Sisterakas (2012) Movie Script

Rafael, our son, Bernardo.
Just call him Boy.
How are you?
My mom just passed away.
We have no place to stay now.
Are you OK coming back with Boy
and serving as maid again?
Here's my medal! Best in Arts.
I wish you had been there
to put the medal on me with mommy.
-As if your dad would make time for us.
Daddy always has time for you.
I was late because your crazy mom
did not wake me up.
I will make it up to you, OK?
Next vacation, we will go to Disneyland.
-Really, Dad? I love you, daddy.
-I love you.
What the--?
You're a liar!
-Boy also has an award.
Wow, so many.
Best in Social Studies,
Starlet of the Year,
Whitest Teeth, and Outstanding in Debate.
I'll give you a present later
when I get home.
-What do you want?
-Boy, what are you doing?
Like I always watch on TV.
-Fashion show. Let me show you.
-We both like fashion.
I like sketching designs. Look at these.
Wow! You're really good.
You have potential to be famous.
And you can be a world class model.
Teach me how to model
and I will teach you how to draw.
-I like it.
Are you gay?
-Do you have a long chin?
Then, it's a yes too.
-You snake! The nerve!
-Stop hitting her!
-Please forgive me, ma'am.
-Boy, go back to your room.
No! Stay there.
I want you to hear this!
Your mother is my husband's other woman.
Go tell your father.
Rafael is the father of my son.
I can't take this anymore.
I will kill myself, Rafael.
Ma'am, don't.
-OK, then you go instead.
-Go ahead, Rafael. Choose.
Will you choose these poor ingrates...
and lose all your wealth...
or will you forget everything
about this disgusting maid?
Choose Rafael.
All of you, stop. Do not help them.
Whoever tries to help them
will not get a Christmas bonus.
You're all heartless.
I swear...
someday, I will have my revenge.
I will work hard! I will become rich.
I will become famous.
I will find you.
I will make you feel the same suffering.
-Let's eat.
-My princesses are finally up.
-Good morning, Mom.
-Let's eat.
Your designs are really pretty.
When will these become real clothes?
-Maybe these aren't the in thing yet.
Her designs are ahead of their time.
But I believe that one day,
she'll be famous for these.
-I agree!
-Oh, you...
As much as your dad was bad luck for me,
you two are my lucky charms.
It's the ma'am.
Oh no. Open the door!
-Hi, ma'am.
-Good morning, Madame.
Let's go.
Press it.
Madame, we have a situation.
Janet, your executive assistant,
is about to jump off the rooftop.
-I'm going to jump!
-What the heck are you doing there?
-I'm going to kill myself, duh.
What did you think?
That I was just getting some fresh air?
Madame, please help her.
-If you don't, she'll surely jump.
please forgive me.
I wasn't able to finish the presentation
because I had to finish
Angelo's term paper.
And also, you made me look for silkworms.
That's why I couldn't finish
the PowerPoint presentation.
Since you're going to kill me anyway,
I'll do it myself.
Stop her!
It'll be an added cost for us if she dies.
Her brain and guts
will splatter down there.
You'll have to clean it up
before your clients arrive.
Please, Bernice.
She will be
the 387th executive assistant you've lost.
-Come on.
-Come here.
Please forgive me.
Sis, I'll do that! Go get ready for work.
It's OK, Bon.
One trick in business
is that
people are drawn to beautiful faces.
So we'll have more customers.
You're lucky
it's still very early in the morning.
I'm still not in the mood
to criticize my boss.
Oh really...
Today is payday.
I also might be not in the mood
to give you your salary.
Wow, sis. You talk as if my salary
is above minimum wage.
-What? What are you saying?
-Help me.
-What is happening?
What were you babbling about?
I couldn't hear you.
-You did not hear me?
-You weren't loud enough. What is it?
Help! Anybody.
We just got robbed! Somebody help!
Oh, that's what it was.
So why don't you call the police,
village captain, or watchman?
Where is the robber?
Up on the roof! Follow me.
Let's go.
-Detty, take care of them!
Where are they?
This way?
You scoundrel.
I've got you now.
There! Here's your fish!
How is mother? Has she eaten?
What did she eat? Did she eat well?
Did she drink? How many spoonfuls?
Here, just watch. I camcorded her.
Is Angelo home?
-Good work, Simsiri.
-Thank you.
-Hi, Uncle.
Why are you home so early?
Don't you have class?
The teachers had an emergency,
so I just went home.
Straight home? Nowhere else?
I did pass by some friends.
Passed by? You didn't stop?
-Of course, I did. We hung out for a bit.
-Just hung? You didn't move?
Of course we moved, Uncle.
We walked around.
-Just walked? You did not run?
-Uncle, that's all I did. Nothing else.
I'm warning you.
Don't let me catch you flirting around.
If I find out you are messing around,
I will tell your mother.
Uncle, my mom is dead.
What? Then who is she?
How exaggerated! Just kidding.
I know your mother is dead.
-And I killed her.
I'm kidding! Too serious.
But I'm really telling you.
Do not mess around.
No flirting with girls.
Or else I will have your mother haunt you.
Mom, how are you today?
What is the use of fresh grass
if there are no horses to eat it?
My mother seems to be high again.
What medication is she on now?
Something's wrong with your quote, Mom.
what are we to do with all this wealth...
if we are unable to get back
at those horses
that kicked us and made us suffer?
And Mom, what am I to do with this gown
if you keep calling me "Boy"?
Please call me Bernice, if it's OK?
Boy Bernice.
How magnificent.
Mrs. Francisco?
Mrs. Francisco, is that really you?
You look 15 years younger.
A perfect fit.
Perfect fit, huh.
Come here.
-Did you get her measurements?
-Yes, I did.
Give me a moment.
Mrs. Francisco,
how many tons of rice did you eat
to gain that much weight
in a matter of days?
