Sir (2018) Movie Script

You were to stay two weeks.
Why are you rushing off ?
I don't know what happened.
- What about your mother-in-law ?
- I'll say I got paid overtime.
Focus on your studies,
I'll take care of the rest.
You're back ?
I was called.
- You're also back ?
- Yeah.
I was boarding the train when
they called. Holiday cancelled.
- Fuckers.
- Something must have happened.
Who takes a flight home
on their wedding day ?
The wedding's cancelled ?
- Did you hear ?
- What ?
- The wedding's cancelled.
- How do you know ?
- Jeetu was saying...
- Tell Jeetu to mind his own business.
Good night, Sir.
- Take a taxi.
- Thank you, Sir.
Ratna, could you please close the...
Thank you.
Please give me one Goldflake.
- Goldflake Light ?
- Yes.
Namaste, ma'am.
Where's Ashwin ?
He's not picking up.
Sir has gone out.
He left his phone here.
I'll wait.
Bring me some lime water, please.
Put on the AC, please.
Did Sabina madam come here ?
Did she call ?
I don't know.
Sir, Mummy-ji is here.
Hi, Mom.
Did you speak to Sabina ?
Mom, the wedding is already off.
How do you expect me
to go through with this ?
I'm sure she also wishes she could
go back in time and change the past.
Thank you.
No, no, Sawant we really can't afford
any more delays like this.
At least get the frame
of the facade started.
- Oh hi.
- Hi, Dad.
I thought you weren't coming
so I came.
It's ok.
You've got to be on their backs,
otherwise they start taking you
for granted.
- You ok, right ?
- Yeah.
Here. You should have told Mummy-ji
you were vegetarian.
I needed the job, you know that.
Anyway when I came from the village,
I didn't dare speak
in front of his mom.
And you dare now ?
Can I go and get some fresh bread
for the mutton curry ?
No, don't bother.
I'm not hungry.
Tell me.
I don't know. They're saying she had
an affair when she was abroad,
but she's not like that.
City people are like that,
you don't know anything.
Don't talk rubbish.
You remember you found bangles
in my suitcase ?
In the village,
widows don't wear bangles.
- Do you know the word "bad omen" ?
- Bullshit bad omen.
You're not in the village anymore,
you're in Mumbai.
Here you make your life
by your own rules.
She got me the bangles herself, Choti.
I had to take them off in the village
but I suddenly felt this is my life,
I can be what I want.
Get me a job too.
Are you crazy ?
Do you want to be a servant too ?
I want to come to Mumbai...
Finish your diploma
and we can start a business together.
I'll do the tailoring,
you handle the money.
Instead of paying for my studies
you could do a tailoring course.
I don't need a course.
Laksmi didi has found
a tailor for me.
Why didn't you tell me ?
I still have to ask Sir for permission.
She's a nice girl.
So she didn't deserve to be
left like that the altar.
I know.
Ash it happens, it was just a fling.
No, it's not. It's never just a fling.
She wanted more and she was right.
Everyone wanted me to marry her.
But I was not in love with her,
not enough. And she saw that.
Rahul was sick,
we were all just falling apart,
and she was... she was there.
She became part of the family.
And I felt
that I had to propose to her.
It was the only decent thing to do.
She wants someone that will call her
and text her five times a day.
I'm just not that guy.
Ashwin please, get real.
That shit doesn't exist.
Maybe not for you.
But you're cynical Nandu, she's not.
I don't want to be the guy
that makes her give up her dreams.
Sir, shall I bring lunch
for you both ?
Can't you see we're talking ?
Sorry, ma'am.
Listen, I better get going.
Vishal's waiting for lunch and my
bloody maid hasn't come again today.
Yes, Sir.
- Lunch, please.
- Yes.
The mutton wasn't good ?
The gravy was nice,
the mutton was a bit tough.
Don't mind her,
she means well.
It's good you interrupted,
at least the lectures stopped.
Can I ask you something ?
There's a tailor master nearby...
can I go help him ?
What happened ?
You need extra money ?
No, I want to learn.
What are the timings ?
Two to four pm.
I'll finish my work before I go.
Thank you, Sir.
She bit my head off...
but at least she left.
And the mutton ?
He didn't even touch it.
But he ate four chapatis
with the gravy.
