Skammerens Datter (2015) Movie Script

Out! Get out!
Lady Adela?
It's time for the little
Prince's morning bath.
Lady Adela?
What Happened?
Close all the doors,
and scour the castle.
You heard the Master at Arms. Move!
Close all the doors! Search the castle.
Esmer, where are you?
Close the gates now!
Master at Arms...
There is something my lord must see.
You will not like the sight. It is
my lord Drakan's cousin, Nicodemus.
Show the way, soldier.
Little Nicodemus...
I'll call the Law Master.
The Shamer's Daughter
Come, Blaze.
Look away.
It's the chamber maid.
Sasia, there are others who will
serve the princess. Tia is the next.
Why are you standing there?
I just wanted to see what
you were playing.
Maybe I could join you?
Tia, Look away.
Dina, are you really that stupid?
Do you think we would bother to play
with a little witch like you?
You are a strange, little bitch.
Go home to your shamer mother.
Look at me!
Look into my eyes, Cilla!
Look into my eyes.
See who you are.
I can see you now.
See yourself, Cilla.
I didn't touch her.
Go home to Heksemor.
Where have you been?
Mother has been looking for you.
- Now we get food late.
- You will survive, Melli.
You are the only one
who can bear to look at me, Blaze.
Come here.
Look at me.
- You are a shamer Cilla.
- It doesn't matter.
I'm never going to make friends.
Everyone is afraid of me.
When you look at other people -
- You show them all the things
they would rather forget.
All that they are ashamed of,
and it makes people afraid.
It's not fair.
Why is it just me?
- Why not Davin or Melli?
- Because you're very special.
You have a gift,
but you must use it with care.
There is no gift when
people are afraid of me.
You will understand it once you've
learned when to use your skills.
Then I will never use them.
- Good evening and peace to you.
- And peace to you.
- Are you Melussina Tonerre?
- That's me.
- And your name?
- I'm not here in my own name.
I bring word from the
Law Master in Dunark.
"Prince Ebenezer, his pregnant wife
and four year old son have been killed.
The Prince's son and successor to the
Throne, Nicodemus Ravens, is suspected.
Come at once. A shamer's sight
is our last chance, -
As Nicodemus has not confessed.
The princely power falters, and
evil sometimes can be worse -
If we do not act quickly. "
We have to leave immediately.
Davin, you take good care of
Melli and Dina while I'm away.
I understand that, Law Master
has summoned a shamer?
That's correct. Does my lord
object to it?
It amazes me that the
Council deems it necessary.
Has Nicodemus confessed?
- No, not yet.
We are all convinced of his guilt,
but as long as he will not confess, -
- We have no other choice
than to use a shamer.
- Why isn't mommy back?
- She is coming soon, Melli.
Come, Beast. Come.
- Is this the shamer's farm?
- Yes, but she's not here right now.
Yes, I know.
- Are you her daughter?
- Yes, Dina Tonerre.
My name is Drakan.
Your mother sent me.
- She needs your help.
- Why?
She would rather tell you, Dina.
You should not be afraid.
And you're not are you?
Can you go at once?
- Take this here.
- Davin...
Nothing is wrong.
I looked into his eyes.
Just do as I say.
- Goodbye, Dina.
- Goodbye.
One moment.
Dina? What are you doing here?
Why is she here?
Lady has three children, but only
Dina possesses Lady's capabilities.
Maybe Dina can see what
Lady cannot.
Will my lord have Dina
shame Nicodemus?
I have great respect
for the Lady...
- Dina's only a child.
- Yes, but I have to try everything.
And Dina may be my
last hope of justice.
I have seen Nicodemus' mind.
He has flaws like everyone else -
- But the horrible crime my lord is
talking about, he has not committed.
I've lost my family
Prince, Princess Adela, -
- Their unborn child
and their four-year old son.
Nicodemus was found dead drunk with
a bloody knife in his hands.
I am asking...
Dina, help me.
I cannot look at myself in your
eyes if I let a murderer go free.
Give us a moment together.
- He looked us in the eyes.
- Yes.
He is not ashamed in the least.
- Dina...
- I will not.
- But, you have to.
- I will not.
It is a person's life
that is at stake.
The Shamer pendant?
But, Mom...
Show it the respect that I
and your ancestors have done.
Just look in his eyes
and tell Drakan what you see.
Just go in, Dina.
