Sinister Switch (2021) Movie Script

Come on.
Come on...
You can do this...
Hey! No! Where are you going?
You can't go!
Please take us...
I'm sorry.
Hey, get away from the window.
I do. I think it
could be that big.
The manuscript will need
a heavy polish,
And we'll get legal to do
some fact-checking,
But the content,
it's incredible.
A true story from both
the mother and daughter's
With good word of mouth,
this could be a blockbuster.
Every mom on the beach
will be sunburnt
Because she couldn't
put it down.
I'm glad you said that because
I'm just about to walk into
A production meeting
on the cover art.
We'll talk soon.
Maurice wanted something a bit
more traditional for the jacket,
Like heidi's confessions.
I talked him off that ledge.
Yeah, I think this one
is on-point.
The material is so zeitgeisty.
Mother saves her daughter
from being a web cam girl
For human traffickers.
It's unreal.
This can work.
that's what I thought too.
Just got
off the phone with page forward
international publishing.
They're including it
in their summer book club.
And it looks like
we're gonna have our pick
For which morning show
gets an exclusive segment
With mother and daughter.
It'll be a big deal.
As long as...
I just...
I can't stop thinking
About those last few chapters.
They're good, right?
Yeah. Too good, maybe.
We have to cover ourselves.
The mother's entire
rescue story hinges on
Some pretty big coincidences.
Especially towards the end.
But coincidences
happen though, right?
And she has her daughter back,
so we know it's a happy ending.
Not with stories like this.
If it seems
to good to be true...
I'll make some calls.
That's why I'm asking.
Don't worry about
telling me what I want to hear,
Just lay it out for me.
The truth is far more important.
Oh, I'm sorry...
No, I'm...
I'm glad you reached out.
Yeah, I'm sure a lot of parents
will still find it inspiring.
Let me think about it.
I'm sorry...
So it was all a lie?
No, but
she didn't even get there
Until the day after
the police found the warehouse.
Then how can we
believe any of it?
Listen, this is on me.
I got caught up
in her story, too.
And believe me,
I should know better.
Maybe we can re-work
those last chapters.
But the last chapters
are the book.
You're right.
I've got a few things for the
fall I could try to bump up.
Into the current.
It's a debut novel,
Sort of flowery,
but lots of sex...
Described by someone who has
definitely never had it.
Let me figure something out.
You okay?
It's all part
of the job, anne. Honestly.
It makes me so mad
she would do this to us.
It's not about us.
They went through
something horrible.
She's just trying to take back
some control over what happened.
I never thought of it that way.
It's not easy
living with the idea that
you've failed your daughter.
Kristen cosentino.
Mmm hm.
Oh my god...
Where did you find her?
Someone picked her up
off highway 7
And brought her to the station.
She escaped but can't tell us
where the house is located.
Apparently it was
the second ride she hitched,
So the search grid
right now is pretty wide.
Where is she?
Justin, where is she?
She's with a social worker.
We just have to wait.
I can't wait!
My god! I...
- Justin, I don't understand...
- I know. I know.
Hi. I'm detective simmons.
Are you mrs. Holtom?
We're seperated.
Can we see her?
- I have to see her.
- Soon, I promise.
- Come in my office.
- Okay.
Did you conduct a physical?
We did.
Just a few cuts and bruises from
walking through the woods.
When can we take her home?
After the psych eval
and the social worker wraps up.
We think the other four girls
who were kidnapped
During that period
are at the same location.
Most of the details she's
given so far are pretty vague.
More might come back to her
after the shock wears off.
In the meantime,
maybe you can help.
Memory exercises often do work
best in a safe home environment.
We know these things take time,
but in this case, we do need
to push a little bit harder.
Six years.
She won't be
the same daughter we lost.
Hey, hey. Don't...
Don't think about that.
We have her back. Let's...
Let's focus on that.
I can't bear to think
what she's been through.
Your parents are just down here.
Do you want something to eat?
You must be hungry.
I have some pasta
I could heat up.
Or soup?
I could heat that up,
But you want
something fresh, I'm sure.
I'm sorry. I'm just...
Whatever you need,
we're here for you, alright?
Yes, whatever you need.
If you want to just
wander around...
A little has changed,
But your room is still there.
I mean of course... But
we could bring your stuff up.
I'm really sorry, it just got...
