Sitting Target (1972) Movie Script

Right, Lomart...come along...
Your wife!
What she sees in that ape Lomart,
I'll never know.
Well, one could say
that about a lot of wives...sir.
Watch it, Birdy, me old son...
...or you'll end up getting
as much ton as your mate Lomart.
No offence...sir.
Come on get out...
there's someone to see you, too.
Or one of the lucky ones?
You've been inside so long Birdy...
you wouldn't know the difference.
I came up
on the businessmen's train.
All bellies and cigars!
It didn't take too long
from London, though.
Well, everything moves quicker
Except in here.
Bad as the last stretch?
Well, you see they moved me
to a new block...
...and I get turned over
day and night.
I'm watched all the time...
If not by them buggers...
by them!
This maximum security stuff...
Thr papers are full of it.
Well it makes you feel like
some animal in a cage.
I'm sorry I didn't come
to see you before.
It's been 5 months
since the trial, Pat.
You weren't allowed visitors
at first, being here.
I didn't hear that.
Well, it's true.
And they said you had a fight
or something... with a screw.
Well he had it coming to him.
- That didn't help matters...
- Alright, alright!
What you been doing?
The usual, when you're inside.
Go to work... go shopping...
...go home... and go to bed!
Are you managing?
Sort of.
Are you seeing the family?
I can't ask THEM for money.
Why not? They owe me...
I told you!
- Money's tight.
- You mean, THEY are.
It's like begging.
Begging be buggered!
I'm not having you going short...
Do you understand that? KNOW me!
You know what I'm like...
I just CAN'T ask!
You're a stubborn little bint!
You always was.
"Like my mother"
you always said!
I know who I fancy!
I wouldn't say no.
What would you do...
with THOSE looking on?
I'd put my head
where my hands are...
...underneath a blanket.
Time for your "commercial break".
You...smell good
Still using the same stuff?
Well, don't change it
till I get out...
It'll give me something
to remember you by.
That's what I want to
talk to you about, Harry!
There's not much hope
for your appeal.
Who says so?
The coppers.
It's on record...they claim
what you did was deliberate. was deliberate,
hitting him...
I didn't mean to kill him...
He wouldn't let go
of the bag!
All the postmen are the same...
They think the stuff in the bag
belongs to them.
But it means 15 years!
12, at the least!
You always waited before.
All those days...
Days.. days... nothing!
Not the next or the next!
Do try and understand, love!
Try and see it my way...
15 years is a lifetime!
I'll be old!
It's so long!
So lonely without a man...
You know what I'm like!
I need it!
It must be very difficult.
I didn't want to tell you
in a letter...
...that's not fair.
Wouldn't be fair?...
What are you on about?!
I want some life!
I want a baby again!
I have met someone.
I...didn't mean to.
I want a divorce!
I'm pregnant!
Let go!
Hold his legs!
I've met someone.
I want some life!
I want a baby again!
I want a divorce!
I'm pregnant!
I'm pregnant!
I want a baby...I want a divorce!
I'm pregnant! I want some life!
I'm pregnant!
I want a divorce!
I want some life!
I'm pregnant! I want some life!
I'm pregnant!
We've reserved
your old room for you!
Understand you admire the view.
On your way!
Solitary never did nothing
for nobody, old son!
- I've got to get out of here, Birdy.
- Right, Lomart...!
Harry, we've got to think...
Thanks, but it's my bind.
No...not altogether...
A woman gave us away...
don't forget!
Anything's possible.
Especially after what she told you.
Yeah, but a break, though...
- That's be dangerous for you.
- No, I been thinking of it anyway.
Still wide open over there.
In any case...
We've been together nigh on 10 years
And it don't seem a day too much.
I'm gonna kill her.
I've got to, Birdy.
My smart stick, sir.
Do your buttons up, mister!
I'd better take my heavy stick!
Very funny!
Let's get it over with.
Turn over!
Alright, Williams...
On your feet!
Goodnight, Williams...
Pleasant dreams!
Cover me with Lomart.
Alright Mr Lomart...
Wakey, wakey!
Why, you crazy bastard!
Keys!... The keys, Harry!
Been having a tte--tte?!
What's that?
French for getting your heads together.
Now who's got to watch it,
my old son?!
- Ready?
- Just a sec.
Just a sec, Harry.
Hit him!
Hit him!
Why you're frightened
of hitting somebody...
...I'll never know, Birdy.
Go get McNeil.
Go get him!
Come on...sir!
You'll do well to bear in mind,
you're doing this...
...only because of me.
