Sins of Our Youth (2016) Movie Script

- We knew it was
a terrible plan, but...
We were scared.
What made us think
we could deal with
something like
this by ourselves?
Oh holy night
The stars
are brightly shining
It is the night
Of the dear Savior's birth
Long lay the world
In sin and error pining
'Til he appeared
And the soul felt its worth
- I'm gonna
straight empty da' brass
on all these bitches.
- Empty da' brass?
Where do you learn this shit?
- Want some?
- What's in it?
- Jack.
All I do is win win
win no matter what
Got money on my mind
I can never get enough
Every time I step
up in the building
Everybody's hands go up
And they say yeah,
and they stay there
Up, down, up, down
All I do is win win win
- Dude, stop rapping.
- Hey, Tyler.
- What?
- Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew.
Dead bitch.
- Did Tyler tell you?
- Tell me what?
- Got the house to ourselves
for about five days.
- Nice, where'd the rents go?
- Ah, work trip.
Christmas vacation, whatever.
Something like that.
- You want something?
You got two hundred
and eighty two tickets.
- Okay, I'll have
the soccer ball then.
- No you won't.
Soccer ball is 300.
Pick something else.
- Come on man, can't you just
give them the soccer ball?
He's only 18 short.
- Maybe I should slam that
pussy mouth of yours shut.
- Now you got enough for two.
- I wanted the lava lamp.
- You said we were
gonna split it.
That guy was being a
douche, what was I gonna do?
- How do you know that kid?
- Who?
- The kid who gave
us the tickets.
- Oh, we live near each other.
During the summer
my dad throws this
neighborhood barbecue thing.
He and his older bro always
come with their parents.
- Should I ask him my question?
- Huh?
Snakes or circus music?
- No, don't make us look stupid.
- What?
- Did you tell Tyler
we're out here?
- Yeah, he said they're coming.
- Cool.
Hey, here they come.
- You guys getting drunk?
- Come join the party.
- Carlo.
- Night babe, miss you.
- You mind?
- My mom's pulling in,
you want a ride home?
- Uh, nah it's
okay, I got my bike.
- We could
just throw it in the trunk.
- It's cool.
- Hey Tyler.
- What?
- Audrey.
Tight box or what?
- Try and fucking talk
about Audrey again,
see what happens.
- I'm sorry.
For real.
Strobe light
Let me hit that shit.
Let me hit that shit.
- Guys, guys, guys, guys.
I'm drunk.
- Yeah.
- David, don't be a pussy, man.
- We just popped your cherries!
Drink that shit.
- Oh, I shouldn't be driving.
Look Carlo's mom, no hands.
- No hands, no hands.
- Cops, cops, cops.
Ah, you little bitch.
- You almost spilled it.
You almost spilled it.
Wake up when you're
pleasure seeking
Take a break for
drinks or eating
Then it's back to
meet and greeting
- Hey, your parents
are out of town, right?
- Uh huh, why?
- I think we should go huntin'.
- Hunting?
- Yar.
For some reindeer.
- You're insane.
- No I'm not.
- We're not putting
holes in the damn roof
with my dad's guns.
- Yo.
Let's drag these
reindeer out back.
I wanna shoot shit.
- Yeah, me too.
- Tyler.
- David.
You and Carlo get those
things off the roof
and put them out back,
I'll meet you back there in 10.
- It'll be fun, man.
- Yo,
you got a key for this thing?
- Uh yeah, check his tool belt.
- Tool belt?
- Yeah.
Bathroom floor usually, I think.
- Damn, bro.
Your mom has big ass titties.
- Why don't you grow up, man?
- Uh, seriously?
Ty, hook me up.
- Scott, I said grab the key.
My dad's gonna kill me man.
- I couldn't find it, shut up.
Damn, that's the truth.
- Yeah it is.
All right, I've got the
M16, Scott's got the Uzi.
You guys, you have the pistols.
- We can't shoot the rifles?
- No.
And listen up, cause
I'm the only one
who knows anything
about this stuff.
- What are you talking about?
I went hunting with Dad.
- Once.
And you didn't shoot anything.
- Bitch.
Okay, so from my memory,
take your left hand, put it
on the butt of the rifle.
Right hand next to the trigger.
And then take the
butt of the gun
and put it on your
right shoulder.
And lean forward when you shoot.
- Why?
- Kickback and stuff.
Also, we only have
three headsets.
- So, one of us gets to go deaf.
- It's cool.
