Skanda (2023) Movie Script

Ram, ready.
Start camera.
Today, a curious crowd gathers
before the court,
not to witness the fate of
a common criminal,
Not only in India he's the man
who has created
his own identity in many other countries
The most successful
sensational software industrilist,
Mr. Rudraganti Ramakrishna Raju.
Surprisingly, even with his numerous
philanthropic endeavours,
Hey, Whom do you call a great man?
What do you know about his success?
Do you know how many people lost
their lives because of him?
He is a murderer!
Today is not the hearing of your case,
we are going to deliver the final judgment.
Your actions to save yourself have made
you culpable for the death of 10 girls.
Not just that,
25 people were killed
indiscriminately on your orders
just because of the suspicion that
they would testify against you.
You have agreed to be guilty
of all the aforementioned allegations.
Is there anything that you
or your lawyer
would like to say about this to the court?
After considering all the
precedents of the case,
under Section 310,
Elimination of Evidence
and Tampering of Evidence
& Section 307,
Direct or Indirect Cause of Murder,
you have been sentenced
to the death penalty.
Court has sentenced Ramakrishna
Raju to be hanged until death.
The public and administration
have welcomed the court's order.
Oh my God!
The heartbeat is rising.
Get the injection, fast.
What happened all of a sudden?
The court will soon fix the
date of capital punishment.
Switch off the TV.
Switch off the TV.
This girl was disturbed by the
news of her father's execution.
Don't switch on the TV again.
Your lawyer went to court and got
a special order to meet
the death row prisoner when
he wasn't allowed to meet you.
He wants to talk to you.
if you want to die maybe you'll be hanged
but your daughter can be killed
by just pulling out a tube.
Remember this while speaking to him.
Why did you plead guilty without
doing anything wrong?
Your life has shown
the way of life to millions of people.
It is very unfair to lose it like this.
Please sign the petition for reapplying.
My life is worthless now.
My daughter's life matters more to me.
Please leave.
Surrendering to the circumstances,
you might plead guilty to all the wrongdoings,
the court might agree to it,
and the law might accept it
but God won't accept this.
Only God will decide whether your
silence will echo as a cacophony
or your tears will befall as a tsunami
or whether your pain will transform
into a weapon to rescue you.
it's that god who'll decide, sir
Only God!
The reason why our Anantapur
town is full of festive
mood today is because of the
marriage of Priya Rao,
the only daughter of our state
Chief Minister Rayudu.
The wedding is being attended by
many prominent national leaders
and regional leaders which has created
a pleasant atmosphere all around.
Hello, sir.
Hello, sir.
Chattisgarh CM
Go meet CM.
Greetings, sir.
Go meet Rayudu.
The Governor of the state
has arrived at the function.
State CS and police officials
are welcoming her.
How are you?
I'm good.
Where is Mr. CM?
He is here, ma'am.
Come, Ms. Governor.
Hello, Mr CM.
He is Chhattisgarh's CM
and she is our Governor.
She's Nirmala, my wife.
My uncle.
He is the strength of the foundations
of our politics in this area.
If not for him,
we wouldn't have been here.
I'll take your leave.
Who is the bridegroom?
My nephew.
I'll take care of the state.
He takes care of this area.
So you are keeping the authority
and the girl both inside your house.
Super, Mr. CM.
Madam, he is Telangana CM's son.
Where is your father?
Sorry, Uncle.
He is busy with some protocols.
That's why I came on his behalf.
Uncle, I'd go and meet Priya once.
Sir, this time please make sure that
Nagireddy doesn't win the elections.
first go and meet CM sir. Go.
Sit down.
Please be seated.
Hello, Mr. CM.
MP.. How are you?
Sir, now that you have gotten Munireddy killed
and cleared our headache, we are very happy.
Please have your lunch.
Okay, sir.
Your daughter has eloped.
With whom?
Son of Telangana CM.
I'd go and meet Priya once.
You, fools.
What were you doing here?
She shouldn't have done this.
She has tarnished our image
in front of so many people.
it won't be tarnished uncle
Aren't you there?
What can I do?
All the dignitaries who have arrived here
for my daughter's marriage must forgive me.
This marriage has been called off.
Our head of the family, our God,
our Uncle has passed away
due to heart attack.
The euphoria of his granddaughter's
marriage gave him a massive heart attack.
We are in pain.
We shall meet again.
Call his father.
Hey, Mallesh.
I cleared your site, didn't I?
But you haven't sent me the
settlement amount yet.
Naveen Bhai,
I'm selling the same site.
Once the deal is finalised,
I'll send you your money.
If I need you, I'll pay you
but if you need me,
you have to pay me.
If you don't keep your word,
I'll grab the same land.
Who will you approach
then for settlement?
Who will save you then?
Sir, please think once,
he is a big support system
for our department.
We have carried out many covert
operations with his help.
Not just that, sir
He has eliminated all leaders from your
party who have posed a threat to you
and it is he who brought all the lands that
you marked as important under your control.
You are right, DGP.
You have used him and so have I.
I don't say no.
We can't allow every person that has
helped us raise higher to be equal to us.
To reach the destination,
we must ride the horse
but not the other way around.
Hey, Sanjay.
His time is up.
No life that I've taken
should go to waste.
It should either be helpful to the party
or help improve my boss's image.
Plan his funeral.
AP CM is on call.
Yes, Rayudu.
sorry I couldn't attend
since I was a little busy
How did the marriage go?
How will it take place?
If you send your son to elope
my daughter away,
how will the marriage take place,
Ranjit Reddy?
To maintain my pride in front of the guests,
I had to kill my own Uncle.
Who has taken away my daughter,
He won't be alive
I am not my father's son if I don't behead
your son in your presence, in your own house,
and dedicate his
sacrifice to this area.
Come on.
Not my home gate,
try you could cross my state border.
It's not my son, I stand between
you and your daughter.
Touch, if you can.
Dare to touch him?
Not just in politics,
we are partners in everything.
Why didn't you tell me before...?
My dad won't listen to you, father-in-law.
That's why I asked him to come.
He would listen to you
if it's about politics
but he won't let his daughter
cross his threshold.
Just like me.
I won't spare even my friend
if it is about my blood.
The matter has reached me now.
You both get inside,
I'll take care of everything.
The enemy is capable and equally potent,
what shall we do?
As you mentioned, sir,
we won't let him pass the toll gate.
Brother-in-law, order me.
I'll slash him into two and
get our daughter back.
Give me orders, brother.
If we had to fight in the open,
why would I get my Uncle killed?
He knows me and I know him.
He would easily estimate my moves.
We need to get someone unknown,
who is more than capable of doing this.
Get Jacob into the action.
I already have these.
Where is the main one?
Bring it.
Made in Mexico, smooth as butter.
it hits one kilometre range.
It is capable of piercing
even a bulletproof jacket.
The target is huge and
we have just one chance.
This is enough.
I want the movement chart of CM
and his entire family.
There's a carnival tomorrow and
CM is the chief guest there.
Are you ready?
Ready, brother.
As soon as the carnival begins,
inject a strongest buffalo
that would go berserk
and attack the people.
That small diversion of the
police force is enough,
I'll hit the target.
You are the CM of this state
so you have come here,
but what am I doing here?
This state knows you as my son
but the people should also see you
as my heir to the CM position.
Buffaloes are coming!
Our beloved,
the symbol of our pride,
the pride of Hyderabad,
Bheem Dev Maharaj.
What happened?
The owner of the main buffalo is stopping us, sir.
inject that main buffalo,
if that goes berserk,
nobody will be able to stop him.
