Six Minutes to Midnight (2020) Movie Script

I can't go back,
the camera, it's missing!
Calm down man.
Don't you
understand, they've taken it!
It's your duty.
They know, they know
they're being watched.
You must go back.
I can't.
Go in there now!
defiant, Poland in crisis!
Britain prepares for war!
So brave, having a shave,
trying to part his hair
Mick yells, dodging the
shells and lumps of dynamite
Talk of the Crystal
Palace on a firework night
Take me back to
dear old Blighty
Put me on the train
for London town
Birmingham, Leeds, or
Manchester, well, I don't care
I should love to
see my best girl
Cuddling up again
we soon should be
Is this your first visit
to Bexhill zum Meer?
Yes it is.
Let's hope you last longer
than the other bloke.
Auf wiedersehen.
And one, and two.
And up.
Keep those arms straight.
And one, and two, and
stretch, very good.
Nice girls.
Take over Astrid.
English, thank you.
Five, six, seven, eight.
How may I help?
I'm here about the teaching
post, I'm Thomas Miller.
Ilse Keller, welcome
to Augusta Victoria.
Thank you.
This way please.
Mr. Miller?
And up, shoulders,
arms out, and down.
One, and two, and up.
There's been an
alliance between England
and Germany here for many years.
Our name sake.
She was the last German Empress.
Should you obtain your position,
your room will be
on the top floor.
Modest but south facing.
Sounds perfect.
Mr. Wheatley found it
Please take a seat.
Not a lot of competition.
Faith and perseverance.
The school motto.
She may ask you, good luck.
Thank you.
One and two.
Thank you Astrid, I'll
take over from here.
Magnificent aren't they?
Ellen Rocholl.
Thomas Miller.
Thank you for coming
at such short notice.
Not at all.
You come recommended
by an agency.
A lot of different
schools I see.
Thank you.
That wasn't a complement.
It says here your musical.
I play the piano a little.
That's useful.
You married?
I was.
Spanish flu.
I would not normally employ
a journeyman teacher.
But your predecessor turned
out to be unreliable.
My girls need order.
Next week we present them to
the Anglo-German Fellowship.
They must be looking
forward to it.
They speak of nothing else.
Their last days of summer.
Hopefully not.
So what brings you
here Mr. Miller?
What sort of English
man would accept
a post teaching Herr Hitlers
league of German girls?
My father is German.
I do not like surprises.
I will place you
on a trial period.
Thank you, when do I start?
Good morning.
My name is Mr. Miller
and I will be your
new English teacher.
Mr. Miller.
Good morning, Mr. Miller.
Good morning?
We welcome you.
Thank you.
So what have you been
studying this summer?
Oh please, sit down.
Is there an English book
that you like the best?
Mr. Wheatley
did not need books.
No, he told us
stories out loud.
Did he now?
Well I'm not very good
at public speaking.
It doesn't have to be
Shakespeare, Mr. Miller.
Please, tell us a story.
Very well.
What about a story, what about
a story, a romantic story?
About a young man who
misses his sweet heart.
Is that you Mr. Miller?
The Fhrer would say he isn't man enough.
The Fhrer would say what?
Please, tell the story.
The young man who
misses his sweetheart.
Yes, once up on a time
in a place called...
It's a long way to go
It's a long way to Tipperary
To the sweetest
What's he singing?
We should keep an eye on him.
Goodbye Piccadilly
Farewell Leicester Square
It's a long long
way to Tipperary
But my heart's right there
Very good.
Keep time.
Not too fast.
Grace, poise, confidence.
Remember girls you will be
representing Augusta Victoria.
Straighten your
shoulders Sigrid.
Appropriate attention makes
the appropriate impression.
Play on Mr. Miller.
It's a morgen schwimmen.
Rain or shine, Ilsa insists.
Why don't you join us?
was on the reserve team
for the Berlin
Olympics you know.
