Sixteen (2013) Movie Script

'Tobacco use leadsto cancer,
heartattacks, lung disorders..'
'..and otherdeadly diseases.'
'The characters shown
in thisfilm orprogram..'
' notsupportthe use
of any type oftobacco products..'
'..such as Bidi,
cigarettes, Khaini, Zarda etc..'
'..ortheirpromotion in anymanner.'
'Tobacco use leadsto cancer,
heartattacks, lung disorders..'
'..and otherdeadly diseases.'
'The characters shown
in thisfilm orprogram..'
' notsupportthe use
of any type oftobacco products..'
'..such as Bidi,
cigarettes, Khaini, Zarda etc..'
'..ortheirpromotion in anymanner.'
'Human lungsare
made forabsorbingair.'
'Butsome people use
theirlungsto absorb smoke..'
'..from Bidi orcigarettes'
'lfyou squeeze the
lungsof chain smokers..'
' will getenough
tarto cause cancerin a year.'
enough to make you ill...veryill.'
We see 50new patientseveryday.
ln a month around 1000.
80-90%ofmouth cancer
iscaused by chewingtobacco.
Thisis Mukesh's story.
Myname is Mukesh.
l used to consume tobacco.
l have cancer.
l have to undergo an operation.
Maybe lwill never
be able to speak again.
'Unfortunately Mukesh didn'tsurvive.'
'And he wasonly 24 yearsold.'
'Khaini, Paan,
Gutka, Paan Masala are all deadly.'
Mom, l don'twantto meetdad.
lwantto sleep with you.
''We will be successful.''
''We will be successful.''
''We will be successful
someday.'' -Yeah. Where are you?
Yes, l am coming.
''We have thisfaith.''
''Complete faith.''
''We will be successful someday.''
''We will walkhand in hand.''
''We will walkhand in hand.''
''We will walkhand in hand.''
''We are notafraid.''
''We are notafraid.''
''We will walkhand in hand.''
''Today. We are notafraid.'' - Kartik.
Good morning, friends.
Thoughtforthe day.
lf l am notallowed to..
- Ravi. -Yes.
See Gupta madam'sface.
Doesn'tshe seemtense?
Seemslike Mr. Gupta didn't
return home lastnight.
lf she lookshere, she will come here.
Are you okay?
Kartik, please.Thisis school.
The safestplace. -Veryfunny.
Shall we go to the class?
The assemblyisaboutto end.
Principal'slecture has justbegun.
She boresforhalf an hour.
That'swhy lwas saying..
Can'twe talk aboutsomething else?
We have been talking
since so many days.
Whatelse do we talk about?
Discipline isthe onlything..
We know how importantdiscipline is.
Look. See Gupta ma'am.
lndiscipline will notbe tolerated.
Who isthisguy?
New admission.
Siddhant Rajeshwar.
He wasin Doon school earlier.
You are responsible foryouracts,
You didn'tcome forthe assembly.
Where were you?
Notwell. lwashere, in the class.
With whom? Kartikwasalso notwell.
He also had chums?
Okay,tell me.
Whatwere you guysup to?
Nothing, dear.
So what'sthe use
ofleavingyou alone?
Anu didn'tcome?
Even today she musthave
gone on a date with someone.
Shall we call herup?
Whatthe !
l am with Sandy.
Shutup,you moron!
You know that l must
nothave done the homework.
l am depending on you.
on yourown notebook..
..and give itto ma'am.
Okay. Fine.
See you in the dance class.
lwon'tbe late today.
Okay. Bye.
Tell me something.
outthatyou have bunked school..
..and you are with me?
Whatdo l know? They are yourparents.
First,theywill kickyourass.
And then,theywill kickmy ass.
lwill have to endue theirlectures.
And aftera few days,
everythingwill be normal.
Backto school.
So you have thought
of everythingbeforehand.
Dude, it'scalled intelligence.
And l am intelligentenough
to know what'sgood forme.
You wanted to tell me
somethingimportant, right?
lwantto getmy portfolio done.
You told me you have
a photographerfriend.
lwantto be here.
What'sthe hurry?
You are still too young.
And you have time.
Okay.Tell me one thing.
Whatifyou don'tgetthere?
Come whatmay.
l know l have itin me.
Of course,you have itin you.
lwill also saythat
you used to go outwith me.
Come on.You are mybaby. l love you.
How can lforgetyou?
We will reach the top together.
Oh, no!
Whatwere you doingin the car?
Thattoo earlyin the morning.
Don'tyou have any otherworkto do?
We were justgoing.
Lying down on the seat?
Why don'tyou speak?
Whatare you doing? Whatisthis?
l don'ttake bribe. Keep itwith you.
Keep it, uncle. Shouldn't
sayno to the firstcustomer.
You are a Jat? -Yes, uncle.
From where? - Rohtak.
house wasin Rohtak.
We used to go there
in childhood to eatmangoes.
Okay.Tell me. Who is she?
Girlfriend? -Yes, uncle.
Okay. Do one thing.
Parkthe cara little ahead. Fine?
And do whateveryou wantto do.
AVlP carisgoingto
passfromthisway. Okay?
Go. Come on.Take the carahead.
Come on.
Let'smove from here.
Dad said he will buy
me D&G if l score 90%.
Letme tell you..
-Ashwin, l need eco notes.
There isa teston Monday.
And l have no clue.
Mynotesare notcomplete.
Take itfrom somebody else.
Give it, man.
Buddha said believe nothing.
Justbecause the so-called
wise person said it.
Believe nothing.
Justbecause itis
said in ancientbooks.
Believe nothing.
Justbecause itis said
to be of divine origin.
Believe nothing.
Justbecause someone else believesit.
Believe onlywhatyou yourself
testand judge to be true.
Everyreligion claims
to be the ultimate path to God.
hasa differentconcept..
..ofwho orwhatGod is.
God exists.
lf God didn'texist, so many
people wouldn'tbe worshiping Him.
So many people can'tbe dumb.
He is so dumb. Do you know?
You were there forthe debate, right?
With greatdifficulty
l controlled mylaughter.
He justlooked cute.
Tanisha, nobodyisperfect.
Yes. He is justdumb.
Whatto do with brains?
Butyou have dumped
so many guysbefore too.
Some guys score lessmarks.
Some don'tready any
booksbesides school books.
Some don'thave a sense ofhumor.
And the bestis Kunal.
He is such a 16-year-old.
Come on, dear.You are exaggerating.
l mean, l am notaskingformuch.
Justa normal boy.
With good looks,good sense ofhumor.
He should be a little matured.
And veryintelligent.
l am notinterested
in these dumb boys.
Come on. Perfectguysalso exist.
Ashwin isperfect. -Ashwin.
Yuck! Nothim. Okay?
He isin love with you.
- No ways. Okay?
He ismybestguyfriend.That'sit.
You are so innocent, aren'tyou?
ltcan be seen on hisface.
ln bold, capital.
Come on, dear. Please.
