Sirius (2013) Movie Script

Most people don't
know what a dead man's trigger is.
And even fewer need one.
A dead man's trigger is a safety valve.
For reasons of security,
a person prepares a recourse
of such severe action
that, if harmed,
they will release a cache of damaging
evidence against those enemies.
Given his situation,
Dr. Steven Greer is one of those rare men.
Why would he need one?
He's not the first person
to push the disclosure of a corrupt
military industrial agenda.
In the counsels of government
we must guard against the acquisition
of unwarranted influence
whether sought or unsought by
the military industrial complex.
In his final public
speech a farewell address no less
in a time when every second
of TV was priceless
United States President
Dwight D. Eisenhower
decided not to brag about his
victory in the Korean War.
Instead, he cashed in all his
chips to warn this nation
of a hidden enemy.
We have been compelled to create
a permanent armaments industry
of vast proportions.
The total influence economic,
political, even spiritual,
is felt in every city,
every statehouse,
every office of the federal government.
We recognize the imperative
need for this development,
yet we must not fail to comprehend
its grave implications.
When I was with Laurance Rockefeller
at his ranch in 1993,
he turned to me and he said,
"The implications of this are
so vast and so profound
that no aspect of life on
Earth will be unchanged
by its disclosure. "
I said, "Yes, Laurance.
That's why it's been kept secret.
It's not because it's trivial.
It's because the implications
are so profound. "
So there have been attempts
to bring this information out
for over sixty years.
And here we sit in 2012
with the world still burning
oil and gas and coal
when we have had technologies, sciences,
and all the information we need
to have had a completely new civilization.
What Eisenhower warned us about
over sixty years ago,
according to Steve Greer, has long
become truth in Washington, DC
Why is Washington, DC booming?
Because the rest of the country
is sending their money here!
My name is Ted Loder.
We been working with CSETI program
and Dr. Greer for fifteen years.
What one always wonders,
if the public really knew
what was going on with the
government covert programs
and how much money has been put into it,
you know, hundreds of billions of dollars,
I think the public would
be a little annoyed.
Thomas Jefferson
believed all men have the right to
life, liberty, and the
pursuit of happiness.
The government they formed would
serve to secure those rights.
But when corporations or other
specialized groups of men
Become more powerful than
those who govern,
our security is at stake.
Thomas Jefferson
wrote about unchecked
power of a corporation
being a threat to the
democracy and the banks.
You see, the US Federal
Reserve Bank issues every dollar bill.
Yet, it is not run by the US
government or any elected official.
It is owned by a private banking cartel.
But here I find the chairman
of the Federal Reserve,
who's in charge of the dollar,
in charge of the money,
in charge of what the money
supply is going to be...
The middle class is being wiped out,
and nobody's understanding that it
has to do with the value of money.
Prices are going up.
So how are you able to defend this policy
of deliberate depreciation of our money?
Part, a lot of it depends
on what happens to the price of oil.
The four horsemen,
or families of banking
who own and run the Federal Reserve also
run the four largest oil companies.
Oil is also used to make and run machinery
in current mechanical technology.
Of course, there's one industry that
needs these more than anyone else:
the Military industrial Complex.
You begin to get into this
very scary scenario
that has to do with the human condition
of the proclivity to accumulate
vast amounts of power
around a handful of people.
Alright, sit down and shut up.
And right now these misanthropic sociopaths
are running the planet into the ground.
When congress or whatever
else or budget directors say
we've lost a hundred billion
dollars in black program,
what does the public do?
What can the public do?
We can complain to our congressmen,
but our congressmen can't
get any information.
With lobbyists,
interest groups,
campaign funding,
the economic powers that be
have learned to control
the political sphere.
These politicians become
almost like placeholders,
and they don't realize that until
they get into the white house
or into the Senate intelligence committee.
It doesn't matter who the President is.
They're going to do what they want to do.
And that which is good for them
isn't always good for everybody else.
From 1945 to 1998,
2,053 nuclear bombs
exploded on this planet.
United States detonated over half of them.
Now I have become death,
the destroyer of worlds.
When the first nuclear bomb
was exploded in Trinity,
Robert Oppenheimer, one of the founding
fathers of the nuclear age, said,
"We have done this before. "
It could have been that
Oppeneheimer was speaking about
weapons described in the
ancient Sanskrit texts,
like the Mahabharata
in which they refer
to a bolt of iron
charged with the light of a thousand suns.
This bolt of iron was hurled in anger
and led to an explosive event which
is very graphically described
in this religious scripture.
Specifically showing all the key
indications of radiation sickness
and the various problems
with nuclear weaponry
that we've come to expect.
When we started detonating
thermonuclear weapons,
atomic weapons,
and developing these sort of
destructive technologies,
the civilizations that have been
watching this planet for millennia
said, "Oh my God.
These people are going way
off the reservation.
They are now an existential
threat to themselves
but also
to other planets, potentially. "
All over the world,
we see very conclusive evidence
that ancient people were in contact
with extraterrestrial life.
The Japanese
said that their civilization
was given to them
by a people they call the Dogu
who came from what they described as
"Ama no Tori Bune"
which translates as
"bird boat universe"
meaning flying boats from the universe.
The ancient Sanskrit writings of India have
elaborate descriptions of
"vimana" or "flying craft".
These texts are thousands of years old.
They predate any conception that
we have of spacecraft or aircraft.
But evidence is not
just found in ancient texts.
It is also captured in our ancestors' art
as if it was plainly obvious that E vehicles appeared in ancient skies.
It is a forgone conclusion by
most broad-minded people
that we are not alone in this universe.
The question is how close are they?
And we all looked up at once. It
was almost like an intelligence told us,
"Hey, look over here. We're here. "
Saw a few red lights in a triangle
almost directly overhead.
I saw these things, and I ran inside
and got my brothers and sister.
It actually lifted up,
and it could actually turn.
I wasn't one who believed that UFO's
might exist, I was satisfied they exist.
They estimated 100 yards from
the left wing was this 100 foot disc.
A lot of the astronauts are told a lie
and their good Americans too.
They develop the film from the moon.
Everything that's done by NASA.
There is so much
evidence out there
that even if less than 1% is true,
that would be enough to collapse
the current paradigm
and change the whole planet.
This is our signature tones
that we broadcast over
a small walkie talkie.
They were recorded in a crop circle.
What happens is the extraterrestrials,
they come into the area
where we vector them in
with the signature tones that we broadcast,
and it enables them to home in
and get a real good fix on where
the site is while we're setting up.
The whole concepts of the
crossing point of light,
the physics of consciousness,
and interstellar communication
all were developed on a kind of a vision
quest we did here in '95 or '96.
Astronomer J. Allen Hynek
developed the scale
to identify the types of
human-ET encounters.
From his original three categories,
a fourth, more controversial,
Even more controversial,
Steven Greer added
a fifth kind of encounter:
Human Initiated Contact.
So, how is this done?
Given Schroedinger's idea
that the number of all minds
in the universe is one,
in order to make this type of contact,
a human could potentially access
that single inner consciousness
through intense meditation and
then visualize his location
down through the milky way
to the planet Earth
to wherever he sits under the stars.
In theory, then,
any extraterrestrial passing by
would be able to hear the broadcast
and know exactly where to go
if they choose to do so.
It's interesting how many people
have never been out in a place like this,
where they can see the
whole milky way galaxy.
Most people who come for a week,
it alters their life.
There is meditation techniques.
There's remote viewing techniques.
And once you start learning these
processes and refining them,
then you can make contact
more quickly, more easily,
and be more of a asset to the group.
Checking to be sure that there's
no source from anyone else
so that when we do start having
electromagnetic signals through this
we know that it's a legitimate source.
My name's Emery Smith.
I've been with CSETI for
approximately three years.
Getting a base line reading from us.
My duties consist of a couple things:
I am Dr. Greer's head security detail.
I also am their photographer.
I operate anywhere from two
to six cameras at one time.
Many of the craft that are
coming in are trans dimensional
and, the way I understand it,
not visible to the human eye,
and that's where this new technology,
the night vision,
that's where that's coming into play.
