Sister Street Fighter (1974) Movie Script

Sister Street Fighter
Produced by
Kineo Yoihimine and Kenji Takamura
Written by
Norifumi Suzuki and Masahiro Kakefuda
Cinematography: Yoihio Nakajima
Sound: Shudo Nagai
Lighting: Hideo Motomochi
Production Design:
Shuichiro Nakamura
Original Music: Shuniuke Kikuchi
Film Editing: Oiamu Tanaka
Assistant Director:
Hidenori Fukamachi
Scripter: Shoko Takatsu
Stunt Coordinator: Takashi Shirao
Still Photographer: Yoihio Fujii
Production Manager:
Kazuharu Shimura
Set Deiign: Hajime Kobayakawa
Set Decoration: Kyoji Sakai
Makeup: Sumiyoshi
Hair Stylist: Hisako Hanazawa
Costume: Keiichi Kawai
Casting: Keiji lshihara
Film developed by
Toei Chemical Industries
Etsuko Shihomi
Emi Hayakawa
Hiroshi Miyauchi, Sanae Obori
Masashi Ishibashi
Asao Uchida, Bin Amatsu
Hiroshi Kondo
Takashi Hio, Hideo Kosuge
Kazushi Sato
Seiya Sato, Shohei Yamamoto
Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama, Ryoichi Koike
Kazuyuki Saito, Eva Parrish
Amazon Seven (Female Thai Kick Boxers)
Toshio Minami
Akira Kuji, Gozo Soma
Tatsuya Nanjo, Shieh Shiou Rung
Yoshiyoshi Yamamoto, Nami Tachibana
Tatsuya Kameyama, Japan Action Club
Hisao Mizoguchi, Sakae Yamaura
Kengo Miyaji, Takeshige Hatanaka
Koji Sawada, Yoshijiro Nishimoto
Tadashi Takatsuki, Teruo Shimizu
Shinichi (Sonny) Chiba
Directed by Kazuhiko Yamaguchi
Hong Kong
"Mystery disappearance of
Star Shorinji fighter in Tokyo"
Hong Kong Police
Koryu, listen carefully.
Your brother, Mansei Lee,
disappeared while trying to infiltrate
a Japanese drug smuggling group.
Your brother is an undercover
drug agent with the Hong Kong Police.
He was sent to Japan
to conduct an investigation
on Central Trader.
Central Trader?
It's one of the largest
drug smuggling groups in Japan.
They're guarded by
brutal martial arts experts.
You mean my brother is...
We don't know yet.
We have another agent working there,
but weve lost contact with her.
If we could only get in touch with her
we could find out if your brother is alive,
and uncover the drug smuggling route.
Your mother is Japanese
which means
you have some Japanese blood.
You even have relatives in Yokohama.
you're the only person I can think of
who is capable of doing this job.
I know this is a very difficult job.
Will you accept it?
This is our agent, Fang Shing.
The meeting place is
Club Mandarin in Yokohama.
Eight o'clock on the third Saturday
of the month. The signal is...
...a rose.
- What can I get you?
- Spaghetti.
One Spaghetti.
Hey, cutie. Are you alone?
Let us show you a good time.
Come on.
You bitch!
Leave it to me.
- Here you go.
- Bastard!
I see.
You're still the tomboy I remember.
You must be hungry after all that
exercise. Feel free to eat a lot.
Well, it's a good thing you didn't get hurt.
Anyway, Koryu. You look so grown up.
I almost didn't recognize you.
You are quite famous in Japan as
Hong Kong's Martial Arts Champion.
Koryu, please give me a lesson
one of these days.
Reiko. Don't be so bold.
You're only a beginner.
Stop it, you two.
They're always like this.
I guess it's in their blood. They are
just like their cousins, you and Mansei.
I wonder where Mansei is.
I did everything I could
to find him.
But as I told you before,
I found nothing.
I hope he's alive.
Don't worry, Uncle.
My brother is a very talented fighter.
Even if someone is after him,
he's not an easy target.
I will find him no matter what.
Here you are.
Why did you leave the boss's house
without permission?
