Sinners' Holiday (1930) Movie Script

The palace of joy where you can eat,
drink and be merry all for a dime.
Just one thin dime folks and you get
to see these gorgeous beautiful women.
Give 'em a quick flash, girls. Give 'em
a quick flash. How do you like that?
Now come closer folks, come closer.
I'm going to tell you something.
There she is, there she is.
The little happiness girl.
Let her pose you for your photograph.
Go on, get on it, Joe.
Wake them up, wake them up.
Here you are, neighbors. Here you are.
One and only penny arcade on the ground.
Real Coney Island hot-dogs.
They're all pedigreed and
they're all house-broken.
Win a cigar.
Tip the little girls up in
the air and get a fine cigar.
He's got a cigar. He's got
a cigar. Try it again.
Tip the little girls out of their
chairs and get a box of cigars.
I beg your pardon. Where can a
fellah get a little shot around here?
Right over the way at Mitch McCain's
Palace of Joy. Ask for Mike.
Say Buck Rogers sent you.
That's me, see.
Come on, folks. Come on. Try your luck.
Where is your ticket, buddy?
Are you Mike?
Buck Rogers sent me.
Back room. To the left.
Right inside, you'll find the
greatest show in the place.
Watch the ladies sing and dance, boys.
Step right up, boys. Step right up.
Look at this wonderful exhibition
of female pulchritude.
Why boys, it makes the old men young.
And the young men old.
Step right up, boys. Step right up.
Ten cents.
One dime. Ten cents.
I'm paying you to use your pipes. Not to
rehearse the deaf and dumb alphabet.
Yeah? You ain't got no complaint.
This makes forty spiels I've done today.
I feel like I've been
gargling sandpaper.
Yeah, well maybe you have.
Now hop inside and start that show.
Okay. You're the boss, dearie.
Here, you.
Take this and go around the joints and
see if you can get me some small change.
I'm running short.
- Alright, Ma.
Come on, folks. Get you hot-dogs.
Got any small change, George?
Sorry Jennie, I just changed a dollar.
How you fixed for small change?
- Hello, Jen.
Give me all the coppers you got.
- I'll see if I have any.
Honey, this joint don't
deal in small change.
We only handle folding money.
You know that.
Lay off, Mitch.
- For why?
Because I don't like it.
Well, it's about time
you learned to like it.
You naughty man, smoking a big
black cigar in the lady's presence.
Oh boy.
You dirty stir stiff.
I ought to drill you for that.
Yeah, you ought to but you won't.
- Yeah, and why not?
Because my back ain't turned, handsome.
Let me tell you something ..
- I quit.
I beat you to that one
by two seconds, didn't I.
And you don't get any
coin either. Get that.
I ain't got any coin coming.
- What do you mean?
I didn't trust you so I took mine
when you wasn't looking ..
And I beat you to that by
several hours, handsome.
Well, once a crook, always a crook.
Yeah, it's funny how
we yanks hang together.
I suppose you got the trembles
for that Jennie dame?
I've heard rumors to that effect.
I wonder if she'd like to know how you
done time in the state reformatory.
She wasn't so stuck on
the idea when I told her.
You told her?
Yeah and I beat you to
that by a couple of weeks.
So long, good looking.
See you in the morgue.
You can have a lot of fun
for a penny on the inside.
Seen Harry, Joe?
- No. Not since last night.
Don't worry about the kid. He's alright.
Suppose he does stay out all night?
When I want any sympathy from
any of my children I'll ask for it.
Not going already, are you?
- Already?
I've been here since
yesterday afternoon.
There is going to be an awful beef out
of the old lady when she sees me.
So long.
- So long, Harry.
Going, Harry?
- Yeah, I got to get some rest.
You'll show up tonight, won't you?
The joint will get a heave play after
it gets dark and you'll be needed.
Where will you be?
I got a tip.
Moran is going to try some
of his fancy hijacking.
- Duty calls.
I get you. I'll be on the job.
- So long, kid.
Here, you.
Where do you think you're going?
Hi, Ma. I didn't see you sitting there.
- That's tough.
I've only been sitting
here for the past 15 years.
Come here. Come on.
Where was your tom-catting last night?
Come on. Think fast, think fast.
I wasn't tom-catting no place.
Was you out with that floozy?
I don't know what you're talking about.
- I'm talking about her.
Give me one of you pictures, will you.
I want to keep it on my dresser.
If I thought you was out with
the 10th Avenue cruiser ..
I'd knock your back teeth out.
I wasn't out with nobody I tell you.
- Then where was you?
I .. I went to a Turkish bath.
- Now that's nice.
That's considerate.
You'll get to be as big a
liar as your old man was.
And he held the world's championship.
Until the day he died.
Go on upstairs and get some rest.
Get out of my sight.
I'm sick enough as it is.
What's the big idea?
You needn't yell in my ear that way.
What are trying to do, make me deaf?
What you trying to do? Put on the grand
rush for that pineapple over there?
I'm talking about Harry Delano.
Gee, ain't you suspicious.
I wouldn't have a nature like yours
for all the money in the world.
You don't need one. The one
you got is rotten enough as it is.
Say you can't pay me a measly $20 a week
to stand round to be insulted like that.
Another crack like that, you'll get that
automobile sticking through your knob.
Is that so? Well you listen to me.
Here she is, folks. Here she is.
The little happiness girl.
Smile, smile. Come on.
Come right in and have her
pose with you for a photograph.
Take the happiness picture
girl back home to the folks.
Why, Angel Harrigan.
Say, what's the idea?
I got canned.
- What for?
I don't know. Just one
of them things, I guess.