With the advent of new
technology that's out there
it becomes easier and easier for us to
capture these beings and these
celestial objects on film.
After you do the night vision
it has a green hue, of course,
and after a while when you
get back to real life,
you're thinking,
"Why isn't everything green?
This can't be reality. "
I'm going to show an early
one from Gulf Breeze from 1992.
We went down there
and one of the fun things
that happened is that
I had about 40-50 people,
"Let's go out on the beach. "
And we didn't have good cameras then,
but you'll get the feeling of how exciting
it was having all these people
and one and then two and
then three and then four
ET craft materialized right in the sky.
one, two, three.
- Yes! Four!
There is four.
- There's four! There's four!
We have a confirmed CE-5.
Holy damn hot shit!
Hot Dog!
- Hallelujah!
So the point, the point is
it's fun!
It is your responsibility
to go into meditation,
find a little bit of time,
ten-fifteen minutes,
and remote view who's up
there and how many.
I can attest to the fact that
real phenomenon happens here.
I really feel that his CE-5 protocols are
based on a spiritual kind
of positive contact
and I think that that is an excellent
model for any kind of communication,
whether it be on Earth,
in the United Nations or wherever,
but in this particular field
it's with cosmic cultures.
And we use consciousness,
meditation, visualization,
remote viewing, certain tones,
and we do it in a group,
when we can, or even as individuals.
It's just, it's just been this
series of unbelievable events
that are amplified by our meditation.
It enforces this communication
between us and the ETs,
and it's so interactive.
I can feel everything.
I can hear all the sounds.
Just right there.
- Perfect.
And then this being,
the little larger one, comes up,
and I kind of, we have this
hug and I shared joy
and I'm, like, just thanking
it for this experience.
Let's do what we can do
to feel as if it would feel
that this is perfectly normal and natural.
- Oh, sure.
And that, you know, this is calm. - Relaxing,
in that flow of consciousness. Exactly.
I was jarred by our group getting,
like, tripped out
and in that kind of like, I was startled
by some of the ways our group
was being and I was going
and then were moments
where I was like,
"Wow! I can only imagine
how a visitor might feel!"
The ETs pick up on your intentions,
and if you're really out
there just to learn
and really want to communicate
with these extraterrestrials,
well it's going to happen.
And we ask these extraterrestrial
civilizations to join us
as they begin to learn of us,
to help us, to understand us,
even as we endeavor to understand them
and welcome them here to
this beautiful planet. Amen.
Oh my God!
Another beautiful...
stunning, absolutely stunning.
Not an aircraft.
Oh, here comes a military plane.
Right here.
Yeah, it's a very fast military-
It turned right to it, yeah.
Literally, my heart literally sunk
when the jet, you know, got to where
the craft had to phase out.
Like, to feel all that love build
and then to feel that jet coming in
and it was, like, on a heart level.
My heart literally sunk
when the jet crossed the path
where it had to be gone.
So on the camera
that's what you got?
You got, like, this light traveling,
cause you can see it's not like a satellite
where it's got, like, a path.
It's got like a, you know, like a movement.
Yeah, and then it's gone.
When I was seventeen, I injured myself.
It got so infected, and at the time,
because I was very poor and
I didn't have any healthcare,
I just laid there, and I got
sicker and sicker and sicker,
and I had a near-death experience.
I found myself out in deep space,
and it was this experience of complete
oneness with the cosmos.
Not just with Earth and life on Earth,
but with the stars and
the infinity of creation.
It certainly altered the course
of what I would end up doing
because I, then, learned meditation.
I actually became very aware
of the power of the mind.
This experience helped
guide the direction of his life.
Though Greer went on to earn a
medical degree and raise a family,
he continued to study
consciousness and contact.
And decades later, it seems he
would be the doctor
called upon first to examine
the very unusual body.
This came to us in the
last couple of years,
and there is a man who runs
an institute in another country
that I cannot talk about.
But he came into possession
of a little creature.
It is humanoid.
It does not look human.
We have acquired an EBE,
an extraterrestrial biological entity.
We're flying over to Europe soon to
take some tissue samples
and do some DNA testing.
This was found in
the Atacama Desert.
We don't know how it came about.
Here is a great view of the face
and cheekbone, very complex.
Now, there is a fracture here,
and behind this right ear is caved in,
and that's how this ET being was killed.
We have the best scientists
in the US, from Stanford,
that are going to be
doing the testing itself
to see what this really is
and also to rule out what it's not.
The initial reaction that
I had is the same reaction
that many of my colleagues here at Stanford
and elsewhere have had,
when I've shown them is
"Wow! What is this?"
The question is important enough
in at least two ways.
The primary reason is that
there's a lot of claims about specimens
and claims about aliens.
And of course, there's a lot of
ridicule associated with that,
so one of the best things
that we should be doing,
of course then, is bringing the best
scientific techniques to bare.
The techniques are available.
The techniques are cheap.
The answers are nearly absolute,
so let's do it.
In setting up for this,
I'm going to be giving Steve
not only the tubes that
this should be going into
but I'm also going to be sending
across the microscope
that I feel they should be using
to do the analysis with.
Before we even get started
with some of the analysis,
I think it's going to be important
to rule out some of the obvious
critiques that could come up,
and one of those critiques is that
this is a syndrome or a mutation;
this is a bone dysplasia.
Luckily, here at Stanford,
we happen to have literally
the world's expert,
the man who wrote the book on
bone dysplasias and syndromes,
a gentleman by the name of
Dr. Ralph Lachman
who has kindly agreed to
look at the specimen,
both pictures as well as the
CT scans and the x-rays,
to help determine whether or not it's
anything that he's ever seen before.
I think that a dozen or even
fifteen years ago
answering the question of "what is this?"
would really not have been possible because
the kinds of technologies were not
available as are available today.
But really the DNA tells the story
and because we have the
computational techniques,
that allows us to determine
in very sure order
whether in fact this is human.
So this will be basically an absolute
level of proof as to what this actually is.
The problem is not
proving that UFOs exist.
It's when you begin to expose the
energy and propulsion systems
behind how they're getting here.
You're talking about unveiling
an entirely new science
that would replace oil, gas, coal,
nuclear power, public utilities,
and this is the six hundred
trillion dollar problem.
The patent office,
after they fired me,
I had to wait six years
before I got rehired.
Everybody at the office
was avoiding the case,
but when they finally did, the arbitrator
wrote an 85-page report
on how the media had caused my dismissal,
so I only got a 30-day suspension
out of the whole thing
Which was taken out of the tiny
little bit of six-year back pay.
So that was great.
- Oh that's wonderful, yeah.
It made it all worth it, so to speak,
cause that's how we were able
to open the offices and stuff.
It was very comfortable.
No feeling of being shocked
or anything else.
Just a, you know,
good feeling, comfortable.
What scientists need to do and
normal people need to do
is they need to look at
the hardcore evidence,
decide that, oh my gosh, ETs are real,
and then get over that.
And if that's the case,
then you can start extrapolating
because they're getting here which means
they have solved the
physics problem, if you will.
That's an actual photograph
that Mark Whitford took, a friend of mine.
And you see the stars in the background,
so this is a fixed camera.
The craft was a triangular craft
moving away from him,
and all of a sudden it makes
a right angle turn.
Apparently it has what I would
describe as inertial shielding.
That's the only way something
can make a right angle turn
without having everybody
killed inside of the craft.
Though we experience
inertial forces everyday,
their origins remain a mystery.
However, there are theories that point to
interactions between objects with
mass and a quantum energy field.
Inertia is due to the zero
point energy interaction.
You're interacting with a charged
matrix which is the zero point field.
If you try to change that,
then you get a reaction force.
There must be an interference shield
of electromagnetic nature that would
stop that interaction with
the zero point field.
And you can suspect that UFOs
have already figured this out
because they wouldn't be flying
around and still have inhabitants.
New energy scientists
today are attempting to
find new ways to define
the relationship between
electricity, gravity,
magnetism, and propulsion,
but as history has shown,
change does not always come easy.
It's like Newton.
"Why's that apple falling?"
