Six: The Mark Unleashed (2004) Movie Script

''The truth is beautiful, no doubt ...
... but also the lie ...''
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The masses''fall more easily
a whopper
than a little.''
Adolf Hitler
''A lie told often enough
becomes the truth.''
Vladimir Lenin
''What is truth?''
Pontius Pilate
I remember
the dolls on Saturday morning,
mandatory programs,
of stories,
I remember well and clearly.
I also remember the first
and the second Gulf War.
The second Great Depression,
the shootings at school, music.
It's music that I feel more missing.
There was freedom then
to do terrible things.
But it is freedom.
The primitive emotions and ideas,
such as jealousy, anger,
the possessive and sexual monogamy,
were eliminated.
Your new implant
you become part of a whole
we call''the People''.
In the Community
we are free to choose partners,
men or women, whatever you want.
Your pleasure will be your guide.
Once had a girlfriend,
and we would marry us.
I remember being so anxious.
They killed her
in the first purge of the leader.
It is said that killed 80 million
of people a day,
in a single day.
And it was only in North America.
Immortality in the countries
of the third world was far greater.
But we can not confirm
these rumors.
The major advantage of the implant
has to do with aging.
All of you can live
more than 200 years
of productive life for
Community, as is the case.
The implant also works at
Monitoring of the birth.
Can only beget
with the consent of the Leader.
Praise the leader,
for freedom that gave you.
Praise the leader?
Ten years ago, via my mother
dying of cancer.
claws me to hand in the final minute,
and wanted to look through the window.
She was to do something
I could not see.
But when they died,
his face was serene.
Even with all its suffering.
Those whose jobs
are no longer needed
will receive new tasks
for the good of the Community.
The information to perform
these tasks
will be discharged on you
through your implant.
I remember my job
before "he" "appears.
Before all this.
I was a designer, mechanical
and pilot testing of Chevrolet.
It was part of the team that designed
the engine for the last Corvette.
It was only a few years ago.
before the world go crazy.
Why should we hanker
by a God so weak?
Results in the destruction of motivation
most basic of mankind.
Preserving individual
at any cost.
Come on, he was warm.
The''no cost''?
Were not in LA during the purges.
Remember the bodies stacked
on the streets. Remember the stink.
- You just?
- Ready. Let's go do this, yes?
Got that?
- Are you sure it works?
- Dude, who am I?
Is there a security system
where I can not come in?
Only the terms what we want,
what is rightfully ours,
and to destroy everything
what is in our way through,
we can feel ourselves made.
Something I agree.
What is this achievement?
The deification of humanity itself.
All you can be God,
as I am God.
They have my spirit inside of you
through the sacred implants.
But you always lose.
- We are in Eddie's.
- Vai a race?
Why is it so dark in here?
Why should not anybody here.
They have patrols
along the coast at night.
Afraid of what,
of being caught?
Or I make a brainwashing
and those idiots
think that only one in honor
psychotic dictator claiming to be God.
You can not compel
to have the implant.
When trying, people die
instantly or get mad.
I am not very happy
the other option.
Good boy.
- What you got for me?
- Material good. In the back.
But you could give me a sip it
Mr. Ice Man,''''.
Do not tell me that you do not have
problems with nerves.
How is the ulcer?
The business is weak. It is difficult
for me to miss this food.
But at least you gonna safando.
Watch this.
American tobacco true.
But wait,
There is more. Cigars.
I do not know if they are good,
but since the Leader devastated the south
Cuba until it is impossible to get more.
- Tell me you have more than smoke.
- Yes, I have more.
Five boxes of DVDs banned.
Have you seen''Schindler's List''?
- Never heard of it.
- It will make you feel like a hero.
These are classics.
''Lawrence of Arabia''.
That gives?
What do you think?
From critical of movies?
I also have medicines.
Analgesics and antibiotics.
Never mind open it.
If not consumed the entire product,
maybe you had profits.
''... Delighted''
That is all, Dallas.
We are for the week.
That is very optimistic
on days like these.
Do not even get a little
more and drink a cup?
I wish, but I can not.
I have to make deliveries.
You should stay for one more cup, Tom.
- Hello, darling.
- Sweetheart.
You look good.
Life in the Gestapo is good for you.
What, you know?
Dallas, this is Jessica Newman,
my ex-wife.
- It is Newman, is not it?
- I changed the name.
What sentimental of you.
- Armaste me a trap?
- No.
- I got in trouble like you.
- See the implant it.
Is clean.
Mr. Brian Clark, on good terms
with the Community.
You know what is the penalty for passing
a member of the Community?
I was gonna get it,
but I'm afraid to put chips
under the skin, you know?
I think we can cure it.
Take him to the back.
- And this?
- I can handle it. Leave it to me.
