Sinners and Saints (2010) Movie Script

Have I ever told you about the penguin
Who crossed the Mojave desert?
Sean,did I ever told you about this? -No
- Sean,did I ever told you about this?
- No
-Can I tell you about this. True story!
-Tell me about the penguin.
Not only that the penguin
crossed the desert, Seany.
But in the middle of summer,
in a 76 Pinto.
Anyway,he was driving along
in his fucking Pinto
And it starts making these weird noises
that hes never heard before.
So you could imagine,
he gets all nervous and shit
"Oh No, no, no, gi, gi, gi."
Is that the car making the noise
or is that the penguin?
The penguin was making that noise.
So as he drives along he decides
to take it into the shop.
So he walks out to
the mechanic and says
Hey there brother!
Hows it goin?
Can you help me out here?
The mechanic looks down and said
Sure litte buddy,
I can help you out...
but Ive got to tell you
Im a little busy right now
its going to take a while.
But theres an ice cream parlor
right across the street
So he walks across the street
Sats down in front of the store
and orders a big beautiful bowl
of vanilla ice cream.
Puts it down in front of him
but theres a problem.
Hes got flippers!
He cant grab a spoon like
you and me, Sean. He cant do it.
Hes looking down in his vanilla ice cream..
"Shit, fuck it! He starts diving in,
Diving in with his flippers
He flipping and flopping.
The ice cream is on his chest
On his beak, he is a rabid.
Anyway,he finishes up his ice cream,
walks across the street.
Goes back to the mechanic and goes
So what do you think?
He looks up at him from
under the hood and goes
"It looks like you blew a seal
My penguin says "No, no, no!
I swear it's ice cream...
...It's just ice cream. "You get it?
It is a true fucking story, man.
Yeah,its a true story...
its not funny story though.
Hey Wyatt,
we are a few blocks out.
You, Trey and Franco got back.
Me and Dave at the front.
Hey remember,this assholes
got nothing to loose
So you all watch yourselves.
You got it boss,this motherfucker
aint going nowhere.
-Wyatt, here we go. This is it.
-We are here.
Who the hell,man?
What do you want?
Police department.
What the fuck do you want?
What do we want?
For starters,open the door asshole
Before we kick it in.
Look, dont get all excited.
Youre all in very dangerous place.
Ain't you roll me,I'm trying to figure out
who I'm opening this door for.
Now you know.
Its the fucking NOPD bitch!
so open the fucking door.
Bitch? alright Mr. Popo,
you got it.
Let me see some ID first.
You fucking kidding me?
Okay, J ... yo-yo... Here it is?
How is that working for you?
Code Red, code red...
I've got an officer down!
Officer down!
Shots fired.. 108
I got you,man.
Come on, mothefucker!
Goddamn it! I need a medic
at Euturp O.C. Hayley
Officer down, I repeat...
I need a medic ASAP.
Stay with me Dave. Stay with me.
Code Red! Code Red!
Officer down!Shots fired... 180.
Officer down!
Dave, don't you fucking die
on me man.
Stay with me.
- Its gonna be alright,man.
- shut the fuck up.
Sorry, man...
Hang on, Tray!
They are coming.
Fuck! You motherfuckers!
You fucked Reno up...
Lets go buddy.
The medic's coming.
It will take a lot more of you
motherfuckers to fuck me up!
Look at me, motherfucker!
Look at me.
- Can you believe this?
- So what do we know?
Well,besides this poor bastard, you got
...the grandmother and the mom,
the little boy and his sister.
So what is all this white residue?
It looks like Fire extinguisher spray.
I know this sounds a
little out there.
But based upon the multiple
stages of the burns and the residue.
It looks like they doused him
with an accelerant, then ignited him.
Then they extinguished him.
Then they repeated the entire process
at least two more times.
Who owns the place?
Whose paying the bills here?
Lets see... a Malcolm Varanato.
Varnado? Do you mean
Malcolm Varnado?
Varnado, yeah ok! That's right..
Why? you know him?
He's a reporter for the Picayune.
His big brother
Weddo Varnado...
also happens to be the biggest
drug dealer in New Orleans.
What the hell are you saying?
Meaning... we just stumble into
Something way out
of our pay grade.
I'm looking at it, Mike.
Its right in front of me.
Come in.
I don't care what you all heard.
Truth ain't determined
by a majority vote.
Do you think
I'm exaggerating?
Why don't you all come down
and take ride along
the streets with us.
Well that's convenient?
You can call me back if you
want to pick this up again.
You know, one day...
just one day.
- I wish they would declare open
- ...on the politicians.
- yeah. Amen.
- How are you doing, Pete?
- Good...
- Thanks for stopping by.
- Yeah. Anytime...
What's the latest?
What's going on?
Well, a few things.
One of them being a favor
I need from you.
Yeah, no problem.
Its about that reporter for the Picayune.
Yeah, Weddos kid brother.
Yeah, He is in a war path.
Well, Malcolm was his
pride and joy.
So, if Weddo gets to those
guys before we do?
We'll be lucky if we find
anything but pieces.
Which brings us back to the favor.
Homicide requested
somebody from...
...Street crimes to way in.
... to lend them a hand
and your name came up.
Okay, no problem.
Sounds easy enough.
One other thing.
Johnny Tran.