Nobody ever asked that question before
or even tried to come up with an answer,
and Newton comes up with something called
Newton bucket or Newton's problem.
The only guy that solves it
300 years later is Einstein,
so, you know, how smart can we be?
If you look at everything normal
within the conventional wisdom,
you're not going to learn anything new.
My name's Morgan Boardman.
I am the chief financial officer
of Morningstar Applied Physics.
My business partners are Paul Murad
and Dr. John Brandenburg.
What we're doing, like I said earlier,
is we're using a magnetic field
that's rotating about the axis
with the hope of generating
a magnetic vortex.
In essence, we are trying to start a
civilian advanced research projects agency.
Ok. Alright, so basically
we have four options.
Option one is a retarded potential.
- Yeah.
Option two is a lagging image, right?
- Yeah.
Option three is pointing vector
as a motive for propulsion or how
that may be what's happening, right?
- Yeah.
And that's actually taking angular momentum
and changing it into linear momentum
if it's working the way we
want it to, right? - Yep.
Ok. And then the fourth one is that
we are somehow either generating
and/or absorbing gravity waves.
- You got it.
Do we accept Einstein's
viewpoint that
thou shall not go faster than
the speed of light?
If you look at a black hole,
the comment is that gravity is so
strong that nothing leaves,
but it does have something
that leaves a black hole
and that is gravity.
So does that imply that gravity moves
faster than the speed of light?
Could be.
Gravity is another one of
those seemingly self-evident forces
that has raised a number of questions:
How does it really work?
How can we use it to our advantage?
In the mid-1920s,
T. Townsend Brown discovered
that electric charge and
gravitational mass are coupled,
and that by building devices that
harness these interactive forces,
we could create advanced propulsion.
At about the same time,
Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison
won the Nobel prize in physics,
but both refused it.
Tesla was at the end of
a long career of inventing.
He had advanced technology in the fields of
X- ray, radio waves, internal combustion,
and, of course, atmospheric electricity.
When everything was said and done,
he had earned 112 US patents,
he proved that electricity can
travel wirelessly in the air,
and, ultimately, died penniless.
However, his work did
influence many others,
most notably Lester Hendershot
and Dr. T. Henry Moray.
Hendershot invented a magnetronic generator
to energize an impossible flight,
if fueled by gas,
that took Charles Lindberg
and the Spirit of St. Louis
from New York to Paris.
Dr. T. Henry Moray developed
the Moray Valve,
a device for extracting radiant
energy from the zero point field
and demonstrated this device
hundreds of times
and had dozens of signed affidavits
supporting his science.
Yet, in the end, even these two notable
scientists were ignored and bullied.
Dr. Moray's device was hammered down and
broken into pieces by a competitor,
and before he could finish reconstruction,
he passed away of natural causes.
Hendershot fled to Mexico to continue work
but was found dead at 61 years of age,
attributed to suicide.
There's all kinds of skulduggery
that happened there.
I don't think that T. Henry Moray
ever got a decent chance
to ever do anything with that.
There is absolutely no question
that T. Henry Moray
had a system that produced 50, about
50 kilowatts out of a 55-pound box.
The conventional electrodynamics
model does not allow this to happen.
In other words, it doesn't allow you to
extract excess energy from the vacuum
and use that to power your load.
It costs just as much to restore it
as what's used to destroy it,
so we've got to put in more than
we can ever get out in a load
with such a squirrely circuit
and that's the only kind of circuit we've
used in power systems since day one.
We're still building them.
We're still making power systems
that deliberately kill them
so we pay the power company to have
a giant wrestling match inside
this generator and lose.
In the 1950s, there were some
very provocative articles saying that
"Oh, electrogravitics is the best
thing since sliced bread,"
how all the aviation companies are
now backing electrogravitics,
they're all doing experiments on it.
Well, within a couple of years
there was no news at all.
Once they figured out that
they could really control gravity,
1954- it all went black.
Do you think the boys in the black
projects have solved that problem?
Because it sure sounds like it from
what the witnesses have told me.
I wouldn't know. I wouldn't know.
Sorry, but I can't even think about it.
I've seen so many things in my life,
it's just hard to say.
A local inventor has
discovered a way, hear this,
to use water to run your car!
What Stan shared with me was interesting.
In order to run this engine off of water,
we've also had to learn
the ability to adjust
the burn rate of hydrogen to
coequal the fossil fuels.
So he applies for a patent, and then he
gets a call from, actually a visitation
by two guys from the pentagon.
The pentagon flew a
Lieutenant Colonel in last week
to look at Meyer's invention.
There's talk of possibly using it
in the star wars defense program
and to run army tanks.
But he asked that this become public patent
so that civilians could benefit from it,
and he indicated that if we don't do that,
overseas people will.
In 1996, Meyer was
sued by his investors
who claimed the device
was not revolutionary
despite verification of the unique
voltage intensifier circuit
by the US patent office.
Meyer was brought to trial,
but key evidence was not allowed.
His oral testimony was not even recorded
due to an audio recorder malfunction,
and the judge recessed early for vacation.
Later, Meyer made an appeal
that was denied.
He was found guilty of fraud and
ordered to repay his investors,
putting an immediate dent on the
idea of funding new technology.
On March 20th, 1998,
Stanley joined his brother and two
NATO officials for a dinner meeting.
Stan took a sip of cranberry juice.
He grabbed his neck,
ran out of the restaurant,
and fell to the ground
saying, "They poisoned me!"
He fell down after eating at a
restaurant nearby where he lived.
Fell down in the parking lot
and said, "I've been poisoned!"
and collapsed.
And that's on the police report?
- Yeah.
The police report
confirms his words.
The cause of death was written
to be an aneurism.
Though he left behind just enough materials
for others to piece together his process,
the full secrets of his
device died with him.
So, from this
I began to do more work
with the administration,
various people, friends of the President,
the Rockefeller family.
Laurance was the white hat in that crowd
who wanted us to bring
this information out.
Actually hosted us at the
Rockefeller ranch in the Tetons.
And one night he pulled me out
on the deck and he said,
"Well, you know, we really
need you to do this. "
I said, "Laurance, you're old, you're rich,
and you're a Rockefeller.
What do you want me to do?
I'm just a country doctor banging
around in an ER in North Carolina. "
He says, "No. No. We want you to do this. "
I went, "Okay. "
So I'm the throw away guy.
I'm the guy you can throw away
cause my life doesn't matter.
We are back in Rachel, Nevada with
our first two distinguished guests.
Steven Greer is a North Carolina doctor.
He does a lot more than watch the skies.
He fires off messages,
and he says that someone or
something is responding.
Dr. Greer is looking for close
encounters of the fifth kind.
What, at this minute, do you believe?
Our assessment,
at this point, is that
there is at least one
extraterrestrial civilization
which has managed to make its way
to our corner of the universe
that there's no evidence at all
that they have hostile intentions
towards this planet
that the priority, at this point,
must be trying to establish some
sort of a liaison to them,
some sort of a diplomatic liaison to them,
and that's what we're working on.
Officer X, a high-ranking
military veteran,
joined forces with Dr. Greer
in order to use his military
and government influence
to gain access to high-level officials.
Dr. Greer did indeed mount an initiative
and did go to Washington.
Did speak with high-level
government people.
I attended and helped him with that.
We briefed certain members of Congress,
some of their staff,
some of the people from the white house.
We talked with people in the pentagon.
It led me to the belief
that people in high-level government
have very very little,
if any information, valid information.
One of the most important
of all the meetings
was with CIA Director R. James Woolsey.
Here I fly up to Washington.
The cover story was a dinner party.
One of the things that I found was that
this CIA Director wasn't lying
when he communicated to us that he
had not had access to these projects.
He was shaken to his core.
We met for, not twenty minutes,
almost three hours,
and by the end of it, I handed him,
my hands were shaking.
I handed him this document,
and it was a position paper recommending
executive orders in the things
the Clinton administration
and he needed to do to get
control of this mess.
And he looked at it, and he looked at me.
He says, "Yes. "
He says, "But how do we disclose
that which we have no access to?"
And I almost wept.
I went, "What?!"
