Six Gun Savior (2016) Movie Script

As Lucifer's tracker,
I've born witness
to the battle between heaven and
hell since the dawn of man.
Desiring to grow his kingdom,
Lucifer decided to offer
deals to those who have
not yet been judged.
Returning them to their
bodies, they are permitted
to take vengeance on the
person who wronged them.
These Earth-bound demons
are known as omen.
However, once they murder
their victims, they revert
to human form, and their
soul is damned to hell
forever, where an angel
of death named Zathera
remained quite
curious of the living.
In the west during 1860,
an outlaw named Grant
Dillon became obsessed
with stories of Zathera.
His ultimate goal was to
make her power his own.
He learned of artifacts
scattered around the desert
that would enable Zathera
to possess a human body.
They would also give him the
ability to control her.
One of these ruins lay
hidden beneath a homestead.
But when the family refused to
sell, Dillon resorted to...
Other means.
Leaving their youngest
son Cody near death,
Dillon set an
ambush for the eldest.
An ambush, that went
horribly wrong.
Doc, you in there?
My brother's been shot!
You in there?
-My brother's been shot!
Come on in, Lane!
God forgive me.
Let the doc go!
It's got nothing
to do with him!
I warned your kin.
That land is mine.
Now you sign over the
ranch, and maybe,
I'll let the good doc here go
save that Indian-lovin'
brother of yours.
Go to hell!
Mr. McCrae, I come to
make you an offer.
This man is in no
condition to talk to you!
I must ask you to hold
your tongue, doctor,
or else I'll remove
it from your mouth.
What is your life worth
to you, Mr. McCrae?
My brother needs help.
Save him.
You drive a hard bargain.
Lucifer healed McCrae,
but he was now bound
to the devil forever.
He pursued Dillon, but the
war between the north and
the south erupted.
Lane was drafted into the Union
Army, and lost track of Dillon.
Until now.
McCrae, when did you
get back in town?
He might've lost an eye after
this drawing was done.
I ain't seen
nobody like that.
Six Gun, I don't want
no trouble in my place.
Guess I'm the winner boys.
I waited a long time,
McCrae, to put you under!
No, no, no, no, no!
Burns, don't it?
The Navajo shaman happens
to be a friend of mine.
He blesses my weapons
from time to time.
Where's Dillon?
I don't know!
Wager a guess, then.
Red Canyon.
Mighty obliged.
You go to hell!
Don't you turn
your back on me.
What do you want
from me, Liz?
How about the truth?
That too much to ask?
The truth about what?
People don't just
burst into flames.
What the hell just
happened in there?
-You wouldn't believe
me if I told you.
-Try me!
I killed those
three men before.
Oh, so they just hopped
outta the grave,
and came looking for ya!
-The Orientals call em Oni.
-Never heard of 'em.
Just shut up for a minute
and let me finish!
Their souls, the devil
plucked out of Purgatory,
and given a chance at revenge
against whoever did 'em in.
Except when the deed's done,
there's no going to heaven.
The gates are closed
to 'em forever.
You're right.
I don't believe you.
You can't honestly expect me
to believe that there's such
things as ghosts and
goblins walking around.
They're worse!
Much worse.
Every time you come to town,
we tussle and then you run away,
well not this time!
No, you're not, you're
staying right here.
And stick to what
you're good at...
Card swindlin' and
wearing that dress.
Oh, I may be good at
a lot a things, honey.
For instance, you're going
to Red Canyon, right?
I know it better
than anybody.
Gotta lot of friends
who are miners.
Ain't nothing I can do to
get you to stay here to
keep from coming with me?
No, sir, you've burned up my
money, slept with another woman,
and fed me a line
of manure about--
I did not sleep
with another woman!
So you owe me,
and I aim to collect!
I did not sleep with
no other woman!
Uh huh.
Well, if it ain't
my big brother.
Did you miss me?
I thought your
brother died.
He did.
What do you want?
Now don't play coy
with me, big brother.
I don't know what you are
anymore, but truthfully,
I want nothing
to do with you.
Pull that pistol and you'll
wake up back in Purgatory.
You were never faster than
me before, you sure as
hell ain't any faster now.
Where's Dillon, Lane?
You still coming, Liz?
Turning your back on your
kin again, you coward.
I didn't abandon them!
You should've been there.
I got there as
fast as I could.
And not a moment goes by
that I don't regret it.
Well if you won't set things
right, Lane, then I will.
Somewhere in there, under
all this mess, is my kid
brother, who used to laugh
with the Navaho children,
who got thrown off horses more
times than I care to count.
What infuriating power,
this coin-flippin'.