Don'tspread such rumorsabouthim.
l have reached mybus stop.
lwill leave. -Okay.
Bye. - Bye.
See you. -See you.
Here, Mr. Kapoor.
Thisis yourfuture home.
l don'tlie.
Shall ltell you something?
Thishouse that l am
showingyou isnota house..
..buta sweethome.
And herniece liveswith her.
That'sit.They are verynice people.
You musthave heard aboutthe riots.
Theirrelativesdied in thatfire.
Since then they are
givingtheirhouse on rent.
Here she comes.
Sister, hello.
Hello. - Hello.
Hello. -We gotlate
because ofthe traffic.
ltold you.
lwill geta very decentpayingguest.
He isa writer.Awriter.
And who can be more
decentthan a writer? Right?
He hascome from London,
to write a book.
He isa nice man.
He ismy acquaintance.
Even ifyou slap him,
he won'tsay anything.Yes.
No.You are also decent.
Whywill you slap him?
Tea? Sister, bringtea.
Yes. Sure. - Excuse me.
lwould like to see
the place firstplease.
Yeah, of course.
lt'son the firstfloor.
Yes, Chotu.Tell me.
l have the key offlatnumber 12.
Do one thing.Tell the partyto wait.
lwill come. Fine?
Mr. Kapoor,you look around.
l have seen it.
lwill come in 10minutes.
Sister, l have discussed
the monetarymatterwith him. Okay?
Will you live alone?
l mean,yourfamily?
No. l am single. -Oh.
lsthata problem?
No. Nota problem.
Akid stayswith you?
Yeah.Tanu. Myniece.
She won'tdisturb you.
She isnotthatsmall.
Writersneed peace. l know.
How manywritersdo you know?
lf lwanted peace,
lwould have lived in the hills.
lwouldn'thave come here.
lwantto see Delhi closely.
lwantto be surrounded
bythe vitality ofthe city.
lwantto experience it.
When did you come from London?
- 10 days.
You know,
lthink l am gettinga little late.
Hi. - Hi.
So, how do you like the place?
Why do you do that?
lt'sfine. Old man waslustful.
l am so sexy, right?
You are so cheap.
He is so old. Whatwill he do?
Justimagine. Sex while
doing'Kathak' (lndian dance).
Thatwould be cool, right?
There isa boyin the house.
God! You desperate girls.
Haven'tyou everseen a guy?
Please. He isawesome.
lguesshe is Kamatmadam's son.
Where isma'am? - l don'tknow.
Mom had called up.
She will be here in 10minutes.
Meanwhile, revise yourchapter.
Excuse me.
we couldn'tunderstand an equation.
So can you please help usout?
Sorry. l studyfilmmaking.
Didn'tyou pass your 11th?
Haven'tyou seen those boards?
Failed 7th, 8th, 9th standard.
And pass 12th directly.
So you will make serials, right?
Those daughter-in-law
and mother-in-law types.
Haven'tyou seen anything
beyond Bollywood?
He ishot.
Buthe hasa lotof attitude.
Did he kiss you?
lshe a good kisser?
l don'tknow.
lwill know when l
will kiss someone else.
l mean, l have no pointof comparison.
lfyou want, l can getyou someone.
Forwhat? - Forcomparison.
Thatwould be fun.
Okay.Tell me.
When do you plan to do the real thing?
Notnow. l am notready yet.
You will die a virgin.
lt's justthat lwill do it. But
atthe righttime, atthe rightplace.
lwill do it.
Come on.Justcutthiscrap.
You can do itanytime, anywhere.
Like we have done itin the car.
Gross. How did your
legsfitin the backseat?
You'll learn.You'll learn.
Okay, Ms.Virgin. Wantto go to disco?
Dumb, atnight.
lsthata joke? - No.
Same thing.
Desperate. Call himtoo.
Butmymom won'tallow me atnight.
Why do you always
harp on mom like a kid?
Grow up.
You should notalways
tell yourmomthe truth.
lt'snotgood foryourhealth.
Tomorrow isSaturday. No school.
He iscoming.
lwantto talkto you.
Rishi, stop buggingme.
Why are you doingthis?
Anu, don'tbe a witch.
-Shutup,you dog.
He is still afteryou?
Whatishe saying?
Why did you dump me?
Why did you dump me?
Why did you dump me?
Why did you dump him?
l don'tremember. 2 months.
How many did you dump afterhim?
Shutup. l am notso bad.
Let'sgo. Otherwise this
scoundrel will come back.
Whatare you doinghere?
You guys sit. lwill justcome.
Here.Youreco notes.
Thankyou so much foryourkindness,
Your Majesty.
Keep itwith you. Nidhigave itto me.
Come on,Tanisha.
l have especially
come to give itto you.
Atthattime lwasa little upset.
Whywere you upset?
Justlike that.
Yes,tell me,Anu.Tonight?
ls Nidhi coming?
Okay. Done.
Listen,Ashwin isalso coming.
Don'tbe mean. Okay?
Bye. Okay. Bye.
l am going. Fine? Bye.
Come here. Sit.
Man,what's yourproblem?
l mean,firstyou show attitude.
And then you say you were upset.
And then you don'teven tell
me the reason why you were upset.
l am so confused.
Whatdo you wantin life?
l love you.
l don'tdeserve you.
l amtalkingto you.
Oh God!
You can be so irritating, man.
Forgetit. What'sthe
use ofbeingangrywith you?
Wantto come to the disco?
l don'thave money.
l also don'thave it.
Whatare Anu and herboytriendsfor?
Butwill yourdad allow?
To hell with him.
He saysonly one thing.
You have to do lAS.
You have to do lAS.
l amfed up.
Tell him it'senough
thatyou clearyour 11th.
l know. lwill be happy
to join a call center. Butdad..
lsthere longterm
scope in a call center?
Tanisha, longterm istoo long.
Mom,Anu iscomingto pickme up.
lwill stayin her
house forthe night.
Will you study orhave fun? - Both.
Fine. Butreturn early
in the morning. -Okay.
Where are you going?
l am goingto the disco with Anu.
Don'ttell mama. Okay?
We are going.
You know we are going
to have so much offun.
Who ishe?
Hi. - Hi.
He isour PG.
Come on. Hurryup.
Orelse we will be late.
Yes. Come on.
Notatall meansnotatall. No.
lwon'tallow it.
Everyday you getto
see something on the TV.
There are so many cases.
Butyou are notatall worried.
She isourdaughter,
Yes,Anu. l am notcoming.
Nidhi. -One moment.
Yes, dad? -Go and getready.
Okay. l am gettingready. Come soon.
You justremain good
in frontofthe kids.
And make me lookbad.
Lookinghot, sis.
Rahul! -Thanks.
See today'sbrothers..
Yes,Anu. Okay. l am coming.
Anu hascome downstairs.
l am going. - Return before 12.
But, mom.. -You won't
stay atherplace forthe night.
She isthe one who is spoilingyou.
Bye, dad. Bye, Rahul.