Dr. Greer approached
many DC officials
in an attempt to gain an audience.
One of the people who took him seriously
was former CIA Director Bill Colby.
True, if there's truth in it,
there can be a danger in that situation.
We've seen that happen in other cases.
I said, "You have to consider the
possibility of some danger to,
not only your reputation,
but to your person.
I mean there are, people do react rather
violently to some kinds of charges,
particularly if they're true. "
Now, you know I'm a
thirty-some-year-old doctor with
four kids, a golden retriever,
and a house in North Carolina,
so I'm going this is down
the rabbit hole fast.
But that is the situation, my friends,
when you're dealing with secrecy
that is criminal and illegal.
In 1997,
in an effort to push his message deeper
into Congress and the white house,
Greer headed to Phoenix to prepare a video
with his best evidence to
show in Washington, DC.
While he was in the editing room,
the biggest UFO-witnessed event
in history was about to happen.
On March 13th, 1997,
when the Hale-Bopp comet was
very clear in the northwest sky,
thousands of people were outside
trying to get a glimpse of it
when they also caught
a glimpse of these orbs.
Giant orbs equidistant in a V-formation
of a mile to two mile-wide in
some very credible reports.
And that's the particular area where
these phenomena keep popping
up from my vantage point.
The Native Americans living in the basin
between the South Mountain
and the Estrellas
have told me that, not only
were they looking up
at the Phoenix Lights during
the mass sighting,
but they've been looking
up at them for centuries.
I live in a community called Loop,
northeast of Flagstaff,
on the Navajo Indian Reservation.
We'll have to go back in
time one day before.
We saw six to seven lights that
were circling along the horizon.
The entire street came out.
It was almost like a block party.
Everybody turned off their lights.
Everybody sat in their front yards,
and everybody watched
this unusual light show.
I squeezed down the
best of what I found
and finally came forward in 2004
A Skeptic's Discovery that We are not Alone.
10,000 people, approximately,
witnessed this,
one of the largest experiences
of this sort ever recorded.
The Phoenix Lights phenomenon
didn't seem to be falsifiable in anyway.
It was being validated by most
everybody that saw it.
The ultimate, shall we say, insult
was the Governor of the
state of Arizona, Fife Symington,
finally calling a news conference,
saying that he has finally got the
answer to the Phoenix Lights,
and he introduces some staff member
dressed up as a space alien.
People got very angry because
here is the top elected
official of the state
making fun of, what I estimate to be,
close to probably 10,000 people saw this.
Under the watchful
eye of the public,
Symington retracted his statement.
If you had been here ten years
ago and standing out here
and looking up there at
the lights and the view,
you would have been astounded.
You would have been amazed.
The so-called Phoenix Lights
were seen by many people in 1997.
Skeptics say they were
military aircraft or flares
but not the former Governor.
It was probably some
form of an alien spacecraft.
On our my to Barcelona!
To retrieve the evidence.
Dr. Bravo.
Hi there.
Are you ready for the trip?
I'm ready for the trip. I'm so excited.
We're going to do some very wonderful work,
and I can't wait to get the results!
Upon arriving in Spain
to look at the being for
the very first time,
I was kind of skeptical.
It was definitely a game-changer
for my thought process
to actually see it in person
than to see it on film.
The first thing we had to do
was go to the radiology lab
cause we needed x-rays and CA scans before we did anything.
The best we can get. We understand...
The head radiologist at the center
saw the being and was quite impressed.
And the first thing she said was
"Wow! That looks like an alien. "
When the CAT scan images started
coming up on the computer,
it was just profound.
I saw inside the bone.
I saw organs, bone material,
brain material.
I knew that this was not a hoax;
it was not fake.
That this was actually some
sort of living creature.
Right. Well, if somebody made it,
they have a future in microsurgery
because they were smart enough, then,
to put in these millimeter-wide bone holes
where the arteries go in to
feed the bone marrow.
So, now the challenge is to
prove what it is, right?
My interest, frankly, is to
disprove that it's anything unusual
or anything paranormal.
I would like to prove that this is human.
I would like to prove that this is
just an interesting mutation,
but obviously, if you leave your mind open-
or I should say, if you leave your
mind closed to alternatives,
you'll never see what those
alternatives might actually be.
In every situation with scientists,
your reputation's at stake.
You know, I have every expectation
that even doing this
is going to lead to some ribbing
from some of my colleagues, right?
But I think that that's
perfectly acceptable
because at the end of the day,
who's going to validate these things?
If someone isn't willing to step
forward and do it right;
then, you're going to have it sitting
out there forever, hanging in limbo.
Right. I mean, if you let other
people and their opinions
stop you from believing what
you know to be true,
then, all you're doing is stopping
the possibility of progress.
Anytime anybody tries to study
this subject seriously,
we're subject to ridicule.
I'm a full professor at a
relatively major university,
and I'm certain that my colleagues
at the university
laugh at me and hoot and
holler behind my back
when they hear that I have an interest in
studying unidentified flying objects.
There's really a subtle kind of
suppression at play here.
You don't worry about what the CEO
of Enron thinks about what you say.
You worry about what your friends think.
You worry about what your parents
would think if you posted
whatever you care about on
Facebook or something.
We take the risk to appear
to be a crackpot.
There may be people who are
going to be threatened by that
for any number of reasons.
My feeling was that I was involved
in a lot of strange activities,
so I'd try to say to myself,
"let's not look at this with
too much exposure"
and mentioned it because there's
a question of credibility.
This should be the subject of rigorous
scientific investigation
and not the subject of rubbishing
by tabloid newspapers.
MUFON is the Mutual UFO Network,
and it was founded in 1969 by Walt Anders.
the scientific study
of UFOs for the benefit of humanity.
MUFON is the world's largest
UFO investigative organization.
We have approximately 3,000
members worldwide.
Approximately 500 of those have their PhDs.
These are people who really
would like to delve deep into
the UFO phenomenon and try to figure out,
not only what it is,
but how it's happening.
Armed with what he thought was
some of the best available evidence,
including the Phoenix Lights,
Steve Greer organized
a Project Starlight briefing
before several Congress, Pentagon,
and White House staff members.
Things seemed to be on track for disclosure.
- We have the actual schematic
of the device and internal all of it
with a lot of detail,
and this is a cutaway.
This was done and escaped
government control.
Whereas, The Bentwaters case took
twenty-some years in England,
so this is in our possession and
not the Ministry of Defense
or it would never be found. - Where
it would go into a black hole. Right.
But then, the bad news came.
Shari Adamiak, Steve's partner
and long-time friend,
along with Steve and another team member
were all suddenly diagnosed
with a malignant cancer.
I've had these experiences since
I was a child or young man,
but to articulate them so other
people understand them,
I need someone with capacity to hear it.
She was that person.
I mean, it's been
- You can't resolve things.
Very hard for me to get up every day.
- Yeah, I know. I know it's been.
You know, but...
One of the last places she
wanted to come was here.
So she asked that her ashes
be placed on the land,
so we put her ashes around that tree.
I don't take anything for granted, frankly,
and so each time that I do a presentation
or lead a group, I think,
"This may be the last time. "
The thing that has kept me going
the most is not any external thing
but the experience of that
near-death experience
where I know that there's an
aspect of us that doesn't die.
That is why I can
go mono-a-mono
with these elements and not be afraid.
I shouldn't say 'be afraid',
not stand down.
Everyone has fear.
I've certainly had my fears.
But it gives you an anchor,
so that you can go forward.
More than ever, Dr. Greer
understood what he had always sensed.
It was not the power of a cosmic
field or quantum vacuum
that would propel us into the new world.
It was the mind.
This really is the opening to an
entirely new science of consciousness.
You can maybe think of consciousness
as a television set.
On the TV screen you see pictures
and sounds and so forth.
And if you tried to find out
where that was coming from,
and you looked inside the television,
you're not going to find it.
It's not there.
The signal is in the radio waves
around it, invisible to us,
that's being interpreted by the
television as pictures and sounds.
So this is very much like the state of
how we understand the
mind and consciousness.
Dr. John at Princeton
proved that putting your
awareness on a device
that was a random number
generator would affect it.
