Site 13 (2023) Movie Script

(crickets chirp)
[Kelly] Tony, this isn't funny!
Tony, where the fuck is Nathan?
[Tony] I don't know, I'm not in on this.
What do you mean?
[Nicki] Kelly!
[Kelly] Nathan, where the fuck are you?!
What the fuck!
What the fuck!
I knew this shit was gonna fucking happen!
Where the fuck is Nathan?!
(eerie music)
[Tony] Okay, ready and...
Well, I've been at Miskatonic University
for three years now.
The reason I came here is because
they have an extensive
library on mythology,
folklore, and the occult.
I've been lobbying to
get here for years now.
It's my first teaching job.
Because I have been working
on this circles project
for, well, for most of my life.
So my mother used to dream
about circles when I was a kid.
I've always had this fascination
with myths and the occult,
and one day I had this
book from the library
about local legends
and I came across a story
of the Devil's Circle
here in Friedens.
And as I'm reading the book,
I heard my mother say, "That's it.
That's the circle I dream about."
And that night, I dreamt about it too
and I dreamt about
falling through the circle
like it was a hole or a portal.
And after that, I was done.
(eerie music)
Over the course of my studies,
I've discovered that there are 26 circles
located around the globe.
I did actually a lot of that research
while I was in high school.
I proceeded with my graduate work,
post-graduate, all in myth and folklore,
all under the auspice of
actually trying to find out more
about these circles and the occurrences
and what their connections might be.
And I think I've actually
discovered what it is.
(eerie music)
One of the first recorded events
involving one of the circles
was actually in ancient Lemuria.
The ancient Lemurians
had one main creator god.
It's not a devil,
but an anti-creator,
almost like a personification
of Armageddon,
known as K'Luta the Devourer.
(eerie music)
And K'Luta actually would be
summoned through these circles.
Now, as I proceeded with
the studies of this,
I began to realize that all
of these circles are portals
where K'Luta has access to our world.
In 1973, there was a geological survey
of the circle here in Friedens
and it discovered SIO32.
SIO32 has been discovered
in the other 12 sites
that I've visited.
This would be the 13th site.
From the amount of actual documentation
and rumored disappearances,
that this is the most powerful.
(eerie music)
A friend of mine at
MIT who is a biochemist
developed a drug that is going to
actually change the polarity
of my neurological system.
The electricity that
runs my nervous system
is going to be changed in polarity
so that I can go through this circle.
And then when it wears
off on the other side,
I'll be drawn back through.
I'll be the only person to
ever travel through the circle
and come back.
[Tony] Why don't you
tell us a little bit about
some of the students you're bringing with?
Students that I'm bringing with me, yes.
Well, let me see,
I am bringing Nicki, probably
one of my best students
because she approaches everything
from a purely analytical standpoint,
which I can sometimes lose sight of
in my passion for the subject.
I guess I'm coming along on this trip
for a little more clarity on
what the professor's been
trying to convince me of
these past couple months.
I'm a bit of a skeptic
and I don't really believe in evil spirits
and paranormal activity.
(eerie music)
I mean, I think my parents
would like to see me
go and do something interesting like this
because I don't really get out much.
I'm really busy a lot,
especially with school.
I take school very seriously.
Nicki has a very clear
head on her shoulders
and a brilliant scientific mind, actually,
and I'm hoping that I can cure her
of a little bit of her skepticism.
(eerie music)
I'm the type of person
that has to see something
to believe it.
In some senses, he has a
good head on his shoulders,
I just think he obsesses
over this a little too much.
I mean, you should see the guy's office.
He's got circles all over his walls
and all kinds of crap on this thing.
He's visited circles all around the world,
he's been researching this for years.
Sometimes I think the
professor's a little crazy.
(eerie music)
I've also got Kelly, Kelly Ray,
she was a student of mine last semester.
I wouldn't say that she's
the most enthusiastic
member of the class.
What do you wanna know?
[Tony] What do you
think about the circle?
I mean, do you think there's
anything to it, or...?
I don't really know.
Ever since Nathan and I met,
he's been talking about this circle.
He's totally obsessed with it
and I don't really know how I feel about
the paranormal or whatever.
I just, I think Nathan
obsesses a little too much,
but I wanna be there for him.
I support him,
and I'm in love with him.
(eerie music)
I'm going to college because
my daddy wants me to.
He wants me to be smart.
My dad is a psychologist,
or a psychiatrist,
I don't know, whichever
one prescribes drugs.
So we're pretty well off.
Okay, we're rich.
Well, her parents have a
great financial background
and she has agreed to actually, you know,
financially back this trip.
So that certainly adds in her favor.
It'll also be nice to have her there
for a little emotional support,
because this isn't gonna
be for the faint of heart.
Also, I'm a third year university teacher,
I'm certainly not making enough money
to pay for this mission.
