Siren (2024) Movie Script

[host on stage] Next on stage...
is Malar, a 9th-grade student
from SVK School.
Greetings to all!
Many students
who spoke before mentioned...
as they scored good grades,
their Dads bought their phones
as soon as they asked for them.
But I don't have to ask my father for it.
I just have to think about it.
You may stay in the same house...
but you're apart with your phones in hand.
My father and I may stay apart.
But via phone, we're connected.
You won't believe it.
Right now, at this moment,
what I am doing,
Where I am,
or what I must be talking about
is known to my father,
who lives abroad.
You can see my father through me.
If you wish to live with him...
You can through my dreams.
Thank you!
First prize for the essay
on "Father is my world"...
goes to Malar from SVK School.
Malar, you spoke well.
Thank you, Sir.
You mentioned everything.
But you never mentioned his name
or where he lives.
Why are you not letting me
play with you?
My mother asked me not to
play with you.
It's because your father is in prison.
My father is not in prison.
He is dead.
Oh, I reckon you don't know.
Your father committed murder
and is in prison.
-Why don't you ask your grandma?
-I will ask her.
What happened?
Thilagan, the Jailer has summoned you.
Let's go!
How are you, Thilagan?
It's been fifteen days
since a petition was filed
for your parole,
as your father is sick.
Why have you not responded yet?
These parole petitions are
by other inmates.
This is Krishnamoorthy.
Petition for grandson's 1st birthday.
This is from Rocket Rocky
for his parent's 60th anniversary.
And this is from Kumar.
Conjugal visit for 45 days.
There are a thousand reasons for everyone
to step outside on parole.
To be honest,
I'm scared to let them out on parole.
Your mother is relentlessly filing
a petition for your parole.
I heard you agreed to go this time,
but now you're refusing.
Sir, he's afraid of his daughter.
He's wondering how he would face
a daughter who does not like him.
Why would you, Sir?
During your sentence, did it never
occur to you to visit your daughter?
At least with an excuse
to meet your father,
meet your daughter too.
Thilagan, please go and meet them.
I'll think about it, Sir.
What is he writing on the board?
A class on life today.
Among the 1200 prisoners
in this prison...
we 250 prisoners are special.
Because we killed someone.
So, tell me...
how long do you need
to kill a person?
A sharp knife is enough.
One stab in the stomach.
A button knife would do.
I will stab in the stomach
and call for a funeral.
Dude, I just need half a razor.
A slit in the jugular vein
will leave him paralyzed.
-He will die in no time--
-That's enough!
The other prisoners...
when they are released from prison
could return the items they stole.
But we all took someone's life.
Even if God permits...
we can't return it.
She killed a person
under the pretense of investigation.
I did not kill, Sir.
Get moving. I don't want to
see you at this station anymore.
We were skeptical about
you being a police officer.
What to do.
Our son was in love with you.
Now, this accusation of murder.
I did not kill, uncle.
Dear, I'm not implying anything here.
It's your department
that is accusing you of a murder...
and have ripped you off your uniform.
Am I right?
We don't have an answer
for our relatives.
Don't take me wrong.
This proposal won't work for our family.
Let's go!
-Come on.
-We're leaving!
Please listen.
Ma, one minute.
You're the first man I trusted in my life.
And you will be the last.
Get out!
-Please hear me out--
-Get out!
-Let's go.
-Please hear me out.
...the officials have summoned you.
-Did you check the file?
-Yes! And I submitted it yesterday.
The SI is troubling me.
Ask her.
So, have you made your decision?
Yes, Sir! I'll rejoin at my station.
You will ask for the same station.
Every month, you'd kill people
under the pretense of investigation.
And would go on leave
in the name of suspension.
I did not murder, Sir.
You're saved because the autopsy report
was in your favor.
If not, you'd have been stripped off
uniform all your life.
Miss. Nandhini, if this happens again...
there won't be any enquiries anymore.
I will go on parole, Sir.
Sister, they're waiting for you.
Hurry up!
-Hey, wait for me.
-What is it about?
My son likes small pieces of meat.
I don't know if he got to eat
good food at the prison.
During his stay over here...
only I will serve him whatever he needs.
There will be no discrimination of season
in the house anymore.
We will have non-vegetarian food all day.
Atthai, look behind.
-What is behind me?
Malar, when did you get home?
I arrived when you were celebrating
your prisoner son's arrival.
Oh, no... Malar!
-Oh, God, why did I blabber?
-What happened?
She's pissed at me.
Please hear me out.
My dear Malar!
Listen, Malar.
Malar, please open the door.
-Dear Malar...
-Amma, Amma, what happened?
As soon as she heard
that her father is arriving...
she went inside and locked herself up.
Malar, open the door!
-Malar! Malar!
Malar, where are you going with the bags?
What happened, Malar?
Malar, dear.
-Dear, Malar!
Malar, what happened to you?
-What happened, Ma?
-Ask her!
Malar, why are you taking down
the photos?
I don't have to see that man.
Neither does he need to see me.
Hey, Malar, where are you going?
-Ma, let's go to our house.
-What about this house?
Until that murderer is here,
this is not my house.
Let's go, Ma!
-I think he's returning from prison.
Not yet!
-I reckon it must be ten years.
-No, it's fourteen years.
Not yet!
[all] Hey, Jail Uncle has arrived.
My son...
He looks like a terror.
How are you, my son?
Hey, first, you remove it.
-Amma, look at this photo.
-Show me.
What are you looking at?
It's been fourteen years.
Only today, I'm seeing myself.
The people and system
may accuse you of things.
But when your daughter grows up
and asks about her father,
what would I say?
Tell her, not just her mother...
but her father died, too.
It's better to live without a father...
then to be called a daughter
of a murderer.
Welcome brother.
-Brother, take a seat.
-Sit down, son.
This is my wife, Chitra.
My elder son, Arivu.
Daughter, Krithanya.
My son, Sanjeev.
This is my wife, Geetha.
Saadhvik, go to uncle.
-He's Jail uncle.
-Don't say that.
-Apologize to him.
-It's okay.
Son, I know who you're looking for.
As soon as your daughter knew
you were coming...
she went to Kamakshi's house.
It's okay, Ma.
I'm here only for two weeks.
Until then, please don't disturb her.
I have a property near Koot Road.
I've decided to sell it.
What's with the sudden decision to sell?
I have my reasons.
I already spoke to the advocate.
You guys, please follow up.
Okay, Anna!
Malar is arrogant.
We are cooking for her father.
But she's holed up
at Kamakshi's sister's house.
Why do you think out of all these years,
he's now out on parole?
Sell the property and transfer the money
to the daughter's account.
But our husbands are fools
and working for him as a broker.
I can't agree more with you.
-No, I don't want it.
Hey, you should eat.
Or I'll hand you over to Jail uncle.
I believe this would be the last time
we will see him alive.
Akka, I left the stove on.
Let me go and check on it.
I did not mean to.
I did not hear anything you say.
Please forgive me.
No! I should thank you...
for taking good care of my daughter
all these years.
I've been in prison most of my life.
So, I lost the human touch.
I will correct myself.
Are you going to eat?
Or this Jail uncle will catch you.
I ate!
There's no party without an heir.
You made a garland out of my money.
Come on, Chief!
Hey, not you. You keep it safe.
Hold this for me.
Anbu, how's everything?
Thalaivar, you order and I follow.
Listen, like you were beside me
all these years...
Likewise, I want you beside my son
and make him win the elections.
Of course, I'll do it for him.
Why do you have a long face?
-Are you sure?
-I'll take my leave.
Begin the work.
Hey, Ramadoss!
This year, my son is contesting
in elections.
You heard it. Work diligently.
Anna, I have a perfect plan
ready for you.
I'll kill him at his bar.
How can you kill him on his turf?
-We can find alone out there.
You and he always have drinks together.
On the day of the murder,
you make an excuse.
And I'll kill him!
With me beside him,
he claims the seat is for his son.
If I miss this opportunity...
I will be licking the glue
off the posters on the wall.
Anna, this week, the news will read,
"Manickam Thangam is dead."
-Fine, do it without any mistake.
-Who was it?
-Anbu, Anna.
He was talking about an amazing contract.
If I close the deal,
the profit will fetch us 50 lakhs.
50 lakhs, you say.
What kind of contract?
I'll tell you after it's done.
You call this bird nest a house?
We'll buy land on the outskirts
and build a nice house.
Hey, Thilaga Varman!
Bloody, Parole!
-Tell me.
-Do you know Velankanni?
Yeah, it's near Nagapattinam.
If you take a bus from Kanchipuram...
via Trichy and take another bus.
I'm not talking about the city, Velankanni.
Look over here!
I'm prisoner Thilagan's shadow police.
Hello, Sir.
Bring me Thilagan.
They kill and get convicted.
But they get out on leave.
Do they think it's a prison or school?
Go and bring me the murderer.
I am Thilaga Varman.
Oh, it's you...
What is your height?
-I'm about six feet.
-Six feet!
Hereafter, you're not under my shadow.
But I'll be under your shadow.
Take good care of me.
Aren't you aware you're supposed to
sign the register at the Police station?
I cannot step out with an officer escort.
It seems like I overslept
due to a hangover.
When someone asks,
this should not be your reply.
You should say
we got stuck in traffic.
Repeat after me. Traffic! Traffic!
-Traffic! Traffic!
Only when you sit down to eat
does the watchman show up.
We are happy.
Please spare five rupees.
He's a Police officer.
I have never seen a Police officer
with so much hair.
I'm not offended
that you called me a watchman.
Only when you're happy
do you spare five bucks?
Hey, you're a comedy Police.
I have served food.
Only you come inside.
-You go, Amma.
-Bring some water for the Police.
-Don't mind my Amma.
Does it make a difference?
Thilagan, Anna. I'm leaving.
Sure! Carry on!
As soon as you arrive, a murder.
As I arrived, they butchered a goat.
Oh, that explains the food smell.
-It's rasam.
-I've never had something like it.
It's country chicken rasam.
A non-veg rasam!
Today's menu...
prawn fry, blood fry,
goat trotter's soup and biryani.
Do you use a plate
or a big tray to eat it all?
Would you like to eat?
How long do you take to pray?
I will pray until you finish your meal.
I'm going to feast today.
