Sins Expiation (2012) Movie Script

- What do you say?
- What are you waiting for? Kill me!
Is that what you want?
Suck on the money.
Present, Rome.
- Have you been married, Davide?
- No, but I have a girlfriend.
- Her name is Elena.
- Do you love her?
Yes, very much.
She pulled with my boss.
- Do you mean that she ran off with him?
- More or less.
There are women who
wants a happy family-
- as in fairy tales
and then there are those who suffer-
- "bossyndromet".
I was no boss.
- Is she still with him?
- He died...
...Like a sewer rat.
It was during the Mafia war, right?
Yes, there were many people killed.
There were so many that
can not count them.
There were those who wanted
have a happy family.
Come on, let's go home.
Fuck you, you fucking devil!
Do not waste the swearing unnecessarily.
It is usually never
someone who cares. Thank you.
- "Do you speak" English?
- Not so good. Are you American?
San Francisco.
- Father Leonard.
- Father Leonard? Is that true?
I was recently ordained.
I'm not so used to it all yet.
Have you just gotten...
...Priest? And now...
And now you do not...
- Do you like it?
- No, no, no. Do not misunderstand me.
I had to do it.
I want to serve Jesus.
I have a past full of plagues
and brutality, and the...
...I wonder who I am
to act as...
...So righteous and
inflated devoutly...
...And believe that everything I do is
for good.
Is it to escape there past
like you are in Italy?
I was not a good Christian in
San Francisco. I was not at all good.
My life was about to rob...
...Mistreat vandalize.
I was a tough guy.
I thought that violence was
only way to get what you wanted.
But then something happened.
I had done something terrible...
...And fled to the church to
hide. You came in faith to me.
...I was overwhelmed by a
desire to leave it all behind me...
...And become a priest in a foreign country.
Here I am.
- Were you alone?
- No, I started the thread.
Then I got older and more powerful.
I could do no wrong.
I was the leader.
How long have you lived in Rome?
For two years and then gave
I of two years.
The American woman sitting
a few seats from us.
She saw her husband murdered for
years ago-
and she has not yet found peace.
I ran into her in Rome.
I knew she was looking for me.
And somehow I was looking for her.
She has haunted me ever since.
As if I had any answers.
We are plagued all of our...
God, was not it amazing?
He is so romantic.
Tony looks really good.
Lily should return to Italy.
Every summer used
William and his brother-
- spend time with their dad's family
in Tuscany.
- Sure did you do it?
- And you came every other weekend.
You spent a few days with my father-
- and then disappeared to the
Milan to shop.
Your father inherited their money.
I had to work for mine.
It's really true. It is not
easy to keep up with her.
She was a waitress when she met
him on a business trip.
He, however, fell directly on her.
Look at her features.
He lent her money for
to start a business.
Assecoarbolaget she started
had a very popular handbag.
Everyone was as crazy about it.
She came into vogue.
Donna Karen was a fan.
The money he got back on a
six months and then he married her.
Smart guy.
She served soon more money than he.
Not really. He was my anchor.
It is said that behind every great woman
is a great man.
- So true.
- Is not it the opposite?
It works both ways.
I have two exceptional women in my life.
Is why I am so successful.
I need the toilet.
I'll see you here later.
My goodness, do not forget we are just.
Another goofy evening with your
socialite mom and your streberfru.
Keep them outside. They have
nothing with my business to do.
Your mother sits on the board of the museum.
You could easily have moved stuff
to her inflated friends.
Everything that we worked with in the past-
- should stay in the past.
My mom has always worked so much
. She did not know what I did.
So I helped you. We made a lot.
I'm not too proud of it.
And my wife, Deborah...
...See everything that happens. She is way
too smart and asks too many questions.
He has been with me on the boat.
I would have told the truth?
That you blew a guy.
That you manipulated and blackmailed
him to come out of it.
I got this shit from Italy on the
ship. You say, "calm".
"Do not worry.
It disappears when we become rich. "
You have the right connections.
Your mom might even buy it.
I've paid a lot for this.
Should I keep the bag too?
We need to go back.
You did not even have a ticket.
What are you doing here?
This will never work.
My life has changed.
Everything can be traced nowadays.
It's not like the old where
when there was internet.