We suspected that you were a spy.
Come with us!
- Hey!
- Come back here, bitch!
Get her!
- Come back here!
- Stop!
You bitch!
For Christ's sake!
Don't be such a pain.
Take her.
Get in here.
Fang Shing.
What the hell...
Son of a bitch!
Our boss doesn't accept mistakes.
To make up for your screw-up,
find Fang Shing and kill her.
Now that Mansei's sister
from Hong Kong is here
the Shorinji Tokyo School that
Mansei belongs to will get involved.
The guy who took Fang Shing
may be working for Fujita.
Oh, Inubashiri.
I heard you failed.
Hayashi. Why didn't you
leave it to us?
It would have irritated Fujita, since you
consider the Shorinji clan your enemy.
Who cares!
Even if it means
selling my soul to the devil
I want to destroy
the Shorinji clan with my own hands.
Fujita disgraced me
and I must clear my name
in order to remain in
the Japanese martial arts circle.
OK. You got it.
This will be your first assignment.
Check out Fujita
and all of his aides.
Shorinji Tokyo School
Branch Master Tetsuzo Fujita
Close your eyes!
Shorinji Kempo enhances
the harmony of the body and the mind.
Power and love are inseparable.
Defense is paramount.
First comes the defense,
then comes the attack.
Your strength and the love in your heart
are one and the same.
Use your strength and love
to ground yourself.
Remember the underlying philosophy
is harmony between you and others.
That means half for you
and half for the others.
When others feel pain,
you must feel that pain.
This mutual prosperity is
the basic spirit of the Embu...
...the exercise
we are about to practice.
First Byakuren'ken.
Sensei. Lee's sister is here
from Hong Kong.
- Koryu is here?
- Yes.
So you are saying
a large drug organization
is behind Mansei's disappearance?
Some people say he was a drug addict
and got killed
while working for the organization.
My brother is innocent.
I don't believe
he's that kind of person either.
How can I say this.
I have developed faith in him
through our martial arts training.
He just won the title
to represent the Tokyo region
at the Shorinji National Championships.
I remember him talking
about you in Hong Kong.
I think it was the day
before he disappeared.
He said he was hoping that you would
get married and live an ordinary life.
He really cared about you.
He was a drug agent
for the Hong Kong Police.
A drug agent?
And what are the police's
intentions now?
They can't do anything yet
since there is no evidence.
Koryu. Do not worry.
Even if the police aren't helping,
the Shorinji won't give up on him.
We'll find your brother.
Believe me.
There is a young girl here
as crazy about Shorinji as you are.
Emi Hayakawa. That's her.
She is about your age.
I think you will get along well.
Sensei, who is that?
That's Hibiki...
...son of my late friend Rintaro Hibiki,
who was a genius at Shorinji.
He is ex-captain of
a university karate club.
Ex-car racer.
Ex-bodyguard to an ambassador.
An interesting fellow. He's leading
an unconventional life, just like his father.
And actually, I've secretly asked him
to search for your brother.
OK. That's it for the day.
- Thank you very much.
- Hibiki!
This is Mansei's sister.
Where did you take Fang Shing?
I took her to a safe place.
Don't worry.
The Shinobu Kojo Ballet Studio,
which my girlfriend owns.
3rd Floor: Shinobu Kojo Ballet Studio
Fang Shing.
ls my brother alive?
Or has he been killed?
I don't know.
He sneaked into Kakuzaki's basement
trying to find some evidence.
That's too dangerous!
He was frustrated.
We haven't got
anything on Kakuzaki.
But more and more heroin
is coming into Japan.
He couldn't wait any longer.
He risked his life to...
What's the matter, Fang Shing?
You're not as into it as usual.
I'm getting bored with
TV shows recently.
I'll show you
a good action movie.
Soshinryu Martial Arts
That was the last I saw of Mansei.
This is Mansei's.
I found it in the basement.
Fang Shing!
What is it?
Are you OK?
I need drugs!
Fang Shing! Fang Shing!
It's Kakuzaki.
He forced me to take the drugs.
Fang Shing!
