Sirona (2023) Movie Script

[siren blaring]
[siren continues]
[fast-paced dramatic music]
Take them down!
[gun firing continues]
[gun firing stops]
Come here, let's go.
I need you to stay low.
Move to another
hiding spot, okay?
We're gonna get out of here.
You need to let me go,
and do as I say.
It's gonna be okay.
Okay, now go.
[dramatic music]
[man 1 screaming at a distance]
[shuddering in pain]
-[commander] Don't bother.
We have to help him.
We can't.
What happened?
The prisoner happened.
Get up.
[men screaming at a distance]
What the hell is happening?
Keep calm and focus.
We're being hunted.
[twig snaps]
Where's your brother?
[screaming in pain]
[mystical grim tone]
[mystical tone]
[both groan]
-[metal slashes]
Experimental trash.
[mystical grim tone]
[strained groaning]
You know that's not gonna work,
that's not gonna work.
I have to try. [sobs]
No. Sirona, you have
to get out of here.
Or all this is for nothing.
I can't.
Sirona, please.
Just get to safety, okay?
You're gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
I love you.
[somber music]
D-- Damien.
[man 2 screaming]
Got a man down!
I love you, too.
[dramatic music]
I don't see anything.
[whispering] That's
'cause you're blind, dude.
[whispering] Shut up, Tuck.
Both of you, knock it off.
Stay focused.
Got it.
Tuck, take the package.
Miller, you're on our six.
Let's move.
Campbell, got eyes on anything?
Nothing yet.
Keep your eyes peeled.
They might be wearing
ghillie suits.
[Cross on transceiver]
Useless as always.
That's enough, Miller. Let's go.
Eagle One, this is Bravo team.
We have the package
and are ready for exfil.
[man 3]
Copy that, Bravo team.
ETA to assault is ten minutes.
Anyone else
think this is too easy?
[Cross on transceiver]
Campbell, report.
Still no signs of movement.
Well, stay sharp.
We know they're out there.
Miller, you okay?
What do you think?
Stay down, boys.
Game over. [chuckles]
Stand down, Sharp.
Drill's over.
[Sharp on transceiver]
Copy that.
[chuckles lightly]
[yells] What the hell was that?
Got to keep it realistic
for you.
[chuckles wickedly]
[Tuck strains]
It's only
a training round, Miller.
Don't be such a bitch.
It's only a training round.
Don't be such a bitch!
And where the hell were you?
Take it easy on her, Miller.
Maybe if she had
situational awareness,
we'd have a partner
we could rely on.
It's just a scrimmage.
Besides, she's got
one flaw that she can't fix.
What's that?
You ain't me, sweet cheeks.
Nobody wouldn't be,
you stupid prick.
Wanna run that by me again?
Yeah. I said you're a prick.
You had the drop on me,
but you shot me anyway.
No pain, no gain.
Maybe she should be
better prepared next time.
Might save her life
in the field.
Hey, you hurt?
You mean besides my pride?
Ah, he's always been
jealous of you.
I think since you started
improving at the range,
it's starting to bother him.
Enough to shoot me?
I'll set him straight,
and if that doesn't work,
you have my permission
to shoot him with a live round.
What's on your mind, son?
It's just, [sighs]
you know, get out here...
We kick your ass
at range and relays,
but every time we're out in the
field, we get our asses kicked.
It's all about
having the right team.
And that you do.
Listen. I wouldn't beat
yourself up over too much.
We just have more experience.
Yeah? And what happens
when we're out in the field,
and we run into
a team like yours?
That's why
we run these scenarios.
You'll beat us some day.
Yeah, that's the plan.
[chuckles lightly]
Let's go get a beer, huh?
[upbeat reggae music]
Beer, milady?
No, thanks.
Come on, Campbell.
He's just trying
to be a gentleman.
Gentleman, huh?
[in British accent]
And as one of
England's finest gentlemen,
I bring the drinks
to court the pretty lady.
You're insufferable.
[Tuck, normal accent]
Come on.
I'm not so bad.
Once you get to know me.
I know enough.
Need your help
with something inside.
Yeah, yeah, in a minute.
[Tuck, whispering]
Don't worry, gorgeous.
I'll be back.
[motorcycle revving]
[engine stops]
Man, what the hell
are you doing?
-[Miller] Oh, don't play dumb.
I know that you're an idiot,
but you're not stupid.
Oh, come on.
[chuckles] How can I not?
She's funny. She's beautiful.
-[Charlie] Lethal.
Think about it.
A tough woman like that.
What happens
if you two get in a fight?
She might literally kill you.
[whispers] Totally worth it.
It's never a good idea to dip
your pen in the company's
ink there, bud.
But look at that ink.
It's everything
I've ever wanted for my pen.
-[sighs] Came out wrong.
Hold on.
-[Miller] Stop.
Hold on.
She's, uh...
She's like Mary Jane
to my Peter Parker.
Oh, come on.
-I know you know those names.
-[Miller] Tuck!
Uh-huh. Back me up, Charlie.
Even he knows
who Peter Parker is.
This isn't a video game, man.
Peter Parker
is a comic book character.
Stop talking.
You and I both know
it's not good to have
somebody close
to you in the field.
-Jason, if this is about
Campbell, replac--
-It's not.
I just don't want you making
an emotional-based decision
when we're under fire.
-Everything okay in here?
-[in British accent]
Right as rain, sir.
[in normal accent]
Miller here was just telling me
how much he loves me.
Oh, I'm gonna kill you.
