Singh vs Kaur (2013) Movie Script

Everyone knows how to tease.
Everyone knows how to crush.
You need a heart of steel to clash..
You need a heart of steel to clash..
lf anyone attacks from front.
There will be no
time to reload the gun.
lf anyone attacks from front.
There will be no
time to reload the gun.
lf anyone attacks from front.
There will be no
time to reload the gun.
Many have their weapon
still in their hands.
Hit them with a blade.
Many have their weapon
still in their hands.
Hit them with a blade.
Was used by others for long.
Was used by others for long.
lf anyone attacks from front.
There will be no
time to reload the gun.
lf anyone attacks from front.
There will be no
time to reload the gun.
lf anyone attacks from front.
There will be no
time to reload the gun.
Hail the Lord.
All the villagers are being
informed that today at 7 o'clock..
..the complaints against
Fiat Nihaal Singh will be heard.
Anyone who has a complaint
can bring it there at 7o'clock.
Headman, now this is too much.
Your son has troubled us too much.
Headman, till date we have
not feared anyone so much.. much as we fear her son Nihaal.
- Yes.
First of all tell me,
what has my son done.
This is a limit, sister.
He has troubled the whole village..
..and you are asking,
what has your son done.
Aunt, listen to me, your son
has lied and broken my wedding.
He tells everyone that l abuse people.
Tell me, do l ever
swear at any rascal.
With such difficulty someone
agreed to get his girl married to me.
With great difficulty we
found a girl for him..
..otherwise at this age
where will we get a girl for him.
lt is all your fault.
What a useless son you
have given birth to.
Aunt, even l live in this village.
Have you ever heard
anyone complaining about me?
Son, you are educated.
He is uneducated like his mother.
His poor father died for
the welfare of the village.
The son has disgraced his
name instead of respecting it.
Sister, don't say such things.
l have got him after a lot of prayers.
Did you pray for him or cursed?
Headman, before there is any
more loss to the village..
..we should banish him
from the village. - Yes, yes.
Yes, yes.
- Yes, yes.
Yes, yes.
- One minute.
Sister, keeping in
mind your late husband..
..l will give you another chance.
lf your son troubles the villagers..
..then l will not be able to help you.
We are not with you in
happiness or sorrow.
Remember, that after this no one
will come or go to your house.
Anyway, when will we
come to your house?
Your son will get
married only when someone..
..will agree to get their
daughter married to him.
ls it fine, villagers?
Everyone agrees? - Yes, absolutely.
These villagers have
troubled us so much.
Everyday they call
mother to the Village Council.
And look at their threats!
They say, Don't come to
the marriages we hold.
Tell me, am l hungry for the
sweets at your marriages..
..that l will come to
your marriages. Taari..
You rascal, you love
the laptop more than me?
All the time you keep
looking at these pictures.
lf you are so desperate, get married.
Who will get his daughter
married to him? - Really?
Absolutely right. Who will
get his daughter married to me?
Listen, talk to your father.
Maybe he will give me his daughter.
Don't go till my house!
How will he go to your house,
he does not go to his own house.
All the time he is sitting here.
What nonsense are you guys talking?
The Headman is going to
banish me from the village.
And you guys are
sitting here having drinks.
Find some solution.
You have a solution in your hands.
The Headman will go to a parrot.
The parrot's name is Sapna.
She is the only niece of the Headman.
The Headman loves her so much.. much as the people of
Rajasthan love a water tap.
lf you can set up with her..
Whatever you say, Sapna will do..
..whatever Sapna will say,
the Headman will do.
This means directly who
is come into your hand..?
Now l have only one dream..
Goes walking early in the morning.
A thorn has pierced
your leg. Take care.
Poor thing is going around in a cycle.
You push the pedal of the tractor.
What will happen to that?
Hello Ms. Sapna.
- Hello, Nihaal.
What happened, Sapna?
Something wrong with the chain?
- No.
The pedal of the cycle was loose,
l thought it may come off.
Really? No problem.
Come l will drop you on my motor bike.
Will you sit on my bike?
Yes, sure. Will you allow me to sit?
Since childhood l had this dream..
..that l make Sapna sit on my bike..
..and take her around and around.
And ourjourney should never get over.
Oh gosh! You talk so sweetly, Nihaal.
Let it be.
What is in this bag?
l have brought 800
gms of okra for you.
l specially told the vegetable
vendor, and got him to add coriander.
Why 800 gms? Why not 1 kg?
l cannot carry so much on my bike.
Come, sit.
l hope you won't take undue
advantage of me on the way.
Oh gracious me, what confidence!
- What do you mean?
Your uncle is the
Headman of the village.
How can l even think of such a thing?
Don't worry about that.
l will handle uncle myself.
Really? You will
handle your uncle, isn't it?
Yes, but l hope you won't
change like the weather.
Change like the weather.. never.
Everything is
happening so fast, isn't it?
l just don't believe it.
l don't believe it myself,
that all this is happening.
Come sit on my bike.
Come sit on my bike,
when you are free.
The neighboring Headman's
daughter eloped and got married.
You take care of your daughter.
l feel like getting married,
my mother does not agree.
Okra? Where did you bring these from?
This is auspicious okra gift for me.
Auspicious okra gift?
How do l explain to you?
Now you make
arrangements for sending me off.
Where are you going, dear?
l and Nihaal have
decided to get married, uncle.
Our Nihaal?
- The Fiat Nihaal.
Have you gone crazy?
No one will give that
rascal a glass of water..
..and l should give
away my daughter to him?
Uncle, l don't want to
hear one word about my Nihaal.
Really? His own uncles
don't ever say 'our' Nihaal.. did he become 'your' Nihaal?
l don't want to hear
one word about him.
Enough, uncle. l don't
want to hear any more.
Otherwise l will do something.
What will you do?
What will you do?
Tell me, what will you do?
Acting smart! Dare you back answer me!
Don't talk nonsense.
Uncle, if l was your own daughter,
would you do the same?
l am a stranger!
- Look at this! Dear!
Explain to her.
Don't be stubborn. You know,
she will not agree.
And after marriage,
the boy will improve.
Consider one thing, the boy is
the owner of such huge property.
She is a child. What has
happened to your brains?
lf the villagers come to
know that l am proposing to..
..Nihaal for my daughter..
..the respect with which they
made me sit on the Headman's chair..
..the same respect they will show.. throwing me down
from the Headman's chair.
How will l go there?
We are blessed. You
have come to our house?
Sister, l wanted to talk
to you about something.
Why are you looking here and there?
The matter is such. No
one should hear about it.
We have come to propose our
Sapna's proposal for your son Nihaal.
l didn't understand.
- Even l did not understand.
However useless Nihaal is..
..but he is a nice boy.
We were blind that
we could not see that.
We have decided that we will get
our Sapna married to your Nihaal.
You start making
preparations for the wedding.
Let me ask Nihaal first.
Nihaal and l have decided that
we will go so far away in life..
..that the journey of
this life will never end.
l will always make okra for him and..
..he will pluck radish
for me from the fields.
She has brought a
complaint against me.
Headman, l did not tease her.
Her cycle pedal was spoilt,
l just gave her a lift. Ask her.
Nihaal, what nonsense are you talking?
Come with me.
l have not come here to complain.
But whoever has come to our
house has always come to complain.
Uncle has come here
with a marriage proposal.
Our marriage proposal?
- Yes.
Headman, l request you, give
us the boycott punishment.
Nobody come or go to our house.
But don't give us
such a big punishment.
Nihaal, you had said, you want
to spend your entire life with me.
You want to eat okra made by me too.
By that you considered that we marry?
Crazy girl, no one
stuffs okra so fast nowadays..
..and you want to marry so soon?
Listen to me.
Look.. are like my elder sister.
- Nihaal!
Listen to me, l will not marry you.
But what is wrong with me?
Nothing is wrong, you
only weigh 35-40 kgs extra.
Listen to one thing, l said,
this marriage can't take place.
But why can't it take place?
l love someone else.
Say that this is a lie!
How can l say, it's a lie?
That girl is my God. My true love.
l cannot be someone else's.
This body which is pure
like gold is already hers.
Who is she? Tell me.
Who took away this body
which is like pure gold?
Who is it? Tell me, who is she?
The girl will die if l
tell you. Am l crazy?
What nonsense is this?
lf you didn't want to..
..marry my daughter then
why did you entice her?
l was scared of your
punishment and took advantage of her.
You.. you are taking
advantage of my girl?
Why didn't l die before hearing this?
- Dear..
Dear, listen..
lf anything happens to my niece..
..l will not spare you.
Son, tell me the truth,
is there any other girl?
No mother.
lf that's the case
then get married to Sapna.
The girl is not bad.
- Really?
She is not bad she is strong.
lf anyone talks to
me about this again..
..l will climb on the
tank and jump from there.
See, today our
village will be blessed.
Today she will jump from the tank.
Dear, come down.
Dear, don't do that.
Uncle, l will jump from here, if
you don't get me married to Nihaal.
Headman, is he our Fiat Nihaal?
She wants to get
married to him? Shame!
Shut up. lt's not my fault.
He has spoilt her head.
l am coming, uncle.
No, dear, no. For the
sake of God, don't jump.
Stop, dear, stop.
That was Dharmendra who
gave the threat ofjumping..
..from the tank and he
got married to Hema.
Nobody will marry you.
Villagers, l am coming.
Two, three.
Let it be, dear.
lt will be difficult for us to
collect your pieces from here.
Shut up.
Dear, you come down. l will
get you married to Nihaal.
But he said, there is
another girl in his life.
No, dear, crazy girls like you
are not available nowadays..
..who fall in love with a
guy like Nihaal. Come down.
Sir, you say something.
Absolutely. He will have
to get married to you.
- Come down. - Come down.
Dear, l will get you
married to Nihaal. Come down.
For the sake of God,
come down. Come down.
Come, we will go to Nihaal's
house and talk to his mother.
Come, come.
- Come.
Everyone come.
You rascal whenever
you have given advice..
..its been bad advice.
And l am a fool who
listens to your advice.
And the head of fools, the
Headman of the village..
..who brought the proposal
of his drum like daughter..
..for a handsome guy like me.
l am surprised. Who will marry her?
She is so huge.
- Hold it. Don't look here.
Taari, what do you
get by printing these..
..innocent girls photos from Google.
After printing 5-7 such
photos and keeping in the pocket..
..a person's confidence increases.
Do one thing, print 2-3 for me too.
- Why?
l like her.
And my confidence will also increase.
And one more thing.
Don't print for yourself.
- Why?
She is my personal. Raveena Tandon.
Push the button.
What nonsense is this!
He makes each one his personal.
Come on everyone.
