Skate or Die (2008) Movie Script

Friction wheels
Music rhythm
- Get out.
Go liberates.
- Hi, Mickey.
- Okay, my darling?
- Hep, hep, hep,
no skate!
- Go, go!
SNCF Jingle
- Ladies and gentlemen,
your attention.
Do not leave your luggage...
- Hey!
- Hi, Danny.
- Hi.
It's me you're looking for?
What are you doing
- We'll skater in a new spot
in the 15th, a car park. You coming?
- I spend the evening..
.. with my girlfriend.
- I, too.
- It leaves no
with guys like you.
Come on, there was a fiesta in the squat.
- We'll see.
- After, maybe, yeah.
- If not?
- There was nothing to smoke.
- How would you worry?
- You make us credit?
- Credit?
Not even in dreams.
You have how many?
- I have 5 euros.
- Five?!
- Fifteen euros.
- Fifteen dollars?
OK. Follow me.
- It's good.
Whistle of admiration
- Hey! Shhh!
That's good.
Here, try this.
Hey! Mollo, it is super strong.
- Here.
- Get out.
- It's Paris, boy!
- The evening is going to be fatal.
- You amaze me!
Too much of the ball!
Aircraft engines
Mate the bum there.
- Go for it!
- Hey, idiots!
- It irritated!
- Trace trace.
- You want to shoot a line?
- Come on, frankly.
- You take the rail?
- Go.
- Hello,
what do you take?
- How much is the Orangina?
- 1,5 euro.
I put what?
- I'm an Orangina.
- OK. And for you?
- I'll take a merguez-frites
and three glasses of water.
- OK.
- Sir!
- Yes?
- Five glasses of water.
- It works.
- There's no bomb in skate.
- Dany is not a hottie?
- You got no chance
with this kind of babes.
- Thou the kiffes.
- I have not said that.
- Why we chose the skate?
I do a flip.
A flip is not bad, eh?
- Flippe it now.
- Chanm!
- Did you see?
- I finished the interior.
The outline, there is good.
- I put a little down.
- There are the keuf!
It will bar!
- Damn!
- It's not bad this little spot, eh?
- It's huge.
- I'd better run.
- I'm going to win, it's useless.
- Before, I would taste good
Dany the weed.
- Sold.
- Here.
- Thank you.
He coughs.
Music worrying
Mickey coughed.
- You hear not a car?
- I need water.
- Listen!
I thought this car park closed.
The doors slam.
- What is this plan?
- Filme with your camera.
- Then, Marseille!
You want to open..
.. a branch in Paris?
- What are you, my testicle!
We must explore
new markets.
- They share the powder.
- Shut up!
If they see us, we are dead.
- What's that?
- That!
I was not let you t'implanter..
.. on my territory!
Mobile ringtone
- Shit!
Very rhythmic music
They shoot us!
- Crush them!
- Ho! Ho!
- You've seen two skaters?
- No.
- Get out.
Get out.
- Here we go.
- Here, here, here, here!
Hurry, hurry.
- The pick-up...
Hang on.
- Two minutes..
.. asshole!
- Get out!
- Go. Come on, whore!
"The Bitter End"
- The sooner, the am!
- They are there.
- Get out!
Double, go!
- My skate wins.
- Advance!
- They are close.
- Get out.
Take left.
- The fence!
- Dark!
- The bridge deck!
- Get down!
Panic attack
- The barge!
- Hey!
What are you doing here?
- Let's go.
- I will drop you off at the port.
- Move closer to us rather
the police.
- It's me.
- You go where?
- We should see an inspector.
- Yeah...
No, I had nothing.
For what?
- You want to kill us.
- Pardon?
- Some guys have shot.
- Who?
- We do not know. We have seen
kill 3 guys in a parking lot.
- It's a joke?
- No.
It was all filmed.
- Look.
- What car?
- The floors in near here.
- We want to see the inspector.
- Your name?
- Rivals Idriss.
- Mickey Cipar.
They share the dope.
it is skidding.
That is, it will take.
- What's that?
- That!
- Head is Sylvie.
I have two witnesses
They even filmed the scene.
I can not.
You down?
Fill out this form.
My upper reaches.
Lawrence is Sylvie.
Go to the parking Robespierre
there was an exchange of gunfire.
- Hey...
On the device,
there was the graffiti of the day.
And the fireworks..
.. that was smoked.
- I want to check.