What is that?
It must have gone wild, sir.
Our boys will take care of that.
If I hit, the sound will
reverberate in Golconda
and your body will reach to Salibanda.
Come, let's see.
Come, let's see.
My entry will send shudders
in the atmosphere.
Ajay, check what's happening there.
Okay sir.
Sir, the situation is going out of control.
It's better to leave from here.
please stay back.
Bheem, Cool down.
Cool down.
Huge swords can't harm us,
what will these small syringes do to us?
Let it come, we'll handle it.
Sir, are you alright?
He's the man
Not the one who plays with the buffalo,
the one who defeats the buffalo is the winner.
Make the announcement.
Work should be done quickly.
Hey, you miss
You looser.
Looser! Looser!
Brother, our guy has started the operation.
I know.
I know it.
He's not just,
an arrow that I've released
he is a spear!
Grandpa winner! Grandpa winner!
I will pierce..
I will pierce it straight in his heart.
I lost a good chance.
Who was that who
unsettled my chance?
Let's think about him later.
what about one who's hit by the bullet.
Because of the rampage of the buffalo,
the attention was diverted to it,
but it will certainly fall on you sometime.
I have been a part of the intelligence,
I very well know their network.
They will trace you down.
You have just one chance and
that too if you act quickly.
You have 5 best friends in nature.
Feel the breeze.
Feel the water.
Feel the soil.
Feel the nature.
Feel the light.
Don't block these wonderful sun rays.
Enjoy it.
Madam! Madam!
Are you doing the yoga?
It's hot out there.
You will get tanned, please get in.
What happened?
Mummy, I need to talk to Daddy.
Please tell us what's the matter.
Aunty, please.
Only Daddy.
Hey, what is it?
You come
What happened, dear?
Do I need so such protection
that I need to be shielded from sunlight?
I told you as soon as I came here from foreign
and joined here that your
protocols should not disturb me.
Daddy, I don't want to be
perceived as a CM's daughter
but I want to study here
as any other normal girl.
I have so far managed to keep this
a secret with most of my friends.
I am very happy.
Please cut the security around me.
As you say. Okay.
Thank you.
Thank you, Dad.
DGP, kids don't know anything.
Distance with silence.
You continue your job.
You were telling something?
Sir, last nights ago,
there was a team that came here.
On the same night,
there was a weapon deal in the old city.
My team doubts that there was an attempt
made on your life yesterday in the carnival
and a bullet was fired too.
My team suspects that the team that came here
is somehow related to the CM of that state.
Until we assess the situation,
we advise you to limit your movements, sir.
DG sir,
My brother has challenged him to cross
the state borders not to hide from him
but to hit him in whatever form he attacks
First, find them out.
Later I will cut them into pieces and
send those back to him as a return gift.
First, find their movements.
Okay, sir.
Who was that man in the carnival who
stopped the buffalo from going on the rampage?
College student, sir.
my son should have the support
of such man in the future.
Remember that.
Which college?
In the times when the majority of students
are opting for a certain cream of education,
it's so pleasant to see so many
students opting for political science.
Really appreciable.
Let's discuss your career possibilities
post your graduation in this subject.
You can become a journalist,
analyst, sefalagist,
political strategist, and even politician.
I want to know what your individual aim is.
Where do we start?
Yes, sir.
What do you want to become?
That's not pathologist or gynecologist,
It's political analyst which
means analyzing politics.
Repeat after me.
Political venomist.
Venomist is someone who fill poison.
That is today's trend, sir.
Yes, sir.
What does an analyst mean?
Look for a state that is like
a pond of fresh water,
cover yourself with mud, and jump into it.
Disturb the Peace.
Make it dirty.
On the name of the caste,
create differences between the people.
Use illogical facts that would make
communities antagonise each other.
While society is reeling under
this confusion, criticise a good man
and make him a villain and praise the
nasty fellows and make them popular.
And then make him win.
This is today's trend, sir.
This is the trend.
From there we start getting promoted, sir.
There onwards, every state mechanism would
offer money to us to jump in their ponds.
What about society?
What about society, sir?
Just give them some freebies.
Are they that easy to implement?
Yes, sir.
Feed some grass from the front
and take the milk from the back.
Nobody would question you.
Trust me, sir.
These are not the qualities of an analyst.
These are the qualities of a terrorist.
This is ethos and diplomacy, sir.
Stop it now. Sit down.
You will spoil the rest of the students.
Okay, sir.
You answer..
Activist, sir.
I wish to see a society where
there is no discrimination.
First, we must remove the selfish
feeling from the people.
We must get them rid of their egos,
which is the reason for idolatry.
We must uplift the downtrodden.
The rich ones must aid the poor.
To achieve that,
everyone should have the tendency
to think what is good and what is bad.
I would try to achieve that
until my last breath, sir.
After listening to this nonsense,
your words feel like listening to
the holy Ramayanam.
Son, you answer.
What do you want to become?
What? Directly CM?
I want to be CM.
That post has power, sir.
No traffic signals are stopping you.
Nobody checks for the alcohol level
while you are driving.
The whole state puts up posters
for our birthday.
Everyone spends their own money
doing blood donation, and food donation,
without spending a penny,
we can throw a party to the entire state.
Do you want to become
a CM for these things?
How will you become one?
Bribe, entice, confine,
and finish off the ones opposing you.
Will you become a CM by doing all these?
Didn't the present one do
the same to get to that position?
This is a classroom, not a press meet.
Please sit.
Then why are you asking
questions like in a press meeting?
After watching the strength of the classroom,
I thought society is changing
but I was wrong, it is getting corrupted.
I need to wash my ears
as soon as I reach home.
Hey, CM. I like your logic.
Today onwards we are
in the same party.
The party is mine, you join it.
Same thing, brother.
What nonsense were you
talking about CM ?
I am going to be the son-in-law of the CM.
My father-in-law, my wish,
I'll speak whatever I want.
Why do you care?
You are CM's would-be son-in-law?
He has a daughter and
she has a massive crush on me.
She desperately wants
to get married to me.
I just need to say yes.
I'll become his son-in-law.
You will become his son-in-law
just like that, will you?
Why do you worry about that?
Do you have a crush on me too?
Me? On you?
No chance.
Me? On you?
What does that mean?
Do you think you are extremely hot?
You are just average.
Of course.
You will cry out loud
when you see the CM's daughter.
Did you see her?
What is she talking about, bro?
She'll tear her clothes
for a glance from me.
Don't you have any shame to say that?
When she sees me she
throws her shame away.
Do you know horse?
She would neigh like a horse.
The way she kisses me
when I meet her
before I can kiss her once,
she kisses me ten times.
Do you know how she hugs me?
Tight Hug..
It suffocates me.
Your hug would be very average I guess.
I am avoiding her and
you think I'll give you a chance?
Then why don't you marry her?
I won't marry such a beautiful girl.
You won't marry a beautiful girl?
What sort of logic is this?
Rahul, you tell me
If you marry a beautiful girl
and take her to your village,
what will the villagers say?
He's so lucky to find such a pretty wife.
But if you marry such an average-looking girl
and take her to your village,
what will they say now?
She's so lucky to have
a handsome husband like him.
The attention and elevation
should always be focused on me.
Wow! What an amazing logic!
Beauty is like share market,
it might crash anytime
but such an average
beauty is like real estate,
it is only going to grow but won't fall.
that's why you choose average.
How intelligent! What beautiful logic!
I'll see your end.
Her walk is average too, right?