You can not stay away from me,
do you? I knew you were gonna come back.
I never went away, Tom.
You did.
No, did you even
when you put the chip in his hand.
What are you gonna do with Dallas?
When it's my time,
I hope that you be
to press the trigger.
Once your face is the last thing
I see.
I promise.
I hope it is not necessary.
Convinced them to have your job
back, Tom.
I have heard that story.
I just have to ask the implant sacred
Police and can be again.
Then we can go orgies
And connect us with the virtual church
to be guided by the leader.
No, I think it would be dead.
It was not what I wanted to say.
I am sure he would be killed.
- Do not move anything.
- You move.
Every time you see,
're more equal to everyone
You got that look like glass.
We're getting conform
the image of the leader.
- We are being processed e. ..
- Renewal of mind.
Yes, I have heard it all.
You should not play
with things as sacred.
You know ... Once loved
look you in the eye.
The fact of not having the implant
makes you perfect for this mission.
- Did you hear what I just said?
- You hear what I just said?
You got to stay with the implant.
And we can be together.
If I don 't care you share
with all men and women
I miss you.
You want me infiltre
traia and groups of renegades?
I can not do that.
Just the fact of having asked
shows that you do not remember
of who I am.
I never told you it was a beauty?
location of the unit?
Bright. The new program from Jerry
worked swimmingly.
Tiny, just look at this.
What do you think?
It is a cool car.
A car cool?
A car cool?
This is a Porsche 911.
One of the best sports cars
the world.
Do not send any to the U.S.
for more than two years.
- I said it was cool.
- Are you stoned or what?
Okay, let's forget it.
Go to your office
and gives us the money.
All is well, right?
Cool car ...
What is wrong with him?
Forget about it,
we get the money and leave.
I do not have your payment.
So I think we will leave,
with the Porsche.
Do not believe this. Can you believe this?
Stay right there that you, Tiny.
You got the implant Prosthetic, buddy.
- Tell me you do not do that.
- I have not had much choice, Brody.
But it was the best.
I do not know why resist both,
I feel much happier.
And you also will feel.
Come on out of here.
- Look out, look out!
- Shut up, everything is under control.
All that threaten
the Community must be removed.
You shut up too!
You know how often this end,
do not you know?
You irritate me.
Do not you want to annoy,
but wanted to know if you have some plan.
Apart from a bit of adrenaline
before you cut my head.
What is the problem with that?
Are you eager to cut their heads?
- Can I leave you right here.
- I just wanted a pizza.
Ready. Listen ...
You see those hills there?
I know those roads.
They can accompany us
in a straight line,
but will not catch up
this car in those elbows.
Cost you a lot? Just wondering
if they had any plan. That's it.
Let us away,
Apart from whining.
Yes, yes ...
What are you doing?
You gonna leave me here?
What are you doing?
- I'm not doing anything!
- Then why are you stopping?
What is it?
These cars are never going below.
- Why are you stopping?
- I am not stop!
We stop!
Ended up with petrol, you idiot.
May be released with a pardon
at any time.
Find a guard
who want to join the Community
and receive the implant.
If you refuse, your death is certain.
This makes me crazy.
If you had checked the gas,
not going to hear this.
Sorry, I forgot to testify
the car after having it stolen.
Speak to there ...
The former torture was primitive.
Very dirty.
Are you talking to me?
The Iron Lady,
the wheel,
cut and cut,
the criminals usually died
before obtaining the information.
It was a shame.
Fortunately, those times have passed.
Certainly we all
grateful for that.
While there is a certain pleasure
visceral about it.
The ripping of the skin,
the spilling of blood ...
Let us not forget the sound
of the bones to crack.
It is true.
The sound is almost music.
It is good to work with someone
who appreciates this art.
I will not ask questions?
Why, you confess something?
I can.
I confess that you
is a mad sweep.
In the last hour,
makes sense to your skin being burnt
and separated from his body,
their guts to be uprooted.
Its members
to be undocked,
and pieces of glass to be pushed
, into all of the holes.
I think you have to be creative,
is not it?
But you need to relax a little.
We do not want to die.
That would ruin everything.
Good work with a person
like you.
The Christians are so upset.
Where we are torturing,
say that we forgive.
Feel your skin
to be torn out of your body.
Feel the way.
Ask, ask me anything.
Do anything.
Here, water.
- Please make them stop.
- Only you can do this, Tom.
- He did not ask anything.
- There is only one thing.
If you agree, it stops.
What? Anything.
They want to find a man
Cohen called Elijah and that the kill.
He is dead.
He is a dead man.
''So I ask you, brothers,
with a view to the mercy of God,
offer your bodies''
as living sacrifices.
''Please, this is your act
of spiritual devotion.