- There are wounded?
- Yes, beware.
- OK.
- Where are they?
- There.
- Hello. All my officers
are outside..
.. and I do not take more..
.. depositions.
.. they will return.
In the meantime, follow me..
.. and give me the elements
in your possession.
- Where are we going?
- In my office.
You filmed
with this phone?
- Yes, but... no.
- I?
- There's personal things over.
- It is now a part..
.. evidence.
- We will make a copy and then...
- They're keuf!
They're keuf!
- Get them!
- Call an ambulance.
- The bastards!
- You okay?
- Stop!
- Stop!
Follow them,
not leave you sow.
- Move it.
- They said
they were dangerous.
I was con.
- Who?
- The Narcotics.
There is a search
two skaters dangerous.
- Dangerous? These kids?
Cry of Pain
- You're not convinced?
- Police officer injured
two skaters on the run.
- No.
Left, left.
Where are they fucking?
Concert of car horns
- Central, 2412.
- I'll be back.
- It's okay, Chief?
- Yes, I listen.
- It's a massacre.
We must prevent Crim.
Dialing a phone number
- OK. Thank you, guys.
The Stups send the world.
It wins.
- False alarm.
You can resume your reading..
.. my old.
- You expect what
to clean?
Too late, there was a patrol there.
Relieve them.
- Two skaters at Batignolles.
- Here Captain Lucas.
It cares.
- Two fugitives skate
- Dark, go!
- The two suspects are aged
than twenty years.
- Mickey, you're wrong.
- It must be hiding
- Wait.
- Shit!
Very rhythmic music
Screeching tires
Breaking Glass
Panic attack
- Checkmate.
Yes, yes.
- Watch.
- No, but... oh!
- Attention there!
- Get out!
He is breathless.
Sylla! Sylla!
Move over!
Dark, dark.
Calling all cars.
They went there.
Go for it!
- They rue du Rocher.
- We'll block them.
They are at the end of the street.
Block them, damn!
- We expect them.
Screeching tires
- I have a visual.
Police sirens
- You can not.
- You prefer to discuss..
.. with them?
- What are they doing?
- You okay?
- Okay, yeah.
- Damn!
Stay there!
- The suspects have escaped.
- Okay.
Screeching tires and horn
- Hello.
- Hello.
- A man... broken nose.
- It's there.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- What happened?
- It's a broken nose,
it bleeds a lot. Follow us.
- I can take my jacket?
- Look, chief.
- Thank you.
- The individuals are reclassified
dangerous after the attack..
.. on a police officer.
They want to kill us.
Idriss rivals.
- Mickey Cipar.
gonna shoot.

Three guys drive..
.. we have shot.
- Alain.
Replaces me.
I have to do.
- Where are you going?
- Ask no questions.
- I do not look like that.
- But if.
- If there is no bar in Paris
one is dead.
- Now what? We told your mother
to pick us up?
- We need only take a taxi.
- There is no longer any money.
- Look, a taxi.
- There is no longer any money.
- Who cares.
- The 20th,..
.. it's huge.
- We will tell you.
- Why the 20th?
- We need to go squat Dany.
- But no longer any money..
.. and it was all the cops in the ass.
- It's a joke?
- We would like
that this is a joke.
- It goes where, this con?
- Gentlemen, I have a problem.
- We balance! Come.
- They are gone.
Dark Music
- Hello.
- It is already on the spot.
It is a matter for Narcotics.
What are you doing here?
You're on patrol?
You had a call?
- It was I who received the skaters.
I was just curious.
- Unfortunately,
there's nothing to see.
- I call the lawyer?
- The lawyer?
But he just left.
- Already?
- Yes.
- It's perfect.
I go back behind my desk.
Good luck.
- Ho! Watch out,
Curiosity is a defect.
- At next.
- Right.
- She wanted what?
- Just curious female.
- Warn Lucas.
- You're right.
Dark Music
Brouhaha radio messages
- Search priority
two fugitives in skateboard..
.. classified as hazardous.
- They fled
the stairs, they were lost.
My colleagues are behind
I know where they are.
- Suspects identified to Bercy.
- Suspects confirmed Alesia
back to Denfert-Rochereau.
- Our riders will attempt
an arrest.
- They date back to Montparnasse.
They are moving
to cross the rollers.
- The Skating Idriss.
- They go into the crowd.
We lost.
Call for mobile units.
Two fugitives from the roller skate.