If madam doesn't come back
will you quit the job ?
Why ?
you have your tailoring as well.
Namaste, Master-ji.
What should I do today ?
Just clean up upstairs.
Where ?
- Seven and a half inches ?
- No.
- Eight and a half ?
- No. More. Make it ten.
Ok. You can pick it up Friday.
can you show me
how to do it ?
For now just clean up.
We'll see next week.
Sabina madam sent them.
It depresses her,
looking at them every day.
Not here.
Why ?
Your madam isn't
the only one depressed.
He's the one who walked out.
- It's not like that.
- What have you heard ?
- Good evening, Sir.
- What's going on here ?
Sabina madam sent them...
I was going to put them in my room...
So you wouldn't feel bad.
Thank you.
I didn't get married
but at least I got the gifts.
Thank you.
What is it ?
Sir, shall I heat up your tea ?
No, it's ok.
Sir, you know, right...
that my husband passed away
two months after my wedding.
Sorry, no.
I didn't know.
He was sick.
Nobody told us.
Parents are always in such a hurry
to get us married.
It's the same in the village.
I wanted to study,
but they were willing
to take me without a dowry,
so my father didn't ask
any questions.
I was a widow at the age of 19.
Do you know what that means
in the village ?
What ?
Your life is over.
But today I'm earning my own money.
I'm a servant...
but I can educate Choti.
- Your sister ?
- Yes.
Life doesn't end, Sir.
That's all I wanted to say.
Just a minute, Ratna.
Get matching lace and lining for this
from Manish Market.
Right now ?
Yes, right now, it's urgent.
But Master-ji,
it's already four, I'll be late.
- You want to learn.
- Yes.
But you don't want to work.
Get it, it's urgent.
- Do you have lining for this ?
- Yes.
Quickly, please.
- Your lining.
- Oh, good ! Thank you.
Where the hell were you ?
Sir's been back ages.
Sorry, Sir.
I was late.
The tailor sent me shopping at four.
Is he paying you at least ?
He says he's teaching me.
Have you learned anything ?
Sir, shall I make some tea ?
Yes, madam.
Madam, I just got back,
let me check.
Hello, madam ?
Sir isn't here, madam,
he left his phone behind.
Yes, madam.
Thank you.
You're conducting random checks
on cement quality as we discussed.
- Yes, Sir.
- I don't believe this.
I thought I asked you to make
the frames of the facades.
The strucutural consultant needs
to get back to us for the louvers.
What louvers ?
Look Ashwin,
I'm all for green buildings
but not if we end up in the red.
Dad, I've got the budgets,
I've got the timelines.
If you want me to handle,
the site let me handle it.
Namaste, Master-ji.
I need you to open this blouse,
she wants it altered.
Who's going to stitch it ?
She's a regular,
I can't risk letting you ruin it.
It's been a month.
Nobody's going to teach you for free.
Ratna ?
Please pack Sabina madam's clothes.
Yes, Sir.
What happened ?
Should I look for a new job for you ?
- Why ?
- You'll have to move out now.
What will people say ?
People said it was my fault
I became a widow.
If I listened to people,
I'd still be in the village.
Ok, bye.
My sister-in-law lives in Dadar.
There's a really good
tailoring course there.
I know.
It's 5,500 for three months.
- Yes...
- So take it from me.
I don't want to take loans.
Pay me after Choti's exams,
it's just three months.
So I'll do the course in three months.
have some faith.
It's just three months.
Just do the course.
- Ratna...
- Yes, Sir.
- I'm not home for dinner.
- Ok.
If you're not home,
do you mind if I go out ?
Is everything ok ?
I have to shop for my tailoring course.
So no more free work for that tailor.
The timings are the same,
I'll finish my work before I go.
That's fine.
My heart beats faster than it springs
It flies like a carefree unbound kite
It opens its arms like wings and
Tells me to live a little
Live a little
You don't lose anything by living
See what it's like to live a little
See what it's like to live a little
See what it's like to live a little
See what it's like to live a little
Me and my heart run hand in hand
Relentless to reach the stars
Even in the day
Often when it's nervous
I reassure my heart
That you don't lose anything by living
Take a look and see
That you don't lose anything by living
You don't lose anything by living
You don't lose anything by living
You don't lose anything by living
You don't lose anything by living
Thank you.