Come on, tell me why you were fired.
I don't know. Honest I don't.
- Ah, you do know.
It was because of what
you did to Mitch for me.
Don't be silly.
Ashamed you took my part?
Gee, no. I ain't never been
ashamed of anything.
Well I'm going to take you to Ma
and ask her to give you a job.
I'll show Mitch he can't do
everything around here.
Oh gee. I couldn't let a dame
do a thing like that for me.
Why, it would make me
feel like a .. like a ..
Maybe you're glad to get away?
Say, you can think of
the craziest things.
Well, you're all packed
up and ready to leave.
Without even saying goodbye, either.
- No I wasn't. Honest.
I going to take the skeeter down the
line and park it in one of the joints.
Then I was coming back. Honest I was.
Don't beat around the bush.
Do you want a job from Ma or don't you?
Lead me to the dear old sea lion. She
can't do more than bite my block off.
Good stuff?
Well you don't see me wearing
any smoked glasses do you?
No, but you got one bad eye.
- A different matter entirely.
Another kid knocked it with a bible in
Sunday School when I was a mere youth.
Joe, come here.
What is it?
- Watch the booth.
Come on folks, come on. Tip the girls
up in the air and get a fine cigar.
Why, hello. Looks like a pretty big day.
Can that bull.
- Let me tell you ..
Look here. Are you capping for Mitch
McCain's joint across the way?
Whoever put such an idea in your head?
You get this.
If I find out you're steering for Mitch
McCain's speakeasy or other clip joints.
You'll find yourself out on your
ear in the next five minutes.
Tell that to Mitch from me.
You'd better tell him yourself. Don't
forget. Mitch is a big-shot around here.
He don't mean nothing to me.
- I guess nobody's got you much.
But say, how does it come that
you're so dead against booze?
I hate it.
For what it's done to my Harry.
I hate it for that and I hate
because it killed his father.
Poor kid.
Weak, weak. It made him weak.
What are you talking about?
Harry don't touch a drop.
I'm talking about what booze did
to my Harry before he was born.
Before he was born.
Do you get that, you big sap?
Come on folks, come on.
Three balls for a dime.
You fixed them busted machines yet?
I can't do anything with them.
They need a mechanic.
Well, try them inside and try again.
Here is your chance, Ma. I had to go ..
- You were gone long enough.
Well Ma, I had to go all the way to ..
- I know all the answers.
What do you want?
Why, this is Angel Harrigan.
He works for Mitch McCain.
When he got fired for ..
For getting fresh with Mitch.
That's the best recommendation
he could have.
Aside from picking locks do you
know anything about machinery?
Plenty. I took a course
in mechanics once.
- In an institution up State.
- Sure.
In the college I went to they taught the
automobile business from the ground up.
In fact the first thing they started me
doing was cracking rocks for roads.
Dry up. You'll get twelve
bucks a week and that's it.
Flop in a little back room
upstairs. Are you on?
There's some busted machines
back in the joint there.
Joe will show you.
See what you can do with 'em.
Just give me a hairpin.
A hairpin?
Sure. I'm like a dame that way.
I can do anything with a hairpin.
Gee, but he's a swell guy.
Since when?
Everything okay?
- Yeah.
Gee, I was worried.
Get that stuff loaded quick.
And screw out of here.
What happened?
Moran. I had to stop him, the fool.
Did you ..?
What are you going to
do, skip out of town?
What are you going to do,
take it on the lam?
I don't know yet,
but I'll get out of it.
Sure, you can get sprung easy.
Yeah, but it may take time.
I'm dependent on you, kid.
If they pick me up I want you to run
this joint until I can get back, see.
Gee, that would be great, Mitch.
That would be great.
Now listen.
I put you in this racket.
You know all the ropes now.
You get your same split with
10% additional on the side.
Is it a deal?
Sure Mitch, you can trust me, but ..
Ah, don't worry. I'll get out of it.
I'll get out of it.
Go ahead, have a drink, Harry.
Your bottle?
Step right up. Come on, boys.
Step up. Don't crowd here, boys.
Follow the little ladies to the inside.
The show is just starting.
Come on, boys. Come up here.
The price is ten cents, one dime.
Everybody is going in.
Come on, boys. Come on up.
Hello, Mitch.
Hello, Sikes.
The old man wants to see you.
That don't sound so good.
- It ain't.
What's the rap this time?
A handful of clouds.
Pop, pop, pop.
You don't mean me. I got an alibi.
Yeah, that's what the
chief wants to talk about.
I'm ready.
- Good.
Do we go along like a couple of pals
or do you feel like getting rough?
Always sweet and easy, that's me.
So I've heard.
But as one little pal to
another, I ought to warn you ..
That I've got a couple of
other cops trailing us.
All set and ready to start pumping
you full of slugs if you make a move.
You think of everything, don't you.
Look. Look at this.
I thought there was something wrong.
Gee, I hope this don't
get Harry Delano in dutch.
It will kill his old woman if she finds
out he's mixed up in the booze racket.
Hey, Sikes.
Do me a favor, will you. When you settle
that guy in the can, throw away the key.
Hey, Mitch. Happy days.
Drop us a postcard.
You don't seem very
happy tonight, honey.
Honest now, do you see anything
around here to be happy about?
Sure. Me.
Let me tell you the story of my life.
That ought to cheer you up.
You told me that weeks ago.
Did I?
That must have been a different one.
I have several.
This one, I just thought up.
What is it?
It starts with the first time I met you.
It's going to finish up at the altar.
Oh .. Mr Harrigan.
So sudden.
Call me by my first name, will you baby.