His lawyer claims you
nearly tried to kill him.
I disarmed him.
He has a 6-inch straight razor.
and I think he got off easy.
I've seen the pictures,Sean.
It looks llike he got hit
by a wrecking ball.
Is that what this is about.
Is that why you called me?
Yeah, this is what this is about.
Four complains in
this many months.
Then the shootout.
Your shits out of control.
Are you trying to blame me
for Dave and Trey?
No, no. That's not what
I'm talking about.
I'm talking about what happened to the house after they got hit.
You've seen Internal Affairs out there questioning your boys.
Do you think they're
not the least bit curious
about some son of a bitch...
at the end of the hallway,
killed at point blank
holding an empty weapon
on his hand?
It doesn't take a genius to
figure out what happened.
Look I know where you at.
I do.
I've been there myself.
you know about that.
But you keep heading
down the path this dark...
and I'll tell you something,son.
... You will never
find your way back.
- Is that it?
- Yes, that's it.
Hey, brother.
What's going on?
Colin?! What the hell
are you doing here?
Whats fine fucker doing out here
How long have you
been in town?
I don't know not long...
a couple of weeks.
Where's the old lady?
Where's Jacob at?
They are not here right now.
They're out of town...
at the folks' house.
Come on,brother.
Lets go get a drink.
No man. Its been a hell of a day.
- I probably going to pack it in.
- oh, you've gonna pack it in.
- Alright, we'll drink here.
- Okay.
Alright... one drink.
- Okay, your buying.
- My boy, my boy!
Hey Sugar, two Jamies!
Was the storm is really bad
as they said?
Oh shit! Yeah man.
Right where Letty's brokers, its like
an atom bomb went off.
the whole neighborhood's just gone.
But the worst thing was
watching people...
Just way through the water
right pass these bodies...
like they we'ren't even there.
I know I said it before but I want you to know
that I really appreciate getting
my grandfather out...I do.
I drove by his house the other day.
He totally fucking ride off.
- How's he doing?
- He's doing good,you know.
and I'm moving with his
sister down in Algers.
What about you brother?
You know. I little this, a little that.
You know, I gotta dump right it up
to you right after Fallujah.
I've got a nice work
for a security contract.
- What crew?
- Spartan.
They paid mad money, brother.
Yeah but that checks are only good
if you live long enough
to cash it, Collin.
Well thats rich.
Coming from somebody who
chose to be a cop in this city.
I'll take Baghdad over this
warzone anyday.
Thank you man.
So whats this suddenly here
out of nowhere?
I do not know.
I'm about to leave town again.
And to tell you the truth,
I'm not sure if I'm gonna come back.
I just wanna see you one
last time before I left.
One last time?
You're going somewhere?
Great beyond?
Have you ever done something ...
Something you wished
to God you could undo?
You know I have.
You have any luck
making that right?
No, it can't be done.
That's what I thought.
Yes. Now? No, Lewis.
No, that's no good.
I'll meet you down
by the reservoir.
Sorry brother, but I've gotta run.
I'm going to meet somebody.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You talk to me about something like that,
And now your gonna
walk away from me.
I almost forgot.
I got Jacob
a birthday present.
It's a new movie with karate tiger.
I got it in Bangkok.
It is not even out yet.
Just take a look at that.
- Colin!
Come on,man.
What's going on?
- It was good to see you brother.
- Colin!
Wait, my bad. You said you wanna
a driver's license
not a passport.
Yes, California one
if that's cool.
That's fine.
I set back one here
Hold on one second.
Lewis, did you get it?
Well get it and get back here.
Its gonna take one second here.
Alright, are you ready?
One, two ...
No, fuck!
its gonna hurt a little bit, mate.
I didn't do anything.
Please..I don't even know the guy.
I didn't do anything.
What are you doing?
Hello Lewis, it's Tom again.
I just thought I could give you
another quick chingle...
I hate to sound like another broken record,champ.
But Sonny asked here to give you another call.
to see if you could stop by studio
As soon as you can,
that would be great.
Hope you are well and
hope to see you.
Alright. bye!
This is ridiculous.
Hey, Crowe!
Listen,mate. I really don't think
this is gonna work.
This kid's gonna buy
any of this bullshit.
How about you cut me loose
with some of the boys
- see what I can dig up.
- yeah
Renko, what do you say?
Lets do it. See through
the window boys.
You know what, Sonny?
I just had the strangest realization.
You and I might be more likely
than you ever thought.
Bare with me on this, okay.
We are both artists,right?
Were granted, we have chosen to work... a vastly different mediums
... Or canvasses if you will.
But we both want
the same thing, right?
All we have to do is communicate
with our most sincere
intentions and desires.
Isn't that right?
Is not that right?
So tell me again Sonny.
Where was your little
buddy Lewis...
...supposed to go a meeting?
He went to go collect
a downpayment.
They left about an hour ago.
He was supposed to be back by now.
Where is he now?
I don't know. I don't know.
Maybe something went wrong.
He went out with his girl.
I swear to God I don't know.
This makes me feel like we're
back where we started.
I'm trying. I'm trying.
Let me ask you a question.
Have you ever heard
the legend of Baba Yaga?
- Hey Will
- Yeah?
In the owner's cellphone
I checked recent calls...
They're all out going
to the same two numbers.
Dialed over and over again.