I can not risk revealed.
My father is dead.
He was the only one who could protect me...
and you and us.
Now must myself take
care of family business.
My wife is a smart chick.
She sees everything.
She wants to focus on policy,
and nothing will stop her.
I have changed.
That's why I asked you to marry
you with a young and stupid chick.
Then you would not need to worry.
Do not tell me what to do.
You always do. Should you
decide who I marry?
Should you decide who
to be my mom?
Get a life and leave my life alone.
Stop pop up everywhere and
haunt me like a stalker.
As weeds that refuse to extinction.
Maybe you like to be eradicated.
- Antonio...
- How nice to meet you.
- Bravo.
- You were absolutely wonderful.
Thank you for your compliments.
I'm sorry your dad's passing.
I grew up with him in Tuscany.
I could always rely on you for taking
care of my man-
and teach him to be a real hireling.
I'm glad you did not take after him.
We will soon return to Italy.
He must visit us then.
Now he dressed. The guest of honor
Do not be late to his own party.
- Ciao.
- Thank you for coming.
You were absolutely wonderful.
Girls, I know
Italians like to eat late.
But you know it's not
fits my stomach.
We'll let the ladies have some nice.
- Meet me here at one o'clock, James.
- Turn around so I can see you.
No, no, no.
Why will not you talk to the woman?
I do not know if I have
that she is looking for.
It was a good answer.
If at all there is something answers.
I did Sicily the same reasons.
I left everything behind me,
but some sins can not erase.
I know, but all sins can be forgiven.
Do not talk nonsense.
Sins can not be forgiven without...
- Without compensation?
- Yes.
Indemnity is the word.
I left Sicily because I thought
I already atoned for my sins.
It was just bullshit.
Four years earlier, Sicily.
Do you understand, Vito? If we do the job
, we are on the dry in two or three years.
- I can give mom some money.
- But it is dangerous.
- Bullshit.
- Are we invited?
Do not you know that by marriage,
funerals and confession are all welcome.
I had forgotten.
- Where do we work?
- Have a little patience.
Now we go and celebrate the newlyweds.
Why did you hit me?
Don Michele, I took
freedom to look you up-
- because I would like to work with you
Work for Me? What would you do?
Anything, as long as it is
lots of easy money.
Easy money.
Sana money does not exist.
Get a job.
Are you good at tiling?
Can you paint? Can you repair an engine?
Fuck completely in that kind of job.
I want a job where I
earn lots of money.
You can sell drugs.
Be careful, once you are inside
in the family, you will not like.
Your life belongs to me then.
Come on. See you tomorrow.
- Want some?
- Yes.
You are like a son to me, Tony.
I have known you since you were six.
After your father's death took
I care about you.
And now you're one of the
my most reliable men.
I would never hurt you.
I know. I never doubted.
Mancino is on the way to Sicily.
It does not feel
to my existence here.
They must believe that he is the godfather.
Above all, they should not feel
to my step-brother's existence.
- Who is it?
- His name is Davide.
Davide Spicuzza. He's an asshole
and a total disaster.
I should have killed
him before I came here.
It's never too late.
It can still do.
No, it's not the right time.
I knew you would not disappoint me.
What are you talking about?
Are you kidding?
Do you see how beautiful the country is?
I am blessed. I do not
I am from this country.
I have promised to bring me
my mom again.
But not until I cleared it.
And then came the assholes...
The fucking bastards...
...Came to Chicago...
...To silence me.
Silencing me.
Silent Me...
Seven years...
- That's correct, sir.
- Seven years.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
What they got out of it? Nothing.
What will they get? Nothing.
They do not deserve it.
I deserve it.
My family deserves it.
What should they do? Challenge Me?
Okay, okay.
Okay, shoot then! Slide then!
Do you know why?
Because they are weak and stupid.
Their men grabbing.
Their businesses will suffer.
They do not have time to shoot my guys.
Had they been smart had shot me.
You make me never disappointed.
What would you have us do?
I want my city.
It's what I want.
It's time to infiltrate Cortellos.
Var mites. Sleep with them.
Fuck with them, Fuck them.
Find out what they like to eat,
what they hate and what they love...
...what they care about, what
they think, what they do not care
Find their weakness.