Taari, we have not done anything..
..where are these
villagers heading to?
Come on.
They are not going anywhere.
They are coming to your house.
Come on.
Dear, don't worry.
l will.. come on.
Tell me.. What sort of boy he is?
He should atleast
consider his widow mother.
What happened?
- Don't you know what happened?
Sister, the whole village
has decided that Nihaal..
..will have to get
married to my niece.
Only we know how we have
brought her down from the tank.
Look at her state.
l beg of you, now
you all go from here.
l will explain to my son.
ls this ajoke?
lf we have come, we
will talk and then leave.
Move aside. Strange.
Mother, this is great.
Today all these people
have come to our house.
All of them and also the Headman.
Have you invited them for a meal?
See how innocent they are acting.
As if they don't know anything.
Talk nicely, uncle. He
is your future son-in-law.
Shut up.
She has considered you her husband.
Now tell me what to do?
Listen, l have told you earlier,
l will not marry her.
l am set somewhere else. What say?
Yes. Yes.
l will marry that girl.
- Son, why are you lying?
l know everything, there
is no such setting anywhere.
Aunt, you know a lot about setting.
ln 1965, were you set somewhere?
l don't know about that
but l know he is lying.
Why will l lie?
As if my non-medical was kept..
..that l did not get
the time to do setting.
Listen to me all of you,
get lost from here..
..don't talk nonsense
in front of my mother.
Why not?
Tell us, who is she?
Who is she?
- What work does she do?
She works in films.
Rani Mukherjee. Tell me.
There is no match
between you and Rani Mukherjee.
And your horoscopes also don't meet.
She is a Bengali and
you are a Punjabi.
Rascals, you all
don't let lndia unite.
You come up with caste and
creed before everything.
Catch him!
Why are you interfering?
- Don't try to act too smart.
Get married to my niece.
Son, if there is no girl,
then why are you lying?
There is, mother.
There is.
Tell them there is.
Yes, yes. Yes, there is.
l will show you the photo.
Wait a minute.
We will show the girl.
Take this.
Whose photo did you show?
- lt's the Canada one, l think.
lf you are having an affair with her,
then why is the photo with him?
lt is to be framed.
Yes. lt is my sister-in-law's photo.
l have to frame it.
What is in the photo that
you want to get it framed?
You have a lot of experience in that.. you go often to click your photo?
Keep quiet? Nihaal,
make her talk to us.
Make some excuse.
- Keep quiet.
l will make her talk to you, aunt.
She will have a long
conversation with you.
When? Have her speak to us now.
How can she speak now?
She lives in Canada.
She speaks in English.
She will ramble off in English.
Does anyone know English?
The villagers are come together!
Village Department.
Even you don't know English,
how do you speak to her?
Have you ever fallen in love, brother?
lf you had, you would have known.
There is a language of love too.
Love is done from here.
From the heart.
With emotions!
Hail Revolution.. -.
Control your emotions, Taari.
Listen, Nihaal.
Listen.. you will not insult me
in front of the whole village.
lf you have a love
affair with this girl, then.. one month, you
have to bring her here.
Otherwise quietly get
married to my niece Sapna.
And the whole village is the witness.
ls that fine?
- Yes, absolutely.
Son, is it fine with you?
Come on.
- Come on.
Let's see what he does.
Like mother, like son.
Both of you have disgraced all of us.
Thank God mother is asleep.
Otherwise all my
intoxication would be washed away.
- Yes, mother.
What else will you hide from me?
Mother, Taari's relatives had come.
Taari did not have to
drink so he forced me to drink.
Son, you lie at every instance.
How many more lies will you tell me?
ls there any girl in your life?
Tell me the truth, son.
Mother, you don't trust me?
- No, l don't.
What sort of a life is mine,
whose mother has no trust in him?
l will go and bring the girl
tomorrow and show her to you first.
l will show the villagers later.
Will you remember all this
when you get up in the morning?
Otherwise all the villagers
will kill me with their taunts.
l will remember, you
please go to sleep.
Keep your hand on the head.
- Here, mother.
Not yours, mine.
- Here.
ls it fine?
Take an oath that you will
bring the girl tomorrow.
l will bring her, you go to sleep.
Hail to the Lord.
Victory to the Lord.
All the villagers are being informed..
..that everyone should
reach Nihaal's house.
His mother wants to tell
everyone that her son is not a liar.
He is going to Canada to
get her daughter-in-law.
Nihaal has done an amazing thing.
Will Nihaal bring a wife
for himself from Canada?
Let it be.
He just talks.
His wife will come and
only touch our feet.
Let's talk about eating sweets.
- What have we got to do?
ls Nihaal just telling lies
or will he bring the girl?
Sister, Nihaal will
surely bring the girl.
Last night, he has sworn by me.
l pray to God, what you say is true.
Nihaal, you are awake? Good morning.
Son, tell them.. who
considered me a liar along with you..
..that you will
bring my daughter-in-law.
Oh gosh, wonder why the villagers
take everything l say seriously.
Son, why are you quiet? Tell them.
That you will surely
bring my daughter-in-law.
Tell us. Say something.
- Say something.
lt's the limit.
- Why are you quiet now?
Yes, l will bring her.
Did you all hear? My son will
surely bring my daughter-in-law.
Go and tell the Headman, to look
for another boy for his niece.
Long live, my son. Long live.
She kills me herself and
then says, Long live.
Taari, where are you, you rascal.
Rascal, you did not
find any girl nearby?
lf we look at any girl nearby,
the villagers will kill us.
Think far.. Think far..
First of all l have sworn by mother.
On top of that you have shown
such a photo to the villagers..
..whom we don't know at all.
Now what are you doing here?
Look for the girl. Girl. Jasneet.
l am doing that.
Here.. JASNEET. Jasneet.
- Put one E.
One E and T here it is.
We are deceived.
All are males.
Don't put Singh, put Kaur.
Here you are.. KAUR.
Got it.
Here is your sister-in-law.
l mean my sister-in-law.
Jasneet Kaur.
Studied in the University.
Daughter of a millionaire.
- The niece of Slumdog Millionaire.
Oh l see.
- Hey!
She likes to burn in Diwali.
lt's written there.
But Taari, how will l go to Canada?
By sailing in a tube in the sea.
- What?
l know many agents here.
When will they come of any use?
You just collect money.
7.5 lakhs.
Do you have?
l have 8 lakhs.
But l have kept that for the Jontier.
- Then go by the Jontier.
Okay buddy. l have
the money, l will go.
Just bring the money and
you will fly in an aeroplane.
Jasneet Kaur.
Nihaal Singh is coming.
Aunt from Canada.
- Hail to her.
Aunt from Canada.
- Hail to her.
Aunt from Canada.
- Hail to her.
Aunt from Canada.
- Hail to her.
Aunt from Canada.
What is this nonsense? Useless people.
They come together.
What's happening?
Look at him.
Look at him.
This is the visa to Canada.
Enough. You want to erase the visa?
Headman, l hope you are happy to
know that the Jatt is off to Canada.. get the
daughter-in-law of the village.
Not the
daughter-in-law of the village.
The daughter-in-law of the house.
l mean the
daughter-in-law of the house.
Son, there is still time,
if you listen to me..
..ask the villagers for forgiveness.
The whole village will have to
ask for forgiveness from me.
They will say, Nihaal Singh,
you were right and we were wrong.
Your stars foretell
a bad period of time.
From where will you get a girl?
Your Saturn is sitting down.
Why is it sitting down?
Can't it sit on top?
l have just changed the sofa covers.
And you Mr. Anmol Singh. Listen, l go
Canada and bring your sister-in-law.
And you priest, if l don't
bring you down to your knees..
..change my name.
You should not talk
like that to a priest.
You will be burnt to ashes here.
l will beat you in front
of the Village Council.
Come on, Taari, lets go.
'Now make the preparations.'
'The Jatt will leave.'
'Don't threaten us.'
'Make way..'
lt's the sunshine in the moonlight.
Mr. Nihaal Singh, welcome to Canada.
Hey, there is so
much cleanliness here.
This looks like the flag of Canada.
lt is so crowded also. But so strange.
ln so many fair foreigners,
where will l find my madam?
l mean to say, my
Google one.. Jasneet Kaur.
My dear, come before me.
Uncle, remember one thing.. today
you will return after you leave me..
..but after a few days you have
to leave me back at the airport.
And at that time l will not go
alone but there will be two of us.
'Taari has sent me with
the address of Mr. Tindsa..'
'..but Taari is also a liar like me.'
'l hope the address is not wrong.'
Who is this beautiful lady?
l hope she is not
Taari's sister or something.
Let's talk to her and see.
- Hello.
ls this Mr. Tindsa's house?
- Yes, it is.
But who are you?
Myself Nihaal Singh Grewa, Party
President, Rutuberand College, Nabba.
There is a lot of fear
for the people of Nabba.
Madam, will l meet Mr. Tindsa inside?
This is not his house.
But you just said, this is his house.
He sold this house to me and left.
But where will l go?
- What do l know?
l swear.. l am good guy
please let me stay with you.
Are you crazy?
- Please..
Hello. Hello.
Don't touch me.
l am a Judo Karate champion.
- Really?
Even l am a champion; we
will look for the house later.
Shall we see your Judo Karate first?
You will leave? l
will not let you leave.
l have not let anyone pass till today.
You don't know.
l have not let great men pass by.
What are you?
Strange! The car is just like her.
She has got the steering
fixed on the wrong side.
Otherwise l would not let her go.
Uncle, where are you?
Grocery store.
Wow! Wow!
Such a big place.
This cannot be Taari's uncle's place.
He must be working here.
..they have wrapped
them in blankets and kept.
Come out from the blanket.
Oh God! He has come here too.
Take this.
Mango, you too enjoy the blanket.
Poor thing is weak.
l think mama and papa must have
sent him to check on me. Stupid.
What is she doing here?
Oh my God! He is coming towards me!
Oh my God!
What are you doing here?
That is what l am asking..
what are you doing here?
This store is mine.
- ls it?
This store is
Taari's uncle's Mr. Tindsa.
He sold this store and left.
Hey! Does not look like!
You have kept a broken useless car.
And this store is yours?
What have you got to do
with my car? Go out from here.
Whom did you ask and pick this up?
l have seen many rich people..
..but have never seen a rich person..
..who grabs an apple
from a hungry person.
You don't know who l am.
ln the year 1982, my
father had a Fiat car.
We were discussing
about buying a Jontier.
We had 18 contracts.
l have brought 632 dollars.
Acting smart!
People fix ltalian marble and keep.
The sights you get in the
fields is totally different.
Taari, go ahead.
Oh God! l wonder how people come to..
..know that Taari is
doing some important work.