''Do not comply with the world,
but being processed
by renewing of your mind.''
Those men should be today
living sacrifices.
They should be.
What is this that is written
on the walls?
''''Roman says.
It must be one of the books of the Bible.
We have already noticed that almost all cells
these writings are covered?
- You look depressed.
- I am a little depressed.
See people being cut
throw me down.
Suddenly, it seems that the implant
does not sound so bad.
Come on. Do not lose your hope.
We have exactly three weeks
to plan
and implement a leak
a high security prison.
We have a lot of time.
It says here:''If God is on our side,
Who can be against us?''
''He who did not spare His Son,
but delivered it with all of us,
should not give us everything free?''
What do you think this means?
I will tell you what it means.
It means that ...
... if God exists by chance,
killed his own son.
Seemed to think that it was good.
So let us all
be dead too.
Not seen him help those intercourse,
you saw?
Cut them to the head,
and God was not around.
I think I got it right.
Lieutenant Newman, is a pleasure.
The Jessica told us you.
Looks like it.
Seven years in the brigade to LA,
then came the detective,
and was later recruited by the FBI.
- You know, by any chance know what I did.
The Jessica said that she had
a sense of humor funny.
I'm not disappointed.
But as you well know,
Not all who receive the implant
have to erase the memory.
The Jessica still has memories of you.
This procedure is only necessary
for criminals and deviant.
I wonder
what is your concept of''deviant'',
taking into account the known
practices of the Community.
An excellent question that leads us
to his first mission.
Your target is the Elijah Cohen.
He preaches the Christian doctrine.
Surely you know what it is.
Jesus, the Bible, those things.
Teachings that deny the divinity
of our leader. Very dangerous.
The Jessica assured me that it has no
any religious inclinations.
Mr. Cohen is often Viewed
on the black market and in low-lying areas
in California and Nevada, to preach
those who refused the implant.
Their efforts to recruit
have been very successful.
Though not understand
why. Check this out.
All of you refused the implant
we have been tax
by that crazy that claims to be God.
But he is not God.
It is the Antichrist.
his rise to power and the implant
were planned for 2 thousand years.
And even here.
The implant is the mark of the Antichrist.
All agree that the
go to hell.
That's right, my friends.
The Hell exists and is beyond
that's the Antichrist.
Believe this guy?
But you do not have to go.
They can have hope.
Jesus Christ came
and died for your sins.
So I have to be
with the real God.
This is hope, my friends.
Hope in Jesus Christ.
If they take Christ to your heart,
will have a guaranteed place in heaven
of rest and happiness.
Believe It?
And you believed?
So go ahead.
Why have not killed?
It is a very difficult place
closer to him.
That is where you enter.
Let's put you in personal contact
with his followers.
People who know
have a relationship with this man.
They will take you to it.
- So just like that?
- It will be an agent infiltrated.
The conditions under which they will learn
will cause trust each other.
We are not going to be able to contact,
but we will be to control it
I do not know what is most strange,
if the idiots of implants,
or the fanatics of Jesus.
I assume you do not believe in heaven?
You know what that is good?
We also do not believe in hell.
But why? No kidding
you want to make Christian now?
This is fantastic, Jerry.
They can make you a brainwashing
as to everyone on this planet.
''The Kingdom of Heaven will then be
similar to ten virgins
''which took in its catkin
order to meet the bridegroom.
Five of them were descuidadas''
and the other five careful.
The descuidadas''caught in the catkin,
but did not lead to oil reserve,
''while careful led
the catkin and a reserve of oil.
''As the groom has taken,
the girls were all tired
and ended up falling asleep.''
Probably because the story
is very upset.
Hello, brother.
Brother? Why you call me that?
Do not believe in Christ?
Yes You?
Otherwise why be here?
The side of the cell are here
because they stole a car.
Why not choose the implant?
I think not entered the game ...
... brother.
"At midnight, a cry is heard:
'Here comes the groom! "
''The young are all raised
and set out to prepare the catkin.
Then the descuidadas''
I told the others:
'Give us a little olive oil, that the
catkin we are to erase it. '
But''they replied: 'That does not,
'that not enough for us either
for you. It is best to go buy it. "
While those were descuidadas''
buy oil, the groom arrived,
''and that they were prepared
came to the banquet room.
''And the door is closed.
''Later, also arrived
the other,
''and shouted:
'Lord! It opens us the door! "
But''the groom has said
there from within:
"Assure that you do not know!"
''So, are always vigilant,
''because they do not know
neither the day nor the hour
where the Son of Man
What do you think that means?
Well ..
The groom is clearly Christ,
The banquet is the Heaven
Listen, I am very new at this.
All right, continues.
Christ wants dishonor
five young
because the other
forget the olive oil.