We're lucky to have her back.
Their morgan schwimmen
is about
as much of England
as they'll ever see.
I like to protect the girls
from the world outside.
They never venture
out these days?
England can be in
unforgiving place
if you happen to be German.
As I'm sure you know,
Mr. Miller.
I almost caught you today.
In your dreams little girl.
It's freezing. Hurry up, Paula.
You are last.
No I'm not.
Gretel is always last.
That toad didn't even get wet today.
Who are you talking about?
Gretel didn't swim.
He's dead, he's dead!
Come on,
I know you're out there,
I can hear you breathing.
Oh, she's off, you liked
that one, didn't you my dear?
You're very good, you
carry on like this,
oh you carry on like this.
Or dinner will go cold,
which would be an improvement.
Not as cold as the
manage though, eh sir?
Sorry madam.
You're very kind.
Now listen, now listen,
here's one for you.
You'll like this one,
well you better that,
or they won't have me back.
Officially, it
was a suicide.
Wheatley wasn't brave
enough to commit suicide,
he was terrified
when he called me.
Someone's got to him first.
Everything he said was right.
20 girls, the governess,
the maid, part time cook.
I need more than this.
Are you getting on with the
governess, an Ilse Keller?
My German helps.
At least it's good
for something.
Keep searching the house.
We're running out of time.
Hitler's in bed with Stalin,
and has a free hand in Poland.
The war office believes
the Germans will extract
the girls before
the end of summer.
And the early exit can
only signal one thing.
We will detain the
girls before that.
But if we jump too soon, we'd
start the whole bloody thing.
What kind of plan is this?
Strange times, Miller.
And every game of
chess needs it pawns.
They're just girls sir.
They are the daughters
and goddaughters
of the Nazi high command,
so you remember
who's side you're on.
As soon as there's movement
we'll take the
school lock stock.
Hold the lot.
As prisoners.
Will you wake up, Miller?
This next war will be like
nothing we've ever seen.
And I'm over there,
if I come over there,
I'll be over there
and then neither
of us will be over there,
you need to come over here.
And she said, over
there, over there,
it's all over everywhere.
I said did you say
it's all over her?
Those are the words I've been
waiting to hear for 25 years.
Walk upon England's
mountains green
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England's pleasant
pastures seen
...because you are flesh from our flesh
and blood from our blood.
The same spirit that dominates us,
burns in your young minds.
As the columns of our movement
sweep through Germany today...
I know you will join with them.
We know around us is Germany.
Within us Germany marches...
and behind us Germany follows!
Seig Heil!
Come in.
Ms. Rocholl.
It means "hail victory"
Mr. Miller, that's all.
We shouldn't apologize
for passion, for pride.
Why should we criticize a
country that strives to be great?
Bexhill was a wonderful
town to grow up in.
The seaside, the
Downs, the community.
As a little girl
I felt very safe,
my father doted on me
and he instilled in
me a sense of pride.
My teaching and my school
is dedicated to that.
These girls are my life.
They give me hope,
that's why I join in
when they say hail victory.
Seig Heil, Mr. Miller.
I don't expect
you to understand.
Wish the wish
But if you wish the wish
the wish the witch wishes,
I do not wish the
wish you wish to wish.
Peter piper.
Peter piper picked a
pack of pickled peppers.
There you are.
Checking up
on me Mr. Miller?
I was worried about you.
The girls were
worried about you.
You're not a very
good liar, Mr. Miller.
The girls don't like me.
I'm happy with it, I
understand more than them.
Yes, I think perhaps you do.
But you don't look very happy.
Gretel, what happened
with Mr. Wheatley...
Frulein Keller says
I must over come
my fears if I am to be strong.
Do you think she is right?
Gretel it is all right
to be frightened.
What frightens you Mr. Miller?
Time to come in girls.
It's choir practice
in ten minutes!
I'm still not sure about this.
After what happened, maybe
it's what the girls need.