Come on!
Come on. Don't hesitate.
Treat it as your house.
-Amma, is it ready?
-Here comes the food monster.
-Dear, do you want to eat?
-Please come.
Why is the leaf so small?
Oh, come on.
This is the biggest we got.
I'll adjust.
Had I known, I would've come
prepared for a meal.
They don't serve decent food
to a Policeman.
Serve. Serve it all.
Gobble it all!
Eat slowly. You might choke.
Tell me something...
Is this mutton or goat's meat?
Please serve him some brain.
-Please serve.
-Does he not have brains?
-Brain, Sir.
Don't mind us.
Please have it
-Is that rabbit meat?
-Oh, no, that's my granddaughter.
Sorry, I could not recognize her.
Dear, aren't you eating?
Only if you're done can I eat.
Here you go.
Do you want some water?
You give it to her.
She's your granddaughter.
I think she'll be done with you
before she grows up.
He will swallow you!
Why are you serving me more rice?
Please try some rasam with the rice.
Sure, I'll taste it. Serve it.
-Do you have bitter curd?
-Serve it.
-Shall I serve?
-Please serve.
Hey, where are you trying to escape?
I won't spare you
no matter where you go.
Get back!
-Get back!
How dare you evade a Police officer?
Bloody Rasam!
-You carry on. I'll be back.
-You may leave.
Ma... Where is she?
Hold on. She'll be here.
It's time!
What are you doing?
I'm counting the days
until he returns to prison.
Hey, Thilaga!
She's walking out.
Can you hear her?
Dear, don't waste the food.
Sure, I won't waste food.
-Okay, bye.
Hey, that's your daughter's voice.
-Bye, Arivu.
Bloody sinner!
Why would you park the vehicle
in the middle of the road?
Old lady, you're becoming
a nuisance by the day.
If I park a bit forward, you yell at me
to stop at the entrance.
If I stop at the entrance
you yell at me for that, too.
Of course, your granddaughter is boarding,
but you don't own the bus.
Annoying old lady.
You speak as if you invented the bus.
You're blocking the view.
Hey, Malar, sit next to me.
Hey, Varma, that's my son.
Why are you waving at him?
Shall we go to the Police station?
Let's go.
Why is she noticing everything?
When do you plan to reform?
I did not do anything wrong to reform.
Stealing a cycle is a crime.
Madam, that's not stealing.
New cycle,
and it was parked outside unlocked.
I checked inside the house
and noticed many luxury cars.
So, I took away the cycle
as they don't need it.
I ought to!
Strike him, madam.
Congratulations, madam,
for rejoining the duty.
Madam, this is Thilaga Varman,
the Parole prisoner.
Vanakkam, madam.
When are you supposed to sign the register?
There was heavy traffic on our way here.
There were too many potholes
on the road--
-09:00 a.m. madam.
Say it out loud.
09:00 a.m. madam.
-What's the time now?
-09:30 a.m. madam.
Do you expect us to wait for you
to come and sign the register?
I apologize, madam.
Your parole ends if you're even late
by a minute after 09:00 a.m.
I'll be alert, madam.
I'll wake him up by 07:00 a.m.
-She's a woman of her word.
You better wake me up by 06:30 a.m.
-Sure, sir.
-Only then we'll have time to eat...
-Hey, Velankanni!
I'm already outside.
-I'll whack you.
-At your service, madam.
Sir, parole case.
I'm the shadow Police.
Shadow Police is with you 24/7
for your protection.
Sign it!
-There, he begins with his preaching.
-Sir, it wasn't me.
-Go inside.
How dare you come in?
Get out!
Sir... Sorry, sir.
I mistook it for a criminal.
Thilaga! Thilaga!
On the road to school,
a tree has fallen.
-The school bus won't be coming.
-Oh, no!
How will Malar get to school?
She's walking to school.
I have an idea.
Why don't you take our vehicle
and drop her off at school?
Your daughter is walking to school.
If you follow, you can see her.
Please go!
You're right!
I'm going.
Hey, don't try to escape.
-Don't spare him. Catch him!
-Hey, be careful.
-Be patient. Okay?
-That's more like it.
Oh, no, they tied him to
the electric pole.
Hey, how are you beating up
an auto driver?
Police, sir!
You're unaware of his past life.
Since yesterday,
you've lost so much weight.
-God help you.
-I'm on a diet for six packs.
Why trouble yourself?
Have you tasted crab lollipop?
I have eaten them separately.
-But never had them together.
I will make you a crab lollipop.
Come with me.
-Damn, Boss is getting whacked.
-Who's it?
Aren't you hungry?
You carry on. I'll get betel nuts.
Make sure you get more.
Oh, no, the Boss is getting whacked.
-Sumathi! Which ward is she in?
-Ward number 24.
Son, which way is the new SVK school?
This way.
The lift is out of order.
Damn it!
My darling, My darling,
Will I see you?
Do not close my eyes
With your hands
My darling, My darling,
Will I see you?
Do not close my eyes
With your hands
All my tears together
Want to speak to you
My darling
The chest that hasn't been
Touched by your delicate foot
Hurry up. Let's take cover.
Will not burn down
Even when set on fire
As my life...
Malar, come over here.
You validated my existence
You are the Goddess
Who has blessed my life
Hurry up!
My darling
Won't your anger Subside?
Won't it subside?
Wont this withering life
Get back to
The just blossomed flower?
Is the separation from a daughter
So insignificant?
If the heart doesn't break for this
Is it a heart at all?
Won't you look at me
for half a second?
Speak at least
A few harsh words to me
To heal my wounded heart
My darling
My darling
Won't I be able to
Go back in time?
My darling, My darling,
Will I see you?
Do not close my eyes
With your hands
Hey, it's raining hard.
Stop the vehicle near the shop.
Step down and get inside the shop.
Brother four teas.
It's fun, though.
-Buddy, it's raining.
-It'd be great if you came closer.
I meant you. Come closer.
Oh-oh! Coming closer is not enough.
Not enough.
Still, I can't figure out
what to check out.
Hey, what did you say?
Are you going to suggest
what do we look at?
-Let her suggest.
-Let's not indulge them. Let's go.
I think they got pissed off.
-Malar Akka!
-What happened?
-Malar Akka.
-She's putting up her price.
Sister, why did you not say anything?
Had it been me,
I would've complained to my father
and got them arrested.
Why are you sad?
They're not worth it. Let's go!
Like she mentioned...
If only my father were here...
he wouldn't have spared those boys.
I've been trying to woo her for a while.
But she's a hard nut to crack.
I will pick up this girl for sure.
You wait and watch.
If I pick up this girl... have to throw me a party.
I'll come tomorrow.
Tell me what I should look for.
Hey, turn around and look.
-Hey, buddy!
Hey, beat him!
Hey! Get up!
Creating a nuisance on the road.
Sir, let go of me.
-Get inside.
-I did not do anything.
Hey, look who's here.
Sir! Sir! This man beat us up.
Open the door.
Step outside.
Now, look closely.
Sir, I'm certain.
It's him who beat us up.
You enquire at the shop.
Everyone saw him.
How dare you beat up these guys
in the presence of a Police officer?
Sir, let me explain.
Stop giving excuses.
Let madam come.
Your parole will end today.
Sir! Sir, sir, sir!
After 14 years, yesterday,
I got a chance to see my daughter.
Do you know the lewd comments these
boys were passing on to my daughter?
Sir, I did not mean to.
Making a mistake in haste
has pushed me into hell.
We trust our families are safe outside.
But when we learn that's not true.
What do you expect me to do?
Sir, I did not mean to.
When I asked,
you said it was a petty fight.
-How dare you tease girls?
-I swear, sir.
-That too, school girls.
-Sorry, sir!
How dare you, rascals?
I'll whack you!
I can book them under
eve-teasing case.
But I'm worried about your parole.
I can't hold them in custody.
I will have to release them.
Please be careful during your parole.
Okay, sir.
[radio] When it's 10:00 p.m.
everyone thinks of Illayaraja, sir.
But the last caller mentioned
it reminds him of actress Silk.
What comes to your mind?
After 10:00 p.m. I get reminded
of my wife's face.
After seeing her face, I lose my sleep.
I'm used to it now.
What comes to your mind?
They will close the shop.
This route reminds me of...
...Annachi Wines.
You were in prison.
How do you know about Annachi Wines?
It's not like I was in prison
since my birth.
Back in the day...
I used to have a chilled beer.
Before the beer wears out
I'll have a hard drink.
-Good old days!
-I agree.
It's not like I can drink today.
You can!
How? That too when
I'm with an officer.
You should stop seeing me
as a Police officer.
You see, we've come closer
with liquor talks.
You can call me by my name.
Have you decided to go to
the liquor shop?
-So, you won't call me by my name?
-Oh, no!
After two drinks,
you'll call me many names.
We are here to buy liquor in black.
And they're running away
looking at the Police.
-What is this?
-A precaution.
You see, a police officer
and a prisoner on parole...
if someone clicks a picture of us drinking
and upload it
we'll be in trouble.
-Anna, you're a genius prisoner.
-Waste bottle. Open up!
Drunkard! They will only come
running after we close down.
What the hell is he doing?
Sir! Oh, no!
-Bring me a case of liquor.
-The shop is closed, sir.
How dare you read the rules to me?
Off you go!
Hurry up! Or else I'll book you
for a murder.
I'm rolling outside.
Go and put it inside the Jeep.
Sir, I'll put it inside.
His ideas will never work out.
How come he's here now?
Come on. Let's have a drink.
Thala, he's right here.
-Anna, I'm leaving.
-But there's Police with him.
I'm surprised with your response.
In the morning,
I have a "Ban Liquor" protest to hold.
Oh, yeah... Ban the liquor.
Also, I have to gather boys
for the protest.
-I'll take my leave.
-You carry on.
My boys are holed up
at the marriage hall.
It'd be great
if you send some liquor.
-Hey, Jackie!
-Yes Boss!
-Bring me two cases of liquor.
-Come here.
-Deliver it to the marriage hall.
-Okay, Boss!
Hurry up!
See you, Anna!
-Vanakkam, Anna.
Are you partying because
your Inspector, Madam, rejoined?
No way!
She does not even shake hands,
and you speak about a party.