How did you ever get a name like that?
Well ..
My old man used to be a boozehound.
And he used to sober
up on angel food cake.
When I was born ..
He took one look at me
and sobered up for life.
Hey, slow down.
Hey, but you're skittish tonight.
Better be that than get hurt.
Why do you like me?
I don't know.
I just do. That's all.
Gee Jennie, I'm crazy about you.
I would .. I would even marry you.
That's thoughtful of you.
Be as sarcastic as you like.
You do like me, don't you?
Liking you ain't enough.
That doesn't get you very far.
All I've been thinking of lately.
A time when I can have a home of my own.
Even if it's only one
room with a gas plate.
And kids .. I wouldn't be ashamed of.
To somebody I meant something to.
You talking like that and
wanting things like that.
Makes me love you.
Gee, I never knew
a girl like you before.
I may fool around a lot now.
But in the end I want to be safe.
I want to know where I'm at.
I'll admit I may not look like
the guy that you're looking for.
But you never can tell.
Hey, you'd better be getting back.
Ma will be down here with a
lantern and a tomahawk.
Okay, Pocahontas.
Come on baby, give us a kiss.
To your tent, Chief.
- What was it?
A clamshell I think.
Or a piece of glass.
Let me see.
- Get back, you big stiff.
If you come in here I'll thump you.
Wrong number. Excuse us please.
I'll ring you later.
- What?
You haven't a rubber band
in your pocket have you?
No .. what do you want that for?
Gee, I can't get to find
my garter and pin.
Let me look. Maybe I'll have more luck.
Mr Harrigan. Please.
Remember your place.
Ah, that's the trouble.
You and I got different ideas
of where my place is.
I'll beat you dressing.
- Why not.
A girl not even half-dressed before
she even starts. But you're on.
Ooh, there went a safety pin.
Gosh, I really needed that one.
- That's just a stall.
Where is my other shoe?
Gee, I found the pin and
the garter, too. Better hurry.
Just closing the hook.
Oh darn it. Where's my other shoe?
I can't find it.
I win.
What's the prize?
I can get plenty of those
without working for them.
Well you like them, don't you?
Did you hear the news about Buck?
Old lady Delano canned him for
stealing suckers for the booze joint.
Why not? She owns most of
these joints, don't she?
He's a no-good egg anyway.
You're right, baby.
Well so long, honey. I'm leaving.
I thought we might go down and
get us a bowl of chop suey.
I can't make it tonight, honey.
No? Why all the glad rags?
Got a sick girlfriend.
Promised I'd drop over.
Oh, all dolled up for a sick girlfriend?
Don't give me that bull.
You're going to do the jazz
joints with that Harry Delano.
I'm wise.
I was tipped off you were with him the
night before when you had a headache.
Now sugar, you don't think
I'd fall for Harry Delano?
No .. you'd fall for anybody
that spend jack on you.
Well he ain't got no jack.
He ain't even working.
He ain't working but peddling booze.
- How do you know?
You think I'm dumb?
Everyone around here
knows except his mother.
I'll be seeing you.
- Give him a kiss for me.
The picture machine had a good day, Ma.
The 'it girl' didn't do so good.
Well, well, well. If it ain't
law and order in person.
What are you doing around here?
- Me?
I'm putting the joint on its feet.
Is this bozo working for you?
Yeah, he's been here
a few weeks. He's alright.
Thank you, fair lady.
- Shut up.
What's the game now?
Game? Tut-tut, Sikes.
Don't be old fashioned.
The word is 'racket'.
I'm waiting, smart guy.
I'm the head mechanic around here.
It's my passion for machinery.
Yeah, cash registers
and the like of that.
You going to keep this jerk around here?
- I don't care. If he does his work.
Okay. But go slow, Harrigan.
Yeah, I know. Go slow and see our town.
Go fast and see our jail.
That's an old gag.
- It ain't a gag.
It's a warning.
- Yeah?
I'll remember it. Nighty-night, Sikes.
Got something on your mind, Sikes?
Mitch McCain is getting out.
His alibi was perfect.
We couldn't hold him another week.
Tough luck.
He was sprung this afternoon.
A sap jury found him not guilty.
Bad news for me.
They're giving him a big reception
up in George's flat after a while.
Everybody will be there.
Not everybody, Sikes.
None of my family will be there.
That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
Where is Harry?
He's about someplace. Why?
I'd like to give you a tip, Mrs Delano.
Tell Harry to keep away from Mitch.
Harry ain't mixed up with Mitch.
He ain't got nothing to do
with this booze racket.
Well, I ain't saying he has.
And I ain't saying he ain't.
Of course, I don't know for sure.
But the Federal dicks have got
McCain and the joint spotted.
And somebody is going to take the rap.
Harry and Mitch were pretty close before
Mitch got mixed up in this last jam.
And I'm just telling you
friendly-like, Mrs Delano.
Tell Harry to keep away from him.
Harry is alright.
He's a good boy.
That's all, Ma.
Alright, Joe. Lock up.
Why, Angel Harrigan.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Can't you wait for the others?
Gee, baby.
You make me feel glad
I came back to this burgh.
I didn't know you ever
lived here before.
Didn't I tell you?
I almost forgot until now.
Sure, I worked in so many places.
In every jerkwater town
from Frisco to Coney Island.
Don't you ever get tired
of drifting so much?
Sure I do, and that's a fact.
When I settle down I'm
going to pick on Coney.
Because I got a pal there who
owns a moving picture joint.
And he's going to give
me a job sometime.
Say, by the way. That gives you
something to look forward to.
When you and me settle in Coney.
Oh, so we're going to Coney, are we?