So, umm...
We can talk about that
another time.
You look so grown up.
Can I get you
something to drink maybe?
Lemonade it is.
What is wrong with me?
Hey, it's fine.
It's a lot to handle.
How are you so calm right now?
I'm in stressful situations
for a living.
This is different.
It is.
And I'm feeling a lot.
But... Hey.
We need to be
even keel for her sake.
She's not
the little girl we knew.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means
she's been through a lot. Okay?
I should heat up the pasta
in case she changes her mind.
Hey, it's fine.
Hey, I've got your drink.
I've got an extra
toothbrush you can use,
And some p.J.'s.
I know you probably don't want
to wear your mom's p.J.'s but...
- Olivia?
- Olivia?
She's in the spare.
Walked right by her.
Maybe she forgot
which room was hers.
This the '09 from sicily?
It is.
She's so quiet.
Yeah, I know.
I remember her
coming home from school
Bursting with jokes and stories.
She's been through a lot.
Do you think
she's upset that I moved all
her stuff to the basement?
Nah, I don't think so.
I mean...
I think
she'll come to understand.
You can blame me.
I did push to do it.
I just...
I just didn't know how else
to get past the pain.
It doesn't quite
feel real, does it?
I've spent so much time
Reconciling with the fact that
I would never see her again.
I'm sorry that I...
Sorry I pushed so hard
for you to do the same.
- It's hard for both of us.
- Yeah.
I just...
I didn't want to see you suffer.
I know.
I can't even
enjoy this right now.
Okay good, it's not just me.
I should at least try to sleep.
I'm more afraid of waking up.
This isn't a dream, right?
No, it's not.
I can stay, if you want.
It's fine.
You sure?
It feels wrong to leave.
It's what happened.
Honestly, she'll probably sleep
until mid-afternoon, anyway.
Well, if anything happens,
or you just want to talk,
Call me
and I'll be here, alright?
See you tomorrow. I'll bring...
Morning, baby.
It's so good to hear your voice.
Did you sleep okay?
Well, I took some time off work,
so we can do anything you want.
A movie?
Eat candy until we feel sick?
Is dad still sleeping?
He's actually, umm...
Not here right now.
So he went to work?
But he'll be back really soon.
Don't worry.
How about breakfast?
I'm not that hungry.
I'm sorry,
I don't know what to do.
It's been so long.
Yum yum.
Yum yum!
Pee yew!
I kept everything.
Are you upset
I packed up your room?
Is that why
you slept in the spare?
I was just... Confused.
I need you to know that
I wasn't trying to forget you.
It's important
that you know that.
I do have to apologize
though because, umm...
I read your diary.
A lot.
Let's just say the pages
started getting so worn,
That I was using
tweezers to turn them.
Your guy... Steven!
I know even at ten
you were saying
That you were too old
for steven, but...
I secretly
snuggled him at bedtime.
Honestly, I was just
boxing up my feelings.
It's okay, mom.
Look. Your teeth.
I'm sorry. Are...
Are you okay?
Can we go back upstairs?
Being down here reminds me of...
- Of course.
Of course! Yes.
Come on, let's go.
Oh woooah...
I brought lunch.
You did! Thank you!
Hey, sweetheart.
My favorite.
So, sounds like
you two had a good morning.
Oh, nothing.
Okay, okay.
Keep your secrets.
What? She was about
to eat shrimp.
You didn't tell them
she had an allergy?
I did. They must have...
Honey, it's okay.
Are you okay?
How's your throat?
Can you please
just tell me that you're okay?
I'm okay.
Don't be mad.
Oh, honey, why would we be mad?
Your dad
didn't mean to scare you.
I-I-I'm sorry
I grabbed you. That was...
That was wrong.
I was just
trying to keep you safe.
I love you more than anything,
you know that.
He used to grab us...
I guess we were
kinda like his dolls.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
Olivia, I'm very sorry
For all of it.
I'm sorry
we couldn't protect you.
And I'm sorry
I brought you right back there.
Please... Forgive me.
Sorry I'm so tired.
You don't have to
apologize about anything.
It's been a long day.
You need your rest.
You'll be here
when I wake up, right?
Of course he will, honey.
Yeah. Of course.
This is all I ever wanted.
And I got my wish.
You sure you're okay with this?
Yeah, it's what she wants.