Come, Dina.
- Drakan?
- Leave us alone.
I guess you need something
to strengthen you.
Who is she?
- It is the shamer's daughter.
- Dina Tonerre.
Oh God, no...
Drakan, I can't take any more.
No more now.
Would you please go.
- Thanks, Miss.
- You can just call me Dina.
So you must also call me Nico.
As do my friends.
Just look at me.
Look at me.
Look into my eyes, Nico.
I see you.
I see you right now.
Fight them, Nicodemus!
Fight, you weakling!
You're ashamed that you drink.
Thou shalt honor thy name
and Ravens house!
Hit him, Drakan!
You're ashamed that
your father thinks you're weak.
- You cursed tyrant!
- You are weak.
You're ashamed that you seduced
your father's new wife.
Adela. Adela!
Are these things yours?!
You're embarrassed that your
your father beat you.
Fight, Nicodemus!
- Is everything quiet?
- Yes, my lord.
It is good.
It is good.
I cannot see that he is at fault.
He is ashamed of many things -
- But he did not kill his father
or his family.
Thanks, Dina. Come here.
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Let me go!
Help! Put me down!
Nico! Help!
You have no more chances, Nico, -
- When you now also have killed
the shamer's daughter.
- Give me that!
- A knife?
A very small knife,
but after all a knife.
Let me go!
You'll soon find peace.
Let me go.
Let me go.
I see you.
I see you right now.
You are born to rule, my boy.
Go away!
Go away, Drakan.
Go away, Drakan.
Die! Die!
- Is that you?
- Where is my mother?
- Where is Drakan?
- Where is my mother?
Your mother is coming soon.
Sit down. We are waiting for her.
Everything will be fine.
Dina! Come on!
Come on.
- We must get away.
- An old woman wanted to kill me.
It is dama Lizea, Drakan's mother.
They will behead me when they find him.
- Is he dead?
- I think so.
- Where are we going?
- We can get down to the water.
Come on.
- Nico!
- They dare not go into the dragon lair
Dragon lair?
We can come out on the other side.
Come on. Just stay behind me.
Just think of them
as overgrown lizards.
- Nico!
- Just keep going. Go!
Draco, here.
Draco! Draco!
Take it easy, little girl.
You are strong.
Everything that people would rather forget.
All that people are ashamed of.
- Everything.
- Everything, Dina.
Understanding when to use
your abilities, and when not to.
The herbs will heal your wounds
and expel the poison.
You are strong.
Even the best engineered
perpetual motion machine -
- loses some energy every day and
will eventually will stop.
Why try, then?
Everything the laws of physics says
is impossible, we have a duty to try.
Things are only impossible
until someone does it.
How are you?
- I do not really know.
- Are you thirsty? Hungry?
- Where are we?
- In master Maunus' house.
He is my old tutor.
Good morning, young lady. Sit
at the table. I have made soup.
Sit down.
And then just a tiny bit of salt.
Looks like it was not salt.
- It's just me.
- That's her.
- You are on your feet, little girl.
- My niece, Mrs. Petri is a pharmacist.
Come on, we need to change your bandage.
- Know when they can get out?
- They must leave town quickly.
Where are we going?
I'm not going without my mother.
Drakan and his men are looking for you.
They have ransacked the whole damn city.
Soon they will come here.
- Drakan?
- He's not dead?
- Unfortunately not.
You stabbed him in the throat with a knife.
How can he survive that?
A man drinking dragon's blood
is not so easy to kill.
Dragons' blood can provide
almost inhuman power.
Nicodemus tried to kill Drakan
and fled with the Lady's daughter.
I cannot explain their escape
or the attack on my lord Drakan.
Why would an innocent do this?
And why flee?
- I cannot answer that.
- Enough talk.
Lady Tonerre cannot help us.
But we must do something.
Dunark stands without leadership.
We must appoint a new prince.
- Ravens time is over.
- So, Drakan.
As long as Nicodemus' guilt is
not proven, he remains the -
Rightful heir to Dunarks throne.
And in his absence,
I am the supreme authority.
I'm trying to understand your decision -
- But I also have an obligation
to Dunark, the people and my family.
- I remove your powers.
- What's going on, Lord Drakan?
I am no longer my lord,
dear Law Master.
I am the Prince now.
Are there others who want to
follow the Law Master?
Or can Prince Drakan's future orders
receive your unconditional loyalty?