Hey! For your information,
I'm on a north east west south beach diet.
Just admit that you are terrible
at making clothes.
I don't know why I put up with you.
And to think, Paul Cabral is my cousin.
Randy Ortiz is my brother-in-law.
And above all, Renee Salud is my brother.
-It's because we're cheap. And so are you.
What she means is,
we will be fixing the problem right away.
Like right now. Get another dress, go.
-What? What...
-Here you go, ma'am.
This one should look good on you.
That will not look good on me.
Give me a dress that looks perfect on me.
Wait a minute.
This one will be perfect for you.
I need to look good
for a bingo party later.
-This is the last straw.
-Excuse me, Bing.
This is perfect for you.
Why, Detty?
I am fed up with this lady.
I should've done this a long time ago.
You either wear that,
or I will chop off your head
and stick apples inside you. Get out.
That's confirmation that
our shop is done for.
I'm going back to the province
and putting up a convenience store.
Stop it! What are you doing?
I am just checking
if you're real or a ghost.
Because this is the first time
you've showed up in three years.
What did you expect?
Me to welcome you with a marching band?
Hey. You might be forgetting that
you broke up with me.
Hey. You might also be forgetting that
you cheated.
Not just once. Eight times.
Hey. Let's just forget about that, OK?
My life is much better now.
I have work in Canada now.
And so you decided to come back here
so we could get back together?
And I will just pretend that
nothing happened?
No. I'm fine being on my own.
I just want to take my kids with me.
Here. I filed a custody case
for our daughters.
I'll pay for their schooling.
I'll give them a good life.
I'll feed them.
I'll be the one
to supply all the needs of my daughters
and I don't need you.
-I will see you in court.
-Fine then.
Please help! Hurry.
Hurry! If ma'am dies there
she'll haunt us forever!
It's locked.
She should've realized
the elevator was undergoing maintenance.
She doesn't ride the elevator
together with commoners.
Oh so crazy.
We created seamless t-shirts.
And neon glow in the dark jackets.
-All of those and so much more.
Does that mean,
we will close the multimillion euro deal
with the Italian investors?
Leah, you are correct.
We'll have a grand sales event...
we'll finally beat Ponytale Apparel.
And because of that... I'm right.
You still haven't found
an executive assistant?
Oh, no.
That's why for now,
I'm letting Tanny shadow me. Literally.
You know,
there is a thing called taking it easy.
How can I take it easy
when all my employees act like robots?
You have to let them work and think
on their own.
You have nothing to prove.
-You're already on top.
-Not yet.
Until I find the family
who made us suffer,
I will not stop.
What if they're wealthier now?
-Then all my effort would be in vain.
-But what if they are already dead?
Then you are like a lunatic
who chased riches for nothing.
I'm texting the angel of death right now.
He says he hasn't taken them.
He even says he might claim you first.
And as long as I must watch
my mother suffer,
who was disabled by what they did,
they will suffer and cannot die.
-Take a bath to ward off bad luck.
-Is that for real?
So that you can find luck
as soon as possible.
Whatever! That's just superstition.
Why is it so windy? Is a storm coming?
What the heck?
What's going on?
I didn't know Ponytale was this awesome.
For the rich people...
tailor, village watch person,
I can see it here on your resume.
the fashion industry
is like this job interview.
What's the definition of fashion?
Bernadette, you're the one.
No, Tanny. You're the one.
Here's the list of the applicants
who passed the first interview.
But there is one who stands out.
Bernadette Sabroso Maningas.
Who? Give me that.
Bring her to me at once.
Hurry up! Stop dilly-dallying! Get going.
Who's Mrs. Maningas?
Me, sir! Sir.
The president of the company
is asking for you.
-Right now.
-Me, sir? Right now.
Yes! Hurry.
-You made a mess.
-I will clean that up later!
-Hey, you can have my eggs.
-Hurry up.
They're still hot. Here, take them.
This is an office, not a church.
Come here.
Are you imitating me?
-You really imitating me?
-You're pissing me off?
-No. I'm sorry.
Who are your parents?
My father is Rafael Sabroso.
My mother is Cara Sabroso.
Uh, Madame?
Give me water. Not you, James! Her.
Me? Madame! Where? OK. Just a moment.
-Here. Hurry. The water!
-I don't want that!
I want water from...
water from the water station.
The water station outside.
-Water station?
-Go hurry.
-Right away, Madame.
-Quickly! Go on!
Right now?
No, tomorrow. Let's see if I'm still here.
a person who needs to drink this
is about to die.
Please, let me go first. Just one glass.
Sir, how much for a glass?
-Free of charge.
-Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Madame, here you go.
Madame, here. Here it is.
Are you OK now, Madame?
Your starting salary is 40,000 pesos.
You can start tomorrow.
Thank you so much, Madame.
-Do not touch me.
-Thank you very much.
-Go now.
Lord, thank you.
Welcome to hell, Bernadette Sabroso.
Dude, Kathy Maningas is there.
I heard she doesn't go easy on anyone.
Kathy, I think this is yours.
How cheap is your style?
Do I look like a driver,
that I'd want a Good Morning towel?
And how did you know my name?
I had my fortune read.
You know what the fortune teller said?
My true love's name will be Kathy.
She also tried to test if we're a match.
The result was "sweetheart".
Didn't the fortune teller tell you that
Kathy's hate Angelo's?
And if you run the test again,
the result will not be sweetheart.
It'll be friends.
But love starts with friendship, right?
Stop following me.
Even if you go to Bhutan,
I will follow you.
-Fine, then follow.
-Hey, Kathy.
Get him out of here.
What the hell?
-Oh, kids.
-Hi, Mom.
Now, go ahead. Your mother is here.
Go. Tell her your problems.
Why? What's the problem?
-Ah, Mom it's...
-Just tell her.
Kathy's school will not accept
your promissory notes anymore,
because you have an outstanding balance.