[hoarsely] Do it.
[door opens]
You guys mind if I borrow Cross?
Sure thing. I was just
about to kick Miller's ass
in a game of beer pong anyway.
Mm, yeah. Money on it?
-Oh, it's on.
-Let's go.
You've got
a great team there, kid.
We did learn from the best.
Well, not all of you.
What does that mean?
You remember Morocco, right?
Yeah. Oh, man.
Tuck almost blew
the whole operation
when that snake
slithered up onto his arm.
Case in point. [chuckles]
You all right?
You got a family, Cross?
Does the phrase,
"keep that shit to yourself"
sound familiar?
Something like, "There's no room
for conversations like that
in this business, Cross."
What do I know, right?
Why bring it up?
I got a brother.
Ryan. Hell of a guy.
Went in the private
security business.
He recently died.
Left behind a wife,
a daughter.
My niece.
Zak, I'm so sorry.
When something
like that hits you, it's...
It's sudden.
Makes you realize
what an asshole you had been,
because you were
too busy to see them.
You don't realize what you got
until it's gone, though, right?
Why are you telling me this?
I got no one else.
I have a son.
-[chuckles] Ex.
She couldn't really handle
the life of being married
to a mercenary.
So she split.
Took our son with her.
You still get to see him?
Not as much as I'd like.
Word of advice.
Don't get caught up
in all this shit.
But one day,
you're gonna be where I'm at.
Or worse, you'll be
the one underground.
Well, if I'm lucky,
I may not have to worry
about that for much longer.
What do you mean?
I've made some solid investments
over the last few years.
If those keep panning out
along with a couple more
high-paying contracts,
I might get to retire early.
And then I can just focus on
being with my son.
Does your team know
you're looking to get out?
I've been waiting
for the right time to tell them.
[sighs heavily] I'm also waiting
for a couple more of those
high-paying contracts
that I mentioned.
You're in luck.
That enough pay?
-[chuckles] Oh, my God.
You son of a bitch!
I thought the team
might like that.
-What's the objective?
-[cellphone vibrates]
Good afternoon, Mr. Morrow.
-This is Dr. Truman.
-Hey, Doc,
could you, uh,
hold on for just a moment?
Hey, I'm gonna take this.
Give everybody copies
of the paperwork,
and set up a briefing
for 0800 hours.
We'll go over the details then,
and then we'll head out.
[softly] Thank you.
Go ahead.
The procedure is ready.
We have the green light
to proceed with everything
as scheduled.
I'll be there.
[birds chirping]
[serene music]
Can't do this without you.
[Sirona continues to weep]
All right. Hey! Hey!
Focus up.
We don't have much time,
so I'll make this brief.
The target we have
been assigned is a woman.
Mid 20s to early 30s,
going by the name of Sirona.
a photo could not be provided,
so we'll have to go off
the description
listed in her file.
Sirona is reported to have
broken into an off-the-books
black site facility
known as Valkyrie,
where she stole
valuable information,
and the prototype
to a biochemical weapon.
Now Valkyrie has contracted
and tasked us
to find said weapon
as quickly as possible.
What about the thief?
We'll teach her a lesson
and what happens when you steal.
No, no.
Do not kill the target
unless absolutely necessary.
She may be our only lead
to the weapon.
Without her,
we may never find it.
It's eight to one odds, Dickson.
If you're worried about
having to kill her,
maybe you shouldn't come.
What sort of bio weapon
are we talking about here?
Should we be wearing
some sort of protection?
Don't make this complicated,
If you're worried
about some bioweapon,
maybe you should just
leave this up to the men.
If you come across
the girl or the weapon, call me.
I don't want anybody
to risk themselves
to an unnecessary
hazardous exposure.
There is no way one person
pulled this off on their own.
No, my thoughts exactly.
Her trajectory has her headed
towards some cabins in the area.
It's possible
she may have a contact
in one of those cabins.
So what's the plan?
Well, the report states
that Sirona fled
into the Rocky Mountains
1600 hours, two days ago.
The first cabin on records
is about 100 klicks west
from where she was last spotted.
The plan is to have
Campbell, Tuck, Miller, and I
be dropped off
at her last-known location,
try and pick up a trail.
Morrow, Holt, Sharp, and Dickson
will take a vehicle west
to the furthest cabin on record,
work their way down.
The idea is to have
both teams converge,
try and smoke her out.
Any other questions?
No? Good.
Grab your gear,
'cause wheels up in ten, ladies.
[serene music]
[serene music continues]
[soft piano music]
[breathing heavily]
[soothing piano music continues]
[somber music]
They were definitely trying
to kill something.
They definitely made a mess.
All of this for one girl?
There's a side to this
Valkyrie's keeping from Morrow.
What are you thinking?
I don't know yet.
This Valkyrie?
Looks like it.
What, are they training
storm troopers?
What? Star Wars.
You know how storm troopers
can't hit anything?
Tuck, why don't you go
see if you can assist Campbell?
[softly] Like you had to ask.
He needs to lay off the movies.
You know, you'd go crazy
out here if he wasn't here
to annoy you.
I still prefer him to Campbell.
Still hung up on that, huh?
She's been taken out
of multiple scrimmages.
Our unit can't function
if she's still making
rookie mistakes.
It's just a training exercise.
And this is the real world.
There's no room
for that shit out here.
You've seen her record.
It doesn't compare
to what we could have had.
You mean what we did have?
All I'm saying is,
had you let me pick
the replacement,
we wouldn't still be out here
waiting for the next clue
to follow.