"It is decreed that every citizen
in Dunark know -
- that Nicodemus Ravens, son of
Prince Ebenezer Ravens of Dunark,-
- this today is found
guilty of murder of the prince -
- and the murder of Princess
Adela Ravens and his son, Bian Ravens.
For these crimes the punishment
is beheading.
Nicodemus Ravens shall lose every right,
all goods, all titles and inheritance -
and be declared outlaw.
All armed men may sign up
at the door of the garrison.
Dragon Prince rewards all
who serve him loyally.
It is further made known that as
the house Ravens now has an heir, -
- Dunark city and castle
belongs to the Government -
- and Prince Drakan by name and benefit,
son of blood through Ebenezer Ravens.
The Prince Drakan needs
all regardless of size.
A new era is upon us!
Raven house has fallen
Dragon's order has risen
where the raven fell. "
By killing the prince and two heirs
and blaming the third.
What does he mean by
"son of blood"?
Drakan claims he is the
illegitimate son of my father -
born out of wedlock.
Is it true?
Drakan is your half-brother.
I thought you should know.
Nico, listen.
Your father invited
dama Lizea into his bedroom.
Now you tell me. Now.
But he dared not give her power
by marrying her.
And as your half brother, Nico
Drakan is sole heir now.
Open up in the Prince Drakan's name!
Go ahead! Fast!
Come on.
- Hide yourself in the bench, Nico.
- Close it!
Come on then, come on then.
In you go.
- Break the door down.
- What are you doing?
Move, old man. We have
orders to search the house.
- You cannot be here.
- Look upstairs.
Not that!
Stop that!
That's irreplaceable!
Now look what you've done.
These are toxic vapors. We must get out!
- Out of here, now!
- Everyone leave.
It's just ammonia.
No more tricks, Maunus.
Where is Nicodemus Ravens?
Would I hide a murderer?
I have not seen him for several years.
You have a huge appetite.
Do you always eat for three?
- He is not here.
- He's here.
- And the shamer kid is also here.
- I swear that he is not here.
Bring him outside.
- No, Drakan. Don't do it.
- Everybody out!
Don't do this.
You mustn't!
Drakan, I beg you!
Leave us alone!
Nico! Nico!
Nico! Nico!
The old man has rebelled against
the Prince Drakan. He must be punished.
Return to your homes.
Everything is under control.
Take her.
Nico! Come out!
Nico! Nico!
No! Nico!
- Nicodemus Ravens is dead.
- Are you even human?
Bring the girl and the teacher Maunus.
Dina, get ready.
Run, Dina!
Do you play with fire, great Maunus?
Come on.
Empty your pockets now!
Forget him! Find the girl!
Come again!
She has been swallowed up by the earth.
Why should Prince Drakan
fear a small shamer louse?
- Did you let her see into you?
- Of course I didn't.
- But she tried?
- She saw nothing.
Why is the Prince Drakan afraid?
If we organize a public
execution of a shamer, -
- It might lure the small shamer
out of hiding.
And people love a good execution.
Moreover, it will make my
coronation exceedingly spectacular.
Nobody has dared to execute a shamer.
The people fear shamers, -
But I will free them from that fear.
I will set the people free.
I will set the people free.
Come here, little friend!
Get lost!
I have a knife!
Surely there is room for two.
- I'm serious. Scram!
- You are weird.
- So they say.
Are you down there, Rosa?
Get out of there.
- Did you make friends?
- We are not friends.
Can we get a loaf of bread?
Get lost.
How did you do it?
You get this here
if you swap clothes with me
I knew it.
There is something strange about you
Give me some bread
You get some if you
get me new clothes.
Come in.
Be very quiet.
Rosa, is that you?
Where have you been?
Ute. Go back to sleep.
What are you looking for, Aun?
- Why are you in my trunk?
- It's not yours.
Everything here is mine. You don't
own so much as a bread crumb.
Get your hands out of the trunk.
Aun, Lets go.
- Who have you dragged with you?
- It's just one of my friends.
You have no friends.
Where have you been all night?
Answer me when I talk to you.
I'm the lord of the house.
You're not the master of anything.
Give me my things.
Stop now. It's your sister.
Go back to bed, mom.
She's a young whore like you, that you
had with someone other than my father.
And if she stays in this house,
she must work for a living.
- Get out.
- Let me go!