Give me the woman
you took in for Hibiki.
How dare you!
You have no business here.
Shut up!
Shinobu Kojo,
Ryukyu Kojoryu Karate
Takasagoryu Blowgun
Fang Shing.
Please let me know
if there is anything I can do.
I would like to help Mansei.
I was his Shorinji student.
Four years ago, when
some gang members tried to rape me
your brother rescued me.
That's how I got into Shorinji.
I see.
- I'm glad to have met you.
- Me too.
Tesshin Kamiesu Chained Sickle,
Okinawan Kobudo
Tonfa Neray,
Ancient Chinese Weapon
South American Karate Champion
Eva Parrish
Thai Kickboxing
Amazon Seven
Fourth Degree Black Belt
in Japanese Cudgel, Hachigen Ma
Have you found Mansei's sister
from Hong Kong yet?
She hasn't showed up
at Gyokudo's restaurant in Yokohama.
Perhaps she's hiding
at Fujita's Tokyo School.
Not good enough. Fang Shing
might have told her what we're doing.
We must kill Koryu.
Mr. Kakuzaki...
...look at those freaks.
Why bother? You should have
used me from the beginning.
It's none of your business.
They are my pets.
Some rich men buy race horses
or keep an expensive dog as a pet.
But I keep unusual humans
instead of animals. It amuses me.
Are you saying that
I'm one of your pets?
You win.
You're still as sharp as ever.
I killed fifty bulls with my bare hands
in South America, you know.
Inubashiri, why don't you
leave everything to me?
Be my right hand man and I'll give
you the biggest martial arts school ever.
Alright. I'll put my life in your hands.
Take this money.
It should last for a while.
Boss, you can tell me anything.
Ill show you how I do things
around here. It's quite interesting.
I can see everything that's going on
in the house from my room.
He's my guinea pig. I've been trying
all kinds of drugs on him.
I've found that human beings
can take quite a bit of heroin.
Mansei Lee.
You know him?
Of course. He's one of the best students
at the Shorinji Tokyo School.
I just injected him with 1.2 grams of heroin.
That's almost a lethal dose.
Well, we didn't have to go
looking for her, did we?
Hey, how did you get in?
Get out of here.
Hey, hold it.
Come with me!
Hold it!
Im Inubashiri.
I have been waiting for you.
Since you'll be dying soon,
Ill tell you this much.
Your brother is alive.
He is in Kakuzaki's basement,
and he's a wreck.
So the lady dragon
was no match for you after all.
She was just a girl.
The sharks must have eaten her by now.
By the way,
about the new martial arts school...
Dont worry. I can make
as much money as I want.
I'll show you.
These are the wigs that Central Trader
imports from Hong Kong.
This one is worth
three hundred million yen.
Three hundred million?
The hair comes from Southeast Asia
with high-grade heroin sprinkled on it.
That's the secret of
Central Trader's rapid growth.
Excuse me, boss.
He's here again, asking to see Mansei.
Mr. Kakuzaki,
would you please let me see him?
- I can't stand to see him like that.
- What do you mean?
You're the one who asked me to spare
his life. That's why I didn't kill him.
Please, just this once.
I just want to give him
some homemade cake. See?
"Koryu will rescue you soon."
Mr. Kakuzaki, please.
You can beat me all you want.
But please stop doing
experiments on Mansei.
I beg you. Please!
Shut up!
If you ever try to betray us again
I will kill all of your family.
Out of the way!
I'll fill you with lead, bitch.
Quick! Put the fire out!
Put it out! Move it!
Hurry up.
Damn it.
What? Koryu is alive!
Are you sure?
Inubashiri, the lady dragon
just attacked our wig warehouse.
You said you killed her.
It's impossible.
You fools!
A whole truck load went up in flames.
Boss, there can be no doubt that
Fujita is helping Koryu.
This is an opportunity
to destroy both of them.
It will solve all our problems.
Mr. Fujita
Im here for the people
who robbed the warehouse.
What are you talking about?
Koryu Lee and Emi Hayakawa!
Mr. Fujita.
What about the spirit and discipline
you always talk about?
