Single (2015) Movie Script

Open up!
You're dressed so smart?
My God! You're dressed so smart
just for dinner.
You're not like yourself
when you dress like this.
I'm not?
-Have you brushed your teeth?
Brush your teeth once more!
Done. Wish me luck.
Bi, give us a ride.
No, I can't.
Can't I go on a date alone?
My PlayStation has broken, Bi.
That's why we asked for a ride. Chill.
If my online game project succeeds,
I'll buy a car
and give you a ride, you know?
Why on Earth would you have a date at ITC?
It was her choice.
She said there's a nice
steak restaurant in ITC.
She often goes there
and she knows the waiter.
She said it would make her
more comfortable.
And I've already started writing my book.
I don't have the title yet,
but I keep writing every day.
-What do you write about?
In case someone wants to publish it.
Finish your thesis first!
My professor went abroad,
so what can I do?
So, it's best for me to write a book.
It's good.
Which one is better,
writing a book or a thesis?
Neither. Both are tiring.
Which one is better,
playing games till dawn with friends
on a Saturday night
or going on a date?
Going on a date!
Then why are you here?
Winny is helping her mother cook.
They'll have their
rotating credit club tomorrow.
Winny helps her mother cook
every Saturday night.
-Are you sure?
Nothing. Maybe she wants to improve.
Which one is better,
getting a girlfriend by yourself
or one arranged by your family?
Arranged by my family.
My relationship with Rena
has lasted three years.
So, why are you here now?
Well, she's doing her paper.
Vina is on her way.
Bi, is she your friend from high school?
The one who has been chatting with you
all week?
In high school, Vina was--
You're crazy!
Why are you smiling like that?
Nothing. Me and Vina
were very close back then.
People thought we were dating.
Then why didn't you date her?
She had a college boyfriend.
-So, she had an affair with you?
Yes. If you want an affair, find someone
who deserves to be cheated on, right?
And why did you agree with her choice?
It's unusual for women
to choose a place for a date.
I have a bad feeling.
Saturday night is Kliwon night, Bi!
Hey, Ebi wants to go on a date,
and you keep talking about ghosts.
You two were never possessed
when you were young.
I was possessed!
But Victor is right.
What if your meal is poisoned,
or you are hypnotized?
She'll take all your money
and empty your ATM.
Ebi doesn't have any money.
He only has 100,000 Rupiah in his pocket.
And there's probably only
100,000 Rupiah in his ATM.
-Right, Bi?
-Not exactly 100,000.
62,523 Rupiah.
It's the same.
But you have enough money
to pay the bill, right?
Yes, I have money.
If you don't have enough money,
let me know.
You have money? I bought your lunch.
I just want to help a friend.
It's the thought that counts.
Thank you, Vic.
Honestly, I'm in a panic. I'm so nervous.
Our friend is about his first date!
-Are you nervous, Bi?
-Very, but I'm excited too.
Vina is so nice.
We went home together after school.
We had mutual feelings.
But that's it, I don't know.
I'm pretty sure we have something special.
That's why I'm nervous,
but I'm happy to meet her again.
And you've never had this feeling before?
I think she will become
your girlfriend tonight.
Relax, there's a time
for your waiting to end.
When I had my first date with Winny,
I said she was pretty.
Simple. Because she is pretty.
And we've in a relationship ever since.
Remember, you'll be next!
Okay, Wan.
Bi, was she pretty
when you were in high school?
She was quite pretty.
But that's not the point,
we had good conversations back then.
Women who have gone to college
will become prettier.
-It's better if she's not pretty.
-That's right.
So she wants to be with him!
How are you?
I'm good.
Have a seat.
How are you?
I'm good.
Bi, you haven't changed.
I immediately recognized you
when you entered.
-Well, something has changed.
You look cleaner right now.
So, you mean I used to be dirty?
You're not dirty
and you're not ugly either.
So, you mean I used to be ugly?
But you're not ugly now, Bi.
And you are pretty now.
So, I wasn't pretty in high school?
No, I mean you used to be pretty,
and you're pretty now too.
You're always pretty.
You're so funny.
I still remember,
we used to go home together after school.
Yes, and we used to have lunch together.
You're right. We were very close.
-I'm so happy.
I feel like...
we have something special.
We have something what?
I feel the same way too.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Vin, this restaurant is so cool.
They have carrots in their finger bowl.
Bi, that is soup.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Please try the steak.
Is it tasty? It's different, right?
Yes, it's different.
So, how was is it studying in Yogya?
Well, it was memorable,
I made many memories.
But I've left all those memories
and I'm moving onto a new life.
To a more serious life.
I'm a serious person too.
-So, do you already have a girlfriend?
-Not yet!
It's hard to find a serious partner.
We're adult now,
we want a serious relationship, right?
What about you? Do you have a boyfriend?
I don't have a boyfriend.
That's why I asked you out for dinner.
I wanted to give this to you myself.
Open it.
It's my wedding reception invitation.
Please come.
You want to get married?
Get married? I am married, Bi.
Our holy matrimony
was last week in Bandung.
Next is our reception in Jakarta.
Don't ask if I have a boyfriend,
ask if I have a husband.
Here. I have a husband now, Bi!
-You have a husband?
-You are the wife of your husband?
So, why did you invite me to come here?
Why only me?
Those are our friends from high school.
Ebi is here.
-We'll sit there, okay?
-Okay. Please order some food.
Bi, I'm only giving out invitations
to my closest friends.
It's more personal that way.
And to promote this restaurant.
This restaurant belongs to my husband.
It's tasty, right? The steak is different.
Have some more. It's on me.
If it's delicious, let your friends,
family, and neighbors know.
So they will come here to eat.
And that is my husband!
-Hey, Honey!
-Hey, Sweetie.
Who is he?
He is Ebi, my friend from high school.
-Rizky, Vina's husband.
He said I'm still pretty,
just like I was in high school.
-You've been pretty since you were born.
-I'm flattered.
Hey, your mom is here.
Bi, please wait a moment.
Ebi, if you want more, just order it.
-Let's go.