That's the Cody I choose
to remember the most.
Not the one who's itching
to pull a gun on me.
Tell me that boy is
not gone forever.
Cause I, I swear to God, I
was willing to sacrifice
my life for him,
and I still am.
I ain't warning
you again, Lane!
Look at this!
Two feuding brothers.
Reminds me of the
good old days.
Cain and Abel!
What a pair.
You think those blessed
bullets gonna do me any harm?
Pretty sure they'll
send you back to hell.
I think you're forgetting one
teensy-weensy little thing.
I own hell.
We were just leaving.
-Who is that?
-You don't wanna know.
Where was it you
were heading again?
Wasn't it Red Canyon?
Yeah, I think that's what
the guy said right before
you removed his head.
That's not much of a
poker face, McCrae.
Cody, wait!
Leave him be.
Boys will be boys.
Give us a second,
will ya, toots?
I won't let him
kill Dillon!
He gets his revenge on Dillon,
and I get his soul for eternity.
Seems like fair
trade to me!
Nothing fair about
the deals you make.
I take personal
offense to that.
I saved your life!
I gave you a
second chance.
Second chance?
At what?
I'm your own private
harlot, and Cody becomes
more like you every
time I see him.
Well nothing's perfect.
Hate to cut the small talk, but
we have business to attend to!
When you finally catch up
to Dillon, you'll find a
woman named Zathera.
She is special.
So special.
Do not kill her.
Why don't you find her?
Aren't you all-seeing?
Don't believe everything
you read in the scriptures.
I can smell fear and death
and that's pretty much
where my talents end.
If we could sense one another
don't you think I would've
wiped out all those guardian
angels all those years ago?
Sure I would've.
Same goes for my children.
I wouldn't know one of my
own kids until they were
fifty feet away from me.
Unless they're wearing
my mark of course.
This is why I need you!
Looks like your brother's
got a head start.
Oh, you forgot one last thing.
What's that?
I don't think I'll ever
get used to that.
Ah, damnit.
We gotta make a detour.
Come on.
You gonna come out on
your own free will?
Or am I gonna
have to use force?
I'm gonna count to three,
and then this is going to
be enjoyable only
for one of us.
When I tell you to do something,
you do it, you hear me?
Now get over there
and raise him!
Is that me?
Am I dead?
Does that frighten you?
Well am I going to hell?
You have not
yet been judged.
Well who killed me?
It was that
Webb, wasn't it?
He shot me in the back.
Do you desire vengeance?
Well I thought I was dead.
I have the power
to resurrect you.
In exchange,
for your soul.
Once you murder Mr. Webb,
and exact your revenge,
your body will return to
human form and your soul
will be forfeit.
I want that two timer
who shot me in the back!
It shall be as you wish.
That's all you need to
know, you understand me?
Good job.
You stay here in case any
of the men make it back
from the Navajo village.
You got it?
Welcome to my crew.
Get up.
Check on the girl!
Ah, that's twice in the same
day I've saved someone,
and they pulled a gun on me!
You have something to say,
kid, you better say it quick,
'cause I'm having a
real bad day.
Union scum.
It's my sworn duty to
lay you in a pine box.
Looks like a couple a
friends of mine might have
a problem with that.
I'd lay down my life to
take one of you with me.
That would be plum shame.
From what I can see you're
a pretty good shot.
You probably lost
friends and kin.
We all did.
I'm sorry for what
you must've seen.
Those people you cared
about, I don't think
they'd want you to shoot
a man in cold blood.
Not for vengeance.
There's been too much
killing going on.
It's got to
stop somewhere.
Uh, Kyle.
Kyle Hawkins.
But uh, my friends, they
used to call me Hawk.
Lane McCrae.
This is Elizabeth Russell.
Squaw back there is Muna.
The hell were
those things?
The number of times
I shot 'em...
What can I get you, friend?
Well, whiskey don't agree
with me, so uh...
How about a pint of
Grant Dillon's blood?
I don't get what
you're getting at.
Kinda had my
mind set on it.
Put your play, Mister.
You ain't gonna get
in any trouble here.
Oh he owns you
all, don't he?
You can't hide him from
me, do you understand?
Guess I'll just sniff
him out on my own then.
What will you do
with the boy?
He is marked by Satan.
Don't you ever
touch me again.
Take care of the
McCrae brother.
Do you need a room, sir?
That'll be ten
cents per day.
That is a very
interesting coin.
Do you mind if
I inspect it?
I'm a bit of
an enthusiast.
That is made of the
strangest metal. I--
Grant Dillon.
Where is he?
Come here.
You people are not
a stitch of help!
Oh, don't, don't,
don't get up.