Taari, what did you do?
You gave me the wrong
address of your uncle.
The address is right. l just got a
card from uncle on the new year.
l have gone there.
No uncle of yours stays there.
Did you go to the store?
l went to the store also.
Your uncle has sold the
store to some crazy girl.
She threw me out.
l don't understand that should
l look for a place to stay..
..or should l look for Jasneet.
You have sent me on an exile.
You are strange.
l did so much for you, you
are not appreciating that.
l have stood by you.
Let it be.
When did you stand by me?
Whenever there was a problem,
you would run first.
Did l run deliberately?
Sometimes the pressure increases.
You should understand.
ls there any use
getting angry with me?
Whatever had to happen has happened!
Now you do one thing..
look for a Gurudwara near by..
..and go there.
Brother, God is always there
for those who have no one.
Gurudwara of the foreigners will do?
Lord, l wanted to talk to
you about something important.
But l don't
understand which side you are.
l will look ahead and talk.
Please send a message to my Lord..
..that Nihaal has reached Canada..
..but is facing a small problem.
Lord, l will tell you the truth.
What is there to hide from you?
You know the whole matter.
But in Canada l have one problem.
You know what its like in lndia.
With your grace, in the year 1982,
my father had a Fiat car.
We had bought it for 1800.
We were discussing
about buying a Jontier.
That did not happen.
We had 18 contracts.
But God, we have to
think of one thing.
Mother can't do everything alone.
l have to be there, isn't it?
Lord, if you help me,
everything will go smoothly.
God, just help me
this time. Thank you.
Lord, there is no
arrangement for the holy 'prasad'..
Lord, you must be wondering,
what sort of a guy is he.
Lord, l am very hungry.
l have not had a cup
of tea since morning.
l had some snacks that were
also removed by the Delhi customs.
l am in a bad state.
You? What are you doing here?
Now don't say that Mr.
Tindsa sold this place to you.
Okay. Relax.
Hey! No veil on your head.
And you are wearing shoes.
l will hit you with a candle.
Are you crazy?
Okay. This is a Church.
We can come like that.
May it be a Church or whatever..
..our parents have taught us
that the head should be covered..
..and one should not
wear shoes inside.
You have kept your legs naked also.
Okay, l am sorry.
l made a mistake.
- How did you make a mistake?
You don't make any mistake?
- l make a mistake?
- l make a mistake? - Yes.
l make a mistake..
l have made a mistake.
l can sit here in the Church, right?
- Of course.
l came to Canada on the
say of that crazy fellow.
Since morning l have
been looking for uncle..
..where is Mr. Tindsa?
Where is Mr. Tindsa?
Mr. Tindsa is there?
- He is?
First tell me, will you have coffee?
- With whom?
With me.
Coffee with a girl?
Wow! Lord, you are great!
Today l have come to
know how fast Canada is.
Just two minutes
back l sent a message.. sent it to my Lord so soon.
l salute you, Lord.
l love you.
Strange. You saw some
girl's photo on Facebook..
..and you came so far to meet her.
l saw the photo of this one.
Once or twice l went just like that.
My friends said she is a nice girl.
Hello. She is the
richest girl in this city.
Leave aside two months.
Even if you go behind her for two..
..lives you will not
be able to do anything.
Am l crazy?
ln the year 1982, my
father had a Fiat car.
You told me.
Now will you take me
to Mr. Tindsa's house..
..or will you kill me in the cold.
Shall l tell you something?
- Yeah.
That house where we met earlier..
that is uncle Tindsa's house.
And that grocery store
also belongs to Mr. Tindsa's.
Then why did you lie to me?
Actually l am also from Nabba.
- You are from Nabba?
- Oh gosh.
One minute, listen to me.
- From Nabba.
The thing is, two years
back l made a mistake. - What?
l used to like a boy on the lnternet.
On the lnternet? Then?
l came here to get married to him..
..against the wishes
of my mama and papa.
After coming here, l came to
know that he has deceived me.
He says that since you
have left your parents..
..means you don't have any property.
So l am not interested in you now.
Tell me where he is, l
will teach him a lesson.
l don't know where he is.
Mom, dad, think that l am
married to him and l am very happy.
They always tell me to have
him talk to them on the phone.
To talk to their son-in-law.
But l always avoid it.
That's why l got scared, when
you said you are from Nabba.
l thought mama and papa
had sent you behind me.. check on me.
Come on now, will you
kill me in the cold..
..or will you
introduce me to Mr. Tindsa.
There also there is a problem.
lf the son agrees
the father does not..
..and if the father
agrees the son does not.
Nihaal Singh has turned
around the whole village..
..these are only two guys.
Dad, please listen to me. Please.
l cannot shut my grocery store.
Rack your brains, you donkey.
Talk sense.
How can l shut down my grocery store?
Crazy fellow.
Oh God, dad! Who is
telling you to shut it down?
You don't understand what l am saying.
l am just saying, in place
of that we will open a club..
..where there will be dancing.
Donkey, you mean l should close
my store which is 25 years old..
..and wear shorts
and dance like Shakira.
Oh God, dad! l am
not talking about you.
You don't have to dance.
Dad, just think.
Our Tinsa Grocery store..
Not Tinsa.. Tindsa.. Tindsa.
Learn to say it properly.
Dad, just think, the
location of our grocery store..
..there will be a T Club.
You will get down from a limousine.
There will be TV
reporters all four sides.
There will be beautiful
girls dancing in front of you.
The mothers of these
girls will also be there?
Oh God, dad! Mothers and
fathers don't come there.
Parents aren't allowed, dad.
But l will sit at the
cash counter, isn't it?
Dad, there won't be
a cash counter too.
Then what will l do
by opening a club..
..when there is no
work over there for me.
And this is against our culture.
Talk sense.
Nihaal, l think we have
come at the wrong time.
There is no wrong or
right time for Nihaal.
Taking care of old things is called
culture. - Now watch Nihaal effect.
Tomorrow you will say,
these parents have become old..
..throw them out.
This is your culture?
Shame on your culture.
You are absolutely right, uncle.
Hold this.
lf we forget our roots, we
will fall down. - Absolutely.
He is talking sense.
This is the culture
of these foreigners.
They give their children full freedom.
That is right.
Look, one thing we have to agree.
The foreigners don't stick
to their children. - Yes.
But if we cut off the
thread of the kite.. will surely fall on the ground.
Wow, uncle! Wow! Wonderful, uncle.
l am blessed that l have
got the opportunity to live.. the house of
such a great man, uncle.
You are great! Great!
Enough.. l am not so great.
Welcome, this is like your own house.
You can stay here.
One minute.. hold this.
- Yes.
l did not recognize you.
Who are you?
You did not
recognize me, uncle? Strange.
l am your Nihaal.
Your tiny Nihaal.
Which Nihaal?
Uncle, from the village. From Nabba.
Taari's friend.
Nihaal Singh Grewa.
l hope Taari has not come.
Who will give him a visa for Canada?
Taari is not there.
l have come alone.
He is a very characterless boy.
Just like you! He is not gone on you.
Where is Taari and where are you!
What a great
personality you have, uncle.
lt was great!
Son, you will live here from today.
From today, my nephew will
stay in this house with us.
There will be no
interference from you.
Sorry, uncle. Where is my room?
Go upstairs, on the left, second room.
Thank you, uncle. You are great.
Did you hear? Take care.
Madam, my mother did not keep
my name Nihaal just like that.
Wherever l go, l do wonders.
Meet you later.
lt's strange, Nihaal Singh.
l tell people my sad story
and they start laughing.
That was enjoyable.
That's like a man.
When trouble occurred,
you didn't get scared.
You took action.
- He did take action.
But have you thought about
what you're going to do next?
Dear, in such matters, you
shouldn't think about what to do next.
He came here without thinking.
Now without thinking
too much will move ahead.
But uncle, at least help me get
a picture clicked with the girl.
ln my village, aunt's taunts
must have increased my mother's..
..blood pressure.
She should know that
Nihaal has reached Canada.
All right. Let's get
a picture clicked.
Father, forget about
getting a picture clicked.
First tell me, do you
even know where she lives?
You idiot, the whole
world knows where she lives.
Read the newspaper sometimes.
She belongs to the
richest family in the city.
Uncle, this is the first
time l am waiting for a girl.
Am feeling very odd.
Wonder when will she come out?
lt's the sunshine in the moonlight.
Feeling on my face all bright.
Uncle, she is so beautiful.
She looks better than the photo
My heart is pumping out
with the pace of love.
There's a rhythm on my mind.
Uncle, usually there's a
firecracker in 'Diwali'..
..which we burst right in the end.
lt's equal to all the other
firecrackers. She's that firecracker.
Hung up and don't get away.
'Oh gosh, it should
be the rainy season.'
'lt should be drizzling.'
'The Jatt should be
sitting on the Jontier.'
'And my Raveena Tandon..'
'..wearing an anklet on her left leg.'
'Making a lovely sound,
brings something for the Jatt.'
lt will be amazing.
But you said, we are still
discussing about buying the Jontier..
Uncle, we are still
discussing about her too.
But who are these
colorful men behind her, uncle?
ls her father a minister?
Forget about that.
We need to get a
picture clicked with her.
Come on, sit in the car.
Nihaal, this is the
Downtown of Vancouver.
What? - Like how we have in the
crossroad village.. this is it.
You didn't understand?
- No.
Just like there is
sector 17 in Chandigarh.
Assume that this is Sector 17.
This means there's a
fountain on the next turn?
There's no fountain here. Just
see the liveliness around you.
But l don't see my heroine anywhere.
We'll see her somewhere.
She is standing there.
Take a nice picture.
Don't do any foolishness.
Yes, don't worry.
Just wait and watch. l'll click
such an amazing picture today..
..that you'll praise me.
The girl looks so
beautiful in the camera..
Uncle, click.
Dear, l will click. At
least let me finish talking.
Just wait and watch what
an amazing picture l take.
l clicked. l clicked. l clicked.
Did you see the picture?
- Uncle, show me.
- lt's very nice.
Uncle, show me. - Look what an
amazing picture l've clicked.
What do you think about it?
What have you done?
- Why? lt's your picture.
You clicked my
picture with the black man.
Why do you look at him?
Look at your picture.
You look like
Dharmendra when he was young.
Now do you believe how
talented your uncle is?
Where is the girl?
Why do you worry? Your
picture will be clicked.
You'll click my picture
only when the girl is found.
We will find the girl...
She's standing there.
Get the car please.
Now you click my picture.
- Okay done.
My mother should not get
tension in the village.
Everything will be fine. You go.
What are you saying?
Thank God for that. No.
Click when Nihaal
comes close to the girl.