It seems to me that there is a message
on the shares.
We must not share?
Maybe someone should call
The Five Virgins egoistic''''.
You're a goofy, Tom.
You heard right,
I said that Tom Newman
is a goofy.
How do you know my name?
I know some things.
As to why you're here.
And why do you think you're here.
God told me that you vineyards, Tom.
And God told you what it means
this stupid story?
Well, it has to do
with no marriage.
The brides are virgins, may rep ...
You know what? Forget about that now.
Which means, Tom,
is that Jesus is coming,
and nobody knows when or where.
The oil is the Holy Spirit.
If you have not, do not enter.
Sure. The Holy Spirit.
- This is how the implant sacred?
- No.
The Holy Spirit comes from God.
The implant is an illusion.
A lie,
said the king of lies.
So if you have that,
look increasingly like the others.
- If you are talking about the implant, yes.
If you are talking about the Holy Spirit,
look more like Jesus
wish you were,
more like Him,
more unique, more individual.
- Unlike the implant.
- That makes no sense.
I mean, everybody
to be like Jesus ...
I mean ...
He's just one person.
He also is God.
The God who made each of us
as a unique creation.
The sin destroys it.
Creates compliance.
The redemption in Christ restores it.
It brings us back to what God
we were really wanted.
Even so, I must say,
This is all very similar
with the leader.
You'll need to understand that
for yourself, Tom.
If you do not, you will burn
in hell forever.
The Hell ...
I am full of fear ...
Good afternoon, neighbors.
Hello, Luke. Hello, Joe.
Tom, is not gonna eat it ...
How we are going to roll
with that splash.
I think that is the way
as they fall in the bucket.
I do not know how long the living brain
After you cut the head.
The brain can stay alive
almost four minutes without oxygen.
I bet you are four minutes long.
Have their heads stuck in a bucket,
knowing that the body is upstairs.
That does not bother you?
That will happen to all of you.
- You gonna happen, Tom.
- I will not.
Do not worry about anything.
Tom will take you away.
Why do you think I do that?
The Luke hears voices in his head.
He believes that are of God.
Yeah. Bright. Anyway,
we want to get out of here.
And you?
Or you?
- I 'm just gonna go home.
- For home?
You gonna die here.
- Just my body.
- Only the body?
Sorry, what is the other party
the death to me is getting?
Do not you give to work, Tom.
They are like everyone else here,
completely crazy.
They believe that those whose heads
are cut become sovereign
in the new kingdom of Jesus,
- No. Revelation 20, verse 4.
- Here we go again.
I saw thrones. And they were sitting
the souls of those who were beheaded
to respond to Jesus
and the word of God.
They non-venereal the Antichrist,
nor their image.
And it did not receive the mark
in the forehead and hands.
And they lived and reigned with Christ
for a thousand years.
I told you. Look around.
This is not a prison,
is a hospice.
You can stop a second?
Listen, I am Lieutenant Newman's C.P.F.
I have to send a message
the Lieutenant Jessica Newman.
She knows I'm here.
I need to talk to her.
Sorry. The only message that
can make is to accept the implant.
Want to receive the implant?
If I accept, where I lead?
I could talk to someone?
It would take him to hospital from prison,
would be deployed, receiving guidance,
and once could talk
with whom he wanted.
I read something this morning that he liked
to share with you.
I found it very hopeful.
Earlier, Chapter 5, verse 1 9.
''But at night an angel of the Lord
opened the doors of the prison,
''led the apostles out and said:
'They go to the temple and speak to the people
this new way of life.'' '
Now we resume where we were.
Romans, Chapter 1, verse 20.
''Since the creation of the world,
''God has shown that it is invisible
clearly His eternal power
''His divinity and in His works.
''I therefore have no excuse.''
Does anyone know what this means?
The Nature?
We can see God in nature.
What are you doing?
Why are you talking about?
I can talk if you want. Do not rock
in me. Do you think the boss of me?
This is it.
The Nature, the trees,
the plants, the stars.
Other people.
I fully agree.
God has become evident through
its creation and its eternal power.
That is outdated.
And you know that.
What has been overcome?
Have you heard evolving?
Moreover, one can not prove
that God exists in nature.
It was shown that it is impossible.
It is the cosmological or teleological argument,
which was destroyed by Hume and Pascal.
The Pascal was Christian.
Do not you know it.
I guess not know much.
And you know?
Why not tell her this way?
Why not tell you the other side
the question?
You're right, Brody.
The existence of God can not be
proven in nature, not by the logic.
It is a subjective experience
unique to each one of us.
But the truth
is that proof of the existence of God
is written in the hearts
of all who are in this room.
He has his signature
for the most masterpiece.
- Up to you, Brody.
- I think not.
I know that I can not convince anybody
to believe in anything.