You see, that man is my parole--
I mean, he's from abroad.
-So, he's throwing me a party.
-Okay, okay.
Why don't you sit inside the bar
and drink?
I don't drink when I'm wearing
the uniform.
-I ought to.
He won't drink while wearing a uniform.
But they don't mind buying alcohol
wearing a uniform.
Tell me.
Hey, I left the liquor shop.
-He's alone. Finish him.
-Sure, I will.
[sings a Tamil song]
Thilagan Anna!
Thilagan Anna!
Thilagan Anna!
-Thilagan Anna!
-Sir, don't touch the chips.
-I will file a complaint against you.
-Bloody fool!
Annoying creature.
Thilagan Anna!
Where the hell did he go?
Oh, no!
Hey, Thilaga Varman!
Damn, this parole will put me behind bars.
Oh, no!
Bloody parole boy!
Where were you?
I went to the restroom.
Had you not returned,
I would've pissed my pants.
You asked me not to consider you
as a Police officer...
but you still see me as a criminal.
You speak well.
You need to let me know.
-Let's go!
-Call me politely.
Let's go, darling.
I'll have the first drink.
Can you drive?
I don't know how to drive.
You don't know how to drive?
All I know is to spin this
or move this around.
That's it!
Don't worry.
In ten days,
I'll make you a great driver.
I charge you only 500 rupees.
Learning to drive won't help me
fly a plane, though.
Okay, let's have a small drink.
Let's not do it here.
I checked out a place outback.
I think like a criminal
and you're thinking like a Police.
I don't know where this combination
will take us.
Move your leg.
I need to change the gear.
An Indian citizen may forget many things.
But we should never forget
how to open a bottle.
Let me help you.
How's it? Give me the glass.
You may spill the food.
But never do you spill a drink.
[sings a Tamil song]
-Didn't I pour you one?
-I gulped it!
I'm parched.
So, I gulped it down.
The plan was to drink together.
If you keep at it,
only you'll be drinking.
No cheers!
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You know that I don't like this sound.
Take it away.
I'm really sorry.
The last victim of the bench hit
is still recovering.
Thank goodness!
I'm saved because he's in a good mood.
Yesterday, you beat up the boys
black and blue.
Do you love your daughter so much?
Every man will be blessed with
two angels in his life.
One: An angel born to live with us.
Second: An angel born to us.
We can't bear it when something
terrible happens to our angels.
But I lost both my angels!
This is why I prefer not to listen to
people's sad stories.
I'm sober now.
Pour me a drink.
That's an amazing song.
Hey, keep moving!
They're waiting for the liquor.
And he's vibing to the song.
[sings a Tamil song]
I will navigate with my eyes closed.
You follow diligently and crash
into the tamarind tree and halt.
He's dead! He's dead! He's dead!
Akka, ten minutes, we'll be there.
Please make way.
Move to the side.
Move to the side.
Hey, I'm already racing against death.
Why are you chasing me?
Make way.
There's a kid inside the ambulance.
-What happened, dear?
-Don't panic!
The kid will get scared.
Hey, make way on the right.
Make way at the signal.
-Here, take her.
-Give her to me.
Please be careful.
Thilagan Anna,
I do not feel like I'm driving.
Let me know
if someone is on the road.
Velankanni, we are home.
The house did not come to us.
We came to the house.
Ask your mother to get me hot water.
I'm feeling hot!
How dare someone lay hands
on the chief?
The worker at the bar was the first
to discover the body.
Madam, as you and Manickam were not
in good terms...
the party members feel
the investigation won't be fair.
Do you have a hand in this death?
You can spin stories at your will.
Until I find the truth.
-Make way.
-Madam! Please ma'am.
-Madam, this is the boy.
-Vanakkam, madam.
Bloody sinner, you will never prosper.
I curse you for killing my husband.
You will never be at peace!
My husband caused no harm to you.
You will never be at peace.
I curse you!
I curse you for life.
Oh, God, help me.
Step aside. Please listen to me.
Step aside.
You killed a man from our caste.
-How dare you continue your duty?
-Say the word.
-I'll kill her.
-Don't mess with the woman.
The uniform comes with arrogance.
It'll be fine when we remove it.
Oh, no! Don't get angry!
I mean the uniform, madam.
Keep moving. I should not see you
again at this station.
When you left the bar last night,
what was he doing?
When I left to deliver the liquor...
he was watching a song on TV.
By the time I returned,
someone had killed the Boss.
Check with the Electricity Board
if they shut down power last night.
When you returned,
was there electricity?
There was electricity all around.
But no power over here.
I came and switched it on.
Madam, there was no power cut.
-Yes, madam!
Take prints off the lever.
Okay, madam.
I can't rely on you.
The mill is you must've killed him.
I'll appoint a Special team
and continue with the case.
Sir, the investigation is ongoing.
There's a chance they cut power
and killed him.
I did not kill, sir.
You mean to say, Manickam?
First, find a way to catch the murderer.
Hey, DSP has arrived.
Isn't DSP our man?
-Step aside.
-Calm down.
Please stop.
Don't scream. Calm down.
Can't you see I'm speaking?
How can we stay calm?
Someone has killed our leader.
Do you expect us to bury him in vain?
You don't have to find the killer.
We will find him and kill him.
Listen, I understand your pain.
Please be calm.
Don't speak like a Police officer.
Please think as a member
of our community.
Anbu, don't see me
just as a Police officer.
Please take Annachi away
and perform the last rites.
Go ahead.
I thought you said DSP is our man.
But he's asking us to perform
the last rites.
End of the day, he's a Police officer.
The routine is you and Manickam
have drinks together.
Even when I invite you, you always
insist on drinking with your Chief.
On the day of his murder... did you go missing?
DSP, I'm angry at myself
for not being there.
Here, is the root cause.
Had I not left him alone
on that night...
No one could dare lay their hands
on my Chief.
I would've handled him myself.
Greetings brother.
This is Kanni speaking. How are you?
How could I be at peace
when my Leader's killer is at large?
Oh, no! I forgot to mention.
The knife that was used to stab him
was found at the bar.
They have extracted fingerprints.
I'm sure we will catch the killer.
Please recommend my name
for a promotion.
Okay, Velankanni.
Hereafter, if you come to know anything,
let me know beforehand.
Anna, you don't have to mention it.
I'll make sure!
I'll have some snacks.
-My land matter...
-Do you want him dead too?
Oh, God! My land matter...
-Anna, I need a small favor.
-Tell me.
My friend owns the land
at the Koot Road.
Could you please process the deal?
You will get a good value in that area.
-Of course, you wouldn't let it go.
-I was asking you to process the deal.
-Let things cool down.
Bring him next month.
Next month is my birthday...
-I concur it's pretty close...
-Listen! Listen!
What is it?
Tell him I have to go abroad.
My friend has come down from abroad.
In a week, his Pizza will expire.
Listen, it's Visa.
I meant his Visa will expire.
-Oh, no!
-Please do this for me.
Okay, you come to the farmhouse
at 08:00 a.m.
Is it the same house that Saroja visits?
Please process the deal.
Thank you.
-Mani, is everything in order?
Everything is in order, Anna.
Of course!
The Police just called me...
and informed that they found
a knife at the bar.
Also, there are fingerprints on it.
Anna, don't worry about it.
I have a plan for everything.
You and your useless plans.
It took twenty-five years for me
to execute this plan.
The DSP I'm having drinks is our man.
Still, if he knows, I will be in trouble.
You do one thing.
Give this money to your wife.
And surrender yourself at the court.
The first headlines I see tomorrow...
It should read, "Manickam's murderer
is found. Mani has surrendered."
If you try to play any tricks...
Then the news will read,
Manikandan has been murdered.
What's in the bag?
Come on, DSP. It's not like
he's carrying bundles of money.
He's carrying obituary posters of Chief.
-Hey, get lost.
Are you happy? The deal is done!
-I didn't even ask for my commission.
-Yes, I'm happy.
I heard you talk about a knife
and fingerprints.
Nothing about it.
Do you remember the murder
at the liquor shop?
The killer left the knife behind.
Had he left an address,
it would've been easier for us.
The department keeps nagging.
What can we do?
Thilagan, Anna.
But I can assure you...
when you return to prison
one person will accompany you.
I'm certain!
Your DSP called me and asked for
a separate report.
What seems to be the problem
between you guys?
He asked me to file a false case.
And I did not.
Senior Officer... It's obvious.
Okay, let's discuss Manickam's case.
The killer stabbed eight times
at the same spot on Manickam's neck.
Did you notice?
You've already mentioned it
in the report.
Take a look.
It's similar to Manickam's death.
He has bled through his ears and nose.
Not just that...
the eight files you're holding...
died due to an eardrum blast.
Are you serious, Doctor?
In 1995, when I was working
at Madurai GH...
for the first time, I performed
a post-mortem on a similar murder case.
Later, near Trichy
a similar murder occurred...
and the Doctor who performed
post-mortem mentioned it.
Six months ago...
a murder in the same pattern.
By 1999, eight murders were
in the same pattern.
It raised a question about the bleeding
through ears and nose...
and the Police were clueless
without any evidence.
Because the killer used
metal-like substances,
created high-decibel noise
and blasted the victim's eardrums.
During that time, the killer used
the same pattern in another murder.
But he also used a knife
to stab the victim.
The Police were able to arrest him
with the help of the fingerprints
found on the knife.
Why did he use a knife?
The victim was trying to escape.
What if it's the same MO
in Manickam's case?
-What's his name?
They were holding him in Central Jail.
The list of convicts transferred
from Central Jail to Puzhal.
The list of convicts transferred
to Palayamkottai.
Which David are you referring to, Madam?
David, who murdered people in 95'-99'
by bleeding their ears and noses.
David, who was transferred
from Central Jail?
Yes him!
He was released long ago.
His native is a small village
near Villupuram.
-Tell me, Madam.
Does David live in that village after
being released from Palayamkottai Prison?
That's right, Madam.
Then, monitor his movement
and arrest him right away.
We closed his case file.
A notorious killer was released...
and you say the case file is closed.
Madam, he is dead!
When he was released,
he was bedridden.
Madam, is it anything important?
Only if he speaks, we'll know the truth.
Even if he's alive, he can't speak.
Because he's deaf and dumb.