One sec. One sec.
Not now. Not now. Wait. Listen to me.
Yeah. Like that.
On the count of one, two, three...
Oh, damn! l missed her.
l didn't even say
three and you clicked.
You were trying to be a photographer.
Show me. Show me. Show me.
- lt's very nice. - Look at it.
What's this?
lt's nice? - At least l
clicked your picture with a man.
She clicked your
picture with the statue.
Shit. Out.
Oh father, no.
Father, why are you slapping me?
Don't you respect your father?
- Uncle..
You're disconnecting my calls. -
Father, l was clicking his picture...
You're concerned about the picture.
lsn't your father.. - Uncle,
one minute. Show me the picture.
l couldn't click. Father
kept calling in between.
l'm very angry.
Now you..
Don't you respect your father?
- Uncle, where's the coffee?
l dropped the idea of having coffee.
l was thinking that
coffee would spoil our taste.
Moreover, it will cost us 8 dollars.
l've brought two lemons.
We'll make a cool drink at home.
Please forgive me. l beg of you.
Will you do me a favor?
- Don't try to help me!
l have taken a stand..
- Ouch! Father, slow down.
l'll have to do something.
Taari has selected a wonderful photo.
Mother will keep you
carefully like a glass item.
l just feel like
staring at her all the time.
Your coffee.
l don't think this
will happen so easily.
l'll have to do something.
What have you done?
There was no sound.
l will tell you.
These are just five.
Where's the sixth one?
May your soul rest in peace.
My heroine is gone.
Madam, they ran away..
l tried a lot, but l
could not catch them.
Excuse me, who are you?
Mind your own business alright.
Talking to her.
Madam, very good English.
But myself Nihaal Singh Grewa.
Party President,
Rutuberand College, Nabba.
All right. All right. All right.
- One minute!
All right. Whoever you are..
Whoever you are, don't
create a scene here, please.
But l.. for you..
But Madam, listen to me..
What use are you? l will beat you up.
Now crush my foot also.
Uncle, what does she
think of herself? That witch!
Amazing. l really enjoyed the abuses.
You reminded me of Punjab.
Please say it once more.
Uncle, l was humiliated. That witch!
lt was amazing! lt was amazing!
These are called abuses!
The abuses here are so boring.
Stupid. ldiot.
Abuses should be such that
when you abuse a buffalo..
..she shouldn't give
milk for two days.
Only then are they real abuses.
Say it once more.
l was humiliated.
ln front of everyone,
she said, Who are you?
So what if she said Who are you?
Hasn't anyone said Who
are you to you before?
To me?
- Yeah.
Rimpi from Ramgard had said it.
Tell them what the
Ramgard female told you.
Uncle, you act
stupid when you're drunk.
l'm not alone.
The whole world acts
stupid when they're drunk.
Tell them what she said.
Uncle, she just told me,
Who are you? - Yes.
Then l turned on my magic.
- Really?
After a few days she was following me.
After that, once when l
was drunk, l called her.
Her number.. l don't know..
lt was 164075..
l don't know whether it was 134..
No problem. You talk
- Okay.
What does she say?
Uncle, it's still ringing. Wait.
- Okay.
Hello. Rimpi. lt's me.
What does she say?
Let me talk to her first.
Where are you?
What does she say? Tell me.
She says she has gone
to her aunt's house.
One. Two. Three.
l asked her where are you.
Where are you.
She had gone to her
aunt's house in the village.
To her aunt's house.
l asked her what she did.
She said she was sitting
with her sister-in-law.
l asked her where are you.
She had gone to her
aunt's house in the village.
To her aunt's house.
l asked her what she did.
She said she was sitting
with her sister-in-law.
Was sitting with her sister-in-law.
Since morning, l tried your phone.
l couldn't sleep at night.
You've driven me crazy.
But you did not answer.
- But you did not answer.
l dozed off.
l dozed off.
l asked her where are you.
She had gone to her
aunt's house in the village.
To her aunt's house.
Where had you gone, without
informing, leaving your old friend.
She said she had
informed me in an email.
ln an email.
Where had you gone, without
informing, leaving your old friend.
She said she had
informed me in an email.
l asked her if she wants to come.
Don't want to come.
She met me just yesterday.
l asked her where are you.
She had gone to her
aunt's house in the village.
To her aunt's house.
To her aunt's house.
l was listening to
sad songs on my iPhone.
She said she danced
and had fun at night.
Danced at night.
l was listening to
sad songs on my iPhone.
She said she danced
and had fun at night.
l said.. l wish..
l said.. l wish..
She said she had been to a party.
Had gone to a party.
l asked her where are you.
She had gone to her
aunt's house in the village.
To her aunt's house.
Hello, mother.
Hello, son. Hello.
So, you forgot your mother
after going to my daughter-in-law.
What are you saying, mother?
Where is my daughter-in-law, son?
She is with me.
l mean she has brought me Downtown.
Where? Downtown?
lt's a city, mother. A city. Yes.
Mother, she takes me
around in her scooter.
Sometimes to her relatives,
to her sisters.
What should l tell you? l'm
being talked about everywhere.
Today she fed me
'Seviya' (sweet dish).
Your daughter-in-law made it herself.
She made 'Seviya' for him.
He's lying. Would a Canadian
girl know to make 'Seviya'?
Tell him that l want to
talk to daughter-in-law.
Okay. Your aunt wants to
talk to daughter-in-law.
She wants to talk?
She has never spoken to
her own daughter-in-law..
..and she wants to talk to
others' daughters-in-law. Nonsense!
l won't allow her.
- Don't say that.
l feel like talking too.
Let me talk to her.
Mother, she's your daughter-in-law.
You can talk to her to
your heart's content.
But.. Hello. Mother.
Hello. Hello, Nihaal.
l think the line got disconnected.
Did the line get disconnected
or did he do it on purpose?
God knows.
Here. lt's him.
Hello, Nihaal.
Hello, mother. Jasneet speaking.
How are you?
- Hello, dear.
Bless you. May you always be married.
We've been eagerly
waiting for you here.
Really, mother?
l miss you a lot too.
But don't worry. We're
coming to meet you soon.
Dear, speak to your aunt. l'm
putting the phone on loudspeaker.
Aunt. On the speaker?
- Yes.
Hello, aunt. Yes.
How are you, dear?
Why did you put the
phone on loudspeaker?
Put it on the
loudspeaker of the Gurudwara.
Tell the whole village.
Aunt, you keep gossiping
about every house in the village.
l know everything. l'll have
to talk to uncle to shut you up.
Turn this off.
He doesn't think before talking.
Oh, God!
- Yes?
Why did you talk so rudely to aunt?
Everything has
happened because of her.
They asked me to get the
girl and not her picture.
ls it so easy to get the girl..
..that l'd ask her
and she'd come along?
The picture has created a problem.
lt would have been better if you
had shown your mother my picture.
Then mother would never let me come.
Help! Help!
When lovers fall in love,
they do so with passion.
When they fight,
they fight like a Jatt.
What's your name?
- Nihaal.
Very good.
We don't have any enmity.
We don't have any enemies.
Then l wonder who's
attacking my niece.
Who is after her life?
Mr. Siddhu, l can't be sure about it..
..but on the 20th of last month,
someone tried to..
..mess with Jasneet's father's will.
According to it, if anything happens
to Jasneet before she turns 21..
..then the entire property
will be equally distributed..
..among the relatives.
What do you mean to say?
Look, don't misunderstand me.
The documents were
leaked one month back.
Since then, Jasneet is being attacked.
l feel there is surely some
connection between these two things.
lt's possible.
Do one thing, dear.
l suggest don't leave the
house for the next two months.
And what if the enemy is in the house?
What do you mean to say?
That l'm attacking my niece?
You are saying it yourself.
l didn't accuse anyone.
She's my niece! My flesh and blood!
Not like you outsider, who
killed my brother as soon as she came!
lt had been just one
month to your marriage.
And my brother was
killed in an accident.
l doubt you.
You have done this
Now you are acting
innocent in front of me.
Dear, you stay with me.
Let me see who attacks you.
Yes, take my daughter along.
So that its easy for you.
One minute, mom!
Can you guys please stop fighting!
Uncle, if you really care for me..
..hire Nihaal as my bodyguard.
As you wish, dear.
Son, are you ready to take up
the job of Jasneet's bodyguard?
l'm absolutely ready.
Think about it, son. You'll have
to be with Jasneet all the time.
What's there to think?
lt's a 24-hour service.
l'll work dedicatedly.
Good. All right, then.
Until Jasneet turns 21..'s your
responsibility to protect her life.
Don't worry. Don't take tension.
Forget about 21 years..'s my responsibility to
protect her till eternity.
That's good. Thank you,
son. Thank you.
ln the village, people try to
protect girls from Nihaal Singh.
But here, Nihaal Singh has
been hired to protect a girl.
Canadians are smart.
They understood Nihaal Singh's talent.
lt's the sunshine in the moonlight.
Feeling on my face all bright.
My heart is pumping out
with the pace of love.
There is rhythm on my mind.
Get up and go get a life.
Party, go party tonight.
Go and get yourself a fight.
Come on, go get it.
You wear sleeveless clothes.
You shake your waist.
You wear sleeveless clothes.
You shake your waist.
l'm crazy about you, girl.
l'm your fan, girl.
Because of you, the
boys fight each other.
The boys fight each other.
The boys fight each other.
Single handsome guy,
aims for your heart.
Aims for your heart.
Aims for your heart.
Because of you, the
boys fight each other.
Single handsome guy,
aims for your heart.
The dresses that you wear.
Your back is bare.
You're like a can of beer, girl.
l'm your fan, girl.
Your fashion is hot. lt burns me.
lt burns me. lt burns me.
What you do.. l don't
understand your action.
l don't understand your action.
l don't understand your action.
Your fashion is hot. lt burns me.
What you do.. l don't
understand your action.
The dresses that you wear.
Your back is bare.
You will kill me, girl.
l'm your fan, girl.
So, Nihaal. What do you want to have?
No, thanks, l don't
want to drink anything.
What? Have something atleast.
Coffee, cold drink. Something.
Coffee, cold drink, at this time?
Why? What do you mean this time?
At this time a Jatt will drink
2-3 drinks and must be sleeping.
Then have it.
Should l drink?
Yes, have one.
Okay. But look, l'm not in
favor of drinking during work.
l am a bodyguard. Not a
policeman who will be drunk.
But if you insist, l'll have one.
- But please stop me.
Look, after drinking one..
..l become a little..
- Okay, have one. l'll stop you.
Madam, it's nothing serious.
lt's just that after drinking,
the love within me awakens.
l feel like expressing my feelings.
You're sitting in front of me.
l mean.. l must say..
l love you, madam.