Out with you!
That applies to you too.
Look at me.
I can see you right now.
you are so pathetic.
I see what you're afraid of.
You're afraid that we'll laugh at you.
Just like the other
day at the inn.
We'll do so as well. We'll go
and laugh at you
You're a fool.
You're the one everyone is looking
for. You're the shamer's daughter.
Dina Tonerre. And you need
not look me in the eye.
How do you do that?
I simply do it.
I would like to see more.
- I feel like...
-You have nothing to be ashamed of
You don't think so?
You are yourself. It doesn't
matter who your father is.
- Will you help me?
- With what?
I need to find a pharmacist.
A lady called Mrs. Petri.
She is the only one who can
help me find my mother.
First you have to look different.
- I still look like myself.
- You look like a child.
- Then I'm a weird kid.
- No one will recognize you.
There you see?
Now we just need to find Mrs. Petri.
Come closer!
Come and see the dragon!
Just come nearer! Come and see!
- Can you see it?
- See what?
The dragon. They lure it out,
so they can chain it up for tomorrow.
- What happens tomorrow?
- Prince Drakans coronation.
And the execution of a witch.
- What kind of witch?
- She wanted Nicodemus acquitted.
She has been convicted of treason. She
will be thrown to the dragons in the morning.
Move on.
Come, Dina.
- Run, Dina!
- Rosa, wait!
- Stop!
- No, this way!
- This way!
- Stop him!
Why did you run?
Let me go!
- You stay here.
- Let me go! Let me go!
Out with it.
What have you stolen?
- There's something strange about him here.
- What has the little chicken done?
- He ran when we called him.
- Get up, boy.
Quit a catch you have there,
Esmer. He looks dangerous.
Give him the belt and let him go.
Lord, Give me my belt?
His hands are too soft.
This has never been a boy's hand.
- Look at me.
- Let go of me.
Look at me!
Is that how you treat people
that are weaker than you?
Will you now also throw
me to the dragons?
I see you. I see you.
Who are you helping?
Aren't you ashamed?
- You're the shamer's daughter.
- Come on! It's a witch!
Take her away.
Rosa, help! Let me go!
Rosa! Let me go!
- Leave me alone! Let me go!
- Dina?
- Lie still.
- Let me go!
- Mother!
- Dina!
Yes, Come closer.
What do you think?
- Is this worthy of the prince's coronation?
- Yes, certainly.
- Can we talk alone?
- Leave us alone.
With all due respect -
- I must express my concern
over Lord Drakan's decision.
We cannot publicly offer the
shamer's daughter to the dragons.
Of course I can. She shall die,
and the dragons will be happy.
- What do you have in mind Master at Arms?
- She must die, but not in that way.
It creates uneasiness. People do not
like to see a child being killed.
The dragons have earned her.
Why draw unnecessary attention
when you can do the job quietly?
The Master at Arms is right.
We must have the people with us, Drakan.
Can you do it yourself Weapons Master?
I could do it tonight
and let the people believe -
That the Prince has banished her.
Then he will also appear gracious.
Drakan the Merciful.
A noble thought, dear Master at Arms.
But I have not overturned Dunark
to capture the young shamer -
- just to let her wander around
as an outlaw. She must die.
It would appear to the people
that she is freed.
And there is no more freedom
than to fly beyond Dunark rock?
A fitting end for a witch.
I cut her throat and it's done.
Get it done.
Be quiet, be quiet.
Come on.
Leave and do not come back.
Wait. What about my mother?
- Drakan will kill my mother.
- We cannot do anything about it.
You can save yourself, Dina.
Away with you both.
I'm not running without my mother.
- Escape! Drakan will kill you.
- Not if you help us.
- I cannot help you.
- You want justice.
- You will not live under Drakan.
- The prince is dead.
Nicodemus, Adela and small Bian are dead.
The future belongs to the Drakan.
My mother is innocent, just like them.
And you know it. You know,
it is your duty to help us.
- You have no choice.
- Why not?
Because you well know,
what is right and wrong.
I've seen it.
I see you right now.
You have killed many in battle,
but without shame.
But you're ashamed now...
...about what Drakan did to the prince.
...Nico and small Bian.
You want to do the right thing.
Yes, damn it.
Do you know where the pharmacist's
house is?
Ms. Petri?
Off with you, girls.
Off. Hurry.
In with you.
What do you want?