Remember the Trojan Horse?
Very clever.
It's something like that I need.
A horse gift. Anything
that gets the bastard.
When we find their weakness...
Then it ended.
Do you understand?
Crystal clear, sir.
Totally and completely.
Do not do everything. Leave something to me.
It is not good for you to go.
It is killing us all.
Good morning, Don Michele.
- Today, make a new job.
- I am available.
This is a robbery at
Cascino, jeweler.
I've got a tip. They have taken
received diamonds from South Africa.
How much do I get out of it?
1000 euros for each stone.
1000 euros for each stone.
It's okay.
- Okay, we'll see.
- Have a good day.
By the way...
This is for you.
- Do not forget that it belongs to the
family. - Can I Really Be the honors?
- Bye.
- Bye, Don Michele.
Confectioner? I'm talking to you.
What do you want? Are you following us?
You have two options.
A, stay with us.
Then we guarantee your safety.
Din, your family and your
operational security.
Two: Stefano is not good for you.
Not at all.
Out of my house. I do not see you
again. Not here or in my store.
Your idiot. Do not you get it
This is his last chance?
- You will receive no more.
- What do you mean?
- You are fucked.
- I do not understand.
- Good morning.
- What did that man?
There should not you think about, Mary.
Go up and cook some food.
Do you understand the situation?
We had not anticipated the reaction.
None should be questioning our
way of doing business.
From tomorrow
we may be a little more cautious.
Either way, there exists the problem.
We have to get rid of quickly.
We need to kill bagaribossen.
We have to do it tomorrow.
Bakery Bossen.
It's always nice to purify the mind.
I had not made the journey
without someone to talk to.
Tell us something more about the woman.
She looks at me.
She might want to talk to you.
I met a priest once.
He was your opposite.
- In Rome?
- No, that was before Rome.
His name was Father Carlo.
- Where are you from?
- Palermo.
My dad marched through Palermo
during WWII.
The liberated Palermo, Messina, Trapani,
Agrigento, Siracusa. all of Sicily.
We were there on vacation when we were kids.
I have never had so much fun.
I love Syracuse.
I love Sicily.
I think it's the most beautiful place.
- That's a little excessive?
- You think I exaggerate?
Do you know that Goethe felt the same thing.
- He said the same thing I did.
- Author? I know of him.
Yes, writer, philosopher, scientist
One of history's greatest thinkers.
You can see Italy,
but you have not seen Sicily...
...then you have not seen Italy.
Sicily is the clue to everything.
He studied art,
antiques, architecture.
He traveled to Palermo and explored...
...Plants and flowers
perfect artarketyper.
Jeez what I have traveled.
I am Father Karl and you are Davide.
Yes, I'm Davide.
Yes, but it's you who made me
to understand why I'm here.
I have an internal problem,
I have to solve.
Do you know what I think?
I do not think you get any
worries with a stay here.
I think you'll
to like it.
Leave the world behind you.
You will find peace here.
The only one I pray for
is that you trust me.
It's not about trust,
brother Carlo.
This is about safety
for my life and for yours.
You will not find a safer place.
Here you are protected by the San Sebastian
and by me.
I always listen to talk-
Or if you choose to confess.
I am curious and have
always been fascinated by people.
I know that you are a
sincere and honest man
- who might just have had some bad luck.
Here you are safe and you
will find peace.
We have much work to do.
I believe you can do it.
- Thank you. I needed this really.
- Need a little color here.
What would you do if you
been in my shoes?
Tell your story, Leonard.
I started fishing in San Francisco Bay.
Because I was tall.
When did you become a hjdarfiskare.
Did you do it before or after
you ruined my life?
I asked, did you go fishing...
...Before or after...?
What do you mean?
Money for the boat?
Where did you get them from?
Ah... Debra...
Not so fast... How dare you
you to address me by my first name?
- Mrs. Lewis...
- I am a widow Lewis, remember?
You always thought you were right...
You did not.
And that you will never have.
Look at this. See for yourself.
See how you look.
Flees you?
I... ask You, God...
- Are you new?
- Do not move!
Dear God, please forgive me.
Your cowardly wretch.
You may recognize me...
...Yet dared you
come and talk to me.