How about you, Cindy?
What's the problem?
-Mom. It's just that...
-Don't be afraid. Tell her.
Just tell her that your scholarship
application was not approved.
It's because her father is rich.
Is that so?
Don't worry, all our problems are solved.
-Oh, that's right.
Your mother looked for a new job.
Really, Mom?
Why, what happened to the shop?
Go tell them the truth. Go on, sis.
-Children, the...
-The tailoring shop went bankrupt.
And your father is trying
to take both of you away.
He wants to be the one
to take care of you two from now on.
-Can you imagine that?
-Wait, Mom. Is that true?
Are you calling your mom a liar?
She may be secretive.
But a liar? Never.
But violent, yes.
-Ouch! I did not mean any harm.
-You just can't shut up. Get out of here.
-Get out.
-I was just saying.
I'll be the one to talk to my girls.
OK fine, you go iron the clothes.
Our problems are solved.
Your father won't be able to
take you away anymore.
-Thank you, Mom!
Thanks, Mom.
Hi, Madame. Good evening.
Your marathon of prayers
has been answered.
Really? How?
I finally found the chin-monster daughter
of our mortal enemy, Cara.
Bernadette Sabroso.
She's Mrs. Maningas now.
And she's my new executive assistant.
Isn't it fantastic, Mom?
I was able to do some research on her.
She's poor now
because she and her husband split up.
And they will suffer even more.
She, along with her two daughters.
You are the best, Boy Bernice.
This is your chance to exact revenge
on a Sabroso.
Crush her soul.
Make her suffer the way we did.
Uncle, I know her.
She embarrassed me today.
Katherine Maningas.
This is her, right?
Do you want to get back at her?
Why don't you make love to her?
Make love?
No, make soup.
Get some rice, boil it,
and put some chicken wings in.
Love. Court her.
-And why don't you sing a song to her?
-Sing a song?
No, cinnamon. Get some at the bakery.
Listen. Court her and then sing to her.
She will definitely be swept off her feet.
Make her fall for you.
Then when she is madly in love with you,
break her heart.
Hurt her.
That's our weakness, us girls.
Dude, she should be here.
She's a student assistant.
This is the moment I've been waiting for.
That's her.
You really want to do this, bro?
We're already here.
And this is for my uncle.
So, Katherine Maningas,
you better get ready.
What happens now?
Are you really borrowing this?
No, I'm buying it.
You know what,
I wish you were this book...
and me, its table of contents.
Because I want to be the topic
of every page of your life.
-Are you a dictionary?
Because you're as thick as this is.
-First day?
-Yes, Madame.
I'll personally take you
to your first task.
Madame is so kind.
-That's a lot.
All these clothes have to be laundered
for fashion week.
Unfortunately, the laundry woman is sick.
Who will do the laundry?
I guess I will because I'm just the boss.
Ah, I see.
Of course you're washing them.
-Don't you want to?
-Ah! I want to, Madame.
Doing the laundry is my dream.
This is fun. Awesome.
Who is that girl ironing clothes outside?
Who else, but Bernadette Sabroso.
-Oh my.
-You might swallow me whole!
-You found her?
-Yes, that's why she's outside ironing.
Why is she ironing?
I want her to feel the hardships
of being a maid.
Why outside?
I made her believe she is using a
solar-powered iron.
The dumb woman believed me.
Let her burn under the hot sun.
-Are you done ironing?
I am done, Madame.
Good. I want you to serve me some food.
I want to eat the freshest
and biggest fish.
OK. I will go to
the wet market right now.
Didn't you hear me?
I said the freshest.
So, I want you to personally go fishing.
Me? But where will I find a place to fish?
There! I got one.
-Did I say dog?
-You really caught that?
-Digitally enhanced?
I have seen these designs in magazines
from last summer's collection.
I made some designs too.
Look at them.
Did you make these long ago?
-Yes, years ago.
-So they're old.
Get me a glass of milk. My stomach
is getting acidic because of you.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Hey! Yo.
Here you go.
-Yummy. Get me another.
-Yes, Madame.
Two glasses of milk for you.
It's really delicious. Get me some more.
Leave the glasses. Get another one.
-I don't like reusing glasses.
-Ah yes, Madame.
I want more.
Are you holding back on me?
Get me more.
Ah! No milk.
Still none.
We have run out of milk.
Even mine are as dry as desert.
So what? Is it my problem
that you don't have milk to serve?
No, Madame. It's my problem!
I'll find a way. I'll be back!
Madame, you really want more milk?
you can have it straight out of this.
-A cow and a horse?
How is your revenge plot going
against that girl?
She's really tough, Mom.
I have been making her life a living hell,
but she seems fine
with whatever I make her do.
I think she's a masochist.
She just accepts everything.
You know what, she seems genuinely nice.
Trying to make her suffer
has no effect on her.
-Boy, don't let her deceive you...
with her fake goodness.
She's not a good person.
There are no good Sabrosos.
I'm so excited.
Grab both of her knees and pull on them
to make her fall.
Models, do not walk around
wearing our designer clothes.
You never know who's lurking around.
They might steal our beautiful designs.
Oh, those people.
All of them will go gaga when they see
our one-of-a-kind creations.
And when that happens,
there is only one thing I can say.
Do you smell like foodies?
You even copy commercial taglines.
Why? Where do you get your sweetened pork?
So then just go and go.
I have run out of endorsements.
I cannot lose to her. Help me.
Ah OK. Don't worry.
-I have the true magic.
-Ah yes.
Hey! I too have the true magic.
-Don't I? Friendship?
-Right, friendship.
Why are you siding with her?
-Why don't I have magic?
-Sorry. I got confused, Madame.
Oh, it's our turn already.
-You could have told me sooner.
Madame! That is not ours.
That is La Yondelle's.
-An exact match.
-They have the same design.
It's OK.
We'll go on first anyway, right?