Right bro.
Subamma, get me some cold water.
God has given us wonderful elements.
I am the future son-in-law of the CM.
He is a disturbing element.
Focus your thoughts only on your breath.
Do you know horse?
She neighs like a horse
when she sees me.
Just average.
Is this speed pranayama, madam?
How many times do you
breathe in and out in a minute-
on an average?
Why do you talk about the average..?
What happened?
Am I average-looking?
Me! Am I average-looking?
Who said that to you?
CM's son-in-law.
Who is that?
CM's daughter has a massive
crush on him it seems.
She is flirting with him
and tearing apart her clothes
when she sees him.
But he calls me average-looking.
Just average!
I'll come to the college tomorrow
and take care of him.
Forget about it.
Such things are common in college.
Just calm down.
Have this milk, it'll help you cool down.
I don't want hot milk.
It's not that hot.
It's just average.
Hey, cool down.
Meditation won't help decrease your irritation,
we must go to the pub and
get medication there to help you out.
Is it?
Guys and girls..
the most awaited live band is here,
only for us.
Chill. Just chill.
And only chill.
It's working. It's working.
You're right, it's working.
Hey, CM.
It's all colourful here.
That's fire, it'll burn your mouth.
Idiot. Stupid. Fool.
I curse him to disappear, to vanish,
let the devil take him away.
What happened?
That idiot is here.
He doesn't look like an idiot.
He looks like the personification
of a Rolls-Royce car.
He is the epitome of manliness.
You said the same thing to him?
Stop it.
You have baited a macho guy.
Macho? I'll see his end.
I've heard that you get a lot of beeps
from your mouth when your BP Rises
You've had spilled
a lot of beeps seeing me.
Hey, who are you?
CM's son-in-law.
CM's son-in-law?
Which state's CM?
United States.
What is the concept here?
The CM's son-in-law demands respect,
not questions.
Give some respect to my guy.
Your average girl is here too.
Is this why you came here?
You are not an ordinary guy, CM.
I've stabed fork in you.
I'm very high, I won't feel it anyway.
Where is your girlfriend by the way?
Who is that?
Rahul, does someone get milk
when they are in a pub?
No way, that's a shame.
Who drinks milk in the pub?
Tell that to her.
One must have drinks.
One must have drinks.
You are irritated by
my sight, aren't you?
I'll make it go away. let's go.
"I wandered around you"
"I asked my little heart"
"who is the girl that would mesmerise me
and it showed me you."
"It asks me to take in a puff
and match steps with the beautiful girl."
"My life hovers like a kite
The entire world is upside down."
"In the blink of an eye,
I'm floating in your enchanting eyes."
"It's intoxicating to fall more
in love with each passing day."
"I wandered around you"
"I asked my little heart"
"who is the girl that would mesmerise me
and it showed me you."
"There is something about
to got me go.. crazy crazy "
"I am wondering
I am dreaming about catch you baby "
"I fall in love
fall is so hard meet you baby "
"If you look at my golden heart
maybe try me"
"He got to make hard be harder
It's not game adam "
"make you fall harder
it hard be harder "
"It's not game adam
make you fall harder"
"Don't twirl your moustache"
"Don't make me fall for your antics."
"No matter how much you
praise me, I won't fall for you."
"I don't believe in the love
that happens all of a sudden."
"Don't get anxious,"
"I'm not your type."
"I have seen many such romeos in my life."
"You can't make me your Juliet in this life."
"I'm in a bewildered state"
"I've gone crazy but it feels good."
"This is mayhem of a kind."
"There is no doubt that your
vibe is like a current shock."
"You ended things between us.
But your intoxicating eyes still haunt me."
"I wandered around you"
"I asked my little heart"
"who is the girl that would mesmerise me
and it showed me you."
"It asks me to take in a puff
and match steps with the beautiful girl."
"There is something about to
got me go.. crazy crazy "
"I am wondering
I am dreaming about catch you baby "
"I fall in love
fall is so hard meet you baby "
"If you look at my golden heart
maybe try me"
Bring the car.
You said you were irritated by him
and frustrated with him
but you enjoyed a lot with him in the pub.
I enjoyed the tequila and
danced for myself.
Not with him.
Hey, girl.
How was my treat?
Did you enjoy it?
Do you know what
enjoyment looks like?
Like this.
Why is the guy from the
carnival present here?
Listen, girl.
We can fight in the college
but in the pub,
everyone makes up with each other.
We got together well in the pub.
Let's not fight again.
CM's son-in-law is signing off.
He's gone, sir.
Hit the target.
Are you okay?
Okay, good night.
The guy from the carnival was the
same guy who came to the pub, right?
How did he arrive at both places?
He has no link with the department.
Is he not?
You missed both your chances.
You better leave from here.
I will. But before leaving,
I'll go to his house and kill him first.
What happened?
What happened?
The body movements
have dropped suddenly.
The organs are discharging.
She's not responding to any medication.
I have one medicine.
Let's try that once.
Tell me, Mr. Pradeep Malhotra.
Jailer sir, how are you?
A small obligation.
Mr. Raju, I hope you remember me.
Pradeep Malhotra from Delhi.
Your daughter is not responding
to the medicines.
If she responds she'll be
your daughter, otherwise..
she will be no more.
Your father is here.
Please look at me once.
Please look at me once.
Please, dear.
Thank you, Mr. Raju.
Sir please let me see her once.
please let me talk to her once.
I beg you, sir.
When medicines fail, emotions work.
by the way,
if she is dead, a lot of big
shots will face the repercussions.
Be careful.
Hello, sir.
There was an attempt made
on your son's life last night in the pub.
He's just missed sir.
Your son has touched my daughter,
he won't survive long.
The one who attacked in the carnival
and in the pub is the same guy.
Our guys have tracked his location, sir.
Should we encounter him?
Tomorrow your daughter and
my son are going to be engaged.
That's not just an engagement,
it's an announcement of your incompetence.
If you were competent,
you would have entered the ring
or at least someone on your behalf.
If you have the guts,
you can come and stop.
Did you hear me?
You can come and stop it, if you dare.
Engagement ?
Your uncle died for the dignity of this family.
He won't come back,
but bring the dignity of this family back.
Trust me, Aunt.
The one whom I've sent is more than capable.
He is like a ninja whose traces are invisible
but he does the job in silence.
It will come.
Our dignity will come back.
She, herself, will come
and stand at our doorstep.
Make a call to our guy.
Sir, we got him.
Leave him.
Bring him here?
Why did you leave me in the pub, bro?
I was coming to get you
and meanwhile, she called me.
That girl. CM's daughter.
He has again started to talk about you.
I'll deal with him today.
Let's go.
What did she say?
She asked me to come to
the corner of the street.
I went.
She started there
kissing me all over,
squeezing me with her hugs,
she was like how can you not take
such a hottie to the pub with you,
how can you drink there,
how can you dance with
an average-looking girl,
she bombarded me with so many questions
You tell me, Rahul.
She's a young girl, she too has desires,
she wished to dance with me and I obliged.
Am I wrong here?
Did I commit any sin?
But she wasn't ready to accept this.
Is this the way to talk?
I got irritated and said,
yes, I like that average-looking girl,
I went with that average-looking girl,
I decided to spend my life with the
same average looking girl.
And I came from there.
So have you decided?
Is it wrong to give life
to an average-looking girl?
Is it wrong to love her?
Is it wrong? Tell me.
I was just talking about you.
How come you are here?
She heard, bro.
She heard the entire thing.
Listen, I have to tell you something.