The surest thing we know.
You know, I almost like you.
Well, now that's a great help. Say,
I ain't a bad guy. You know how it is.
You can get used to anything.
- Keep your temperature down.
I got no intention of
getting used to you.
Say, baby. I bet you'd forget me
in five minutes if you wanted to.
Is that how quickly you forget?
- Not always.
When did you see Harry last?
- I don't remember.
He only comes around here mealtimes.
Angel, take a sneak around.
See if you can find him.
Try the spaghetti place.
Try the chinks.
I got this feeling right away.
Okay, Ma. Prodigal sons are my meat.
Hello Mitch, you old pal.
Lay off.
Come on, Buck.
Say, what's eating him?
And him cutting me?
Well, I won't go to his old party.
Gee Mitch, I'm tickled pink.
I know it. Sit down.
Why, what's the matter?
Gee Mitch, I'm glad to see you back.
- Where is the Delano kid?
Who, Harry?
- Yeah.
Hitting the nightspots
somewhere I guess.
Listen, Mitch. Old lady Delano
canned me and closed the joint.
I ain't worrying about that.
Harry is the one I want to talk to.
Not tomorrow either.
- Why, what's the matter?
You see what he pulled since I was gone.
- Why, no ..
He's cut in on the racket
ever since I landed in stir.
He and Faretti.
I suppose he thought
I wouldn't find it out.
I suppose all you guys think I
ain't got any friends around here.
Honest Mitch, I know nothing about it.
No? Well go and find a guy that does.
But Harry? You must be wrong, Mitch.
I'm running this show.
If you're playing with me, find that
skunk Harry and put him on the spot.
Then let me know. I'll be waiting.
Okay, Mitch.
Where have you been?
- Hello, Myrtle.
What's this, a standup?
No. I had a customer. I had
to deliver a case. You know.
Had a heck of a time stalling off Happy.
Well, shall we step out?
- Yeah, sure but ..
I got to check with the old lady first.
Is that so? Mama's little boy, huh?
Cut it, Myrtle. I must show
up just for a minute.
Just to keep her asking
where I've been this time.
Yeah, and she'll tuck you into bed.
- No, on the level. I'll be along.
I'll meet you in front of
Seamouth in 15 minutes.
I'll be waiting.
- Fine.
Hello Harry.
Gee, Buck.
You gave me a scare for a minute.
- Heard the news?
No. What news?
- Mitch is out.
Mitch is out?
- Ain't you heard about it?
No. I ain't heard nothing.
I been away since early this afternoon.
- Yeah?
They're pulling a big party for
Mitch over at George's flat.
He certainly deserves it alright.
He's aces-high. A real up-and-up guy.
Tell him I said that.
Sure. He's been looking for you.
Looking for me?
- Yeah.
Listen, Buck. Tell him I'll see
him around later, will you.
I got to see the old lady first.
Yeah, but Mitch wants to see you now.
Now ..?
What's he want to see me now for?
The old lady closed the
joint and gave me the gate.
What for?
She got wise I was
hustling for Mitch's joint.
Has Mitch heard about it?
- Sure. That's why he wants to see you.
Oh well. I can square that, Buck.
Honest I can.
Tell Mitch that, will you. I got the
old lady eating right out of my hands.
When can you see her?
- Right away. I tell you what you do.
You wait here while I go upstairs
and put the works on her, huh?
Hop to it. I'll wait for you.
Alright, I'll be down in five minutes.
- Okay.
Who's that?
Is that you, Joe?
Where you been?
Everybody's been asking for you.
Just fooling around.
Well, if you're not hitting the
hay fool around someplace else.
I want to get some sleep.
What's all the noise?
There you are, Harry. Where you been?
Just fooling around.
Come on in my room.
I want to talk to you.
Sure, Ma. I was just
going looking for you.
Are you sure?
- Five minutes he said.
Give me the keys to your joint.
- Listen, Mitch.
You keep your trap shut. I'm doing this.
The dirty little chiseller.
You're not going away, Mitch?
The boys are all drifting over
to my place for the party.
I'll be along later.
I've got a little job to do.
I'll go along and help you.
This is the kind of a job I do myself.
What is it, Ma?
- There's no use talking, Harry.
Buck Rogers is washed up.
When I fire a guy he stays fired.
But Ma, Buck is a good friend of mine.
What's the matter now?
Another new suit.
That's two in a month.
Say, where do you get the
money for these things?
I told you before.
Baby. You ain't mixed up in
no booze racket, are you?
Who says I am?
- Nobody.
Sikes was here tonight and ..
He kind of hinted at it like.
What does that cop know of my business?
- But you ain't answered my question.
What question?
You ain't mixed up in no booze racket?
Are you?
Come clean, kid. Please come clean.
If you're in a jam, let me help you.
Ain't I always been your pal?
Ain't I deserted everybody
for you, Harry?
Even myself, your sister, your brother.
But I don't count, Harry.
Where you're concerned.
Honey. Baby.
Tell me you ain't mixed
up in this booze racket.
Of course I ain't.
Oh, I'm glad to hear you say that.
Now can Buck stay on the job?
- Uhuh.
If it means anything to you, dear.
I'll give him another chance.
- Good for you, Ma.
Buck will be tickled pink.
I'll skip down and tell him.
No. He can wait until morning.
I want you in bed.
Yeah, but he's waiting.
- That will do him good.
I want you in bed so
I know where you are.
Well okay, Ma.
Goodnight, dear.
- Goodnight, Ma.
Hey, Bud. You seen Harry down the line?
- No, I didn't.
What's your hurry?
Surprised to see me?