Do not have a dick?
We know you've got the balls to
kill another human being.
Especially if there was money in it.
Come on, do it.
Do it.
Do it!
How much you got out of it?
Where is it?
Did you sell it?
Time I gave him?
- Did you sell it?
- Our Father...
Now he asks! Is he listening to you?
God listen to you?
Where was he when I needed him?
What would you have me do?
Please, say something.
What would you... What can I do?
What do you expect from me?
I want you to be condemned...
And that it is God's will.
I do not understand.
I want you to do something
good of your life.
I want his death to be
have a meaning.
Do what you do now.
I want you to earn his forgiveness.
I'll collect his courage.
I swear I'll tear you to pieces
with my bare hands.
Do you have something more to say, priest?
I have nothing more to say.
I understand everything.
I understand that we all
looking for the same thing.
- The show is over.
- Oh, thank God.
Did you really kill him?
Ja... I did.
Poor woman.
You recognize my story, Davide.
It has been a rewarding journey.
- I regret only one thing.
- Yet?
I will not be able
listen to your story.
Excuse me for asking, Don Miche.
What is this place?
Do not worry. You look worried.
We'll sort out something.
I'm not worried,
but this place makes me nervous.
I want to tell you something.
I have a friend named Vito.
We used to work together.
He is a smart and good guy.
He asked me to speak to you,
if he could join the family.
- With your permission of course.
- No problem.
- Are you a benefactor, Don Miche?
- Think about what you say.
Take him you. Sooner or later
I put him to the test.
- What kind of job is it?
- You should fix one said.
- Yes, but what?
- You ask too much.
If you pass the test, you are a member.
- Here we go. It's just time.
- Time for what?
You must do something for me.
Come on now.
Davide? Come out.
- Cut his throat or shoot.
- Are you kidding, Don Michele?
- Who is he?
- A fanatical American.
No problem, Don Miche.
- You talk American?
- A little.
Hey, John Nino.
Hi, Johnny.
John, calm down.
Come on, Johnny. Go away.
Stick with you.
Right, go now!
What happened?
What are you doing?
Is it possible?
You fucked up even though
he was bound!
I fucked up at all.
I understood that you put me to the test-
- Then I saw him in the eye.
I felt sorry for him.
In the family there are
no feelings like that.
Being lawlessness is okay,
but to be killer... Why is that?
Okay, that's fine.
This time I let it be-
- but from now on you know nothing
about what happens in the family.
Tomorrow I meet
your friend Vito anyway.
We'll see what he can do.
Get out now.
Goodbye, Don Miche.
- Where is he?
- Who?
- The man who escaped.
- Stop, Go away now.
- What do you mean?
- That you will pull.
Otherwise you will
annoy me all day. Get out of my house.
- What the hell have you done?
- I was at the jeweler and nobody came.
- You should have killed the bastard.
- Gun clicked.
It was uncharged, you idiot.
You are lucky. Today I'm in a good mood.
But I do not like
to speak with police.
You might even go into my house.
- You should be grateful, right?
- Thank you very much.
I've been watching you for a while,
and found that you are an asset.
Look at me.
Starting today, you
member of the family.
Well done. Why did you want to join us?
Out of respect... and distresses.
My mother is alone and I
has two younger brothers.
Bravo. I like you.
You take care of your family.
Family is very important.
Honor, respect and family.
It is as if we where
an American film.
And the guy...
I'll give you an offer
you can not say no to.
Listen Franco. We need
help a friend from Trapani to Rome.
Calabrese, formerly
dealt with apartments.
Now he deals with drugs, weapons.
They have political patronage-
and until someone in the police force.
Banda della Magliani is back.
And Casalesi behave like assholes.
- We have to do something about it.
- I can go there if you want.
- I need you to others.
- I send Peppuccio.
He is merciless
and he's already people in the area.
The other problem then?
He's a good guy, but he has no
stake. He's weak.
According to me he is useless
unlike his friend Vito.
- They are sloppy. Two petty thieves.
- Vito is a man.
He has been married to
flowing into your eyes.
You must keep an eye on Vito.
He can take care of something simple,
a club, or the like.
From now on, so keep
I an eye on him.
By the way, he talks way too much for
by priests.