So you have this random number generator
and it's producing 50-50 ones and zeros.
And then you introduce
a person into the picture,
and you tell them try to
affect it with their mind,
to think more ones or more zeros.
You measure that, and sure
enough what they found
was that there are more ones
or more zeros being produced
that correlate to that person's intention.
You can see effects being produced
forwards and backwards in
time which is really strange.
Distance doesn't seem to matter as much,
you can get the same strength of effects
if you're right in front of the RNG
or if you're on the other
side of the planet.
Consciousness is a non-local field,
and it isn't limited to your
brain waves and body.
Dr. John once had the opportunity
to ask the Dalai Lama
if he thought the random number generators
themselves were conscious.
And the Dalai Lama thought about it,
and his reply was that if you
think they're conscious,
then they're conscious.
Just like consciousness
can have positive effects on
the Zeitgeist or ether,
it can also work the other way.
Unfortunately, when you start
to deal with inventors
who have anomalous results
that seem to be overunity,
paranoia seems to accompany that process.
And John Searl's famous for
having a circular magnetic device
that has both energy and
propulsion built into one unit.
And the electric company felt
that this guy was stealing money,
took him to court,
went to jail,
his house caught fire,
and all of his properly and
all of his designs burned.
The concept of freedom,
this sort of idea of people having
the liberty to pursue happiness
and to pursue abundance,
this has been completely,
in a sense, turned upside down.
We actually reprinted
a report on the military involvement
of the Department of Energy,
and it's so extensive. It's the
major operation that goes on there.
There have been over 5,000
patents that have been sequestered
by the National Security State,
taken out of the public domain.
Many of them deal with energy technologies.
It's a policy that
the military seems to feel is necessary
for national security.
However, at this point, we often
wondered fifty years after
World War ll and the Cold War whether
such sequestering is necessary.
Suppression of new technology would
be an obvious plague on the idea
and strength of a free market system.
Yet, it still seems to happen
right in front of our eyes.
And this is a huge controversy,
one of the largest maybe most intense
controversies in the history of science.
There's nothing worse, I found,
than suggesting to academic
physicists, in particular,
and academics, in general,
that they are, not only wrong,
but disastrously wrong,
catastrophically wrong.
Cold fusion patents have not been approved.
They will not get through.
American citizens are being denied
their constitutional rights.
I, inadvertently, was looking
through some piles of paper
that had been given to me
in a casual manner
by all these hot fusion physicists
as they were trying to do their
calorimetric repeat of the
Pons-Fleischmann experiment.
And I was stunned. I couldn't
believe what I was seeing.
It looked like monkey business
to me at the time,
and it has turned out to be exactly that.
It was represented as a negative
result when it was positive.
And that data is scientific fraud,
as far as I'm concerned.
It's been referred to legal authorities
in the government.
I asked for a review at MIT, got nowhere.
If this type of manipulation had occurred
in any "legitimate" research area,
such as cancer research, AIDS research,
global warming research,
anything that's accepted as
reasonable to be researching,
people would lose their jobs.
They wouldn't be in science.
And yet, these people today, their
data is used today - year 2000
and all before to reject patents.
Yes, there is serious criminal activity
going on that, ultimately,
must be rooted out.
It became very clear to me
that, you know, you kind of had
a tiger by the tail here
and that this was serious.
For a moment,
Dr. Greer considered shutting
everything down.
He had been threatened and
swindled far too many times.
Shari was gone.
He had no office,
no staff, no money.
Back in 1998,
I was given information by a friend
that Dr. Greer was having a conference.
Literally the month that
Shari Adamiak passed away,
within thirty days,
I have this scheduled event.
So I went to the conference
and learned some things and listened.
So she just on a lark came, and she's
an emergency doctor like I am.
And what really grabbed my attention was
he was getting all this information
from military witnesses.
That was in 1998.
By 2000, when we were
planning and storyboarding
and working the whole
Disclosure Project event out
and pulling together all these
hundreds of witnesses,
we didn't really have the funding to do it.
But she got so supportive and involved that
she lived very modestly and
took all of her excess income
and donated it.
And I want to acknowledge some
amazing people that are here:
Dr. Jan Bravo, without whom we would
not have the Disclosure Project.
But it's not just the funding
she's provided,
it's the moral support and the
encouragement and the friendship.
And so she's become a very key person.
And, you know, it's sort of
metaphysical and odd that
literally the month that
Shari Adamiak passed away,
within thirty days,
I have this scheduled event.
Not alone anymore, with
the support of a loyal team,
Dr. Greer grew his witness list
from a couple dozen to over 200.
See that little...
- Yep
that little dot right in,
that dot don't belong there.
I said I'm one of those,
what you would call, the
high government official in the FAA.
I was the division chief.
I was only three or four
down from the admiral.
I was awarded the
Air Force Guided Missile insignia.
I was the first photographic officer
in the Air Force to get the,
they called it the missile badge.
So I forgot who it was that called,
but he says, "We got a problem here. "
"What's the problem?"
He says, "Well, it's that UFO."
We weren't launching real nuclear weapons.
We were launching the dummy warheads.
They were the exact size, shape,
and dimension, and weight.
That we were looking down southwest
and the missile popped up through the fog.
It was just beautiful.
Then I hollered, "There it is!"
Then our guys on our M-45 tracking mount,
with 180-inch lenses on it, got it.
We sent the film back down to Vandenberg.
A Japanese airline 747 was
coming from the northwest,
going across the Alaskan territory.
He called and asked the controller if the
controller had any traffic at his altitude.
His radar is picking up a target.
He sees this target with his eye,
and the target, the way he described it
A huge ball with lights
running around it, and
I think he said it was like four
times as big as a 747.
I was called into
Major Mansmann's office
at the First Strategic Aerospace
Division Headquarters,
and Major Mansmann said,
"Watch this. "
There was the launch from a
day or two before at Big Sur.
We watched that stage burn out.
We watched the second stage burn out.
We watched the third stage burn out.
And it's going like this,
and into the frame came something else.
It flew into the frame like this.
It shot a beam of light at the warhead.
Fires another beam of light.
Goes around like this.
We're going like this.
Fires another beam of light.
Goes down like this.
Fires another beam of light.
And then flies out the way it came in.
The warhead tumbles out of space.
They brought in three people
from the FBI, three people from the CIA,
and three people from Reagan's
scientific study team,
and I don't know who the
rest of the people were.
When they got done,
they actually swore all
these other guys into,
that this never took place.
This was one of the guys from the CIA.
Now, I saw that.
I don't give a goddamn what
anybody else says about it.
I saw that on film.
Phil Klass can kiss my ass.
He wasn't there. I was.
He said this is the first time they ever had
thirty minutes of radar data on a UFO.
He said, "You are never
to speak of this again.
As far as you're concerned,
this never happened. "
So I said, "Yes, sir. " and walked out,
and that was the last I talked
about it for eighteen years.
Now I had the original video that I took
and I had the pilot's report
and I had the FAA's first report.
That was all downstairs on my table.
They didn't ask for that,
so I didn't give it to them.
There are things that I know
about that I did in the service
that I won't talk to you about
now because they're top secret
and I could get my ass in trouble
for talking about them.
If you parse what
Major Mansmann said, he said,
"You're to say this never happened. "
Well, that's not classified
or top secret, is it?
And I was apart of a United States Air
Force cover-up for eighteen years.
But who do you tell that you
were involved in a UFO incident
without them looking at you like
you ain't wrapped too tight?
What we photographed up there
affected me for the rest of my life,
and made a huge impact on my
understanding of the universe
and of governmental manipulation
of our minds.
Now, with the
witnesses on his side,
Dr. Greer had the firepower
to attack Washington again.
We are not alone.
That's the message a group
of pilot scientists and...
...former government officials
want Congress to hear.
Twenty-one members of that group
already have testified in Washington
for what's kn own as
the Disclosure Project.
And we had all volunteers who
organized that whole event,
and there was no paid staff.
So when people look at that whole period,
we didn't have an office,
a secretary, and one paid staff person,
but we did it.