I got something.
Oh, that's just bad timing.
Sure it was.
[Miller sighs]
Got a trail.
Headin' that direction.
You think it's her?
I believe so.
All right, let's head out.
But everyone stay sharp.
Something about this
doesn't feel right.
[somber tone]
[man 4, echoes] The results...
[echoes] Her cells show...
[medical equipment beeping]
She's becoming dangerous.
[breathing apparatus sounding]
[echoes] She cannot
be allowed to live.
-[Damien] I love you.
I love you too.
Woah! It's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
My name is Calvin.
You're the man from the picture?
The picture?
That's right.
I promise
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I see you helped yourself
to some bread.
It's all right. You look
like you could have used
some food and rest.
How about a real meal?
You still hungry?
[serene piano music]
What's your name?
That's a pretty name.
Well, Sirona,
there a reason
you haven't touched your food?
I'm not sure what it is.
It's bacon and eggs.
What is it?
Just try it.
What do you usually eat?
Dr. Truman always gave us
some sort of drink with
bread and chicken.
The drink
wasn't very good though.
Me and my brother.
Where is your brother now?
He's gone.
He died trying to protect me.
I'm so sorry.
This is my daughter, Elizabeth.
She's beautiful.
Where is she?
She's gone, too.
What happened?
Lost her to cancer.
Maybe I could have helped her.
I appreciate that.
But there's really
not a cure for it.
But I know
how to make things better.
How so?
I can show you.
[somber tone swelling]
-[yelling] What are you doing?
No, it's okay.
I need you to let go.
[mystical tone]
Is there more bacon?
Hold on a sec.
What is it?
Something's off with the tracks.
[clicks tongue]
Looks like she fell.
[inhales, exhales loudly]
You got something
to say, Miller?
Who cares that she fell?
We wanna know where she went.
What do you think I'm doing?
Wasting time.
Look, don't condescend me,
I don't know what
your problem with me is,
but if you think
you can do better, be my guest.
Then shut up
and let me do my job.
Trail leads this way.
[sing-songy] You got in trouble.
[softly] Okay.
you got to ease up on her, man.
-I know Mike
was like a brother to you.
He was my brother.
And she'll never replace him.
But he did set the bar,
and it's for her to clear it.
I think she's cleared
the bar, he set.
It's your bar she can't seem to.
If you could try to start
seeing her for who she is,
not who you want her to be,
our team will be a force
to be reckoned with.
Aren't we already?
Come on. Let's catch up
before Tuck does
something stupid.
Tuck is the definition
of stupid.
So you can imagine my surprise
when he said
he was a coke dealer.
The weird thing is,
I've never even seen him
drink a bottle of this stuff.
Yeah, he wasn't
talking about the soda, Tuck.
[softly] You're such an idiot.
[Campbell chuckles lightly]
Yeah, uh,
sorry about that back there.
That's all right.
Sometimes Jason just needs
a swift kick in the ass.
I just don't understand
what his problem is. [sighs]
-You know
why you were hired, right?
-What do you mean?
I mean, did Cross tell you
why we needed
someone else for the team?
He mentioned that my predecessor
was a casualty
from the previous contract.
Anything else?
I'm assuming you've
noticed the remembrance bracelet
that Jason wears.
His name is Mike.
So what happened?
I really think
Cross should be the one to--
Tuck. Please.
About a year ago,
we were contracted
to protect
a government official.
Morrow and his crew were busy
with another contract,
so it was just us.
About four hours into the night,
Mike intercepted the threat.
And by the time Jason got there,
found him bleeding out
on the ground.
Jason held him as he died.
Jason and Mike, they were...
They were like brothers,
you know, inseparable.
Jason's just not quite been
the same since.
This was Mike's.
-I like to hang on
to this just 'cause...
-I get it.
It's not your fault
-or Jason's.
-What's the hold up?
I'm just taking a breather.
You've still got a good trail?
Uh, yeah.
Leads this way.
[gentle music]
There's nothing left,
not even a scratch.
I told you I can cure things
with my hands.
But how?
I don't know.
It's just something
I've always been able to do.
You mentioned a Dr. Truman.
Dr. Truman took care of us.
This Dr. Truman, did she
perform experiments on you?
How do I say this?
Did she do exercises or tests?
-Can you tell me what she did
during these tests?
They would take me into a room,
and sometimes,
the room had people in it,
and sometimes, it had animals.
Dr. Truman would tell me
to touch them
to make them better.
She said I was curing them.
And I was.
At least, most of them.
What do you mean?
Well, sometimes,
animals and people
would be dead.
And I would try
to make them better, but... matter
how long I touched them,
nothing worked.
Did Dr. Truman tell you
where these people came from?
My brother.
Your brother
killed these people?
They would make him touch
the people and animals
until they became weak or died.
I could always see
where he touched them.
He would leave a mark.
The guards would hurt him,
and see
if I could make him better.
No matter how bad they hurt him,
there was nothing
I could do to help.
Did they ever hurt you?
Sometimes, they would run tests
to see if Damien could hurt me.
But he couldn't.
Dr. Truman said that
we were immune to each other.
Where were you?
The Valkyries decide
who lives and who dies
on the battlefield.
Where did you hear that?
It was written
on the walls in our rooms.
We were told that we were
soon to become Valkyries,
and that we decide
who lives and who dies.
I don't want to decide
who lives and who dies.
Do you wanna know
who the Valkyries really are?
They were these noble beings
who guided the fallen warriors
to a better place.