Madam, there's no way ahead.
Please go back!
Please turn around.
On the night of the murder...
What was the time when you went
to deliver the liquor?
I'm not sure about the time.
I gave liquor to Annachi and left.
-Whose watch is it?
-It's mine, Madam.
Where did you buy it from?
I did not buy it.
It's a gift from my girlfriend.
Bloody hell!
Girlfriend's gift, my foot.
This watch is not mine.
After they cleared Annachi's body...
I picked it up while cleaning the place.
I knew it must be a watch
that rich people buy.
-Oh, God!
-Madam, this watch...
It's mine!
I must've misplaced it when I was
investigating at the liquor shop.
You stole and, on top of it, lying--
While closing up shop,
did you encounter anyone new?
A Police officer came and bought
a case of liquor.
Also, he brought a friend from abroad.
Check who was on patrol
on that night.
Madam, he's lying.
Don't pay heed to him.
There were two glasses on the table.
Did Manickam have company?
This glass was for Anbu Anna.
-Was Anbu present there?
-He visits often.
He left early on that night
and did not drink.
Where can I find Anbu?
As per the information,
he's at his farmhouse.
-I need to meet him.
Madam, he only meets people
with an appointment.
I'm not going to meet.
I need to investigate.
"Live on Annachi"
It should be in bold letters.
Below it is a huge picture of mine.
Be rest assured. We will do it.
It'll be just as grand as we did
for Manickam Anna.
It's two kilometers
from the gate to the house.
It's scorching hot!
I left the papers in the vehicle.
Could you please bring it to me?
I don't get it!
Don't I look like a Police officer to you?
Oh, no, you misunderstood, Velankanni.
I'm on parole.
-If I go alone, you'll be--
-I'll be in trouble!
You use this to extract work from me.
I've worked for you more
then at the station.
Not on purpose.
Wait in a corner. I don't want
anyone to see you alone.
I'll take my leave.
Mani was supposed to surrender.
No news from him.
-Go and check on him.
Who is it?
I'm talking to you. Who are you?
Can't you hear me?
Can you hear me or not?
Who are you?
Velankanni brought me here
to fix a deal for my land.
Oh, you're that client.
Do I know you from somewhere?
Oh, no, I'm new to town.
I'm here to sell my land.
Aren't you the ambulance driver?
No. I'm here to sell my land.
Aren't you Thilagan?
What do you want?
I don't want anything.
I'm here to return what I was given
fourteen years ago.
How dare you?
Are you looking for this?
Do you believe
Am I doing good to you?
You have made a good man
act like a good man.
Criminals are afraid of the Police.
In my case, the Police is afraid
of the criminal.
Oh, no, Nandhini is coming.
Why is she arriving over here?
Oh, no, Thilagan Anna is here.
If she finds him over here...
she'll hang me upside down.
Thilagan, Anna!
Come on, let's go!
-Come on.
-What happened?
The Police are arriving.
-You're the Police.
-It's not important.
-Nandhini is coming.
-Why is she coming over here?
To buy two acres of land.
Stop with the questions.
Let's go!
What about my land deal?
You're the landlord,
and I'm the broker.
If they find us here,
she'll whack me.
Let's go.
Oh, no, she's coming this way.
Go! Let's use Saroja's route.
Go! Go!
-That's her room.
-Saroja always goes this way.
Fine, keep moving.
As it is, she's pissed off with me
for not cutting my hair.
If we get caught...
She'll skin me alive.
Come on. Hurry up!
-Check over there.
-Okay, Madam.
Hey, what happened?
Shall we cross out the place
near the bus stand?
But the land near Koot Road...
What's your opinion about it?
How come you're watching the news?
Let's listen to a song.
After building the house,
what shall we name it?
I'm excited about the house,
and you're watching the news!
Hey, give it back!
[news] UMMK Secretary Anbazhagan
was found dead at his farmhouse.
As their party, Chief Manickam
was killed a few days ago.
Anbazhagan was next in line
for the position.
But his mysterious death
has created a stir in Kancheepuram.
I don't get how only your enemies
are dying under your jurisdiction.
How could the time of death
in Anbu's post-mortem report...
and your arrival be the same?
Sir, I went there to investigate
Manickam's murder case.
-I'm happy.
-Were you there to investigate or murder... do we know? Tell me?
-Nagu is yelling at her!
Question her, Sir.
-What's happening?
-Grill her!
Whoever your Inspector enquires
they end up dead.
Don't bother. Let her endure it.
Sir, you're accusing me of murder.
What's the time?
-It's 09:00 a.m.
-Do you drink?
I wonder how your watch ended up
at the liquor shop.
I feel sorry for Madam.
-Shall we tell them?
On that day, we were at the farm.
What about the night at the bar?
Shall we tell them about it, too?
Sure, let's tell them.
Hey, you'll return to prison in 10 days.
Are you planning to take me along?
Do you remember how she yelled at you?
She has beaten me many times.
It isn't bad, even if she gets beaten up.
Let's grab drinks!
You have 48 hours.
Find out who's the suspect
and bring him to me.
If you don't,
I'll use your watch as evidence
and launch an investigation on you.
The deceased belongs to my caste.
If you don't find the murderer,
no one in this station will survive.
Is it the prisoner who was transferred
from Central Jail?
David who was released
from Palayamkottai jail--
The victims bled through
their ears and nose.
And died of ear drum blast.
This killer's pattern is to kill
and bleed to death.
Even if he were alive,
he can't speak.
A Police officer came and bought
a case of liquor.
Also he brought a friend
from abroad.
It's not him.
He looks so huge!
It's not him, Madam.
-Are you wasting our time?
-Sir, let go of my neck.
Did no one from here
come to the bar on that night?
No, Madam.
Karthi, show him pictures of officers
that were off and on the night shift.
Okay, Madam!
You can leave only after you
find the Police officer.
Okay, Madam.
Rightfully, the Police should find out.
But she's asking me to find the Police.
Doctor from the report
you issued on Anbazhagan
I arrived at a guess.
-What is it?
-Ma'am, my son is missing.
-Ma'am, please hear me out.
For the past 20 years
Anbazhagan has relied on a inhaler.
But according to the autopsy report...
he inhaled Hydrogen Cyanide.
If a person inhales Hydrogen Cyanide,
it causes blood sweat.
You do.
In medical terms,
we call it Hematidrosis.
At the time of his death
Cortisol levels were high.
His stress level was too high.
So, the killer must've infused
Hydrogen Cyanide in Anbu's inhaler.
In my experience, this is the first case.
You know what, Doctor.
This has happened before.
The three victims in the pictures...
-died of blood sweat like Anbazhagan.
Rishi - He killed them all
in a similar pattern.
Rishi has been in Puzhal Jail
since 2011 till present.
His pattern was used
in Anbazhagan's murder.
David - 'In 99-'2007, he was
in Central Jail.
In 2007, he was transferred.
to Palayamkottai jail.
David's pattern was used
in Manickam's murder.
But David is not alive.
So, if a murder has occurred now
in a pattern
that resonates with prisoners
from two different prisons...
-...there's a third person involved!
-Three days since my son is missing.
-I won't leave.
-Don't yell. Get out!
-I will leave once I get help.
Why are you making so much noise?
Please find my son.
-What case is it?
-Missing case!
Her son is a thief.
She is not listening.
-Get lost!
-No, you're mistaken.
I've been coming over here
since my son went missing.
They're refusing to file a complaint.
As if we're sitting here jobless.
There must be many complaints
against your son.
-Get lost from here.
Sorry, Madam!
What is the name of your son?
Vikram, ma'am. Vigneshwaran.
Your son is a petty thief.
No ma'am. He has stopped.
She's right.
Nowadays, he's into eve teasing.
Last week,
he was troubling a schoolgirl.
And was beaten up by the father.
Did they beat up my son?
-Who beat him up?
Madam, it was...
Who beat him up?
This man beat us up.
Why was I not informed about it?
Poor thing. He's out on parole.
A prisoner on parole has indulged
in a fight.
Feeling sorry, my foot!
Ma, they will file a complaint.
-You may go.
-Okay, ma'am.
Get going!
Only a prisoner who was at
both the prisons could've done it.
Do you mean the prisoner
who was released from Central Jail?
He was released
from Palayamkottai prison.
A Police officer came and bought
a case of liquor.
He died, Madam.
Also he brought a friend from abroad.
Parolee, Thilaga Varman, Madam.
Which prison is Thilagan from?
-Which year?
-2005 till current.
In 2005, there was no Puzhal prison.
What is his mother prison?
Go and bring me the probation report.
-Which prison?
-Central Prison!
In 2005, Thilagan was with David
in Central prison...
and later with Rishi in Puzhal.
-Was it him?
-Yes, that's him!
How did you find him?
Is he the friend from abroad?
Not sure. But he was tall.
When did you find this watch?
I found it while cleaning
after Annachi's body was cleared.
Did you forget?
I found it at the entrance before
I discovered Annachi's dead body.
Madam, that means your watch...
I thought I lost it
when I went there for investigation.
But the watch was present
when the murder occurred.
So, Thilagan swiped my watch
to mislead the case.
Where can I find Thilagan?
Anna, who are you looking for?
We're running out of auspicious time.
Anna, the client,
is going to sign the papers.
If you sign, too, it'll be done.
-Please come.
-I'm coming.
Thank you!
Did you notice?
Everyone looks fine.
But when we visit, they end up dead.
Many have come down today.
I don't know who's going to die next.
Velankanni, stop scaring me.
I'm waiting for my daughter to arrive.
Oh, you're excited to see your daughter.
My daughter is determined
not to see me.
Of course, I love my daughter
as she was born to me.
But in the case of our children...
they don't love just because
they're born to us.
Their love depends on how we raise them.
My daughter should never feel that way.
Please let me know when she arrives.
I'll be on the other side.
Is it imperative that I should come?
It is because you're the only daughter.
They need you for the registration.
We can leave once you're done.
Will that man be present?
Hey, after so many years...
you're going to see your father
for the first time.
Please don't be so harsh on him.
I'm saying it because
I never want to meet him.
Please don't call him my father.
Malar, dear, we will build
a new house on this land.
In this house, you, me,
and Mother will live happily.
Come to the station.
You're doomed!
-What happened, Sir?