But neither is accurate,
because I know that this argument
is already inside you, and at the bottom.
That is what I know well there in the background,
inside you,
There is a part of you shouting.
There is a part of you
I beg you oias.
To not go to hell.
Know why are you laughing?
Why are you afraid.
Are you afraid.
You know that hell exists,
and that, unfortunately,
is probably where you'll stop you.
I heard these absurd useless
my entire life,
of hypocrites, liars and aldrabes
they wanted my money.
What makes you different from them?
Morro in four days.
What do you think I could have
possibly want?
What is your story?
He speaks quickly, or childbirth you the neck.
You think I do not?
Everyone here has a death sentence;
including you.
Okay, do not have to know,
but I was before this all police.
Do not accept the implant,
but my wife agreed.
She handed me and I ran away.
I was a smuggler
to be caught.
Why do you think you can run?
I never said that.
It was that Luke said.
And you do not negaste.
Let me ask you again.
What is your story?
See if you can understand.
They will mutilate me out to 19 days
I was still here.
Like you.
You got the implant,
that is what matters.
If you find an absconding,
account with me and with Jerry.
Your friend?
He is not in the group of the Bible?
In a few days,
he may not want to flee.
That was very good,
and now I think our friend Lewis
I would like to share something with us.
Tomorrow morning
I will not pray with you.
I know that just went by three weeks;
but you are all like my brothers.
It is because we are your brothers.
Amen. Amen to that.
Tomorrow I will go home.
Finally I get to be with Jesus.
I do not want is redundant,
because I will see you.
What I entristece is wasted
most of my life
until these recent months.
Do not understand what was the joy,
and now I found out,
I will die.
But I want to thank all of you
for helping me to learn that.
These last three weeks
were the most happy of my life.
Bums. No way.
It seems they are with intense heat.
Want water with ice?
Look. You want to ride, baby?
Come on. Go!
That's it. Get away. Get away!
This is fun.
You're a tough guy.
- Nice car, idiot.
- Bum.
Relax. Here.
Looks like you had a bad day.
They stole my car.
This man, Elijah Cohen, spoke
me. And treated my wounds.
I was impressed
he is so different.
Different from all
I already know.
My grandmother told me about Jesus,
but I did not want to know about them.
Suddenly, when Cohen
was dealing with me,
I felt that he was Jesus himself.
He guided me to the Lord right there.
My life has to change.
My life has to change
for the better.
My Lord Jesus!
I know who died and risen,
and that the spilling your blood
for my sins.
I have so many sins.
Not too much for God.
His blood will purify you.
God, purifies me.
Purifies me, please.
Let me live for the first time
and follow-you from now on.
Please purifies me.
We must have rezado more than an hour.
Confessed to him things ...
Confessed things to God
who had never told anyone.
But what the left inside of me
was bile.
All the terrible things
I had made.
But when finished,
for the first time,
for the first time in my life,
I felt free.
Even free.
I feel the joy of God.
I thank God of Jacob.
Listen to music.
Play the tambourine,
Lit harps and melodic.
He told me:
''I will take the burden from your back.
''Your hands have become free
when touched robe of Moses.
And I saved you.''
I never even knew what I was saying.
I discovered that the psalm was 81.
But the weirdest of all
was that when I looked up,
the Elijah Cohen was not there.
Like Philip in the Acts of the Apostles.
He disappeared, how?
You mean he escaped?
I mean it disappeared.
Why do that?
The real strength can only be
found through prayer.
That this of Elijah Cohen
that they were talking about today ...
You met him?
Yes You really think you going to kill?
What are you talking about?
You heard right.
Or prefer to play games?
How can I kill him?
I am here with you.
Okay, let's make games.
It seems that you know well.
We talked about this.
I work for the C.P.F, Tom.
There is only sold in a cell.
The objectives of those who send in me
and my goals
are not necessarily the same.
If Cohen is who they say is,
maybe I can help.
Helping you to recover your wife?
She will not return.
Never again.
- What do you know about my wife?
- I know she is close to here
in intimate with another man.
At this very moment.
It was your God who told you that?
Love it, really.
Sorry, I just do Tom.
what do you think you have to do.
I forgive you.
Go back to bed.
You can do anything.
You think I am a fool, right?
I think the door is locked.
Go to sleep. We're in jail.
But not like the prisons
you've heard of it.
Brody, afraid to die?
Who has not?
All of them. These Christians.
They are not afraid.
They are crazy.
Those who trust in the Lord
are like Mount Zion,
that can not be shaken and it is eternal.
The ceptro the devil will not be
in the land allocated to the fair.
Rewards, Lord,
those who follow you.
But those who reject your path,
brings the court.
We leave tonight.
After you turn off the lights.
Who will you?