-No, Madame.
-Oh my God.
Oh my God.
If you will hear me out, I have a plan.
There is no need to panic.
Hurry! The others aren't doing anything.
-Just relax.
-Yes, Madame.
Detty, are you OK?
Why is it taking so long?
If you'd help us,
this would go much faster.
Hurry up.
They are finished.
They're finished.
-Detty, hurry.
-Yes. Hurrying.
Hurry! Go up! Faster!
-Everyone come closer.
-Let's go.
This is the first time
someone has been able to steal my designs.
Whoever stole them...
you better hide behind Pontius Pilate
if you do not want me
to twist your fallopian tube
and skin you alive with a nail cutter.
I'm angry...
I'm furious. Isn't it obvious?
-Get out of my sight.
-Let's go!
-How ungrateful.
-Yes, ungrateful.
-You pay them...
-I pay them...
-And they steal from you.
-They stole from me.
You haven't thanked Detty
for saving your company.
What do you mean thank her?
For all I know she planned this fiasco
to make her end up looking like a hero.
Sis, do you want me to bring you a pillow
so you can sleep here.
Sis, are you crying?
No. I'm washing my eyes with my saliva.
Isn't it obvious?
Why, sis?
Is it because of your boss,
who's the first cousin of Satan?
I don't know.
I am so tired.
He has gone too far.
I cannot understand
why he seems so mad at me.
He always screams at me.
He makes me feel so stupid.
Tell you what...
You resign tomorrow. Just resign.
But before you do that...
give him a cup of coffee
with lots and lots of hot chili.
-I can't understand you.
-Read this.
The paper! Read! I'm telling you.
You're correct that it is a cup of coffee
with chili in it,
and it matches your fiery mouth
that does nothing but shout at me.
No need!
What is this?
What's this, a hotdog?
I would have accepted this,
but you misspelled resignation.
-You're missing one G.
-Oh really?
OK, next time I will not forget the G.
No! I won't allow your resignation.
There's nothing you can do.
What if I make your salary 80,000 pesos
with night differential
after three o'clock
plus maternity leave,
though I know
your child bearing days are over?
Still resigning?
I will just get you a new cup of coffee
and the latest layouts and designs
you approved.
Get me lots of water as well.
-What for?
-I will go swimming.
We even beat Ponytale.
It was a good thing we got their designs.
Very good, Roselle.
My only question is...
until when are you going to steal designs
from Ponytale?
How are you going to sustain our company
like that?
The Fil-Brapanese model Marlon
is coming to the country.
And I heard
Ponytale really wants to get him.
So what we will do is,
He is a terrific model.
Even if he models wearing a rag,
it will sell.
Wake up, Angelo.
Angelo, I'm so sorry.
But seriously...
thank you so much.
If your face had not caught the ball,
it would have been my face that got hit.
It's OK.
But, Kathy, everything is really in pain,
-my whole body.
-Are you OK? Can you stand up?
-I can't.
-Where is it painful? Show me.
-Over here...
and here.
Oh really now. I don't think you got hit
by the ball there.
I can hear Bernice screaming in agony
from here.
That is why you should keep doing good
and stay careful.
He cannot find out that you are my mole
inside his company.
Make sure to take down notes
during their meetings.
And get copies of Detty's designs.
So that we can pirate her
and make her work for us.
Can you please teach yourself
to answer me with
yes, OK, yeah, or even just nod.
Stop answering, "yup, yup, yup".
-OK, ma'am. Can I go now?
Look at the time!
his manager is unable to contact him.
But he says he is on his way, don't worry.
He didn't ride with his entourage
and decided to drive on his own, ma'am.
make sure to barricade him.
-You know that we have a lot of rivals.
-Yes, ma'am.
What are you doing here, you witch?
You just repeated what I said.
-Weren't you briefed?
First of all, I do not wear briefs.
And secondly, we're the ones
who got him to endorse for us.
We got him before you.
What's that, a prenup?
You finally learned. Good for you.
Give me our contract.
They think they can still win
-OK, let us make it a fair fight.
Let us battle through a beauty pageant.
You will lose for sure.
If you really want a fair fight,
let's box.
-Your brother will have me arrested.
-Of course.
I don't want to box you. Maybe basketball.
One on one.
-It's so over. I am done with that.
-You play by yourself.
-Do it.
-You just got boxed out.
-Shoot free throws then.
I will just take a cab.
That needs reimbursement.
Ah! OK. Then I will ride a jeep instead.
Just ride a pedicab.
Ah, OK Madame. I'll get a pedicab.
But if there are none,
I will just hitch a ride with a cop.
-OK, Madame.
Oh my gosh. So hot.
Hot guy, what is the problem?
and you will take me to the hotel. OK?
Oh my gosh.
He said go back. What?
Can you stop being so cheap?
Tell him to go with Ponytale.
Ponytale! Go with Ponytale.
-Thank you.
Hey, get your act together, Detty.
You're acting like there's no tomorrow.
Sorry, Madame.
-You're overreacting.
-That's so gross.
-Who is he?
-Don't you know?
He is Marlon. The supermodel.
-Our new endorser.
-That's him?
Victory is still ours.
we'll get the multi-million euro deal
for sure.
This is the start of
Ponytale's continuous success.
Thank God
Marlon agreed to be our endorser, right?
Thank Detty for giving her all.
If not for you
we would not be celebrating right now.
I will work harder from now on.
We will surely succeed together
forever and ever.
-Let's eat! Get some.
-Yes, Madame.
What are you doing? Change of heart?
What change of heart? No.
I have to praise Detty.
Get out of the chair.
Playing with that is bad manners.
Stand up.
Push me around. I'm bored. Hurry.
How is operation court and drop
like a hot potato going with Katherine?
Is she your girlfriend now?
Uncle, isn't Katherine your niece?
Can't we leave her out of this?
Remember this.