- It takes care.
- Okay. It wins.
- Push yourself.
- Wait for me, Mickey.
- Follow me.
- They are there!
Suspects identified.
- Push yourself.
Excuse me.
- Push yourself.
- Visual Suspects.
- Excuse me.
Rock song very rhythmic
- What are the suspects.
Proceed with the inquiry.
- Cops on rollerblades!
It is evil.
- There's stairs.
- What is your position?
- Branch Marachers.
- I have not been too long?
- No.
- New?
- I got the hospital.
Robert will soon emerge.
Otherwise nothing special.
- And the kids?
- I give much of their skin.
- The Examiner guard
Philibert it?
- It Carpentier
which is permanence.
- Go! Yes!
Go, control.
Go, go!
- Wait, wait. Come see.
- Go, go, go.
- Go ahead and pass.
- Well, bravo!
What are you doing here?
You release or what?
Loosen the fuck!
Make them clear.
It takes, guys.
- Damn, where are they?
- There!
- Pass immediately.
But break up!
- Hurry up.
- Ho!
- Go, go!
- Get out there!
I told you to release!
- National Police.
- Fuck!
- We follow these two offenders.
- We play here.
- Sir,
you put in offense.
It's good. See you again, sir.
- Band of idiots!
The police are booing.
- We will do the trick.
- Guys, you go back.
- Skaters sector reported Montreuil.
Request for reinforcements.
- That's us. Dark!
- If another examiner operates here..
.. they will hear me!
- But, I guess...
- There's nothing to imagine.
Your victims are not dead now.
Take not the head..
.. stupas doing it.
- While it is not clear.
- Go for a walk on the side of the jawbone,
you'll be immediately determined.
- No, there must be only wounded.
Sorry to have bothered you.
- Who was that?
It's nothing, sleep.
- These are St Michel Clement.
- Mikey, jump!
- Fuck!
- What,..
.. this weapon?
- What?
- They're kids.
- And that's what?
- Maybe
of self-defense.
- They are dangerous.
- I'll make a report.
- Do! Do!
- Hospital Georges Pompidou.
- Emergencies.
- Here emergencies.
- Commissioner of the 15th.
You were wounded by bullets?
- Was a kid
with a sprain,..
.. a broken nose
which is left at home..
.. and nothing more.
- Well, thank you.
You are not a pretty sight.
- You feel how?
- On vacation.
With at least one month of ITT.
- Wait, Mickey.
- I hope it was not Gour.
Music ragga
- Good evening.
- You just see someone?
- It seeks Dany.
- A friend.
- It's his girlfriend Marie.
You want to call?
- Mary!
- Do you remember us?
- Yeah.
- It comes to see Danny.
- Very good, very good.
Follow me.
- It's a stalemate.
- Request for immediate reinforcements.
Police ambush.
Dark Music
- Here, take this.
It's cheap, eh.
You say.
- Dany...
- Yeah?
- I take your two badgers
the station.
Push your fat ass.
- I expected more.
- There is a galley!
- What?
You can not pay me?
- Serious.
It's not a joke.
- Be a firecracker..
.. and back down.
- One must steer by.
- What?
- Response Section 2.48
in 5 minutes on site.
- It's good they arrive.
Check if there is another access.
Music Plans
- Three cops want us to stumble.
You understand? Is that clear?
- We witnessed a massacre
it was filmed.
- Your keuf there, they will have
even when not followed up?
Relax, relax.
It is here.
- Ho, friend! Where are you going?
- I am looking for my little brother.
A blond. He has a boyfriend
a little rasta. You saw?
- They went to see Danny.
- Dany?
- Monte
you can not miss it.
- Thank you.
- We will not miss it.
Crying Baby
Dark Music
- There are the keuf!
Panic attack
- Do not Move, move!
- Hands up!
Do not move, stay there!
- You, come here.
- Positioning
on the left.
Let's go.
Go, go.
Techno music
Go, go, go!
Stifled cry
- Good evening.
- Hi.
- Looking for someone?
- Two small. A blond and a mongrel.
- It's your little brother too?
- Never mind!
- It's a private party.
No cardboard, t'entres not.
- That's my card.
They came here.
- What are you doing
to break the mood?
- I am looking for two young mare.
You tell me where they are
I leave you.
- Here, as in church.
If there are guys on the run,
they give it.
- You want to eat lead?
You got to ask
is "open bar".