I'll listen to my music.
- Eh, a good idea.
- So how are we gonna explain
the reindeer to Mom?
- Watch where you're
pointing that thing.
It's live now.
- God, you stupid fuck.
Here, let's do this shit.
- Guys, stop, calm down.
Be careful.
- Fuck this shit up!
- God.
- Oh my God, that was awesome!
That was awesome.
Aw David, come on, that
was great, wasn't it?
- That was sick, dude.
That was fucking sick!
- Hey, was that your
first time shooting buddy?
- That was it.
- Aw, we popped
his cherry, Scott.
- We popped his cherry!
You're such a dickhead.
It was great, wasn't it?
- That was sick, dude.
That was fucking sick!
You popped his cherry!
That was so dope!
Come on, I wanna try that shit.
- David.
- Let me try this.
Where the fuck is he going?
- I don't know.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Are you all right?
- Don't look, don't look.
I was stuck in the ground
trying to cover my eyes
Trying to move
all of this light
Spent all night trying
to remember your face
Like trying to get
blood from a stone
- Serious.
How the fuck did this happen?
- Because we shot him.
- Who the hell is he again?
- His name is Bradley.
He lives about a
mile down the road.
- Do you got anything to eat?
- How could you be hungry?
Shouldn't we call an
ambulance or something?
- Not yet.
Let's just think
for a second, okay?
- My mom's friend is
an orthopedic surgeon.
We should give him
a call, for sure.
- He's dead, idiot.
What's an orthopedic
surgeon gonna do anyways?
Fix his feet?
- This isn't funny, Scott.
- He's still bloody,
didn't you say
you were gonna clean him?
- No, and how was I the one
that got chosen to clean him?
All right, it was
David's fucking idea.
How the hell did I get
elected to do this, huh?
- Dude, chill.
- I mean, shouldn't
call someone?
The police maybe, or something.
- Call the police.
- Don't call the police.
- We should call his parents.
- Are you trying
to get us arrested?
- I'm with Carlo, we call the
cops and turn ourselves in.
- I'm not turning myself in.
- If we turn ourselves in we
can tell him it was an accident
and maybe they'll
let us off the hook.
- Everyone just
stop for a second!
It doesn't matter if
it was an accident.
Trust me when I say
it doesn't matter.
When I was a freshman,
I knew this guy.
He was driving home after
a football game, drunk.
And he hit this kid.
And they put him
away for a long time.
- This is different.
- Yeah, you're right.
The kid he hit lived.
Get it?
- Not really.
- He means that we'd
get fried for this.
- So do we know which
one of us shot him?
- What do you mean?
- I mean, we all
didn't shoot him right?
Like it had to be one of us...
- Oh, don't start
with that shit.
We all did this.
- Shit.
- Wait, how did he get here?
- Why?
- Because, if someone
dropped him off like his mom
or something then they
would had know he...
He rode his bike here.
- Do we have any herb?
- Yeah.
- When did you
fuckers start smoking?
- A couple weeks ago?
- Yeah, well.
That shit will kill you.
- Chill dude.
It's just pot, I think we got
bigger things to worry about.
- Fine, whatever.
Let's just stay focused, please.
I say we...
We drive all night and
bury him somewhere far.
- We can't do that.
I mean, they always
find the body.
- Shit's strong.
- Nah dude, it's just swag.
It's weak, it means it's weak.
- Oh.
I feel like such a Johnson.
- What the hell are you doing?
- It's hot, I need some air.
That's much better.
- Are you insane?
- What?
- Suppose someone walks by
and hears a group of kids
talking about a body,
do you think that might raise
some suspicion, dumb ass?
- We live in the
middle of nowhere.
Who do you think is gonna hear?
- I'm talking precautions.
- Precautions?
It's a little late for
that, don't you think?
- David.
I think we should
hear Tyler out.
- Like I have a choice.
- What I'm trying to say is
we have to get rid of him.
- No, we can't do that.
- Why not?
- Because they
always find the body.
- What the hell
is he talking about?
- TV, bro.
Don't you ever
watch that cop shit?
Like, they always find the body,
they got the radar
and technology shit...
- Is that his phone?
Oh, shit.
- Who was that?
- Dude, it was his mom.
Don't those things have
like trackers or something?
- No, idiot.
I'm gonna go take a piss.
- It's hot, I'm
opening that window.
- Dude.
Tyler just said not to.
- Is he the boss of us or
am I missing something?