A change of scene.
We mustn't stray too far.
It might do us all some
good to be out and about,
and Frulein Keller
tells me the views
from Pevensey castle
are magnificent.
I wish I could say the same
for the choice of transport.
Oh Ronnie,
what do you get by?
Guten morgen.
To you as well.
What's going on here then?
First line of defense isn't it?
We're here to pull
our finger out.
This port's got
a look out post.
This port?
What do you think
Hitlers gonna do,
steal the fish and chips?
We need to be prepared.
Right oh Ronnie lad, tada.
Dirty krauts.
Come on lads, pick it up.
They needed, we needed this.
I can almost see Germany!
Be careful girls.
Mama, save me from all this terrible food...
and swimming caps!
And the rain too!
Girls, quieten down.
Mr. Miller's quite right.
You'll wake up the
sleeping giant.
Are there giants here?
Ask Ms. Rocholl.
They walked the land and
lived on the top of hill tops
where they could see
the whole of England.
What did they do?
Made a nuisance I expect.
Like Sigrid.
A giant was employed
to protect the castle.
They fed him in bread, and
mustard, and a hogs head of beer.
He slept on the
shore down there.
Why else do you think
the land is so flat?
He must have been heavy.
Heavier than a steam ship.
They say he could walk
from Dover to France
without getting his head wet.
Look at you, Mr. Miller.
Quite the gentleman.
And you are looking very
elegant tonight Frulein Keller.
Thank you.
Shall we?
I just would like
to say, thank you.
Thank you.
The girls will be
delighted to know you're here.
Through here, we
shouldn't really
do this without first
asking Frau Rocholl
but I know how much
you love Royter.
Yes, she's very
proud of this piece.
It's delightful.
Isn't it?
The fire dance, he made
only seven of these.
Tomorrow night.
I need more time.
I have orders.
The girls must leave before the war starts.
You have a location?
- Yes.
- Safe?
Safe for the plane to land?
What is this?
A microfilm.
A list of British operatives
working in Germany.
Everyone. Everything.
You think the Fhrer would allow this trip
if there wasn't something in it for him?
He wants them back. All of us.
He wants you to do your duty.
The girls cannot be captured.
Where is the location?
Ilse, is everything all right?
I was just showing the
minister your Royter.
Forgive me, I'm a
private collector.
I just had to see it for myself.
Of course.
Please, come and
meet Lord Brocket.
He's a close friend
of Astrid's father.
have you seen Mr. Miller?
Oh Astrid, there you are,
will you assemble
the girls upstairs?
They say the making of
a great relationship
is based on two things.
Firstly, appreciate
the similarities.
And secondly, respect
the differences.
Tonight we link arms across
the sea to celebrate a
very special relationship.
On behalf of the Anglo
German Fellowship,
may I present the Augusta
Victoria College for Girls.
Concentrate Sigrid.
Before grace, there's strength,
and before strength, there's...
You think you're better than us?
I'll arrange our meetings,
stay in your lane, Miller.
I'm not a fan of initiative.
The girls are leaving.
How do you know?
Ilse Keller, tonight's
Anglo-German soiree,
over heard her talking
to her contact.
How is she getting
the girls out?
By airplane.
I call the war
office with this,
can you assure me you
haven't been compromised?
Are you sure?
Call Whitehall 1154.
Raise the alarm.
Hey, stay where you are!
Don't move!
What have you done?
I did not do this.
Jole's, get over here!
He's off, stop him!
Stop, police!
Spread out boys!
The other lads will meet
us up there with the dogs.
Christ, it's him!
There he is.
The police are
saying he's dangerous. A murderer.
Why would he do such a thing?
Did we really know him?
He was our teacher... we liked him.
Here comes Ilse.
It can often be hard to
tell who someone really is.
Who's good, and who is bad.
Can you tell the difference?
Well it's not always easy.