But do you want me staying over?
It has been nice
having you around.
It was so lonely in this house
for so many years.
It's been nice
having you both back.
I thought the same thing
So I packed a bag in case.
How presumptuous!
Well, I just thought, you know,
that with olivia, we should...
No, justin.
I'm just teasing you.
It's okay.
Has she said anything about...
No, not yet.
But she will.
I know she will.
There's a lot of pressure
from the other parents, so...
Well, that's a job
for the police.
Our job is to love our daughter.
Are you sure you don't want
to sleep in the spare?
Come on. This thing
got me through med school.
Sorry, baby, you scared me.
Can I sleep with you tonight?
Like I used to?
Of course.
Did you have a bad dream?
Do you want to tell me about it?
I was back in the basement,
And he was dragging me around.
You're here now.
And you're safe.
It's like living in a dream.
I can't even imagine.
Is she okay?
I guess so.
She's been through hell.
We had a good day yesterday
but it'll be a long road.
I'm so happy for you and justin.
Has she
told you anything about...
Not yet,
and we're not pushing her.
How's everything going there?
Do you need me to come in?
No! Please.
Don't worry about us.
We've got you covered.
Take the time you need
to worry about your family.
- Focus on that.
- Yeah, you're right.
I'm just used to rushing
into work when I feel like this.
We won't run this place
into the ground, I promise.
Maurice is on a reading frenzy.
He has ten new ideas every day.
I'll let you know
if he has a good one.
Thanks anne.
I think I know what we can do.
But look,
if you don't want to say
What happened with the girls,
that's fine. Alright?
The quicker this is done,
The easier
it's gonna be on everyone.
Hey! Would you like coffee?
Everything okay down here?
Are we still
going shopping today?
Sure, if that's what you want.
I definitely don't want to wear
my mom's clothes forever.
Thank you.
I wanted to see
how you all were doing.
I think
we're doing okay, right honey?
Now that you've had
a chance to be home,
I wanted to see
if there were any
Other memories
that have come up.
It's only been a day.
I realize.
But anything you can tell us
That could help us
find those other girls.
Like what the house looked like,
What your captor looked like.
I think she's still
processing everything.
I appreciate that.
I really do.
But those other girls
are still out there.
And olivia is
our best chance to find them.
I don't know anything
about the other girls.
He kept us separated.
Okay. It's okay, olivia.
But if there's anything
you can tell us about him
Or his house, that would help.
Like, you said you ran
from the house into a forest.
What kind of trees
were in the forest?
Did they have leaves?
Were they pine trees?
Was the ground rocky or flat?
Kind of...
Rocky? Maybe?
That's good.
That really helps us.
That really does.
Now you said there was
a truck in the driveway.
"a muddy black truck."
Do you remember
the make or model?
It was a truck.
I don't know models of trucks.
Can we slow down, detective?
Olivia, you said
when you ran out of the forest,
The first road was paved.
- Like, hard and flat?
- I know what paved means.
There's just so few farmhouses
near paved roads near here.
that's good for you, right?
Well, we thought so.
But we've checked
all those houses for miles.
Now, are you sure it wasn't
perhaps a gravel road?
She's only trying
to help you remember.
You think I want to remember?
Any of it?
I don't want to think about
that place ever again!
I'm sorry,
I didn't want to upset her.
It's just that we really need
to find those other girls.
I'm here whenever you're ready.
Just me.
You know what I do remember,
I don't trust.
I thought the road was paved,
but she says it's not.
The exercises we have
will help. I promise.
Who wants to play with blocks?
You're afraid of a sports team
not making the playoffs?
Ever making the playoffs.
It's pretty dire.
What? I thought
we should start small.
I'm afraid of
Walking under scaffolding
during construction.
I always think something's
going to fall on my head.
Hard hat for christmas, noted.
Your turn, sweetie.
Small things.
Whatever comes to mind.
I'm afraid
of going to sleep at night.
Okay, that's, uh...
and of being grabbed by someone.
Okay. We should stop
and talk about it...
And I'm afraid of not having
a family and being all alone.
That's not gonna happen.
I promise you that I won't...
It already has!
You and dad
aren't together anymore.
Do you think I'm stupid?
We're not a family.
I know that this is hard,
and it's not fair to you,
But we love you,
and we will always be a family.