Not on my salary.
(eerie music)
I don't know, I think
Nathan could be the one,
and that's really the
only reason I'm going
is because I love him
and I want to show him that
I support what he does,
even though it really
gets annoying sometimes.
(eerie music)
I think people do it for attention.
I mean, they say that they see ghosts,
but, you know, they can never
get, like, a clear picture,
it's always something,
you know what I mean?
I'm pretty sure the professor
is gonna do his best
to try to convince me of this thing.
I don't believe in,
like, demons and ghosts
and all that stuff.
(eerie music)
I've never seen one, so
what's to believe in, right?
I think all this should
come together well.
I've put together a good little team
and hopefully when I can submit this,
I will get tenure and put
together a few real missions
with scientific teams
to actually go through.
By opening up a whole new
field of science as we know it,
the first step into discovering
a whole new scientific way of thinking
about the paranormal,
or magic,
which is probably just
really more advanced science
than we understand at this time
'cause we don't have the open mind
to look out into the universe
and continue to explore.
(eerie music)
(fingers snap)
[Tony] Any final words
before you venture out?
Wish me luck.
I mean, big things are going to happen.
(eerie music)
(people scream)
(crickets chirp)
(thunder rumbles)
(dark music)
I'm gonna kill him.
Don't get mad.
From his point of view,
it kind of makes sense.
How does it make sense?
Well, you know how he
is about the government.
Yeah, but just because my
brother is a paranoid psychotic
doesn't mean we should have
to deal with the fallout
of all of that.
Watch out, you're gonna cut off a finger
and then how are you gonna show him?
(thunder rumbles)
(glass shatters)
(eerie music)
Is dad okay?
Yeah, honey, he's just got a scratch.
It's not a scratch,
it looks like more than a scratch.
Honey, don't freak him out.
I'm not freaking him
out, I'm freaking me out.
Well, don't do that either.
I'm just getting a
little lightheaded is all.
It's really not that bad.
Well, you know how I get
when I see my own blood.
Well then, don't look at it.
But it's everywhere.
Just put pressure on the towel,
I'll go get a bandage.
(eerie music)
(thunder rumbles)
I think I'm gonna need stitches.
You don't need stitches.
Well, hurry up.
(thunder rumbles)
You okay?
Where's the light?
It's on the wall by the door.
(entity moans)
Are you sure you're all right?
There's something in the dark.
(thunder rumbles)
There are no monsters here.
The only monster here is
you, you little monster.
But I have to use duct tape with the gauze
because I think that we're out of...
(entity moans)
(family screams)
(eerie music)
He is in the world.
(Nathan chants)
(clock bell chimes)
(soft acoustic music)
What? I didn't say anything.
You can keep it that way.
We'll take two more of those.
Are you planning on paying for that?
The Lord provides.
So what do you want?
He's awake.
Nathan Marsh.
He woke up last night.
He's been catatonic for, what, like...
10 years.
I read the case file.
He's awake.
Easy there.
Look, I know you're talking some time off
to think things through.
Yeah, think things through,
that's what I'm doing.
Look, I'm not asking you
to put the habit back on.
I could just...
You worked with him for 10 years.
You know the case.
Come in tomorrow.
(glass slams)
(eerie music)
(dark music)
(clock chimes)
It's okay.
I don't know who took your teddy bear,
but we'll find him after lunch, okay?
We're gonna have a nice Jello.
You like Jello, don't you?
That's what I thought.
Why don't you go on
back to your room, okay?
Oh, good, you made it.
I didn't think you were gonna show.
Do you have his file?
Only had a chance to
read through it once.
Messed up.
How is he presenting?
Fully aware.
He's confused, but...
Well, he's confused.
He keeps saying this phrase
and we don't know what language it is.
Of course.
He's a professor of ancient theology.
Very much no.
He's from over at Miskatonic University.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Occult theory, mythology,
and anthropology.
So he has a history of insanity.
Don't underestimate him,
or what he knows.
(wind howls)
Why is it so quiet?
The other patients, where are they?
(dark music)
They've been like that all day.
All unresponsive for the most part.
For the most part?
Well, there's Max.
He said something to me.
"He's in the world."
He's in the world.
He's in the world.
He's in the world.
I put him in the interview room.
Would you like me to come with you?
No, I'm good.
There's something not right about him.
He's fully aware of his
surroundings, but...
He's been catatonic for 10 years,
yeah, he's gonna be a little off.
I'll be fine.
(dark music)
(man chants)
(door creaks)
Do not.
The light, it bothers my eyes.
Oh, yeah, of course.
Dr. Marsh, my name is
Dr. Catherine Charter.
10 years ago, we found
you in a catatonic state
in a field outside of
Friedens, Pennsylvania.
10 years?
I know, it's a lot to process.