No, no. l mean.. not this.
lf someone is in love and his
girlfriend is sitting in front of him..
..he'll feel like saying it.
You get the courage. Right?
But madam, since l'm
drunk today, let me tell you.
You're very beautiful, madam.
l am amazed.
Thank you. - When l saw you for
the first time, my heart said it.
From within.
You are soft material.
What does that mean?
lt means..
..soft material.
Nihaal.. what does that mean?
Madam, you understood
what l meant to say.
You are very beautiful.
Thank you, Nihaal.
You are just like those
heroines of English movies.
You watch English movies?
Of course. What else do
we do on Taari's motor?
Taari's motor...
Which movie have you
watched on Taari's motor?
Forget about that. That's just...
But l've watched
'Titanic' on my mobile phone.
Why did you watch it
on your mobile phone?
Why didn't you watch it on TV at home?
You can't watch such movies at home.
lt's a clean movie.
- Of course.
What are you saying?
The ship sank on time..
..or else they had made
all arrangements to mess up.
Paintings were being made.
All the boys in the village
have it in their mobile phones.
Some of them only have that scene.
Stop, Nihaal.
Madam, you must be thinking,
what sort of a guy l am talking to.
l mean to say that richness
and poverty is nothing, madam.
lt's just a circumstance.
There should be love in your heart.
A rich person can love a poor person.
A poor person can love a rich person.
- You're right.
Love doesn't care about
riches or poverty. - Right.
Love is just love.
lf love had cared
about riches or poverty..
..then Roop wouldn't
have been in my life.
Roop is the one who l love.
Where is Roop now, madam?
Roop lives in America most
of the time due to business.
You're being attacked
here and Roop is in America?
Roop doesn't know about it,
because l haven't told him.
This is true love.
lf l tell him, he'll
come here running.
And l didn't want to
put him in danger.
His life could be in danger too.
This is called true love.
l'll just make a call.
Hello. - Taari, could
you find only this girl?
Firstly, she doesn't speak Punjabi.
Secondly, she belongs
to a very rich family.
Moreover, she has five
bodyguards and a boyfriend too.
Your mother has organized
veneration in the temple.
She has shown her
picture to the whole village.
Moreover, the eunuchs danced and
took Rs. 21000 from your house.
Listen, whatever is
happening let it happen.
No. Nothing can be done now.
Nothing can be done.
Yes, there's an idea.
Do one thing. Go back to Nabba.
Fall at everyone's feet there and
tell them that you made a mistake.
Son, people make
mistakes in their youth.
One minute, uncle.
Nihaal, why are you so sad?
So what if she has a boyfriend?
You didn't come here to make
her your girlfriend, right?
Look, make her fear your strength.
Anyway, she trusts you..
..or else she wouldn't
have told you about Roop.
She feels safe with you.
Nihaal, l have an idea.
All of us together will
scare her so much.. so much..
..that she'll realize that she
feels safe only with Nihaal.
Whether it's lndia or Canada.
By the way, what's
her plan for tomorrow?
Where is he?
l hope he didn't get scared
while trying to scare the girl.
He's left me in a graveyard of cars.
lt's been quite long.
lt's sorted. Thank you. Thank you.
Look at his gun.
Leave me.
Bravo! Leave her.
You're pointing your gun at a girl.
You want to shoot?
Don't be scared. lt's nothing.
Shoot a man. Point your gun at
a man if you have the courage.
Here. Properly.
Shoot. l'm standing right here.
You... rascal
You escaped, Nihaal Singh.
The bullet just scrapped through.
lf l have to take the
girl alive to mother..
..l will have to leave Canada.
Come sit.
lt's okay. lt's okay. Sit in the car.
Nihaal, what's going on?
l just don't understand.
Who is hell-bent on killing me?
What have l done to him?
lt's simple, madam.
After two weeks, you'll turn 21.
All your property will be
transferred to your name.
But l feel one of your
relatives doesn't want you.. own your property.
What do you mean? Mother? Uncle?
No. This is hard to believe.
But whoever it is, l will find out.
Madam, to find him,
you'll have to remain alive.
And seeing the situation..
..neither will you be
alive for long, nor will l.
How much can l protect you
in this unknown country?
Listen to me. These two weeks..
..until you turn 21, without
telling anyone come to Punjab with me.
- Punjab.
But l have no one in Punjab.
You still feel that you
have no one in Punjab?
Nihaal Singh will die, but won't
let any harm come to Jasneet Kaur.
But Roop? l can't go
without informing Roop.
l'll have to tell him.
That poor boy..
- Madam.
We're not going to a fair, madam.
lt's a game of death.
l will save you, but
who will save your Roop?
You have trusted so
many people till now.
Trust Nihaal Singh this time.
See that you don't break my trust.
Hail the Lord. Victory to the Lord.
Everyone is being informed
that Fiat Nihaal Singh.. bringing his wife
Jasneet from Canada.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you crying? At least
tell me what the matter is.
Uncle, l'm ruined. l'm heartbroken.
l'm surprised too. Who
gave this boy his daughter?
Mr. Singh. Mr. Singh. Singh. Singh.
Oh God! - You had said there
is no girl in his destiny.
Sir, he brought a girl along.
l wonder what Nihaal is made up of.
His stars don't meet with mine.
Singh. Singh. Singh. Singh.
l'm surprised.
He's a dropout and l passed BEd.
How did he get a Canadian girl?
Son, l agree that
Nihaal is a scheming guy.
But which scheme did he use that
he brought a Canadian girl along?
Yes, aunt. Go there and have tea.
- Nihaal is nearly reaching.
So soon?
At the speed they are coming, l
hope they don't cross the house.
Go and stand on the road.
Taari, tell me something.
ls everything else done?
Yes, everything else is done, aunt.
Just one thing is left to be done.
What is that?
Everyone is married,
aunt. Now get me married too.
l've told you so many times to
offer prayers at the temple.
l'm ready to do whatever it takes..
..but it should prove to be fruitful.
Stop, stop. Stop the car right now.
What happened now? Why
has she stopped the car?
The village is far. Why
has she stopped the car?
Hello. Madam, what happened?
No way. l'm not wearing
these kinds of clothes.
Bloody bed sheets! l'm
feeling hot in these!
l won't wear these clothes.
Strange. You're the first
girl who's saying that..
..she doesn't want to wear clothes.
What kind of clothes
have you made me wear?
l was feeling hot in an AC car.
Actually, the AC of
the car is not working.
lt's working, sir.
Then why didn't you turn it on?
Brother Taari paid me for a Non AC.
That rascal Taari.
- Oh, gosh!
So many clothes! Moreover, the
AC in the car is not working.
l need to change.
Driver, open the dickey.
Okay, madam.
- Hey! No open!
You can't change your clothes,
Jasneet. - Let her change, sir.
l'll slap you! Come on,
sit in the car!
Jasneet, look, you'll have to keep
your identity card a secret here.
ldentity card?
l mean no one should recognize you.
But who will recognize me here?
No one in the world
might recognize you.. much as the
people of our village do.
What? - lf you wear short
dresses and roam about..
..then someone will
surely recognize you.
There's internet, Google,
everything in villages nowadays.
People sit on motors and
print pictures of girls.
Listen to me. Look, l've
grown a beard for your sake.
l've changed my identity card for you.
Please try to understand.
Jasneet, you're not Jasneet here.
You're Jasneet Kaur.
- Kaur means pride.
Respect your elders
and love the young ones.
lf there's any problem,
come on the side..
..and discuss it with Nihaal Singh.
Now sit in the car.
Remaining we will talk at home.
Thank God. You are saved here.
Now wonder how many more lies will
you have to tell on reaching home.
Aunt, the confectioner
has done all the work.
Everything is all set now.
- Thank God. - Yes..
He's here.
Come, come. Alight.
Call my mother.. Bebe.
Simpo, come. He's here!
My dear son has come!
Mother likes to be called Bebe.
You mean, baby, right?
Not baby, Be.. be..
- Be. - Okay.
- Come my son.
Bless you! Bless you.
Here you go, mother. l've
brought her from Canada.
She's original. Born
and brought up in Canada.
Wait. Wait, dear.
l'm finally seeing this day.
Let me venerate you.
Dear, why are you scared?
Priest, your
predictions are all wrong.
Nihaal's best friend.
Taranjeet Singh, alias Taari.
Oh God!
This is impossible.
Something is surely fishy here.
Let's wait for a few days.
The truth will be revealed.
- Let's go.
Taari, my turn.
You really brought her.
- Thank you.
You got hands on the real one.
We only press the
buttons and are happy.
Don't laugh, you dog. Get lost.
Rascal. - Your
daughter-in-law is very beautiful.
The daughter-in-law is so pretty.
- Aunt, why are you jealous?
She's from Canada. Original. Real.
What kind of a zoo is this?
Why are they singing songs?
And that other lady.. Why is she
calling me her daughter-in-law?
What do l tell you, Jasneet?
Do you know when the last marriage
took place in our village? - When?
ln the year 1993,
when there was a flood.
- Flood.
Oh. - lt was Sajjan's
son's wedding in our village.
The bus was filled with guests..
..plummeted into the river.
l mean it jumped.
Oh, my God. Really?
- Yes.
Taari's father was driving the bus.
He died.
Tell her that it happened.
Yes.. Yes. Yes.
Along with the bus, father 'thend'.
Since his father died, he
reads 'the end' as 'thend'.
After that accident, no
one has had the courage.. get their son married.
Now whenever an unmarried
girl comes to our village..
..people address her as
their daughter-in-law..
..and complete the rituals.
- What?
l mean.. father.
Taari, l'm so sorry to hear that.
- Yes.
Why are you troubling my girl?
Come on, dear. Let's go in.
What was wrong with you?
Why did you have to kill my
father who is still alive?
lf mother finds out anything inside..
..then the villagers
will kill us. Come on.
What's the matter, dear?
Why are you so sad?
Nihaal told me everything, mother.
l felt very sad to hear that.
Sad for what, dear?
- That bus incident...
God shouldn't do this to anyone.
Mother, Jasneet must be tired.
She's come from so far.
She's come by flight.
Yes, it means the same.
Go, Taari. Show her the room.
Yes, yes. Let's go.
Son, which bus was she talking about?
The same mini bus in
which you had gone.
To Malerkotla, to the
Gurusaheb Gurudwara.
But when did l go to
Gurusaheb Gurudwara?
Mother, at that time when the
buffalo had come in front of your bus.
What is there to feel sad about that?
Your daughter-in-law is from Canada.
There they consider
animals equal to humans.
That's why she must have felt sad.
She is so innocent. Anyway, you
have never done a good thing..