Nidhi, one moment.
lwill drop you downstairs.
Dear,there isno need
to tell you everything.
l know you will neverletme down.
You can trustme, papa.
Here. -Thankyou, papa.
And yes, return home before 12.
Orelse both of uswill be beaten.
lwill come, papa. Now you
also don'tactlike mama. Please.
Okay. Bye. -Okay. Bye.Take care.
Tryit, babes.You live only once.
No. -Come on.
Justone sip.Taste itand see.
Yuck. lt's so bitter.
How do you guysdrinkit?
Drinkitasa tonic. -Shutup.
l don'tlike itand all.
Hey,Anu. - Hey.
Thisis Akash.Akash,thisis Anu.
Hi. - Hi. Nice to meetyou.
Anu wants to getherportfolio done.
Sure.Take mynumberfrom
Sandy and call me tomorrow.
Okay. -Cool.
Let'sgo inside. Come on.
''There liesa thin
line between you and me.''
''On this side isfriendship.''
''On thatside love.''
''l have to crossthisline.''
''l need to take thatstep.''
''Butit'sgoingto me
all the dayfrustrating.''
''And justbeen waiting.''
''Forme on the style.''
''Forme to make the firstmove.''
''Maybe baby you are only a love.''
''Buttrue love.''
''The way yourbodymoves.''
''Maybe baby you don'trealize.''
''Thattrue love.''
''The way yourbodymoves.''
''Maybe baby, baby, baby.''
''Maybe baby, baby, baby.''
''Maybe baby, baby, baby.''
''Maybe baby, baby, baby.''
Kartik, do you think
mothershave a sixth sense?
You are notlistening
to what l am saying.
l am listening.
Do you know?
Since the time she has seen us..
..atthe parents-teachermeeting..
..she islike, ''Stay awayfrom boys.''
''Concentrate on yourstudies.''
lthink she haseven told dad.
Kartik,you are notinterested
in what l am saying, right?
Go on. l am listening.
Kartik, no.
Stop it, Kartik.
Whatthe hell!
- l didn'tdo itpurposely.
You witch! - Kartik.
Listen, Kartik.
''l need to take thatstep.''
When he had to puke,
why did he drink so much?
Wasted it.
You know how much thatbeercost?
Are you okay?
Chill, babes. He isa desperate guy.
He won'tgo anywhere.
He isdesperate.
That'swhyhe will go away.
He can sleep with any girl he wants.
Come on. He isnotthathot.
He is. - Even you are
notrespondingto hisheat.
Where are you comingfrom?
Group studies.
lwas studyingatTanisha'shouse.
Come here.
You were studying?
Come on.
Go to hell.
Applyita bit.Justa bit.
Why do you do this?
You know, don'tyou?
He doesn'tlike this.
He doesn'tlike anything.
Apply a bit. - Enough. lt'sdone.
Go to sleep.
Will you eatsomething?
l alreadyhad a lot.
Finance ministersure
of9%growth in GDP.
Anotherfarmersuicide in Maharashtra.
lndian battingfailed again.
Goa, Kerala beststates
in which to be born in lndia.
...isa must.
ltwill notonlyincrease yourGK..
..butalso improve yourlanguage.
And you will understand
life in a betterway.
Butdad, even on the TV..
- Noton TV. Noton TV.
Reading. Reading.
To become lAS..
Show me.
and dancingin the disco.
All thisisn'tforyou.
There are billionaires'
and politicians' sonsforthat.
Even ifthey commitmurder,
You don'thave to be
a spoiltbratlike them.
You have to become lAS.
Whatdid you drinklastnight?
36-year-old handsome
and rich bachelor.
Lookingfora soul mate. Soundsnice.
Show me.
Yes. Bynow he must
be married and havingkids.
lt'stwo yearsold newspaper.
Shall l bringthisSunday'snewspaper?
-Shall l hityou?
Will he do?
Are you comfortable here?
Thisplace is justperfect.
So Tanisha, do you like reading?
One minute please.
Hello. Hi.
l love reading.
And lwould love to read yourbook.
Afterme and my editor,you
will be the firstperson to read it.
'To Kill A Mockingbird'.
No. l didn'tread it.
Okay,Vikram.Tell me.
How did you become a writer?
l had nothing else to do.
You alwaysknew?
l alwaysknew that lwas
too lazyto do anything else.
You are kidding?
No, l am not.
l mean,you also have to toil a lot.
Yes. But l didn'tknow
thatbefore l became a writer.
Hey! Whathappened?
Nothing. l slipped in the bathroom.
Who beatyou?
He slipped. -Oh!
He didn'tslip. Uncle beathim.
He didn'tletthe entire sectorsleep.
Uncle thrashed him verybadly.
And who isthatwitch?
We are nottalking.
Because of daybefore
Poorguy.You wasted
hiseffortsof so many days.
Poorguyisbound to be angry.
Shutup.You are myfriend orhis?
Come on. Grow up, babes.
Boysare like that.
That'show boysare.
They onlywantone thing.
Girlsalso wantthatone thing.
Then why don'tyou
wantthatone thing?
Come on. Notlike that.
lt'snota sin.
You are not Mother Mary.
Dear, it'snotthat. lt's just
thatfirsttime should be special.
Forgetit, babes.
There'snothingspecial aboutit.
lt's justhormones.
Sexisthe mostoverrated
thingin thisworld.
Come on. - Please don't
spoil forme. Really.
Whatdo you say? Shall lgo? -Go.
l know you are angry.
l sentyou an SMS.
And lwrote on yourwall too.
ltold you l am sorry.
lthink l need a break.
Why are you beingso stubborn?
lsthatthe onlythingbetween us?
There isnothingbetween us.
Kartik, listen.
''Tearsroll down faircheeks.''
''There isno control overmybreaths.''
''lt'spainingalthough l am nothurt.''
''On mymind and heart.''
Have Kartik and Nidhi broken up?
l haven'tseen them
togethersince a longtime.
Witch. She musthave dumped him.
Kartikhasdumped her.
She wasn'tdoingitwith him.
''Bad habitsplaynew ruses.''
''All effortswere in vain.''
''Bad habitsplaynew ruses.''
''All effortswere in vain.''
''On mymind and heart.''
ln a process.
And one leadsto another.
Did you read the
bookthat lgave you?
Yup. But l didn'tfinish it.
lthinkyou should.
lt'sa greatpiece ofliterature.
They are talkingaboutrelations.
Butall black characters
are stereotypical.
lthinkit'sa melodramatic,
overhyped book.
Butthanks, anyway.
Whatcan we say?
''Life seemsvery short.''
''All dreams l have to fulfill.''
''Life seemsvery short.''
''All dreams l have to fulfill.''
''Time ispassing
''On mymind and heart.''
There are so many people.
''Quarrels.'' - Nidhi, passme the ties.
Nidhi, passme the ties. -''Quarrels.''
Sister, papa'sties.
Rahul,getmymobile from outside.