Dr. Steven Greer heads
up the Disclosure Project,
a group that compiles information
from people who say they've encountered
extraterrestrial forms of life.
Twenty years ago, in 1980,
I was a security specialist
assigned the R.A.F. Bentwaters.
Objects made incursions over our WSA,
fired pencil-thin beams of light into them,
and adversely affected
the ordinance possibly.
There were bodies that were involved
with some of these crashes.
Though also some were alive.
What do members plan
to do with their information?
They hope Congress and
President Bush take notice.
We are asking for the US
Congress and for President Bush
to move towards an official inquiry
and disclosure on this subject.
Those that don't want to believe you
will never believe you anyway,
so it doesn't matter.
It doesn't change the truth.
A spokesperson for the Senate science,
technology, and space committee
says no Congressional hearings
are planned right now.
Elaine Quijano, CNN Headline News
I stand before you today
and my almighty God,
and I tell you this:
if Congress calls me in
and says, "Will you testify, in detail,
what you know?"
I stand here today, prepared
and ready to do just that.
Governments must never lie to the people.
Thank you.
The number of people Dr. Greer had
managed to get behind him was monumental.
In a perfect world,
an event of this proportion,
with that amount of coverage,
would have been enough to
start a legitimate movement.
But, of course, we hardly live
in a perfect world.
9/11 became the mother
of all news stories
and completely changed the game
for everyone.
Fear, panic, and strife
were imprinted in the public
consciousness to what end?
Not to go after Al-Qaida,
but rather, to invade the
sovereign nation of Iraq.
Given such a drastically overt misstep
on the part of a US government,
led by an oil family,
the question on some people's minds
is whether or not this
disaster was exploited
or worse, engineered.
The Gulf of Ton kin
and the Vietnam War.
Chiang Kai-Shek and
the Korean War.
False flag operations are nothing new.
However, according to some,
the ultimate card to play
might be yet to come.
How do you grow
the trillion dollar military industrial
complex that Eisenhower warned about
into a two or three trillion
dollar program?
You've got to have a
bigger enemy, out there.
Von Braun's purpose in life during the
last years of his life, his dying years,
was to educate the public
and decision-makers
about space-based weapons.
First, the Russians were
the enemy against whom...
...we're going to build
space-based weapons.
Then, terrorists would be identified,
and that was soon to follow.
In 1977, I was in a meeting
in Fairchild Industries,
and in that room were a lot
of charts on the walls
with enemies, identified enemies,
names of people I'd never heard of,
names like Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi.
But we were talking, then,
about terrorists,
the potential terrorists.
No one had ever talked about this before.
And they continued the conversation
about how they were going to antagonize
these enemies,
and that, at some point, there was
going to be a war in the Gulf.
According to these theorists,
after the military industrial complex
had its war against terrorism,
the next enemy that Dr. Von Braun
identified on Earth
would be third world country fanatics.
But with no more enemies left,
the people would soon be
taught to look to space.
The next enemy was asteroids.
Now, at this point, he kind of
chuckled the first time he said it.
Asteroids against asteroids we're
going to build space-based weapons.
So it was funny then, and
the funniest one of all
was against what he called
aliens, extraterrestrials.
That would be the final card,
and over and over and over
during the four years that I knew him
and was giving his speeches for him,
he would bring up that last card,
"And remember, Carol,
all of it is a lie. "
Ninety-nine percent of
all the information
out in the public on this subject
is well-crafted disinformation
designed to scare people to support
the next phase in global warfare.
Now, this kind of corruption
is why the only things that are
being made on this subject
are things that read down
to paranoia and fear
and the military industrial complex.
I occasion ally think how quickly
our differences worldwide would vanish
if we were facing an alien threat
from outside this world.
I don't think we're moving
forward if we trade,
you know, factional
and ideological war
from one ethnic or religious
or economic system
into an interplanetary
conflict because that's
A. not survivable and
B. would be even worse
in terms of galvanizing the world
around a military structure.
That has been the central
organizing principle
of our society for a few
thousand years, actually.
It is hard to concretely
prove that 9/11 was a false flag attack
because the people behind it are
so good at covering their tracks,
especially with the compliance
of the mainstream media.
If you had trillions of dollars,
you'd be pretty good at it, too.
The adversaries closer to home.
It's the pentagon bureaucracy.
According to some estimates,
we cannot track
2.3 trillion dollars in transactions.
2.3 trillion dollars
in transactions.
According to the Comptroller General
of the United States,
there are serious financial
management problems at the pentagon.
$2.3 trillion missing.
$1.1 trillion missing,
and the D.O.D. is the number one reason
why the government can't
balance its checkbook.
I would like for you to respond
to the questions that I've
put to you today.
I've forgotten what the
second question was.
There are two main types
of Special Access Programs:
acknowledged and
unacknowledged, or USAPS.
Certain USAPS waived
and also completely managed and controlled
by private contractors,
so they enjoy the secrecy protections
only afforded to private corporations.
There's virtually no high-level
government oversight
for these types of USAPS.
In many cases no elected official,
including even the President,
have knowledge a particular
USAP even exists.
Between 1947 and 1949,
the government passed
the National Security Act
and the CIA Act.
These laws allowed the intelligence
community to withdraw money
from any agency
without disclosure.
Essentially, money could be
stolen from any program,
and no elected official would
ever know about it.
Great view of the eye socket.
Very different eye socket.
And that's another thing that
the scientist who've looked at this
at Stanford have commented on.
If you look at this creature, and you look
at the cranial vault, how large it is.
That the size from the eyes up
is at least three times that of a human.
One of the first things that
Dr. Lachman immediately remarked upon
was the shape of the head and the skull.
It was not something that
he is accustomed to seeing,
and it was quite interesting
and, in some ways, exciting
that the associated features
that you would expect
from a syndrome of that
nature were not found.
This specimen does not
fall under any known
to me class of disorders
or syndromes.
In many respects, the proportions of
the spine and extremities are normal.
The major abnormalities appear to be
1. the size of the specimen,
mid-face hypoplasia,
and underdevelopment of the jaw,
and that the specimen has only ten ribs.
Humans normally have twelve,
rarely eleven.
One of the most remarkable aspects of this
is when we came down to study
the actual bone density.
One of the features of fetuses
that a specialist looks at is
the so called "growth plates"
or the epiphyseal joint
say of the knees.
The shock, I think,
and the surprise was
and the absolute certainty
that Dr. Lachman had
was that this specimen is
between the age of six to eight years old.
The shock was that this specimen
was clearly not fetal.
How do you explain how
something six inches tail
survived to any length of time
that would allow for it to survive
100 or 1,000 years ago?
And what amazes me is the media,
while their so compromised in this,
they don't dare do anything but
follow the company line, right?
The company line being a series of lies.
This is a document talking about
the current program at the CIA,
and it says that the PAO
- Public Affairs Office -
has relationships with reporters from
every underlying major wire service,
newspaper, news weekly, and
television network in the nation.
In many instances, we have
persuaded reporters to
postpone, change, hold,
or even scrap stories
that could have adversely
affected national security.
Now, what's the purpose of this?
The CIA has no mandate
for anything domestic.
The FBI is domestic.
What the hell is this?
Where are we now?
We are in a bread and circus.
This is a phrase used to
describe the creation
of public approval,
not through excellent public policy,
but rather through diversion
and distraction.
No, I'm not doing that. I'm sorry.
You are driving me nuts.
That's ridiculous.
Keep people fat. Keep them happy.
Keep them diverted.
And keep them entertained with
dribble and shock and nonsense.
That's, unfortunately,
the sort of thing that has taken the
place of news and information.
So what we're seeing today
is a world in which perception
is being managed
by as little as five major media
corporations who collectively control
magazines, newspapers,
corporate news websites,
television stations,
movies, documentaries.
Who are these people?
Who could be behind the curtain?
Who could possibly be controlling
us so effectively?
A shadowy government with
its own Air Force,
its own Navy,
its own fundraising mechanism,
and the ability to pursue its own
ideas of the national interest,
free from all checks and balances
and free from the law itself.