You'll do well to bear in mind
we're only getting out of this...
...because of US!
Very well...
We'll go.
Who's that?
What's going on?
Shut up!
Are you sure your bribe
is going to work?
We'll know in a few moments,
won't we?
You've got 15 minutes.
A grand for 15 minutes.
Go on...piss off...
I've got myself to think about.
You bastard.
I'm not screwing up
20 years service for YOU lot!
Then you'll need an alibi!
The dogs next...
That's more YOUR cup of tea.
They're fierce in the dark.
- Why?
- Because my information is never wrong.
If they weren't human,
we wouldn't 've got this far.
15 minutes.
Come on!
There must be a dog!
Only the outside wall after this,
Harry, love!
My information is never wrong.
This is one time it should've been!
Thanks, Birdy.
It's a bit like old times, isn't it?
We'd have had our own business by now.
Yeah, well we've got a new one,
haven't we.
This reconstruction gave me
the idea how to escape.
You've got some use after all.
Sir, excuse me...
We want to see your mates
on the others side of the wall, too.
Do you mind if I go first?
"Woman and children first."
...That storm seems to have passed...
Take it easy, boy.
Harry...I can't move!
That's Soapy Tucker down there.
Who else?
Harry...come on!
- Right...we're going!
- Not without HIM!
- He's Gone! - No!
- He's gone!
You needed us and we needed you.
THAT was the deal!
Harry...come on!
Right!...Please...let's go!'s to it!
Like smoking air, isn't it?
After that stuff you get inside.
Alright, love!
You know...
2 years celibacy is a bit much,
even for me.
So you'll excuse me.
2 days is MY limit, mate!
You've done us proud, Soapy!
Only the best...
for the best.
You're lovely!
Old McNeil really does it in style,
doesn't he?'s MY idea!
This truck gets us
inside Liverpool docks... aggravation.
There's more Yanks there,
going to Africa or somewhere.
Spot of bother with the blacks,
I shouldn't wonder.
That's all you get
these days, isn't it?
Them and the kids.
Oh, I'm sorry about your clothes, boys...
But it's the best I could do.
You'll need a sea voyage after that.
Well, it's a long rest to Naples.
We got a big job on,
with the Wops.
Shut up!
You'll be reluctant
to call the Italians "Wops"...
...just as I would the French, "Frogs"...
...because they don't like it!
- Sorry mate.
- Forget it!
I merely ask you to remember
that we hope to be working
in close liaison with them.
It's all yours now...
And his.
I can do without.
The spirit is weak, Harry.
Flesh even weaker.
Yes...this is where
we part company.
Good luck boys.
There's your cash...
Don't forget the car's hot,
and needs ditching real quick
The motorway's about 10 minutes drive.
That Lomart's nuts!
Breaking out...
just to do in a woman!
Well, let's hope
he'll do in Birdy, too!
Or otherwise.
I thought we was making
for the motorway.
Mr McNeil isn't all that clever.
Who says he was?
No...he's bright...
but not THAT bright.
Why do you think Soapy Tucker
suggested a motorway in a hot car?
So we could get to London quicker?
So we could get caught quick.
And give McNeil more time.
He knows the coppers 'd rather
have us, than him.
I'll bet they've been tipped off already.
I'm gonna get that toffee-nosed git,
one day.
No, no, no...
We can make a telephone call too.
Liverpool Police...Dogs Division!
It says here there's a boathouse
up here on the right.
Up that way.
What's this then?
I'll tell you when it's finished.
We're doing everything together.
Like always.
Alright...just as you say.
But I want to do this one by myself...
- Alright?
- Fair enough.
But I'll be...about...
...just in case!
- Where's your mate?
- We split up.
You're late.
I'd given you up.
Have you got it?
The money?
I've been trained to inspect the goods,
before serving up the gelt.
In dollars, as arranged?
As I promised.
One 9mm Mauser Special.
and carbine.
Telescopic sight.
5 clips of ammunition.
90 rounds in all.
That's just what the doctor ordered.
What about one of THEM?!
I've been trained too...
Payment first.
You'll get it.
No cash... No gun!
Come on!
Look... give me a week...
I promise.
I've done those deals before.
Come on!
Harry, look out!
Come on... relax...
Nobody else about.
How did you hope
to get that
without forking out
any bread, eh?
- Well, I did, didn't I?
- WE did!
Yeah... Ta, mate!
My pleasure, old son.
I couldn't tell you, Birdy...
You would 've tried to stop me,
wouldn't you?
Yeah, well all you need is a Yank accent,
and Chicago here we come.