Dina! Come in, come in.
- Who's the girl?
- My friend Rosa.
What are you doing here?
- We cannot stay out here.
- We can trust him, Mrs. Petri.
You will not come to any harm.
My lord Nicodemus, forgive me
I doubted your innocence.
I pledge allegiance to Ravens house,
and I swear on my life -
That I will defeat Drakan.
Get up.
Stand up.
My lord.
- I thought you were dead.
- Likewise.
But you fell in the sea with the house.
It was better if you thought
I was gone. I was outside.
- Outside?
- And underneath.
I have only two men I know are
faithful to House Ravens.
- The rest we cannot count on.
- So we should not go out and fight.
The most important thing to free
Dina's mother.
No one is free until Drakan
is dead and the throne is yours.
The people must see your innocence,
and Drakan must be exposed.
It's a noble intention -
- but we only have justice on
our side. Drakan has an entire army.
As long as Drakan thinks
Dina and Nico are dead -
- And the shame near death,
we have an advantage.
If we can get Dina close to Drakan, -
- You might do to him
what you did to me.
I do not know if I can.
Then people will see his guilt,
and your mother will be set free.
You are our only chance, Dina.
- I would also like to help.
- Can you look into my eyes?
No, but I have a knife.
You have a knife.
I'll send a message to your
siblings at home. Good night.
- Look at me.
- What?
Look at me. So I know that I dare.
Are you ready to
rise from the dead?
She's going in the basement.
- I'll take her down there.
- I'll do it myself.
What now? What has she...?
Where were you? I thought
you would miss everything.
We have not come to see an
innocent being killed.
We have come to prevent it.
It's time to choose sides.
We serve Prince Drakan.
unfortunately, it rained.
Long live Prince Drakan!
My beloved people.
You've lost a prince -
And I have lost my father.
But today I give you justice!
The witch...
...standing in collusion with the
murderer Nicodemus Ravens, will die.
As of today...
comes a new hope for Dunark, -
And the beginning of Drakan's time.
I offer you the shamer witch!
The witch will die!
The witch will die!
Drakan is a murderer!
Drakan is a murderer!
It is Drakan who is the culprit!
- Do you deny it?
- Stop! Who dares?
I am the shamer's daughter!
Drakan killed them all together,
and dare not even look me into my eyes.
Let him come down so that I
can look him in the eye.
He would kill my mother...
...just like he killed
House Ravens
- Drakan is a murderer!
- He does not dare look into her eyes!
Come down from there!
- Look at me instead!
- You, you little louse!
What is it you think you can do?
Get me to collapse in shame?
Come down, Drakan!
He dare not.
All right.
Be careful what you wish for.
I see you right now.
I'm never ashamed of anything
I took their lives
with pride and with pleasure.
There! You see!
They are nothing but witches!
Grab the Master at Arms!
He is a traitor!
Today we finish with wickedness
in Dunark once and for all!
Death to witches!
Death to witches!
Open the dragon gate!
Run, Dina!
- Run away, Dina.
- I will not.
I will not!
Run, Dina. Run.
Look within. Is it right
what they're doing to do?
Look within..
Look at yourself.
Is it good and worthy?
Look inward.
Is it right what you're
going to do?
Look within. Is it right
what you're doing to do?
My mother just did the
right thing.
Drakan is the culprit.
It was he who killed everyone.
Although Drakan is not ashamed... -
- should the shamelessness of Drakan
cost us our lives?
- Nicodemus is innocent!
- Drakan is the killer!
Anyone who is not with me
will be put to death!
Open all the dragon gates!
Right now!
Move yourselves!
Wake up! Move yourselves!
Catch the traitors!
Take them!
They are the witches!
Take him!
- Nico!
- Run, run, run!
Goodbye, little brother.
Show that you're a man.
Nico, do it now!
Dina! Dina! In with you!
Do it now!
Or was father right?
Nico, get it over with!
Come on, you can do it.
In with you!
Hannes, Come on! Hannes!
Do you have the bottle? Good.
Follow me.
Drakan! Drakan!
So Kensieklanen.
Welcome to the Highlands.
Davin! Melli!
- I knew you'd come back.
- Of course I came, my beloved.
Looking at the stars?
I could have killed him..
In Arsenal Garden.
If I ever get the chance again,
I'll show no mercy for Drakan.
When you get the chance.
When I get the chance.