Then do as you can to trace them.
Its probably a waste of time
but you'll never know.
- Sean... Sean Riley?
- Yeah.
How are you doing?
Detective Will Genz..
Nice to meet you.
Yeah...Same here.
- Who is the OIC?
- That would be me.
Ok. I'm Sorry, man.
- Trahan sent me down here.
- I know. Thanks for coming.
We think we could you
use on this one.
What have you been working?
Come on. I'll show you.
- What? There's more?
- A lot more.
Mo, can you join us
on the roof please.
Okay, right behind you.
I'll be right down.
The press is here.
Walk him through this.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Nick. Can you boys
give us a minute.
Alright... so we think
this is the owner.
- Is it Sonny? That's Sonny?
- Yeah, you know him?
Yeah I know him.
A small time forger.
Fake ID's, passports, credit cards
that kind of stuff.
Well, that explains
what we found down stairs.
I read the report on
Weddo's kid brother.
Do you think this is the same MO.
Light him up,put him out, light him up again.
Yeah, pretty much identical.
Do you guys think this
goes back to Weddo?
You think different?
I'm not saying that.
But I tell you what...
I just don't know anybody
thats got the balls... go heads up against
Weddo like that.
What are you looking for?
Well Sonny has this
little fucking buddy
...he hangs out named Lewis.
- See that tattoo on Sonny's right calf?
- Yeah
Well If this is Lewis...
There will be one right there too.
See that was their dog, Bonny.
So you mean to tell me this guy
and Lewis,
have a matching poodle tattoo.
Yeah I guess it sounds stupid
but you got to meet this dog
I mean this is like the movie star of poodles
Just like fucking Lassie.
You know, tap out numbers
with its paw.
Turn around like a ballerina
dump on command
I mean, a pretty special
fucking animal.
So let me guess, all witnesses
came down to C.R.S.
- Can't Rmember Shit.
- Yeah, pretty much.
The way we see it.
The kid downstairs were trying to
score fake ID's when... Bam!
The door gets kicked in.
They didn't have time to react.
they just got lit up right on the spot.
Okay so, they do the triple downstairs.
Drag Sonny and this kid up here
for the barbeque.
- Scared the shit out of him.
- Yeah.
By torturing this kid right in front
of him over and over again.
Then when they're done with him,
They lit him up and left him
twisting in the wind.
So how can I help?
To start...
Introductions to Weddo
... Sonny's family and friends.
Anyone else who may know why
they'll be target for something like this.
Alright, I'll see what I can do.
I'm driving.
By the way, when you walked in
you were looking for something.
- Yeah, strays.
- Strays?
Stray bullets.
They weren't any.
I'm not sure if you saw how
tight those groupings were
but that type of shot
takes some serious talent.
So you were checking out
the shell cases.
The shooters were all a couple of
feet from each other, right?
- So they have issue together.
- Yeah or something.
I think I know who
we should talk to.
There he is.
Wait until you meet this genius.
- Hey what's up, man?
- I got a question for you.
Come over here,
I wanna talk to you.
Right on, I'm good.
Its alright, cool.
Just come over here,
I wanna talk to you.
- Don't do it... Melvin.
- Alright.
If you take another step,
I'm gonna knock the rest
of your fucking teeth off.
Get over here! Melvin!
goddamn it.
You son of a bitch!
- Nice hit!
- Thanks.
- What is this?
- Whats what?
Melvin, credit card fraud?
I thought you were
fucking stupid for that.
- I am.
- Well you just admit it to him.
No, man. I don't admit a shit
That's the old man's card.
This is your old man's card.
Rajeev Magambie?
Are you kidding me?
My mama's boyfriend.
You do know that this coming
thru the mail like they did
That's a federal offense.
Hey come on, tell me what you want.
I'll give it to you.
this isn't the phonebook hommie.
Alright, your boy friend Lewis.
That's easy, man.Just go see Sonny.
He'll hook you up.
We tried that,
he's not gonna be much help.
What about the other guy
he's rolling with.
I don't know.
Last time I've seen him...
They we're running around
with some white dude
Some crazy ass fool.
...from The Channel.
Do you got a name?
With a crack rolling name...
some shit.
Conner.. Cone Wade...
- Colin?
- That's it, Colin.
Come on. Lets get out of here.
Looks like today is your lucky day.
Mo, what's happening?
Talk to me.
Sonny's cel? you got a trace on it.
Hey Sean, wait one second.
Text me the address.
Shit! Sean.
The door is open.
You scared the hell out of me.
Where are you going, Stacy?
Where you going?
The suitcase.
I'm just going to my mom's
for the weekend.
- Fuck you, Sean!
- Stacy, I saw your car outside.
You've got everything you own
in that piece of shit.
Where are you going?
What do you care.
Where's Colin?
How the fuck should I know
I haven't seen him in two years.
- Were you going to meet him.
- I'm not.
I wouldn't meet him anytime
anywhere ever...
goddamn it!
Two years?! You haven't seen
him in two years?
What is this?
No, that's my money.
I've earned it.
I'm getting out of here.
I'm getting cleaned.
I'm going to Florida.
I got an apartment and everything...
- Stop, goddamn it! I want the truth!
- I'm not going to meet him.
I gotta to call you
right back,alright.
You got to believe me.
You better not be fucking
lying to me.