I'll find the
room on my own.
Evening to you!
Can I ask you a question,
Grant Dillon?
What is it you desire
most from your life?
No need to answer.
You're not unlike other
men who have tried to
communicate with me
over the centuries.
Their leaders change, but their
goal is always the same.
A lust for power.
You have succeeded where
they could not, however.
Depositing me into
this human vessel.
You're starting to
make me regret it.
You desire my power.
You believe you can
transfer the very essence
of death to yourself.
Making you free from the
very order of things.
Thus giving you the power to
raise armies from the dust.
From my experience,
rotting corpses won't last
long on the battlefield.
They won't have to.
The war's given me plenty of
grave sites to choose from.
You're obviously a
man who fears death.
It's nothing to
be ashamed of.
I believe all
humans fear death.
I am curious.
How do you foresee
your demise?
Old age?
A product of your sins?
Well it won't be
from boredom.
What's she doing?
Channeling the
spirit guides.
The heck does
that even mean?
She's the daughter of a
Navajo shaman, so it means,
she knows things
we wouldn't understand.
And how long does
this normally take?
Two hours.
It's going on three now!
Cut her some
slack, will you?
She just lost her
entire village.
I lost all my friends and family
in a single day, Miss Russell.
Nobody ever cut
me no slack!
Wandering around aimlessly
for weeks until I came
across that village.
You know what it's
like to have no one?
As a matter of fact, I do.
Alright, that's enough.
You'll get riled up.
I seen it, but I still
don't believe it.
Demons or Oni or
whatever you call 'em.
It's like a
damn fairytale.
For once, I agree
with the kid.
I've spent the last five
years hunting Dillon
through the front
lines of the war.
He has this uncanny ability of
slithering out of any situation.
If you weren't able to find
him after all these years,
what makes you think
you're gonna find him now?
Finding out a place where he's
been was never a problem.
Finding out where he still
is, that's another story.
He may be getting cocky
though, now that he's
figured out how to bend
the Oni to his will.
How so?
It wasn't long after he
killed my family that he
dug up every bit of our land,
looking for, something.
Must've taken the entire
length of the war to find
all the pieces.
This is the third time
I've seen a group of
yellowed-eyed Oni.
I would ya they're
working for him.
That's why he went
after the Indians.
Knock out my supplies, I'm
pretty much useless without 'em.
Cutting off their heads
is the only other way.
Which ain't easy.
But how'd he know
about the village?
Reckon it wasn't too
difficult to figure out.
It was close to our
family, when we were kids.
Cody used to go to that village,
spent a lot of time there.
He was a bit older
than Muna back then.
But I think she
had eyes for him.
Not sure how she's gonna
take seeing him again.
Especially since...
he hasn't aged.
Looks like she's done.
Cody Dillon.
She's worried about Cody.
If he takes vengeance on Dillon,
he forfeits his soul.
Liz, you best think of the
miner your trust the most
in Red Canyon to tell
us where Dillon is.
If Cody is already there,
I'm sure all hell
is about to break loose.
Just nod if he's here.
Drop the gun, son.
Drop it!
And the axe.
Alright, you're going to
have to come with us now.
Searching for
anything special?
Wondering what's up there,
beyond the darkness.
Do you ever think you could
get rid of this life?
You know, live normally?
Have a family?
Can you imagine me plowing
fields, shoveling hay,
and herding cow?
Yeah, I do.
Does that hurt?
Let's just say that, the
devil likes it to be known
that I'm his property,
and no one else's.
I'm used to it.
That's how he finds you.
There no hope for any
normal life for me, Liz?
It can't be like it was
between us before the war.
When this is all over,
we're better off going
our separate ways.
That's your answer
to everything.
I told you it's not gonna
be that way this time.
-That I wish things
could be different?
-That would be a start.
Maybe you'd like it if
I sprouted some kinda
mumbo-jumbo about my
feelings for you.
How I wish I could
kiss you right now.
I don't wanna hear
it if it ain't true.
You can't, can you?
Answer me this, have you
even tried to get that
thing off of you?
I didn't think so.
You prefer the misery.
Gives you an excuse
for getting close.
-Where do you think
you're going?
-I'm leaving.
I'll send word with my
friends over at Red Canyon.
I'm going with ya!
Nobody's going anywhere!
The lady wants to get away from
you and truthfully, so do I.
You know what,
go get your gun.
We'll see who's better.
Say something, Lane.
Good morning.
I cannot believe he hacked
up Mr. Callen with an axe.
I'm thinking this trial's gonna
be over before it starts.
If you two are through puking,
I'm looking for--
Well you found me.