Everyone who saw our
pairing last night was like -
Bro, you looked cool with
that average-looking girl.
It was then that I decided
Decided what?
To give life to me?
I have a small function
at my house tomorrow.
Come there and tell my
family the same thing.
After that, you can give me life.
Will you come?
I will.
Send the location,
I'll be present at the occasion.
Looking at your speed,
I thought you were going to bash him
but instead,
you invited him to the function.
How dare he use me to boast his image!
Tomorrow when he sees my power,
he will be astonished.
Let him come.
I'll show my power.
Everything is fine?
Keep the security tight, okay?
Okay, sir.
This engagement should have
been a grand event but -
I know what I am doing.
But without any relatives of the girl..
She would be very sad.
Bless me, Uncle.
Get up. Get up.
Are you sad that your family
isn't present at the occasion?
Why would I be upset?
I have all of you with me.
Are you happy now?
Swetha and Hari.
You would do all the rituals
from the bride's side.
Okay, brother-in-law.
But we shall have a grand
event for the marriage
which would be a spectacle
for the entire nation.
Let's start the program.
He can't come to this function
but he must witness it..
Send him the web link.
Already sent, brother.
Your classmate is here,
he is calling himself to be
the son-in-law of the CM.
Send him. Send him fast.
Okay Madam.
The CM's son-in-law is here.
Let me show him what I am
He found out your entire schedule with
the help of a retired intelligence officer.
We killed him too, sir.
This is the gift I'm sending to him
for his daughter's engagement.
Throw the body at the border.
Sir, SP Raghuram from
intelligence, reporting sir.
You must move to the safe zone, sir.
Clear information.
The guy from the Kadapa
has trespassed into your house, sir.
He came and-
he died as well.
He is not that guy, sir.
The person you killed is
the brother-in-law of Naveen.
To avenge Naveen,
whom you got encountered,
he is trying to make an attempt
on yours and your family's lives.
The person sent by the CM is..
That Jacob.
He would easily estimate my moves.
We need to get someone unknown,
who is more than capable of doing this.
Get Jacob into the action.
He is more dangerous than a jackal,
filled with arrogance.
He is such a person, sir.
Jacob, sir.
Tell me.
I need 5 Hamam soaps.
So much RDX?
Are you planning to blast Hyderabad?
Something like that.
It will be ready.
You seem to be planning something big,
who is the target, brother?
What happened?
The tiger has begun its hunt.
Leave about me.
I want his head.
If I come there, I'll rip you into two.
Do I look like a peanut?
Stop the vehicle.
What's this fight happening in our area?
Why are you killing us?
Once upon a time,
there was a tiger in a jungle,
it had a friend, Rabbit.
A fox came and touched the rabbit.
How will it stay calm?
If I came for a hunt, I am the tiger.
If I unsheathe weapon, you'll be dead.
He thought only Jacob could do it
but he killed Jacob in broad daylight.
Then CM astonished, sir.
he focused on him.
Where is he?
"Every bit of my body is red chilli salt"
"It is filled with headstrong defiance by default."
"If you antagonise me you'll see hell."
"Every nut and bolt
will get loosen up if I hit you."
"You will see the revolt in my muscles."
" One hit by me will jolt you for life"
"If the hunting tiger jumps on you,
your life will just halt."
"If you boil my blood you will have
the kick of having a Triple Malt."
"Beat the dreams! Beat the drums!"
"you are very cult"
"You are very cult.
Cult, cult cult."
"When you wink your eyes,
the hearts of ladies melt."
"You are very cult.
Cult, cult cult."
"If you charge ahead, even the
weapons would feel the chills."
"You are very cult.
Cult, cult cult."
"When enemies come across you,
their belts slip off their pants."
"You are very cult.
Cult, cult cult."
"The content that you deliver is A rated."
"Your twirling of moustache is cult."
"Your unfolding of collar is cult."
"Your way of drinking is cult."
"Your way of fighting is a cult too."
"Scarf around your neck and
bandana over the head."
"Your overall cutout is cult."
"When you pluck out the silencer
of a revving vehicle, that is a cult."
"Your work is a cult."
"Betting with hundreds of people is a cult."
"The DJ and midnight munching is a cult."
'Your sketch is a cult.
Your rampage is a cult."
"Smile cult..
iSmile cult.."
"iStyle cult..
School cult.."
"You are very cult.
Cult, cult cult."
"When you wink your eyes,
the hearts of ladies melt."
"You are very cult.
Cult, cult cult."
"If you charge ahead,
even the weapons would feel the chills."
"You are very cult.
Cult, cult cult."
"When enemies come across you,
their belts slip off their pants."
"You are very cult.
Cult, cult cult."
"The content that you deliver is A rated."
Weapons down.
Down the weapon.
This is our Godfather's house.
Remove your shoes before entering.
The only Godfather that
I know in this area are
Lord Venkanna of Tirupati,
Lord Malanna of Srisailam,
and Lord Narsanna of Kadiri.
Only these three are Godfathers to me.
not anyone else.
What is the discussion about?
About killed him?
I killed him
and he is the witness.
So what?
You have killed...
one of my men.
When I'm killing somebody,
I only watch where his head is,
I don't care who is behind him.
That's my way.
Why did you kill him?
He teased my Sister-in-law.
That's why I killed him.
I'm not an incompetent fellow to see the ladies
of my house being abused by someone else.
I'm stubborn.
I'm a man who eats meat with meal.
The offspring of this powerful land.
Will you kill somebody just because
he said he'll touch the ladies?
Leave him aside, you say.
Why don't you say it once ?
Your head won't be on your body.
If I wield a sword, it'll take 10 minutes
and without it, it'll take me just
5 minutes to kill anyone.
Forget it, we get only two hours of electricity,
I need to go to my field to switch on
the motor, tell me what's the matter quickly.
Will you go from here?
I don't think you have
called me here to kill me.
Tell me what's the matter.
I trusted a man but he backstabbed me
and took my daughter away from my house.
I want him dead and my daughter back.
Please do this favour for me and
I will give half the territory that I rule.
I'll keep you in my heart.
You take care of me and
I'll take care of him.
You are going to CM's house.
Is he not a CM as well?
Didn't I come here too?
I'll hit him so hard that his seat will tear apart,
the state would feel the jitters
and he would pee in his pants.
I will bring your daughter
from his presence.
That's why you must go
into the safe zone, sir.
Let him come.
We started the function with his death
and will end the function
with that man's death.
You take rest.
Sir, sir, sir,
I'm not saying this as an officer,
I'm saying this as your loyalist,
Please, don't underestimate him.
Not just that, if my guess is right,
he has already entered the venue.
Already, his foot is on your chest.
He is the devil I warned you about, sir.
He sent me an invitation to his function
and I have sent death to his house.
Auntie, watch it.
He is as fast as a tiger.
He is as strong as mammoth..
a wild mammoth
You are crossing your limits.
You challenged me to cross
your state borders, and I did.
You challenged me to enter
your premise, and I did.
You challenged me to bypass
your force, and I did.
You challenged me to
outpower you, and I did.
After all this, how can you expect me
to not cross the bloody limits?
Such is the might of our guy.
I won't spare you.
I'll kill you.
You can only kill unconscious people
but I wake them up from
their sleep to kill them.
Leave me.
Sir, Don't go.
There's nothing that will fall
apart if you guys step in.
There will be no remainings if I step in
He is slashing them as if death itself
were dancing violently in intoxication.
Hey, stop it.
Hey, what are you doing?
Stop it.