So, I need to be alone
It's just for now
Patiently waiting for the day
The most beautiful time
I'm afraid that you don't understand
The way I convey my feelings
You don't understand
Teach me to be able
To say good words
So you will believe
When I need love
Again and again
My heart is broken
It's tiring to keep
This feeling so deep
So deep
Teach me to be able
To say good words
So you will believe
When I need love
Teach me to be able
To express my feelings
So you will hear
I'm saying love
Right now
I'm afraid that you don't understand
The way I convey my feelings
You don't understand
Teach me to able
To say good words
So you will believe
When I need love
Teach me to be able
To express my feelings
So you will hear
I'm saying love
Right now
I hate being alone
To have a situation like this
I hate being alone
I'm afraid to keep failing like this
How long will you stay, Mom?
I don't know.
I came here because your brother
invited me for dinner, bro.
Bi, I'm old now.
I'm learning to look young again.
That is why, bro!
-Okay, Mom.
-Don't be like that.
-Like that, Mom.
-Like that.
So, who's your girlfriend now, bro?
-Don't act deaf!
If I curse you to be a stone,
you will regret it!
So, you don't have a girlfriend?
Bi, your father has gone.
There's only me, you, and Alva.
You don't want to see me
carrying a grandchild?
Mom, wait. I want to say something.
What is it, Son?
I want to borrow some money.
-Please keep your voice down.
I need it to pay my room rent.
I'm still looking for a job,
but I'll get one soon.
Don't be so picky about jobs!
Look for a job that is easy to get, bro!
An easy one? Like a call center?
Answering phone calls every day
and being scolded by people?
No, Mom. I will get a good job.
At least give your mother a grandchild.
Mother, Ebi?
-Hey, Mom.
-Hey, Alva.
-My God, how are you?
-I'm good, Mom. Hey, Brother.
-Your house is so nice, bro!
-I will feel comfortable here.
Okay, Mom. Thank you.
-Come on in, Bi!
-Come in, Brother.
At least give your mother a grandchild.
Hello, Wan? So, will go to the club
with Victor tonight?
May I join?
Sorry, Bi. I forgot to wash my face.
No wonder I still smell bad,
I forgot to take a bath.
Hey, don't take a bath in here.
Where's the bath soap, Wan?
Hey, close the door! People will see us.
I like the music!
Where's your cousin, Wan?
Who did he come here with, Wan?
With his friend from the boarding house.
Just like us.
The same as us.
There they are.
He's my cousin.
We'll go over there, okay?
Please enjoy.
There are so many girls here
that are looking for a guy.
I can feel it.
I haven't just been to the club
one or two times.
Three times!
Bi, that girl.
Talk to her.
-Which one?
-Over there.
I don't know what to say.
Just be yourself.
If you're afraid to talk to a girl,
you will never have a girlfriend.
Do you want to be single forever?
What are you guys doing?
Are you dancing?
What's your name?
I've already told you,
I don't know what to say.
I've known your problem for a long time.
You have no confidence in yourself.
You're not brave enough
to talk to girls.
Starting from now, you have to change.
I will help you.
You see that girl?
Approach her and say
you will pay for her drink.
Pay the bartender directly.
Take out your wallet
and put down all the money you have.
And with a sharp look
you say to the bartender,
"Keep the change."
All of my money?
What about my meal tomorrow?
Don't only think about food,
think about your future!
Do you want to have children or not?
Alright, Bi. Approach her
and say, "Keep the change."
Keep the change.
Now you try.
The key is, you need to be confident
and believe what you're saying.
Remember, you are not Ebi right now.
You are a confident person.
-What's your name?
What do you want to drink?
Please order, I'll pay for your drink.
Cranberry juice then.
Two cranberry juices.
Yes, please wait.
You like cranberry juice too?
Yes, I drink cranberry juice every day.
When I wake up, I drink cranberry juice.
Before I came here,
I drank some cranberry juice too.
And when I was in the parking lot...
I drank cranberry juice.
Here's your juice.
I'll pay for her drink.
Yes, sir.
Keep the change.
It's not enough.
-Wait, what?
-It's not enough.
It's cranberry juice, not hot ginger.
It's okay, I'll pay for the drinks.
Here, sir.
Thank you, miss.
Go home?
Well, my friends want to go home early,
so see you later.
May I borrow your phone?
Call me. Bye.
Keep the change.
-How did he do that?
Mineral water costs 80,000 Rupiah?
Is it mineral water or Jenglot tears?
Should I call her now?
It's late at night, right?
It's 2:00 a.m.
It's okay. Just call her.
My guess is she's just arrived home.
I think it's not too late yet.
But don't call her in a dark room.
If you want to call her--
Over there.
Alright, you stand here.
It's bright.
Okay, Bi. Relax.
Just call her.
I have a plan.
Yes, who is this?
-Who is this?
-Say your name.
I'm Ebi who loves cranberry juice.
Yeah, the funny guy.
What's up?
Yeah, what's up?
Ask her name.
What's your name?
Laras. I told you earlier.
Yes, Laras.
Ask her full name.
-What is your length?
My length?
Her full name!
I mean, what is your full name?
Larasati Andayani. Why?
Larasati Andayani. Why?
-What should I say?
-Wait. Bad signal.
Ask her if she believes in ghosts.
-Does she believe in ghosts?
-Do not ask--
Don't ask about that. Ask something else.
Go on.
have you eaten yet?
Yes, I have.
Have you drank some water?
Yes, after eating.
You're right.
Do you want to have another meal?
What do you mean? It's 2:00 a.m.
You're so funny.
Yeah, I mean, it's a different day now,
so do you have plans to eat today?
The call ended. Maybe it's the signal.
Okay, wait.
I Googled her. Larasati Andayani.
I found her Facebook. Check it out.
She loves reading comics, traveling...
and she has a triple-striped cat
called Roni.
Use these as your topics,
so you won't feel awkward.
Hello. Sorry, the signal was poor.
It's okay. I think it was mine.
Ask her about the topics I gave you.
Laras, how is your three-striped cat
called Roni?
How do you know about that?
Yeah, I'm looking at your Facebook.
My Facebook?
Are you stalking my social media?
Well, it was just a glimpse. There's--
There's a photo of you in your bedroom,
Well, your pajamas are nice.
Where did you buy them?
What pajamas?
What are you wearing?
I'm sorry, I have to--
I have to pick up my laundry.
Alright then. Be careful.
I'll call you tomorr--
What did she say?
I think it worked.
But she said
she has to pick up her laundry first.
-Should I call her now or--
It's impossible that a pretty girl
like her would pick up her own laundry.