You boys wanna
give us a minute?
Grab some breakfast on me.
You got it.
Stay close though.
This murderer's brother,
he's bound to show up shortly.
Try to bust him out.
McCrae brothers always
stick together.
Ain't that right, Cody?
Yeah, well, from what you
told me, I think I'll know
him when I see him.
Y'all have a... good talk.
Gotta give you credit.
You bought an entire town.
That's what I
call ambitious.
You know you wanna bust outta
there and wring my neck.
What's stopping ya?
Don't you look yummy
when you're angry.
Oh, no.
Don't kill me.
I'm sorry, does that hurt?
Alright, that's enough.
But I'm having
so much fun.
I said that's enough!
If you weren't
holding that I'd--
Save it.
As long as I possess this
there's not a thing you
can do against me.
Things change.
Not today.
As for you.
Do you think I would let
you within five feet of me
if I couldn't control you?
That's far enough.
Sheriff, can you help us?
We know who you're
looking for, McCrae.
We were told you'd be coming.
Now if you and the savage
would care to dismount and
drop your gun belts, I
would gladly escort you to
the jail cell adjacent
to where your brother's
awaiting his trial.
I wanna look in your eyes
when I decapitate you.
You killed two of
my best servants.
Do you have any idea how
hard it is to find men
willing to sacrifice their
soul for a little revenge?
Life and suffering have
little meaning for you.
It's just business.
And a little bit of
satisfaction, that's all.
The gun belt, McCrae.
I know how quick you are
with those things,
but do not test me,
for I will draw on you.
Wouldn't think of it.
That goes for you, too.
Bow and quiver,
on the ground.
Pluck them weapons from
your holster, sheriff,
and nobody gets hurt.
Took you two long enough.
You two get a move on.
You just don't know when
to give up, do you?
After all this time, I
finally caught up to you.
Go ahead.
Got no one to hide
behind this time.
I just got one question
before I kill you.
Why'd you do it?
My parents treated
you like a son.
Your daddy left
me no choice.
I don't care,
he deserves to die!
Go on and get
in that cell!
Cause you ain't
getting out of here.
You're gonna stand
trial for what you did!
It's over Dillon.
You don't know me
very well, do ya.
Kill him!
Well, that's new.
What the hell?
Hawk, the amulet!
What the hell's going on?
Who was that lady?
I assume that was Zathera.
Obviously there are things
about her I wasn't told.
What'd she say?
Zathera's not an Oni.
Well than what
the hell is she?
I'm not sure.
My savior.
Thanks for coming
to my rescue.
Sorry I can't
stay and chat.
Not letting you
go after him!
It's time you
stuck with us.
Alright look, Lane, I'm
gonna say this one time.
Step aside.
I can't do it.
Let Dillon go.
We'll find him.
'Cause you're running
out of options.
Wouldn't do that
if I were you.
What happened?
I lost him, that's
what happened.
Don't ever do that again!
Do what?
Run off without
the rest of us.
Besides, I don't want
you killing him.
Why not? He's a demon, or Oni,
or whatever you call it.
Because he's my brother.
This is where the sheriff
said Dillon's room was.
So, let's find something
that'll give us an idea of
where Dillon's going
so we can head him off.
You know you can't protect
your brother forever.
I know.
What if he catches
up with Dillon?
Then I'll just have
to save him again.
These are sacred
Indian grounds.
That's our ranch.
Maybe it was on sacred
Indian grounds as well.
I guess Dillon didn't find what
he was looking for there.
Then my family
died for nothing.
What is it?
Dillon couldn't have made
this map by himself.
He's not that smart.
So you think he had help?
Someone had to teach
him about all of this.
Maybe that's
where he's headed.
It's a good possibility.
He's running
out of options.
Where else would he go, but to
get advice from his partner?
Let's see if we can get
Hawk out of trouble.
I said we don't
serve her kind here.
We're just gonna ask a
couple questions, uh,
she wasn't even
gonna drink nothing!
You better move on boy
before you find trouble.
And take your
squaw with you!
First of all, she
ain't my squaw.
And second, maybe it's you
who's looking for trouble,
mister, and maybe
you found it.
You... have a good day now.
I had it handled.
I noticed.
Come on, we have a lead.
I'll raise.
So what do you say
we up the stakes?
If my hand is better than
yours, I get to take yours.
My what?
Well preferably the one with
all them real shiny rings!
And you're crazy
you know that!
Why don't you just
play your cards?
Beat three queens.
Just in case you were wondering,
you ain't much fun.
Full house.
Now, about that hand.
You are crazy.
Why don't you just take
them rings here, okay?
We'll call this square.