No matter what.
Is she okay?
You okay?
Can we go shopping now?
Think this is
enough of a bribe for her
To finally talk to me again?
Stop it. Grabbing her wrist
was triggering.
It's not your fault.
It's her allergy.
I was scared.
I know.
But maybe she grew out of it.
That can happen, right?
It can, yeah. But...
What happened this morning?
I guess I asked her
a question she didn't like.
Justin, how many times
do we have to do this?
Seriously, she's fragile.
I know.
It's the doctor in me.
What did you ask her?
About the other girls.
How well she knew them.
If there was someone
to talk to down there.
Maybe I was looking for
a little consolation,
I don't know.
I didn't get it.
I know you're talking about me.
You don't have to hide it.
There were all
these rumors that you were back.
But no one knew for sure.
We were trying
to take things slow.
But we're so happy
to see you again, beth.
You too, mrs. Holtom.
Time to heed your
own advice and give them space.
We went to the mall today.
Olivia, why don't you
show beth what we got?
Me and the girls
cross that little bridge
Every single day
after gymnastics,
But it's been,
like, forever since I've
actually gone shopping.
Well you'll have
to come with us next time.
Hot pretzels, on me.
Okay. If you need anything,
we'll be here.
Do you think they're okay?
They're fine.
We're right here.
Yeah, it's...
It's just she's never...
I think it might be too soon.
Oh hey, hey...
It'll be good for her
to see an old friend. Right?
It's fine.
I know it's stupid, but...
Hopefully you like it.
It's, um... Signed
By all the girls
from our old gymnastics team.
Stacey moved away
a couple years ago,
But everyone else.
Oh, and...
Shanti made you this.
Does she still
stick her butt out
When she does her floor routine?
Yeah, she totally does.
Like a llama in spandex.
That's what we used to call her,
right? Spandex llama.
You look so different.
I mean...
I guess I look different, too.
Everyone looks different
after six years.
That's how it works.
What is that?
It's nothing.
I think we just have to
keep reminding ourselves that
It's a process.
She's grown up.
All those years I dreamed
of having her home,
I never...
I just hate
seeing her like this.
It's work. I should...
- Hey, anne.
- Is this a good time?
Yeah, we're good.
She's got an old friend over.
How's that going?
We're trying
to give them some space.
You coming back to school?
Don't really want to.
Really? Why?
Everybody misses you.
I don't want to deal
with people asking me
The same questions
over and over again.
Looking at me like that.
Like what?
The pity.
I'm just looking at you.
I haven't seen you in so long.
It's weird for me too.
What are you saying?
You're going to go
around telling people
How much I've changed?
Like I'm some sort of freak now?
W-what? No! I just...
I did change.
And I got real friends.
The girls in there,
they understood me.
You're only trying to use me
so you can run back to school
And act like you know the crazy
girl that was locked up forever.
How's everything over there?
Good. Great, actually.
I think I have a solution for
that gap in the spring calendar.
The team loves it.
What's the pitch?
It's your story...
Sorry, anne,
I'm gonna have to call you back.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'm gonna go, ahh...
So what did you two talk about?
- I'm fine.
- Hey, what happened?
Beth, it's okay.
We were...
Everything was fine,
I thought...
But then she said
I was using her,
And that her real friends were
the girls that she was with.
The ones... That she
was with... At the place.
olivia's been through a lot.
She's been hurt in ways
that we'll never understand.
You don't take it to heart.
She just needs time.
It's probably just too soon.
She's not the same.
- Yeah, I know.
- No.
I mean, I don't think
she's the same person.
That's not olivia.
Everything alright?
I think beth said some
pretty insensitive things.
Like what?
We don't have to go
over it again right now.
Beth seemed to have a
different take on what happened.
Are you taking her side?
What...? No.
No, I'm...
I'm only saying...
Saying what?
Not the time?
Yeah, sorry.
Sorry, ollie.
You said "ollie."
You haven't
since I've been back.
It's fine. Just...
Beth did say
some stuff I can't shake.
Like about olivia's relationship
to the other girls in there.
Said they were close.
That's not what she told us.
Yeah, okay,
what are you trying to do here?
You're trying to poke holes
in our daughter's story?
No, I'm trying to understand.
Look, I-I know
she's changed, but...
Has she changed too much?
Beth doesn't even...