And why did you say
you are looking at her Facebook?
No one picks up laundry at 2:00 a.m.
They do!
Sundel bolong ghosts.
What should I do then?
Bi, I think you have to accept the fact
you're going to be single for a long time.
But don't worry, Bi.
We will always be there for you.
I know a girl
that will match well with you.
I have her Facebook. Wait.
-She's our landlord.
-Yeah, it's okay.
She matches you, right?
-You need to pay last week's rent.
-Yes, Ma'am.
Remember, if you do this again--
I'll have to move out. I know that, Ma'am.
Sorry, Bi.
I'm telling you,
please don't enter the bathroom now.
It's smells bad. The toilet is broken.
Wait for two and a half hours.
Sorry, I'm Angel.
Yeah, that's okay.
No, I mean, I'm Ebi.
I just moved into room number one today.
Today? I guess you're tired now.
No, someone helped me.
Can I use the bathroom?
Sure. I just came out.
-Angel, right?
I want to explain something.
When you entered the bathroom
and smelled something bad,
or saw something in the toilet,
it wasn't me who--
That's a cute glass.
No. I usually don't use
a girly glass like this.
I use a macho glass, a manly glass that--
I like girls.
Thanks for the information.
What happened, Bi?
-In the kitchen, there's--
-What, Bi?
-In the kitchen, there's--
-Don't scare me!
Satan? Satan's in there?
Seriously, where is Satan?
Someone poked me, Wan.
What? It's the afternoon.
No, not Satan.
There's a pretty girl in the kitchen.
She has light skin, pretty, cute,
and makes you want to see her?
Yeah, she said
she lived in room number one.
Yes, we know her. Her name is Angel.
Just try to get close to her.
She's too pretty for you.
You mean,
I don't deserve to be her boyfriend?
Of course. If she likes you
and you have a relationship,
then there's a handsome guy who likes her,
you'll get dumped,
be broken-hearted, kill yourself,
have a grudge,
and become a Kuntilanak ghost.
It's best for you to forget about her.
There are no male Kuntilanak ghosts.
You want to make a move?
What do I have to say? How?
Approach her and say,
"Where do you come from?
What city?"
-Hey. Where do you come--
-We meet again.
-I want to wash this glass again.
Well, it's still dirty.
You're funny.
-Yes, funny.
I should go. See you later.
"See you later."
You're here too.
-What are you doing?
-Working on my paper.
-What is your major?
Why do you want to be a doctor?
So I can help people who are sick,
and be useful to others.
Have a seat, Bi.
And what do you like?
I like stand-up comedy.
But I'm not funny.
You know what? The most effective medicine
in this world is laughter.
And it's free.
So, if I can make people laugh,
then I'm--
Useful to others.
-You really like stand-up comedy?
-Do you have plans this afternoon?
-Not really.
Then you should come to my charity project
for the people at the medical center.
-Medical center?
-Yes, medical center.
For older people. It's around here.
We are raising funds.
We have a stand-up comedy
open mic session. So please come.
I have invited Victor and Wawan,
but it seems they can't come.
Yeah, sure.
Give me your number.
Wait, I'll get my phone first.
-We've been here often, right?
May I have yours, Brother?
Fried giant gourami.
-Ebi loves it.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Mom, Ebi,
there's something I want to tell you.
Today, I want to let you know that...
we're going to get married.
Seriously, son?
Oh, my God, bro!
And tonight, I ask for your blessing, Mom.
I also want to ask
your permission, Brother.
-Is it okay with you?
We will get married in three months.
We have booked our wedding venue.
Finally, one of my sons will get married.
Bi, is it true?
Your brother surprised me.
I was shocked.
I didn't expect him
to get married so soon.
Right, Mom.
I feel guilty.
I wish your father was still alive
so you didn't need to take me anywhere.
Then it would be easier for you
to talk to girls.
It's okay, Mom.
Mom, you'll see, at Alva's wedding,
I will bring the most beautiful girl
who is good to you and me.
A girlfriend? You have a girlfriend, Bi?
No. Not yet. That's not what I mean.
I'm sure you'll be proud of me.
Let's go.
I have a friend.
He said that he saw Winny
last Saturday night
holding hands with a guy at the mall.
He sent me a photo, but it's blurry. Here.
-Are you sure?
-Of course.
Winny was helping her mother cook
last Saturday night,
because their relatives came
from out of town.
-I think he's wrong.
-Maybe it was Winny.
I think we should talk about
your relationship with Rena.
Why did you agree
to an arranged marriage?
The point is, I need to obey my parents.
And I'm sure my mother
has good intentions.
That's true, but the ones who will
get married and live together for years
are you and her.
What if you both don't match?
Well, right now, I don't really like her,
but there's no harm in trying, right?
You can't force it, if it's not a match.
Haven't you already tried for three years?
Hey, it's you who doesn't have a crush.
Go and find one.
I think he likes Angel.
Yeah, but how do I tell her?
I think she already has a boyfriend.
There's was a bouquet of flowers for her
this morning.
-Just ask her, Bi.
The most important question.
Does she have a boyfriend?
That's the first thing you should know.
Angel, do you have a boyfriend?
Angel, do you have a boyfriend?
-Angel, do you have--
-Hey, Angel.
-What are you doing?
-I was just passing by your room.
And I saw that your room
has different colors.
Bi, are you hungry?
I want to buy fried rice.
You want to come?
The colors are different, right?
It's like--
Here's your fried rice.
-Can I get more crackers?
-Me too.
It's Saturday night,
you're not going anywhere tonight?
No, and you?
No, because...
I don't have a girlfriend.
Oh, yeah?
So, do you have a--
Excuse me, here's your crackers.
-Thank you, sir.
-You're welcome.
-Thank you, sir.
-You're welcome.
Look at him, he cooks so attentively.
He places the crackers carefully.
You're right. He's so attentive.
Is there someone who cares for you?
What do you mean?
Well, he takes good care of his crackers,
-is it similar with you?
-Similar with crackers?
-You mean I'm not funny?
-No, that's not what I mean, so--
Do you have someone who cares for you?
So, I have--
Excuse me, here's your tea.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-My God!
-What happened, Bi?
Where were we?
Well, he took good care of his crackers,
is there someone who cares for you?
There are many.
This fried rice is tasty, right?