Hey, come on, I-I-I
wasn't being serious!
Maybe just a little.
Take a load off, kid.
What brings you into town?
You might want to be a
little more discreet.
You have company.
I know.
I got it covered.
Where's your prize?
The summoning did
work now, did it?
Ah, yeah, it worked.
Right up until
she escaped.
You know what kind of
havoc a woman like that
could bring to the world?
Ah, I hate to admit it
but, I need your advice.
Well the good news is,
I can track her.
You can still transfer
power to me though, right?
That metal you told me
about, I dug up all the
land on the McCrae ranch.
I still didn't find it.
Well last I heard,
that's where it was.
I'm telling you,
it's not there.
Somebody probably melted
it into something.
I told you, boss,
I don't know where he is!
It's hiding right
underneath your nose.
Why don't you go
out the back door?
I'll handle this.
That boy is walking right
into a hornets nest.
I'm looking for
Grant Dillon.
He wears a patch.
Can't miss him.
I ain't seen him.
Oh easy now, I don't
want no trouble.
I'm looking for
some trouble.
Why don't you try me?
Do you know where he is?
I might.
What's it to you?
You don't wanna play
with me, friend.
Who's playing?
Got any last words?
'Cause I got some if
you're coming up short.
Hey, this isn't going too
well for you, is it?
I believe it's time to
get the hell outta here!
Well the time for questions
is five minutes from now.
I do not wanna get
this coat singed.
Come on!
Are you coming?
Ah! Hey!
Y'all aren't too good
at this, are you?
Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just a
little shook up, is all.
Rex Cooper.
Lane McCrae.
This is Liz,
Muna, and Hawk.
Angel, Burt,
Ezekiel, Josie.
How'd you kill 'em without
cutting their heads off?
Blessed weapons.
You seen a young man,
tan, fringed jacket.
Dark hat.
Yeah, we saw him.
He was one of 'em.
Is he alive?
Got away with the leader of
the ones we was fighting.
We heard this place
was crawling with 'em.
Probably best if
you head on back.
Let us handle this.
I don't think so.
We all got our reasons
for fighting 'em.
We're all in this,
'til the end.
Most likely your own.
Look, I know you may feel
that you may be avenging
someone you've lost.
But believe me, this
isn't the answer.
Look, mister.
We appreciate
what you done.
Let's give 'em
some bullets.
This ain't no
life for anyone.
You got no life left to lose,
you get a different perspective.
We're headed for a little
town called Purgatory,
But if you need any help,
I'm all about returning favors.
I've got enough
people to look after.
What do you think?
I think we got some
learning to do.
Anybody wanna
quit and go home?
Alright then.
Let's saddle up.
She said there are three sets
of tracks, heading east.
They said Cody
left with an Oni.
Who's the third?
That means Dillon was
being mentored by--
An Oni.
This guy's completely
off his rocker.
Looks like you're right
about one thing, Lane.
Guess we're gonna have
to save your brother.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa.
Alright, we can rest 'em here.
The hell was that?
Who were those people?
They were hunters.
There's a few of
'em still around.
They roam from
town to town.
So what'd he bring
you back for?
He didn't.
I was born straight
from the hellfire.
I'm the devil's
conduit kid.
I can take power
and move it.
Including souls.
And I'm a pretty
good tracker.
Sorta like your brother.
My brother?
How do you know my brother?
I ain't even told
you who I am yet.
It's one of my
character flaws.
Don't worry, I ain't
gonna kill you.
I got plans for you.
First, why don't you give
me that coin you're always
flipping around.
Be getting dark in a bit.
We'll have to stay
here for the night.
Move out at first light.
We must've covered a
hundred miles since that
first town this morning.
Where the hell
are they going?
Not sure.
And the fact that Dillon
hasn't killed Cody yet
makes me wonder.
She's upset we gave
the ammunition away.
Well, I don't blame her.
Those people are out to
get themselves killed.
They've seen tragedy
in their lives, too.
They're just looking for a
little bit of justice,
that's all.
Hopefully the
bullets help.
What's her problem now?
Don't worry about it, we'll
take care of the firewood.
Is she saying I ain't
pulling my weight?
I'll get the damn firewood and
make her eat it like a beaver.
Hawk and I will take
care of the firewood.
I'm not staying here another
second alone with her.
The hell was that about?
Don't even try to think about
it, your head will explode.
Mount up.
What for?
Humor me.
See that white
rock over there?
Five dollars if
you can hit it.
Easy money.
Can't do it, can ya?
Course I can!
Then do it!
This is stupid!
You're missing cause
you're not focusing.
You're too busy worrying
about what the horse is
doing that you can't
concentrate on the target.