Come on, that's never
been our style, Harry!...
Well, it's mine now
A gun... That leaves us
in the cold over here.
This is England.
Now everybody knows
what that means.
Look nobody uses those over here,
except mugs!
Not even coppers... and nobody
wants to know about THEM either.
That thing starts popping off...
EVERYBODY's out to stop you.
OUR side as well as the law.
Well, you said things
was changing, didn't you?
But not as much as THAT!
Well, for ME they are!
Now, you listen to me...
Pat's gonna have protection,
...from the mob,
as well as the law, right?
So killing her is gonna need something
different from my usual.
Blimey, what a stink!
Yeah, well it won't be in a room,
when she gets it.
And it's not gonna be manslaughter
this time, I promise you.
I got a surprise for you...
MV Arden...
Nice one!
Now, not a word
to the boys in blue, eh?
Otherwise... they'll know
who got us the gun.
No cars, no roadblocks...
Straight to London.
Good move, this, Birdy.
Let's start, shall we?
We HAVE been a couple of busy bees,
haven't we?
We'll be even busier in London.
Lot of palms 'll need greasing there.
Yes, I know.
It's not gonna be easy...
Raising the cash.
Yeah, well I'm not gonna touch
that 200,000
It's hot!
I was only thinking
about tomorrow.
Well don't, Birdy my old son...
It never happens.
Tomorrow never happens.
Come on, open up
for God's sake!
I'm sorry to trouble you, madam...
Can you tell me
if Mrs Lomart's in?
I don't know.
Well, perhaps she's gone out shopping.
I don't know.
- Is she at work, perhaps.
- I don't know.
Is there anybody else
who'd know?
I don't know
anything about her.
Shut that door...quickly, close...
Did you get him?
No, not yet.
Call this protection...
where are your men?
Look, I'm sorry, Pat...
I don't know why they aren't here...
But I promise you,
it won't happen again.
Bit late, if Harry had gotten to me.
He didn't waste much time.
At least we know he's in London.
Before this, he's gone to ground.
Still nobody about.
For the sixth time today.
I don't get it...
Well, if we don't stop using this line,
somebody's gonna get US.
Yeah, well this'll be the last time,
I promise.
I'm at Penn House Estate...
I must admit, mate,
I'm feeling rather lonely.
There's supposed to be a watch
on this place, day and night...
Where is it?!
Alright...explanations later!
In the meantime, I want
the local beat man back here.
I want a car here straightaway
with those 2 marksmen...
One for the top floor and one
to cover the estate generally.
I want motorised patrols
covering the whole area discreetly...
Now, have you got that?
No coppers, no guards... nothing!
Well, they can't keep it up forever.
Not enough of them.
Let alone having the talent
to know we're in London.
Well, they will after today,
won't they?!
It's too soon, Harry.
Leave it for a week
till they think that...
...we've at least skipped the country.
I don't know that I can wait that long.
What's 7 days?
Another week with her man.
It'll be their last.
You stupid silly bitch!
Yeah, well come on, come on...
We all make mistakes, don't we?
Here's a lifetime,
full of them for you.
How much we got left?
About 30.
Well, give me 15, will you?
What for?
I've got to find meself
somewhere to hide...
...for when it's all over.
We can't stay together after that...
It wouldn't be fair,
to either of us.
What, separate, you mean?
Look Birdy...
...once I've done it it's going to be
the end of the track for me too, mate.
Don't talk like that, Harry.
If we don't, now...
we will next week.
She really got her hooks into you.
How could you let her?
I liked it.
I liked was good.
Bet you didn't know that,
did you?
Nobody did.
You got my cash?
Watch yourself, Harry.
Keep a track on Marty
for me, will you.
I'll meet you back here in 2 hours.
Marty and the lads,
what's left of them...
...won't be happy
about us being out.
Yeah...tell them we weren't too happy
about being IN, either.
Now don't spend that all at once!
When did you change your mind
about Harry?
About a year ago.
After the baby died.
You didn't want
another one then?
Not up here.
Once you're off the ground floor...
where can they play?
There's no one to see,
no one to talk to...
...except the birds, when they're
not crapping all over the place.
How long had you
been married...then?
Too long...that's the answer,
isn't it?
Oh, I still gave it to him,
He was happy enough
with that.
But I'd come to the end
of something.
I suddenly realised he never would.
Enter the boyfriend, eh?
Dennis? Yeah...he knew
where he was going.
What in?
Scrap, junk...second-hand cars.
The usual!
And where is HE now?