How can you tell a difference
between the wasp and the bee?
Wasps can't make honey.
Who can give
me another example?
Alligators and crocodiles.
And how do we tell
the difference?
Their teeth.
The shape of their skull.
The jew and the gentile.
Just as we were
fooled by Herr Miller.
It may not appear easy at
first to identify the jew.
But there are ways we can tell.
I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to interrupt.
I just wondered, with
everything that's happened,
whether the girls
might like a break.
Tea, perhaps?
Maybe after the class.
You must forget about her,
forget about this place.
Germany's your home.
What do you think this
is, Shangri-la?
We're on at the winter
gardens in an hour!
Look lively, and Bill, watch
you don't get sand
in your flugelhorn.
Come on Jackie, chop, chop.
But sir, come on,
we just got here.
Now, if you please.
Smarten yourself up.
And if you lot get on the bus
before Hitler invades Poland,
I'll buy you all an ice cream.
Very funny.
Very funny.
Which one of you fellas
nicked me clothes then?
name is Thomas Miller,
beware of this man, he
is accused of murder.
If you see him report him
to the nearest constable.
Gas masks in Warwick,
I mean what is the world coming to?
Well you better get used
to it, she says to me
because when the balloon goes
up, it's gonna be pandemonium.
Gotta be here somewhere.
No, it's this school
teacher Chappy
who's giving me
the heebie-jeebies.
Well haven't you heard?
Killed a colonel.
They say he is a Nazi spy.
I have to make a phone call.
Wait your turn.
Anyway, as I was saying...
It's really urgent, I
have to make it now.
Stan, Stan, he's jumping in.
What's your game then?
I really need to
make this call now.
Wait your turn now.
It's government business...
Yeah, and I'm Charlie
Chapman, now keel off.
- You don't understand.
- Is everything all right here?
Do you want some of this?
I'm warning you.
- Yeah, all right, all right.
- Go on, peel off!
This chap he just barged in.
Right foot!
Are you all right...
Down there.
Are you all right darling?
You've not paid.
Hey, hey you.
Is that my uniform?
You blind, look at me.
That's my uniform,
that's me uniform.
Hey you, hey, you think!
Jackie lads!
Where do you
think you're going?
Hey, it's me uniform!
Come on!
Boiled eggs and vinegar.
It's good for the
bruises old boy.
That's what my mother told me.
Captain Drey, cabinet office.
Love the get up old boy.
It's not mine.
Which makes you a
thief and a murderer.
And a spy.
That's Corporal Willis,
and as you can see,
he's very thorough.
Yes, let's not forget spy.
German spy.
See what I mean.
I trust you know
why you're here.
You're accused of
killing Colonel Smith.
Late of this parish and
hero of the great war.
Telephone my superiors
in Whitehall,
they'll tell you I
was working for Smith.
I didn't kill him.
Call them.
Six minutes to midnight.
They haven't used that
number since Cable street.
Whitehall, 1154.
I don't have much time.
Can you put me through or not?
We're on the same side.
Whitehall 1154.
Yes, it's as I thought,
that number went out
with Uncle Stanley.
Nice try Miller.
Call it again.
But there's no one there.
Shall I start the car sir?
Thank you, Willis.
Call it again.
If you want answers,
call that number again.
Sing a different song Miller.
Slippery little sod, isn't he?
Give me the key
to the handcuffs.
I know who killed Smith, I
discovered their exit plans,
I am not a German spy,
I am a British agent.
I have evidence.
A list of Nazi conspirators,
English traitors.
Get me out of here
and I can prove it.
Show me.
Get out.
Ms. Rocholl, I believe?
What is this, why are
you bringing him here?
Gathering evidence ma'am.
I don't want
my girls disturbed.
They're German, aren't they?
My girls are not the enemy.
They'll hardly know we're here.
Frulein Keller?
Is there anything I
can help you with?
Most certainly,
don't go anywhere.