Self control and
confidence, kid.
Sometimes closing
my eyes helps.
And when I open 'em,
all I see is the target.
You two wanna fire
a cannon next?
Let every tribe in ten
miles know we're here?
Him, I'd expect.
You should know better.
I was teaching the kid!
So, your brothers
one of those things.
Why don't you just kill
him already and send him
back to Purgatory before
he causes anymore damage?
Somewhere in the
back of my mind,
I keep thinking
I can save him.
That I could bring
him back completely.
It's probably selfish,
but, knowing he's uh,
not dead,
it keeps me going.
You seen him lately?
He ain't exactly alive.
I'd probably do something
stupid to have my family back.
Liz, can we uh...
What's wrong?
This whole thing's moving
so fast, that I uh,
I really haven't had
a chance to think.
Everything just
keeps getting worse.
Oh, don't give me the,
"I'm a girl and it's too
dangerous," line of bull.
After tonight, I think it's
best you head on back.
What about Muna?
She's a girl, and she's
younger than I am!
Let me stop you
right there, Lane.
I ain't going nowhere.
I got just as much right to
see this through as anyone!
Liz, why do you gotta be so
goddamn bullheaded every time?
I'm being bullheaded?
The point is I can't
have you getting hurt!
Not on account of me!
There, I said it!
I don't think I
can live with it!
Now where were you when I got
in all those barroom brawls?
Or when the outlaws
came to town?
Or when the
stage was robbed?
I been in a lot of bad
situations before Lane,
and guess what?
I'm still here!
-We'll talk about it
in the morning.
We're not talking about
nothing in the morning.
Where you going?
Away from you.
So, how'd it go?
Shut up.
Zathera was wearing
the same amulet,
but she was much
tougher to control.
Well Cody's a
lesser demon.
His will power doesn't
compare to hers.
What is it?
She's, she's
moving around.
She's searching
for something.
She's stopped.
She's found something.
Or someone.
Do you fear death?
There it is.
All those lives lost.
You felt so, powerless.
What're you doing?
Are you feeling alright?
You were willing to make a
deal with Lucifer to save
your brother?
And your soul's so pure.
It's so beautiful.
Which one do we shoot?
Muna, if I live through
this, I'm gonna kill you.
You're surrounded by
death Lane McCrae.
We will meet again.
She was you!
Shows you how
much you know me.
You can't even tell the
difference between me
and some demon woman.
Don't you call 'em Oni?
-Shut up, Hawk.
-Shut up, Hawk.
in the morning when you can't
even keep it in your pants
from the very thing
we're hunting.
It was dark!
Why don't you tell the
demon woman how you feel?
Apparently she knows how
to get through to you.
Can I ever not
be in trouble?
Not that I can see.
Hawk, help me put
out this fire.
She uses them to travel.
God help us if she
actually finds someone
who's willing to
give 'em their soul.
You've suffered.
Your wife died during the
birth of your second son,
forcing you to raise
your boys alone.
How did you know that?
They grew into fine
and handsome men.
They made you so proud.
Until the day they were drafted
into the Confederate army.
A year long of worrying and then
their letters stopped coming.
Next thing it was their
bodies that were sent to you.
Shredded and mangled by
the ferocity of the war.
You had so much
torn away from you.
Do you believe that
life is a blessing?
It's a damn curse.
I-I-I wish I'd
never been born.
What if I could end it?
Miss, I'd be most
grateful to you.
It shall be as you wish.
What is happening here?
I'm here to remove your
pain and suffering?
I'm saving you from a life
of pain and a death filled
with affliction
and disease.
You treated me
worse than a slave.
No soul.
I'm a disciple of Azrael.
The archangel of death.
And let me guess.
Your power is not
for the taking.
Allow me to introduce,
the devil's general.
You're in way
over your head.
And while you're in
this mortal form,
that power of yours is mine.
I'm ready.
Not this time.
I followed your
every direction.
It took me two years to
raise her, you're gonna
take it all away from me?
I cannot keep running
from the devil forever.
Kill him.
Not just yet, Z.
Cody, back away from him.
He slaughtered ma and pa,
and you keep protecting him!
I'm trying to
protect you, Cody!
Let me kill him!
It can't be you!
It's got to be me!
Even after all this time,
you don't understand!
I know how to stop her.
No more tricks!
It's been a while.
Don't know how you did it,
but you gave it a long run.
Lane, meet Kleave.
Your predecessor.
He was the best tracker
hunter I ever had.
Until he thought he
was too good for me.
Shut up before you
really piss me off.
Seems I missed all
the excitement.
Where's Zathera?