Yeah, it's tasty.
Excuse me, do you want more crackers?
No, thank you.
We're full.
No more fried rice.
Yeah, when I ate it,
it tasted a bit salty.
Thank you for accompanying me
on this lonely Saturday night.
It's okay. We can be lonely together.
Okay. It's weird to say that.
Those flowers are from someone who...
cares for you?
People at the medical center.
They are beautiful.
Do you know the meaning of each flower?
For example, dahlia.
It's elegant and has self-respect.
What is your favorite flower?
-And that means?
-A new beginning.
Because sometimes
we need leave our past behind
to have a new beginning.
Thank you, Bi,
for accompanying me tonight.
Thank for the fried rice too,
even though it was--
Let's just forget it.
I can make fried rice.
Yes. Is it okay if I cook for you?
Good night.
Good night.
From the first time we met,
actually I have a question for you.
I hope you won't be angry.
What are you doing here?
There's no one here!
Why did you leave your room like that?
I want to go to the bathroom.
What are you doing here?
Incense! I can smell incense!
Help, Ebi.
-Is it cooked yet?
-Not yet.
-How about now?
-Not yet.
Hey, Ebi.
-It's done.
Oh, my God, Joe. You're here!
Hi, Angel!
I intentionally didn't tell you,
to surprise you.
-Who is he?
-That's Ebi.
This is my brother.
Joe just came back from Groningen.
Kuningan. There must be traffic.
Groningen. It's in the Netherlands.
The best place to study
mechanical engineering.
No wonder you didn't know.
-I'm Joe.
I didn't know Angel has a brother.
-We're siblings.
-We've been close since we were young.
I'm flattered, Angel.
Do you want me to accompany you
to the medical center?
I brought souvenirs from the Netherlands
for the medical center.
And also some decorations.
Bi, I should go. I'll be back soon.
What are your plans for today?
If you don't have any plans,
just come to the medical center.
You can see the decorations
Joe brought from the Netherlands.
Who is he, Bi?
Her brother.
Her brother or her boyfriend?
Where are you going, Ma'am?
Where am I?
And why did I bring this glass?
Maybe you're thirsty.
Yes, I forget.
I'm thirsty.
Where is the water?
Let me get it for you.
Who is your name, Ma'am?
Marjan. I want to go back to my room.
Do you know where my is room?
That's my wheelchair.
It's been left behind.
Where are you taking my wheelchair?
You thief!
-You thief!
You thief!
Stop! Please calm down!
Sorry, sir. Here is your wheelchair.
I was--
I was going to take the wheelchair
for this lady.
She has Alzheimer.
She keeps forgetting things.
Where do you want to go, Ma'am?
I don't know.
Wait here, Ebi. I'll take her first.
You just lay down here.
I have a new letter for you, Angel.
I'll take it later, Ma'am.
-I'll come back soon.
Let's go, Bi.
We're going to celebrate
someone's birthday tomorrow in here.
So, we are helping to decorate.
-Really? In here?
Ebi is here.
Ebi! You look so smart.
-You look great in this outfit.
Thank you.
What were you doing?
I was decorating.
I brought some glow in dark paint
from the Netherlands.
On the left and right side of the stage,
if you turn the light off,
it shows words of wisdom.
Joe is really nice, huh?
Yes, he is.
Sorry, Angel.
But I have to go to the bathroom.
-Where is it?
-Let me show you.
-Thanks, Joe.
Over there.
You jerk!
What are your intentions with Angel?
I know what you want.
Don't you dare get close with her.
But you're her brother.
-I've liked her for a long time!
You really don't know?
You have to become her brother
before you become her boyfriend.
Okay, stay away from her
or pay the consequences.
Shit! This is really hard!
Ouch! What is it made of?
It's a thick wall, I guess.
I'm watching you!
-What should I do? Give up?
It seems they are really close.
Don't always be a coward, Ebi.
Listen to me.
Find him and say this,
"Listen, bro.
Angel is not your girlfriend.
So you have no right to forbid anyone
from entering her life.
I suggest you give up
or pay the consequences."
I really have to say that?
Which one is better?
Being a coward and the girl
that you like is taken away?
Or be like Pac-Man.
Pac-Man is weak. He only eats seeds.
Manny Pacquiao! The boxer!
Damn! He put his underwear in my laundry.
Okay, Ebi. Do you understand?
Listen, bro.
Angel is not your girlfriend.
So, you have no right to forbid anyone
from entering her life.
I suggest you give up
or pay the consequences.
Okay, let's go.
What do you mean "let's go"?
Where do we want to go for dinner?
I know a good restaurant around here.
Okay, we will follow you, Ebi.
I think I know where it is, Ebi.
I'll go there first.
Did you change your perfume, Angel?
We use the same perfume, right?
Joe, this music is pretty good.
Yes, I agree, Angel.
By the way, Angel.
Did you know a dolphin is a mammal?
-I know, Joe.
Where will you go tomorrow, Angel?
I think I'll go back to the center.
Medical center?
Sounds good.
-Are you okay?
-I'm fine.
Are you really okay, Ebi?
Yes, I'm fine.
That kind of car will be damaged for sure.
The car is fine.
It's okay. The alarm is always like that.
It's broken, shorting out.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Good evening.
Everything has been taken care of.
The insurance and the police.
Thanks for your help, Angel.
But the restaurant is still open, right?
I'm starving!
It's okay, Joe.
-One flower, please.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
This flower is for you.
The most beautiful flower.
Thanks, Joe.
What kind of place is this?
-Have you come here often, Ebi?
-When I was a kid.
It was an Italian restaurant.
It's okay. Let's eat.
Ready to order, sir?
The recommended menu is fish.
-Then I'll order sweet and sour fish.
-Me too.
And soursop juice.
-Do you guys want it too?
-Three soursop juices.
I don't want to eat fish.
Maybe just stir-fried water spinach.
I'm a vegetarian.
I don't want to be selfish,
killing animals for my hunger.
He has a very good heart.
I'm not like that, Angel.
Excuse me.
Please put this medicine in his juice.
He has constipation?
Just put it in, okay?
-In his juice.
-Yes, sir.
I was in the bathroom.
So, where do you work, Bi?
I'm still looking for a job.
-Jobless, huh?
Am I right?
There you go.
Have a drink, Bi.