-Okay, dad.
Nidhi, are you okay? -Yes, papa.
You can tell me. Whathappened?
Any problem in school?
lt'sokayifyou fail.
Don'ttake too much pressure.
No, dad.
Boytriend troubles?
Please, dad.
Don'ttrouble yourmama atall. Okay?
Okay, dad. - Don'tdo anymischief.
Bye, dad. -Whathappened?
lfthere isany problem,
call me up. Fine?
ltwill remain a secretbetween us.
Bye. Bye.
lthinkhe isa virgin.
Maybe he waswaiting
forme all thiswhile.
He can talk about
anythingin thisworld.
He is so intelligent.You know?
He iswhat l call a man.
Whatisthis? Okay. lwill leave now.
Neelu ma'am had called.
Are you coming? - No.You go.
Okay. Bye.
Nowadays Kartikis
notto be seen with you.
Any problem?
Go wax your legs,witch.
Chill, babe.
l am askingjustasa friend.
Look,we all knew
he istoo good foryou.
Leave! -Yeah!
Hi, Kartik. - Hi.
Listen, l don'twant
to talk abouther.
Dude,you were never
interested in talking.
You were justinterested in screwing.
Don'tsaythatto me. l am not Nidhi.
Nidhi isacceptinghermistake.
She has sentyou?
What'sthe hurry?
Understand herpointofview too.
You do notunderstand heratall.
l need sex and l am willing
to give up on love forit.
Typical guysattitude.
Do you know how sensitive she is?
Do you reallylove her?
''Love. Love. Love.''
Whatdo you think?
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''We are afraid and
yetwe wantto love.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''We are afraid and
yetwe wantto love.''
''We don'tcare aboutthe outcome.''
''Now there isno fear.''
''Savorit. Savorit. Savorit.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Savorit. Savorit. Savorit.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Savorit. Savorit. Savoritnow.''
''lt'stime to love.''
''Whatisrightand whatiswrong?''
''Whyto worry aboutthat?''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Love. Love. Love.''
''Plunge and see.''
''Learn to swim.''
''lt'stime to fly.''
''Whatisrightand whatiswrong?''
''Whyto worry aboutthat?''
Yes, let'sgo day aftertomorrow.
Yeah. ltwill be fun.
Hi, dad. - Hi, sweetheart.
No, no. l have neverbeen there.
Yes,Anu ishere. Here.Talkto her.
Hi, uncle.
No. Nexttime. Okay?
Sure. Soon.
Take care. Bye.
Akhil is sayinglet's
go to Mathura on Sunday.
Yes, let'sgo.
Anu. - No, dad.
l have myteston Tuesday.
Pray on mybehalftoo.
Okay.Tell me.
Whatwill you have fordinner?
Poor Ramesh iswaitingforso long.
Potato and cottage cheese.
No, dad.
Cottage cheese is so fattening.
Yourcholesterol will rise.
Corn peas.
- Nota bad idea.Alright.
We did it.Athisfriend'sfarmhouse.
Yeah. Hold on. Waita minute.
Wow! How wasit?
Good. Buthe messed up really soon.
Oh my God!
Anyway, l am reallyhappyforyou.
l know itwas you.
Kartiktold me.
l didn'twantto.
Butaslongas you
Anythingfora good cause.
Okay. Now hangup.
Todaymom and dad are athome.
l need to spend some time with them.
Take care.
Happy anniversary ofvirginity.
Okay. Bye. - Bye.
13 marks?
That'swhy l have enrolled
you in such an expensive school?
You came firstin 8th standard.
You gota cup.
And you won the battle oflife.
lsthishow you will do your lES?
lfyou don'twantto study,
lwill send you to a mechanic shop.
Mr. Sinha's son is
an all lndia topper.
Competition hasbecome so tough.
With these marks you won't
getadmission even in a lousy college.
Say something.
Serve dinner.
l don'tthinkit'sworking outforme.
l reallylike you.
You are a wonderful person.
l mean, am l notintelligentenough?
Am l notgood-looking?
We are notcompatible.
Compatible meaninghow?
See,you are still in school.
And you are notexposed.
Nextto nextyear l
am goingto go to college.
There are many otherthings.
What? Tell me.
Look,we had gone to Habitat
centre to watch a film.
And you were talking.
Eitheryou wanted to kissortalk.
lthoughtyou also wanted to kiss.
l mean, l couldn't
understand thatfilm.
And lwasasking
you aboutthe film only.
Ourmusictaste is
also very different.
You puton yourheadphone and listen.
lwill puton myheadphone and listen.
What'sthe big deal?
You don'tunderstand.
We are notrightforeach other.
Can we talk aboutthis?
Tanisha, l reallylike you.
lwanted to fall in love with you.
Butyou are notthe perfectperson.
Butno one isperfect, right, Sameer?
l knew.You won'tunderstand.
You have light?
You need lightorspace?
Love and all that.
Hello. l am 16.
Can someone be perfect?
l haven'tseen a perfectperson.
Butyou have also
notseen the whole world.
There are more things
in heaven and earth, Horatio..
..than are dreamt
ofin yourphilosophy.
That's.. - Hamlet.
l know.
You will find someone special.
lfound him with
such greatdifficulty.
Whatkind ofmusic do you like?
l like music..
- Have you everdumped someone..
..justbecause your
taste in music isdifferent?
Gotto go.
lt'sgood, dear. Havingfun today.
Shall l make it? -Who will eatthen?
Shutup. Kartik can cook.
lfhe messesup, only you will eatit.
He will cookgood.
Kartik can do anything.
Don'tgetme into trouble.
Hi. - Hey.
Please come and join usforthe party.
lthink l am okay.
lthoughtyou wanted
to be surrounded..
..bythe vitality ofthe city.
Could talentlive athome and thrive.
Could talentlive athome and thrive.
Why should the Badakhshan
Albeitin Deccan,
Zauq,the Muse commandsrespect.
Who would quitthe lanes
of Delhi and sufferexile?
Wow! Wow! Wow!
There should be a dictator
in ourcountrytoo. Like Hitler.
He killed more than 60000people.
l mean, a betterversion.
Rahul Gandhi is so cute, isn'the?
Freud was justtoo obsessed with sex.
Don'twe all have the Oedipuscomplex?
l hate green vegetables.
l know a lotofpublishers.
l can introduce you to them.
Thatwill be nice.Thankyou.
90%isnothingthese days.
You won'teven be allowed
to entergood colleges.
You need atleast94%.
lfyou don'tgetit,
you should commitsuicide?
Are you mad?
Truth ordare?
When yourfirstbookwasa flop,
how did you feel?
Greatestday ofmylife.
Yeah.And you thanked your
parentsand yourteachers. Right?
Do a hotdance.
Come on.
Do striptease.
-Aunt, it's justa game.
Orelse you do it, aunt.
Okay,guys. - l also wantto..
See you. -So soon? -Gotto go.
Whathappened? Dad?
Hisdad isvery strict.