Post by? Is he more Catholic
than my mom?
- How's business?
- Good, you can ask the cashier about it.
There was no specific question. I want to
know if you feel comfortable with us.
- Yes, everything is going well.
- Good.
Then I am satisfied.
I met your friend Vito.
I like him.
He is already a member of the family.
He is upright.
He also has the ability to kill.
Thank you for giving me the
this opportunity.
I am also happy for Vito's sake.
Now he can work and earn money.
He will help you in
suburbs and downtown.
In the suburbs? As you wish, Don Miche.
Okay, Davide. We have problems with some
shopkeeper who did not want to pay.
Satan American. He started
run things in Palermo.
It's that time of
Toto Riina and Carleonesi.
You start you do not do those vitamins.
Vito has always been responsive.
But what you do not know Vito is that
we got a lot of shit of this Mancino.
- What about New York?
- We do not ask for help yet.
But we must act and think
as in the past.
We need to keep the rest of
family out of this.
Did you call on us for
already know everything?
What do we do now?
We need to give the Barbarians a taste
so that they understand-
- we are hard and we
has not weakened.
We'll send them a message.
A message that means "war"!
- Do you need anything?
- What do you think?
- Want a drink?
- No.
Okay then...
Bongiorno, sign.
Excuse Roberto.
He is a good man.
I'm John... Mancino.
Do not forget that. That's Luigi.
He works with me. He is a
sons spy. He is good at.
He takes account of things I need to know.
He has been eyeing up some
of your new friends.
He finds out what they think, every
they go and who they trust.
These things.
He explains it to me.
I listen and listen and listen.
Sometimes I even...
What is it?
- A discrepancy.
- Yes, that word.
There is a woman
hangs all the time with them.
She pops up here and there
without some reason.
She is very nice and featured
with a different name.
She calls herself Adele.
Who is the woman?
Why does she do that?
How did she get in there?
It is not easy to
infiltrate with such types.
Then I got out there for that kind
secrets cleans easily.
Her real name is not the
which she has presented itself as-
- is Mary.
- Yes, I'm Mary.
- Okay.
Then we found out that
Maria experienced something horrible.
Something terrible.
Her husband was murdered.
So why she hangs with them
and are so friendly and nice?
She shows up at all their parties...
He, who is very smart says:
"What if it is the
who murdered her husband?"
Why would she
hang with killers?
Those who have done terrible things.
- Revenge.
- Is that what you want?
Luigi is very smart.
There he listed out.
Do not worry.
There is no danger.
Luigi wants a flower,
but he gets none.
This is for you.
Fuck you, asshole.
Where were you scared, huh?
Vito, why are you here?
Do they trust not in me anymore?
Obviously they trust you.
They thought you had come to provide you.
I've got so much of it there
shit that I can provide the entire Palermo.
You call that shit?
For me it's a job.
A new guy from
America got here.
His name Mancino.
He's a dangerous guy.
The people of Genoa wants him dead.
He does not respect the rules.
He has formed a gang and has
tried to take over a part of Palermo.
A large part of Sicily.
What are you talking about? Have they
come from America to take over Palermo?
Then they have someone who protects them.
Where did you hear that crap?
The information has come directly from
New York.
I stood behind the door so I
could not fail to hear it.
They have told us to be quiet,
but I think it ends badly.
The bastard wants us,
family Cortello.
He wants our territory.
Do you understand?
Vito end up stories.
Be quiet.
Be sure to stay away from bullets.
Motherfuckers not kidding.
Listen, Mary.
I'm not one to mince the words.
I'm not rich right now.
I'm not the type that comes with gifts.
Okay? So here's the deal.
I always expect something in return.
I'll give you what you need for your
Okay? Together...
...We will delete
Cortellofamiljen from the map.
Are you in?
There is a problem.
You are a woman.
I'm not inclined to let
a woman do what I ask of you.
...So are girls pretty emotional.
If you plan to implement it here-
- consider you are no longer that woman.
You can be a mother when you want it.
But when you're having me
to no lovers...
Your lover is a weapon.
And you are my weapon.
And I can use it...
...How I want and when I want.
In return, your son and you-
- never miss anything.
I promise. But I do not want-
- your son to know anything about it.