You didn't scratch it, did you ?
I've been riding a bike
since before you were born !
- Hi, Ratna.
- Namaste, Sir.
I got everything I need.
Laksmi tai took me on the scooter.
Can I go ?
Should I heat up the food ?
No, no, it's ok.
In America I often ate
out of plastic boxes.
Sir, that life suited you better,
right ?
I mean...
There's no point thinking about it now.
It must be very expensive
to live there.
My life there was very simple.
I was a writer.
I know.
What did you write ?
Magazine articles,
online blogs...
half a novel...
Half ?
When my brother was diagnosed,
I moved back...
and all that got left behind.
But you can write anywhere, right ?
Yes, but...
It's not that...
You're probably right.
Hello, everybody.
I know you're in a hurry
to use the machines,
but first you need to learn to cut.
If you cut right,
the clothes almost stitch themselves.
Let's start.
This is the first step of tailoring.
First you will take the measurements,
after that you cut.
If there is any problem, then ask.
- The monthly accounts.
- Thanks.
How's your course going ?
Very good.
It shows.
You look happy.
You're very brave, Ratna.
Ok, Sir.
The keys...
Hey, Raju...
What does "brave" mean ?
"Brave" means... Why ?
Just tell me.
"Brave" means strong.
Why ?
No reason.
It was her idea to show up here.
You know,
she has the hugest crush on you.
She's a nice girl,
it's just that you know...
What ?
I need to be single.
Come on... like for how long ?
I don't know. However long it takes.
She said I make too much money.
Indian men are intimidated by me.
I think all men are intimidated
by you not just Indian.
What rubbish ?
What the... What did you do ?
Sorry ma'am.
What sorry ? You'll understand
once it's cut from your salary.
- Take it easy, guys.
- Look what she did !
You know I have morons like her
working at my place.
Once you cut a few thousand
from their salaries, they are straight.
she doesn't work for you.
Where's the loo ?
It's in there.
Dude, what the fuck ?
She was rude.
So were you, man.
I'll apologize.
Bye, Rina.
Sorry, sir.
No, it's ok.
I'm sorry.
- How much is this ?
- 100 Rupees a pair.
- Can you drop the price ?
- Yes. How many do you want ?
- 12.
- Ok.
Can I see this red one ?
- This one ?
- Yes.
- Very nice.
- It is, isn't it ?
Sorry, Sir.
I don't enter your room
except to clean.
It's ok, Ratna.
My mirror is too small
and I needed to try...
It's ok.
I walked in at an odd time.
There was a procession so everyone
left early to avoid traffic.
Other servants watch the big TV
and put on the AC...
But I never go in your room...
Ratna... it's ok.
I know...
No, it's ok. Eat, please.
Did you make that outfit ?
Yes, Sir, for Choti.
It's very nice.
She wants some city clothes.
Sir, can't you settle things here
and go back ?
America ?
Excuse me.
Watchman !
What are you doing ? Put your phone
down and do your job.
Ratna ?
Can you make me a lime water, please ?
Please go ahead and sit, Sir,
I'll bring it.
Is this your first job in the city ?
With mom ?
You must've been scared.
And tailoring ?
You always wanted
to be a tailor ?
Fashion designer.
Designer ?
You think I can't ?
I'm just asking.
You can be anything, Ratna.
Maybe one day you'll be famous
and won't recognize me.
- Are you making fun of me ?
- No, absolutely not !
I just meant
that it's a tough world, fashion.
Too tough for someone like me ?
What happened ?
I've raised him
as if he was my own kid.
But we are never one of them.
Madam abused me in English.
But what happened ?
I slapped him.
What ?
He abused me and kicked me.
I would have slapped my own.
Madam doesn't say anything to him.
She vents her frustrations on me.
You did the right thing.
But you know what ?
You should have done it years ago.
She won't ask you to leave, will she ?
She can't manage him without me.
Namaste, Sir.
This is for you.
All designers read it.
Thank you, Sir.
Sorry, Ratna.
Everyone is entitled
to their dreams.
Thank you.
What's this ?
Happy birthday, Sir.
Thank you.
You don't want to open it ?
Yes, of course.
You don't like it ?
It's unusual.
But nice.
Is it ok ?