If you fail to break that girl's heart...
you'll have a funeral to attend.
Katherine's own funeral.
If you do not make her your girlfriend...
I will not give your inheritance.
What am I going to inherit?
This gown.
You will wear this to your prom.
It's beautiful.
This gown is expensive.
The dressmaker died while making this.
More rounds?
Yes, this is fun.
You prankster.
You're so mean.
-I don't want your gown.
-Come back here!
Give me the tape measure.
-But, Madame, I'm more...
-Give it to me.
Just list down the measurements.
Inseam, 34.
I need you to go to Lipa, Batangas.
Buy lots of dalandan oranges.
Juice them and serve it to Marlon.
Madame, we have some in the pantry.
You have oranges in your panty?
-I heard panty.
I want oranges from Lipa.
Get them directly from Miss V.
OK, Madame.
-Bye-bye, Marlon.
Just wait there.
I'll just get something for you. OK?
-Ma'am, let me help you.
-No need.
-Madame is there.
Madame wanted these oranges,
She might get mad at me.
I just came from Lipa.
Because I got some oranges.
Madame ordered me to.
I love you.
No! Wait. I'll change clothes because...
I stink so bad. Wait for me.
I twisted my ankle.
-Ah, there! That feels good.
-You like that?
-What are you doing, you animals?
Madame, it is not what you think.
Madame, please.
Madame, I did not mean to, Madame.
I twisted my ankle, Madame! That is all.
Liar! And you, Marlon.
My food for you was catered.
But you wanted street food all along.
Madame, no.
What loss? Loss your face.
Hey, Marlon! Get back.
Madame, I didn't do anything.
You really are a snake.
Ever since we were kids you were a snake.
And not just a snake.
You like hurting people.
You don't care about
the feelings of others.
I don't understand, Madame.
What is it?
Stop pretending you know nothing.
You are Cara Sabroso's daughter.
What's my mother got to do with anything?
-You don't recognize her?
-No. Who is she?
-Don't you remember this face?
This woman is my mother
whom your mother pushed down the stairs,
and made crippled.
-I can't remember.
-Then I'll make you remember.
Everyone! Take mother back up the stairs.
So, Bernadette?
Do you remember it now?
I still do not.
OK, I will show you more.
I'll be your mother.
Boy, go back to your room.
No! Stay there! I want you to hear this.
Your mother is my husband's other woman.
Go tell your father!
Rafael is the father of my son.
I can't take this anymore.
I will kill myself!
And then your mother pushed my mother
down the stairs, causing her paralysis.
Really? That happened?
I still can't remember.
Boy, push me.
-Push me now.
-Mom, I can't do that!
-Boy, do it now.
-Mom, I really can't.
-Push me at once.
-OK fine, you win.
Mom, are you OK?
I'm OK, I think.
So, Bernadette? Do you remember now?
I still can't.
You still don't remember.
Then bring mother back up here.
No! She remembers now.
She doesn't.
-No! She does.
-Not yet!
-Look, she remembers.
Bernardo "Boy" Laurel Sabroso.
Yes, Bernadette.
I'm your brother who suffered
because you didn't help.
Boy, forgive me.
I couldn't do anything then.
Oh, but you did do something.
You just stared at us
while me and my mother were in the dirt
and it was raining.
I was still a kid like you.
I didn't know what to do.
Why? You didn't grow up?
You did not mature?
Why didn't you look for us?
Why didn't you look for us to offer help?
Please forgive me.
I did not do anything wrong.
I can't forgive you until you go through
all that we went through back then.
Get her out of here.
I never want to see your face
in my company again.
Please forgive me, Boy.
Hi, Mom! Have you eaten?
You want me to fix something up?
I'm not hungry. I want to rest.
Your boss gave you hell again, didn't he?
Can't you just find another place
to work in?
You have the talent.
I have already lost my job.
My boss fired me.
My boss...
was my brother.
I'll just check out the shoes upstairs,
-You'll just check out, not try?
-I'll try them on first.
Just try them? You won't you buy?
-Of course, I'll buy.
-Just buy? You won't bring them home?
-I will, uncle.
-Just that? You won't wear them?
-Enough, Uncle! I'm going upstairs.
-Just upstairs, and not down stairs?
And not go home?
-And when you go home, you...
-Where could he be now?
-Come on.
What do you want me to do, sis?
Are pit bulls allowed to eat here?
Go back to your stable.
You ill-mannered gay! You're so ugly!
Look at your face.
There are so many holes!
Do you think I will back down?
-Enough, Uncle.
-You're so ugly!
-It's embarrassing.
So, we're related?
He just adopted me when my mother died.
She was their maid then.
True! And I commanded him to court you
as part of my revenge.
Now that you know our grand plan,
let's stop overreacting like this.
It's over between you two.
Over? We don't even have a relationship.
Oh, really...?
-But Uncle, I love her.
-Oh please.
You really are a bad boy!
Bad, bad boy. Boy! Boy!
-You're worse, calling me a boy.
-Bad boy.
-Let's leave.
Please talk to me, Kathy.
You know, you're like a mobile phone,
'cause I always look for you
when you're not around.
Please let me explain.
It was all Uncle's plan.
And I agreed since I owe him a lot.
He's been taking care of me.
Then go and be with him.
You complement each other, anyway.
You as his jockey and him as your horse.
Kathy, I know I was a fool
to play games with your heart.
Go call me a "fool".
But I want you to know that
this "fool" truly loves you.
Just tell me what you want me to do.
Anything! So you can forgive me.
Try killing yourselves.
Then, I might forgive you two.
-Go away.
I can't.
-'Cause I want to die here beside you.
-Stop this foolishness.
You'll never deceive me
with your pick-up lines.
I'm not a pick-up girl.
I'll never be swayed by your cheapness.
I love you, Kathy.
It's not just me that you hurt.
You've hurt my mother.