-She's going to kill you.
Oh, no!
Vanakkam, Madam.
Sir, what is the issue?
Why did you murder Anbu and Manickam?
Did he murder them?
What are you saying, Madam?
You committed a murder...
Step aside. Come to the station
and discuss further.
-Sir, what happened?
-Madam, I did not murder them.
I did not do it.
My daughter is here.
Please take your hands off me.
Madam, let go of me.
I... did not... do it...
How dare you?
Come on! Come on!
-What happened, Sir?
-What happened, Sir?
I'll explain later. Come with me.
Oh, no! Hey! Madam...
Sir, what are you doing?
I'm holding a child.
What happened, Sir?
Tell me what's the issue.
-Ma, please go back.
-Where are you taking him?
-Get inside.
-Madam, please hear me out.
-What happened, Sir?
-What happened, Ma?
Where are you taking my son?
Velankanni, Sir, was with me all the time.
How could I be at the murder site?
You may give many reasons.
As it was time,
I asked him to shut the shop.
"If you don't, I'll file a case."
That is what I told him.
And he's accusing me of buying
a case of liquor.
After this place,
we did not go anywhere else.
Sir, please believe me.
Madam, I know the owner of this shop.
Meat is delicious here--
You're annoying me...
What if the prisoner on parole
died of hunger?
-Then people will speak badly of us.
-I'm telling the truth.
You're focused on the gallery.
Please check my wallpaper.
-You will be surprised.
-Sir, why are you taking my prints?
-Sir, please hear me out.
-I have your picture.
-You're my inspiration, ma'am.
-Sir, I know everything.
Sir, please...
-Hey! What happened to the fingerprints?
-I got them, madam.
Hey, place your hands on it.
Case No. 34/2005 - Thilaga Varman.
Listen, your prints are registered
on the knife.
There's a witness, too.
On that night when I was
returning from work...
I saw him stabbing his wife and Kathir.
I did not commit the murders, madam.
-Shall I take another picture of you?
-I'll handle you later.
Hurry up!
We must take him to the judge.
Vanakkam, sir.
Do you only work your cases
during the night?
Why can't you visit the court
during the day?
Sorry, Sir. It was an urgent case.
A prisoner on parole
has committed two murders.
Also, a minor boy is missing.
If we pity and grant you parole...
you don't seem to respect that.
I did not kill anyone.
The Police won't arrest you
without evidence.
Indeed, I was arrested
without evidence.
What do you mean by no evidence?
Sir, this is Thilagan's copy
of the judgment.
The deceased Anbazhagan was
a witness who incriminated him.
On the 10th, he got out on parole.
And on the 14th,
the first murder occurred.
Then, on the 18th,
the second murder occurred.
In both the murders, the same pattern
was used as his inmates.
Sir, just because I got out on parole
on the 10th...
and the following murders are resonating
with the pattern of my inmates...
she is accusing me of being the murderer.
But a dead body was recovered
from a bridge in Wallajah on the 8th.
The pattern was the same as the inmates.
They hide a needle inside the torchlight...
then use it to stab the victim
and throw it right there.
Torchlight murders continue.
A man named Vamsi murdered
Sixteen people in this pattern.
Whether it's the prison
or in the department...
everyone knows about torchlight murders.
But two years ago,
he was hanged to death.
Then, who committed the murder
on the 8th?
-Umm... I need to investigate.
-So, you did not.
-No, Sir--
-Sir, madam may not know about it.
Because she was under suspension.
Were you under suspension?
Yes, Sir.
Custodial death, Sir.
In the pretense of investigation,
she beat him to death.
Mister, he died of a heart attack.
However, the reason for her suspension...
is the protest staged
by the deceased Manickam and Anbu.
The deceased and her have enmity.
Looks like the case is now
pointing towards you.
That is why she's cornering
an innocent prisoner on parole.
Sir, I'm out on parole
after fourteen years.
I don't get it. Why is madam
giving me a hard time?
Despite being under the watch
of shadow police 24/7...
yet I don't understand why she thinks
I'm the murderer.
This is an embarrassing moment
for the Police department.
The situation calls for remand
the Police officer.
You stay out of trouble
until your parole is over.
Don't allow him to visit public places.
Okay, Sir.
Sir, this week is their village carnival...
It'd be great if you gave him
permission to attend it.
He's out on parole to meet
the sick father.
But now you're celebrating
the village carnival.
Spoiling my sleep cycle.
Do they see me as a judge
or an accused?
Incorrigible people!
Once I find Vicky...
I will prove that you murdered them both.
I did not kill them, madam.
Thank goodness you gave me
this newspaper.
If not, we must've been
in deep trouble.
Hey, he's out here.
Hurry up!
He's out there.
Hey, stop right there.
Make way for Kalimuthu, Anna.
Keep your anger under control.
It does not matter how you were outside,
in prison, be a good man.
The prison will reward you
with the Good Man stamp.
On that day,
you can avenge your enemies.
Thilagan, you're not like us who are
in prison to serve for their crimes.
But you're the one who will serve first
and then commit the crime.
A mere bow and arrow is not enough
for hunting in the forest.
But patience is paramount.
You're new in the prison.
There's a lot you can learn
from every inmate.
Like Kalimuthu, Anna, suggested...
I started to act as a good man
despite being a good man.
I taught the prisoners about
the value of human life...
Yet I learned from them
how to take a life.
I was getting ready for a hunt...
and learned every move
of the three I was hunting.
If I get out on parole...
my only goal was to...
kill them all without getting caught.
Thilagan, this is my number.
Whenever you make up your mind
to kill them...
just give me a call.
For you, I will kill them,
no questions asked.
During your sentence, did it never
occur to you to visit your daughter?
I'll think about it, Sir.
May I borrow your phone?
One minute.
Go ahead, talk.
Son, check who's calling.
-Grandpa, it says, Jail.
-Give it to me.
-Who's it?
Hey, how are you?
Only now you remembered--
Who should I kill?
At Kanchipuram, GH, look for
ambulance driver Ganesan.
Go and meet him.
He will give you an unclaimed corpse.
Put the corpse on the bridge in Wallajah
and stab him with a needle.
Why do you want to kill a corpse?
I thought you promised to do it,
no questions asked.
I've met many who killed like you
in prison.
Unfortunately, in some way,
you all got caught.
It's because you all believed
you'd never get caught.
But I believe
I will definitely get caught.
I will finish the job.
Check the newspapers.
Grandpa, what did your friend say?
Nothing, my dear.
What do we do when we're about to fish?
We put small fish as bait
to catch the big fish.
That's what my friend asked me to do.
Sir, I'll go on parole.
-Hi, sit--
-No need.
Hi, did you finish your homework?
-Did you finish your drawing?
-I could not do it.
I gave it to my brother,
and he drew it for me.
Listen, girls, since you arrived,
you have not spoken to me.
It's because your father is abroad.
So what?
Wait! What does your father do?
My father is a school teacher.
-Your father?
-Bank Manager.
-Your father?
My father is an advocate.
What is your father?
-He is abroad.
-Where in abroad?
-In abroad...
Abroad... Say that he's in a prison abroad.
You lied and won the speech competition.
Why did you not say that your
father is in prison, not abroad?
Abroad Jail.
-Come on, let's play.
-It's okay. Carry on.
It's been ages since we played this game.
I blindfolded him.
Spin him around.
He's ready. Go ahead.
-Catch them.
-You can't catch me.
Hey, Malar's father is in prison.
So, all this while she was lying to us.
-Hey out!
-Hey, he's out!
-Come on, brother.
-Let's blindfold Velankanni now.
Hey, take your hands off my pocket.
You're the watchman who monitors our uncle.
-What did you say?
-Hurry up, run!
Stop right there.
How dare you call me a watchman?
-Hey, brat!
-Run! He's coming for you.
-Oh, no!
-Oh, God!
You lied and won the speech competition
That's right.
On the night of the 14th...
think well and answer.
I was here until 10:00 p.m.
I did not see him.
No, Sir, I have not seen him.
-Did you not see him?
Madam, no one saw Thilagan
on that night.
Murthy, what are they saying?
Madam, they have not seen him.
-I reckon they did not see him, too.
A girl claims she saw him.
A girl?
-Please come.
-Come here.
When did you see him?
It was on the 14th night
at 12:30 a.m.
How are you precise with the time?
I noted it down in the calendar.
He and a Police officer...
got down from the vehicle
and went inside the house.
-Where do you live?
-She's Thilagan's daughter.
Please don't address me
as that murderer's daughter.
Fine, you may leave.
I'll call you if I need you.
do not spare that man.
Why did you let her go, madam?
Her statement won't stick in court
She's talking out of spite
because her father is a murderer.
We can arrest him
only if we find Vicky.
-Have you seen them both?
-No, Sir.
I did not see them, Sir.
I have not seen the man.
But this boy hired my auto.
-I dropped him off.
Yes, Sir. Over here.
Go ahead, tell me.
Madam, five days ago an auto driver,
claims to have dropped Vicky
near Thilagan's land.
-What time did you drop him?
-07:30 p.m.
Was he with someone else?
There was no one.
He was speaking over the phone
and went toward the arch.
Isn't this Thilagan's land?
Reverse the car.
Go in the field and check.
Damn! This madam is a torture.
She won't rest until she arrests
the prisoner on parole.
I checked everywhere, madam.
There's nothing around.
-Malar... Malar...
-What happened?
She hit puberty.
-I won't come to that house.
-Please hear me out.
I'm upset and counting the days
because my son will return to prison soon.
I really don't care.
Ask him to return to the prison
or else go and die.
What did you just say?
For fourteen years,
he was locked up inside,
longing to see his daughter...
Despite being so close to you,
he cannot see you.
You wouldn't know
what he's going through.
He's away from you now because
he does not want you to suffer.
You call me your mother.
I'm asking this to my daughter...
Please do it for me.
-Please listen to her.
-Fine, I'll come!
But until I'm in that house,
he should not step out of his room.
A bud has blossomed now
And is feeling shy
Adorning a colorful bindi and flowers
Look at her standing
The entrance is decorated
With the plantain tree
There is a procession of gifts
All kith and kin come together
Come and join all the girls
And dance
Search for a groom
Who would build a big house
Has the shine increased?
Glows gone up?