Fuck! I swear.
I came home a couple of nights ago
and I found Colin on the street.
He was drunk and
he was all coked out.
He's talking nonsense,
run off with some shit.
He was freaking out, he was crying.
and he gave me the money
and he told me...
Don't ask any questions
just take it and get out of town.
Did he say where he is going?
Yeah he said he was
going to see you.
- What the hell was that?
- What did your boy found out.
I've got a trace on one of
that numbers on Sonny's.
This building in some dump in MLK.
That was a quiet ride
on the way over here.
Oh I'm sorry sweetheart,
I must have a lot on my mind.
- Yeah like what? Colin?
- Excuse me?
He's a buddy of yours, right?
Is he in some kind of trouble?
Who'd be after him?
Okay look, are you feeling left out?
I don't know what he's into, okay?
The guy is a goddamn
magnet for trouble.
So how long have you known him?
My entire life...I've known him
my whole life, Will.
Every pile of shit I've ever stepped in
Collin's been right at the center.
Going back to what Stacy's
talking about, did he?
Did he what?
- ... come see you.
- Yes, last night.
Last night...
and you weren't going to tell me.
- What did he want?
- I don't know what he wants.
As soon as I'm gonna find out though
Trust me, you'll be the
first person to know.
- Are we gonna do this?
- After you, sir.
Well hello, boys.
Easy... ease up champions.
Very weird for you for knocking
but for now take it easy.
Coz things gonna be fucking ugly
... real fast in here,
if we are not fucking careful.
Comprende, boys.
Don't fucking move!
Stay where you are!
Wo... Wo.. Sean! Wait...
You.. stay the fuck away from me.
You psycho cop...
you fucking cunt cop!
- Put the gun down!
- Shut up you fucking loser!
You are a fucking weak cop!
Put the gun down now!
Fuck off! You fucking dog!
I'll kill her
I'm warning you..
You're a fucking psycho cunt.
Keep crying sweetheart.
Keep fucking crying...
Put the gun down now!
Fuck you! You wanna see it
I'm gonna kill her where she stands!
She's gonna fucking do it for you
Right now! Her brain is gonna
be all over the pavement!
What? What happened?
We don't know.
But something went really wrong.
What do you mean something
went really wrong?
I need more fucking
details than that.
Reporters were saying that
there were some kind of shootout.
They're all dead, Crowe.
Renko, Cole. All of them.
How the fuck is this possible?
That sall you have to say to, Raymond?
That's it?
Now Mr. Ricther wait...
No,no, no. I'm done waiting.
And from the sound of my last phone call
with the company and so are they...
I have tracked them down this far.
this must have count for something.
Of course it does,the counts thats why
you are still capable of taking this call.
You don't have to take this
converstation in that direction.
I'll come through, just give me
a little more time.
What you need is to accept the fact
that is not remotely a possibility.
And deliver as you
promised you would.
We worked didn't we, with the
risk of stepping into this arena.
That you did, but we've been working
together for a very long time.
Surely you can
convince the company.
Oh please Raymond, don't do this.
This grambling, seriously I just
can't stomach it. I can't.
- All I'm asking you to do is...
- Enough, enough. It is what it is.
Nothing changes.
You have time until midnight.
- Midnight tomorrow.
- Now you hold on, Richter.
Das korovai.
goddamn it, Ricther.hold on... Richter!
Griff, I want you and Dekker find out
What the hell went
so fucking wrong!
Let's go boys.
- Hi!
- Hey, baby.
- Are you okay?
- Yes,yes. I'm good.I'm fine.
- Mostly because of this guy here.
- Oh sorry.
Sean, this is my beautiful wife Beth.
- Hi, Beth.
- Nice to meet you.
My Princess Sarah ...
and this is little Mad Max.
Car ...
Come on, Daddy.
I will show you something.
- Come on in.
Sean, I forgot to tell you,
your staying for dinner.
Thank you guys,
this was really great.
You're very welcome.
Is it me, or they are being
way too quiet.
They're fine.
So how'd you guys meet?
You wanna tell him one of your versions
or shall I tell the truth.
We met in LSU.
My car ran out of gas next to his dorm
and he came to my rescue.
- Lucky man.
- ain't I?
Sean what about you?
Is there a Mrs. Riley?
- Yes, there was.
- Any kids?
We had a son.
His name was Jacob.
He was six years old
When he got diagnosed with leukemia.
About a year and half ago,
we lost him.
Yeah.. so. She left after that.
I guess she can't take a look at me
Coz she reminds me of him, you know.
- Sorry.
- Yeah, I didn't know.
No don't be sorry, guys.
That's alright.
Usually, I just make up bullshit
story to tell people.
because I don't want to be
seem so pathetic.
By the way, did I tell you what
a beautiful family you guys have.
Thank you.
Especially your little princess
over there.
Oh man, Sarah what are you doing
to this poor kid.
Come here, buddy.
No, we don't wanna be a
princess that's not cool.
He got somethings after his dad.
Oh I bet you're enjoying this, aren't you?
Lets go get you a fireman's hat
or something.
Thanks brother.
You got a nice neighborhood.
What's wrong man, are you alright?
I'm sorry,man.
Sorry, I froze up on you today.
That's bullshit Will,
get that out of your mind.
You did exactly what anyone else
would have done.
Not you,man.