- Got it?
- Yes.
- In Sicily, it is big news.
- What?
- Mary.
- Which Mary.
Widow of confectioner as
Cortellofamiljen murdered.
- Do you get it?
- Yes.
She was approached by Don Mancini,
, but now she works for us.
She longs for revenge.
What a woman!
Love and Hate, an explosive mixture.
Apparently, she wants to help us crush
the last of Cortellomedlemmarna.
Really? Good. Very good.
She will receive a prize. Come here.
Hello? Don Antonio, it's Michele.
Hello, how are you?
Bad. That's why I
call you so late.
- What is it?
- An American came here some where late.
He immediately began to make trouble.
I sleep no good anymore.
It was just as I suspected.
Things happen here too.
A Federico, called "cripple",
killed Messina and took his territory.
- What to do about it?
- What do you want me to say?
Kill him, otherwise you will get problems.
Is it true that he
dealing in drugs and weapons?
Does he have contacts with Islamic
terrorists, military and senators?
Yes, everything is true.
You must be on your guard.
I will gather all my men
and solve the problem.
- Good. We heard.
- Keep me posted. Goodbye.
Michele, I do not see
why you asked me to come?
It is very serious, Don Cimino.
It's about the American.
I have been out talking to Franco.
Do not worry.
Believe me, he's a very dangerous guy.
Okay, but he wants to be in charge of
drug traffic between Palermo and Trapani
...or prostitution...
What the hell does he want?
He wants to mess around in it all. Rumor
that he wants to destroy us all.
There you catch.
Here it church.
What a pig. He challenges people.
He hires the unemployed...
...takes care of single mothers.
He attacks only businessmen.
People like you that
businessmen are criminals craps.
- What should we do?
- We can beat us together.
We need to show that we exist.
Are we together we can crush him.
I do not agree. If no
do something against my family, I do not.
- It's my decision.
- It is a wrong decision.
For you, not for me.
Now we drink, Miche.
- I know where my place is.
- Really?
Sicily is the land of my dreams.
My dreams. I had to
leave it and I was devastated.
Thank you, Luigi.
Welcome. It was a long time ago.
Good to see you.
I'm sorry, but I think that
it a misunderstanding.
I know nothing...
I do not think... all that there is a misunderstanding.
Have I ever aimed at
you with a weapon?
I know I have not.
I'm glad to see you.
I have been looking for you for two years.
Now you're here and you look like
you feel good and I need help.
Why do you think someone wants to kill you?
I need to sort out some things
and I think you can help with that.
That's all I ask.
There are no loose ends.
I'm not mixed up in something.
After the accident, I am
away from that.
I have to fix an old problem.
You have nothing with them
do anymore, right?
What are you so paranoid for?
Excited, scared, nervous. What do you think?
I have invited you to my home.
We take a few drinks
and converse a little.
I need help. Not once since we came
have you said:
"Hello, John. Glad to meet you.
How have you been?"
It's rude.
Why are you rude?
You'll have to excuse me.
I did not mean to be disrespectful.
But I was worried for my life
when they brought me here.
It's true that I killed
one of your men.
- Fucking bullshit.
- I do not want to be involved in something.
I have nothing to do with them.
You have not killed anyone.
I know the story.
You and the other sighted
with your guns.
And you aimed the other way.
You would shoot him in the head
and you did not.
I do not know why you did not do your job
, but...
Not pressed by,
you did not kill him.
How could I be mad at you?
I am indebted...
I am indebted to you.
No, Danny. You do not owe me anything.
I'm done with that.
I have only one desire.
I want to return to the monastery
where my friend, the priest is.
He is a true friend.
He is my advisor.
Do you think I'm kidding with you?
Do you believe it?
Do you think I'm here to make jokes?
- Say it!
- You are not in debt to me.
You are not in debt!
You are not in debt to me more.
He is not in debt to me.
You heard it too! It's easy!
Okay... It's cool.
Get up.
Get up.
You see how easy it was.
It's a simple equation.
We are friends.
You take care of Mary.
As a bodyguard.
I want you to do it.
Make sure she does
I told her to do.
Do you trust me?
Do you understand? Okay?
I got some shit to take care of.
- Who is it?
- Don Antonio.