- Stop being such
a fucking problem.
- Am I being a problem?
- He means we just need
to chill right now, okay?
- Chill?
Are you on his side?
- I'm not on anybody's
side, we just need to chill.
- You want a crack at this?
- Drive Carlo home.
- Right now?
- It's two in the morning.
We have school in five hours.
- Oh, shit.
- We just need to
get through tomorrow
and we'll take care of
the rest on the weekend.
- That's a good idea.
- Someone cover his
body up with something, please.
- You do it.
- Carlo.
That's better.
- When'd you become
such a douche?
- You cool to drive?
- Yeah, come on.
- David.
Wake up.
I made breakfast.
Audrey riding with
us this morning?
- Yes.
Act normal.
- Wait, shouldn't we
be going to the police?
- No, we'll talk
about it tonight.
- Come on, this is insane.
- I said we'll talk
about it tonight.
Don't forget to tell
Audrey happy birthday.
- You're unreal.
- You forget to eat dinner
last night or something?
- Since when was it
cool to talk about
a girl's eating habits?
- Eating habits?
- Yeah.
- Just chill with
the drama, okay?
I'm still waking up.
- I'll see you in homeroom.
- Where are you going?
- Gotta pick something up.
- What?
- I'll show you
when I have them.
I told you to meet me
after school off campus.
- I gotta work.
- You got a job?
- Even I could salt fries.
- That's good.
- You proud?
- Sure.
- Say it.
Tell me you're
finally proud of me.
- Can I see the flyers?
- Maybe.
- Fine, I'm proud.
- Thanks, babe.
- So...
- Oh.
My boy Anthony hooked
us up with those.
So thank him when you see him.
- Thanks.
- Wait.
- Yeah?
No, you can't, no.
Okay, stop.
I got it.
- Got what?
- Tomorrow, I got the
place after it closes.
Handing out the flyers today.
- Roller Skate Rave.
- You think it's
stupid, don't you?
- Look.
Don't freak out.
- You think it's stupid,
it's okay you could say it.
- No, I don't.
I think it's cool.
- Really?
- For sure.
It's just that I don't think
I'm gonna be able to make it.
- It's my birthday.
- I know, I know,
and I'm gonna try.
I will, I just don't...
- You're such an asshole.
- Don't freak out, please.
I told you I'm busy.
- I'm not freaking out.
- Didn't you just eat breakfast?
- What'd I miss?
- Nothing, we have a sub.
Mrs. Holland didn't
leave any work so
she put the TV on.
- It's
completely unnecessary, Stacy.
- But why oppose this?
- They're talking about guns?
- Yeah.
- Awesome.
- Always have been,
have a gun myself.
What I think we
really need to do
is to have a conversation
about our culture of violence
in this country.
Does it begin and end with guns?
I don't think so.
You see, owning a gun does
not mean you use that gun
to commit a violent crime.
In fact, many statistics
show that most people
who own a gun do not
commit a violent crime.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I just wish they'd
change this damn channel.
- Some would argue
that mass shootings...
- Now let me stop
you right there.
I think we need to focus
on identifying, diagnosing,
and ultimately finding help
for people with mental illness.
- So what you're saying is
that we should be able to
legally obtain any
and all firearms
no matter what the size?
- That's exactly
what I'm saying.
Guns don't kill people,
people kill people.
Have defended their house
successfully against a break in.
- Where do you
think you're going?
- What the hell?
- I can't believe
you're not coming.
- I told you I can't.
- Just cause Rich helped
me with the flyers?
- What?
- Isn't that why
you're really upset?
- When did you see Rich?
- Who cares?
- He's your ex, why do you
have to see him so much?
- At least he can make my party.
- Whatever.
- What are you doing?
- Inviting more
people to the party.
- It's overkill already.
You got your cousin to DJ,
everybody's gonna
come regardless.
- I know, but still.
- I'm surprised you
want a big thing anyway.
- What do you mean?
- I'm just saying, how
many girls are lucky
to have a guy like Tyler?
He probably doesn't want
to come to your party
cause he wanted to do
something more romantic.
- And
you're speaking from experience?
Please girl.
- You really think?
- Yeah, and no offense but...
If you keep acting like
you're not interested,
he could lose interest.
- Oh my God.
- I just wanted one
last time to party
before life gets busy, you know?
- He's still not answering.
Should I try again?
- Leave Scott alone.
- It's already suspicious.
We're already suspicious.
Why have we waited this long?