How does it taste? Tasty, right? Angel?
Tasty, right? Come on, Bi. Bottoms up.
Come on!
What's the matter, Bi?
A jobless guy can't finish it?
Come on, bottoms up!
What do you think?
I don't think the food was tasty.
Well, this place isn't very good.
Give it to me, Ebi.
Let me pay. Keep your money.
Wait a second, Angel.
Joe is always like that.
I was going to pay.
Here's the money.
Thank you.
-Yes, sir?
Thank you for putting the medicine
in his juice.
Yes, your juice and his juice.
What? Mine too?
You are a man, right?
What's the table number?
-Number two.
Are you alright, Joe?
I'm alright!
What's wrong with you?
My stomach!
Let's go to the hospital, okay?
Maybe you should just go home?
Ebi can take me home. Right, Ebi?
Right, I'll take you.
No, I'll take you.
I got food poisoning yesterday
and had to go to the hospital.
In the toilet, I had to push really hard.
The explosion was so powerful,
that the tiles cracked.
They made me pay for the tiles.
I took so long in the toilet,
that a line of three people
started to form outside.
Because I felt bad,
I invited two of them in.
Not really, I'm just kidding.
I invited them all in!
We made a youth organization inside.
I'm Ebi. Good night.
So funny, isn't he?
I think his jokes are gross.
His sense of humor is absolutely awful.
Oh, come on.
You brought the house down. Not bad.
This is for tonight.
If later on, a TV producer
is looking for stand-up comedians,
-would you be interested?
-Alright, then. I'll tell them.
-Okay. See you later then.
Where did you go?
We looked everywhere for you.
It didn't feel right being there
with your dates and all.
I didn't want to be a third wheel.
I even saved a seat for you next to me.
So, did you have a good time tonight?
-Of course I did.
If I ever go to Birmingham,
you have to come.
-I will.
-You just have to come.
-Let me open that.
-No need.
You have the key.
Good night, then.
Thanks a lot, Joe.
It's my job as a brother.
Bi, if you like Angel,
you have to tell her this very night.
The longer you wait,
the closer Joe will get to her.
I'll call you later
when I'm ready to sleep.
As usual.
Alright. Thank you.
If you like Angel,
you have to tell her this very night.
The longer you wait,
the closer Joe will get to her.
What are you doing?
Giving Angel my love letter.
A love letter?
That's right.
You're the one who told me to.
What's going on?
Ebi here, just slid a love letter
under Angel's door.
What does it say?
"Angel, I can't lie anymore.
I think I have fallen for you.
I can't offer you anything,
but I want you to understand
my heart will always be true to you."
Good, right?
It's like a kid's love letter.
There's no way
she'd accept a love letter like that.
-Did you even think about this?
-I did, when I was writing the letter.
What should I do now?
I know.
Get a crowbar.
Take the door down and take the letter.
Then put the door back up again.
Relax, I'll get the crowbar.
Bi, I don't know how,
but you have to get that letter back.
She's gone to the medical center.
What is it, Bi?
It's nothing.
Did you see anything strange this morning?
Like, did you read something strange?
-Yes, I did.
-You did?
I read a letter.
What kind of letter?
A romantic letter.
Who sent it?
I don't know. There was no name on it.
How did you know I got something?
No, I--
Do you know something about
the letter I got this morning?
No, I don't.
I really wanted to answer it,
but I don't who the letter is from.
What would your answer be?
I can only tell the person who wrote it.
Do you like it if someone sends you
letters like that?
I'd prefer if he said it to me in person.
Let's go back.
I shouldn't leave Mrs. Marjan too long.
I want some fruit.
Alright. Wait here, okay.
You, come here.
Yes, you. Sit here.
What's your name?
Where were we when we last talked?
We've never talked, Ma'am.
I heard you're a good cook.
Yes, a long time ago
I was a good cook.
But ever since my husband left me,
I can't cook anymore,
because I have no company.
Also, sometimes
I can't remember the recipes.
What's your best dish?
The sea lion fried rice.
That's not it, what do you call it?
An animal that has two horns,
likes to graze and has four feet.
A jellyfish!
A lamb you mean?
That's right, lamb fried rice!
Excuse me.
Yes, Va? What is it?
What is it, Va?
Hey, bro.
So, our trip to Bali on the 17th is a go.
Just like we planned.
That's great.
Your friends, Wawan and Victor,
bring them along. It's alright.
Better not. I don't want to impose.
Relax, Jasmine's dad
owns the travel agency.
In fact, if there's someone else
you want to bring, you can. It's fine.
Maybe I should take Angel?
Who's this Angel?
A friend.
A friend? The one you like
from before, right?
Forget about it.
Hey, wait up.
Bring her. What's her name? Angel, right?
That's right.
It's a very romantic place.
What are you grinning about?
Nothing. This fried rice is delicious.
It's good, right?
This fried rice was Dad's recipe.
-Do you have it?
-I do.
I put it in the kitchen.
Take it, I've memorized it anyway.
Big brother.
Jasmine's family is a riot.
A riot? How?
Every time they go out,
they constantly joke around.
-Constantly? Together?
-That's right. The whole family.
-Who? Jasmine?
-Jasmine, her mom, dad, sister.
Look at Victor. Ouch.
All of that is hair equipment.
Let me get that.
-Come on.
-Let's go.
Found it?
It's been a while since I've been to Bali.
I'm so happy to be back here again.
I'm happy too.
Bi, we haven't taken
any pictures together, have we?
Let's take some later, okay?
-Let's take lots of photos.
Angel. Surprised?
You're always like this
when you're surprised.
Why are you here?
I already told you not to come.
Just look at them.
Look at their faces.
Even on family vacations,
we're always together.
I'm here to protect you, alright?
When did you get here?
I got here earlier this morning.
Checked-in early, paid for myself,
and looked around the hotel.
Surveyed the place
to know what it's like.
So that my little sister is safe.
Wait here, I'll get the car.
Isn't he kind?
Yes. So kind.
Angel, look, we're wearing the same color.
All white.
It's a coincidence that I wore this shirt.
I almost wore black.
-Is that right?
-That's right.
Angel, look, the scenery is so beautiful.
You're right.
You're staying here, too?
That's right. I'm here to protect you.
Angel, the soap in this hotel
isn't compatible with your skin.