I may not have known
your brother,
but he wouldn't
have wanted you to be
a victim the rest of your life.
But your brother
gave you a fighting chance.
So the next time
the Valkyries show their face,
you look them in the eye,
and let them know
you're not gonna be
a victim anymore.
What if they don't listen?
Then you fight.
[gentle emotional music]
-What are you doing?
-I have to head
into town for a bit.
Get us some more food.
Can I come?
I think it'll be
safer if you stay here.
Do you know
what a hair dryer is?
It's the thing
that blows warm air, right?
So you know what
a hair dryer is,
but didn't know
what eggs and bacon were?
My nurse at Valkyrie had one.
Well, if you don't wanna
walk around with wet hair,
Elizabeth kept a hairbrush
and hair dryer
underneath the sink.
And what's a sink?
I'm kidding.
I should be back
in about an hour.
Stay inside
until I get back, all right?
All right.
[vehicle engine ignitions]
I think I found
where the trail leads.
Think anyone's home?
[clicks tongue] I can't tell.
All right.
Campbell, you're on overwatch.
Miller, you take point.
Tuck and I will follow.
Remember, if we find Sirona,
capture, don't kill.
Our priority is the bioweapon.
All right, everyone, move out.
[fast-paced music]
[fast-paced music dynamizes]
[dryer whirring]
Don't move, don't move,
don't move!
Stop moving!
-[Miller] Stop moving
or we will shoot you!
[Sirona, shuddering]
Calvin! Calvin, please help me!
Tuck, you stay with her.
Miller and I are gonna
clear the rest of the house.
Campbell, we've detained
a suspect matching
the description.
Got eyes on anything?
Everything looks
clear for right now.
But I'll keep you posted.
Copy that.
Tuck, did she say anything?
get with Campbell,
check the perimeter.
You sure?
Tuck and I got this.
It's okay.
Not gonna hurt you.
What are you--
My name's Allen.
What's yours?
Is your name Sirona?
What are you doing?
She's not gonna give us any
intel if she's freaked out.
Tuck, look at her.
She look like a threat to you?
Dude, this is the job.
You've got to take
emotion out of it.
But you're gonna
draw the line somewhere.
I'm gonna call Morrow.
You stay with her.
You finished
your perimeter check?
-All clear.
Dickson and Sharp are inside,
finishing up the cabin.
After that,
we have the next one about
20 klicks east.
[cellphone vibrates]
Cross, how goes
the eastern sweep?
We found a girl
matching the description.
Is she detained?
She's younger
than what you described.
It might not be her.
Look, we've been
given bad intel before.
Age doesn't concern me.
Is it her?
[sighs] She responded
when I said the name Sirona.
Excellent. Keep her detained.
Is there something else
about this contract
that I should know?
We'll be there soon.
[disconnected tone]
What is taking
those idiots so long?
What's the holdup?
What's going on here?
Tell him.
One of 'em managed to send out
an emergency SOS
with her cell phone.
Local authorities
are probably on their way.
[somber tone]
Make it look like
a murder-suicide.
And anyone else we encounter,
do the same thing.
No loose ends.
Just make it quick.
Perimeter is secure.
Can I please
go to the bathroom now?
I never stopped you from going.
Yeah, you did.
Said it with your eyes.
Keep an eye on him.
He's being weird.
Now, if you need me,
I'll be in the loo.
What's he talking about?
Oh, looks like
Cross's famous bleeding heart
continues to pour.
And that means?
Oh, you don't know?
Our fearless leader
here tends to have
a soft spot
when it comes to morality.
She's just a kid, Jason.
No, she's a paycheck.
And if memory serves,
you don't get paid
until she tells us
where the weapon is.
She won't talk.
Oh, I can fix that.
What? It's not like
I'm gonna waterboard her.
We're not gonna get anywhere
just sitting around and waiting.
I'm gonna ask you
the same thing I asked Tuck.
She look like a threat?
You know as well as I do,
threats come in all shapes
and sizes.
That doesn't give us
the right to hurt anyone
we think is guilty.
[Miller, muffled]
We're getting paid to do a job.
We don't do the job,
we don't get paid.
Yeah? And what
if she's innocent?
And the argument
for right versus wrong
-rages on.
-[Cross] You don't know that!
-[Miller] I do know that.
-[Cross] Look at her.
Look at what she...[indistinct]
Nice digs, though.
[muffled argument continues]
Get your hands up.
[Cross and Miller
continue arguing]
[Cross] I'm not going to risk
the life of a potentially
innocent child!
If you're gonna cave
every time a little girl gives
you puppy dog eyes, then
you're in the wrong business!
Well, lucky for you
that won't be a problem anymore.
What does that mean?
Oh, shit.
Everybody just stay
where you are.
If anyone moves, he dies.
Drop your weapons!
Dammit, Tuck!
Everybody step back.
Not you.
Release her.
You okay?
Good. I'm gonna
need you to come to me.
-[metal swishes]
Let her go!
[crickets chirping]
[door opens]
[door closes]
So you must be Calvin?
Got a last name?
That's none of your business.
It becomes our business
when you're found harboring
aiding terrorists.
She's just a damn kid.
That sounds familiar.
How can you live with yourselves
torturing a poor,
innocent kid like that?
From where we stand,
she's guilty.
And I'm beginning
to think you're in on it.
What the hell
are you talking about?
Where's the bioweapon?
The what?
The bioweapon that Sirona stole.
Where is it?
Think this is funny?