I'll never ever forgive you for that.
-What's happening?
-I don't know.
Who's that?
Are you jobless?
Come now. What's happening?
-Is there a festival?
Why are you here?
Let's kiss-kiss.
And I understand that
you have two daughters under your care.
You need a permanent job
or else their father
will take them away from you.
-You even know that?
-Yup, yup, yup! I gossip, that's why.
I came here
These are so beautiful.
Are you a fortune teller?
When did I prophesy something about you?
All the things in my mind, they're here.
-Right, James?
Like I told you, Detty is a great asset.
You should see her entire
summer collection.
Shameless creatures.
-Don't kill us! Don't shoot us.
Do you all think you can mess with me?
What's this, a league of extraordinary
unscrupulous people?
-And you, James?
You snake! I trusted you.
You're the spy
that I've been tracing in my company.
With your temper and low compensation,
how can you blame me?
So you can smell who's loyal
and who's not.
How can I smell them when my nose is
already clogged because of you?
-And you, Detty.
-Why me?
Come back to Ponytale.
I will never go back to you,
Bernardo Boy Laurel.
What an uncool name.
Uncool name?
What do you call
her yellow robotic outfit?
Why do you always make fun of me?
Why do you always say my full name?
-What do you care?
-If you're really a decent woman,
you'll leave the office
of this glutathione incarnate lady
and come back to me.
If you want, I'll raise your pay.
I'll make it 100,000 pesos
with one sack of rice... cooked.
-Cooked immediately?
-I'll be the one to cook.
That's your salary, have you forgotten?
I'll make it 200,000 pesos a month.
Plus a townhouse and a brand new car.
So, choose!
I'll choose Miss Glutathione.
-Don't accept it.
-And why not?
'Cause I'll accept it.
What a very tempting offer.
It's mine.
Fine! If she offered you 200,000,
I'll make it 500,000.
You'll receive 500 stab wounds
if you don't come back, Detty.
I'll never go back.
And everything's not about money!
-Come with me, Detty.
-No, Bernice, go home!
You don't have to force me.
I'll go with you properly.
Remember this, you may rejoice now.
But I'll come back to beat you all.
And listen Roselle.
That blue in your hair is so funky crazy.
Where did that funky fashion come from?
Mark my word, Roselle.
Who poked my butt? Someone poked my butt.
It's you! It's so obviously you.
Watch out.
'Cause I'm gonna scare you to death.
Your wedding is cursed.
Fool! I've already had an annulment.
Thank you. Here's your money!
Blow it out so you won't catch on fire.
Is it true, Madame?
That a ghost scared you
and you fell down the staircase
and hurt yourself?
Detty, if everything you said is untrue,
why am I in wheelchair?
Oops, sorry Madame.
I thought it was our new fashion style.
Madam. Look at this CCTV footage.
The ghost was just a hoax.
It's Bernice who scared you.
He even used horror characters
to scare me.
When in fact his scary face
would be enough already.
Even if I have fractures,
we'll make sure Ponytale will go down.
Right, Detty?
You know, higher.
And our sales, unfortunately,
are decreasing.
I know that already.
What I want to know...
is how do you plan to raise our sales?
Presenting the latest monthly sales
of La Yondelle.
Quadruple times higher than Ponytale's.
Why did you bring me in this nasty place?
You need this.
What, flirting?
I don't have time to flirt
when we're losing.
Relax, Madame! Enjoy.
How can I enjoy it
if your hair is like that?
We're going to lose
the multimillion euro deal.
We need to work harder.
That's the reason why we're here.
Thanks to all your stress,
you've forgotten how to have fun.
We're friends, right?
You should empathize with me.
Is it because of the company
or because you miss Detty
that you've been acting like that?
Why would I miss that mango-faced lady?
Is it "National Long Chin Day"?
Looks like the sharks are circling.
He's already modeled for
Vogue, Cosmos and GQRSTUV.
You should do the kiss-kiss! Like this!
To whom will I give this black coffee?
To the black lady.
Whatever! So rich,
yet you cannot afford to buy cream.
We have cream. They just didn't serve it
to you. It doesn't suit you.
Yeah right.
Anyway, what's really the problem now?
My problem now is that
Little Red Riding Hood aged so fast.
Please go inside.
We have something to talk about.
-You so should sort some things out.
See, you achieved your goal.
You successfully got your revenge
on your sister.
What is your problem now?
What should I do to save Ponytale?
You know what, life is like a wheel.
There's a wide gap inside.
You should know how to fill that wide gap
in your life.
The only thing you've done is revenge.
You just ruined your perfect teamwork
with your sister.
If you really want to
bring Ponytale back to number one,
you should vault-in with Detty.
It's as simple as that.
No, I'm not!
We agreed to meet at 5:30 p.m.
I said 5:00 p.m.,
but it's already 8:30 p.m.
What are you saying? What's your problem?
Sister, you shut up.
I am too educated a woman
to be treated like this.
You're my elder sis,
but I am a boss, not a lackey.
Would you stop this?
Let's talk seriously.
And since when did you know
how to talk seriously?
You even dared to hire me
just to have revenge.
Can you blame me
after what your family did to mine?
-We're just one family.
-That's not true!
I come from the family of horses
while you come from the family of mangoes.
Tell that to your mother
who's the mother of all evil spirits.
Why don't you also tell that
to your witch mistress mother?
If it weren't for you,
my mother wouldn't be paralyzed.
Was it me who pushed her?
Had you dared to help, she could've caught
your long chin to save herself.
Did you just arrange this meet-up for me
to blame me all over again?
I don't have time for this.
Let's talk. Come back to Ponytale.
We miss you a lot,
including your fresh new ideas.
Did you miss me?
Are you ready to let go
of what happened between our parents?
Do I have to answer that now?
I'm so pressured.
I already have a peaceful life
with Roselle.
I am very well compensated
with all that I need.