Hey, Guns down.
He was frightened.
Hey, stop it.
Don't harm him.
Take his daughter away
and hand her over to him.
We won, Chinappa.
We won.
Take her away.
Take her away.
Hey, she is my daughter.
Why should I hand his daughter to him?
I came here to kidnap
both of your daughters.
Every man has a name,
every village has a reputation
and every position has a responsibility.
Without respecting any of that,
the crimes that both of you committed,
the insult you caused to our states,
the self-respect that you stripped away
You must restore all of them.
Until then, I will neither release them
nor spare anything that obstructs me.
Who are you?
Whom do you belong to?
Rudraganti Ramakrishna Raju.
c/o Rudrarajapuram.
I want both of you to come.
If you come as guests,
you would see our hospitality
but if you come as enemies,
you would see our hostility.
First, check the footage
and then delete it.
Okay sir.
C/o Rudrarajupuram
Don't harm him.
Take his daughter away
and hand her over to him.
He killed Jacob and gained
the attention of that CM.
He then got closer to your
daughter to get to you.
Now he has abducted both your
daughters and challenged you both.
What is the connection between both of you,
him and Rudrarajupuram, sir?
This is not a state issue,
this is our personal issue.
Get lost.
I lost, Rayudu.
It wouldn't have been this
way if you were here.
These many years of my
political experience,
my position, the people, the weapons
nothing could stop him.
At last, I even fell on his feet
to save my family.
He tricked me.
He came to your house.
We kill those who even touch our posters,
but he abducted our daughters
How can we let him go scot-free?
Where is that village?
Brother, great job.
You brought them as you promised.
Lakshmi, he is fine.
Girls have travelled a long distance,
they have been tired.
Arrange lunch for them.
He has kidnapped two girls.
Instead of reprimanding him,
the whole village is celebrating him
as if he has won some war.
What is going on here?
I was the one who asked him
to get you both here.
This is not the way you get things
done with our Dads. This is wrong.
We didn't get you here to blackmail
your fathers to give us some projects
or positions or any such favours.
To stand for righteousness
and to support a good man.
Who is that good man?
My friend,
my confidant,
and more importantly,
the pride of this village,
Rudraganti Ramakrishna Raju.
This is a great moment in
Indian Business History
that should be written in golden letters.
Every Indian should be proud of this
because the world-renowned
Millennium Technology prize goes
to an Indian technology company
and the company is
Crown Technologies Private Ltd.
Crown Technology Private Limited has grown..
from the level of importing the
latest technology from the
countries of the world to the
level of exporting even greater technology.
This is only because of one person,
the founder and Chairman of the company,
Rudraganti Ramakrishna Raju.
Yeah. Okay. Okay.
Thank you.
Not just as a reporter,
I feel very proud as an Indian, sir.
Everybody does business but
you are achieving never before landmarks, sir.
How is it possible?
75 countries,
126 branches.
147569 members including drivers,
cleaners, and security.
All of them are not my employees,
they are my family members.
That is my secret of success.
I hope this remains this way.
Thank you.
That was the live example of sincerity,
simplicity, and success filled in one person.
That was Mr. Ramakrishna Raju for you.
I hope your chartered flight
was convenient.
We asked every other CM for the
solution to our financial problem
and all of them suggested your name,
Pradeep Malhotra.
That's why we got you here from Delhi.
You want to convert 5 lakh crores
of black money into white.
To convert this huge amount
it would take 3 years
but you have just 6 months of time
because of the coming elections.
The job is very tough.
But there is a solution.
What is that?
He is your solution.
Rama Krishna Raju.
People would suspect even the money
from the donation box of the temple
but they would never suspect the
money coming from his company.
You're lucky that he is in your state
and you can approach him easily.
Take him under your control
and your money would become white
with the speed of not a train but a rocket.
He is your best option.
In fact, your one and only option.
Good idea. Our job is done.
My wife loved your chartered flight.
Tell madam that it is yours.
Thank you.
Call Mr. Raju.
He is unavailable.
He has gone to his village to attend
his friend's daughter's marriage.
Which village?
The air is so fresh, Dad.
Look at the people from this village,
you will feel more fresh.
you would send us to every
function and excuse yourself.
But for the first time..
you are personally
taking us to the function.
Is Uncle that close to you?
His most cherished friend.
You are the eldest in this house.
Bless my daughter..
to be happy in her in-laws house.
It's been so long.
I didn't expect to see you.
You texted me that it's your
daughter's marriage.
You didn't even invite me.
I thought you would be busy.
I am busy
I would be busy
if it was your function.
But it is for my sister's sake.
That's why I came early,
that too, along with my family.
He is the person your father
always talks about.
God bless you, dear.
My daughter.
Hello, Uncle.
My would-be son-in-law.
My sister.
Lakshmi, take them in.
Okay, please come.
Where is your son?
He is with his friends.
"A strikingly handsome man
entered the serene village"
"Yes, he came.
handsome hunk came."
"He's a kind-hearted boy,
but he's as fiery as a chili."
"Yes, he's hot.
Hot as chilli."
"He is the son of Godavari."
"He is the majestic ship."
"He is a fighter cock.
He charts through your hearts."
"He is the delightful treat
that everyone loves."
"His arrival incites turmoil."
"Contacting him is a deeply
intense experience."
"A strikingly handsome man
entered the serene village"
"Yes, he came.
handsome hunk came."
Brother, Father is calling you.
We have a guest it seems.
Who's that?
Mr. Raju, how's your health?
Not so bad.
What's your son doing?
He is settled in Sydney.
He is earning well.
He seldom calls.
Your son?
My son is in London.
My daughter is a doctor in the USA.
She's earning very good pay.
And your son?
He is a software engineer
settled in Canada.
He has been there since the last 10 years
and started his own company just like you.
He is earning well.
My son is in Malaysia.
My son is in Russia.
My daughter is in Germany.
What is your son doing?
My son?
There he is.
Hey, sisters-in-laws.
Have you ganged up against me?
Brother-in-law, you are looking
very handsome in this attire.
By the way, it's my sister's marriage,
why have you all dressed up as brides?
We all are ready to marry you.
All of you?
Hello, why are you bothering my guy?
Are your fathers not looking
matches for you?
Our families wouldn't find someone like him
anywhere in all the surrounding villages.
But we have found him
in this village itself.
We will take care of it, Uncle.
You carry on with your work.
Ok, Your wish.
Look brother-in-law,
it is said that a big-eyed wife
would take good care of her husband.
Marry me, please.
I will take good care of you.
Brother-in-law, your life will have a thrill
if you marry a girl with long hair.
Please marry me.
Look at me, brother-in-law.
Even though my hip is slim yet
I can carry you all around this village.
Carry me?
Stop it, everyone.
Brother-in-law, if you marry me,
you wouldn't need a bodyguard in your life.
Whoever it is, one punch and
they will see stars in daylight.
Brother-in-law, I'm over 21, can I..
Shut up. Watch your age before talking
Look. Each one of you has one speciality.
But I will marry the girl who has all
the specialties in her.
So you don't like us, brother-in-law?
How can I not like you?
You are the princess of this village.
The most beautiful girls in the district.
Your presence itself is
a celebration-worthy event.
So, let's first take care of my
sister's marriage
and then think about our marriage.
Looking at him I realize how many years
that I've missed you people and this village
I saw him last when he was a child.
What's his qualifications?
He went to Stanford University
but then he failed and came back.
He didn't do well in final year.
Dad, did you call me?
Do you remember my friend Rama Krishna
Raju about whom I always talk about?