Think your arrogance
is pretty damn funny
blindly following orders
without questioning
what the real facts are.
Let me tell you something.
One soldier to another.
You've been lied to.
Whatever it is
you've been told about her,
it's a lie.
You're on
the wrong side of this.
You know that, don't you?
[eerie music]
[snaps fingers] Hey.
Anyone home?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
I need to hit
the bathroom, you okay?
[faint metallic thud]
Who's Damien?
I lost someone close to me.
I keep this with me so that...
...I never forget him.
Is that why you keep this?
To remember Damien?
Do you know why
we wear it around our necks?
So that we can keep
them close to our heart.
Hey, Tuck.
Cross and Miller
are going at it again.
Can you see
if you can calm them down?
Look, I know it sounds crazy,
but what if we are
getting played?
-What're you guys talking about?
-[Miller] Boy Scout
wants to trust a man
that just put a gun
to the back of your head.
Jason, when I talked to Morrow,
something seemed off.
-So, either Calvin knows more
about Sirona than Morrow does,
or Morrow's
keeping something from us.
Of course, Calvin knows
more about Sirona.
They're working together.
Do you really think
that a retired vet
turned domestic terrorist,
and helped a young girl
steal a biological weapon
from a black site facility?
Do you really think
a military black site facility
is doing human experiments?
Because that's what he thinks!
I mean... doesn't sound
that far-fetched.
[softly] Goddammit, Tuck.
If you compare this
to one of your stupid movies...
I mean...
No. Uh...
I think you guys
should see something.
I need to borrow Damien's tags
for a moment, okay?
[unzips bag]
I'll keep him safe
if you keep Mike safe. Deal?
Damien. Experiment number 029.
Who's Damien?
Who knows?
parent, sibling.
But most importantly...
If Damien
was an experiment, then...
Doesn't prove anything.
It's at least enough
to ask some questions.
I want to talk to Morrow
before he sees Sirona.
Campbell, post up outside,
radio in when they arrive.
Keep Sirona safe and secure.
At least until we get
some answers.
But don't put her with Calvin.
Not yet.
You got it.
You're gonna look real stupid
when you
start questioning Morrow.
We deserve an explanation.
And I don't know
what to believe about all this.
But if Morrow
got a bad contract,
I want him to know about it.
[somber music]
Need you to hide out in here
for me, okay?
Where's Calvin?
He's, uh...
...he's in the other room.
Is he okay?
Yeah, and we just
want the same for you.
We just wanna keep you safe.
[softly] Okay.
Trade you.
Thanks for keeping him safe.
[Cross on transceiver]
How's look out there, Campbell?
It's quiet.
Still no signs of movement.
All right. Keep me posted.
Copy that.
[twig snaps]
Are you hiding me
because of the bad guys?
Why are you asking me that?
The bad guys
killed Damien, and...
I'm scared the same thing's
gonna happen to me.
I... [clears throat]
I'm gonna do everything
I can to make sure
that doesn't happen.
You know what this is?
I want you to have it.
That way,
if any of the bad guys
come after you,
you can defend yourself.
This help me not be a victim?
Wanna see some other cool stuff?
What'd you mean by that comment
you made earlier?
-Which one?
-The one about you not being
a problem for much longer.
I think that's a conversation
better had off mission.
Oh, don't give me that.
There isn't jackshit
going on right now.
[Campbell on transceiver]
Cross, he's here.
Copy that.
We'll be right out.
[dramatic music]
[laughs] Look at that.
Completing a contract
in record time.
Yeah, well, it's all about
having the right crew, right?
-[Miller] We don't hold up
against you guys.
We all know having you
on the team is like
having a handicap.
All right, out of the two of us,
who's got the better record?
Where are Dickson and Sharp?
Having them doing
a perimeter sweep.
They'll be here
in a few minutes.
-Where's the girl?
-Actually, Zak,
-there's something
I wanted to talk to you about.
Where's the girl?
Perfect. Let's get after it.
Look, I think
we got a bad contract.
And why, pray tell,
would you think that?
We got some intel
you might want to hear.
Same mistakes.
Different day.
What the hell
are you doing, Sharp?
Just fulfilling a contract.
On me?
Somebody thinks
highly of themselves.
Then what the hell
do you call this?
For what?
Morrow got a little worried
after his last call with Cross.
Thought that he might do
something drastic.
We're just making sure
we get paid.
And you have to point
a gun at me to do that?
I was just thinking
how nice the pay would be
with one less share.
Oh. That's a pretty
cute story you got there.
There's just
too many coincidences,
the contract said--
The contract said
hunt down Sirona,
and that is exactly
what you did.
No. The contract said
to return a weapon.
A bioweapon
that we still don't have.
Yes, you do.
She's the bioweapon.
What the hell
are you talking about?
It's complicated.
Short version is
that girl in there
is a ticking time bomb,
and she needs to be put down.
Whoa, I don't understand.
I don't expect
you to understand.
What I expect
is for you to do
what we were hired to do.
We were hired
to return the weapon.
So if what you're saying
is true, we need to return her.
It said, "return her,"
it didn't say "alive."
Jesus Zak, she's just a kid.
She's a monster!
She is responsible
for the deaths
of multiple soldiers,
including Ryan.
You didn't think
that was something
that we needed to know?
Woah, who's Ryan?
Morrow's brother.
All you do is pull
the ring and throw it.
-Can I try--
-No! [blows raspberries faintly]
[chuckles] No.
Not in here. Mm-mm.