A lot to process.
Where's Kelly?
She didn't make it.
You were all alone.
This is all so...
Like it's not real,
like it's fake.
Yeah, well, you've been
out of it for over a decade,
reality's gonna seem a little weird.
You know, you don't have a
lot of experience with it.
Am I a man dreaming
I'm a butterfly, or...
Am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a man?
(eerie music)
I've seen reality and this is not it.
He is in the world.
Dr. Marsh?
You can just call me Nathan.
Well, Nathan,
what was that?
I don't know.
Why don't you tell me
what you do remember?
Have you watched the tapes?
The tapes from the site visit.
We were visiting a devil's circle.
And what's that?
A devil's circle is a nexus point.
There's 26 of them all around the world.
They're a gateway,
a portal,
nexus points for paranormal activity.
Of course.
Don't dismiss me like I'm crazy,
this is my life's work.
I have studied these
circles my entire life
and this one, this one in particular is...
(dark music)
I can't tell which ones are real
and what is here.
Here is real.
Watch the tapes.
They're here.
I don't know,
there's nothing in your
file that mentions any...
Son of a bitch.
(dark music)
(man chants)
Where are the fucking video tapes?
Sister Catherine.
I'm not a nun anymore.
Where are the tapes?
Catherine, calm down.
No, this man has been
my patient for 10 years.
10 years.
And all that time there was some clue
as to what happened to him right here?
Where are the tapes?
Sit down.
I'm not gonna sit down.
Sit down.
The tapes were sent to the Vatican.
I don't know why,
I didn't have a chance to ask.
Doesn't that seem a little odd to you?
Some guy has a hiking accident
and the Vatican asks for his home videos?
Yes, it seemed odd to me.
Okay so, if you thought
it was odd, why...
It seemed odd to me,
so I made a copy.
I haven't had a chance to look at it,
but I thought it seemed odd.
Sister Margaret, you rebel.
Don't tell anyone where you got this.
My lips are sealed.
(dark music)
He is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in the world.
(eerie music)
(man chants)
[Tony] Okay, ready and...
Well, I've been at Miskatonic University
for three years now.
The reason I came here is because
they have an extensive
library on mythology,
folklore, and the occult.
I've been lobbying to
get here for years now
because I have been working
on this circles project,
well, for most of my life.
(eerie music)
And one day,
I had this book from the
library about local legends
and I came across a story
of the Devil's Circle
here in Friedens.
And as I'm reading the book,
I hear my mother say from behind me...
(man chants)
[Tony] Why don't you tell us about
some of the students you're bringing with?
[Nathan] Students that
I'm bringing with me, yes.
My friend John is actually
gonna be giving us a ride.
Not a student.
Unfortunately, John will not be able
to spend the entire time with us,
but he did agree to drive us out there
into the middle of absolutely nowhere.
He also agreed to set up camp...
I'm the type of person
that has to see something
to believe it.
But I don't know, I think it'll be fun.
I mean, Kelly's a good friend of mine.
We're gonna have plenty of beer,
so that ought to be good, you know.
(tape fast forwards)
He's totally obsessed with it
and I don't really know how I feel about
the paranormal or whatever.
I've been in haunted houses,
I've been to cemeteries, nothing.
He's gonna have to do
a lot to convince me...
Opening up a whole new field
of science as we know it.
The first step into discovering
a whole new scientific way of thinking
about the paranormal,
or magic,
which is probably just
really more advanced science
than we understand at this time...
(eerie music)
'cause we don't have the open mind
to look out into the universe
and continue to explore.
My entire existence,
I have spent chasing this energy,
this K'Luta the Devourer.
[John] Oh, my God, my flesh is burning!
(Nicki laughs)
[Nicki] What'd you say about barb?
There's a resting third wire back there.
[Nicki] Oh.
My job's harder.
Hi, sweetie.
[Nicki] Okay, that's enough of you.
Check out all our crap, guys.
Everything we need for survival.
We got the camera,
some blood,
tent stuff, hot dogs, you know, water.
And our tent.
That's good enough, John.
[Nicki] Oh, nice.
This is our fire ring.
And that is the Devil's Circle.
(dark music)
Who's got a lighter?
(Nicki laughs)
Whoo, look at that ass!
(Nicki laughs)
Oh, my gosh.
That was definitely a white boy dance.
[Kelly] No!
(Nicki laughs)
That's how accidents happen.
[Kelly] Exactly.
[Nicki] Save it for when we're drunk.
[Nathan] Okay.
here it is.
The circle.
This one is definitely...
This one is definitely different.
Growth patterns.
There's actually patterns of growth.
(eerie music)
It's the same size as the one in Kenya.
It reminds me an awful
lot of it, actually.
This is strange,
but you can actually see right here,
over here,
a symbol of K'Luta.