I mean, you went in there after them
like the odds were in your favor.
It ain't the same thing.
Its just different.
Look, Will. When you came around
that corner today, you didn't see me.
You didn't see those guys
with the guns.
All you saw is the family
you got inside.
I don't have that.
I ain't got that to lose
that's the difference.
There is a lesson out of
every tragedy.
What's that?
My father...he was a preacher.
If theres anything my
old man ever thought me
Is that everything happens for a purpose.
Do you believe that?
Tell me, what's the reason
for a 4-year old boy suffer in agony for 2 years.
Is there a reason for that?
Look just think about
what happened today.
That if things has gone different,
Then I would be done lying cold
on the street right now.
Like it or not it was meant to be.
Well, its easy to say that
While you sit there, comfortable
with your beer.
Oh come on, man. Ain't it possible
that what happened to you
and your family...
... wasn't just random tragic bad luck?
Maybe there's something greater at stake.
What are you trying to say?
That what happened today
was something holy?
I don't believe in miracles.
I'm not a saint, bro.
Today, for me and my family.
Today you were.
Alright, its late.
You believe what you believe,
I believe what I believe.
Okay that's fair enough.
What? What's that look. You want to scare me
Why? you want to take me to church.
- You read my mind, how about Sunday?
- No.
- You don't wanna go?
- I don't.
Come on, man. I'm gonna get my keys. Its late.
and you gotta get some sleep.
Yeah? Yeah,no problem.
What going on?
I'm on my way.
- Hey, what's up?
- So, you sure its her?
Yeah its her.
You realize what this means, right?
This is ain't about Weddo.
this is all about your buddy Collin
Alright, listen.
Do you have any luck tracking that
other number on Sonny's cellphone.
Another deadend. Prepaid phone
at a bogus address.
Do me a favor, check that
reporter's phone records,
see if that same number pops up anywhere.
- Do you think it's Colin's?
- Alright, I've gotta go.
I'll get back to you.
- What do we got here, Sean?
- It ain't good.
- Do you know who it is?
- Yeah.Her name is Stacey.
I inteviewed her yesterday.
I think she might be connected
for more possible suspects.
Possible... that would be
improbable now, would it?
Look,I hate to bring this up
but we got a call from headquarters.
The heat's being put on
them from city hall
and being hammered by press
about the shooting yesterday.
- They got you at the crosshairs.
- They want to offer me up.
- Kinda look that way.
- How much time do I have?
- Is there any way around it?
- I don't think so.
Alright..Fuck 'em!
Look, I need your help.
Can you get the forensics to rush the
ID's of those guys from the shootout?
- Sean ...
- Come on, Pete.
I will do what I can.
- Yeah.
- I thought I was the smart one.
- Colin called him.
- About a dozen times.
goddamn it.
Why Malcom?
Why a reporter?
Yeah.He must got something big.
The guy have something
on these guys looking for him.
Or something they don't want
to go to the presss.
- We got to get him before they do.
- Alright, I'm on my way.
Tell me what you know.
You know everyone in this area.
Hey, what's up, cuz?
- Fools, are you lost or something?
- Hey, keep rolling hommie.
Where you get that?
from a cracker jack box?
What motherfucker,
you want to get a closer look?
Well, I love too..
fucking cops.
- What the fuck is going on?
- Who are you?
Loose them.
- Can you recognize me, white boy?
- Yeah, I know who you are.
That's good. And I guess
we gotta cut the chase.
I wanna know what you know.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Do I look like a humorous
motherfucker to you?
Somebody butchered my family.
Roasted my baby brother alive.
It took from me the only thing good,
The only thing pure,
I have ever hand in.
We do not know shit.
Wait. Please... please.
You got this fucking wrong.
This ain't about you,man.
This ain't about you.
What do you mean?
I know this ain't about Malcolm.
It's not about Malcolm.
It's about Malcolm's job.
Weddo, your brother was
in the wrong place the wrong fucking time, alright.
I understand what your heads at,man.
If I were you I would do
the same fucking thing.
But trust me, this ain't the
way to handle this.
- Yeah? then what is?
- Let us do our jobs.
Weddo, hunting and tracking people
is what we are good at.
We'll find this motherfucker.
He's right. With us is your best chance finding these guys
before they skip town.
We'll let you go away for now,cop.
But know this brother.
I'm gonna be a shadow on your ass,
watching and waiting.
One way or another.They're gonna a
reckoning on this earth.
Some motherfucker's definitely gotta reap
buddy's soul. You heard me?
Yeah, I understand.
So we're right back
where we started from?
Let me check with Fed's first,
if they have any luck with the prints.
Yeah, we're on it.
Will's upstairs on the phone right now.
What did you find out?
Nothing. Nobody knows anything.
What about you guys?
Forensics identified the burned victim
from yesterday.
Yeah, Lewis Cunter.
- How did they tie in.
- Lewis was Sonny's errand boy.
And what about these guys?
That's what we are just talking about.
Its a strange deal.
All the ID's we found on them...
All of them?
Yeah, but not the
usual internet garbage.
...real high quality stuff.
I honestly felt they were the
real deal til I ran them.
I want you to take a look
at pretty boy over here.
Here's something you might find interesting.
They dug them out of his shoulder.
At first, we thought
they're bullet fragments.
- So, what is it?