See, when you,
when you throw it,
it creates an explosion.
Explosion is a...
It's a, it's a big boom.
You okay?
I've just got a bad feeling.
Can I please see Calvin?
[Tuck sighs heavily]
I'll go check on him.
But if I do,
you've to promise
to stay in here. Got it?
[door opens]
Why would you keep
something like that from us?
Oh, don't get so high
and mighty, Miller.
It's like you always say,
"It's just another paycheck,
This is the job.
Personal or not,
she has to die.
And I'll take anyone down
who stands in our way.
What the hell are you doing?
[gun cocks]
[dramatic music]
-Sirona, no!
Let me go! I can help him.
There's nothing
you can do for him!
I'm sorry, Cross.
I can't let you stand
in our way.
Last chance.
Take us to the girl.
Looks like things
are escalating down there.
Better hope Cross makes
the right choice.
[dramatic music swells]
[music ceases]
What's going on?
Stay back, Tuck!
Screw it.
That's my cue.
[dramatic music]
Looks like
there will be one less share.
[both straining]
Get up!
How are you doing this?
You can thank Valkyrie.
-[gun cocks]
Drop him, Morrow!
Stand down.
I'll kill you,
you son of a bitch!
Shut up and get on your knees.
You two have one more chance
to get on board or die.
[Campbell on transceiver]
Get him to take
a few steps forward.
What's it gonna be, Cross?
Do your worst.
Nice shooting, Campbell.
[birds chirping]
[Tuck inhales deeply]
How you feeling?
Would I have shot if I said
I had died and gone to heaven?
And he's back.
How are you doing?
Oh. What happened?
Was I shot?
What was that?
How much do you remember?
I remember...
Where is he?
-I had to, uh--
Along with the rest
of the assholes.
Wait a minute. I was shot!
Where's the bullet wound?
How come I don't feel any pain?
You know how...
You know how you're like
into comic books and shit?
No way.
Did I?
[inspirational music builds]
-Yeah, you don't--
-[inspirational music ceases]
You don't have superpowers.
[imitates faint explosion]
[commanding voice]
Then how do you explain
my bullet wound, citizen?
Somebody has superpowers
in this cabin.
It ain't you.
Tuck's awake.
Is he okay?
Yeah. I heard him
when I was coming down the hall.
Definitely blew his mind.
Made him fangirl.
Made him what?
Uh, he's just really happy
about what you did for him.
I'm glad he's okay.
He wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for you, so,
thank you.
He really seemed
to care for you.
He was a good person.
So why isn't he better?
I was able to heal
his wounds, but...
...if someone's already dead...
I'm so sorry about all this.
I wanna make it up to you.
Bring you somewhere safe.
I don't have anywhere to go.
We'll figure it out, all right?
Thanks for...
Well, you know.
Are you absolutely sure
it wasn't me?
You know, I kind of
want you to find out.
Tuck, shoot yourself,
I'm not gonna let
Sirona heal you.
So, we just got hit
with a whirlwind of bullshit.
We all have way more
questions than answers.
But right now,
we need to formulate
a plan to get out of here
before Valkyrie comes looking.
I guess that all depends
on what we decide
to do with the girl.
We're gonna help her.
And how exactly
do we plan on doing that?
First, we're gonna
get her out of the woods,
get her someplace secure.
We'll have to work on
a long-term plan later.
Shouldn't we at least consider
what Morrow said?
I mean, is she
a ticking time bomb?
He said that?
He tried to kill us.
His word means nothing.
Speaking of which...
How was he able
to toss you around
like that last night?
I don't know.
But he said
we can thank Valkyrie for that.
So both he and Sirona
are linked to Valkyrie?
And they both
had special abilities.
Yeah. We need to talk to Sirona.
And see what she has to say.
She's in a bad spot right now.
I'm not sure questioning her
is gonna be
the best thing at the moment.
We can start
with something simple, like,
"Who's Damien?"
He is my brother.
I heard you guys
talking about Valkyrie.
I'm sorry. We don't need
to talk about this right now.
It's okay.
I wanna help.
All right, then.
What can you tell us?
Well, that was a lot to take in.
Yeah, I mean,
human experiments?
-Who does that?
That's really messed up, man.
You doing all right?
For the most part.
We both know
what I'm about to ask you.
I'm not gonna drop it.
Not until you tell me.
I'm looking
to get out of the game.
My son.
I'm slowly saving up
enough money,
so that I can retire,
and just be with him.
How close to the goal are you?
Well, this contract would
more than set me up, but...
Well, it sucks
that you're leaving, but...
I am happy for you.
But do you know what kills me?
You're leaving me with Tuck.
you didn't say Campbell.
Yeah, she cleared the bar.
Glad to hear it.
Everything's ready to go.
You pick a route yet?
Well, we could take
the main road out of here,
but if anyone's coming this way,
we run the risk of being caught.
I also thought
about backtracking
the way that Sirona came,
but if anyone tracks her
the way we did...
Really, our best option
is to head directly east
into the wilderness.
It'll be rough,
but it's the only way.
[somber tone swelling]
[Tuck screams]
Tuck. What happened?
[mutters lightly]
Who's that?
Where is Morrow?
His face just...
Everything just...
Wh-- Slow, slow down.
What happened, Tuck?
His face changed, Cross!
Tuck, what the hell
are you talking about?
His face did that!
Are you saying...
...he transformed into this guy?
All right, everyone, calm down.
-Could you be seeing things?
-Why would I--
What was that?
That's Cody.