Yeah, it's right there, going through,
but also another inner circle
inside of the larger circle.
I'm not sure what that means.
Tony, our videographer.
Say hi to the camera, Tony.
[Nathan] There we go.
Nicki, baby.
John, our driver.
John, say hi to the camera.
Hi to the camera.
[Nathan] There you go.
Say good night, crazy.
[John] Good night, crazy.
[Nathan] There you go.
My lovely Kelly.
[Kelly] Save it when we're drunk.
[Nathan] This is a great story.
Shut up!
[Nathan] I'm glad I'm recording this.
This will definitely go
into the documentary.
(Nicki laughs)
This is why I'm a professor
and they're students.
[Nicki] That was a warmup.
[Nathan] Do you hear the crickets?
The crickets.
(girls laugh)
The crickets!
They know the answer.
(tape fast forwards)
And back to the circle, the true riddle.
I'm not sure what that means.
Normally I would say
you actually have to stand
in the center of the circle
for, I guess, anything to happen,
but a smaller circle inside,
that's new, that's different.
During the day,
there doesn't seem to be actually
any difference in the air,
difference in the energy.
Okay, we're actually
going into the circle now.
Oh, God, I shouldn't do this.
All right.
Oh, there is actually
a definite change in
temperature right here.
Oh, wow.
I've got goosebumps.
The hair on my arm is just standing up.
This is the circle.
(Nathan chuckles)
Oh, Jesus, it's cold.
Okay, I'm getting out right now.
Just an observation, I guess.
Well, what we're gonna do
is we're gonna experiment,
use the dog first, send it through.
And then the dog will
act as a sacrifice,
I'm not gonna tell the rest of them.
I don't expect it to come back,
or come back alive.
Okay, come on, boy.
Okay so, what we're doing,
I'm actually gonna test the
power of this circle right now.
(dark music)
We're gonna see if this circle
is gonna be any different
from the other 12.
The other 12 didn't have enough energy
to swallow up anything this size.
Come here, yes.
I'd like to see some
mustard and ketchup,
did we bring any?
Yeah, and I've just
staked the dog over there.
[Nicki] Huh?
[Nathan] I've just
staked the dog over there.
Tony, I'll film this.
(eerie music)
(dog whines)
(dog yelps)
(Nathan gasps)
(static crackles)
(eerie music)
He is in the world.
(Catherine gasps)
He is in the world.
What are you doing in here?
He is in the world.
He is in the world.
(Max cries)
(thunder rumbles)
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, we're gonna get
you back to your room, okay?
It's all right.
(thunder rumbles)
(static crackles)
We got this.
(dark music)
[Voice] He is in the world.
(thunder rumbles)
(clock chimes)
[Patients] He is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in the world.
I can hear them.
The other patients.
They know.
The walls are pretty thick,
I don't think you're gonna...
I can hear them up here.
What happened to the dog?
What do you know about film?
I don't know, I've seen a few movies.
No, film.
Film's made up of a series
of images, pictures,
that moves by 24 frames per second.
I'm not asking you about film.
But those frames move so fast
that we can only barely perceive it.
Just flickers in the darkness.
Unless the film skips.
Then we notice it.
Site 13 is a weak spot.
If the film's gonna skip,
it's gonna skip there.
A weak spot in what?
(dark music)
Who's Ryan?
You think about him a lot.
Oh, so you're psychic now.
But this piece that's inside of me
that K'luta put there,
he's coming for it.
And that piece sees things.
So you're saying you're a god?
Oh, you just have a little
piece of a god inside you.
The kingdom of heaven is within, right?
That's what it says in your book.
Not my book.
Where do you want this?
Over there.
What are you doing?
I figured we'd watch together.
Why not?
We'll find out what happens.
I think I know what happens.
I don't want to watch.
It's okay, we'll do this together.
I don't want to watch.
Have faith.
(Nathan growls)
(Margaret gasps)
I don't have faith,
and I don't want to watch.
Yeah, that is totally fine,
you do not have to watch.
Just breathe.
[Catherine] We do not have to watch it.
What you have to consider
is that maybe this film,
this story in 24 frames per second,
maybe it's not about finding our faith
or learning some dramatic life lesson,
maybe it's a horror movie.
Ryan was my patient.
I was a nun in addition
to being a psychologist
and Ryan was my patient.
He had tried to kill himself,
but I thought we were making progress.
What happened to him?
One night he got out of his room
and went to the roof.
Ryan, first thing's first.
Don't tell me it's a moral sin.
I know that, I am sick of hearing that.
But I can't stand living in this
Ryan, please.
He wanted me to give him one reason.
You can't, can you?
There's so many reasons that...
You're worse off than I am.
(eerie music)
(Catherine gasps)
Just one reason
to go on.
You couldn't think of one, could you?