Can you even, for one second,
Imagine what the last
six years has done to her?
Why are you guys whispering?
We're just saying goodnight.
Goodnight, sweetheart.
Come on, mom.
No. No. No.
- No!
- Olivia. Hey.
No, no.
Get go of me. Let go!
Stop it! Olivia!
Olivia. Olivia! Olivia!
No, no, stop. Stop.
You're home.
It's okay.
You're home.
So, olivia,
What do say we invite
detective simmons over again?
So I can relive every detail
of my worst nightmare?
Yeah, that's fair.
- Olivia...
- She's a police officer,
She needs details to do her job
and help find the other girls.
She's so stupid. Why doesn't
she just find them herself?
I can't help her.
One second,
this must be important.
But I want to talk about this.
Hey. Sorry to bug you again.
No, not at all.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. I mean, not really.
There's still some
damage control happening
From a daughter lost and found,
But we have a fix
that should calm the partners
With a simple press release.
We think it could be big,
and we know it's solid.
Great. Shoot.
Do you think
you'll talk to beth again?
When I spoke to her,
she told me that
Your real friends
were in there with you.
In that place.
But you told us
and the detective
You were separated
from the other girls.
You know, it's surprising
the kind of little details
That can break a case like this.
Maybe there's
something that you...
Misremembered? Or...
Maybe there's something
you forget to tell us?
Are you calling me a liar?
I already hired a ghostwriter
to start on the outline.
Ghostwriter? Why?
you've been so busy it probably
never even occured to you.
It's about
a woman who's daughter
went missing six years ago
And shows up out of the blue.
And we both know this story
isn't too good to be true.
I just...
Want to help you remember.
Remembering is the worst thing
you could make me do.
Everyone wants me to remember
and all I want to do is forget.
God, she's so nosy,
I hate her so much.
Who? The detective?
She's just doing her j...
- Hey, where are you going?
- I'm going on a walk.
- Wait. Olivia, I'm sorry.
- Don't follow me.
Kristen? Are you there?
If we can put an announcement
in the trades...
Too rushed, okay.
But the rights
to this story alone
Will make up
for the shortfall this summer.
Anne, I have to go.
Okay, sorry.
I'll handle it.
What happened?
Where is she? Where'd she go?
I asked her questions.
She stormed out.
You let her leave alone?
I can't exactly force her
to stay in the house.
What kind of questions
were you asking?
About the other girls.
Katie, something doesn't add up.
I don't want to say it out loud.
- Then don't.
No, kristen. Listen!
If she's not olivia,
That means olivia
is still out there somewhere.
Just like that.
Must be so embarrassing.
Look, you're totally
doing it right now!
That's why she
only remembers your butt!
You just can't stop talking
about me, can you?
No, I was teasing her.
I do it all the time.
You know what happens
to girls who talk too much?
- Justin?
- -yeah, I'm here.
Justin, I...
I can't find her.
Not yet.
Don't worry, we'll find her.
I'm right near the house.
I'll circle back around.
We need to find her,
no matter what.
Do we call the police?
Not yet. Umm...
Let me check one last place.
What are you doing here?
You ran away.
You can't do that.
That's not running away.
I just needed some space.
I was scared.
Do you have any idea
how scared I was?
What, you think I'm gonna
to get kidnapped, again?
Maybe, yeah.
Maybe I thought
you were gonna hurt yourself.
I don't know what's going on.
What are you doing down here?
Why is your coat all dirty?
- I fell. It's nothing.
- Hey. Slow down.
I'm going home.
Isn't that what you wanted?
- No, I want to talk to you.
- What do you want me to say?
That I'm not happy?
That I wanted to
come home to two parents?
Two parents
who were still together,
And in love, and waiting for me?
I know.
He could have killed me
for running away, but I ran!
I know, honey.
I left them all behind,
And I ran!
I'm alive!
And I'm here!
Why can't you love me
for who I am now?
I do.
I do love you. I promise.
She okay?
I'm going to shower
and then go to bed.
Okay, no problem, sweetie.
Okay then.
Good night.
What if we're
just being paranoid?
We thought seeing her
again was impossible.
Of course it doesn't feel real.
Let's just get the police
to do a blood test.
No, I can't do that to her.
Not after everything
she's been through.
She doesn't have to know.
I'll know, justin.