He islucky.
l had to reach home before 8 o'clock.
Seriously. l hated my dad forit.
But l don'thate him.
Goodnight. -Goodnight.
Your PG ishot.
He seemsintelligenttoo.
- He istryingto flirta lottoo.
Maybe he is yourperfectguy?
He isuncle.
Goodnight. -Goodnight.
lndo-Paktalksin Kashmirfail again.
Both nationsblame each other.
Obama describes Manmohan
Singh asa wise,wonderful man.
Mob furykills 3 Dalits.
Latestsex surveyreveals
thatmost lndian married men..
..have sex thrice a week.
Nowadayswe can'teven let
ourchildren read the newspaper.
l hate her.
Whatdo theythink ofthemselves?
AskAnu whethershe will
do thiskind ofmodeling.
She won'teven charge
forthiskind ofmodeling.
Come here.
You don'ttalkto us.
You alwaysclingto Tanisha.
Do one thing.
lnvite herforthe party.
lwill pay. But lwill have fun too.
Me too. - Me too.
You justdance and
make herreadyforme.
Why do you fightwhen
you don'thave the strength?
lt'sokay. Chill.
They are justidiots.
Shall we do one thing? -What?
Shall we bunk? -When?
''lt's you. lt'sonly you.''
''lt'sonly you.''
''You are with me.''
''lt'sonly you.''
''lt'sonly you.''
''You are my God.''
''You are my God.''
''Eco, algebra, inflation, literature.''
''Questions, problems.''
''This spittingand bunking.''
''lt'sall fun.''
''lt'sonly you.''
''lt'sonly you.''
''lt'sonly you.''
''You are with me.''
''So everythingisgood.''
Thatwasfun, man.
Let'sdo iteveryweek.
We can do itdailytoo.
We don'thave any otherworkto do.
Will you eat? -What?
Chocolate bar.
l don'thave money, dear. ltgotover.
Why do you irritate me time and again?
l asked forice-cream, notformoney.
Sorry. -Chill.
Give me two chocolate bars.
What? No. Nothing.
-So why aren'tyou eating?
How can chocolate barnotbe good?
Tanisha, lwantto talkto you.
The otherday lwasasking
you on the phone. -What?
'Jaane Tu'film.
ltwasokay. But lmran wascute.
Tanisha,waita minute.
Tell me.
Look,what lwas sayingis
thatyou and l are also good friends.
so...can we..
l mean..
Tanisha, actually,
lwanted to tell you that..
l love you.
- l love you too.
Notfriendly l love you.
l amtalkingaboutreal l love you.
Man,thisisthe problem with boys.
Why do you alwaysthink
in the same direction?
Look,we are bestfriends. Okay?
And l love you.
l reallylove you a lot.
But l can'tthink
ofyou in thatsense.
Hope you understand. Okay?
And please stop watching
romantic movies.
Watch good movies.
Tanish, l am sorry. -Shutup.
You don'tneed to say sorry. Okay?
lt'sokay. lthappens.
We are still bestfriends. Right?
See you in school tomorrow. Bye.
How wasthe date?
He proposed to me.
Finally! - ltold you so.
Shutup. -So are you
guysgoingaround now?
Are you crazy? l refused.
The guy you don'tlove is
alwaysthe one who proposes you.
Whatare you doinghere?
You have come on
top to relieve yourself?
Will you drench Delhi?
Since when have you
been studyingthis?
Since when?
lsthiswhatyou are studying?
- Letitbe.
l.. -Go out. Go out.
Come on.
Since when isthisgoing on?
Whatisthis? Say something.
Yes,Anu. What?
-Ashwin killed hisdad. -What?
The boyhasguts.
- Hatsoff. -That'strue.
Where isTanisha? - Don'tknow.
lguess she wentthatway.
Whathappened? Whathashe done?
Don'tknow. He justdisappeared.
He isnowhere to be found.
He did all thisbecause ofme.
l could see itin hiseyes.
He wascompletelybroken hearted.
l even tried hisphone lastnight.
Butnobody picked up.
He loved me.And l ruined him.
How can anyone kill hisown dad?
Afatherisa fatherafterall.
Maybe hisfatherdeserved it.
Shutup. Whatever. He has sired him.
You read so manytimes.
l don'tbelieve it.
How can anyone do so to hisfamily?
They do.
One ofmy cousins.
He tried iton me. -Who?
l still considerhim mybrother.
Will you guysplease shutup?
lgota call from yournumber.
To which place does
Who wasit?
Aunt, lgota missed call
from New Delhi railway station.
We are goingthere. -Okay.
Take care.
- l'll take them. l'll take them.
So tell me,Tanisha.
Do you love him?
lwish l did.
Maybe, he hasn'tcommitted the murder.
So whyishe on the run?
The police mustbe implicatinghim.
Yes, itis so common.
- l know he hasdone it.
You justneed an
excuse to feel guilty.
Stop actinglike the most
importantgirl in the world.
Karthik says so.
Will you evergrow up?
Ashwin grew up overnight.
All of ushave grown up. Except Nidhi.
Hello. l am verymature.
Really? You tell me.
Has she said anythingmature.. all thiswhile?
Asifyou people have.
'The second over.
He puta towel in histrousers.'
He wasin yourclass, right?
Did you know him?
Of course, he wasin my class.
l mean washe yourfriend. - He was.
Did he fightin school aswell?
Did he everthreaten you?
Hisdad used to beathim all the time.
He would harasshim all the time.
So he used to beathim
forhisown good, right?
Now thatdoesn'tmean
you kill yourown father.
lndia hasbecome America now.
l mean you can'ttell
anythingto yourkidseither.
Mom,you harass sistera lot.
Go. Go and study.
'Ravi ShankarJha'swife Nirja
Jha hasconfessed to hercrime..'
' Ravi Shankarmurdercase.'
Butthe police thinksthat
she isdoingso to save herson..
..Ashwin Jha.
Ashwin Jha hasbeen missing
the nightofthe murder.
The jacketseemsnice.
ltwill lookbetteron us.
Come on.Take itoff.
Whom have you murdered?
'l am standinghere in
Ashwin Jha'sneighbourhood.'
'Here criminalsare active.'
'When an ordinaryman steals
the brain of a sharp person?'
Ashwin Jha. Where did you find him?
Pandey,getsome tea.
you are all overthe television.
'Accordingto the feed justreceived,
a 60 yearelderlyman's...'
'Dead bodyhasbeen found.'
'Thisnewsis shocking.' -Sit.
We are creatinga gang.Join us.
We'll share whatwe earn.
Brother,thisaddress... - Hey. Stop.
My cell phone.
Move it. Move it.
Stop. Stop. Someone catch him.
l have gota phone foryou.
Nice, isn'tit? - lt's superb.
Thisis Mr.Jha. Myfriend.
- Hello.
Shall l introduce himto Seema?
She's Babita'sfriend.
boytriend from a big city.
lfyou say, shall l speakto her?