Boy, she sure left a
pretty mess behind.
Yeah, we saw it
when we came it.
It's a damn nightmare
is what it is.
I got something
that can stop her.
He's trying to find a bargaining
chip to keep himself alive.
Well you might wanna
listen to him.
He's telling the truth.
This coming from the
second least trustworthy
man in the room.
Ok. Third.
Make it good.
I dug up all the land
underneath your ranch.
Still couldn't find what's
supposed to be there.
And what was
supposed to be there?
Well, a rare metal that
when embedded into the
human vessel of a demon
or angel can prevent them
from calling upon any power
that they just might possess.
Like, what you did to Cody
at the sheriff's office?
Nah, th-this is
way stronger.
Something that would
work against somebody as
powerful as Zathera.
It was supposed to be
my ace in the hole.
But if you couldn't find
it, what good is it to us?
As of last night,
I got it.
And if you know what's good
for you, you'll give it back!
Why should I believe you?
Just trying to
make things right.
That's all, Lane.
We need to talk.
I know what this coin
means to you.
It looks like we're gonna have
to melt it down to a bullet.
You better get to it.
Fires already burning.
Hawk, go get those
chains from my horse.
Why do I always
gotta do everything?
Magnificent, isn't she!
You understand the only
reason I haven't ripped
your head off and sent you
screaming back to hell.
I need something from you.
Be my first guess.
Since you the only one who
can track Zathera through
fire, here's my offer.
You help McCrae stop her,
and I'll give you a two
day head start before
sending him after you.
What do you say?
If I'm gonna do this
thing for you,
I'm gonna need a little bit
more than a head start.
Now don't struggle with it,
it'll just make it worse.
We'll take 'em off as soon
as we're ready to leave.
Lane, for what it's worth, I'm
sorry the way things went down.
Who you trying
to kid, Dillon?
You ain't sorry
in the least!
Only thing you're sorry about
is that you got caught!
How did you get
like this, huh?
You, me, and Cody grew up
together for Christ's sake!
You sat down at our table!
My ma fed you when there
was barely enough
for her own family!
And you gunned her down!
-Save a piece of him for me!
Son of a bitch!
Hey! Stop!
You're killing him.
Power is intoxicating anyway.
You cannot believe it.
Once you tasted it,
there ain't no going back.
You're right. I don't
understand, and I never will.
You step out of line
even a little bit,
and I swear to god...
I won't think twice
about putting this bullet
right between your eyes.
I'm worth more to
you alive than dead.
Don't bet on it.
Keep an eye on him.
Just being in the same room
with him makes me sick.
-What is it, Liz?
-There's a way.
A way for what?
That guy Dillon's
with, he had your job.
Somehow he's been managing
to give the devil the slip
for years.
You really wanna have
this conversation now?
Did you see the
massacre over there?
If we don't stop her, there
won't be a solitary person left.
How can you even think
about me right now?
'Cause I care about
you, you damned idiot.
Forget it.
Forget I even
said anything.
Hold on a second!
-Your word.
You never break it, right?
Now promise me, Lane.
Whatever happens, no matter
if we're together or not,
you'll find a way to remove
that mark and be free.
Promise me, Lane!
I would stop hounding
you 'til you do!
I know that's true.
I promise.
Well alright then.
I'm gonna go check on
Dillon and Cody.
Love is an incredible thing,
isn't it, Mr. McCrae.
It can heal the oldest and
the deepest of wounds,
but yet, it can
cause grander ones.
Who are you?
The real question
is, who are you?
The concerned brother?
Humanity's savior?
Or simply, the
Devil's whore?
What do you want?
Tell me of your faith.
Not much to talk about.
How long do you think it
will take before you beg
for God's forgiveness?
So, your boss has just
been idly sitting by,
waiting to hear
my confession?
God is ready to
grant you redemption.
He didn't lift a finger to
help my family when they
were being slaughtered.
And now you expect me to
believe he just wants to
grant me forgiveness
with nothing in return.
There is something.
You must let
Zathera succeed.
Are you insane?
She'll wipe out the
whole damned world!
The world is damned.
The Devil has worked very
hard to create chaos on
Earth and it is time
for a cleansing.
A cleansing?
You expect me to just sit back
and let Zathera murder everyone?
Your soul will
be protected.
I don't know.
This is where your
faith must prevail.
Now you must make the
hard choice based on
your trust in God.
You must make your
decision soon.
Time is running
against you.
Yeah, what else is new.
A loner you may be, Lane McCrae,
but in times of peril,
placing your faith in others
may be the only way.
Tempting offer.
But I got a better one.
I'll bet you do.