..but by bringing my daughter-in-law
home, you've won my heart, son.
Bless you.
Wonder how many more
times l will escape.
Lord, where are you?
What happened? Why are you crying?
l'm heartbroken.
lf you're heartbroken, why
are you chewing sugarcane?
My heart is broken. My
teeth are not broken.
l just don't understand you.
Sometimes you climb on the
haystack and sometimes on the tank.
Have you lost your mind?
Tell me. Why did you call me?
Anmol, first tell me, what does
that Canadian girl have that l don't?
Will Nihaal find a
healthy girl like me?
l'm fair. l have beautiful
features and black hair.
Tell me. What do l lack,
Anmol? Tell me.
Silly girl. There's no
comparison between you two.
Will he get a girl like you?
Forget the sugarcane.
l will do anything.
But Nihaal should be mine.
Anmol, l'll tell you what l lack.
My only drawback is that
l can't speak English.. that Canadian girl.
Yes. You are right.
Anmol, teach me to talk in English.
Yes, l'll teach you...
- Will you teach me?
l'll teach you...
Heave ho! Heave ho!
Heave ho!
Oh God!
- Heave ho!
Heave ho!
Did you see? Even though it is
spoilt, my father's car runs so fast.
Heave ho!
You call this a car? Bloody garbage!
Hey! Don't call it garbage.
Listen to me. This is the
first car that came to our village.
My father had brought it.
After that.. Ford..
Even today when announcements
are made in the Gurudwara..
..people know us by this Fiat car.
We feel proud to hear it.
There is less pride in a man's
turban compared to our Fiat car.
Stop! Stop! Stop it,
Nihaal! You talk so much.
Sorry. lf l have spoken
something wrong about you.
When father was there,
you worked well.. when its my turn..
you conked out.
You can get me humiliated
as much as you want to..
..but l always respect you.
lt's my father's last memento.
- Yes?
l'm going to Kashmiro. Her
buffalo is sick. - Okay.
Ask Jasneet to cook
food before l return.
Food? Forget it, mother. Why does
she need to cook? l'm not hungry.
l suggest you also eat at
aunt Kashmiro's house. - Why?
Why should l eat at
someone else's house?
Their buffalo is sick.
This is strange, mother. Will
the buffalo knead the dough?
Can't aunt serve you a meal?
Why are you talking nonsense, Nihaal?
l will come home and eat.
Then today my mother will
eat from Jimmy's restaurant.
Their cottage cheese is so delicious.
Just forget about it.
- l don't want to eat cottage cheese.
Today l want to eat the flatbreads..
..and lentil prepared
by my daughter-in-law.
You can eat the
flatbreads and lentil, mother.
But get for me the medicine to
cure the sick buffalo. l'll have that.
Tell me something.
- Ask.
What do you like to do?
You mean hobbies?
- Yes.
Oh. Long drives, adventure sports,
music, world travel... - No, no.
Household hobbies.
- Household?
Kneading the dough, making rolls,
making flatbreads.
l hate cooking! l don't
even know the 'C' of cooking.
l just know to eat.
Forget about making flatbreads,
l have never even been.. the kitchen before.
Then l'll show you the kitchen today.
Forgive me, Nihaal. l
don't want to see the kitchen.
l'm going on a tour
of the village. Okay?
Oh. One second.
Tell me something. That tank..
- Who told you about the tank?
No one told me. l'm going to see it.
Don't go to see it.
This tank is troublesome.
Wonder what nonsense you talk.
Now who will cook the food?
Come on, burn up.
Taari. Taari.
The flatbread is ready.
- Look. The flatbread is made.
You start the work of twisted sweets.
- Why?
You have made the
flatbread like twisted sweets.
l'll make it again.
This is not your love letter..
..that you can keep
tearing and throwing away.
lt's food. lt's our bread.
Ask for forgiveness.
Did you clean the lentils?
lf you don't clean it, l will be dead.
That will be easier to do. lt
will be done in five minutes.
l don't understand whether
the dirt is in the lentils..
..or the lentils are in the dirt.
You know what..
Forget all this. Let's take
your mother to the Gurudwara.
Half of your idea is good.
How? - We won't take
mother to the Gurudwara.
lnstead, we'll get food
from the Gurudwara. - Yes!
Taste this, mother. Your
daughter-in-law has made this herself.
With her lovely hands.
What nonsense.
Mother, she has gone out.
But she wanted me to
ask you if you liked it.
ls it good?
My daughter-in-law is blessed.
- Thank God.
The lentil is delicious. Just
as they make at the Gurudwara.
l feel like sitting on the
floor and eating. - Oh God.
You have to sit on
the floor and eat it.
We have brought it from the Gurudwara.
What nonsense are you talking?
What if mother had heard you?
You don't know how much trouble l
had to face to get the food. - Why?
That guy was after me all the time.
He said you can eat
as much as you want..
..but you can't take it home.
Then how did you get it?
The same old idea.
- Which one?
l told him..
- What?
The same thing, l said, My younger
brother is hungry since two days.
Please give me food.
Who has come?
She is too good.
Thank God we put the wood down.
Otherwise she would burn everything.
Oh gosh!
Excuse me. l want to meet Nihaal.
- What?
l'm here to meet Nihaal.
l didn't recognize you.
l'm Simrat. Nihaal and l
know each other from Canada.
- Yes.
So you have come from Mr. Tindsa?
Yes, yes. That one.
- He is my uncle.
l see.
- Yes.
l had plans of going to Canada too.
l was stuck in some problem.
So l could not come.
Next year l will
surely come to Canada.
What else?
- What are you doing?
- Get lost.
- Hi, Nihaal.
What's this?
Have you ever been abroad?
This is how they greet each other.
- Really?
Then whatever happens,
l will go abroad.
You will sell the forts?
We don't have so many.
Come, Simrat. Let's go
there and talk. Come.
What's this?
- Stop this sometimes.
And cover this and keep.
They were watching Mithu's
parents film, after the marriage.
Now l have decided for sure.
l won't go back to Canada.
l'll stay here.
That's great.
- Hey!
l have someone. We
will sell her passport.
ln 25 lakhs. We will make
5 lakhs. l mean 4 lakhs.
- We have to give 1 lakh to another.
We have to give his money.
Looks like the game will change.
But l have a problem, Nihaal.
- What?
l don't understand
how to face my parents.
They think that l am coming
back with their son-in-law.
Just tell them the truth.
What's the big deal?
They'll be upset for a few days.
Then they will be fine. - Yes.
That's why l've come
straight to you from the airport.
Please come with me and appease them.
Please explain to them. Please.
- l..
Don't tell the truth.
Last time when you spoke the truth,
the teacher had hit Mithu.
Mithu is in coma till now.
Please, Nihaal. l have full
confidence in your talent.
You would say that wherever
you go, you impress everyone.
Nihaal, come. Please.
Tell lies.
- Please, Nihaal. Please.
Lies, lies.
l think you are lighter in
front of the girl. Get lost.
You will get us killed. Tell lies.
Rascals, you have
trying to become leaders.
Come on, you all talk nonsense.
l don't like them.
Uneducated people.
Uneducated Village Council.
He changes too fast.
And when he tries too
smart he is beaten up.
And then he will come to us.
Now in this matter we
will check out the motor.
Bring the CD of your
parents marriage. Okay?
My turn! My turn! My turn!
l will beat you.
- My turn!
lt was my turn.
Give me two marbles.
Nihaal, l'm very nervous.
l don't understand
how to face my family.
lt's your family. There's
nothing to be scared about.
Sister Simrat is here!
Sister Simrat is here!
Sister Simrat is here!
- These are all yours.
Sister Simrat is here!
Sister Simrat is here!
- Sister Simrat is here!
Sister Simrat is here!
- Sister Simrat is here!
Sister Simrat is here!
- Simrat!
Hey, mother has become emotional.
Where is father?
What are you looking at?
Where are you going?
What is this?
- Hand.
l will hit you.
Brother-in-law is here!
Whose brother-in-law?
- You.
Mother, one minute!
Hold on!
You're back?
Who is this?
- Father.
l didn't expect this from you.
You didn't bother to consult
your father before doing all this?
He looks angry. Does
your father have a gun?
Son, she is a kid, but you
should have spoken to us.
You're misunderstanding.
l'll explain everything to you.
There's nothing to explain.
l know that people go
abroad and get busy.
But you could have
at least called once.
A son-in-law is like a son.
At least you should have
fulfilled your responsibility.
But father, it's nothing..
- Listen.
Don't be so angry.
Are we away from each other?
Come on. Embrace him.
Come on.
- l had so many desires to see him.
My son-in-law!
Swear on God, you are so handsome.
l'm so happy to see such a nice boy.
Do one thing. - l feel like
hitting you. - Come. Come.
We need to take a family
photo with our son-in-law!
Jasneet! Jasneet dear, listen to me!
Yes, mother?
Mother, what's this?
Dear, this is our ancestral bangles.
- What do you mean?
l mean, when Nihaal's grandma
got married into this family..
great-grandmother gave these to her.
When l got married into this family..
..Nihaal's grandma gave these to me.
Now l want to give these to you.
But why do you want to gift
your ancestral bangles to me?
Dear, gift?
You're going to be my daughter-in-law.
l have to give these to you.
You'll give these to your
daughter-in-law in the future.
l didn't get you.
Dear, you've been brought up abroad.
You won't understand our traditions.
l want Nihaal and you to get married.
What? Nihaal and my marriage?
Look, dear, this is
not America or Canada..
..where a boy and a girl can live
together without getting married.
You'll have to get married here.
'That means Nihaal has
brought me here by lying to me.'
'That my life is in danger.'
'Here my full family is in danger.'
What's the matter, dear?
Why did you become quiet?
No matter where a Punjabi
girl stays, she is always shy.
She's such a nice girl.
Thank You, Lord.
l can't believe Nihaal cheated me.
Now l understood why everybody
was calling me 'daughter-in-law'.
Bloody cheat Nihaal! l don't want
to see your face! Where am l going?
Where is the airport?
l don't want to see your face, Nihaal!
What is she doing here?
Stop! Stop!
Jasneet, where are you
going with your luggage?
l'm going to hell.
- Okay. So going there.
Hey, listen. Just stop
your nonsense, okay?
l've come to know what a big
liar your friend Nihaal is.
Okay, then. Since you've come to
know, let's sit and talk. Come on.
Don't touch my suitcase!
You too are a liar like your friend.
Our village is filled with liars.
From the headman to the hen,
everyone is a liar.
Like the hen so are her children.
Our village comes first in lying.
You mean this whole bloody village
of yours is full of liars? - What?
God, you bloody villagers.
- Strange.
You guys are so educated,
you understand everything.