I know this sir, Dad.
I've watched him on TV.
If you call me sir again,
I'll go back to Hyderabad.
Okay, Uncle.
Your son is very fast.
What Uncle.
Your foreign liquor is not working at all.
But the local liquor makes me
so high just with a small quantity.
Night long I can dance..
Uncle, come with me.
I'll give a whole case. Hey,
Uncle, come with me.
The bride is coming,
everyone, come inside.
Come, Uncle.
One more wicket is down.
She was very pretty.
Who is that girl?
I've never seen her before.
Those eyes, those hair,
her walk It's very royal.
That girl is gorgeous, no?
Who is she?
She's the CEO of Crown Technologies.
But that company is yours, right?
She is my daughter know.
That's why I praised her know.
Mom, sister is here.
You are very pretty, dear.
He is uncle's son.
Have I seen you before?
Have you seen me before?
He just saw you.
He is praising you much.
I heard, Daddy.
He is the most eligible
bachelor of the village,
all the girls are crazy about him.
If he keeps praising all the girls,
it's obvious that they would fall for him.
Did you too fall for me?
I praised you as well,
so did you fall for me?
Girls don't fall for praises.
You need to win their hearts.
Our girls have a soft heart though.
Of course, you too have a good heart.
That's why I already told you about him.
he is witty.
Come here.
Hey, he came here after a long time,
that too, with his family.
It's your responsibility to make
sure that his time in this village
would become an unforgettable
experience for him.
"The sun rose brilliantly, shining as white."
"The morning started with a warm embrace."
"A solitary bird sings on the hill's edge."
"That song echoed melodiously
through the mountain streams."
"Hey, a cowrie resting in the
flowing river's embrace."
"Are you the soundless violin?"
"Nothing can compete with the
village dancing in beauty of fragrance"
"There is no scar even to point out"
"Theres no new and old here"
"This is where affection bonds all closer"
"We will exhibit straightforward behavior."
"The village, where greenery
enhances the beauty of Mother Earth."
"We will exhibit straightforward behavior."
"The village, where greenery
enhances the beauty of Mother Earth."
"There are no better relatives than mother"
"The village is the root of our culture,
where love and nourishment thrive."
"There are no better relatives than mother"
"The village is the root of our culture,
where love and nourishment thrive."
"The sun rose brilliantly, shining as white."
"The morning started with a warm embrace."
"Like the sweet of cream in sugarless milk"
"Like the spicy and
mouth-watering pickle"
"Like the beautiful rangoli
drawn without dots"
"Like the shadow of Konaseema
boats crossing Korangi"
"This village resembles a cloud,"
"shedding its tears and raining repeatedly."
"All day's toil awaits the
cloud's rain-drenched song."
"All day's toil awaits the
cloud's rain-drenched song."
"We will exhibit straightforward behavior."
"The village, where greenery
enhances the beauty of Mother Earth."
"There are no better relatives than mother"
"The village is the root of our culture,
where love and nourishment thrive."
I have a surprise for you.
Hey, why are you giving me all this?
Wait, I'll explain it later.
Place this luggage in the rear vehicle.
Carefully keep this here.
Listen to my instructions carefully
Bring another two men to accompany you.
What is this, brother?
You're sending your
daughter away, not your friend.
I can visit my daughter whenever I want to
but I have seen him after so many years
and to see him again I don't know
how long I should wait again.
That's why he is more important to me.
You have given me all the happiness
back that I lost during my working days.
Promise me
You have to preside over
my children's marriage as well.
I have my son as my support.
I can do anything if he's with me.
Here. These are your honeymoon tickets.
I have done all the
necessary arrangements.
Enjoy the trip.
This is for you.
What is this?
I have a guesthouse in France. I have
done all the required arrangements.
I insist you to go there along with
your family and have a nice time.
We don't need this.
Talk to my daughter.
She arranged it.
Uncle, please accept it.
You're a topper at Stanford University, right?
Why did you lie that you failed?
You are a topper in Ethical Hacking from
Stanford University, California, right?
You cracked and Hacked the firewall of the
main company while you were still a student
and the CEO of that company offered you the
highest package of the decade
but you rejected it.
A mansion-like house,
now my sister too is going
away after the marriage,
only parents have to stay here.
If they get sick...
I don't want them to be dependent on others
for their medicines and
basic needs in their old age.
There is a huge difference between
a servant and their son, Uncle
Then why did you lie that you failed?
Uncle, the only selfless people
in this world are parents.
They want their children to succeed.
They will face a world of problems
but would never ask their child
to come back just for them.
That's why I failed myself
so that my father is happy.
When I was a kid and couldn't walk,
it was them who held my hands
and made me walk.
Now that they require my support,
how can I leave them to their fate?
I wanted to be so close to my family
that as soon as they needed me
I was available the very next moment.
That is my responsibility, Uncle.
But you left a huge opportunity.
Uncle, I'd choose the comfort of my
father's hand on my shoulder
as I walk these streets over
any medal on a grand stage.
No money can give that satisfaction, Uncle
For example,
when you asked him to preside
over your children's marriage,
he said he has his son to
take care of everything.
What else do I need in this life?
This is the topmost position
according to me.
We pray to the invisible Gods
but forget about the
Gods that have brought us up.
Not fair, uncle.
They are not my assets.
They are my soul.
I just want to see my parents
smiling face every morning,
that is my asset and
that is my top position as well.
I don't say that everyone
has to follow this,
some might not have the
opportunity to do this.
But I am fortunate that I can
take care of m parents.
what is this like a child?
Dad, what's this?
When I came to this village,
I thought I had a good
friend in this village.
But now I realise that he
has a best son in the world.
There are many parents who find
happiness in their children's success.
But you are the only child who finds
happiness in the happiness of his parents.
No words.
You have taught me a new life lesson.
I will let you know the surprise
once you back from the trip.
we wanted to meet Mr. Raju, right?
We found out that you have visited
my state for your personal affairs.
I thought it would be only you.
I didn't expect sir.
We both need the
work to be done, Mr. Raju.
That's why both of us
together have called you.
By the way, he is Pradeep Malhotra..
our political and financial advisor.
Why did you want to meet me?
Nothing, Mr. Raju.
You know that we are ruling
the states from the decade.
Our self-benefits have skyrocketed,
and we have amassed a lot of wealth.
But life in politics is uncertain.
We must secure our future
while we are in power, right?
Why are you telling all this to me?
I'll come to the point.
We want you to make our black money
as a white with your company.
Your company has operations in 75 countries
already and many more charities.
It's not a big deal to you.
Stand with us
and we promise you that
you can point to any place in both states
and that place will be yours within minutes.
It could be a land, a dam,
or even a person's life.
I'll take care of the technical details.
CM sir..
I filter even the air that enters
into my company
and you are asking me to
dump your garbage into it.
How can I accept that?
Sorry, sir.
I can't help you.
It's a waste of your time.
Think again, Mr. Raju.
If you say yes, you will have
a seat in the Rajya Sabha.
Sir, when I die,
I want my body to be wrapped in
the national flag but not your party flag.
Have you forgotten that
you are talking to two CMs?
I know PM, sir.
I can meet him in hour.
I have some urgent work.
Let's meet again later.
Go ahead, my friend. Send all your
agencies on him one after the other.
By evening, he should have come with shivers.
Excuse me.
Do you think he is an ordinary citizen?
His company has the best lawyers,
best auditors in the country as
a great fence around him.
He can meet the PM in minutes.
What can your state agencies do to him?