I don't look ridiculous ?
It really suits you.
- You're wearing it to work ?
- Yes.
Sir, don't...
Don't tell anyone.
What ?
That I made it.
Namaste, Sir.
Sabina madam sent these in the morning
but you'd already left.
My dad liked your shirt.
Really ?
Hi, Vicky.
Nothing, why?
Ok, nine o'clock.
She is totally checking you out.
What ?
Stop it.
Can I get a glass of water ?
Thank you.
Is... Is madam gone ?
Did she even say sorry yet or just
hand you the packet of balloons ?
It's his birthday,
of course we need balloons.
Nobody gives a shit.
I'm not home for dinner.
Ok, Sir.
Hello ?
- What happened ?
- Nothing.
- You're not well ?
- No, tell me.
Mom and dad found me
a husband in Mumbai.
I'll talk to them.
I said yes.
As long as he lets me work
after marriage.
And your studies ?
You'll just drop out ?
I want to come to Mumbai.
What's so damn great about Mumbai ?
I want to come.
And they say he's a nice boy.
If he's nice then tell him to wait
until after your exams.
Father said we need to use
the exam fees for the marriage.
No. Choti... Absolutely not.
At least hear me out.
I'll call you later.
Hello ?
Hello, madam.
He's not at home.
I don't know.
I need to talk to you.
I need to go to the village.
My sister is getting married,
I need a few days off.
Ok. When ?
Day after tomorrow.
What about her studies ?
She wants to get married.
She wants to come to Mumbai.
But you were paying for her studies...
It's been four years.
Can she study after marriage ?
Nobody does.
I thought Choti would have
the life I couldn't have.
Ratna, you will make your life,
and so will she.
The guy could be nice, you know.
Nowadays city boys want
independent girls.
I don't know what city boys want.
If they'd waited just two months
she'd have her diploma.
Nobody wanted this certificate
except me.
I was forcing Choti.
I should have saved the money
for her wedding instead.
Ask Sir for money,
he won't say no.
Do you owe him money ?
Then ?
When are you leaving ?
On the morning bus.
Oh, Ratna !
Has Sir already found
madam's replacement ?
How should I know ?
Let's go.
Thank you.
For the marriage.
No, Sir. No.
Give it to Choti from me.
Thank you, Sir.
Sis... look.
You look very pretty.
Isn't it nice ?
City people just have style.
So now you're a city expert.
I watch TV.
You never even show me
any pictures.
But when you talk,
Ashwin Sir seems like Brad Pitt.
He's not Brad Pitt
but he's a decent guy.
Hi, Ratna.
Hello, Sir.
How are you ?
I'm fine.
Is the husband nice ?
He said she can take
her exams after the wedding.
So city guys are not so bad.
- Did you need something ?
- No.
Namaste, Sir.
I thought you'd be back
after the Ganesh festival.
I said three days.
- Shall I make some tea ?
- No, I have a meeting.
Did you take any photos ?
- You want to see ?
- Yes.
She looks happy.
There's none with you ?
Widows don't meet the bride
on her wedding day.
It's like that in the village.
But I don't live in the village.
Namaste, Sir.
There's a delivery for you.
It's for you.
Don't you want to open it ?
It's for me ?
Yes, it's for you.
Open it.
Thank you.
Come join us, Ashwin Sir !
- Come and dance !
- No, you dance !
- Go ahead and dance.
- They're leaving soon.
You should have danced more.
No, it's ok.
Yes, ma'am.
Ok, ma'am.
I'll be ready.
That was Mummy-ji.
She's having a party.
She wants me to make
fish curry for everyone.
Will you come out with me ?
Sir, I made a mistake...
Let's get out of this house
for a little while.
People will make fun of us.
Who ?
Raju, watchman...
I don't care.
I care, Sir.
I didn't know this place existed.
You always come here ?
You can see the entire city from here.
I used to think rich people
had an easy life.
But even you...
I mean...
You can't leave
even if you want to.
Imagine if you could hear
all the prayers going up right now...
So you believe in god ?
I have to.
Please don't call me Sir.
I need to ask you something.
Can you please forget this evening ?
I'm sorry... I forgot.
- Sorry, Vicky.
- What's up with you, man ?
I don't know... sorry.
Dinner's on you.