He ran off, after the escape.
Leaving me holding the baby,
so to speak.
Do you have a photograph
of him?
Well, we might need one
for identification purposes...
When Harry catches up with him.
You've come a long way,
since sending Harry down.
Catch him, and you can do
even better for yourself.
Pat...I don't like scare-merchants.
And that's all.
Neither do I!
But I've had it, Jack!
Harry Lomart is not
going to kill you...
- He's going to get caught.
- And I'm the bait, tempting him.
Yeah, well after what's happened...
you'll have more protection
than the queen.
Really? Will I?
Well, he got out, didn't he?
Harry always said you lot were
bigger thieves than those inside.
You know me
better than that!
Do I? Listen...I am fed up
with coppers.
Just leave me alone,
I'm getting out of here.
No, you're not.
We think he's got a gun.
No...if I know Harry Lomart...
...he wants his hands
around my neck again.
A woman informed
on Soapy Tucker and McNeil.
You've got any ideas?
Last time you came here,
you told me the same thing
about Harry.
He probably thinks it was me
putting him away, for Dennis.
That's where you're going
to end up.
When I've done.
You conniving bitch!
Just let me...
Let me explain.
Oh, I want to hear it
from your boyfriend!
Is he in there?
Then, we'll wait for him,
won't we?!
Mrs Lomart!
Get inside!
Don't be such a bloody fool!
After that little laundry lark of yours...
Every character in town will want
his hand in our pockets.
Rent 'll be double, for sure.
Passport could cost us a grand...
grand and a half...
God knows what they'll want
for a boat.
Marty owes us.
The whole firm does.
Not any more, old son.
Tell you the truth, Harry...
While I was tracking Marty,
I dropped in on the lads.
They say you're bound to do
somebody else in, besides Pat...
...most probably a copper.
And everybody knows
what THAT means.
No... In fact they claim
I hid them dollars
to stop them being handed around
before their time.
That American Express job
was over a year ago, Harry.
Yeah... I was saving
some of that for Pat.
She was getting
a little restless.
I thought of getting out of the game
for a little while.
Too late now.
I don't know...
See what Marty Gold
comes up with.
And he's got a young bird...
...nested in a mews,
just around the corner.
Is it hot?
- What?
- Is the bloody thing hot?!
The van? No!
No, no... I hired it.
Oh... you didn't notice
the new jacket.
Some young gentleman
left it hanging next to mine.
Credit cards, wallet,
driving licence, the lot.
Even a love letter.
Burned my hands, holding it!
Now, this mews
is just round the corner.
Is he having some now?
No... He's out collecting
from his betting shops.
We'll pop into the mews
and pay a call...
Just to see that Marty
hasn't changed his spots.
Good afternoon, madam...
this is Fortnum and Mason...
...package for Mr Marty Gold.
Oh, good... just a moment...
I'll be right out.
And we'll be right in,
my darling.
No fuss from you...
no bother from us... right?
We're friends of Marty's...
honest!... you'll see.
It's like a bloody pimp's brothel,
up here!
Oh, well... he's done himself
right proud, has Marty.
I mean, he couldn't stand the nick again,
after all this.
He's as soft as a queen.
Are you the two that got out?
What a clever girl!
What's your name?
Harry... It's Birdy.
Now we're properly introduced.
There we are.
I bet that's as far as Marty got,
this afternoon!
He barely stayed an hour,
you know.
Does anybody else know
about this place?
No young ram on the side?
Yes... well, I visit HIM.
We're saving up.
He'll go far!
Be a good girl, won't you?!
Hello, Marty...
Harry! For Christ's sake!
Are you alone, then?
Yeah, I just have Moonan here.
Look... I need to see you,
and quick.
Oh, sure... it's a bit hardish
just now though.
What time's the last race?
What about 7.30,
will that be alright?
Yeah... at the office.
Good. Oh...leave the door open.
Where are you?
I'm near.
Very near.
Is Birdy with you?
Oh yeah... He's near, too!
I get you!
Oh, I'll bet you do!
Harry? Harry!
Harry... You still there?
Oh yes, and we'll need some cash.
As much as you can
lay your hands on.
Oh, and a motor...
Nothing too flash, mind you.
Yeah, leave it to me.
I will.
Leave it to HIM?!
Now remember, Maureen...
Be a sensible girl...
Nice and natural.
I'll be over at 6.30...
Don't answer the door
or the phone tonight...
Get that...right?
Thank you.
Why don't you clean up, Harry?
Take a bath, eh?
Maybe change some clothes...