What should we do then?
You must not target his
wealth or properties.
You should target his self-respect.
I mean, his self-respect.
I have sent the procedure to your mobile.
Follow it as it is.
Then let's see,
how the PM will answer his call.
Outstanding presentation, Divya.
Sir, what is this ?
Why are you dealing with
drugs inside a software office?
Why are you beating ?
Seize the office.
During the police raids on
Crown group of companies,
they have seized a huge
quantity of drugs from the office.
With that, all their branches
have been locked
and the employees have been
arrested and sent to Narcotics test.
After finding out the involvement of
Mr. Ramakrishna Raju in the drugs case,
the police have plunged into action
What is happening here?
This is a planned conspiracy, sir.
Sorry, sir.
We have orders to keep
you house arrested.
Officers, seize the phones.
Let me talk to DG sir.
We got the orders from DG only.
Let me talk to my lawyer.
Sorry, madam.
Access denied.
Passports, please.
Seize the house.
What, Delhi?
Is this enough?
Turn the battle more spicy.
He is not a miracle man like everyone thinks.
He's a monster.
He would take us on foreign trips
and abuse us, sir.
He would force us to sleep with foreign
clients to acquire projects.
We are from a humble background, sir.
We studied hard and secured a good job
to support our families but he ruined our lives, sir.
He should be punished for that.
Please stop, Dad.
This is the true identity of Mr.Raju.
Is this enough ?
We have made him naked in front of the public.
Do we require the girls who gave the
statements in our favour?
The loyal employees of Mr. Raju are,
harping about Human Rights and CBI
on social media.
If such brisk action is taken
as soon as the blame was made,
this is definitely a planned activity.
If we want to protect ourselves from
being falsely accused,
we need to raise a corporate-social war.
Mute them as well along with those girls.
I'm late.
By the way,
you were talking about giving the
Rajya Sabha seat to Ramakrishna Raju, is it?
My wife is as interested in
politics as in flights.
And I am interested in fulfilling
my wife's interest.
Only when she is busy,
I can do my work peacefully.
Tell madam that the seat is yours.
Make it happen within the next 24 hours.
His wife..
Cool down, man.
Are we working with him or his wife?
My wife likes flight,
my wife likes the Delhi seat
Tomorrow, if she likes you and me, then?
Should we become her slaves?
We should keep our heads down
until we get the job done.
First, take care of the girls
and the employees.
I will not spare his wife after
we are done with this.
We did whatever you asked us to do.
We framed a good man, sir
Please, spare us.
People might physically assault you for writing
unwarranted articles on social media,
but we directly kill them.
What is this, sir?
Mr. Raju's henchmen killed them for
revealing the company's secrets out.
Yes. Mr. Raju ordered us to do this..
we did it.
so what?
They have agreed that you have asked
them to do the killings.
We have an arrest warrant in your name.
Your daughter is delaying the arrest
and calling for lawyers.
But meanwhile, the crowd might
go berserk and attack you.
It is very dangerous for you,
your family, and your family's pride.
Please surrender yourself.
He is innocent, sir.
Trust us, madam.
He is a great man.
We shall take care of him.
I don't want to hear anything.
You cannot take Daddy from here.
I'll come soon.
There are millions of families
depending on us.
You have to take care of everything.
Be careful.
How dare you abuse girls!
You murderer!
How dare you hit the police
who came to arrest you?
Do you think the public would be
passive to your actions?
We felt so proud when you
called us as your family.
But you used them as filthy for
your business and killed them ?
at least, you made us can't take
at last glance at our daughters.
Hit him
With slippers..
Who do you think he is?
What are you doing?
Get lost.
Fight in the court if you can.
Mom, please get up.
Sister, Mom is not getting up.
Mom, get up
Mom, get up
What happened?
I don't know.
Mom, please get up.
Mom, please get up.
Madam stop.. stop.
Sir Sir, please.
Mom has taken too many sleeping pills.
Please, sir. Please save her.
She deserved this for marrying him.
Please sir.
Get her in the van.
Okay, sir.
Okay, sir.
We have got him arrested.
Now, the company belongs to us right?
Can we start the process?
No, Not yet.
If you try to exploit that company now,
it will be blacklisted and the
whole company will get seized.
Before his legal team gets into the field,
Raju should plead guilty to
all the accusations.
He should resign from the Director post
and permanently be incarcerated.
Later, you should take control of his daughter
who has the signing power in the company.
She should sign wherever we ask for
and open all the doors for us.
Then we can start your work and my work.
Sign it, Mr. Raju.
You have done so many crimes.
Putting one signature isn't
a big deal for you.
I am in no way related to all these crimes.
If our bosses don't like anyone they
usually ask for their heads.
You are lucky that they
just need your signature.
Sign it.
I am not related to it.
So, you're not related?
See, Now you will related.
Sign it.
Sign it.
Sign it.
She's a girl.
Please leave her.
Sign it.
Please don't harm her, sir.
Sir, I will sign it.
Let her go.
I will sign it.
She is such a innocent girl.
I will sign it.
Please leave her.
I have agreed to have
committed all those crimes.
I signed it, sir.
Here, take it.
Sir, let her go.
I beg you, sir.
We are garbage?
You want to be wrapped in the
National Flag when you are dead ?
Now ask them to wrap you in a dirty cloth.
This was just a trailer for the signature.
Henceforth if you open your mouth in court
or anywhere else,
we will kill her.
For not agreeing to be a part of your
dirty business, will you ruin somebody's life?
Will you torture his daughter
in front of him?
Will you abducted and
made disappear her?
Will you frame a good man
for being good enough?
He blessed my children with a happy life.
She is,
I too blessed his children
to have a happy life.
They should be happy too, right?
Shouldn't they?
That's why, to keep my promise,
my son has started a war with the enemies.
Your fathers should come here,
should bring my friend and
then take you along with them.
If my son wanted, he could have abducted
you from your college or the pub.
But your fathers should know the pain of
losing their children and being helpless.
That's why he abducted you
from their presence.
If your son was harmed in this process?
A son must uphold the pride of his family.
I am proud of my son.
To uphold his father's promise,
to uphold the promise made to the village,
to uphold the promise to this mother,
and to bring out the truth that
was hidden behind the wall.
my son didn't care about his own life.
That's why I'm proud of my son.
I understand your pain, Uncle.
Our fathers did wrong.
But you have one person with you
and they have two states with them.
How will you stop them?
You made a mistake.
You made a big mistake by causing
Raju's daughter to slip into a coma.
You made another mistake by becoming each
other's foe and allowing the enemy to exploit you.
Before we get the papers signed
by Raju's daughter,
if he uses your daughters
and reveals to the world about
your involvement in this particular case..
you both are finished.
Finished? Us?
So far we were constricted..
Now onwards we have no bounds.
Nobody can stop us.
Sir, they said they're from Rudrarajupuram.
That's why I bring them in.
You may go.
Okay sir.
Hello, sir.
I am Manikanta Raju.
I am the father of the one who
abducted your daughters.
Keep those jars there.
What is that?
This is coconut mango pickle,
that is chicken pickle,
and that is mutton pickle.
We don't go empty-handed to
even our enemy's house.
That's our culture
Why are you here?
We have organised Sri Rama Navami in
our village on 30th of this month.
This time we are celebrating it
even more extravagantly.
But under the auspices of my
friend Rama Krishna Raju.
You have to get him to the village instead
of sending him to the death row.
I want you to bring him with all
the respects that you stripped off him.
I hope you will bring him as I said.