- One more hour isn't
gonna mean shit.
- What exactly are
we gonna say to them again?
- The truth.
We're gonna tell them
exactly how it happened.
- Right.
- You do realize they're gonna
figure it out anyway, right?
- I guess.
- And when they do, any
credibility we have is lost.
Which is why we're going
tonight, get what I mean?
- Yeah, yeah man.
- He's still not calling.
- He'll be here.
- Or not.
What if he panicked
and skipped town?
Or turned himself in,
that could make it worse
for all of us.
- He was acting
a little strange today.
- He was?
- Yeah, just...
Really intense.
- So let's just
get it over with.
Come on you guys, we
can't wait for him.
- Yeah.
Whatever, let's do this.
- Yeah?
Okay, cool.
I haven't had anything
to drink, so I can drive.
- I'm driving.
- Did I ever tell you guys
about the time I
first got arrested?
- Uh...
- I was in middle school
and with a couple buddies,
we were at the mall.
Anyway, my friend Adam
thought it would be funny
if I stole something.
Right, said it would
make me "dope with him".
So, like a dumb ass I stole
a shirt from Gemstones.
The guard caught me before
I was even out of the door.
They took me to Juvie...
And booked me.
It was only supposed to be
a couple of hours, right?
But my mom was already out
getting bombed that night.
So she didn't come get
me 'til the next morning.
And even though it was only
one night, it was awful.
I couldn't get any sleep
because I was afraid of getting
fucking ass raped or some shit.
- Tyler?
- What if they don't
believe our story?
- They will.
- They can believe
what they want.
Our fingerprints
are on his bike,
his phone is smashed to pieces...
- We'll explain it.
- Would you believe
something like that?
- Yes.
- No way.
- They can come up
with some story, right?
They can say that we were
in a frickin' satanic cult
or something?
I've seen that
shit happen before.
- Where?
- Places, dude.
Fucking places.
- TV?
It's bullshit.
- It's not bullshit, actually.
We're gonna wait
for Scott before
we do anything else.
- Fuck that, I'm leaving.
- No, sit down.
- Why?
- Whatever we decide,
it would be better
if we're on the same page.
- Well then where
the hell is Scott?
- Hey man, where are you?
He's five away.
- Christ.
- Are you gonna keep it?
- Yeah.
I mean, I love
Tyler and everything
so who cares if
it's a little early?
- Oh, for sure.
Last year when I
thought I had Peter's,
I was kind of digging it.
- I'm gonna tell
him after the party.
That's a really good plan.
- Maybe you should tell
him in a text massage.
That way he has
time to digest it.
Or in person is good too.
- The thing is...
I know I'm in love with him.
Okay, this might
sound silly but...
He has this baseball
jersey that he
always leaves on his bed.
I love wearing it.
He hates when I put it on,
like it's some holy
garment or whatever, but...
I just can't get enough of it.
I think it's cause I just...
Love the smell of him.
I think I'm gonna go over.
Things ended badly
for us today and
I just feel like
I gotta see him.
- Do you want us to go with you?
- Not tonight.
- Today sucked.
- You should be a fucking
philosopher, Scott.
- I'm getting sick of him.
What do you guys
want to listen to?
- Anything.
- Okay.
So, I looked some shit
up today online...
You know how many kids
they sentenced to death?
- How many?
- Enough to scare
the fuck out of me.
Hey is this okay?
Is this good?
- I'm sorry, what
were you saying?
- Okay, like...
I didn't know that
they can kill kids.
But guys, they can.
Can I hit that?
- Yeah.
- That shit's dank.
- Yeah.
- Where were you tonight?
- Okay.
So I came up with an idea.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, and it's a good one.
So wait to say anything
until I'm finished.
What if we recorded ourselves...
Like on a computer.
- What?
- Wait until I finish, David.
Okay, three of us confess.
Leaving one of us out,
saying that he wasn't there.
And then we take these
four flash drives,
We stash them away somewhere.
- I'm confused.
- Okay, listen, so.
We take the four
different flash drives,
and we stash them away,
and then we get the guns.
When do your parents
come back, by the way?
- Couple days.
- Okay.
So we take the guns
and we split up.
And then we kill
each other until
there's only one man standing.
There's four different
videos, right?
Now on each one, one of us
is cleared by the others.
So, whoever is
the last one alive
destroys the other
three flash drives,
takes the one where he's
innocent to the police,
and not only does he get to live
but he gets away with it.