I'll go and buy
the right soap for you, okay?
-Thank you.
-No problem.
Excuse me, Miss Angel,
this is your room. Room 2257.
Here's the key.
Go ahead and have a nice rest.
I'll be going now.
Take care.
Take care!
Bi, can I sleep with you tonight?
Let him sleep alone.
Let me sleep with you then.
Did you forget what happened the last time
you were afraid and slept with me?
All the rooms here have king size beds.
Except for this room which has a twin bed.
Registered to Mr. Victor and Mr. Wawan,
Room 2259.
Just my luck!
Go ahead and have a nice rest.
I'm sleeping with you, then?
Wear something when you sleep, got it!
For naps or when I sleep at night?
Every time you sleep.
Just for today, right?
Not for tomorrow and so on.
What's wrong, Bi?
Why are you staring at me?
No, it's just that you--
You're quite handsome
when you tidy yourself up.
Are you hungry?
When are we eating?
Now, according to the schedule.
Let's go.
Oh, my God.
How are you?
Today, I am really happy.
Because Jasmine, my baby,
has found her one true love.
So the story is, long ago,
Jasmine's dad was once
setup for an arranged marriage.
-Isn't that right, Dad?
-Long ago.
So the story goes, my parent
arranged a marriage for me.
And of course, parents always
choose the best for their children.
But just before the wedding, I thought,
am I really going to marry someone
that I may not even like?
That I don't love.
And that's when I decided to choose
the one I love, Jasmine's mother.
This is very important in marriage.
Later on, if Jasmine one day
grew to be--
As beautiful and as healthy
as her mother--
You have to be like your dad,
who keeps loving me.
Don't leave Jasmine.
You got that? Or else.
Come on, let's eat.
Please, let's eat together.
Please, go ahead.
You have to try.
Although I may not be brave enough.
But, I think it'll be fun.
No, thanks.
I don't think I'm brave enough.
Seriously. I'm so scared.
I bet it'll be fun tomorrow.
Beautiful, isn't she?
What? Who do you mean?
You don't have to pretend with me.
Not Jasmine.
In the future,
when Alva and Jasmine are married,
we'll be relatives, right?
I want you to call me "dad."
I want to be your dad.
You like her, right?
If you do, go to her, talk to her.
I can't talk to women.
Can't talk?
You want me to teach you?
It's like this.
If you want to approach a girl,
you don't have to talk a lot.
Just say "yes",
to whatever she's talking about.
-Just say "yes"?
-That's right.
Whatever she says, you say, "Yes."
It usually works.
That's how I got Jasmine's mom.
Try it. Go on.
Just say, "yes".
Now, go.
Oh, please.
-Jasmine. Come here, honey.
-Yes, Dad.
Yes, Dad.
Thanks for bringing me here.
This reminds me what it's like
to have a family again.
They're very friendly to me.
Do you have any plans tomorrow?
Want to go skydiving with me?
What is skydiving?
Are you stupid or something?
What? I should cancel!
Why did you say yes?
How was I supposed to know
that it means jumping out of an airplane?
You can't back out now.
You promised to go with her.
Besides, Joe will one-up you if you do.
Then, what am I going to do?
Then, we'll go with you.
That's right, we'll go with you.
Wan, I think I'm hearing voices.
It's scary, Wan.
It's going to be a lot of fun!
-Hey, Angel.
Hi, everyone.
Okay, everyone ready?
Do any of you already have
skydiving experience?
I do, sir.
Solo parachute.
-You've skydived before?
Harness six.
And you guys?
Give them the safest one, sir.
No, sir.
Give me the same parachute
as the one he's wearing.
Okay. Solo parachutes for you two.
Looks like it's going to be
a lot of fun, Bi.
Be brave, Bi.
That Joe looks like he's ready.
Bye, everyone.
Angel, I'm going first, okay.
Hold on!
Why is she wearing that?
I don't know.
Why are they attached together?
I don't know.
Are we going to wear that, too?
See you on the ground, Bi.
Bye, Angel.
Listen up.
This is vital for your safety.
Because that is the landing direction.
Did you hear what the instructor said?
Whatever he said, I didn't hear it.
Then why did you nod?
I just did what he did,
he's the instructor.
Did you hear him, Bi?
Now, each of you pair up
with your individual instructor.
I give up.
What? Me too, Bi.
Why? You said you wanted to jump.
The deal was only to come with you.
Coming means jumping with me,
not just squatting around up here.
Me? Jump?
Did you forget about
the video I showed you last night?
I don't want to die. I'm not married yet.
Sorry if we have different versions
of the word "coming".
But my version is this is as far as I go.
Don't pray like that up here.
It's ominous.
Wan, I've had a dream like this.
The three of us on a plane.
Then the plane...
If you speak one more time, I'll hit you.
Stop it! Do what you like!
But I'm not letting Joe one-up me.
I'll jump.
Let's go, sir.
It's so high!
If someone were to fall from here,
he'd die!
Only one in one hundred people
are involved in a fatal accident.
What if I'm the one hundredth person?
Calm down, man. Calm down.
Once you're calm. We'll jump together.
Give me time to reconsider.
-That's not possible
-Give me two days.
That's not possible,
we're already up here.
Come on. Calm down.
We'll jump together.
Once you're airborne,
I'm going to let you go.
Don't let me go!
Thank you very much.
-You're welcome.
-Bye, then.
Exciting, wasn't it?
When I jumped, it was so cool.
I could see the whole island.
Yeah, it was beautiful. I could see it.
Did you throw up?
No, this is-- I was--
You jumped, didn't you?
I came down with the plane.
So you didn't jump.
What's the matter? Were you scared?
Come on. Let's go back.
Come on, Bi.
This is all because you puked.
The plane was moving too much.
But you didn't have to puke on me.
That wave really swept me up.
Look at Ebi.
Looks like we have to help Ebi.
Poor guy.
Maybe someone like him can only
express his feelings through a letter.
Not verbally through spoken words.
Yes, but even through a letter,
his words are awful.
You've got a point.
I know.
Why don't we write a letter to Angel.
A good letter.
You think you can?
Of course I can.
How else do you think I've been
avoiding rent for three months?
I've been writing letters of appeal
to the landlady.
That's not the room.
Bi, be glad. I just helped you.
I wrote a good letter for you.
Helped me with what?