Squash and early dinner remember ?
Shit. I forgot we were meeting.
Ratna's cooked.
- Ok sir, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Rain check ?
- No, no, I'll come over.
- You owe me a proper dinner, man.
- I know, I know.
- Hi, Ratna.
- Namaste, Sir.
- We came home because of you.
- I'm gonna go get us some beers.
You didn't say anything, did you ?
Please, Sir...
All I said was I want
to come home for dinner.
That's all.
Please, don't worry.
Hey, I was just coming
for a glass of water.
- What's going on ?
- What ?
You can't date your maid, Ash.
I'm not dating her.
- Shall I heat up the food ?
- In a minute, thanks.
If that's nothing,
then I'm the fucking pope.
I'm not dating her.
And nothing's happened, ok ?
But there's something I feel
that I never felt with Sabina.
It's a kind of... trust.
Sabi cheated on you, Ash. I get it.
This chic is sweet,
she's there for you... but...
- But what ?
- But she's your maid.
Put that aside for one moment, ok?
She's the only one
who really understands me.
How do you put that aside
for a moment ?
Maybe you think you've found your
perfect love or soul mate or whatever.
But it's impossible.
What are you going to do ?
Take her to family dinners ?
Business meetings ?
- Yeah. Maybe I will.
- Bullshit.
Your mom won't even sit
at the same table as her.
Forget everything she doesn't know
how to use a fork and knife.
I'm not being a jerk, Ash.
I'm not.
Just look at things
from her perspective.
People will never let her forget
she's a maid, your maid.
She'll never live it down.
If you really like her,
if you really do, just let her be.
Leave her alone.
No, it's ok.
Ratna, shall I wait for you ?
No, I'll help them clean up.
Ok. Mansoor will drop you back.
Ratna ?
Shall I wait for you too ?
Sir, shall I make some tea ?
Everybody liked the fish curry.
How long are you going to call me Sir ?
So what should I call you then ?
Don't you feel bad ? Serving everyone
then sitting on the floor and eating ?
It's always been like that here.
Don't you feel anything about it ?
Don't you feel anything, Ratna ?
Fuck ! Tell me how you feel !
What do you want to hear ?
I may be a villager
but I'm not going to live here
as your whore.
What do you think I am ?
You think this is about
going to bed with you ?
It can't be anything else, can it ?
It doesn't matter what you feel
or say...
I am still your servant.
I don't consider you a servant.
What will you tell your parents ?
You shouldn't say anything.
- Nobody will accept it.
- I don't care. It's my life.
Your mother has already lost one son.
I can't do this to her.
Everything is ruined.
Don't think that.
Do you know why my in-laws
let me come to the city ?
So they would have
one less mouth to feed.
Plus I send them
4,000 Rupees a month.
But if they hear
that their honor is at stake,
my brother-in-law
will drag me back by my hair.
I'll be a widow for the rest
of my life, living off their scraps.
Why did you come
into the kitchen ?
They made fun of me afterwards.
I'm sorry.
I was so humiliated.
I'm really sorry, Ratna.
Don't go back to the village, Ratna.
I'm not asking you to stay here but...
let me do something.
No, Sir.
Some help...
It wouldn't be right.
Please, Ratna...
Don't worry, I'm going to my sister's
until I get another job.
And, Sir...
Please don't contact me.
I'll do that.
What ?
Jeetu is telling everyone
you stole something.
What ?
It's ok.
Everyone knows he's a fucker.
I never stole a pin.
But what happened ?
I need to talk to you.
I have decided to go back
to New York.
- You've been sleeping with your maid.
- No.
But I am in love with her.
In that case,
it's good that you're leaving.
Yes... ?
Ok, ma'am.
Can you message me the address ?
Thank you.
Turn left here.
Keep going straight.
Is Ankita madam here ?
- We have to deliver this today.
- Ok.
Quickly, please.
- Namaste, madam.
- Namaste.
Sorry for that night, madam.
Actually, I also said too much.
- You're interested in tailoring ?
- Yes.
Do you have the outfit ?
You made it for your sister, right ?
It's your design, ma'am.
That night
I was too focused on your dress.
It's good.
Choti, I got a job with a designer.
Fashion designer !
Really ?
But how did it happen ?
Sir must have told her.
Ratna ?
big man