Why Mitch, you old son of a gun.
How are you?
It makes it seem like old
times to see you around here.
Glad to see you.
- Yeah, I bet you are.
Buck said you wanted to see me.
- Yeah.
If it's about Buck's joint,
I fixed it up with the old lady.
I ain't worrying about the joint,
you dirty double-crossing little rat.
Why, what's the matter?
- You know what's the matter.
Freddy's pinched my hooch. And you too
bought in with money you got from me.
It's a lie. I had nothing
to do with Freddy.
No? Well I got it straight and I'm
putting the finger on you right now.
Mitch. Honest I didn't.
Something will happen to you.
No Mitch.
Nobody's peddling hooch
around here but me.
Don't pull that rod.
I've got a gun too.
But you dirty yellow rat,
you don't dare use it.
I'm asking you. Please don't.
I'm telling you.
Please don't, Mitch. Please don't.
I'm telling you now. I'm asking you.
[ Gunshots! ]
Hey, Dougan. What's all the excitement?
Hello Harrigan.
Say, did you hear a shot?
I thought I did at that, but I guess
it was just a car backfiring.
You think that's what it was?
- Sure. It must have been.
Go on back and finish your sleep.
How was Mitch's party last night?
- Great.
Say, was that some party.
A real high class affair.
I never saw so many drunken
dames in all my life.
Did you do yourself any good?
- Not me, baby.
When a dame falls for me I want
to know what she's falling about.
Not a bad idea.
Was Mitch going strong last night?
- Mitch?
Say, do you know that guy never
even showed up for his own party?
I had a date with a sick girlfriend.
Say, you wouldn't fool a poor
old blind man would you, lady?
Sick girlfriend.
How you coming on?
Ah, rotten. I can't do nothing
around this joint without my pliers.
Why not use them?
I loaned them to that Buck Rogers
yesterday and he ain't showed up yet.
Good morning, Ma.
Hello Angel.
- Hello, baby.
You were ducking out kind of
early this morning, wasn't you?
Well, I couldn't go to
sleep last night, so ..
I took a long walk on the beach.
Yeah? Take this coin to the bank.
Ah gee, why can't Harry go?
I'm awfully tired, Ma.
Your brother Harry ain't feeling well.
What's the matter with him?
- He's sick.
He ain't said so, but he was as
white as a sheet this morning.
And he never touched a
mouthful of his breakfast.
Then he must be dying.
Shut up.
Fix that machine.
I'm going to break into Buck's
place and get my pliers.
Oh, please don't.
What's the idea?
- Nothing.
Well, nothing only ..
Buck might not like it.
I'll see if I can get you a
pair of pliers someplace.
Feeling better, kid?
Stop worrying about me, will you.
I can't stop worrying about you, Harry.
Oh, forget it. Buck show up yet?
- No, not yet.
Where are you going now?
Oh, none of your business.
You're a swell guy, you are.
Stood me up last night, didn't you?
I parked by that dump until I felt my
feet would grow into the sidewalk.
I couldn't help it. Honest.
- You got dragged to the party?
I didn't go to the party. On the level.
- Where was you then?
I started to meet you baby
but .. something happened.
What? Come on, let's hear it.
- I can't tell you now.
Why not?
- Because I can't.
Because you was with some other dame
is why. You can't two-time me, big boy.
No. I wasn't out with no other dame.
It was something else. Something I could
not help. Don't get sore at me now, kid.
As I'll need your help
something terrible.
Then come clean.
- Well ..
There was a job pulled
here last night. Big.
I didn't do it. It was hooked
up with the booze racket.
They might try to slap it on me.
- What was pulled?
You'll know pretty soon.
They must find him sometime.
- Find who?
The blues are sure to slap it on me.
And you better slip me an alibi, kid.
Now get this.
If anybody asks.
You say I was with you on the
beach until 3 o'clock this morning.
Why should I let myself
in for a lot of grief?
You don't want to see me take a rap.
I'll make it right with you and get you
all you want. Anything up to a grand.
You've never seen that much money.
- Why not?
I'm making plenty of dough
in the booze racket ain't I?
Here. Look.
Take this.
I'll give you plenty more.
Any time you want it.
You'll help me, won't you baby?
Sure I will. I'll do
anything for you, Harry.
Of course you would.
Thanks, baby. Thanks.
What are you gaping at?
Was I gaping?
What time did you get to bed last night?
I don't remember exactly.
- Oh nothing.
Someone said there was a scrap
or in front of our joint and ..
I just wondered what it was.
You can't prove anything by me.
Angel, leave it alone. Leave it alone.
I'm just going to spring the lock.
Please don't. You know
how hot tempered Buck is.
Say, what's the idea you
being so nervous about Buck?
Oh nothing.
Only, I don't want to see
you get in any trouble.
Not now.
Gee, wait until Buck gets here.
- Okay.
Anything you say, honey girl.
Come on, Angel. Come along.
- Alright, baby.
Here you are, Ma.
- You got back, did you?
There is Buck now.
He's opening his joint.
Say, what are you doing?
I thought the old lady
closed your joint.
She did, but I got to get some personal
things and I ain't got any keys.
He's using a hammer.
Must have forgot his key.
Anybody seen Mitch McCain
around here this morning?
I ain't and I don't think
anybody else has.
How about you, Harry?
- I ain't seen him since he got pinched.
What's all the noise about?
- I'm looking for Mitch. You seen him?
Not me, sweetheart.
Is he in a jam?
- What else?
What's the rap this time?
He turned a sucker over in his joint
last night and dropped him in the alley.
Was you at Mitch's party last night?