- Shrapnel.
That's what I was figuring...
Check this one out.
Forensics is guessing its
from a 3-0-8 or bigger.
There's another one in the meat locker.
His got a Cyrillic tattoo on his forearm
And what looks to be old white phosphorus
...burns scars peppered all over
his back and shoulders.
- War wounds.
- Looks that way.
- Well, that explains a lot.
- How so?
Yesterday, when I shot it out
with these guys...
Their weapon, tactics ...
More than that...
These guys are professionals.
Real deal serious.
- That's just great.
- What's going on, Sean?
What have you get yourself into?
So,Colin's trying to contact
Weddos little brother, right?
Somehow the guys looking for him find out.
They get to him first.
Colin hears about it.
So he freaks out. He's got no other
choice but to disappear.
But without ID
He can only run so far.
So he goes to Sonny,
but they got to Sonny too.
How the fuck these guys figure out
Colin's reachin out to.
They got access to his phone records.
You said, you think these
guys are good,right?
Maybe he made a mistake buying the phone.
The credit card he used,or an alias
they picked up on him.
I don't know... or something.
Whatever it was.
They found out.
Oh yeah.We pulled that off from the
Australian greased at the parking lot.
- When did Ray's re-open?
- What did you say?
Ray's.. That club was closed
since the storm.
I worked a homicide about two weeks
ago across the street,
...and it was still shut down.
What do you think of when
you heard my name.
I thought so. Is that why you didn't
tell me about your boy?
Or whether that Renee left you?
God, I'm so sorry,man.
I wish I could have been there for you.
and done what?
I don't know...something. Anything.
I never helped you.
I never did for you
what you've done for me.
Let me bring you in, just tell me
what you're into.
You need to let it go, Sean.
You can't save me this time.
I know that.
They would come after me,
you won't also be able to save yourself.
Just tell me where you at,
I will come get you.
You're not listening...
- Let it go, Sean.
- Colin! Colin!
I gotta tell you about Stacey!
goddamn it!
- Sean, its been over five years.
- and?
And.. So what's this napkin
doing in this guy's pocket?
Oh shit!
Excuse me!
Who are you looking for?
- Stacey O'Neill.
- Never heard of her.
Anyways, should I?
I'm sorry. I am Detective Riley,
This is Detective Genz.
And you are?
Raymond Crowe, pleasure's mine.
What I was saying.
We are looking for a girl.
A good friend of hers
...said she was working here
last week as a dancer.
- She said that huh? That's odd.
- Yeah, how's that?
Well as you can see, were still remodeling
and we haven't hired anyone.
What's the problem?
Is your friend in trouble?
You might say that?
If you'll excuse me
I have a lot of work to do.
Alright, I'm sure you
guys are super busy
with the remodeling and everything.
Unfortunately, I have information
that puts that girl in this nightclub.
So, I'm just doing my job.
I understand completely...
but I am just trying to do my job,
you know what I mean?
Do you mind if I make
an observation,detective.
Its only my opinion, but
if I were you...
I'd be very very careful on this one.
Because you know, a man who can do
something like that...
You'll never know what he's capable of.
You got a good point.
You can also say that this...
If I was that guy,
They'd be pretty fucking
concerned with what I'm capable of...
Well Raymond, this has been fun.
this is my card.
If you or any of your friends wanna talk...
Don't hesitate.
I'm sure, we'll be in touch.
Detective Riley...
- That's him, isn't it?
- Yeah, that's him.
Wait a second?
What was that?
Do you like that?
Did you see that big ugly motherfucker
looking at you?
Oh yeah.. I'm trying to forget.
Do you think I pissed him off?
Is that your plan?
To piss off a gang
of professional killers?
That's just brilliant! I'm out.
I'd like to be a grandfather
someday, alright?
- Oh Shit!
- What? what?
Colin, I know where he is.
Where the hell are we?
Colin's grandfather's house.
We used to play here
when we were kids.
Hey Colin!
Colin, do you hear?
Its me!
Don't move!
Don't even flinch.
Turn around. Slowly...
Colin, its me man!
What the fuck are you doing?
Who is he?
He's my partner.
Don't worry about him.
Colin, you gotta talk to me man.
Tell me what's going on?
I thought you understood me.
I told you to back the fuck off!
You don't wanna listen to me.You make your own decisions.
You wanna stay on it.
That's on you.. that's on you.
That's on me? Fuck you!
That's on you, Colin!
All of this is on you!
Will you arrest me?
Is that it detective,
you're fucking here to arrest me?
You're lucky if I don't arrest you.
They'll love that shit would be.
Lock me up in a cage
just makes their job easy.
- Who are you talking about?
- Puppeteers without fucking strings!
Colin,these drugs has got you so
fucked up you can't see straight.
I just need ... fucking...
I just gotta fucking disappear.
Colin, if you don't level with me
and let me in
I cannot help you.
Its all about this company
I have worked before.
They let work for them for
a mystery client based in LA.
Some nasty fucking loath.
I am talking about totally
black fucking bags
...shits you can't even fucking imagine.
The last job just fucking blown me.
And this mystery client, wants us
to kill some interests one of the hot zones.
I completely cooperated to it...names.
- for what... to accomplish what?
- For God's sake, brother...
There's people out there
who doesn't want this war to end.
Do you know that?
Colin, what do you have on them?