Did you feel this
Looking at yourself in the mirror?
Be safe
Be sensible
Let not the evil eyes be on you
Understand my darling
Stay happy
Hey baby, Hey baby
You have grown up
My granddaughter
Even the sky would feel Jealous
Looking at you
Keep your ever chatting
Mouth shut
Keep away your naughty ways
Tell the story of your puberty
To your anklet
Your fashion choices will change
Moving forward
The world will lock you up
Talking about cultural practices
Do not submit, my girl
Question every enforcement
In fact, women are the creators
Still, she has to carry the baby
in her womb
The world will sideline you
Treating you like untouchable
Just burn all those practices
And do your work
Has the shine increased?
Glows gone up?
Did you feel this
Looking at yourself in the mirror?
Be safe
Be sensible
Let not the evil eyes be on you
Understand my darling
Stay happy
-Come on, let's go to the station.
-Hold on, man.
Hey, where are you taking me?
Hey, stop shaking the bike.
Vanakkam, sir.
Velankanni, sir, did not show up.
So I came.
You can sign the register later.
Wait over there.
Sir, I arrived on time.
That does not mean
I have to hurry up.
Go and sit down.
Where were you?
At least they let you come to them.
But they brought me here last night.
He's speaking indifferently,
and you're blabbering.
What's happening?
Hey, why did you kill that young boy?
-Did you say I killed him?
-I did not kill anyone.
-Who else, then?
-They killed my son.
-Don't cry.
That boy's mother is here.
Don't cry, Ma.
Ma! Ma! This is the man.
He's the one who beat Vicky.
-Bloody killer.
You killed my son!
You won't prosper in life.
-Ma'am, please let him go.
-What did you do to my son?
-I won't spare you.
-Take your hands off him.
I won't spare you.
Why? Why did you do it?
-Please let go of him.
-I will kill you.
-Take your hands off.
-Go! Go! Go! Take her away.
Behave yourself.
This is a Police station.
-Why did you kill him?
-You won't die a peaceful death.
-Get going.
-Hey, take her outside.
Hang him to death.
-This uncle saved your life.
-Thanks, uncle.
Sister, be careful.
Be careful.
Hey, only now...
do I see fear on your face?
You'll co-operate only if we
arrest you with evidence.
-And I did.
I did not kill him.
I will tell you
if you murdered him or not.
Tell me, Saravanan.
Madam, Thilagan's fingerprints
did not match.
It did not match.
Knife from the bar.
Main board lever...
Prints from both did not match
Thilagan's fingerprints.
Velankanni, you were with me
all the time on that day.
How could I have killed him?
I should be asking this question.
Madam, we have to take him
to the Magistrate.
-We're running late.
When did you find this watch?
I picked it up at the entrance
before I found Annachi's corpse.
Please wait.
-I need a favor.
I need Vicky's post-mortem report.
Hey, that's on Madam's table.
If I get caught...
she will strip me to undies
and make me sit on the floor.
Only if we get the report
can we get your uniform back
and I can clear myself as not a murderer.
-Please check on this sooner.
-Okay, Madam. Sure!
Thank goodness he's not here.
Lakshmi Akka, your husband,
is caught in a harassment case.
-Go and straighten him up.
-He never changes.
-I'll handle him.
-Poor woman.
Velankkani, why are you going to
madam's room?
Madam called and asked me to spray
the room with room spray.
-You keep scribbling.
-Do as you please.
Instead of work,
she's interested in other things.
Oh, God, it's her uniform.
I should be careful with fingerprints.
What happened?
Did you not get it?
Here you go!
-Thanks Velankanni.
-First, open and check.
Madam, who does these
fingerprints belong to?
Why do you ask?
Fingerprints from the murder weapon
and bar lever both match.
Your face and this dress do not match.
As if you look like
a crisp IPS officer in uniform.
Oh, Madam is here.
Everything is ready, Madam.
Shall we bring him to the Magistrate?
Thilagan did not murder Manickam.
-Then who did it?
-Check the report.
Madam, Vicky?
I thought Thilagan swiped my watch
to mislead the case.
However, Vicky must've swiped it.
Thilagan beat up Vicky.
Was Vicky held at the station
the whole night?
Yes, Madam. We let him go
only the following day.
The following night,
Manickam was killed.
-Vicky went missing the next day.
-Hey, don't go over there.
Madam, I need to talk to you
about this post-mortem report.
How did you get this?
Madam, please read what's written
in the report.
Who gave you permission
to touch the report?
A murderer you,
how dare you access my table.
Madam, I'm unlike you.
To murder someone under
the pretense of investigation.
Did you witness it?
Did you see me kill that person?
Everyone says otherwise.
-Who is saying it?
-Madam, I did not say it.
Who said it?
Who the hell said it?
It's making you angry, right?
You're a high-ranking officer...
But you do get angry when someone
accuses you of something you did not do it.
I'm an ordinary prisoner on parole.
When people accuse me of a murder
that I did not do it...
won't I fear, Madam?
I swear I did not kill him.
Madam, someone has inflicted
scratches on the boy's body.
Also, the report states there was
a shred of skin between the teeth.
The scratches on the hand
and skin in between the teeth...
indicates it happened during a fight.
And the boy must've bitten
the attacker while escaping.
If you want, you can run a DNA test.
I wonder what's a DNA?
We'll handle the DNA test.
What about stabbing?
I swear I did not stab him.
Please run my fingerprints if you want to.
Yes, Madam.
Thilagan explained the report beautifully.
-He's not brilliant, Madam.
-I'm brilliant.
I stole the file from your table.
Velankanni? Velankanni?
Did you call me?
I called you.
My left ear is out.
Let me move to the other side.
-I need a favor.
I gave you everything I possibly could.
-There's nothing left.
-There's one thing.
-That register.
-He spoke to someone called Manikandan.
-Yes, Madam.
After that,
Vicky's phone was switched off.
Sorry for the disturbance, Madam.
I need to speak in private.
Please step out.
-Mannerless fellow.
Madam, usually Vicky's mother
signs the register and takes him.
But this time, Manikandan
signed the register for him.
What do you reckon?
If we find Manikandan,
we can find the murderer.
Are you teaching us
how to investigate?
We're in trouble because of your
irresponsible shadow policing.
Why don't you give it a try?
Find out where Manikandan is.
Madam, we'll eventually get to it.
But it was Thilagan who beat up the boy.
Also, he buried him in his land.
We can't get more
substantial evidence than this.
Please do as I said.
Didn't I follow her orders?
Go ahead!
Please, Sir.
The first time, it's always bitter.
-You'll eventually get used to it.
-Ask Thilagan to leave.
-Okay, Madam.
Ma'am, I have a request.
What is it?
People are making fun of me
in this dress.
It'd be great if you could
give me back my uniform.
Oh, no!
Why did you sign for Vicky
at the station?
Why did he make the last call to you?
Did you kill Vicky?
Confess! Come on, confess!
Yes, Madam. I killed Vicky.
-Why did you kill him?
-You see...
-Confess! Confess! Confess!
-Madam, madam, madam.
We had a conflict about
how to share 50 lakhs.
-He threatened me, Madam.
-Money matters, is it?
Where did you find 50 lakhs
to buy a land?
Anbu Anna gave me the money.
Why did Anbu pay you 50 lakhs?
It's hurting, Madam.
Tell me!
Why did Anbu give you money?
-Tell me!
-To kill Manickam.
To kill Manickam, Madam.
To kill Manickam, Madam.
Here, Sir.
Hey! Hey! Hey, get up.
Did you and the young boy
together kill Manickam?
Sir, we, too, thought we killed him.
I ought to!
-Tell me.
-He's right here.
-But there's Police with him.
-It's not an issue.
Let him start drinking.
I'll be there in half an hour.
Vicky did petty theft,
so I lured him with money.
And took him along to kill Manickam.
Once he enters the bar...
First, I asked him to switch off
the main power.
Then I asked him to enter
Manickam's room.
I asked him to lock the door
if he started asking questions.
I reckon he was high
and did not ask any questions.
I came from the window behind...
and stabbed him, sir.
He died! Died! Died! Died!
After I killed him, I asked him to leave
from the front entrance.
And I escaped through the back exit.
I know one day I will get caught
in Manickam's murder case.
That's why I brought in Vicky.
I paid him five lakhs...
And I told him
I'll bail him out in 6 months.
But we did not find any of your
fingerprints at the bar.
You're right, Madam.
If at all Vicky tried to bail on me...
I didn't want to get caught.
So, I planned in such a way
that Vicky's prints were all over.
As per the plan,
I told Vicky to surrender
after Manickam Anna's death.
Based on trust
I took money from Anbu Anna.
And I was waiting for the news
of his surrender.
But news of Anbu Anna's death
was on TV.
I was confused.
On that evening...
I asked you to surrender in court.
Where were you?
The money isn't enough.
What the heck?
I gave you five lakhs yesterday.
I want twenty-five lakhs.
-Take your hands off.
-I ought to. Come with me.
-Anna, let go of me.
-Take your hands off me.
-How dare you threaten me?
Why are you beating me in vain?
What happened to you?
I asked you to surrender.
But you're planning to get me caught.
I killed him.
All you did was throw away the knife,
and five lakhs isn't enough.
You stabbed a dead body...
and took the money to settle down.
What nonsense?
I'm not blabbering.
I'm telling the truth.
Before you stabbed Manickam...
he was bleeding through his ears
and his nose.
When I switched off the main board,
the killer stepped out.
I thought it was Manickam and hid.
Let's split it equally.
If not, I'll confess to the Police.
-It's hurting. Take off your hands.
If he goes to the Police,
I'll be in trouble.
So I killed him.
And buried him in the same land
as I was going to buy it.
You did not see who killed Manickam.
Vicky told me he did.
And you killed Vicky.
Evidence points toward Vicky.
Then who killed Manickam?
You arrested a man who
took money to kill Manickam.
But he fabricated evidence
on someone else.
On top of it, you claim
the pattern is of old killers from prison.
I, too, have the same confusion.
We will have clarity
once we go to Puzhal prison.
You don't have to do anything.
What is the name of the deceased boy?
File a FIR on him in that murder case.
Hereafter, don't interfere in
Anbu and Manickam's case.
I will investigate this case.