Sure. For a little while.
- Did you see Mitch there?
He never showed up.
- Yeah, that's right.
How do you know?
- I don't.
I'm just saying what I heard the
fellahs talking about this morning.
What's the matter?
- Mitch.
What is it?
- He's in my joint.
- He's dead.
- It's true. He's been shot.
Stay where you are. Everybody.
What's the matter? Something wrong?
Somebody plugged Mitch in Buck's joint.
- What?
Is it true?
- Stiff as a board.
Last night we was all wondering
why he didn't come to the party.
Call the Station House. Get them to
call the coroner and send the wagon.
If you see Dougan down the line
tell him to report here at once.
Anybody else got any keys to this joint?
- No.
But if somebody put Mitch in there
how could he get the door open?
That's a cinch. It was a spring lock.
It could easily be picked from the
outside with a hairpin or something.
Gee, that's terrible.
- What's terrible about it?
That mug in there had it coming to him.
You cold-hearted old buzzard,
let me tell you something.
Hey Ma, why don't you lay off Myrtle.
- Shut up, all of you.
Anybody see Mitch
around here last night?
I did. He went to a
joint before closing.
Anybody see him there?
Yeah, he left about half an hour later.
Said he had business to attend to.
That's right.
- What business?
How should I know?
Am I the guys nurse?
Here I am, Sikes.
Were you on duty here
about 3 o'clock this morning?
Here any shots?
- Yeah.
I thought it was the
backfiring from a car.
We looked and couldn't find any.
We? What do you mean, 'we'?
Why Angel here came along just then.
He thought it was backfiring too.
Oh Angel did, eh?
You didn't think to frisk him, did you?
- No, I didn't.
He came along whistling
and said it was a backfire.
And true to form, you gave a
perfect imitation of a dumbbell.
Up to your old tricks, eh Angel?
Whistling? I often whistle.
Ah, get out of here, all of you.
And listen. Don't anybody
leave this park. Dougan ..
Station several men down the line.
This place is closed
until this thing is settled.
What will I do with all my weenies?
- Eat 'em yourself.
I know I was dreaming.
Why don't you put the
red ten on the black jack?
Sikes has no right to keep us here.
I'll lam it out if he don't come soon.
Not a chance. The cops will nail
you before you get ten feet.
They're going through the stands.
There's two of them in front
of the joint right now.
Why don't he get here
and get it over with?
I've waited here two hours already.
You'd better lie down,
Harry. You look all in.
I won't lay down.
And you ought not to
smoke so many cigarettes.
Oh, go chase yourself.
It certainly is a rotten deal.
I wouldn't worry about
it if I were you, Ma.
I guess Mitch brought it on himself.
- Who's talking about Mitch?
I'm talking about the crime.
The yokels are lined
up ten deep outside.
The cops won't let them in.
Don't you think you'd better
get it off your chest, kid?
Get what off?
Why were you so nervous when I broke
into Buck Rogers' joint a while ago.
Only on account of Buck's temper.
That's all.
Are you sure you didn't
know what was in there?
Then the same goes for me, too.
No matter what happens.
Oh gee, Angel.
I think you're one straight shooter.
I know you are .. and I ain't bad.
Oh, gee.
What's the matter?
I never knew it could get you like this.
- What?
I used to hear folks talk about it.
Read about it in books.
In the papers.
But I always thought it
was just a load of hooey.
But oh boy .. how mistaken I was.
Do you know you haven't told me whether
our Coney Island date is on or off.
What date?
Our date to get spliced.
Honey, if you think you can
get by with anything else.
You're mistaken.
Now what do you think about that?
I think I'm the luckiest guy
in the world. That's all.
Sikes is coming.
Ooh. And this house is such a wreck.
Sikes. He always calls on wash days.
Cut out the joking.
Say, what did you do with the gun
I loaned you a few weeks ago?
What gun?
The one I loaned you to protect
the joint when I had to leave town.
Well it's in our room now.
Anyway I think it is.
I ain't seen it since you gave it to me.
You don't think that I handed Mitch
that handful of clouds, do you?
Did you?
Do you think I did?
- No.
You're too square a guy
to do anything like that.
Say, I'm a little worried.
Did I hear somebody say
something about Sikes?
Yes, I did. He'll be here in a minute.
Hey, Ma. Sikes is coming.
[ Door knocks ]
Come in.
Any news?
Nothing to get steamed up over.
Sit down.
I won't be long. All of you sit down.
Let's get this thing straight right now.
Now who closed up round here last night?
We all did. That is, me and
Ma and Joe. You was here.
Then Mr Harrigan, why were you
out one hour and a half later?
Ma sent me to look for Harry.
Didn't you?
- Yes.
And did you find him?
- No.
Where were you all night?
I was down at the beach with Myrtle.
Ma was a bit late closing
and it was midnight.
So we went down on the sand and stayed
there until 3 o'clock this morning.
You can ask her yourself.
- I did.
That's her story too.
Buck tells me Mitch was
looking for you last night.
News to me.
It doesn't surprise me, you know.
We was friends.
And you?
I was in the hay,
right after closing time.
Is that so?
- Why don't you take his word for it?
I wouldn't take anybody's
word for anything.
Well that's a shame.
I was just going to compliment you and
tell you what a swell cop you were.
We'll see what you think
when I get through with you.
Did you see Mitch last night?
- No.
Now listen.
You scrapped with Mitch on account
of Jennie here and he fired you.
Then Mitch goes to jail.
Jennie gets you a job.
You two have been mussing it up ..
- Hey.
Don't tell me. I know.
Then Mitch comes out of the cooler.