- The Sutton and Willis.
- They are not followers of Christ.
You know what, I do not know.
Your stupid plan will not work.
We are sure that most
those men met Cohen.
Maybe I need more time.
I think you don 't understand.
These men do not want to flee.
They want to die.
You know nothing about what
they believe in? Dying is winning.
They think that putting punish them here
and butchered them?
You are all a few idiots.
They gave them the greatest privilege
of their life.
So is a weak religion
that follows a weak God.
As the Leader said. Praise
the Leader for his wisdom.
They must be destroyed.
Safa you alone.
- For me enough.
- Unacceptable.
Do not allow your escape
is not taking a Christian.
The Elijah Cohen has to be found
and dead. Those are the terms.
They do not want to flee.
You have two and a half weeks
to your playing.
I suggest you be more persuasive.
- And if she does not?
- Death is painless.
Or you can accept the implant.
If you try to escape tonight,
're caught
and delivered to Preston Scott
for more interrogation.
What is it?
You are right, Jerry?
No, I am not. I am not like you.
But I am like you.
Also cited was afraid of dying.
Please ...
Jerry, can get you the food,
the family,
the freedom and even their lives,
but, nevertheless,
can not be afraid.
Yes, Jerry. You can not be afraid.
Everyone in this room
learned a thing
that changed everything.
Like when we are children
and we have a secret.
- What is the secret?
- The surrender to Jesus Christ.
Do you really believe in Jesus?
It is much easier to believe
that the leader is the Messiah
than to believe that a carpenter
poor who died 2 thousand years
can save my life.
The conversation does not lead to nowhere.
You know the truth.
Jesus has been to convince you.
Tell me I'm wrong
and we have all gone.
Just what I thought.
You have now the opportunity
of your life.
Accept Jesus.
Asked him to forgive you.
Lose your fears now.
You can do it.
You want to do it.
Everything is fine.
Everything is fine.
Okay. Okay.
Come to this.
Brody, is wonderful.
- Completely wonderful.
- What are you talking about?
Of Jesus. Now I know
because her chamam be saved.
Tell me you're kidding.
You're not kidding.
- Take what you say, Jerry.
- I can not go back.
I am happier than ever
I was in my whole life.
You know what seem to speak?
One of those idiots of the implant.
Brody does not understand.
That's what they say!
What is it?
That idiot just joining
the fanatics of Jesus.
A Christian who wants to escape.
It's funny how the Lord gives us
what we need. Right, Tom?
- What does he mean?
- I want to get away tonight?
Tomorrow I have a massage.
And a game of tennis on Friday.
How about the weekend?
Gives you like?
- It ensures you that Jerry is going.
- No problem.
This site is a bad influence
for him.
The prison can be.
What do you think? Can we make it?
I tell you if I let go
my last 2 days with Jerry.
He has a lot to learn.
That is not possible. I need him.
I really need it.
What you need, Tom,
is to look within yourself.
You see the truth,
as soon gonna have to do
a choice,
and you do the wrong.
You do not have to be.
Where you going?
Willis, whatever happens,
remember that the most important
while you are out there
do not forget,
is to ride whom you ask.
- Give ride to whom you ask.
- Okay, Luke.
- Giving ride.
- Now go. I will pray for you.
This may be all in vain.
My wife gave me the unit
to move the gates, once ...
Your wife has the implant,
because she would do that?
They are to approach.
Pull over and give that type ride.
- Pull over.
- What are you doing?
Are you crazy? You could have killed us.
I think we can not take you
by far.
Unless you want to ride
to prison.
They are not worried about them,
do you?
Where are you going?
Follow the lines underground
until the City Prdiga.
Because we go?
I think it is high time that we separate.
Jerry and I
we must return to our lives.
Wait. What is the City Prdiga?
It is a place of refuge.
A safe place to rest.
- The Elijah Cohen is there?
- Yes, go often.
I 'm in.
Me too.
One more thing.
They will need this
for the next part of the journey.
They have to be reprogrammed
according to age and appearance.
- One of you is''Pirate'', right?
- Yes, no problem.
Jerry and I worked
with implants on the black market.
I recovered them
Jerry and reprogrammed them.
Good. Can now rest.
The journey will be difficult tonight.
There, in the basement of that building.
- Brody Sutton and Thomas Newman.
- Leave me here.
After contact.
Wait for me at the corner.
I am anxious to get out of here.
Are you sure
you want to go to City Prdiga?
I must tell you, a safe harbor
I feel good idea at this time.
Let's take a walk.
You know, Brody, if you do not want to
go to the City Prdiga,
There is much work here.
This is an invitation?
It seemed quite obvious.
What kind of name is Rahab?
Rahab is the name you chose
after you accept Jesus,
and before I had many other names.