Madam, if the DSP knows it,
we'll be in trouble.
I can't sit ducks and watch people die.
-Yes, sir.
You can't interrogate him.
He's deaf and dumb.
-Is Rishi deaf and dumb?
Also, we don't have a translator.
Sir, the previous murders occurred
in deaf and dumb David's pattern.
If Rishi is deaf and dumb...
it does not sound like a coincidence.
Sir, what's the count of deaf
and dumb prisoners in this prison?
-How many?
-There are four prisoners.
Sir, can I interrogate all four?
Only then can I get a lead on the case.
-All four, you say?
I'll arrange a translator.
Just fifteen minutes.
Okay, let's go.
Ask them if they have shared their
killing patterns with someone else.
Are they kidding us?
If they don't speak the truth,
I'll whack them.
Come on, translate it.
I'm talking.
How dare you walk away?
Madam, what are you doing?
Come over here.
How could you beat a prisoner
in the name of interrogation?
This is not a Police station.
-You don't have proper permission.
-What else do you expect?
All the murders happening outside
are of their pattern.
They're lying.
Madam, they want their advocates
to come over.
They won't speak to us, sir.
Tomorrow morning, Thilagan will return.
Once he's here, we'll do it.
-Parole prisoner Thilagan?
He is their translator.
-Sir, one minute.
Hold on!
-Madam, wait.
-Step aside.
Sir, tell them he's been
murdering people outside.
No! They consider him as a God.
They consider a wife killer a God.
If you wish to save a life...
you will pray to God, right?
If that's the case,
for his people, he is...
Dinesh, come!
Watch out. Sit down.
-Anna, please come here.
-Hurry up!
Don't worry. We're here.
Nurse, over here.
Only your hand is hurt.
Don't worry.
Nurse, please come.
Please call for a Doctor or a nurse.
-I'm dying in pain.
I am sorry.
Hello, I've been calling you.
It's not that important now.
The patient out there
is suffering in pain.
Hello, you were distracted
and blaming me.
Thilagan, why are you yelling?
What happened?
Who is that girl?
I kept calling her.
But she was doing other work.
Let me go and complain to Father.
Hey, stop right there.
Father appointed her as the nurse.
That girl is deaf and dumb.
Okay, sister.
-Are you serious?
She is Sister Mary's daughter.
She aspired to be a nurse like her mother.
And with a lot of difficulties,
she's here on a special appointment.
She's a very good girl.
Don't you know to call me
on arrival?
Oh, I did not call you.
If you click this switch...
the light over there will come on.
Only then I will know.
Okay. Come on, we have to
discharge patient number 4.
We have a lot of work.
Please take him home.
Come on, son. Let's go.
We have work to do.
-Oh, so you've fallen...
Is Nurse Mary married?
She's the proof that Mary was married.
Sorry, I meant,
is this nurse married?
-She's not married.
-She will be soon.
Akka, how do I apologize to her?
To others like this.
But to her, you can hug her.
So hug it is.
Go ahead.
Until yesterday...
I am sorry.
I'm sorry.
I am sorry.
The first love story of the world
Began today
It feels like I am on fire
It hits like the snow
I see the clouds of rainy season
I need to reach the shores
When will the ocean dry up?
I searched and found you
I don't hear the sound while talking
Your looks lighten up like lamps
There is no one like you,
my goddess!
Until yesterday...
I was all alone till yesterday
The first love story of the world
Began today
Thilagan Varman, do you take
Jennifer Mary as your wife?
I do!
Jennifer Mary, do you take
Thilagan Varman as your husband?
Is this marriage forced?
No, no, you're mistaken, father.
She said, "I do."
In the language of your silence
You speak in a child-like voice
In the noiseless world of ours
You paint poetry
Is it real? Or a dream?
Unable to fathom
The art of transforming
The day into a night
Until yesterday...
I was all alone till yesterday
The first love story of the world
Began today
He escaped from there.
But we'll kill him here.
-Anna, they're going to kill me.
-Please save me.
-Kathir, don't panic.
-Where are you?
-I'm near Periyar Salai junction.
Please come soon.
Don't fear. Call the Police.
It's the Police who asked to kill me.
I'll be there in ten minutes.
Hey, you won't bear hunger.
Please eat something.
Ma, it's an emergency.
-He ran in here.
-Hey, go and look for him.
Hey, look inside it.
Hey, Kathir! Kathir!
Switch on the lights.
Look properly.
Get up!
The inspector wants your signature.
So, it would be best
if you wrote it yourself.
-I didn't ask you for your wealth.
-I asked for a suicide note.
-Sir, please, sir.
Hurry up.
The train is about to arrive.
Sir, please leave me.
The hell don't you hear me?
What are you doing?
Hey, step aside.
-Oh, no!
-Please save me.
Hey, who are you?
Ambulance driver!
Hey, two of you,
go and bring me the stretcher.
Hurry up!
Don't panic.
The hospital is nearby.
Hey, you guys are standing like statues.
He's bleeding.
It's us who made him bleed.
We have many here,
and we'll take blood from them.
I ought to hack you.
I'll stab him to death,
and you can take him.
I'll take him.
I dare you to stab him.
My septum broke.
Hey, don't be a child.
You're freaking too old
to be whining like this.
What happened?
I can't breathe.
You got cramps, that's it.
It's not like you're dead.
Inhale and exhale ten times.
Come on!
When you get hurt,
people shout, "Amma."
Sir, it's been only a week
since my wedding.
Oh, God! You should've told me.
I'm really sorry.
Heel jump. Heel jump.
Keep doing it.
Local hospitals won't work
for you; only Puttur will.
Let's go.
What's wrong with you?
Oh, wheezing!
I dare you to go past me.
Six stitches, and don't take
a head bath for three days.
-What happened, Doctor?
-What's wrong with you?
Take him to a Government hospital.
Doctor, I have to travel
ten more kilometers for it.
-You give him first aid.
-You're an ambulance driver.
To you, all cases are the same.
If he dies, I'll be in trouble.
I can't do it.
-Where is Jenny?
-Over there.
He's not going to live.
No one should attend to him.
Okay, sir.
What did you tell her?
It's our duty to save lives.
I can't lose a life to save my job.
Sir, you go ahead and
prescribe diabetes medicine.
Oh, God!
It's hurting!
I and inspector Nagalingam's sister
are in love.
We belong to different castes.
They called me to speak about marriage.
I trusted them and went to
meet them.
There, Nagalingam and Manickam
threaten me.
He beat his sister
right in front of my eyes.
-I ought to!
-Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Bloody! Hey, Kathir!
I did not mean to disrespect you
by eloping with your sister.
I intend to marry your sister
and lead a happy life.
If my sister elopes with you
-I would die of humiliation.
-Sir, please don't do it.
Just because we let you people
inside our town...
How dare you come and ask
my sister's hand in marriage?
As I was dating his sister,
he tried to kill me.
However, I managed to escape.
And my brother came to my rescue.
Why file a case?
I'll try to convince the inspector.
Speaking to him won't kill
the caste fanatic in him.
There's more danger in Police's lathi
then the knife of a murderer.
Sir, please file a case.
Tell me.
Sir, the eyewitness,
the ambulance driver,
is very strict.
Speak like a Police officer.
What we file becomes a case.
Suppose it's just the boy
there are no issues.
But there's a witness, too.
It's best to finish it within your station.
If not... do you expect me to
get my sister married to him?
I will kill him.
-Sir, don't act in haste.
-What do you expect?
In this case, you're A-1.
Then, the entire town will come to know.
The ambulance driver messed with us
without knowing our might.
Bear this in mind, Inspector.
If I see him, I'll bury him alive.
If something were to happen to him,
we three would be in prison.
Then Kathir will marry my sister
and live happily.
What do you suggest we do?
-In some time...
I'll handle it.
-Yes, you. Come!
You go and have your meal.
I'll join you.
Tell me, sir.
We questioned the boy who interfered
in our sister's life
Why did you intervene in vain?
Sir, the Police can question a criminal.
But your methods are wrong, sir.
You're supporting him too much.
Is he your man?
-Sir, he's your sister's man.
Don't get worked up, sir.
Whoever calls in an emergency,
I'm their man.
Tomorrow, if you're in trouble,
I'll be your man.
Think about it, sir.
Both the boy and the girl
are pursuing medicine.
Why don't you get them married?
Just because they are both pursuing
medicine won't change the dynamics.
It won't be equal even if he
comes into a fortune.
You see, I have a pet dog at home...
I will touch that dog.
It was crawl on me and play with me.
It will try to cuddle, and I will, too.
That doesn't mean
I will share my plate with the dog.
Hey, the caste has prevailed
since our ancestors.
A bunch like you
don't try to destroy it.
Caste indeed prevailed since our ancestors.
But it's not wrong to hope it will change
with our upcoming generations.
If a profession decides one's caste...
The boy and your sister are doctors.
If you believe that caste is
based on one's profession...
-You're a Police officer...
I was trying to level with you,
but you're going overboard.
Ten seconds are enough to scare you.
Oh, no, ten seconds are up.
Don't scare a person
who wears death on his sleeve.
I can't help but laugh.
One more thing:
Someone said there's no caste...
Please don't go looking for
which caste he belonged to.
-Anna, one tea.
-On Periyar road, an auto was arriving.
On the other side, a truck drove fast.
When I looked, it nicked the auto.
-Oh, no!
-The auto was crushed.
Poor thing,
there was a girl inside the auto.
-I hope she's not badly hurt.
-No, no!
People around came for help.
Hold his hand. Pull him up.
I'm going to give you ten seconds...
No, just in one second...
Shall I instill fear in you?
The girl can't speak.
She's a mute.
Don't be in haste,
and listen to the story.
Once they realized
that girl is your wife...
A mustache man brought a big knife...
...and stabbed her in the stomach.
Hey, Nagalingam. Nagalingam!
Your wife is lying alone on the road.
You're an ambulance driver, right?
Don't you know every second you waste
is losing a life?
The fire may or may not burn you.
But the caste will burn you!
You can't go to the hospital.
Heavy traffic.
Hey, come on!
Hey, throw it on the windshield.
-Hit it hard.
-Do it!
Why is he glaring at us?
Yeah, right!
Hey, break the glass.
Hey, keep reversing!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Turn around. Turn it around.