Marty's stuff 'll fit you.
Except round the waist.
He doesn't keep any clothes here.
Oh, I'll have some of that.
While you're running the water...
I'll lock up.
Scrub his back, love!
Every man likes a tickle.
It's ready.
How come you got mixed up
with a jerk like Marty?
I met him in Manchester.
At the races.
He asked me to go to London,
and I did.
You know...
I always wanted to.
What's in them?
Salts and oil.
Jesus Christ!
You know, I'd forgotten
what this life was about.
I suppose I've been inside too long.
How long?
Well, in all...
About...11 years.
You don't look that old.
No... But I started young.
I'll go and get this dry.
Leave the door open...
I'd like some servicing, too.
Any friend of Marty's...!
Alright, Harry?
You must excuse my friend
at the moment, darling...
He's...feeling a bit queer!
Run the bath.
- Remember...
- What?
Not a peep!
This is between Marty and us.
Suits me!
Christ! Don't you do nothing
but wash your bastard self?!
Is that Arthur Milton?
Well, I'm checking, that's all.
What a comedian you are,
But how do I know?
But it might be 9 o'clock
before they show themselves.
Now look...
Now he and Birdy can't exactly
walk the streets like you and me.
It doesn't matter where I am.
Well, leave a message for me
at the station, after it's over.
No, no...not in MY name,
for God's sake!
"Jones" will do... now look...
Listen... Let's get it clear...
Now this is just between
YOU and ME... right?
Now, I don't want
to make a habit of this, but...
Harry's off his rocker
with that shooter...
...and I don't hold
with them things.
Well, you said that you do, yeah...
And don't balls it up!
Well, goodnight to you, too!
Thank Christ for that.
Are you swimming up there,
or something?!
Chop her tits off, one day!
You're a squealing pig, Marty.
Hello, Marty.
Why don't you go
in the bathroom?
They always say
it's better out, than in.
Harry... Harry... Steady!
Plenty of time for that.
Come on... drink up, Marty...
You've got some phoning to do.
What about?
Who to?
Sophie, of course.
What can SHE do?
Come on, we'll go downstairs
and talk about it, eh?
No, not until I know where
my Sophie's got involved...
MY Sophie?!
The ever-loving husband, now, eh?
Well, it's that money
you've got at home, Marty.
The stuff the income-tax man
don't know about.
Those horses you fixed.
We want Sophie
to bring it ALL here.
And the kids, too.
Eh, Marty?
No... I can't do that to her.
Or my family... oh no!
No, Harry...
Now that's not right!
He can't do that...
He can't do that, Harry!
No, I won't.
It's not right! It's not right!
Well you got some thinking
to do, mate!
Stop moaning, you!
Be quiet!
Good riddance!
Goodbye to our money!
What about Sophie?
Surely we can make HER cough.
She must know where it is.
It's possible.
No, she'd...
She'd want to speak to Marty...and...
...he's talking to somebody else
isn't he?
I'm sorry to get you in
so deep, Birdy.
Oh, come on Harry...
We go back a long way.
There's a first time
for everything.
But we'll need cash, boy.
You're gonna need real cash
for this, boy...
I mean, to get away from here.
Who from?
We're not exactly welcome,
Especially now.
Yeah, but them $200,000 are...
...every one of them...
Down the middle.
Are you bribing me,
Harry Lomart?!
No, I'm not, Birdy Williams!
But you listen to me.
Milton's expecting Gold
to meet him, with us.
At his place.
Which means Pat's place, her flat...
will be very open.
We can finish it,
can't we, Birdy?
Oh, you've got a plan?!
I have!
From the start.
Takes up hardly any room at all,
that 200,000...does it?
Make it good.
We'll take it nice, steady and slow.
Out the back.
Did you get the money?
Some of it!
You bastard!
You bloody bastard!
I'm glad you got the message.
Why didn't you stop him shooting?
- He could've killed me!
- How could I, eh?
He wouldn't let me go along...
So I had to follow.
Come here!
Who got shot?
A policewoman.
She dead?
I didn't stop to look.
Did WE take Harry
to the cleaners, eh?!
We took everybody!
You should have seen Milton's face
after I smashed up the flat!
He would have done
ANYTHING for me!
Would you do ANYTHING for HIM?
Do you mind...
When I was supposed to be pregnant!
Was I glad to get rid of
that phony baby!
See, I told you...
He'd lead us to the money...
- Birdy, it's Harry...I told you!
- Bastard must be made out of concrete!
- Come on...hurry!
- What do you think I'm doing?!