It so hard that it didn't matter anymore.
- What do you have, spit it out.
- I've got video, alright?
I stole it. I've got surveillance footage.
Direct action operations,
Jesus! I got shit that will bury everybody
...involved with Spartan forever.
Evil..evil shit!
Its so fucking hot, Colin. Get rid of it.
Just put it in the internet and
be done with it.
What's the fucks wrong with you man?
Are you fucking stupid?
That's my bargaining chip.
That is the only thing I have
to trade for my protection.
That is why I went to that reporter...
Coz he knew someone
in the Justice Department
...who can bring me in.
I was supposed to meet him, Sean.
This really is just about you
trying to save your own ass, isn't it?
- You fucking stupid motherfucker?
- Sean.
Do you know what you've done.
You piece of shit!
Do you know what you've done.
I made a copy of the tape,
in case I didn't make it out.
A lot of innocent people...
... died a horrific death!
Because of you!
I didn't force anybody to do anything.
Everybody knew the inherent risk.
Everybody involved.
- Did Stacey know?
- What?
Did Stacey know?
They killed her, man.
Your girl's gone, they killed her.
They burned her alive, Colin!
What the fuck are you talking about?
You're lying, man.
Sean, you're fucking lying to me about her!
There's nothing wrong about Stacey.
You're fucking lying,Sean.
You're fucking lying.
Crowe is on that tape,isn't he?
He works for Spartan.
Crowe is in the
fucking video, isn't he?
Whom did you know that name from?
Just tell me where you
heard that name?
- Put it down.
- Fuck!
Go! go! go!
There's a wall at the kitchen behind me.
Everybody out of the window.
Let's go now!
Colin, what are you doing,man?
I'm with you,brother. Let's go!
Back of the house!
- Colin, lets get out of here.
- I'm so sorry brother.
I told you I had a backup plan.
What the fuck are you doing?
Lets go!
Go fast as far away from
this place as you can.
Okay brother. Where's the fucking video?
It's right here.
The explosion that happened here today
has completely destroyed this home.
At this time local fire and police department
officials aren't able to comment.
Sources say peace officers
were at the scene
...just before firefighters started
putting out the blaze.
No word yet if anyone at home
when the blast occured.
Investigators are also at the scene
and have been talking to locals...
...trying to piece together just what
had happened today. this relatively quiet and
mostly abandoned neighborhood
Yes, Mr. Richter.
How can I help you?
Well my friend you brighten up
my very boring day...
and tell me you have good news
for me to pass on.
Well Mr. Richter,
it's not midnight yet.
I still have a little time, right?
- So, I can tell them you have it.
- Well I know where it it, I just go get it.
- Dos vidaniya, Raymond.
- Mr. Richter ...
Officials are now stating there maybe at least
one police officer that is
involved in this shootout
at this location earlier today.
He is also believed to be
under investigation
by internal affairs for
his alleged involvement...
in two other police shootings
just in the past two weeks.
We will continue to bring you updates
through out the evening...
Fucking shit!
You said the cops went
directly to O'Neill's, correct?
Yeah, it was Colin's grandfather's house.
I need you to dig deeper into
this person... as deep as you can.
This disaster is finished.
It finished tonight.
Sean, look its Will,man.
If you're there please
pick up the phone.
I just got cut loose by I.A.
you were already gone.
I know what you're doing, man
You can't...
Look, we can work something out
but you gotta talk to me, can't keep docking my calls.
Don't go something stupid
that you can't undo.
It's not worth it.
Please, Sean. Just call me.
Son of a bitch!
No,no, no.. not them.
Them! Now...
How did you know the shipment
is coming through this sector.
- I don't know about a shipment.
- How did you know?
- How did you know?
- Wait! I don't know.
What going on here?
I asked the man a question
and I want an answer.
- We talked about this.
- Talked about what?
- You're not supposed to do this.
- I'm not supposed to do what?
Jesus Christ, Cole will you talk
some sense into him...
I want you to sort it out the right way!
The right way?
This is the right way.
Oh, no!
- What the hell are you doing?
- Get him the fuck out!
Get out!
- Now you.Can you help me?
- I don't know anything.
- Stop it. Tell me how you knew.
- No.please!
Turn that off now!
Your front door was cracked.
- Look, Captain ...
- What's with this stuff.
- Look Captain,I can explain this.
- What the fuck are you up to?
If headquarters wants to crucify me.
then let them
Let them, I don't care.
But let me just go get
this fucking guy.
Do you wanna end up like your old man...
Are you that dellusional?
I warned you about this,
don't say I didn't.
This ain't about you.
I have the fucking proof!
Its not about me?
Did you any clue the lengths
I've been through to protect you?
Are you so blind,
you can't see what's happening?
Do you know what I see?
I see my only suspect disappearing...
- Because we are standing here, talking.
- We can handle that.
You're not the only cop
in this city.
What the fuck that
has supposed to mean?
What do you think it means?
You know why I'm here?
You come.. are you going to arrest me?
Come on.Please let me finish this.
I've seen the way you finish things.
Don't you think this piece of shit
deserves any less?
That's just it Sean.
It ain't up to us to decide.
You're done with this.
Do you remember me?
Wow...look at all these.
I'm impressed!
And this is Tora Bora, isn't it?
I've been there, with Mr. Dekker
and Cole.