Why? Do you have a girl in Delhi?
Look, ltookyourpicture.
When you were goingto the market...
l did it. l am lookinggood.
You're beautiful. -Yes. - ltold you.
Love you,Aakash. - Love you too.
All because ofyou.
Guys, don'ttake me forcibly.
You've gotguys. Okay?
And l have no one. l had Ashwin.
Please, buddy.
We are goingafterso many days.
Have called someone foryou aswell.
- l don'tlike these hunksand all.
Aman should have some brains.
So you should've called youruncle.
ls Aakash coming? -Aakash wasbusy.
-Who isShrey?
Someone l meton facebook.
Hi,Anu. How cheap can one get?
You came and flirted with me, right?
And said that lwas so cute.
l have gotmy glassescorrected.
''We've lostourselves
in all the madness.''
''Ourbrainshave gone numb.''
''We've lostourselves
in all the madness.''
''Ourbrainshave gone numb.''
''We have gone numb and are sloshed.''
''We have gone numb and are sloshed.''
''We are high. We are high.''
''We are high. We are high.''
''Pressure. Pressure.
Thisisthe pressure of addiction.''
''Getme some addiction. l crave it.''
''l crave it. l crave it.''
''Letme lose myself.
Letme lose myself. ln youreyes.''
''Letme lose myself.
Letme lose myself. ln youreyes.''
''Do whateveryou wantwith me.
l am ready.''
''We are high. We are high.''
''We are high. We are high.''
''We are high. We are high.''
''We are high. We are high.''
Should ltell mom?
-She'll be hurt.
Yourdad ishot.
Shall l drive?
- No. We wantto reach home.
Come on. Letme drive.
We had so much fun in the party,
ButAman wasreallybad.Yuck.
Are you listening?
Can you walkto your
room orshould we drop you?
l can go on my own. Okay.
Ouch. - l can see that.
Go on,guys. l amfine. Okay.
Good night. - Bye. - Bye.
Darn it.
Why are you clinging on to me?
Leave me.
Leave me.
Move yourstep.
l am sloshed. -That'sokay.
Move yourfeet.
Step out.
l have an idea foryou.
lt'll make you rich and famous.
What? -Write a book on me.
lthinkwe should go in.
- No. No.
Don'tcome nearme.
l am cursed.
No.You are beautiful.
Am l?
Come on.
-Come on, let's sit.
Scared ofme?
You scared ofme?
No. Why?
Because l know thatyou
like watchingme from yourroom.
Now you're scared.
Scared, aren'tyou?
lwon'ttell aunt.
You're a nice guy.
l like you.
Here. lt'saunt.
Hello, aunt.
l am outside waitingforyou.
Tanu,you are here, dear.
Come on.
You alright?
Are you alright? -Yes.
Mom, lwantto discuss
somethingimportantwith you.
l know. lt'saboutyourdad.
He had called up.Take iteasy.
You're a grown up now.
We'll talkin the morning.
Don'tworry. We'll talk aboutit.
Hello. - Hello, brother.
Hey, itmustbe late in the night.
Whattime isitthere?
- lt's 2 o'clock.
So tell me. What'shappening?
l miss you too.Are mom, dad around?
No.They are out.
So are studying or justhavingfun?
Havingfun. - l knew it.
So how are yourboytriendsdoing?
Who are you torturingthese days?
- No one.
Okay, listen.
lgotto go. l'll talkto you later.
Okay.Take care. - Bye. - Bye.
Come in. Keep itthere.
Oh. lt's you.
lthoughtitwasthe maid.
Well, l came to say
That'sperfectly okay. Sit.
ljusthad. -Are you sure?
So you had a greattime lastnight.
Yes, it's Anu'sfirst
So she wanted to celebrate.
l'm sorryif l said something.
You did say something.
l am joking.
Whatare yourplansforthe day?
No plans.
Sleep and study. -Sleep and study?
Greatplan. Will you come with me?
Bali Marang. -Where isthat?
Today Ramesh Chabbra
hashispainting exhibition.
At Habibatcenter.
He hasalso invited
me forthe partytonight.
l'll notbe able to make ittonight.
l have an investorsmeet.
Bythe way,
Rashmi called up yesterday.
How is she? -Oh, she isdoinggreat.
ln fact, she'sthinking
of settling down in Toronto only.
With Narain. -Great.
Sorry.Justto draw yourattention.
Will anyone tell me?
What'shappeningin ourhouse?
Thisisno wayto talk.
Thisisnotthe way, dear.
Whythe hell are you
guysactinglike that..
Dear. Listen to me.
Dear,yourdad told
me aboutlastnight.
Whatdid he tell you?
Thathe waswith Saloni.
Mom,theywere kissing.
Look dear.
Listen to me very calmlynow.
You know Akhil uncle?
-Yourfriend. Why?
He isnot justmyfriend.
We are in a relationship.
See,yourdad and
l had an open marriage..
..eversince you were very young.
Butwe cared foryou.
We neverwanted to hurtyou, dear.
Justtry and understand.
Don'ttake uswrong.
Dear, are you alright? Dear, please.
Thisis Ballimaran.
And thatused to be ourhouse.
Had l been born 150 yearsago..
..Galib would have been myneighbor.
- Really?
lwill show you.
That'smy school.
Oh! -Come.
l used to come here everyday
from Ballimaran on a cycle.
And she would come on foot.
She wasa yearelderto me.
And lwould follow
heron my cycle everyday.
Why? She wouldn't
give you anyimportance?
She would.
She also wanted me to talkto her.
l see.And then?
You know when first
time we fall in love..
..lwas so happy.
With greatdifficulty l
fixed a date through herfriend.
We had to meetthe nextday.
Butshe didn'tcome.
Why do you wantto know? Let'sgo.
Tell me.
lt'sgetting exciting.
She nevercame. -Why?
Herdead bodywasfound after3 days.
She wasgang-raped and then killed.
l am so sorry,Vikram.
Delhi isnota cityforwomen.
Did you like my story?
Total Bollywood stuff.
Should ltryitin Mumbai?
You were tellingme a story?
-Of course.
And you started crying.
Delhi isnota cityforwomen.
l am so sorry,Vikram.
Shutup. Okay?
The firsttime l came here,
dad waswith me.
l cried a lotatthe
lightand sound show.
lwasnoteven one yearold.
That'swhataunttold me.
Afterthat, dad passed away. So..
Dipti told me...
Myluckis such.
And a day priorto it
lsitbecause ofthataccident..
..thatyou thinkyou are cursed?
Lastnightyou told me.
Maybe lwastoo drunk.
l don'tknow why..
..lfeel asif someone
is staringatme.
And wheneversomething
good isgoingto happen..
..he ruinsit.
l know.
You feel asifnothing
isevergoingto go right.
Butdon'tblame yourselfforit.
Life hasitsdifferent
waysof screwingusup.
Not justyou,
he is staringatall of us.
How did you come so earlytoday?