- Cinnamon, Sunshine ...
- Names of stripper.
I was a prostitute.
- Want to find a corner e. ..
- Now I am faithful to Jesus.
But if you stay here,
can marry us.
Tell me, what grounds have
not to kill you now?
Because I see the Elijah Cohen
to a site called City Prdiga.
- But Sutton is not Christian.
- The Sutton has nothing to do.
Jerry is accepted Jesus.
Now the Christians are to help you.
How to outwit the police?
They say you disappeared.
Not disappear.
They went to the side.
Idiots. I do not know better.
How do I find?
Let's say Foley
is part of an army
and they are for hunting dogs
Part of the program of change
Leader of the gene.
An aberration.
No. Your future.
The future of a higher humanity.
''Sieg Heil''.
I suggest you let me go
before you reveal my costume.
We will follow you.
That is very comforting.
Have you got married?
No, I have never been married.
How is it called?
She is dead.
Do ask strangers
in marriage?
I had a feeling you.
You could stay.
Accept Jesus and we can help
people here.
Maybe come back after you go
with Jerry and Tom Prdiga the city.
I have to take care of Jerry.
God will take care of Jerry.
You should seize the good opportunities,
because there may not be a tomorrow, Brody,
for any of us.
This is not the end of the world,
honey, trust me.
Someone will hold the Leader
and things are back to normal.
Jesus will hold the Leader,
but is it too late.
You have to choose, Brody.
You need to choose.
Her name ...
... Ellen was,
and she was my life.
She had ...
... had green eyes
And blond hair, long.
She had a smile ...
... that illuminates everything.
But she is dead.
A computer-chip
will not change that,
not your Jesus.
Jesus can comfort you.
Heal your pain.
My pain is what keeps me alive.
As soon as I reprogram the chips,
we do in the road.
This is yours.
This is still connected
the network of satellites.
What does this mean,
what's the problem?
Are you kidding? It is only the secret
best kept in the world.
Each implant not only store data,
but also communicates constantly
with the global network of satellites.
The information that is deposited
No implant
directly affects the brain.
Change the patterns of waves telepathy,
change the personality,
adds or removes restrictions.
Have you noticed who has the implant
I never want to take?
With these chips in the black market,
cut the link to satellite
through a cycle redundant.
Thus they can not be detected
They are only used for the control points,
shopping, those things.
And it may not be detected
for short periods of time,
but if one is to be amended
while still connected to the network,
this information will be relayed
and the game ended.
And what happened off
the whole network of satellites?
I do not know well, but millions of people
would be taken of the flow of data.
Who knows
what would be the end result.
They could return to normal?
This is a good plan.
We just need to hundreds
of warheads.
Got any?
- Good job.
- Thank you.
- You should be smuggler.
- And I am. I smuggle you.
- Charles, what it is the gun?
- In the case of someone trying to escape.
Just to come with you.
Let's go through with land animals,
groups of wild animals.
They can be dangerous,
but some comic strip frighten us.
The network of satellites that controls
the implants do not go out of my head.
It controls more than the implants.
Controls the people.
Then we can get it
and attack it.
How do we remember it?
Can not?
Theoretically, of course.
All systems can be attacked.
But it says that control
the implant is a quantum system.
What does this mean?
What we can not connect
of a telephone line and play.
Most computers
nor can the interface.
We need a system Quantico
just to communicate.
And do not sell quantum computers
at the mall.
So if there is direct access
the control of implants,
to these quantum computers?
- Of course, this result.
If you could go
by guards.
If we had the codes
and a system entendssemos
totally new.
Checks of implants exist only
on military bases
and military headquarters policed
I know. We need authorization
higher just to enter.
And if I could get there?
Could do it, Jerry?
Tom, even if it came,
would not work,
only when Jesus comes
is that the system will be destroyed.
All agreed that the mark
will be sent to hell.
Do not believe it.
It does not matter. Your beliefs
are irrelevant to the facts.
Okay, let's forget this crap
Who know
who has that kind of access?
Is that you, right?
I had a bad feeling about you
from the start.
The C.P.F. forced me.
- They want me to kill Elijah Cohen.
- What?
You're a murderer?
Go back to the boat.
This boat has only one path.
Up the river.
- I will kill you, Tom.
- See if you can understand, Brody.
Do not need you, not like you,
and do not think that does not kill you.
I just need to Jerry.
It is here.
It was here that they were.
They headed up the river.
We need a boat.
Wait a minute.
They are here.
- Drop the gun, Jess.
- You don 't forests.
I do not know, honey,
I had a very bad day.
I promised you, Tom.
When the time comes ...
I am me besprent if the killing.
But I will not leave
lead us again.
Brody, is move your arm,
you put a bullet in the head.
Get everyone in the car.