Okay, now you guys can speak.
- You're a dumb ass.
- Yeah, I don't know man.
- That is the stupidest
thing I have ever heard.
- Okay, David, well maybe
you'd rather get treated
with a little lethal injection.
- Well I think this
new idea of yours
is completely outrageous
and unrealistic.
- Nothing is realistic
anymore, David.
We're fucked.
- And what, playing
some suburban version
of Assassin's
Creed is your plan?
- Well David, when you put
it like that it sounds dumb.
- Well, how
would you put it Scott?
- Dude.
I'm just trying to fix this.
Or at least try.
I mean I was looking
that shit online, dude.
Like I even looked
up shit about people
that cops wasted just
because they were in
the wrong place at the
wrong fucking time.
If you look guilty,
you're guilty.
- You looked shit up.
That's like going online
when you're a little sick
and some website tells you
that based on your symptoms
you have cancer when all
you really have is the flu.
- Carlo, do we have anymore pot?
- My body just
crashed into the wall.
- Can I please hit that?
- Fuck.
What the hell was that?
- Chill, okay?
- Oh shit.
- Tyler.
I know you're here.
You're still mad at me?
- I don't have time
for this right now.
- What?
- Hey, what do you
think you're doing?
- Looking for
David, have you seen him?
- Why do you
need to talk to him?
- I need advice on
music for the party.
- Hey, you can't see David.
- Why not?
- He's...
He's in his room with
a chick from school.
He'd just be
embarrassed if he knew
anyone else was here right now.
- That's adorable.
- Yeah, whatever.
- You sure I can't stay?
- Yeah, you gotta go.
- Don't come tomorrow
if you're still
acting like an ass.
- Yes, but one of us lives!
- So we just go at each
other like hit men?
- What the fuck are you
not getting about this?
- This plan!
And Tyler, this is stupid.
It really is.
- This is
seriously the best thing
that we can do right now.
- You have no clue
what you're talking about!
- And you do!
Suddenly, you're
the fucking expert
on what to do when
you kill a child.
- No, but apparently
you are now!
Important announcement.
Vegas police say
a 12 year old boy
who went missing last night
still hasn't returned home.
Bradley Holt was reported
missing this morning.
His parents are urging
anyone with information
about his whereabouts to contact
the Las Vegas Police
Department immediately.
- Holy shit dude.
Oh we're fucked.
- Relax, relax, we knew
this shit was gonna happen.
- But now it's real!
Now it's fucking real!
Hey I gotta go, I
gotta get out of here.
- Hey, no one's going anywhere.
- Carlo, let's
just take a breather.
- Hey you stay away from me!
- Carlo calm down, hey Carlo!
- I can't do this!
- What the hell man?
- I don't want to go to jail,
I don't want to die like this!
I agree.
Agree with him.
It makes sense.
I can't believe I just did that.
I can't believe this
is actually happening.
I'm in.
- Would somebody turn that
fucking thing off already!
- David.
It's our only option.
- You're really gonna
kill your own brother?
- I'd kill myself before
I'd let that happen, okay?
But, you gotta realize
no matter what happens,
our lives are over.
- I'm spent.
- What does that mean?
- It means fine.
Maybe you guys are right.
Maybe I'm just in over my head.
- This will probably be good.
Carlo, grab that, yeah.
Bring it around here.
- Sorry.
That should be ready to go.
- We killed Bradley.
And now, I mean, as
you're watching this tape,
by now we've killed ourselves.
- Yeah, you make a
mistake like this
and it changes the
rest of your life.
- Dude.
What life?
Shit's over.
- I had never even
met him before.
- I knew him.
We were neighbors.
I mostly remember him just
running around his pool
trying to get away
from his little sister.
- No.
He put us in this situation
by just showing up.
- Not on purpose though.
- It makes me so fucking mad.
Honestly, I'd kill him
again if I had the chance.
- Dude.
- I'm just saying.
- We didn't even know
he was coming over.
Who's gonna believe that, right?
- Yeah.
- I want his parents
to know what happened.
I want them to know
that we didn't mean it.
- Of course we didn't mean it.
But people are gonna
believe what they want
which is why we're
forced to do this.
- David though.
That little shit is
so fucking lucky.
He goes to his room
to make music right?
To mix music?
He didn't even hear
the gunshots go off
because the music in his
phones is so fucking loud.
And we didn't even tell
until the next day.
- Tyler didn't have
anything to do with it.