Because you couldn't
express your feelings to Angel,
we decided to help you
write a letter.
What letter?
A love letter for Angel.
Relax, I've even put a spell
on the letter.
Wait a minute.
What does the letter say?
What if Angel reads it?
She's supposed to read it.
That's why I slid it under her door.
But Angel said she prefers
guys to talk to her in person.
Yes, but it didn't look like
you were ever going to talk to her.
Just relax.
I've written your name on the letter.
He's so impatient.
He must be overjoyed.
How could you forget to bring it?
What are you doing here?
Bi, what are you trying to do?
You want to steal stuff, don't you?
Angel, it's like this.
You can't read this letter.
Only a drunk person
would write something like this.
A stupid idiot
who doesn't know what he's doing.
This letter deserves to be torn up.
Bi, how could you do this?
What did Mrs. Marjan ever do to you?
That's the poem Mrs. Marjan wrote for me.
Once every year,
she gathers the memories she can remember,
and painstakingly writes them down.
What I mean is--
Want to make more excuses?
Bi, how could you?
Angel, I--
Is this the letter you're looking for?
Here, wrong room.
Bi, we're so sorry.
Because of us, things got worse.
It's okay. It's not really your fault.
Why didn't you tell her
that it was the wrong letter?
I didn't want her to read the real letter.
So you're just going to back down again?
Bi, you're... such a wuss.
I'm a wuss?
What about you?
You let a girl walk all over you
for the sake of being in a relationship.
Everyone knows she's seeing other men.
But you refuse to believe it, even though
Victor has told you many times.
Why did you say that?
This is our friend you're talking about.
-You're just as bad, Vic.
You're dating a girl
your parents arranged for you,
that isn't even compatible with you.
But you're forcing it to work.
Why are you saying these things
to your own friends?
Bi, my business with Winny
is my business.
Whatever, I'm going home.
He actually went.
Okay, after this.
The next performance is Ebi.
Are you Ebi?
Come on, hurry.
Let's call to the stage Ebi!
Good evening.
Women are frustrating, aren't they?
Because we can never be with them,
even though we've tried our best.
Like me.
Has anyone here ever been to Bali?
Bali's not very exciting, is it?
Because best friends
can have a fight there.
Even if it's not planned.
It's not funny, is it?
Okay, thank you, Mr. Ebi.
Give him a round of applause.
Okay, we're going to take a short break.
Because after this,
there's going to be more exciting stuff!
But of course, not from this guy.
Okay, don't go anywhere.
Stay tuned to the Malam Santai Show.
Get off the stage.
Where's your rent money?
I still don't have it.
In that case, get out of here.
Please just give me one week.
No way.
Leave, or else.
Let me help you.
Want some more chicken?
Want some chicken, Bi?
You bombed on that TV show yesterday,
didn't you?
Yes, I'm really sorry.
Forget about it. Just try again.
Maybe not.
Why not?
Do you remember the last time
you performed here?
You really brought the house down.
Remember, who knows?
Maybe this is your fate.
Got it?
We're still going to peek
at Jessie taking a shower, right?
Of course.
Where are you now?
At our rented room.
Can I sit here?
Still haven't finished your game?
I'm almost there.
Where's Angel?
She went out of town with her relatives.
Which is better?
Meeting an ex that got ugly,
or meeting an ex that became pretty?
The ugly one of course.
So that I don't regret it.
Which would you prefer?
Having to go number one
on a roller coaster,
or having to go number two
in a haunted house?
Number two in a haunted house.
Which would you prefer?
Forgiving a best friend who upset you,
or ignoring him and letting him go home
to his new rented room,
and letting him cry until he dehydrates?
You really are a bachelor, you know that?
I'm not here to defend myself or anything,
I just miss my old friends.
You and Wawan.
But you were right, Bi.
It turns out, Rena and I are incompatible.
Everything I did felt forced.
It gave me a headache.
That's why I just told my mom
that I wasn't compatible with her.
I thought she'd be mad.
It turns out she wasn't.
She says it's up to me
if I want to find love myself.
She's not going to force me.
And what did Rena say?
We're just friends now.
It's easier that way.
Being single doesn't mean you have to
immediately get a girlfriend, right, Bi?
Now, I'm single.
Just like you.
And Wawan too.
-Wawan is also single?
-That's right.
-Where is he now?
-Wawan is--
Oh, my God!
So that's about it.
The contents of this book
are wise quotes from me.
And this book will make us think,
which is more important?
Being single or forcing yourself
into a relationship?
Does anyone have any questions?
Does this book come
from your personal experience?
Some time ago,
I was in a relationship with a girl.
But I was forcing the relationship
to work.
Until one day, my best friend
reminded me that it was wrong.
We had a fight over it.
He was right all along.
And I broke up with my girlfriend.
Anyone else want to ask anything?
If a best friend says he's sorry,
should you forgive him?
That's the best friend
I was talking about.
Not that one.
The one next to him. That one.
Bi, have you talked to Angel?
You know she's out of town
with her family, right?
I want to apologize,
but I want to say it to her directly.
I had a meeting
with my publisher yesterday.
I've got a TV interview.
Do you want to do
the stand-up comedy part of the show?
I don't feel like doing
stand-up comedy anymore.
Besides, I don't even know
what I'm going to write.
Just write the truth. Like usual.
The truth?
And, at the request of Mr. Wawan,
we're going to re-invite
Mr. Wawan's best friend.
Here he is, Ebi!
Give him your applause.
-Good evening.
Recently, I've met this girl.
Her name is Ari.
Her full name is Bidadari.
Angel, this is Wawan.
Watch Y-TV Channel now! Please.
Just a second, okay?
This Bidadari said to me
-that we have to--
-That's Ebi.
Wait, you can remember names, now?
I always remember a good person. a target practice.
You tell Ebi,
thank you for the lamb fried rice recipe.
Lamb fried rice recipe?
That's right. He's the one who delivered
that recipe before you went to Bali.
He said, "I have a delicious
lamb fried rice recipe.
You should try and make it again.
To make sure you don't forget,
stick this recipe on top of the stove."
Because I stuck it on top of the stove,
every time I go to the kitchen,
I always cook and eat it myself.
Ebi is funny, isn't he?
But what this Bidadari doesn't know,
is that she's also useful
for me.
Because every time she's around,
she makes me happy.