Do you know him, Sirona?
Cody used to scare us.
He would change into Dr. Truman
and then change back.
He thought it was funny.
Hey, nerd.
What, uh, what would you call
that superpower?
Shape shifting. [exhales]
Come on, man.
I thought you'd be
way more excited about this.
I mean, this is the shit
that you're always watching.
You know,
it's in those movies,
those comic books
you're always readin'.
All right. First of all,
if that was Rebecca Romijn
or Jennifer Lawrence,
I'd be freaking out for a whole
different reason, man.
Second of all,
this is real life.
It ain't natural.
All right, guys,
I don't like this.
Let's get moving.
Everybody roll out.
We need to go.
[sinister tone]
I know that look.
What's wrong?
It's just Zak.
I mean, do you think he sent
that guy deliberately, or... he in trouble?
Man, that guy was
with us for a while,
and he couldn't even tell
the difference.
That tells me Morrow's
either working
with him or Valkyrie.
I wouldn't get
too spun up about it.
I think we're probably
missing the bigger issue here.
We probably just killed
the world's greatest actor.
[laughs] I mean,
think of the work
that guy could have done.
You know what
else I was thinking?
If you could go back in time,
and talk to your younger selves
about this mission,
what would you say?
Oh, I don't know.
Probably tell Cross not to hire
a man named Tuck.
You know,
we don't have to hear
his bullshit all the time.
[man 5 and woman scream]
What was that?
Sounded like
it came from up ahead.
All right, everyone keep
your eyes peeled,
move slowly and quietly.
Sirona, stay close.
[suspenseful music]
[man 6]
[Sirona screams]
[Tuck exclaims softly]
Yes and no.
You had a hell of an understudy.
First things first.
Drop 'em.
You don't wanna listen? Fine.
Now back away,
get on your knees,
and put your hands on your head.
You're not playing
the odds, Cross.
[cocks gun]
You four have been
a pain in my ass on this job.
The task
[chuckles] couldn't have been
more simple!
Yeah, well, sometimes,
we like to work harder,
not smarter, so...
Keep talking, Tuck,
and I'll cut your tongue out.
Is it true?
She killed your brother?
In a way. If her and her brother
hadn't pulled that
little escape stunt,
Ryan would still be alive.
I'm sorry, Zak,
but she didn't kill Ryan.
Oh, spare me.
I'm sure my replacement
told you all about what she is.
We've seen what she can do.
Then you know she has to die.
She can heal people.
How is that a death sentence?
She's gonna evolve.
Evolve into what?
I don't really care.
All I know is
that she has to die.
Think of all the good
she could do.
What if you're robbing the world
of the cure for cancer?
You're not getting
the big picture,
it's what she's gonna do
that concerns Valkyrie.
Then we take it up with them.
You don't have to kill her.
-She's just a kid.
-I can see
we're not gonna see
eye to eye on this!
-[all scream]
One step and the same thing
happens to you.
She's an innocent girl.
Miller, you're a soldier.
You're meant to be seen
and not heard.
You're all killers.
Stop pretending
to be something you're not.
That's how you get caught up
in situations like this.
But sadly,
you can't help yourself.
Can you?
It's too bad
it had to end this way.
I really did think of you
as family, Cross.
-[metal swishes]
-[grunts in pain]
[growls in pain]
[mystical tone]
[gun firing continues]
Where's Cross?
[Morrow exclaims]
[Morrow grunts]
[dramatic music]
[Morrow grunts]
How many times
do I need to say it?
She needs to die!
Think of your son, Allen.
I am.
If I let you kill her,
I'd never be able to
look him in the eye.
[disgusted exclaim]
So self-righteous.
got to draw the line somewhere.
[Morrow laughs]
My turn!
What the hell was that?
I'm open to suggestions.
Heads up!
Might need this too.
Flank 'em.
[Morrow grunts]
What did you do to yourself?
That's a funny story.
[Dr. Truman]
The procedure is ready.
We have
the green light to proceed
with everything as scheduled.
I'll be there.
Are you sure you're up for this?
We haven't attempted
to transfer abilities before.
I have a tendency
to bounce back pretty quickly.
Send your shape shifter, Doc.
Once I'm done with him,
no one will know the difference,
and you'll have Sirona
back within days.
Turns out
Cody didn't really like Sirona,
so it didn't take
much convincing
to get him to try to kill her.
Fortunately for me, he failed.
And now, that pleasure's mine.
[laughs wickedly]
Who would have thunk, huh?
Eight mercenaries
caught up in all of this?
You're the reason
we're caught up in this.
Valkyrie is opening
Pandora's box.
None of this is natural!
Well, I guess that makes you
a hypocrite then.
Sometimes, you've got
to fight fire with fire.
And when I'm done
with that little monster,
I'm taking down
that freak factory.
She's not
the monster here, Morrow.
You are!
I told you not to get caught up
in this shit, Cross.
Because one day...'ll be the one
[gun fires]
[Tuck groans]
That's right.
Is that all of them?
That's five.
I'm gonna marry that woman.
Yeah, don't hold your breath.
It's nothing personal, Cross.
It's for the greater good.
[straining] Morrow, stop.
You have eluded your fate
too long, little girl.
[dramatic music increases]
-[abrupt explosion]
[mystical tone]
[Morrow grunting]
[mystical tone]
Where'd you get the grenade?
I took it from Cody's belt.
Wasn't it supposed to cause
a big boom?
Different kind of grenade.
Morrow says he has
your brother's abilities.