He said we were acting
like a bunch of tools
and went off to
get some more beer.
- And Carlo was with
us at the arcade
but he left to go home
before we ever shot the guns.
He had homework or something.
- And even though Scott was
with us earlier that night,
he wasn't there when
it actually happened.
He got too drunk
and had to bounce.
It was just the three of us.
- But David wasn't there.
- Tyler wasn't even there.
- Carlo was never there.
- Scott wasn't there.
Drives are good?
- Yeah.
Now what?
- We stash 'em.
- Where?
- Baby Jesus.
In his basket.
- What?
- No way.
That's blasphemous.
Put him under the camel.
- Dude, what we did.
That shit's blasphemous.
- You're such an asshole.
- I'm just saying.
- Guys, shut up.
It's going under the basket.
It's a good idea.
- You're right though.
About what we did.
It is blasphemous.
Unforgivable, even.
Even if our plan does work,
there's no escaping that.
- Yeah, maybe.
- Let's go.
- Can I get a ride home?
- I think it was a mistake
to cover him up like that.
- What?
- Bradley.
It just seems wrong to
suffocate him under that tarp.
- Suffocate him.
I'm going to bed.
- I couldn't sleep.
- I feel like
my head's gonna explode.
- Hungover?
- Is that your gun?
- Yeah.
You might as well
take it though.
Two's better than one, right?
- I'm not taking it.
- I'm not shooting anyone.
Not my brother.
Not my best friends.
I'm pretty sure the odds
of us living are better
if we don't gun each other down.
- Right.
We killed him.
We actually fucking killed him.
- Let's just call Scott
and Carlo and tell them
that we're calling this off
and turning ourselves in.
- What were we
thinking last night?
Okay, I'll call them right now.
- Is everything all right?
- I don't know.
You wanna go get some breakfast?
- Yeah.
- Yes!
Wanna run inside first
and change or something?
I'll wait in the car.
- And listen to that
stupid bitch lecture me
about not coming
home last night?
Fuck no.
- Is that Gail?
- It's Pam now.
Let's go eat.
- Okay.
- Just get what
you want man, I got it.
- You serious?
- Totally.
- What can I get for you boys?
- Um.
I'll have the pancake egg thing.
The coke.
- Okay.
- And does that come
with hash browns?
- No, that's extra.
- Is that cool?
- Yeah man, get what you want.
- Okay, yeah.
Hash browns.
- Okay.
- And I'll take the
egg white omelette
with spinach and mushrooms.
- All right.
- It's Tyler again.
- Did he leave a voicemail?
- No, a text.
He said we all need to meet up.
I just don't understand
why he's not texting you.
- Well, I have no battery, so.
- I don't know Carlo, dude.
That's pretty fucking sketchy.
Like why would he
need to see us?
- Maybe he changed the plan.
- Maybe.
Man, I just might
be paranoid but...
Last night we all
agreed that this is
the only way out, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay, well.
Tyler wouldn't just
change his mind.
Okay, he's too
fucking controlling.
- Okay, so...
- It's a trick.
We go and see him, thinking
he's changed his mind,
but he hasn't.
He just wants to get us
when we least expect it.
- Oh shit.
Oh shit.
Yeah, I think you're right.
- I know I'm right.
Holy shit bro,
he's gonna kill us.
- He's not answering.
- And Carlo's is off?
- Yeah.
- Well, we have no choice then.
We have to find them and tell
them that this thing is off.
I don't want it.
- Fine, but I'm keeping
mine on me until
this is all cleared up.
- Fine.
And what about the confessions?
We should get rid
of them, right?
- Don't worry about
that right now,
we need to find Scott
and Carlo first.
- All right.
- I'm sure they're just
at Scott's or something.
- Okay.
Should old acquaintance
Be forgot
And never brought to mind
Should old acquaintance
Be forgot
And days of Auld Lang Syne
For Auld
Lang Syne
My dear
For Auld
Lang Syne
We'll take a cup of
Kindness yet
For days of Auld Lang Syne
We'll take a cup of
Kindness yet
For days of Auld Lang Syne
- Oh.
You know what word I hate?
That's stinky.
Or, you're stinky...
- Stinky.
- You know what I mean.
- Stinky.
- What's funny?
- Nothing, Mom.
- Is that my bottle?
- You want some?
- Okay.
- You down?
Let's play.
- You know what
they call a card dispenser
in a casino?
- What?
- A Shoe.
Isn't that funny?