If I go to him,
K'Luta, if I go to him,
this all goes away.
all of it.
And maybe that's for the best.
But let's see this through first.
Play our parts.
Roll it.
(static crackles)
(Kelly screams)
It's okay, it's just a spider.
- Nature, get used to it.
- Nature, fucking nature.
[Nicki] Was it a daddy long leg?
Dog's gone.
No, it was actually a big spider,
I'm gonna get up now.
The dog's gone.
- What?
- What?
The dog
is gone.
[Nicki] You probably
didn't tie him tight enough
and he ran away.
No, 'cause the stake would be there.
The dog is gone.
What the fuck?
I told you.
(thunder rumbles)
Yeah, very funny, ha, ha.
Dog's gone.
A bolt of lightning
is about as big around
as this here sleeping bag.
It's gonna hit those first,
and then the lamp's gonna fall,
and then it's gonna hit on us,
and somebody's gonna die.
It's gonna be Tony 'cause he's closer.
And it's already lighting it up.
[John] But you know
when lighting strikes,
it has, like, 25 choices
of where it's gonna hit.
Yeah, let me have another beer.
(Nicki laughs)
[John] He deals in circles.
Yeah, exactly, I'm in myth
and folklore, come on, man.
So we have to stay in this damn tent
for the rest of the night?
We come out here to
see the fucking circle
and we have to stay in the fucking tent.
Shit, I don't know about you,
but I'm going out to the circle.
Yeah, me too.
Well, I gotta be out there by 3:23 AM.
No, 'cause that's where I'm going too.
Oh, please, Kelly,
he had somebody pick the dog up, okay?
And he's probably gonna scare you again
by running off and leaving
a piece of his hair behind
and then we'll think he disappeared.
Look, look, I understand,
I know what this is now.
It's fitting together
with all the theories
that I've got so far.
And I'm gonna prove it.
I'll believe it when I see it.
- All right.
- Okay?
Yeah, what happened to the dog?
I don't know, you tell me.
Yeah, you tell me, I don't know.
I just wanna know why
if you don't know what
fucking happened to the dog
and you think he did
something to the dog...
He made the dog disappear.
So you wanna come back
all flesh and blood?
I'm going through, I'm not coming back.
Like that.
Oh, please.
The grass is growing in an
ancient hieroglyphic pattern,
it's an ancient Lemurian
hieroglyphic pattern.
[Nicki] How did they get there?
How did who get where?
[Nicki] How did the circles get there?
That's what I'm trying to figure out.
[Nicki] Indians.
I'm glad we had this stuff.
(Nicki laughs)
[Kelly] It's not going well.
[Nathan] I gotta do
this, I gotta do this.
I have to do this.
You're not convincing me.
I don't...
I'm not trying to convince you.
Nathan, come on, please.
Oh, just let him go.
He's coming back, remember?
Nicki, will you stay the fuck out of it?
All right.
Oh, my God, I'm still out here.
(Nicki laughs)
Thank you, sir.
Dude, you're driving.
I know.
[Nathan] You don't get to have beer.
[Nicki] Why don't you go into the circle
and teleport to wherever you have to go?
And then you can always
come back to your car.
(girls laugh)
[John] It is free parking.
[Nicki] He's taking negatives.
[Nathan] It's not negatives, it's real.
- All right, guys.
- [Nathan] There we go.
I'm leaving.
- You're leaving us?
- Yeah.
[Nathan] You're gonna make
like a tree and head out?
Be careful with that shit.
What shit?
The circle?
It'll be fine, man.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
Not a problem.
Give me a call if you guys need anything.
- All right.
- [Nicki] Sure.
Have a safe trip.
(Nicki laughs)
[John] I'll see you guys Monday morning.
[Nathan] All right.
In my haste in the rain,
I threw everything in.
Well, this mission is going
off swimmingly so far.
What's up?
Hey, it's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be fine.
I need your support right now,
I don't have their support,
I need your support.
(Kelly cries)
I need you to back me up on this.
I don't want you to go.
I'll come back.
Don't worry.
I'll be back, I promise you.
I'm not gonna fail at this.
I'm sorry.
Have faith in me.
Please, have faith in me,
I need someone to.
- Nathan, I have faith in you.
- [Nathan] No one else,
no one else has faith in me.
I need you.
I need you.
Please just listen to me.
All I want for you...
Would you look at me?
You're going in five minutes.
I'm going.
If you don't know your shit now,
you don't know your shit.
Would you please look at me?
I'm looking at you.
Would you please give me something
to make me feel better?
I need something to make me feel better.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Tony.
Why are you doing this?
(dark music)
Because I had to know.
Yeah, but why?
What do you mean, why?
I had to know, it was...
An obsession?
And you're willing to put
everything at risk for that?
Do you really want to know why?