And I'll never forgive myself
if we're wrong.
But what if olivia
is still out there somewhere.
Give me until tomorrow.
I have to do this the right way.
Do I have a choice?
I thought someone
was in the house.
I heard a noise
and I got scared.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You should probably
go back to bed.
Can I sleep in here
with you, mommy?
Of course.
Are you scared of me
or something?
No. I'm just
giving you your space.
That's what you wanted, right?
Dr. Holtom?
Is everything okay?
We need to talk.
You brought breakfast.
Uh, oh yeah.
It's probably cold, though.
As long as you didn't cook it,
I'll eat it.
Uh, no.
Where's...? Um...
What is it?
I just saw
detective simmons outside.
Beth was assaulted yesterday.
- Oh no!
- By her.
At the bridge near the mall.
Beth's parents
aren't pressing charges
Because they know what she's
been through. But, kristen...
- I know.
- -what do you know?
We should get going
because I have
A special day planned for you.
Ah, umm...
Are you sure?
Come on, olivia.
Just the two of us?
- Yeah.
- -no.
I think we need some real
mother-daughter bonding time.
Ahh, are you sure?
All this...
Girls-only chats are starting
to feel a little discriminatory.
- Well, tough.
- C'mon.
We'll be back...
Don't worry.
Let's go.
Where? It's winter.
It's beautiful outside.
You used to love the cold.
That's a lie.
Nobody loves the cold.
Come on!
You used to love coming here.
You'd pretend that
you'd discovered the ruins
Of an ancient city.
You remember that?
Thought it might be nice
to hang out here and relax.
Make you feel safe.
It does.
It must have been so scary.
I know what it was like for me,
but I still can't imagine
- What it was like for you.
- Don't do this.
I don't want to talk about it.
Talking about it
won't make me feel better.
I need to talk about it.
I need to feel better.
Losing a child...
It changes everything.
It changes the way
you look at the world.
The way you look
at other people.
Then you get them back
and you find a new love
You never knew you had.
I love you, too, mom.
Glad being here
is making you happy.
So many happy memories.
Running around
with uncle lucas in the field.
That time you took
your sled down that hill
And broke your arm.
Yeah, that was crazy.
That time you were
taken away by a stranger.
This is the place
my daughter was taken
Six years ago, may 22nd.
You sure know a lot about her,
but not everything.
She doesn't have an uncle lucas
and she never broke her arm.
Do you know where she is?
Which one are you?
Rebecca forster?
Lindsay spencer?
You must be one
of the seaton five,
You know too much about them.
You must know what happened.
Are they alive?
Is olivia still alive?
Tell me what you know!
Tell me what you know!
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry. I forgot.
- You're just like him.
You just want to use me.
No, not at all. I just...
If olivia is still alive,
You have to tell me.
I don't know.
She was, but...
But what?
What does that mean?
- Where is she?
- I don't know.
I can't help you then.
Maybe the police...
Wait! Wait!
What about me?
Where do I belong?
You got parents
out there somewhere
And they're worried sick,
missing you.
No, they're not.
Yes, they are!
Just because you were taken away
Doesn't mean
that they don't love you.
We let olivia out of our sight
for a split-second, and she...
It's a parent's worst nightmare.
We would do anything
to get her back.
Someone out there
is missing you like that, too.
That's where you belong.
With them.
Yeah, take me home.
Of course.
- Of course, honey...
- Right now.
Take me home
to my family, and...
Then you'll understand.
I'll take you home.
- What are you doing?
- It's justin.
Let me tell him what's going on.
- No!
I only trust you
with this, please.
If I don't answer, he'll worry.
I won't say anything yet, okay.
Hey, it's fine.
No, we're still at the park.
I'll call you back
in a bit, okay?
What's your name?
Your real name.
- Natalie.
- Natalie.
The press didn't know
about you, did they?
They never mentioned you
in the papers.
How should I know?
What are your
parents' names, natalie?
I only know my dad.
- But he's...
- What's his name?
It's been a while.
Do you think he's still living
At the same address?
I do.
He's gonna be
really excited to see you.
I promise.
I know it might feel like...
Might've been his fault
that you were taken away,
Like he let you down,
But I swear that's not the case.
Your love for your kids, it...
Beats everything.
There, that's it.
Turn here.
Is that it?