What are we looking at?
If he touches you for too long,
you'll die.
And he gets stronger.
He's a parasite.
How do we stop him?
-[screams in pain]
[Cross whines]
[growls] I was gonna make
your death quick and painless.
[yelling] But you just
had to piss me off!
In a way, this is better,
'cause I want you to feel
what Ryan felt when he died.
I want you to feel his fear.
[faint rumbling]
[faint rumbling]
-[Morrow grunts]
-[Sirona chuckles] You...
You can't hurt me. [coughs]
Didn't Dr. Truman tell you?
[shaky breath]
[Sirona weeps]
I won't be a victim anymore.
[breathing heavily]
[Cross strains]
[mystical tone]
[gentle bright music]
All better?
Thanks, Sirona.
[in British accent]
And by the power of the Lord,
I command thee to walk.
Oh! Oh, come on.
You can't expect me to ignore
a low-hanging fruit like that.
You good?
They were our mentors.
Our friends.
Now they're wolf food.
You can't change people, Cross.
So I wouldn't
get caught up on it.
The world could use
more people like you
and less like them.
More people like us.
More like her.
Thank you, Sirona.
Let's go home.
[ethereal music]
So you're the one
behind all this mess.
[somber music]
Good to finally put
a face to a name,
Dr. Truman.
Allen Cross.
And Jason Miller.
I was wondering
when this day would come.
You may not be
too happy that it's here.
Oh, come now, Mr. Miller,
we can be civilized about this.
Do I make you nervous,
Mr. Miller?
Can't be too careful.
I've seen
the shit you've created.
I haven't given myself
any abilities,
if that's what
you're concerned about.
-Surprised you knew our names.
-How could I not?
Your little group
stole an asset
very valuable to me.
We didn't steal anything.
Damien set Sirona free.
We just finished the job.
Let's not get technical,
Mr. Cross.
The point is
she's property of Valkyrie.
She's nobody's property.
She's a human being.
A very dangerous human being.
She helps people.
Why are you here, Mr. Cross?
Morrow said something
about Sirona being a time bomb.
Came to find out
what he meant by that.
Sirona's cellular structure
is constantly changing.
We've seen it from day one.
She's not like the others.
You didn't think that she,
Damien, and Cody
were the only ones, did you?
Cross-species genetics
has enabled us to discover
so many amazing things.
It's opened the door
to making humans stronger,
faster, able to heal themselves.
The potential is endless.
But Sirona is not
like our other subjects.
We've studied her blood samples,
and the cells are changing
into something new,
something that
we don't understand.
Which is why I am concerned
that that change
will harm others.
So you hire a bunch
of guns to kill her?
No, that was Morrow's crusade.
He should not have kept
that information from us.
You think we believe you?
I personally fought
your Valkyrie guards.
[Dr. Truman]
And Morrow bought
them off just like he did Cody.
You actually did me a favor
by disposing of them.
What's gonna happen to Sirona?
I'm not sure.
Which is why you need to
give her back to us
for her safety and yours.
She told us about
what happened to her
while she was under your care.
Personally, I think
her odds are better with us.
If Sirona drastically changes,
she could be responsible
for thousands of deaths.
Then you don't know her at all.
If you continue
to hide her from us,
my superiors have ordered me
to place a hit on you.
And we'll be ready.
We need to take her out, Cross.
That's how we finish this, okay?
Living under these aliases
and in these rental homes
just isn't my idea of security.
I get that.
But killing Truman
won't end the threat.
You heard her,
she answers to someone else.
And if what she said
about Sirona is true,
we're gonna need her
before this is all over.
I mean, I, I get
that we did the right thing.
I just don't wanna live my life
looking over my shoulder.
So if Truman's off the table,
we know what we have to do.
-[door closes]
-[Tuck] No away. No...
He's totally the next bad guy.
What? That doesn't even
make any sense.
Were we watching the same movie?
They couldn't have
made it more obvious.
What do you think?
I'm just trying to figure out
why a guy with no powers
dresses like a bat.
Why the other superheroes
even let him hang around?
[high-pitched] Oh!
I vote Sirona stay
somewhere else.
Staying here
is destroying her mind.
-Did you have
a good time, Sirona?
-[Sirona] Yeah.
I have a little bit
of a headache today, though.
Well, she's been getting
some headaches,
but I think
it's just too much sodium
from all the bacon
you've been eating.
I'm fine.
Look, I can make
the headache go away.
[mystical tone]
See, all better.
That never gets old.
Good thing, Big Pharma
doesn't know you exist,
or we'd all be in trouble.
What's Big Pharma?
Just ignore him.
Hey, Sirona, how about you run
upstairs and get cleaned up?
We'll get dinner started.
[sighs] She's a good kid.
She's still holding up,
all right?
She has a lot of questions.
But I think she's doing okay.
She still mourns
for her brother.
I see her holding
his tags, like, every day.
But what?
But she's not safe here.
[mystical tone]
What do you mean?
We found Dr. Truman.
Her superiors
ordered a hit on us.
Valkyrie wants her badly.
They think she's gonna change
into something.
Into what?
[suspenseful, ethereal tone]
What do you suggest?
I've been talking it over
with Jason.
And if we wanna keep her safe,
there's really only
one thing we can do.
[dramatic ethereal tone]
We take the fight to Valkyrie.
[dramatic music swells]
[music ceases]
What's happening?
[dramatic music]
[music concludes]
[birds chirping]
[mystical tone]
[suspenseful tone]
[gentle music]