They were tight
almost inseparable.
You remember Cole,don't you?
Anyway, we found this.
Thank you.
I just need to know if there are
no other copies?
Go fuck yourself.
What's with the language with you?
You know I got the chance to pick
at the last high profile...
I got to read all about you
and your little boy.
Awful! Just Awful!
Are you still struggling with the
visiting of the grave thing?
Coz I actually think I got mystic when I
read that part, really.
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
All of you.
This is a complete waste of time.
I'm gonna go back and see
if we had any luck with the other one.
- He's waken up. Nice knife.
- Fuck you.
Now that is a cute little boy.
No, really he is.
Or should I say "was".
This must be an old one.
Taken before he got old,
face, teeth wide and his hair fell out.
Before the cancer really
started to eat him up.
Did he cry a lot?
I bet he did, didn't he?
I bet he cried all night
and fucking day.
- Yes.
- What?
Yes, he cried all the time.
But you wanna know why
I'm so proud of my son.
Coz he never begged for his life.
Not once.
Which is a lot more than
I can say for your friend Cole.
Yeah.. a real fucking tough guy.
He begged for his life.
and pissed himself right before
I smoked his bitch ass.
Come on, motherfucker.
- Hello?
- Beth.
Sean, is that you?
Where's Will?
He is not with you?
I just came to the door.
and the place is a wreck.
- What happened to him?
- Don't worry he's fine.
What's going on,Sean?
There's blood.
Nothing's going on.
- Don't you tell me that. Don't tell me that.
- Beth, calm down.
What happened to him?
Where is he, Sean?
Beth, listen to me.
You take the kids next door, okay?
I promise you.
Will is coming home tonight.
What are you going to do, Sean?
What are you going to do.,
What ever it takes.
Have you ever heard
the story of Baba Yaga.
Of course not, why would you.
Where I come from...
...Little Odessa,
everyone knows her name.
You see, Baba Yaga was a witch.
She fly around on her broom at night
Looking for little boys and girls
who misbehaved.
When she found them,
she'd creep into their rooms...
and wrack their knuckles
as hard as she could.
She did that because when they
wake up in the morning
and see the bruises in their hands
They would have known
she was there.
And they never would have done
which was wrong ever again.
You know, after Bosnia.
After I left the agency.
To be honest,
I felt kinda lost.
And I could hardly find a job,
for myself, you know.
The one job I did get was a
night janitor at the city morgue.
My friends thought that was strange,
so they decided to call me Baba Yaga.
I suppose they found that humorous.
With me sweeping the floor
with my silly little broom.
So I decided to pay them a little visit.
But I didn't wrack them
on their knuckles
...with my silly little broom.
I chopped their hands off...
You see, my friends only ridiculed me.
You and your friends
you're trying to crucify me.
I do not know what
you're talking about.
I swear I don't have anything
to do with this.
Wait, wait, wait! Come on,man.
Stop! Please I have a family.
You do?
Yes, I have a wife, a little boy...
... And a little girl.
Please don't do this.
And you didn't find that important?
Get Dekker on the phone.
Playtime is over.
I wanna pick up the family.
No! I swear to God
You touch my family
I'll fucking kill you.
Nevermind. It's him. Hey!
I was just calling you.
Dekker? Dekker? Shit.
Its ringing.
Go Crowe, get the fuck out of here.
Lets move, goddamn it. Let's go!
Come on!
- Put this on.
- No, wait!
- Put it on!
- Alright.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
You lock anybody else here.
Don't let them out.
Move! Move!
Will, come on!
He's gonna make a loop.
He's gone!
We'll cut him off.
Son of a...
Fuck you!
Come on!
Hey cop!
Do you want me?
Do you really fucking want me?
Come and get me!
Open your eyes.
Open your fucking eyes!
I told you this was coming.
Finish him, Sean!
Finish him!
Sean, goddamn it!
Just shoot him!
Is this him?
Can you recognize me white boy?
People say I look like
my baby brother, only prettier.
Do you think you're the most
ruthless motherfucker on the block?
Please...this is New Orleans, white boy.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
Get him in the van.
Wait! No!
You can't do this to me.Wait!
Let go of me.
You motherfuck...
Make a wish baby.
Happy birthday,
We want some cupcakes! Yeah!
Hey, where are you running off to.
Well I'm just gonna drop...
Listen, I got this for Sarah.
They said its a petshop.
Some are dogs, cats and stuff.
Thank you, Sean.
I don't know what else to say.
Thank you so much.
Mrs. Genz, remember me,
your husband?
We were just about to sneak out.
Keep it up, there's more
where that came from.
That's my cue...
- Lucky man.
- Yes, sir.
I will let you do your thing.
I just came to drop that off for Sarah.
Hey, come on.
You're not gonna stay?
No, I've got to go somewhere,
got something to do...
Alright, how about you come
back after you're done.
Alright, I'll walk you out.
Come on.
- She's back.
- Yeah, better, stronger and faster.
Are you alright?
Yeah, I think my nerves
are still a little shocked.
I know.
I really thought it was over for me.
But it wasn't.
You're gonna be alright, trust me.
Its just going to take a little time.
I gotta go.
And you gotta
go back in there.
What are you afraid of?
- Chicken shit!
- Yeah, you're right.
Take it easy, partner.