Justlike that.
lwasgettingbored athome.
lfeel so lonely attimes.
There isno one l can talkto.
Come on. We are bestfriends.
You can alwaystalkto me.
Come on. Wipe yourface.
The dance classisgoingto begin.
Sirmustbe waitingforyou.
Screw him. - He would love that.
No. l am notin the mood.
Then mom said they are
havingan open marriage.
lwasalso shocked.
l am very angrywith them.
lwas so proud ofthem.
Since childhood you have
an image ofyourparents.
Theymusttake care ofit.
Because when thatimage breaks,
You lose yourrespectforthem.
You actuallybegin to hate them.
You are right.
My dad is supercool.
And lwill neverlethim down.
She is so embarrassing.
Thank God forgiving
you a good father.
Otherwise nowadays you
don'tgetto see good fathers.
Butyou also sleep around, right?
My doingitisokay. l am young.
They are parents, dear.
Theywere supposed to be in love.
Maybe they are.
Vikram. -Yes.
Tell me something.
Why did you bringme with you?
l enjoy yourcompany.
lsthatthe onlyreason?
Whatdo you feel?
You eldersare such hypocrites.
You thinkwe don'tknow anything.
We are kids, right?
lt'shigh time. Okay?
Stop treatinguslike small kids.
l am nota kid.
And you know thatverywell.
Whatare you talkingabout?
Tanisha.Alittle girl
in thisbigbad world.
hita bigstorm one day.
Someday soon.
l have read everything
on yourlaptop.
You watch me from yourroom.
And you write all thataboutme.
Say something.
l see Roshni in you.
Thatstory ltold'snota story.
ltwasall true.
Thatdaywhen l saw
you the firsttime..
..lfelt l am seeing Roshni.
Justone look atyou
and l decided to stay.
l don'tknow whatthe similarityis.
You don'tlooklike her.
Butthere is...
...there is something..
between the both ofyou.
You remind me ofher.
lwanted to be around you.
lwanted to see you everyday.
lwanted to talkto you.
l know thisis soundinga bitweird.
...l couldn'tstop myself.
Some people saythat
there isnothing.. a coincidence in thisworld.
You reminded me so strongly
ofherthat lwanted to know.
lsthere somethingmore to this?
lsthere a deepermeaning?
Will thiscoincidence mean anything?
l don'tknow if..
''Letme walkwith you like that.''
''Let'smake the momentsradiant.''
''Letitbe vague.''
''Letitbe hazy.''
''Letmy dreamsbe withoutyou.''
''Letmyheartdo asitpleases.''
''On the path offriendship.''
''Let'swalk astwo individuals.''
''Blithe. We are carefree.''
''Let'shold ourdreamstightly.''
''We started livingin love.''
''And distance started disappearing.''
''We started becoming carefree.''
''And hopes started soaring.''
How old are you? -Why?
To decide thatyou
are nota pedophiliac.
What? Do l looklike one?
Nowadayspeople are nottrustworthy.
People have multiple personalities.
Okay. Letme guess.
32. - Exactly double my age.
How manywomen have you sleptwith?
lfyou don'twantto tell me,
it'sokay. lwon'tforce you.
l love MJ.
Washe a pedophiliac?
God resthis soul.
lwaswonderingsince many days.
You didn'ttell us.
Did you like it?
Did you like killingyourfather?
You see, l have nevermurdered anyone.
You musthave smashed hishead.
ltmusthave made a noise.
You musthave enjoyed it.
He killed hisfather.
He musthave feltbad.
He musthave had a reason.
Musthave fulfilled all hisdesires.
You tookittoo seriously.
Come on, sweetheart.
See you tomorrow in school.
l am scared. -Whathappened?
l haven'tgotmy period
since two months. - Damn.
You didn'tuse protection?
Katrik said he hasgood self-control.
Where are we going? -To the chemist.
To geta self-testkit.
- lwantto go home.
Nidhi, are you mad?
lf somethingiswrong,
let'stake corrective measures. Okay?
ltwon'tbe. l am sure.
of stresstoo, right?
ltwon'tbe. Butstill, let'stestit.
No. l don'twantto do it. l am okay.
l am going. Bye.
Whynot? -Anu,
why are you insistingso much?
How much? - Rs.60.
So...who isthe daddy?
Notyou. Obviously.
One moment.
You did nottell me
why you dumped me.
Rishi, lwanted to be polite.
Butsince you insist,
l dumped you because you are small.
And l am nottalking
Why do you guysworry?
ltold you lwill handle it.
You are talkingasifyou
have gotitdone 10 timesbefore.
lwill askVikram.
Don'tbe crazy. Men don't
know anythingaboutthese things.
l said lwill take care ofit.
And...temperature set.
Have you been cookingsince childhood?
Are you crazy?
l had to learn it
when lwentto London.
Athome mom wouldn't
even letme enterthe kitchen.
One moment. l hope you like this.
Bythe way,
doesTanisha like Continental?
Vikram, it'sreally
nice to have you here.
Since yourarrival things seem stable.
Tanisha also likes you a lot.
She doesn'tsayit.
Butshe missesherfather.
Don'tbake itformore
than 30minutes. -Yes.
And...lwill justcome.
l have to make an important
phone call. -Yes.
also gotitdone from here.
Guys, don'tworry.
She will be alright.
You lookmore worried than us.
some complications.
Shiftherto a biggerhospital.
No need to be afraid.
Attimesthere are
complicationsin such cases.
Rs.10000 advance.
How is she?
You will have to sign
asherguardian. -Okay.
She ismyniece.
We will have to tell herparents.
Theywill keep herin the
hospital foratleast2 days.
Are you mad? No ways.
Do doctorsdischarge
someone so quickly?
They also have to make money.
She hasinformed themforone day.
Afterthatwe need a valid excuse.
lt'sentirely yourfault.
Now you think.
lwill think. Firstletme
thinkwhatto sayto myfamily.
Whatare you thinking?
Often silence says such a lot.
Letme say justone thing
and then l'll go silent.
lfeel so secure when you are with me.
l am reallylucky.
You're my perfectguide.
Perfection doesnotexist.
Hi, aunt. What'sup? - Nothing.
Whatare you reading?
ln the middle ofthe end.
lt'sa nice book. l have read it.
When did you read it?
Vikram had given me.
Why do you call him Vikram?
Don'tyou have manners?
He is so much elderthan you.
- He hastold me.
Okay, listen.
How do you find Vikram?
Aunt, l am notof
marriageable age now.
l am nottalkingaboutyou.
Are you serious?
Did you speakto him?
No. lwill now.
l don'tknow, aunt.
l neversaw him in thatlight.
Why are you crying?
Silly. l am notleavingyou.
lthink ljustneed time
to getused to the idea.
am l lookingnervous? -Why?
l am goingto tell Vikram. - Now?
l'll waithere.
Wish me luck.
All the best. -Thankyou.
Hi. - Hi.
l need to talkto you.
-Sure. Come in.
l'll be straightwith you.
l reallylike you.