You want me to come with you?
Olivia was my favorite,
you know.
The other girls just thought
they could get stuff from me.
She was my friend.
What do you mean
get stuff out of you?
When I brought their food,
I always gave her
The least burnt piece of toast
And cookies with
the most chocolate chips.
I took good care of her,
I promise.
Where are we?
Since I was five,
when he brought me here.
I was the only one who
was allowed to call him dad.
Oh god...
Is this where she is?
Is she in there right now?
Did you really mean
what you said?
Do you think he'll be happy
to see me again?
Oh, natalie.
My olivia.
Is she in there right now?
Is she alive?
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
Please tell me what that means?
He took her away.
I don't know. That's why I left.
We have to get the police, okay?
He's not here.
His truck's gone.
He's never gone for very long
And when he gets back...
Now you said there was a truck
in the driveway.
"a muddy black truck."
already got your license plate
and I'm calling the cops.
Who are you?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
This is jared.
He's the writer I hired.
I've been showing him around the
neighborhood so he could start
Pulling together
a first draft of the book.
What book?
About us?
Kristen never
said anything about a book.
She's got so much going on.
I don't think
she's seeing things clearly.
No, she's fine.
Where is she now?
In there.
You're sure he's not here?
Do you know the code?
What day is it today?
The 15th.
No, the 16th.
He changes it everyday.
Today's date in reverse,
then 6-5-5.
He never figured out.
Is there another way in?
Is this where he kept you?
Do you know where she is?
Do you...
Do you know where she is?
I told you she wasn't here.
We have to go.
Quickly. Come on.
No. Please come...
I'll come back for you.
I promise.
Where are you taking me?
We have to get out of here!
But you said
he'd be happy to see me.
I can't leave you...
What's in there?
I don't know.
Today's date, reverse, 6-6-5.
Come on.
Olivia, baby...
Is that you?
It's you.
It's really you.
I knew you'd come.
I'm here.
I'm never letting you go.
Come on, let's go.
I get it now.
You could never
love me like that.
What are you doing?
Let's go.
I'm over here!
Where've you been?
I'm sorry.
I got scared.
Who did you talk to? Huh?
Tell me.
I didn't talk to anyone.
I promise.
After all I did to give
you a family, you run away?
It was all just a dirty trick
so I'd trust you.
No, I thought I'd be happy
someplace else, but...
What are you doing back here?
Trying to help
the others do what you did?
No! I thought you'd
be happy to see me, dad.
Stop calling me that!
I never should have treated you
better than the others.
I thought you were special,
but you're not.
You're disloyal,
just like everyone else.
A traitor to the cause.
Let go of me!
I tried to give you a good home.
A home with principles
and discipline,
Something you and your sisters
knew nothing about
Until I brought you here!
Now I have to teach you
all over again.
No! I'll be...
I'll be good. I promise.
Why the hell should I believe
the promises of a traitor?!
You said I was your daughter.
You're not my child.
You're no one's child.
They were glad
to get rid of you.
Let her go!
Stay back.
I've already called the police.
There's no coverage
for miles around this place.
There are no police.
Any minute, now.
Is that so?
I think I'm going
to take my time with you.
Six years.
You've already token
six years from me.
Who the hell are you?
I'm that girl's mother.
She's not your child.
I was talking about her.
You stupid girls.
Come on, let's go.
You, too.
I don't have anywhere to go.
Yeah, you do.
No, in fact there were
six girls at that location,
Not five.
And I can confirm
that the suspect
And the owner of the property,
one john aldiss,
Is now in custody.
He is not known to police,
But a survivor who
escaped last week
Was able to lead police
to the location,
And reunite the other girls
with their families.
Yes, I have the hard copy here.
I'll send it
by courier this afternoon.
I'm excited, too.
- Good morning, sleepyhead.
- Morning, mom.
- How'd you sleep?
- Seven out of ten.
- Not bad, I guess.
- -yeah.
Grab a seat, your dad is
attempting to make eggs.
I think our
back-to-school shopping
will make you feel better.
Did you guys hear that?
That's the sound
of my credit cards
Screaming in terror.
You love that joke.
Come and take a seat,
Do you really think we're
going to laugh at it one day?
Laugh at him.
It's the only way it's funny.
I added salt to this one.
Oh, I see.
Okay, I can taste the salt now.