with franco
for a month like max did.
That's making a
mistake and turning it
into a lifestyle choice.
Okay, here's the plan.
You tell greg tonight and
you two go to the cops
together with
franco's work address.
Get the accountant arrested
that verified the books?
That would completely
kill the merger.
I can't.
Angela, you might be dead
if you don't do something.
I'll tell greg tonight.
After vivian goes to
sleep, greg can go
to the office and get franco's
address and bring
it to the police.
If greg doesn't leave me first.
I gotta go handle this.
- All right, you do what you gotta do,
you know? - You got this.
I love you.
I love you too.
Let me know how it goes.
- Okay?
- Be safe.
I'll try.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
(music intensifying)
how many devices is it on?
Damn it.
[vivian] mom, can
I watch a movie?
Yes honey!
- Mom! - I'm sorry honey, can you
find a book to read instead?
Because I need
this right now, okay?
[vivian] fancy.
No phones or tablets tonight
at the dinner table okay?
I want us to be a family.
I want this to be perfect.
Daddy's coming home early today.
I made his favorite.
Spaghetti and meatballs?
That is your favorite.
Oh look, daddy's home.
Hey love.
[franco] hello, angela.
Why is he here?
You know I don't like him.
I thought we were
done with all of that.
Franco overheard
someone at the party
saying some pretty
awful things about me.
I didn't think
much of it at first,
but then when greg told
me about the window...
Franco thinks he might
be able to identify them.
He's gonna take a look at
some of the security footage.
Where's the tablet?
It's in your office.
Come here.
Not in front of my daughter.
How's the new software
working out for you?
It took a while
to get the footage.
It's not very good.
What's this?
Oh, vivian must've
been playing with it.
So here.
You can see the figure coming
around the side of the house.
Sorry, it's a little
too dark and blurry.
It's almost like
a bad photograph.
(smoke alarm blaring)
vivian, get back!
Go in the living room!
Kiss me.
[angela recording]
I'm a cheater.
I fell in love with you.
I don't wanna
share you, angela.
It's not really my style.
But I'm a nice guy.
I won't kill the merger
or play that for greg
if I can just have
you all to myself.
Stop it.
Stop it.
[greg] angela, can
I get a hand in here?
Stop fighting me.
You'll never win.
[angela] oh my god.
I'm so sorry, babe.
Aw man, that's too bad.
Why don't I order us some food.
Who likes chinese?
[vivian] I do.
[franco] so sorry I couldn't
figure out who it was.
Oh gosh no, how could you?
A little grainy.
- What's that?
- A little grainy.
Yeah, yeah.
And there was that weird
click that clipped it.
I don't know.
It doesn't matter.
We'll figure it out.
It's in the past.
Well you've got good news coming up
hopefully after the merger.
[greg] yeah.
It'll be all done.
[greg] we're gonna see.
- This one's excited aren't you?
- [Vivian] Mmmhm.
[greg] yeah.
Thanks again.
Hey, thanks so
much for being here.
- Let's do this again. Please.
- All right. - Drive safe!
Bye franco!
[France] bye cupcake.
All right, let's
get you to bed.
You're making me late.
[vivian] you're
making me late.
(phone buzzing)
how'd it go?
[angela] terrible.
Franco was here.
- What?
- Yeah.
He has my house bugged.
And he knows greg's passwords.
I'm calling you from my backyard
because I'm afraid to say
anything inside the house.
He said that if I
tell greg the truth
he's gonna make sure
the merger collapses.
Okay, that's just truly evil.
And illegal, by the way.
Yeah, I know.
Claire, your ex-husband.
What about him?
Isn't he still a
private detective?
He could find something
out about him.
Something to make him stop.
Some dirt, something.
Angela, you're
asking me to reach out
to the guy that broke my heart?
Claire, I am desperate here.
I need to fight fire with fire
and I need you to
do this tonight.
[claire] fine.
His favorite bar is vick's. I'll just
pounce on him when he shows up.
[angela] okay.
[claire] if this
guy has anything
to hide, my ex will find it.
Then there's always
curtain a, angela.
Which I suggest you do anyway.
You don't know what
this guy's capable of.
Thank you.
So any news on the merger?
It's anyone's
guess at this point.
But franco thinks
it's still a go.
He's a decent guy.
I know you don't
think so, but he is.
(classy jazz music)
(shower running)
(tense atmosphere music)
(classy jazz music)
oh I didn't order this.
It's from the gentleman.
(tense atmosphere music)
thanks babe.
I owe you an apology.
For what?
For thinking you were cheating
again after all these years.
Honey, you forgave
me 10 years ago
and you had a passing
moment of jealousy.
I am totally okay with that.
I was angry.
I carried it with me
after all these years.
You've been kind and
gracious and loving
and I have never felt
anything but that from you.
Would you forgive me if
I made the same mistake?