One of your men, Davide,
is a traitor.
He works for the American.
Keep an eye on him.
What's that you say?
How do you know?
You do not know.
Okay, then. Thank you.
I send Vito, his friend.
He will talk to him.
Is it true he's already dead.
- Okay, we heard.
- Ya.
The bastard.
What the hell has he done?
Three dead and two were our guys.
- And then it disappears bastard.
- It's not his fault.
What the hell are you saying?
People call him "sonar".
- It is said that he works for Mancino.
- Davide is no golare.
I can not ignore the rumors.
He must go away from Palermo.
- Where to?
- As far away as possible.
He must leave Elena,
his family and leave.
Vito, what the hell are you talking about?
Are you kidding?
Do you really think
I done something like that?
We've known each other since we were little.
We met in school, do not you remember?
Have you always been...
You know...
Blind? It happened before
I left Catania.
Two years previously.
We got him here in time for the damage...
- Survives he?
- He has a skull fracture.
He has a small lesion
that could cost him his life.
In the beginning it was difficult, when
realize that you can not do something.
- You get used to, but...
- Why did you leave Catania?
You do not
to my story?
It's true...
But I can see your agonies. Like while...
...when our pain prevents us
from being all that we can be.
Will your husband to pay
this pizza, or not?
We accept no blackmail.
Listen. Do you pay no...
...they'll kill your whole family.
Do you understand?
Go away!
Damn, you could have waited a bit.
I am about to step off.
- Where are we?
- We are heading into Messina.
You are far from Catania.
Either way, I would have loved
to tell my story.
But one day, had not sufficed.
I'm glad I met you.
It was really nice.
I have not talked to
a priest in a long time.
We are now at the end.
Somehow... our past in it.
I wonder if you think
you can atone for your sins?
I do not know.
It depends on how you see it.
- What do you mean?
- If there is a difference in... commit a sin and that
allow a sin is committed.
Then, my dear Leonard, I will never
to atone for my sins.
I could not sleep.
- What brings you here?
- Nothing.
- Most curiosity.
- Curious?
Curious to God?
You're a free man now.
You can go back to your life.
You do not want to stay here
with a boring priest.
You have your job, your
tumvridarjobb... in the hot sun.
You do not stay here.
Go back to that life.
I have no control over
my life anymore.
The breathing down my neck all the time.
They blew my mind.
They set me up again.
Men lay traps for men.
God has given us freedom.
His ways are inscrutable at times.
We do not always understand.
But we must keep the faith
and to trust in Him.
If it is about life and death?
How can you rely on God for
it is about one's own life-
Or someone you love?
You knocked on my door in
the middle of the night.
I thought it was urgent.
But there is another reason,
Are you going to kill me?
It's my fault, Carlo.
They blamed me for
say too much to you.
I needed to talk to someone.
And I said too much.
How long are you wearing?
I do not know.
Are you here because you
to do it yourself?
Why are you here, Davide?
They want me to do it for
to show my loyalty.
They know how much I care about you.
I must show that I
are ready to obey.
What you said in the confession...
...stays with the priest.
Had it not been you would
be somebody else, right?
Do not you,
they kill you.
I understand, son.
You have the future ahead of you.
I have already done it I will.
You have made a decision and you have to...
You have to do what you're doing.
You're a good man, Davide.
You are a good man.
You'll surely God's forgiveness.
I give you mine anyway.
You know I can not do it.
You're my brother.
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
Dear God, was in this man and
give him strength and courage.
And your will be done, not ours forever.
Take this.
My Brother.
No! God, no!
Do not lose your heart.
Salvation is... possible for everyone.
Sometimes the price can be high.
But I feel you're ready.
I speak from personal experience.
Miracle are possible.
Catania is ready to forgive you.
I know that woman you love
also is ready to forgive you.
Whoever she is.
Oh, my God. I do not know
longer my arms.
- Oh, my God.
- Do not get upset.
- What happened? Where am I?
- On a son's clinic.
You are a victim of an accident.
I'm Dr. Messa.
An accident...? I do not remember
I have been involved in an accident.
You can not make. You hit the
head when you fell down the stairs.
The voice sounds like...
Signore? We're here now.
You should go by.
- Need help?
- No.