You need a village to organise
that function, don't you?
What will you do in a graveyard?
Oh, yeah.
Your special criminal forces have
entered the village
from the north side of the
village through the coconut fields.
At the same time, from the south end,
through the storage godowns,
your dangerous personal force has entered
the village wearing a greyhound mask, right?
You have sent the criminals in the
guise of police to the village. Right?
Is this what you are talking about?
As soon as my people set foot in your village,
the village will be there but it will be lifeless.
Your men can enter the fields,
can infiltrate the godowns,
can even set foot on my village
but they can't cross one.
What is that?
My son.
You have the habit of watching
all the encounters live, don't you?
Now open the link, what my son sent.
Have you crossed the coconut farms?
We are about to capture the target?
Target is in front of me sir.
Finish him.
We will take care of his family.
Tarzan, what happened?
Move.. Move.. Move..
Hey, come out.
I'll see your blood.
Daaku, alert.
Tarzan is in trouble.
Go as a backup.
Target is in front of me.
He is cheating.
He is there.
Hey, stop hiding.
If you have guts, come in front of us.
Respond, Tarzan.
Respond, Tarzan.
Daaku, respond.
Give him a horrible death.
How dare you to touch a police officer!
I'm beating you, not your post.
Manhandling a good man is very easy,
but it's not so easy to
challenge me in my village.
He came to your house and
you couldn't do anything.
What can you do to him in his own village?
Keep this in mind.
You have just 7 days.
You must bring him along with you.
You must!
We won't. What will you do?
we can pickle not only chicken, mutton
even our enemies as well
Seal them in jar.
you have to bring him, there's no option.
Bloody rascal!
Kidnapped me, are you enjoying
yourself here, are you?
Hey, average.
Even your fathers couldn't touch me.
Don't make futile efforts.
Throw it away. Come, sit.
What is matter?
You brought me to a good village.
I like the house too.
Good food, a comfy bed,
I have everything.
Then why are attacking
people like crazy?
This is not enough.
I'm getting bored.
My body needs some entertainment.
What is that?
But not the average one.
Sounds should have beats,
the bodies should swing,
the eyes should have attitude,
the touch must be intoxicating,
and you should be alongside.
Both states should dance to the tunes.
Can you do that?
Can you do that?
Do you want to see?
come on
"Oh my Cutie pie.
Oh my Sweetie pie."
"You are the apple of my eye."
"My mesmerising angel.
Spread the seeds of intoxication."
"Such that it makes my heart go crazy."
"Ring the gong and announce.."
"That I'll come in an hour."
"Dance and announce"
"That I'm bringing the storm along."
"I heard you.
I'm getting ready."
"Get ready.
I'm going to serve you."
"With love I'll serve
to my macho man."
"I can't wait to see you."
"Don't confuse me, girl."
"Just come and hug me, girl."
"Don't confuse me, girl."
"Just come and hug me, girl."
"Oh my Cutie pie.
Oh my Sweetie pie."
"You are the apple of my eye."
"My mesmerising angel.
Spread the seeds of intoxication."
"Such that it makes my heart go crazy."
"Ring the gong and announce.."
"That I'll come in an hour."
"Dance and announce"
"That I'm bringing the storm along."
"Wear my favourite lungi
and wait for me."
"It'll be a night to remember."
"Get your tool, get ready the turf."
"No shame or shyness
should stop us tonight."
"Get ready to come along with me.
Shut up and get on me."
"Will you spend the nights
with only kisses?"
"That won't be enough
for tonight, will it?"
"I'll come with you no matter what.
I'll get you under my spell no matter what."
"Don't confuse me, girl."
"Just come and hug me, girl."
"Don't confuse me, girl."
"Just come and hug me, girl."
"Oh my Cutie pie.
Oh my Sweetie pie."
"You are the apple of my eye."
"My mesmerising angel.
Spread the seeds of intoxication."
"Such that it makes my heart go crazy."
Sir! Sir!
Sign the petition, sir.
Sign it, sir.
You need to fear for your daughter.
She is in safe hands, sir.
I told you that you are a noble man
and God will come to save you.
Likewise, God has come to rescue you, sir.
Now sign the petition, sir.
Raju has re appealed his case
in the supreme court?
As far as I know,
you used his daughter to make
Ramakrishna Raju confess all those crimes.
Now that daughter has gone missing.
The mastermind behind the plan,
Mr. Malhotra, has also been
kidnapped in Delhi, sir.
All legal teams of Raju are
now active, sir.
If Raju starts speaking, not just court
all central departments
will come after him.
The entire Delhi will be on your tail.
What shall we do?
Sir, the idols have reached the stage.
The next step in the program is
conducting Sita and Ram's marriage.
Ask the couple who will partake
in the ceremony to get ready.
We didn't bring him here to witness
the rituals and accept your hospitality.
But to give you a glimpse of
what will happen
if tomorrow he utters anything
negative about us in the court.
Do you know what will happen?
Like this.
Like this.
Like this.
Like this.
Like this.
You invited us.
You challenged us.
We came.
We came so far.
We brought him along with us.
If you can, free him from our captivity
and take him to your side.
Let's see..
No job in this world which was started with the
blessings of Lord Rama ever
faces any obstruction.
And you think you can stop
Sita and Rama's marriage?
No way.
It will happen and it will happen
under his auspices.
Stop it if you can.
Daddy, please
leave him.
We don't have much time.
beheaded from his body,
we need to leave.
Daddy please
Daddy, No!
Daddy please
Dear, are we losing?
We have Lord Rama's blessing.
Lord Rama is with us.
We won't lose.
No.. Please
Who is he?
How is he related to him?
Kill him.
Where will he go?
They are the problem.
Kill them first.
What are looking at?
Questioning my identity?
Thinking that why am I here?
That how am I linked to this tussle?
There is a link.
There is a link between my anger
and the sin you made.
My heart.
My Ammulu.
My life.
She came here in the name of marriage.
She would have shown me brother
and said that she'll make us
meet directly and surprise.
But after coming from the
village she went missing.
I've searched.
And got to know that you people
are behind her missing.
I killed the one who touched her
and got your attention
and then entered in your life.
By that time, my guy had already
started the game with both of you.
He's the one who told me that in-order
to bring the truth out you need to be alive.
And there's another one behind you both.
And that Ammulu is in Delhi.
That's why I shifted my focus to Delhi.
I thrashed him and
rescued my Ammulu.
Do you know what is the first thing
she asked for after opening her eyes?
I want to see my Dad.
I entered the field.
Witnessed your anarchy and
got you down to my feet.
I stood only for her.
But he stood for the promise
that his father made,
for the greater good,
for a good man.
Will you stand for it or not?
To be or not to be?
We made a mistake.
We ask for your forgiveness.
We will confess where ever
it necessary.. spare us.
tell in-front of them.
Sir, we are forever indebted to you.
People give their time, happiness,
or money for the sake of friendship
but will they give their life?
they are giving it.
He risked his life to uphold
his father's promise.
You should be indebted to him.
Ammulu, are you happy?
You are seeing your father
after a long time.
Go and meet him.
I'll wait for you.
sir, did you both are behind this?
We did it.
Aren't you ashamed to do this heinous thing
while being in such a responsible position?
Please. Stay back. Stay back.
Sir, sir. Media, sir.
Dear boy..
Who are you?
World's crime capital.
You must have heard about
the infamous Don Daniel, sir.
30 years,
3 governments,
30 thousand army..
All of these couldn't even touch him.
How is he related to him?
He is the one who killed him, Sir!