Six Three Times (2021) Movie Script

What happened?
Where did you come from?
What happened to you?
I came from back there.
Whats your name?
My name is Price.
What are you looking at?
Whats there?
Ill tell you.
Hey, you got a car?
Nope I'm on foot.
Youre like me taken it to the road.
Why dont we work
together and hitch a ride.
Me on this side, you on that side.
You dont care which way youre going.
Nah, as long as I catch a ride.
What are you doing?
Why dont you answer me man?
What are you doing?
Why are you smiling like that, man?
Fuck you, fuck you.
This will help you.
Its all I have.
This is all you got?
I believe you.
Do you need help?
Are you hungry?
It looks like you dont
have any food or water.
I have some in my backpack.
Do you need food?
Do you need water?
I know who you are.
Remember me.
Theyre out there.
Do you know why Im here?
He sent you.
he did.
So, its that time.
Im here to lead you to where to go.
To prepare your mind for what is to come.
What is to come.
You will save people.
Redemption will be
through your leadership.
Will you be there?
No, you will do this alone.
But now you must go and fast.
Keep in mind you will be weak at times.
Even then I will be alone.
Yes, and after this
time you will bring hope.
Then Im ready because he is ready.
Wheres my?
I left it.
No watch, no compass.
That way.
Keep moving.
Dont stop, you can make it.
You got this.
This is what He wants.
What you want.
Look at it,
clean, inspiring,
designed perfectly.
This is the best decision ever made.
Father you are right.
One, two, look at you.
Three, four lets walk some more.
There you go!
You must follow in the
footsteps of your father.
You must see it through.
Hmm, thats odd.
Where did he come from?
Hey, thats my backpack!
I cant believe this guy!
This is what happens when
you dont eat for days Price.
Come on, come on.
Everythings still inside.
Why would he take my
backpack and take nothing inside?
Why would he leave it on this rock?
Hey wait!
Why does it smell like bread?
Go ahead eat it.
Why would I, its a rock.
It could be whatever you want it to be.
It smells like fresh sweet roll.
You can do anything here.
If you want it to be
bread then its bread.
Go ahead, take a bite of it.
No, I wont.
If you dont eat it
Ill use it against you.
What do you mean you
would use it against me?
Just what I thought,
Im not scared easily.
You have reached
66 miles.
View ahead.
Pretty steep down there, huh?
Uh, huh.
Where did?
I didnt see you.
Where did you come from?
Its really not that steep.
How long have you been here?
Ive manage to make it
up and down several times.
Uh, yeah,
who are you?
Im Natas.
Nai, N-a
tas, t-a-s.
But I can be whomever you want me to be.
Anything can happen here.
Why would I do that?
Why would I listen to you?
Ive seen this before.
Who are?
If youre truly special
and have a purpose,
why dont you jump down this cliff?
Wont you be saved from
harm since its not your time.
This is not funny.
Im here to help you.
Yeah, I dont believe.
Where did he go?
Why did he do that?
Okay, breathe.
There you are.
But, mother why are you so surprised?
Arent I suppose to be
about my fathers business?
My fathers business.
Thats why youre here.
Thats why youre here.
Ive got to rest.
Just for a few minutes.
Price, remember where you come from.
Its not about you.
Its about Him.
Its you again.
He has assigned you as my messenger?
He has,
and what youre enduring
can be endured through him.
You words are comforting and much needed.
Ill do my best to move on.
Once youre done here
you are to tell the others.
Everyone that believes will have peace.
Show them how to overcome
the madness in the world.
There is power in what is good.
Its you!
You look surprised.
We passed you awhile back, you saw us.
you thought you were alone.
Alone, yes.
Come on, you'll be surprised
youre not alone.
No, it's okay, Im good.
But youre already here.
What do you mean Im already here?
Look around.
Youve reached
66 & 6 miles.
How wonderful it is to have it all.
To be in control of
everything and everybody.
This can happen.
I can make this happen.
Uh, no.
is not what He sent me for.
Why go about your fathers business
when you can go about your own.
About my own business.
Look at what you can have.
I can make this happen.
The prize is within your reach.
Let me show you.
What are these people?
Are you ready to find out?
I dont think I want to do that.
You dont need to worry.
No one here is going to hurt you.
Why do you think theyre
reaching out to you.
I dont know? t.
They dont seem righ.
to the left of me
and Ill show you who they are.
I think you can do that from here.
Lets start from the beginning.
The world is a beautiful place.
With all of its
nature is formed.
The birth of all things.
I can vouch for it
because I was there
I was always there
and I always will be.
But you can have all of this.
Im coming
and have already been here.
Little signs here and there of
people doing this and that.
All a distraction of whats to come.
Not you or anyone can change that.
There is an end to everything.
No one but my father.
I know Him,
I'm from Him
and He
sent me.
Are you okay?
I see them!