You stop Zathera, and I'll
make it worth your while!
Come on, look around you.
Look how far humanity has
come, and you wanna send
it back to the stone ages!
I mean sure there's
gonna be anarchy,
but there's also beauty.
And I'm leaving
it all alone.
They'll always exist, no matter
how many times God starts over.
Humans are prone
to temptation.
It's in their nature.
Tell you what.
I'll even sweeten the pot.
Stop Zathera, and I'll make sure
Cody's soul is never damned.
He won't see a single
day of torment in Hell.
How can you wager
Cody's soul?
You don't even...
Wasn't someone watching him?
You called us
out back, Lane.
It wasn't me.
What'd she say?
Now, about that deal?
That's the last one.
What do we do with all
the rifles and stuff?
We'll give the
army a week.
And if they don't
come back for 'em.
Well, I guess,
we can sell 'em.
It's just over that ridge.
I appreciate you
following me.
This isn't your fight.
You don't have to
go any further.
Got nothing else
better to do.
I know better than to try and
talk you outta something.
You're learning.
I'll take you up
on your offer.
Do you really
have a choice?
You don't even
have to ask.
I'm with you, Lane.
Give us a second!
Come here.
I know that look.
What's wrong, brother?
You're not coming
with us, Cody.
Lane, I ain't bowing
out of this fight.
I got a more important
job for you.
Rise and heed my command.
Leave none alive.
Kill with mercy.
The barrier between heaven
and hell is breaking down.
Lane, there's a town
less than a mile away.
There's too many of
them for us to fight.
She may've raised those
bodies, but she doesn't
have permission
for the souls.
What are you talking
about old man?
Speak English!
Boy! There's no
souls in there.
She didn't go to Purgatory to
make a deal with the dead.
So those, those bodies are
just, puppets on a string.
Take out Zathera,
and they all fall.
You got it.
Well why didn't
you just say so?
Well we only get one shot.
Cody's coin only made enough
metal for one bullet.
You're just gonna
have to make it count.
Last chance to walk away.
Alright, I'll cut a path.
Watch my flank.
I'm assuming since they're
not Oni, the blessed
bullets will
have no effect?
It might be a little
Great, it just keeps
getting better and better.
Stay tight, and keep 'em
off me as best as you can.
He's fine.
Clear a path to Zathera!
Lane! This isn't working!
We got your back, McCrae!
Rex! Take the shot!
Get behind us, Cody.
A loner you may be,
Lane McCrae.
Placing your faith in
others may be the only way.
He who dwells in the
shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow
of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord,
He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God in whom I trust.
Surely goodness and love
will follow me all the days
of my life and I will dwell in
the house of the Lord forever.
She jumped in front of me.
Why would she do that?
Eh, she must've thought you
were worth it, darling.
Now you owe her a debt to live
your life the best you can.
Who the hell's that?
Get out of here, now!
Mount up.
Cody McCrae!
It is time.
You gave me Zathera's power.
I did.
But I never said when.
Your time will come.
Just not today.
You bastard.
Don't be so melodramatic.
I'll still remove the
mark and I'll give you
a two day head start,
so quit whining.
I'm feeling generous.
You may begin.
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Off you go to the
Give Azrael my regards.
I lived up to my
side of the bargain.
Is there anything
you can do for Liz?
Her soul's not
up for barter.
As for you my dear, I must
make an example out of you.
So what is it you
fear the most?
Having a soul and all
the torment that
goes with it,
From henceforth, you will
walk the Earth as a human,
and you will be
judged as a human.
No, please.
I-I can't live like them.
Please no, Lucifer.
Take it up with
the big guy.
Because, in spite of the
fact that you were ornery
and opinionated,
I loved you.
Just something I never
got a chance to tell her.
You disobeyed the wishes
of heaven, and followed
your own desires.
You're damn right I did!
My instinct is to
protect people.
And it cost me dearly.
If heaven feels the need
to punish me further,
then you go right ahead.
Now if you'd be so kind, I
have a eulogy to finish.
Your impetuousness has
attracted a great deal of
attention, Lane McCrae.
But if one such as you
would not only fight to
save the lives of the
innocent, but instill the
loyalty of others
to do the same...
What are you saying?
Are you forgiving me?
The road ahead for you
would be more difficult
than the one you
leave behind.
But you did
make a promise.
Love is an
incredible thing.
Isn't it, Mr. McCrae?
You all right?
I think I've said enough.
So uh, what's next?
I have a vow to keep.
You coming?
Might as well.
Gotta have somebody to
come to your rescue.
Somebody's got to
teach her English.
So, what is your life worth
to you, Grant Dillon?