Come on. Let's sit and talk.
- l told you not to touch my suitcase!
Give your friend
Nihaal a message of mine.
l'm going back to Canada.
There's no need to come after me.
Listen to me...
Jasneet, listen to me.
Don't get angry. - Move aside.
At least listen to me.
Give the suitcase to me. Listen to me.
Don't get angry.
Let's go home, Jasneet.
Jasneet, don't do this.
- l'm going.
Driver, let's go!
Sony! Don't take money,
she is our guest.
l will pay for the ride.
Okay, take the money, l
will settle accounts with you.
Here's a return gift for Nihaal!
Hey, come up.
What is your name?
- Sunny.
You are a real troublemaker.
Will have to show your
horoscope to the priest.
Listen to me.
Beware of me.
l am very mean.
- Yes, Taari.
You are doomed.
What happened? - You will
also have to climb the tank.
Will you tell me what has happened?
Jasneet was roaming
about with her suitcase..
..and she just sat
in the tempo and left.
She has come to know everything.
She says there is no other
liar in this world like Nihaal.
- Yes.
Wait, wait.
Why are you sitting here, Jasneet?
Take your suitcase. Let's go home.
l won't go to a liar's house.
- Liar?
lf l have ever lied, then Taari
will die in front of his laptop..
..and the image of his
corpse will be printed.
Then why did your mother say
that she knew Nihaal would bring..
..a daughter-in-law like an angel?
What do l tell you about my story?
l loved a girl whose name was Simrat.
She left me and went to Canada.
At mother's behest, l
followed her to Canada.
After going there, l didn't find her.
But l got hired as your bodyguard.
When l brought you to Punjab,
mother thought that..
..l've brought that girl
who l followed to Canada.
She thought you were
her daughter-in-law.
So what should l do?
lt's your problem. You handle it.
Please adjust.
- l won't adjust.
You should have thought
about all this before.
l'm not asking you to stay for
too long. Just for a few days..
l won't adjust. Please leave.
Listen to me..
- lt's futile. l said just go.
Try to understand..
- l said just go!
Look.. - l said just go! - Just
once.. - Just get lost! Go away!
Let's go.
- Ask her again. She may agree
You ask her! Let's go!
Everyone wants to become a boss.
Praise the Lord.
Yes, son. Tell me.
Mother, l wanted to
tell you something.
What do you want to say, son?
Mother, l was thinking of
taking you to the Gurudwara.
That's a great thought, son.
Let the day get better, then we'll go.
We'll take Jasneet along too.
Mother, actually.. l
wanted to talk to you about her.
Tell me. - We'll have to
leave the village, mother.
Why? Where do you want
to go leaving the village?
We'll go to Chandigarh, mother.
There are a lot of
facilities over there.
Rose Garden, Sector 17, PGl is nearby.
There's a very big
Gurudwara over there too, mother.
You can pay homage
whenever you feel like.
Sure. Now that your wife
has come from Canada.. won't like it in the village.
Mother, l wanted to
talk to you about that.
The girl from Canada..
she.. actually.. Thank you.
Son, what were you saying
about the girl from Canada?
Yes, mother. This girl from
Canada makes very good tea.
Mind blowing tea.
Okay, tell me something.
Nihaal, do you really
want to shift to Chandigarh?
l was just joking.
Who wants to go to Chandigarh?
Too much noise and pollution.
The greenery in the
village is something else.
Beautiful flowers
blossom here these days.
Roop, don't worry.
l'm fine here. l'll be safe, really.
lt's just a matter of a few days.
l miss you too. Bye.
Jasneet, l can't repay
you even by giving my life.
lf l were the king of Nabba..
..l would have gifted my
expensive pearl necklace to you.
But right now l only have a hug.
And l think that
will not match with you.
Don't do too much drama.
You are a liar.
Thank you.
But l respect people who love.
Only respect. Don't love.
What? - What's my fault
if l didn't get my love?
l am also feeling bad that
you did not get your love.
Only fortunate people
like you get their love.
That's true.
l feel so lucky. Roop loves me a lot.
And l love him too.
Oh, God. l can't wait to see him.
Be happy. Prosper. Always be
around your near and dear ones.
Okay. Don't do this drama.
My life is spent doing dramas.
Mr. Drama..
Whatever l'm doing is
only for mother's sake.
Because l can't see her sad.
Take care of mother.
Even if mother's son is dying.
The driver has to go on the road.
ls this safe?
- Safe? What are you talking?
The women of our village take
three children on the tractor..
..and knit sweaters.
And they hold the wool
rolls under their armpit too.
They are never hurt.
Don't get scared, Jasneet Kaur.
Don't worry. This is safer than a BMW.
Finally! Safe landing.
So much dust.
l will change my clothes and come.
Keep changing your clothes,
don't change your mind.
Nihaal! Listen to me!
- Yes?
Kashmiro's buffalo died.
l'm going to the funeral.
You're going to aunt's
house again. God bless me.
What did you say? - l said.. may
the buffalo's soul rest in peace.
l pray it gets a place
in heaven. Go, mother.
Do one thing.
Ask Jasneet to wash the
clothes that are kept on the couch.
Really? The clothes
have to be washed? - Yes.
l mean, do the clothes have to
be just washed or dried too?
Let's put them in the washing
machine. They'll get dried too.
Son, how can we put them
in the washing machine?
lt's not been working since so long.
Mother, the detergent is over.
We'll wash them tomorrow.
No, son. Everything is there. Bye.
Lord, give me the wooden bat.
l should be able to use it.
lt's so difficult to wash clothes.
All will be washed white.
She has come to make fun of me.
You are washing clothes?
No. They've fallen unconscious.
l'm dipping them in water
and making them conscious.
You had gone to change.
l changed my mind.
Don't do it with me.
- What? - Nothing.
Listen, should l help you?
Yes, you can. Absolutely.
Pick that.
The wooden stick.
l mean this bat.
Oh. This bat.
- Yes. Now hit that cloth.
Don't do that.
You said hit it.
- Let it be.
Do one thing. Pick the water pipe.
Tell me where the stains are.
There are stains on your
face too. Shall l wash it?
Careful, madam. Your spare
parts are not available here.
- Nihaal, come quickly.
l still have to wash
mother's veil and two vests of mine.
ldiot! Forget the veil and the vests.
Father's friend is coming
home in the evening to meet you.
Just come quickly.
- ls it? l'm coming right away.
Nihaal, Amreek is a very
old friend of mine. - Okay.
He's his son Samar.
- Hello. - How are you?
Take this, dear.
Serve this to everyone.
Come on. Let's cook food.
Wow, Jarnail. Our
kids have grown so big.
lt seems like just
recently when we got married.
By the time they get the food,
you go and chat.
You're very lucky that you've
got the love of a girl like Simrat.
Really? Thank you.
You're marrying the one you desired.
What else do you want in life?
- You're right.
The lover feels that l
should take her and fly away.
Sometimes l feel like
becoming her shadow.
Sometimes l feel like
making her my shadow.
Sometimes l feel like
washing clothes with her.
Sometimes l feel like
putting them to dry.
One clothes bat in
my hand, one in hers.
l should hit once,
she should hit once.
They hit us and drive us crazy.
Don't you think we took the
matter to a different direction?
l don't know in which
direction the matter has gone.
But it was fun talking about it.
So, what were you talking about?
How are you, Samar?
- l'm fine.
Okay. l'll leave.
Since when have you known him?
Since we were kids. He
was my classmate. But why?
No, l just asked.
Still, why?
He loves you.
You've gone crazy, Nihaal.
Amazing, Lord.
You made lovers like that.
And females like twisted sweets.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had...
l can't learn this.
And l can't change
myself for someone else.
People should like me the way l am.
Who will like you?
Since the 4th grade, you've
only been chanting Nihaal's name.
Anmol, you would notice me
when l was in the 4th grade?
Yes, l would notice you.
l beat up two boys in
school because of you. - Why?
They would call you fat.
They would call me fat. Why
would you feel bad about it?
l liked you.
And now? Don't you like me now?
l do. l like you even today.
Anmol, l really like you.
To hell with Nihaal. l
love you very much, Anmol.
Hey! You're talking in English.
l always knew this much English.
Anmol, you tell me.
You'll marry me, won't you?
- Yes.
You'll marry me, won't you?
Tell me, Anmol. You'll
marry me, won't you?
You will, won't you, Anmol?
- Yes, l will.
Or else l'll climb up the
tank and jump! - Yes, l will.
Discussion about love, and friends.
Baby, you are so amazing.
Singh singha. Singh singha.
Mr. Singh singha. Singh singha.
Knife on the shoulder,
holding a glass.
Friends are always on the high.
Singh singha. Singh singha.
Mr. Singh, Mr. Singha. Singh singha.
Singh singha. Singh singha.
Mr. Singh, Mr. Singha. Singh singha.
The boys of the village,
rage in the eyes.
Shot the bullet.
Singh singha. Singh singha.
Mr. Singh, Mr. Singha. Singh singha.
They're not scared of death.
They don't back out.
They are always on a high.
Singh singha. Singh singha.
Mr. Singh, Mr. Singha. Singh singha.
They are leaders.
They have shaken London.
Singh singha. Singh singha.
Mr. Singh, Mr. Singha. Singh singha.
With God's grace.
They are always on a high.
Singh singha. Singh singha.
Mr. Singh, Mr. Singha. Singh singha.
Singh singha. Singh singha.
Mr. Singh, Mr. Singha. Singh singha.
Singh. Singh. Singh. Singh.
Okay. So the clothes are done.
Mother, should l put
the clothes for drying?
Let it be, dear.
After your marriage, you have to
work for the rest of your life.
At Anmol's wedding, Nihaal and
you looked very nice as a couple.
What were you singing?
Singha. Singha. Singha. Singha.
Mother! That's not how it was.
lt was like that.
Singha. Singha. Singha. Singha.
l'll show you. Hold this.
Left. Right. Left. Right.
Singha. Singha. Singha. Singha.
Mr. Singh. Mr. Singh.
Crazy girl!
Mother, you're very sweet.
l don't know about sweet.
l just knew that my future
daughter-in-law would be an angel..
..when l saw your photo.
- My photo?
Let alone me, the whole
village had seen your photo, dear.
The whole village saw my photo?
Don't you know, dear?
The headman brought
Sapna's marriage proposal to us.
Nihaal refused.
Sapna went and climbed on the tank.
That's when Nihaal
showed your photo to us.
This means you saw my
photo before l came here?
Yes, dear. After seeing your photo..
..the village forced
Nihaal to bring you here.
'Nihaal, l trusted
you so much and you..'
Taari? Hello. Yes, Taari.
Where? Hello. Jasneet.