What do you have to offer
to tempt me to go back?
I still don't have answer
to the first question,
and now you have
another challenging question.
-Well then, good bye.
I don't want to hear it.
Not interested.
Leave me alone.
It's already 9:30 p.m. Bye!
-I'm here.
Why do you have many maids
massaging your limbs?
Are you an octopus?
You've met with Bernadette, haven't you?
Yes, Mom.
I learned a new gimmick from a drama
for how to make Detty suffer.
I don't wanna do this anymore, Mom.
Don't say that.
You'll hurt me if you do that.
Let her suffer.
Can you leave us first?
Lotlot and friends?
Let's stop this, Mom.
I'm the one suffering
because of all that I've been doing.
My business is failing
and I don't know what to do.
And this started when I made Detty suffer.
Hurting my sister
isn't turning out well, Mom.
They started it.
Now it's our chance to finish it.
Why do we have to seek revenge?
Is it because we were oppressed then...
and you're paralyzed now?
Why are these things happening to us?
Isn't it because it's us
who sinned against them?
I've been living through your anger
all my life.
But after everything's over,
will we end up the winners?
Or are we just starting a new bad karma
in our lives?
We both know that you have made immense
and significant contributions
to La Yondelle.
Detty, what would you say if...
I have you trained as COO?
-Oh, no... I can't accept it.
-Why not?
I really cannot accept it, sir.
But why? Don't you want to become COO?
I really can't accept...
What's COO?
Oh... Madame Roselle's position now?
But what becomes of Madame Roselle?
Oh, perfect timing.
I'm offering Detty the COO position.
I think it's high time
for a leadership change.
I'll just assign you
to one of our other companies.
I'm sure there'll be no problems,
right Roselle?
None at all.
See! No problem.
So, I will sponsor
your schooling in Harvard.
What? This one?
-Of course.
What particular Harvard branch, sir?
You've just been replaced.
Here's the memo.
I'll die from the shame.
Madame, you don't have to die.
But Detty can die.
I need some coffee.
Hey. James.
I am not a criminal.
You'll not do the killing.
I have friends who can do it.
You just have to pay them.
Unless you'll just let Detty
take everything you've worked hard for?
Good thing you were able to get this one
to join us.
Look at how stressed he is.
Stop me.
Come here.
-Sorry. Are you ordering?
No. I'm just waiting for the bus.
This is a terminal.
Of course I'll order.
Handsome, but too bad you are stupid.
I'm not stupid.
I really just consider you as a man.
Like wise men used to say,
men are for women.
And women are for men.
And most of all,
men should not dress like women.
Get lost! You're too nosy.
Don't expect a tip from me.
Too bad, I could have liked you.
Is that James?
Yup! He's a regular here.
-Am I talking to you?
-Then who are you talking to?
This! Is that James?
Why aren't you answering?
We've been here a long time and you still
won't talk. What is the problem?
Tell me. Talk to me.
Just call me, OK?
Let's go. Hurry up.
Jan Cy, coordinate with Paulo,
who will help you prepare.
ready the warehouse
where she will be going.
Dude, how are you going to lure Detty
into the warehouse tomorrow?
Let Roselle handle that.
She's the one who wants Detty gone anyway.
Detty! Sister? Sister. Detty.
-Detty. Sister.
Are you there? Don't hang up.
I need to tell you something.
I will not hang up. What is it now?
You've been saying hello several times.
Sis, I'm warning you.
You need to leave La Yondelle at once.
Don't leave the house tomorrow.
Your life is in danger.
Whatever. Bye.
-All right, bye!
Take this. Freshly cooked.
Your mother still has debt.
You know what to do.
OK. Thank you.
Thank you. Come again.
-Anyone out there?
-Anyone please.
-Here! You can talk to me.
Sorry, I thought you were my sister's pet.
Where's my sister?
The horse thinks it's human.
Get out of here.
Let us schedule a rematch for later.
I just need to find my sister.
Her life is in danger.
Mom, let's get out of here.
I'm nervous. It looks scary.
Let's just hurry.
Just stay close to me.
I don't know what Miss Roselle is up to,
asking us to come here.
It's like something
from a horror movie.
Be careful, Mom.
Detty went to the warehouse.
-Which warehouse?
-Just nearby.
We need to call the cops right now.
You call the cops
since you know the warehouse's address.
-But when they get here, you better hide.
With that face,
they will think you are a suspect.
Ah! Detty.
-Theyre going to kill--
-More. Scream here.
-Here. Keep shouting here. Loudly.
They will kill Detty.
I need help.
Oh my! Detty.
I want to go home.
-I need to give this to her.
-Give it some other time.
Let's just see first. Maybe...
-Hold it.
Let's go.
Oops. That can't be.
You need to die now, Detty.
Why do you need to kill me?
Because you keep taking things away
from people.
You know too much.
You keep messing with the lives of others.
And you have been talking too much,
Mr. James.
Hey, shut up, kid,
or I will shoot you first.
Leave my children out of this.
James, what are you doing?
Why? Why are you angry?
I've done nothing to you.
To me, no.
But to the person who ordered this, yes.
-So this will be your end.
-Wait! Who ordered you to?
Me, Detty.
Batman? Miss Roselle?
Yes! Me, Detty.
Hey! Wait, James.
Why are there so many henchmen?
I think you cast too many.
Why are they here?
Miss Roselle, please forgive me.
I never intended to hurt you.
But please don't hurt my children.
Please don't kill my kids.
Let them go.
Miss Roselle, please don't do this.
Have mercy on us.
Do not kill our mommy.
Angelo hurry up.
I am.
I don't want to be the villain anymore.
-That was fast.
I'm not happy anymore.
You're hurting me by hurting them.
I think you are referring
to another James.
I feel like I heard that before somewhere.
I think I am just confused. Sorry.
-Where are you going?
Ah! Thief.
Here we go.