Whatever activity is going
on to the extent that it is
the clandestine group, the quasi-government
group, a quasi-private group,
it is without any type,
as far as I can tell,
of high-level government oversight,
and that is a great concern.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the very word 'secrecy' is repugnant
in a free and open society,
and there is very grave danger,
for we are opposed around the world
by a monolithic and
ruthless conspiracy
that relies primarily on
infiltration instead of invasion,
on subversion instead
of elections.
Its preparations are
concealed, not published.
Its mistakes are
buried, not headlined.
Its dissenters are
silenced, not praised.
It is a system which has conscripted
vast human and material resources
into the building of a tightly knit
highly efficient machine
that combines
military, diplomatic,
intelligence, economic,
and political operations.
And we are, as a people,
inherently and historically
opposed to secret societies,
to secret oaths,
and to secret proceedings.
It's got too much tissue on it. They
actually want a piece of the bone from
at least a- like a .5 of a millimeter in.
We took material from
inside the cranium.
Also two clippings of anterior
front ribs of this being.
And we were able to see under
the dissecting microscope
that, in fact, it did have
bone marrow in them,
so that meant there should be some
good genetic material in there.
It was really nerve-racking.
Imagine, you know, two big guys here
trying to operate on this
thirteen centimeter-long being.
But we did it.
The DNA analysis
is being done by some of the world's
best, but even the world's best
need to be cross checked
which is why I'm doing the
three different facilities.
So I actually ran four samples.
I ran a sample of my own blood,
a very small amount,
just 100 microliters.
I ran two blanks. Things
that just had water in them
because that would be essentially
a contamination control.
And then, of course, the sample itself.
Really the all-important first result
was whether or not there
was in fact any DNA
which was isolated,
and the actual shock for me
was when I got the amount
of DNA out of this sample.
It was way above what I
had originally expected.
What you have on the left here
is a so called "DNA ladder".
This is a size standard.
This one on the end is, in fact, my DNA,
and it has an expected size distribution
as well as some banding.
Validating the original measurement
is this analysis
that basically shows that we
have a nice distribution
for the sample's DNA.
When we physicists
look for alien civilizations,
we don't look for little green men.
We look for energy consumption.
We look for type one,
type two, and type three civilizations.
What are we?
We are type zero.
We get our energy from
dead plants, oil, and coal.
Around the year 2100
we will become a type one civilization,
and we see the beginnings of that now.
What is the internet?
The internet is a type
one telephone system.
Imagine, if you will, sitting down
to your morning coffee,
turning on your home computer
to read the day's newspaper.
Well, it's not as far-fetched
as it may seem.
Information has largely
been controlled in a top-down way.
What we're seeing now is the
dissemination of discoveries
coming up from the grass roots
and not from a top-down
centralized authority which
has the ability to say,
"This isn't making it because
we don't believe it's true.
This is making it because
it fits the main stream. "
When we want to form
a new team in a new country,
then all we have to do is contact
someone there using the internet,
and suddenly they're a member of the node.
From this online collective
seems to come a real communion.
People from all over gather in
groups to investigate UFOs,
with safety in numbers
against ridicule and disinformation.
What we found in the past is,
we had a lot anecdotal stories,
but we didn't have a whole lot of data.
With the advent of computers,
personal computers, and the internet,
we've been able to collect the data
and analyze it through
some 200+ data points
to allow us to be able to compare cases
and to see exactly what's happening
and what the trends are.
Nick Pope is our guest.
He made this information public.
He's also the former head of the
Ministry of Defense's UFO projects,
so if anybody knows, we
think it's you, Nick.
The Ministry of Defense is in
the process of declassifying
and releasing its entire archive
of UFO files going back decades.
It's interesting and
worth pointing out that while the
British government is releasing
their files and their documents,
President Obama, who
promised to do the
same during the campaign,
he still has not.
It's fifteen years.
Fifteen years this spring.
- My God!
I figured that, you know,
after the Disclosure Project,
we'd get this information out,
and we could go on with life.
Governments, we've discovered,
have not gone far enough,
so we've decided that as people
using the CE-5 protocols
to form our own movement and do what
governments have not been doing.
We think of this as the people's
disclosure movement.
And so we feel it's
important to create
an effort that's a global
effort which this has become.
My name is Marc Benz,
and this is Rex.
And we're in Bodega, California,
and we're doing CE-5.
My name is Jeff Bird, and here
in Winchester, Virginia, USA,
we're doing CE-5.
My name is Peggy Brewster, and here in
Middleton, United States of America,
we are doing CE-5.
We have 1,150 teams of CE-5 ambassadors
which are spread over fifty-two countries.
My name is Andre, and here in
Sweden, we are doing CE-5.
Here in Burlington, Ontario.
- Brisbane, Australia.
From Chester, Virginia.
- Hamilton, Ohio.
We are doing CE-5.
We're doing CE-5.
And the reason I think
that's so important is that
it, not only builds the knowledge base,
but it also further potentiates
this concept of
pioneering a new pattern
of peaceful contact.
And that is something
that no other group,
large group on Earth is doing.
Certainly isn't being done
by the State Department
and the Senate Foreign
Relations Committee.
It seems to be, it only
takes one person to make contact,
but hundreds of voices worldwide
is a call that can't be missed.
And likewise with innovation,
the more heads in the game,
the more likely we are to find a solution.
There's many, many technologies
that people have talked about.
Many ways to the mountain top.
We have so many modes of converting
quantum vacuum energy
or zero point energy.
Some people think they know
how to do it. Okay, fine.
But if you do it theoretically,
that's one thing.
But then you've got to
do it experimentally,
and that's the hard part.
Those opposed to new
energy technologies
can tie the hands of hundreds of inventors,
but how will they ever fare
against tens of thousands?
The output milliamperage is more
than the input milliamperage.
It's a clear indicator of over unity.
When you oscillate or
vibrate magnetic fields,
there's an effect in the gravity field.
And how to do that linkage
is what you're trying to get at,
as I understand it.
Maxwell's Equations are in
that term right there,
and what happens is
if you're going to have
a gravitational effect,
it's going to happen over there.
This channel here
represents revolutions per minute.
These are representing
weight that we're measuring
on the load cells.
Full steam ahead.
When we look at our data,
we lost seven percent of weight.
We move this thing,
and it loses weight.
I must be generating gravity waves.
Though the device maintains
its shape and size
in terms of dimension,
it is losing mass,
if that's a possibility.
If it is losing mass,
then certainly it would also be affecting
time in a very localized manner.
By looking at new technology,
you could break through
new commercial aspects
to improve our society.
We should be looking for a
disruptive breakthrough in this technology
within the next ten years.
We're on the brink of developing any number
of potential propulsion systems
which would take us out
of the solar system.
I think we're going to beat
NASA to the mark.
So I graduated from the
UCLA School of Engineering in 1976.
I got a flyer from the
School of Engineering
inviting me to a lecture by Ben Rich.
Ben Rich was the director of
Lockheed Skunkworks for sixteen years.
He oversaw a number of USAPS
that were secretly managed
at the Skunkworks,
including most notably,
the development of the
F117 stealth fighter.
Ben shared a slide set
of about forty slides of different things,
starting with the U2 spy plane
going all the way up to
the stealth fighter.
At that time mentioning that he couldn't
talk about the other secret stuff,
but when he ended his talk
was he had a slide of a black disc
zipping off into outer space.
And he ended this talk with these words:
"We now have the technology
to take ET home. "
So you have to have vision
and you have to have the guts and the
courage to go out past the steps,
and do something of any value
and we have to go past our grasp.
And we asked him questions
about it, you know,
"What did you mean when you said 'we
have the technology to take ET home'?"
Ben shared three major things that
I think are worthy of research
by researchers worldwide
at this point in time.
The first was we've somehow
figured out how to
do interstellar travel already.
It's known.
The second point he made was that
there was an error in the equations.
My suspicion is it's probably Maxwell's
Equations for Electromagnetic Theory.
The third thing he said was
"How does ESP work?"
And I was really kind of startled cause I
didn't know what to say, but I blurted out,
"I don't know. All points in time
and space are connected. "
And he looked me back in the eye,
and he said, "That's how it works. "
History has taught us
that to simply innovate new technology
may not be enough.