He leaves his joint on business.
And ten minutes later he's lying
dead in the joint out there.
And thirty seconds after that.
You come strolling around
the corner. Whistling.
Write your own ticket, boy.
Write your own ticket.
Do you mean to say ..
- I mean to say nothing.
That will be all for now.
I'll be back later.
Let me know when, Sikesy.
Because I want to bake a cake.
Doesn't that get your goat?
He's fixing to come back.
Well, we can't be sitting here all day.
Joe. Angel. Get those machines ready.
I want to talk to you.
You was out necking with that
Myrtle again last night, wasn't you.
What of it?
I don't want you running
around with that gutter floozy.
Hey, wait a minute.
Was that last crack meant for me?
How did you get in here?
- I walked.
Well you can run on your way out.
- Oh yeah?
Listen, big girl. I'll come as often
as I please and stay as long as I like.
You'll be looking around for a couple of
knocked-out teeth in about a minute.
Don't make me laugh. If I want to be
with Harry, I'm going to be with him.
There ain't much chance
of stopping me. Not now.
What do you mean 'not now'?
- Cut it out, mother.
Cut it out nothing.
I've waited for this chance.
This old dame has taken her last
shot at me. Now it's my turn.
I'm still asking what
do you mean by 'now'?
What happened last night.
That's what I mean by 'now'.
Don't mind her, Ma. She don't mean
nothing. Why can't we be nice to her?
Yeah, why not?
Listen, sweet. What I've come for.
Meet me in a little while?
I've something to ask.
He'll stay right here.
Oh shut up, you old bat.
You ain't running this show.
What you say, baby?
Don't you call him baby. Don't you dare.
I'm the only one that can call him that.
I think I'd better stick around, Myrtle.
You know, something might happen.
You're right it might.
No, wait a minute.
Wait. I'll go with you.
Well make it snappy, then.
I hope you're satisfied.
I'll be seeing you around.
Don't do anything while I'm gone
that you couldn't do on a bicycle.
What's she got on you, Harry?
Got on me?
Never mind stalling.
What's she got on you?
Listen. Just because you
hate her don't mean ..
Did you do it, Harry?
Do what?
Did you kill him?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Did you kill Mitch?
What's the matter, you going batty?
Let go of me, you're crazy.
You did kill him.
I can read it in your eyes.
Shut up you old fool.
You don't know what you say.
Somebody may be listening around here.
Now I know what you did.
No, I tell you. No.
I didn't mean to, Ma.
I couldn't help it. Mitch started
to draw and it was me or him.
You know he was looking for me.
I couldn't help it. Honest I couldn't.
- Stay away from me.
Don't leave me. You got to
listen. You got to believe me.
A murderer.
But I had to. There was
nothing else for me to do.
Was it the booze racket?
And that Myrtle dame knows it.
Yeah. Help me, Ma. Help me.
You got to. You got to
get me out of this.
You got into it alone.
Now get out of it alone.
But they'll burn me. They might
not believe that Mitch drew first.
And they'd send me up for a
long stretch even if they did.
Oh, don't let them catch me, Ma.
Get me to some place they can't find me.
I'm scared, Ma.
My baby.
I'll help you.
Get up. Get up.
Where did you get the gun?
It was Joe's.
What? You used Joe's?
He gave it to Angel that
time when he left town.
I copped it in Angel's bag.
Where is it now?
Under the mattress in my room.
I hid it there until I could clean
it and .. get a new cartridge for it.
Go and get it for me.
What you going to do with it?
Put it back.
Where you found it.
Pull yourself together now.
Go. Quick. Go.
Yeah, we just got to tell Ma.
Say, you're lucky I'm making
an honest woman out of you.
Hello Ma.
Shall we spill the dirt?
Well I don't know.
- Sure, come on. Let's.
What's he talking about?
We didn't mean to spring
it on you like this, Ma.
Because we only decided
ourselves just a little while ago.
I'm going away with him on Saturday.
- You're joking.
No I'm not.
You're not going away with him?
Well I don't blame you for
being floored, Mrs Delano.
Because if anybody told me my daughter
was going to marry a guy like me, why ..
It would knock me cold for a week.
But I ain't as bad as you
think. Honest, I ain't.
I guess maybe you two
had better be alone.
I'll be back, sweetheart.
- Alright.
You must be cuckoo. You ought
to have your head examined.
You don't love that tramp, do you?
Well, I ain't exactly marrying
him for his money.
Well, you know what he is?
You can't make me mad, Ma.
If you don't know what
he is, you must be blind.
Maybe it runs in the family.
Don't be cross with me, Ma.
Not now.
Not when I'm so happy.
Honest, I didn't know
you could feel this way.
I always thought it was a lot of hooey.
But it's not.
Oh Ma, Ma. Be nice to me.
Just this once.
Won't you?
Maybe I haven't been as nice to
you Jennie as I should have been.
Oh well, you've been busy.
Harry seemed always to be on my mind.
It ain't that I don't care as
much for you and Joe.
Sure, I know.
Harry has never been strong.
Ever since he was a baby I've
had to keep an eye on him.
He's never been able
to look after himself.
I felt that way about him too.
But things are going to
be different now, Jennie.
And you can forget that
tramp if you want to.
Oh no. It's too late for that.
But you got to forget him.
You don't love him. You mustn't.
I do.
If you go away with that jailbird,
you and I are through forever.
You won't get one cent of my
money, and I've got money.
Will you give him up?
That's all.
Get out.
Jennie, I ..
Hey Ma, the cops are coming
to search the rooms.
Let them come.
They're frisking the photograph joint
now and they're going to be here next.