[franco] so let me
get this straight.
You're waiting for
your ex-husband.
Sexy right?
Are you guys
getting back together?
No no.
That ship has sailed.
How far?
Far away.
Like off the edge of
the planet hopefully.
he cheated.
I know what that's like.
It's the worst.
I don't think I could
go through that again.
[claire] recent?
Let me get the next round.
Oh no no.
[Claire] I got it.
It's fine.
I insist.
It's nice to talk to
someone who understands.
What did you say your name was?
[Claire] I didn't.
But it's claire.
[Claire] nice
to meet you, eric.
Nice to meet you, claire.
I thought you
were cheating again.
So that was your response?
To go and cheat
on me with franco?
This makes so much more sense.
Why you've been acting insane.
He is insane.
He is.
He he hold a gun to your
head when you slept with him?
- No.
- No!
You did this!
You did this to us!
At the most important
moment of my life.
You are killing me, angela.
I know how you feel.
I felt it too!
And if I could take
it back I would!
(dramatic atmosphere music)
hi, is detective davis in?
Can you tell him that
angela harris called?
He has my number.
No, no, I'd rather speak
to him directly please.
Okay, thank you.
(ominous atmosphere music)
(phone buzzing)
(phone buzzing)
(phone buzzing)
(music intensifying)
(phone buzzing)
(suspenseful atmosphere music)
(dramatic sting)
(phone buzzing)
(violent struggling)
ma'am, please
stay in your car.
hey, what are you doing?
I told you she's in there.
Ma'am, we can't just
break down the door.
What did your friend tell you
to make you believe
she's in trouble?
She texted me.
[cop] okay.
Can se wee the text please?
What, you're not
gonna do anything?
Maybe she took
your advice and left.
Or maybe she's still in
there having a nice night.
Either way there's
nothing more we can do.
No, please, I...
[cop] have a
nice night, ma'am.
(edm music)
(phone buzzing)
I know you're in that
dark room, you freak show!
They know I'm here!
They know where I am!
(dramatic atmosphere music)
(alarm beeping)
(ominous atmosphere music)
Hi honey, what
are you doing up?
I had to pee and
I heard something.
Why do you have a gun?
No no no, it's
not a gun, honey.
I need you to go back
to bed though okay?
But I wanna come home.
I know, baby, I know.
But I need you to
stay here, okay?
Look, it's almost morning.
Just go get another
hour of sleep for me.
All right, I'm gonna see
you tomorrow after school.
All right, go.
Go back to sleep.
(dramatic atmosphere music)
(edm music)
every man and woman can
see in gray, but not today
it's hard to see
the yellow sun
it shades the day
the stars are shining
but not for long
you'll catch me, baby
before I'm gone
(dramatic atmosphere music)
and to the moon
my colored eyes
can see you too
and when you
seem to disappear
(ominous atmosphere music)
no, no, no.
Oh god, no.
(music intensifying)
fall in love with me
I fell for you so easily
and if you care
you'll show me how you do
run away with me
let's go as far
as we can see
and if you're there
we'll make it to the end
honey, I'm home!
can I pour you a glass of wine?
May I please have this dance?
Remember we fell in
love on our first dance.
(slow jazz music)
fall in love with me
I fell for you so easily
baby, can I make you a drink?
if you care
you'll show me how you do
there's no other way
just you and I alone today
and if you care
you'll surely
(gun firing)
(suspenseful atmosphere music)
get the hell out of my house!
[angela recording]
I'm a cheater.
And I fell in love with you.
(dramatic sting)
where is vivian?
I would never hurt her.
Where is my daughter?
I love her.
Like she's my own daughter.
We can still be a family.
Then I'll have to kill you.
I just need one last
photo to remember you by.
No, franco, please, please.
I'm sorry, you're right.
I'm a cheater.
And what else?
It's okay, say it.
I can see you now.
And I hate you.
(suspenseful atmosphere music)
I hate you.
But I love you.
(gun clicking)
and you love me too!
You do love me.
Say it.
(gun firing)
(muffled screaming)
are you okay?
Are you okay?
Did he hurt you?
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay, I love
you so much angela.
You're okay now.
Get this.
No Angela!
(music intensifying)
(gun firing)
(dramatic atmosphere music)
all right kiddo, you ready?
Yeah, let's go.
- You got it?
- Yeah, I got it. - Come on.
- Everyone ready?
- Yeah.
Come on, girl.
Be a good girl.
Janie, I'll miss you.
Now don't you worry about
gracie while you're gone.
I'll take good care of her.
Remember, she likes her walks.
[janie] and I like
mine, it's perfect.
Come on vivian,
you're making me late!
You're making me late!
Thank you, janie.
For everything.
My pleasure.
Have a safe trip.
[angela] you know I will.
All right kiddo, buckle up.
You ready for Italy?
If it's with you,
I'm ready for anything.