In reality, you make your people
act like gang members.
You've gone too far, Inubashiri.
What prestige? Huh?
What tradition?
If you won't give me those women
then fight me!
I'll take you on.
Let me take care of them.
It'll give Shorinji a bad name if you
fight such lawless people.
How dare you!
Inubashiri, go home
and tell your master
that the Tokyo School will
take him on anytime.
You won't be promoted
fighting like that.
Get Koryu out here.
Inubashiri is finished.
Now it's your turn to be useful.
Please. Please don't kill her.
Ill make sure
she goes back to Hong Kong.
I beg you.
Koryu is hiding at Fujita's.
Here. Call her right now.
She is an enemy who knows
our drug smuggling secrets. Here!
They are both part of my family.
I can't let Koryu suffer like Mansei.
No, I can't.
- Not Koryu. Kill me instead.
- Shut up!
If you want to disobey my orders, that's fine.
I'm sure you'll enjoy this, anyway.
Stop. Stop!
Help! Daddy...
Please Mr. Kakuzaki.
Please let my daughter go.
Stop it!
Daddy! Please help me.
Please stop it.
Give me back my daughter. Please!
Stop it! Let her go!
Stop! I will...
I will call Koryu.
Oh, you will?
You stubborn fool!
Call her now.
Hello. Uncle?
What's the matter?
Is he really?
I just received a call from Mansei.
He said he's escaped.
He's still in hiding... meet him
at the old factory in Harumi at three.
That was his message.
OK. At the old factory at three.
Ill be there.
Koryu. You just walked into a trap.
Has Koryu called yet?
Not yet. It's not like her
to leave the school without a word.
Something must have happened.
Dad! Reiko!
What happened to you?
Dad, Koryu is missing.
Do you have any idea where she is?
I don't know.
I don't know anything!
Something is wrong with both of you.
Tell me what happened.
Nothing! Stop asking questions.
What is it, Reiko?
It's too late!
Koryu must be dead by now.
Please tell them everything!
You and Kakuzaki are...
Dad. What's going on?
Mr. Gyokudo,
please tell us everything.
Actually, I...
- Dad!
- Mr. Gyokudo!
- Dad!
- Daddy!
Dad, hang on.
You're still alive...
This must be a punishment
for betraying you.
I was...
I was working for Kakuzaki.
I needed to borrow
some money for the restaurant.
And I got drawn in deeper and deeper.
Uncle, do you know
where my brother is?
He is in the dungeon... Kakuzaki's basement.
- Dad!
- Uncle!
- Daddy!
- Uncle!
Let's go.
All the wigs we received today
have been stored in the basement.
Make sure to re-enforce
security around the house.
Haven't you found anyone
to kill the lady dragon yet?
Actually, we have.
Oh, who is it?
Akazawa, a former priest.
Well, well. I hope you didn't come
here to preach a sermon.
Let me see how much power it has.
Try it on Mansei.
I wonder if it'll crack his bones.
Mansei. Get up.
Stand up!
The boss has ordered you to fight.
Come on. Stand up!
Mansei! Are you alright?
Koryu. You again?
How terrible.
Hang in there, Mansei.
I got your locket.
The drugs have destroyed my body.
Promise me...'ll destroy
Kakuzaki's operation.
Your efforts weren't a waste.
That piece of hair helped uncover
Kakuzaki's drug smuggling operation.
I see. That's good.
Don't worry about me. Go!
People say youre a Shorinji expert,
but look at yourself.
Everyone who opposes me
goes to Hell.
Now it's time for the
invulnerable lady dragon to die.
Just like her brother.
After her! Go!
Get her! Hurry!
Well done, lady dragon.
But unfortunately,
you won't leave this house alive.
Kill her! Go on!
Hold it!
Who the hell are you?
you have to deal with us now.
How convenient!
I'll take care of all of you at once.
Kill them all!
- Are you OK, Koryu?
- Yes.
I told you to stay home.
Girls slow men down.
Useless trash.
I've got this under control.
Go after him!
Now its just you and me.
You dropped this.
I know it's important to you.
Let her be.
The End