Jessica, you're going to drive,
Sutton, you're going ahead.
Jerry, you're going with me ago. Go.
Come on.
Accept, Lieutenant Newman.
Sorry, but these men
are not allowed to come here.
- I assume the responsibility.
- This is not acceptable.
Wait until inform
the commander.
I think this
makes something acceptable.
You really think you gonna get
something beyond your death
to do this?
- My dear ...
Jerry will do a little
of black magic and change the world.
It is not true, Jerry?
Come on.
This room is forbidden to outsiders.
Take us to link to satellite
and make the connection now.
I have to tell someone ...
It will not tell anyone,
else dies.
Do not obey.
- It's here.
- Come on in, Jessica.
- Not order him to comply.
- Survival above all.
He is trying to destroy
the Community.
If you do not make the connection,
ceases to be part of the Community.
Let's do this, Jer.
I need a code.
Sit down and not move.
This is unbelievable.
This is the''piracy''of life.
If you can not,
we even killed.
Shut up, I can not think.
Why are you doing this?
You must be kidding me.
Does not see it all for their cause?
Risking your life
and that of your friends
in an attempt nonsense
for I save?
When he hit the system, we
you get this damn thing's hand.
You remember you.
What I will remember
beyond what has already remember?
From my anger, my sorrow?
Of all the mistakes that I made in life?
You were one of those errors, Tom.
Tell me, what I will remember
that makes it all worth it?
I love you.
I do not know what you mean.
How you doing, Jerry?
How are you?
It is fascinating, but I have no idea
what I am doing.
Attacks the system.
I do not care how, but it strikes.
The police is coming at any time
and they will kill us.
Only you is that you can hold.
Only you can save us.
You think I do not know that?
Shut up and leaves near me.
There, thinks there.
There is so much redundancy
safety. Everywhere.
I think I found a way.
Maybe this works.
God, if you ever need you,
Now I need it.
You can do it, Jerry.
I know you can.
And you will thank me, Jess.
I will hate you.
You think I left you
because this chip?
- I left you because he was unhappy.
- Fugiste.
I remember, you were happy.
What is it?
Do not say such words.
They know that I joined.
Ended the game.
Try again! Try again!
Good job.
Good work, Mr. Newman.
Did you hear that, Tom?
The man is impressed.
You know what? I listened.
I heard this, Brody.
I do not know if help but listen.
Afraid not help in any way,
unless you die with my
approval is make you feel better
about your lives hollow
and your unnecessary deaths.
- I do not feel better.
- To me whatever.
Tom, you disappointed me a lot.
We could have done great things.
Have an impact.
Make our contribution
for history.
You know what?
This is my contribution.
Elijah Cohen.
Hello, Zack.
- Elijah, I am blind.
- Are you blind for many years.
- We are in hell.
- I doubt it.
Thomas Newman,
You were warned several times
that this demand was sentenced
to failure, but insists.
Are you the ride.
Come on, my friends, we must go.
We must hurry.
Tom. ..
- The stew is almost ready.
- It smells good.
Are you sure you want to go?
Yes, this is not for me.
I go to Montana,
join me to free men.
Fighting power,
idiots kill with implants.
Loved to stay.
We also liked many things.
Tom, guarded you lunch.
- What did the old man?
- What do you think?
We are stupid
do not believe in Jesus?
Yes, in general.
Come on, let's hurry us.
I want to get out of here.
Are you so anxious
in return for that nightmare?
I am anxious to see a woman.
A woman who is not passionate
Jesus, if you know what I mean.
You are right.
I'm having a bad feeling
to your point, guys.
Take care, Jer.
- You can still come with us.
- You can still stay.
So? Wait a minute.
It seems to me clean.
It seems that this is where we fired.
Good luck.
You too.
Run at ease.
Already spent six days,
you have to make a decision.
No more time.
What to choose?
What did you say?
The perfect love
expelled fear.
Jesus, save me!
It was the wrong choice.
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
I see the sky to open up,
and the son of man, Jesus Christ,
is the right hand of God.
"He said Jesus.:
"I am the bread of life.
"He who accepts me
never have to hunger,
"and what believe me
you will never be thirsty.
"As I said, you see me,
but do not believe in me.
"All I trust that Father
come to me,
and''I do not reject any of them.
''I came from heaven to do the will
One who sent me
''and not mine.''
I remember the joy of driving
my car,
the pleasure of friendship,
the touch of a woman
I loved that.
I remember the words of a man
Cohen called Elijah.
A man who told me
of Jesus Christ.
I remember,
but it is like a dream,
a dream for a long time.
And it is disappear.
I remember the last choice
I made free.
It was the wrong choice.
''I am the Way ...''
''I am the Way ...''
Jesus of Nazareth