For the same reason that you
won't stop watching that tape
even though you know something
awful is about to happen.
Now play the tape.
There it is.
It's the eye of Bolgoth, Tony.
It's gonna bring me through.
That and that.
The GTE.
Techno-magic trans-exodiator.
It's gonna change the
energy of my neurons.
I know it sounds insane.
This is it.
I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna go through.
Oh, shit.
Bolgoth went through.
He went through the circle, 66 AD.
He came back a raving fucking lunatic.
I'm hoping that this will stop that.
Yeah, it's human, I
got it from Miskatonic.
From the med lab.
I know, it's fucked up.
Oh, Jesus, what am I doing?
No, it's fine.
I have five, right?
I'm gonna do this.
(suspenseful music)
[Tony] Maybe we should
just go back in the tent.
[Nicki] You might wanna hurry up,
I think rain's coming.
Nicki, can you please shut the fuck up?
You're fucking with my
concentration, okay?
Stand back, you're...
Tony, I think you're in the circle too.
Just, can you step back?
[Nicki] The dog didn't
have to do all this shit.
Fuck off!
[Kelly] Stop yelling at each other!
Nicki, just get in the
fucking tent with me, okay?
[Nicki] Okay.
[Tony] you can concentrate?
Yeah, you know, that might be best.
- [Tony] Okay.
- Okay?
Tony, thank you, actually.
Thank you.
You're the only fucking
voice of reason around here.
(dark music)
(Nathan chants)
[Voice] He is in the world.
(Nathan chants)
[Voice] He is in the world.
(Nathan chants)
(Nathan screams)
Oh, my.
(patients scream)
(intense music)
(Nathan gasps)
Are you okay?
You okay?
What happened?
I remember.
- What?
- Where'd you go?
I think I went to hell.
Look, okay, calm down now.
Nobody went to hell, okay?
You did not go to hell.
What was it like?
Tell me.
It's not so much down there.
Out there.
I don't know, it's...
It's hard to find a word
for it other than...
But it's not what you think.
(eerie music)
It's not what you think.
I can tell you that it's
fire and it's brimstone,
but it's not.
It's cold,
and dark,
and you just float there,
and you're alone with your soul.
You're alone,
and you realize that there is nothing
that is of significance
and there's nothing
that ever, ever will be.
But that's not even the worst part.
Just when you're sure you
can't take it anymore,
that you'll break into a million pieces,
that's when you hear it
out there in the darkness
and it moves.
And you pray, you pray
for that loneliness again,
because you realize
that the thing that's
out there in the dark
is so much worse.
(eerie music)
Stop helping.
Are you okay?
I think I made a mistake.
We need to keep watching that tape.
Maybe we should take a break.
No, we have to see what happens next.
We've gotta keep watching.
He's in the world.
And he's coming.
(dark music)
Come on.
He'll be back any second now.
We're all gonna get stupid drunk.
Oh, God, I need to get
stupid drunk right now, Nicki.
(Nathan chants)
Fuck that.
Fuck that!
Fuck that!
[Kelly] Nathan, where the fuck are you?!
What the fuck!
What the fuck!
[Nicki] Nathan, this isn't funny!
[Kelly] Nathan!
[Nicki] I can't believe this.
[Kelly] Tony, this isn't fucking funny.
Tony, where the fuck is Nathan?
[Tony] I don't know, I'm not in on this.
What do you mean?
(Kelly cries)
[Nicki] Nathan!
Oh, shit.
[Nicki] What are you doing, Nathan?
This isn't funny!
Fucking shit!
I knew this shit was gonna fucking happen!
Where the fuck is Nathan?
Oh, my God.
This is so ridiculous.
Would you get in here?
Goddammit, I hate him!
I fucking hate him!
Get in here.
Fucking fucker.
Would you calm the fuck down?
Calm down!
Listen to me.
He's joking with us.
He is playing a game and
you're falling for it
and you look ridiculous.
He's probably out there
right now laughing.
I'm about to slap you
in the goddamn face.
Try it.
We need to go find him.
I'm not going to find shit.
- Why, are you afraid?
- No.
- Then I'll go.
- And you're not, no.
You're not going anywhere.
[Tony] I don't think anybody should go.
We're staying right here and
waiting for him to come back.
[Tony] And if it starts raining,
it sounds like it's going to,
he's gonna come back in and
the joke's gonna be over.
Tony, this isn't funny.
[Tony] Kelly, just have
a beer and calm down.
He'll come back soon though.
Let's have a beer.
[Tony] If nobody falls
for his little joke,
he's gonna give up.
And he'll be back.
And you know what?
We'll walk you there.
Shut up.
You really think so, Tony?
[Tony] Yes.
It's a joke.
It has to be a joke.
It's a joke.
[Tony] Have a drink, calm down.
(Kelly cries)
I've got the camera on, so...