Both of usare lonely.
We both deserve love.
And we are both nice people, right?
So letusgive ita chance.
Dipti, l need to think aboutit.
Yes. Of course. Of course.
Okay. See you.
Good night.
Good night.
Whatdid he say?
He'll think aboutit.
But l'm sure he'll say yes.
l hope so too, aunt.
Good night. -Good night.
The familyhasleft.
The old man isalone.
l've arranged the gun.
You'll getit.
You're the only one experienced.
lfthe old man wakesup,
shoothim in the skull.
l don'tknow to use a gun.
Pull the trigger
fromtwo feet. Simple.
So why don'tyou do it?
Butyou are the masterofmurder.
Auntwill getmore suspicious
ifyou talklike a patient.
You are happy.
Mind you,you are in school.
Guys,you are making
me more nervous.
Okay,fine.Talkto her.
Yes, mom.
l amfine.
l have to go forcommunity
service afterschool.
l'll stay atAnu'shouse
ifitgetslate atnight.
l'll try, mom.
- Butdon'tworryif l don'tcome.
Anu hasextra dress.
Oh no.
l know that Rishi hasdone this.
Dad iscomingtonight.
Vikram isleavingtomorrow.
l have to go.
Don'tshow attitude. Sit.
Dad, please don'tirritate.
l am in a bad mood anyways.
Anu,thisisnotthe wayto talk.
Come on. We have to go to school.
Buthow could you do this?
You can do whatyou want.
You should've guided me.
You're elder.
Have you eversoughtourguidance?
We have done so much foryou.
Education. Facilities.
And we were asfriendly
with you aswe could be.
Friends share secrets, mom.
Oh. So now you have become so mature..
..thatwe need to share
oursecrets with you.
l am notcoming.
Mrs. Kalsi,we did a mistake.
You know how kidsare these days.
lfithad been any
othergirl otherthan Anu..
..would you have let
herremain in the school?
She setsa bad example.
Ma'am, itwasn'tmyfault.
Whose faultwasit?
lsthisthe age to be doingall this?
Sorry, ma'am. - l am sorry.
Butyou cannotremain
in this school anylonger.
we have alwayspaid yourfeeson time.
lfyou wantsome more donation,
l can pay you.
lt'snotthe question of donations.
Ourreputation isatstake.
All l can do foryou isgive
hera good charactercertificate.
Well, in thatcase,
thankyou so much, Mrs. Kalsi.
We had neverimagined
..sufferignominybecause ofyou.
Mom,you are more worried
aboutyourreputation than me.
Reputation isatstake.
Yourlife.And yourcareer.
And ifthisgetsout,
itcan ruin everything. ltell you.
Nothing'sgoingto happen.
So many MMSare floatingaround.
And anyway,the profession l am in.
Any publicityisgood publicity.
Did you leakit?
l didn'taskhimto leakit.
Waita minute.
Give me yourpurse.
-Whatare you goingto do?
l said give me yourpurse.
Give me the purse.
We have misused the
freedom we gave you.
Now you'll notstep outof
the house till thismatterdiesdown.
Hey Anu, nice job.
You've become a star.
Nidhi, l'm sorry.
Hello, aunt. - Hello.
You know where Nidhi is, don'tyou?
Hello, aunt. - Please leave.
l'll look afterher. -Sorry, aunt.
Are you alright?
Everythingwill be alright.
Dad isgoingto come here
straightfromthe airport.
When are you going?
Have you told aunt?
l have realised in life
co-incidencesdon'tmean anything.
lt's yourdestinythatmatters.
Maybe you are right.
l still haven'tunderstood...
...asto whymom and dad have to die.
Why did Ashwin kill hisdad?
Why did Sameerbreakmyheart?
Why aunthasto love you?
And the curse continues.
Maybe that'smy destiny.
Come on. Quick. Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Shoothim.
You guysare makinga mistake.
- Kill him.
Shootthe old man. Shoot.
Nidhi,yourdad ishere.
lwantto sleep with you.
Mom, l don'twantto meetdad.
These kidscome with a lotofhope.
And theyknow a lot.
Theyknow what's
happeningin the world.
Theyknow abouttechnology.
how the world works.
And how they can manipulate it.
Hello. - Hello, brother.
Whatare you doing?
Okay. Let'sdo ittogether. Whatsay?
Why? Whywould you?
Since l am so far
awayfrom all ofyou.
l can do thisatleast.
Bythe way, l am coming on Sunday.
l'll talkto you later. Bye.
Butthe problem isthat
the world isa mastermanipulator.
And itismuch harderto
understand the world'sformula..
..than anymaths,
Butthisgeneration which
hasgrown up on fastfood..
They are notreadyto wait.
lwantto sleep with you.
And the world doesn'tknow ityet.
And it'sthese kidsthat
are changingthe world..
Mom, l don'twantto meetdad.
l don'twantto meethim.
Please. Don'tlethim in.
l'll meethim later. Please.
How are you?
l am sorry, dad.
Did l say anythingto you?
l am very sorry.
Stop crying.
Stop crying.
l said stop crying.
You were crying
even when l had left.
And you are crying
even when l have returned.
understand these kids.
And you don'tfind the
sensibilityneeded to understand..
..them atanymall.
And norcan itbe
downloaded from anywebsite.
Thisisthe biggestproblem.
Shootthe old man.
Come on. Come on.
lsthisthe age to be doingall this?
My son isan lASofficer.
Sixteen isa tough place to be.
Hormones, dreams, parents, police.
go through them again.
lt'san excitingage.
And they are livingin excitingtimes.
Guys, l really enjoythe studytrips.
We go to a place near Bengaluru.
l am goingto Lakshwadeep
forthe summerholidays.
To learn scuba diving. -Wow.
ljustwantto drop
outofthis school.
l don'tlike girl's school.
No cute boys.
Well,you go forthese trips.
Do you juststudy?
Buddy, l have applied or Miss. lndia.
Let's see.
-Your MMS will geteven more hits.
Did you tell mom and dad?
They are beingvery supportive.
l reallylove them.
''We don'tcare. We don't judge.''
''We justwantto live like
it'sthe end ofthe world.''
''Youngand free atsixteen.''
''Drinks,fights,girls, lights.
''Sixteen. Hatsoffto sweetsixteen.''
''Lotsofissuesbefore time.''
''lnnocentmindshave been corrupted.''
''Whatlife wants to give you,
take itawaybeforehand.''
''Do everythingthatisuseless.''
''Hatsoffto sweetsixteen.''
''Hatsoffto darn sixteen.''
''Thisisan addiction.To gethigh.''
''Justsixteen. Butyetisfire.''
''Justsixteen. Butyetisfire.''
''Asifhe is 100.
Make a name foryourself.''
''Hatsoffto sweetsixteen.''
''Hatsoffto darn sixteen.''
''Hatsoffto sweetsixteen.''
''Hatsoffto sweetsixteen.''
''Hatsoffto darn sixteen.''