I like to feel them
though, the cards.
More personal.
- Shit.
- I think he bust.
- Fuck.
- I'll stay.
- Flip 'em honey.
- Push.
- Push.
Sometimes it's good not
to be personal, though.
You get me?
With the folks, they deal too.
Sometimes I feel
like the Grim Reaper.
Ruining all those
lives, those men.
Betting money they don't
have or hope to have
or never had.
And I just sit there
smiling at them.
Made me stop going to church.
- I didn't know that.
- Why?
- It's too many sins.
I mean...
Gambling is a sin, fine.
What I do...
Shit, it's like...
Driving a cab
straight off a cliff
cause the guy in the back
said he'd pay the fare.
And I don't care
what anyone says,
some sins are downright...
- I need to take a nap.
- You don't wanna
play another hand?
- No, I think we're gone.
- Okay.
Suit yourself.
I'll be in the kitchen.
- Hi, it's Leslie
from down the road.
Do you remember me?
Bradley's mom?
- Yeah, I know who you are.
- Have you seen Bradley?
He didn't come home
the other night.
- I don't know, where
would I have seen him?
- On his bike?
I don't know, he's
a good kid, Bradley.
He always checks in.
He has a cell phone
but it isn't even on.
- Okay, okay, please.
I have to go.
- You seen him, haven't you?
- I haven't seen him,
please leave me alone.
- Please, don't.
- I haven't seen him,
please leave me alone!
- No, please tell
me where he is!
- Hey.
- Hey, where are you?
- I'm home.
- What are you doing at home?
- I had to lay down.
Honestly, I'm kind
of freaking out.
- Well, were they there?
- What?
- Were they at Carlo's?
- Oh, I didn't check.
I'm really not
feeling well, Tyler.
- Damn it, David!
- You guys off the
same time I am?
- Yeah.
We're going to
Audrey's party, right?
- We got uninvited.
I think we should go anyway.
- What were you thinking?
- Let's meet that
cock Audrey's dating.
- Wait!
Don't answer it.
They're after us.
- Who?
- Don't answer the door.
Carlo, Carlo, get the fuck up.
- Hi, Tyler.
- Hi, is Carlo here?
- Um, no honey, sorry.
They left a while ago.
- They.
Was he with Scott?
- What, he's always
with one of you.
- They didn't say where
they went, did they?
- Sorry honey, no.
- But isn't that
Scott's car right there?
- I'm gonna tell them
you came by, okay?
- I need to use the bathroom.
- Tyler, sorry.
- My mom would let Carlo use
the bathroom if he had to.
- Okay honey, just be quick.
- Shit.
- And why do you think
they'll be at this party?
- Because they
probably think we'll be here.
Damn it!
- What?
- I left Audrey's
gift in my room.
- What?
- I was gonna give
her my jersey,
she likes to wear it all
the time for some reason.
- Come on.
- David, get inside.
- No way.
- David, go, now.
Just go home.
- We have the right
to be here too.
- Oh no you don't.
- You don't tell me what to do.
I don't buy it.
You're a pussy.
- Shut up, Rich.
- Seriously man.
- You're a stupid...
Pussy shit!
- What's up?
What is this?
- It's a track I mixed.
- I don't want it.
- Here.
Play it when you get a second.
- Okay, what's the track under?
- It's in playlist,
it's called "Bday Mix".
- Okay, cool.
- David.
- Hey.
- It's Peter.
I played baseball
with Tyler last year.
- Oh hey, what's up?
- Have you seen Amanda?
She invited me.
- I haven't seen her, no.
- Yo, I came down from
college for this one.
- Cool.
- Not if I don't get some.
- Right, yeah.
- At least they
got a decent supply.
- What?
- Of alcohol.
Yeah, I just ran
into Scott and Carlo,
they're more messed up than me.
- You saw them?
- Oh I mean, more
messed up than I.
That's some college
shit right there.
- What, you saw them?
- It's taken.
- Scott, Carlo?
Yeah, I got a girl
with a mouthful in here.
- Of course she's being
all nice to me tonight
because she knows
we're best friends.
I mean, I feel like it's
my birthday too almost.
You know what I mean, Audrey?
- Uh huh.
Have you seen Tyler yet?
You see him?
- Hey there, Peter!
- Carlo.
- Dude.
- Carlo.
We've been looking everywhere
for you, where's Scott?
Where is he?
- What the fuck man, fuck you.
- Carlo!