Where are you going
with your suitcase?
Hey, stop.
Stop, stop, stop.
Where are you going?
Or you want to put up a
photo on the Facebook..
..going around in the village.
You know a lot about Facebook!
You had printed my
photo from Facebook..
..and shown your mother, isn't it?
That this is your daughter-in-law.
Which photo?
- My photo.
Mother has told me everything.
Mother leaks out everything so soon.
Since mother has told you everything..
..let me tell you the
remaining truth. - Enough!
l don't want to hear
any more lies from you.
Don't go by my reputation,
l am telling the truth.
The villagers wanted me to
get married to such a girl..
..whom l did not love at all.
Taari printed your photo from
the lnternet and showed them.
Then l came to Canada, you
know the remaining story better.
Hello. Let's go home.
Just shut up. How dare you..
To solve your own problem,
you used me?
No, no. lt's not that.
Try to understand. Listen to me.
Please come home.
What will l tell mother.
No! Driver, let's go!
- Please.
l hope your yellow bag does not break.
l said, no way. Driver, come on.
Driver, one minute. - Just get
out of my life. Just go away.
Okay. Don't give him more than Rs 25.
l will give him Rs 50. Any problem?
Get lost.
- Take Rs 50. l will adjust 25.
Driver, move on.
- Take care.
She is going to Canada. Now
what will l say to mother.
The villagers will
harass us with their taunts.
The tyre has punctured!
Only four days are left.
After four days you
will be 21 years old.
Till then it is my
duty to save your life.
Nihaal Singh is not saying this..
..your bodyguard is saying this.
l repent having fallen in love.
l look forward to meet you.
Beloved, l look forward.
l repent having fallen in love.
l look forward to meet you.
Beloved, l look forward.
lt's good, Nihaal, that
you told her the truth.
She will be 21 years old in 2-4 days.
Our problem is solved, right?
You brought the girl
and showed the villagers.
Mother will also
understand on explaining to her.
But l don't wish that
Jasneet goes away from here.
Why? - l did not think
that a lie told by me..
..will become such a
big truth of my life.
You know, she loves someone else.
What is the use of thinking of this?
Love is like this flowing water.
Which we cannot stop.
l can't understand your talks.
God and love cannot be understood.
lf you want to understand, go
and look into the eyes of Samar.
Samar? What do you mean?
The eyes of a real saint
and a true lover speak.
Go and hold his hand,
your life will be made.
He will convince your family.
Lovers know lots of things.
Praise the Lord.
'Thank you very much, Lord.'
'Today in the happiness of the
arrival of my daughter-in-law..'
'..l kept the Holy Book in
my house and venerated it.'
'This house is
blessed after many days.'
Nihaal's father, today
l am missing you a lot.
At this happy moment, if
you were with us, then..
Mother, what is the matter?
Why are you crying?
Dear, l am missing
Nihaal's father a lot today.
When Nihaal was very small, he
left us both alone and passed away.
Mother, l am sorry..
- No problem, dear.
After he left us, this is the
first time we have got some happiness.
Now l just pray to Lord..
..that no one should cast
an evil eye on this house.
And you and Nihaal get
married as soon as possible.
And from today, the
responsibility of Nihaal lies on you.
Now l desire to play
with my grandchildren.
And one more thing,
whether it's a boy or girl.. should not be like my Nihaal.
What do you think? What do you think?
What do you think of yourself?
Do you know, Nihaal, mother has so
many dreams about the two of us.
l don't have the
strength to break those dreams.
Who told you to lie to your mother?
Who told you, Nihaal? Who told you?
l have made a mistake.
l have lied to all the good
people that God has sent in my life.
l had lied to you also
and brought you here.
You forgive me. l will pacify mother.
Was going towards heaven,
came back half way.
Did not come to know of the pain,
wonder from where it came.
You quietly went off to sleep,
the stars in the sky.
The tiger's heart is hurt,
a deer has wounded it.
The tiger's heart is hurt,
a deer has wounded it.
l repent having fallen in love.
l look forward to meet you.
Beloved, l look forward.
l repent having fallen in love.
l look forward to meet you.
Beloved, l look forward.
The heart is broken.
The problem of the heart,
is slowly increasing.
The heart is miserable.
'Mother, l have
always given you sorrow.'
'l could never become your good son.'
'But one thing is there
for sure. Your useless son..
..loves you a lot.'
The tiger's heart is hurt,
a deer has wounded it.
The tiger's heart is hurt,
a deer has wounded it.
Praise the Lord.
- Yes.
l wanted to ask you something.
- What did you want to ask?
What is the strongest pillar
between the love of a mother and son?
What sort of question
is this? Are you okay?
l am okay, but first
reply to my question.
The strongest pillar
is of love and trust.
The relationship may be of any sort.
But what if the pillar breaks, mother?
lf the pillar breaks then it's
very difficult to patch it together.
Even if it is patched,
there is always a crack in it.
But if God's blessing is there..
..then it can be
repaired with forgiveness.
Then mother, forgive your useless son.
What happened, Nihaal?
Mother, l have lied
to you all the time.
l am not married to Jasneet. l
lied to her and brought her here.
Forgive me, mother.
Otherwise God will also not
forgive your unfortunate son.
Your lie has hurt me a lot, son.
But you have done so much
for your mother's happiness..
..where does God give
everyone such a son.
No, son.
lf you had not lied..
..l would not have got the
love of a daughter like Jasneet.
She also did a lot to keep me happy.
Nihaal's father, forgive Nihaal.
He lied for my happiness,
Nihaal has told me
the whole truth, dear.
lf l have ever spoken rudely
to you, please forgive me, dear.
Mother, no.. don't say such things.
ln my whole life, no one
has given me so much love.. you have given me
in such few days. l..
Someone has come to meet you outside.
Surprise! Here l come!
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Oh gosh! l missed you so much.
l love you, my sweetheart.
What happened? Where are you lost?
You have forgotten your birthday.
Nihaal, Roop.
Hi Nihaal. Nice to meet you.
Hello. Please bless me.
- Bless you.
Shall we leave?
Son, you have come for the
first time to our house.
Have some tea and snacks and go.
Aunt, thank you very much.
Actually we are getting very late.
Shall we leave?
No, you go, l'll come.
Okay, l'll wait near
the car. Okay bye.
Dear, if you come to lndia again,
surely come to meet us.
Thank you, Nihaal.
One more thing, always wear a turban.
You look handsome.
Roop is waiting for you.
Thank you so much, Sardar. You
have taken good care of her.
l say, you also find a
beautiful girl and get married.
What say, Jassi?
- Don't worry about me.
Every Sardar gets a girl.
But every girl does not get a Sardar.
Okay. Shall we go?
Come, sit.
Stop the car, Roop.
What happened, darling?
Why did you get off the car?
l hope everything is okay?
Come on, let's go.
- One minute. - What happened?
l don't want to leave.
l don't know l just don't
want to leave this place and go.
Have you gone mad?
l have come from so far to
take you and you are saying.. don't want to leave.
l don't know what's
wrong with me, Roop.
l am just confused that..
All l know is that l don't
want to go back to Canada.
Just feel l am missing something.
- Excuse me.
Hello. Look at me.
Look at me.
Don't tell me that you
are in love with Nihaal.
Oh my God! Oh my..!
Don't tell me you are in
love with Nihaal. Shit.
You should have
stopped her at least once.
What's the use? She loves Roop.
Look Nihaal, you may be mistaken.
About a girl, you can
know whom she is angry with.
But it's very difficult
to say, whom she loves.
l don't know that.
l just know that the
one a person loves.. can't break her heart.
Did Nihaal say anything to you?
He is a liar. He
does not say anything.
He just talks nonsense.
Okay listen to me,
Nihaal is a very nice guy.
lf you both love each other,
then don't bother about me.
l will do anything for your
happiness, Jassi. Trust me.
Thank you so much, Roop.
Thanks a lot for that.
Today l am going to tell
your family the whole truth..
..that l was not the one to
call you to Canada deceivingly.
l knew this truth earlier, son.
And l also know that you are
doing all this for our happiness.
And l had welcomed
you as my son-in-law..
..for the sake of the
happiness of my family.
But my eyes are still looking for
the guy who deceived my daughter.
Let it be, father.
Let me see how much
handsomer he is than me.
- Give me.
l hate him.
Now to make you and Nihaal meet...
- How do you know Roop?
He is the same person
who took Jasneet from me.
Oh no!
Jasneet don't say anything.
Listen to me carefully.
Roop is the same person
who destroyed Simrat's life.
l think the attacks that
were happening on you..
..he was the one who
was getting them done.
You.. don't come near me.
What is the matter,
Jasneet? Why are you so scared?
These are our own people.
You.. don't come near me.
Don't come near you.. me?
l am your Roop, isn't it?
Girls don't run away from Roop.
Roop leaves them.
You come with me. Come.
Come with me.
- Roop!
Why are you laughing? Catch her.
Brother, she ran away.
Don't ask with whom.
She has gone alone.
But you don't worry.
Don't worry at all.
l have sent my men behind her.
l say, you also come.
We will look for her together.
lf anything happens to Jasneet..
- Don't shout..
Till today you were saving her
because l did not want to kill her.
But today l will surely kill her.
lf Singh has the guts, save your Kaur.
lf you want to play
hide and seek, we will.
l said leave me.
l said leave me.
Come here.. you..
l did not think, you
will be like that.
You have ruined all my plans.
l had you attacked so many times.
And you escaped all the time.
Do you know why?
Because l did not want to kill you.
l just wanted to scare you.
So that the whole world
suspects your family. Not on me.
Then when you turned into a
21 years old millionaire..
..and the whole property would
be transferred in your name..
..then l would marry you.
And then l would slowly kill you.
After that automatically the
whole property would become mine.
But you fell in love with
Nihaal and ruined all my plans.
But now..
Now you are in my hands,
who will save you?
That Singh? Nihaal Singh.
He got scared.
Singh singha. Singh singha.
Mr. Singha, Mr. Singha.
Singh singha. Singh singha.
Mr. Singha, Mr. Singha.
Singh singha. Singh singha.
Mr. Singha, Mr. Singha.
Singh singha. Singh singha.
Mr. Singha, Mr. Singha.
When a lover loves,
he will beat you up.
When the fear is lost,
then face a Jatt.
Touch her. Touch her.
Your Roop's job is done.
Now tell me what is the plan?
What should l say?
Make me your mother's daughter-in-law.
Tell me, you agree?
lf l would not agree, would l
be unnecessarily following you?
Listen, go back home. You
will have to wash clothes here.
You will wash the clothes.
- Why?
You have more experience.
- You will make the flatbread.. you want to get
from the Gurudwara?