Who was that?
- Joe.
What did he want?
- Never mind him. You got the gun?
Don't get any fingerprints on it.
You stay here.
See that no-one comes into Angel's room.
But Ma, if they find it ..
Angel will have to take the rap.
They think he's done it anyhow.
Who cares a hang about Angel?
Hot dog. Hot dog.
I've only got two more left.
Couldn't stand to separate them.
Alright, call it.
This grease joint gets all my dough.
Any chance Sikes of
opening up the gates?
We're losing money every minute.
We won't leave here until we've given
every joint in the place a proper frisk.
Or what?
Just exactly what are you looking for?
- I hope you find it.
Hey, Buck.
- Yeah?
I'd like to talk to you alone.
Ah, cheer up, kid.
What did she say?
She told me to go away
and take you with me.
That means you won't
get a cent of her jack.
If she's worth what you think she is,
you're passing up about thirty grand.
Say, are you trying to chase me?
And have you sue me
for breach of promise?
Say, I need my twelve bucks.
But no kidding, Jennie.
Maybe you ought to think twice before
passing up that bunch of dough.
For a guy that ain't got much more
than car-fare with no prospects.
You sure it ain't that ..
You want to call it off?
Ah, you know that ain't it, honey.
I still think you're a sucker
if you don't grab me quick.
Then nothing Ma could say
could make any difference.
Only what?
Oh, I wish we were out of here.
I wish it was over with.
You mean, the breaking
away from them all?
Sure, that's what I mean.
Oh Angel, I can't stand it anymore.
I can't stand it any longer.
Take me away. Take me away.
- Sure I will, baby.
Just as soon as Sikes
will let us out of here.
Hello, Myrtle.
- Hello Joe.
Hello, Hap. What's new?
I heard one of the boys ..
- Here's a flatfoot.
I want to talk to you, Myrtle.
- Yeah?
Are you sure you were on the
beach all night with Harry Delano?
So that's who your sick friend was?
You were on the beach
all night with Delano.
What was you doing?
What went on there? Answer me.
Save your family arguments until later.
I want her to answer my question.
Were you on the sand with Harry?
Think of your reputation.
You think of it. You do more
worrying about it than I do.
Sure, I was on the
beach with Harry Delano.
About three months ago I got
you a permit to keep a gun.
You bought a .38, didn't you?
- Sure.
Where is that gun now?
- It's up in my room I think.
You think? Don't you know?
No, not exactly.
- Why not?
Because I lent it to Angel. To protect
the joint when I had to go out of town.
So you lent it to Angel, eh?
- Ha-ha.
That's the best news
I've heard in years.
Say, what's he driving at?
- Listen, I want to tell you something.
Don't you worry none, honey. I'm going
to get in touch with my pal at Coney.
Believe me, he'll give me a good job.
I thought I told you to get out.
And take him with you.
We will as soon as
the coppers will let us.
Why don't you give the kid a break?
It costs nothing to wish her luck.
Ride out, tramp.
Hello, Angel.
Where is Harry?
He's back there in the
joint fixing the machines.
I hope we ain't causing
you too much trouble, Ma.
It ain't the trouble that worries me.
It's the coin I'm losing.
Find anything, Dougan?
- Yes.
Where did you find this?
- In a suitcase in a room up there.
Who's suitcase and who's room?
- You admit that?
Why not? I got nothing to worry about.
- You got plenty to worry about.
This is the gun that killed McCain.
We've got you, Angel. Hands down.
You won't touch him. He didn't do it.
He didn't do it, I tell you.
If Angel didn't kill him, who did?
I don't know, but it wasn't him.
Come on.
You can't take him. I won't let you.
Make her stop, Ma.
Come on, Angel, let's get this settled.
- No, no, no.
You know who did
this killing, don't you.
I know Angel didn't do it.
Why talk about It? They got the
gun, Angel. That's all there is to it.
You're right, Harry. Come, Angel.
- No, no. You can't.
It wasn't Angel.
It wasn't him I tell you.
Stop, stop! You can't take him.
Sikes, don't. It wasn't him. Honest.
Don't take him. Wait.
It wasn't Angel.
Honest it wasn't. I swear it.
Then who was it?
That's him. That's him. They know it.
- You're a liar.
I'm not. I was up in
that window. I saw it ..
You wouldn't send your own flesh and
blood to the chair for that tramp.
What did you see?
I really can't tell you. I can't.
You saw your brother Harry, didn't you?
Come on. Answer me or I'll take Angel.
Yes. He done it.
I knew it all along.
You made a good try but it fluffed.
Come on.
Forget it old sweetheart.
You ain't going to quit
on me now, are you?
Did you ever know
me to do a thing like that?
Nah, of course you wouldn't.
Don't cry.
You know I love you, don't you?
Don't worry .. I'll be back.
Come on, Sikes.
Let's get this over with.
My boy.
My boy.
Come on, Ma. Don't take it so hard.
My boy.
Come on.
Everything will be alright.
Poor kid.
He's like some of them slot machines.
What do you mean?
- They're all crooked.
But there ain't one of them
that ain't got a winning number.
I get you.
What's that mob coming down the line?
A crowd from outside.
The cops are letting them in.
Here, Angel.
Come on, get busy.
There's cockroaches coming.
Remember what I've always said.
Never give a sucker an even break.
You said it, mother.
This way, folks. Right down here.
Don't stop on your way.
Just keep right on coming to the one
and only penny arcade on the beach.
Step right out here, folks.
Step right up and see the very spot
where Mitch McCain was murdered.
Only a dime, folks.
Ten cents for a dime.
Step right up here ..