Talking about being single.
I'm happy being single
because it means I'm free
to flirt with all the women in the world.
But this also means I'm free
to be rejected by all of them.
I'm Ebi. Good night.
That was cool. You were hilarious.
Thanks, Wan.
You were solid up there.
Thanks, Vic.
-That was cool, Bi. Best of luck.
-Yes, thank you.
-I'll be going now.
Bi, come back next week, alright?
-What for?
-There's another show.
-Perform there, okay?
-Of course.
-Do you do off-air shows?
-I do.
Let's talk over there. Come on.
Wan, get this one.
Leave the heaviest for Victor.
Did you know that Victor
slept in your room once?
Maybe he misses you.
It's heavy.
This way.
Did you forget already?
It's been a while.
What do you want?
How do you know where I live?
From Facebook. You post a lot.
You want to kill me, right?
Is this your love revenge?
No, it's not.
Then what are you doing here?
I just want to talk about Angel.
Do you have a moment?
Angel is out of town.
She didn't take you, did she?
Poor guy.
She didn't take you either.
Come in. Close the door.
Wipe your feet first. My house is sterile.
That's my face.
Where did you get my picture?
From your Facebook. You post a lot.
Sit down.
Is Angel still angry with me?
I don't know.
It's always been hard for her
to open her heart to another.
I've liked her for a long time.
We've been friends since kindergarten.
Why is it hard for her
to open up to another?
A guy let her down once.
Her first boyfriend?
Her own father.
Her father had an affair
with an employee in his office.
There was nothing she could do.
She could only cry.
At that time, her mother also fell ill.
Where is her mother now?
Her mother is Mrs. Marjan.
Mrs. Marjan is Angel's mother?
Why didn't she tell me?
It's no use. Mrs. Marjan has Alzheimer's.
She'll forget.
Just like me.
To this day, she still can't remember me.
If that's the situation, I have to
see Angel. When will she be back?
I don't know. Ask her yourself.
Does Angel still want to see me?
How am I supposed to know that?
Hopefully not.
What else?
I'm thirsty. Can I have a drink?
No! Get up, wipe your feet,
close the door,
and say thank you
to the security guard.
Usually there's lots of pretty girls
at these weddings.
But there's lots of devils, too.
This is my brother's wedding
you're talking about.
Ebi, come here!
Just a second. It's my mom.
We need two groomsmen.
One called in sick,
and the other one suddenly can't come.
But the ceremony's about to start,
who are the groomsmen?
They're Alva's friends.
Do you have any friends?
What are we going to do, Bi?
Alright, ladies and gentlemen,
please give the merriest of applause
for the arrival of Jasmine and Alva.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Look, more rings.
You're such a kidder.
Thank you for coming.
This is all
Ebi, Alva and my handy work.
Please excuse me then,
I have to go over there.
-Go ahead.
Just a second, I also have to--
Bro, thank you for helping me.
Mom, this is for you and Alva.
Ebi, have you paid this month's rent?
If you haven't--
I've got it covered.
I've been doing a lot of
stand-up shows lately.
The pay is good.
Are you happy doing stand-up comedy?
I am.
If you're happy, then I'm happy.
If you need anything,
don't hesitate to ask.
And if you ever need anything,
don't hesitate to ask me.
I'm supposed to take care of you.
That's right, bro.
Where's the lovely girl
you wanted to introduce to me?
It's like this.
Let me be honest with you.
The truth is--
So Mom, this is Angel.
I know already.
You're the one
who came to Bali with us, right?
That's right, Ma'am.
-How are you, Ma'am?
-Thank you, Angel.
Bro, I have to go to see Aunt Dewi, okay?
Okay, Mom.
Bye, Angel.
Thank you for coming.
I thought you were still angry.
About that day, I'm really sorry.
It's alright. Victor and Wawan
explained everything to me.
I also tried to contact you,
but I never got through.
At that time, I wanted to call you back,
but I don't have any credit left.
But I've noticed you're doing
a lot of stand up shows lately.
You said you weren't funny.
Yeah, I want to make people laugh.
I just like it when I see someone
forget their sadness,
even if it's just for a while.
Someone told me,
"We have to be useful to others."
Look at the flowers I chose
for this ceremony.
You're favorite flower, right?
-It means--
-A new beginning.
What for?
For sending that fried rice recipe
to my mother.
Because of that recipe,
she can cook again.
She can eat by herself again.
I know it was from you.
Come here.
-They're going to perform any minute now.
-Any minute?
I've brought my favorite band with me.
Your favorite band?
That's right.
That night, at my brother's wedding,
the event that I've dreaded
for four months,
in the end it made me happy.
I'm happy because,
my friends, relatives, young and old,
grandparents, children,
everyone was dancing with a happy face.
And for me, the happiest moment was
when I was dancing with the girl I like.
A girl whose smile
will always be there for me.
Whose smile has a profound effect on me.
It's like, when she smiles,
time moves in slow-motion.
Settle down.
So the story is, my little brother
got married before me.
I was "stepped over".
Don't laugh.
Besides being "stepped over,"
I'm also single.
Don't laugh louder.
One thing that I've learned is,
being single can also make you happy.
Except when you're single for too long.
Three lifetimes, for example.
Live-die, live-die and still single.
If you're single,
it's wrong to force a relationship.
Like I did.
For the girl I liked, I was willing to
jump from an airplane.
I put my parachute on, got ready
with my friends and got on the plane.
When it was time to jump,
I opened the door,
and my knees went weak.
And then I was puked on
by that one back there.
There's one other thing I learned.
Sometimes happiness
not only comes from dating someone,
caressing, or being intimate.
But happiness can also come
if you make your friends happy.
Being happy
by making the person you like smile.
That one is true.
Smiling makes her forget
about her troubles.
Even if it's just for a little while.
I'm happy if I can make
the person I like smile.
Let me help.
I'm happy because I'm not only
thinking of my happiness,
but also the happiness
of the person I like,
the person I love.
Bi, you have some--
There. There's oil.
The most important thing, single or not,
that night became a night that
I'll never forget for as long as I live.
Because that night I knew...
I was happy.
Honestly, sometimes I feel
that when we like someone,
our IQ drops 10 points.
As dumb as we can be
when we like someone,
we at least have to be good at one thing.
We have to know whether it's curiosity,
or genuine chemistry.