- It's a question
life or death.
Must steer by.
- You do something stupid.
- Everybody down!
The weapons on the ground!
- Go ahead!
- Have you seen them?
- No.
- Up there!
Groans of pleasure
- Vamos coo. Vamos.
- By this way!
- Damn!
Music rhythm
- Beware of the hole!
I'll defer.
- Damn! But you
Sarko deflected or what?
- And now, how we leave here?
Music rhythm
He screams.
- Sulla..
.. catch them.
- Go.
- You think what?
- You see a better solution?
- You're barred!
- It is..
.. to steer by.
Take skates.
- You will not jump!
- It's not the best solution.
She screams.
- Go!
You can do it.
- Where are they?
- There, on the roof.
- Damn...
They jumped on a nearby building.
Fasten the neighborhood.
- With your bullshit,
you screwed me..
.. in shit.
I warn you now
it's them or you.
- Fuck!
Soft music
- Good evening.
- Excuse me, chief.
You think this story?
- Why are you telling me?
- It's hard to believe
they are dangerous.
- And my stay in the emergency
you believe?
- These two kids
have not look bad.
- I do not know who these kids
I do not care.
In any case..
.. this case not feel good.
If what you imply is true,
you're the last to act.
- It's disgusting.
- Yes. And tell me,
who you taking?
Do you think malignant?
Stop making shit.
Return to your post
and forget everything.
Tote your nose in there..
.. and you're fired.
Soft music
- The head was blocked, I'll replace.
Get out.
- You sure?
- It happens
- OK. What do we do now?
- There arises. We crossed
three districts..
.. they'll meet more.
- Yeah.
- There arises.
- There has been no ass.
- You have not had any ass?
- My mother's name
just at this moment!
Dany swear in Spanish.
- What she say now?
- At parties like this,
I make my figure of the month.
A plan like that lost,
it annoys me.
I find again
such a good plan.
And you have no ass?
- We're sorry, Danny.
- No, I am sorry.
- This is a galley.
- We are in the same boat.
We've got to bar here.
- We go to the Gare de Lyon
you climb on a train and it disappears.
- Three skaters dating
the streets of Paris..
.. with our photos on the windshield
of all cops.
- Forget it.
- Sure.
- What we need,
is a taxi.
- Taxis, was given.
- We reported three young
sitting on the roof.
Maybe yours.
- It's rabble army.
Fasten the neighborhood.
- They blocked the exits.
- I know!
What time is it?
- Why?
- Someone hour,
yes or no?
- It is 6 pm
- My uncle started his tour.
I am sure
he has already left the depot.
If it can be confusing,
we'll have our taxi.
- Shit!
- Joder!
They sound and drumming.
- Open!
- Hello. What...
What are you doing here?
You are with me here.
- Oh, shit!
They are everywhere.
- Move!
- Oh no!
Be careful with your skates.
I speak here!
Attention is high!
- Hurry, hurry!
Music rhythm
The bell rang.
- It's not true, shit!
- Where are they?
Where are they?
- Over there.
Danny shouted.
- Damn! Where is he?
- There!
- Where is he?
Ah, there he is. There!
- It's up there.
- Grandpa!
- That's your taxi?
- Yeah. Go.
- Why these shots!
- Shut up!
- Sorry. I'll be back.
- Super. Thank you.
Police siren
- Move it.
Dig it.
Let's go.
- You were hot.
- Papy, they arrested me..
.. the Pont de Bercy.
Nothing on the Cours de Vincennes.
- Someone on Bastille.
- Damn it, Grandpa! Without you..
.. we were wrong.
- I could not wait
my colleagues.
So it's you
who do the service.
- You think you can achieve
Gare de Lyon?
- Gare de Lyon.
- Well Chief.
- I hope you do not
is bullshit.
- Juror,
we did nothing.
- Dam Daumesnil.
- And on Charonne.
- Nothing on St-Mand.
- Go straight.
- This way!
- Emergency garbage! Go!
- Control Dump Truck
at Bastille.
- There is one Porte de Montreuil.
- We'll Do It.
- Negative control dock Jemmapes.
- Central, there is a lack of staff.
We need more dams.
- Still empty.
Nothing to report on the Seine.
- Still empty.
Nothing to report on Pouchet.
They are all empty.
- They are in cahoots.
If they were not shake,
it is good for the closet.
We take no risks.
- Oh, shit!