Come on!
Drive faster!
-Go near him.
-Throw the bottle.
Don't spare him!
Stop the vehicle!
I said, stop it!
Hey, stop it!
Don't let him get away.
Please save her.
Hey, let me be inside.
Doctor, is Jenny is doing well?
I'm sure she's fine.
I have a track record of no casualties.
Till today,
nothing has happened to anyone.
You, too, have mentioned it.
That I'm a lucky charm.
Doctor, why aren't you saying anything?
Akka, did she call for me?
-Only I know the sign language...
She died on the way in the ambulance.
Had you brought her
a few minutes earlier...
we could've saved her.
If the sky breaks
and falls down on the head
Will the grass survive?
Why didn't I stop
The conspiracy Staged?
Which God will come to
Solve this issue
She doesnt even have words
To cry out
Is morality a farce?
Oh, no, no, no!
I saved the life of so many
In the world
But I lost my world
The earth will revolve
Without stopping
The sky will keep emitting fire
My God is going like a corpse
Being eaten by anger
Will the earth eat up the flawless moon
Without conscience?
Living by deteriorating life
What could be the name
Of the life?
What could be the name
Of the life?
What could be the name
Of the life?
What is it, dear?
-Thilaga, come with me.
-What happened?
-Come with me.
-Sir, what happened?
-I'll explain.
-Tell me what happened.
I said I'll explain. Keep walking.
-Sir, what are you doing?
-Take the child.
-Sir, what happened?
What happened?
Please tell me what happened.
Where are you taking him?
What happened?
Where are you taking him?
-What happened, sir?
-What happened?
Malar! Malar!
A-1 accused, Thilaga Varman...
as his wife, Jennifer
had an affair with Kathir,
on 14-01-2005, 11:00 p.m.
killed them both with a knife.
And put up an act to save her
by taking her to the hospital.
It has been proved
with substantial evidence.
As per Section - 302
The court sentenced Thilaga Varman
to a life sentence.
He was accused of killing the person
he saved.
They killed his wife.
And pinned the murder on him.
As if that was not enough...
you're accusing him of
again committing a murder.
Now tell me... is he a murderer?
Is he a murderer?
Back then,
maybe he was not a murderer.
But the current murders
were done by him.
When I see this road...
I get reminded of Annachi Wines.
I have picked a place outback.
Who is it?
Who are you?
Hey... it's you!
Oh, did they release you
from the prison?
You drove an ambulance
to save the people.
But you could not save your wife.
You lost your life.
You lost your wife.
You lost everything.
At least save yourself.
Get out of here.
Why did you tie me up?
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do?
You demand pure caste blood.
Now you will witness it.
Hey, stop it!
I can't take this sound.
Stop it!
Hey, please stop!
Hey, don't do it!
Let's have a couple of last drinks.
Don't say no.
Tonight, your parole ends.
Tell me, madam.
Sir, fourteen years ago,
you filed an FIR on Thilagan...
is now out on parole.
Do you remember, sir?
We suspect him to be the murderer
of Manickam and Anbazhagan.
Tell me the name of the inspector
whose sister Kathir was in love with.
You see...
Only if you tell me
can I alert that person?
Please understand, sir.
It's your DSP Nagalingam.
Back then, I was an ordinary SI.
That's why I couldn't...
-Madam, how come you're here?
-Please sit down.
Have it before it gets cold.
The tea is fantastic.
Shall I get you one cup?
I appreciate your courage.
But only tonight is left.
The Police have surrounded
your house.
At dawn, your parole ends.
I won't let you go past me and do it.
After the car did the rounds,
I will be back here.
Until then, Thilagan should not
leave the house.
Okay, madam.
-You two guard this gate.
-Okay, madam.
And constable, you stand guard
near the verandah.
you go to the backside.
We'll play after dinner.
Shall I be inside the house on alert?
We had enough of your "On alert."
Please don't show me your face
for a month.
I was planning to apply for
one month of medical leave.
I'll get you oil from Velankanni.
I'm certain!
I'll WhatsApp you my leave letter.
-Ask the battalions to be on alert.
-Okay, sir.
-In the morning, bring back the rope.
-Okay, sir.
Check if all the roads are blocked.
Are you here to worship the car?
No, sir. I was investigating
Manickam's case.
I told you not to investigate that case.
Sir, it's not safe for you to be here.
After Manickam and Anbazhagan...
you're the next target.
Were you dreaming?
I'm telling you
after a thorough investigation.
The car has left.
Everyone be on alert.
Follow the instructions on the walkie.
Go ahead!
His name is Thilagan.
-What name did you say?
-Ambulance driver Thilaga Varman.
Fourteen years ago, he was
incriminated for his wife's murder...
Manickam, Anbazhagan, you...
Wait! Is he out of prison?
He's out on parole.
Tonight, his parole ends.
That's why I'm saying
you're not safe here.
-Abdul, what is your team doing?
-I can manage. You leave.
-Why is it crowded before the car?
You may leave.
Clear the crowd.
-It's not possible in Kanchipuram.
-You're right, sir.
-I don't know...
-Everyone, please be on alert.
-Sir, Vanakkam.
-Where are you?
I'm here to shadow a paroled prisoner.
-Yes, sir.
-Do you have your gun?
-Yes, I do.
Listen closely.
The car is on rounds.
There will be the sound of crackers.
Say he was trying to escape
and shoot him dead.
-You're shocked, as if it's new to you.
Finish the job.
You belong to my caste.
How long do you intend to remain SI?
As you say. I'll do it, sir.
But there are a couple
of our officers here, too.
Tell them I asked to go to car duty.
-Hey, Venkat, come over here.
-What is it?
DSP is yelling over the phone.
They're short on force near the car.
He's yelling why are there four shadows
for one paroled prisoner.
It's a complicated case.
I can't reason with him.
You go inside and hide.
-Who will be here?
-I will be here.
I have a gun with me.
I can handle it.
The carnival this year is crowded.
It's massive.
I thought of attending it.
There's too much chatter.
Sorry, Ma'am.
Where's your uncle?
We're looking for him too.
If you find him,
we'll make him out.
Keep moving. Don't crowd.
Ladies carrying lamps,
please watch out.
Dear God, save us all.
Come on! Keep it moving.
The crowd will keep getting large.
Don't be gawking out there.
Bloody morons. I'm yapping here,
but no one's answering.
Why are you still standing there?
Hey, ten Police at the main entrance
come to the live location of the car.
The car is jammed
and is not able to move.
MLA's wife is arriving
near the 2nd barricade.
Receiving sir.
Take the battalion and leave now.
-Go! Go!
Why is everyone surrounding DSP?
Copy sir.
-Leave from there.
-Okay, sir.
-Hey, what happened?
-Power cut, ma'am.
Give me the exact location
of the power cut.
The power is down at the car street.
Where did he go?
-What happened?
Sir, we're playing hide and seek.
-I'm looking for him.
-To hell with you.
Hang up!
Hey, have you not learned
your lesson yet?
You will regret this for life.
Hereafter, I don't have a life!
Hey! Hey!
Don't do it.
Don't do it.
I can't hear you!
I can't hear you!
Sir! DSP, sir!
Sir, sir. DSP, sir.
Hey, hurry up! Lift him.
Call for an ambulance.
Ambulance, reverse.
-Watch out.
-Please be careful.
Come on, drive!
Make way.
Check with the driver
which hospital he's taking him to.
Madam, Guru is with him.
-Then call Guru.
-Okay, madam.
Guru is coming in the car.
Hey, make way for the ambulance.
Hey, just now, one ambulance left.
Who called another one?
Who called for an ambulance?
Hey, it's The ambulance driver.
The woe of not being able to
voice out your pain...
Now, you must realize it.
My Jenny would've suffered similarly.
The way she struggled...
You, too, struggle and die.
Who asked you to leave the house?
-We must find Uncle soon.
-You're right.
-Go and close the gate.
-Okay, ma'am.
You go around and check.
What happened, madam?
Hey, how did you get here?
I was hiding inside.
Sir, too, saw me.
Yes, madam.
They were playing hide and seek.
I, too, was searching for him.
Yay, uncle is caught. He is here.
They found me.
You, please apply sacred ash
to your forehead.
I meant, please take some sacred ash.
As I could not attend the carnival...
Also, the house is surrounded
by the Police.
So I bathed and prayed
inside the house.
Uncle, we looked for you everywhere.
Where were you?
Even the bald Police
was looking for you.
-Where were you?
-I'll tell you.
Tell me, uncle, where were you hiding?
-Take care of Malar.
-Malar is my daughter, too.
Thank you, uncle.
What's this uncle?
For your education,
I have deposited money in the bank.
Study well.
Velankanni, I may have caused you
trouble knowingly or unknowingly...
Let it be unknown to me.
I'll be happy that the uniform
was of use to you.
Mummy, hereafter, please send food
to the Police station.
Do you think it's right to avenge them
after so many years?
You ignore the one who causes harm.
It feels wrong when you say
not to avenge them.
But you can't even tell your daughter
how good a person you are.
That's your fate!
Have you heard the cries of
the daughters of the prisoners?
I have heard them inside the prison.
It's best that she thinks I'm evil
and stay happy
then to know that I'm good and be sad.
As a father, if my going to prison
brings her happiness...
I am ready to give her that happiness
until I'm dead.
Anna, someone is here to meet you.
I don't meet anyone.
Her name is Nandhini.
She's the Kanchipuram inspector.
My darling, My darling,
Will I see you?
Do not close my eyes
With your hands
My darling, My darling,
Will I see you?
Do not close my eyes
With your hands
All my tears together
Want to speak to you
My darling
The chest that hasn't been
Touched by your delicate foot
As my life...
You validated my existence
You are the Goddess
Who has blessed my life
My darling
Won't your anger Subside?
Won't it subside?
Wont this withering life
Get back to
The just blossomed flower?
Is the separation from a daughter
So insignificant?
If the heart doesn't break for this
Is it a heart at all?
Won't you look at me
for half a second?
Speak at least
A few harsh words to me
To heal my wounded heart
My darling
My darling
Won't I be able to
Go back in time?
My darling, My darling,
Will I see you?
Do not close my eyes
With your hands
My darling, My darling,
Will I see you?
Do not close my eyes
With your hands