Nathan's out here.
[Nicki] Oh, my God.
[Nicki] What are you doing?
[Nicki] Nathan.
Cut it out.
All right, this has gone on
long enough with this shit.
(eerie music)
Nathan, come on.
[Nicki] Nathan, quit
it, you're scaring Kelly.
Don't you think this
has gone on long enough?
(Nathan gasps)
[Kelly] Nathan?
Nathan, what's wrong?
(Nathan sobs)
Oh, fuck.
[Kelly] What did you do, Nathan?
(Nathan retches)
I fucking flipped the switch.
Oh, God.
Nathan, you've got blood all over you.
[Nathan] Fuck.
(Nathan retches)
(Nathan yells)
He is in the world.
[Nicki] What's wrong with you?
(Nathan growls)
Cut it out, all right?
(Nathan retches)
[Tony] We should get him in the tent.
[Nathan] There's no fire,
it's not fire,
it's not...
No, keep going.
I don't know if I'm
comfortable watching this.
We're in too far now.
We have to find out what happens next.
[Nathan] He can come through now.
[Nicki] Who can come?
This is not the end of the world,
it's not the end of the world.
It's the end of everything.
The end of everything.
I gotta go back through.
- Nathan...
- Please don't go back there.
- You've lost it.
- Please don't go back there.
[Nicki] You've lost it.
(glass shatters)
You don't understand!
You don't fucking
understand what it was like!
You've, like, completely lost it now.
This has gone far enough,
I think we should just go home, okay?
I really do.
I think you've gotten
enough research done.
(Nathan screams)
[Kelly] Nathan!
It's too much, it's too much!
The circle only went one way.
You could have only gone...
You're not supposed to come back.
[Kelly] Where did you go, Nathan?
It's coming!
Nathan, what's coming?
Answer me.
K'Luta the Devourer, he's coming.
Nathan, please.
I flipped the switch.
He's coming.
I gotta go back.
Get the fuck away from me.
I gotta figure this out right now.
Get away.
Nathan, please!
I can figure it out, go away.
Go away.
Go back in the tent.
(eerie music)
(man chants)
Tony, um...
Tony, go back.
Go back in the fucking tent, please.
Get the fuck back in the tent!
Nicki, I wanna go home.
What's he doing out there?
I don't like this, Nicki.
Nicki, this isn't good.
None of this is good, Nicki.
The look of the devil.
The devil?
I don't know what
the fuck it was, Nicki,
but it was not Nathan.
I think he was evil.
We just need to get all our stuff together
and go home, okay?
Something is seriously wrong.
I don't know what's wrong with him!
I don't want to be here, Nicki.
I don't want to be here.
All right, look.
Something happened out there, okay?
What should we do?
I don't know, I don't know,
what should we do, Tony?
What should we do?
I don't know what to do.
[Tony] I think we should just go.
I think we should just go too.
(Nathan screams)
What if we...
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
(Nathan screams)
Oh, my God.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
He doesn't want you out there, Tony.
[Tony] That's the whole point,
he wanted everything on tape,
he gave me instructions.
He wanted everything
on tape no matter what.
I don't give a fuck
what he wanted, Tony,
I don't want you out there,
he doesn't want you out there, Tony.
[Tony] Get the other camera then.
Where's the other camera?
How do you work this?
[Tony] Just press the
red button, just go.
- Just press the red button.
- [Tony] Just get it,
you gotta get this.
Okay, okay.
(Nathan moans)
This is crazy.
[Tony] You've got that right.
I think we should just go.
(eerie music)
[Kelly] Nathan.
He's in the world.
He is in the world.
[Kelly] Nathan?
(Nathan laughs)
Come here, lover.
(Nathan laughs)
[Kelly] Nathan?
Stop it.
Make it stop.
[Kelly] Nathan?
(clock chimes)
Stop it, I can't stop it.
[Kelly] Nathan?
(Kelly screams)
(Nathan growls)
Oh, my God.
(Kelly gasps)
Did we just watch a murder?
(dark music)
Dr. Marsh.
Are you okay?
Dr. Marsh.
(eerie music)
(Catherine gasps)
Well, well, well.
It's all out in the open now.
What are you doing?
(Nathan snaps fingers)
(Margaret chokes)
Don't do this!
What, this?
(Margaret chokes)
Please stop!
Why what?
Why, Catherine?
Give me a reason.
I don't...
Come on, Catherine.
Give me one good reason.
Because you don't want to.
It doesn't matter anymore what I want.
(Margaret gasps)
He is in the world now.
And everything that we do
is completely and utterly meaningless.
That's not true.
You forget, Catherine,
I have seen the face of God
and it's not whether he
loves us or he hates us.
We are single frames in a film
that he has been watching for eternity.
We are less than despised.
We are not even considered.