- Tyler!
- Hey babe.
Happy Birthday.
- I've been waiting
for you to show up.
This is crazy, right?
- Yeah, nuts.
- Why do you seem weird again?
- I'm not, I'm not, I'm sorry.
- I wanna dance.
Come on.
- Fuck.
Take this shit!
- No, no way!
- Take it, take it!
- Shit!
Shit, I'm so sorry.
- Get the fucking
car dude, fuck!
The keys, get the fucking keys.
I can't walk you fuck!
- Oh okay, I got
it, I got it, fuck!
- You're such a fucking idiot!
You stupid fuck!
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ah.
Please, please.
Make it stop.
- You bleeding?
I gotta get something, okay?
- You shot me!
- I gotta find something to
wrap the wound, okay?
Do you have anything?
- I don't fucking know!
Ah, fuck!
- I'm sorry!
Come on, we gotta go.
- Ow, fuck!
Are you kidding?
Are you fucking kidding!
- Why the hell did
you shoot Tyler?
- He had his gun on him.
- I don't know, man.
I'm fucking freaking
out, all right?
- Where are we going?
- I don't know, Mexico?
- You don't even know
where Mexico is...
- Well, I'll find it!
- Your brother
thinks he's real tough.
- Hey, you...
Are you doing okay?
- Yeah.
- Can I...
Can I tell you something?
- Yeah.
- You know Cindy Esposito?
- Yeah.
- I really like her.
- I know.
- I...
Really like her.
On Tuesday we were
talking, right?
She told me I was shy.
Why would she tell me that?
- Don't know.
- I mean, you only tell
someone they're shy
if you want them to
open up about something.
You know...
Maybe she wanted
me to ask her out.
But I didn't say
anything, right?
I just kind of laughed.
I was playing hard
to get, right?
Maybe I wasn't
playing hard to get.
Maybe I was just being shy.
Using it as an excuse.
- It's an excuse.
- Yeah, probably.
- Carlo.
I have to stop talking.
- Yeah.
I'll just turn the radio on.
Runaway roller coaster
Close my eyes,
'til it's over
I regret, I had it coming
Before love was war
- We fucking
killed him, what the fuck!
- Carlo.
Carlo, get some water!
- Who the fuck is that?
Aw shit.
Ah shit.
What the fuck!
If you look guilty,
you're guilty.
- Yeah, you're right.
We killed him.
- I don't wanna die like this!
I'm in.
- I'm not shooting anyone.
Not my brother.
And not my best friends.
- Hey man.
Hey man.
I'm at a gas station
bro, what should I get?
- Gas.
- Yeah.
Yeah, definitely.
But like do you want
a beer or something?
You know I got my fake
on me, I can get you one.
- Sure.
- Yeah cool, okay.
I'll get you one.
- Get a map.
- Get a map?
- Mexico, baby.
- Mexico.
Yeah, right on brother.
- Carlo?
Turn the heat on, I'm freezing.
- Yeah, for sure.
Of course.
See you in a minute.
- 911, what's your emergency?
- Hello.
My name is David Workman.
I'm calling to turn myself
in about the missing kid,
Bradley Holt.
- Jeez, do you
believe this shit?
- Huh?
- They're
raising the gas prices.
- That sucks, bro.
- You're damn right it sucks,
how do they expect
me to make any money?
Piece of shit, tyranny.
Don't even think
about buying alcohol.
- David.
- Vicki.
- David, what happened?
- Vicki.
- Where's Carlo?
I'm worried about Carlo.
Pray with me.
Pray with me.
- God, please forgive me.
- David.
David, what's going on?
Oh holy night
The stars
are brightly shining
It is the night
Of the dear Savior's birth
- David Workman!
- That's all?
- Yeah.
Oh, and a map too.
- Which map?
- How do I get to
Mexico from here?
'Til He appears
And the soul felt its worth
- Take your hands
out of your pockets.
Out of your pockets, now!
A thrill of hope
The weary soul rejoices
For yonder breaks
A new and glorious morn
- Shit!
On your knees
Oh hear
- Remove those hands!
Remove them, now!
- Move in!
Come out of the car, kid!
Oh night
Out of the car, now!
Show me your hands!
Show me them.
Remove those hands, right now!
A thrill of hope
The weary soul rejoices
For yonder breaks
A new and glorious morn
On your knees
Oh hear
The angel voices
Oh night
Oh night
When Christ was born
Oh night
Oh night
Oh night divine