We have to find a way to
get past the suppression.
We've already now had a breakthrough
just a couple months ago
of the tritium battery.
Finally a company has come up with
an actual commercializable unit,
but it's very small.
It's designed for an IC
or some small circuit component,
so this is a good sign
because it shows the way to introduce
a free energy device
is to introduce a small version of it.
If you have a revolutionary energy device,
it has to be introduced in a way
that doesn't look like it's a revolution.
Science is always changing.
Even back in the 1960s
they thought that biofeedback,
for example, was impossible.
But now, of course, we know that
that itself is an absurd statement
as we have even toys on the market
that allow people to, you know,
play with biofeedback.
These sciences have been
around for decades.
They have been ruthlessly kept secret
because of the kleptocracy of
what I call the petro fascists,
the people who are hell-bent on maintaining
the power of a centralized petrodollar,
oil, gas, coal system.
So that does create scarcity
because that is a zero-sum game,
but when you take us off that system
onto this new system,
it's an entirely new macroeconomic order
and scarcity becomes nonexistent.
After years of disappointments,
Dr. Greer and his team are
now attempting to build
an energy research lab in Virginia
where scientists and inventors
with working prototypes
will have a safe haven to build.
So this is an example
of how the analysis is done
using what's called a genome browser,
and it's more or less a schematic
representation of the chromosomes
and at a very high level of resolution.
So the sequence that we got
from the mitochondria
tells us with extremely high confidence
that the mother was an indigenous Indian
from the Chilean area,
and the haplotype is called B2A.
Now, the other thing that
immediately fell out of the
analysis is that it's male.
It has so called Y-chromosome material.
In fact, it's got a full Y-chromosome.
It probably died in the last century
if I were to make a guess.
I can say with absolute certainty
that it is not a monkey.
Right. It is human,
or as close to human,
closer to human than
chimpanzees would be.
But when you count up the number of
mutations that we're observing,
what we're seeing is more
than what we would expect to be
caused by simple cell division.
When the sequencer is creating
or making these reads,
it's doing it more or less at random.
So what does the computer program do
that people have written and designed?
It takes every one of the little sequences
and tries to match it against the known,
and then anything that doesn't
match, it puts in a little side file
and says, "this is unknown. "
At a certain point, when
enough knowns are matched,
I can feel comfortable saying,
"Ah, this is human," right?
But if I'm not careful,
and I don't pay attention to what's
in the garbage can, right
what the computer program
is throwing away,
I could literally be throwing the baby
out with the bath water.
What we've done is we've scaled back,
and we're seeing several chromosomes and
pieces of chromosomes across the top
which basically leaves us with
a very strange conundrum.
Right. Here you've got this six-inch-tall
let's call it human, right,
because the DNA says that so far it's human
at least the way that we're looking at it.
This gene PCN which is known to be associated
with primordial dwarfism,
we don't have any mutations here.
It lived to the age of six to eight.
Obviously, it was
breathing, it was eating,
it was metabolizing,
and it wasn't living in an environment
where there was a lot of
advanced medical attention
that was given to it to allow
it to live to that age.
Calls into question how big the thing
might have been when it was born.
So genetically you might explain that
by saying that there's some
advanced aging mutation,
something that caused the bone
to age anomalously quickly.
A gene that's known to be
associated with progeria,
that also, no changes there.
So the next problem, of course, is the ribs
and the number of ribs in the specimen:
only ten whereas there's
supposed to be twelve.
So there are no mutations
which are specifically associated
with that kind of phenomenon
because it's rarely, if ever, seen.
The digits are all correct.
The hands are all correct.
There are problems with the face.
So there's a mid-face hypoplasia,
and then there's the larger skull.
So again, I think, in summary,
there are genes associated
with any one or two
of the anomalies that we
see in the specimen,
but there is no mutation which is known
to accommodate or call for
all of the mutations.
Even with the things
that we know could be assigned to
one or more of the anomalies,
we don't find them in the genetics
of this specimen.
That leaves open the question:
what genetics is causing the anomalies
that we are observing?
So although I answered this thinking
DNA was the answer,
it made me realize that in the context
of the bigger biology questions
that there are other levels of control
that need to be understood and answered:
the non-coding RNA, epigenetics, etcetera,
and thin gs that we probably
haven't even thought of yet.
So if I just look at this base
pair 19,800,000 or so
at this edge of the open region.
I can go all the way over here,
and now I'm at 21,000 or 22,000.
So the answer's not finished,
and it's not as easy as, actually, frankly,
I thought it was going to
be at the beginning.
So that's basically 2,000,000 base pairs
of DNA where nothing seems to sit.
It's just like the way societies do things;
they try to fit things in boxes.
We have literally written a computer
program that does exactly that,
tries to fit it into the box.
Doesn't seem very efficient
so on that basis
people would call it junk,
but I think we now know
that there's any of a number
of other features
of what DNA's doing in there.
It is expressed,
and so we need to be careful, obviously,
that we don't let our instincts
or the programs that we write
to match our instincts
make the decisions for us.
No matter what, for me,
this has been a fascinating
more than an exercise.
As soon as I've collated this information
into a form that other people
can take advantage of
and it's accepted for publication,
I'm just going to put it out on the web.
You know, I don't have the resources
to study and follow down every single angle
that this opens up, but you know,
maybe there is a listener out there who
will be sufficiently intrigued by this
to do the analyses themselves.
And maybe they'll find
something that I missed.
If additional samples or examples
are seen of this,
I'll be the first in line
to want to sequence it
because then all bets are off.
I want to say other things here,
but I also don't want to
open myself up for,
you know, attack.
This search may have uncovered
a major finding about life in the universe
and its origins.
What is this being?
Could it be a missing link in evolution?
Could it be an entirely new species
or simply a disease we have
never seen before?
Or could this be an extraterrestrial being
from another world?
Whatever the case maybe,
this challenges the boundaries
of human scientific knowledge.
Dr. Garry Nolan has set a new precedent
for scientific investigation and rigor
in the realm of the seemingly impossible.
Now, we have now over
4,000 cases of extraterrestrial vehicles
that have landed,
3,500 pilot cases,
over 5,000 documents
from the US government,
and hundreds of thousands
of pages of documents
from fourteen countries that
have opened their files
since the disclosure project was
launched eleven years ago.
And yet,
And yet,
this isn't on CNN every night.
And this is probably the
most important thing
going on in this planet today,
and yet, nobody talks about it.
If we don't explore what to do,
- Yep.
We're going to miss the boat.
And that could be why
Eisenhower's final message
wasn't just doom and gloom.
It was a charge to the people
to spit out the bread,
look away from the circus,
and take some responsibility.
Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry
can compel
the proper meshing of the huge industrial
and military machinery of defense
with our peaceful methods and goals.
Since 2001,
twenty-four countries have opened
their UFO files to the public,
including Australia,
the UK, Vatican City, Germany,
Russia, and Canada.
The United States is not yet among them.
What we have to do
is pave the way for these leaders
because if the people will
lead, the leaders will follow.
They'll have to.
And it isn't about overthrowing
the pentagon.
It's about leaving it behind.
My goal, when I started this,
was to make this so that I wasn't
important at all in it,
that there would be enough people
that they'd go on without me,
and that way it doesn't
matter if I drop dead.
The future is here already.
The technologies are here.
Contact is happening,
and if we come together as a people,
what we're going to find
is that all of us working together
are going to be able to create
a world that is amazing.
If every single one of
us told everyone we know
that we're being visited
by intelligent life,
that the sciences are here to
give us a new civilization,
we're liberated from that
macroeconomic slavery.
But this is the destiny of humanity.
Thank you very much,
and God bless you all.
Thank you.
What we've come to learn is this:
We are standing at the
precipice of a new age.
There is power in the many
but only when they're acting as one.
That's when resonance happens,
whether joining together
as a responsible citizenry
against the forces standing to divide us
or joining consciousness
to unite with the beings
who are prepared to communicate with us.
In order to succeed
in this endeavor called life,
we must come together as one.