Police sirens
- There are two that are barred!
Come on down.
Come on, hurry up, there!
- Qu hacemos?
- Totalmente lo contrario..
.. of our lo que dicen.
- Well, excuse me...
Your papers..
.. and identity
the two fugitives.
No papers of the vehicle,
your papers for you.
- Identity.
- Eh?
- And the names of fugitives.
- Qu han hecho tus dos amigos?
- You speak Spanish?
- You speak French?
- A small "ingls".
A little.
No necesita hablar ingls,
slo conduce a truck.
No necesita hablar.
- The name of the two
you transport?
The names of the two.
- S.
- There. Pen...
- Juan Carlos Primero.
- Wait for two seconds.
- Juan... Carlos... Primero.
- You write it how?
- With "r".
- Well, yes.
- Primero...
Rey de Espaa.
- That's what?
The 1st or 2nd?
- Uno.
- The first?
- El dos.
- Dos? Los dos?
- Uno.
- Uno.
Y su hermanita.
- Su hermanita?
- It's his brother.
- Ah, they are brothers?
They are brothers!
It must be said.
- Han sido testigos..
.. one asesinato.
The quieren matar.
- What?
- Patrol, all right?
- They go underground.
Continue to walk in progress.
- Two kids skating,
catch them.
They are in the metro
direction Gare de Lyon.
Tell the exchange.
- They were spotted.
Do you have a visual?
- Yes.
Suspects at large, line 1..
.. Gare de Lyon.
- They mount line 1
direction Gare de Lyon.
- That means they go home.
We'll pick them.
- There's nothing to draw
of them.
- Podemos irnos?
- Yeah, go ahead.
Go, go.
- Thank you.
- A trap awaits your friends.
You know where they live?
- Yes.
- There's no time to lose.
- Jesus Christ!
Idiots! Make shit!
Tone phone
- This is Sylvie.
- You're not lying?
- Alain..
.. let me search
two computer names.
- I am.
- Cipar and rivals.
- OK.
I have six responses to Cipar..
.. and two rivals.
- An address on the D-line.
.. RER?
- Villiers-le-Bel.
Patricia rivals.
- I even an address.
Nothing else.
- Super. Thank you.
- Motherfuckers skaters of shit!
Fucking bastards
skaters of shit!
.. "Streetwear 4 Skaters,
Villiers-le-Bel "...
We will await them there.
It keeps them.
- They will not let go,..
.. even if you go
at the other end of the world.
I'm going to spin the phone.
Anyway, they're encumbering.
There is already dead.
- Tell yourself that in an hour
're with your brother and mother.
Slow music
- Damn!
- Hurry, hurry.
Mobile ringtone
- Yes, Mama.
I have more battery
it will cut.
I arrive in half an hour.
- This will be perfect.
- Hurry, Marco.
Please, hurry!
Tone swing bridge
Go, ahead!
Music Drama
It's a trap!
- Shit!
Starts, starts.
- Dany...
- Get up.
- Dany!
She groaned.
- Awake!
Music Drama
- Stop!
- Who are you, you? Get out!
- You are grilled
the prosecutor knows everything.
- Why
it is not identified by the IGS?
- Why they do that?
Why they do that?
- Why are not there
to embark?
This is a huge misunderstanding,
then you go.
- Drop your weapons.
- Of course!
We will drop our weapons...
Go away.
- Do not move.
- Go away.
- Do not move!
- We talk of a shootout
between you and the thugs.
And tomorrow..
we cry..
an official..
.. shot by the mob.
- Dark!
- Get out of here
do you understand?
- Attention!
- Do not move.
Do not move!
- Danny, my darling,
- Give your camera
it exonerate you.
- Get out of here.
- It is not allowed.
- Pull yourself or you go to jail
for a few months.
- Come on, man.
Do not insist.
- Pass it Idriss.
- Now, get out.
"Hell Is Around The Corner"
Take care of them.
- Stay on the ground!
You stay on the ground!
- No te mueres, mi amor.
Do not leave me.
Call for help,
call for help!
- You were in the dumpster?
- He saved our lives.
You will have the information
in my report.
- I'm going
take your name.
- You'll get through.
I mind your friends.
- Is it good?
- It's good, yeah.
- This charge there.
- Here we go.
- What's that?
- That!
You thought t'implanter
on my territory?
- Mate the number of connections.
- Serious!
- It's ball.
- Too much!
"I will not let you go"