So tell me, Catherine,
why should I stop?
(thunder rumbles)
(Margaret coughs)
Maybe you're right.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe life is pointless
and there's nothing out there
and maybe it's a shitty
world and bad things happen
and it's not fair and it doesn't matter.
But maybe that's why it's important.
If nothing in life matters,
then every single thing we do matters.
I mean, if this universe
is so cold and unforgiving,
then doesn't it mean something to be warm
and forgiving?
I'm scared.
Me too.
He's coming.
There's always something coming.
Not like this.
(dark music)
(thunder rumbles)
When we're in the dark,
even the smallest light is important.
But what about when we're in the storm?
(thunder rumbles)
Oh, my God.
(entity growls)
Oh, my God.
(eerie music)
(Catherine gasps)
(Nathan yells)
(building rumbles)
(Nathan laughs)
He is in the world.
He is in the world!
He's trying to get in.
In here!
You have a piece of him in the world.
You've got to fight this.
(Nathan yells)
[Nathan] He is in the world
and you have a piece of him!
A piece that he wants!
He will have that piece!
He needs that piece!
He will have your hell
and she cannot save you.
She cannot save you.
Holy bitch!
She cannot save you.
She is weak and her God is weak.
Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in heaven.
He is not in the world.
He is not in the world.
I am in the world.
And when you look deep
down there in the darkness,
that god will not be there.
He will not be there.
Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed by thy name.
I will be there.
[Margaret] Thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in heaven.
Your soul, he is in the world.
(Nathan laughs)
(static crackles)
He wants what's inside of you.
He's not gonna get it.
(dark music)
I don't care anymore!
That thing out there changes everything.
What do we do?
(door creaks)
Oh, no.
The other patients.
He's controlling them.
We have to get out of here now.
(thunder rumbles)
[Patients] He is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in the world.
(woman screeches)
(Margaret yells)
We don't really have a choice.
You don't have to do this.
Let me go, I'll figure it out.
You haven't been outside
a building in 10 years,
how do you think you're
gonna get there by yourself?
That's ridiculous.
(wood cracks)
(thunder rumbles)
(clock chimes)
(wood cracks)
(suspenseful music)
(patient moans)
Go, go!
(patient screams)
(bangs on door)
(Margaret screams)
(patient screams)
Get away from the door.
(Margaret yells)
(suspenseful music)
(entity moans)
(patient screams)
[Patients] He is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in the world, he is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in the world, he is in the world.
He is in the world.
He is in you.
He is in the world.
He is in you.
He is in the world, he is in you.
He is in the world.
He is in you.
He is in the world, he is in you.
He is in the world.
He is in you.
And he needs you to be in the world.
And he needs me to get you in the world.
And he needs you to be in the
world to get in the world.
And he needs you to be in the world.
And I want to be in the world,
and I want to be in the world!
Max, stop.
(Max cries)
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
I'm sorry.
But he doesn't need you.
(Margaret chokes)
[Catherine] No!
(dark music)
Catherine, run!
Go, run!
(Catherine screams)
I'll go to him.
[Voice] He is in the world.
(Catherine screams)
He is in the world.
(suspenseful music)
(patients scream)
You sure you can close it?
Just get me to the gate.
(Catherine gasps)
Don't look.
I can't not look at it.
Don't look!
Just get in the truck.
Get in the truck!
(tires screech)
I can't not look at it.
It fills the sky.
Just drive.
- He is in the world.
- Drive!
(patients scream)
(thunder rumbles)
I don't understand, this
all used to be farmland.
[Catherine] They started
developing the area
eight years ago.
(thunder rumbles)
[Voice] He is in the world.
Of course, they paved it over.
(thunder rumbles)
(phone rings)
Jesus Christ.
(dark music)
(doors rattle)
[Voice] He is in the world.
[Catherine] What is that?
From the looks of
it, somebody died here.
(Catherine gasps)
[Catherine] What are you doing?!
I need the blood.
(eerie music)
(doors rattle)
Holy shit.
(woman screams)
I'm gonna need you
to burn the house down.
(somber music)
When I go through,
I'm gonna need you to burn the house down.
You're going through?
Look, K'Luta wants what's in here.
So I'm gonna make him go through,
I'm gonna make sure...
No, no.
No, no, no, we'll do something else,
we figure something out.
But there is no other way!
But you're going back to hell.
When you're in the dark,
even the smallest light is important.
There's a lot of darkness over there.
Maybe I can be the light.
Thank you.
For what?
Now I have my answer, don't I?
Me too.
This is how you turn on the light.
Maybe I'll give you a call sometime.
(Catherine chuckles)
(dark music)
I am not in the world!
(entity roars)
Come get me.
(entity roars)
(glass shatters)
(clock chimes)
(burner clicks)
(match lights)
(dark music)
(somber music)