James, I order you to stop.
They're so scared, especially the kids.
It's Christmas time, remember?
What you're doing is wrong. Detty is good.
So, I think you should all
put your guns away
and all of us should just love.
Stop it! Sorry for what?
Stop for what? I'll still do it.
I will kill you too, Roselle.
I convinced you to have Detty killed...
so that nobody would stop me
from reigning over La Yondelle.
So long, you two.
Stop James.
The cops are coming,
so you cannot kill my sister.
Is that so?
You think you hit me, don't you? Sorry.
I'm friends with Darna,
so you will never win.
So what is that?
-I'm a woman now, sis.
-You were not shot, Boy?
-You got shot, Boy.
-Drop your weapons!
We have you surrounded.
There are hundreds of us!
That's him. He looks like a criminal.
-I am not the mastermind! Roselle is.
-So it's you.
That is not true.
He is really the mastermind!
-He shot our uncle.
-I am confused.
-Wait, police officer.
Don't they say kids never lie?
That's right! It's him.
If you cannot afford one,
we will give you one. Do you understand?
-Yup, yup, yup.
-Take him away now.
Police officer,
is it OK if I come with you
so I can tell everything that happened?
-It will be a bit of a squeeze in the car.
-That's fine.
Too much talking, sis.
Detty, I'll leave Bernice to you.
Bernice, I'm sorry for this mess.
That's it?
-OK, come on. Go.
-OK, Uncle, I should go now.
Mom, wait there.
-When will you take me to the hospital?
-They're all busy, sis.
-They all left. Just adjust.
So I'll just go later
when everyone's not busy?
Sis, do not cry.
Don't blame yourself.
Don't feel guilty
that the reason I'm about to die...
is because I saved your life.
And don't let it bother you...
that the reason I am like this
is because you forgave me too late.
And don't feel bad that...
that the reason I got shot...
is because you did not listen to my...
All my...
war... war...
that I gave you.
I'm so sorry, Boy.
You were the one who taught me
how to be bad, anyway.
You're also the one who taught me
to cherish hatred,
and to be paranoid.
Boy, I'm so sorry.
Because you believed your mistress mother
too much
that it was our fault.
Are you really trying to make amends
or are you picking another fight?
That's right, Mom.
Forgive each other and stop this.
Mom, please forgive Uncle Boy.
He's about to die anyway, right?
Bring my brother back to life.
Bring him back!
Bring him back!
Oh no. I'm so sorry. I ate too many beans.
My arthritis has kicked in.
Revive him now.
I can't perform CPR
while my hands are stiff.
-Revive my brother.
I'm trying to rest. You're too noisy.
I was just dreaming.
-You're alive.
-Of course I am.
You're alive.
Oh, Boy. Thank you for saving my life.
Thank you.
Sis, I am sorry.
I love you so much.
Boy, thank you also.
Thank you again for saving me.
I just thought that if you were to die...
your kids would be left all alone.
That's too sad.
They'd have to endure me caring for them.
But if I were to die,
I would have nothing to lose.
I'm all alone.
You're not alone.
We're here. We're all in this together.
I love you, Boy.
I love you too.
-My wound's there.
I got grazed there too.
-Lie here, sis.
It feels good, sis...
Stop it, Boy.
...that we've already reconciled.
You have the nerve to show up here
after getting me shot?
Boy, enough.
And you brought a tent
even though I'm alive.
I mustered the courage to approach you...
because I wanted to say sorry in person.
Especially to you, Detty.
I hope you can forgive me.
-Playing victim, hmm?
-Stop it, Boy.
-Just move on.
-Move on?
Let's forgive and forget
before Christmas comes.
Let it go.
Just so you know,
she's the one who gave you blood...
because our blood types are different.
My blood is now flowing through
your veins.
Now you have a chance to be smoother,
prettier and whiter.
She just gave me blood
and she's already criticizing
my complexion.
Let it go.
Listen to your sister.
Let's all love.
-My wound is there! Sis.
-I'm sorry!
-It hurts there. Here is OK.
-OK, I'll lie here.
-I don't like.
-Come on. Come to sister!
Just try it. Here.
When all is settled,
I will start courting you again, OK?
Starting again will take too long.
Just continue where you left off.
I can see that.
You are holding hands.
I would like to thank all of you
here tonight.
Thank you to my one and only mother
who's here.
I love you so much, Mom.
And allow me to thank
a very important woman
whom I hope will join me onstage.
She helped me so much and...
without her I would never have reached
this level of success.
My one and only sister...
This is a great new beginning
for Ponytale
And now that the three of us are together,
we will start...
the newest
and most fashionable clothing line
that we will call Sisterakas.
The clothing line tailored with love.
-Are you imitating me?
-Are you imitating me?
He's shocked... Rafael Sabrano.
Take a picture.
You have quick... Sorry, Director.
Sorry, Director.
You need to work polite--
Sorry Director, to work better.
Is that it? That's my dialogue, right?
Sorry, sorry.
To continued success of Euro...
Of Ponytale, sorry.
Do you still want... Do you still...
Shame on you, ugly...
Let's start there... Shame on you, go...
-Boy Bibo...
-I thought so too.
Do you want...
No, make stew.
I'm not doing anything.
I'm not doing anything, you're crazy!
No "action" cue yet!
-Why madam?
-We're not starting yet.
Even if we go to Bhutan...
We copied their designs... I copied...
Leave now. You're talking too much.
You won't get any tip from me.
Director, he's laughing at me.
-Don't deny...
-Sorry, sorry...
Don't deny it.
You're the daughter of Cara Sobraso.
-Blame it...
OK! Ouch!
Because my blood is flowing... Wrong!
-Let's love each other.
-She's crazy.
That hurts. I have wounds there.
-Sister, I'll die. I have wounds here.
-OK, there you go.
-I will try here.
-I don't want to.
You smell like smoke.