Nobody leaves.
I don't like your tone.
It's quite all right,
I get that a lot.
Where's your room?
Lead on.
Have the girls step into the
garden until this is over.
The fireplace, reach up inside.
Give us a moment,
will you Willis?
That's an order corporal.
Careless of me, the
corporal has the keys.
But don't worry old boy, if
this is what you say it is
we'll have you out
of here in a jiffy.
Hang out the
stars in Indiana
Up in a sky of midnight blue
Hang up the stars in Indiana
Please excuse the music.
I find it calms me after
everything that's happened.
It doesn't bother me.
How long will you
be staying for?
For as long as it takes.
For in my heart
there'll be a love song
Would you like some tea?
Thank you.
I'll tell the girls.
Excuse me.
The very happiness
I fought for
Was right there by your side
So wait for me in Indiana
And when the long
long day is through
Hang out the
stars in Indiana
To light my way
back home to you
How long have you been
in operation here
at the school?
Just over a week.
Tell me
about the Keller woman.
She killed Smith.
Her operation was compromised.
The Germans are
extracting the girls,
and she found out that we knew.
So your cover is blown.
It's just you and
Smith, no bridge agent?
What are you doing?
You can't be in here.
Why is he here?
That's none of your business.
You have any questions you
can speak to my corporal.
He's getting restless
so hurry it up.
Had you searched
his room properly,
I'd have no reason to come here.
First Wheatley, now him.
Are they ready for tonight?
And you, are you ready
to do what is necessary?
No one, nothing
gets left behind.
I believe the word
you're looking for,
is "danka".
Now leave us.
Gretel, what are
you doing here?
I was looking for
you Frulein Keller.
Out, outside.
The war with Germany will
be the end of England.
An alliance is our only
hope that we can live.
And live with greatness.
Hail Victory.
Save your strength.
You need to be ready.
Here, let me.
My mother used to brush my hair.
And it had to be
brushed 100 times.
And if she found a knot,
hand, hand.
What were you doing
outside Herr Miller's room?
Clever girl.
Always watching.
So you're not a teacher?
Are you English?
My mother was.
So you're a spy?
Is your name Thomas?
Good, all this change
will kill ya, get on.
I have to make
a telephone call.
Not here mate, I'm afraid
the mines are caput.
Let's have a look.
This should do the trick.
Let's get you some clothes.
Out of the way old fella.
Clothes do the job?
Yes, thank you
This will help
take the edge off.
So what do you need a phone for?
I have to stop this Ilse
Keller taking the girls
and her intelligence
back to Germany.
Details on British agents
operating behind the lines.
Oh bloody hell.
The balloon's going up then?
What will happen to the girls?
They'll be detained
as prisoners of war.
Childhood is made up
with a few summers.
Quick, out of sight.
I'll keep them busy.
- They're dangerous men Charlie.
- Save your breath.
Look inside that bus.
Whatever happens don't come
back inside, understand?
Find your moment and scarper,
those girls deserve better.
We all do.
My pleasure son.
Can I help you gentlemen?
We're coming inside, Charlie.
Just a minute, old habits.
She'd kill me if we
messed up the carpet.
Where is your good lady?
Like I say, old habits.
Did Thomas Miller hurt you?
Nothing I couldn't handle.
Good man.
He took some clothes, didn't
say much, then legged it.
Single malt.
Old habits?
Something like that.
Cup of tea?
What a good idea Charlie,
shall I be mother?
Sit down, Charlie.
If you've helped a
foreign spy, it's treason.
You'll be hanged, yes.
And that's not clever.
So are you a traitor, Charlie?
I'm not a bloody traitor,
he's half German,
half English, I helped
the English half of him.
So where did he go?
Astrid, Beatrix,
what's going on?
Ilse, Ilse, what is this?
I demand an explanation.
Where are you taking my girls?
They were never your girls.
Stay where you are girls.
Stop this at once.
Ilse, what happened to you?
I grew up.
Operator, number please.
Whitehall, 1154.
I'm sorry,
could you give me that number again?
Whitehall, 1154.
Connecting you now.
Hello, hello!
Can you hear me?
I hear you loud and clear.
Do you have the correct time?
It is six minutes to midnight.
Repeat that please.
It is six minutes to midnight!
You have clearance.
This is Thomas Miller, send
a TX84 to Bexhill-On-Sea.
Put that down!
Agent Miller, please repeat.
Step out of there!
Agent Miller, please...
What happens now?
We take you in.
Where to?
End of a bloody noose.
Corporal, ask your captain
how he knows
Frulein Ilse Keller.
Desperate Miller.
Tell the corporal what
information you gave her.
Shall I handcuff him sir?
No, that won't be necessary.
This is on you
Miller, remember that.
German girls are
leaving tonight, Sussex coast,
location unknown, send
aircraft to intercept.
We are running out of time.
Message understood
Captain Miller.
They're leaving, alert
the air defense fleet.
If they're gonna struck
the girls by air,
you're gonna have to
find an air field!
Yes, but where?
You're too late.
She's taken them
away, all of them.
My girls.
Stop it! Please!
Keep walking. There's no time.
Trust it to be you.
Sorry, it was an old case.
Not her fault.
My case was too heavy.
Are we walking to Germany?
Or is this another of your silly exercises?
Don't be difficult Astrid.
Stop moving!
Keep walking!
Astrid, don't do this...
We're not going to follow you.
Your family needs you home, Astrid.
Who tells you these orders?
Who gave you the power?
It is not about power.
- No?
- No!
England doesn't want us.
Can't you see that?
I'm trying to protect you.
What can you do, Frulein Keller?
We're turning back!
I admire your strength, Astrid.
Start walking now!
Get up!
I have to find
them, they're in danger.
They're being taken out by air,
did Ilse mention a
place somewhere remote,
flat, where they
could land a plane?
You'll need bread, and mustard,
and a hogs head of beer.
Out beyond Pevensey
castle, the flat sands.
I've been there.
Corporal Willis?
I'm done.
If you think for
a second I'm going
to be left behind, you're wrong.
How many
bullets in the chamber?
Who are you Thomas Miller?
How many bullets?
You're not going to hurt them?
I'm British intelligence.
A spy.
Are you alone?
Whitehall are on their way.
What will they do to them?
You needn't worry about them,
but if Ilse's mission fails,
she'll leave nothing behind.
I don't understand.
Germany can't afford the girls
to be captured, so
she will kill them.
She's one of them.
Not anymore.
I trusted her.
I've been living a lie.
Hail victory.
There's nothing to be won here.
Get ready!
Christ have mercy.
We're too late.
Frulein Keller.
Frulein Keller.
Drop your flares.
Come closer.
It's over.
Ilse, this is finished.
If only you were right!
Ilse don't.
What are you doing?
This is not the way!
Gretel get back!
Gretel, you're cold.
I was scared.
Brave girl.
Braver than all of us.
Where will you be going?
The war office
expects me back.
It seems I still have my uses.
The girls will remain here under
your care until a
solution can be agreed.
Not bad for a
journeyman teacher.
Faith and perseverance?
Girls, one, two, three.
It's a long way to Tipperary
It's a long way to go
It's a long way to Tipperary
To the sweetest girl I know
Goodbye Piccadilly
Farewell Leicester Square
It's a long long
way to Tipperary
But my heart's right there
am speaking to you from
the cabinet room at
10 Downing street.
This morning, the
British ambassador
in Berlin handed the
German government
the final note, stating that
unless we heard from them
by 11 o'clock, that they
were prepared at once
to withdraw their
troops from Poland,
as state of war would
exist between us.
I have to tell you now
that no such undertaking
has been received,
and that consequently this
country is at war with Germany.